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1994 A.D. (Earth Prime)
On Earth Prime, the most primal of continuities, in an instant called "The Eternal Struggle", Tsukino Usagi and Sailor Chaos Galaxia, stand deadlocked, forever frozen in an instant of time. Here, in this time, in this place, the "power of love" never purified Chaos Galaxia, who mortally stabbed Usagi. Usagi, in her last dying moment, desperately wanted this to not be the way thing ended, and using all her willpower, rooted both herself and the charging Galaxia in one spot for all time, then sent her life force through the Ginzuishou to create an entire new reality / multiverse where things went as she most desperately hoped they would, with Galaxia being freed thanks to her outstretched hand of peace. This underpinning, fuelled by prime Usagi's eternal will, keeps all of reality in one piece and ordered against the destructive ravages of Chaos, forming a lynch pin not unlike the function of Yggdrasil in Norse Myth. Should this prime Usagi's concentration be broken, even for an instant, her hold on reality would break and Galaxia would charge forward, killing her, and dooming the multiverse in an instant... but until then, reality was reborn on the skin of her sacrifice...

~3,000,000,000,000 B.C. ??/??
In the universe before our own, in the co-ordinates that would become Tau Ceti III, The Apotheosis Gate is built from the blood, bone and screams of an impossibly ancient race s a tribute to the Tairon Overfiend from the Dreaming.

~15,000,000,000 B.C. ??/??
Event One- the hydrogen inrush of the Big Bang that starts the current universe. Some beings, such as Galactus, the Nestene Conciousness, and the Old Ones emerge into this new reality.

~10,000,000,000 B.C. ??/??
Rassilon, Omega and the Other found Time Lord Civilization.

~7,000,000,000 B.C. ??/??
Lorien, the First One, is born.

~4,000,000,000 B.C. ??/??
The Shadows evolve.

~3,000,000,000 B.C. ??/??
The Vorlons and other "First Ones" evolve.

~100,000,000 B.C. ??/??
The First Ones begin to disappear, some travelling beyond the stars. The other First Ones leave behind the Vorlons and the Shadows to shepherd the young races along; the Vorlons follow the rigid paths of Order, while the Shadows prefer the more explosive evolutionary path of Chaos and Conflict. Over the next million years there are a series of wars between the "First Ones" (especially the Vorlons) and the Shadows. The Shadows are often driven from their homeworld of Z'ha'dum but always return; Lorien says they believe they are "paying their respects" to him, though he believes both they and the Vorlons "no longer understand [why]".

~60,000,000 B.C. ??/??
Setsuna and a pterodactyl get their freak on.

99344 B.C. ??/??
Galaxy Cauldron births two abnormally powerful Sailor Crystals at the same time, something seen as a portent of disaster. One is whisked to safety on the Imperial world Selenos. The other quickly begins to corrode and seemingly fails to grow. It is returned to the Cauldron to be born again. It, however, is not re-absorbed totally. Its taint begins to infect some of the new Sailor Crystals and starseeds forming in the Cauldron.

89550 B.C. ??/??
Chaos explodes forth from Sagittarius Zero Star-- its primal force begins to sweep world after world, causing disaster and bloodshed.

85000 B.C. ??/??
Sailor Soldiers from Chaos worlds clash with the assembled might of uncorrupted Sailor Soldiers in a fierce unending war that has steeped the galaxy in blood. The people cry out for peace.

84397 B.C. ??/??
Galaxia is born on a backwater planet.

84374 B.C. ??/??
Galaxia awakens as a Sailor Soldier when a legion of Chaos Senshi slaughter her entire village. She slaughters them single handedly; her name enters into legend.

84373 B.C. ??/??
Galaxia takes several worlds in her system as a buffer action; she institutes a benign martial law. The uncorrupted Sailor Soldiers flock to her banner.

84372 B.C. ??/??
On a small, hidden world in the shadow of Galaxy Cauldron, Mage-smiths craft a substance that can respond to and amplify human will. Dubbed "Imperium Crystal", it is a lens of unimaginable power that, if used recklessly, can burn out the life force of the wielder. They smuggle it to the Galactic capitol as a present for the Queen of Selenos -- a Jewel. She names it "Ginzuishou".

84371 B.C. ??/??
The mage-smiths are executed by forces loyal to Chaos. The secret of the Ginzuishou's construction is lost forever. Having some inkling of what she has been handed, Queen Selenos and her court take the unthinkable step of allowing their world to be sacked and blown apart by Chaos, using the confusion to escape to a remote corner of the universe. History records them as dead. Only the Gallifreyans, Oans and Arisians know better.

84267 B.C. ??/??
Galaxia loses an entire battalion to Chaos Senshi. At that moment, she vows never to lose to anyone again.

84240 B.C. ??/??
Galaxia begins the long, hard fight back to Galaxy Cauldron.

77093 B.C. 05/05 and King Jeruka crash into the planet Kantek (between Jupiter and Mars), destroying it and creating the asteroid belt. Out of this, the sailor crystals of the Asteroid Senshi and 50 fragmented yet united quasi-senshi would arise.

53712 B.C. ??/??
The Sailor Wars reach their peak, with whole worlds falling in days. Chaos forces sweep nearly all inhabited sectors of space near galaxy core. A darkness begins to slowly reach out across the Milky Way.

23716 B.C. ??/??
There are barely any untainted worlds left. Galaxia, somehow, is still fighting. Age is beginning to tell on her, however. Hundreds of her last followers sacrifice their life forces to give her the vitality needed to reach Chaos.

20300 B.C. ??/??
The court of Selenos finally complete the treacherous journey to a barren system on the fringes of the Galaxy. To their dismay, the principal water-bearing world is teeming with unevolved, feral hominids, some of whom bear the ancient taint of Chaos. Having no choice, they settle in an artificial biosphere on the planet's one natural satellite.

20172 B.C. ??/??
Queen Selenos names her daughter Selenity I, to forever obscure the true nature of the royal line. She launches an ambitious plan to gene-engineer the hominids on the water-planet to more closely approximate the Serenian norm.

19,600 B.C. ??/??
The planet Venus, a blown off fragment of the doomed planet where the Ginzuishou was formed, slams into the solar system at high speed, causing a gravitational disturbance that knocks Uranus on its side. Princess Venus emerges from the foam of the molten gold seas. Selenity collects her from the burning world, leaving being a piece of her known as the Venus droplet. Venus is treated as a fellow royal.

19,103 B.C. ??/??
Colonies and outposts have been set up on most of the outer worlds, excluding Nemesis (too far out). Mondas, a twin of the Earth orbiting in the exact opposite direction from the sun, is (inhabited despite warnings that its orbit will eventually take it too far out to be habitable.

13,560 B.C. ??/??
Selenity VII announces, to the horror of some of the outworld colonists, that the first gene-engineered "humans" have formed independent social structures on what is now being called Terra. A worried council demands that the Lunarians keep a close eye on the evolution of these "Humans", who because of their increased intellect and skill, have managed to displace and destroy the more brutish Neanderthals.

10,557 B.C. ??/??
The corrupt Selenity X engages in a power struggle with her sister Serenity for the throne. With the backing of the influential Venusians and enigmatic Saturnians, Serenity prevails, banishing her sister and her followers to he dark side of the Moon, where they set up a colony. Serenity I is coronated, inaugurating what she dubs "The Silver Millennium."

10,557 B.C. 10/29
Sailor Pluto appears on the Moon, claiming to be an emissary from the distant world of Pluto.

10,556 B.C. 10/29
Galaxia finally makes her way to Galaxy Cauldron, and in a titanic battle with Chaos, does the unthinkable and seals the vast bulk of it into her soul. Only small pockets remain, which flee towards the one source of power they feel can revive them-- the Ginzuishou. Galaxia feels herself slipping to Chaos' influence, and expels her own starseed before exiling herself to the Galactic rim.

10,556 B.C. ??/??
Kaguya approaches the Solar System, but the light of the Ginzuishou drives her off.

10,555 B.C. 12/26
Selenity X is assassinated by her second, Nephelenia. Nephelenia is admired by all in her colony, but the court of Serenity shuns her constantly.

10,532 B.C. ??/??
Nephelenia's colony fails. It becomes known as the "Dead Moon." She and her followers vanish from site, retreating to sub-lunar habitats. They are quickly forgotten from public memory. A period of unmatched prosperity begins all over the galaxy.

9,567 B.C. ??/??
The remnants of Chaos reach the Sol system, drawn by the light of the Ginzuishou. Some elements embed themselves in the sun, others in the Moon and Earth.

8700 B.C. ??/??
The last Great War between the Shadows and the First Ones occurs.

8123 B.C. 01/06
The Princess of Saturn is born.

8123 B.C. 01/27
The Princess of Uranus is born.

8123 B.C. 03/06
The Princess of Neptune is born.

8123 B.C. 05/15
Jedite is born.

8120 B.C. 04/17
The Princess of Mars is born.

8120 B.C. 09/10
The Princess of Mercury is born.

8120 B.C. 10/22
The Princess of Venus is born.

8120 B.C. 12/05
The Princess of Jupiter is born.

8115 B.C. 05/25
The Princesses of Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury are sent to the Moon in anticipation of the birth of Serenity II.

8115 B.C. 06/30
Serenity II (Princess Serenity) is born; Queen Nephelenia, who was shunned from the royal court, curses the infant and is driven back by the young Sailor Senshi.

8115 B.C. 07/09
Queen Serenity banishes Nephelenia and her rump empire, sealing them into a dimensional sliver of the moon itself.

8115 B.C. 07/23
The Earth government begins to chafe at the constant supervision of the Lunar empire. The decision is made to form a standing "self defense force".

8115 B.C. 08/03
Prince Endymion of Earth is born.

8113 B.C. 03/15
Strange electromagnetic disturbances are detected in the sun.

8102 B.C. 01/01
The young Princess Serenity meets the Prince of the Earth during a diplomatic conference. Their attraction is immediate, and the liaison just as quickly forbidden. Beryl, an attendant to the Earth's royal house, is crushed when she finds out about the romance. She turns to the dark arts to try and seduce the young Prince, and is drawn to the Arctic wastes.

8102 B.C. 02/25
Sensing what is to come, the priesthood of Elysion conceals the golden Crystal of the Earth on the dream-plane, in the care of a young priest named Elios.

8102 B.C. 03/17
Sunspot activity on the sun rises to never before seen levels. Beryl makes contact with the Metallia-force.

8102 B.C. 04/15
Bolstered by the Metallia-force, Beryl corrupts the four generals who guard the Earth king. They slay him, and she takes command of the Empire, "marrying" his animated corpse. She puts the Earth empire on a war footing.

8102 B.C. 06/03
Queen Serenity decides to cut all diplomatic ties with the Earth, but secretly hopes the romance between her daughter and the prince will forge an alliance and thus avoid war. Her vision as to the true instigator of the hostilities is being clouded by the Metallia force.

8102 B.C. 09/15
Princess Venus activates her reserves, calling the Venusian military to Earth, including a young general, Adonis, who has been secretly in love with her from afar.

8102 B.C. 10/31
Jupiter, Venus and Mars plan a decapitating strike against the Earth Legions. Adonis is assigned to be a double agent, infiltrating the Earth forces to discover their intentions.

8102 B.C. 11/15
Beryl discovers Adonis' true desires, and convinces him that Venus is merely using him, and that she would have no use for a common soldier such as himself. She uses him to gather full intelligence on the Lunar Military.

8102 B.C. 11/25
Beryl proposes a peace conference to be held in 19 days. At first everyone believes her offer is genuine. In truth, using Adonis' information, she has begun preparations for an all-out attack.

8102 B.C. 12/14
To test his loyalty, Beryl lets altered plans of her attack slip to Prince Endymion. Endymion, thinking an attack is due on the Saturnalia, rushes to the moon to inform Princess Serenity. He infiltrates the peace delegation, which is enjoying a royal costume ball. Unfortunately for him, the attack was scheduled for that very night. The Seers of Pluto sent warnings to a consortium of leaders prophesying destruction. These leaders, who wanted power for themselves and resented the rule of the Princesses, spirited their colonists away into labyrinthine pocket dimensions in hyperspace, where their civilizations would continue to grow and advance for the next ten thousand years, avoiding the horrors that were to come.

8102 B.C. 12/15
at 12:01 AM, The Dark Kingdom invades the Moon. There is a pitched battle between the Royal Guard and the invading forces. Queen Serenity watches in horror as Queen Beryl slays her daughter and the Prince of the Earth. Using the full power of the Ginzuishou, Serenity seals all the souls of the invading marauders, casting them back to Earth and banishing them to the Arctic wastes. To preserve the Ginzuishou, she binds its 7 shattered parts into the closest lifeforms available, 7 of the greatest Dark Kingdom Youma. She liberates the souls of the fallen Senshi and other lunar citizens, but ties them to the karmic wheel of the Earth as opposed to the moon, which will no longer be habitable. As a hedge against the reappearance of Metallia, Serenity's last act is to send Luna and Artemis to the Earth in cryo-pods, as well as scattering the 7 fragments of the Ginzuishou on Earth. Just before her death, she uploads her consciousness into the main Lunar computer core, which enters a standby mode. Sailor Saturn then destroys the taint of Metallia by obliterating the last traces of Silver Millennium. The shockwave kills her, and takes several hours to kill the Soldiers of the Outer Solar System, who-- due to the distance of their outposts from Imperial Center-- could not make it there in time. The bonds holding Nephelenia falter for a second. She manages to wedge open a door that can open once every 100 years or so..

5000 B.C. ??/??
An unknown species begins building a network of jumpgates across the galaxy.

2145 B.C. ??/??
The Amazoness Quartet find a mirror in the Amazon; it speaks to them; they are bound into Nephelenia's thrall.

1863 07/02
The secret of Cilcisus Steel (which can amplify and block against spiritual energies) is [re]discovered by a group of Union troops who had somehow miraculously survived a Confederate magical barrage by taking cover near some old steam tractors, which failed to be destroyed by the assault. A baby is discovered near the tractors, the only other survivor of the slaughter - Juanita Cushing.

1863 07/03
Confederate Soldiers Patrick Hamilton, Synclair Gardner, Chusahna Cycles and Leonidus Vandorn are killed in action by Steam Machines. Somehow, they are not only resurrected, but are now undying.

1868 ??/??
The Star humanoid steamer is developed in America by the Motoroll corporation and imported into Japan by Tadayoshi Kanzaki.

1871 04/??
The Kanzaki Steam company is founded.

1873 ??/??
The Fuji humanoid armor was developed in Japan (presumably based off the Star steamer) by Tadayoshi Kanzaki. The Kanzaki Steam company becomes Kanzaki Heavy Industries.

1874 ??/??
The vast Geothermal resources of Mt. Fuji are tapped to provide power for the new "steam power grid" of Tokyo built by Kanzaki Heavy Industries, which propels Tokyo to new heights of technological advancement.

1883 ??/??
The Tenshin armor is built for Japanese military use, but is too heavy and hard to move.

1888 ??/??
The first Spirit Engine-- a device that transforms Spirit Power into usble mechanical energy-- is developed.

1893 10/18
Michael Sunnyside is born.

1903 01/03
Ichiro Oogami is born.

1906 06/23
Ratchet Altair is born.

1905 07/28
Sakura Shinguuji is born.

1911 ??/??
The Anti-Kouma Squad is formed in the Imperial Army, composed of Ikki Yoneda, Ayame Fujieda, Kazuma Shinguuji and Shinnosuke Yamazaki.

1911 06/21
Gemini Sunrise is born.

1905 07/29
A young Michael Sunnyside is taken to Japan and sits on the meeting betweenCount Katsura and US Secretary of War William Howard Taft and becomes enamored with all things Japan.

1915 01/11
Sailor Mau is killed; Galaxia gives her sailor crystal to Tin Nyanko.

1915 01/12
Galaxia destroys the Kinmoku system; The three senshi of that system flee with their princess towards Earth, on her instruction. Kakyuu hopes the power of the Legendary Ginzuishou can stop Galaxia.

1915 01/14
Sakura Shinguuji dies as the result of a surprise Kouma attack- however her knowledge and memories are immediately preserved by a chameleon arch in the possession of hino (given to her by the Time Lord Lord Blyledge) who uses it to rewrite Sakura Xadium Aino's memories and DNA after helping her survive the explosion of the Space Liner Rising Star in 2252., sensing that Sakura Xadium Aino is the reincarnation of Sakura Shinguuji, uses this opportunity to keep the web of time intact and allows Sakura to essentially take her previous self's place in history for a time. For the next decade, her life would mirror that of Sakura's as depicted in the Sakura Taisen series.

1917 ??/??
The Eisenkleid Mk. 1 Prototype armor is developed.

1917 10/12
TThe "Draug Incident" occurs where a small village in Norway is wiped off the map by aquatic demons, known as draugs. The Scandivanian governments become aware of demonic forces for the first time.

1917 ??/??
The European Star Division (fighting in German Eisenklieds) take part in battles during the European War but are disbanded because they cannot co-ordinate properly.

1918 11/15
An event known as "The Kouma War" takes place, wherein a huge demon appeared at Nihonbashi in Tokyo. It was eventually sealed away by the Japenese Imperial Army's Counter-Demon Team, but their success came at a huge cost, the life of Kazuma Shinguuji. Due to this incident, an internationally approved effort is made to secure Tokyo and the world from future spiritual threats, leading to the formation of the Imperial Capital Defense Program and the Imperial Assault Force, chartered to use the latest advances in Steam Power to create a dual-powered steam/spirit armor in order to protect warriors in battle.

1918 ??/??
Having kept track of the news from abroad and concerned about increased Troll and Draug activity, Swedish Royal Navy Admrial Gustav Ericksen makes a speech before the Riksdag, suggesting the creation of a counter-demon force to serve Scandinavia. While publicly mocked, he is privately given approval.

1919 01/10
Kanzaki Heavy Industries' work on a prototype spirit armor called called "Oobu" finally makes a brekathrough when the daughter of the family, Sumire Kanzaki, is shown to be the only person with high enough levels of spiritual power to be capable of moving it, giving birth to the misconception that only women could operate the armor.

1919 ??/??
Concerned over the possibilities of certain technologies being restricted, Kanzaki scientist Daisuke Kimura defects to Sweden, taking with him the plans for the Oobu as well as samples of Cilsus Steel. In order to do so, he fakes an accident and is believed dead in Japan.

1919 05/28
In the shadow of the Kouma War, an experimental troupe known as the Star Division (Hoshigumi) is set up in Europe using German-made Eisenklied armor based on the Oobu research of Kanzaki Heavy Industries, with Ratchet Altair as captain.

1921 ??/??
The first Selpher Units are developed. The prototypes are tested in the ice plains of Lapland and deemed successful. The final versions of the Selpher Units are completed. Though still with flaws, including a tendency to overheat, it is considered a success.

1921 08/16
Due to instability between the members of the European Star Division and Rachet Altair's inability to gel the team into a cohesive whole, the troupe is disbanded. At around this time is it discovered that men also possess spirit power, when Naval Ensigns Ichiro Oogami and Yuichi Kayama are tested. A shadow group from the Council of Elders decides it would serve the cause well to breed individuals with even greater spiritual power, and so decides that the all-girl teams should be headed by relatively socially inexperienced young men, with the unspoken hope being that the men would be compelled to "sow their wild oats" with various members of the teams. They do not share this agenda with the rest of the group, but pushed it into a eugenics program that would eventually give rise to fighters with ridiculous levels of spirit power such as Cressida Sumire Xadium Aino.

1921 09/13
Across the Galaxy, where colonies of humans from the pre-Silver Millennium Age who had colonized distant words still lived, with Earth just a distant legendary memory,WWWA agents Kei and Yuri are sent out to investigate genocide attacks in the Kinmoku Empire, with orders to use whatever destructive force necessary to stop the aggressors. En route they hear of attacks in the Corvus System, planet Coronis. On Coronis, they discover hordes of Phages, and in the heat of battle, their true nature as Sailors Coronis and Mermaid begin to emerge. They are intercepted, however, by Sailors Tin Nyanko and Heavy Metal Papillon, and Sailor Galaxia. Galaxia makes them an ultimatum: Serve as the leaders of her re-animated heralds, the Animamates, or she would destroy them and their homeworlds. With no choice, they submitted, hoping to one day find Galaxia's weakness and turn on her. Sailor Lead Crow and Sailor Aluminum Siren were born.

1922 01/01
The Japanese Imperial Assault Force (Teikoku Kagekidan) is founded as the successor to the Imperial Army's Counter-Demon Team. The center of the top secret corps was hidden underneath a theatre in the heart of Ginza called the Grand Imperial Theater. Here, the women of the Imperial Assault Force — Flower Division lived and worked undercover as actors performing theatrical plays under the alias "Imperial Opera Troupe," or "Imperial Revue". The reasoning behind this was both spiritual and mental: song and dance were considered to be traditional methods that could suppress evil, and the stage was likened to a battlefield where self-confidence is built. The team defeats Aoi Satan and the Black Council to protect Tokyo .

1922 02/02
The Rising Valkyrie Unit is formed under the command of Admiral Gustav Ericksen, who publicly is in retirement from the navy.

1922 ??/??
The Shinbu / Koubu Kai / Eisenkleid Mk. III armors are developed.

1925 04/11
Soletta Orihime and Reni Milchstraße are transferred from the defunct European Star Division to Japan's Imperial Assault Force. Joining the Japanese squad, they assist in the prevention of a military coup on the part of General Kyougoku, who used mechanically augmented Kouma to raise the evil Musashi, a giant fortress capable of raining destruction upon Tokyo. They manage to sink the Musashi.

1924 ??/??
The Tenbu and Koubu Kai 2 armors are developed

1926 03/??
The Paris Assault Force (????? Pari Kagekidan), is established as part of the European Municipal Defense Project, led by Countess Isabella "Grand-Mère" Lilac. Oogami Ichiro is seconded to them, and the Paris Squad defends the city against the vengeful spirts of the Parisi.

1926 12/26
Ratchet Altair is temporarily stationed to Japan's Imperial Assault Force, where she meets Sakura Shinguuji. The government attempts to shut down the Assault Force under pressure from Brent Furlong, but they work together to stop Furlong and Patrick Hamilton from destroying Tokyo with Mechanically augmented Demons called Japhkiel.

1927 12/27
Eccentric New York Millionaire Michael Sunnyside completes construction on the "Little Lip Theatre" in Times Square, New York. Using technology borrowed from the Tokyo Imperial Assault Force and the Group Fleur de Paris, as well as original research done by FENICS Aviation, he creates a series of steam-powered transforming mecha known as "STAR" units, using these as the basis for the revived Star Division formerly of Europe. He selects Rachet Altair to once again head the STAR Division due to her prior experience, and encouraged by her transformation since her trip to Japan.

1927 06/??
Gemini Sunrise sets out for New York at the request of her dying master, but gets turned around and heads for San Francisco, where she meets Juanita Cushing, who is being chased by Patrick Hamilton and his men. Battling a Japhkiel unit, she escapes San Francisco. Heading through Nevada, Gemini and Juanita run into Brad Basilieus, who is traumatized over the loss of the 7th Cavalry Corps to a mysterious woman on Horseback, who he mistakenly thinks is Gemini. He attacks them and they outrun him, heading to Las Vegas, where Gemini and Juanita win 10.000 dollars. Unbeknownst to them, the roulette dealer is "The Black Knight" Leonidus Vandorn, who runs off when Brad Basilieus Appears. They choose to fight him outside of the city. At the same time, near texas, Patrick Hamilton's forces kill over 30 people in a small town.

1927 07/??
"The Red Knight" Synclair Gardner ambushes them in town with an armada of Japhkiel units. They are assisted by Chamber Westwood, head of the Texas Cavalry. Synclair then ambushes Gemini and Juanita at the gravesite of Gemini's master, but Brad helps cover them and they defeat her. Just outside of Texas, Chamber tells Gemini about "Operation: Desperado" - a large scale operation to drive Patrick and his forces out of America. After Gemini's defeat of Synclair, more forces agreed to join the fight. Patrick, aware of the plan, describes it as a "Second Gettysburg" and commits to slaughtering every last person on the battlefield. The battle goes well for the Cavalry Corps at first, but then more enemy reinforcements arrive. Brad is heavily wounded and Juanita escapes, but almost all trhe Cavlary Corps are slaughtered. Only Gemini and a handful of soldiers remain.

1927 08/??
A week later, separated from the others, Gemini arrives at the Appalachian Mountain Range, following Chamber's directions to regroup in the East at a Northern Cavalry Supply base. There she meets Chesana Cycles, in the uniform of a cavalry member. He tells her he was a part of the operation as well. He tells her he can't find the supply base and asks for her help getting there. She takes him to where the base should be, and they are ambushed by enemy forces. Making a leap of faith to escape the ambush, she and Rally escape, her explosion of power alerting Chamber, Brad and Juanita to her location. Chesana reveals himself to be the "White Knight" of Patrick's forces and he and Gemini battle. She defeats him and the group heads out for Gettysburg to resupply.

1927 09/??
Chamber, Gemini, Brad and Juanita make it to Gettysburg, but find the town overrun by the enemy. The people of the town start praying to Juanita for a miracle. After Gemini and the others defeat the invaders, they are treated to a banquet where the townspeople reveal that Juanita is the sole survivor of the Battle of Gettysburg, and that she has survived 60 years without aging. Brad overhears this and thinks Juanita is a monster like the rest of Patrick's forces. Juanita, who had taken a liking to Brad, is upset, and runs off to the Douglas-Stewart factory outside of town to surrender and save the town. Gemini goes after her and fights her way through the factory to get to her. Patrick unleashes giant steam robots and tells Juanita that if she doesn't come with him he will unleash them all on Gemini and make her suffer. Gemini tells her to stand up for herself but Patrick manages to get the upper hand and knocks her away Patrick threatens to kill all the townspeople, but they stand up along with Chamber, giving Juanita hope. Patrick starts viciously attacking Gemini and Juanita finally agrees to go with him if he'll leave Gemini alone Patrick takes Juanita back to his headquarters, where preparations have been made for the "rebirth". With Juanita's blood, they can open the way to Eden. Back in Town, Brad is still struggling with Juanita;s revelation, but Chamber reprimands him, pointing out his slain commander Arwin would be disappointed in his attitude. In the distance, everyone sees a winged inverted pyramid rise from the ground, moving itself through the air towards Washington DC but yet bound by 4 giant chains to the ground. Eden is rising. Gemini and Chamber head out towards the pyramid, leaving Brad to decide what he wants to do. Patrick declares the time has come for the Confederacy to guide the destiny of America.

1927 10/??
Above Washington DC Patrick tells Juanita she is "Eve" and her blood will open the way to the future. He instructs his forces to sever the four giant chains that keep Eden suspended above the Earth. By the west chain, the Cavalry corps are defeated. Gemini goes up the South Chain and Chamber the North. Riding up the south Chain Gemini encounters Chesana, who reveals that Patrick wants to be the new Adam with Juanita as his Even to give birth to a new world. Gemini defeats him and finds out that Juanita is in the Sacred Temples. Chambers' North chain falls. Chesana manages to rise again but Brad arrives and saves Gemini and they defeat him for good, heading for the Sacred temple. Reuniting with Chamber they face off against Leonidus, who reveals that once the last chain is cut Eden will rise to heaven and cause the world to restart anew with all humanity dying exceot for Adam and Eve. The last chain is shattered. Chamber heads off to work with the rest of the Cavalry corps to find a way to bring down the pyramid, while Gemini and Brad head for the temple. There, Gemini and Synclair face off once more, with Gemini mortally wounding her. Brad tries to comfort Synclair, upset because in her he sees someone who was once like himself, consumed with the need for revenge, living in the past. He wants her to stop, but she replies that she can only live by the power of Eden anyway and that she must fulfill the purpose that keeps her and the rest of her group alive. Her death will aid in the reincarnation of the world. She kills herself. Patrick appears stating that the time is almost nigh, and Jaunita is undergoing a ceremony to become eve. He sends more minions to stop Gemini and Brad. Gemini holds them off and sends Brad forward to go help Juanita.Brad make it to the temple chamber first, followed by Gemini. Patrick declares that it's too late-- once his blood drops into the sacred flames with Juanita's, the world's rebirth will begin. Gemini battles and defeats Patrick, who declares that he wanted to restart the world because after the Civil War the winners "dominated men with machines and chained their souls with money", which is not what he and his forces fought for. He declares that a cartel led by Douglas-Stewart is dominating America and that a bird allowed to live in a cage does not see what is keeping it imprisoned, and this is why he wants to restart the world with the power of Eden within America. Chamber arrives declaring the temple is in the Cavalry Corps' hands and they will be crashing it to Earth any time now. Patrick declares that he will never give up-- he abandoned his humanity for his goal, Brad leaps into the fray, shedding his own blood into the temple, taking away Patrick's chance to become Adam, becoming Adam himself-- as immortal as Juanita. Patrick makes one last attempt to stop him, but Gemini defeats PAtrick utterly and Juanita-as-Eve rejects the rebirth of the world stating that they can move forward in this one. Patrick dies, leaving the future to the victors. After the battle, Brad and Juanita head off together to find a cure for their immortality. Chamber decides to run for president, and Gemini heads for New York.

1928 01/11
Michael Sunnyside formally opens the Little Lip Theatre, with Rachet Altair making her return to Broadway standing atop the steam airship Ahab, shocking the entire city. Gemini Sunrise joins the theatre and over time the NEw York Fighting Troupe, which successfully defends the city against the assault of Oda Nobunaga over the course of the next year.

1928 11/08
Chamber Westwood, who became saddled with the popular nickname "Herbert Hoover", is elected President of the United States.

1928 12/01
A PR campaign against steam power starts in Tokyo by various industry lobby groups who spread false rumors about coverups purporting to suppress information about fatal design flaws in the steam power grid.

1929 01/12
Rachet Altair arrives in Berlin to help found the Berlin Kampfgruppe, composed of Alice Klein (German), Eva Varga (Hungary), Dana Christova (Bulgaria), Petra Kraus (Austria), Arachne Constantinou (Greece) and Kimiko Watanabe (Japan). Back in New York, the Fighting Troupe defeats an attack on the city by King Tutankhamen of Egypt.

1929 05/25
Ratchet Altair returns to New York.

1929 10/25
Alice Klein, who was in actuality an agent for Thule Society, tricks her compatriots in the Berlin Kampfgruppe into entering ruins near the Rhine, where they were corrupted by dark forces, but they continued to act normally for a time.

1929 10/28
Saboteurs working for Douglas-Stewart and the oil industry destroy the Tokyo Steam Power grid and blame it on the "flaws" in the system, causing great damage to the Ginza district and the headquarters of the covert Imperial Assault Force, which Sakura was assigned to. The resulting fallout sees an American Company push preotroleum-based electric power as a "safer" substitute both at home and aboard, crippling the rapidly rising steam technology infrastructure. Tokyo switches to more conventional sources of power like oil and Steam goes down in history as a failed experiment despite decades of amazing advances, many of which are lost in the fog of the depression. Complications and political fallout from the oncoming economic depression scuttle future developments for the Imperial Assault Force, and Sakura decides to retire, marrying Captain Oogami.

1931 11/26
The Depression causes a general downgrade in revenues, and a seeming absence of malicious forces in the New York area causes Michael Sunnyside to shutter the Little Lip Theatre, at about the same time the Group Fleur de Paris disbands and the Berlin fighting force are scuppered. Sunnyside continues to plan for a future where the STAR division will be needed, however. Around this time the leader of the Star Division, Shinjiro Taiga, flees from justice on after some libellous paternity suits are filed. His fiancee, Gemini Sunrise, also in the division, helps him "git outta dodge" and then disappears herself.

1932 08/15
"Loki" triggers his final plan, taking over Anna Nielsen's mind and has her sabotage the Selpher Units, while summoning a large army of Trolls to attack. During the final battle, Gustav Ericksen sacrifices himself to destroy the Troll army, while Anna comes to her senses and kills herself to stop the attack. The Valkyrie Unit is officially disbanded as a result.

1933 01/01
Reni Milchstraße mysteriously vanishes in what Tokyo papers call the "New Year's Mystery". In truth, mysterious forces tried to kidnap her, and she had to flee into hiding

1933 06/18
The loss of Reni coupled with the lack of Steam Power resources and an overall dip in evil activity in Tokyo finally compels the closure of the Japanese Imperial Fighting Troupe, which had been struggling along with no real support from the government since 1929

1933 02/27
The Berlin Kampfgruppe emerges suddenly on February 27th, 1933, helping destroy the Reichstag building before vanishing again. Their actions go unseen, and lay the foundation for the rise of the Nazi party.

1934 04/04
Michael Sunnyside, indulging in his love for all things Japanese, heads to the 17th Tenka-ichi Budokai on Papaya Island with Rachet Altair. There they aid the great master Muten Roshi in a battle against the master of Sinanju, Chiun, and are rewarded by his sister Uranai Baba, given the formula for an immortality elixir. Sunnyside spikes Rachet's drink with it on a lark and takes some as well, expecting it to be nothing more than one of Kamesennin's jokes...

1938 03/12
The Berlin Kampfgruppe reappears marching triumphantly alongside Nazi forces into Austria. In response to this, Michael Sunnyside travels to Japan and Paris to start talks on developing countermeasures.

1939 01/01
Sunnyside, Oogami and Grand Mere remobilize what they can of the old Tokyo, New York and Paris fighting troupes to make their own "Berlin Kagekidan" to put down the renegade Kampfgruppe. Ratchet Altair, Kujou Subaru, Orihime Soletta, Lobelia Carlini and Erica Fontaine were the founding members of this group, along with assistance from various members of the remaining support staff of the troupes. For the next few months this force would engage in hit-and-run battles against German units allied with Thule Society.

1939 04/03
The Berlin Kagekidan faces off with the Berlin Kamfgruppe at the Battle of the Rhine. Reni Milchstraßeenerges from hiding and lends her strength to the Kagekidan, managing to drive off the Kamfgruppe, who are revealed to be the myterious group that tired to kidnap her.

1939 04/14
The Berlin Kagekidan and Berlin Kamfgruppe square off at the Battle at the Reichstag.

1939 05/17
The Berlin Kagekidan and Berlin Kamfgruppe engage in the Second battle of the Rhine.

1939 05/25
The Berlin Kagekidan and Berlin Kamfgruppe violently clash in the Battle of Munich. Alice Klein, frustrated by the constant interference of the Kagekidan, vows that their next encounter will be the last one, and digs deep into the Thule archives for a ultimate weapon.

1939 06/01
The final showdown between the two Berlin fighting forces occurs during what was to be a parade of the Kamfgruppe thrigh the Brandenburg gate. Ratchet's group ambushes them, and Klein goes all-out wih her ultimate weapon. In the final conflict: Eva Varga, Dana Christova, Petra Kraus and Arachne Constantinou were all killed in battle, Kimiko Watanabe committed suicide using her Unit's weapon, Alice Klein managed to escape, her sanity in tatters, Reni Milchstraße was injured in the leg, resulting in a limp, Orihime Soletta suffered minor injuries but came out mostly unscathed, Lobelia Carlini disappeared after the battle, Ratchet Altair and Michael Sunnyside appear to die in a car bomb trying to leave the battle field, Ci Caprice is killed trying to operate one of the units to assist the team, and Mell Raison loses an eye and arm trying to save Ci (but due to time-travel intervention from Sakura Xadium Aino this was later changed and Mell and Ci were brought to the 21st century and healed ), Erica Fontaine is knocked unconscious and dragged away from the battle. and Kujou Subaru leaves relatively unscathed, but sickened by the battle and is not seen for some years after.

1939 06/15
Sunnyside and Ratchet are revealed to have not been killed by the car bomb, and they go into hiding.

1954 03/12
Tomoe Souichi is born.

1957 ??/??
Tomoe Keiko is born.

1963 ??/??
Risa Hino is born.

1964 ??/??
Wakagi Toshio is born.

1971 04/15
Sunspot activity peaks, allowing the forces of the Dark Kingdom to crack their barrier and emerge into the world. Kunzite is sent out into the world to do reconnaissance. The lunar computers re-activate due to the stimulus of the solar activity.

1972 03/23
Based on Kunzite's assessment of the planet's level of development, a strategy of infiltration and corruption is decided upon. Seeing the love of humans for mass entertainment, Danburite and Flourite are dispatched to lay the foundations for a new Dark Agency.

1974 08/03
Chiba Mamoru is born.

1974 08/09
Due to the damage caused to the timeline by Setsuna puncturing Pegasus' Prophylactic with a Pin in 2009, Richard Nixon is allowed to resign as President of the United States rather than face jail time for Watergate.

1974 ??/??
Furuhata Motoki is born.

1975 01/27
Ten'ou Haruka is born.

1975 03/06
Kaiou Michiru is born.

1975 ??/??
Furuhata Unazuki is born.

1975 10/29
Meioh Setsuna lists this as her earth birthdate.

1977 05/27
The Dark Agency achieves its first commercial success with a slick looking theatrical film about a space war set in another galaxy a long time ago.

1978 01/01
Osaka Naru is born.

1978 ??/??
Umino Gurio is born.

1978 ??/??
Amano Gurizaku is born.

1978 04/17
Hino Rei is born.

1978 06/30
Tsukino Usagi is born. The Lunar computers sense her birth but fail to awaken Luna and Artemis from cryosleep due to a hardware malfunction. Autorepair is initiated.

1978 09/10
Mizuno Ami is born.

1978 09/11
Hikaru (?) is born.

1978 09/17
Doctor Souichi Tomoe is banned from the Japanese Scientific Community for his repeated genetic experiments on Animals.

1978 10/22
Aino Minako is born. Sakura X. Aino feels a connection but does not understand it. Depression starts to set in.

1978 12/05
Kino Makoto is born.

1978 12/21
Queen Beryl decides the time is right to begin full-scale plans to revive Metallia.

1979 04/12
Souichi Tomoe marries.

1981 01/06
Tomoe Hotaru is born. Souichi Tomoe struggles to make a living outside the Scientific world.

1982 07/22
Ami Mizuno's father can lo longer stand his home life, he leaves Ami and her mother and goes off to journey the world and paint. He sends home a painting every month.

1983 12/24
Kino Makoto's parents are killed in an airplane crash.

1985 01/23
Motoki sees Nude Cheetarah in Thundercats episode 1 and is never the same again.

1985 11/10
Risa Hino dies; Rei is the only one at her side. Rei blames her father for being obsessed with his work and not coming to her mom. Bitterness develops between them.

1986 03/05
Rei's father can no longer handle the angry, sullen child; he sends her to the Hikawa Shrine to be taken care of by her grandfather.

1987 01/15
In order to feed his new family, Souichi Tomoe finally puts his genius for sale to the highest bidder. The Infinity Delta development project hires him to head a radical new experiment in education -- the Mugen Academy.

1989 01/05
There is a huge fire at the construction site of Mugen Academy, caused by a successful tear into the alternate dimension inhabited by Pharaoh 90. Official reports record it as a lab fire. Tomoe Keiko perishes in the fire. Tomoe Hotaru is listed as being critical condition at this time. In reality, she too died. Pharaoh 90 makes a deal with Souichi Tomoe: become the host of the alien superbeing Germatoid, and survive, and learn how to revive your daughter. Tomoe accepts. He reanimates Hotaru's corpse with nanotechnology, infusing it with the Daimon seed of Mistress 9. Sailor Saturn is trapped in the body, unable to fully awaken or escape, experiencing a living hell in the undead shell. Both Kaioh Michiru and Ten'ou Haruka start having nightmares of the Ruin.

1989 ??/??
Kunzite falls in love with a teacher at Shiba Public Park Junior High while undercover.

1989 10/31
Professor Tomoe uses some DNA from his late wife and clones her, creating Kaolinite I. He tries to introduce her into his home, but Hotaru rejects her as a mockery.

1989 10/31
Hotaru has a mild blackout and wakes up to find her pet goldfish dead; Kaolinite tells her she did it but she refuses to believe it.

1989 11/05
Mugen Academy finally opens and begins recruiting the best and brightest students in Japan.

1990 11/24
The lunar computers finally awaken Luna and Artemis from Cryosleep. The cats split up to try and find the Princess. The AI of Queen Serenity communicates with Artemis under the clever codename "Boss".

1990 12/26
Sakura X. Aino retreats to the hills of Sendai and enters deep meditation.

1991 04/01
Artemis senses latent power in Aino Minako, and starts observing her more closely.

1991 04/05
The Dark Agency decides to aggressively target youths for their energy. One of their first targets is Shiba Public Park Junior High. They insert an agent into the school. Minako's 7th grade starts.

1991 05/10
Aino Minako meets Artemis. He tells her a fantastic tale about her true nature as Sailor Venus. She chalks it up to a dream.

1991 05/11
Minako first transforms into Sailor V in order to stop her Higashi-sempai, who is actually the Youma Narkissos, from draining the energy of her friends. She first dons her trademark red bow.

1991 05/12
After nearly being killed by an atavistic cat (a failed Daimon) at a concert, Kaioh Michiru awakens as Sailor Neptune. Alone, confused and guided only by her dreams, she seeks out an indistinct face from her dreams, one she knows belongs to her future partner.

1991 05/17
Artemis hits on the notion of training Minako with video games. He builds the Sailor V game, Motoki finds it in front of Crown Game Center.

1991 05/22
Sailor V learns about her disguise power and beats up the annoying jerk Otaku Takuro.

1991 05/31
Sailor V storms the Channel 44 building and stops Pandora's plot to brainwash Tokyo.

1991 06/07
Sailor V decides to start fighting regular criminals for fun.

1991 06/14
The Tokyo PD get tired of being upstaged by Sailor V. Petit Pandora starts draining the energy of teenagers in the city.

1991 06/16
Petit Pandora challenges Sailor V to a showdown in Shiba Park. V defeats her.

1991 06/??
The Dark Agency engages in brainwashing, kidnapping, underwear thievery, counterfeiting, bank robbery, and arson to fund its coffers.

1991 06/21
Sailor V defeats the "Dark Guys" and the "Twin Dark", as well as Danburite's henchwoman Flourite.

1991 06/28
Sailor V defeats "Electronic Fighter Girl Luga".

1991 07/04
Minako takes first place in the relay race, the cavalry battle game, the ball catch, and the other morning events in her school's Athletics festival. Nya-Nyan, princess of the cat world, sabotages her efforts in the latter portions of the games, however, and she ends up taking 9th overall.

1991 07/15
Minako's School goes on summer break.

1991 07/16
Minako gets a job as copy-editor for famous Manga Author Marie-sensei. This job ends when Sailor V defeats Wan-Wan, prince of the Dog Kingdom, and Marie-sensei decides to get married.

1991 07/19
Michiru is drawn to Haruka's school by her intuition; She is taken with Ten'ou Haruka and decides to arrange a meeting with her.

1991 07/21
Sailor V gets pressed into doing community service by Hikaru. Artemis won't buy Minako a soda, so she decides to donate blood to get free juice, landing her in a confrontation with Princess of the Mosquito World, Chuu-Chuu.

1991 07/28
Sailor V gets pressed into doing community service by Hikaru AGAIN.

1991 07/29
Haruka and Michiru first meet; Michiru asks Haruka to model for her; Haruka rebuffs Michiru, secretly terrified of the energy she feels from her. She wonders if Michiru isn't the one responsible for her dreams.

1991 07/31
Minako wins a trip to Honolulu Hawaii, but ends up in Greece instead. Some of her past life memories begin to stir. She defeats Aloha Kamen and the Youma Hibiskos.

1991 08/01
Michiru realizes with a shock that Haruka is the person from her dreams; she tries to breach the subject of their destinies at a concert aboard a cruise ship; Haruka again rebuffs her.

1991 08/09
Haruka is nearly killed when boy infected with an Atavist seed attacks her; Michiru reveals herself to be Sailor Neptune and saves her; Haruka decides to embrace her destiny as Uranus.

1991 08/12
Disgusted by her relationship with Haruka, Michiru's family disowns her.

1991 09/05
Minako's Summer Vacation ends.

1991 09/25
Fighting alone, relying only on each other, Haruka's strength quickly makes her the lead in the new partnership, overshadowing the previously dominant Michiru. Haruka's resolve becomes hard, while Michiru's latent worry about the loss of innocents comes to the fore.

1991 10/15
Kunzite finally puts his love for Okamoto-sensei behind him; Minako gets involved in a gang war and defeats the Youma Vivian; she gets her first kiss (albeit in disguise).

1991 10/29
Meioh Setsuna reveals herself to Haruka and Michiru; she becomes their patron and furnishes them with helicopters and expensive suites in Tennouzu towers surrounding Mugen Academy. They immediately transfer to the academy.

1991 11/07
Minako experiences her 2981st First love. She wins the 35th Shiba Park Half Marathon competition. She defeats the Youma karaoke soldier, Mike Makki with her Venus Ten Billion Volt Rock 'N' Rouge attack.

1991 12/25
Minako's Winter break begins.

1991 12/31
Haruka earns the respect of Michiru's Yakuza half of the family by beating the hell out of every last one of them. They cow the western side in return.

1991 01/10
Minako's Winter break ends.

1992 01/15
The Kaitou Ace TV show begins.

1992 02/10
The Dark Agency's Debrine begins handing out extremely fattening "Rainbow chocolates".

1992 02/12
The Dark Agency sets up a club named "Este DeBrine" where girls can go to lose the weight they put on with the chocolate. It is a scam of course..

1992 02/14
Sailor V takes down Debrine and destroys the club, ends up giving Valentine's choco to the passed out Wakagi, who, due to his failure to catch her, is sent to Siberia. Kaitou Ace appears.

1992 02/20
Saijou Ace (the guy who plays Kaitou Ace) starts doing the jobs Sailor V was. Minako contemplates retirement, but after getting on TV with Ace and defeated Heroine Maker Fande, she decides to keep her role as "idol soldier". Police Chief Sakurada discovers Minako's secret identity. Sakurada decides she wants to recruit Minako.

1992 02/28
The Dark Agency is all but smashed. They begin to pour their remaining efforts into their last ditch effort to conquer China. Queen Beryl instructs Jedite to begin his own move against Asia.

[ALT] 1992 03/06
Luna senses something in Tokyo's Minato Ward. Her travels take her to Azabu-Juuban.

[ALT] 1992 03/07
Some kids intercept Luna and slap a bandaid on her forehead; she is unable to use her powers. Usagi saves her. Luna awakens her powers as Sailor Moon.

[ALT]1992 03/27
Minako experiences her 5000th First love. She wins the Final Audition for Avex Trax's "Chinese Princess Story" and heads to China. Defeating the Dark Agency's Lin-Lin, she finds out that her co-star, Kaitou Ace is actually Danburite of the Dark Agency, who is actually the Venusian soldier Adonis. Adonis re-awakens her memories as Sailor Venus, and of a Dark Kingdom. They clash, and she kills him. Minako decides to work for the Tokyo Police in order to aid her invesitgation into this "Dark Kingdom" as well as find allies in the struggle that is to come.

[ALT] 1992 04/03
Minako goes to England posing as an exchange student for the first parts of her 8th grade year to research Dark Kingdom activity there, leaving Artemis in Japan to try and find the others. There she meets an interpol officer named Katerina, who helps her become fluent in English. She also falls in love with a man named Alan, who, unaware of her feelings, falls for Katerina.

[ALT] 1992- 04/11
Luna officially moves into the Tsukino household.

[ALT] 1992 05/02
Mizuno Ami is attacked by a youma, Luna awakens her as Sailor Mercury.

[ALT] 1992 05/16
Jedite attempts to infiltrate Hikawa Shrine; Hino Rei awakens as Sailor Mars. Jedite gets fried to a crisp but manages to escape.

[ALT] 1992 05/17
The Dark Kingdom tries to access the realm of the old ones.

[ALT] 1992 05/19
Jedite uses his mind powers to get Usagi interested in Mamoru so as to produce the Spore, from which he could harvest a Silver Crystal. Though this timeline is later reset, the subliminal suggestion lingered.

[ALT] 1992 05/27
Jedite starts project DiCK, a propaganda series in which the Sailor Soldiers are referred to as "Scouts" and given ridiculous names and attacks. This was meant to break the people's faith in the Senshi. He even poked fun at Zoicite my making him a female. This project continued even after Jedite's fall by the last renmants of the Dark Agency.

[ALT] 1992 06/06
Jedite is run over by an airplane. Beryl casts him in an Eternal Sleep which would last approximately 10 years.

[ALT] 1992 06/13
Nephrite assumes responsibility for the Japanese front. He assumes the civilian identity of Masato Sanjouin.

[ALT] 1992 06/20
Hino Rei attempts to date Chiba Mamoru, to the disbelief of just about every sane person on the planet.

[ALT] 1992 08/29
Nephrite "dies" defending Osaka Naru from the Dark Kingdom. In reality he shifted himself forwards in time, faking his death.

[ALT] 1992 09/05
Beryl starts the hunt for the 7 fragments of the Ginzuishou. Usagi meets Makoto; Sailor Jupiter awakens.

[ALT] 1992 09/06
In England, Sailor V is lead into a trap and it appears as if she has died. Minako decides to "stay dead" after finding out about Alan and KAterina's love. She returns to Japan and aids Artemis in guiding and finding the others, taking over the role "boss" used to play. She also re-joins her classmates at Shiba Public Park Junior High, in the 8th grade.

[ALT] 1992 09/20
Due to her responsibilities, Minako quits the school Volleyball team, causing them to lose their championship match. Minako's classmates, noting her aloof, more serious attitude since her return from England, start to shun her. She feels more and more isolated and lonely.

[ALT] 1992 10/10
Ami meets Ryo Urawa.

[ALT] 1992 11/07
Luna develops a crush on a fat cat named Rhett Butler / Red Battler; Zoicite gets mauled by rats.

[ALT] 1992 11/14
Tuxedo Umino Kamen is born.

[ALT] 1992 11/21
Zocite experiments with cross-dressing and cosplay simultaneously; Venus appears before the others, saving them from Kunzite.

[ALT] 1992 11/28
The Ginzuishou appears. Usagi and Mamoru learn each other's identities. Usagi is revealed as the Princess.

[ALT] 1992 12/05
Mamoru is kidnapped by the Dark Kingdom and brainwashed.

[ALT] 1993 01/30
The sunspot activity on the sun once again increases to the same levels as they had in 8113 B.C.; Katarina visits Minako, trying to find out information about the Sailor Soldiers. The senshi start trying to find a route to the Dark Kingdom.

[ALT] 1993 02/13
The Senshi are teleported to the moon; The Lunar computers use their last vestiges of power to project a replay of the final night of the Silver Millennium. Kunzite is slain.

[ALT] 1993 02/27
The Senshi make their way to D-Point; they fall before the DD girls. Haruka, Xadium, Minako and Tomoe take the TARDIS to a remote location udder D-Point to find a way to save Jedite's life, doing so and leaving, but in the process infuriating Beryl to the point where she decides to go to Metallia and become Super Beryl as seen in the anime. Usagi defeats Super Beryl at the cost og her own life. With her dying wish to the Ginzuishou she rolls back time for those affected by the conflict. The Dark Agency / Kingdom is forgotten by everyone, and the events of 1992-1993 occur again, only without the Dark Kingdom's apparent intervention, even if the overall impact remains the same.

[ALT] 1993 02/27
The Dark Kingdom seemingly vanishes off the face of the Earth in an instant as time is reversed by Usagi at D-Point. Only a few know the truth.

1992 03/06
Usagi's memories of what is now an alternative timeline are restored by Luna as a result of Cardian activity. From this point the events of the old 1992 are wiped from history at large.

1992 03/05
Kumada Yuuichiro joins the Hikawa Shrine.

1992 03/13
The other Senshi's memories are restored. Somehow, the memories of Osaka Naru and Umino Gurio are restored as well. Mamoru's brain, however, remains blank as a slate.

1992 03/20
The Moonlight Knight appears.

1992 03/25
Minako's 7th grade term ends.

1992 03/29
Eighth grade begins for the girls.

1992 04/09
Haruka dates Ann, thinks she and Ail were on "hard raver drugs" when they claimed to be aliens.

1992 04/24
While defending some schoolchildren, Minako powers up and gains the Crescent Beam Shower attack.

1992 06/15
Hotaru has a blackout in class, and severely injures one of her classmates; After that she is shunned.

1992 06/19
A rather large tree that sounds like Winnie the Pooh goves Mamoru back his Memory. The Moonlight Knight turns out to be a projection of his own solidified impotence.

1992 06/26
Chibiusa arrives from the future, seeking the Ginzuishou. Time travel has muddled her memories. She proceeds to drug the Senshi and pick their pockets. Forces from the Black Moon follow her.

1992 07/03
Mamoru listens to the voices in his head and breaks up with Usagi. Chibiusa feels "comfortable" around him.

1992 07/15
Pre-production on the Sailor V animated feature begins

1992 08/14
Minako and Makoto fight over their lost loves; Minako finally gets over Alan.

1992 08/28
Chibiusa makes her first tentative foray into beastiality with a Pleiosaur. The species goes extinct in shame.

1992 09/12
A relationship begins between Umino and Naru.

1992 10/24
Reika leaves to go to Africa.

1992 11/20
Sailor Pluto reveals herself to the Senshi in the form of a cheap hologram in the eye of an unlicensed Luna-P knockoff.

1992 11/25
Haruka and Michiru start observing the other senshi, but deem them to be too soft-hearted for what is coming.

1992 12/11
Mamoru finally ignores the voices in his head and reunites with Usagi.

1992 12/18
Nurse Minako wreaks Havoc in Azabu-Juuban.

1992 12/25
Artemis runs away to the Animal Kingdom after being called a Klutz, making everyone search for him on CHRISTMAS DAY.

1993 01/22
The Senshi decide to journey to the Future and confront the Black Moon on their ground. They do battle in a time corridor.

1993 01/23
The Senshi return, and Chibiusa says goodbye before returning to her time.

1993 02/19
On a far-off trading world, Galaxia, almost totally lost to Chaos, meets a strange old man, who informs her of a new threat to the universe. He tells her the balalnce of creation has been tipped by the Ginzuishou, and that Chaos threatens to rise again. Galaxia decides to forge a lasting peace by ending war for all time. She begins work on the starseed / Sailor Crystal extractors.

1993 03/08
Hotaru starts to have violent seizures and blackouts; PRofessor Tomoe gives her the Tairon crystal (a family heirloom) to help calm them.

1993 03/10
Rei, Minako, Makoto, Ami and Usagi decide to form a study group to help them with their upcoming entrance examinations.

1993 03/09
Ninth grade starts for the girls.

1993 03/19
Sailor Mars starts to sense the coming of the ruin. Uranus and Neptune briefly intervene to save the Senshi.

1993 03/25
Galaxia has taken a quarter of the Galaxy. She is collecting the Sailor Crystals of Sailor Senshi and hoarding them. She uses those who envy the Senshi of their worlds and promises them the crystal of their planetary senshi. Her battle thralls are known as Animamates.

1993 04/16
Minako hits on Haruka, thinking her to be a man. Haruka beats her in GOD Driving, and Minako vows to get even someday.

1993 06/18
Yuuichiro tries to fight Haruka over Rei, thinking Haruka is a man.

1993 06/25
Minako contemplates quitting the Sailor Senshi. In the process of saving her friend Asai, she inadvertently reveals her identity to him.

1993 07/16
Minako does her famous impersonation of Sailor Moon; Kaolinite I dies after a runin with all the Senshi at Tokyo Tower;. Eudial steps in to take her place. Professor Tomoe gets to work on Kaolinite II.

1993 08/06
Chibiusa returns from the future with a mandate from her mother to train and make friends. She doesn't know it but she's been sent to befriend Hotaru and give her a reason to fight off the control of Mistress 9.

1993 08/23
Mamoru takes a part-time job at a mountainside resort.

1993 08/27
Usagi, Rei, Ami and Minako go to a mountainside resort where Makoto is training.

1993 09/03
The girls check out Elza Grey's high school as a possible place to apply to. Rei says Minako is actually studying hard to get in.

1993 09/24
Minako is worried that no one has targeted her pure heart; She decides to donate blood repeatedly to prove her purity. When her heart is stolen, she snatches it back and runs off, collapsing due to anemia.Uranus and Neptune reveal their identities to the others and warn them to stay out of their way.

1993 10/15
Eudial realizes Haruka and Michiru hold two of the talismans. She calls them out, challenging them to a showdown at Marine Cathederal.

1993 10/16
Sailor Coronis is killed; Galaxia gives her starseed to Lead Crow. Galaxia has 40% of the Galaxyl.

1993 10/17
Uranus and Neptune sacrifice themselves and produce the Talismans; Pluto saves them. Eudial dies in a car wreck engineered by Mimete. The holy grail appears; The darkness in Hotaru begins to stir.

1993 11/05
Chibiusa meets Hotaru for the first time.

1993 11/12
Mistress 9 tastes the power of the Ginzuishou for the first time and wants more of it.

1993 11/19
Minako sneaks off to audition for a role with Araki Jinta.

1993 11/26
Hotaru demonstrates her ability to kill Daimons with a touch.

1993 12/10
Usagi and Chibiusa help Hotaru meet her idol, Hayase Shun.

1993 12/12
Hayase Shun sets another world record.

1993 12/17
Tomoe's Monsterbake oven malfunctions; his house is cast into a multidimensional nexus; He ironically relies on the senshi for help.

1993 12/19
The girls take their entrance exams.

1993 12/24
A Daimon attack on a Planetarium leaves the Senshi totally outclassed; Hotaru begins to awaken as Sailor Saturn; Uranus, Neptune and Pluto try to assassinate her.

1994 01/07
Tomoe's house is abandoned in favour of the Mugen labs; The girls infiltrate Mugen Academy; Tellu assassinates Mimete.

1994 01/14
Tellu dies; Her student ID is incontrovertible proof that Mugen Academy is at the center of the whole mess.

1994 01/15
Kaolinite II hatches.

1994 01/21
Ami blows Haruka and Michiru's cover at Mugen; Viluy is defeated. The Death Busters decide to initiate the endgame.

1994 01/28
Hundreds of Mugen students are massacred as Cyprine and Ptilol take their pure hearts and feed them to Hotaru; Hotaru / the Messiah of Silence completes her transformation into Mistress 9 by taking Chibiusa's pure heart; Kaolinite II dies. Professor Tomoe gives the senshi the finger and vanishes.

1994 01/29
The senshi launch an assault on Mugen, but Tomoe deploys all his remaining daimons sans hosts; the inners fall back and try to contain them in the Tokyo Delta. Uranus and Neptune are almost killed trying to invade the building by helicopter; Setsuna saves them by using the taboo time stop-- Serenity calls her back to the Future for punishment. Mistress 9 kidnaps Sailormoon. Uranus and Neptune have a showdown with Germatoid, freeing the Professor from its grasp (or so they think). They are captured and watch in horror as Sailormoon hands over the Holy Grail to Mistress 9. Hotaru chooses to fight, and sacrifices her own body to release Sailor Saturn. Saturn decimates Pharaoh 90 and destroys the world. With her power, Super Sailormoon simply stops the Ruin and reverses it, giving Hotaru a new (infant) body. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto see the chance to play house and steal the infant. Tomoe is hospitalized with amnesia.

1994 02/25
Chibiusa goes home and gets sent back almost immediately because Neo-Queen Serenity realizes life is much more fun when you abandon your children for a life of hedonistic delight. All survivours of Mugen are automatically graduated; a mistake on their diplomas sets their graduation date to 1995.

1994 02/27
Galaxia has 65% of the Galaxy.

1994 02/28
The girls get their acceptance letters to Juuban High.

1994 02/28
Haruka and Michiru sense the Dead Moon, but decide to punish the inners for not listening to them and so leave the fight to them. They party all over the world, ditching Hotaru with her amnesiac father. Haruka does some races in Africa.

1994 03/01
Elios manages to escape Nephelenia's grasp by escaping into the land of dreams.

1994 03/02
Pegasus enters Chibiusa. He begs her not to tell anyone of their encounter.

1994 03/03
Japan experiences a rare total solar eclipse. The Dead Moon escapes from their prison on the moon, and traps the entire nation in an instant of dreamtime, even though to everyone affected, time seems to flow normally.
Pegasus powers up Minako and the other inner senshi to Super mode. However, in the process, he stole their fuku, so they were required to call him every time they wanted to transform into super mode, lest they appear naked after powering up. The powerup remained after the conflict, but the clothing arrangement was sorted by violence.
Minako goes on her infamous double date with Hawks-Eye and Tigers-Eye and reminds EVERYONE why they should never, EVER, get her angry.
Thanks to Pegasus activating parts of her never before activated, Chibiusa discovers that a pillow and a picture of her father are quite pleasant things to have about.
The dream-illusion set up by Nephelenia starts to degrade as the compromised city of Tokyo, covered with her spiderwebs, begins to show through.
Endymion collapses as the true extent of the damage to the Earth finally reaches his system. The dead moon captures Pegasus and Chibiusa. Nephelenia gets Elios to return to his body, threatening Chibiusa with death.
Nephelenia seizes the Golden Crystal and breaks the seal on her that was placed by Queen Serenity.
Nephelenia's forces emerge into the darkness-filled Tokyo. Chibiusa gets out of her trap; the Amazoness' betray Nephelenia.
Chibusa and Usagi call on the people of Tokyo to lend them their power. The seal on the Dead Moon begins to reform; Nephelenia is trapped once more.
The spell is broken and time snaps back to normal as of the start of the eclipse on 3/3/94-- Life carries on. , albiet without the attacks of the Amazons. (e.g. Ami still goes after N.T., but the Amazoness do not attack) Only the senshi remember what has happened.
1994 03/04
Elios symbolically coronates Usagi and Mamoru as King and Queen of the new Silver Millennium. Endymion takes control of the Golden Crystal.

1994 03/06
A Talking kitten named Diana appears; Luna accuses Artemis of infidelity with a nun.

1994 03/09
The girls graduate from Juuban Junior High.

1994 04/05
Nephrite emerges from his time portal, wounded. He runs into Unimo Gurio and slays him. He then hooks up with Osaka Naru. They settle down on 60-Sunshine street.

1994 04/06
The girls begin their high school careers at Juuban High Schoo as 10th graders.

1994 04/07
Momoko gets the enhancement surgery and purple hairjob, becoming a professional kogal. In class she's known as "Silicon Momoko".

1994 04/09
Chibiusa runs into a vampire at the Austrian Embassy on Darkness Hill; The Senshi deploy thier infamous Sailor... Special... Garlic... Attack! and save the day.

1994 04/10
Galaxia has 70% of the Galaxy; she begins to turn her eye toward Mutter's Spiral (our spiral arm).

1994 04/11
Setsuna is deployed to the past once again in anticipation of the Galaxia invasion, even though she is not filled in on the full story by Serenity. She brains the amnesiac Professor Tomoe on the head with the BAK, restoring his memory and insanity. She then kidnaps Hotaru, and sells her to Haruka and Michiru (figuratively) as a sentient Helper-Monkey. They are convinced when she helpfully powers them up like a small purple battery. Hotaru has a growth spurt to appx. 4 years old.

1994 04/17
To keep an eye on Hotaru and Chibiusa, Setsuna becomes a nurse at Juuban Elementary. She is very popular amongst the kids. Haruka and Michiru give Usagi and the girls a shock when they show up at Juuban high posing as Teenyboppers. Setsuna begins to teach Hotaru Yeats and Physics.

1994 04/18
Galaxia reaches the Sol system, having taken 80% of the Galaxy; She notes that there is an inchoate Sailor Crystal on the planet Earth. She devises a plan to release it, breaking Nephelenia's seal and setting her free to attack. Saturn awakens Hotaru; Hotaru experiences a growth spurt to appx. 8 years of age.

1994 04/19
Nephelenia kidnaps Mamoru. The crowd goes mild. Well, Usagi cares.

1994 04/20
Chibiusa starts to fade in and out; Usagi goes to Nephelenia's lair; The Senshi follow. Nephelenia captures all the senshi in her dream mirrors. Implants the last seed of her hatred in the dark corners of Hotaru's soul. After a showdown, Nephelenia is sent back in time to her colony as a child, she decides to live out her life as a kind and wise person.

1994 04/21
The sailor starlights make their way to Earth, but discover to their dismay that their princess is not with them. They assume the identities of a J-Pop band, the "Three Lights" and use their abilities to rocket to stardom.

1994 04/22
Mamoru find out he's been accepted to Harvard. He gives Usagi an engagement ring. Chibiusa returns to the Future.

1994 04/25
Mizuno Ami becomes the 25th member of the Three Lights' fanclub.

1994 05/11
Mamoru leaves for America, but is killed by Galaxia en Route; The Three Lights begin filming a movie. The starlights appear before Usagi.

1994 05/13
Minako joins the Juuban High Volleyball club.

1994 05/16
Minako becomes member #278 of the Three Lights Fanclub.

1994 05/18
The Three Lights transfer to Juuban High.

1994 05/25
Minako doctors photos of herself with the Three Lights; She also worms her way into becoming the Three Lights' personal assistant. Their ratings rise, as the rumours about them being "backseat backstreet boys" begin to fade.

1994 05/27
Minako gets tickets to "Adult's Love XX"; she will be unable to dispose of them for a decade.

1994 06/22
Luna cavorts around town with Yaten, even taking baths with him. Artemis is shocked.

1994 07/13
Haruka and Michiru do a joint concert with the Three Lights at the Fantastic International Music Festival in Nerima. Haruka and Seiya engage in a battle between "men".

1994 08/03
Chibi-Chibi arrives on Earth, and takes Kakyuu's Incense Burner into her care.

1994 09/12
Mizuno Ami gets married to Zonway Ryu in what she believes to be mothing more than a dream.

1994 11/16
Yaten confronts Minako at an Idol audition, being a little rough with her. Minako wins the right to enter the final round but defers it. She impresses famous idol Moroboshi Takuya.

1994 11/30
Princess Kakyuu appears, saving Usagi.

1994 12/14
Galaxia attacks at the Three Lights' farewell concert, killing Princess Kakyuu.The inner senshi fall in battle against Galaxia. Haruka and Michiru become Galaxia's battle thralls and assassinate Saturn and Pluto. They then try to turn on Galaxia, and she kills them. Galaxia reveals her past and her role in the Sailor Wars. Usagi confronts her and helps her defeat the chaos within her. The senshi are revived.

1994 12/15
The Starlights return with their Princess to Kinmoku and help rebuild the planet.

1994 12/17
Having nowhere to go after their resurrection because their homeworlds were destroyed, the Sailor Soldiers killed by Galaxia regroup at Galaxia's old base, the Galaxy Cauldron, and form the Sailor Corps. They recruit Senshi from all over the Galaxy and act as a peacekeeping force. They get no respect from the Green Lantern Corps. Their motto is Castigare et Amare, "To Love and Punish!!". The purified Sailor Galaxia becomes a space Hippie, running off to frolic and re-seed dead worlds, leaving Chibi-Chibi behind.

1994 12/18
Sakurada Haruna becomes Principal of Juuban Middle School.

1995 01/08
Umino Gurio sells the story of the sailor senshi to Naoko Takeuchi, including their real names.

1995 03/26
10th grade ends.

1995 04/09
11th grade starts.

1995 04/23
The last remnants of the Dark Agency complete Jedite's project DiCK, selling the dubbed "Sailor Moon" show to North Americans.
1995 09/11
"Chibiami" Zonway Toshiko is born in the Dream Dimension, the child of Mizuno Ami and Zonway Ryu.

1996 01/15
After much pestering, the Kaiou of North Galaxy gets a new planet. A chance run-in with Brolli and the Dragonballs gets him his life back.

1996 03/10
Naoko Takeuchi publishes the Sailor Moon manga, claiming she picked the names for the Senshi from their real-life counterparts who "inspired her".

1996 03/27
11th grade ends.

1996 04/10
12th grade starts.

1997 03/27
The girls graduate from Juuban High School.

1998 04/04
Temporarily separated from Ichiro Oogami after finding out about his serial infidelity, Sakura X. Aino, travelling back in time, encounters Segata Sanshiro in Ueno Park. She playfully chases her around some sakura trees, and fixes his gaze upon her. Despite never physically touching her, the power of his mighty gaze insists upon itself and causes her to become with Ichiro's child + his own "special something" even though she is supposed to be barren. She returns back to the 51st century to give birth.

2000 07/22
Hayase Shun is stripped of his Olympic medals because of blood doping and steriod use. Hotaru is disillusioned.

2000 12/??
Hotaru re-ages to her proper physical age, but still looks only 10. She ages normally from this point.

2001 02/20
While investigating mysterious high-tech arms dealers in the Americas along with Mars and Saturn, Minako, in her guise as Sailor V, is attacked and left for dead.

2001 - 02/21
Xadium finds Minako and shelters her, it turns out they have a common foe, the Time Lord dubbed "Matrix", in charge of Ars Temporalis Corporation.

2001 02/25
Hayase Shun implicates Elza grey in a Human Growth Hormone and steroid use scandal; No one is shocked.

2001 02/28
Minako heads back to Japan, after helping the other senshi to smash Ars Temporalis using Xadium's intelligence data. Matrix plots revenge.

2001 03/01
Minako and Xadium find themselves deep in an illusion that they are lovers, created by Matrix to keep them out of his way. To their mind they have been together for 6 months, when in reality it was 6 seconds. They shatter the illusion and defeat Matrix, and decide to give a real relationship a try.

2001 06/??
Hotaru begins working on Chibiusa to break her of her attraction to her father.

2001 09/16
Minako returns to Tokyo after being grounded in Canada for 5 days due to 9/11. She is staying with Xadium in Shinjuku, where he has come looking for technology.

2002 01/05
Xadium and Pluto have a confrontation in a side dimension that leads to Super Sailor Venus killing Queen Beryl. Other than their encounter this does not affect timeline prime.

2002 02/01
Xadium and Pluto have a second confrontation in a side dimension that leads to Ami going berserk and unleashing Gundams on Crystal Tokyo Other than their encounter this does not affect timeline prime.

2002 04/??
Chibiusa shifts her attentions to the newly returned, Homeboy Elios, to Hotaru's ire.

2002 05/??
Hotaru vacations in Paris alone for a month.

2002 06/05
Pluto is beset by cockroaches. She dead screams them into paste but the garnet orb begins to break. Her future self takes the chance to meld into her timeline.

2002 06/06
Pluto arrives, her garnet orb shattered. Her inability to see the collapse of Enron as a result forces Haruka, herself, Michiru and Hotaru to move to Azabu-Juuban, Tokyo.

2002 06/14
Pluto is relieved of duty by Neo Queen Serenity and assigned the task of taking care of Chibiusa. She decides to ignore this and pursue Mamoru.

2002 06/20
Hotaru breaks Chibiusa of her lust for Pegasus only to have Setsuna spark Chibiusa's lust for a Mamoru clone. Hotaru is forced to try and get Elios and Chibiusa back together to prevent the birth of their offspring. Jedite is thawed out by Nephrite and moves in with Haruka and Michiru.

2002 06/21
Jedite takes over the production of "American Idol" and adds the energies of all the voters to his ball of energy.

2002 07/05
Haruka is slapped with a court order preventing her from engaging in any more acts of Anarchy. Chibiusa decides to become a nun.

2002 07/12
Pegasus steals the Silver Crystal from Chibiusa; He unifies the Golden and Silver Crystals, beginning to freeze the earth. The inner senshi give up their super transforms to power up Eternal Sailor Moon into Neo Queen Serenity. The shockwave rips open a gash in spacetime which propels them almost 1000 years into the future. Haruka, Michiru and Hotaru are left behind. Nephrite and Haruka are killed in a huge explosion. Xadium goes back to America to try and complete his TARDIS and rescue Minako.

2002 08/02
Michiru uses the cash from the sale of a painting to create the lavish "Kaioh House." Haruka and Nephrite are kicked out of the Next Dimension, and hence resurrected. Haruka gets a shiny new yellow Ferrari out of the deal. Elios' decapitated head rots in the sewers of Tokyo

2002 08/09
Haruka gets Nephrite turned into a public fugitive, Nephrite flees with Naru and vows revenge.

2002 08/16
Jedite gets sucked into the realm of the Old Ones. Cindy S.M.A.R.T's severed head lands in the sewer. It fuses with Elios' severed head and forms Mecha-Chibusa. MC guards the golden crystal.

2002 08/23
Haruka gets abducted by aliens.

2002 08/25
Haruka starts her weblog. Haruka, Hotaru, Michiru, Professor Tomoe and Jedite participate with odd interjections from Xadium, who is unwelcomed, even though Haruka hacked his webpage to make it.

2002 09/07
Haruka-tachi declare war on Elder God Cthulthu; this war is quicky forgotten; Yuuichiro and Grandpa Hino move in next door. Elios comes back in time to get vengeance on Hotaru.

2002 10/07
Professor Tomoe moves into the basement of Kaioh House. He brings along his new pet, Pharaoh 95. Haruka's transformation pen is destroyed, she loses her ability to transform.

2002 12/07
Kaioh Michiru wins the title of "co-Nanbaawan no Senshi" in the Senshi-ichi Budokai

2003 01/10
The Senshi go to South City, Papaya Island for the 33rd Tenka-ichi Budokai.

2003 01/12
Haruka is killed by Nephrite; Kaiou-sama collects her soul.

2003 01/13
Setsuna begins her long-range plan to overthrow Neo-Queen Serenity by hitting on Jedite at the Tenka-ichi Budokai.

2003 01/14
Michiru begins developing a grudge against Hotaru because Hotaru was selected over her to compete in the 2003 Senshi-ichi Budokai. Hotaru learns Kamehameha. Elios' body is destroyed, and he has to hide in a My Little Pony. Haruka and Jedite learn the fusion dance and become Jeruka. Michiru forms the New Galactic Order. They decimate Kaioh House. Kaolinite II is revived by the Eternal Dragon.

2003 01/16
Kaolinite II is killed. Again. Artemis appears in the past, desperate to prove he is Diana's father. He, Hotaru, Haruka, Yuuichiro and Jedite time travel to Crystal Tokyo in the 30th century and return with Aino Minako.

2003 01/??
Minako and Xadium reunite, Xadium helps her buy Aino House next door.

2003 02/??
Construction of a much less ambitious "Ten'ou House" is completed.

2003 03/04
Tomoe Hotaru is made to say extremely humiliating things by Xadium as a punishment for being overly political on the blog.

2003 03/30
Suburban Senshi converts to IRC mode after being influenced by the MSN chats of Kim Jong Il. Chibiusa joins the channel as a regular, but is still an odd guest . in the fanfics. Tomoe's CAPS lock breaks permanently

2003 08/16
Kim Jong il invades the IRC channel, kicking everyone out and forming an alliance with Chibiusa. This ended when Chibiusa betrayed him, revealing she had only slept with him to get her hands on his warheads. In the process she broke her Ginzuishou, but Krazy-glued it back together.

2003 09/20
Jedite starts the ill-fated Suburban Sergeants live action show, which is canceled in pre-production.

2003 09/21
Haruka begins her campaign against Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, on the grounds she was not included in it.

2003 09/22
Tomoe Hotaru wins the title of "Nanbaawan no Senshi" in the Senshi-ichi Budokai, deepening Michiru's grudge even further.

2003 10/05
Haruka creates /o USaGi_BoT o\ (a software only bot) to prevent discussion of PGSM in channel; the bot malfunctions and hacks into the computers, trying to kill her but is overloaded by chibiusa's crap spelling.

2003 10/19
Aino Minako joins the Suburban Senshi, ostensibly as a guest, to protest PGSM. IT is not long before she is considered a "Regular", thanks to Xadium

2003 10/21
hino is introduced by jedite, and serves as his cybernetic love-toy.

2003 10/22
In revenge for flack from site visitors, Xadium permits Elios to join the IRC channel, ending the first "wave" of new arrivals. The Sub. Senshi cast in this form was now complete, and would not be added to again for over a year, with the exception of Artemis.

2003 11/03 is rebuilt by Professor Tomoe, with free will.

2003 11/08
Dr. Xadium gives OPs in channel. Chibiusa, who is an IRC regular, asks to be made a regular in the fanfics. It is about this time that the IRC continuity is established as continuity prime subsequent to Suburban Senshi episode 20

2004 01/17
Aino Minako becomes a full-fledged member of the Suburban Senshi after pointing out that "Res Ispa Liquitur I'm a Suburban Senshi too!"

2004 01/19
Jedite begins his bid for president, disguised as John Kerry.

2004 01/20
Jedite takes Iowa.

2004 01/21
Artemis, after havign been mentioned indirectly for months, joins the Suburban Senshi chat.

2004 01/28
Jedite takes New Hampshire.

2004 02/06
Finally sick of Haruka's nocturnal antics, Hotaru decides to move in with Minako.

2004 02/10
Seeing her chance, Chibiusa moves in to Hotaru's old room in Ten'ou house to get closer to Prof. Tomoe.

2004 02/21
A drunken, naked Haruka rams her ferrari into Aino House and builds a shoddy hallway, attempting to annex the house and reclaim Hotaru.

2004 02/22
After winning a fight by throwing Artemis at Minako, Haruka takes title of AIno House.

2004 03/19
Minako gets arrested for allegedly threatening Naoko Takeuchi's life after learning about her live-action counterpart's illness. This is actually part of a setup by Michiru, irate over the senshi forgetting her birthday. The other senshi soon follow

2004 03/21
The senshi all leave to save their companions, and Michiru takes over the IRC channel. She is caught and banned from the channel

2004 03/30
The Sub. Senshi go on an worldwide manhunt for Carmen Sandiego, finally capturing her and putting an end to her theiving ways

2004 04/06
Artemis first finds out Luna has been cheating on him with the astronaut, and is even more disturbed to find that DVDs and fansubs of the scandalous bedroom kiss are being distrbuted, and that it was even shown in manga and movies.

2004 04/07
After nearly killing Xadium with medical treatment, Minako is suddenly very "genki" in channel, the Time Lord very tired.... and everyone else annoyed.

2004 04/08
The ban on Michiru is ended as she is forced to become a furry for a day.

2004 04/14
Minako and Artemis begin a pictorial sparring match that lasts about a week.

2004 05/01
Minako loses Xadium in Roppongi.

2004 05/07
Michiru goes off to Europe on tour, Haruka suspects she's going to see a man, sets off after her

2004 06/05
Helios and Haruka team up to form an alliance against PGSM; Minako officially becomes Hotaru's "sempai".

2004 06/06
Xadium returns from Roppongi.

2004 06/14
House Kaioh challeges House Aino to a series of summer games to see who Hotaru would live with.

2004 06/15
#suburbansenshi2 is created as a temporary channel for House Aino to plot in free from the eyes of House Kaioh.

2004 06/16
Artemis defects to team Ten'ou in a bid to win Minako's respect.

2004 06/22
The Suburban Senshi Summer Games begin. Team Ten'ou wins due to vote rigging.

2004 06/30
Time-traveling back once more in their battle against CiCi and her henchment Cressida Sumire Xadium Aino and her team discover, that in a bid to save YingGirl, a sniper of some kind is preparing to assassinate Neo-Queen Serenity in the 31st century. The Intern steals Xadium's TARDIS in a desperate attempt to flee before the hstorical events get "locked" into place, and they head for the sniper's location--Mars' Cydonia Plateau in the year 3005.

2004 07/02
Haruka goes to Germany to battle David Hasselhoff and reclaim Michiru, forming a friendship with K.I.T.T. in the process.

2004 07/03
Artemis, distraught over Luna's infidelities, begins to eat chocolates to excess, gaining weight rapidly. He eventually goes insane on a diet of Prozac-filled chocopeanuts

2004 07/09
Chibusa steals Haruka's wallet and steals her identity, forging adoption papers and becoming Haruka's child.

2004 07/15
Setsuna joins the IRC channel, having escaped Serenity's trapping her in the Crystal Closet.

2004 07/15
Dr. Xadium proposes to Aino Minako. She accepts. They leave for a week-long cruise, much to the ire of, who was left behind.

2004 07/30
Traveling back in time Cressida and her team confront Chris J. during a titanic batle with Jeruka, whose power level causes them to get slammed back in time again.

2004 08/04
Luna returns from the future as an underaged plushie thanks to a mishap with the Ginzuishou. Artemis snaps and is sent for therapy.

2004 08/05
Jedite went beyond the edge of creation and powered up. Temporarily erases Chibiusa's Libido. Chibiusa becomes a nun and trains with Iscariot.

2004 08/09
Chibiusa's libido is restored when she sees and seduces Batman; the Dark Knight leaves a broken man.

2004 08/12
The time-travelling team of Cressida Sumire Xadium-Aino, the Intern, Paisley Pythia Peinforte, and Vermellia Xadium Rosso sneak into the house to steal Elios' golden Crystal from the Time Proof Safe in the livingroom, so that CiCi's henchman Chris J. Can't get it. But thanks to Chris J's ability to be utterly ignored, he steals it from Paisley. Vemellia leaves note in the safe, breaking the rules of time, so that her grandfater Doctor Xadium would be forewarned of his "death" in 2014 and be able to avoid it. They then head to July 2004 to try and catch Chris J.

2004 08/14
Team Ten'ou is declared the winner of the summer games, annexes Aino house and makes Hotaru her slave.

2004 08/15
Hotaru rebels by becoming more of a foul-mouthed slob than Haruka herself, and cows Haruka into submission, shaving her head bald.

2004 08/27
Jedite's powerup is defeated by the angst of Asuka Sorhyu Langley.

2004 09/05
Minako and Xadium's wedding is delayed due to a typhoon passing almost directly over them.

2004 09/10
Hearing about Minako's "death" in Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Artemis breaks out of rehab, insane, and adopts the "Catman" persona.

2004 09/11
Xadium and Minako are wed.

2004 09/13
Jedite decides to invade the future to unseat Neo-Queen Serenity so Setsuna can go after Endymion and not him, playing into Setsuna's long-term plan. The inner senshi return to the present

2004 09/29
Jedite cuts a satanic TV deal with a network executive to create _Suburban Sims_. Grandpa Hino re-opens Hikawa Shrine.

2004 10/20
Haruka decides to cut down on her drinking, which lasts until about January.

2004 10/23
Dr. Xadium dies and regenerates due to the trauma of the Red Sox beating the Yankees in the world Series. Hotaru succumbs to some kind of Psychic shock. Jedite succuns to a strange illness; Xadium and the others go back in time to help him.

2004 11/03
Jedite is defeated in his bid to control America by a razor-thin margin.

2004 11/11
The senshi fall to Miss Dream.

2004 11/17
The senshi fight their way to victory; Artemis finally realizes Minako is still alive. Pluto kidnaps Rei, Makoto and Ami and takes them back to the future. Elios is purified by

2004 11/25
Souichi Tomoe rebuilds Mugen Academy.

2004 11/30
Michiru begins pressing Haruka for marriage.

2004 12/05
Artemis finds out Luna is cheating on him with Teddy Ruxpin.

2004 12/08
Michiru cuts off Haruka's financial support and sends her out to live under a tree until she agrees to a wedding.

2004 12/09
Luna files for divorce, seeking ustody of Diana and title to the Crown Game Center's underground lair, as well as all rights in perpetuity to the Sailor V arcade game.

2004 12/24
A drunken Chibiusa and high-on-catnip Artemis get married in an illegal ceremony performed by "Father Jedite". Jedite steals the Ginzuishou from Chibiusa

2004 12/28
Shingo makes a brief appearance on the IRC channel; Michiru pretends to fall for his charms in order to push Haruka to proposing.

2005 01/06
Hotaru dissolves the marriage of Artemis and Chibiusa and takes him into her care as Minako is too busy with married life to do so. Elios, tired of not being taken seriously, reverts to evil.

2005 01/11
Futuhata Motoki joins the IRC channel, chasing off Papa Shingo. Haruka pretends to assent to marry Michiru and get back into the house.

2005 01/23
Minako starts reading Xadium's law books in preparation for the Luna - Artemis Divorce Trial.

2005 01/24
Artemis reveals to Minako that she's Usagi's Half-sister (her father is a bigamist)

2005 01/29
Jedite tricks an emotionally scarred Motoki into wanting to marry his pet turtle. Cressida Sumire Xadium-Aino arrives with The Intern from 2014 and dodge Chris J. as they try to make it back to the future without contaminating the timeline. They end up jumping to March 2007.

2005 02/07
Minako reveals Motoki has been calling her late at night trying to get her to talk "dirty" to him because she sounds like Reika.

2005 02/08
Jedite gives Pofessor Tomoe the idea to clone grandchildren, since Hotaru is seemingly uninterested in paring off.

2005 02/14
After a bad experience at her 10 year high school reunion (where she finds the revived Witches 5), Haruka decides to propose to Michiru on her own.

2005 03/06
Haruka proposes to Michiru; she fornally accepts.

2005 09/10
To save Jedite and Professor Tomoe, kills an Old One, whose last cry stirs the slumber of the Tairon overfiend.

2005 09/24
Setsuna starts dating Kunzite (in 2003) by Time Travel from 2005, Kunzite is playing her and Zoicite, Sets realizes this and sells scat pr0n of him on the internet.

2005 09/26
Motoki boycotts #suburbansenshi due to a lack of respect; fails it because he lurks while boycotting, and tries to rejoin under the nick "Gamera Boy"

2005 10/07
Traumatized by his lack of love. Artemis snaps and drives a pimped out Barbie around a diorama of the city.

2005 10/14
Hotaru torments Minako with videos of smurfs getting bombed to death in flames; Minako is traumatized.

2005 10 /17
Haruka finds out Michiru and Mamoru were an item at some point in the 90's.

2005 10/21
Minako makes Haruka use her full powers as Uranus to slow down the Typhoon that was heading for the house and threatening to hit on her Birthday.

2005 10/24
Bitter and scorned by being dumped, Motoki joins with Artemis and Hotaru in plotting to kick Minako out of the house.

2005 11/02
Karasuma Akane and Aya Reiko appear, telling Xadium he needs to leave #suburbansenshi as he brings down the ratings. They de-OP him and OP Haruka in his stead.

2005 11/04
Motoki spends some time with Elios trying to learn to become "hard".

2005 11/08
Hotaru reaches a compromise position on love and abandons her attempt to kick Minako out. Motoki feels betrayed and teams with Jedite.

2005 11/10
Haruka finally pegs a wedding date for March 2006

2005 11/17
The genesis of Chibiusa's Futurespeak is discovered, as a company offering mobile phones to students has hired Professor John Sutherland, professor emeritus of English Literature at University College London, to offer subscribers text message summaries and quotes from literary classics, resulting in phrases such as Hamlet's "To be or not to be" soliloquy rendered as "2B? NT2B?=???"

2005 11/19
Minako disguses herself as Michiru to mock-seduce Haruka into using her OP status to unban Xadium, but Haruka recognizes Minako's cleavage and plays her instead.

2005 11/20
Minako gets her revenge by blackmailing Haruka with the threat of Photoshopped pictures of Haruka kissing Madonna.

2005 11/21
Xadium is unbanned from #suburbansenshi.

2005 11/26
Sakura, Minako and form the J-pop group "sa*re*mi."

2005 11/28
Artemis decides to date again.

2005 11/29
Minako flies to China to finish the movie she was starring in at the end of her tenure as Sailor V.

2005 11/30
A temporal shockwave from the future [splits Xadium into two copies, but he does not know this.

2005 12/02
Xadium becomes's student again and regains OPs. Haruka proposes a battle between the Senshi, inners and outers, with Minako getting Haruka's OPs if the Inners win.

2005 12/07
Rei, upon returning from the Future, blackmails her father with photoshopped pictures of himself and the Mayor from Ami's collection to get Hikawa Jinja returned to her grandfather.

2005 12/11
Sakura is supposedly killed by an antiproton blast from a mecha.

2005 12/12
Haruka and Michiru's Talismans are stolen.

2005 12/13
Elios' Golden Crystal is Stolen. The inners reveal they came to take Minako back to help fight a threat in the future.

2005 12/16
Sakura reveals to Xadium that he is a divergent copy from his original self who was left behind in the realm of Jedda Rain. Minako divorces him using an improperly rendered Mikaduri Han and goes to rescue her Xadium.

2005 12/17
Mizuno Ami, having gone insane with power, is revealed as the villain behind the plot to steal the Talismans and Sakura. She becomes Eternal Sailor Mercury and teans with endymion ries to use the power of Serena's "Silver Crystal". In the battle, Elios was hurled to the future with Sailormars. The explosion of the Time Gate in the future diverges the timeline and splits Sailor Jupiter and Dr. Xadium in two copies. Hino rei is stranded in the past.

2006 01/13
Artemis finally dithes catnip as a salve for his love-woes.

2006 01/17
seeing low ratings, Ginga TV puts the reality IRC concept of Suburban Senshi on hold for a "filler season."

2006 02/28
Minako gets her Xadium back.

2006 03/15
Hideki Anno begins a synergistic merchandising Campaign with Ginga TV to whore out the senshi on all manner of products.

2006 04/07
Minako uses the Dragonballs to revive Artemis, who was eaten at a Korean Barbecue, and uses the second wish to buy Ginga TV.

2006 04/17
Minako makes Aya Reiko Vice-President of Ginga TV. Haruka adopts the handle "Anger Ragefury" for a time.

2006 06/11
Haruka buys the rights to "Suburban Senshi" back from Ginga, ending the reality IRC era of their lives.

2006 06/13
Minako uses the Dragonballs to gain control of Ginga TV officially, ending the "filler season". She ends the reality IRC era herself.

2006 08/4
Sakura dies detonating her TARDIS to stabilze time around Ten'Aino house in preparation for a great crisis. She goes to soul society and becomes temp captain of 3rd squad.

2006 08/12
Hotaru gets drunk and has her first intimate experience with Elios in a Barn. (retconned by the crisis)

2006 08/13
Minako rebuilds the "10-ban" shopping sign in Azabu-Juuban and erects a gold status of Sailor Venus in Ichinohashi park.

2006 08/14
Hotaru puts a hit out on Elios [retconned by the Crisis]

2006 08/17
Setsuna throws her Garnet Orb at the time gate, fusing the present and 31st centuries together.

2006 08/18
in an effort to revive Sakura and Xadium, Minako constructs and fires a weapon at Galaxy Cauldron, destabilizing the universe. Mamoru, Tomoe, Jedite and Ami all vy for control of Earth.

2006 08/25
Makoto decides to stay in the basement lab with Ami too keep her from doing evil, Setsuna has lost her powers thanks to the IAU; she destroyed the third talisman.

2006 08/26
Kunzite starts looking for ways to revive the Dark Kingdom.

2006 08/28
Minako gets Makoto and Ami to move into her house.

2006 08/29
The Senshi call up all their contacts to assemble the greatest armada known to man just because UNIT tried to boss them around.

2006 09/05
Haruka cries for an entire day over the death of Steve Irwin, but denies this later.

2006 09/07
Pluto formally becomes relegated to being known only as Minor Planet 134340.

2006 09/08
Minako promotes Aya Reiko over Karasuma Akane, upping her stress level.

2006 09/13
Setsuna finally loses the last of her powers.

2006 10/03
Ginga TV reveals the Remoon project.

2006 10/05
Senator Mark foley logs on and tries to seduce Hotaru, thinking she is a young boy.

2006 10/06
Makoto formally gets to playing with IRC for the first time.

2006 10/20
Haruka gets Hotaru a halloween costume that makes her look like a commode.

2006 10/25
Ami starts memorizing wikipedia.

2006 11/08
Minako promotes Karasuma back over Aya.

2006 11/15
The anti-viagra that was slipped to Chibiusa is counteracted by a dose of "Tomoe's Tasty Viagra".

2006 11/26
Jedite, Kunzite, Setsuna, Michiru, Professor Tomoe, Luna-P, Sakura April, Mamoru and Motoki form their own rival channel, #villians-united.

2006 12/15
Jedite backstabs kunzite, whose soul is absorbed by Luna-P. Jedite takes over #villains-united.

2006 12/21
Professor Tomoe recruits Momoko Momohara, Sakura April, Setsuna and Lyrica Hubert into his new "bitches 5" organization.

2006 12/23
Jedite kills Dende and drops his head on the dinner table during festivus.

2006 12/26
Professor Tomoe forcibly recruits Ami into the Bitches 5 after a fierce battle involving power armor.

2006 12/29
Haruka chokes Mary Worth to death in order to discern her meaning, but all she yields up is a picture of Pimp Winnie-the-Pooh chilling with the Black Batman. Nothing is resolved.

2006 12/31
Jedite, in a masterstroke, gets Haruka drunk and gets her to sign a consent to wed Michiru, ending the channel war with a victory for #villains-united.

2007 01/25
Haruka tries to escape her impending wedding by fleeing to the World.. of Warcraft.

2007 01/29
Mr. Satan, upon hearing about the wedding of Haruka and Michiru, remarks "Love between two women should be encouraged and put on TV! HOOOOOOOO!"

2007 01/31
Ohtori Akioh starts a campaign against the marriage of Haruka and Michiru based on his personal belief that "hot women are for hot men."

2007 02/05
The Sailor Sumo clan express their backing for Haruka and Michiru, even as Kim-Jong Il dissapproves.

2007 02/07
Kim Jong Il returns to Japan and renews his fling with Chibiusa; Word on the street is that the Haruka / Michiru romance is a PR stunt akin to Madonna / Spears.

2007 02/09
Grandpa Hino is arrested for dispelling evil spirits from young woman via sex. Thus ends the internet career of "Sekushii_Xorcyst_69".

2007 02/12
Haruka revamps the SS site to try and put her impending wedding out of her head.

2007 02/17
Haruka and Michiru are wed, as are Michiru's mother and David Hasellhoff, Haruka's father and KITT, Kim Jong Il and Chibiusa. Chibiusa steals Kim's nukes and divorces him immediately thereafter.

2007 02/20
Sakura Xadium Aino devises the rules of a simple game called "Alliterations".

2007 02/26
Minako asks Artemis for a new item; he produces her a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate out of his ass.

2007 03/01
Haruka drank so much on her honeymoon cruise that to get out of debt, Michiru had to buy the entire line.

2007 03/15
Continuing their trip through time, The Intern and Cressida end up preventing CiCi's henchman Oronde from assassinating Doctor Xadium during the "Dragonslave Incident". Cressida and Sakura April battle it out, as Sakura April recognizes her as the child of her hated Rival Sakra Xadium Aino. Cressida is almost killed but decides to live for herself, not just for duty, and powers up, defeating Saki. They jump through time again to 2004.

2007 03/19
Minako buys up the Juuban Times and renames it the Tokyo Tribune; puts Aya Reiko in charge and expands Ginga TV into print media. Renames it Ginga Enterprises.

2007 04/15
Elza grey starts pelting the house with flaming bags of waste because she believes Haruka is corrupting her "heroine" Michiru.

2007 06/18
The time-travellingV due of Vermellia Rosso and Paisley aPeinforte arrive in the house as Vermellia's mother, the Actuary, makes her debut. Vermella battles Cobrawolf and is almost killed, but convinces her mother, who has arrived filled with terrible purposes, that even she can be forgiven. Paisley saves Vermellia and deduces that CiCi wants to kill both Vermellia and her cousin Cressida for some reason, which is why her agents keep going back in time to kill their common ancestor, Doctor Xadium. They jump through time again,ending up in 2004.

2007 07/23
A love letter from Ami to Gil Grissom is leaked; Makoto is depressed for days.

2007 08/02
Transfer Student Serena Tsukino is found dead, her head exploded open on the sidewalk. Momoko comes to the Senshi for help. The inners decide to investigate.

2007 08/05
Lyrica Lubert apparently commits suicide by writing her name in a Death Note "to stop the laughter in her head." Foul play is suspected.

2007 08/06
IRC worm "RC-WORM.DOS.ELSPY.2278" spams the IRC channel with the phrase "134340"

2007 08/09
Partial DNA in Lyrica Hubert's home leads Ami to think Chibiusa might be a suspect in her death.

2007 08/10
Chibiusa is found unconcious, the Ginzuishou torn from her. The finger of suspicion turns to Elios. Makoto inadvertently reveals she has had more than one "old sempai".

2007 08/11
Elios is found with his Golden Crystal ripped out. Again, partial DNA seems to point to Chibiusa, but she is out of commission. The finger now points to Tsukino Usagi.

2007 08/12
Comparing Usagi's DNA with Chibiusa's, Ami and Professor Tomoe realize Chibiusa is not Usagi's child. She is Setsuna's. The mystery of why Chibiusa-chan has red eyes and pink hair when neither of her parents do is solved.

2007 08/17
Setsuna reveals that she had taken the Ginzuishou from Chibiusa in a rage after Chibiusa had ignored her pleas to power her up and make her a senshi again.

2007 08/22
Setsuna reveals that Mamoru's lolicon complex rendered him less interested in Usagi and more in her underage doppelganger Serena. She used this to try and get the "Silver Crystal" from Serena. But Serena tripped on a banana peel and impaled herself on his cane.

2007 08/24
Tired of playing second fiddle to the Senshi, and driven mad, Mamoru subconciously drew on the power of the Golden crystal and split into 5 aspects: Tuxedo Kamen, Mamoru, Moonlight Knight, Prince Endymion and Future King Endymion. Teaming up with Professor Tomoe, he captures the Senshi and uses their telepathic powers to make children worship him as the Mamoking. Sailor Moon arrives, and Mamoru turns the children on her. Moon refuses to help, still angry at the senshi having left her alone in the future. She becomes Neo Queen Serenity and defeats Mamoking. In her rage, she is about to break the earth, but Serena, whose mind lived on thanks to her Silver Crystal, lends the senshi her power and her mind does battle with Usagi's. It is a small battle. Saturn's Death Reborn Revolution cancels out the Serenity Wave and knocks Serenity back into being Usagi. Mamoru is reunified, and after being beaten half to death by Jedite, gets dumped by Setsuna, who resolves to live her rest of life as a mortal. Mamoru travels to the future and crossdresses as Pluto, finally taking the reigns of power and starting the Plutonian Epoch. Due to damage taken in the battle the IRC server shuts down and is replaced by an iChat server.

2007 08/25
Desperate and lonely without Mamoru around, Usagi takes to the Cosplay circuit as "Usagi-ko", billing herself as "the one true Sailor Moon, hiring children to play Chibiusa and posing in sexy cosplay pictures in hopes of luring Mamoru back. She usually ends up drunk on the convention floors telling talkes of her former glory no one believes.

2007 08/26
Enma-daiou rules that suicide by Death Note is impossible, causing Lyrica Huber to revive, much to her consternation.

2007 08/31
Minako builds a CRT-powered electrified pet prison for Artemis.

2007 09/21
Karasuma Akane and Aya Reiko are outed as being nothing more than platonic Room mates to the chargrin of Yuri fans everywhere.

2007 09/28
Xadium quits his law job and goes to work for Ginga Corporate legal.

2007 09/29
Aino Minako's Nako farm is decimated when one of Chibiusa's Mandoids goes insane and rodgers them all to death.

2007 10/02
Makoto finally closes the family home in Osaka which her uncle has sold.

2007 10/31
Minako gets mistaken for a streetwalker when she goes trick-or-treating as Sailor Venus.

2007 11/05
Ginga TV goes on strike to support the Writer's Guild of America.

2007 11/11
Hotaru ponders becoming a proofreader by trade.

2007 11/23
Chibiusa makes Setsuna immortal via the power of the Ginzuishou (but does not give her Senshi powers back) just to piss her off.

2007 11/28
Ami instructs Motoki on incorrect uses for Pnuematic air tanks, Motoki is hospitalized for internal injuries for several weeks.

2007 12/04
Haruka goes to jail for mistakenly groping a young woman who was in disguse as a vending machine when she was looking for the change slot.

2007 12/08
Former Animamates Tin Nyanko, Heavy Metal Papillon, Iron Mouse, Lethe, Mnemosyne and otehrs form a Chaos Galaxia-worshipping Death cult for the tax breaks.

2007 12/12
Setsuna begins selling life-sixed Hotaru dolls clad in her fishnet goth style clothing as revenge on the other Senshi.

2008 01/05
Jedite and Professor Tomoe start a contest to see who will take over America come election time. Jedite fields Obama and Guliani Youma, and Tomoe fields Ron Paul and Hillary Clinton Daimon.

2008 02/11
The WGA Strike ends, Ginga TV resumes operations.

2008 03/10
Ginga Enterprises builds a new Budokai Stadium in Satan City, even transplanting theoriginal Budokai arena from Papaya Island in it.

2008 03/10
Ginga attempts to launch "the Digg of Anime" -- Desumatic!!

2008 03/26
Kino Makoto finds the homepage of Ami's dream-dimension husband, Zonway Ryu. She is also outed as being straight. Minako reveals Makoto's old sempai was a forebear of Usopp (One Piece).

2008 03/30
Ami's unhealthy past with Luna is revealed.

2008 05/13
Minako gets into eBay bidding war with cyberotaku "konakona"

2008 05/14
"konakona" uses her connections to hunt down the suburban senshi page and hacks into the private chat looking for C'est_la_V (Minako).

2008 05/15
Hino Rei reveals she wants to leave Japan after graduation to see the world, Haruka decides to foot the bill as her graduation present.

2008 06/03
Haruka reveals she and Michiru will be leaving on extended holiday to Toronto as a secodn honeymoon partally due to the prejudice in Japan.

2008 06/04
Haruka, Michiru and Rei leave Ten'Aino house.

2008 06/06
Motoki decides to room in Haruka's room for a time; Setsuna takes Michiru's.

2008 06/12
Crown Game Parlor / Karaoke goes into Recievership; McDonald's buys out the location and opens a restaurant there. Motoki tries to commit suicide by jumping, Sailor Jupiter saves him.

2008 06/20
Sakura reveals Lead Crow / Aluminum Siren's past life as "Kei" and "Yuri", trouble consultants for the WWWA prior to awakening as Senshi.

2008 06/22
Motoki deduces Makoto's identity as Sailor Jupiter and asks her out on a date; Makoto accepts.

2008 08/10
Professor Tomoe brings the IRC server back online.

2008 08/24
The 38th Tenka-Ichi Budokai is ended with no winner thanks to Godzilla-related damage on the island.

2008 09/16
Hotaru takes a retail job at a Japanese pilot store of Staples to see if she can hack it not living off others' generosity.

2008 10/02
Ami decides to start dating all around internet social case Chris-chan.

2008 10/04
Enraged by her mother's infidelity, Toshiko Zonway comes to the Earth Plane and spreads rumours which tank Mizumonics stock and destroy the company's market value.

2008 10/13
Jedite reveals he is the one behind all the Senshi romances, plotting to crush them by leading them to lives of domesticated bliss.

2008 10/22
Ami is unceremoniously dumped by Chris-chan.

2008 10/31
In daze late at night and overcome with a hideous case of the munchies, Haruka eats the respawned Chtulthu Jedite had summoned.

2008 11/01
Haruka goes back to Japan briefly and cleans her room.

2008 11/05
Jedite takes the US Election, his Obama-youma sweeping to power.

2008 11/09
Yuuichiro scams Haruka into giving him money to follow Rei to Europe by offering him Grandpa Hino's Speed Seduction tapes.

2008 11/27
Minako decides life is getting too sad in Juuban without Haruka and Michiru around and so begins a plan to bring them back to Japan.

2008 11/30
Hotaru does a scantily-clad photoshoot for an Italian Funeral home Calendar (COFANIFUNEBRI) to earn some money.

2008 12/08
Jedite and Professor Tomoe trap Yuuichiro and Rei in Parisian Catacombs, forcing them to admit their feelings for each other. Rei and Yuuichiro become engaged.

2008 12/26
Haruka gets arrested in Canada because she misunderstands the nature of "Boxing Day" and punched someone out who "pissed her off".

2009 01/18
Ami becomes engraged that Dr. Gilbert Grissom is leaving the Las Vegas Crime Lab to go to Costa Rica in order to be with his one true love, Sara Sidle.

2009 01/20
Spider-man defeats Jedite and rescues President Obama, preventing Jedite's takeover of America. (However Professor Tomoe still has his secretary of state Daimon, Hillary Clinton).

2009 02/01
Minako releases an "exclusive" in the Toronto Star showing Haruka in a doctored photo with David Hasselhoff, making her wedding to Michiru look like a PR stunt in the lines of Russian band t.A.t.U., and claiming the duo are cousins. This results in conservative Japan exhaling a collective sigh of relief, and they are welcomed back into society.

2009 02/22
Discovering a stash of turtle food in his home, Makoto begins to suspect Motoki of infidelity with Kamekichi, and starts to show signs of instability.

2009 03/29
Determined to gain revenge on the Senshi for losing her powers, Setsuna lets Artemis find a collection of pictures from the "year that never was" [Classic Season] showing how the Senshi really behaved. Unfortunately for her, Artemis lost interest in the project soon after, though the pictures remain...

2009 04/23
Rei decides to take a sabbatical from the internet to focus on running Hikawa Shrine and spending time with Yuuichiro.

2009 04/28
Annoyed that Haruka and Michiru still have not returned from Canada, Minako gets Newtype to run a cover featuring a scantily clad female fan with the words "We love you, Haruka-sama" tatooed over her chest, in the hopes of getting Haruka interested in returning to Japan.

2009 05/08
Spurred on by the Newtype cover and Michiru's discontent with the Canadian populace failing to bown down and worship before her artistic talent, Haruka and Michiru return to Japan at last. They bring with them a picture of Hotaru's scantily-clad Italian Funeral home Calendar shot from the Royal Ontario Museum.

2009 06/08
Godzilla indaves Tokyo again, breaks the internet for a while.

2009 06/16
Haruka finds out David Carradine died of autoerotic asphyxiation with a rope attached to his privates, and this breaks her severely.

2009 06/18
Jedite sends Ami a fake text message from Gil Grissom saying that Sara Sidle is suffocating him in Costa Rica. Ami promptly quits Japan and heads for the jungle to save him, and begins the foundations of her secret Mizunomics research facilities there.

2009 06/29
After one night of passion too many with Elios, Chibiusa discovers that she's pregnant. (Setsuna poked a hole in the prophylactic) This causes history to break, and turns He-Man into a sick Bollywood parody of itself.

2009 07/09
Chibiusa decides to keep her child so she can collect welfare checks.

2009 08/10
Sony Ericsson names their latest phone the "Aino" after Minako.

2009 09/13
Makoto breaks off her engagement with Motoki as his amorous obsessions with turtles and his spending all his free time on Furcadia turned out to be too much for her to handle.

2009 10/02
Jedite stuffs Kamekichi in a Blender and tricks Motoki into drinking the remains in an attempt to make him better, so he can hook him back up with Makoto.

2009 10/07
Haruka and the others discover that Momoko and the other kogals have been making videos where they dress up as underage girls dressing up as loose teens in order to raise money for Chibiusa and the baby.

2009 10/22
Using her pull, Minako gets Microsoft to release Windows 7 on her birthday.

2009 10/30
Chibiusa steals everyone's Halloween costumes and uses them to seduce cosplayers, slapping them all with paternity suits afterwards to earn more money.

2009 10/31
Minako closes the deal on her purchase of Mori Tower in Roppongi, where Ginga's offices are, as well as the suits of Lead Crow and Aluminum Siren. Consequently she gets back Crow and Siren's wages (they live in the tower) as rent.

2009 11/11
Haruka buys an iPhone just so she can use an app which draws lowered pansu on cameraphone shots of bare legs.

2009 11/13
Minako and Xadium move from Aino House to Mori Tower.

2009 11/19
A mysterious Midget named CiCi attacks the senshi and takes their powers. She has a run in with the time-travelling Vermellia Rosso and Paisley Peinforte, and escapes as her henchman CobraWolf runs interference. They stop another one of CiCi's henchmen , Admiral Miller, from trying to assassinate Shaldra Darkness,and jump through time to 200. Elsewhere Furuhata Unazuki runs into Minako, who is trying to fight as Sailor V, and gets her powers and an Item from Artemis. She then finds a collapsed Makoto, and gets a powerup item from Artemis. Then Admiral Uranus from the 31st century arrives, thinking that she is stealing Senshi powers. There is a fight and Unazuki istransported to Peru by Jedite.

2009 11/20
Pursued by Admiral Mars, Unazuki is stopped by CiCi in disguise who removes the Mercury power from Ami at the Mizunomics complex, allowing the Death Buster Nanites Viluy had placed in Amiyears ago to take over her body, creating a ghostly, wraith like "Hollow Ami". Hollow Ami battles both Unazuki and Admiral Mars until the duo gets transported to the 31st century.

2009 12/09
CiCi makes an abortive attempt to steal the Senshi essences of Lead Crow and Aluminum Siren, but as they are always transformed thanks to their years of service with Galaxia, this fails, and CiCi barely manages to subdue them with the help of a Giant mallet supplied by Setsuna. CiCi worries that Unuzuki's messages will reach Tsukino Usagi, but Setsuna assures here she has nothing to fear...

2009 12/25
CiCi hijacks Ginga TV to show the world that Tsukino Usagi had become a washed up cosplayer of herself doing the convention rounds with her brainwashed boyfriends. But her broadcast is interrupted by a strange cat shaped symbol.

2010 01/10
Haruka and some of the other Senshi make it to the future by taking Crow and Siren's old starship from their days as the Dirty Pair, The Lovely Angel and slingshotting it around the sun. Unfortunately, their ship actually crashes INTO the sun, causing them some travel delay time. Back at Ginga TV, a tall blonde girl ambushes Pluto just as Artemis, in the guise of Catman, intervenes. Pluto initially thinks the girl is Sakura Xadium Aino, but it is Cressida Sumire Xadium Aino, who, along with her cousin Vermellia, and her friends The Intern and Paisley Pythia Peinforte, have time-travelled from 2014 to stop her, since Haruka-tachi are delayed. Their goal is to reach the Time gate in the 31st century and stop CiCi and her giant mudkip. Paisley uses mental compulstion to make Setsuna think she's Endymion, and Setsuna takes them to the Time Gate, where they travel to 3057. Back at home Motoki takes this time to mae a youtube video of himself as "Hot Leopard" in a red-lit shower wearing tight leopard print shorts and a black facemask with a toilet paper roll for a nose and tin foil for ears while stretching and rubbing himself with soap. Artemis is borrowed by Intern and her team to battle the Future Mudkip menace.

2010 03/19
Haruka-tachi make it back from the year 3057 and their battle with Chibi-Chibi at Apotheosis Gate. CiCi's severed head hangs above Haruka's mantle, preserved by the same taxidermist who preserved Elios' balls when Hotaru cut them off the first time.

2010 03/21
Chibiusa's child is born in secret. No one knows, and Chibiusa keeps up the illusion of an extended pregnancy with the aid of a pillow. Chibiusa tried to use the child to get welfare payments, but when it was too much for her to handle she sent it back in time and he grew up as famed Internet personality Christian Weston Chandler, i.e. Chris-chan.

2010 04/01
Hotaru reveals that she has had a boyfriend over the internet for some time, the famed detective "L". Everyone thinks it's an April Fool's joke.

2010 04/08
One of Professor Tomoe's experiments goes berserk and dissolves New York City into a mass of 8-bit pixels. Sakura has to go back in time and fix it.

2010 04/16
"L" dumps Hotaru after his rising popularity due to the "Kira" case gets to his head and he values his yes men more than his honest, if blunt, girlfriend. Hotaru's anger against the world returns in full force.

2010 05/10
Michael Sunnyside III, founder of Rising Star Media, buys the rights for Toei's Sailor Moon animation and story. Intrigued by the notion that the senshi might be real, he sues Ginga TV for their reporting on the senshi, on the grounds that they are violating Toei / his copyrights. This gets Haruka to eventually reveal the secret of her transformation, and Sunnyside reveals he just wanted to know the truth, so that he could use his billions to help fight for justice like his "grandfather" did in the past. Sakura, however, knows Sunnyside and his associate Rachet of old, and blows his cover.

2010 05/11
Sakura and Rachet have a great time catching up, and Rachet helps secure funding for a resurrection of the famed mercenary group, the Wild Geese, which were recently decimated in an attack on England's Hellsing organization.

2010 05/??
Tomoe Hotaru quits retail.

2010 05/20
Motoki decides to try his hand at dating again with some help from Minako after Makoto again breaks off their engagement due to his continued obsession with Anthropomorphic love.

2010 05/28
Haruka mourns the death of Gary Coleman.

2010 06/20
Michiru improves her cooking by studying "Cooking with Dog" videos on Youtube (it's not what you think!) Haruka torments everyone with her Vuvuzela.

2010 07/10
Gemini Sunrise, Ratchet Altair and Sakura Xadium Aino form the singing group "Sun, Air, Sakura".

2010 07/10
Aino Minako much desires to possess an iPhone 4. (She needs all the GeeBees)

2010 08/01
Haruka destroys Michiru's rose garden by placing an old washing machine in it, putting a brick in the washing machine, turning it on and letting it vibrate itself to death.

2010 10/24
Paisley Pythia Peinforte arrives via the World Tree to discover her destiny with the denizens of Ten'ou House.

2010 11/10
Michael Sunnyside tries to get Minako to relaunch a reality show about the senshi... Haruka goes about autroerotic asphyxiation in the incorrect manner.

2010 11/13
Hotaru gets drunk on Irish Whisky at Gemini's wedding (in Earth 1337-A) and starts humping at theatre seat; Chibiusa sneaks into her room later and uses the silver crystal to impregnate her with a footstool. A C-section was required.

2010 11/20
Aino Minako flashes her cleavage on national TV to prove she's a real woman.

2010 11/24
Reika finally formally breaks up with Motoki even thought it was over ages ago.

2010 11/27
On national TV, Hotaru reveals the fate of Chibiusa's child, which was sent back in time and became "Chris-Chan".

2010 12/19
Professor Tomoe invents a whip made out of Ethernet Cable called the "Cat 5 o' 9 tails."

2010 12/29
Drunken Haruka was feeling randy, raided Professor Tomoe's lab, and introduced Spanish Fly into the ventilation system, however it was actually 1918 Spanish Flu, and it made everyon sick in the house for a week.

2011 01/26
Plans for the second Suburban Senshi reality TV show are scuppered by Tokyo's Passage of the "Anti-Otaku" Bill 156 which bans anything that could potentially be seen as harmful to minors. This also cuts funding for the IRC servers, forcing everyone onto Facebook.

2011 01/27
Gemini Sunrise is aggravated after seeing the Wicker Man remake.

2011 01/28
Sakura April destroys a clan of bee-worshipping fools and saves a policeman, much to her inner rage.

2011 01/29
Minako is angered when she finds a "Crack Ho streetwalker edition Venus" figure on eBay (Actually a bad repaint)

2011 02/23
It is revealed Mamoru occassionally veats on Usagi with her younger American lookalike, Serena.

2011 05/16
Kino Makoto decides to resume her engagement to Furuhata Motoki

2011 05/21
"The Macho Man" Randy Savage stops his own heart in order to ascend into the afterlife and stop the Rapture Apocalypse precipitated by Rev. Harold Camping.

2011 06/03
Some children buzz by Hotaru on bikes without ringing their bells... she flies into a rage, breaking her arm clotheslining one and then stomping a mudhole in him, screaming "USE A BELL! USE A GODDAMNED BELL! I COULD HAVE DIED!"

2011 06/24
Setsuna hacks the Suburban Senshi page and allows Tsukino Usagi in to get revenge for her years of being mocked by the others. The first thing she does is break up Xadium and Minako's marriage in the past (by changing history so that they decided to break up after the events surrounding their trip to the Silver Millennium), then gives Pluto her powers back.

2011 06/26
After Ami dares to disagree with her, Usagi uses the Ginzuishou to reduce her IQ to that of a drooling idiot. Professor Tomoe tries to cure her with multiple electroshock therapies.

2011 06/29
Usagi uses the Ginzuishou to force Chibiusa to speak and type properly.

2011 06/30
Sakura Xadium Aino reveals that she is actually from earth 1337-B, where Usagi never broke her parents up. This clues Usagi into the notion of parallel relatities, and she decides she needs to conquer them all.

2011 07/02
Haruka's car is crushed by a Kaiju.

2011 07/04
Minako sells Ginga TV to Michael Sunnyside III for a Quarter Billion USD, intending to resume her career as an idol. Usagi de-ages Hotaru to a small child.

2011 07/20
To try and help defeat Usagi, Professor Tomoe opens a dimensional portal and summons Kyu Bey. Jedite tricks Chiba Mamoru into entering into a contract with him, which would turn Mamoru into a Magical Girl.

2011 07/21
Luna arrives, confirming she has married Teddy Ruxpin, trying to get Usagi to change her back from a plush toy. Kyu Bey reveals he has to consummate his pact with Mamoru in a different way than usual.

2011 08/01
Haruka gets into an argument with Usagi, declaring herself "the Man", causing Usagi to literally turn her into one.

2011 08/02
Michiru has a suspicously time-delayed reaction to eating her own cooking, Mamoru completes his contract with Kyu Bey, acting like he unlocked his inner magical girl when in fact he unlocked nothing. He uses his wish to become a camp counselor for the girls from Lucky Star, dooming the senshi's plan to use it to stop Usagi.

2011 08/03
Slowly, the others come to the horrifying conclusion that now-male Haruka has impregnated Michiru.

2011 08/07
Professor Tomoe reveals he still has some of the placental matter from Chibiusa and Elios' baby in his laboratory.

2011 08/08
Haruka patents the idea of hiding a can of beer in a McDonald's milkshake cup.

2011 08/08
Mimete returns, having been saved by Professor Tomoe so he would have someone to play Twister with.

2011 08/12
Tony Stark buys some Mizunomics patents of the mentally-challenged Mizuno Ami.

2011 08/24 shatters the fourth wall in order to get help in defeating Usagi.

2011 08/25
Sakura trolls Haruka hard with raunchy mental images of Condaleeza Rice and Momar Kaddafi getting it on.

2011 10/01
The Council of Bhad'Az calls to account for her actions in causing a multiversal breach when she broke the 4th wall. She shows them how unstable and dangerous Usagi has become. The others try to poison Usagi with Michiru's cooking. Due to her cat iron stomach, Usagi survives, but Mamoru eats some of the fetid meal and drops dead. Usagi decides to leave him dead for a while so he can learn his lesson. Minako suddenly reveals everyone is on "Aino Minako-sama's Intervention Crisis Happy fun-time Show!!" and tries to stage an intervention. Usagi, feeling underappreciated, zap Michiru with the Ginzuishou, turning her into a hipster and giving her a discrete personality for perhaps the first time in her life.

2011 10/02
Professor Tomoe, having studied the science of creating Dinosaurs from chicken DNA, decides to try it on farm animals to make mammoth pigs in a project he dubs "JURASSIC PORK".

2011 10/26
Haruka's beard, "Sven" begins to grow strong and demand lutefisk sacrifices. Sakura shows up undercover to offer Jedite some contacts who might be able to help battle Usagi.

2011 10/31
At the Ginga TV Halloween party, a Cyberman attacks. Zonway Toshiko-- Ami's child from a dream dimension, arrives and ambushes the party, kidnapping her addled mother, taking her to the secret Mizunomics base in Costa Rica where Ami kept all the goods she brought back from the 31st century.

2011 10/31
It is insinuated that Furuhata Motoki drugs Artemis, dressing him up in a Chihuaha's catholic schoolgirl outfit and having his way with him.

2011 11/13
Hino Rei, rather than fighting Usagi, runs off to France and marries Yuuichiro. Makoto again breaks off her engagement with Motoki as he decides to become a Pokemon trainer.

2011 11/08
Sakura April invades Isla Nublar along with Jedite, Mimete and Professor Tomoe in a bid to retrieve Ami. Toshiko frags Sakura April with a depleted uranium shell, incapacitates Professor Tomoe and attacks Jedite with Luna-P, dismissing Mimete as no threat and going back to her base.

2011 11/09
Mimete manages to penetrate Toshiko's compound. She hears Toshiko talking to her mother and realizes Mizuno Ami has interests in many different fields-- Cloning labs in Austria, robotics factories in Shenzen, youth rejuvenation centers in Hong Kong, black market railgun manufacturing for the British and more, based on the 31st century technology she brought back. Resentful that Ami lived well while she and her father languished in their dimension, Zonway vows to get the encryption codes from the Mizunomics database from her head. Using a rebuilt Mosaic Buster, she re-activated the nanites Viluy had placed in Ami's body years ago, accidentally releasing MOSAIC-- a creature that had been growing in her body for centuries who had last been seen guiding Ami's actions in the far future as she had tried to brainwash Chibiusa. Seeing Mimete, MOSAIC attacked, feeling Viluy's hatred for her-- but at that moment Sakura April returns, one of her fragged bits having regenerated using material from one of Ami's gundams. Saki battled MOSAIC and Mimete battled Toshiko, with MOSIAC eventually threatening to kill her creator. Mimete chased down Toshiko, using part of Sakura April's body to form Mandalorian battle armor, which she donned to take Toshiko down. MOSAIC merged with Toshiko and escaped into the Dream Dimension as something awoke, unbidden, in Professor Tomoe's lab...

2011 11/24
Minako hosts a "Don Don BIG THANKSU!!!" Thanksgiving show; Jedite and Sakura April's relationship deepens; Chibusa decides to become a nun and heads to Gotham City for one last fling with her "old flame"; A clone of Hotaru's mother arrives to crash the dinner, turning into Kaolinite VII in a rage as she sees the Professor with Mimete. Hotaru transforms in order to protect her father, but discovers there is still much of her mother in this Kaolinite. In desperation, she allows both herself and the clone to be sucked into Mimete's Electric Warp 2.0.

2011 11/24
It is revealed Dende taken on the moniker of "Big Green" and makes adult films.

2011 12/05
Professor Tomoe works diligently to separate Hotaru from Kaolinite in the Electric Warp. Artemis and Elios both keep watch over the device, coming to terms with their feelings for Hotaru. Elios reveals he always pursued her because he wanted her to settle him down with her intellect; Artemis vows to tell her he loves her.

2011 12/19
Kim Jong Il, whose MSN chats inspired the creation of Suburban Senshi IRC, passes away.

2011 12/31
Mia Fey's clone is completed in Tomoe's old lab under Mugen Academy. Emerging from the labs, she becomes aware of Phoenix Wright's disbarment, and posing as her own sister, she gathers up all of Phoenix's friends, and they make the case to have his law license reinstated.

2012 04/15
After 26 hours of backbreaking labor and much swearing on Michiru's part, Alexander Ferdinand Kaioh is born. Fueled by Haruka's fear over the propect of being a father, his beard Sven comes alive and attacks Jedite, trying to possess his body. Jedite battles heroically, but eventually sucks himself and the hair into a portal and vanishes, leaving no trace and a traumatized Haruka behind.

2012 05/06
Brainiac 5 appears before Sakura April, who is bent on killing Usagi. He accesses Mizuno Ami through a brainjack in the back of her neck and repairs the damage to her brain. Ami expresses frustration that for all her science, Usagi rewrote her like nothing. Sakura April asks her to help save the others with science, but Ami declines, saying that they have less than a 0.00008965 chance of victory against the crystal. Sakura April says that with one "small adjustment" they could bring their odds of victory up to 78%, but Ami refuses to make that adjustment-- namely, killing Usagi.

2012 05/11
Tsukino Usagi revives Mamoru and rides him to the point where he starts suffering extreme dehydration, to Setsuna's chagrin.

2012 05/28
After a month and half of silence, Haruka tells Michiru he's going out, gets in his Ferrari and drives it off Rainbow Bridge. No body was found.

2012 06/17
Finding her purpose again, Michiru takes her child and leaves Ten'Aino house, determined to take matters into her own hands and be a senshi again. Tired of being sized up like a piece of meat by Usagi and Setsuna, Mamoru seeks out Elios and steals the Golden Crystal from him, powering up just as Luna-P ate him and absorbed his energies, ascending to godhood and leaving him to die. Coming upon him (NO NOT LIKE THAT YOU PERVS), Setsuna uses all the power of her Garnet Orb to revive him, at the cost of her Senshi abilities once more. Resigning herself to be forever alone, she suddenly encounters Professor Franken Stein. Usagi, sensing the rapid changes in Setsuna and Mamoru, assumes she's under attack and goes to investigate even as Mamoru comes looking for her.

2012 06/17
Aino Minako sneaks back into her old CEO's office at Ginga TV only to find Sunnyside never changed the locks. Sunnyside emerges and reveals he was just waiting for her to come to her senses, and that he bought Ginga TV because he wanted to revive the old Capitol Defense Plan from the 1920's . He shows her a graph that indicates something big is due to happen in the next 24 hours, and tells her to get ready.

2012 06/18
Hino Rei, Kino Makoto, and Mizuno Ami are kidnapped. Usagi, in the form of Neo Queen Serenity, goes on a rampage, turning Ginga TV HQ into ice cream. Crow and Siren tie up Minako to keep her and her Crescent Compact safe and away from Usagi. They plan to take out Usagi as "the Dirty Pair" in order to stop the rise of another Galaxia. Faking a hostage situation and tasing Serenity, they take her down to one of the sub-basements of the Ginga building. preparing to torture her. Sailor V intervenes, stopping them, but then Serenity steals her compact, using its power along with her Ginzuishou to try and jumpstart the creation of Crystal Tokyo several centuries early. She is interrupted by a revived and properly aged Sailor Saturn, who had the changes done to her body by Usagi rewritten while she was in the electric warp. They battle, but Saturn is losing until her power is boosted by the surprise return of Sailors Neptune, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter, the latter three of whom had been collected by Michiru. The group can't maintain their focus, however, their friendship for Usagi getting in the way. Just as Serenity regains the upper hand and is about to defeat them, Jedite appears, saving Hotaru. the next moment, Haruka-- back to her female self crawls out of the sewer, revealing that she had killed herself to drag Jedite out of hell Johnny Cage style-- but he wasn't there. Jedite mocks Haruka for thinking he'd ever sacrifice himself for anyone. Irately, Usagi demands they pay attention to her, but just then Elios-- revived by severe molestation on Chibiusa's part-- and Chibiusa, fat with illiteracy once more thanks to Elios [BLEEP]ing her brains out-- arrive as well. Jedite reveals that the greatest strength of the Ginzuishou is also its greatest weakness-- they just have to believe in themselves more than Usagi believes in herself and its power will have no impact. As Usagi futilely tries to attack them, she reveals that all she wants is to be loved, to be a part of the big happy family everyone else had become, and she had felt reviving Crystal Tokyo was the only way to do it. Begging everyone to accept her gifts, she faces rejection after rejection. She realizes everyone else had grown up but not her. She begs them to accept her love, to not walk away from her. Hotaru gathers the others together, and the decide they will take her up on her offer, and make one final, heartfelt wish on the Ginzuishou...

2012 07/14
Aino Minako starts dating Trunks Briefs for a while, then breaks it off.

2012 08/21
Franziska von Karma wins the 39th Tenka-ichi Budokai. Ichiro Oogami is revived as a pawn of the Army of Ghosts, but after their defeat, Erica Fontaine, Gemini Sunrise and Sakura Shinguuji use their spirit power and some Time Lord Regeneration energy from Dr. Xadium to renew his body and revive him. Oogami re-marries Sakura in a private ceremony and starts to catch up with the world.

2012 10/03
Haruka, Minako, Hotaru, Michiru. Professor Tomoe and Elios are killed by Sakura April as they failed King Kai's test to see if they were able to defeat her. They go to the Kai World to train for an unspecified future threat that Jedite can sense coming.

2012 10/05
Elios comes out of the closet as a Brony.

2012 11/15
Artemis gets back together with Mishka, the Russian cat.

2012 12/21
Mishka sends Artemis several explicit texts asking him to do things to her all night, but it turns out it was just Tourette's syndrome talking.

2013 03/03
On King Kai's planet, the dead senshi level up, achieving their Ultra Senshi forms.

2013 03/28
Piccolo wishes back the dead senshi, Eios and Professor Tomoe using the Dragonballs.

2013 05/22
Tsukino Kousagi is born, taking the power of the Ginzuishou away from her mother, the powers transferring to her body.

2013 06/14
Vermellia Xadium Rosso arrives from the 51st Century, on a secret mission.

2013 06/18
Mamoru Chiba embarasses himself trying to be parental.

2013 07/01
Due to soiling his diapers, crying before being cried to, and being heard but not seen, Michiru sends her son Alexander Ferdinand to an elite boarding school for infants in Latveria.

2013 07/05
Minako gets engaged to Touga Kiryuu to spite Xadium, then finds out about Kiryuu's yaoi relationship to Kyouichi Saionji and decides to break off the engagement with an assassin before being talked down. She goes back to dating Trunks Briefs.

2013 07/18
Franziska von Karma defeats Son Goku to win the 40th Tenka-ichi Budokai.

2013 10/15
Professor Tomoe experiments with reviving the IRC servers; Aino Minako looks into expanding into Tumblr and Facebook.

2013 12/05
Haruka starts taunting Minako aggressively on Facebook.

2014 01/15
Jedite tricks Haruka into revealeing her Facebook password is 'sizzlingcrotch'.

2014 03/07
Michiru hacks Xadium's Facebook to make "him" post a worshipful happy birthday message.

2014 03/07
Hotaru reveals that most of her sexual repression comes from the fact that Haruka and Michiru enjoyed doing things to each other with a whip while she was still inside their room in the crib. They had forgotten she was in the crib.

2014 07/05
The Sub. Senshi see the first episode of TOEI's Sailor Moon Crystal - and once again are pissed at not getting any royalties.

2014 08/08
Franziska von Karma beats Sakura Xadium Aino in the 41st Tenka-ichi Budokai to become a three-time repeat Champion.

2014 08/08
Franziska von Karma beats Sakura Xadium Aino in the 41st Tenka-ichi Budokai to become a three-time repeat Champion.

2014 08/20
Cressida Sumire-Xadium Aino arrives from the 51st century, head full of her mother Sakura's tales about Ten'Aino House and the people there. She reunites with her cousin Vermellia.

2015 01/03
Haruka provides evidence the actresses and staff making Sailor Moon Crystal were on drugs.

2015 01/05
Setsuna manipulates Neil DeGrasse Tyson into convincing the Sailor Moon Crystal Producers to have her be in the show.

2015 01/15
Haruka sells the house for a $119,999.99 105" Curved Samsung UN105S9 120hz 4K 3D Smart TV. They decide to slum it in the Moon Palace for a while. Artemis has the keys since he used to go there to cry.

2015 03/15
In the ultimate indignity, Setsuna, now just a number, is accused of just being a roleplayer of herself on the Internet.

2015 08/15
Paisley goes ballistic on the "Moon Drops" free to play game; Jedite reveals it is part of his master plan to siphon the energy of compulsive gamers or his new Dark Kingdom.

2015 10/13
Meioh Setsuna desperately cries out "I'M A PLANET" on Twitter.

2016 03/28
Footage surfaces of Haruka cosplaying as Tuxedo Mask to satisfy a particular fetish of Michiru's.

2016 04/13
The Mugen Academy reunion night turns into a booze-filled embarrassment for one and all.

2016 04/19
Professor Tomoe pays out millions in damage for students njured when Eudial's fire buster is countered by Haruka's power of Ur-Anus.

2016 04/26
Hotaru is "extremely stimulated" by Chibiusa's gift of a collection of Yeats poems.

2016 10/16
Chibiusa deems Elios "inadequate" after "dating" Luke Cage.

2016 11/07
Going full Gainax, Usagi licenses her likeness to a prophylactic company, causing many psychological issues for Mamoru.

2017 01/21
The Suburban Senshi ditch Twitter for Discord. Serenity III arrives and she and Cressida reveals that Chibiusa is being a jerk when she speaks oddly because standard English still exists in her time.

2017 01/22
Haruka thinks she has memories of anotehr timeline because she can clearly remember Fiore and Mamoru sharing a tub in the past, but the visual record doesn't support it at all.

2017 01/23
Paisley suspects there are people that have been trapped in the Cesspit of Haruka's room since 2002. No one has the guts to investigate.

2017 01/28
The Intern snaps doing revisions on the Suburban Senshi website. Usagi reveals to Minako that she used the power of the Silver Crystal to make Minako decide to divorce Xadium. Minako, incensed, declares war.

2017 06/30
Haruka storms Latveria for $1,081.01-which she is not even owed, so in essence trying to steal it-from Doctor Doom, who hands her her ass and sends her back to Japan in a full-body cast.

2017 07/04
Michael Sunnyside brings his Yacht, the "Stars And Stripes" into Tokyo Bay for a July 4th celebration and sets off so many fireworks the people thought a kaiju attack was being repelled. Michiru poses in a Skimpy Bikini desperately trying to get the same attention Minako does.

2017 07/14
Chibiusa and Usagi have an argument. Usagi uses magic to remove Chibiusa's face and stick it on someone else. Badly.

2017 09/06
Chibiusa reveals that at some point she did things with Ichiro Oogami, much to Sakura's chagrin.

2017 09/08
Motoki finally gets Ginga TV to pull its "Furry Frday" specials by sighning a petition with 10,000 different fake email addresses.

2017 09/13
Rei lends her likness to an Avocado Cheese Dip to raise money for the Hikawa Shrine.

2017 09/14
Setsuna reveals she has a crush on Captain Jack Harkness.

2033 06/30
Tsukino Usagi comes out of retirement as Sailor Moon once more.

Earth 1337-B Future Timeline

2165 10/22
Aino Minako ascends to titular head of the Venusian Monarchy, and takes up residence in MAgellan Castle with her husband Xadium.

2170 04/01
Haruka, Michiru, Hotaru and the others, realizing Serenity II is about to rise to power, decide to live on Venus with Minako and Xadium.

2252 12/25
Thanks to Eudial's sabotage, a massive explosion on Space station Babylon 3 obliterates a secret summit between the Temporal Powers, as well as destroying the space liner "Rising Star". Minako and Xadium are listed as dead. Sakura and 2.0. however, escape to Epsilon III. After meeting with a Time Lord, 2.0 takes Sakura to Earth of the past.

2395 02/27
Sakura X. Aino upsets the plans of the Orion Syndicate to rig the Quadrant Playoffs in the infamous infamous "Green Sox" scandal. This makes Yuuko Arimura (Eudial) her enemy.

2897 03/29
Realizing they are due to bump into their past selves making their way to the future the inners and outers who have naturaly aged to this point in time hide out in an undisclosed loaction in the Solar System for the next 18 years or or so.

2897 12/24
Usagi-tachi arrive in Future Earth and take power in the confines of Crystal Tokyo. Serenity II uses her powers to tame a world ravaged by war and disaster, establishing the Imperial Capital of Crystal Tokyo and allowing the planet to rebuild in peace and prosperity. Not everyone appreciates having their darker sides purged by her silver crystal.

2897 12/25
King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity are Wed. Elios, officiating the ceremony, steals the Golden Crystal from Endymion.

2898 01/01
Ami-chan works out how to (she thinks) "recreate" a powered Setsuna by cloning her from Endymion. In actuality she makes the original Setsuna. The time gate is constructed.

2898 01/05
Setsuna, influenced by the pervert gene, disguises herself as Serenity and "rides the imperial stallion until dawn." This impregnates her and she illicitly transfers the foetus to Serenity. Afterwards she flees to the original Silver Millennium in order to avoid detection and introduces herself to the royal family there as a denizen of that time period.

2898 06/30
Small Lady Neo-Princess Serenity Tsukino Usagi "Chibi-usa" is born prematurely.

2898 12/??
There are a series of devastating poison gas attacks in Crystal Tokyo by a crazed Millenialist, "Death Phantom". Thanks to manipulation by Death Pantom's future self using the Golden Crystal to enter Neo Queen Serenity's dreams, he makes her paranoid and reactionary, resulting in the banishment of his past self to the penal world Nemesis, a move which the future Death Phantom proudly called "the Spark in the Powderkeg."

2899 08/06
A renegade group of humans under the banner of the Black Moon chose exile to the barren 10th planet of Nemesis rather than be subjects of the new Silver Millennium. They reason that all the prisoners on that penal world would have a standing grudge against Serenity and make a perfect readymade army.

2902 04/??
Nations begin to resent the monarchical control of the somewhat impulsive and impetuous Serenity II. But given her vast power, they can do nothing about it. Neo-Japan prepares to make war on Crystal Tokyo, and awaits their best opportunity to make a first strike.

2903 09/15
Secretly Purchasing a Mizunomics Electric Womb, Haruka and Michiru grow and incubate a set of twins, Ten'ou K. Megume and Kaioh T. Katsumi. Their gestation rates are adjusted so they share their parents' birthdates.

2904 01/08
At a state dinner to ease tensions, Serenity II tries to get the Ambassador to Nemesis to stay put by having Diana tie his shoelaces together so he'd fall if he tried to get up and leave, resulting in him falling face first into a bowl of mashed potatoes and asphyxiating.

2904 01/??
An abortive attempt at "Phoneme-onics" is introduced, the experiment of which Serenity III was the single, solitary, subject.

2904 01/11
Under the influence of "Wise Man" Nemesis declares war and attacks Earth. A swarm of UFOs begin pounding the Imperial Capitol . It's all the Sailor Soldiers can do to hold the keep their Queen alive. Neo-Japan sees their chance and begins attacking the outskirts of the city, fortifying their positions in the suburbs of Neo Tokyo 7. The battle rages on for the better part of a year.

2905 01/10
Serenity III, only 8 years old, slips back in time due to the invasion of Crystal Tokyo by Nemesis.

2905 01/22
The Senshi of the past arrive in Crystal Tokyo to battle the Black Moon.

2905 02/04
Wiseman kidnaps Chibiusa.

2905 02/12
Wiseman turns Chibiusa into Black Lady.

2905 02/12
Pluto and the others convince Chibiusa to revert. Her Ginzuishou, plus Usagi's, defeats Wise Man. The Senshi return to their time.

2905 02/13
Neo-Japan's forces surround the Imperial Capital and issue an ultimatum-- Cede power to the World Government and become just another independent state, or get nuked off the face of the planet. They choose survival, and Crystal Tokyo becomes a tourist trap city, funding itself by becoming a theme park parody of its former self.

2907 01/18
Sakura Xadium Aino is concieved. and setsuna sense it immediately. The powers of Venus divide by mitosis, undiminishing.

2907 10/02
King Jeruka attacks Medical space platform V, in orbit around Ganymede, attempting to kill the unborn Sakura and her family. sacrifices her life, shifting herself and Jeruka back 80,000 years in the past, to stop her.

2907 10/11
Sakura Xadium Aino is born.

2908 11/19
In one variation of history, Chibiusa gets dumped off to the past by her parents, who are more interested in having sex with each other all the time, but smacks into a TARDIS on her way through the time-space vortex and ends up on Earth 1337-BC in the 90s just as Sailor Moon ran away from Beryl, leaving the senshi all on their own. Even with her weak Pink Sugar Heart attacks,with the words "die, you stupid mother f[BLEEP]er",Chibiusa murders Beryl with ease and assumes control of the Sailor Team, starting a new timeline.

2908 11/19
Serenity II sends Pluto back in time on an important mission, and then sends her daughter, aged 11, to make friends with Hotaru and save Earth.

2909 04/23
Xadium fights off the Dread Space Pirates and retrieves's 80,000 year old right arm from Captain "Peglegs" Jack Ezekiel. He also manages to collect the last scraps of her body before the Time Lords can sieze them. He and Souichi Tomoe go to work on rebuilding her.

2910 06/28
A wandering minstrel finds Mecha-Chibiusa in the sewers of Crystal Tokyo and is possessed by Elios. Elios makes his way to a genetics lab, where he reconstructed the body of Prince Dios-- the perfect prince. Serenity III returns home from the aftermath of Nephelenia's attack in the past, but at 13, her mother is paranoid about her. Serenity II, to avoid the hassle of having her study for entrance exams, has her and all other children "home schooled"-- but by tutor's, not parents--as she wants more time with her man-- Chibiusa goes with Elios to the stables, and Sakura goes to study with 2.0 on Venus.

2912 05/19
Elios goes back to the 21st century to get revenge on Hotaru. Mecha-Chibiusa follows him back, bent on revenge for his choosing Chibiusa over her.

2921 11/04 2.0 first demonstrates her new Super Saiyajin-mode.

2950 05/05
Future Pluto devises a scheme to get her past self to shatter her garnet orb and be free of Serenity's thrall.

2950 09/11
Neo Queen Serenity gets wind of the plot and binds Pluto to her thrall again.

2950 10/03
In an attempt to turn Pluto into a young girl Serenity accidentally turns Luna into a plush spider-eyed cat handbag, and then into a Pedo Plush.

2951 - 01/31
Pluto leaves a cardboard cutout of her at the gate and goes back to the past, setting in motion a long range plan to overthrow Serenity .

2975 10/22
Minako passes her transformation pen to Sakura. (She no longer needs it) Sakura refuses. Years later she returns to this time period and takes the pen.

2977 06/03
Sailor Galaxy V begins her career as an intergalactic crime fighter.

2980 02/05
On Gallifrey, Lord Blyledge comes out of retirement, seeing Sakura in his death-day meditations. 2.0 collects Sakura from Sendai, Tokyo. Sakura joins the house of Blyledge on Gallifrey and enters University.

2999 12/25
Haruka and Jedite arrive in a Time Machine and almost destroy Crystal Tokyo, Venus walks out on Serenity and comes back to the past with Artemis. Serenity II goes insane with paranoid and uses Galaxia's technology to capture the sailor crystals of her inner senshi (Rei, Ami and Makoto)

3004 11/02
Jedite, Hotaru and Serenity III return to Crystal Tokyo, precipitating a full-scale clash with Serenity II which reduces the city to rubble. Serenity and Endymion apparently commit suicide rather than face punishment for their bad behaviour. Serenity III decides to rule the city in their place. This lasts one week, as the few citizens of the Crystal Tokyo that are left tire of her lecherous ways and kidnap her. Led by a squad of planetary Knights from the Silver Millennium worlds, they ensure she is kidnapped and forcibly subjected to mind-correction. But her libidinous power was too strong, and she escapes back to 2004.At the end of the year, Neo-Tokyo 7 stood ready to raze the ruins of Crystal Tokyo and redevelop it into a shopping complex

3004 11/15
Fresh off being defeated in the past by the Sailor Senshi after his attempted coup, Chiba Mamoru from 2007 snaps, coming to the future, donning a cosplay Serafuku, a pair of falsies and some lipstick along with a green wig and perma-tan, making himself into the new "Sailor Pluto." Thanks to the original being a clone of him, no DNA impropriety is found.

3005 03/15
Admiral Miller, an assassin hired by CiCi, plans to assasinate Neo Queen Serenity from a shuttlepod in Lunar orbit. This is foiled when the Intern's time travelling team arranges for Sakura April to make a trick shot using a Transplanetary sniper rifle to kill Miller and make it seem like the Queen was shot. The queen uses this chance to fake her death along with her husband and flee to Neo-Argentina. Sailor Pluto hunts them down and, along with Serenity III try to establish a second Crystal Tokyo, but Serenity III is not interested in governance and leaves (as predicted). Pluto (as Lord Protector of the realm) and Endymion rule, (yes, this being past Mamoru and future Mamoru) with Usagi first locked up in the Crystal Palace padded cell, then made the as the royal maid. Using her formidable powers derived from the Golden Crystal , "Pluto" drives back the forces of Neo-Tokyo 7, and establishes the city as the legitimate Imperial Capital, beginning the era of the Plutonian Epoch. The city is hidden behind a temporal shield.

3005 03/16
The inners and outers present themselves ot the person they think is Pluto. Mars begins to form the Imperial Navy, activating the Satellite Senshi formally and re-organizing the Senshi into an efficient fighting force.

3005 03/22
In order to draw out CiCi's master, the future Death Phantom, Cressida dresses up as "the post-imperial anime-con boozehound failed nation-state of a leader that was Sailor Moon Cristal" and makes a viral video that gets all over the Sub-Etha-net. Death Phantom sees it, and makes his way to her location after creeping on her social media profile.

3005 03/25
Death Phantom tries to ambush Cressida and her friends at Freddy Fazbear's Crystal Pizza but gets intercepted by murderous animatronic creatures, and then ambushed by Cressida and company. Death Phantom uses the power of the Golden Crystal to try ad trap Intern and Vermellia in their nightmares, but Vermellia scoresthe win because she had arranged it so that the Golden Crystal Death Phantom had in his possession was nothing but a copy which expired mid-fight. Defeating the now powerless Death Phantom, they group headed to 2010, leaving him bound and gagged with a ball-gag.

3006 07/19
Eudial gets her hands on the Asteroid Senshi.

3007 04/31
By now Mizunomics owns about half the planet through various means, though total dominion is hampered by the U.N. Sailor Mercury begins her re-education of Serenity III in the bowels of the Crystal Palace. Serenity III is unable to leave for the next half century. Cere-Cere moves to the Federation pleasure planet Risa.

3012 08/12
Sailor Mars collects the nascent Sailor Crystals from the shattered remains of Kantek (the asteriod belt), and creates the Imperial Dream Divison-- 50 miko of immense power.

3055 10/29
Setsuna offers Haruka, Michiru, and Hotaru positions in her Royal Court as part of the Imperial Navy.

3057 06/29
The Asteroid Senshi are involved in a series of suicide bombings on various Terran colonies on the eve of Serenity III's coronation. Sakura and the other senshi foil Eudial's plot to sieze control of the Empire. Setsuna and Endymion retire to Neo Vatican City.

3057 10/29
Chibi-Chibi smashes through the rebuilt time gate when Diana, its guardian, was too busy making out to protect it. She goes back to the 21st century to steal the Senshi powers from the senshi, making their planetary forms her minions. Sakura Xadium Aino is forced to guard the gate and hold it together.

3057 10/30
The Imperial Navy is debilitated as their past selves lose their senshi powers thanks to the meddling of Chibi-Chibi. Unazuki tries broadcasting messages to the past to try and gain the help of Tsukino Usagi.

3057 10/31
CiCi attacks Crystal Tokyo with a 90 meter high mudkip. Haruka and the others from 2010 who were coming to help in The Lovely Angel are deflected into the sun by the interference of Jedite's old foe Faris. It is left to Sakura's future daughter Cressida and her friends from the divergent timeline of Earth 1337-A to intervene. In the course of the battle they are thrown back in time , their team split, with Paisley and Vermellia going back to November 2009 and Intern and Cressida going back to 2005. Making their way back to the future after a few stops, they return to the present with Artemis, who they enlarge to monster size with super-science, sending him to do battle with the oversized pokemon, whom Artemis tore into like a Berserker Evangelion unit into the fourteenth angel "Tastiel". CiCi hastily retreated, calling her Elemental Senshi to her, but at that moment, Haruka and her team arrived. Crow and Siren captured the starseeds of the elemental senshi, but CiCi escaped through the Time Door to the year 3057, with everyone following.

3057 12/29
After a showdown with her father and forces of Nemesis, the energies released by the clash of the Ginzuishou and Dark Crystal in the time corridor by Pluto weaken space time and allow the Tairon to touch Sakura’s mind, as well as to send a thought impulse into a human body in the Imperial Capitol.

3057 12/31
At Tau Ceti III, Ci-Ci has her final showdown with the Suburban Senshi and Cressida's time-traveling team at Apotheosis Gate. The Gate tries to get CiCi to touch tit, to open a link between the Tairon Dreaming and our dimension, but at the risk of destroying her own timeline, Cressida breaks the laws of time and shatters the gate with a massive One Punch. This causes the 1337-B timeline to actually rewrite (as opposed to split), since the opening of the gate was a fixed point in time. Cressida, Vemellia and Sakura begin to dissappear, as without the horrors of the Tairon War, Sakura never achieved her full power and was killed in battle, never saving Cressida, who in turn would never save Vermellia. Haruka and the others wish upon the Ginuishou for a miracle to save these friends the haven't met yet, and the miracle comes when CiCi tackles Sakura back into the time gate taking thm to 3382, forcing Sakura to reach her full power another way, restoring at least some events, if in a different context. Still, tis resulted in Cressida not being able to ever "go back" to her past the 51st century since if she did, time would catch up to her and her memories and history would change. (Though this may not be true ) CiCi then comes back and gets accidentally decapitated, and the Suburban Senshi return to 2010 with Cressida's team returning to 2014, the future truly safe once more.

3092 08/12
Diana and Silicon Momoko start their own teen fashion line, "Le Provocatuer".

3382 10/12
Sakura Xadium Aino has a hellacious battle with CiCi and her Tairon master. Battered and beaten by the Tairon, transforms into her Senshi form, and simply never drops it. Due to fighting in the Time Vortex, time passed more quickly and Sakura Xadium Aino’s DNA is completely rewritten by the Senshi transformation. Her personality is not lost due to the newness of her Sailor Crystal, which is now fully merged with her. She manages to overwhelm and destroy the weakened Tairon.

4000 04/01
Somewhere in Space, a depressed Chibi-Chibi is having a glass of Milk at a Space Bar when the revived Death Phantom corrupts her, convincing her that universe left her behind and it was all Usagi's fault for cleansing Galaxia. They decide to get revenge. Death Phantom heads back in time to 2898, where he manipulates the Queen into exiling him to Nemesis, in an attempt to destabilise her power and make the people fear her. Chibi-Chibi finally finds the real Sailor Pluto about to die of old age due to not having any powers. She dangles the promise of a new sailor crystal in front of pluto in exhange for information about the time gate that used to exist in Crystal Tokyo. Rejuvenating Pluto, Chibi-Chibi heads for 3057 to have her revenge.

5087 01/15
Sakura becomes temporarily estranged from her husband Oogami after discovering he hasd a fling with Lady Gaga during one of their trips to the past. She heads for the 1990s and returns, impregnated by Oogami but catalyzed the steely gaze of Segata Sanshiro. She tells Oogami what happened, and he decides to tell the child t the Kaminoans genetically engineered Sakura to be ale to have her. Sakura realizes there are circumstances that can affect people, and forgives Oogami (warily). They reconcile.

5087 09/28
On a world on the far edges of the Imperium, Sakura gives birth to Cressida Sumire Xadium-Aino. She raises Cressida on stories of the happier times she had had in the 21st century.

5097 07/11
(Earth 1337-A) Vermellia Xadium Rosso is born to Noriko Marianna Xadium and Augustus Rosso on Energy Nede 2.Very soon thereafter, her uncle from another dimension, John Constantine (no relation) worked with some others to reconfigre her soul, stating that she had a grand destiny ahead of her. Noriko never mentioned this to her.

5100 09/28
Given Cressida's prodigious strength and high energy, Sakura takes her to the Flame Lotus for training in Iron Soul martial arts. Cressida is also trained in diplomacy and statecraft, taking over many of Sakura's duties as Princess of Venus.

5103 11/14
Cressida encounters a Time Agent who saves her life in a run in with Magnus Greel at the cost of his own life. Cressida takes over his case, and is recruited by the Time Agency when she manages to kill Greel (or so everyone thought)

5104 10/27
(Earth 1337-A) Vermellia, visiting her father at his lab, discovers a mass-murder taking place and kills the murderers--one of whom is her father. Traumatized, she contemplates suicide but is rescued by the Shadow Architect, who decided to train her to become a member of the Shadow proclamation. Noriko could not find Vermellia.

5109 06/14
(Earth 1337-A) After five years of training with the Shadow Prclamation, the Shadow architect decided that Vermellia's dark, brooding persona, "Vermella X. Darkness" was too dangeous and needed balancing, and so took her to Earth 1337-B to be raised and rescued by her Half-Aunt, Sakura Xadium Aino.

5109 06/16
Sakura takes in Vermellia, but they clash constantly. Her daughter Cressida decides to put aside her carefree life and career as a Time Agent on hold to help Vermellia recover and they form a sibling-like bond.

5111 01/25
Cressida and Vermellia raid Galaxy Cauldron and stop a pink alien conspiracy, finding a way to free the revived Cere-Cere, much to Sakura's relief.

5112 08/31
Noriko finally finds Vermellia again, happy to find her daughter safe and in good cheer. Vermellia, Cressida, Silicon Momoko and Cere-Cere form the new Imperial Bodyguard division for Serenity III and they have many good times hanging out in the Imperial Capitol.

5117 12/01
John Constantine informs Cressida and Vemellia they both need to go to the past to help fight a huge battle that was coming to the 21st century. They both agree to go, but Vermellia messes up the time co-ordinates showing up a year before Cressida.

3125 11/18
Yaijinden asks Sakura Xadium Aino for a favor

3142 06/19
Tau Ceti – someone opens the planetary gateway via human sacrifice, opening the door for some tairon intelligences to exit

3167 04/15
hostilities become more fierce around the border worlds outside the solar system, with the Tairon agents attacking more fiercely. They formulate a long range strategy to ssecure the Ginzuishou, turn earth’s sun nova and focus that power through the lens of the crystal in order to obliterate the gate at Tau Ceti and fuse the two universes together so that the Tairon can fill our space with their dream.

3250 10/10
The Senshi finally realize the extent of what is happening. Curiously the Tairon seem to be attacking well away from Earth, on the fringes of the empire with small forces. The children of the Senshi, young spoiled nobles itching for battle, command the planetary forces and take them to the fringes in order to gain political points back home.

3377 02/28
Facing huge losses at the frontier by Nemesis, the nobles deploy all the satellite Senshi as well, ignoring Sailor Mars’, Sakura’s and Sailor Jupiter’s objections. In protest Sakura refuses to fund the Nobles’ war machine with Venusian funds.

3379 10/29
Pluto begins construction of a massive warfleet in its space, a multigenerational project due to the lack of funds.

3382 10/12
Sakura Xadium Aino, battered and beaten by the Tairon, transforms into her Senshi form, and simply never drops it.

3564 11/10
Sakura Xadium Aino’s DNA is completely rewritten by the Senshi transformation. Her personality is not lost due to the newness of her Sailor Crystal, which is now fully merged with her.

3570 09/30
The nobles are being soundly defeated, and the Planetary Senshi have no choice but to deploy in their aid. Only Mars’ dream division, Saturn’s Elite guard and the Queen herself remain to defend the Earth, as well as Sakura and a few others.

4000 04/01
Somewhere in Space, a depressed Chibi-Chibi is having a glass of Milk at a Space Bar when the revived Death Phantom corrupts her, convincing her that universe left her behind and it was all Usagi's fault for cleansing Galaxia. They decide to get revenge. Death Phantom heads back in time to 2898, where he manipulates the Queen into exiling him to Nemesis, in an attempt to destabilise her power and make the people fear her. Chibi-Chibi finally finds the real Sailor Pluto about to die of old age due to not having any powers. She dangles the promise of a new sailor crystal in front of pluto in exhange for information about the time gate that used to exist in Crystal Tokyo. Rejuvenating Pluto, Chibi-Chibi heads for 3057 to have her revenge.

4200 05/05
The Tairon suddenly swarm from behind the sun, phasing into realspace due to the energy given by the death and carnage at the front millions of miles away. They attack Earth. Sakura and the others fight valiantly, but are losing. Having no choice, she submits to a Psychic link with the Tairon, and discovers they have an underlying political structure. Determining that one faction which is anti-expansionist exists, she gives herself over to it in exchange for power. She then slaughters the enemy of the faction without remorse, weakening the invasion force enough for the Dream division to cast them out of the Capitol. Battle continues all over the solar system, but weakened to “monster of the week” style gambits. Fierce slaughter continues at the Nemesian lines, to the point where it becomes a numbing forgotten truth. Aside from the lines of youth sent off to die, life resumes a sick normalcy in the sol system.

5087 01/15
Sakura becomes temporarily estranged from her husband Oogami after discovering he hasd a fling with Lady Gaga during one of their trips to the past. She heads for the 1990s and returns, impregnated by Oogami but catalyzed the steely gaze of Segata Sanshiro. She tells Oogami what happened, and he decides to tell the child t the Kaminoans genetically engineered Sakura to be ale to have her. Sakura realizes there are circumstances that can affect people, and forgives Oogami (warily). They reconcile.

5087 09/28
On a world on the far edges of the Terran Empire, Sakura gives birth to Cressida Sumire Xadium-Aino. She makes sure to keep Cressida and her husband Oogami out of the war, raising Cressida on stories of the happier times she had had in the 21st century.

5097 07/11
(Earth 1337-A) Vermellia Xadium Rosso is born to Noriko Marianna Xadium and Augustus Rosso on Energy Nede 2.Very soon thereafter, her uncle from another dimension, John Constantine (no relation) worked with some others to reconfigre her soul, stating that she had a grand destiny ahead of her. Noriko never mentioned this to her.

5100 09/28
Given Cressida's prodigious strength and high energy, Sakura takes her to the Flame Lotus for training in Iron Soul martial arts. Cressida is also trained in diplomacy and statecraft, taking over many of Sakura's duties as Princess of Venus, and laments the pain and suffering she feels from her mother, who is trying to hide her trauma at the hands of the Tairon.

5103 11/14
Cressida encounters a Time Agent who saves her life in a run in with Magnus Greel at the cost of his own life. Cressida takes over his case, and is recruited by the Time Agency when she manages to kill Greel (or so everyone thought)

5104 10/27
(Earth 1337-A) Vermellia, visiting her father at his lab, discovers a mass-murder taking place and kills the murderers--one of whom is her father. Traumatized, she contemplates suicide but is rescued by the Shadow Architect, who decided to train her to become a member of the Shadow proclamation. Noriko could not find Vermellia.

5109 06/14
(Earth 1337-A) After five years of training with the Shadow Proclamation, the Shadow architect decided that Vermellia's dark, brooding persona, "Vermella X. Darkness" was too dangeous and needed balancing, and so took her to Earth 1337-B to be raised and rescued by her Half-Aunt, Sakura Xadium Aino.

5109 06/16
Sakura takes in Vermellia, but they clash constantly. Her daughter Cressida decides to put aside her carefree life and career as a Time Agent on hold to help Vermellia recover and they form a sibling-like bond.

5112 08/31
Noriko finally finds Vermellia again, happy to find her daughter safe and in good cheer.

5117 12/01
John Constantine informs Cressida and Vemellia they both need to go to the past to help fight a huge battle that was coming to the 21st century. They both agree to go, but Vermellia messes up the time co-ordinates showing up a year before Cressida.

5710 11/15
An Imprisoned Yaijinden speaks to Sakura Xadium Aino.


5720 01/01
an incident neat galaxy cauldron kills several members of the sailor corps, the deaths remains mysterious. A dark meteor strikes the planet Kinmoku. Later that year, one of the Kinmokian colony worlds simply explodes when its power generation facilities are over loaded. The worlds touched by the oribital debris suddenly experience mass outbreaks of madness and violence.

5721 11/12
Martial law is declared in the Kinmoku empire

5723 09/18
Reports of hostile sailor Senshi raiding border worlds outside of Kinmoku space cause the Sailor Corps to deploy a strike force. That strike force is never heard from again. Chibi-Chibi, who was visiting friends on Earth, vanishes from public sight.

5724 04/30
The Sailor Corps representative to Earth goes insane and tries to kill Queen Serenity III. The descendants of several Sailor Senshi- Meioh Kenji, Oki Kaioh (Sailor Posiedon) Tomoe Kimi (Sailor Mau) and Sakura Xadium Aino- stop the assassination attempt in a violent physical struggle. They are commanded by the Queen to find chibi-chibi. The taint of chaos has come to the imperium.

5725 06/18
Meioh Kenji is killed by the living incarnation of the Tairon Overfiend. Oki Kaioh and Tomoe Kaioh soon follow. The spearhead is cut down by Chibi-Chibi, who assumes the name Galaxia Spear. She heads for Kinmoku space to rally her forces afainst the remnants of the Tairon.

5745 07/11 takes Venus completely out of space time (see Yaijinden’s story Ruminations)

5750 01/15
the night of the long knives – the tairon attack in force again. Their numbers are so great that Mars makes the decision to abandon the capitol and take hers and Jupiter divisions head for the front lines by nemesis. Mars decision to pull back infuriates the younger nobles who had expected some kind of glorious sacrifice. The Mercury Mechanized brigade, which had come to the capitol to sack it for their leader in a coup, are annihilated along with the bulk of the Tairon and hailed as heroes. Sakura and a few remaining allies along with the Dream division fight to keep the Tairon from taking Earth. Queen Serenity III is injured and Elios snaps, going mad and revealing the true power of his golden crystal, creating the Dream Reaver. He slaughters all the Tairon in the capitol in one night, and he and Sakura establish a base there, launching Guerilla attacks against the Tairon.

5752 06/19
Haruka reports a strange find in the depths of Uranus, a dead Senshi from over 15 thousand years ago, not a satellite and not a planetary, but somehow linked with the solar system. Pluto confirms the existence of the Kuiper Belt Senshi, a gestalt collective that draws power from the planets outside the edge of pluto’s orbit. The armies of the Outer Senshi that never were awakened in time to Save Silver Millennium.

5755 03/16
Elios goes to the Kuiper Belt and awakens the Leaders of the Kuiper Belt Senshi.

5759 05/05
Swarming into the system riding their planetlets like skiffs, the Kuiper Belt Senshi mass drive Earth and crush the bulk of the Tairon, leaving Earth a half-dead unwanted husk.

5760 12/31
Sakura goes back to the past to recover as Galaxia Spear swings her forces around to crush the Tairon at the Nemesian line. She then gives the young nobles an ultimatium: Join the Chaos Legions and enjoy peace and security, or die.

8175 12/31
Serenity VI bans androids as illegal constructs. Sakura tries to whisk away, but she chooses to live on Earth, in seclusion.

9009 10/01
Sakura has not seen for 834 years. She and leave Earth just as the remnants of what was once Crystal Tokyo are atomized by atomic weapons.The blast of energy manages to release the spirit of Death Phantom, who then heads for the year 4000 to find a new ally--Chibi-Chibi.

According to legend, only four things remain in the heat death of the universe. hino (containing all the starseeds and sailor crystals she could collect from the dying senshi and Galaxy Cauldron), Yaijinden, cockroaches, and Captain jack Harkness.

After a million years of boredom in the heat death of the universe, Captain Jack Harkness finally breaks down's stolid miko reserve and the two "get it on", releasing a million years of pent-up... energies in a single instant so intense that it provides the neccessary "explosion" needed to restart the universe, ejecting out the starseeds and sailor crystals had held within her, resulting in the birth of a whole new cosmos. Somewhere in this, Yaijinden and the cockroaches are taking furious baths to cleanse themselves.

2011 A.D.
13 Billion years later, on a planet called "Earth", a mysterious woman with glowing blue eyes-- The Flame Lotus-- steps out of the shadows of history to nurture a band of unlikely heroes in the way of "Soul" as one of the darkest powers in creation, long thought extinct-- the sinister Mr. Greene-- trains others in the use of "Force" in his bid for power.
appendix b: AUTHOR'S NOTES
This timeline is more or less complete as of 2017; it is Suburban Senshi canon-- a blending of the best elements of the anime, manga, live action, and SeraMyu timelines as well as Suburban Senshi / Suburban Senshi IRC / Sakura's Tale continuity. The Chatbox RP's timeline is different from the point the timeline says "Earth 1337-B", but some data may end uop being similar. Its future is more open.

A few notes: Yes, the Sailor Wars stretch on for tens of thousands of years. And yes, Galaxia lives that long. Similar to the Methuselham lifespans depicted in the Bible, the view taken here is that the truly ancient powers lived for a hideously long time. Unstated is the premise that the taint of Chaos which permeated the universe as a result of the Sailor Wars caused lifespans to contract, leading to the "Current" lifespans. I have not added in the future Sailor Wars as foreseen by Sailor Cosmos because, frankly, and Sakura (and perhaps Xadium and Pluto) will be able to see them, and I have no intention of peering that far into the future at this point. If I do, they will be added.

On the Sailormoon portion of the timeline taking 2 years, or "No, Usagi wasn't drunk when she said she was 16 at the end of Stars". I did loads of math on this, and given that the girls were born sometime in 1978 (using Minako's statement that she's 13 in 1991), in order to keep their graduation year even remotely close (it's still a bit off), Classic - Stars can only take two years. Thankfully the timeloop at the end of Classic lets us "erase" that year, so that Sailor Moon R actually takes its place, albeit with the girls remembering the alternate timeline. For purposes of Suburban Senshi, Nephlite escaped the loop because he faked his death by time-travelling out of it. D-Point, being the center of the time rewrite, was never changed, so Jedite remained in the ground.

SuperS has been posited by me as being nothing but a lucid shared dream shared by all of Tokyo that seemed to take a year but took merely an instant. Evidence for this: Pegasus is a creature that only lives in dreams, yet he is seen flying about outside. The girls don't worry about school or entrance exams AT ALL (which would be OOC considering the events of S), and the "decay" of the city at the end of the season seems to point to a more nightmarish "virtual" reality. Granted, had Nwphelenia won, the world would have been sucked into her dream, but she didn't. Thus I have no problem shoving Stars into its "year", and relegating its key plot points to a mere recitation as opposed to a time-indexed series of events.

The net result is that now the girls' graduation year is 1997 (still off from 1996, but given how late some are born in the year, it may yet work out)

There are also many links to Babylon 5, DBZ, Doctor Who, Lensmen, Dirty Pair, Dune, Sakura Taisen and Star Trek as well; their canons are to be considered complementary to Suburban Senshi canon, with any conflicts being resolved in favor of the Suburban Senshi take on things.