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welcome to #suburbansenshi4

[19:49] <D.Kakaku> Ap, Here come more MREs
[19:54] <D.Kakaku> Any more tents I can take them to?
[19:57] <Matsumi Kaze (Adult)> just take them to marked locations...
[19:59] * D.Kakaku picks up another crate of MREs and takes it to the first marked location.
[20:01] <D.Kakaku> Meals ready to eat, delivered straight to you.
[20:01] * D.Kakaku puts the MRE crate in the marked location, and goes back for crate #2
[20:03] * D.Kakaku takes the second crate to the next marked location.
[20:11] * Matsumi Kaze (Adult) checks her phone
[20:11] * D.Kakaku comes back for the third crate.
[20:12] <D.Kakaku> anything?
[20:13] * Matsumi Kaze (Adult) texts back
[20:25] <Matsumi Kaze (Adult)> well...I had a talk with my fellow members of the council
[20:26] <D.Kakaku> and?
[20:30] <Matsumi Kaze (Adult)> they thank you for your thought but if you wish to contribute, you should focus your own efforts on an original endeavor not within the structure of the capitol defense plan
[20:31] <D.Kakaku> ah, ok then.
[20:31] <D.Kakaku> I did have another idea for an actual comedy group.
[20:33] <Matsumi Kaze (Adult)> ...wait
[20:33] <Matsumi Kaze (Adult)> .....tell me was this just....because you wanted to do theater?
[20:35] <D.Kakaku> I do want to do theater, a kind of comedy group I think it'd be one portion of Naniwa Revitalization.
[20:38] <D.Kakaku> that looks as fierce as a tiger, but has the comedic styles of Downtown, Cocorico and Yoiko.
[20:38] * Matsumi Kaze (Adult) blinks at that
[20:40] <Matsumi Kaze (Adult)> so why do you want to do this theater
[20:43] <D.Kakaku> well, I felt like I've made the HOTEL laugh in some ways, and I hope to bring some of that humor to what's reguarded as the capital of comedy.
[20:50] <D.Kakaku> There's also some traces of vaudeville in a few of these acts, It can help brighten up the poeple of the Kansai region.
[20:55] <Matsumi Kaze (Adult)> I am aware of this you know :P
[20:57] <D.Kakaku> well, it didn't sound a lot like it :P
[20:58] <D.Kakaku> Man, we sound like a Manzai team XD
[21:00] <Matsumi Kaze (Adult)> oh I am aware of Manzai
[21:11] <Matsumi Kaze (Adult)> looks ike they're almost done...
[21:11] <D.Kakaku> oh yeah.
[21:19] <D.Kakaku> I could try to make a few calls to some well known groups to cheer the region up.
[21:23] <Matsumi Kaze (Adult)> if you want...I will also have the Valkyrie Unit put on a show
[21:25] * D.Kakaku starts calling up Tokyo's verious Television stations to send Comedians to the Kansai region tonight for Live shows .
[21:34] <D.Kakaku> ok, NiTele is sending Gaki here, which means both Downtown AND Cocorico will be doing a show
[21:39] <Matsumi Kaze (Adult)> very well
[21:51] <D.Kakaku> Fuji TV's sending their comedians for a show tomorrow, TV Tokyo's sparing a few, Fezi's sending 3 comedians from the U.S. despite me asking for Local comedians
[21:55] <Matsumi Kaze (Adult)> alright
[22:01] <Matsumi Kaze (Adult)> I leave that to you then
[22:16] <Matsumi Kaze (Adult)> speaking of which..I should return to Tokyo
[22:17] * D.Kakaku starts drawing up venue plans for where various comedians can go to.
[22:17] <D.Kakaku> see ya tomorrow, Matsumi.
[22:17] <D.Kakaku> I'll probably be back there by tomorrow night
[22:17] * Matsumi Kaze (Adult) nods
[22:18] * Matsumi Kaze (Adult) heads off
[22:18] *** Matsumi Kaze (Adult) has left #suburbansenshi4
[22:41] * D.Kakaku continues checking up on the Kansai region
[22:41] *** D.Kakaku has left #suburbansenshi4 (Gaki should be here any minute now)

[23:13] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[23:13] * Nelius Raoul is checking over a shipping manifest. (All right, looks good.)
[23:15] *** The manifest details various items and other goods to be moved out within the month.
[23:18] * Nelius Raoul reviews the details, makes some notes, and sends it out with his seal of approval.
[23:21] <Nelius Raoul> (Well, that's that. Now onto other matters...)
[23:24] * Nelius Raoul looks over the info Monica and Burroughs sent his way regarding some matters on Earth.
[23:26] <Nelius Raoul> (All right, put those to use, produce these...)
[00:00] * Nelius Raoul finishes up the side-orders, then heads off to bed.
[00:01] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4
[00:01] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[11:08] *** Kitanohashi Middle School
[11:09] * silently listens to the teacher but seems....mentally far away....
[11:09] <Delilah Inochi> ^
[11:10] <Delilah Inochi> ('s so he waiting to attack us? something going to happen?....)
[11:10] <Delilah Inochi> (...hachi at least is is mama and mama...but....why can't I ever be as good as they are...)
[11:11] <Delilah Inochi> (..all I do is lag behind....I'm just a big problem to them...)
[11:12] <Delilah Inochi> (..Miss Kaifuu says I'm good at this but...I..don't feel like I am...)
[11:12] <Delilah Inochi> (..I don't feel like I'm really good at being a senshi....maybe I made a mistake)
[11:15] <Delilah Inochi> (....maybe I should tell them I can't fight in the battle...)
[11:17] * Delilah Inochi winces as something is thrown at the back of her head
[11:17] * Delilah Inochi glances back and notices one of the other girls just glaring at Delilah...
[11:17] * Delilah Inochi shrinks back and silently watches the teacher again
[11:20] <Delilah Inochi> (...I bet hachi doesn't have to deal with any of this...)
[11:22] <Tomura-Sensei> Inochi...INOCHI!
[11:22] * Delilah Inochi stumbles to her feet, then slips and falls ><
[11:22] <Delilah Inochi> ow ><
[11:22] <Tomur-Sensei> ..I was going to ask you to read from the page..but if you aren't interested in listening to this class...please simply sit down
[11:23] <Delilah Inochi> y..yes sensei...
[11:23] * Delilah Inochi goes and sits back down, rubbing her knee ><
[11:23] * Delilah Inochi sighs and looks down, upset with herself
[11:24] <Delilah Inochi> (....I wish I wasn't so stupid..)

[16:00] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[16:00] * Nelius Raoul is overlooking the final drafts of the plans for the upcoming weeks.
[16:01] <Nelius Raoul> (Let's see, the Drapnir is ready to go out to that water world to get everyone.... yet there's also Gren-Gar and his "Destroy Tokyo" scheme. Haru's going to be taking Euri's bunch over to that other dimension so as to get info....)
[16:07] <Nelius Raoul> (Yet if what the scans that Haru and Eitak did were any indication....)
[16:21] * Nelius Raoul looks over the projections of what the two had found out. (If they've been expanding, then undoubtedly it'd end up hitting those locations..... and if it didn't solidify that thing as an utter monster, then I don't know what would.)
[16:48] * Nelius Raoul begins putting in orders to have several special packages constructed. With this many, he hopes to have them done by the 28th, maybe the 29th if time allows for it.
[16:52] <Nelius Raoul> (Now, as to who's going to do what.... I know Monica and the others will need an extraction after they get that cure for that bacteria and put Morimoto six feet under, so Thirza might be the best bet to send that way.)
[16:53] <Nelius Raoul> (Haru's already accounted for, and I'll be leading the assault against Gren-Gar if / when he rears his ugly mug. However, to stop that tunneling plan of his........ yeah, those two will do nicely. They've worked together very well in the past.)
[16:54] * Nelius Raoul puts in a call for Zotia's apprentices to be ready for an exploration mission in the near future.
[16:57] <Nelius Raoul> (Might also want to assign them some backup, just in case. No telling what might lurk down there.)
[17:01] <Nelius Raoul> (All right, with that squared away...)
[17:02] * Nelius Raoul turns to one of his older projects--- the AAD and Hexen-Spikes, which hadn't been used since last year's big dust-up. (Time to give these a serious tune-up.)
[17:02] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ((Let's see if we can't make these even more effective.))
[17:03] *** Preparations are made for the upcoming events.
[17:03] *** Meanwhile....
[17:05] *** Elsewhere, a curious pair feel something shift around them. They know this feeling....
[17:05] *** They immediately take action.
[17:05] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[10:38] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[10:39] * Nelius Raoul is going over some last-minute additions to the Drapnir's loaded supplies.
[10:39] <Nelius Raoul> This should do it.
[10:41] * Thirza has finished adding her own items to the ship. Upon being assigned this trip, Thirza had chosen to take Alator and Luugas with her to provide logistical support.
[10:41] <Alator> All systems green. No anomalies detected.
[10:42] <Luugas> We are ready to depart at any time.
[10:43] <Thirza> Good to hear. That Morimoto chick won't know what hit her♫
[10:43] <Nelius Raoul> I know you're more than capable of taking care of yourself, but still, Overlord obligations compel me to tell you to be careful.
[10:44] <Thirza> We got it covered, but thanks. That cannon won't be enough to stop us.
[10:45] * Thirza and the Twin-Headed Dragon enter the Drapnir, and within moments, it lifts off to make the journey.
[10:46] *** Thirza [(9TailsOfMystery@Coalition.nw)] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("We'll be in touch if anything happens. With all of the new tweaks to communications, things will be noted a lot faster.")
[10:47] *** Alator [HeadOne@Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Let us be swift.")
[10:47] *** Luugas [HeadTwo@Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Let our support be of use, and our attacks deadly.")
[10:53] * Nelius Raoul watches as the Drapnir leaves the atmosphere of the Netherworld. (I've no doubt in my mind they can accomplish this.)
[11:03] * Nelius Raoul heads back into the Overlord's Castle, ready to finalize preparations for the upcoming events.
[11:36] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4
[11:36] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[20:38] <D.Kakaku> ( TEST )

[13:12] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[13:13] * Nelius Raoul looks over the amassed supplies currently being shipped over to 1337-A. (This is everything.)
[13:13] * Nelius Raoul contacts his forces on the other side. "Hey Anesha--- how're things looking?"
[13:14] <Anesha> All's good over here--- Zotia's having a chat with her two apprentices over what the plan is.
[13:15] <Anesha> Have you heard back from Thirza yet?
[13:16] <Nelius Raoul> Indeed I have. She's in position over the water world and staying just out of range of that cannon. She's getting some recording work done before she goes planet-side.
[13:17] <Anesha> Sounds good. We've got the supplies and armaments at the ready. Just waiting on go-time.
[13:20] <Nelius Raoul> Good to hear. I'll be over there shortly.
[13:24] * Nelius Raoul ends the call, and looks over to his new projects. (Time to put these to the test.)
[13:24] * Nelius Raoul grabs them, and places them into a specially crafted suitcase. He then heads out.
[13:24] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4
[13:27] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[00:35] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Japan, undisclosed locale
[00:35] * Nelius Raoul finishes hearing everything from Haru about the trip to 1337-EE, up to their return.
[00:36] <Nelius Raoul> Needless to day, I share in your mutual dislike of their ways. Yet I'm curious....
[00:36] <Nelius Raoul> This weapon that Hachi now has... if it lines up with what you were told when you first arrived, then it might've been the real source of this issue.
[00:38] <Haru E> Yeah, I'm pretty damn wary of the thing myself. Though if this was that "lifeblood of Europa's seas" that turned them into such jackasses... then I'm honestly worried for the kid.
[00:40] <Nelius Raoul> No doubt in my mind, we're going to want to have it on standby in case things do go south.
[00:41] * Anesha is busy chatting it up with Lyz♫
[00:42] <Nelius Raoul> Regardless, you all found something quite significant. Excellent work.
[00:45] <Haru E> Thanks, dad.
[00:46] <Haru E> Now comes the second part of all of this--- putting that thing out of everyone's misery. I know Hachi's new tool will be instrumental in ending this, but given what all we've heard of his recent thefts....
[00:47] <Nelius Raoul> Oh I'm more than aware. It's why I worked with Zotia's first apprentice in learning to utilize that particular skill of hers, and how to spread it to everyone present.
[00:49] <Nelius Raoul> And besides, there are those particular weaknesses we found about over the last two years. Our enemy is going to be in for the worst time of its life.
[00:50] <Nelius Raoul> And as you also found out last month, there is that other thing to be taken care of.
[00:52] <Haru E> Oh I remember all too well. How're those supplies coming along?
[00:52] <Nelius Raoul> Everything was prepared since yesterday and placed in their respective areas. Once our enemy makes a move, we'll know, and will act.
[00:54] <Nelius Raoul> Either way, we should make certain we're rested for the confrontation.
[00:55] <Haru E> No arguments from me. I'm also gonna take some time to store away these recordings--- last thing I need is to get distracted during the fight.
[00:56] *** Haru E [Shura.SpannerinDWorks@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Though if that Europa Lifeblood is here now, would Yukimi and her entourage be experiencing a change of heart right now?")
[00:57] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ((Suppose time will tell on that. But for now, we've a monster to end.))
[00:57] *** The Coalition Netherworld friends and family finish their preparations and head off for the night.
[00:58] *** They know their positions and roles in the upcoming attack.
[00:58] *** The battle awaits!
[00:58] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[20:28] *** Meanwhile....
[20:28] * Thirza has been intently listening in on Morimoto's communication with the Hotel through the Q.E.C.
[20:29] <Thirza> (That nepotistic b[BLEEP]ch doesn't even realize we're listening in on damn near everything she's got going on.)
[20:31] <Thirza> (Alator and Luugas have been doing systematic filtration of her operations on this water world. Once Monica and the Langister group get that cure to that bacteria, then we can attack full-force and wipe her off the face of the cosmos.)
[20:33] * Thirza watches as Alator and Luugas coordinate in their piloting of the Drapnir to erase more Alliance dropships. With the ship cloaked and silently moving from spot to spot, they're giving the Alliance one hell of a hindrance.
[20:35] <Thirza> (In particular I'm just itching to burn her to a crisp after I've taken my time flaying the skin off her bones.)
[20:36] * Thirza idly flicks out her nails on her right hand as she takes a moment to adjust her clothing. (Reminds me, gonna need to get this resized when I get back.)
[20:41] * Thirza finishes readjusting her clothing as she continues aiding the Twin-Headed Dragon in erasing more Alliance Dropships.
[21:03] *** Thirza [(9TailsOfMystery@Coalition.nw)] has left #suburbansenshi4 ((We'll provide them all the covering fire they need. Hold nothing back, everyone.))

[22:50] * ? looks at Megan O`Cain.
[22:50] *** Megan O`Cain is a humanoid woman with a busty, toned figure standing 5'5", bluish-grey eyes, and has long, brown hair put in ponytail that goes to her knees
Her image Song is: . She is Level 1.

[18:19] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[18:19] * Nelius Raoul is busy looking over projected reports for the coming years. (So far, all good.)
[18:22] *** Downstairs in the Science Wing, Mita and Naoto are finishing an overview of some new upgrades for the ships. It's been a little while since a report came in from Thirza, whom had stated the number of Alliance dropships that she had downed, alongside Alator and Luugas.
[18:26] * Zotia is overseeing some training with her two apprentices, alongside Jam and Beatrice.
[18:34] * Nelius Raoul does a quick check on the other vassals as he finishes up the remaining paperwork (which thankfully isn't much).
[18:35] *** Thorndyke has managed to not wander off into another extradimensional journey--- imagine that♫ Asa and Valentia seem to be trading tips on various things, and Sif's actually winning a game of cards against Atreya!
[18:43] *** Tia and Maxwell are tuning up the Archangel Tyreal. Sonin has joined Farris in checking over Aldora.
[18:49] * Nelius Raoul finishes up the remaining paperwork, and so stands up, stretching.
[18:57] <Nelius Raoul> (Well then, what to do now...)
[19:05] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ((Haven't seen Raph and Hilde in a while. Might as well go hang out with them for a bit.))
[19:05] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[21:59] * ? looks at Eliza Mcintash.
[21:59] *** Eliza Mcintash is a young girl who looks like Gemini Sunrise did at age 16. She has gone through a tremendous ordeal. She stumbles and has trouble remembering things but she still lives--having powers that NOBODY had counted upon. Fate cannot be denied.
hir image Song is: "Jupiter Child" by Steppenwulf. It is Level 1.

[21:06] * Dark Angel is kinda just chilling on Mt. Fuji.
[21:14] * Nelius Raoul and his father arrive at Mt. Fuji, albeit a good ways away. The two are currently putting something together.
[21:16] * Love Freak appears nearby
[21:16] *** Love Freak [] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[21:16] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Love Freak
[21:16] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: The Darkest Corner of Subculture *** Happy Birthday, hino!!
[21:19] * Nelius Raoul waves Flonne over.
[21:21] * Love Freak gently flies over. She's armed with a high level Bow in weapon slot one, and a High Level staff in slot 2
[21:26] * Dark Angel floats around a large rock puslateing with darkness energy, an uncut Crystal?
[21:29] <?> test
[21:29] <Tyrios> (Looks to be our stone... now how to get rid of it...)
[21:30] *** OtakuRedRanger has joined #suburbansenshi4
[21:30] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, OtakuRedRanger
[21:30] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Hino Rei is Loud, Proud and Murder in a Crowd *** Happy Birthday, hino!!
[21:31] * OtakuRedRanger arrives, notices Nel and Fionne and gets to them, tapping them both on the shoulder to get their attention
[21:32] * Tyrios acknowledges Lewis. "It's been a while."
[21:32] <OtakuRedRanger> hallo matey
[21:32] <OtakuRedRanger> it has been a while
[21:34] <Nelius Raoul> There's our target. From what I last remember, attacking her would just cause her to possess you, unless that's no longer a thing... (Though I wonder if a soul like its can be eaten or erased...)
[21:35] <OtakuRedRanger> i do not know. but we do have an idea
[21:35] <OtakuRedRanger> but it requires the light element
[21:35] <Tyrios> I may be a former Celestian, but I can still access some potent light. Take it that's why you're here as well, Flonne?
[21:36] <Love Freak> Yeah.
[21:36] <OtakuRedRanger> i can do some small light spells and some beams
[21:37] * Dark Angel floats around, not even using her wings. Something's forming in the air above the stone.
[21:37] <OtakuRedRanger> what is that?
[21:37] <Nelius Raoul> Well, whatever it is you have planned, best get on it. They're up to something.
[21:39] <Nelius Raoul> I haven't got as much of an edge compared to my dad, but it's no reason to just sit on my haunches.
[21:39] <OtakuRedRanger> so tyrios, fionne. you both are with me and that stone. we'll ht it with light spells and i can use barriers to stop the angel from harming us
[21:40] <Tyrios> Very well.
[21:40] <OtakuRedRanger> nel. you are the elemental barrage
[21:40] <OtakuRedRanger> do not let up on the element spels and distract her
[21:40] <Nelius Raoul> Explicate a bit more on that.
[21:40] <Nelius Raoul> Ah.
[21:41] <OtakuRedRanger> nel you are with me to get her attention then you hit with something small but fast to cast
[21:42] <OtakuRedRanger> then as you keep casting and slinging tyrios and fionne will back me up in breaking the crystal
[21:42] <Nelius Raoul> Understood.
[21:42] * OtakuRedRanger looks to everyone
[21:42] <OtakuRedRanger> we all know our roles
[21:43] <OtakuRedRanger> lets us begin
[21:43] * OtakuRedRanger gets nel with him and pulls out a rock from his pocket, throwing it at the dark angel
[21:44] * Nelius Raoul fires a burst of Star-element magic at the Dark Angel. When it gets close, he'll make it burst with a dazzling, eye-piercing flash!
[21:45] * Dark Angel phases right though the rock. However whatever she's summoning forms and eats the rock. IT appears to be a pruple... thing, consisting of just a giant mouth, if it can be called that
[21:45] <Dark Angel> Oh ho. New toys haave arrived
[21:45] <OtakuRedRanger> oh boy
[21:46] <OtakuRedRanger> not good
[21:46] <OtakuRedRanger> what the heckie is that thing!?
[21:48] <OtakuRedRanger> um guys? some spells would be very helpful right now!
[21:48] * Magestic Mari 's voice appears in your heads. "It's an Atomos. It's a Summon"
[21:48] <OtakuRedRanger> ah that i know
[21:48] * Tyrios has moved to another locale, and waits with Flonne for the moment to fire off that light-aligned magic at it.
[21:48] <Magestic Mari> I'm on my way to help, I've been monitering the area.
[21:48] <OtakuRedRanger> oh god i remember this summon
[21:48] <OtakuRedRanger> dig your heels in guys! don;t let him suck you in
[21:49] <OtakuRedRanger> and i mean that literally
[21:49] * Love Freak pulls back on her bow string "Holy Arrow!"
[21:50] * Tyrios puts his hands together, forming a bullet of pure light on his fingertips. He fires when Flonne does!
[21:50] * OtakuRedRanger readies his sword art by pulling a claymore and using light to create copies of the sword then fires them at atomos
[21:51] * Atomos eats the swords.
[21:52] <OtakuRedRanger> damn
[21:53] * Rock shatters into peices, though chunks of it are still "Glowing", as much as ambiant darkness on a moonless night can be considered a glow.
[21:53] <OtakuRedRanger> ok guys try not to aim for the mouth.....given that at the front it is all mouth....
[21:55] * Dark Angel floats around. She lands on the top of the Atomos, which begins to inhale. It turns twords the remains of the shattered rock, intended to inhale the shards
[21:56] <OtakuRedRanger> guys! destroy the shards!
[21:56] * OtakuRedRanger charges an attack like his firefly missiles but made of light and fires them at a few of the shards
[21:57] * Nelius Raoul fires his gun at the shards with one hand, using the other to fire Star-element blasts to disrupt the dark. Tyrios quits holding back and lets loose a barrage of light bullets!
[21:58] *** There are 5 shards. You eah have time for two shots before they're inhaled. Roll a d10. Anything higher then 5 destorys a shard
[21:58] <Nelius Raoul> (( Roll 1d10 or 2d10? ))
[21:58] <spiritflame> OtakuRedRanger rolls 1d10 [ 3 ]
[21:58] <spiritflame> Nelius Raoul rolls 1d10 [ 9 ]
[21:59] *** 2 rolls
[21:59] <spiritflame> Tyrios rolls 1d10 [ 9 ]
[21:59] *** so either 2d10 or two rolls of 1d10
[21:59] <spiritflame> OtakuRedRanger rolls 1d10 [ 3 ]
[21:59] <spiritflame> Love Freak rolls 2d10 [ 10, 8 ]
[22:00] * Love Freak strikes two of the shards with her arrows, shattering them to dust. The arrows get eaten though.
[22:00] <spiritflame> Tyrios rolls 1d10 [ 10 ]
[22:00] * Nelius Raoul got one, whilst his father snipes two!
[22:01] * OtakuRedRanger attack do not manage to cause destruction but the do scuff them
[22:01] *** All the shards are shattered.
[22:01] <OtakuRedRanger> alright shards are destroyed, now for the summon and that angel
[22:05] <Dark Angel> You act like this is some big victory. They're eaisly replaced
[22:05] * OtakuRedRanger fires off a finger beam at the anger '
[22:05] <OtakuRedRanger> but you are not
[22:09] * Dark Angel just floats to the side. She's not even using her wings... does she not have a physical form?
[22:11] <OtakuRedRanger> what are you
[22:11] <Nelius Raoul> (Hm... definitely gonna have to up my research on killing souls.)
[22:14] <OtakuRedRanger> guys we need to focus on atomos for now
[22:15] * Dark Angel just laughs in response to the question
[22:17] * Nelius Raoul ignores the Dark Angel to focus on making Atomos very dead. He knows that it sucks, so then he thinks on how to damage and kill it.
[22:18] * Atomos just starts sucking in everything around... includeing you if you get to close
[22:19] * OtakuRedRanger pulls out a remote control and runs further back to set up something
[22:20] <OtakuRedRanger> guys i got an idea....i just hope it won't get sucked in
[22:21] * OtakuRedRanger pulls out a drone.....a heavily armed drone
[22:22] <OtakuRedRanger> i'm gonna try getting behind it and shooting it
[22:23] * Tyrios maneuvers to another side, preferably away from its suck-hole. He's planning on giving Atomos serious wounds through some light-bullet barrages.
[22:23] * Atomos just turns and starts to suck it in to.
[22:23] * OtakuRedRanger activates drone and it flies up and up
[22:25] <Tyrios> (OK, this is getting stupid. There has to be something that'd give it indigestion of the worst order.)
[22:26] * OtakuRedRanger tries to maneauvre drone around atomos so he can hit it in the back
[22:27] <Dark Angel> This is getting boring...
[22:28] <Nelius Raoul> (There has to be something it can't eat... also I really need to brush up on killing immortal souls....)
[22:29] <Nelius Raoul> (Hey, Mari-- any idea on how to kill this glutton?)
[22:29] * OtakuRedRanger manages to get drone behind atomos...then presses the big red button on his remote....activating all the weapons on the drone and having it fire on atomos' back
[22:30] <Magestic Mari> Mmmmm
[22:30] <Magestic Mari> You could try the whole throw bomb at it routine... Look I got nothing on this one
[22:31] <Nelius Raoul> (So basically overfeed it?)
[22:32] <Magestic Mari> It works in video games? I don't know. Either that or make it so it can't eat anything
[22:32] <Nelius Raoul> (Idea~)
[22:33] * Nelius Raoul stomps the ground, and tears up a gigantic amount of the mountain, kicking it at Atomos! If this works, then it'll be like Vash's Suction trick with the ball (Try it at home, kids!)
[22:34] * OtakuRedRanger fires all the weapons from the drona at atomos's back
[22:37] * Atomos turns to the drone, and starts sucking it in
[22:38] * Nelius Raoul takes this moment to draw Atomos' attention by firing at its exposed back. It has to have a weak point that can be exploited.
[22:38] * OtakuRedRanger waits for it to get sucked in...then presses the self estruct button
[22:42] * Atomos seems to take damage from the explosion, though it's very hard to to tell. It stops sucking for a moment
[22:43] <OtakuRedRanger> all out attack guys!
[22:43] * OtakuRedRanger gathers light energy for a massive beam attack
[22:45] * Nelius Raoul and Tyrios get on it! The father and son team up to launch a Unity Attack--- Tyrios fires his light bullets as Nelius transforms his right arm into the head of Cubus Gigant---- whom then charges up and fires a horizontal column of pure "F[BLEEP]K YOU" at Atomos!
[22:47] * OtakuRedRanger fires off the light beam with a medium size width aiming for what he hopes is its eys/ head
[22:53] * Atomos has no eyes that you can make out, and it appears to be nothing but a head. It just attempts to eat the attacks, getting stunned at times, but still going
[22:55] * Nelius Raoul takes this time to mix up his attacks with some slicing and dicing kienzans! He slings them at Atomos' body with his left hand.
[22:56] * OtakuRedRanger pulls out some thunder grenades, pulls the pins and throws them as a bunch at atomos's mouth
[22:59] <OtakuRedRanger> i hope you get indigestion
[22:59] <Dark Angel> This is boring....
[23:00] * Dark Angel raises a hand and her and the Atomos begin go fade away... are they running away?
[23:00] <OtakuRedRanger> really?
[23:02] * Nelius Raoul fires one last shot at the retreating Atomos--- and he's laced it with something nasty! That thing's not leaving his sight alive!!
[23:03] * OtakuRedRanger prepares a thunder rocket launcher and aims for atomos just incase it tries to pull off something like a gravija
[23:03] * Dark Angel and the Atomos just shrug off the Gavija...
[23:03] * OtakuRedRanger fires the thunder rocket
[23:04] <OtakuRedRanger> ok huys we best get clear in case it tries something
[23:05] * Dark Angel just fades away. The Atomos takes a bunch of damage but manages to get away, but not uninjured
[23:06] <OtakuRedRanger> looks like Atomos is injured
[23:06] <Nelius Raoul> Then we'll have to track it down and make sure it dies for good.
[23:07] <Tyrios> Think I'll call in a favor someone owes me.
[23:07] <OtakuRedRanger> looks like the angerl got away as well
[23:08] <Nelius Raoul> Burroughs had said that methods to kill its soul back then failed.... I'm gonna try looking up recent things and see if a new soul-killer can be formed.
[23:09] <OtakuRedRanger> if n othing else we could always find a quincy
[23:11] <Nelius Raoul> I have heard tales of powerful beings eating souls for breakfast...
[23:11] <Nelius Raoul> Either way, what say we head back?
[23:12] <OtakuRedRanger> sure thing
[23:14] * Nelius Raoul opens a gate back to the Hotel.
[23:14] * OtakuRedRanger phase teleports back to the hotel
[23:14] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4
[23:14] *** Tyrios [FallenButNeverForgotten@Priere.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4
[23:14] <OtakuRedRanger> /leave
[23:15] <Tyrios> (( It's /part ))
[23:15] *** OtakuRedRanger has left #suburbansenshi4

[01:45] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[01:48] * Nelius Raoul is roused from his sleep by his phone going off.
[01:52] * Nelius Raoul reaches over, and checks the message. (Hrm.... so that's come to pass, has it...)
[01:54] * Nelius Raoul saves the message, pinning it to a "CHECK THIS ASAP" list before putting his phone back.
[02:01] * Nelius Raoul returns to his sleep.
[02:01] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4
[02:01] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[13:05] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[13:05] * Nelius Raoul steps out of a room, cracking his neck. (How long this time?)
[13:05] * Nelius Raoul checks a nearby clock.
[13:06] <Nelius Raoul> ....(Huh, only three hours this time. Still an improvement over last time's seven hours.)
[13:06] * Nelius Raoul looks in the mirror.
[13:06] *** Nelius Raoul is a tan, 7' tall male demon-- dark red-brown hair with green streaks frames his face. Orange eyes on grey sclera look back at you. He wears a dark green shirt and camo-patterned pants. For those with certain sensitivities, you might feel like running.... More information about him is Here.
His image Song is: Heavy Day from Guilty Gear Xrd: SIGN. He is Level 1.

[13:09] <Nelius Raoul> (Hn... there's a change, to be sure... but....)
[13:11] * Nelius Raoul looks in the mirror.
[13:11] *** Nelius Raoul is a tan, 7' tall male demon-- dark red-brown hair with green streaks frames his face. Orange eyes on grey sclera look back at you. He wears a dark green shirt and camo-patterned pants. For those with certain sensitivities, you might feel like running.... More information about him is Here.
His image Song is: Beta Title from DragonBall FighterZ. He is Level 1.

[13:11] <Nelius Raoul> (Much better.)
[13:14] * Nelius Raoul checks his cell for anything that might've cropped up during his time inside the room.
[13:14] <Nelius Raoul> (Nothing of note.... then again, no news is good news.)
[13:15] <Nelius Raoul> (Either way, gonna need to go stretch after that.)
[13:21] * Nelius Raoul heads upstairs.
[13:23] *** Things have been fairly quiet in the interim.
[13:23] <Nelius Raoul> (Hrm... it's been a bit since I last stopped by. Might as well.)
[13:24] * Nelius Raoul heads out.
[13:24] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ((Wonder how things are over there.))
[13:24] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[11:48] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[11:48] * Nelius Raoul is overseeing various operations going on around the Overlord's Castle.
[11:49] *** Zotia, now back from her sabbatical at her home Netherworld, is overseeing her apprentices' training. The two of them are coming along nicely.
[11:51] *** Mita and Naoto are finishing up some new coding to be applied to the ships. They'll be continually tweaked and tested until Thirza and Monica return with the Drapnir.
[11:51] *** On that note, Tia and Maxwell are putting some new tech through the wringer. If it passes the quality inspection, it'll go towards improving the ships as well.
[11:54] *** With Thirza still gone, Atreya has taken it upon herself to step up as the interim magical instructor for the new vassals.
[11:56] <Nelius Raoul> (Overall, everything's looking good.)
[11:57] * Nelius Raoul does a quick check-in with Burroughs, whom is attuning herself to better receive any status reports from the Drapnir.
[11:58] <Burroughs> Everything's been pretty much same as usual, boss. You still planning on going in if needed?
[11:58] <Nelius Raoul> If needed, yes.
[11:59] <Burroughs> Roger that. Resuming broadcast interception♫
[11:59] * Nelius Raoul nods as Burroughs disappears from view.
[12:06] <Nelius Raoul> (All right, that's taken care of...)
[12:07] * Nelius Raoul gets up, stretching as he does so. (Think I'll make a quick check on things.)
[12:07] * Nelius Raoul leaves his office, heading downstairs.
[12:08] * Nelius Raoul opens up a gate.
[12:09] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Acquisition Netherworld
[12:09] * Nelius Raoul steps through the gate and back onto his original home Netherworld.
[12:10] *** Things seem to be at a relative calm, for the most part. Sonia and Maverick spot him, and give him the rundown on how things are looking.
[12:19] <Nelius Raoul> (Hm... everything's going well, but that gate still hasn't been figured out.)
[12:19] * Nelius Raoul thanks the two of them for the report, and heads over to the gate.
[12:35] <Nelius Raoul> (This thing's a serious enigma. I begin to think it's completely decommissioned.)
[12:37] <Nelius Raoul> (I've had Hale and Raphael both check it out, and still nothing. Guess for the most part, I'll lighten watch duty on this thing, maybe hook up some remote surveillance as an in-case measure.)
[12:52] * Nelius Raoul puts that idea into motion.
[13:00] <Nelius Raoul> (With that taken care of....)
[13:06] * Nelius Raoul opens another gate and heads out.
[13:06] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ((Think I'll walk around somewhere I haven't been in a while.))
[13:06] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[16:33] <@> test
[16:33] <golD_lux> test

[20:47] *** In another time, in another place......
[20:47] *** "It's come to pass, I see.... very well."
[20:48] *** The duo, comprised of a 6'6" male and a 6'1" female nod to themselves, before setting off.
[20:49] *** The male speaks first. "Honestly, kinda threw me for a loop."
[20:50] *** The female responds. "Not all that surprising, given past events. Regardless, we've a job to do."
[20:51] *** The two head off to do their duty.

[11:30] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[11:31] *** A dimensional gate opens up within the castle foyer.
[11:31] * Nelius Raoul steps through, rolling his neck slightly.
[11:31] * Atreya waves hi to her boss. "Hey--- how'd it go?"
[11:32] <Nelius Raoul> One or two moments aside, I'd say pretty well.
[11:33] <Nelius Raoul> What about things around here? How've they been while I was out?
[11:35] <Atreya> Around here, it's been pretty quiet. Over on Earth 1337-A, though.... seems they've run into a new problem.
[11:36] <Nelius Raoul> Why am I not surprised--- I begin to wonder if that world had one too many burial grounds built over.
[11:38] <Nelius Raoul> But that can wait for a moment.
[11:40] <Nelius Raoul> Where are Zotia and Burroughs?
[11:41] <Atreya> Zotia's out with her two apprentices right now, getting up to speed on whatever problems are going down on Earth. As for Burroughs, she's been keeping to the Science Wing. She did get a report from Thirza, if you're interested.
[11:43] <Nelius Raoul> Good to hear.
[11:46] * Nelius Raoul thanks Atreya for the report as he heads to the Science Wing to get the update on the water world.
[11:49] <Burroughs> Hey boss-- how'd things go?
[11:49] <Nelius Raoul> Overall, fairly well. Atreya says you got an update from the situation over on La Planeta de Agua (ARRRRIBA!).
[11:49] <Burroughs> That I did. Have a listen for yourself♫
[11:52] * Burroughs plays the report from Thirza--- Morimoto is indeed DEAD, and the potential cure for the Carar has been located, it just needs produced.
[11:53] <Burroughs> Also it seems that more people from Morimoto's forces are turning tail.
[11:53] <Nelius Raoul> Not too surprised by that, considering the mentioning of how much of a sadist she enjoys being.
[11:55] <Nelius Raoul> Either way, since the Federation Fleet also arrived, I'm more than certain they've got enough people for any clean-up details.
[11:57] <Nelius Raoul> Still, if it's absolutely needed, I will Instantaneous Movement over there.
[11:57] <Burroughs> Gotcha.
[12:05] <Burroughs> Oh yeah, nearly forgot--- here.
[12:07] * Burroughs hands him an update dossier on things that went down whilst he was out. "Haru and Zotia have been working together pretty well to keep things afloat whilst you were busy."
[12:12] <Nelius Raoul> I see.
[12:16] <Nelius Raoul> I'll have to make sure to thank them both when I meet up with them.
[12:42] * Nelius Raoul finishes looking it over.
[13:01] <Nelius Raoul> Well then.... if anything comes in, let me know.
[13:01] <Burroughs> Can do♫
[13:01] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ((Let's see what else is going on today.))
[13:02] *** Atreya has left #suburbansenshi4
[13:02] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[10:39] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[10:39] *** High above the Netherworld's atmosphere, the Drapnir arrives, having completed its journey from La Planeta de Agua (ARRIBA!!).
[10:40] *** Slowly, the ship begins its descent towards the Overlord's Castle.
[10:44] *** Soon enough, the vessel docks into its landing bay. The inhabitants on-board disembark.
[10:45] * Thirza steps off the ship, stretching. "Man, it's good to be back~"
[10:45] * Monica steps off as well. "Indeed. Though now I wonder what all we missed whilst out on that giant waterball."
[10:46] <Alator> I do believe our elder sister should be able to shed some light on the recent developments.
[10:46] <Luugas> Let us inquire.
[10:47] *** Everyone heads inside, curious as to what has transpired whilst they were away.
[10:48] *** The Overlord's Castle looks about the same as it usually does. Astlyr spots the arriving group, and is first to greet them.
[10:48] <Astlyr> Welcome back.
[10:48] <Thirza> It's good to be back.
[10:48] <Monica> How've things been here?
[10:49] <Astlyr> Generally fairly quiet on our end.
[10:49] * Burroughs drifts into the room. "And here they are, right on time."
[10:50] <Burroughs> Naoto and I just got the recent logs off the Drapnir's computer systems. Gotta say, one hell of a fight you all had.
[10:51] <Alator> That is putting it lightly, sister. Morimoto's forces did not know the meaning of surrender, likely due to the mixture of illegal compounds within their systems.
[10:52] <Luugas> Speaking of Morimoto... Thirza, you said you had something of hers?
[10:52] <Thirza> Just her dead (and decapitated) body. I had it wrapped up tight to serve as evidence of her passing.
[10:53] <Thirza> It'll send a message to whatever remaining forces she does have left sputtering about.
[10:56] <Burroughs> I see. Not taking any chances.
[10:56] <Thirza> That was more AnTil's thing. He gave her the double-tap right to the head, to be sure she'd stay dead.
[10:57] <Burroughs> Heh. Score 1 for the little guy.
[10:58] <Luugas> Several of Morimoto's forces also turned themselves over, finally having had enough of her. Those that assisted everyone will likely be given a level of exoneration for their deeds as they stand trial.
[11:01] <Astlyr> What of the Carar virus?
[11:01] * Monica holds out her arm. "All taken care of. We found the enzyme that erased it from our systems. Go ahead and check if it'll make you feel better."
[11:02] * Astlyr does so, and is quite surprised to see everything checking out. "My word..."
[11:03] <Thirza> C'mon--- we
[11:03] <Thirza> *C'mon-- we'll tell you all some more further inside. Where's the boss-man, anyhow?
[11:04] *** A typo-Prinny is vaporized as Nelius walks up.
[11:04] <Nelius Raoul> Right over here.
[11:05] <Nelius Raoul> Welcome back.
[11:05] <Monica> Been keeping away from trouble?
[11:06] <Nelius Raoul> You know how it goes with me--- trouble finds it way towards me, then I give it a swift kick in its ass.
[11:06] <Monica> Heh.
[11:06] <Monica> So what were you up to whilst we were out?
[11:09] <Nelius Raoul> Got an invite to open trade with another Netherworld, so I took Zotia and Yui with me to check things out. Haru handled things here quite well whilst I was investigating.
[11:09] <Thirza> That right? Where'd you end up?
[11:11] <Nelius Raoul> It was a Netherworld that had just finished up fighting against something that was eating it way through the cores of different planes of existence.
[11:12] <Nelius Raoul> Nobody really knows where this thing came from, or what it even was.... though, of course, when an extinction-level crisis is on hand, those sorts of questions become secondary to survival.
[11:14] <Thirza> Too true.
[11:15] <Nelius Raoul> We met with the Overlord of that Netherworld, got some things hashed out, and we're waiting on a reply back.
[11:23] <Monica> All right, then.
[11:24] <Monica> Now, after a trip like that....
[11:24] * Monica stifles a yawn. "Gonna go catnap now."
[11:25] <Nelius Raoul> You know where the guest rooms are. Go on.
[11:26] *** Monica [CarnageShura@CarnageDimension.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Won't knock the Drapnir, but its beds need some work.")
[11:27] <Thirza> She's got the right idea, but I'm more hungry than tired. Anything good in the fridge?
[11:28] <Astlyr> Might as well take a look.
[11:29] *** Thirza [(9TailsOfMystery@Coalition.nw)] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Then raid the fridge I shall♫")
[11:48] *** Astlyr has left #suburbansenshi4 (*back to her post*)
[11:48] <Nelius Raoul> (Suppose that's that.)
[11:48] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ((Think I'll stop by Earth for a bit.))
[11:49] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[03:15] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Mimas
[03:20] * NUCLEOID paces about his lab, monitoring the outputs and feeds from a large liquid filled tube. After giving an approving nod to the outputs he was getting, he flushed the liquid from the tube and opened it.
[03:21] * Ian steps out of the now empty tube, removing a breathing aparatus from his face.
[03:21] <Ian> I still don't like these procedures...
[03:22] <NUCLEOID> Forgive my methods, oh prince. But to hasten your regeneration of those wounds, this is the most efficient way.
[03:24] <Ian> I don't like being in there. It was enough during my awakening. And this isolates me from the people.
[03:24] <NUCLEOID> It is nessessary. If you were left to heal without this treatment, you would have been sen as weak and feeble to the people. This way is much more discreet.
[03:25] <Ian> And what of the people? Who is seeing to their needs?
[03:26] <NUCLEOID> It be your Phantom Advisor.
[03:28] <Ian> The people fear him, despite his council at my side. Where is he now?
[03:29] <NUCLEOID> I imagine he awaits in the throne room. Certainly, he is seeing to the failure of your guardian, for she allowed you to be injured.
[03:31] <Ian> What?! No, she is not to be punished!
[03:32] <NUCLEOID> Now, may be too late. In the dungeon is where she stays now.
[03:33] * Ian 's eyes grow cross as he cleans up and gets dressed.
[03:33] <NUCLEOID> I must finish my final exam before you go, oh prince!
[03:33] <Ian> Later...I must address this now!
[03:35] * Ian turns to leave the lab, when NUCLEOID grabs him with his deformed vine-like arm!
[03:37] <NUCLEOID> You must do as I say, oh prince! Do not forget...It was I who made you into the superior being that you are! You are acting too bold and rash...undisciplined! I only want to see to your health and care.
[03:39] <Ian> did create and augment me...and I am grateful...but know this. I am NOT a child. You are NOT my parent. I AM strong, and as the rightful prince of this new kingdom, I will see to MY duties how I see fit!
[03:40] * NUCLEOID sneers...but withdraws and allows Ian to go...
[03:40] * Ian leaves the lab, and heads to the throne room...after he leaves, Nucleoid mutters to himself...
[03:45] <NUCLEOID> Too bold...his obedience has given way to free will and he is becoming too independant...that girl...she is to blame. I fear...she has put ideas into his head...we must regain control...
[03:54] * Ian moved quickly, finding the Doom Phantom seated upon the throne and addressing some of the locals seeking an audience.
[04:14] <Doom Phantom> The prince is indisposed at this time, and cannot have visitors. Return to your work!
[04:15] <The People> It has been several days since the prince has overseen the village. The people have begun to worry!
[04:16] <Ian> You have nothing to fear. I am well. I am sorry for my abscence, but there were matters I needed to...address outside the new kingdom.
[04:16] <The People> Oh prince! We are relieved! The people had feared you had fallen ill...there was talk of...
[04:17] <Doom Phantom> No need to bother the prince with your petty conspiracies. All here are loyal to his rule.
[04:17] <Ian> And speaking of addressing matters...where is Aine Lydie?
[04:18] <Doom Phantom> She has been punished for her failure to protect you, my prince. Failure is not to be tolerated.
[04:19] <Ian> There was no failure on her part. The only ones at fault were the reckless fools causing chaos and destruction all around them. We just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
[04:20] <Doom Phantom> Regardless...she should have escorted you from that place before the chaos could spread to you...
[04:21] <Ian> DO NOT dictate to me as to what should have been done! You were not there, you do not know how quickly it escalated! I want the guardian of our kingdom released from the dungeon at once!
[04:22] * Doom Phantom 's eyes flickered with a glare, but before he could protest against the prince's command, the people began to murmur and look at the phantom with suspicion and doubt...
[04:23] <Doom Phantom> As you...wish...oh prince. She has been placed in that know the one.
[04:23] <Ian> (The same one that...Ali...)
[04:24] * Ian turns and heads down to the dungeon to release Aine himself. While he is gone, the Doom Phantom rises from the throne, and leaves the crowd of people to talk amongst themselves.
[04:26] <Doom Phantom> (This is a problem...the clone is no longer complying with my commands or decisions. We are losing control...damn that mutant daimon madman...we must do something before that clone is rid of us.)
[04:28] * Ian travels down into the belly of his fortress, where the secured dungeons lay. He found the cell in question. The one where he first brought Aliana to after he took her from the Opposito Knights and their savage torture tactics. Sure enough, Aine was sitting in the cell, looking sad and ashamed.
[04:28] <Ian> Stand tall, my guardian. You do not belong here.
[04:29] * Aine Lydie looks up with surprise! "Oh! My prince! You're alright! I was so scared...I thought you were badly wounded!"
[04:29] <Ian> My wounds needed help to heal quickly...but I am well.
[04:30] <Aine Lydie> I am sorry...I failed to protect you. I am not worthy to be the guardian of the prince...
[04:30] <Ian> That is enough Aine. It was not your fault. Do not punish yourself for what happened.
[04:31] * Ian has a guard open the cell, and Ian walks in to help Aine to her feet.
[04:32] <Ian> You are the chosen guardian...a true senshi of Saturn. You are not just my are the dafe keeper of our new kingdom. Everyone is under your protection. And you did everything you could to protect and even try to avenge me against the reckless fiends who did cause my ijuries.
[04:33] <Ian> Hold your head high, Aine Lydie. I want you to be honored for your efforts. Not put down and berated.
[04:34] <Aine Lydie> Oh your highness...thank you! I promise, I won't fail again, no matter what! I will be a great guardian of this new kingdom! I will protect all our people!
[04:35] * Ian smiles. "That's the true Saturnian spirit! Come now, and let us leave this dungeon. The people should see their heroine justified.
[04:37] * Ian and Aine walk back up through the fortress, and step outside to meet with the people. When they are spotted by the crowds, they are greeted with joyous cheers!
[04:39] * Doom Phantom watches from the shadows as Ian restores the faith and moral of the people. He then retreats down into the lab where Nucleoid paces about, looking agitated.
[04:39] <Doom Phantom> I noticed his behavior too?
[04:40] <NUCLEOID> is as I creation is breaking free, and getting a mind of his own...
[04:41] <Doom Phantom> He is even able to push back the nightmares...that girl fended off my night curses for so long, he has grown resistant.
[04:42] <NUCLEOID> He has bonded to the girl...this seems true. unfortunate...we whould have prevented this. Perhaps we should have helped those Opposites to take her sooner...
[04:43] <Doom Phantom> It is far too late for that. We need a new means of control...but also a discreet one. The people are protective of him...and they look upon us with suspicion and contempt.
[04:44] <NUCLEOID> The girl is gone...but her memory lingers. Perhaps a memory wipe...?
[04:44] <Doom Phantom> No, then he would forget most everything that was accomplished as well...not only would the people turn on us, he will fight it because of his bonded nature.
[04:45] <NUCLEOID> Then we must find another way, as you say...but how...? Very soon, he can see our services and unnessessary, and turn against us completely.
[04:46] <Doom Phantom> We will need to think fast. There must be something we can do.
[04:47] <NUCLEOID> For now...appease the prince, while we plot and scheme. Much research this will take.
[04:48] <Doom Phantom> I will do my own research as well. A plan must be formulated...but first...we must seperate the guardian senshi from the clone. As long as he keeps her near, we will not have a chance to get near him to conduct our control tactics.
[04:49] <NUCLEOID> Send her away then. To with the sleepers and provide a drop off. The prince will insiste he do it, but we insiste his safety first after the last time...
[04:50] <Doom Phantom> Yes...that could work. That will keep her away for a little while. We can then be free to experiment...
[04:50] <NUCLEOID> Then we shall begin...I will make the preparations.
[04:52] *** NUCLEOID has left #suburbansenshi4 (Control is key...)
[04:53] *** Doom Phantom has left #suburbansenshi4 (We will maintain OUR order...)
[04:53] *** Aine Lydie has left #suburbansenshi4 (I will protect them all!)
[04:54] *** Ian has left #suburbansenshi4 (I will forge ahead.)
[04:54] <Ian> /redline

[04:55] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: null
[17:50] *** Meanwhile, in another place, another time....
[17:50] *** The duo return from another mission.
[17:51] *** The male looks over to his partner. "You think this'll work?"
[17:51] *** The female responds. "Damn certain it will. There's no way they'll miss this."
[17:53] *** The female continues. "Regardless, our job's done for the time being. I'm gonna drop by my girlfriend's place and surprise her."
[17:54] *** The two part ways for the time being.

[20:32] * Aine Lydie teleports into an alleyway in Tokyo
[20:33] <Aine Lydie> can do this...just need to scout around and assess the new enemy threat. This is for the prince and the people...
[20:43] <Aine Lydie> /mw makes her way out of the seems she is not in Tokyo, and the Phantom Advisor had told her...
[20:44] * Aine Lydie makes her way out of the seems she is not in Tokyo, and the Phantom Advisor had told her...
[20:45] * Aine Lydie looks around...the city looks like a mixture of old and new architecture...lots of trees and nature integrated in...
[20:45] <Aine Lydie> Did we enter the coodinates wrong? Oh dear...
[20:47] <Aine Lydie> Okay...okay...don't panic...uh...we can't teleport for a little while...
[20:48] <Aine Lydie> There must be a reason...maybe the enemy has moved?
[20:48] <Aine Lydie> Well...they wanted me to scout...I better start scouting.
[20:54] * Aine Lydie starts to walk around the town...taking in some of the sights and activities...
[20:54] <Aine Lydie> Humans really have gotten alot flashier with their kingdoms...
[20:57] * Aine Lydie is away: Wandering...Oh-sah-kaa?
[00:37] * Aine Lydie returns to her non-senshi self and rests in a park, away from the foundry.
[00:38] <Aine Lydie> Strangs...all of them.
[00:41] <Aine Lydie> They are enemies...senshi or not. They are not with the new kingdom...they want to keep the old kingdom, and the unworthy bloodlines...
[00:41] <Aine Lydie> Even if they do fight...honorably.
[00:53] <Aine Lydie> Still...they would see the end of our new kingdom. They would tell the prince he is wrong. But he has shown he is true to everything he has told us...his people. He is the rightful prince. He isn't wrong. We are not wrong.
[00:55] <Aine Lydie> If the unworthy really are satisfied with thier lives in this time and place...then they don't really care for the kingdoms. They would allow evil to invade and cause destruction...we will see to it that the Sol is truly strong. We will eliminate all threats.
[00:57] * Aine Lydie checks her teleportation device...
[00:57] <Aine Lydie> Still need time before I can return...I better find someplace to stay...
[00:58] * Aine Lydie takes up a room in an Osaka hotel with some money the phantom had provided for her...
[00:58] *** Aine Lydie has left #suburbansenshi4 (We can't be wrong...)

[13:13] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[13:14] * Nelius Raoul is overseeing some final transaction agreements. (All right, these look good.)
[13:16] * Nelius Raoul gives his seal of approval, and sends them out.
[13:19] * Nelius Raoul gets up from his seat, and stretches. (Took a little longer than anticipated, but all's good.)
[13:23] <Nelius Raoul> (Now, what to do for today...)
[13:27] <Nelius Raoul> (Ah, that's right... need to stop by over there and get some pals on the level about the recent events.)
[13:28] <Nelius Raoul> (But before I do... there is one other stop to make.)
[13:28] * Nelius Raoul opens up a gate and heads out.
[13:28] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ((If this goes as planned...))
[13:28] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[23:42] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[23:42] * Nelius Raoul steps out of the new addition to the Library, Thirza and Zotia with him.
[23:42] <Nelius Raoul> Have to admit, that chronicle of what went down over there was surprisingly lifelike.
[23:43] <Thirza> Tell me about it. I could practically smell that miasma through the screen.
[23:43] <Thirza> I'm gonna need a palate cleanser for the nose.
[23:44] <Zotia> Still, that kind of information may prove valuable. Not just about their forms of life and training / trade, but also what they had to face.
[23:44] <Nelius Raoul> No doubt about it.
[23:45] <Nelius Raoul>, almost midnight already.
[23:46] <Zotia> There was quite a lot to learn about.
[23:46] <Thirza> Either way, I'm gonna head to bed. Seeya.
[23:47] *** Thirza [(9TailsOfMystery@Coalition.nw)] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("....right after I get some scented candles going. That miasma stench is gonna linger.")
[23:49] <Zotia> Mmmm... now that I think on it, how's that project coming along?
[23:50] <Nelius Raoul> It's nearing completion, but there are some odds and ends that need wrapped up beforehand.
[23:52] <Nelius Raoul> Namely what's been on my mind was the main root vector. I asked Mita and Naoto for their inputs on the technical aspects, and now comes your input on it.
[23:53] * Nelius Raoul reaches into his pants pocket and extracts an envelope, handing it over to Zotia.
[23:53] * Zotia takes it and opens it up. "These are..."
[23:54] <Nelius Raoul> Indeed they are. What do you think?
[23:56] <Zotia> word. You've been busy.
[23:57] * Zotia squints a bit. "Though I think this batch could use sharpening."
[23:57] * Zotia hands the envelope and contents back over to Nelius, pointing out the aformentioned batch.
[23:57] <Nelius Raoul> Good eye.
[23:58] <Nelius Raoul> We'll know what to look for in cleanup.
[00:02] <Nelius Raoul> Dunno about you, but after having to sit through that infodump, I need to stretch out, else I'm gonna fall asleep.
[00:03] <Zotia> Late-night exercise?
[00:03] <Nelius Raoul> Debating it.
[00:05] *** Zotia [Shura.WiseWords@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Hm, how about a flight around? We haven't done that in a while.")
[00:05] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Nice idea. It has been a while.")
[00:05] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[21:08] *** Peinforte Manor
[21:09] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte walks in
[21:09] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> God, thanks for the save.
[21:09] <MiSTRESS_9> You're welcome
[21:09] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> ....
[21:10] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte looks at Mistress_9.
[21:10] *** Mistress_9 is

Her image Song is: Holy Grail. She is Level 1.

[21:10] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Bloody hell, you've already got the look down?
[21:10] <MiSTRESS_9> Mostly.
[21:10] <MiSTRESS_9> I don't think I've got the walk quite right though
[21:11] * MiSTRESS_9 walks forward and it's painfully obvious it's not a woman walking.
[21:11] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte sighs
[21:12] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Watch me walk carefully. And don't get distracted by my perfectly-formed arse :P
[21:12] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte walks around a bit
[21:12] * MiSTRESS_9 tries again, but now the motions are way too exagerrated.
[21:12] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte snorts
[21:12] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> God, stop stop
[21:13] * Exeter L. Wakefield srops the guise
[21:13] * Exeter L. Wakefield coughs
[21:13] <Exeter L. Wakefield> So let me guess? You wanted to get away from some children again?
[21:14] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> They were smelling me and crawling all over my lap.
[21:14] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> That's your job <_<
[21:14] <Exeter L. Wakefield> <_<
[21:14] <Exeter L. Wakefield> Well it's a good thing we extricated you from that, then!
[21:15] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Yes.
[21:15] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> I'm working on tolerating children but my personal space bubble is my sanctuary.
[21:16] <Exeter L. Wakefield> You going to go back?
[21:16] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Once I'm sure the coast is clear.
[21:16] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte gives Exeter a quick kiss
[21:16] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Thanks for the assist~
[21:16] <Exeter L. Wakefield> Any time~
[21:17] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> But you might wan tto think of a better excuse next time than "the lawn is on fire."
[21:17] <Exeter L. Wakefield> I'm not good at making up spot excuses like that <_<
[21:17] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Well shall need to make a list.
[21:18] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> ^We shall
[21:18] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte gives Exteter a quick mental hug as she walks out
[21:18] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> See you later, keep working on that hip sway~
[21:18] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Away
[21:18] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte is away 
[21:18] <Exeter L. Wakefield> Right, right.

[17:45] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[17:45] * Nelius Raoul is in the Science Wing of the Overlord's Castle. (Just a bit more.... and....)
[17:46] *** With a final input, an impressive array of information gets to calculating something.
[17:49] <Nelius Raoul> (Hm..)
[17:51] *** A sound from the wing's computer alerts him to a successful completion. He looks it over.
[17:53] <Nelius Raoul> (Well, this exceeds my expectations. This will do nicely.)
[17:57] * Nelius Raoul saves the results, then prints it out. (Time to go to work.)
[18:03] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4
[18:04] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[22:35] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Isabella's super-awesome recording-hardened limousine, "Party Van"

[22:35] *** PRIVATE ACTION START - This cannot be scryed or otherwise seen unless the players involved allow it.

[22:35] *** has moved back to the livingroom
[22:35] *** D.Kakaku has moved back to the livingroom
[22:35] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Isabella Santorini is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[22:37] *** D.Kakaku has joined #suburbansenshi4
[22:37] <+luna_P> Evening, D.Kakaku
[22:37] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: now with 100% more Obnoxious *** Happy Birthday, Tomoe Hotaru!!
[22:38] * waits to say something until the limousine has cleared the immediate area of the HOTEL in case there are interlopers.
[22:38] <Isabella Santorini> Welcome to my parlor!
[22:38] <Isabella Santorini> Or rather, I like to make this compartment of the limousine like a Parlor. Do you like it?
[22:39] <D.Kakaku> ooh, It's amazing
[22:41] <Isabella Santorini> You know, I made a special edition just for you.
[22:41] <Isabella Santorini> You know, I'm really loving your enthusiasm and happy-go-lucky attitude.
[22:41] <Isabella Santorini> Most people shy away from me, or find my behavior and that of my subordinates creepy or something.
[22:41] <Isabella Santorini> Especially lately.
[22:41] <Isabella Santorini> I dunno. I guess I'm just used to getting what I want, you know?
[22:42] <Isabella Santorini> Heh... exactly what I want. Hard habit to break, you know?
[22:42] <Isabella Santorini> SO!
[22:42] <Isabella Santorini> I have a huge surprise for you! ^_^
[22:42] <D.Kakaku> well yeah, it is a hard habit.
[22:42] <D.Kakaku> oh reallu ?! *smiling*
[22:43] <Isabella Santorini> Before we talk, though, I want to show you my big surprise, okay?
[22:43] <D.Kakaku> okay!
[22:43] <Isabella Santorini> Heh, it's through this door. Just mind the ceiling! XD
[22:43] <Isabella Santorini> Just... just one thing, though?
[22:44] <D.Kakaku> yeah?
[22:44] <Isabella Santorini> You do know, Danny-Boy, that while I am an aggressive woman who makes no bones about what she desires and enjoys living life to the fullest, I don't make it a common habit to kidnap people or---except in the most dire circumstances, force them to do things they don't want.
[22:45] <Isabella Santorini> So if my present makes you uncomfortable or you want to stop, we will stop, and I"ll let you out, and we won't speak of it again, and we'll do all we can to put it behind us. You DO understand that, right?
[22:45] <D.Kakaku> I understand it
[22:46] <D.Kakaku> say, can I show you a suprise when I finish here?
[22:46] * D.Kakaku puts his satchel down on a seat
[22:46] <Isabella Santorini> Oh, but I have a HUUUUGE surprise to show you first.
[22:46] <Isabella Santorini> As soon as you are enjoying it, we can talk about anything you want, Danny-Boy.
[22:47] <D.Kakaku> okay then!
[22:47] <Isabella Santorini> But you TOTALLY have to experience my surprise before I experience yours. After all, I'm used to being in obeyed, remember?
[22:47] * Isabella Santorini winks.
[22:47] <Isabella Santorini> You ready?
[22:47] <D.Kakaku> yep.
[22:48] * Isabella Santorini leads him to another room that is done up like a giant fancy sauna with towel heaters, mani/pedi baths, a sitting hairdryer, and two sinks.
[22:48] <Isabella Santorini> TA DA!
[22:48] <D.Kakaku> Woah!
[22:49] <Isabella Santorini> It's my Sauna---and I thought I would treat you to it's most important and prestigious toy!
[22:49] * D.Kakaku has his mouth open agape
[22:49] <D.Kakaku> why this is wonderful and exciting.
[22:49] <Isabella Santorini> Ah, but you haven't even tried THIS!!!!
[22:50] *** Isabella pulls a terrycloth towel off of where it is dangling from the wall and exposes two wooden seats with chambers that close around them but room for the neck to stick out and nothing else. They look cushioned and soft,and there is a timer on the wall behind each of them.
[22:51] <Isabella Santorini> Ta-daa!
[22:51] <Isabella Santorini> It's a personal sauna! I even made sure one of them was your size so you would fit in it snug as a bug in a rug!
[22:51] * Isabella Santorini laughs. "Oh gosh, I haven't used that expression since I was in Kindergarten."
[22:51] <Isabella Santorini> Also, I have... heh, well, they are prototypes, but they work great.
[22:52] <D.Kakaku> oh my, I've never been in a sauna before, let alone a perosnal one
[22:52] <Isabella Santorini> Ever wondered how people 10 years from now will get a professional Manicure even when they can't see a skilled pro?
[22:52] <Isabella Santorini> Check it out!
[22:52] * Isabella Santorini opens a chamber in one of the seats and produces a small blue box that looks like a clasped book with a hole in the bottom about the size of a wrist.
[22:53] <Isabella Santorini> These are a HUGE invention of my company. Gosh, I really shouldn't be showing them to you since you could reverse engineer them, but they will come out soon and you only live once!
[22:53] * D.Kakaku walks into the sauna, and then looks at the box.
[22:53] <Isabella Santorini> See, the way they work is that you clamp them around your wrists, and they are actually an automatic Manicure Robot!
[22:53] <Isabella Santorini> They are proofed against steam and heat, too, so we can use them inside our Saunas.
[22:54] <Isabella Santorini> Doesn't that sound extravagant?
[22:54] <Isabella Santorini> XD
[22:54] <D.Kakaku> It sure does sound extravagant.
[22:55] <Isabella Santorini> Isn't it cool? I can even program them from my wristpad about what kind of style you want. This means that if you change your mind, I can have it do alterations while your hand is already in it without opening anything up. AWESOME.
[22:55] <Isabella Santorini> Heh, I love it. I guess I'm a control freak when I'm in my car.
[22:55] <Isabella Santorini> Soooo, how about a nice relaxing sauna?
[22:56] <D.Kakaku> I ould go for a first time sauna.
[22:56] <D.Kakaku> *could
[22:56] <Isabella Santorini> I'll put you in first, and will set the timer. It'll release you when the limousine clock counts down to zero. Of course there is also an emergency release. It would be stupid not to have those.
[22:56] <Isabella Santorini> So... put on the robe, or a towel, and tell me when you are ready!
[22:57] <Isabella Santorini> Robe is better, probably. I made it just for you.
[22:57] * Isabella Santorini averts her eyes.
[22:57] <Isabella Santorini> Heh, I hope you don't have cold feet and still want to try out my little toy?
[22:57] * D.Kakaku takes off his clothes and puts on the robe.
[22:57] <Isabella Santorini> Then again, if you have cold feet, what better cure than a nice sauna?
[22:57] * Isabella Santorini giggles again, and grins.
[22:58] <Isabella Santorini> Heh.... this is great. I can't wait.
[22:58] <Isabella Santorini> Okay.
[22:58] <Isabella Santorini> Sweet!
[22:58] <D.Kakaku> my feet are cold due to bing in the cold itself.
[22:58] <D.Kakaku> *being
[22:58] <D.Kakaku> heheh
[22:58] <D.Kakaku> I'm sure this'll warm me up.
[22:58] <Isabella Santorini> Well, that can be fixed fast. I can control the temperature of your sauna exactly, so you'll be all warm and toasty. Alright, so hold your hand out, and I'll put the Manicure Bot around it.
[22:59] * D.Kakaku holds his hand out
[22:59] * Isabella Santorini opens the rigid-looking blue case from right to left across a sturdy hinge, and opens a place that securely holds a hand in between a bunch of manicure tools on bristles.
[22:59] <Isabella Santorini> Okay, here we go!
[23:00] * Isabella Santorini locks the Manicure Bot around D.Kakaku's first hand. It feels secure and tight, but of course prevents the use of the hand because it's essentially in a box now.
[23:00] <Isabella Santorini> Alright, first half of the Mani is ready. Hold out your other hand?
[23:01] <Isabella Santorini> Spread your fingers to fit, if you don't mind. The Manicure Bot does initial caluclations based on where your fingers start off. Ready?
[23:01] * D.Kakaku holds out the other hand
[23:02] *** Isabella locks the second Automatic Manicure Box around D.Kakaku's second hand. It feels really comfy and ergonomic inside, but of course it also removes the use of the hand while it's on.
[23:03] *** Isabella fastens clasps on the two boxes holding D.Kakaku's hands immobile to hold them securely.
[23:03] <Isabella Santorini> There we go.
[23:03] <Isabella Santorini> They stay on because the AI has a HUGE problem starting from halfway.
[23:03] <Isabella Santorini> Okay, ready for your sauna, or do you want me to command the Mani-bots to start on you first?
[23:04] <D.Kakaku> start on me first.
[23:04] <Isabella Santorini> You got it!
[23:05] * Isabella Santorini holds up her wristpad and starts tapping keys. Inside the blue boxes, massaging points activate all over the hand and fingers, while tiny files begin working on trimming and polishing the thumbs.
[23:05] *** Small green lights start blinking on the two Manicure-Boxes that D.Kakaku's hands are sealed inside.
[23:05] <Isabella Santorini> Ta-daa?
[23:05] <Isabella Santorini> How does it feel?
[23:06] <D.Kakaku> it feels good.
[23:06] <Isabella Santorini> Okay. So take a seat there, and I'll start your steam bath!
[23:06] <Isabella Santorini> My god, I'm so glad you like things so far!
[23:06] <Isabella Santorini> Okay. Do you want me to help you sit down, since you uh... I guess you can't use your hands, huh?
[23:06] <Isabella Santorini> Crap I should have thought of that.
[23:07] <D.Kakaku> sure
[23:07] <Isabella Santorini> Uh... heh. Sorry. They ARE normally worn one at a time. I kind of got excited.
[23:07] <Isabella Santorini> Mkay. Don't worry, just take it easy... here we go.
[23:08] * Isabella Santorini goes around behind D.Kakaku and sits him down on the wooden chair in the middle of the room, making sure his posture is correct, and placing his hands and feet in special massaging pouches built into the chair.
[23:08] <Isabella Santorini> Feel comfy so far?
[23:09] <Isabella Santorini> Uh... I guess you can't use the Hand Massagers while the Manicure Boxes are on you, but uh... the rest should work.
[23:09] <D.Kakaku> yeah, very comfy
[23:09] <Isabella Santorini> Oooookay, here we go.
[23:09] * Isabella Santorini taps a button on her keypad that says "Lock Sauna."
[23:10] *** Two large contoured wooden and glass chambers on either side of the chair D.Kakaku is in slide slowly together as Isabella commands it. They seal shut around D.Kakaku's body, with a padded hold for his neck and head to protrude, though that is all that can be seen, since the rest of his body is secured in the Sauna.
[23:11] <Isabella Santorini> There we go.
[23:11] <Isabella Santorini> I'll set it for 20 minutes.
[23:11] * Isabella Santorini pushes a button on the outside of the Sauna.
[23:11] <D.Kakaku> 20 minutes huh, no problem.
[23:11] <Computer Voice> Sauna Locked. 20 Minutes until session ends and Occupant Released.
[23:12] <Computer Voice> Securing Sauna.
[23:12] *** A bolt comes through from the floor, sealing the wooden boxes that enclose all of D.Kakaku's body except for his head around him until the mechanism opens again.
[23:13] <Computer Voice> Occupant will be realeased at 23:32
[23:13] <Isabella Santorini> Isn't it just the best? Totally top-of-the-line tech!
[23:13] <Isabella Santorini> Uh, how hot should I start if off for you?
[23:14] <Isabella Santorini> You did say that you didn't get in one before, so I'll select this setting here.
[23:14] <D.Kakaku> It sure is, and umm, warm please
[23:14] <Isabella Santorini> Okay. This setting should do it.
[23:14] <D.Kakaku> if there is a warm setting.
[23:14] * Isabella Santorini clicks a button on her wristpad that says "Gentle."
[23:14] *** Warm relaxing steam starts being pumped into the sauna from a tank elsewhere in the Limo.
[23:14] <Isabella Santorini> There we go.
[23:15] <Isabella Santorini> Nice and relaxing, right? Don't worry, by the way, if you change your mind about this excursion with me, I will let you out, and there is always an emergency releast to overcome that lock.
[23:15] <Isabella Santorini> Soooooooo.... nice and relaxed?
[23:15] * Isabella Santorini 's demeanor changes somewhat.
[23:16] <Isabella Santorini> Here, let me just...
[23:16] * Isabella Santorini goes over and adjusts another chair that lets her sit on the sauna enclosure and look into D.Kakaku's face, since he can only move his head as it is the only unenclosed part of his body.
[23:16] <Isabella Santorini> Thhhheeeeere we are.
[23:16] <Isabella Santorini> ^_///
[23:17] <Isabella Santorini> Mmmmm, nothing like things being perfect. My god, it's worth every penny.
[23:17] <Isabella Santorini> Soooooooo.
[23:17] <Isabella Santorini> Danny-boy?
[23:17] <Isabella Santorini> I have some questions for you, now that you are not going anywhere?
[23:17] <D.Kakaku> yeah?
[23:17] <Isabella Santorini> Are you hungry?
[23:17] <D.Kakaku> ^_^
[23:17] <D.Kakaku> a bit
[23:17] <Isabella Santorini> Before you answer, let me show you something?
[23:18] * Isabella Santorini goes over to a cabinet, and gets a special tray of Crunchy Cheese Curls, and places into a prepared fitting on top of the Sauna, securing them by D.Kakaku's immobile head.
[23:19] <Isabella Santorini> Theeeere we go. Didn't lose memory of your favorite snack. ^_///
[23:19] <Isabella Santorini> You hungry? I mean, you can't feed yourself, but I could always feed you.
[23:19] <D.Kakaku> heey my favorite.
[23:19] * Isabella Santorini holds up a crunchy cheese curl in front of D.Kakaku's mouth. "Open wide, Danny-boy."
[23:20] * D.Kakaku opens up his mouth
[23:20] * Isabella Santorini feeds him.
[23:21] <Isabella Santorini> There we go.
[23:21] <Isabella Santorini> Oh, here, let me help with those tired hands of yours.
[23:21] * Isabella Santorini pushes a button on her wristpad, and the manicure-bots she controls start massaging and preening his other fingers and fingernails.
[23:21] <Isabella Santorini> Nothing like living the best life, is it?
[23:22] * Isabella Santorini runs her fingers through D.Kakaku's hair and makes sure it's out of his face, now that he is helpless to do so himself.
[23:22] <D.Kakaku> there sure is nothing like it.
[23:22] <Isabella Santorini> Heh... you know, I think you deserve a little bit longer break, hmm?
[23:22] * Isabella Santorini taps a few more keys on her wristpad.
[23:24] <D.Kakaku> oh sure
[23:24] <Computer Voice> Master Module Omniperipheral command acknowledged. Sauna lock time overwritten. Occupant will be released at 23:47.
[23:24] <Isabella Santorini> There we are. Nice and snug and toasty.
[23:25] <Isabella Santorini> I'm glad you like this. I really do love being in charge, and although I do dearly hope you are enjoying it, I have done this for a really specific reason to you.
[23:25] <Isabella Santorini> Tell me what you were going to before. You said you had hobbies, needs and desires.... but you never told me about your needs and desires.
[23:26] * Isabella Santorini offers another Crunchy Cheese Curl to D.Kakaku's immobile head since he is helpless to feed or groom himself. "Another?"
[23:26] <D.Kakaku> yes please
[23:26] * Isabella Santorini feeds him again.
[23:27] <Isabella Santorini> So.... you were saying?
[23:27] <D.Kakaku> oh yeah, I never told you did I
[23:27] <Isabella Santorini> You didn't.... but since you aren't going anywhere for a little while, we have plenty of time to discuss them now. ^_///
[23:29] <D.Kakaku> well, my hobbies include watching niche programs and playing Video games on consoles as old as the nes to as new as the switch.
[23:29] * Isabella Santorini runs her fingers through his hair, now that he's secured in the Sauna and cannot stop her. "Ah, but you already TOLD me about your hobbies.... but not your needs and desires."
[23:30] <D.Kakaku> my needs are well the basics and the technological side of the world, I love seeing new and upgraded tech.
[23:31] <Isabella Santorini> Mmmm, then you are going to LOVE my other little toys to show to you. Those needs seem to be well in order.
[23:32] <D.Kakaku> my desires are a bit innapropriate in nature and in public.
[23:32] * Isabella Santorini walks around behind the Sauna Unit where D.Kakaku cannot see her anymore, and after about 30 seconds, there is the sound of something being placed down, and a mechanism locks shut. After this, Isabella walks back around.
[23:32] <Isabella Santorini> Well, dearie... we are not in public, are we?
[23:33] <D.Kakaku> well, no, I guess not.
[23:33] * Isabella Santorini has changed her hair a little bit so it's all the way behind her head now and you can see both her eyes.
[23:33] <Isabella Santorini> Mmmmmm.
[23:33] <Isabella Santorini> Here.... you look so tense. Let me give you some time for the sauna to help with that.
[23:33] * Isabella Santorini pushes a button on the wall.
[23:34] <Computer Voice> Sauna Lock Time Modified. Occupant will be released at 23:53.
[23:34] <Isabella Santorini> Heh, you don't mind staying in that little box a liiiiitle bit longer, do you? I made it custom to fit you, you know. Isn't it nice?
[23:35] * Isabella Santorini walks back over to the immobile D.Kakaku, grinning.
[23:35] <D.Kakaku> I don't mind, it is nice.
[23:35] <Isabella Santorini> So..... your desires.... do you want to tell me about them?
[23:35] <Isabella Santorini> Of course... you don't need to tell me about them if you dont' want.
[23:35] <Isabella Santorini> I could simply show you what MY desires are instead.
[23:36] <D.Kakaku> well, I could say about one aspect, but hey, talk aabout yours first.
[23:36] *** The robots holding D.Kakaku's hands tight commence another under-nail cleaning routine, but there is no other sound in the car except the steam going into the enclosure around D.Kakaku's body.
[23:37] <Isabella Santorini> Mmmmm, I could talk about it, but it's better if I show you.
[23:37] * Isabella Santorini leans forward towards D.Kakaku's immobile head. "Want to see? You won't soon forget it."
[23:37] <Isabella Santorini> ^_//
[23:38] <D.Kakaku> sure, I'd love to see it.
[23:38] * Isabella Santorini grins from ear to ear, brushes her hair out of the way, and leans forward toward D.Kakaku's immobile head.
[23:40] * Isabella Santorini puts on some lipstick....
[23:41] *** Isabella leans against the sturdy enclosure built to hold D.Kakaku, gently but firmly takes hold of the back of his head so he cannot move his head away from her or avoid her in any way, then slowly leans in, and kisses him full on the lips.
[23:41] <Isabella Santorini> ~_^
[23:42] * D.Kakaku freezes for a bit... then starts kissing a bit back.
[23:42] <Isabella Santorini> Mmmmm, ha hah hah....
[23:42] <D.Kakaku> that was wonderful ^__^
[23:43] <Isabella Santorini> Ah ah ah... no talking!
[23:43] * Isabella Santorini leans in again and keeps kissing his immobile head, tickling around in his earlobe with her pinkie.
[23:45] * Isabella Santorini finally backs away and releases him, her cheeks red.
[23:45] <Isabella Santorini> Heh... I did tell you I'm used to being in charge, didn't I?
[23:45] <Isabella Santorini> So tell me, Danny-boy, are you enjoying your nice limousine trip?
[23:45] <D.Kakaku> heh, you sure did
[23:45] <D.Kakaku> and I sure am enjoying it
[23:46] <Isabella Santorini> Oh good... then before I take these uncomfortable clothes off, let me just tell them to go ahead and take the long way back? ~_^
[23:46] * Isabella Santorini fiddles with something beyond the field of D.Kakaku's vision on her wrist.
[23:47] *** Override Enabled, lock mode extended. Occupant will be released at 00:00
[23:47] <Isabella Santorini> Mmmmm, do you feel nice and warm now?
[23:48] <D.Kakaku> I sure do, Isabella
[23:48] <Isabella Santorini> Good, good.... but you know, I think I'm just WAAAAAY too hot in these clothes. I should probably take them off.
[23:48] <Isabella Santorini> You wouldn't mind, would you?
[23:49] * Isabella Santorini curls her hair between her fingers.
[23:50] <D.Kakaku> I don't mind
[23:50] * Isabella Santorini walks around behind D.Kakaku where he cannot possibly see her.
[23:50] <Isabella Santorini> Oh good. I am ever so hot.
[23:51] <Isabella Santorini> You know, I suppose there is nothing you to look at when I stand here to disrobe, and there is not really anything for you to listen to except the sound of my unbuttoning.... if you want, I could play you some soft music to listen to until I'm out of these nasty nasty clothes?
[23:51] <D.Kakaku> maybe.
[23:52] * Isabella Santorini busies herself changing and taking clothes off while she is behind D.Kakaku's field of vision and he is unable to turn his head.
[23:52] <D.Kakaku> what kind of soft music are we talking about?
[23:52] <Isabella Santorini> What's your favorite genre? I like certain veins of Jazz in moments like these, though. Heh.
[23:53] <Isabella Santorini> Here we go.
[23:53] <Isabella Santorini> Tell me what you think.
[23:53] <D.Kakaku> Jazz sounds good.
[23:53] * Isabella Santorini presses a button.
[23:54] <Astrud Gilberto's Voice> Quiet nights of Quiet stars.....
[23:54] <Astrud Gilberto's Voice> Quiet chords from my guitar...
[23:55] <Astrud Gilberto's Voice> Floating on the silence that surrounds us.
[23:55] <Astrud Gilberto's Voice> Quiet thoughts and quiet dreams; quiet walks by quiet streams...
[23:55] <Astrud Gilberto's Voice> And a window that looks out on Corcovado... Oh how lovely!
[23:56] <Computer Voice> Override Enabled. Occupant will be released at 00:005.
[23:56] <Astrud Gilberto's Voice> This is where I want to be....
[23:56] <Astrud Gilberto's Voice> Here with you so close to me....
[23:57] <Astrud Gilberto's Voice> Until the final flicker of life's ember.
[23:58] * Isabella Santorini steps back in front of D.Kakaku in a revealing nightie with her long blonde hair tied in a black ribbon. She is grinning.
[23:58] * Isabella Santorini leans over toward D.Kakaku's immobile body. "Tell me, Danny-boy... have you ever been with a woman?"
[23:58] <D.Kakaku> well... not really.
[23:59] <Isabella Santorini> That's fine.
[23:59] <Isabella Santorini> It's all fine.
[23:59] <Isabella Santorini> We'll all be fine.
[23:59] * Isabella Santorini leans forward and kisses D.Kakaku gently upon his forehead.
[00:00] <Isabella Santorini> You know, dear... I could tell from miles away what you wanted. You are a red-blooded boy with red-blooded desires. That's a wonderful thing. I'll show you.
[00:00] <Isabella Santorini> Let me ask you something?
[00:00] * D.Kakaku smiles "Yes?"
[00:01] <Isabella Santorini> Is it clear to you why I went to all this trouble to get you alone away from everybody else and get you all covered up?
[00:01] * Isabella Santorini caaaasually reaches down behind D.Kakaku's head and touches a little something.
[00:01] *** Override Enabled. Chamber Secure. Occupant will be released at 00:10.
[00:02] <D.Kakaku> Yeah, It's clear to me.
[00:02] * Isabella Santorini smiles, satisfied. She plays with the hair on the back of his neck. "Then tell me why, dearie? Why did I do it?"
[00:03] * Isabella Santorini props herself up on her chin, and looks at him thoughtfully. "Go on?"
[00:04] <D.Kakaku> for love, and to be honest, It's all worth it, If my hands were free, I'd hug you right now.
[00:04] <D.Kakaku> and maybe even give a few more kisses
[00:04] <Isabella Santorini> No. It's not love.
[00:05] <Isabella Santorini> I'm not in love with you.
[00:05] <Isabella Santorini> I haven't been in love with anyone in memory, Danny. I'm just a woman who know what she wants, and right now, I want you.
[00:05] * Isabella Santorini leans forward, but doesn't tease him anymore.
[00:06] <Isabella Santorini> I wanted to test you. That's why I've done all the things I have done. Leading you on. Leading you at dancing... seeing if you would, at least some of the time, do what I wanted.
[00:06] <Isabella Santorini> I wanted to see if you would be willing to let me, at least on occasion, make decisions for you, because I'm going to have to sometimes if we are seeing each other, you know.
[00:07] <Isabella Santorini> Speaking of making decisions for you...
[00:07] * Isabella Santorini reaches out of D.Kakaku's line of sight.
[00:07] <Computer Voice> Lock Mode Extended. Occupant will be released at 00:15
[00:07] <D.Kakaku> oh?
[00:07] <D.Kakaku> hmhm, I love it.
[00:07] * Isabella Santorini smiles down at him, and puts a hand on his cheek. "Mmmhm."
[00:08] <D.Kakaku> to be honest, I want you as well.
[00:08] <Isabella Santorini> I am happy you love my little games, Danny-boy. I find it wonderful. But I play these games because I have no patience for people who think they are inferior to me. I'm a billionaire too, and I expect to be treated with the respect my power endows.
[00:09] <Isabella Santorini> I was curious... I was curious if you would balk when I offered strange idea or strange courses of action, because sometimes you will ask me questions and I will refuse to answer them. If you couldn't handle being kept in suspense, I needed to know. Now.
[00:10] <Isabella Santorini> I needed to know if you would go crazy if I kept you waiting, or bended my word sometimes. I expect unquestioning loyalty from the people who serve me, and I reward those who deserve it. But when I look for a romantic partner, I have no time for those who I find insufficient. Life is too short. You know?
[00:10] * Isabella Santorini drinks a Martini.
[00:11] <Isabella Santorini> Cheese Curl?
[00:11] <D.Kakaku> I wouldn't balk at it, I have strange ideas as well
[00:11] <D.Kakaku> yes, please
[00:11] * Isabella Santorini offers D.Kakaku another snack, holding it in front of his mouth.
[00:11] * Isabella Santorini feeds him.
[00:11] <Isabella Santorini> Well. The world is full of strange people.
[00:12] <Isabella Santorini> People will assume, you know. They will assume I'm honey-trapping you to get at your corporation and get you to sell assets or merger with me, or try to coerce or blackmail you or something.
[00:12] * Isabella Santorini fiddles with a small dial on the box restraining D.Kakaku.
[00:12] *** Override Enabled. Occupant Secure. Occupant will be released at 00:20.
[00:12] <D.Kakaku> (( hold on, bathroom, brb ))
[00:13] * Isabella Santorini finishes hitting the "snooze" button delaying D.Kakaku's freedom, and looks at him.
[00:13] <Isabella Santorini> They will say that, you know. You told me you already had problems. They'll think I'm just another interloper who is after your wallet, and am coming for you because you are a CEO.
[00:14] <Isabella Santorini> They call me a Man-eater.
[00:14] <Isabella Santorini> They'll say you are another stencil on my c[BLEEP]kpit.
[00:15] <Isabella Santorini> If you love me, that's fine. But I want to be up front---I want you, but I am a woman who does not reserve herself, or deny herself, and is impossible to persuade sometimes. This means I will not be with you forever.
[00:16] * Isabella Santorini leans forward into D.Kakaku's face. "So yeah. You are cute. You are nice. You are brave. I like that. "
[00:16] * Isabella Santorini fiddles with a mechanism.
[00:17] *** Override Enabled. Occupant Secure. Occupant will be released at 00:25
[00:17] <D.Kakaku> hey, that's fine with me *smiles*
[00:18] <Isabella Santorini> Heh.... well. As I told you. If you are willing for me to refuse to answer some questions, and understand that I run off because I'm spoiled and fickle.... and are willing to put up with my little seeming obsession with material things and understand that I have a certain obsession that I am the alpha---and I know that is a lot to ask. But if you can accept it, you are exactly what I want right now.
[00:19] <D.Kakaku> I can accept it.
[00:19] * Isabella Santorini reaches forward and clasps the back of his head gently but firmly once more. She leans in toward him--it's obvious she's changed her lipstick and makeup for this exact moment. "Then do you want to give each other what we want?"
[00:20] <D.Kakaku> I want to
[00:21] * Isabella Santorini leans in again, smiling, giggles as she holds him tight, and then kisses him with passionate intensity.
[00:22] * D.Kakaku kisses back with the same intensity, despite restraints.
[00:22] <Isabella Santorini> Mmmmm... I am a girl who believes in dessert.
[00:23] <Isabella Santorini> So, I have made sure that we end the little Limo ride at my little bungalow that I keep around for afterparties.
[00:23] <Isabella Santorini> We'll pull up to the door in about 2 minutes.
[00:23] <Isabella Santorini> I will warn you. It's dark inside. That won't be a problem, will it? ~_^
[00:24] <D.Kakaku> It's not a problem
[00:24] <Isabella Santorini> Heh, didnt' think so.
[00:24] *** The Limousine stops.
[00:24] <Isabella Santorini> By the way? Just a little bit of advice?
[00:24] <Isabella Santorini> Follow my lead, Danny-boy. I know where I'm going.
[00:24] <Isabella Santorini> You ready for a formative night of your life?
[00:25] <D.Kakaku> can I pick up my satchel?
[00:25] <D.Kakaku> and yes, I am
[00:25] *** The limousine door opens to a dark walkway that has yellow carpet.
[00:25] <Isabella Santorini> I'll carry it for you, sweetie.
[00:26] *** The Sauna timer reaches zero and releases D.Kakaku. He can stand up and move around anywhere he wishes now, though it is worth noting the manicure-bot boxes are still on his hands.
[00:26] * Isabella Santorini disappears for a moment and brings his satchel.
[00:26] <Isabella Santorini> Here you go?
[00:26] * Isabella Santorini puts the satchel over his shoulder and neck.
[00:26] <D.Kakaku> thank you.
[00:27] <Isabella Santorini> Oh, save that for about 1 minute from now?
[00:27] <D.Kakaku> oop, forgot these.
[00:27] <Isabella Santorini> What's that?
[00:27] * D.Kakaku shows the manicure boxes to isa bella.
[00:27] <Isabella Santorini> Heh, don't worry, I'll take care of everything.
[00:28] <Isabella Santorini> Heh... follow me. The REAL party is this way.
[00:28] * Isabella Santorini takes hold of his shoulders from behind, and guides D.Kakaku down the shag-carpeted walkway, and it becomes increasingly dark.
[00:28] * D.Kakaku follows Isabella.
[00:28] * Isabella Santorini stops after exactly 25 steps.
[00:29] <Isabella Santorini> Heh.... now this is where the bed is. I'm going to back up for a second, and lock the door for privacy, nya?
[00:29] <D.Kakaku> okay.
[00:29] * Isabella Santorini leaves D.Kakaku standing there in the dark with his hands in the manicure-boxes, whose brushes and instruments now all retract.
[00:29] *** there is silence.
[00:30] *** The manicure-bots suddenly unclasp and release D.Kakaku's now-finished immaculately manicured nails, but the sound of them hitting the floor is drowned out by approaching running footsteps.
[00:31] * Isabella Santorini TACKLES D.Kakaku, pushing him forward onto the bed that he happened to be standing in front of, laughing as they fall together in a tangled heap.
[00:31] * Isabella Santorini whispers into his ear.
[00:31] <Isabella Santorini> Alright, dearie. Just follow my lead again. Tonight will be everything you have dreamed it would be.
[00:32] <D.Kakaku> hehehehehe, ok then.
[00:32] * Isabella Santorini laughs again, kisses him, and happily sheds all propriety.
[00:32] <D.Kakaku> *^
[00:32] <Isabella Santorini> Okay dearie. Pucker up.

[10:27] <Isabella Santorini> //private end
[10:30] <Isabella Santorini> /private stop


[10:30] <Isabella Santorini> ^^^

[00:05] *** OUTSIDE
[00:06] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Noriko
[00:06] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> I need to know how Vindicator keeps you immune from timeline changes and anchors you to the timeline
[00:06] <Noriko Marianna Xadium> ...Why?
[00:06] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> I can;'t explain fully... reasons...
[00:07] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> but I need to protect something living from the possible collapse of its timeline
[00:07] * Noriko Marianna Xadium raises an eyebrow
[00:07] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte looks a bit desperate.
[00:07] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> _Please_ help me
[00:07] <Noriko Marianna Xadium> ....
[00:08] <Noriko Marianna Xadium> IA-all right...

[18:18] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[18:18] * Nelius Raoul looks over to Mita. "And you're certain these'll work?"
[18:19] * Mita shrugs. "Considering what we're up against, this could go a number of ways. But such is the way of science in the face of new revelations."
[18:20] <Nelius Raoul> True.
[18:20] * Mita looks over the schematics. "You said we'd need at least.... six, right?"
[18:21] <Nelius Raoul> At the least, yes. Potentially more, depending on how things pan out from here. If need be I'll personally head out to get the materials for these.
[18:24] <Nelius Raoul> You sure that Naoto and you can crank these out by yourselves?
[18:24] * Mita has to bite back a laugh at that. "It's all under control♫"
[18:24] <Nelius Raoul> Very well. Good work.
[18:30] * Nelius Raoul heads out of the Science Wing, to give Mita and Naoto the time and space they need to work on this project.
[18:40] * Nelius Raoul gets in contact with Zotia, whom is currently having a chat with her two apprentices.
[18:55] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ((Hmm...))
[18:55] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[21:20] *** The Storymaster holds a book labeled "if things had been different"
[22:46] *** The Storymaster flips the book open once more.
[22:46] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Youma Village, altered timeline
[22:46] *** DD_Girl_Green [] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[22:46] <+luna_P> Evening, DD_Girl_Green
[22:46] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Put it on your chest and say Guyver!!
[22:48] *** Baby Beryl has joined #suburbansenshi4
[22:48] <+luna_P> Evening, Baby Beryl
[22:48] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Interfering with the Pedagogical Mission since 2002
[22:48] *** Youma Elder has joined #suburbansenshi4
[22:48] <+luna_P> Evening, Youma Elder
[22:48] <+luna_P> Such a great day, huh? Remember, It's probably only going to get worse.
[22:49] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[22:49] <+luna_P> Evening, Matsumi Kaze
[22:49] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: One of the few NOT sued by SCO
[22:51] * DD_Girl_Green is acting as a translator intermediary between the Kyua Princess and Matsumi.
[22:51] * Matsumi Kaze is a bit stunned by all this
[22:54] <DD_Girl_Green> she said it's an honor to meet you.
[22:55] <Matsumi Kaze> um pleasure
[22:55] * DD_Girl_Green turns to the princess
[22:56] <DD_Girl_Green> [it is a pleasure to see you as well.]
[23:00] * DD_Girl_Green waits for the princess to speak
[23:07] <DD_Girl_Green> [do you want to ask anything?]
[23:11] <Princess> [will she rescue us]
[23:11] * DD_Girl_Green turns to Matsumi with the translation
[23:12] <DD_Girl_Green> She's asking if you will rescue them.
[23:14] <Matsumi Kaze> um sure
[23:15] <DD_Girl_Green> [we will rescue you]
[23:16] * Princess looks relived by this
[23:17] <Youma Elder> [bless you, for all you have done in the past, and for what you may do to rescue us.]
[23:19] * Youma Elder bows to Matsumi and the group
[23:26] <Youma Elder> [is there anything we can do for you, Great Ruler?]
[23:26] * DD_Girl_Green relays the translation to Matsumi
[23:28] <Matsumi Kaze> somewhere to sleep probably..I'm worn out
[23:30] <DD_Girl_Green> [is there a place to rest?]
[23:31] <Youma Elder> [there are a few guest cottages for]Defectors[ and all of you may use them.]
[23:31] <DD_Girl_Green> He said we can use the cottages they usually reserve for a group called "Defectors".
[23:49] * DD_Girl_Green waves her hand in Matsumi's face
[23:49] <DD_Girl_Green> want to use them?
[23:54] <Matsumi Kaze> um...uh sure
[23:55] <DD_Girl_Green> [we would like to, thank you for your genorosity.]
[23:55] <Youma Elder> [follow us to the cottages].
[23:56] * Youma Elder walks slowly to the three empty and reserved cottages, with the group not far behind.
[23:58] * DD_Girl_Green and the others arrive and take a rest in the cottages.
[23:58] *** DD_Girl_Green [] has left #suburbansenshi4
[23:59] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi4
[00:08] *** the Storymaster closes the book once again.
[00:14] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: null

[13:11] * Computer Record looks at Thrash 5.
[13:11] *** Thrash 5 is time lord and the fifth regeneration of Thrash. He wears 18th century clothes with a green striped coat, plade cravat, black pants, silver bowler hat, orange hair and a monocle.
His image Song is: . He is Level 1.

[17:46] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[17:49] * Nelius Raoul is finishing up some last-minute things when he gets a ping from Burroughs. Seems Daini's coming over for a visit.
[17:49] *** Daini Felinus has joined #suburbansenshi4
[17:49] <+luna_P> Afternoon, Daini Felinus
[17:49] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: The Otaku Geek's Home away from-- what's 'away' mean?
[17:50] * Daini Felinus runs through the castle, nose twitching as she follows her brothers scent
[17:51] * Nelius Raoul is just sitting there, waiting~
[17:51] * Daini Felinus runs in and points strongly at her brother "you. Me. Talking in private.... NOW!!"
[17:52] * Nelius Raoul blinks once at this. "OK."
[17:53] * Daini Felinus Hands Nelius the ribbon from the lobby, it's kanri amulet "It's time for me to tell you the truth."
[17:53] * Nelius Raoul quirks an eyebrow at that. "Go on."
[17:53] <Daini Felinus> Firstly.. are you wearing your ring...
[17:55] * Nelius Raoul brings up his right hand. "Right here."
[17:55] <Daini Felinus> Good. Do you remember the wish kanri made that brought me?
[17:55] <Nelius Raoul> Yeah, the wish for family.
[17:55] <Daini Felinus> Something to bring her family together..
[17:55] <Daini Felinus> But more importantly to KEEP it together.
[17:55] <Daini Felinus> I'm not a silver neko like kanri.
[17:57] <Nelius Raoul> Meaning....
[17:58] * Daini Felinus paces in a circle "I'm.. different. Let's see... when you forget where you put something... I remember right?"
[17:59] <Nelius Raoul> Go on.
[17:59] <Daini Felinus> I always remember things as they were. It's not because I have perfect memory..... its... It's because I AM the memory.
[18:01] <Daini Felinus> I am the memories you hold and forget. I am the wishes you whisper to the stars and moon. I am the fear, the hope, the love, the regret... all of it. Like a usb drive...
[18:02] <Nelius Raoul> Suddenly it explains a number of things.
[18:03] <Daini Felinus> The amulets don't keep me alive. They store and keep sacred your feeling and memories so they can't be changed.
[18:04] <Daini Felinus> No one can change your memories. No one can use you against each other.. not while I'm around. This isn't even my real form. It's just the one you guys like the most^^;;
[18:05] <Nelius Raoul> Guessing this is related to that odd thing that happened some weeks back. Or is this from something else entirely?
[18:07] * Daini Felinus pauses and thinks of a way to explain "So say you feel strongly about something like... anchovies. If you feel strongly enough about them and we are at the same time experiencing anchovies, I filter majority of your emotion so you don't have to
[18:08] <Daini Felinus> Kanri and I were in the snow at the same time. She hates snow. So her emotion over flowed through me
[18:11] <Daini Felinus> It goes further than that though. If I'm in trouble I can tap into anyone of your guy's abilities to help me stay safe. Like how I had wings. Or kanri and I switched forms.
[18:12] <Daini Felinus> Survival for me means survival for my family. I have to keep your memories sacred. But.... I can be used against you if I'm captured.
[18:13] <Nelius Raoul> Used how? Your captor would try to figure out our weaknesses?
[18:13] <Nelius Raoul> Or would we be manipulated through you?
[18:14] <Daini Felinus> No.... They can make it to where you remember kanri as your mortal enemy. Making you want nothing more than to kill her.
[18:14] <Daini Felinus> And you would
[18:14] <Daini Felinus> For all you'd know she's evil.
[18:15] <Daini Felinus> They could turn you against haru. They could make you commit suicide. Anything
[18:15] <Nelius Raoul> Hmm... and who is "They"?
[18:15] <Daini Felinus> Controlling me is controlling all memories and emotion
[18:16] <Daini Felinus> I dunno. Kanri keeps me safe. Keeps me hidden
[18:16] <Daini Felinus> She's removed her ribbon so I'm not connected anymore.
[18:17] <Nelius Raoul> Sounding more and more like these items are quite the double-edged sword.
[18:18] <Daini Felinus> But. I can get the memories out of the amulet if you help me... I can retrieve what was left behind
[18:18] <Daini Felinus> The amulets are genetically coded to each person
[18:18] <Daini Felinus> Only kanri can use it
[18:19] <Daini Felinus> She left it for us to find. She wants us to open it
[18:20] <Nelius Raoul> Hm... very well.
[18:21] <Daini Felinus> We need a barrier
[18:22] <Daini Felinus> To keep in mass, sound, and light
[18:22] <Nelius Raoul> Lucky us--- I've been sitting in on the stuff Thirza's been teaching some of the other vassals.
[18:23] * Nelius Raoul gets up from his seat. "Best if we perform this in here?"
[18:23] <Daini Felinus> If you don't want me to float away
[18:25] <Nelius Raoul> Very well.
[18:25] * Nelius Raoul gets on making that barrier around the room.
[18:25] * Daini Felinus waits patiently
[18:26] <Nelius Raoul> And we're good. Ready?
[18:27] * Daini Felinus nods and point to her forehead "I need you to open my third eye. Oh... and don't stare please. It's creepy
[18:28] * Nelius Raoul heads over to carefully open the third eye.
[18:28] * Daini Felinus takes a deep breath and as she let's go her body fades away, leaving an expanding lime green cloud
[18:30] * Daini Felinus keeps expanding until she takes up 90% of the barrier. She creates a hook like appendage"place the ribbon here."
[18:32] * Nelius Raoul places the ribbon upon the appendage.
[18:32] * Daini Felinus sparks bright pink and memories start flowing backwards"do not touch ANYTHING"
[18:38] * Daini Felinus flips through memory after memory at light speed before stopping on the face of an old man with silver hair
[18:38] <Daini Felinus> It's him.
[18:39] <Nelius Raoul> ?
[18:40] <Daini Felinus> That's the guys who took me beforw
[18:40] <Daini Felinus> He's a pheonix
[18:41] <Nelius Raoul> So this guy'll keep coming back until we find a way to permanently dispose of him?
[18:42] <Daini Felinus> You know how to kill a pheonix
[18:44] <Nelius Raoul> Douse the ashes, correct?
[18:45] <Daini Felinus> Drown them. And contain them.
[18:47] <Nelius Raoul> All right.
[18:47] * Daini Felinus stats flipping through memories till she lands on one of her true form. She plays the audio "you must remain a secret until the time comes. When the time comes, trust only those of your making. "
[18:47] <Daini Felinus> That's kanri.
[18:49] <Daini Felinus> She knew. She knew this would happen when she made me. She gave me a fail safe code. If things get too bad, I'll be released.
[18:50] <Daini Felinus> Can you bring me back please?
[18:51] <Nelius Raoul> Don't see why not.
[18:51] <Nelius Raoul> I just close your third eye, correct?
[18:52] <Daini Felinus> Yepp
[18:53] * Nelius Raoul reaches up to close it.
[18:53] * Daini Felinus seems to breathe in, taking shape again, cat ears, tail, green dress.
[18:54] <Daini Felinus> I have to go away for a bit.
[18:56] <Daini Felinus> They can't find me. But I can help you get to kanri.
[18:56] <Nelius Raoul> Gotcha.
[18:56] <Daini Felinus> I need her amulet please
[18:58] * Nelius Raoul hands it over.
[18:58] * Daini Felinus concentrates as her eyes turn pink and flames engulf her form before flowing into the ribbon
[18:59] <Daini Felinus> There. You only need to think of her and it will take you there. You can only use it once... So be warned. Do not be hasty.
[19:00] <Nelius Raoul> Understood.
[19:01] <Daini Felinus> I can't come back until it's safe. So please. Be careful.
[19:02] * Daini Felinus Hands over the ribbon "return it to its owner.*
[19:02] <Nelius Raoul> Can do.
[19:03] * Daini Felinus turns to leave "trust only the 5"
[19:04] * Daini Felinus is away: I need to go. It's not safe now.
[19:09] <Nelius Raoul> (Seems things are going to get rather interesting from here...)
[19:13] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ((Though how to return this..))
[19:13] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[12:36] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[12:36] * Nelius Raoul is looking over reports for the month. (All seems well.... still no word on that gate, though.)
[12:40] <Nelius Raoul> (Even with some of Celestia's best checking on it, it still won't budge.... I begin to think it isn't Celestial in nature, after all.)
[12:52] <Nelius Raoul> (What else....)
[12:53] * Nelius Raoul thumbs through the reports. The Drapnir, Fafnir, and Archangel Tyreal are all doing fine. Productivity has been on an upswing....
[12:56] <Nelius Raoul> (Things here are fine. How about Earth, though?)
[13:04] * Nelius Raoul gets in touch with some friends.
[13:11] <Nelius Raoul> (So far, all seems calm. Whether this is a good calm, or a pre-storm deal, remains to be seen.)
[13:19] <Nelius Raoul> (Still, if nothing major's going on, might as well go take a look around.)
[13:20] * Nelius Raoul gets up from his seat, stretching before heading out.
[13:20] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[10:29] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[10:29] * Nelius Raoul re-enters his abode via Dimension Gate.
[10:29] <Nelius Raoul> (Well, that went over with few troubles.)
[10:30] <Thirza> Welcome back, boss. How'd things go?
[10:31] <Nelius Raoul> Overall, pretty well. What about things here?
[10:31] <Thirza> Bit too quiet, honestly.
[10:33] <Thirza> Anyway, you got something in the mail a few days ago. It's upstairs in your office.
[10:33] <Nelius Raoul> Duly noted. Thanks.
[10:34] * Nelius Raoul heads upstairs to his office as Thirza heads off.
[10:35] * Nelius Raoul enters his office, and sees the mail that Thirza had reported. He picks it up and takes a look at what came in for him.
[10:40] <Nelius Raoul> (Let's see.... junk, spam, trash, rejected them years back, I think not, irrelevant, useless.... hm?)
[10:41] *** One piece of mail stands out among the rest. Nelius opens it up and reads it.
[11:04] <Nelius Raoul> (Hmmm.... never considered that angle before. It'll probably take a while to fully establish, but it'd be worth a shot.)
[11:05] <Nelius Raoul> (Either way, I'll put this on the "pending" list.)
[11:07] * Nelius Raoul sets the offer into a "PENDING" list, then takes a moment to stretch.
[11:09] <Nelius Raoul> (OK, that's out of the way.... looks like things here were fairly uneventful.... what about Earth, though?)
[11:09] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ((Think I'll go check in on things.))
[11:10] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Nine
[11:10] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[03:10] *** Ian has joined #suburbansenshi4
[03:10] <+luna_P> Evening, Ian
[03:10] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Where typos are a fine art
[03:12] * Ian paces about in his chambers. "Its been a long time since Sailor Titan has reported back to us...could she be in need of aid?"
[03:13] * There is a knock at the door, and it opens slightly to reveal NUCLEOID and Doom Phantom entering.
[03:15] <NUCLEOID> Oh prince, awake you still are?
[03:15] <Ian> Have you heard from Sailor Titan? Did she report in?
[03:16] <Doom Phantom> Nothing yet. You need to rest. We will report to you once we hear from her.
[03:17] * Ian looks annoyed. "Then why are the two of you here? If there is nothing to report, you have no business to come to my chambers."
[03:18] <Doom Phantom> We come...out of concern. We know you have been awake for many nights now. If you are to be ready for our next move, you must rest, oh prince.
[03:19] <Ian> Do not dictate to me what I need. I am not like the know this. I can handle these sleepless nights.
[03:19] <NUCLEOID> Yes, I made you enhanced...but you are pushing will break down soon.
[03:20] <Ian> I will know when I will rest...but now is not the time.
[03:21] <NUCLEOID> It is something else...something else is keeping you awake...
[03:22] <Ian> I have...many things on my mind. But don't worry about me. I am fine...
[03:25] <Doom Phantom> Many that girl?
[03:29] * Ian shoots an angry glare at the Doom Phantom, and then notices the dark crystal ball between his hands was reflecting Ian's thoughts as they focused on his memories with Aliana...
[03:30] <Ian> You are...READING MY THOUGHTS?!
[03:30] <Doom Phantom> For your own good, oh prince...this girl has poisioned your mind.
[03:31] <NUCLEOID> something more. Oh bonded to her...
[03:32] * Ian pauses at Nucleoid's statement. "Bonded...what do you mean...?"
[03:33] <NUCLEOID> You are Saturnian by blood. Mature males go through a bonding when...they seek a mate. Though...I had hoped your bond would trigger with the Tyrant...
[03:33] <Ian> ...
[03:33] <Doom Phantom> are saying he has chosen that girl as his...mate?
[03:34] <NUCLEOID> It appears that way. Symptoms of irrational behavior and short is because he is seperated from her...and she hasn't chosen him.
[03:35] <Doom Phantom> Best forget about that girl then, my prince. She is an ally of the Earth Protectors. She is an enemy. She will never choose to stand with you.
[03:35] <Ian> Shut up...
[03:36] <NUCLEOID> A good point, he makes. She will always oppose us. Oppose you.
[03:36] <Ian> SHUT...UP...
[03:36] <Doom Phantom> Prince, you must forget about that girl. She is only acting as a distraction, and she will use this "bond" to only manipulate yo-!
[03:38] <Ian> SHUT UP!!!
[03:39] <NUCLEOID> You cannot talk sense to him...not in this state...
[03:39] <Ian> - GET OUT....BOTH OF YOU!!! LEAVE ME BE!!! -
[03:39] <NUCLEOID> Retreat for now...
[03:40] * Doom Phantom nods and departs with Nucleoid...
[03:41] * Ian watches them go then turns to look out his window. "Ali..."
[03:42] * NUCLEOID leads Doom Phantom down to his lab where they can speak in private.
[03:42] <NUCLEOID> Dangerous...that was. You revealed looking into his mind...
[03:43] <Doom Phantom> Sorry...but he needed to be confronted.
[03:44] <NUCLEOID> Not like he is wary...and suspicious, no doubt. We can no longer manipulate his dreams to maintain control. His thoughts drift to the girl, and he pushes the nightmares away.
[03:44] <Doom Phantom> Can we break his bond?
[03:44] <NUCLEOID> It is dangerous...but yes. He needs complete isolation...
[03:44] <Doom Phantom> He will never agree to it.
[03:45] <NUCLEOID> Indeed...we may have to...force him into isolation...but then...the people will ask questions...
[03:45] <Doom Phantom> We could speak for him...
[03:46] <NUCLEOID> No...they are too proud. They will not acceot us as his speakers. We are only advisors...we need one of their kind...
[03:47] <Doom Phantom> A Saturnian who would be willing to restrain their prince, and tell the others lies while we isolate and break his will?
[03:47] <NUCLEOID> Yes...not an easy find....
[03:48] <Doom Phantom> I can search the hearts of the colony for one with such a heart...
[03:48] <Doom Phantom> If there is one we could employ...I will find them...
[03:49] <NUCLEOID> Be quick with your search. If the senshi of Titan returns...she too can foil our plans.
[03:51] * Doom Phantom nods and vanishes...
[03:51] *** Doom Phantom has left #suburbansenshi4 (the Search will begin...)
[03:52] *** NUCLEOID has left #suburbansenshi4 (Time is of the essence...)

[11:42] *** In another time, in another place....
[11:42] *** The duo from long ago resume their duties.
[11:42] *** The female looks to her male compatriot. "Hey bro, how's our new recruit doing?"
[11:43] *** The male looks over. "Still a touch nervous when it comes to our world. Can't blame her, though."
[11:43] *** "True." She responds. "It is something of a large leap. Has our older sister been showing her the ropes at all?"
[11:44] *** "I believe so, yes." He responds. "Kinda wish there was a better way to ease her into life around here."
[11:45] *** "I hear you. Ultimately, all we can do is wait and assist." She replied.
[11:48] *** "Still, we got stuff to do. Let's get to it."
[11:48] *** "Very well." With that, the sibling duo head off to do what they need to do.

[11:29] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[11:29] * Nelius Raoul has finished looking over reports for last month's overall progress. (Excellent.)
[11:30] *** Out of nowhere a pair of arms encircle him. "Guess who♫"
[11:30] <Nelius Raoul> Hm~ Welcome back.
[11:31] <Zotia> It's good to be back. I see I didn't miss too much while I was out.
[11:31] <Nelius Raoul> Not too much here. On Earth, however....
[11:32] * Nelius Raoul fills Zotia in on how the Hotel got a massive upgrade.
[11:33] <Zotia> Genius. Now I'm curious as to what the new amenities are like.
[11:34] <Nelius Raoul> Well, once you get your stuff put away we can go check it out.
[11:34] <Zotia> Sounds good.
[11:36] *** Zotia [Shura.WiseWords@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 (*off to put her things away*)
[11:39] * Nelius Raoul puts away the reports, getting up from his chair to stretch. (That should do it. Time for a snack.)
[11:39] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4
[11:39] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[08:42] *** In another time, in another place....
[08:43] *** "Hmmm...."
[08:43] *** "Something on your mind, sis?"
[08:44] *** "Kinda. Mostly it concerns this area."
[08:44] *** "Hey, isn't that where Dad---"
[08:45] *** "Yep. Won't lie, been getting increasingly curious about the differences between then and now."
[08:46] *** "Well, if worst comes to worst we could take a page from Lady Petta's book, so to speak."
[08:46] *** "In that case, let's get to it."
[08:47] *** The two set off on their new venture.

[20:04] *** Deep within the Hotel, a particular room comes to life.... snacks are set out, drinks are nice and chilled.... it's that time, ladies and gents!
[20:04] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Community Icebreaker, April 2018!
[20:05] *** BluSky_Caprice has joined #suburbansenshi4
[20:05] <+luna_P> Evening, BluSky_Caprice
[20:05] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: number 1 in charts ox
[20:05] * BluSky_Caprice has taken some snacks and drinks
[20:05] <@Gemini Sunrise> Howdy Diana!
[20:06] <BluSky_Caprice> oh hello Gemini ^^
[20:07] <BluSky_Caprice> I was told this would be a good place to relax tonight ^^
[20:07] <@Gemini Sunrise> It ain't bad!
[20:07] <Janice> Yep. I also hear it's a nice place to chat and learn more about one another♫
[20:09] <BluSky_Caprice> oh! hello!
[20:09] <Janice> Hi there♫
[20:09] <@Gemini Sunrise> Howdy~
[20:11] *** has joined #suburbansenshi4
[20:11] <+luna_P> Evening,
[20:11] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Defying the Laws of Physics Daily.
[20:12] *** D.Kakaku has joined #suburbansenshi4
[20:12] <+luna_P> Evening, D.Kakaku
[20:12] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Starting more marriages since 2004.
[20:13] * D.Kakaku Runs in Like the Supermarket Sweep Intro, complete with Blue flannel shirt!
[20:14] <Janice> .....someone's in a hurry.
[20:14] <D.Kakaku> nope, this is exactly how the host entered.
[20:15] * BluSky_Caprice shares a few of her snacks with gemini
[20:15] <Janice> .........
[20:15] <@Gemini Sunrise> :D
[20:15] <@Gemini Sunrise> Thanks darlin'~
[20:16] <D.Kakaku> I'm going to have to introduce you to it sometime
[20:17] <Janice> Kid, if I want to see it, I'll look it up on my own time.
[20:19] <BluSky_Caprice> how are classes going, gemini ^^
[20:22] <@Gemini Sunrise> Teachin' is somethin' else.
[20:22] <@Gemini Sunrise> Ah dunno how folks do it.
[20:23] <@Gemini Sunrise> Those kids drive me nuts sometimes~
[20:23] <BluSky_Caprice> it does feel different
[20:23] <Janice> With a lot of patience, understanding, and the not-so-subtle threat of evisceration♫
[20:23] <D.Kakaku> well, you know what drives my teachers nuts more than students?
[20:23] <@Gemini Sunrise> Now Ah git how mah master musta felt~
[20:23] <BluSky_Caprice> .....for the past five days I have had a line of male students standing outside of my office claiming all sorts of maladies ^^;;
[20:23] <@Gemini Sunrise> .....
[20:24] <@Gemini Sunrise> Ah guess it's good bein' popular?
[20:24] <Janice> Snrk
[20:26] <BluSky_Caprice> Sakura seems a bit..uncomfortable around some of the students unless I am mistaken
[20:26] <D.Kakaku> Shnarks!
[20:26] * BluSky_Caprice sips a drink
[20:26] <D.Kakaku> oh really?
[20:29] <D.Kakaku> I wonder why?
[20:31] <BluSky_Caprice> oh! I'm sorry..I've taken over the conversation ^^;;
[20:31] * @Gemini Sunrise chuckles "an' th' dreams of young students~"
[20:32] <BluSky_Caprice> now now ^^;;;
[20:32] <Janice> Hehehe~
[20:33] * @Gemini Sunrise giggles
[20:33] <D.Kakaku> hmhmhmmm ^^
[20:34] <BluSky_Caprice> so what do we do during these?
[20:35] <D.Kakaku> ask questions, talk about experiences, whichever you want to do
[20:35] <@Gemini Sunrise> Th' idea is to git t' know each other better.
[20:36] <BluSky_Caprice> oh! well.........I already know you quite well, gemini!
[20:38] <D.Kakaku> well, we don't know a lot about you two
[20:38] <D.Kakaku> same with you all not knowing about me.
[20:41] <@Gemini Sunrise> Ah been here fer ages now.
[20:41] <@Gemini Sunrise> 8 years th' end of May.
[20:41] <@Gemini Sunrise> ....eight years. Dang.
[20:41] <@Gemini Sunrise> Don't feel like it.
[20:42] <Janice> Time flies when there's a lot going on~
[20:42] <BluSky_Caprice> I have only been here for...a year I believe now?
[20:43] <Janice> Oh? Do tell--- how'd you arrive here?
[20:45] <BluSky_Caprice> oh! I rose from my grave after my corpse was brought back to life ^^
[20:46] <Janice> Huh, kinda different compared to how I came back.
[20:47] <@Gemini Sunrise> <_<
[20:47] * @Gemini Sunrise looks a bit uncomfortable with this line a' talk
[20:48] <Janice> But I get the feeling it's a subject for another time.
[20:48] * @Gemini Sunrise rmembers th' big blow-up she had with X over that whole mess.
[20:48] <D.Kakaku> aw man...
[20:49] <BluSky_Caprice> oh! i'm sorry gemini!
[20:49] <D.Kakaku> I was going to ask how you died in the first place, but I think I already know.
[20:50] <@Gemini Sunrise> It's fine y'all! ^^;
[20:50] * @Gemini Sunrise waves it off an' smiles
[20:50] * Janice reaches over to grab a drink---- the glass noticably ices over for a bit.
[20:51] <@Gemini Sunrise> (Though whp really asks someone about how they died)
[20:51] * D.Kakaku grabs some cheesesteak Pizza.
[20:52] <BluSky_Caprice> ...I apperently tripped on the stairs thanks to some rollar skates ^^;;;
[20:52] * BluSky_Caprice pauses for a moment..
[20:52] <BluSky_Caprice> ...though none of my family owned roller skates...
[20:52] * BluSky_Caprice blinks at that for a moment then shakes her head
[20:53] <Janice> ....(Suspicious.)
[20:53] <BluSky_Caprice> so...Janice you are?
[20:53] <BluSky_Caprice> that is your name right?
[20:54] <Janice> That's me. What's on your mind?
[20:56] <BluSky_Caprice> you seem different ^^
[20:57] <Janice> Different how?
[20:58] <BluSky_Caprice> um..nevermind ^^;;
[20:59] <D.Kakaku> come on Diana, you got this.
[21:01] <BluSky_Caprice> well where are you from, janice ^^;;
[21:03] <Janice> I once hailed from Veldime, another human world. Back in my prior life, I was a member of the Snow Clan.
[21:06] <Janice> I found myself revived about 317 years ago, though it was at the service of someone that used my talents for less than savory missions.
[21:09] <Janice> When that person perished sometime later, I found myself coming back to full consciousness somewhere out in Blood Parch.
[21:11] <BluSky_Caprice> oh!
[21:12] <D.Kakaku> that's intresting
[21:15] <Janice> Even though most of my biological needs had shifted due to my revival, I still took up learning how to prepare things. For a few centuries I wandered about, then it was circa 3 and a half years back that I got picked up by Mr. Christophe.
[21:20] <Janice> Well, don't let me dominate this conversation♫
[21:21] <D.Kakaku> What did you all do when you were kids?
[21:22] <BluSky_Caprice> well I had a fairly happy childhood ^^ I lived with my family in Boston...sometimes we would get visits from my "uncle" sunnyside
[21:22] <@Gemini Sunrise> Ah rode horses n' helped out on th' farm!
[21:22] <@Gemini Sunrise> An' trained t' be a Samurai!
[21:23] <BluSky_Caprice> my father owned a small yacht which we would sometimes sail ^^
[21:23] <Janice> I was training to use the clan's traditional ice and water-based skills.
[21:23] <BluSky_Caprice> mother was part of all the social circles and we would sometimes have parties ^^
[21:25] <BluSky_Caprice> ..that is until I got sick ^^;;
[21:25] <@Gemini Sunrise> Wow
[21:25] <@Gemini Sunrise> 'afore ah came t' new York Ah often dreamed of such a life...
[21:26] <@Gemini Sunrise> Those kinds things never seemed real, y'know?
[21:26] <@Gemini Sunrise> ...well y'wouldn't hahahaha
[21:27] <BluSky_Caprice> I suppose not ^^;;
[21:33] <Janice> Bet it was quite a surprise.
[21:33] <D.Kakaku> mine varied from year to year... and parent to parent.
[21:38] <@Gemini Sunrise> Musta been rough :<
[21:38] <D.Kakaku> only when I was with my mother.
[21:39] <D.Kakaku> the times I was with mmy dad were a breeze... well, until he got killed.
[21:39] <D.Kakaku> ...and we're back to it, trying to move on but on the same question.
[21:40] <D.Kakaku> I did have some good times, going to Morey's Piers on the boardwalk in wildwood.
[21:40] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: BluSky_Caprice is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[21:40] <BluSky_Caprice> losing one's parents are never easy...
[21:41] * BluSky_Caprice falters a bit in those words
[21:44] <D.Kakaku> no, it isn't.
[21:45] <@Gemini Sunrise> Ah never knew mah paw...
[21:45] <@Gemini Sunrise> Mah master was th' closest Ah had t' one
[21:45] <@Gemini Sunrise> He was murdered...
[21:45] <@Gemini Sunrise> Ah saw it hapen.
[21:46] <D.Kakaku> did you ever find your master's killer?
[21:48] <BluSky_Caprice> my parents left on their yacht to find a cure for me...they never returned
[21:49] <@Gemini Sunrise> Ah did. His name was Ranmaru.
[21:49] <@Gemini Sunrise> Ah had th' chance t' kill him... an' Ah chose forgiveness.
[21:49] <@Gemini Sunrise> But he ended up bein' killed anyway.
[21:50] <D.Kakaku> man, it was equally sad for both of you.
[21:50] <BluSky_Caprice> I never knew what happened to them
[21:54] <D.Kakaku> hmmm, looks like something to solve.
[21:55] <@Gemini Sunrise> Well that's a question, ain't it.
[21:55] <@Gemini Sunrise> Do y'want closure on it or not?
[21:56] <BluSky_Caprice> ..I don't know to be honest
[21:56] <BluSky_Caprice> it was so long ago
[21:56] <@Gemini Sunrise> Sometimes y' jus' come to peace with it an' move on.
[21:56] <@Gemini Sunrise> Diggin' up old wounds can be painful.
[21:57] <BluSky_Caprice> yes i agree
[21:57] <D.Kakaku> mmhm
[22:00] <BluSky_Caprice> oh what's the time
[22:01] <Janice> 10 PM, it would seem.
[22:01] <@Gemini Sunrise> Ten~
[22:02] <BluSky_Caprice> should we continue speaking?
[22:03] <Janice> Up to you if you wish to stick around. Nobody tying you to the seats.... unless you're into that sorta thing. :P
[22:04] <D.Kakaku> heh
[22:04] <@Gemini Sunrise> Ah don't mind talkin' more.
[22:05] <D.Kakaku> so, other than New York, what other cities have you been to?
[22:06] <BluSky_Caprice> well I grew up in Boston....I had been to Philadelphia lived in Minnesota.....
[22:06] * BluSky_Caprice looks to Gemini "..did we travel anywhere as a group?"
[22:11] <@Gemini Sunrise> Japan~
[22:11] <@Gemini Sunrise> France~
[22:11] <@Gemini Sunrise> Ah been all over this country!
[22:11] <BluSky_Caprice> oh yes!
[22:11] <@Gemini Sunrise> (Cuz Ah got lost <_<)
[22:13] <D.Kakaku> I'll wait for a more personal question, locationwise... unless you'd like me to ask anyway.
[22:13] <BluSky_Caprice> I couldn't travel very far for much of my time ^^;;
[22:13] <Janice> Any places in particular that you enjoyed?
[22:17] <@Gemini Sunrise> Vegas! Ah wn big!
[22:17] <@Gemini Sunrise> ^won
[22:18] <@Gemini Sunrise> (then we spent it all on food)
[22:19] <BluSky_Caprice> oh! I remember going to was quite beautiful ^^
[22:20] <D.Kakaku> Las Vegas?!
[22:22] <@Gemini Sunrise> Yeah.
[22:22] <@Gemini Sunrise> Went t' New York from Texas by way of 'Frisco, Vegas...
[22:22] <D.Kakaku> you went east by going...west?
[22:23] <BluSky_Caprice> ...that's the wrong way ^^;;
[22:23] <@Gemini Sunrise> - Ah got lost, all right -
[22:24] <BluSky_Caprice> ^^;;;
[22:26] <BluSky_Caprice> sorry about that
[22:26] * @Gemini Sunrise laughs
[22:26] <@Gemini Sunrise> It's fine
[22:27] <@Gemini Sunrise> Ah made a lotta good friends along th; way!
[22:27] <@Gemini Sunrise> Ah met X there too... Well, back when he was Impresario...
[22:27] <D.Kakaku> In San Fran or Vegas?
[22:31] <@Gemini Sunrise> San FRancisco
[22:31] * @Gemini Sunrise thinks
[22:31] <@Gemini Sunrise> No, actually bnefore...
[22:32] <@Gemini Sunrise> We made our way t' San Fran together n' then parted ways
[22:32] <@Gemini Sunrise> Because it looked like he'd been killed
[22:33] <BluSky_Caprice> oh no..
[22:34] <@Gemini Sunrise> It worked out!
[22:36] <D.Kakaku> how come?
[22:36] <@Gemini Sunrise> We met again!
[22:36] <@Gemini Sunrise> Turn out he wasn't dead, so it worked out!
[22:36] <BluSky_Caprice> oh! yes of course!
[22:36] <@Gemini Sunrise> It just took a bit of time travel is all~
[22:39] <Janice> Oh boy.
[22:40] * @Gemini Sunrise yawns
[22:40] <@Gemini Sunrise> Shoot.
[22:40] <@Gemini Sunrise> Ah gotta head t
[22:40] <@Gemini Sunrise> bed.
[22:40] <@Gemini Sunrise> Long day of teachin' tommoraah.
[22:40] <D.Kakaku> night then, Gemini
[22:40] <@Gemini Sunrise> Have a good night, y'all!
[22:40] *** @Gemini Sunrise [] has left #suburbansenshi4 (Y'stand in yer own light--make it Shine!!)
[22:41] <BluSky_Caprice> I should probably return myself to my home
[22:42] <D.Kakaku> a day of being a nurse tomorrow?
[22:43] <BluSky_Caprice> I'm a doctor ^^;;
[22:45] <D.Kakaku> would you try a scary mask, just in case?
[22:46] <BluSky_Caprice> a scary mask??
[22:48] <D.Kakaku> to scare off those that arrive in your office for reasons other than being legitimately sick.
[22:50] <BluSky_Caprice> um alright..I will take it
[22:58] <BluSky_Caprice> I should go
[22:58] <BluSky_Caprice> goodnight! this was enjoyable!
[22:59] <Janice> Seeya again~
[22:59] <D.Kakaku> night Diana
[22:59] <D.Kakaku> and I gotta go too, I'm in tomorrow's match
[23:01] *** BluSky_Caprice has left #suburbansenshi4 (*heads back to the island*)
[23:02] <D.Kakaku> see you soon
[23:02] *** D.Kakaku has left #suburbansenshi4 (*Heads home*)
[23:03] *** Janice [(Yukianesa@Coalition.nw)] has left #suburbansenshi4 (*closes this whole shebang down♫*)
[23:03] *** And with that, the April 2018 Icebreaker draws to a close~ See you next month!
[23:03] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[10:53] * ? looks at Alia.
[10:53] *** Alia is female lamia with long red hair tied in a sideways ponytail, a looooooong lower snake like body and yellow eyes.
Her image Song is: . She is Level 1.

[10:16] * ~ looks at Yumeko.
[10:16] *** Yumeko is woman with long blond hair dressed in a red and white maid uniform. She has brown golden eyes and an slightly evil aura.
Her image Song is: . She is Level 1.

[22:54] *** ThePaleElf [] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[22:54] <+luna_P> Evening, ThePaleElf
[22:54] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: 9 out of 10 Physicists Disagree
[22:55] <Ventai> report
[22:55] <ThePaleElf> They're still investigating
[22:56] * Ventai carefully runs some small steel orbs in their hand
[22:56] <Ventai> what have they found
[22:56] <ThePaleElf> The Red Queen is investigationg the Lich's Alieas.
[22:57] <ThePaleElf> "Cheshire" is out in some city looking into Her. Futera city I think?
[22:58] * Ventai nods
[22:59] <Ventai> anything else?
[23:00] <ThePaleElf> The Pink Tree is running the show. She's doing like 15 things at one time
[23:00] <Ventai> the data spike you it working
[23:01] <ThePaleElf> The thing beeped like I was told it would, so I assume so.
[23:02] * Ventai turns a thin screen..and watches as several layers of data runs down it
[23:02] <Ventai> good
[23:02] <Ventai> you are aware...they may be quite cross with us for this
[23:03] <ThePaleElf> We're on the same side. They might be a little pissed but they'll get over it
[23:04] * Ventai places the steel orbs on the table
[23:04] <Ventai> did you send our agent ahead of the young one?
[23:05] <ThePaleElf> Yeah but I doubt they're gonna find anything.
[23:05] <Ventai> the point is not for them to find anything...
[23:05] <Ventai> ..the point is to know what they are knowing
[23:06] <Ventai> and not to show our hand yet
[23:07] <ThePaleElf> Right. Do you want me to take an active part in this or just sit back watch?
[23:07] <Ventai> the pink tree is an excellent breed but her roots cannot extend though every crevice
[23:07] <Ventai> for
[23:08] <Ventai> in a few days...we shall make our move
[23:08] <ThePaleElf> Send someone to the Pink Tree's demonic Daughter-law. They're looking for her
[23:09] <Ventai> do so.
[23:10] <ThePaleElf> Right
[23:11] <Ventai> for now...I shall watch.....and gather
[23:12] <ThePaleElf> I shall do the same then.
[23:13] * Ventai leans back and watches the data move across the screen
[23:15] <Ventai> dismissed
[23:17] *** ThePaleElf [] has left #suburbansenshi4
[23:18] * Ventai goes back to watching the screen impassivly, taking in all the information being shown and noting each important clue
[23:18] *** Ventai has left #suburbansenshi4

[19:07] * Ventai watches the data and questions come up on the screen
[19:07] <Ventai> excellent, little tree. excellent.
[19:08] * Ventai has a second screen from which they are reviewing additional data.
[19:13] * Ventai leans forward, observing.
[19:36] * Ventai observes the information on Isabella
[21:23] <Ventai> quite clever, little tree.

[20:02] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Community Icebreaker, May 2018 Edition
[20:02] <DSRaoul> All right ladies and gents, let's get this underway~
[20:03] *** @Dr. X [] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[20:03] *** +luna_P sets mode +o @Dr. X

[20:03] <+luna_P> Evening, @Dr. X
[20:03] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: We Got The Powah.
[20:03] <@Dr. X> This is iterchangeable enough
[20:04] <DSRaoul> Hm, that is a fair point.
[20:06] <DSRaoul> So then, how's your Memorial Day going so far?
[20:07] <@Dr. X> not bad, working on redoing the sub sen site
[20:07] <@Dr. X> want to get it back to its roots a little
[20:07] <DSRaoul> How so?
[20:09] <@Dr. X> it doesn't look like a homepage made by a family
[20:11] <@Dr. X> Hoow about you, what've youy been up to latelyt?
[20:12] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: UltraMatt is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[20:12] <DSRaoul> Aside from life's daily grind? Been having a not-so-successful run of trying to make a little pocket change on the side while I wait for the Fall Semester to begin.
[20:12] <UltraMatt> ...
[20:12] *** UltraMatt has joined #suburbansenshi4
[20:12] <+luna_P> Evening, UltraMatt
[20:12] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: ph33r the Bear
[20:13] <UltraMatt> hi..
[20:13] <DSRaoul> Welcome, Matt.
[20:13] <UltraMatt> yes hi
[20:14] <DSRaoul> How's your day been so far?
[20:15] <UltraMatt> ...tiring
[20:15] <UltraMatt> fighting depression
[20:15] <UltraMatt> ...fighting a constant urge to flee the box
[20:16] <@Dr. X> We all want you here.
[20:17] <UltraMatt> I know but even a week away feels like a mental reset for me
[20:18] <@Dr. X> i walk away for weeks at a time and just pick right back up; a week is nothing
[20:18] <UltraMatt> you aren't me :P
[20:19] <UltraMatt> I think it's more that combined with my own....upsetness and depression that makes it harder then normal
[20:19] <@Dr. X> :<
[20:21] <UltraMatt> sorry this should not be about me
[20:23] <DSRaoul> Still, Matt, you know you got us to turn to if you feel up to talking.
[20:23] <@Dr. X> why not? everyone's allowed ot tlak
[20:23] <@Dr. X> it's better to get these things out so we can help
[20:24] <UltraMatt> the problem is I got too used to just watching you guys
[20:24] <UltraMatt> and not talking to you
[20:24] <UltraMatt> and then feeling like you guys looked much happier without me being around
[20:26] <UltraMatt> so I sort of just stayed silent
[20:27] <@Dr. X> that's your brain making things up
[20:28] <DSRaoul> ^
[20:29] <UltraMatt> it's something very hard to combat
[20:32] <UltraMatt> ..what should we talk about
[20:33] <@Dr. X> I dunno I'm rather crap at small talk
[20:34] <KingPriceman> I'm not good at it either, and I do have something to talk about, but it's quite not ready to be a subject worth talking about yet.
[20:35] <UltraMatt> okies
[20:35] <UltraMatt> I think just tbh, X
[20:35] <UltraMatt> I'm still on edge
[20:35] <UltraMatt> and I'm trying to get back to that proper mental state
[20:37] <Solarchos> Hello
[20:37] <KingPriceman> but I did drop a hint about it in cbox two days ago.
[20:37] <Solarchos> Glancing through the backlog, I noticed something.
[20:38] <Solarchos> Matts, you don't ever need to feel like you have to flee here.
[20:39] <UltraMatt> there are sometimes I feel like I'm better alone like I used to be
[20:40] <Solarchos> There were a few times last year when I felt really, really awful and exhausted mentally because of Things. But then I came in here with you guys and felt better for it.
[20:43] <Solarchos> Sometimes just being here with you guys helped a great deal.
[20:45] <UltraMatt> it's a little tough for me
[20:52] <@Dr. X> well we're glad when you're here
[20:56] <UltraMatt> okies
[21:01] <UltraMatt> again sorry to take up the conversation
[21:01] <DSRaoul> It's cool, dood.
[21:01] <DSRaoul> Either way, any plans, box-wise or otherwise, for the coming month?
[21:03] <UltraMatt> I have dozens of storylines I want to get off the ground
[21:03] <UltraMatt> but at the moment they're on hold
[21:04] <KingPriceman> I'm just trying to come up with a storyline.
[21:06] <Lego3400> Going to chime in that, as I told matt, talking from expeince time away can make it harder to go back, but that's just how my depression works
[21:08] <UltraMatt> yeah I agree
[21:08] <UltraMatt> depression makes it harder to go back
[21:09] <Lego3400> at first you're like "Oh I'll do it tomarrow" then it becomes next week, then you start worrying about it being too long, then it's been months and it HAS been to long and you're afraid to do it now
[21:12] <@Dr. X> well i'll say this
[21:12] <@Dr. X> no mater how long it is
[21:12] <@Dr. X> y'all are family
[21:12] <@Dr. X> and welcomed back at anytime
[21:13] <UltraMatt> thank you
[21:18] <@Dr. X> that goes for you too lego, and everyine
[21:19] <KingPriceman> thank you!
[21:20] <@Dr. X> startign to put it together
[21:22] <UltraMatt> I like it
[21:22] <DSRaoul> Looking good, doc.
[21:28] <@Dr. X> ty, losts to do
[21:28] <@Dr. X> ^lots
[21:28] <UltraMatt> ..I really need to finish my book
[21:28] <UltraMatt> but I'm dragging my feet
[21:28] <UltraMatt> and getting distracted from it
[21:31] <KingPriceman> same with my pilot
[21:32] <UltraMatt> it's one of my flaws
[21:33] <UltraMatt> I get easily bored by projects
[21:37] <UltraMatt> but I'm so close
[21:37] <UltraMatt> I finished the outline and just have to...write it
[21:38] <DSRaoul> I know that feeling.
[21:38] <KingPriceman> I've got the feeling, too
[21:39] <KingPriceman> I... don't really know which direction I want to take the pilot in, much less a 5 episode series.
[21:40] <@Dr. X> pilot for?
[21:40] <@Dr. X> (the trick is to force yourself to sit there and outline
[21:40] <KingPriceman> I showed it to Matt and dave the other night
[21:40] <@Dr. X> or ask yourself about it at beditme, when your brain relaxes you get ideas
[21:41] <@Dr. X> i am still outlining the last oparts of the studpid capsule summary adventure X and hazel are having
[21:41] <@Dr. X> and my brain gave me perfect answerrs for the main villain
[21:42] <UltraMatt> heh I actually quick wrote down four ideas for adventures intern might have looking for thrash
[21:42] <UltraMatt> probably not going to use them
[21:42] <KingPriceman> which thrash?
[21:43] <UltraMatt> current Thrash
[21:43] <UltraMatt> I can't have Thrash regenerate for another....five years..apperently
[21:44] <@Dr. X> .... wrote yourself in a corner?
[21:44] <UltraMatt> no
[21:45] <UltraMatt> it's because it relays on other people's plans
[21:45] <@Dr. X> ah
[21:46] <@Dr. X> that is sort of why i only tangentially link my chars to others
[21:46] <@Dr. X> because i need flexibility
[21:47] <UltraMatt> well this had been set up years ago
[21:48] <@Dr. X> ah
[21:49] <KingPriceman> hmm
[21:51] <KingPriceman> so, the new Kitaro's pretty intresting from a storytelling perspective.
[21:58] <UltraMatt> *nods*
[22:02] <@Dr. X>

[22:03] <@Dr. X> Setting up sidebar
[22:05] <DSRaoul> Huh.
[22:06] <@Dr. X> where each of the sub .sen will have a samll area.
[22:06] <@Dr. X> ^small area
[22:12] <DSRaoul> Looks interesting.
[22:13] <KingPriceman> names, too?
[22:15] <@Dr. X> yeah
[22:16] <@Dr. X> and pictures
[22:20] <KingPriceman> so X, do you need those small ste buttons that are buttons to various shows' official sites?
[22:27] <@Dr. X> huh? no not atm
[22:32] <DSRaoul> Well then, anything else to chat about, or shall this be wrapped up?
[22:33] <UltraMatt> I can't think of anything
[22:38] <@Dr. X> i can['t either, like I said i'm s[BLEEP]te at small talk hahaha
[22:40] <DSRaoul> Didn't have to be small talk, could've been about any plans for future box-things.
[22:40] <KingPriceman> hmmm...
[22:43] <KingPriceman> I'm trying to brainstorm a plot.
[22:52] <DSRaoul> Anyone else?
[22:59] <@Dr. X> well
[23:00] <@Dr. X> I
[23:00] <@Dr. X> RREALLY wish I could get hazel back in to deal with LL's plots
[23:00] <@Dr. X> jsut because her perspective is so skewed
[23:01] <@Dr. X> Sakura wants to solve the myteris using evidence and study and then action
[23:01] <@Dr. X> Hazel wants to start fires to force the enemy out.
[23:01] <@Dr. X> or would
[23:01] <@Dr. X> if she was there./
[23:02] <@Dr. X> her literal approach would be "they want to be comfortable and bide their time and grow fat with power, we must knock them off balance and panic them anf force them to action"
[23:02] <@Dr. X> and she is well aware that could cause huge amounts of damage as hey lash out
[23:02] <DSRaoul> Ironically, hadn't that idea been brought up in relation to other problems before?
[23:02] <@Dr. X> she just thinks it would be acceptabel losses
[23:03] <@Dr. X> yes, but unlike most o fth eother charcters she would be the one to agree
[23:03] <@Dr. X> the others would be like "Waht the f[BLEEP]k is wrong with you"
[23:04] <@Dr. X> And she would be "you want to be nice and noble and MORAL or do you want to SOLVE the PROBLEM"
[23:04] <@Dr. X> so yes she would align nicely with the "things just need killing" crowd
[23:05] <@Dr. X> the only time she would not is if she felt that the chances of getting that kill were too low or if it would just cause more issues that would not be handleable
[23:07] <KingPriceman> hmm, maybe :P
[23:10] <DSRaoul> Cut out the cancer now, rather than let it get worse.
[23:13] <@Dr. X> yeah
[23:16] <DSRaoul> To an extent, I can see the value in such pragmatism, but at the same time.....
[23:20] <DSRaoul> Honestly, I'd be the one trying to find a way to out the problem whilst keeping civvie casualties to a minimum.
[23:23] <@Dr. X> Well she normally woulkd not be hindered by that but after her last defeat she DID decide that humans needed "protercting" and "nurturing"
[23:23] <@Dr. X> but that could take many terrible forms
[23:23] <KingPriceman> oh?
[23:25] <@Dr. X> well sometimes children need to be "inconvenienced" for their own protectiion~
[23:28] <KingPriceman> how inconvienenced?
[23:31] <@Dr. X> she would not hesitate to seal the whole planet in an Ur-Quan slave shield to "protect" them if it came down to it.
[23:31] <@Dr. X> And if people resisted, well... they must not want what's best ofor humanity.
[23:31] <@Dr. X> so they would need to be "corrected" or "culled"
[23:31] <DSRaoul> So effectively she's on the dangerous side of the extremes.
[23:32] <@Dr. X> very very very
[23:32] <@Dr. X> But to a certain extens she can be reeasoned with
[23:32] <@Dr. X> she's not... insane any more.
[23:34] <DSRaoul> Then again, there can be many forms of insanity. Who's to say that she simply hasn't switched out one form for another?
[23:34] <KingPriceman> what does the shield do?
[23:36] <@Dr. X> A slave shield is one of the most significant and recognizable technologies in the galaxy. Developed by the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za after the Slave Revolt, it is a highly robust, self-maintaining force field installed around a planet's atmosphere that blocks the passage of all physical objects while filtering and scattering all radiation that passes through, causing a visual pulsating red halo effect around the planet. In addition to the physical, the Slave Shield scrambles all electromagnetic and HyperWave communications to and from the surface, effectively sealing the planet in a pre-space age.
[23:36] <@Dr. X> Well Raoul that is up tot he reader
[23:45] <KingPriceman> did she really take the tyrant's body?
[23:46] <@Dr. X> Due to the Actuary war that got altered; the Tyrant of Jupiter is now her own person, but not related to hazel any longer. She is a creature of infinite ambition.
[23:47] <KingPriceman> infinite sizes, too? both of them? :P
[23:48] <DSRaoul> I believe he's referring to when Bederatzi decided to try and f[BLEEP]k up the timeline. The Tyrant did get vaporized in the conflict.
[23:50] <@Dr. X> and KP if priceman ever tried any size stuff on her she would just literally step on him
[23:50] <@Dr. X> and then grid her fot intot he ground slightly until all there was left was paste
[23:50] <@Dr. X> and then she would say
[23:50] <@Dr. X> "I hope it was as good for you as it was for me"
[23:51] <DSRaoul> Aha, found it.
[23:51] <KingPriceman> wrong character, but alright.
[23:51] <DSRaoul> [20:20] * The Tyrant , who was watching this with glee from a distance, is bruitally murdered and her body disintegrates
[23:51] <@Dr. X> ahh yes.
[23:51] <@Dr. X> well
[23:52] <@Dr. X> i need to decide what I want to do with my villain board
[23:52] <@Dr. X> because it's hard to develop them when the minute they appear everyone wants to bumrush them
[23:54] <UltraMatt> that's because everyone automatically assumes they're going to do something
[23:54] <UltraMatt> so they want to beat them to the punch
[23:55] <@Dr. X> which IRL is a sound strategy but for purposes iof telling a story it sucks ass
[23:56] <@Dr. X> because then it becomes sailor moon manga levels of one hit wonderism
[23:56] <@Dr. X> ooh let's developp jedite and give him a backstory
[23:56] <@Dr. X> we can't
[23:56] <@Dr. X> why
[23:56] <@Dr. X> he got fried last chapter
[23:56] <@Dr. X> didn't we just add him
[23:56] <@Dr. X> yes
[23:57] <@Dr. X> well s[BLEEP]t
[23:57] <@Dr. X> okay let's add nephrite
[23:57] <@Dr. X> done. he ded too
[23:57] <@Dr. X> what?!
[23:57] <@Dr. X> yeah senshi be efficient
[23:57] <@Dr. X> F[BLEEP]K
[23:57] <@Dr. X> etc
[23:58] <UltraMatt> they do tend to make the enemies seem a little..pathetic
[00:01] <KingPriceman> the anime makes it a bit worse
[00:02] <KingPriceman> sure the efficiency was, what 1 per 13 eps
[00:02] <DSRaoul> Maybe I'm a touch cynical, but that's what I liked about the manga--- the Senshi didn't waste time, they saw their enemy performing horrendous acts, knew that the enemy would continue doing so unless stopped, and got down to business. Sure, the anime did its best to flesh them out, but could a tragic backstory really be a good excuse to commit atrocities left and right?
[00:03] <@Dr. X> As a writer, yes :P XD
[00:03] <UltraMatt> actually I don't think if we ever got a proper answer to if the Earth's gripes were justified
[00:03] <UltraMatt> or just metallic f[BLEEP]king with them
[00:04] <@Dr. X> I hate crystal and the manga because they give me s[BLEEP]ta ll reason to care about anyone
[00:04] <@Dr. X> ooh matt
[00:04] <UltraMatt> true
[00:04] <@Dr. X> i just had a very silver age coimics idea
[00:04] <UltraMatt> cause well
[00:04] <UltraMatt> like back with my theory on the outers
[00:04] <@Dr. X> Beryl (whi IS alive in SS canon)
[00:04] <UltraMatt> here you have probably the outer planets..guarding the solar system
[00:04] <@Dr. X> comes back and along with JKedite
[00:04] <UltraMatt> "the wilds"
[00:04] <@Dr. X> goes to the alien zone court
[00:04] <UltraMatt> and probably dealing with all that s[BLEEP]t
[00:04] <@Dr. X> and SUES the Senshi
[00:05] <UltraMatt> and the inner court just having f[BLEEP]king parties all the itme
[00:05] <UltraMatt> LOL yes
[00:05] <@Dr. X> for the wrongs of the Earth - Moon War
[00:05] <@Dr. X> and then we actually have to back and unweave all that
[00:05] <UltraMatt> cause seriously, it sounds like the inner court just f[BLEEP]king partied constantly
[00:05] <@Dr. X> that would be a great time to add complexity, another layer
[00:05] <KingPriceman> two separate lawsuits?
[00:05] <@Dr. X> it does yes
[00:05] <@Dr. X> .... why two?
[00:06] <@Dr. X> I mean in theory MAmoru would bring suir but he's sleeping with the moon princess so
[00:06] <KingPriceman> QB & J V. Senshi and The Youma V. QB and M (absent).
[00:06] <KingPriceman> hmmm, that one works, too
[00:07] <@Dr. X> ... she'd f[BLEEP]king murder the youma
[00:07] <@Dr. X> like
[00:07] <@Dr. X> really, tehy are going to step to her?
[00:07] <DSRaoul> Serious question, KP--- what is with your obsession with the youma in general?
[00:08] <KingPriceman> I believe they didn't get much screen time, and never got fleshed out.
[00:08] <@Dr. X> Jedite leaves them along because he can't be bothered and they don't really get in his face
[00:09] <@Dr. X> (well to be fair that's why i picked the core castr of sub sen)
[00:09] <@Dr. X> (for the ssame reason)
[00:09] <@Dr. X> But Beryl won't take the sass of them suing her
[00:12] <KingPriceman> and some of the fanfictions I've read where they do get fleshed out, almost always defaults to Dic's Negaverse explanation, even if they're trying to put it in the world of the original japanese version.
[00:12] <KingPriceman> and even then, it was never to the extent that they got fleshed out here.
[00:14] <@Dr. X> chat log explainer!
[00:14] <KingPriceman> though one of them had a good idea at least.
[00:16] <KingPriceman> nice explainer, X
[00:17] <@Dr. X> due to tre narcissism
[00:18] <KingPriceman> haruka, the narcissist XD
[00:25] <@Dr. X> a lot of the og sub sen are
[00:30] <@Dr. X> [img=]Buttons are like this that I am making[/url]
[00:31] <KingPriceman> heh
[00:31] <@Dr. X> blarg
[00:31] <@Dr. X> f[BLEEP]k forgot to change the name hahaa
[00:36] <KingPriceman> Keep it! XD
[00:36] <KingPriceman> Tenou Haruka's Gallery
[00:38] <KingPriceman> that'll teach michiru to be snobbyu :P
[00:40] <@Dr. X> all it would be is yuri
[00:40] <@Dr. X> hahah
[00:43] <@Dr. X> all right i am tired
[00:43] <@Dr. X> gnight all i'm out!
[00:44] <KingPriceman> night X
[00:44] <DSRaoul> Seeya, Doc.
[00:51] <DSRaoul> Well then, seeing how late it's gotten, shall we bring this to a close?
[00:52] <KingPriceman> sure
[00:52] <KingPriceman> hopefully next month
[00:53] <KingPriceman> I'll be able to share that topic I didn't talk about.
[00:58] <DSRaoul> Either way, see you again. I'm about to pop off.
[00:59] <KingPriceman> see ya
[01:00] *** KingPriceman has left #suburbansenshi4
[01:01] *** DSRaoul has left #suburbansenshi4
[01:01] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[14:32] *** // J_Daito // [] has left #suburbansenshi4 (Everything that elevates an individual above the herd and intimidates the neighbour is henceforth called evil.)
[14:33] *** // J_Daito // [] has quit IRC (Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm a man of wealth and taste--I've been around for a long, long year and stole many a man's soul to waste~)

[16:10] *** In another time, in another place....
[16:11] *** The sibling duo from before ponder some new options laid out before them.
[16:12] *** The elder of the two contemplates for a moment.... then decides that she will take up the arms of her father, albeit in her own unique fashion.
[16:12] *** The younger of the two had already made up his mind. He elects the path of his great-godmother, with a knowing nod to his great-aunt.
[16:13] *** It is done. The two depart.

[22:00] <spiritflame> KingPriceman rolls 1d6 Even = CX Mario 30th, Odd = Robotnik YTP collab [ 6 ]

[13:37] * KingPriceman looks at DD_Girl_Blue.
[13:37] *** DD_Girl_Blue is your average everyday DD_Girl_Blue

[17:41] *** In another time, in another place....
[17:42] *** The sibling duo find themselves training under an alternate world's conditions.
[17:43] *** The elder sibling immerses herself into an incredibly hot spring, rumored to be heated by a captured star.
[17:45] *** The younger sibling is also dealing with a star--- in this case, he's having to dodge the fiery emissions of an erupting sun, relying only on instinct to guide him.
[17:46] *** These two would keep at this until they hit their personal limits.

[19:13] <Futura City> test

[19:13] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Futura City Hotel
[19:14] *** D.Kakaku has joined #suburbansenshi4
[19:14] <+luna_P> Evening, D.Kakaku
[19:14] <+luna_P> Welcome. Suburban Senshi asks: How much gravey do Serena does she make?
[19:14] <D.Kakaku> (( test ))
[19:15] <Futura City> (( I see you. ))
[19:16] *** You are at the Futura City Hotel, the tallest and oldest extand hospitality building in Futura City
[19:17] * D.Kakaku looks around the FC Hotel and at a map of it.
[19:18] *** You can easily find the exit to the Hotel. There is nobody remotely suspicious around. Not even that bald guy in the suit.
[19:19] *** The concierge says that you are the 1,000,000 th visitor, so your stay was free, and asks you where you are intending to visit today.
[19:21] * D.Kakaku look at the map of futura city, mentally crossing off the two locations he'd previously been to.
[19:24] *** There are phone lines and fax machines and whatever you want to get in touch with people in the business center. There's also an exercise room, pool, etc. Nice amenities. Places in the city with toruist brochures in the hotel are as follows:
[19:24] *** Futura City> City Landmarks: Cain Tower: A 120 story skyscraper, now nearly 80 years old, this is the world headquarters of Cain Enterprises--the company that built Futura City.
[19:24] *** *** Mustang Club: A popular nightclub in the central city
[19:24] *** *** Field of Glass: This underground botanical garden, aquarium, and zoo is the main zoological and botanical attraction in Futura City, supporting plants and animals from all over the world in something approximating their original habitats due to the greenhouse effect from the glass skylights that form the roof of the majority of the complex.
[19:24] *** *** Navy Field: Built after WWII on the site of a major field for Marine recruits to muster on during the waits for transportation to war zones, Navy Field is the home footbal stadium for the Futura City Banshees.
[19:25] *** *** The Menagerie: 7 Magic St: A small avenue of magic shops, fortunetellers, psychics, and curiosity shops, in the oldest part of the city. Frequented by gamblers, newlyweds, and anyone else wishing to know their future.
[19:25] *** *** Museum District: Advertised as having some of the absolute finest museums in the world. Also says that there is an authentic (Functional) Egyption Temple on the grounds of the Natural History Museum. (It has a disclaimer that thieves that steal from there may be put to death)
[19:25] *** [22:04] *** Futura City Banking District is a tremendously important financial center with state of the art buildings holding state of the art monetary information.
[19:26] * D.Kakaku decides to try the menagerie first.
[19:29] *** You get on a bus and go to the menagerie. The fee is $1. You get there and there are ALL KINDS of antique ships, strange dwellings of psychics, unusual-looking people standing in the road holding signs, folk wearing VERY unusual and mystic-style clothing.
[19:30] *** The Menagerie has shops that sell things that are claimed to be magical, as well as many many MANY fortune-tellers.
[19:30] * The Menagerie is also the kind of place you'd expect to see the "unusual shop that wasn't there the day before" type operations.
[19:32] <Old Woman with strange accent> You..... you have the look of a young man who is uncertain.
[19:32] * D.Kakaku loos at some of the shops
[19:32] <D.Kakaku> well ,yes, I am uncertain.
[19:32] <Old Woman with strange accent> I shall tell you your fortune, if you wish.
[19:33] <Old Woman with strange accent> I accept no payment besides silver coins, and my fee is $10.30
[19:34] <Old Woman with strange accent> Quarters... dimes... nickels... exact change only.
[19:34] <Old Woman with strange accent> Would you like to know what your future holds?
[19:34] <D.Kakaku> I can pay the fee, it's just, ah, well that I can handle
[19:35] * D.Kakaku scrounges around in his pocket for about 41 quarters and a nickel.
[19:35] *** There are other VERY-unusul people selling clothing from outside a van, who only reach out of it with gloves to give a product or accept money.
[19:35] <Old Woman with strange accent> Come... come into my shop.
[19:36] * D.Kakaku enters the old woman's shop
[19:36] * Old Woman with strange accent takes D.Kakaku into a shop with all kinds of strange candles, some looking like angels and some looking like mockinbirds, demons, people kissing, and with walls with carvings in them over a foot deep.
[19:36] <Old Woman with strange accent> Welcome.... welcome.... yes... you have a very POWERFUL future ahead of you, I can sense it.... but it will cost you.
[19:36] * Old Woman with strange accent holds her hand out for the money.
[19:37] * D.Kakaku gives the old woman 41 quarters and a nickel ($10.30)
[19:39] * Old Woman with strange accent throws the coins into the middle of a table surrounded by candles, and looks where the reflections wind up in the room...
[19:39] <Old Woman with strange accent> Hmmmm.....
[19:41] <Old Woman with strange accent> You are a young man who comes with a burning question, are you not?
[19:41] <D.Kakaku> I do come with a burning question.
[19:41] <Old Woman with strange accent> You are seeking something very important.... but do you know what to do when you find it?
[19:42] <D.Kakaku> not really.
[19:44] * Old Woman with strange accent sighs. "You will need to answer an important question in your search. Perhaps you should answer that question before you complete it."
[19:44] <Old Woman with strange accent> .....Do you love her?
[19:46] <D.Kakaku> I've had feelings since the second time we met.
[19:48] <Old Woman with strange accent> Are you more loyal to her, or the people who sent you?
[19:49] * Old Woman with strange accent flips the coins, two of them, over, and looks at how the reflections slightly change.
[19:53] <D.Kakaku> well, I have equal loyalty. if I were to wait back in tokyo, I'd gladly wait. but a picture I've seen is trying to upend it.
[19:54] * Old Woman with strange accent sighs.
[19:55] <Old Woman with strange accent> I do not believe that one can have equal loyalty.
[19:55] <Old Woman with strange accent> You will, at some point, be asked to blindly trust. It will alienate whichever side you do not choose as the one you believe.
[19:57] <D.Kakaku> for how long?
[19:57] <Old Woman with strange accent> .........
[19:57] <Old Woman with strange accent> I cannot say.
[19:58] <Old Woman with strange accent> The one which you trust shall always trust you after you blindly obey them... but the one that you forswear by blindly obeying the other.... much harder to say.
[19:58] <Old Woman with strange accent> What do you fear most?
[19:59] <D.Kakaku> I'd say the forsweared one.
[20:01] * Old Woman with strange accent sighs, and clinks two coins together in her hand.
[20:02] <Old Woman with strange accent> ...............You shall find important things if you continue your search.... but you shall not find what you most seek.
[20:02] <Old Woman with strange accent> I am sorry.
[20:02] <D.Kakaku> what happens if I end it?
[20:03] <D.Kakaku> my search, I mean?
[20:04] <Old Woman with strange accent> If you end the search you are upon now, you will begin a new one in short order.
[20:05] <Old Woman with strange accent> For you have forgotten something.... something terribly important... and it has---oh dear--it has made your quest impossible.
[20:05] <D.Kakaku> oh?
[20:06] <D.Kakaku> what have I forgotten, if I may ask?
[20:07] * Old Woman with strange accent is silent.
[20:07] <Old Woman with strange accent> .....
[20:07] <Old Woman with strange accent> You have forgotten to do the easy thing, the simple thing, which you should have done first instead of attempting something elaborate for next-to-nothing.
[20:07] <D.Kakaku> or rather, where have I forgotten it?
[20:08] <Old Woman with strange accent> ......................
[20:08] * Old Woman with strange accent looks carefully at the reflections.
[20:08] <D.Kakaku> wait... you mean?
[20:08] * Old Woman with strange accent looks shocked.
[20:11] <Old Woman with strange accent> What were you going to say?
[20:11] <D.Kakaku> ... the theater!
[20:12] <Old Woman with strange accent> No.
[20:12] <Old Woman with strange accent> Something simple.
[20:12] <Old Woman with strange accent> Simple enough to fit in your pocket.
[20:12] * D.Kakaku looks at his satchel... and takes out the Zap girl figure/doll, which is it really?
[20:17] * Old Woman with strange accent is silent.
[20:17] * Old Woman with strange accent shakes her head. I don't know what you expect me to do for you. I only offer you the truth. Let me ask you, though, as you enjoy the sites of this city... what is the first thing you would do fi you found what you seeK/
[20:17] <Old Woman with strange accent> ?
[20:19] <D.Kakaku> I would first chat about how things have been going.
[20:20] <Old Woman with strange accent> And then?
[20:21] <D.Kakaku> I'd want to see some of the new things she's made.
[20:23] <Old Woman with strange accent> If you could ask her any one question, and have no other questions answered, which would it be?
[20:25] <D.Kakaku> I... can't decide, but I know which one I don't want answered.
[20:27] * Old Woman with strange accent nods in understanding.
[20:27] <Old Woman with strange accent> You shall not get your chance to ask where you are, and in the pattern you are following.
[20:27] <Old Woman with strange accent> Please enjoy your visit to Futura City. You shall discovery much----but it will not be what you desire to.
[20:28] * Old Woman with strange accent picks up the coins and places them in her pocket, then she blows the candles out.
[20:30] * D.Kakaku looks at the old woman and gives her about $5.00 extra in quarters "here, a tip for the good advice you've given me"
[20:33] <Old Woman with strange accent> Thank you kindly, young man.
[20:33] * Old Woman with strange accent goes into the backroom with the money, and doesn't come out.
[20:34] *** You are alone now.
[20:34] * D.Kakaku exits the house of the old woman.
[20:37] *** You are back on the street of the Menagerie, with magic shops, potion and charm sellers, a strange van with blacked out windows apparently selling stuff to passersby, andthe sound of strange wind chimes and exotic animals.
[20:38] *** The bus stop where you came from is nearby, too.
[20:39] * D.Kakaku walks over to the magic shop/potion charm seller.
[20:40] * Man wearing robes is manning th estall, and has a Tarot card hung around his neck.
[20:40] <Man wearing robes> Greetings. Today is a day when anything can happen! How can I help you seize it?
[20:41] <D.Kakaku> oh, yes, what do you sell here?
[20:42] <Man wearing robes> Relics for only the most perceptive and keen!
[20:42] <Man wearing robes> Stones of good luck. Objects to bring ill-fortune to your enemies.
[20:42] <Man wearing robes> Other things too, for our elite members.
[20:46] <D.Kakaku> what kind of things?
[20:47] <Man wearing robes> Are you an elite member?
[20:47] <Man wearing robes> <.<
[20:48] <Man wearing robes> Well?
[20:49] <D.Kakaku> no.
[20:55] <Man wearing robes> Don't worry about it then!
[20:55] <Man wearing robes> So, let me show you our default items
[20:56] <Man wearing robes> We have pendants of good luck, stones of charming, this coin that has been enchanted to defy all logic in terms of heads/tails, and even some Pele's Hair lava strings. They are good luck!
[20:56] <Man wearing robes> We also have some holy water, from over 16 different religions, which you are welcome to bid upon.
[20:57] <D.Kakaku> bid and not buy?
[20:59] <Man wearing robes> Well, that would be for the whole collection, and it's over 150 years old.
[20:59] <Man wearing robes> Now if you wanted to buy some holy water in a small vial that we have imported, that would be fine, and wouldn't require bidding.
[21:00] <D.Kakaku> I'll take two pendants and a holy water, then
[21:01] <Man wearing robes> Sure. Holy water from which religion, sir?
[21:01] <D.Kakaku> ummm... whicch religions?
[21:02] * Man wearing robes puts together a pendant strung with hair from a newly-born foal, as well as an amulet of a pretty jewel suspended from a necklace of vines and rat bones.
[21:02] <D.Kakaku> I'll take a catholic one and one other.
[21:02] <Man wearing robes> No problem.
[21:03] * Man wearing robes takes some Holy Water, straight from Rome, and then, chosing between two bottles next to one another, grabs one from the Ganges River.
[21:04] <Man wearing robes> Here you are, sir. That will be $100 even.
[21:04] * D.Kakaku gives the man the Hundred dollars.
[21:05] <Man wearing robes> Thank you sir!
[21:05] <Man wearing robes> Have a pleasant day.
[21:05] *** The store owner goes back to his business.
[21:05] * D.Kakaku goes to the potion shop next
[21:10] *** The potion shop has a sign on it that says "Closed for Inventory Restocking"
[21:11] * D.Kakaku looks at the Blacked out van
[21:13] *** The van has windows almost completely closed up--as in open by nothing more than a slit, and there are a few people leaving it now. It's up on 4 cinder blocks, and ruined rubber tires lay in a pile next to it.
[21:14] * D.Kakaku goes to it and knocks on the back door
[21:16] <Creepy-sounding voice> Who be there?
[21:18] <D.Kakaku> I be there
[21:18] <Creepy-sounding voice> Who YOU?
[21:20] <D.Kakaku> Name's Customer.
[21:20] <D.Kakaku> got any wares for sale?
[21:27] <Creepy-sounding voice> Hmmmmm...
[21:27] <Creepy-sounding voice> Maybe.
[21:27] <Creepy-sounding voice> What clothes you buy?
[21:28] <Creepy-sounding voice> You give moneys?
[21:28] <D.Kakaku> clothes, what kind do you have?
[21:28] <Creepy-sounding voice> What size You?
[21:29] <D.Kakaku> XXLarge
[21:31] <Creepy-sounding voice> Not much ready. We look.
[21:31] *** There is loud shuffling sounds in the car.
[21:34] <Creepy-sounding voice> Too small.
[21:34] <Creepy-sounding voice> Too Small.
[21:34] <Creepy-sounding voice> Too long.
[21:34] <Creepy-sounding voice> AH.
[21:35] <Creepy-sounding voice> Got sweater. It fit good. You pay 400 old pennies!
[21:41] <Creepy-sounding voice> You want bargain clothes, or pay for nice new clothes?
[21:41] <D.Kakaku> old pennies, how old?
[21:43] <Creepy-sounding voice> 1976 too late! Older than that!
[21:43] <Creepy-sounding voice> You give pennies, We give sweater. Only $4.00! Bargain!
[21:44] <Creepy-sounding voice> You buy?
[21:46] <D.Kakaku> ehh, sure./me scrounges for about 4 bucks in pennies from `1902 - 1962
[21:48] <Creepy-sounding voice> Good. Gooooooood.
[21:49] <Creepy-sounding voice> You count good. NO REFUNDS. Never Refunds!
[21:49] *** There is another shuffling sound in the car.
[21:50] <Creepy-sounding voice> You buy? Yes?
[21:52] <D.Kakaku> I buy, I could use a sweater for the winter.
[21:54] <Creepy-sounding voice> Empty pennies into window, one at time. Then you get sweater.
[21:54] *** The fabric of a gray sweater is thrust up out of the window crack, but then quickly pulled way.
[21:54] <Creepy-sounding voice> Empty pennies now. Buy or let other people do.
[21:55] * D.Kakaku empties the pennies at 5 per second.
[21:56] *** there is a sound between clanking, swirling, and giggling that comes from the car. After the pennies have ALL been dropped, the window SLIGHTLY rolls down further, and a thick glove awkwardly pushes the sweater out of the window onto the ground.
[21:57] * Sweater stays "Style Depot" on it.
[21:58] * D.Kakaku picks the sweater up and puts it in his satchel.
[21:58] <D.Kakaku> (Style Depot, eh?)
[21:58] <Creepy-Sounding Voice> Good customer. You come back, get more clothes later!
[21:58] <Creepy-Sounding Voice> hshshshshsh
[21:59] <Creepy-Sounding Voice> More clothes for you later if you come back. You got more pennies?
[21:59] <Creepy-Sounding Voice> Good day!
[22:00] <D.Kakaku> good day.
[22:00] * D.Kakaku goes to the bus stop.
[22:01] * D.Kakaku stops
[22:01] *** Bus pulls up after 2 more minutes.
[22:01] * D.Kakaku listens for the direction of the wind chimes and animals.
[22:02] *** The sounds are quite unique. You have almost certainly never heard anything like it in other places and other cities. The Menagerie has an atmosphere all its own.
[22:05] *** What do you do now?
[22:05] * D.Kakaku looks around one more time
[22:06] *** The Futura City Menagerie continues on its own unique track in the Multiverse.
[22:08] * D.Kakaku decides to go to the mustang club via bus.
[22:11] *** You arrive at the Mustang Club, but you can see that there is already a long line of people waiting to get in, and massive bouncers with arms the size of a normal person's thigh.
[22:12] * D.Kakaku checks the security of the club
[22:12] *** The security seems REALLY tight. A-listers only, it seems.
[22:14] <D.Kakaku> excuse me, who's being let in?
[22:19] <Bouncer> Members and their guests.
[22:19] <D.Kakaku> and who are they?
[22:26] <Bouncer> You don't seem much like a member to me, son.
[22:26] * Bouncer appears angered by D.Kakaku's question.
[22:29] <D.Kakaku> all I am is a visitor, but will money clear up the issue?
[22:33] <Bouncer> .....
[22:33] <Bouncer> You can buy a one-night membership for...
[22:33] * Bouncer looks at him.
[22:33] * Bouncer looks at D.Kakaku.
[22:33] *** D.Kakaku is a 23 year old New Jersey native with sun-streaked light brown hair, blue eyes, and a lightly tanned complexion. A portly young man, he's never seen without his trusty black satchel,He enjoys collecting video games and animating. More information about him is Here.
His image Song is: Carry on My Wayward Son, by Kansas. He is Level 1.

[22:33] * Bouncer isn't very impressed.
[22:33] <Bouncer> ....9,000 dollars.
[22:34] * D.Kakaku pays the $9,000
[22:37] <Bouncer> Well holy s[BLEEP]t.
[22:37] <Bouncer> Alright, go on in, kid.
[22:38] <Bouncer> Here, get in the Member's line, there are only 3 people ahead of you.
[22:38] * D.Kakaku goes to the member's line
[22:38] *** You pay the membership fee at a box office nestled into the wall. After about 5 minutes, they let you in.
[22:41] * D.Kakaku looks around after going inside
[22:48] *** You are in a room full of smoke, dancing people, cages suspended from the ceiling that hold more dancing peoptle, scantily-clad servers with drinks, literally all manor of food, a live music show. IIt's a time and a half!
[22:51] * D.Kakaku tries fanning away the smoke
[22:54] * D.Kakaku sits at one of the empty tables
[23:11] *** most of the table are full, but you find one. You are quickly attended by an attentive waitresss. She hands you a menu with prices, and another sectioni that has no set price, and says "whatever you want, at whatever we ask."
[23:12] <D.Kakaku> meatball sandwich with macaroni and cheese?
[23:15] <Server> On it!
[23:16] <Server> Also, you should know, the performer is taking bids to what to play next!
[23:16] <Server> Current bid is 4800.
[23:18] <D.Kakaku> who's the performer?
[23:19] <Server> Ayesha Tyler---the smoke dancer.
[23:19] <Server> Surely you have heard of her?
[23:19] <Server> OOP
[23:19] <Server> I'm so sorry for making you wait.
[23:21] <D.Kakaku> who'sis she?
[23:21] <D.Kakaku> that's alright.
[23:32] * Server is back with the food that D.Kakaku ordered!
[23:32] *** Here you are, I'm sorry for the delay. We keep most things in warmers JUST IN CASE.
[23:33] <Server> I'm so sorry for the inconvenience. Our chefs are fantastic, and the only thing I wouldn't recommend is this week's "joke item."
[23:36] <D.Kakaku> what is it?
[23:37] <Server> It's called "Spoon Cereal." Seriously, don't order it.
[23:37] <Server> It is shaped like little bitty spoons in the bowl, and comes with a carton of milk. Seriously, it's just a joke order that people use for pranks.
[23:38] <D.Kakaku> heh
[23:39] <D.Kakaku> so, who is this "Ayesha Tyler""?
[23:39] <Server> Please wander around wherever you want, but it's critical you don't go into the private rooms.
[23:39] <Server> Also, we can pre-order limousine rides to take you wherever you want in town. Would you like to order one?
[23:41] <D.Kakaku> what kind of limousine ride?
[23:41] <D.Kakaku> and private rooms?
[23:42] <Server> Yes, they are exclusively for those who have purchased those rooms for priviate use.
[23:43] <Server> Also, we offer sightseeing tours, and our staff will take you to whatever destination you wish at the end of the ride.
[23:43] <Server> It's a fashionable way to end the evening.
[23:43] <Server> I am sorry for the noise, but it is indeed usually this loud.
[23:44] <D.Kakaku> aw man
[23:44] <D.Kakaku> and, are you a private server, too?
[23:46] <Server> Well, no, I help cover this whole room, so there will be other tables here too. Do you enjoy your food?
[23:48] <D.Kakaku> I sure did, are there any servers and cameras for the limo rides?
[23:49] <Server> No, but the Limousine has a bar and refrigerator that's operated by credit card swipe. Movies too.
[23:49] <Server> Did you say cameras?
[23:51] <D.Kakaku> yeah, like monitoring cameras.
[23:59] * Server gets a funny look in her eye. "Uh, we don't normally get that question. I don't know. Do you mind if I wait on another table now, sir?"
[23:59] * Server scurries off.
[00:00] <D.Kakaku> I don't mind
[00:00] <New Server> Ah, hello there, I'm your new waiter. Is everything satisfactory here at the Mustang Club?
[00:01] <D.Kakaku> yup, it's satisfactory
[00:02] <New Server> Splendid. Please enjoy yourself!
[00:02] * New Server goes off.
[00:03] *** The singer appears after he goes, upon a stage filled with smoke effects; she plays an upright bass and sings with haunting beauty. Everyone applauds her.
[00:05] * D.Kakaku joins in on the applause
[00:11] *** The stage curtains close, and there is a magician. He's VERY good.
[00:11] *** In fact, he's disconcertingly good. The kind of good that makes you wonder if it is real.
[00:13] * D.Kakaku watches the magician do his tricks
[00:27] *** The magician is incredibly gifted.
[00:27] * New Server finishes up, and it's announced that the club will close in 30 minutes.
[00:27] *** The shows are over now.
[00:28] <D.Kakaku> huh.
[00:28] <D.Kakaku> I wonder where the singer is going?
[00:30] <D.Kakaku> excuse me.
[00:31] <Security Staff> Yes sir?
[00:32] <D.Kakaku> where do the guests go when they finish?
[00:35] <Security Staff> You mean the performers?
[00:35] * Security Staff is surprised that he's asking this.
[00:35] <D.Kakaku> yes
[00:35] <Security Staff> Backstage, I would guess, but that is off-limits unless a member is invited in writing.
[00:35] <Security Staff> Anyway, sir, we are going to close in a few minutes.
[00:36] <Security Staff> Would you like a limousine to be called for you?
[00:36] <D.Kakaku> ok, and yes, please
[00:58] <Security Staff> Alright, we are closing down, and your limousine is ready for you outside.
[00:58] *** Most of the other guests have left now.
[01:01] <D.Kakaku> thank you
[01:01] * D.Kakaku goes into the limousine
[01:04] * D.Kakaku looks to see if anyone is inside before sitting down
[01:21] *** There is nobody inside the limousing now, it's justyou in the back, and the driver in front of the glass. There's a keypad to give driving directions.
[01:22] * D.Kakaku tries to get a good look at the driver
[01:24] * D.Kakaku looks at the map once more to get a sense of where to go next if there is enough time
[01:28] *** The window is tinted out for privacy reasons.
[01:29] *** If you go somewhere in the city, it will likely be closed at this hour.
[01:29] <D.Kakaku> hmm.
[01:29] * D.Kakaku decides to go back to the futura city hotel. in the limo.
[01:34] *** The limousine drives him back to the Hotel, and the night manager welcomes him.
[01:36] <D.Kakaku> hello there
[01:39] <Security Staff> Greetings. Would you likt to extend your stay?
[01:39] <D.Kakaku> yes, I would, actually
[01:40] <D.Kakaku> though, err...
[01:42] <Security Staff> Yes sir?
[01:42] <Night Manager> Yes sir?
[01:42] <D.Kakaku> why are you security as well?
[01:42] <Night Manager> What is is?
[01:43] <Night Manager> Well, I normally work this position at 1:30, but we were running a little late tonight.
[01:43] <Night Manager> Working Security is a really common job here in Futura.
[01:43] <Night Manager> They cannever get enough.
[01:43] * Night Manager takes the Security Cap off.
[01:43] <D.Kakaku> heh
[01:43] <D.Kakaku> do you live here?
[01:46] <Night Manager> What an odd question. Of course not.
[01:46] <Night Manager> I mean, ah, no sir.
[01:46] <Night Manager> OH, or do you mean in the CITY?
[01:47] <D.Kakaku> both, actually
[01:48] <D.Kakaku> if anything, I might like a special room if the Hotel is full.
[01:54] <Night Manager> Oh, our hotel is never full. No siree!
[01:54] <Night Manager> There's always room.
[01:54] <Night Manager> S would you like a room for tonight, and do you want the same one you stayed in last night?
[01:54] <D.Kakaku> I think I'll take a different room tonight.
[01:55] <Night Manager> Very well. Here you are. Room 262
[01:55] * D.Kakaku takes the key "Thank you"
[01:55] <Night Manager> It does NOT have a balcony, so you should get more sleep this way.
[01:56] * Night Manager gives the Key over.
[01:56] <D.Kakaku> maybe next time, I did get a bit nervous and didn't even ask what room I'd really like, but still, thank you.
[01:56] * D.Kakaku goes to Room 262 in the Hotel
[01:57] <Night Manager> Well, if you would say which, I'd be more than happy to see if it's not booke already?
[01:57] <D.Kakaku> maybe next time we see each other.
[01:57] <D.Kakaku> oh, well, umm.
[01:58] <D.Kakaku> It's not really a room, per se, I did pack some stuff that alters my size.
[01:58] <D.Kakaku> but still, either now or maybe next time.
[01:59] <Night Manager> ............
[01:59] <Night Manager> I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that sir.
[01:59] <Night Manager> We don't want any trouble.
[01:59] <D.Kakaku> nah nah, it's okay.
[01:59] <Night Manager> I'll be happy to extend the same rate as the last night.
[01:59] <Night Manager> Okay. Please enjoy your stay.
[02:00] * Night Manager quickly finds something else to do.
[02:00] <D.Kakaku> thank you.
[02:00] *** Night Manager has quit IRC
[02:00] * D.Kakaku pays the rate.
[02:00] *** D.Kakaku has quit IRC (another day)
[02:01] <Night Manager> /lin3

[21:08] <D.Kakaku> (( test ))

[15:23] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[15:24] * Nelius Raoul finishes up reading on the new information regarding the new world he's been interacting with recently.
[15:25] <Nelius Raoul> (Huh... that's a hell of a tale.)
[15:29] * Nelius Raoul gets up from his desk, stretching out as he puts away the info dossiers.
[15:31] <Nelius Raoul> (Now then, what to do...)
[15:34] * Nelius Raoul heads downstairs to grab some food. Might as well also see what his vassals are up to.
[15:35] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4
[15:35] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[22:43] * Hypothetical Person looks at Sailor Skadi.
[22:43] *** Sailor Skadi is your average everyday Sailor Skadi

[22:43] * Hypothetical Person looks at Sailor Skaldi.
[22:43] *** Sailor Skaldi is your average everyday Sailor Skaldi

[22:44] * Hypothetical Person looks at Sailor Skathi.
[22:44] *** Sailor Skathi is young woman with medium length blue hair, a fuku with blue and red colors and a bronze belt and bronze gauntlets.
Her image Song is: . She is Level 1.

[17:20] * looks over the data, frowning to herself
[17:21] <The Scalpel> ^
[17:21] * The Scalpel tries to trace the source....and finds several incidences of time line disruption......
[17:22] * The Scalpel tries to do a chronal scan to trace the reoccurring energy
[17:24] * The Scalpel frowns to herself..not finding anything within any of the known local time fields
[17:26] * The Scalpel pauses....
[17:26] <The Scalpel> >.>
[17:26] <The Scalpel> <.<
[17:28] * The Scalpel expands her search across multiple universes...
[17:29] * The Scalpel finds a the timelines of Earth 1337-B
[17:32] * The Scalpel narrows down on one incident...and starts to observe......
[17:34] <->

[17:41] *** Opening Theme
[17:43] *** A Student's Plea! The enemy is at school!?
[17:44] *** classes let out for the day, as Matsumi Kaze watches her students leave her own room
[17:44] <Matsumi Kaze> take care! see you all later!
[17:44] * Matsumi Kaze smiles and then leaves back to the room...before seeing one of the students staying in...
[17:45] <Matsumi Kaze> hm?.....
[17:45] <Matsumi Kaze> (that's odd...)
[17:46] * Matsumi Kaze sees the girl staring out the window
[17:46] <Matsumi Kaze> .....Kizu-san, isn't it?
[17:46] <Haru Kizu> HUH WHAT?
[17:47] <Matsumi Kaze> are you alright?
[17:47] <Haru Kizu> y..yes sensei! sorry!
[17:47] * Haru Kizu gets up and runs out...
[17:47] <Matsumi Kaze>'s odd
[17:49] * Matsumi Kaze frowns a bit to herself..looking concerned
[17:50] * Haru Kizu walks home....and then stops, sighing......
[17:52] * Haru Kizu thinks back to earlier that day..listeing to several girls talking about her...about how she'll never get to join the writing club
[17:53] * Matsumi Kaze enters her house and puts away her coat "hey deki! how was the day?"
[17:53] <Hideki Kaze> it went fine..yours?
[17:56] <Matsumi Kaze> I don't know..I'm worried about one of the girls....she's without friends...and lately she's been acting so strongly...
[17:56] <Matsumi Kaze> *strangly
[17:57] * Hideki Kaze holds Matsumi "...I'm sure whatever's can handle it*
[17:57] * Matsumi Kaze smiles a bit and nods
[17:59] *** Haru sits in her room, trying to brush her hair and then stops, looking in the mirror, sighing again...
[18:00] <?> - scared...alone?.......... -
[18:00] <Haru Kizu> !!!
[18:02] * Haru Kizu looks in the mirror...and sees a face very much like her teacher
[18:02] <Haru Kizu> ..w..who...
[18:02] <?> - don't be afraid.......I can make it all -
[18:02] * ? 's eyes glow does Haru....a shadow grows behind.....and passes onto Haru
[18:03] <?> - -
[18:04] <Haru Kizu>
[18:04] * Haru Kizu a dark power grows around her....
[18:04] *** Eye Catch
[18:11] * Matsumi Kaze glances up...and notices Haru is gone from class
[18:12] <Matsumi Kaze> (she hasn't been around for nearly two days....I wonder what has happened)
[18:14] * Matsumi Kaze frowns to herself...
[18:14] * Kyoko Shingura is walking down the hall...when she sees Haru in front of her
[18:14] <Kyoko Shingura> ...what do you want, pipsqueak...
[18:15] * Haru Kizu grins..and holds out her a dark power emerges from her...
[18:15] <Matsumi Kaze> alright..please read page 30....
[18:15] *** there's the sound of a scream from the hall...
[18:15] <Matsumi Kaze> !?
[18:15] * Matsumi Kaze gets up "stay here everyone!"
[18:23] * Matsumi Kaze runs out of the class, the students glancing along the way
[18:24] * Matsumi Kaze stops...and sees Kyoko collapsed on the floor..
[18:24] * Matsumi Kaze feels her neck and sighs with relief
[18:24] <Matsumi Kaze> ..she's alright...
[18:30] <Shinoba-Sensei> that's the third one today....
[18:30] <Matsumi Kaze> ..what?!
[18:31] <Kyoko Shingura>><
[18:31] <Matsumi Kaze> .....
[18:31] <Matsumi Kaze> stay here, please...
[18:31] * Matsumi Kaze runs off, frowning to herself
[18:33] * Megumi Toru looks around nervously...obviously scared for her life...
[18:33] <Megumi Toru> I..I'm not..afraid of you..nerd...
[18:33] * Megumi Toru turns and nearly jumps out of her skin as she sees Haru Kizu standing there...with a glowing aura
[18:33] <Megumi Toru> s..stay back!
[18:34] * Haru Kizu grins..her eyes glowing red as she approaches Megumi..her hand stretched out...Megumi shuts her eyes tightly ><
[18:35] <??> HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!
[18:35] * Haru Kizu does Megumi...
[18:36] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> Harming others is never the answer! if you dare to fight, then I'll make you regret it!
[18:36] * Ultra Sailor Quinox jumps down in front of Haru..Megumi look confused and in awe at the woman before her
[18:36] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> now let go of her, you monster...
[18:36] * Haru Kizu grins..then faints as the energy leaves her and forms itself into a living being
[18:37] *** Kane Anzu has joined #suburbansenshi4
[18:37] <+luna_P> Evening, Kane Anzu
[18:37] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Something about Haruka, beer, and a crapload of ants.
[18:37] * Kane Anzu looks like a version of Sailor Anzu but in armor with crab like claws!
[18:37] * Kane Anzu lunges forward, but Q manages to dodge....however, the next attack strikes the senshi in the face, causing her to crash backwards
[18:39] * Kane Anzu leaps forward to try and cut Q
[18:40] * Ultra Sailor Quinox summons her rhapsody spear and blocks the attack with it, trying to push her back ><
[18:40] * Ultra Sailor Quinox is starting to lose her ground....
[18:40] * Kane Anzu grins at Quinox
[18:41] * Ultra Sailor Quinox frowns and kicks Anzu in the gut, sending her stumbling backwards...
[18:42] * Ultra Sailor Quinox slams her across the face with the blunt side of her spear....
[18:42] * Ultra Sailor Quinox gathers energy into her fists.....
[18:42] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> EVENT........
[18:42] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ONE!!!!!!!
[18:43] * Ultra Sailor Quinox slams her fist forward, sending a burst of pure energy at Anzu..who explodes apart
[18:43] *** Kane Anzu has left #suburbansenshi4 (EXPLOSSSSSION)
[18:44] * Haru Kizu slowly sits up and groans..then sees Kyoko on the ground
[18:44] <Haru Kizu> Shingura-san!
[18:44] * Haru Kizu runs over to her and tries to help her up, the other girl slowly standing, looking a little shaken
[18:44] * Haru Kizu and Kyoko walk Ultra Sailor Quinox watches them go from a hidden place
[18:45] *** the bell ending the school day rings
[18:45] * Matsumi Kaze watches the students go, including Haru, who is now talking to Kyoko then turns away
[18:45] <Matsumi Kaze> ..whatever it is Anzu is planning...I've got to stop it
[18:45] * Matsumi Kaze yawns and cracks her next
[18:45] <Matsumi Kaze> ..ugh back to grading papers i guess
[18:46] * Matsumi Kaze starts to walk down the now empty hall..then stops
[18:46] * Matsumi Kaze blinks and glances behind her...
[18:46] <Matsumi Kaze>!?
[18:46] * Matsumi Kaze is gone
[18:47] *** Closing Theme
[18:48] *** To Be Continued in July

[23:07] * looks at inu-kit.
[23:07] *** inu-kit is your average everyday inu-kit

[23:14] * looks at Inu Kitsune.
[23:14] *** This user has been banned.

[23:14] * looks at Kitsune no Hime.
[23:14] *** Kitsune no Hime is a beautiful creature, whose humanoid body is remarkably shaped and tone. She has stern, but caring grey eyes, and slick, beautiful black hair. She always wears a beautiful, silk kimono or yukata, and sometimes has light-weight armor.
Her image Song is: "May It Be" by Enya. She is Level 1.

[19:28] *** Continued from SS3
[19:28] <Rat-Like Person> Who-Who are you?!
[19:29] * Figure says nothing..and instead dashes off into the rain
[19:29] <Rat-Like Person> Eh? Wait?!
[19:30] * Rat-Like Person chases after the figure a little, then stops.
[19:30] <Rat-Like Person> Hmph, Never left any gold behind.
[19:31] *** Rat-Like Person has left #suburbansenshi4 (Might as well sell this useless rice cooker for any stinking value it has.)
[19:32] * Figure moves quickly through the rainy weather...thinking only of the vengence she is about to deliver on her enemies and her family
[19:41] * Figure dashes across the rain soaked street..then stops as she's caught in some bright lights
[19:41] <Figure> !?
[19:50] * Figure gets hit by the car and goes crashing to the ground
[19:50] * Figure blacks out
[19:50] *** Figure has left #suburbansenshi4

[14:37] *** In another time, in another place....
[14:37] *** The pair from before finish up their training for the day.
[14:38] *** The elder of the two gets a call, and goes to answer it.
[14:38] *** "Hello? ..... Oh, it's there already? Excellent."
[14:39] *** "All right, I'll be over there soon." Closing the call, she turns to her sibling. "Hey, I got something to pick up."
[14:40] <Eoria> "Very well." The younger of the two nods. "I've somewhere to be as well. Take care, sis."
[14:40] *** ^
[14:41] *** The two siblings part for the day.

[14:47] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[14:47] * Eoria and Tyrios have some to visit their son's place.
[14:48] * Eoria and Tyrios have *come to visit. She kicks a Typo-Prinny back to Hades.
[14:48] *** The Overlord's Castle has been doing well.
[14:49] <Thirza> Oho, look who's here~
[14:49] <Eoria> Hey. How's it going?
[14:50] <Thirza> Eh, kinda slow, really. Boss has been out checking more things related to that other demon world he's been providing aid to.
[14:50] <Tyrios> And what all has been found out about this other world?
[14:51] <Thirza> Place is pretty big. It's got about six different layers to it.
[14:52] <Tyrios> And what of its denizens?
[14:52] <Thirza> Hehe, check these pics out.
[14:53] * Thirza shows them some images that were acquired during the initial meeting and visits.
[14:54] <Tyrios> Hmm... vastly different compared to what we know.
[14:55] <Eoria> OK, that one's adorable.
[14:56] <Tyrios> And what of that one?
[14:56] <Thirza> That big lug? That's their Great Overlord, the guy in charge.
[14:57] <Thirza> The others you see with him are different Overlords, each one ruling a different aspect.
[14:59] <Eoria> Say, if there are that many Overlords in one world, then whatever they were fighting must've been a real pain to take down.
[15:00] <Nelius Raoul> If the archival footage from those battles were any indication, then yes.
[15:00] * Nelius Raoul has returned. "Hope you two weren't waiting long."
[15:01] <Tyrios> Not too long, son. How'd things go?
[15:03] <Nelius Raoul> Rather quickly, to put it honestly. Looks like things will be back to normal in no time at all.
[15:11] <Nelius Raoul> But enough about that... what brings you two up here today?
[15:12] *** Tyrios [FallenButNeverForgotten@Priere.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 (*entering the castle* "Well, we did come across something that might interest you.")
[15:12] *** Eoria [CosmicWanderer@Priere.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Check this out...")
[15:12] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("....hold the damn phone. Is that....")
[15:13] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[21:15] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Barcalona
[21:16] * A man sits alone, his room cluttered with papers and various charts and a laptop showing an image of star charts
[21:20] <A man> this can't be right...
[21:22] * A man looks over the map...and grows pale
[21:22] <A man> it's true...
[21:23] * A man looks up and out the window
[21:24] <A man> ...Draco is in ascendence....
[21:24] <A man>'s the end of the world....

[20:23] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Tokyo
[20:23] * Police are investigating the corpse of a man who was found with his skull dug out..his brain removed
[20:27] <spiritflame> Police rolls 1d10 [ 4 ]
[20:27] * Police does not find any additional evidence
[20:27] *** Police has left #suburbansenshi4

[23:45] * ? looks at Lusna.
[23:45] *** Lusna is dark reddish cat with sharp blue eyes, a scar down her left eye and an upside down black moon on her forehead. In human form she has long red hair and tends to wear dark colors. She is a maunian.
Her image Song is: . She is Level 1.

[10:10] * A figure walks down a corridor

[22:34] * A door opens

[12:31] * someone watches

[21:14] * an orb cracks apart

[23:51] * observation .

[12:05] * A panel is closed

[18:44] * Shuts off

[12:25] * surprise and crack

[19:12] * Hypothetical Person looks at Alldrogis Valkyvida.
[19:12] *** Alldrogis Valkyvida is Inquisitor-Lord [Redacted] with his blur field shut down. He is actually an Allodon, a race of highly-advanced, exceptionally aggressive, and highly cunning draconid aliens with an extremely unique natural ability. His emerald green eyes gleam dimly.
His image Song is: "Forces" from the Berserk anime. He is Level 1.

[23:07] * sontes crack
[23:07] * stones ^

[18:42] * hands clench

[10:17] * power rises

[18:45] * Tears .

[23:33] * persuation .

[23:38] * Heart breaks

[00:48] * water ripples .

[01:35] * pain .

[11:00] * wires are crossed

[09:26] * hunting .

[23:43] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[23:43] * Haru E pops in, and wastes no time in delivering that message.
[23:45] <Haru E> (Better not skimp on any efforts here.)
[23:45] <Haru E> (Nizhaladax said there was currently a planetary range to this distortion....)
[23:46] <Haru E> Alator, Luugas-- I got a job for you two!
[23:46] <Alator> Yes, Lady Haru?
[23:48] * Haru E hands the Twin-Dragon AI a set of coordinates. "Take the Fafnir to this location, and begin active screenings for interdimensional anomalies in relation to these findings."
[23:49] <Luugas> Very well. Leave this to us.
[23:50] *** The Twin Dragon takes the Fafnir into Netherworld Orbit, and within seconds zooms off.
[23:51] * Nelius Raoul enters the common area, clad only in his usual sleepwear of pants. "Mind telling me why the Fafnir just took off like a bat outta the Netherworld?"
[23:52] <Haru E> You heard about Caligo's murder, right? Well, Delilha just had her heart ripped out--- we managed to grow her a new one, but....
[23:52] * Haru E quickly explains what has transpired, what with Caligo's murder suddenly having no clues other than a mirrored mask, and now Delilha's heart rip and her seeing a mirror.
[23:53] <Nelius Raoul> ....s[BLEEP]t. It's like what happened around the time of the Eightfold again.
[23:56] <Haru E> Yeah, I'm starting to think so as well. Though, Delilha did try to utter something else.... enigm.... it sounds like Enigma, but that could mean anything at this point.
[23:58] <Nelius Raoul> Think we're gonna need to ask around about that one. It might be in relation to something we've not yet been privvy to.
[00:00] <Haru E> Add in how weirdly distorted 1337-A has been, with this going on...
[00:00] <Nelius Raoul> It's just 1337-A? None of the others?
[00:01] <Haru E> According to the info gathered, yeah. Either something is outright messing with the full-on cognition of the world, or it's being affected by something else going on, and we're seeing the aftereffects.
[00:02] <Haru E> Even my Overlord Skill couldn't reveal much of what's going on.
[00:02] <Haru E> *Overload
[00:05] <Haru E> ...then again, I fired it off on Earth, where the distortion's the heaviest. I can give it a go outside of Earth's orbit here in a bit..... I'm wiped from helping regenerate someone else's heart.
[00:06] <Nelius Raoul> Probably best to rest for now. If there are distortions affecting 1337-A, we'll need to be at full capacity to see past them and find the truth.
[00:07] * Haru E nods. "I'mma go pass out now. Night, dad."
[00:07] *** Haru E [Shura.SpannerinDWorks@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4
[00:08] <Nelius Raoul> (All right, now it's my turn to throw my hat into this ring.)
[00:09] * Nelius Raoul contacts the Carnage Dimension branch he installed two years ago, and has supplies moved there to construct probes of his own.
[00:10] <Nelius Raoul> (While I'm at it...)
[00:10] * Nelius Raoul gets in touch with Celestia. With Hale and Flynn still at the Hotel, he opts to get Aliya up to speed on his plan. Raphael and Hilde are also gives a quick heads-up.
[00:12] <Nelius Raoul> (I don't know what we'll find, but the sooner this distortion's origin is located, the better.)
[00:16] * Nelius Raoul finishes his call, but as soon as he goes to head upstairs, he feels a familiar pulse....
[00:16] <Nelius Raoul> (....right, and then there's this. Well, no time like the present.)
[00:18] * Nelius Raoul concentrates, feeling that chaotic pulse... the same energy that flooded both Haru and himself in the other world, giving rise to Cubus Gigant and changing their Overload Skills.
[00:20] <Nelius Raoul> (If there was ever a good time to put these powers to the test, now would be it.)
[00:23] *** Back in the world of men and monsters, before Nelius and Haru learned of 1337-A, the Chaos Gods that had been sealed away threatened to unmake all, including his motley crew trying to return home.
[00:24] *** It was a serious task to try and reseal these beasts. During the battle, Nelius had been blasted by some of their chaotic power, warping his blood and giving rise to Cubus Gigant.
[00:26] *** The Chaos Gods were sealed again, but Nelius and Haru had a new dilemma---- this chaotic power that had seeped into their very beings, and changed them. What all could it do? Would it affect those close to them?
[00:28] <Nelius Raoul> (It's been over 4 years since that happened. Seems study time is on hold --- now's the time for action.)
[00:28] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ((If I'm going to use these, I'm gonna use 'em right!))
[00:28] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[00:38] * waiting .

[10:50] * a door closes

[22:12] * power flows

[08:01] * eyes watch

[23:12] *** @Flame Lotus has killed Nizhaladax
[23:14] <@spiritflame> @Flame Lotus: N. Blackhand Nizhaladax does not exist in the database
[23:15] *** N. Blackhand has been renamed to Nizhaladax

[10:31] *** In another time, in another place....
[10:33] *** The sibling duo feel something immensely out of place.
[10:34] *** "Seems it's time to tip our hand, bro." The elder of the two mutters.
[10:39] *** "It seems so, sister." The younger agrees. "But how should we tip it without alerting them to our presence?"
[10:45] *** "Why so nervous?"
[10:49] *** "You know how much in flux things are currently. One slipup and we're gone."
[10:50] *** "If this fails we're dead anyway. If I'm gonna go out, at least it's knowing I did my damnest to make a difference."
[10:51] *** "Very well. Let us depart."
[10:55] *** With that, they set off to right this wrong.

[17:43] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Unknown
[17:43] * Nelius Raoul steps back from something, a subtle glow in his hair and eyes. (That took a bit long to perform... guess I still need more practice with these.)
[17:44] *** The space where he currently is.... words would fail to describe it.
[17:44] <Nelius Raoul> (Best hope this gamble pays off.)
[17:46] * Nelius Raoul rolls his neck, and presses a button. Something begins humming to life.
[17:47] <Nelius Raoul> (And now to relay this to the trustworthy people.)
[17:48] * Nelius Raoul swipes the air with his right hand, forming a way out.
[17:48] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ((Time for the next part.))
[17:49] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[23:32] * a red moon rises

[22:15] <Mirai Arashi> really????
[22:15] * Shina nods "I really did see it!!!! it was horrible!"
[22:16] <Himeko Yamashiro> that doesn't make sense....why would that be....
[22:18] * Mirai Arashi looks upset "....this's really important?"
[22:18] * Shina nods! "it's where...her friends are..."
[22:19] <Mirai Arashi> ..why didn't she tell me....
[22:20] <Himeko Yamashiro> maybe she aws trying to protect you..or..something
[22:20] <Mirai Arashi> did that mean she didn't trust me......
[22:20] <Shina> no! she did...I think..I don't know...
[22:21] *** the three sigh..
[22:23] <Mirai Arashi> we need to go there.......
[22:23] *** Shina and Himeko look over at Mirai
[22:25] <Mirai Arashi> um..I...If she..kept it from me...I know..that hurts but..
[22:25] <Mirai Arashi> ...well if they are her friends, then they can help!!!!!
[22:27] * Himeko Yamashiro and Shina both smile and nod!
[22:29] <Mirai Arashi> we'll find out what's happening!
[22:29] <Himeko Yamashiro> yeah!
[22:29] <Shina> and then mister orion will be proud of me!
[22:29] * Mirai Arashi and Himeko Yamashiro both look at Shina ""
[22:31] <Shina> um..n..nothing *blushes*
[22:36] * Mirai Arashi looks to Himeko and both look to the sky
[22:36] <Mirai Arashi> ...I hope...we can..find her

[23:23] * - doors close

[18:56] * - figure picks up mirrored mask and puts it on

[19:34] * gazes upon work

[14:38] * - drag along ground

[19:18] * fingers touch buttons

[21:34] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Quinox
[21:34] *** Saturn Knight has joined #suburbansenshi4
[21:34] <+luna_P> Evening, Saturn Knight
[21:34] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Aiming at your Spleen... Target Miss!
[21:35] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi4
[21:35] <+luna_P> Evening, Megan O`Cain
[21:35] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: We Be Unorthodoxed
[21:36] * Saturn Knight looks around to survey their surroundings...
[21:36] *** [???] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[21:36] <+luna_P> Evening,
[21:36] <+luna_P> Welcome. Remember: Suburban Senshi no-sells Planet Namek
[21:36] * is now known as Meiji Doyle
[21:37] <Meiji Doyle> ....what... is this place..
[21:37] *** you are in the middle of a field....there are large rock might be in some sort of canyon
[21:37] <Saturn Knight> Quinox.
[21:37] *** a large moon hangs in the sky.....the plants are shades of purple and blue
[21:37] <Saturn Knight> Looks like we are out in the wilds.
[21:38] <Saturn Knight> Stay close...there may be some dangerous creatures here...
[21:38] <Megan O`Cain> Been a long time since I was here last.
[21:38] * Meiji Doyle stays witht he group
[21:39] *** Haru E [Shura.SpannerinDWorks@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[21:39] <+luna_P> Evening, Haru E
[21:39] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: We all hate the Monkey.
[21:39] <Meiji Doyle> god, like what? Bears? Bats? Giant Carnivorous moths?
[21:39] <Saturn Knight> Same...but I'll never forget the bite from a mountain spider.
[21:39] <Meiji Doyle> ....................
[21:40] * Haru E appears. "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~y"
[21:40] * Meiji Doyle makes sure she has her sword at the ready
[21:40] * there is movement from some of the rocks.....from the look of it it's some sort of.......quadrapedial beast
[21:40] <Megan O`Cain> Hmm...
[21:41] *** as you move along, you can see..some sort of structure in the distance
[21:42] * Saturn Knight looks at Meiji "SHH! do you want to be hunted?"
[21:42] <Haru E> Huh. That one of Matsumi's make, or does Quinox have squatters on it?
[21:42] <Meiji Doyle> HEY I'M WHISPERING
[21:43] *** you still have a bit of a distance to go before you can reach it
[21:43] <Saturn Knight> Let's keep moving...
[21:43] * Meiji Doyle follows
[21:43] <Megan O`Cain> Let's.
[21:43] <Saturn Knight> Keep a look out for any movement
[21:44] * Megan O`Cain carefully walks towards the structure as she keeps a sharp eye out
[21:44] *** there's a loud SCREAMING sound
[21:45] * Saturn Knight summons his rapier!
[21:46] * Saturn Knight tries to determin if it was humanoid or animal that screamed....
[21:46] * a bird? err flying creature glides off another loud screaming sound..
[21:46] * Meiji Doyle assumes a ready stance
[21:46] * the creature joins with others of it's kind.....flying off into the distance
[21:46] * Megan O`Cain quickly dons her armor as she takes hold of the handle to her energy nodachi
[21:47] <Saturn Knight> I don't recall that species...
[21:48] * the creatures fly away..their screaming calls dying out
[21:49] * Saturn Knight continues toward the structure. He looks for any sign of Hideki or Matsumi as they approach the structure
[21:49] * Megan O`Cain lets out a slight sigh of relief as she puts on her helmet, and follows Sean
[21:49] *** you can now see it seems to be some sort of tower....or rather.....the remains of one....
[21:49] *** the tower has had half of it's structure blown apart
[21:49] *** everyone roll 1d10
[21:50] <spiritflame> Meiji Doyle rolls 1d10 [ 8 ]
[21:50] <spiritflame> Saturn Knight rolls 1d10 [ 4 ]
[21:51] <spiritflame> Haru E rolls 1d10 [ 9 ]
[21:51] <spiritflame> Megan O`Cain rolls 1d10 [ 6 ]
[21:52] *** sean, you feel something go CRUNCH under your boot
[21:53] * Saturn Knight pauses...and looks down
[21:53] *** you find yourself standing..ontop of a hand....attached to a body
[21:54] * Saturn Knight steps back!
[21:54] <Megan O`Cain> Sean, what is it?
[21:54] <Saturn Knight> A...a body?!
[21:55] * Saturn Knight checks the body to identify it!
[21:55] * Masaki O'Cain lies on the ground..........half of her body has been blow apart/torn apart......she's very dead
[21:56] <Saturn Knight> Ma....Masaki?!
[21:56] <Megan O`Cain> What?! O_O
[21:56] <Saturn Knight> It can't be...It can't! If she's here...where is Dave?
[21:57] * Megan O`Cain looks for any clues whatsoever to determine the cause of death
[21:57] <Haru E> .....(Aw f[BLEEP]k, I was way off. Something is targeting those with any relation to Matsumi, not just the blood-relations.)
[21:58] <Saturn Knight> Megan, where is Dave?
[21:58] <Megan O`Cain> Last I knew he was at home.
[21:59] *** from what you can tell.....they were...blown apart...the more interesting thing.......rigour mortis has set in on the body..or what is left of it
[21:59] <Saturn Knight> He mentioned nothing about her going missing?
[21:59] <Megan O`Cain> No.
[21:59] <Meiji Doyle> ... this happened a while ago...
[21:59] <Haru E> ....rigor mortis.... this had to have happened weeks ago, maybe around the time Caligo got offed?
[22:00] * Meiji Doyle checks the dates with the PSA
[22:00] * ^PSP
[22:00] * as best you can tell.....Masaki died...weeks ago
[22:00] * Saturn Knight gets up and starts to run toward the structure!
[22:01] <Saturn Knight> ( two better be alive!)
[22:01] *** roll 1d10, sean
[22:01] * Meiji Doyle checks the HOTEL logs to see if Masaki was seen in the HOTEL after the date of death here
[22:01] <Haru E> Hold on... did Masaki have a partner? Is she here as well?
[22:01] <spiritflame> Saturn Knight rolls 1d10 [ 8 ]
[22:01] <Meiji Doyle> Wait! If they got blown up there might be mines or something!
[22:01] * Megan O`Cain quickly follows Sean
[22:02] * Meiji Doyle tuts and runs a scan for mines or boobytraps with the PSP before dashing forward
[22:02] *** sean, you lucky don't trip over....but you find Saki Suminaka....well...her body....her head has been blown off has part of her arm
[22:02] *** there are no mines
[22:02] <Saturn Knight> GAH!
[22:03] <Megan O`Cain> God Almighty...
[22:03] <Haru E> .....(This is turning from a mystery to a full-out snuff film. We need to find the ba[BLEEP]rd behind all of this and erase them.)
[22:03] * Meiji Doyle checks the bodies to see fi there's any energy like what killed Caligo
[22:03] <Saturn Knight> Oh
[22:04] * Meiji Doyle has a cold, almost dispassionate look on her face as she investigates
[22:04] * there isn't any sign of energy on it....the body though was killed the same date as Masaki
[22:04] <Meiji Doyle> ...She died the same day as Masaki.
[22:05] <Saturn Knight> /ne looks around...
[22:05] * Saturn Knight looks around...
[22:05] <Saturn Knight> ...what of her children?
[22:05] <Meiji Doyle> Who could just kill Sailor Soldiers so easily
[22:05] * there isn't any sign of carrie
[22:06] * Megan O`Cain goes down to her knees and starts praying, hoping Grim was able to keep the souls safe
[22:07] * Saturn Knight starts to head straight for the structure!
[22:08] * Meiji Doyle has no time for superstisions in the face of cold-blood murder and checks the scene for any other clues.
[22:08] * Megan O`Cain bolts after Sean
[22:08] *** the grass is splattered with blood and pieces of them...
[22:09] *** as you get can see the tower had been very badly damaged....there is also a form tace down in the grass in front of the structure
[22:09] * Haru E sticks by Meiji, as a just-in-case measure. If need be she can catch up to Megan and Sean real quick.
[22:09] <Meiji Doyle> (Blood, so the wounds weren't instantly cauterized... so that would seem to rule out energy beams)
[22:09] * Meiji Doyle thinks back to the bodies, did the fragment pattersm indicate attack from in frotn or behind
[22:10] * Saturn Knight rushes to the form!