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"Ok people, listen up. Or die."
-- Haruka, "Spamlet"

welcome to #suburbansenshi4

[22:10] * Saturn Knight rushes to the form!
[22:11] * Megan O`Cain stays close to Sean
[22:11] * there is the body of a man, laying face down.....a hand gripping a phone
[22:12] * Saturn Knight turns him over...
[22:13] * Hideki Kaze is turned over...his face caked in blood and dirt..........
[22:13] <Saturn Knight> (( BTW...I Claim This Log FOR THE LEGION-no, no, wait...FOR THE HORDE!!! ))
[22:13] <Saturn Knight> Hideki...
[22:13] * Hideki Kaze GASPS...gurgling
[22:13] * Saturn Knight checks Hideki for any sign of life!
[22:14] * Hideki Kaze coughs up blood
[22:14] * Saturn Knight slaps the Quinox henshin gem on Hideki's wrist and activates it!
[22:14] * Hideki Kaze is now known as Quinox Knight
[22:14] * Quinox Knight nearly screams in pain...but manages to prevent it
[22:15] * Megan O`Cain tries her best to keep Hideki alive with her healing ability
[22:15] * Quinox Knight 's left leg is dangling by a sinew....his right arm has been crushed.....and he has an impact damage across his chest
[22:15] <Quinox Knight>
[22:15] <Meiji Doyle> ..Who did this to you? Was it Enigmus?
[22:16] <Saturn Knight> I got your message...We're here. Where is Matsumi?
[22:17] <Quinox Knight>'t..too..much
[22:17] <Megan O`Cain> Stay with us, Hideki.
[22:17] * Saturn Knight lights up his hand with his flame...looking at the bleeding open wounds. "Grit your teeth my friend..."
[22:18] * Quinox Knight tries to keep his face stone cold
[22:18] <Saturn Knight> I am not letting you die...not here. Not now!
[22:18] <Quinox Knight> were you...all...took her....took her
[22:19] * Saturn Knight uses his flame to cauterize Hideki's wounds!
[22:19] <Meiji Doyle> Who? Who took her?
[22:19] <Haru E> (Can't help but wonder.... were they overpowered straight-up? Or did the enemy know how to go for their blind spots?)
[22:20] * Quinox Knight winces from the pain......
[22:20] <Quinox Knight> ..enig...enig..
[22:20] * Quinox Knight spits up blood
[22:20] <Saturn Knight> I'm getting you back to the Hotel!
[22:20] <Meiji Doyle> Enigmus?
[22:21] * Saturn Knight lifts up Hideki!
[22:22] <Quinox Knight>
[22:22] * Megan O`Cain was trying to heal Hideki's wounds
[22:22] <Quinox Knight> ..three....weeks...ago
[22:22] <Saturn Knight> I...didn't get any call.
[22:23] <Saturn Knight> Megan, we need to get him to the infirmary
[22:24] <Megan O`Cain> Right. I'll keep up my healing as much as I can until we get him back.
[22:24] <Saturn Knight> (Three weeks...the message was sent 3-weeks ago?)
[22:24] * Meiji Doyle collects Hideki's phone
[22:24] <Saturn Knight> Haru...can you scout around a bit more?
[22:24] * Meiji Doyle checks it over
[22:25] * Haru E contacts Lyz back at the Hotel. "All right. Lyz is waiting over there to lend you all a hand."
[22:25] * Quinox Knight 's phone shows he had sent several help messages........
[22:26] * Saturn Knight heads back toward the doorway...
[22:26] * Quinox Knight 's phone also shows the messages WERE recieved
[22:26] * Meiji Doyle checks the contents of all of them for any more information
[22:26] * Meiji Doyle checks to see who they were sent to explicly
[22:26] * Saturn Knight has Hideki in a fireman carry.
[22:26] <Haru E> ....three weeks back.... that was around the time Caligo got offed. Must've been after the whole perception filter was put up to keep everyone away from figuring things out.
[22:26] * Quinox Knight 's messages were garbled requests for help
[22:27] * Megan O`Cain helps Sean carry Hideki back as she uses her healing ability
[22:27] <Quinox Knight> took her...took her..
[22:28] <Meiji Doyle> Enigmus took her?
[22:28] <Meiji Doyle> ...took her where?
[22:29] <Saturn Knight> Keep talking to me, Hideki...stay with us.
[22:30] *** you can hear the call of animals..but that seems to be it
[22:30] <Quinox Knight> took her....couldn' her..back
[22:30] <Saturn Knight> Those beasts better stay back...
[22:30] <Meiji Doyle> Back where?
[22:31] * Meiji Doyle scand Hideki's vitals as they go with her PSP
[22:31] * Quinox Knight 's vitals are seems like the only thing keeping him alive is sheer force of will
[22:31] <Quinox Knight> back..took..her..back
[22:32] * Saturn Knight reaches the doorway. "Hang on Hideki, we're home free."
[22:32] <Haru E> (We're not gonna get much out of him in this condition.)
[22:32] <Meiji Doyle> (Back ehen)
[22:32] <Meiji Doyle> Back...when?
[22:32] * Saturn Knight steps through the door with his friend...
[22:33] *** Saturn Knight has left #suburbansenshi4 (Don't die on me...)
[22:33] *** Megan O`Cain has left #suburbansenshi4 (Stay with us, man.)
[22:33] * Meiji Doyle has moved to: [ ss2 ]
[22:33] * Meiji Doyle is away 
[22:33] *** Quinox Knight has left #suburbansenshi4
[22:35] <Haru E> (Something about all of this seems far too rotten.)
[22:36] * Haru E continues her hunt for clues. Energy traces, wounds on the deceased, structural damage.... she leaves nothing unturned, and everything is subject to scrutiny.
[22:41] * Haru E also decides to activate her Overload Skill, in order to squeeze out as much information as she can. However, those with a keen eye would notice her eyes turning a color other than the usual silver.......
[22:50] *** there is nothing...litarly...nothing
[22:52] * Haru E doesn't buy it for a minute. She will continue searching, and she WILL get an answer.
[23:03] * you can tell whoever did this had amazing powers
[23:04] * Haru E figures that's par for the course around this multiversal crossroad. She is from the Netherworld, after all.
[23:11] * the damage seems to have been done weeks ago
[23:13] * Haru E takes as close a look as she can at the damage. She's looking for type of damage (energy, impact, puncture, etc), trajectory of the attack's landing, things of that nature.
[23:22] * the damage seems more impact then anything
[23:24] <Haru E> (Impact... maybe either a strong bludgeoning force, or something like high-end cannonfire. For it to move fast enough to break their defenses, it'd have to either have been a blindspot hit or was going so fast they couldn't defend against it.)
[23:27] * Haru E logs this for future reference.
[23:30] * Haru E wraps up her business here, but quickly logs in coordinates for this location. She will be back.
[23:31] * Haru E pulls out her visor.... but instead of hitting the "send call" button, she taps something else.
[23:33] *** Haru E [Shura.SpannerinDWorks@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 (*disappears to a new locale*)
[23:44] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[21:46] *** Elsewhere....
[21:46] *** "It's that time, bro. Let's ruin this little plan."
[21:46] *** "I love bad guy monologues sometimes. So much time wasted."
[21:48] *** "Tell me about it.... that idiot gave us the info we need to win. And think, it's something that hasn't been shown yet as well~"
[21:50] *** "Well, it's what we trained to do.... let's do it."
[21:50] *** The two depart, putting their measures well into place.

[01:17] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: UNKNOWNUNKNOWNUNKNOWN
[01:18] * Nelius Raoul steps on into this space, a strange area.
[01:19] <Nelius Raoul> (Now I need to find the notes on---?!)
[01:19] *** There's a paper sitting nearby. The handwriting is definitely not his own!
[01:19] <Nelius Raoul> ....(S[BLEEP]t. Did someone find this place? Is it already compromised?)
[01:19] * Nelius Raoul heads over to check the note's contents.
[01:20] *** "Blood calls to blood, and hearts call to hearts. What you seek is not an answer borne from knowledge, but one of taking charge and living up to your namesake."
[01:21] <Nelius Raoul> ....? (The hell?)
[01:23] *** "Look not to a teacher or manual, but to the deepest depths of yourself. There you will find your answers. May the Creative Chaos reign forever, and the Spirit that Defies All never be extinguished..."
[01:25] <Nelius Raoul> (This is getting beyond strange now..... still, that technique was one borne of a existence that has purged all self-evil...)
[01:29] <Nelius Raoul> (No doubts in my mind--- I'll be doing one more dive to make damn well certain it'll work.)
[01:31] <Nelius Raoul> (But it shouldn't just be me..... Hale, Flynn, Zotia's two apprentices.... everyone will get in on this one.)
[01:33] <Nelius Raoul> (We're going to take back the future from that leech.)
[01:40] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 (*as he leaves, there's a particular gleam in his eyes*)
[01:41] *** As Nelius departs, the two from before appear.
[01:41] *** "Told you he'd figure it out."
[01:41] *** "Hm. Still, we need to play our own parts in this as well."
[01:42] *** "All right, time for the big finale. A perfect send-off for that tapeworm."
[01:42] *** They depart as well.
[01:42] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[17:00] * ~ looks at Demon of Deicide.
[17:00] *** Demon of Deicide is your average everyday Demon of Deicide

[17:00] *** OK, somehow it deleted that. Weird.

[17:17] * ~ looks at Demon of Deicide.
[17:17] *** Demon of Deicide is a demon standing 8'0", looking like a fusion of Belderiver and Cubus Gigant. Be warned --- Deicide is NOT just in name only.
image Song is: Dramatic Devil Story by Tenpei Sato, extended by Overlord Laharl.. is Level 1.

[17:18] *** has joined #suburbansenshi4
[17:18] <+luna_P> Afternoon,
[17:18] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Bring them HERE... for Interrogation!
[17:18] <> - Hello -
[17:18] <> Testing
[17:20] <> Why does my name not appear?
[17:28] <> Testing 1,2....
[17:32] <> - This is a touch frustrating, to say the least. -
[17:51] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Demon of Deicide is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[17:51] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Demon of Deicide is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[17:51] <> - Io -
[17:53] *** @ has killed Demon of Deicide
[17:56] * Demon of Deicide looks in the mirror.
[17:56] *** Demon of Deicide is a demon standing 8'0", looking like a fusion of Belderiver and Cubus Gigant. Be warned--- Deicide is NOT just in name only.
His image Song is: Dramatic Devil Story by Tenpei Sato, extended by Overlord Laharl. He is Level 1.

[17:56] <Demon of Deicide> Test
[17:56] <Demon of Deicide> - 1,2 -
[17:56] <Demon of Deicide> OK, it's working. Thanks Doc!
[17:56] *** Demon of Deicide has left #suburbansenshi4

[23:41] *** Meanwhile....
[23:41] *** The duo from before stop back at their current resting spot. "Gotta say, that was one hell of a show."
[23:42] *** "Indeed, but now comes the restoration."
[23:43] *** "Yeah, they got that angle covered. That said, after all these shenanigans, some downtime is nicely appreciated."
[23:44] *** "Fair point. A chance to rest, recover, and approach this with a fresh mind is best."
[23:44] *** "That reminds me, sister.... what did you leave our older sister?"
[23:45] *** To that, the pink-eyed one chuckles. "Oh, just something I think she'll appreciate."
[23:45] *** The two depart.

[00:58] *** In another time....
[00:58] *** "Told you they could do it, little bro."
[00:59] *** "You think I doubted them for a moment?"
[00:59] *** "Well, I did see that trademark glance of worry™ on your face a few times~"
[00:59] *** "Bullcrap, sis. You were looking rather tense yourself."
[01:02] *** "Fine, whatever..... regardless, shall we give our soon-to-be lifelong pals some assistance?"
[01:02] *** "Very well. Time to get going."
[01:03] *** The two depart, ready to lend assistance.

[20:57] * looks at D.Kakaku.
[20:57] *** D.Kakaku is a 23 year old New Jersey native with sun-streaked light brown hair, blue eyes, and a lightly tanned complexion. A portly young man, he's never seen without his trusty black satchel,He enjoys collecting video games and animating. More information about him is Here.
His image Song is: Carry on My Wayward Son, by Kansas. He is Level 1.

[21:02] <D. Kakaku> test
[21:03] <@spiritflame> : only OPs may kill users
[21:03] *** @ has killed D.Kakaku
[21:07] * looks at D.Kakaku.
[21:07] *** D.Kakaku is a 23 year old New Jersey native with sun-streaked light brown hair, blue eyes, and a lightly tanned complexion. A portly young man, he's never seen without his trusty black satchel,He enjoys collecting video games and animating. More information about him is Here.
His image Song is: Carry on My Wayward Son, by Kansas. He is Level 1.

[21:07] <@spiritflame> @: D.Kakaku D.Kakaku does not exist in the database
[21:07] *** D.Kakaku has been renamed to D. Kakaku
[21:08] <D. Kakaku> test
[21:08] * D. Kakaku looks in the mirror.
[21:08] *** D. Kakaku is a 23 year old New Jersey native with sun-streaked light brown hair, blue eyes, and a lightly tanned complexion. A portly young man, he's never seen without his trusty black satchel,He enjoys collecting video games and animating. More information about him is Here.
His image Song is: Carry on My Wayward Son, by Kansas. He is Level 1.

[01:05] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[01:06] * Janice and Zotia emerge into the Overlord's Castle. "We're back♫"
[01:06] <Burroughs> Welcome back. How was the trip?
[01:06] <Zotia> Went as well as usual.... though it seems tonight had an unexpected visitor.
[01:07] * Zotia lays down what they've seen.... the blonde woman in South America that has to be Matsumi, the mini-Hubert that came seeking answers.
[01:08] <Burroughs> Well, as far as the first matter goes, means we can recall Alator and Luugas.
[01:08] <Burroughs> Though for that mini-Hubert....
[01:09] <Janice> Yeah, I already dropped a line towards Lyrica Hubert about the pint-sized bloodsucker. She tried to get invited in, but since we don't have the whole clearance thing....
[01:09] <Burroughs> I'd be betting she'll try to find another way to weasel in.
[01:09] <Zotia> No doubts on that one. Say, where is Nelius?
[01:10] <Burroughs> Back out at the Carnage Dimension again. He still can't revert back for some reason.
[01:10] <Janice> Don't see why he'd want to. I think the new look is pretty badass.
[01:11] <Zotia> I'd bet it's a familiarity thing.
[01:12] <Zotia> I'll go see him. Rest well.
[01:12] *** Zotia [Shura.WiseWords@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 (*to the Carnage Dimension*)
[01:13] * Burroughs sends the message out to Alator and Luugas, recalling them home.
[01:15] <Janice> Well, if there's nothing else tonight, I'm off to my usual spot♫
[01:15] *** Janice [(Yukianesa@Coalition.nw)] has left #suburbansenshi4
[01:18] <Burroughs> (Well, this is gonna get interesting. If what Sakura said about her is true, then I'm betting she wants to know about the memory gap caused by what happened with Earth.)
[01:19] <Burroughs> (Though, if she's also a part of that ever-growing headache, then maybe the memory gap could work to our advantage.)
[01:20] <Burroughs> (I think I know who to have do some fieldwork out there~)
[01:21] *** Burroughs [DataMistress.TokyoGoddess@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ((But for now.... time to do a little defrag.))
[01:21] *** Another day in the Coalition Netherworld goes by.

[22:32] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Unknown
[22:33] *** Daini Felinus has joined #suburbansenshi4
[22:33] <+luna_P> Evening, Daini Felinus
[22:33] <+luna_P> Nice perfume. Must you marinade in it? *** Happy Obon!!
[22:34] * Daini Felinus looks around cautioslca
[22:34] <Daini Felinus> Caustiously
[22:34] *** Whoa, this place is trippy. The sky is pink, the grass feels like pants, and is that tree melting?
[22:35] * Daini Felinus turns to see if the way in is the way out "daddy said no drugs... This looks like drugs"
[22:35] <~> Hehehehehehe~ Oh, there's no drugs here. I assure you.
[22:36] * Daini Felinus wears a look that resembles that of an unamused cat
[22:36] <~> Heheh, Grumpy Daini♫
[22:36] <~> Come on now, sister, I think it's time we brought an end to this charade.
[22:37] <Daini Felinus> Whose children are you?
[22:37] <Daini Felinus> Not kanri's
[22:37] <~> Wha-ho, right to the questions that matter~
[22:38] <~> But yeah, we're not your sister's kids, adopted or otherwise.
[22:38] <Daini Felinus> If it's not kanri.... Snrrrrk
[22:38] *** Two pairs of eyes can be seen staring back at you.
[22:39] * Daini Felinus stares straight back unafraid. Also looking at the colors
[22:40] *** The first pair of eyes prove to be a rich yellow-golden in color. The second pair of eyes are a mischevious, yet alluring pink.
[22:41] * Daini Felinus points at the yellow eyes and yells at the top of her lungs... A pretty impressive volume "YOU ARE NOT MY BROTHER'S KIDS ARE YOU????"
[22:42] <Daini Felinus> He didn't make any
[22:42] <Daini Felinus> He would have told me
[22:42] <~> Told you she had an impressive set of lungs~
[22:42] <~> I'm more surprised she didn't tear her larynx apart with that one.
[22:43] <~> In fairness, though.... there is one little detail she might be overlooking.
[22:43] * Daini Felinus lays down on the ground and sighs
[22:44] <Daini Felinus> Honestly you could be anyone of their kids. But you obviously aren't born yet.
[22:45] <Daini Felinus> If you were. I'd have known.
[22:45] <~> DIngdingdingding! Tell her what she's won, Bob!
[22:45] <Daini Felinus> I already knew you're unborn
[22:45] <Daini Felinus> I'm more interested in whose you are.
[22:45] <Daini Felinus> Not when
[22:46] <Daini Felinus> Or where
[22:46] <Daini Felinus> Just like atalanta you don't show yourselves right away.
[22:47] <~> Well, it's more that in our case, we're taking a slight page from Lady Natalia.
[22:47] <Daini Felinus> Lady????
[22:47] <Daini Felinus> Her??
[22:47] <Daini Felinus> I
[22:48] <~> ....what are you going on about? Is it not proper procedure to refer to a Queen as such?
[22:48] <Daini Felinus> I still remember her covered in mud... Very unladylike
[22:48] <~> Oh yeah, I remember our older sister regaling us with stories about Natty and her silly siblings♫
[22:49] * Daini Felinus purses her lips and stares at the sky
[22:50] <Daini Felinus> I still don't know who you are. A bit rude of you.
[22:50] <~> Fine fine, suck all the fun outta this.
[22:51] <Daini Felinus> It's not like I can guess
[22:51] <Daini Felinus> You're from the future. For all I know one of you is Zimp and the other is Naba
[22:52] *** From where the eyes stare back at you, two figures emerge into being.
[22:52] <Magni> In all honesty, it's more of a "potential" future, rather than anything set in stone.
[22:52] * Daini Felinus is still laying on the ground watching with mild amusement
[22:52] <Griselda> This better for you now?
[22:53] * Daini Felinus looks at magni.
[22:53] *** magni is a 6'6" young man with dark brown hair and sharp yellow eyes. He has the stare of someone whom has seen much, but will only speak if necessary.
His image Song is: url=]Lloyd[/url] from The Legend of Dragoon. He is Level 1.

[22:53] * Daini Felinus looks at griselda.
[22:53] *** griselda is a 6'1" young woman with brown hair and enchanting pink-tinted irises. She has a strongly alluring air about her.
Her image Song is: Darkness from Konosuba. She is Level 1.

[22:54] * Daini Felinus stares at the woman "that's seriously not fair"
[22:55] <Griselda> ??
[22:55] * Daini Felinus point an accusing finger "WHO MADE YOU!!!!"
[22:57] <Griselda> C'mon, take a good guess. You only get one, though--- make it count♡
[22:58] <Daini Felinus> Screw guesses!! WHY ARE YOU TREE TALL
[22:59] * Daini Felinus is quite flabbergasted at the height of the woman due to the fact that she herself is only 4 feet tall
[22:59] <Griselda> Oh, come on. I'm more than certain you've met ladies as tall as I, if not taller.
[23:00] <Griselda> Hell, wasn't there someone at the Hotel that's like 8'6"?
[23:00] * Daini Felinus stares blandly "only ZoZo and miss Hale
[23:00] <Daini Felinus> Niikuns is only 7 I think
[23:02] <Daini Felinus> You're not a mongoosetiger soooooooooo
[23:03] <Magni> Did you forget about Monica? She's also fairly tall.
[23:03] <Daini Felinus> My brother is the biggest peri know
[23:03] <Daini Felinus> Who's Monica?
[23:03] * Daini Felinus is confused
[23:04] <Magni> Uh, a Nekomata demon. Stands about 6'2", blonde, two differently colored eyes?
[23:05] * Daini Felinus taps her chin thinking
[23:05] <Daini Felinus> Hmmmmmmmmmmmm
[23:07] * Griselda peers at Daini's ears. Might she see smoke rising from them?
[23:08] * Daini Felinus has no smoke she is a neko, not a train "I'm not sure. It's been a trying month and a half
[23:09] * Daini Felinus peers back at Griseldas ears
[23:09] * Griselda 's ears can't really be seen, as her luscious brown hair is in the way.
[23:10] * Daini Felinus pulls out her phone looking for reception "might as well compare and contrast
[23:11] * Daini Felinus pulls up a picture of her brother Mastuo and holds it up comparing
[23:11] * Griselda shows no resemblence to Matsuo. Neither does Magni, for that matter.
[23:12] * Daini Felinus moves on to Matsumi and compares
[23:13] *** Nope. Still nothing♫
[23:14] * Daini Felinus hold up a picture of her brother nelius. She's not giving up.
[23:14] *** Lookit that, seems the third time was the charm! Griselda and Magni certainly seem to share a number of features with him.
[23:15] * Daini Felinus pauses and holds up a picture of/me turns bright and let's out a horrid scream before stomping away "THATS DINOSAUR!!!!!! IM GUNNA BUST HIS DOOR DOWN!!!! I KNEW IT!!!!!!!"
[23:16] <Griselda> Took her long enough to figure it out♫
[23:16] <Magni> Though once more it seems she's missing a detail.
[23:16] * Daini Felinus stomps off in a direction "oooooo I'm gonna find you you old man"
[23:18] *** Uhhh, you sure you wanna go that way?
[23:18] * Daini Felinus brandishes her hammer "fine!! Where is he?? I'm gonna squash him
[23:19] *** It might be a touch difficult to do that when you don't even know where or when you are.
[23:20] * Daini Felinus grins maniacally "I don't.... But you do. Now tell me, darling neice and nephew, Where is that dinosaur?
[23:21] <Daini Felinus> Or I can go old fashioned
[23:21] <Magni> Let's see.... what's today in your time.... Monday?
[23:21] <Daini Felinus> He still has his soul
[23:22] <Griselda> Knowing him..... he's probably out trying to get himself out of his little mode lock issue.
[23:23] * Daini Felinus tilts her head "mode lock?"
[23:24] <Griselda> Well, yeah. You do know what went down in your time, right?
[23:25] * Daini Felinus sighs "you weren't born yet so you wouldn't know but I happen to have been stuck in my mother's mind for the past month and a half
[23:25] <Daini Felinus> I only saw what she saw
[23:26] <Griselda> So you're, at the very least, aware of that Necros thing blowing up Earth?
[23:26] * Daini Felinus holds out her hand producing a small flickering light "find him." She sends it off
[23:26] <Daini Felinus> Yeah I saw that
[23:26] <Daini Felinus> Shame
[23:27] <Daini Felinus> I liked that one
[23:27] <Griselda> Well, in order to put that belly-crawler down for good, he decided to go all out...... and now he can't revert back just yet.
[23:28] <Daini Felinus> Decide?
[23:28] <Daini Felinus> Which mode is he in?
[23:28] <Magni> Indeed. Though it seems that in this case, his form...... shifted.
[23:29] * Magni points to the pink sky. "Observe."
[23:29] * Daini Felinus throws her hands up and groans "well let's go find him."
[23:29] *** The pink sky suddenly turns to static. The fresh hell is this?!
[23:29] * Daini Felinus blinks
[23:30] *** The sky suddenly tunes into something. You see Nelius, all right..... and holy wow is that a change! Take a good /look at Demon of Deicide.
[23:30] <Daini Felinus> The sky changed because of him?
[23:30] * Daini Felinus looks at demon of deicide.
[23:30] *** demon of deicide is Nelius Raoul's ascended state as One whom Defies. His hair is now a flowing mane of Sacred Darkness power, two wings of pure energy flow from his back, and two auras circle him, one clockwise, the other counter.
His image Song is: Dramatic Devil Story by Tenpei Sato, extended by Overlord Laharl. He is Level 1.

[23:31] * Daini Felinus stomps towards her brother yelling "HEY YOU BIG DINOSAUR GET DOWN HERE!!!"
[23:32] <Magni> ....he cannot hear you. You're effectively like an overzealous sports fan screaming at a broadcast.
[23:32] <Daini Felinus> HOW DARE YOUR KIDS BE TALLER THAN ME!!! KIDS!!!!
[23:32] * Daini Felinus KEEPS YELLING
[23:32] <Magni> (I don't think she can hear us.)
[23:33] * Daini Felinus throws her hammer at Nelius
[23:33] <Griselda> (Totally saving this for the home movie collection♫)
[23:33] <Daini Felinus> IM TALKING TO YOU!!!!
[23:33] *** The hammer goes up......... and then succumbs to gravity. Better be ready to catch it or get the heck outta the way!
[23:34] * Daini Felinus holds her hand out
[23:35] * Daini Felinus grabs the handle, spins around to gain momentum and THROWS it back
[23:35] *** Once again, the hammer goes up........ and gravity ultimately wins out. Maybe you should try hearing your audience out?
[23:36] * Daini Felinus catches her hammer and looks at the two tall people
[23:36] <Griselda> Yes'm?
[23:37] <Daini Felinus> Do you like your dad?
[23:38] <Griselda> If you're thinking about attacking him, I'd have to ask you to kindly not carry that out. You might end up delaying us by a few centuries.
[23:38] <Daini Felinus> Oh heavens no
[23:38] <Daini Felinus> That's my just GUNNA see if I can get TO him
[23:39] <Griselda> Again, what you're seeing up there is but a projection. It's like watching a 20k" TV in the sky.
[23:40] * Daini Felinus being 13 doesn't get that "that's the sky!! It's not a tv!!!!!
[23:41] <Magni> (Oh brother.)
[23:41] <Daini Felinus> So how do I get back to my home?
[23:41] <Daini Felinus> If I can get there I can find him....
[23:42] <Magni> We can get you back to the Hotel, but there is something we're going to need to ask of you.
[23:42] <Daini Felinus> I'm still kicking his butt
[23:42] <Daini Felinus> >>
[23:44] <Magni> Look, just say absolutely nothing about what you've witnessed here today. They will end up together eventually, but if you go in ranting and raving and screaming it might end with us not coming into existence for a long time.
[23:45] <Griselda> Not to mention the other thing....
[23:45] * Daini Felinus stares at the two before bopping magni " you aren't the first ones the contact me beyond time deary. I know what I'm doing
[23:46] <Daini Felinus> Don't worry the only thing hell think is I hate HIS height. But FYI you're both TOO tall
[23:46] * Daini Felinus crosses her arms
[23:46] <Griselda> Hey, blame genetics for that one. :P
[23:47] <Daini Felinus> I'll blame the Dinosaur I call a brother
[23:47] <Griselda> But hey, I know quite a few who like my height♡
[23:47] <Daini Felinus> ........ I'm telling your dad the day you're born..
[23:48] <Griselda> By all technicalities it wouldn't have happened by that time. 'Sides, who's to say that I might end up even taller~
[23:48] <Daini Felinus> Or shorter.
[23:49] <Daini Felinus> So many things can stunt your growth~
[23:49] <Daini Felinus> Plus you also have another aunt who makes potions
[23:49] <Griselda> Mmmm, don't count on it too much♫
[23:49] <Daini Felinus> A shrinking potion in your birthday cake would work
[23:50] <Griselda> Oh, Aunt Kanri tried that already. Too bad she ate the wrong slice♫
[23:51] * Magni bites back a chuckle. "Oh, she was even tinier and livid for days~"
[23:51] <Daini Felinus> Maybe
[23:51] <Daini Felinus> So about your dad..... Does he ever wear flipflops
[23:51] * Daini Felinus stares
[23:52] <Magni> ....why would he?
[23:52] <Daini Felinus> What? To go to the beach?
[23:52] <Daini Felinus> Duh
[23:52] <Daini Felinus> Who wears boots on the beach?
[23:53] <Magni> We just go barefoot.
[23:53] <Daini Felinus> But.... Glass. Broken sea shells
[23:54] <Griselda> You forget-- we're demons. We're several times hardier than humans.
[23:54] <Daini Felinus> .......yeah..
[23:56] <Daini Felinus> Skin as thick as his head
[23:56] * Daini Felinus looks around "shouldn't I go help your dad?"
[00:00] <Magni> I'd advise against it. He does figure it out.
[00:01] <Griselda> But we can send you back home, so long as you promise not to let slip what's going on in this pocket reality.
[00:02] <Daini Felinus> Oh I didnt mean help help. I meant sisterly help. You know. What's sisters do.... And for the last time RELAX. I've flown through time already I know all about the butterflies.
[00:02] <Daini Felinus> Besides it's not like I'm in a hurry to be towered over by two kids who are younger than me
[00:03] <Griselda> :3 Yeah, about that.....
[00:04] <Daini Felinus> That's just not fair
[00:04] <Daini Felinus> I already know I'm NEVER going to be above 5feet.
[00:06] <Griselda> Well, lemme at least leave this little nugget of wisdom with you ---- when your time catches up to ours, there's a procedure for that.
[00:06] <Daini Felinus> I'm good!
[00:06] <Daini Felinus> I'll stay short
[00:07] <Daini Felinus> Means I'll be rare
[00:07] <Daini Felinus> Like niikun in flipflops
[00:08] <Griselda> All right, all right --- out with you, you bundle of crazy. :P
[00:08] * Griselda points to a door ---- wait a damn minute, that was NOT there before?
[00:09] * Daini Felinus doesn't even look twice, that's normal "fine. But I'll be waiting for you both to be born"
[00:10] * Daini Felinus heads through the door "I'm going to dress you both as kittens"
[00:11] *** The Door takes you back to ss2.
[00:11] *** Daini Felinus has left #suburbansenshi4 (Mess with a Felinus and taste our Claws.)
[00:13] *** Griselda [FORBIDDEN@404] has left #suburbansenshi4 ((Oh I think she's gonna like my going-away present!))
[00:13] *** The realm soon fades away as the pair leave.
[00:13] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[00:26] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[00:26] *** Daini Felinus has joined #suburbansenshi4
[00:26] <+luna_P> Evening, Daini Felinus
[00:26] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Are we the balls? *** Happy Obon!!
[00:27] *** All seems fairly quiet around the Overlord's Castle.
[00:27] * Daini Felinus walks through the castle "Asa?"
[00:27] * Asa pops her head out from one of the recreational rooms. "That you, Daini?"
[00:27] <Daini Felinus> Yep. Where's niikun. Haru said you would know
[00:28] <Asa> Of course I'd know. I am the Carnage Dimension Gatekeeper, after all~
[00:28] <Daini Felinus> Of course.
[00:29] * Daini Felinus smiles
[00:29] * Asa waves her hand, and a bloody-red Dimensional Gate begins forming. "So why do you want to go see the boss, anyhow? This another one of your random spiels?"
[00:30] <Daini Felinus> I haven't seen him or matsumi since earth came back. So as his sister I'm here to check in. Maybe piss him off a bit.
[00:31] <Asa> Aha. Well, I know Burroughs asked Alator and Luugas to do some deep-range scans of Earth to track Matsumi down.
[00:31] <Asa> To be fair, he did think that Matsumi was revived on Quinox after killing that Necros-thing.
[00:32] <Daini Felinus> Yeah. I'm looking too. All we have to go on is South America.
[00:32] <Asa> And putting her back together....
[00:33] * Daini Felinus frowns remembering
[00:34] <Asa> Haru suspects that Matsumi ejected her Star Seed and such to ensure that Necros couldn't get at 'em. But it's in the past now.
[00:35] *** The Dimensional Gate finishes forming. It took a while longer compared to her usual fare---- is something going on?
[00:35] * Daini Felinus looks at the gate "we have to find her to know first"
[00:35] <Daini Felinus> Are you ok Asa?
[00:37] <Asa> Well, ever since the boss assisted in killing Necros, he's been stuck in that weird form. Whatever's going on, if it's able to interfere with my gates.....
[00:38] <Daini Felinus> I'll be careful.
[00:39] <Daini Felinus> Besides if push comes to shove I still have an emergency exit
[00:40] <Asa> Zotia thinks that the power that both Haru and he were struck with years back is causing something to happen.
[00:40] * Daini Felinus walks towards the gate "so it's like when he landed on earth the first time?
[00:41] <Asa> Nah. It's something completely different.
[00:41] <Daini Felinus> He didn't .have control then did he
[00:42] * Daini Felinus nods "alright I'll see what I can do."
[00:42] <Asa> He'd know more. Get on through there before the gate decides to give out and fling you into an alternate reality or something.
[00:42] * Daini Felinus heads through the gate with a salute
[00:43] *** Asa has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Seeya around, kid. Aldora misses you.")
[00:43] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Carnage Dimension
[00:43] *** You land in the familiar, blood-soaked lands of the Carnage Dimension. There's a strange feeling in the air.....
[00:43] * Daini Felinus looks in the sky for her brother
[00:44] *** The sky is as ominous as ever. It's like the Sun is smiling at you..... plotting to do unspeakably horrible things.
[00:45] * Daini Felinus searches for the amulets pull. "Oniikun!"
[00:46] *** The amulet's pull..... seems to be coming from off to the right a bit. Is there interference somewhere?
[00:46] * Daini Felinus cautiously follows the pull. Ears twitching
[00:47] *** The pull feels a bit stronger as you approach..... then siddenly it feels like it's off to..... behind you? Wut?
[00:48] * Daini Felinus looks up
[00:48] <Daini Felinus> Is he moving?
[00:49] *** The pull stops, tugging you towards a direction. It's like a fishing line that has been tangled up among other things............. what is going on?
[00:49] * Daini Felinus searches for the source
[00:50] *** The pull seems to be going up and down and all around. It's like it's trying to go a billion different directions all at once.
[00:51] * Daini Felinus stops and looks around for any danger
[00:52] *** No danger, at least none that can be immediately seen.
[00:52] * Daini Felinus takes a deeeeeeeeep breath and let's out a blood curdling scream "that might reach him"
[00:53] *** Your scream ECHOES for miles.
[00:54] * Daini Felinus waits listening
[00:54] *** Nothing. Not even another demon coming to try and find prey..... this is deeply unsettling.
[00:55] * Daini Felinus wonders if she should go looking or make a camp >>
[00:56] *** The amulet's pull starts up again. This time, it settles on going straight ahead.
[00:56] * Daini Felinus perks up and follows the pull
[00:57] *** As you follow the pull, you begin to notice something......... off.
[00:57] * Daini Felinus frowns and uses her senses to stay on guard
[00:58] *** This region of the Carnage Dimension shouldn't look like this. At all. Trees should NOT melt.
[00:59] * Daini Felinus takes of running to find her brother "ONIIKUN!!!"
[01:01] *** As you run along, everything seems to take a step beyond the strange and straight into mind-bending.
[01:01] * Daini Felinus looks up at the sky "ONIIKUUUUUUUUUN!!!!"
[01:02] *** Your scream ECHOES for miles.
[01:02] * Daini Felinus keeps running
[01:03] *** You keep running.... and as you approach, the mind-bendingly weird suddenly starts to sober up. Are you getting closer, or farther away?
[01:04] * Daini Felinus slows to look around
[01:04] *** Wait--- what is that?
[01:04] *** Over there.... a flash of blue?
[01:04] * Daini Felinus heads in the direction of the flash
[01:06] *** You get closer.... and that's hair! Who has blue hair like that?
[01:06] * Daini Felinus cautiously looks around.
[01:08] * Zotia suddenly appears in your field of vision..... really uncomfortably close. "Daini?!"
[01:09] * Daini Felinus backs up "where my brother Zo?"
[01:10] * Zotia points over to her right. "This way. No doubt you've heard of what's been going on."
[01:11] * Daini Felinus follows "kind of. A little here and there"
[01:13] * Demon of Deicide can be seen in the midst of a clearing. His breathing is steady, his posture relaxed. All around him, it's like everything is literally shifting before your very eyes.
[01:14] * Daini Felinus tries to see how close she can get without being too close
[01:15] *** The very ground around you CRACKLES with energy.
[01:16] <Zotia> He's been like this for the past few days.
[01:16] <Daini Felinus> How close can you get?
[01:16] <Zotia> Not very.
[01:17] * Daini Felinus watches her brother closely
[01:17] <Daini Felinus> Does he know he's not Dr suess?
[01:18] <Zotia> .....wut
[01:18] * Daini Felinus slowly tries to inch toward her brother "have you never read a Dr suess book??"
[01:19] <Zotia> kinda forgot I'm a demon, didn't you?
[01:20] * Daini Felinus grins sheepishly "well it never made a difference to me"
[01:20] *** The ground around Nelius CRACKLES with energy. A stray spark actually lashes out near you.
[01:21] * Daini Felinus rolls around the spark and inches closer
[01:21] *** It feels like the very air is pushing you back.
[01:22] * Daini Felinus pulls out her hammer and sticks it in the ground to help hold on
[01:23] *** Suddenly the air drops off. As you look around, the strangeness seems to revert back to its usual setting.
[01:23] <Daini Felinus> NIIKUN WHAT THE HECK!
[01:24] * Demon of Deicide is now known as Nelius Raoul
[01:24] * Nelius Raoul gets up from his sitting position. "Huh? When'd you get here, Daini?"
[01:25] * Daini Felinus stop..... Blinks..... Then SWINGS "don't you give me that you over grown fern!!"
[01:26] <Daini Felinus> It's been days you wierdo! We were worried!
[01:27] * Nelius Raoul is hit by the hammer..... and doesn't budge an inch. "Well what was I supposed to do? Keep walking around and let this situation spiral out of control?"
[01:28] <Daini Felinus> You could have called! Sent a message. At least said "I'm alive!"
[01:28] * Daini Felinus pouts
[01:28] <Daini Felinus> I was really worried when you melted the trees
[01:29] <Daini Felinus> I thought you were going to mel
[01:29] <Daini Felinus> Melt
[01:30] <Nelius Raoul> No way. I'm not going to melt.
[01:30] <Daini Felinus> Good. You feel better?
[01:31] <Nelius Raoul> Much. Seems that when I transformed to help kill Necros, something related to what happened four years ago flared up intensely.
[01:32] <Daini Felinus> Yeah... Whatever it was, it better not hurt you
[01:33] * Daini Felinus stifles a yawn
[01:33] <Nelius Raoul> Else what? You'd give it a pouty face until it submitted? :P
[01:34] <Daini Felinus> No I'd do whatever it took to save you. Even black magic.
[01:34] * Daini Felinus turns and walks back the way she came " don't make this a habit. You're supposed to save me.
[01:35] <Nelius Raoul> ...yeah, gonna tell you right now, your black magic probably would've backfired.
[01:36] <Daini Felinus> I'd still have done everything I know to save you. You're my brother. It wouldn't be the same without you
[01:36] <Daini Felinus> I don't care if it backfires. At least I don't give up
[01:37] <Nelius Raoul> Trust me, Daini, I'm gonna be around for a long time.
[01:37] * Daini Felinus snorts " you mean longER? You're already a dinosaur
[01:39] <Nelius Raoul> You best start getting home before I decide to tickle you into submision♫
[01:40] * Daini Felinus runs up to nelius and hops on to his shoulder "I need a gate back to coalition please"
[01:41] <Nelius Raoul> All right. Let's head home.
[01:41] <Daini Felinus> I call dibs on aldora!
[01:42] * Zotia works on getting a gate open. "C'mon, let's go."
[01:42] *** Zotia [Shura.WiseWords@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 (*through the gate* "Aldora and Shadow have both missed you, you know.")
[01:43] *** Daini Felinus has left #suburbansenshi4 (Time for a Cat Pile!!)
[01:44] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ((Guess this is one step towards restoring things.))
[01:44] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[20:37] *** is carrying:
1. Empty
2. Empty
3. Empty
4. Empty
5. Empty
6. Empty
7. Empty
8. Empty
9. Empty
10. Empty

Assets: G¥0 .

[20:37] *** The Intern is carrying:
1. SONIC ENHANCED PSP Hacking-multi-tool
2. Transcendentally Dimensional 20 gallon Cute Pink Cat Backpack
3. Choco Stash and Toiletry Supplies from Eliza
4. Shiny New Detective's License
5. DataPADD / Psychic Paper / Time Ring
6. O-Washimono Grade Sword 'Shusui" x2
7. Wedding Ring
8. Empty

Assets: G¥0 .

[21:17] * Matsumi Kaze sits on the cold desert....and watches the strange goth girl fade away...
[21:17] * Matsumi Kaze silently stares at the campfire in front of her...
[21:26] * Matsumi Kaze looks up at the stars...........
[21:26] <Matsumi Kaze> ......
[21:42] * Matsumi Kaze tries to reach a hand up..then frowns
[21:52] * Matsumi Kaze lays down in the dirt and sand and closes her eyes....hoping her dreams will help her remember
[22:27] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi4

[23:08] *** In another time, in another place.....
[23:09] *** "Told you they had it under control, little brother."
[23:09] *** "Well pardon me for actually taking precautions."
[23:10] *** "Anyway, I think it's closing in on time for us to actually have that drop-in. I know we pressured our aunt to not spill...."
[23:11] *** "I'm aware. It was to ensure we had everything in order before revealing ourselves."
[23:26] *** "That said.... I think before we go drop in, I'm gonna pay someone else a visit beforehand."
[23:27] *** "And who is that, exactly?"
[23:27] *** "Oh, you know who it is. Kid's kinda grown on me."
[23:27] *** Before the younger sibling can say a word, his older sister vanishes.
[23:27] *** ".......oh no. That way lies madness."
[23:27] *** He departs after her.

[20:35] *** Charm Coffee
[20:36] *** Mirai Arashi has joined #suburbansenshi4
[20:36] <+luna_P> Evening, Mirai Arashi
[20:36] <+luna_P> Ugh. I don't hate people. I just sometimes feel better when they're not around.
[20:36] *** Mirai Arashi has joined #suburbansenshi4
[20:36] <+luna_P> Evening, Mirai Arashi
[20:36] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Sprache Nihongo?
[20:36] * Mirai Arashi sits in the cafe. thinking over about recent events...and what she has to do
[20:38] *** Himeko Yamashiro has joined #suburbansenshi4
[20:38] <+luna_P> Evening, Himeko Yamashiro
[20:38] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Where typos are a fine art
[20:38] * Himeko Yamashiro returns with drinks
[20:38] <Himeko Yamashiro> ...I think I got the right one..I'm not very good with coffee...
[20:38] * Shina sits on the table
[20:38] <Shina> ....are you scared?
[20:40] <Mirai Arashi> yeah but..I've been....scared..since I started...
[20:42] * Mirai Arashi thinks back to how she first got Matsumi came to her in dreams........
[20:44] <Shina> has been...really scary
[20:48] * Shina thinks about the attack on the shrine and Mirai fighting againstJack
[20:50] <Himeko Yamashiro> ...I guess
[20:54] * Himeko Yamashiro thinks back to her infiltrating Mirai's school, at the same time working to try and get her hands on the seal Mirai had
[21:03] *** all three of them sigh...
[21:05] *** the staff member there (jackie) reminds the three that it will be closing soon...
[21:06] * Mirai Arashi quietly pays for the food and the other two walk out with her...
[21:09] *** the three walk quietly back to the bus
[21:12] *** train ^
[21:16] * Mirai Arashi listens to the train she thinks back to the events where she met the Dream Emperor...and saved Yokohama...
[21:33] * Himeko Yamashiro thinks back on the time when the alchemist came back..and threatened all of Tokyo...and how Mirai saved them all
[21:57] *** as the three disembark....they think towards the tough decision they have to make...

[09:47] *** "What did I tell you, bro? They had it handled."
[09:47] <~> 'dm "Perhaps, but such a system relying on one being..... I cannot help but feel that it is woefully obtuse."
[09:48] *** "Considering it's something that was put in place millennia back, I think we'd have to actively chat with 'em to get the deets."
[09:50] *** "Regardless, what is done is done. Where shall we proceed from here?"
[09:51] *** "Been thinking of keeping a few tabs on our little friend. Seems she's made quite the risky venture."
[09:53] *** "Why so interested in one so young?"
[09:53] *** "She kinda reminds me of someone I know. Naturally I want to see her succeed."
[09:56] *** "....I see."
[09:59] *** "If you're worried about that info getting out, right now only one person knows of us in that time. Inevitably that number's gonna rise, like with Lady Natalia."
[10:05] *** "True..."
[10:06] *** "Look, I got it covered. Let's just take this time to further our understanding and have some fun."
[10:10] *** "...very well."
[10:11] *** The two depart.

[13:10] *** Meanwhile, in another place....
[13:11] *** "Huh, looks like they had that taken care of after all."
[13:11] *** "Ah well... I'll get my chance to say hi another day."
[13:12] *** "Though, what to do now.... oh! There is that."
[13:12] *** The figure departs."

[00:43] *** Meanwhile, in another place.....
[00:43] *** "Oh boy, that one doesn't realize how badly she's been manipulated."
[00:43] *** "A lot is gonna come crashing down when the truth is revealed to her....."
[00:44] *** "Either way, betting she'd be eating her words once the real event starts up."
[00:45] *** "....say, when do we introduce ourselves to the next one?"
[00:46] *** "Well, we got the younger sibling, so let's go for the elder one. Maybe her one kid as well--- that one was such fun in our time♫"
[00:46] *** "Hmmm.... true. She is the more logical one of the family..."
[00:47] *** "All right, sounds set to me."
[00:47] *** The two depart, putting their own plans into motion.

[23:54] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[23:54] * Haru E pops into her room, where an Amazombie package is awaiting her.
[23:54] <Haru E> Yes♫
[23:54] *** WIth wild abandon, she opens the box and claims her order!
[23:57] * Haru E withdraws a series of small tools. (And with these, finalizing that upgrade to my visor will be easier than ever♫)
[23:58] *** Wasting no time, she pulls out her visor and sets it on the nearby desk as she opens her new case. Time to go to work!
[23:59] *** Haru E [Shura.SpannerinDWorks@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 (*She'll take some time to finalize the installation before running a compiler to ensure this goes well.*)
[23:59] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[10:10] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[10:11] * Nelius Raoul looks over some reports concerning the supply missive he had undertaken some months ago.
[10:11] <Nelius Raoul> (Looks like things should be wrapping up in about another day or so. Overall I have to say I'm quite pleased with the results.)
[10:14] <Nelius Raoul> (ANd of course learning more about that other universe is an immense boon. I've always known about different demon worlds, but that one seems to have quite the interesting tale behind it....)
[10:15] <Nelius Raoul> (Just better make certain that if Hale and her kin get introduced, that I let 'em know about the whole seperation deal and how things are still rocky between them.)
[10:17] *** With that out of the way, he turns his attention to the information packets that he had acquired during a more recent foray to said universe.
[10:18] * Nelius Raoul leafs through them, doing a bit of comparison and update along the way. (These things helped during August's little dust-up. I'll have to think of a good way to pay back that Great Overlord for all of this.)
[10:20] *** A beeping sound catches his attention. He spares a glance over.
[10:21] <Nelius Raoul> (Oh, right --- Haru had asked R&D to put that plan of hers into motion concerning her two friends. Might as well swing by and see what this alert's about.)
[10:23] * Nelius Raoul closes the information packets, after doing a bit of backup as a just in case measure, then heads down to the Science Wing.
[10:27] *** The Science Wing of the Overlord's Castle has seen a few updates. New computer systems, updated equipment, the whole works.
[10:27] <Nelius Raoul> Mita, I got your message about Haru's project.
[10:27] <Mita> Hey boss. Finally pulled yourself outta isolation, I see.
[10:28] <Nelius Raoul> Very funny. :P
[10:28] <Mita> I do my best♫
[10:29] <Mita> But to business--- yes, the project Lady Haru was working on has come to completion. Have to say, it was a little tricky getting it to work like she asked, but I do enjoy a challenge~
[10:31] <Naoto> Having that excess material to work with certainly helped accelerate the project. She's really going all-out for her two friends.
[10:33] <Nelius Raoul> Can't say I'm surprised. They've seen past the superficial differences among them and have come to accept one another for whom they are.
[10:49] * Nelius Raoul spends a little time gathering up the parts for this project. "So, want me to deliver it to her, or just send the word about ite completion?"
[10:50] <Naoto> I'd say send the word. After all, the best surprises are the ones they never see coming~
[10:54] <Nelius Raoul> That is a fair point.... and it has been a bit since I last stopped by.
[11:05] <Nelius Raoul> Well then, off I go.
[11:05] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4
[11:05] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[20:27] <> test
[20:28] <> test
[20:28] *** has turned their sound on
[20:28] <> test
[20:29] <> test
[20:29] <> test
[20:35] <> test

[13:12] *** In another time, in another place....
[13:12] *** "So bro, is everything in place for our next move?"
[13:13] *** "It's ready. Though, if I may be honest, I see no reason to interfere. Everything seems to be going along well."
[13:14] *** "Well, I do. We both know what's coming up, and how to decisively stop it."
[13:14] *** "True, but they handled themselves exceptionally well when it went down in our time. Might you be implying that something was missed the first go-around?"
[13:15] *** "Exactly the reason. You remember what those other Overlords shared with our dad all that time ago. We're not gonna let another one get the chance to run loose."
[13:17] *** "I see. If you're certain that is what could happen, then I am duty-bound to assist."
[13:18] *** "Y'know, little brother, you gotta stop talking so formally. We're family above all else."
[13:22] *** "Hmm..."
[13:22] *** "Anyway, we have some time before we need to get into position. Seeya in a bit."
[13:22] *** The siblings part ways for the time being.

[17:41] *** @Sailor Quinox has killed Kate

[09:51] *** In another time, in another place....
[09:51] *** "Oh brother. You'd think being a little more honest would kill people in that day and age."
[09:52] *** "What, you suspect their statement of having a horrible timeline to be a mere sob story?"
[09:52] *** "Considering the number of 'em we've had to deal with by our time, I'm inclined to say yes."
[09:54] *** "That's not normally like you."
[09:54] *** "Call it what you will, but I suspect they're here for other purposes."
[09:57] *** "Then, how do you propose we investigate?"
[09:58] *** "Simple enough. We prod that hornet's nest, but in this case, we press an advantage that technology can't quite compensate for."
[10:00] *** "You mean that, don't you?"
[10:00] *** "Yes, that. After that particular issue we had to deal with, I'm not in the mood to take chances."
[10:01] *** *sigh* "Very well. Let's get to it."
[10:01] *** The two depart.

[11:31] * - looks at Hulking Figure.
[11:31] *** Hulking Figure is is nowhere to be found since the fight where he fought ferociously to protect Matsumi Shin, heedless of his own life.
His image Song is: "Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton. He is Level 1.

[11:31] <-> (( ..ugh ))

[20:57] <-> /private
[21:56] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Matsumi is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[21:56] <Matsumi Kaze> /privatescene
[21:56] <Matsumi Kaze> /Private
[21:58] *** PRIVATE SCENE
[21:58] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[21:58] <+luna_P> Evening, Matsumi Kaze
[21:58] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: There is still someone out there... fapping.

[21:58] *** PRIVATE ACTION START - This cannot be scryed or otherwise seen unless the players involved allow it.

[21:58] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[21:58] <+luna_P> Evening, Matsumi Kaze
[21:58] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: You can't get voted off!
[21:58] * Matsumi Kaze walks up to an apartment and walks in
[21:59] * Matsumi Kaze turns on the light and removes her jacket
[22:05] * Matsumi Kaze puts the camera down on a table and goes into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her
[22:07] * Matsumi Kaze takes a shower, humming to herself...
[22:14] * Matsumi Kaze walks out of the shower, her hair wrapped up in a towel and sits down at the desk, looking over the camera's photos
[22:18] * Matsumi Kaze frowns, looking at one of the photos....
[22:22] * Matsumi Kaze got a good pic of the chair mostly...
[22:22] * Matsumi Kaze looks at the photos she took of the windows
[22:23] <Matsumi Kaze> ...
[22:24] * Matsumi Kaze removes the towel over her hair..revealing her long brownish red hair
[22:24] * Matsumi Kaze is now known as Matsumi Kido
[22:25] * Matsumi Kido turns to look at a wall full of photos linked by string
[22:27] * Matsumi Kido looks at how all the strings are linked to the Hotel
[22:28] <Matsumi Kido> .....
[22:28] <Matsumi Kido> .....this isn't right...
[22:29] * Matsumi Kido pauses and looks back at what looks like a weird deck of cards
[22:29] <Matsumi Kido> ...not right at all


[11:39] <spiritflame> Dungeon Master rolls 1d7 [ 4 ]
[11:41] <spiritflame> Dungeon Master rolls 1d7 [ 7 ]
[12:48] <spiritflame> Dungeon Master rolls 1d440 [ 57 ]
[12:48] <spiritflame> Dungeon Master rolls 1d2 [ 1 ]
[14:24] * - looks at Mako.
[14:24] *** Mako is your average everyday Mako

[14:31] * ~ looks at BlueFlameMako.
[14:31] *** BlueFlameMako is your average everyday BlueFlameMako

[14:38] * ~ looks at BlueFlame Mako.
[14:38] *** BlueFlame Mako is a young boy with blue hair and yellow eyes. He's 6 years old and wears clothes to match the weather outside and the same applies to his shoes. His dragon form is blue and stands only 6 feet tall since he's so young.
His image Song is: . He is Level 1.

[10:21] <spiritflame> ??? rolls 1d20 [ 12 ]
[10:49] *** ??? flips a coin into the air and catches it, heads side up

[00:33] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[00:33] * Nelius Raoul looks over some reports regarding certain events last month.
[00:33] <Nelius Raoul> (Let's see here..... those are good... these are improving as well.... hm?)
[00:34] * Nelius Raoul picks up a file that definitely wasn't there when he left earlier. (And what have we here?)
[00:34] * Nelius Raoul opens it up and takes a look.
[00:35] <Nelius Raoul> (...definitely curious, and not something normally done. Though how to approach this.....)
[00:36] <Nelius Raoul> (Hm, I guess the direct method will work. It's far from the first time this has happened.)
[00:38] <Nelius Raoul> (That'll work. Next time I head down, that's what I'll do.)
[00:40] * Nelius Raoul checks the time. (Man, it's late. Then again, I don't feel sufficiently tired yet....)
[00:45] <Nelius Raoul> (Hm... that gate's still quiet, things have concluded out with the other Overlords, so they're good to go....)
[00:51] <Nelius Raoul> (Guess it's the old standby.)
[00:52] * Nelius Raoul organizes the files and puts them away. He then grabs one of his favorite books and heads to bed.
[00:52] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ((Lemme see.... Chapter 21: Consequence.))
[00:52] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[19:26] *** - flips a coin into the air and catches it, tails side up

[19:59] * Yui Kanzaki grabs Matsumi Kido's arm and looks at her..

[19:59] *** PRIVATE ACTION START - This cannot be scryed or otherwise seen unless the players involved allow it.

[20:00] * Yui Kanzaki grabs Matsumi Kido's arm and looks at her
[20:00] <Yui Kanzaki> ....are you...a Kamen Rider....
[20:01] * Matsumi Kido looks at the card in her hand and looks back up to Yui, sitting in a resteraunt
[20:01] <Matsumi Kido> you turn into Kamen Riders......and fight the monsters?
[20:03] * Matsumi Kido sighs, listening to the editor in chief lecture her again
[20:05] * Matsumi Kido sits on a roof and eats an onigiri and glances over at Ren Akiyama, who is standing there, looking over the city
[20:05] <Matsumi Kido> ....
[20:06] * Matsumi Kido pushes the snack in his direction
[20:09] * Ren Akiyama pauses..then grabs a snack, eating it
[20:10] * Matsumi Kido smiles a little
[20:11] * Matsumi Kido lays on the ground, bleeding a bit from her mouth and crawls, reaching out....
[20:11] <Matsumi Kido>!
[20:11] * Matsumi Kido BOLTS upright from her sofa, breathing hard
[20:12] * Matsumi Kido looks aorund at her darkened apartment...
[20:12] * Matsumi Kido gets up and walks over to her desk....
[20:15] * Matsumi Kido looks over the a binders on her desk...and worn out photo face down
[20:15] * Matsumi Kido picks it up and looks over it...
[20:15] *** the photo is of her with Ren Akiyama and Yui Kanzaki...
[20:16] * Matsumi Kido smiles a little then turns it face down again
[20:19] * Matsumi Kido glances over at a map pinned on her wall...there are several marks on marking ginga HQ..another marking Douglas Stewart, another marking Charm Coffee..another marking HQ Fumei...
[20:19] * Matsumi Kido frowns a bit....
[20:19] <Matsumi Kido> ..this has to end..
[20:19] <Matsumi Kido> /PRIVATEEND
[20:19] <Matsumi Kido> /endprivate
[20:20] <Matsumi Kido> /private stop
[20:20] <Matsumi Kido> /privatestop
[20:20] <Matsumi Kido> (( LOL ))

[23:54] *** In another time, in another place....
[23:54] *** "Hmmm..."
[23:54] *** "Sis? Something on your mind?"
[23:55] *** "Mostly looking over something our older sister recorded."
[23:55] *** "Oh? What did she find?"
[23:56] *** "This. Apparently these coordinates lead to something big."
[23:57] *** "....if I might ask, when were these coordinates recorded?"
[23:58] *** "Judging from the freshness of the recording, I'd say within the past week."
[23:59] *** "I see. Do you think it's worth checking out?"
[23:59] *** "If you're up for it. I mean, I got nothing else going on this week."
[00:03] *** "Might as well. Even a dead end could provide some information."
[00:04] *** The two siblings depart to check upon these supposed coordinates.

[19:28] *** Matsumi Kido flips a coin into the air and catches it, tails side up

[20:56] *** In the Netherworld Blood Parch, where the plants absorb blood to grow...
[20:56] *** An interesting scene could be seen here.
[20:57] *** Moira, the Coalition Netherworld Medic, could be seen embedded up to her waist in the side of one of the large vines that encircle this Netherworld, two-dozen permafrost kunai stuck in her backside....
[20:58] *** As for Atreya, one of the Coalition Netherworld Gatekeepers... she would be found buried up to her neck in the dry, cracked soil.
[20:59] * Atreya looks around, trying to find anyone that could unbury her. "Feed me... Feeeeed me..... Feee~eee~ee~e~d Meee~eee~ee~e" T_T
[21:00] *** So ends a typical day in the Netherworld.

[23:29] *** In another time, in another place....
[23:29] *** "Oh boy, they're in the thick of it now..."
[23:29] *** "You're thinking of going in, aren't you?"
[23:30] *** "What, is this the part where you try to convince me otherwise?"
[23:31] *** "Honestly, no. I've learned that once you've committed to something, not even beings above Gods could convince you otherwise. If you are going to go, perhaps you should take our elder sister's old transport."
[23:31] *** "Old transport---- ohhhh, that thing! I almost forgot about it. Did they ever get that bug fixed?"
[23:32] *** "At this point I think it was a deliberate feature."
[23:32] *** "What about you, though? You not coming along?"
[23:33] *** "I have my own duties to attend to. If things at our elder sister's current location are going as expected, then they're going to hit a fever pitch soon."
[23:34] *** "Ah, that's right. Either way, I should get my preparations ready to go."
[23:34] *** "As shall I. Until then...."
[23:35] *** The two siblings depart, each headed for their own destiations.

[21:19] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: The Shady Lady (behind closed door)
[21:19] <Shiroma Miho> So what kind of product would you like to purchase through our establishment, sir?
[21:19] * Shiroma Miho has moved to: [ The Shady Lady ]
[21:20] * has moved to: [ The Shady Lady ]
[21:20] * D. Kakaku has moved to: [ The Shady Lady ]
[21:21] * Shiroma Miho [The Shady Lady] smiles politely ^_^
[21:22] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] well, I was thinking a... sort of nervous, but a kind of manipulator, I don't know which yet.
[21:23] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] I'm sorry, sir, I don't follow you. ^_^
[21:24] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] that's alright.
[21:24] * D. Kakaku [The Shady Lady] gulps nervously.
[21:24] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Perhaps I could summarize our services?
[21:25] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] sure, that would be nice.
[21:26] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] We offer wondrous items that can do things mundane artifacts cannot. Things that can teleport you, or make you more handsome, or let you notice details like never before. We can create a sweater than an stop a bullet, or slippers that can le you walk up walls.
[21:27] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Of course, these services are not free----there is a price connected with them. Bending the laws of nature to suit our clients is expensive work, and you will be expected to pay premium prices. Do you understand?
[21:27] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] I understand
[21:28] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] So do you have anything in mind?
[21:28] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] anything in categories 1 and 3, and maybe 5.
[21:29] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Very well.
[21:29] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Our premiere offering in example 5 would be slippers of spider climbing, which will let you climb on ceilings and walls---it's quite the sensation.
[21:30] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Also, we sell objects that can increase your physical health and stamina as long as you wear them.
[21:30] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] oh! really?
[21:31] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Indeed.
[21:31] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Belts or pendants that can make you stronger, or more agile, or even make your body physically healthier.
[21:31] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Those effects an be combined, but this is quite expensive.
[21:32] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Stronger effects are also quite expensive.
[21:32] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] how much expensive?
[21:34] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Well, proportionally more expensive. Being more than 225% stronger than an average man will cost you a good bit more than being 175% as strong.
[21:35] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] so, what about 300 and 500%?
[21:35] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] We do not offer that service.
[21:36] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] You can, however, become that much stronger, and also much healthier. Our products DO have hard limits, but provide your creativity does not, you should be quite satisfied.
[21:37] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] mmm, okay
[21:38] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Well, remember, sir, that this is merely to an unaugmented human that is completely baseline. If you are ALREADY stronger, more dextrous, or of higher constitution, it will drastically improve your natural abilities.
[21:39] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] For example, if a weightlifter put on our product, and he was *already* twice as strong as a typical man, it would make him 350% as strong as a normal person.
[21:39] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] ah.
[21:39] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] AHEM...
[21:39] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] I meant to say, 460% as strong. <.<
[21:40] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Multiplication is not a strength of mine. But I can guarantee the quality.
[21:40] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Are you interested in making your body healthier or stronger?
[21:41] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] I am, yes.
[21:41] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Very well.
[21:41] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Do you have a preference between agility, strength, and health? Is one more important? Two more important than the third? Are all of them equally important?
[21:43] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] agility and strength.
[21:44] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] but, maybe I should go with all three
[21:45] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] It is completely up to you.
[21:45] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] I'll go with all three
[21:46] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Very well. In this case, should you willingly provide us with funds or proper restitution, you shall receive a belt that can grant you physical perfection.
[21:46] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Your product can come in three different categories.
[21:47] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] okay, what are the categories?
[21:47] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Well, we can provide you with a belt that can make you 30% stronger, with acorresponding boost to your agility and toughness.
[21:48] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] For four times the cost of prior belt, though, we can create you a belt that can make you 75% stronger, with a corresponding enhancement to dexterity and constitution.
[21:49] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] However, for 9 times the price of the original belt, we can give you our strongest one possible.
[21:50] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] oh?
[21:50] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] It will magically augment you to champion-levels in all physical respects.
[21:50] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] No baseline human without incredible prowess could match the wearer of such a belt.
[21:52] * D. Kakaku [The Shady Lady] nods
[21:52] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] so, how much for the base belt?
[21:52] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] If you wore that belt, you would be more physically powerful than all but .000000793827% of humanity.
[21:52] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Ah yes.
[21:53] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] In order to get an exact price, I need to check the current market value of gold. ^_^
[21:53] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] One moment!
[21:53] * Shiroma Miho [The Shady Lady] double checks some calculations from the stock market she wrote down for today.
[21:54] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] shouldn't have gotten off th gold standard, nixon, heh.
[21:54] * Shiroma Miho [The Shady Lady] clears her throat. "That would cost you...."
[21:54] * Shiroma Miho [The Shady Lady] pulls out a calculator.
[21:56] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] ......$676713,600, and zero cents. ^_^
[21:56] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] ........... 0.7 Billion dollars?!
[21:57] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] <.<
[21:57] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Actually, I made a mistake.
[21:57] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] There are not 16 troy ounces in a pound. >.<
[21:57] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] I'm so sorry.
[21:57] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] The price of your belt would be....
[21:59] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] $5,714,320,272.00 dollars.
[21:59] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Oops.
[21:59] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Uh...
[21:59] * Shiroma Miho [The Shady Lady] sweat-drops.
[21:59] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Forgot to drop the decimal.
[21:59] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Your belt would cost 5.7 million dollars.
[21:59] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] $5,714,320.27
[22:00] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] I'm uh.... REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry about the wrong numbers there.
[22:00] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Is there anything I can do to ensure you won't tell anybody about the mistake?
[22:00] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Surely there's some service I could personally offer you?
[22:00] * Shiroma Miho [The Shady Lady] looks him directly in the eye.
[22:01] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] I'm sorry! I'm not good at multiplication. Please please PLEASE Don't tell anybody!
[22:01] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] maybe later.
[22:01] <spiritflame> Shiroma Miho rolls 1d20 [ 18 ]
[22:01] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] that's alright.
[22:01] * Shiroma Miho [The Shady Lady] regains her focus.
[22:01] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Very well.
[22:02] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] So now that you have your quote, are you interested?
[22:02] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] I am intrested.
[22:02] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Very well!
[22:02] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] When you can pay the fee, we will put you on the docket of commissions.
[22:03] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] I'll give you 50 million for the strongest belt, to account for gold pricing fluctuations, of course.
[22:03] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Note, however, that even paying tomorrow will not guarantee it, because we are currently----????
[22:03] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Well, the price of the strongest belt would actually come to....
[22:03] * Shiroma Miho [The Shady Lady] desperately starts doing calculations, trying to keep the pencil under control.
[22:05] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] $42,231,283.20
[22:05] * D. Kakaku [The Shady Lady] mentally does the calculations while looking it up to double check.
[22:05] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] That would be the cost of the strongest one.
[22:06] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] alright.
[22:07] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Do you want that one?
[22:08] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] yes, please.
[22:10] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] ......
[22:10] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] !!!!
[22:10] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] >.<
[22:10] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] huh? what's wrong?
[22:10] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] I'll ah... I'll have to check with my superiors to see if we can get you for that price.
[22:10] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] .....but...
[22:10] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] I doubt it.
[22:10] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] I suspect the price will be about 52 million. And I was wrong... again...
[22:11] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Uh.... I think I need to leave.
[22:11] * Shiroma Miho [The Shady Lady] swallows hard.
[22:11] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] ER... unless you are willing to pay the 52,000,000 price.... I might be able to persuade them to offer for 50 million...
[22:11] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] no worries, I double checked it mentally, I'm willing to pay 52 million.
[22:11] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] It's uh... nothing.
[22:11] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] OH!
[22:11] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Oh thank goodness.
[22:12] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Please please PLEASE don't tell anybody I keep making mistakes.
[22:12] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] That would be so VERY VERY BAD
[22:12] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] But very well.
[22:13] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] How about I knock a little bit off, and you pay 51 million, 286 thousand?
[22:14] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] OR.... or if you waited until the price of gold was less....
[22:14] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] You would pay less.
[22:14] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] I'll let you think about it?
[22:14] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] that'll be good, but I'll keep it at 52 million, just in case of gold price fluctuations.
[22:15] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] whatever doesn't get used up can either be given back or put towards a future order.
[22:15] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Deal.
[22:15] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] I'll put you down for an order RIGHT NOW.
[22:16] * Shiroma Miho [The Shady Lady] puts down that D.Kakaku has ordered the Belt of Physical Perfection in the most powerful variety for 52,000,000 dollars.
[22:16] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Very well.
[22:16] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Now.....
[22:16] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Can you pay now.... or do you want to be put on the list when you pay later?
[22:17] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] I can pay now.
[22:17] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Do you wish to write us a check, then?
[22:17] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] so.. what about those slippers?
[22:17] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] sure.
[22:18] * D. Kakaku [The Shady Lady] gets out a checkbook.
[22:20] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] I'm very sorry, sir, but I need to process just ONE payment at a time. ^_^
[22:21] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] ah, okay.
[22:23] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] I'll also need you to sign, in blood, that you will offer this payment, should your check be found problematic. ^_^
[22:24] <spiritflame> Shiroma Miho rolls 1d3 [ 2 ]
[22:28] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] o...kay.
[22:28] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] with a pen?
[22:29] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Please.
[22:29] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] ^_^
[22:29] * Shiroma Miho [The Shady Lady] gives him a pen, and also a small knife to use to cut himself with.
[22:29] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] okay.
[22:30] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] I'd never thought summer mosquito bites would come in handy.
[22:31] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] ^_^
[22:32] * D. Kakaku [The Shady Lady] picks open oen of said bites and lets the small amount of blood drip into the pen
[22:33] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] so, just sign it with blood?
[22:36] * Shiroma Miho [The Shady Lady] nods in affirmation.
[22:36] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Yes. In blood.
[22:36] * Shiroma Miho [The Shady Lady] smiles. ^_^
[22:37] * D. Kakaku [The Shady Lady] writes his signature, it's not a curved one, more dependable.
[22:39] * Shiroma Miho [The Shady Lady] carefully observes him signing with the blood.
[22:40] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Thank you sir.
[22:40] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] you're welcome
[22:40] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Now you do understand that if this check bounces, you are still liable for any work value that has proceeded before funds have stopped, and that we reserve the right to sieze or confiscate property or good of like value, yes?
[22:41] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Not that it matters, since you are clearly a very wealthy young man, and your check is assuredly good, and work shall not begin for at least f ew days---but you DO understand that liability, yes?
[22:41] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] ^_^
[22:42] * Shiroma Miho [The Shady Lady] waits for his response.
[22:44] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Sir?
[22:49] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] yes, I do
[22:49] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Very well!
[22:49] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Thank you very much for your business.
[22:49] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] That will be all the calls for tonight, I think.
[22:49] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] you're welcome
[22:49] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] okay.
[22:49] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] I'm certainly happy you felt comfortable enough to request our services!
[22:49] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] ^_^
[22:50] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Please come back anytime, and you can check the progress on your commission outside the wall next to the door.
[22:50] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] thank you for the feeling.
[22:50] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Also, I will need contact information for you. ^_^
[22:51] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] so, as far as I know, I'l giving you a 52 million dollar check, and I'm awaiting a belt And a banked favor, am I correct?
[22:52] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] ......
[22:52] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] and of course, I have contact information.
[22:52] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] I'll take that first.
[22:52] * Shiroma Miho [The Shady Lady] reaches out her hand.
[22:52] * D. Kakaku [The Shady Lady] writes down the contact information and gives it to Shiroma.
[22:52] * Shiroma Miho [The Shady Lady] has it now.
[22:53] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] As to your favor, it is a private matter, where I will keep a secret for you, or.... aid you... or offer you payment in kind, but this is void if people ever discovery what you swore to keep secret. Do you agree?
[22:54] <D. Kakaku> [The Shady Lady] I agree.
[22:54] * Shiroma Miho [The Shady Lady] narrows her eyes. "You are free to refuse."
[22:54] * Shiroma Miho [The Shady Lady] smiles again. ^_^
[22:54] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] Splendid.
[22:54] * Shiroma Miho [The Shady Lady] goes over and turns the key in the door.
[22:54] <Shiroma Miho> [The Shady Lady] /leave
[22:54] *** Shiroma Miho [0] has quit IRC
[22:54] *** D. Kakaku has left #suburbansenshi4 (Yeah! Let's go!)
[23:48] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[16:02] <spiritflame> Player rolls 11d6 [ 4, 5, 2, 2, 5, 5, 5, 1, 1, 2, 5 ]

[10:59] *** In another time, in another place....
[10:59] *** Preparations are nearing completion for their respective excursions.
[11:04] *** Soon, the pair shall depart for their missions.

[09:56] <> test

[18:16] *** has turned their sound on
[12:15] * ? looks at Esperanza.
[12:15] *** Esperanza is a young woman with chin-length dark blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a black, tight fitting underarmor shirt, a neon green vest and blue jeans. She carries sai at her sides with double edged blades, and these weapons will never be absent from her.
Her image Song is: . She is Level 1.

[22:32] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
[22:33] * Haru E reclines back in mid-air, all of her eyes a glowing silver color.
[22:33] <Haru E> (Just like when we had to find Kaelyn the first time...)
[22:34] <Haru E> (Find that common thread... observe both ends....)
[22:36] * Haru E moves her hands and tail about, eyes flicking back and forth every so often. To the outside observer, this would look like a pointless gesture, but to her Overload Skill, she sees a multitude beyond.
[22:39] <Haru E> (Got it. Now we trace...)
[22:40] <Haru E> (Oh, hello... seems there's a split there... run those towards that end....)
[22:46] <Haru E> (So that's why it's been like that. Left like that, it could've easily gotten past Beatrice and Yui combined....)
[22:47] <Haru E> (Wait a tic, though.... we might be able to use this to our advantage. Might need a little adjusting...)
[22:49] <Haru E> (Yeah, this is something we can use real easily.)
[22:56] <Haru E> (I'll have to ensure this is studied thoroughly before we go about turning it towards something we can use.)
[23:00] <Haru E> (Now, for the first part...)
[23:01] *** Haru would continue her study of this new opportunity for a time. As for what it is, exactly.... well, time will tell on that matter.
[23:01] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[23:37] * ? looks at maret.
[23:37] *** maret is your average everyday maret

[23:42] * ? looks at sailor terra.
[23:42] *** sailor terra is a short African girl with dark skin, hair pulled back in two puffs, and green eyes. Her green and brown fuku has blue jewels and high boots. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: 'Please Don't Die' by James Newton Howard. She is Level 1.

[23:44] * ? looks at maret wane.
[23:44] *** maret wane is short African girl with dark skin, hair usually pulled back into two puffs, and green eyes. She is usually in conservative clothing, may or may not be wearing a head scarf, and speaks British English with a heavy accent. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: 'The Call' by Regina Spektor. She is Level 1.

[00:18] *** Erica Fontaine has joined #suburbansenshi4
[00:18] <+luna_P> Evening, Erica Fontaine
[00:18] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: If Roosevelt were alive today, he'd be spinning in his grave
[00:19] * Erica Fontaine walks through the snowy night, having taken a short break off the island
[00:19] * Erica Fontaine pauses...
[00:20] * Erica Fontaine notices a small box with some kittens..cold and shivering
[00:20] * Erica Fontaine picks it up, wiping the snow from the box and rushing off
[00:21] *** Seishin Island
[00:21] * Erica Fontaine has returned to her personal house..and is trying desperatly to heat up the kittens
[00:21] * Claire pokes her head in
[00:21] *** Claire has joined #suburbansenshi4
[00:21] <+luna_P> Evening, Claire
[00:21] <+luna_P> Welcome. Suburban Senshi asks: What would Vegita do?
[00:21] * Claire sees what Erica is doing with the kittens..and runs over to help
[00:24] * Erica Fontaine works on getting some warm towels, while Claire is trying her best to get some warm water as well
[00:24] * Claire carefully takes care of a few of the kittens......
[00:25] * Erica Fontaine glances to the crucifix on the wall..and says a silent prayer to God that they might be saved
[00:27] <Claire> moth-..I..I mean..miss fontaine...I..I think they're..getting better
[00:28] * Erica Fontaine and Claire continue their work...
[00:31] * Erica Fontaine and Claire rest on a small chair.....the kittens are now sleeping in a small basket underneath the rather spartan christmas tree Erica has
[00:36] * Erica Fontaine and Claire fall asleep...

[00:38] *** Ran Mihara has joined #suburbansenshi4
[00:38] <+luna_P> Evening, Ran Mihara
[00:38] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: To be the Man, You've got the BEAT the Man!
[00:38] * Ran Mihara lays in bed, staring up at the ceiling....then hops out of it and looks out the window
[00:42] <Ran Mihara> gah..
[00:42] * Ran Mihara goes back to bed

[00:53] *** a figure watches the hotel in the snow....keeping their eyes on the people there...and glad to see them so happy

[18:07] *** Ran Mihara flips a coin into the air and catches it, heads side up

[21:21] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: REDACTED
[21:23] * Haru E hovers in place, her silver-tinted eyes looking all over. Where the irises meet pupils, a thin gold line could be seen acting as a border between them.
[21:24] <Haru E> (There... another lead.)
[21:26] * Haru E looks over at this new development. (Trace...bookmark it there...)
[21:27] <Haru E> (Hold a moment... that's something... let's see where that runs to.)
[21:29] * Haru E devotes a few eyes to check that out, whilst she continues her usual tracing.
[21:32] <Haru E> (Aha! So that's how it'll go. Now let's see what'll happen if I...)
[21:35] * Haru E takes a look into this. (...oh hell yes.)
[21:36] <Haru E> (Now I do this...)
[21:37] * Haru E finds that she has hit a veritable goldmine. Time to use this for the best possible solution♫
[21:37] *** Haru E [Shura.SpannerinDWorks@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4
[21:38] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[20:30] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[20:30] <+luna_P> Evening, Matsumi Kaze
[20:30] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: It's always the other guy's fault.
[20:30] * Matsumi Kaze relaxes on a sofa with Hideki, watching the snow fall outside
[20:33] * Matsumi Kaze sips some hot cocoa as music plays
[20:33] * Giselle Bellerose is sitting at the table, working on some homework
[20:35] <Matsumi Kaze> this is so nice
[20:39] * Giselle Bellerose grimaces a bit to herself as she tries to figure out some of the work...
[20:45] * Hideki Kaze looks over at the family christmas tree
[20:51] <Matsumi Kaze> did I do a good job? I mean i got something nice right?
[20:51] <Hideki Kaze> it's perfect
[20:52] <Giselle Bellerose> it is wonderful, maman
[20:59] <Matsumi Kaze> I'm going to turn on the lights ok?
[21:00] <Hideki Kaze> go ahead
[21:01] * Matsumi Kaze gets up and plugs in the tree, letting it's little flashing blue and white lights turn on
[21:02] * Matsumi Kaze walks over and sits back down with Hideki and kisses him
[21:05] * Joanna Smithson has moved to: [ 1604 ]
[21:05] *** 1604
[21:05] *** Joanna Smithson has moved back to the Atrium
[21:06] <Joanna Smithson> Victoria! time for bed!
[21:06] <Victoria Smithson> but mama D:
[21:07] <Joanna Smithson> no buts little girl.....time for bed time
[21:07] * Victoria Smithson pouts but run to her little bedroom
[21:10] * Joanna Smithson goes to switch off the tree

[21:14] *** DD_Girl_Green [] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[21:14] <+luna_P> Evening, DD_Girl_Green
[21:14] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: The Crack Rock of Sailormoon fansites
[21:24] * DD_Girl_Green is decorating her own little chriatmas tree
[21:27] *** Caligo has joined #suburbansenshi4
[21:27] <+luna_P> Evening, Caligo
[21:27] <+luna_P> Welcome. Suburban Senshi asks: Is it Queen Metallia? Is she the sauce?
[21:27] * Caligo is sitting in one of the chairs, Mira sitting on his lap
[21:29] <DD_Girl_Green> Mira, do you want to hang an ornament?
[21:30] * Mira nods nods
[21:30] * DD_Girl_Green gives Mira a little ornament to hang on the tree.
[21:38] * DD_Girl_Green picks up Mira and brings her over to the tree.
[21:58] <DD_Girl_Green> ready?
[22:25] <DD_Girl_Green> Mira?
[23:31] <DD_Girl_Green> (( still in here? ))
[00:01] <Mira> (( sorry ))
[00:02] * Mira has already hung the ornament up with mama's help
[00:02] <DD_Girl_Green> aww, my little one hung her first ornament :)
[00:04] * Mira falls asleep
[00:05] <DD_Girl_Green> awww, time to put you in the crib
[00:07] * DD_Girl_Green brings Mira to her crib and tucks her in.
[00:10] * DD_Girl_Green gives Mira and Beryl a kiss on their foreheads.
[00:13] * Caligo stretches a bit
[00:14] * DD_Girl_Green walks back out
[00:16] <DD_Girl_Green> those were really nice decorations you bought.
[00:20] <DD_Girl_Green> are you staying for christmas, honey?
[00:28] <Caligo> yes
[00:32] <Caligo> I will
[00:33] * DD_Girl_Green Hugs her husband.
[00:37] * Caligo hugs green back
[00:40] <DD_Girl_Green> well, we have some time before heading off to bed, what do you want to watch?
[00:41] * DD_Girl_Green turns on the Television
[00:43] * Caligo turns off the TV
[00:43] <Caligo> ..not tonight
[00:45] <DD_Girl_Green> hm? why not?
[00:47] <Caligo> ..tonight is just for us
[00:50] * Caligo holds his wife
[00:51] *** DD_Girl_Green [] has left #suburbansenshi4 (*Kisses*)
[00:58] *** Caligo has left #suburbansenshi4 (*kisses back*)

[23:10] *** In another time, in another place....
[23:10] *** A report comes in.
[23:11] *** MR reporting. So far, things are looking exactly as we read from our parents' reports of these times.
[23:12] *** Still, I have to say it's quite the eye-opener to see these people so much younger than how I remember them.
[23:13] *** Getting back on track, everything is in position for the next steps. I've avoided detection thus far.
[23:16] *** MR signing out. P.S. Let my oldest sister know that the device she wanted should be arriving in a day or so.

[21:45] *** outside Tokyo, while the two Battles in SS3 go on.
[21:47] *** a girl runs out of the forest and into the field, clutching a jewel.
[21:47] *** The eye turns its attention to her.
[21:47] * Daddy Eyeball pulls on the girl's hair
[21:47] <Daddy Eyeball> Look out!
[21:48] * The Eye in the sky Fires a Big red Laser at the Girl.
[21:48] <The Eye in the sky> hmhmhmhm, Intresting.
[21:49] <The Eye in the sky> A human who bathes in the light of the Brigadoon, and yet does not become a Yokai.
[21:49] *** the girl gets up and runs closer.
[21:49] <Kitaro> Mana, Stay back!
[21:50] * The Eye in the sky fires another beam, narrowly missing the giel, then fires two more beams!
[21:50] * The Eye in the sky Fires more Red beams
[21:50] <The Eye in the sky> Little insect!
[21:50] <Kitaro> Don't you dare, Backbeard!
[21:51] *** The girl jumps into the air.
[21:51] <Kitaro> Mana!
[21:51] * The Girl Throws the Jewel at Kitaro "Kitaro!"
[21:52] *** the jewel Shines brightly near Kitaro.
[21:53] * The Girl lands on the ground on her side.
[21:53] * The Eye in the sky looks directly at her
[21:53] <The Eye in the sky> - You meddler! -
[21:54] * The Eye in the sky Fires a powerful red beam.
[21:54] *** An explosion occurs.
[21:54] * The Girl is flown out of the smoke by Rollo Cloth.
[21:54] *** meanwhile, a bright blue light appears in the clouds.
[21:55] <Kitaro> Finger Gun!
[21:56] * Kitaro Fires a bright blue bullet at The Eye in the Sky!
[21:56] *** A blue explosion occurs!
[21:57] <The Girl> Kitaro!
[21:57] <Adelle> Now, to get Agnes out of there.
[21:58] <The Eye in the sky> - heheheheheheheheheheheheHEHEHEHEHEHEH. -
[21:58] * The Eye in the sky is on the ground.
[22:09] <Rollo Cloth> He's still alive?
[22:11] *** the Eye starts bubbling up... reaching somewhat of a more Physical form!
[22:12] * The Eye in the sky Now looks like the PEAK of Utter Physical Perfection!
[22:12] * The Eye in the sky is now known as Backbeard
[22:14] <Backbeard> - It's been a thousand years since I've taken on this form. -
[22:14] <Backbeard> - I congratulate your strength on forcing me to take this form. -
[22:15] <Backbeard> - ... but, This ends NOW! -
[22:15] * Backbeard Swings his arms together and on up!
[22:16] * Kitaro wraps his Chanchanko around his arm.
[22:17] * Backbeard Swings his arms Down onto the Ground, Whipping up A Grey explosion of Dirt!
[22:17] * A bolt of holy lightning streaks down to sear Backbeard!
[22:18] <Backbeard> - Hmmmm? -
[22:20] * The bolt lands nearby, giving off a STRONG holy pulse. Things made of / aligned to evil will feel themlves fearing for their existence as this armor-clad being appears from the landing site.
[22:20] * Backbeard pays it no mind and Launches a powerful Eyeblast at Kitaro!
[22:21] * MR lashes a hand out to send the blast back at Backbeard!
[22:22] * Backbeard is blasted a good bit back.
[22:23] <Backbeard> - Fine, Fisticuffs it is. -
[22:23] * Backbeard Starts Wailing his Powerful fists at Kitaro, who blocks them with his ChanChanko
[22:24] <Backbeard> - Flesh against flesh, I have not felt this in over a Thousand years, This feeling is Greatly missed! -
[22:25] * Adelle and the girl walk through the little pond in the middle of the field, getting to Agnes.
[22:25] * Backbeard Throws another fist at Kitaro, who barely blocks it and hits his back on a tree.
[22:26] <Backbeard> - What's wrong, Is that all? -
[22:26] * Kitaro slumps to the ground.
[22:26] <Backbeard> - hmhmhmhm, now who was that earlier? -
[22:27] <Backbeard> - Must have been nothing... -
[22:27] * MR is still there.... no wait, they're about three centimeters away and already launching a fist into your face.
[22:27] * Backbeard looks towards the Brigadoon Pond.
[22:27] <Backbeard> - hmm? -
[22:27] * Backbeard Readies an Eye Beam
[22:28] <Backbeard> - Such Fools. -
[22:28] <Kitaro> DOOON'T
[22:29] * Backbeard Fires, Now's your chance to get noticed for a fight!
[22:30] * MR decides that since his attack was ignored (>.>), he's going to instead redirect the beam back into Beardy's eyes.
[22:31] <Backbeard> - Now, Japan Will Be- -
[22:31] * Backbeard is Hit by the Redirect, Sparing The girl and Adelle another hit!
[22:32] <Backbeard> - HUGAAAAAAAAHHHHH -
[22:32] <MR> Time for some Pest Control.
[22:32] <Backbeard> - Who Dares to Join the Weak Yokai's Side? -
[22:33] <MR> Dead fools need not know who I am.
[22:35] <Backbeard> - Ho? .... A Dead fool, you say, that's the best way to describe-. -
[22:35] * Backbeard Is knocked over a bit.
[22:35] * Kitaro Has punched Backbeard's side in Anger.
[22:36] <Kitaro> ... BACKBEARD...!
[22:36] <Backbeard> - you Whelps... Know your place! -
[22:37] * Backbeard Launches forward at MR First.
[22:38] * MR lets out a ROAR that seems to straight-up deafen and stun enemies in range! It feels like you just took a Category 5 Tornado to the face!!
[22:39] * Kitaro Lets out Internal Body electricity at Backbeard, so it looks like..
[22:40] * Backbeard is Experiencing a F5 Tornado with A Heavy thunderstorm on the side!
[22:41] * Adelle and the girl reach near the center of the pond, and Adelle pushes The girl away.
[22:41] <Adelle> Human child, I thank you again.
[22:41] <Adelle> Hurry and run away from here.
[22:42] * Adelle moves tot he pillar, and Puts her Claw-Armored hand in it!
[22:42] * Adelle Winces, as the armor shatters and she puts her other hand into the pillar.
[22:42] <Adelle> Agnes!
[22:43] <Adelle> I am Sacrificing my own life, Mother, Give me the strength to Save her!
[22:43] * MR forms a Javelin of holy power, and launches it into Backbeard's chest!
[22:44] * Backbeard catches it.... barely
[22:44] <Backbeard> - Very well, If you two intend to defy me this much, I will reduce you both to dust in the wind. -
[22:45] * Backbeard Crouches down, And JUMPS high into the sky.
[22:46] * Backbeard Powers up a Big Eye beam, Looks like it's gonna be a Beam Battle.
[22:47] <MR> Really, now.... guess I'll have to defy one of my father's warnings for this.
[22:47] * Backbeard 's Power is Intense, you can feel the full tension.
[22:48] * Kitaro flies up on Rollo Cloth.
[22:49] <Backbeard> - HaHAHAHAHAHAHAAA, THIS IS THE END! -
[22:49] * Backbeard FIRES the BIG EYE BEAM at Kitaro!
[22:50] <Kitaro> ... FINGER GUN!
[22:50] * Kitaro Fires A Big Finger Gun BEam at Backbeard... and the two Beams are met in a struggle!
[22:51] * Backbeard 's Beam almost completely swallows up the Finger Gun Beam.
[22:52] * MR squares their shoulders.... suddenly they're surrounded by a prismatic aura that dissolves evil and malice!
[22:52] <MR> squeak Ultimate Demon Technique.... Ultimate Skill.....
[22:52] <MR> ^
[22:53] <Backbeard> - Kitaro, Why do you resist? -
[22:53] <MR> MACROCOSM!!
[22:53] <Backbeard> - All I'm trying to do is Rule the world and rid it of Conflict. -
[22:54] <Kitaro> [b]I Don't Want any of us to be ruled by you![b]
[22:54] <Kitaro> *^
[22:55] <Backbeard> - Only the strong gets the world, one of the basic laws of nature. -
[22:56] <Backbeard> - weaklings, like yourselves need only accept one small condition. -
[22:57] <Backbeard> - ... to Worship e as your complete emperor. -
[22:57] * MR launches an immense, prismatic beam at Backbeard! He's heard enough of your blustering on.
[22:57] <Backbeard> - follow all of my commands and be slaves in my Empire -
[22:58] <Backbeard> - A Peaceful world without conflict, is that not what you want? -
[22:59] <Kitaro> [b]A world where the strong naturally rule over the weak? are you saying we should be slaves, Worship you as an absolute emperor?[b]
[22:59] <Kitaro> A world where the strong naturally rule over the weak? are you saying we should be slaves, Worship you as an absolute emperor?
[23:00] * Kitaro 's Chanchanko is turning Red, and yes, the Prismatic beam is also doing something, don't worry, we have to get the dislogue out of the way.
[23:01] <Kitaro> Such a world.... the existence of Tyrants like you... I HATE IT!
[23:02] * Kitaro 's Finger Gun Beam gets stronger... and Aided by MR's Immense Prismatic Beam...
[23:03] <Backbeard> - The strong Should control the world. Obey the strong like the Weaklings you are, Kitaro and Mystery person. -
[23:05] <MR> truly have no idea just what I am, do you?
[23:05] <Kitaro> Someone who can't care for others Can never contorl the world!
[23:06] <Backbeard> - Both of you are impertinent, Soon, The Brigadoon will be complete, and Japan will become part of My Backbeard Empire like that Peninsula did. -
[23:06] <Backbeard> - Both of you, Give up. -
[23:06] <MR> ...yeah, about that.... your little scheme is already being undone.
[23:07] * The Macrocosm beam gets even stronger!
[23:07] <Kitaro> You mean Miminaga and the others?
[23:08] <Backbeard> - Miminaga? .... Oh! Those Pathetic little Yokai! -
[23:09] <Backbeard> - They were weaklings that weren't even worth being alive. -
[23:09] <Kitaro> No one can determine another's worth
[23:10] <Kitaro> No one should ever determine another's worth
[23:10] <Kitaro> Against someone like you who says such things, We'll NEVER.. LOSE!
[23:11] * Kitaro 's Beam fuses with the Macrocosm beam... And starts overtaking Backbeard's Beam!
[23:11] <Backbeard> - Wh--.. what are These Powers?! -
[23:12] * Adelle reaches over for the Ring of Arcana on Agnes' finger.
[23:12] <MR> We're in a world you'll never know.
[23:12] <Adelle> Ag....nes....
[23:12] * Backbeard Is CONSUMED By the Fused Beams!
[23:13] <MR> Now make like the weakling you are.... and disappear.
[23:13] *** A Hugge Explosion Blasts out from the Epicenter!
[23:16] *** The Blast dissapates The Brigadoon!
[23:17] * Adelle holds up the ring of Arcana... which shines and destroys itself.
[23:18] *** and as the ring destroys itself, Only Adelle sees an image of her mother in the sky.
[23:18] <Adelle> ...mother.
[23:18] * Adelle falls over.
[23:20] *** Backbeard has left #suburbansenshi4 (Defeated, dissapated, dead-but-not-really, whatever you call it.)
[23:21] <MR> /turns to help heal the group.
[23:21] * MR ^
[23:22] * Kitaro calms down, as he does, the Chanchanko turn back into yellow.
[23:22] <Kitaro> Thank you.
[23:23] <MR> Just doing as my folks would do in this situation.
[23:25] <MR> This was a bit of a detour from my mission, but it's as my folks would say -- if you've the means to assist, then do so.
[23:27] <Kitaro> you must be a very good fellow, no matter who you are.
[23:27] <MR> Just doing what I do.
[23:29] * Someone enters the area.
[23:30] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[23:30] <+luna_P> Evening, Nelius Raoul
[23:30] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: that 'je ne sais quoi' feeling comes back every time.
[23:30] * Nelius Raoul enters the area. "Thought I felt the Macrocosm from this area...."
[23:31] <Kitaro> would you like to stick around and help Agnes, Mana and Adelle get better?
[23:32] * Kitaro 's Yokai Antenna (Which is one strand of his hair) Sticks up.
[23:32] <Kitaro> hm?
[23:32] <MR> I can for a bit, but afterwards I must return to my---
[23:33] * MR looks over, and sights Nelius. (?! Oh, right...)
[23:34] * Nelius Raoul looks over at MR, and something seems familiar to him.... (Wait... couldn't be....)
[23:34] <MR> You said the Macrocosm? That was me.
[23:35] <Nelius Raoul> Explains that. You definitely feel like a Netherworld Demon.
[23:38] <MR> 'Cause I am. Got dropped into here to finish up a small mission.
[23:39] * MR reaches into a pocket, and tosses Kitaro a small vial with a red liquid. "Here. It's a touch bland, but it'll get your friends back up before you can blink."
[23:40] <Nelius Raoul> Mission, huh?
[23:40] <MR> Indeed. My sister's helping out in the Zone, and so I'm here to finish up some other business.
[23:41] <Nelius Raoul> .....the Zone.... you're related to that one known as GR?
[23:41] <MR> Indeed. That is my elder sister, though only by 30 seconds.
[23:44] * Kitaro gives the Red potion over to Agnes, Adelle, Mana, Catchick, Wally Wall, Sand Witch, Old Man Crybaby and Rollo Cloth (four of whom have just arrived with their battle scars, and last, but not least, some for his Father, Daddy Eyeball.
[23:45] <MR> Though, how do you know of such?
[23:46] <Nelius Raoul> Well, when it came time to select whom was going to enter the Zone, she contacted us and said she had it under control. There's nobody in my database with those initials.
[23:48] <Nelius Raoul> Which leads me to suspect a number of things....
[23:51] <MR> Well, let me alleviate at least one concern. My sister and I are what your friends would call "futurepeeps".
[23:51] <Nelius Raoul> ....that just brings up even more questions.
[23:51] <MR> (....oh hell.)
[23:52] <MR> Either way, I've dallied long enough. 'Til next time.
[23:52] *** MR has left #suburbansenshi4 (*quickly disappears in a bolt of lightning*)
[23:53] <Nelius Raoul> .....(More questions indeed. But I'll focus on that later.)
[23:54] * Nelius Raoul looks over to see how everyone else is doing.
[23:59] * Kitaro and his friends will be fine, Agnes and Adelle need a little rest from their ordeal tonight, with Revelations galore having taken place before the fight.
[00:01] <Nelius Raoul> Looks like things are under control here. I'll be on my way, then.
[00:03] * Nelius Raoul releases two of his demon wings, and flies off.
[00:03] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4
[00:04] *** Kitaro has left #suburbansenshi4

[00:19] *** Meanwhile, upon another World....
[00:19] *** The lightning stops, revealing MR.
[00:20] <MR> (...hopefully he'll get a different interpretation of what I told him.)
[00:20] <MR> (Either way, I'll wait for things to calm down a bit before I make my return. I've something to do, and come what may I will see it through.)
[00:24] * MR extracts his comms device, and begins tapping out a message.
[00:25] *** MR reporting. There was a slight side-issue on Earth, but it's been cleared up. The mission is still underway, and about close to completion.....
[00:26] *** That said, the enemy in said side-issue drew a bit of unwarranted attention, someone whom at least knows of my sister's involvement in the Zone.
[00:31] *** I will resume observation until we are cleared to reveal our identities to this timeline. MR out.
[00:33] * MR sends the message back home, then puts his comms away. He then makes another jump back to Earth.

[22:18] * Peter Wingfield looks in the mirror.
[22:18] *** Peter Wingfield is

His image Song is: Princes of the Universe by Queen. He is Level 1.

[22:19] * Peter Wingfield looks in the mirror.
[22:19] *** Peter Wingfield is

His image Song is: Princes of the Universe by Queen. He is Level 1.

[22:19] <Peter Wingfield> (( better quality ))

[01:44] *** Meanwhile, elsewhere....
[01:44] <MR> "Hmm... this is something else."
[01:44] *** MR Here. Sis, check this out.
[01:45] *** An image of Azubu-Juuban is sent to GR.
[01:45] *** GR Here. That doesn't look good at all. Knowing what we've seen, that thing's just gonna be a magnet for all sorts of troubles.
[01:47] *** MR: Quite. If there is a way to stash it elsewhere, we'll have to figure it before those parasites get any ideas.
[01:49] *** GR: That may prove troublesome. Given its overall height and likely weight, not to mention how it'd react to anyone trying to touch it...
[01:52] *** GR: If not a general "look away" type glamour, then we might have to physically detach part of the ground to send it off-world.
[01:55] *** MR: Hmmm..... I think that last option is viable enough. We do have a large enough ship in our time.
[01:56] *** MR: The real question is getting the clearance codes for it.
[01:57] *** GR: I think I know how to get it to this time, but it will take a small while. It can be our last resort if any other viable methods aren't found.
[01:58] *** Or if those methods end up not working.
[02:00] *** MR: Fair enough. Onto other matters -- how're things in the Zone going?
[02:01] *** GR: Right now, things are in a bit of a sine wave. I'm getting a sneaking suspicion as to what has caused the Zone to be the way it is. But the first thing I'm planning on is getting these towers taken down.
[02:01] *** MR: Very well. Stay safe, sister.
[02:02] *** GR: See you soon, little bro. Give 'em hell!

[21:04] *** Northern Japan
[21:10] *** Saori Shin has joined #suburbansenshi4
[21:10] <+luna_P> Evening, Saori Shin
[21:10] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Your Kung-fu is pretty useless, as well as obsolete!
[21:11] * Saori Shin stumbles into the snow, wincing then looks up as the creature..whatever it is..bursts out from the building it was in and lands on the ground
[21:11] *** the creature looks like some sort of humanoid spider with wings made of webbing
[21:11] <Saori Shin> gah..what the...what do you want with me?
[21:11] * Saori Shin grabs some snow and throws it at the creature, who bats it away
[21:12] * Saori Shin stands
[21:12] <Saori Shin> ok..if you're not going to back down.......
[21:12] * Saori Shin tries to get in a rather poor fighting position..and tries to punch the creature in the gut...then immediately winces
[21:12] <Saori Shin> ooooooooow...
[21:14] * Saori Shin is grabbed by the throat and lifted off her feet
[21:14] * Saori Shin sees the two kids being menaced earlier managing to escape
[21:14] * Saori Shin smiles a bit as the creature squeezes her throat
[21:14] <Saori Shin> (stupid Saori..least...they're safe....)
[21:15] * Saori Shin feels herself about to back out.....
[21:15] *** a person on a motorcycle SLAMS into the spider..who drops Saori in the process
[21:16] * Saori Shin coughs, trying to catch her breath...
[21:16] <young woman> oh..oh gosh....
[21:17] * young woman notices Saori and then digs into her backpack she's wearing..and pulls out a box and throws it to Saori
[21:17] <young woman> here! catch!!!!
[21:18] * Saori Shin goes to grab the box..and gets beaned in the head
[21:18] <Saori Shin> OOOOOOOW
[21:18] <Young Woman> o..oops
[21:19] *** the box falls to the ground and pops open..revealing a belt as well as some sort of spinning top
[21:20] <Saori Shin> what....wait that box..wasn't that in my brother's room
[21:21] * Saori Shin walks over and picks up the belt and top....
[21:21] <young woman> put it on!
[21:21] *** the monster from before gets up....and snarls
[21:23] <young woman> hurry!!!
[21:24] <Saori Shin> ok ok!
[21:26] * Saori Shin puts the belt on
[21:26] <Saori Shin> ok happy! what?
[21:27] *** the creature from before howls and runs towards Saori..who barely manages to duck!!!
[21:27] <young woman> put the top in the hole and hit the lever!
[21:27] <Saori Shin> what????
[21:27] * Saori Shin barely manages to get away from the creature
[21:28] <young woman> the top!
[21:28] * young woman mimes putting the top in and pushing the lever
[21:31] * Saori Shin stops...and then grabs the top and loos at it..then at the belt
[21:32] * Saori Shin locks the top into the belt
[21:33] <Belt> ELEMENT UP!
[21:34] * Saori Shin sees the monster start to charge towards her
[21:34] <young woman> YOU HAVE TO...
[21:35] <Saori Shin and Young Woman> henshin
[21:35] * Saori Shin pushes the lever down
[21:36] *** the top in the belt starts to it does a circle traces around Saori..which arches up into a whole funnel of wind which seems to be made of little tops
[21:36] *** the monster is flung back by the force of the funnel and hits the ground
[21:37] *** the funnel of air glows..then bursts apart...revealing a new figure where Saori was standing
[21:37] * Saori Shin is now known as Kamen Rider Arashi
[21:39] <Kamen Rider Arashi> .......
[21:39] <Kamen Rider Arashi> eh?
[21:39] <Kamen Rider Arashi> EH!?
[21:40] <Kamen Rider Arashi> I CHANGED
[21:40] <young woman> well um...yes...I did..say it
[21:40] <Kamen Rider Arashi> I just said it cause it sounded cool! it's not like I thought it might actually...
[21:40] <young woman> look out!!!
[21:43] * Kamen Rider Arashi see the monster leap towards her
[21:43] * Kamen Rider Arashi realizes she's too slow and raises her arms....and is surprised when she's able to block the attack!
[21:43] <Kamen Rider Arashi> ..wha...
[21:44] * Kamen Rider Arashi struggles with the monster..and throws it aside
[21:47] <Kamen Rider Arashi> I'm..stronger..
[21:48] * Kamen Rider Arashi sees the creature try to strike at her and simply side steps, almost moving like a blur
[21:48] <Kamen Rider Arashi> and faster!
[21:49] * Kamen Rider Arashi catches another of the monster's strikes and punches it in the gut, sending it flying straight backwards
[21:50] <Kamen Rider Arashi> yeah take that!....
[21:50] * monster shakes it head
[21:51] * monster spits a burst of webbing at Arashi and catches her by the arms.....this time she's ready..and swings it hard into a pile of boxes....
[21:51] <young woman> you have to finish it off!
[21:52] <Kamen Rider Arashi> ..and how do I do.....
[21:52] <young woman> turn the top three times and kick!
[21:52] * Kamen Rider Arashi looks down....then turns the top three times..
[21:53] <Belt> rise! rise! RISE!!!! STORM CRASH!
[21:53] * Kamen Rider Arashi pivots her leg slowly around..tracing a glowing path as it does....
[21:54] * monster bursts out of the box and charges towards Arashi
[21:56] * Kamen Rider Arashi pushes herself off her foot...spinning in the air once...before going into a flying kick..creating a mianture tornado around her foot
[21:56] <Belt> ARASHI CRASH!!!!!!!!
[21:57] *** Arashi SLAMS into the monster.....and lands on the other side....
[21:58] * the monster screams..before exploding..leaving behind a glowing symbol which collapses into itself
[22:02] * Kamen Rider Arashi removes the top..the armor around her vanishing in a swirl of air
[22:03] * Kamen Rider Arashi is now known as Saori Shin
[22:03] * Saori Shin looks over at the young woman
[22:03] * young woman pulls out a journal from her backpack and holds it out
[22:03] <young woman> ........we..need to talk....
[22:03] *** END OF EPISODE 1

[20:57] * Kamen Rider Arashi dashes along the field and rolls out of the way another feather nearly hits her
[20:57] <Kamen Rider Arashi> gah! come on!
[21:00] * Elementis Booby starts to head towards Arashi..and holds out is hand..causing the air to vacuum towards it...
[21:00] * Kamen Rider Arashi feels herself being pulled forward and struggles to stay put.....then has an idea..and lets herself get carried forward...with a flying kick
[21:00] * Kamen Rider Arashi SMASHES into Elementis Booby who tumbles backwards...
[21:04] <Kamen Rider Arashi> not so smart huh!?
[21:05] <Fuji Tachibana> ARAHI!
[21:05] <Fuji Tachibana> *ARASHI!
[21:05] * Fuji Tachibana throws Arashi her sword!
[21:06] * Kamen Rider Arashi catches it and stands
[21:06] * Kamen Rider Arashi presses the lever in her belt and removes the top from it..putting it onto the sword
[21:06] * Elementis Booby jumps up and tries to fly towards her!
[21:07] * Kamen Rider Arashi turns the top once in the sword..then pulls the lever on the hilt, causing the top to spin
[21:08] * Kamen Rider Arashi swings the sword downwards...causing a large glowing shockwave to slice forward...bisecting the monster
[21:08] * Elementis Booby cries out..and explodes...collapsing into a glowing symbol..which then vanishes
[21:11] * Kamen Rider Arashi stands there for a moment..watching the stars...
[21:12] *** Back at Tachibana's
[21:13] <Saori Shin> OWOWOWOWOW...
[21:13] <Fuji Tachibana> please hold still.....
[21:14] * Fuji Tachibana is trying to put some iodine on Saori's wounds
[21:15] <Junko Mori> I've got snacks!! ♫
[21:16] * Junko Mori goes to put out a plate of onigiri
[21:16] <Saori Shin> finally!
[21:16] * Saori Shin goes to grab some but Junko jerks them away and instead gives them to Fuji
[21:16] <Saori Shin> ..hey not fair!
[21:16] * Fuji Tachibana takes one with thanks....then glances at saori and offers one, who eats it quickly
[21:17] <Fuji Tachibana> we're no closer to finding out anything though
[21:17] <Saori Shin> yeah...especally...where the heck are these things coming from...
[21:17] <Saori Shin> ...hey do you have another one???
[21:18] * Saori Shin grins as another one is handed towards her
[21:18] *** in a darken space.......a group of figures stand in a circle
[21:18] <figure 1> you have failed us....
[21:18] <figure 2> I can try again...
[21:18] <figure 3> he will just lose again
[21:18] <figure 1> better for me to try
[21:19] <figure 3> or me
[21:19] <figure 4> is not the way
[21:19] <figure 4> ...we shall allow him another turn.....
[21:19] <figure 4> matter what....we will get what we seek.....
[21:19] *** END OF EPISODE 3

[21:24] * MR takes a seat inside their current base of operations.
[21:24] * MR opens up a communications channel with their sibling.
[21:26] *** MR: Reporting in. Looks like the current Senshi have created a multi-layered barrier around Azubu-Juuban's oversized crystal paperweight.
[21:27] *** GR: Figured as much. That pain in the planet's backside could be used for either great or horrible things. I've been in touch with our people back home, and so far it looks like things are going to be a little behind schedule.
[21:27] *** MR: How so?
[21:28] *** GR: Logistics has been running overtime to try and figure out how to remove that thing. Given it's pretty firmly embedded into the planet, we're going to need some seriously heavy-duty tools to extract it.
[21:29] *** GR: Even if we did manage to get it out, then comes the question of where it get stashed away. Every no-name looking for that free ticket to power will be coming out of the woodwork to try and claim it for their own.....
[21:31] *** MR: you have me thinking. Something like that is too tempting for any wanna-be evil character to pass up. Done right, we could use its presence as a method of drawing out evil, then vaporizing it in one fell swoop.
[21:32] *** MR: Of course, I'd rather not let anyone uninvolved get caught in the crossfire. Perhaps if we build some pocket spaces to serve as battlefields when that time comes....
[21:34] *** GR: Pocket spaces, huh? Those do take a little time to create beforehand, but I do like the idea. After all, there is that space I created when I need to go unwind.
[21:35] *** GR: All in all, solid idea. Gonna run it by Logistics when the next calm period arrives over here.
[21:35] *** MR: Speaking of calm, how are the Langisters doing?
[21:36] *** GR: They're holding up well, though I think Alex is a touch overloaded with psychic whitenoise. I've been looking into finding psychic-cancelling tech so those towers currently making the Lunarian Rabbits go all screwy can be disabled.
[21:37] *** GR: From there, once the tower's down and the Rabbits are taken care of, I plan to backtrace it to figure out who or what is using them to control people.
[21:39] *** MR: That said, I have been thinking about this "Wish-Granter" and how it's rumored to be part of why the Zone is the way it is. Right now I've only a small theory, but if it proves to have merit we may have something tangible to work off of.
[21:40] *** GR: I've had my own ideas of what it is as well. Suffice to say next time we get on Secure Link 3 to hash it out?
[21:40] *** MR: Sounds like a plan.
[21:41] *** The connection disconnects, and MR puts his device away.
[21:43] <MR> (Now then... believe it's time to check out that other thread...)
[21:44] * MR disappears into the night.

[20:26] * GR leans against a lone post as they intercept the message.
[20:26] <GR> (Some leeches just don't know when to stay dead.)
[20:27] <GR> (Guess we'll have to erase that one for good.)
[20:28] <GR> (Time to quit playing around. This time, Morimoto will no longer be a thing.)
[20:29] * GR strolls off. They're going to bring out the big guns for this outing.

[21:02] *** is carrying:
1. Empty
2. Empty
3. Empty
4. Empty
5. Empty
6. Empty
7. Empty
8. Empty
9. Empty
10. Empty

Assets: G¥0 .

[21:02] * @ is now known as Intern 3
[21:02] *** Intern 3 is carrying:
1. 0

Assets: G¥666605788 .

[21:02] *** Intern 3 has placed Sonic Lipstick+ in Inventory Slot: 1
[21:02] *** Intern 3 has placed Picutre of Cressida in Inventory Slot: 2
[21:03] *** Intern 3 has placed Picture of Cressida in Inventory Slot: 3
[21:03] *** Intern 3 has placed Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in Inventory Slot: 3
[21:04] *** Intern 3 has placed Emergency Emergency Emergency Snack Supply in Inventory Slot: 4
[21:04] *** Intern 3 has placed DataPADD in Inventory Slot: 5

[00:25] * MR looks over some recently obtained information.
[00:26] <MR> (....what a pain. Feels like it's just more questions than answers.)
[00:27] <MR> (Mayhaps it's our turn to tip our hand in this.)
[00:27] * MR checks over their inventory. (Might be a slight stretch, but if I use that, it should cover the blindspots.)
[00:28] <MR> (Yeah, that ought to do it.)
[00:29] * MR sends out a supply request for some specific items. Time to wait.

[11:02] * MR hears his comms light up, and so checks.
[11:02] <MR> (Ah, it finally came in. Excellent.)
[11:03] * MR moves out to a more secure area, then operates something on his suit.
[11:05] *** A small crate of supplies appears out of thin air.
[11:05] * MR takes this opportunity to open it up and check the materials within. (Good, good. These will do nicely.)
[11:06] * MR gets to work in assembling a little something for his next mission.

[08:33] * MR finishes his project. (And that's that.)
[08:33] <MR> (Now to install it here..... move that over just a hair.... aha!)
[08:35] * MR sets everything up.
[08:35] <MR> (And now to wait...)

[11:06] *** Meanwhile elsewhere.....
[11:08] * Hinako Urashima and Camilla are checking over a device.
[11:09] <Hinako Urashima> It's been too quiet these past two months, aside from Tokyo's New Years gift.
[11:09] <Camilla> Honestly, I wouldn't put it past that walking scrapheap to try and exploit it for his own use.
[11:09] <Camilla> Thankfully, Thirza was able to update us on its potential weaknesses.
[11:10] <Hinako Urashima> So far, it doesn't look like the proximity wards went off around it, and nobody's mentioned it being messed with... either way, we can't relax until he's dead for good.
[11:12] <Camilla> So far, the tracking devices Haru made with us haven't detected anything, and it seems none of them have been found out or destroyed, so there's still that working for us.
[11:15] <Hinako Urashima> Think that'll do it for now. We'll convene around 5 to double-check things.
[11:15] *** Hinako Urashima [] has left #suburbansenshi4 (*off to visit her brother*)
[11:15] *** Camilla [EyesTowardsMe@International.fh] has left #suburbansenshi4 (*off to run her next shoot*)

[11:57] <spiritflame> - rolls 1d5 [ 2 ]

[08:57] *** MR:Hey sis, it's me. Seems some alien jackasses have decided to try and eradicate the Sol 'cause Earth is apparently a "threat" to them.
[08:58] *** GR: Won't say I'm surprised. Wasn't there already a bunch of aliens that tried something similar?
[09:01] *** MR: Oh, it gets better. They claim to have "infinite numbers", but if Earth can win a cooking contest, they'll spare the Sol.
[09:01] *** GR: And lemme guess, the worst chefs got drafted?
[09:01] *** MR: Indeed. Lady Eitak, Lady Eilean, and the embodiment of the Dunning-Kruger effect, Kaiou.
[09:02] *** GR: ....and how did they get chosen?
[09:02] *** MR: Looks like the eternal troublemaker, Tenoh, submitted their names.
[09:03] *** GR: ...figures. How has that woman not been stripped of her godhood by now?
[09:03] *** MR: Wish I knew. Either way, the aliens claim that anyone leaving the team or any military interference is an auto-loss.
[09:05] *** GR: Well then, little bro, looks like we'll have to put together our own little thing when the contest kicks off.
[09:05] *** MR: Tomorrow is when it begins.
[09:06] *** GR: Figures. Believe we'll have to call in our pet project.
[09:06] *** MR: You wouldn't happen to mean....
[09:06] *** GR: Indeed. That one.
[09:07] *** MR: ...I'd say we'd be playing with fire with that one, but given we've been in far worse situations....
[09:09] *** GR: **Well, this gives us time to convene. Let's meet at the transfer point.
[09:09] *** MR: On my way.

[23:24] *** MR: Really... they thought it was a good idea to bring in that redefinition of "Omnivore"?
[23:25] *** GR: Ah well, less work for us. Shame we didn't get to use our countermeasure...
[23:25] *** MR: No reason we can't save it for another time.
[23:25] *** GR: Fair enough. Anyway, I need to get back to my preparations. Endgame's approaching.
[23:26] *** MR: As do I. Our elder sister's friends are preparing to hit their final stretch as well.
[23:26] *** GR: Seeya around.

[22:05] *** - flips a coin into the air and catches it, heads side up

[20:04] * - looks at Violet.
[20:04] *** Violet is young girl with blue eyes and medium length dyed blue hair. She was a clone of Iris but is now free.
Her image Song is: . She is Level 1.

[21:45] <spiritflame> - rolls 1d8 [ 7 ]

[21:01] <Faora Lightwind> I f[BLEEP]king checked for traps!
[21:01] <Faora Lightwind> there is no way I could trigger that stupid mimic!
[21:02] * Faora Lightwind is resting
[21:02] <Thief Edward> rolled a 1...what did you expect
[21:03] <Faora Lightwind> I expect that I don't get savaged by a goddamn treasure chest!
[21:04] <Mordo The Brave> look are we just going to be sitting here all night or are we actually going to play
[21:04] * Faora Lightwind grumbles to herself

[22:47] *** Meanwhile, at the Coalition Netherworld.....
[22:48] * Thirza is laughing her tails off watching as Solarchos verbally tears Morimoto a new one. Haru and Lyz are trying desperately to compose themselves, but this is too hilarious!
[22:49] <Haru E> Oh yes, I'm saving a clip of this to fall asleep to every night!
[22:51] *** The other vassals watching this are in hysterics. Atreya and Moira have laughed themselves near-unconscious, Beatrice and Yui know they're not gonna sleep tonight, with this in their minds.... even Thorndyke is chuckling to himself.
[22:55] *** Needless to say, this is being actively recorded, and when it's finished.... they're gonna make copies, send 'em to friends, and then upload it to the NetherTube!
[22:56] *** So ends another night in the Netherworld.

[22:51] *** Meanwhile, in another place....
[22:52] * MR and GR pop back into a nearby safehouse..... well, MR does.
[22:52] <MR> (Sis must've headed off to check on her friend already.... then again, I can't be surprised.)
[22:53] * MR clicks something on the side of his neck, and at once his armor begins to slide off, helmet included.
[22:54] *** When the last of the Umbral-colored armor is gone, it reveals the form of a man whom stands 6'6", with dark brown hair and golden-yellow eyes.
[22:55] *** MR has left #suburbansenshi4 ((But first, a desperately needed shower. That armor is amazing, but it could do with more ventillation.))
[22:57] *** In another place, GR stops at a door, their armor coming undone and dissipating into smoke. A 6'1" woman is revealed beneath it all, with dark brown hair and pink-colored irises.
[22:57] *** GR has left #suburbansenshi4 ((Now to pop into my personal getaway... and go reassure Priscilla.))

[20:12] *** - flips a coin into the air and catches it, tails side up

[00:07] * MR collaborates with his sister on the data found.
[00:07] <MR> (Seems it'll soon be my turn to reveal my identity... much as I'd prefer not to.)
[00:09] * MR heads over to his armory, and gets his suit modified for the next step in this project.
[00:09] <MR> (That should be more than enough.... now which weapon to accompany me on this foxhunt....)
[00:12] * MR eventually decides on his loadout for this particular mission.
[00:14] * MR heads out. While his sister works on finding a reversal for that condition, he's going to skin a fool.

[10:26] *** - flips a coin into the air and catches it, heads side up

[20:23] *** a portal opens somewehre on Quinox
[20:25] <???> /flipcoin
[20:25] <???> /flip coin
[20:26] *** ??? flips a coin into the air and catches it, heads side up
[20:26] *** AgarionTaisho has joined #suburbansenshi4
[20:26] <+luna_P> Evening, AgarionTaisho
[20:26] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Since 1974 *** Happy Birthday, Hino Rei!!
[20:27] * AgarionTaisho peeks through the portal >>
[20:29] *** it's dark.....rather like night in fact on Earth
[20:29] * AgarionTaisho blinks and pushes freyanna out first "mm"
[20:30] * Freya Felinus walks out onto the ground
[20:30] <Freya Felinus> be careful
[20:30] * FreyannaTaisho huffs and her skin glows a sunset color "agar is the scaredy cat~"
[20:31] * sticks close to grandmother, new worlds are scary
[20:31] * AgarionTaisho ^
[20:34] * AgarionTaisho watches his sister skip ahead to look for new flowers
[20:35] *** the land before you seems to be near some sort of can see fields of flowers nearby
[20:37] * FreyannaTaisho takes off to the trees with glee "NESSIE LOOK A FOREST!!"
[20:37] <Nessie> :O
[20:39] * FreyannaTaisho starts climbing a tall tree
[20:39] <FreyannaTaisho> (( i need 15 ish minutes. Ill brb ))
[20:39] <Freya Felinus> be careful!
[21:06] * FreyannaTaisho perches on a tree and looks down
[21:06] *** the flowers are purple but they have lines in their petals which seem to glow..their centers glowing as well
[21:07] <FreyannaTaisho> Found the flowers!
[21:07] * FreyannaTaisho jumps down to point the way
[21:15] <Freya Felinus> they're called Asha
[21:21] <FreyannaTaisho> Asha?
[21:21] * FreyannaTaisho looks at the flowers "why do they glow?"
[21:25] <Freya Felinus> to attract polllinators, child
[21:27] * FreyannaTaisho frowns "whats a pollenator?"
[21:28] * Freya Felinus explains pollination
[21:30] <FreyannaTaisho> Ohhhh so there are bees?
[21:32] <Freya Felinus> no..not quite
[21:33] * FreyannaTaisho tilts her head "then what pollenates?"
[21:37] <Freya Felinus> if we're liucky...we might see
[21:40] * FreyannaTaisho perks up and looks around "i wanna see! Right nessie?
[21:41] * Nessie nods!
[21:42] * FreyannaTaisho grins and goes to hide in a bush!
[21:54] *** there's the sound of wings flapping
[22:00] * FreyannaTaisho peeks through the leaves with her sisters
[22:18] <Nessie> (( issues have come up...I might be a bit ))
[22:38] <Nessie> (( be dad has low blood sugar ))
[22:42] * Nessie hides too!
[22:42] *** out of the sky...comes a large's wings's about the size of a small dog
[23:00] *** it's followed by a whole flock of them
[23:20] * FreyannaTaisho blinks "thats a big bug" o.o
[23:20] * Daini Felinus runs past freya to the moths "where's my baby?!"
[23:21] <Freya Felinus> Daini! Don't!!!!!!
[23:22] * Daini Felinus leaps into a tree near the moths and looks for her own "oh please i dont get to see mine enough!"
[23:24] *** the moths get spooked and fly off!!!!
[23:24] * FreyannaTaisho gawks at freya "how come aunt daini gets one?"
[23:25] * sbiffs about for her moth's scent
[23:25] * Daini Felinus ^
[23:26] *** these moths aren't any of daini's
[23:26] * Daini Felinus pouts and sulks off to a high tree branch
[23:30] * Freya Felinus smiles
[23:32] * Freyanna Taisho heads over to freya
[23:35] * Freya Felinus glances up and points in the sky
[23:35] * Freyanna Taisho looks up
[23:39] *** a largish moon hangs in the sky
[23:39] <Freya Felinus> you know it's night..because Aeolus is in the sky
[23:39] <Freya Felinus> alright children..let's find someplace to rest
[23:39] * Freyanna Taisho stares in awe at the moon
[23:40] * Daini Felinus hops down and follows her mom
[23:41] * FreyannaTaisho is pulled along by her brother
[00:00] *** Freya Felinus has left #suburbansenshi4 (now then..where to go)

[21:49] *** - flips a coin into the air and catches it, heads side up

[12:10] *** In an unknown location...
[12:12] * Griselda gets back into a standing position, having been laying back in mid-air. (All right. Notes compiled, antidotes ready... time to give this stuff a test.)
[12:15] * Griselda turns, and with a wave of her hand a Dimensional Gate tears open. In comparison to the usual blue coloration, this one is a stark yellow. She steps through.

[22:16] * - looks at Naoko Ryusei.
[22:16] *** Naoko Ryusei is a teenage girl with medium length white hair, blue green eyes and freckles on her face. She has an energic energy to it.
Her image Song is: . She is Level 1.

[21:24] <Sailor Moon> test

[14:18] <The Miracle> /privatestart
[14:20] *** I don't remember the command for Private action, but PLEASE do not read this if you are involved in the Miracle plot.
[14:21] *** Or even if you are not, until it is completed.
[14:22] *** The Miracle has placed Gilded Combat Knife in Inventory Slot: 1
[14:22] *** The Miracle has placed Gilded Lucerne Hammer in Inventory Slot: 2
[14:23] *** The Miracle has placed Gold Dust in Inventory Slot: 3
[14:23] *** The Miracle has placed Glittergun in Inventory Slot: 4
[14:25] *** The Miracle has placed Metal-Filigreed Belt Flasks of Seeds in Inventory Slot: 5
[14:41] <The Miracle> Inventory put Opaque, Airtight, Locked Blade Sheath
[14:41] *** The Miracle has placed Opaque, Airtight, Locked Blade Sheath in Inventory Slot: 6
[14:42] *** The Miracle has placed Compressed Gas Cartridges that fit her Gas Mask in Inventory Slot: 7
[15:16] *** The Miracle has placed Flasks containing what and gold powder. in Inventory Slot: 0
[15:19] *** The Miracle has placed Flasks holding Gold and White Dust!3 in Inventory Slot: 0
[15:20] *** The Miracle has placed Belt Containers holding dusts of Gold and White in Inventory Slot: 3
[15:59] *** The Miracle has placed Belt Flasks holding Russet-Colored Seeds in Inventory Slot: 5
[16:02] *** The Miracle has placed Bandolier with Combination-Locked Pouches Filigreed with various Metals in Inventory Slot: 8
[16:03] *** The Miracle has placed Helm of the Miracle in Inventory Slot: 9
[16:03] *** The Miracle has placed Armor of the Miracle in Inventory Slot: 10

[01:28] *** PRIVATE ACTION START - This cannot be scryed or otherwise seen unless the players involved allow it.

[01:28] * Griselda steps into her private pocket world.
[01:29] *** Said pocket dimension looks to have the appearance of a warm, balmy kind of place. It feels rather relaxing to be here....
[01:32] * Griselda lays back in a beach chair as her outfit melts off to reveal her favorite beach wear. She slides her hands out in front of her as several screens alight.
[01:32] <Griselda> (Let's see what we have to work with here....)
[01:35] *** The data flying across the screens prove interesting.
[01:36] <Griselda> (All right... that's being worked on by my brother.... dad's in a rather interesting situation, with mom soon about to be on him....)
[01:42] <Griselda> (Though, as for our older sister.... her powers have been severely on the upswing ever since she came across the research by one of our allies....)
[01:44] <Griselda> (I can't fault them for wanting to make certain another thing like it never surfaces again. At the same time...)
[01:58] * Griselda rearranges some things around, and the screens change color.
[01:59] <Griselda> (Hmmm, that is looking promising. Think it should do nicely.)
[02:05] <Griselda> (Now then... what to turn my attention to --- hm?)
[02:06] *** One of the screens depicts a world where several warriors are lining up to do battle. Whomever wins will obtain the throne.
[02:06] <Griselda> (And what's the abnormality there?)
[02:07] *** Some data-manipulating reveals her answer. Her eyes slightly widen on seeing the scene playing out before her.
[02:08] <Griselda> [[Few things tend to stoke my ire... but that one tends to set me off right quick.[[
[02:09] <Griselda> (^)
[02:09] * Griselda closes down the screens, and as she does a flip off her chair, her clothing reappears and changes into something a bit more suitable for her upcoming excursion.
[02:10] *** Griselda [FORBIDDEN@404] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Think it's time to smack a few b[BLEEP]ches.]])


[21:29] * The Magistra has moved to: [ Hologram ]
[21:29] *** Sailor Enclave [SmilingSoulFarmer@sculptedeternity.con] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[21:29] <+luna_P> Evening, Sailor Enclave
[21:29] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Wow.
[21:29] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Eliza. Or should I say, Sailor Enclave, we need to talk.
[21:29] <Sailor Enclave> The latter.
[21:29] <Sailor Enclave> I figured, sooner or later, that you would wish to speak specifically to me.
[21:30] * Sailor Enclave narrows her eyes. "What do you want that I can offer to you?"
[21:30] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Yeah. We have an issue. As things stand I may not be able to rayshift you specfically back
[21:31] <The Magistra> [Hologram] A solution. I don't want to break Eliza.
[21:31] <Sailor Enclave> First, tell me why you cannot cause me to return?
[21:32] <Sailor Enclave> I'm quite curious.
[21:32] * Sailor Enclave smirks a little bit.
[21:33] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Rayshifting is a delicate procedure. In order to bring someone back, their brain patterns and physical status needs to be within an aceptable level compared to that which was scanned
[21:34] <Sailor Enclave> What do you mean? You surely do not mean to imply that Eliza and myself are separate entities?
[21:35] <Sailor Enclave> This place manifests a spirit, does it not? I am what appeared.
[21:35] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Eliza shouldn't be sleeping in the Coffin. She should, as far as the universe is concerned, to put it in layman's terms should proucle an ERROR: FILE NOT FOUND for the time being
[21:36] <The Magistra> [Hologram] If her mind isn't with you we have issues
[21:36] <Sailor Enclave> Eliza has issues.
[21:36] <Sailor Enclave> *I* am the spirit of Eliza McIntash.
[21:36] <Sailor Enclave> I am her spirit no matter how much she objects.
[21:36] <Sailor Enclave> I am her spirit whether she likes it or not.
[21:37] <Sailor Enclave> I am her spirit whether *others* like it or not.
[21:37] <The Magistra> [Hologram] I know. But if I can't sync you guys properly... there's a chance you'll cease to exist when the bubble collapses
[21:37] <The Magistra> [Hologram] I was prepared for Simon manifesting in her place. I did not expect you.
[21:38] <Sailor Enclave> You were prepared for Simon?
[21:38] <Sailor Enclave> Simon Kerrick?
[21:38] <Sailor Enclave> How exactly would you prepare for that?
[21:38] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Yes.
[21:39] * Sailor Enclave laughs. "How droll. Simon Kerrick. In the body of a teenage girl wearing a fuku."
[21:39] <The Magistra> [Hologram] You are made of him, this we cannot denay. But you are diffrent.
[21:39] <Sailor Enclave> Heh... and there's no way to check on exactly what's happening in that little sleepy pod you put the bodies in, is there?
[21:40] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Oh there is. It's just usually a bad idea
[21:40] * Sailor Enclave nods.
[21:40] * Sailor Enclave narrows her eyes, "I shall trust your judgement."
[21:40] <The Magistra> [Hologram] This is not a usual situation. I want to bring you back when this is over, safely.
[21:41] <The Magistra> [Hologram] I can't risk breaking you/her
[21:41] <Sailor Enclave> What do you propose, Time Lady?
[21:41] <Sailor Enclave> Because, should your proposal be lacking, I have my own propositions.
[21:41] * Sailor Enclave cracks her knuckles.
[21:42] <The Magistra> [Hologram] I have a few ideas, but they're not pretty. The largest being I attempt to Rayshift Eliza again into your location
[21:43] * Sailor Enclave steeples her hands. "I have little tolerance for weaklings."
[21:43] <Sailor Enclave> I propose this.
[21:44] <Sailor Enclave> In fact, I'm quite curious if you have guessed me capable of it...
[21:44] <Sailor Enclave> I am only in this dimension because I wish to be.
[21:44] <Sailor Enclave> I can easily... EASILY, travel between planes of reality.
[21:44] <The Magistra> [Hologram] That's... a bad idea
[21:45] * Sailor Enclave wags a finger. "I suspected, though, that you don't want the contents of what you described as a wound breaking into other realities."
[21:45] <Sailor Enclave> But I can make my own realities.
[21:45] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Correct however. There is one meoment when it would be safe to return under your own power
[21:46] <Sailor Enclave> ....and in my own body.
[21:46] <Sailor Enclave> When might that be?
[21:46] <The Magistra> [Hologram] When the singularity is resolved. You'd only have one try
[21:46] <Sailor Enclave> What if I didn't go straight back?
[21:47] <Sailor Enclave> I can make my own demiplanes.
[21:47] <Sailor Enclave> You allege that Simon Empowers me.
[21:47] <The Magistra> [Hologram] And then what happens to Eliza.
[21:47] <Sailor Enclave> But I am of the soul an spirit of Enclave itself---a dimension seperate from your world. If a desperate sorcerer could make another dimension, do you really believe it to be beyond the skill of me? Sailor Enclave? The Soldier of Desperation?
[21:48] <Sailor Enclave> Well, Magistra, I only offer the "indirect route" suggestion because of what happens to demiplanes after the magic that creates them fades.
[21:48] <Sailor Enclave> They crumble, and fade, to nothing.
[21:49] <Sailor Enclave> If I did go into another world.... and it was contaminated by what happened here.... does that really matter if the new world died too?
[21:49] <The Magistra> [Hologram] There is one other concern. Your "Body" right now is made up of Pssudo-spritron particles
[21:49] * Sailor Enclave points her finger upward at this, summoning tiny illusions of dying worlds for Magistra's easy observation.
[21:49] <The Magistra> [Hologram] It's slimilar to the stuff Servants are made of
[21:49] <The Magistra> [Hologram] I understand your meaning.
[21:50] <Sailor Enclave> You refer to that little shower of glitterdust that was their swan song, don't you?
[21:50] <Sailor Enclave> I suspect you mean to suggest a similar fate could await me upon returning to your world, don't you?
[21:51] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Yes and no. The Universe itself doesn't know where you are. If I stop observing you then..
[21:51] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Well let's just say it's natural defenses would kick in and try to remove you
[21:52] <Sailor Enclave> I suspect a demiplane of my own creation would lack such reflexive defenses.
[21:52] <The Magistra> [Hologram] It's possible, but you'd be unable to leave safely
[21:52] <Sailor Enclave> I suspect..... I suspect I could steal another person's body.
[21:53] <The Magistra> [Hologram] I assume returning to Eliza is out of the question?
[21:53] <Sailor Enclave> No.
[21:53] <Sailor Enclave> I'd climb right back in there, given the chance.
[21:53] <Sailor Enclave> She IS Sailor Enclave.
[21:54] <Sailor Enclave> Whether she wants to be or not. No matter how much she hides from it.
[21:54] <The Magistra> [Hologram] I'm afraid of what will happen if I wake her up without you.
[21:54] <Sailor Enclave> I am the Soldier of Desperation. You summoned me, and I am here. As for what will happen to Eliza... and what would happen to me....
[21:54] <Sailor Enclave> I admit that I am uncertain.
[21:54] <Sailor Enclave> I have my guesses, though.
[21:54] <Sailor Enclave> Yet I do not consider myself proficient.
[21:54] <Sailor Enclave> Tell me this.
[21:54] <Sailor Enclave> You said that you WERE Prepared for Simon Kerrick to be here.
[21:55] <Sailor Enclave> When you say that, do you mean that you could bring him back?
[21:55] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Depends on how much of his sprit is inside Eliza
[21:55] <The Magistra> [Hologram] She/You was/were made from his soul.
[21:56] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Were you to ascend to heroic Spirit status your Sevant Class would be Alter Ego
[21:56] <Sailor Enclave> I don't speak this language, Time Lady.
[21:56] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Alternate aspects and personalities split from their originals. Instead of being proper Heroic Spirits, they're personifications of emotions, wishes and various aspects that belong to others
[21:57] <The Magistra> [Hologram] You were created from Simon's Fear.
[21:57] * Sailor Enclave listens, attempting to understand.
[21:57] <Sailor Enclave> .....Bulls[BLEEP]t.
[21:57] <The Magistra> [Hologram] You are a divergent personality
[21:57] <Sailor Enclave> But do go on, by all means.
[21:57] <Sailor Enclave> ^_^
[21:57] <Sailor Enclave> So let me get this straight....
[21:58] <Sailor Enclave> "Ascent to heroic status."
[21:58] <Sailor Enclave> Does that mean if I slay the other spirits in here, I can return?
[21:58] <The Magistra> [Hologram] No.
[21:58] <The Magistra> [Hologram] To do that you'd have to leave a mark on human history, be engraved on the collective unconsiousness.
[21:58] <Sailor Enclave> Does that mean, then, that is SIMON KERRICK were here, and slew the others, or asecnded, that he could return?
[21:58] <Sailor Enclave> Oh.
[21:58] <Sailor Enclave> Well I can do that.
[21:59] <Sailor Enclave> Do you REALLY think I cannot leave a mark on human history or cousciousness?
[21:59] <The Magistra> [Hologram] You also have to ya know, DIE
[21:59] <Sailor Enclave> Perhaps, though, you mean that Simon Kerrick DID leave a mark on Human History, and perhaps, that he lives on in the consciousness of his followers?
[21:59] <Sailor Enclave> F[BLEEP]k that.
[21:59] <Sailor Enclave> I am NOT going to die.
[21:59] <Sailor Enclave> I have come too far for that.
[22:00] * Sailor Enclave suddenly grins nastily.
[22:00] <Sailor Enclave> I know a way out.
[22:00] <Sailor Enclave> But let's keep using your examples, shall we?
[22:00] <The Magistra> [Hologram] And that is?
[22:00] <Sailor Enclave> Why could Simon leave? Why can I not?
[22:01] <The Magistra> [Hologram] No. Simon would have been trapped here.
[22:01] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Intentionally.
[22:01] <The Magistra> [Hologram] I'd have cut off support from him and leave him to die.
[22:01] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Assuming he managed to appear in the first place
[22:02] <Sailor Enclave> Very cunning.
[22:02] <Sailor Enclave> Very cunning indeed.
[22:02] <Sailor Enclave> I approve.
[22:02] <The Magistra> [Hologram] I put some extra protections in the Coffins to prevent him from manifesting
[22:03] <The Magistra> [Hologram] But you. You are enonough of Eliza yet dissilimar enough that I'm not sure how to pull you back to the Coffin safely
[22:03] * Sailor Enclave thinks.
[22:03] <Sailor Enclave> So you attempted to lure him here.
[22:04] * Sailor Enclave nods.
[22:04] <Sailor Enclave> That's cold.
[22:04] <Sailor Enclave> I respect that.
[22:04] <The Magistra> [Hologram] It wasn't a lure. Eliza volunteered to come here.
[22:04] <Sailor Enclave> Yes.
[22:04] <Sailor Enclave> She did.
[22:04] <Sailor Enclave> She was desperate.
[22:04] <The Magistra> [Hologram] I just. I just wanted to keep her safe. She hurt me, but she's been through enough
[22:05] <Sailor Enclave> She was desperate, and couldn't take it, and.... well....
[22:05] <Sailor Enclave> Let's move onto business, shall we?
[22:05] <The Magistra> [Hologram] She called you?
[22:05] * Sailor Enclave laughs.
[22:05] <Sailor Enclave> I don't know if you heard me. *I* am Eliza's spirit.
[22:05] <Sailor Enclave> Sailor Enclave. Soldier of Desperation.
[22:06] <Sailor Enclave> Do you really think Eliza McIntash could have served you well in here?
[22:06] <Sailor Enclave> REALLY?
[22:06] <The Magistra> [Hologram] It wasn't my place to judge her reasons for coming
[22:06] <Sailor Enclave> Sure it was!
[22:06] <Sailor Enclave> But I can easily tell you those reasons, if you wish to hear them.
[22:06] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Sure why not
[22:07] <Sailor Enclave> Mmmmmm, perhaps later.
[22:07] <Sailor Enclave> So let me get this straight.
[22:07] <Sailor Enclave> Opening Portals in here----gates between dimensions.
[22:07] <Sailor Enclave> REALLY REALLY REALLY bad, right?
[22:07] <Sailor Enclave> Infects the recipient dimension, breaks space/time.
[22:08] <Sailor Enclave> I ask you this because....
[22:08] <Sailor Enclave> I'm Sailor Enclve.
[22:08] <The Magistra> [Hologram] More or less. Though intertnal is fine, but there's NOTHING outside Tokyo
[22:08] <Sailor Enclave> I can make bountiful and wonderful dimensions that are my own visions of paradise, as surely as this "Simon Kerrick" could.
[22:08] <The Magistra> [Hologram] You guys didn't notice it because Tokyo is so big,but the world kind of ENDS at it's boarders
[22:09] <Sailor Enclave> I find myself thinking, a LOT, why bother to keep these people cooped up in here, when a land of dreams could await them. I can MAKE WORLDS.
[22:09] <Sailor Enclave> They are doomed, you know.
[22:09] <Sailor Enclave> Do you truly wish to leave them here to die?
[22:10] <Sailor Enclave> You DID say this dimension will dissolve upon our exit, didn't you?
[22:10] <The Magistra> [Hologram] It will return to how things should be
[22:10] <Sailor Enclave> A return to ---nothing?---
[22:11] <Sailor Enclave> And nothing here will survive, I take it.
[22:11] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Usagi will defeat Metallia and revive the Sailor Senshi, and this bubble will cease to exist, just the normal timeline
[22:11] <The Magistra> [Hologram] The people will exist, just without memories of this place, as they should
[22:11] * Sailor Enclave taps her lip, clearly deep in thought about something.
[22:12] <Sailor Enclave> And pulling them into a dimension of plenty will not change that one way or another, right?
[22:12] <Sailor Enclave> .....Right?
[22:12] <The Magistra> [Hologram] It would be unwise, unsafe and unstable in the long term
[22:13] * Sailor Enclave looks really disappointed.
[22:13] <The Magistra> [Hologram] If the bubble is popped from the inside, it's possible they would just fade away with it, whereever they are
[22:14] <Sailor Enclave> If the bubble is popped, or people here were... uh... you said "cut off," as you mentioned Simon Kerrick? How long would it take for them to fade from existence?
[22:15] <Sailor Enclave> My guess is, "within a split second"
[22:15] <Sailor Enclave> Am I right?
[22:16] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Could take between a few hours to a few days depending on the scale of the singularity
[22:17] <Sailor Enclave> And, I take it, how deeply imprinted they are on "your" reference of space/time.
[22:17] <Sailor Enclave> Am I close?
[22:17] <Sailor Enclave> Deeper footprints take longer to wear away, after all.
[22:17] <Sailor Enclave> ^_^
[22:17] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Basically yes
[22:18] <Sailor Enclave> OOH, I'm so pleased to be such a fast learner.
[22:19] <Sailor Enclave> Very well, Time Lady. I'll let you call the shots! I shall not create gates or portals or new planes within this singularity.
[22:19] <Sailor Enclave> I have in fact answered your call to aid reality, not destroy it.
[22:19] <Sailor Enclave> After all, if my reality were to be destroyed and overwritten, I could not exist.
[22:19] <Sailor Enclave> That would not be acceptable to me.
[22:20] <Sailor Enclave> It's certainly not as though I don't have loads to fight for. ^_^
[22:20] * Sailor Enclave curtsies in her Fuku to the hologram.
[22:20] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Good. Then let us return to the issue at hand, how are you getting out.
[22:20] <Sailor Enclave> I am not afraid of being alone. I shall wait until the singularity resolves. I do NOT trust the cat, though.
[22:21] * Sailor Enclave makes 100% sure they are alone and cannot be overheard.
[22:21] <Sailor Enclave> Wouldn't the cat--the animal companion, be able to recognize the REAL Sailor Moon?
[22:21] <Sailor Enclave> >.>
[22:22] <The Magistra> [Hologram] ..I'm running on the assumption that Luna was tag-along sprit alongside Sailor Moon
[22:23] <Sailor Enclave> Meaning?
[22:23] <Sailor Enclave> <.<
[22:24] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Meaning, Sailor Moon, no Caster; ceases to be, she'll fade too
[22:24] <The Magistra> [Hologram] *if Sailor
[22:25] * Sailor Enclave nds.
[22:25] * Sailor Enclave nods
[22:26] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Luna doesn't have enough of an impanct on human history to be summoned herself, but she's so tied to the story of Sailor Moon, that if you summon Sailor Moon Circa the Dark Kingndom, Luna comes too
[22:26] * Sailor Enclave looks around. "So she has vested interest in keeping the illusion up. That makes her behavoir more sensible.
[22:26] <Sailor Enclave> Okay, so I have one more really important question.
[22:26] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Shoot.
[22:26] <Sailor Enclave> If spirits that weren't specifically summoned CAN show up, how do we know that Simon Kerrick---either in his human or Lich form, is NOT here?
[22:27] <Sailor Enclave> You DID say that you put shields to stop him from manifesting, right? So it's REALLY unlikely that Simon as you know him is here?
[22:27] <Sailor Enclave> Because if he shows up here unbidden.....
[22:27] <Sailor Enclave> <.<
[22:27] <Sailor Enclave> >.>
[22:27] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Simon has no attachment to tale of Sailor Moon, he wouldn't be chain summoned as part of the war.
[22:27] * Sailor Enclave actually looks pretty worried now.
[22:27] <Sailor Enclave> Okay.
[22:27] <Sailor Enclave> OKAY.
[22:27] <Sailor Enclave> I get it now.
[22:28] <Sailor Enclave> That's why.
[22:29] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Servants have alot to do with their stories. Summon Seigfreid and Farfneir will appear
[22:29] <Sailor Enclave> I think I follow along perfectly.
[22:29] <Sailor Enclave> Yes.
[22:29] <Sailor Enclave> And in a world full of misbegotten "Sailor Soldiers" who have dark twists to them and pull in those their destinies reach out to touch....
[22:29] <Sailor Enclave> Why WOULDN'T you expect to also find Sailor Enclave?
[22:30] * The Magistra [Hologram] pauses then laughs
[22:30] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Quite frankly I was obvioiusly an idiot for over-looking it
[22:30] <The Magistra> [Hologram] But I have more information now
[22:31] * Sailor Enclave nods enthusiastically.
[22:31] <Sailor Enclave> Right.
[22:31] <Sailor Enclave> I'm going to get to know the other people who are sheltered here.
[22:32] <Sailor Enclave> There could EASILY become a time when I will have to appeal to them to listen to me, or you, or somebody you send, OVER Sailor Moon, and I'll need to get in pretty deep to do that.
[22:32] * Sailor Enclave narrows her eyes.
[22:32] <Sailor Enclave> If you need something done in here, call me.
[22:32] <Sailor Enclave> Not like I'm going anywhere.
[22:32] <The Magistra> [Hologram] I'm gonna try running the numbers again. With the info I have on you now, I'm gonna see if I can bring them then in line to bring you back but I'm not putting faith in it. As for that... Just don't form any bonds you want to last. It'll be harder to say goodbye
[22:32] * Sailor Enclave winks. "Call when you need me."
[22:33] <Sailor Enclave> Actually, I think the numbers are fine for now.
[22:33] <Sailor Enclave> Work on which target to hit next.
[22:33] <Sailor Enclave> I'll be fine. We can talk about my return later.
[22:34] <Sailor Enclave> Ring when you need me.
[22:34] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Oh that's easy. Tomarrow we're doing a raid on Hiwaka Shrine. Mars is the last one we know their location and can get to
[22:34] * Sailor Enclave grins slyly. "I'll try to make it, but if I'm not, you can expect my return soon after. I'll ALWAYS be back."
[22:35] * Sailor Enclave rises to leave, narrows her eyes, and walks off toward the fellow refugees (and Sailor Moon) without he slightest look on her face suggesting something has happened.
[22:35] *** Sailor Enclave [SmilingSoulFarmer@sculptedeternity.con] has quit IRC (I'll be back again. And again. And again.)
[22:36] * The Magistra [Hologram] vanishes from view, she's still watching though

[00:56] *** Meanwhile....
[00:57] * Griselda pops out of a yellow-tinted Dimensional Gate.
[00:57] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Griselda's Pocket Space
[00:57] <Griselda> (Ah, feels good to be home.)
[00:58] * Griselda takes a seat into one of her favorite comfy chairs as several screens appear with a wave of her hand.
[00:58] <Griselda> Now, let's see here....
[00:59] *** Data flashes across these screens as Griselda flips through them, flagging a few for further study. One in particular catches her eye....
[00:59] <Griselda> Well, hello there..... that's new.
[01:00] * Griselda taps on that particular entry, and as it expands....
[01:02] <Griselda> ...well now, we can't have that. I thought those idiots would've learned their lesson after last time.
[01:03] * Griselda does a flip off of her chair as the screens close. As she lands, her clothing shifts to something appropriate for her new excursion.
[01:03] * Griselda opens up a gate as she steps on through to her new destination.
[01:04] *** Griselda [FORBIDDEN@404] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Round Mother-f[BLEEP]king two, you wastes of oxygen.")
[01:04] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[22:27] *** Meanwhile...
[22:27] * Griselda looks over the information sent her way, thanks to her twin brother.
[22:28] <Griselda> ( Solid stuff you found, bro. Think it's about time to pay 'em a visit.)
[22:32] * Griselda sends a message back to her brother: She'll go check out Beak, Executioner and M16A1. That'll free him up to track down Intruder.
[22:33] *** Griselda [FORBIDDEN@404] has left #suburbansenshi4 (*time to go get prepared*)

[21:42] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[21:42] * Nelius Raoul is at his desk, reviewing some interesting information sent his way via GR and MR.
[21:43] <Nelius Raoul> (So even more remnants of that Interstellar Alliance are milling about.... yet the real question remains as to what their goal is.)
[21:43] <Nelius Raoul> (Could they be turncoats, like Kagami and her friends? Or are they here to deliver some message?)
[21:46] <Nelius Raoul> (Either way, we're going to need to hunt them down and get the truth before they get any more brazen.)
[21:47] *** Data from MR shows that the one that instigated the whole debacle in Gensokyo retreated back to The Zone. GR is busy looking out for the other three.
[21:58] <Nelius Raoul> (Back into the Zone, huh? We never did figure out what that "Wish-Maker" thing is supposed to be, though that image of Yukari more than implies she had a hand in the whole place turning into GrimDark Wacky Land...)
[22:00] <Nelius Raoul> (Regardless, that instigator needs captured. Think I'll take up that excursion --- should be easy enough to find MR and ally with him. Though, if GR needs the assistance in tracking down the other three, Janice should be more than enough, assuming Shizuka's not too busy.)
[23:13] * Nelius Raoul finishes looking things over, then gets up from his desk to stretch.
[23:23] <Nelius Raoul> (Let's see... Zeabolos and his bunch have been learning pretty well about how things work here, as have we about their world.)
[23:41] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 (*Off to visit some friends*)
[23:41] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[23:06] <Nelius Raoul> (( Test ))
[23:06] * Griselda looks in the mirror.
[23:06] *** Griselda is a 6'1" young woman with long, luscious dark brown hair, tanned skin and enchanting pink-tinted irises. The older sibling, she has a strongly alluring air about her. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: Darkness from Konosuba. Battle theme is Lily of Steel (Millia Rage) from Guilty Gear: Xrd. She is Level 1.

[23:07] * Griselda looks at Magni.
[23:07] *** Magni is a 6'6" young man with tanned skin, dark brown hair and sharp yellow-golden eyes. The younger sibling, he has the stare of someone whom has seen much, but will only speak of such if necessary. More information about him is Here.
His image Song is: Lloyd from The Legend of Dragoon. Battle theme is Engage (Potemkin) from Guilty Gear: Xrd.. He is Level 1.

[22:44] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[22:44] <+luna_P> Evening, Matsumi Kaze
[22:44] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: And Boom it goes!
[22:45] * Matsumi Kaze sits on a sofa silently, relaxing
[22:45] * Matsumi Kaze reads a magazine
[22:45] <Matsumi Kaze> what a quiet night tonight...
[22:47] <Masaki O`Cain> yeah well it's that sort of night..nothing to do
[22:47] *** Masaki O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi4
[22:47] <+luna_P> Evening, Masaki O`Cain
[22:47] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Always a Pun in the Oven
[22:47] * Masaki O`Cain is playing some pool on a table which somehow is there..don't ask me how
[22:47] <Matsumi Kaze> you know it used to be stuff happened..exciting stuff....remember when we actually fought evil and won fights
[22:48] <Masaki O`Cain> yup
[22:48] <Masaki O`Cain> you know..when people weren't running around and worried about the philosophical s[BLEEP]t
[22:49] <Masaki O`Cain> ..I mean so wait...did you ever worry about that
[22:49] <Matsumi Kaze> well it wasn't so much that...
[22:49] <Matsumi Kaze> I didn't really worry about DOING the right thing
[22:50] <Matsumi Kaze> it was more I worried about the whole.....was managing well enough with things I guess
[22:50] * Masaki O`Cain moves to another side of the pool table
[22:50] <Masaki O`Cain> it's kind of ironic really....
[22:50] <Matsumi Kaze> hm?
[22:52] <Masaki O`Cain> the new team really hasn't been challenged yet, have they
[22:52] <Matsumi Kaze> I don't know about that..I mean....they did fight off vyle and that was pretty hard
[22:52] <Masaki O`Cain> not hard in like what you used to have to do
[22:53] <Masaki O`Cain> i mean ok let's look at what people have had to deal with nowadays
[22:53] * Masaki O`Cain sits on the table
[22:54] <Masaki O`Cain> government conspiricaries and cults and s[BLEEP]t like that oooOOOoooOOO
[22:54] * Masaki O`Cain wiggles her fingers
[22:54] <Masaki O`Cain> any a[BLEEP]le superhero can solve that
[22:55] <Masaki O`Cain> half the time people nowadays are doing cut rate spy work or cleaning up the mess of the a[BLEEP]le time lords
[22:55] <Masaki O`Cain> only reason they got involved was cause Venus boned one
[22:57] <Matsumi Kaze> ..I don't know about that
[22:57] <Masaki O`Cain> and nowadays most sailor senshi just half pathetically do jack s[BLEEP]t....
[22:57] <Masaki O`Cain> you could paste any superhero name over what they do nowadays and it would fit the bill
[22:59] <Masaki O`Cain> or they just fall to their knees and get possessed by a bunch of whiny pathetic survivors who were only around cause they didn't have the spine to deal with their own problems
[22:59] <Masaki O`Cain> oh look at us we're the next step in evolution weee
[23:00] <Masaki O`Cain> when all it takes is getting a tiny bloody nose to send you into a full on genocidal war against one another
[23:00] <Masaki O`Cain> ...god you're even more sad and pathetic then a salary man
[23:02] <Masaki O`Cain> i mean think of it this f[BLEEP]king way
[23:02] <Masaki O`Cain> if they were so goddamn evolved
[23:02] <Masaki O`Cain> why the f[BLEEP]k did they need to possess the senshi
[23:02] <Masaki O`Cain> couldn't they just..oh I don't f[BLEEP]king know
[23:02] <Masaki O`Cain> CREATE THEIR OWN BODIES
[23:03] <Masaki O`Cain> if our own prof could do s[BLEEP]t like that..why couldn't they
[23:03] <Masaki O`Cain> hell why did they even agree to it
[23:03] <Masaki O`Cain> unless they felt so useless nowadays that they had to have SOMETHING that could make them feel a part of something again
[23:04] <Masaki O`Cain> I could see pluto doing that s[BLEEP]t...maybe saturn
[23:04] <Masaki O`Cain> ..but venus?
[23:04] <Masaki O`Cain> geez
[23:05] <Masaki O`Cain> are you that worried about becoming a...a..what's the term..what's the term
[23:05] <Matsumi Kaze> a white dwarf?
[23:05] <Masaki O`Cain> yeah that!
[23:06] <Masaki O`Cain> I mean it just pisses me off
[23:07] <Masaki O`Cain> why are WE....the defenders of truth and love..and justice..and something
[23:08] <Masaki O`Cain> why are suddenly playing spies and soldiers for half these people
[23:12] <Masaki O`Cain> I mean
[23:12] <Masaki O`Cain> ..what if something came
[23:12] <Masaki O`Cain> something something from our sort of stuff
[23:12] <Masaki O`Cain> ..would we actually f[BLEEP]king be prepared for that s[BLEEP]t
[23:12] <Matsumi Kaze> what do you mean by that?
[23:14] <Masaki O`Cain> like....senshi magic s[BLEEP]t
[23:14] <Masaki O`Cain> we've gotten so used to things with guns and tech and superheroes punching things and time lord f[BLEEP]kery
[23:15] <Masaki O`Cain> what we if we actually had to face something like we used to fight
[23:16] * Masaki O`Cain looks at the beer she was drinking and tosses it aside
[23:17] <Masaki O`Cain> so loaded up on high tech f[BLEEP]king s[BLEEP]t that probably just take a good old punch to knock us sideways
[23:19] <Matsumi Kaze> so what you suggest we just go low tech..get rid of the hotel and get rid of stuff like that?
[23:19] <Masaki O`Cain> GOD NO...that's f[BLEEP]king stupid
[23:20] <Masaki O`Cain> who the f[BLEEP]k does that sort of s[BLEEP]t
[23:24] <Masaki O`Cain> god I sound old
[23:25] <Masaki O`Cain> but seriously....back to what I was saying
[23:25] <Masaki O`Cain> the new senshi team...never been challenged before
[23:26] <Masaki O`Cain> bunch of disjointed self absorbed asshats
[23:26] <Matsumi Kaze> ...Euri is not an asshat...nor is Mirai
[23:26] * Masaki O'Cain thinks
[23:26] <Masaki O'Cain> no they're not
[23:28] <Masaki O'Cain> Mirai's just a naive kid and Euri...her interest only goes as far as her kids
[23:30] <Masaki O'Cain> so far all they've fought is a bunch of jumped up robots
[23:31] * Masaki O'Cain glances over
[23:31] <Masaki O'Cain> I see the time putzs are talking again
[23:31] * Masaki O'Cain starts to hand puppet a conversation
[23:31] <Masaki O'Cain> Intern: blah blah blah serious danger blah blah job blah blah blah
[23:32] <Masaki O'Cain> Hazenine: look at me i'm crazier then a box of nuts but i'm playing nice so sooner or later it will be a total surprise when I stab you all in the back cause that's how these stories go
[23:33] * a Dagger SLAMS into the table right in front of her
[23:33] <Masaki O'Cain> Intern: blah blah blah food and video games blah blah I'm here to replace all the other time lords cause they're too sidelined to do s[BLEEP]t
[23:33] <Masaki O'Cain> hm?
[23:33] <> Oh If I choose to stab you it'll be in the front, darling.
[23:34] * Masaki O'Cain picks up the knife
[23:34] * is now known as Hazel Ninegate
[23:34] * Masaki O'Cain puts it in her pocket
[23:34] <Masaki O'Cain> thanks. free knife
[23:34] * Hazel Ninegate is away: ♫
[23:36] <Masaki O'Cain> geez..intern drunk or something
[23:36] <Masaki O'Cain> slurring her words like s[BLEEP]t
[23:36] <Matsumi Kaze> can you even hear that?
[23:36] <Masaki O`Cain> I can, ok?
[23:41] <Masaki O`Cain> god days like this piss me off
[23:41] * Masaki O`Cain goes back to her game
[23:42] <Matsumi Kaze> you know..if you're so upset..why don't you get involved and help them
[23:43] <Masaki O`Cain> ...are you kidding?
[23:43] <Masaki O`Cain> you know what they'd do?
[23:44] <Masaki O`Cain> probably shove me in some searching party looking for s[BLEEP]t
[23:44] <Masaki O`Cain> and then when i even get close to doing something my way
[23:44] <Masaki O`Cain> pull me aside and tell me I'm out of line
[23:44] <Masaki O`Cain> yeah no..not interested
[23:46] <Masaki O`Cain> Mats, I'm not an intellectual
[23:46] <Masaki O`Cain> solving mysteries bore the f[BLEEP]k out of me
[23:46] <Masaki O`Cain> you want someone to figure out s[BLEEP]t..find yourself a goddamn detective
[23:47] <Masaki O`Cain> I'm here to save lives and kick ass
[23:48] <Masaki O`Cain> I'm not here to deal with political fallout bulls[BLEEP]t
[23:51] <Masaki O`Cain> also here to make sure YOU don't get hurt
[23:51] <Matsumi Kaze> aw thanks
[23:52] <Masaki O`Cain> yeah well it's my job
[23:58] <Masaki O`Cain> me and Saki ARE your satillites
[00:02] <Masaki O`Cain> hey..let's head upstairs..we can talk there
[00:02] <Matsumi Kaze> yeah why not
[00:02] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi4
[00:03] *** Masaki O`Cain has left #suburbansenshi4
[00:54] <> test
[00:54] <Valeria Victrix> test

[13:12] *** Meanwhile, in another time...
[13:12] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Griselda's Pocket-Space
[13:14] * Griselda is looking over several data-units as she reclines in one of her chairs.
[13:14] <Griselda> (Now let's see here.... that's been taken care of, so I ought to move it there.... those chucklef[BLEEP]ks are long dead, so no worries on that front....)
[13:16] <Griselda> (Priscilla's been settling in well... ohh, that's right! Great-aunt said she had that hot date tomorrow, so I need to be over there to check up on her projects.)
[13:19] <Griselda> (Sis is gonna be tying things off with her beau soon, so there's that.... Magni's still getting a fix on those fools that tossed up the alert...)
[13:19] <Griselda> (All in all, things seem good. Speaking of...)
[13:20] * Griselda flips out of her chair as her clothing changes to something a bit more appropriate.
[13:20] *** Griselda [FORBIDDEN@404] has left #suburbansenshi4
[13:20] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[15:46] *** @ has turned their sound on
[17:52] <@> Heats - Chat
[17:52] * @ is now known as Paisley Pythia Peinforte
[17:52] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Heads - Chat
[17:52] *** @Paisley Pythia Peinforte flips a coin into the air and catches it, tails side up
[17:52] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Vermellia it is

[09:36] <Griselda> This is a test of the Suburban Senshi emergency broadcasting system....
[09:36] <Griselda> Looks like we're back in business♫

[21:33] <Sailor Enclave> /loook M16A1
[21:33] * Sailor Enclave looks at M16A1.
[21:33] *** M16A1 is your average everyday M16A1

[21:33] * Sailor Enclave looks at Beak.
[21:33] *** Beak is your average everyday Beak

[10:58] *** Meanwhile...
[10:59] * MR is busy elsewhere in the Zone.
[10:59] <MR> (Should be close... think I'll ask my borrowed friend to do her thing.)
[10:59] * MR sends out a familiar face to check things out in a specific location.
[10:59] <MR> (Now, as for myself...)
[11:02] * MR drops down into another area, ready to set up a small base of operations.

[21:06] <spiritflame> rolls 1d28 [ 2 ]

[23:40] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Griselda's Pocket-Space
[23:41] * Griselda is reclining back on a beach chair as she looks over several screens.
[23:42] <Griselda> (Looking good so far♫)
[23:46] * Griselda swipes right, then flicks upwards. (Well well, now that's an interesting topic.)
[23:47] * Griselda reads into it more.
[23:53] <Griselda> (Hmm.... nice♡)
[00:00] * Griselda snaps a few screenshots of this particular information.
[00:03] <Griselda> (Very tempting to go pay this place a visit~)
[00:07] * Griselda continues looking through the screens.
[00:11] <Griselda> Well, that answers that. Time to go check this place out♫
[00:11] * Griselda flips off the chair, keeping her current beach-appropriate attire. She opens a yellow-tinted gateway and steps on through.
[00:12] *** Griselda [FORBIDDEN@404] has left #suburbansenshi4 ((Now let's see if this place lives up to the information provided♫))
[00:12] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[11:39] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[11:40] <Haru E> So yeah, it's been nearly a week since I got Hina and Cammy on the horn about the Yokohama situation, and I've not heard back from them.
[11:40] <Nelius Raoul> Concerning indeed. You plan to go in after them?
[11:40] <Haru E> Well yeah. Just like when Kae up and vanished off the face of the earth.
[11:41] <Zotia> Still, do be careful about it.
[11:41] <Haru E> Trust me, I got enough supplies and weapons to see me through whatever should be lurking down there.
[11:42] <Haru E> Bigger concern is keeping Lyz from getting overrun.... I'd ask Burroughs, but she's off lending assistance in tracking down the remnants of the Alliance still in the Zone....
[11:44] <Zotia> I'd imagine Janice would like to help. You are going to keep a shade at the store, correct?
[11:44] <Haru E> Of course. I got at least two hanging around in-case we get a sudden influx of people.
[11:45] <Nelius Raoul> Well then, safe travels when you do go in to investigate. Give whatever or whomever is causing this trouble absolute Hell!
[11:46] <Haru E> You got it!
[11:47] * Haru E disconnects from the conversation.
[12:01] <Nelius Raoul> She's really coming into her own.
[12:13] <Zotia> Of course. When it comes to those you hold near and dear, you'd defy reality itself to see them well and live.
[12:35] *** Zotia [Shura.WiseWords@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Still, shall we get the Usatako Tracker going?")
[12:36] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("On it already.")
[12:36] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[10:10] * looks in the mirror.
[10:10] *** is your average everyday

[10:10] * Dr. X looks in the mirror.
[10:10] *** Dr. X is

His image Song is: . He is Level 16.
Dr. X is an IRC Operator - Channel Administrator

[10:11] * @Dr. X is away 

[13:00] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: The Cyber-Man is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[13:00] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: The Cyber-Man is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[13:00] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: The Cyber-Man is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[13:01] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: The Cyber-Man is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[13:01] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: The Cyber-Man is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[13:01] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: The Cyber-Man is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[13:04] <Abslom Daak> test
[13:04] * Dr. X looks in the mirror.
[13:04] *** Dr. X is

His image Song is: . He is Level 16.
Dr. X is an IRC Operator - Channel Administrator

[13:05] * Abslom Daak looks in the mirror.
[13:05] *** Abslom Daak is your average everyday Abslom Daak

[09:50] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[09:50] * Nelius Raoul is busy checking over a few things.
[09:50] <Nelius Raoul> (Hmmm... everything's looking good for the coming month.)
[09:57] * Nelius Raoul exits his office and heads downstairs, his vassals busy doing what they do.
[09:59] <Nelius Raoul> [[Let's see.... we're not due for another visit with the other Overlords for a small while.
[09:59] <Nelius Raoul> (^)
[10:00] <Nelius Raoul> (Though what Janice told me does have some interest.... if Freya's getting random visions, then it's possible that something is going to happen once more.)
[10:03] <Nelius Raoul> (Willing to bet that wherever Matsumi is, she's likely getting something similar.)
[10:09] <Nelius Raoul> (Either way, gonna have to get them to speak up about what they've seen.)
[10:09] * Nelius Raoul decides to head off for some training for a bit.
[10:09] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4
[10:09] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[23:34] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[23:37] * Nelius Raoul gets a message from Janice.
[23:37] <Nelius Raoul> ....
[23:37] <Nelius Raoul> By the Seraph, can't Matsumi catch a break already?
[23:38] * Nelius Raoul gets on getting in touch with a few Earth-dwelling allies to keep eyes and ears open.
[23:39] <Nelius Raoul> Though, if Janice's theory holds water, and those powers are causing some amount of havoc....
[23:40] * Nelius Raoul sends those allies a slightly updated idea of what to look out for.
[23:43] * Nelius Raoul saves this information, puts it to a certain folder, then shuts his system down.
[23:49] * Nelius Raoul exits his office and heads over to his bedroom, and opens up a wardrobe. Inside aren't clothes, but certain equipment he had been working on.
[23:50] <Nelius Raoul> (Hmm... these should do.)
[23:51] * Nelius Raoul applies a small tag to them, then closes the wardrobe.
[23:51] * Nelius Raoul pulls up his phone, and checks on how Haru's doing over with Nereid and Nix.
[23:53] <Nelius Raoul> (Looks like things are going well. They should be getting close to figuring things out.)
[23:53] * Nelius Raoul concludes their conversation, then sets his phone down.
[23:57] <Nelius Raoul> (I'd go and beat some feet right now, but I have already been up the past few nights. Cubus has been reporting something interesting about that info we got from the other Overlords.)
[23:58] <Nelius Raoul> (I'll get up a bit early then.)
[23:58] * Nelius Raoul changes out of his usual apparel, and climbs into bed.
[23:58] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4
[23:58] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[00:04] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Temporary Pocketspace
[00:04] * Nelius Raoul hears his cell go off, and so checks it.
[00:05] <Nelius Raoul> (...using that kind of stuff to astrally project, huh... won't knock Matsuo's methods, but I'm pretty sure there are much less trippy methods available.)
[00:06] * Nelius Raoul sees more info come in.
[00:06] <Nelius Raoul> (So the place had worship of all the Planetary Princesses, but got blown up via Volcano when Metallia's corruption of Beryl was in full-swing.)
[00:07] <Nelius Raoul> (So the Caspian Sea is our next stop.... hopefully there'll be clues there as to why Matsumi's powers went haywire.)
[00:08] <Nelius Raoul> (Unless it was really sore about being cast aside, I can't help but get the feeling something or someone is pulling strings to make this crap happen..... and barely even a year after we got done erasing that Necros parasite, to boot.)
[00:10] <Nelius Raoul> (Guess it'll really be time to see how far along my mastery of that curse-turned-tool has come.)
[00:13] * Nelius Raoul modifies his pocketspace to put the exit close to the Caspian Sea, then sets about getting his gear ready.
[00:13] <Nelius Raoul> (That's that.... now to help Zotia get out of her trippiest state...)
[00:14] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("The things we do to defy the odds, huh?")
[00:14] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[17:52] *** Matsuo Shin [] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[17:52] <+luna_P> Afternoon, Matsuo Shin
[17:52] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: The beer makes it funnier.
[17:52] * Matsuo Shin walks through the darkened halls alone...his only light being a single torch.....
[17:52] * Matsuo Shin walks silently, looking over each area...
[17:52] *** the walls have frescos on them, faded and cracked..
[17:55] * Matsuo Shin dashes forward as he feels a few pebbles fall on his shoulders
[17:59] * Matsuo Shin follows along the hall...his footsteps echoing...
[18:03] * Matsuo Shin suddenly ducks behind a piller.....
[18:04] * Matsuo Shin peeks around the a cloaked woman walks by....holding a single isn't holdig's floating alongside her
[18:05] * Matsuo Shin watches as she passes by..and then carefully followed along
[18:17] * Matsuo Shin stops as the hall ends....
[18:18] *** the room is huge....and is domainted by a half sunk, half destroyed stone head of the Princess of Quinox
[18:19] * Matsuo Shin looks around...the woman from before is gone...
[18:21] * Matsuo Shin walks towards the statue....gazing at it in both awe and confusion...
[18:22] * Matsuo Shin walks slowly......he's about the size of the statue's nose
[18:22] * Matsuo Shin reaches out........only for the statue to start cracking
[18:25] * Matsuo Shin quickly backs away as the ground starts to crack from the statue....along the walls and all around him....
[18:25] * Matsuo Shin turns to run..only for the entire structure to explode outward....and himself start to plunge into the vast void around him...
[18:29] * Matsuo Shin blacks out...

[18:41] * Matsuo Shin slowly comes to...............
[18:41] * Matsuo Shin blinks a few times..letting his eyes focus....then they slowly widen
[18:42] *** Matsuo is floating in the middle of a starry void.......the planets float around close that they almost seem like they would collide
[18:42] <Matsuo Shin> w..what in the name of...
[18:43] * Matsuo Shin suddenly finds himself lifted up....
[18:43] <Matsuo Shin> w..wh..whoa...
[18:45] * Matsuo Shin realizes..that he's holding onto a gigantic finger
[18:55] * Matsuo Shin turns to look up....and immediately feels the color drain from his face
[18:55] *** an IMMENSE woman..with blue skin, glowing white eyes, long hair and a crown of what seems to be stars holds Matsuo in her palm
[18:55] <Matsuo Shin> M..Mother..Queen...
[18:56] * Mother Queen looks down at Matsuo..and then looks forward..
[18:58] *** amoung the planets...Matsuo can now see figures very much the same size as the Mother Queen...but all dressed differently and different colors
[18:59] *** as Matsuo watches.......the planets start to move each heading to a different gigantic humanoid...
[19:02] * Matsuo Shin realizes what's going to happen..and quickly covers his face with his arms
[19:04] *** there is an immense explosion...............
[19:07] * Matsuo Shin slowly uncovers his face....
[19:11] * Matsuo Shin glances around..and realizes he's standing in the middle of a pile of papers and books
[19:15] * Matsuo Shin looks forward..and sees the woman again, holding the light
[19:17] * Matsuo Shin starts to move towards the woman....but starts to realize his legs are sinking into the paper
[19:18] <Matsuo Shin> wait!! who are you???
[19:18] * Matsuo Shin tries to reach the woman..but he's sinking faster and faster
[19:20] <Matsuo Shin>!
[19:20] * Matsuo Shin tries to grab the woman's hand...but it turns into masses of paper pages in his hand
[19:22] * Matsuo Shin is sucked down into the papers....and falls..and falls..and falls
[19:24] * Matsuo Shin lands hard onto something
[19:28] * Matsuo Shin getting very tired of falling
[19:29] * Matsuo Shin slowly sits up...and looks around where he is
[19:30] * Matsuo Shin sees he's on a slightly curved white surface....with large black patterns on them
[19:32] * Matsuo Shin pauses....and tries to look what what is is
[19:32] <Matsuo Shin> this...
[19:33] * Matsuo Shin suddenly feels the surface he's on start to tip!
[19:33] * Matsuo Shin struggles to hold onto it..but the surface is too smooth and he starts to slip...
[19:33] * Matsuo Shin glance over..he sees another large white surface heading his way
[19:34] * Matsuo Shin continues to struggle to get up the surface...but can't manage it
[19:34] * Matsuo Shin turns...and holds his hands out in desperation as the large surface closes in on him
[19:34] * Matsuo Shin can do both surfaces smash into him..crushing him...
[19:35] * Matsuo Shin pauses..and glances at the book in his hand....
[19:36] * Matsuo Shin opens it once again.....
[19:37] *** as Matsuo opens the book......the letters on the page start to peel off...transforming into black butterflies which start to fly off through an open doorway
[19:42] * Matsuo Shin drops the book and runs after them
[19:43] * Matsuo Shin runs through the door way and then skids to a halt....
[19:46] *** Matsuo finds himself standing in the middle of the Temple of Enlil
[19:46] * Matsuo Shin looks around nearly....
[19:46] <Matsuo Shin> *wearly
[19:48] * Matsuo Shin thinks he hears someone..and whirls around..but sees no one
[19:49] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: X is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[19:50] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: X is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[19:51] * Matsuo Shin thought he heard someone
[19:51] <Sean Collins> Matsuo...!
[19:52] * Matsuo Shin turns around....
[19:52] <Matsuo Shin> WHO'S THERE
[19:52] * Matsuo Shin is now known as test
[19:52] <test> test
[19:52] * test is now known as Matsuo Shin
[19:52] <Sean Collins> Matsuo!
[19:54] <Matsuo Shin> WHO'S THERE?
[19:56] * Matsuo feels a sudden sting to his cheek!
[19:57] <Sean Collins> Matsuo!
[19:58] <Matsuo Shin> OW
[19:59] <Sean Collins> WAKE UP!
[19:59] * Matsuo Shin stops.....then turns around trying to follow the sound.....
[20:00] <Sean Collins> Wou need to wake up!
[20:00] *** a dark shape starts to form behind him
[20:00] <Sean Collins> ^You
[20:03] * Matsuo Shin slowly backs up........and grabs a nearby piece of wood to protect himself
[20:04] <Sean Collins> MATSUO!
[20:06] <Matsuo Shin> WHAT!?
[20:06] *** and you officially get pulled into the dream, Sean
[20:06] * Sean Collins appears in front of Matsuo.
[20:06] <Sean Collins> Okay...wasn't expecting need to wake up!
[20:07] <Matsuo Shin> what?
[20:07] *** the shape utters an unearthly roar..that sounds like a warped mix between a hawk, a lion and a man
[20:08] <Sean Collins> Matsuo, you're in a dream. Your completely passed out. I don't know how or what you took to get into this state, but you need to wake up! You've been out for hours!
[20:09] <Sean Collins> And it looks like this dream is becoming a nightmare...
[20:11] <Matsuo Shin> I didn't take anything!
[20:11] *** the shape fully forms..into a gigantic creature...a panther like monster with bird claws and large black wings and burning red eyes
[20:14] * Matsuo Shin takes a few steps back
[20:18] <Sean Collins> Well, you need to wake up! This is looking bad...
[20:19] *** Anzu has joined #suburbansenshi4
[20:19] <+luna_P> Evening, Anzu
[20:19] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Dewey Cheatum and Howe!!!
[20:20] * Anzu growls...lightening and wind seeming to issue from it's closed mouth
[20:24] <Matsuo Shin> problem
[20:24] <Matsuo Shin> .I have no idea how i got here
[20:28] * Matsuo Shin jumps a bit to the side as the Anzu Demon fires a lightening bolt from it's mouth
[20:32] <Sean Collins> I don't either...until I slapped you, then I ended up in here?
[20:33] <Sean Collins> we need to fight this thing?!
[20:45] <Matsuo Shin> I don' know!!!!!
[20:48] * Matsuo Shin backs away, gripping the piece of wood
[20:51] *** as Matsuo watches....Anzu..seems to grow...
[20:54] <Matsuo Shin> oh...oh shi...
[21:01] * Matsuo Shin ducks out of the way as Anzu starts to tear apart the temple.....revealing a raging a storm around them, torrential rain....pounding winds...rumbling thunder
[21:07] <Matsuo Shin> gah!
[21:08] * Matsuo Shin holds onto a nearby rock for protection ><
[21:31] * Matsuo Shin somehow finds himself on a cliffside, the rain and lightening flashing
[21:50] * Matsuo Shin tries to hold onto his hat as he sees the now kaiju sized Anzu rise above him..looking down with burning red eyes..
[22:01] * Sean Collins grabs Matsuo by the arm, and pulls him away from the cliff and the towering Anzu!
[22:01] *** a lightening bolt nearly strikes at sean!
[22:02] <Matsuo Shin> gah!
[22:02] * Anzu ROARS!
[22:03] <Sean Collins> What are you doing standing there like that?! That thing is going to kill you!
[22:04] <Matsuo Shin> MY FOOT IS STUCK!
[22:04] * Matsuo Shin 's foot is stuck by a rock which got hit by the lightening bolt
[22:07] * Anzu roars and prepares to strike down the two!
[22:09] <Matsuo Shin> SEAN GET OUT OF HERE!
[22:10] <Sean Collins> No, I'm not leaving you here!
[22:11] <Matsuo Shin> JUST. GO!
[22:12] * Sean Collins steps in front of Matsuo, managing to summon his Silence Shield!
[22:13] * Anzu is about to strike it's claw down at sean..but stops..and growls at something
[22:16] *** the ground shakes as something approches
[22:16] <Sean Collins> Huh?!
[22:17] * Matsuo Shin turns
[22:19] *** a shadowy gigantic female figure..dressed in mesoptoamian clothes..and holding a spear strides over Matsuo and Sean...and takes Anzu on in battle using a spear
[22:20] <Matsuo Shin> what in the name of the six!?
[22:23] *** the battle is rough and violent...each movement shakes the mountain
[22:25] <Sean Collins> Its like that mural we saw...come to life?
[22:29] <Matsuo Shin> I don' know!!! I can't even see the face!
[22:31] *** the huge humanoid moves their feet..causing the cliff to crack under Sean and Matsuo..and to give way
[22:34] <Matsuo Shin> !!!
[22:39] * Sean Collins tries to break Matsuo free from the stone!
[22:44] *** the entire cliff side collapses...sending Sean and Matsuo plummeting below
[22:47] *** you seem to plummet for a long time...
[22:52] * Matsuo Shin the middle of a field of's dark except for a single spotlight like glow which seems to issue from above
[22:55] * Matsuo Shin groans...and slowly sits up
[22:59] * Matsuo Shin slowly looks up....only to see the cloaked woman from before..standing half in shadows and half in light
[23:00] <Matsuo Shin> .....tell me....who are you...
[23:00] <Matsuo Shin> ...what is this all about?....
[23:02] *** the cloaked woman stands there silently.........
[23:02] <Matsuo Shin> why are you showing me all this!!!
[23:03] <Sean Collins> Matsuo...?
[23:03] <Matsuo Shin> we know why we're looking for's...
[23:03] <Matsuo Shin> ....
[23:03] *** the cloaked woman is silent...but you can probably feel her staring at you both
[23:04] <Sean Collins> Who is this?
[23:04] <Matsuo Shin> ...I don' know...
[23:05] * Sean Collins walks toward the cloaked figure...
[23:05] *** the cloaked figure stands there
[23:06] * Sean Collins grows bold...and reaches for the hood...
[23:08] *** the hood comes does the cloak..revealing nothing but flower petals falling to the ground....
[23:08] <Sean Collins> ...
[23:09] *** as if on cue the flowers burst upward, surrounding them like a vortex
[23:09] <Sean Collins> what?
[23:10] <Sean Collins> Hey!
[23:10] <Matsuo Shin> gah!
[23:10] *** the flowers burst up..and surround everything fades away
[23:10] *** Matsuo Shin [] has left #suburbansenshi4
[23:11] *** Sean Collins [] has left #suburbansenshi4

[10:47] <Silicon Momoko> testingsuperlongmessagesettestingsuperlongmessagesettestingsuperlongmessagesettestingsuperlongmessagesettestingsuperlongmessagesettestingsuperlongmessageset
[10:56] <Silicon Momoko> breakage test
[11:25] <tester> test
[18:19] <test> test
[18:20] *** okay so one box on the page works.

[21:42] <test> test
[21:43] * test is now known as tester2
[21:43] <tester2> i did it
[21:46] * tester2 is now known as robot
[21:46] <@spiritflame> robot: You have 0 MP / 0 HP / SP
[21:46] ☼ Scouter indicates robot has SP level of 100!
[21:46] 100 [0 HP / -537 MP] robot OUT OF MANA - ATTACK FAILS! (-37 MP)
[21:50] <@spiritflame> robot: You have -537 MP / 0 HP / -900 SP
[21:56] <Haru E> I'm busy testing things, since I'm not currently involved in box things.
[21:56] <spiritflame> Haru E rolls 10d200 for funsies [ 101, 63, 54, 171, 77, 106, 42, 182, 32, 112 ]
[21:57] ☼ Scouter indicates Haru E has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[21:57] *Haru E slams a can down
[21:57] *** [146.1] Haru E MAULS the target!! (237 HP Damage) (+5 EXP)
[21:57] <Haru E> Oh yeah, the old commands.
[21:58] ☼ Scouter indicates Haru E has SP level of 100000!
[21:58] <Haru E> That works.
[21:58] Haru E Smacks a b[BLEEP]ch!
[21:59] <Haru E> So the bar doesn't show if SP is over 5k?
[21:59] ☼ Scouter indicates Haru E has POWERED UP!
[21:59] █████ Haru E smacks a b[BLEEP]ch up!
[21:59] ☼ Scouter indicates Haru E has SP level of 6000!
[21:59] Haru E kicks the rock
[21:59] <Haru E> Aha.
[22:00] 6005 [250 HP / 983 MP] Haru E punches something Saitama-style! (-17 MP +5 SP)
[22:00] 6010 [244 HP / 987 MP] Haru E has BLOCKED the attack! (6 damage +5 SP)
[22:01] 6025 [212 HP / 1007 MP] Haru E has been STUNNED and LOST A TURN! [ Opponent: Attack again ] (32 damage +15 SP)
[22:01] <Haru E> @_@ Did anyone catch the number of that?
[22:01] 6025 [212 HP / 1011 MP] Haru E has DODGED the attack! (0 damage +0 SP)
[22:02] Haru E does a funky step
[22:02] <Haru E> So Groove works, but not funk?
[22:03] <Haru E> Meep
[22:03] <Haru E> Merp
[22:03] <Haru E> - NOOT -
[22:04] <Haru E> Want pizza
[22:04] * Haru E flies up and away~
[22:06] <Haru E> Yeah, funk doesn't work at all.
[22:17] <Haru E> Hello
[22:18] <Haru E> Wait, it worked from the Torchwood box, but not the new multichat box?
[22:19] <Haru E> Also holy balls has ss4 not had a new page since last year? Man we are slacking over here.
[22:23] <Haru E> And now I have ideas.
[22:34] <Haru E> But first....
[22:34] * Haru E calls up a few pals.
[22:39] <Haru E> So yeah, have those...
[22:39] <Haru E> ...ooh, I almost forgot about that.
[22:39] <Haru E> Yeah, yeah, those as well♫
[22:40] <Haru E> While we're at it...
[22:40] *** Haru E flips a coin into the air and catches it, heads side up
[22:41] * Haru E has moved to: [ Elsewhere ]
[22:41] <Haru E> Hello?
[22:41] * Haru E has moved to: [ Thataway ]
[22:41] <Haru E> [Thataway] Let's see...
[22:41] <Haru E> Aha.
[22:41] <Haru E> It's not showing the "Moved back To" message.
[22:41] * Haru E is now known as Harusawa
[22:42] <Harusawa> (( Dood ))
[22:42] <Harusawa> Woooooooooooooooooooo
[22:43] <Harusawa> [SPOILER] Aw shiiit, here we go again
[22:43] <Harusawa> Nuuuuuu
[22:44] * Harusawa is being counterproductive and informing you that he/she/it/whatever is lurking.
[22:44] <Harusawa> Meep merp
[22:44] <Harusawa> - AAAAAAA -
[22:44] <Harusawa> I need some Mello Yello....
[22:45] * Harusawa is being counterproductive and informing you that he/she/it/whatever is lurking.
[22:45] <Harusawa> Time to Dance
[22:45] <Harusawa> ...wait a damn minute, why is it now working in the Multichat?
[22:46] <Harusawa> I think it's due to message length that breaks the Multichat /funk
[22:47] <Harusawa> Noot Noot
[22:48] <Harusawa> P-p-p-p-POWER!!
[22:51] <Harusawa> !yai
[22:51] Wisdom from the Book of Yai:
[01:56] <Yaijinden> And we like to stick with things we like, because they are fun and educational when you get to foist them on someone else.

[22:51] <Harusawa> Hmm.
[22:51] <Harusawa> !quote
[22:51] <FireFly_9> You... are aware that my hobby is eschatology, the paranormal and conspiracy theories, yes?
<// J_Daito //> I thought that was some PR bull you spit out to cover your lack of a social life

[22:53] *** This would go on for quite some time...
[22:53] *** But at the same time, it would be a learning experience.
[22:54] * Harusawa takes a moment to stretch out.
[22:55] * Sailor Nereid and Sailor Nix touch down.
[22:55] <Sailor Nereid> Hope we're not late.
[22:55] <Harusawa> Nah, you're on time.
[22:55] <Sailor Nix> So more tests, eh?
[22:57] <Harusawa> Indeed. That odd server merge really made things screwy. Let's do what we can to help out.
[22:57] <Sailor Nereid> On it.
[22:58] <Sailor Nix> Yeah.
[23:05] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Testing Zone
[23:05] * Sailor Nix has moved to: [ Over There ]
[23:05] * Sailor Nereid has moved to: [ Over Here ]
[23:05] <Sailor Nereid> [Over Here] Yoooo!
[23:05] <Sailor Nix> [Over There] Heeeeeeeeeeee~Y
[23:06] <Sailor Nereid> Hmm.
[23:06] <Sailor Nix> Yeah, the "Moved back to Atrium" message doesn't show here.
[23:06] <Sailor Nix> Not on either page, to boot.
[23:08] <Sailor Nix> ¯\(º_o)/¯
[23:08] <Sailor Nereid> Boopity-boopity-boop♫
[23:09] <Sailor Nix> Dood
[23:09] <Sailor Nix> Hello, Friend.
[23:09] <Harusawa> AAAAAAAAAAAAA
[23:09] <Harusawa> Yeah, seems to be length-limited. That's gonna be a shame.
[23:11] <Sailor Nereid> AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
[23:11] <Sailor Nereid> Looks like 15
[23:11] <Sailor Nix> 123456789ABCDEF
[23:12] <Sailor Nix> Yeah, 15 characters before it decides to stop.
[23:13] <Harusawa> ARGH
[23:13] <Harusawa> Ka-BOOM
[23:14] <Harusawa> Where's the Ka-Boom? There was supposed to be a Cell-shattering Ka-Boom!
[23:14] <Harusawa> Uh oh, looks like the size command doesn't work here either.
[23:14] <Sailor Nix> Dooop
[23:15] <Sailor Nix> So much for that.
[23:15] <Sailor Nix> Let's see if this works
[23:16] <Sailor Nix> Testing 1, 2...
[23:16] <Sailor Nix> Hello, do you hear this?
[23:16] <Harusawa> I am going to enjoy an egg
[23:17] <Sailor Nereid> I hope nobody reads this
[23:21] <Harusawa>
[23:21] <Harusawa>
[23:21] <Harusawa>
[23:22] <Sailor Nereid> WE ARE ONE CAN SHORT OF A SIX-PACK
[23:22] <Sailor Nix> we should also update the help page to get these new commands front and center.
[23:22] <Harusawa>
[23:24] <Sailor Nix> Dammit Takei!
[23:24] <Sailor Nereid> Wonder what other commands there are.
[23:25] <Harusawa> We're gonna have to ask about that, or go digging around in the backlogs.
[23:27] <spiritflame> Harusawa draws Q♥ 4♣ 10♠ 6♣ 10♣
[23:27] <Harusawa> Glad to see that still works.
[23:27] <Sailor Nereid> /rps
[23:28] <Sailor Nereid> !rps
[23:28] <Sailor Nereid> And the "rock-paper-scissors" command doesn't work, either.
[23:29] <Sailor Nereid> !quote