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OP Song:
by Sixx:AM

ED Song:
Chozetsu ☆ Dynamic
by Kazuya Yoshii

You're walking down 60 Sunshine Street in Azabu-Juban, Tokyo, having got turned around after leaving the shopping district. For whatever reason, your attention gets drawn to a rather nondescript house near the center of the block. As you get closer, you note some strange things about it... for one thing the exterior is in perfect condition... almost too perfect. There's no dirt on the walls, the windows are perfectly clean, the paint is undamaged from the hot sun that usually cracks the finish on all the other houses on the block. More than that, the other houses on the block all look like they've had repair work done on them dozens of times... but again, not this one.

Compelled by your curiosity, you walk to the front door, and impulsively open it—

—seeing what at first looks like a typical Livingroom. There's an awful lot of sofas crammed into it, and the TVs and computers strewn around it look really fancy and high-tech upon closer examination. There's also a low humming coming from the vicinity of the stairs, which you decide to climb...

...leading you to a vast hotel lobby that is WAY too big for the house you saw outside. There's even more furnishings—sofas, tents, vending machines, arcade game consoles—even full-grown trees—all spread out and what look to be elevators that lead to even more levels! And if that wasn't enough of a shock—

—an absolutely stunning woman in a Chinese dress, speaking with a light French accent, greets you in your language, with flawless accuracy. She tells you you're in "Ten'ou House." And then you realize something else odd about her. She's oddly semi-transparent...

Wait... that name. Ten'ou. That sounds familiar for some reason...

It's Ten'ou Haruka! You've seen her face on magazines and posters all over the city. The amazing race car driver, talented pianist and mega-celebrity! (Though she looks a bit more scruffy in person for some reason). This is her place!?

And then your shock just grows as others show up—

So many people... some familiar from the media, like Ginga CEO Aino Minako and Haruka's wife, Kaioh Michiru, others not. They all hang out here? What kind of place is this!? Confused, you slump into one of the sofas, and the story gets explained to you... well sort of. Haruka's too lazy to tell it, and so puts on a video package from Wrestlemania, in the hopes that you'll get the jist of it.

Bit by bit you begin to understand where you are and what's going on. This is where heroes gather. This is where worlds collide. This is where battles are fought. This is where stories are told. This is where legends begin and legacies rise.

This is the world of Suburban Senshi.



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