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<--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> My name isn't "Man-Face" you Korean Don King!!

welcome to #suburbansenshi4

[16:21] *** roll 1d10 to try and find it
[16:22] * Kanri-chan calls her dads phone
[16:22] <Kanri-chan> /1d10
[16:22] <spiritflame> Kanri-chan rolls 1d10 [ 2 ]
[16:22] <spiritflame> Kanri-chan rolls 1d10 [ 8 ]
[16:23] *** you spot something under the bleachers
[16:24] * Kanri-chan goes over and grabs the thing
[16:25] *** it's the cellphone...burned and melted
[16:26] <Kanri-chan> awwwww i liked tis one..... mom's not going to be happy
[16:29] <Matsuo Shin> no...I have the feeling she isn't going to be...
[16:31] <Kanri-chan> so i'll make the tranquilizers too
[16:31] <Kanri-chan> there's no way im letting her go in there... ive been in one before...
[16:32] <Matsuo Shin> in one what
[16:32] * Kanri-chan points to the gate "that
[16:32] <Kanri-chan> last time it was sean.. some huge spider woman had taken him
[16:35] <Matsuo Shin> ...I see....
[16:35] <Matsuo Shin> ...should we...retreat..for now?
[16:36] <Kanri-chan> yea.
[16:36] <Kanri-chan> we wont accomplish anything here
[16:42] <Matsuo Shin> ...back through the window it looks like
[16:48] *** Matsuo Shin [] has left #suburbansenshi4 (ugh this is irritating)
[17:20] *** Kanri-chan has left #suburbansenshi4 (I'm Stronger than I look. Shall I prove it?)

[16:39] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[16:39] * Nelius Raoul does a double and triple check over his stockpiled supplies.
[16:42] *** Currently he has six Coolant potions, five "Bottled Blizzards", two "Sudden ThunderSnowstorms", and for his weaponry he has elected to take the Deicide Axe, Majin Hand (Axe), Absolute (Gun) and Gaea Crusher (Fist). As far as armor goes to protect from the heat, he's completed some GD-Plate wear for whomever will accompany him (most likely Kanri).
[16:44] * Nelius Raoul brings his old Galactic Demon Armor out of storage, having had little reason to use it since March.
[16:44] * Nelius Raoul goes about testing it, making certain things haven't gotten stiff from the months of disuse.
[16:45] <Nelius Raoul> (So far, so good... with those, we should make headway easily.)
[16:46] *** Something glints within his field of vision. He heads over to check it out.
[16:46] <Nelius Raoul> ?! Oh crap, I forgot--- the bracer.
[16:46] <Nelius Raoul> I was supposed to give this back to Bora before Sean and she headed back to 1337-B.
[16:48] <Nelius Raoul> (I'll just have to make it a late delivery, then. For now, I wonder if this thing could have an effect on the new gate that popped up.)
[16:52] * Nelius Raoul idly adds the bracer to the loadout.
[17:01] <Nelius Raoul> (Best continue working on this--- when it's time I want very little left up to chance. We shall get Orion and the other abducted people back, and the head of that plane's jackass ruler will decorate my walls.)
[17:14] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Hold together, Orion. We will get you out of there.")
[17:14] *** The preparations continue on.
[17:15] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None
[17:15] <@spiritflame> Battle order cleared

[00:35] *** unknown house, Juuban area
[00:37] *** Sailor Q has joined #suburbansenshi4
[00:37] <@spiritflame> konbanwa sailor q
[00:37] * Sailor Q scrambles through a window and crashes to the ground ><
[00:39] <Sailor Q> OOF ><
[00:39] * Sailor Q taps the object in her ear
[00:39] <Sailor Q> h..hello?
[00:42] <Sailor Q>''re there...
[00:42] <Sailor Q> um....I....I got involved in something I don't what and...
[00:42] <Sailor Q> it was scary
[00:44] <Sailor Q> ..I thought this was robbers and..I...I don't know what to do...
[00:45] <Sailor Q> alright...I'll sleep on it...yeah I'm..really worn out
[00:45] <Sailor Q> ..thank you...seeya
[00:47] * Sailor Q removes the piece from her ear
[00:47] * Sailor Q sighs.....and removes her mask...the rest of the costume dissolving away....
[00:47] * Sailor Q is now known as Mirai Arashi
[00:47] * Mirai Arashi looks at the mask
[00:47] <Mirai Arashi> ..that really was scary
[00:50] * Mirai Arashi lays back on her bed and looks at the ceiling, setting the mask aside
[00:50] * Mirai Arashi slowly closes her eyes and falls asleep
[00:50] *** Mirai Arashi has left #suburbansenshi4 (zzzzz)

[01:16] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[01:16] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[01:16] <@spiritflame> konbanwa nelius raoul
[01:16] * Nelius Raoul steps out of a gate, heading for a privately built back room.
[01:17] * Nelius Raoul squares away the Bracer from the Earth Plane, and the Crown with Fire Ruby from the Fire Plane.
[01:17] <Nelius Raoul> (Twice now, this has occured.)
[01:18] <Nelius Raoul> (I'll be in need of some extra eyes and ears around the area, in case another gate happens to pop up.)
[01:21] <Nelius Raoul> (Guess it's time for more recruitment. Though I'll need to be very wary this go around.)
[01:21] * Nelius Raoul gets his comms out, and flicks it open. He begins leafing through many potential informants, people who'd blend into the crowd and be able to see everything.
[01:22] <Nelius Raoul> (I willingly took this mantle to aid them in whatever crisis they face. Time to truly pull my weight.)
[01:25] *** Delegation of the informant roles would go on for a while, until Nelius was satisfied with the selection.
[01:25] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("After this, some sleep is highly appreciated. That, and maybe an AC for the night.")
[01:26] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[23:36] *** Dressing room
[23:36] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[23:36] <@spiritflame> konbanwa matsumi kaze
[23:36] * Matsumi Kaze works on removing the make-up from her fact
[23:36] <Matsumi Kaze> it feels so good to be back on stage, doesn't it!
[23:36] <Hana Sagusa> ugh yeah
[23:37] <Hana Sagusa> about time we did something
[23:37] * Hana Sagusa winces as she removes her sideburns
[23:45] <Anni Esko> I'm just happy to see everyone smiling
[23:45] * Masaki O`Cain yawns, walking out from behind a screen "hey guys..I'm going to get some sleep..I'll see you tomorrow"
[23:45] <Matsumi Kaze> night, Masaki!
[23:47] <Anni Esko> night!
[23:47] <Hana Sagusa> yo..night
[23:48] *** Masaki O`Cain has left #suburbansenshi4 (need rest..)
[23:50] * Matsumi Kaze and the others finish up their work
[23:50] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi4

[18:28] * Masked Figure looks at Mirai Arashi.
[18:28] *** Mirai Arashi is is a 13 year old girl with short blue hair and green eyes. She's fairly energetic.
Her image Song is: . She is Level 1.

[19:47] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Kagoshima
[19:47] *** Hinako Urashima [] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[19:47] <@spiritflame> konbanwa hinako urashima
[19:48] * Hinako Urashima walks down the streets of her hometown. She's accompanied by a friend.
[19:48] *** Camilla has joined #suburbansenshi4
[19:48] <@spiritflame> konbanwa camilla
[19:49] <Camilla> Man, I can't believe I forgot about that time.
[19:50] <Hinako Urashima> Yeah, that was easily one of the more embarassing moments we've had to witness.
[19:50] <Camilla> Still, can't deny, we had a lot of laughs in the end♫
[19:51] *** The two schoolfriends share a laugh as they recall the aformentioned incident.
[19:51] <Camilla> Say, Hina... have you ever had weird dreams before?
[19:51] <Hinako Urashima> What do you mean?
[19:52] <Camilla> Maybe it was due to something I was watching, but I swear I saw this place in my dreams--- it was some desolate-looking place, and I heard someone sobbing.
[19:53] * Hinako Urashima looks to Camilla, giving a small hand motion for her to continue.
[19:57] <Camilla> I couldn't make out too much about it, but I did see someone who was about maybe half a foot taller than you.
[20:00] <Camilla> And that was when I woke up.
[20:00] <Hinako Urashima> And you've been having this dream repeatedly?
[20:01] <Camilla> Nope, only recently started. I'd say, maybe under two weeks ago.
[20:02] <Hinako Urashima> Any other distinguishing features come to mind?
[20:02] <Camilla> Had some long hair and slightly tanned skin.
[20:07] <Camilla> Maybe I'm reading too much into this.
[20:08] <Hinako Urashima> Huh...
[20:09] <Hinako Urashima> Well, if they keep repeating, then I get the feeling it might be something important.
[20:12] <Camilla> Gotcha.
[20:12] <Camilla> Anyway, feel up to getting a bite to eat?
[20:12] <Hinako Urashima> I don't see why not. Let's go♫
[20:13] *** Camilla has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Oh hey, that one place where we used to hang out is still around.")
[20:13] *** Hinako Urashima [] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Sweet! I hope they still have that one item we used to devour after school!")
[20:15] *** The two friends head off to a favorite place of theirs, unaware that Camilla's words would soon be coming back to the forefront in ways neither of them would suspect.
[20:15] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[21:05] *** in another location.....
[21:06] * ? walks across a panel and takes the sample out picked from Kevin's pocket
[21:07] * ? puts the sample in a small glass container and attaches it to the panel
[21:07] <?> analysis....
[21:08] * ? sits back in chair, starving at the screen as it runs the program...
[21:10] <?> *staring
[21:10] <?> .........I wonder.....
[21:10] *** ? has left #suburbansenshi4

[13:51] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[13:51] * Nelius Raoul is busy reviewing some documents held over from yesterday.
[13:51] <Nelius Raoul> .....
[13:51] <Zotia> Is something the matter?
[13:52] <Nelius Raoul> Ever get the feeling that something very odd is going on right beneath your nose?
[13:52] <Zotia> You mean aside from a sneeze.
[13:52] <Nelius Raoul> Indeed.
[13:54] <Nelius Raoul> Maybe I've been sitting here too long-- still, the paperwork is well worth the time we spent together yesterday.
[13:54] <Zotia> Yes♡
[13:55] * Nelius Raoul finishes up the documentation, and stands up from his seat, stretching out his entire body.
[13:57] <Zotia> (Getting to spend time with him at the Resort Netherworld was a dream come true♡)
[13:58] *** The two leave Nelius' Room/Office and head downstairs.
[13:58] *** Zotia [WiseWords@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 (Lunch sounds wonderful~)
[13:59] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 (Yo Christophe, Janice--- let's cook.)
[13:59] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[22:33] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Kagoshima
[22:33] *** Hinako Urashima [] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[22:33] <@spiritflame> konbanwa hinako urashima
[22:33] *** Camilla [EyesTowardsMe@International.fh] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[22:33] <@spiritflame> konbanwa camilla
[22:34] * Camilla and Hinako are hanging out once again, having taken to an old haunt of theirs.
[22:34] <Camilla> Man, how time flies...
[22:35] <Hinako Urashima> Tell me about it. Nearly 4 years ago, we both sat here and wondered just where we'd be heading after school was done.
[22:36] <Camilla> And here we are now-- a globe-trotter and clothing model.
[22:37] <Hinako Urashima> Hm, you think that if the chance arises, you could travel with me, see other kinds of fashion outside Japan?
[22:38] <Camilla> Sounds like it'd be a hell of a time. Always wanted to try hitting up Transylvania--- dad tells me mom's family comes from there.
[22:39] <Hinako Urashima> Oh?
[22:40] * Camilla nods. "Apparently it's from around there where my family name comes from."
[22:41] <Camilla> Figured this could knock out two deals--- get some new clothing ideas for the company, and learn more about my family roots in the process.
[22:48] * Hinako Urashima smiles at this. "Well then, next time I end up having to travel over that way, I'll give you a heads-up. Sound good?"
[22:48] <Camilla> Sounds great.
[22:54] * Camilla checks the time. "Man, almost 11 PM already. Time flies indeed.
[22:54] <Hinako Urashima> Well, we should be on our way. Feel up to crashing at my place for the night?
[22:54] <Camilla> I'll take up that offer as well~
[22:54] *** The two friends head on their way.
[22:55] <Hinako Urashima> Say....
[22:55] <Camilla> Hm?
[22:56] <Hinako Urashima> Have any more of those weird dreams been happening?
[22:56] <Hinako Urashima> I apologize for prying, but ever since you mentioned them....
[22:57] <Camilla> ....they've been kinda fading in and out.
[22:57] <Camilla> I mean, I think I hear someone talking with someone else, but it's really hazy.
[23:04] <Camilla> Some weird dreams, I tell ya.
[23:04] <Hinako Urashima> Definitely sounds odd... were you able to hear anything coherent?
[23:08] <Camilla> Something about "releasing something that should've remained locked up". Whomever was talking sounded like a nasty piece of work.
[23:09] * Hinako Urashima frowns at this as she inwardly grimaces. (Oh great, just what we need--- another problem on our hands.)
[23:13] <Camilla> Definitely the kind of person I don't wanna meet in a dark alley--- at least not without something to zap them heavily.
[23:15] <Hinako Urashima> So pack a bunch of stun devices as a backup measure-- got it.
[23:16] *** The two arrive at Hinako's place.
[23:18] <Hinako Urashima> Apologies for the mess--- been busy rearranging things.
[23:19] <Camilla> It's cool--- my place is still kinda being pieced together.
[23:24] *** Camilla [EyesTowardsMe@International.fh] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("So, is your bro still working in Aomori?")
[23:25] *** Hinako Urashima [] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Yep. Rumor around there is someone's had their eyes on him.")
[23:26] *** The evening passes with friendly chatter among old friends. Little did either of them realize that very soon, Camilla's dreams would be coming to the forefront, in ways neither of them imagined possible.
[23:26] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[23:49] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Dreamscape
[23:49] *** Within dreams.... sometimes one can have a vision of things to come.
[23:50] *** Now, within this dream....
[23:52] *** Strange figures dance about, their words in an unfamiliar tongue. The one seeing these figures sees everything, but cannot speak a word to them.
[23:54] *** Yet, among them--- is that a familiar face among them?
[23:57] *** The visions seem to fade and sharpen at random.
[23:58] *** Now, the uneasy presence stands before this one, a second figure standing by their side.
[00:02] *** The one experiencing these dreams shivers in their sleep, before finally waking from a fitful rest.
[00:06] *** They lie in their bed, mind fully active.... hoping to finally drift into peaceful slumber.
[00:08] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[19:23] * ? looks at Dahila.
[19:23] *** Dahila is your average everyday Dahila

[19:23] * ? looks at Dahlia.
[19:23] *** Dahlia is your average everyday Dahlia

[19:23] * ? looks at Dahila_Fox.
[19:23] *** Dahila_Fox is your average everyday Dahila_Fox

[14:46] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[14:48] <Zotia> Hm... all seems clear for the moment.
[14:49] * Zotia is doing her daily check on overall functions within the Netherworld.
[14:51] * Atreya is doing her daily gate upkeep, making certain things keep going smoothly. Asa is sitting across from her, keeping the Carnage Gate up and going.
[14:53] * Janice has some free time, and so she's ordering more lozenges.
[14:55] <Janice> (I wonder how Nelius is doing, getting those vassals we need.)
[14:56] *** Scene Switch ***
[14:58] * Hinako Urashima is attending a training session alongside several of the other vassals. Humans, Demons and Angels are all working together to sharpen their skills.
[14:59] <Hinako Urashima> ....
[14:59] <Jam> Yo, Hina--- something on your mind?
[14:59] <Jam> You're usually a lot quicker on the draw than this.
[15:01] <Hinako Urashima> Yeah, you got me. Been worried about a friend of mine--- she's been having weird dreams. Normally it ain't all that unusual, but she swears she saw a place like this.
[15:02] <Jam> She human?
[15:03] <Hinako Urashima> ---truth be told, I'm kinda thinking no.
[15:03] <Hinako Urashima> I saw her ears--- they're pointed, kinda like yours.
[15:06] <Jam> Odd...
[15:06] <Jam> Might be something to look into.
[15:10] <Hinako Urashima> I'm thinking that our planned trip over to Transylvania would be the best time to investigate. She hails from there--- I'm thinking that clues would be abundant.
[15:11] *** The training session continues.
[15:15] *** Jam calls out some other vassals that are lagging behind, whilst Anzu is busy leading some others in the new dance steps.
[15:16] *** Scene Switch ***
[15:16] * Nelius Raoul re-enters the Overlord's Castle through a gate.
[15:20] <Nelius Raoul> (Hrm....)
[15:20] <Zotia> Welcome back. How'd it go?
[15:27] <Nelius Raoul> Overall, things are well in the Other Netherworld. Businesses are coming along nicely, and recovery of assets is going smoothly.
[15:28] <Nelius Raoul> That said, there's an old Celestia Gate that hasn't been reactivated, for some reason. I've had Aliya, Michael and even Hale try to open it up, but no dice.
[15:28] <Zotia> Goodness....
[15:29] <Nelius Raoul> Hopefully Hale can come through with some information on as to why that gate is still locked.
[15:32] <Nelius Raoul> Normally it's not something that bothers me, but considering that we're getting other Celestial residents visiting, more info about that gate helps.
[15:33] * Zotia nods.
[15:36] <Nelius Raoul> Well then, how're things here?
[15:36] <Zotia> Everything's proceeding as they should be.
[15:40] <Nelius Raoul> Got it. Well then, let's discuss the details over lunch.
[15:43] *** Zotia [WiseWords@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Sounds delightful♫")
[15:44] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4
[15:44] *** Another day in the Netherworld passes by.
[15:44] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[19:42] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Kagoshima
[19:43] * Hinako Urashima and Camilla have been preparing for the trip out to Camilla's home town. Clothing is packed, tickets are bought and ready....
[19:46] <Hinako Urashima> (Let's see... communicators are fully charged and on standby... already told Zotia I'd be in touch when possible....)
[19:48] <Hinako Urashima> (Believe that's everything we'll need, in case things go south.)
[19:48] * Hinako Urashima closes her travel bag. "Hey Cammy, you packed up?"
[19:49] <Camilla> Just finished on my end.
[19:52] * Camilla hauls over a suitcase. "Man, it's been a while since I got to head back home. Wonder how mom's doing...."
[20:01] <Hinako Urashima> You mean you don't call her every so often?
[20:02] <Camilla> At these long-distance rates? It'd be cheaper to grab a flight over. :P
[20:04] <Hinako Urashima> Point made.
[20:05] *** The two friends settle down to enjoy some late-night TV.
[20:10] <Camilla> Oh yeah, before I forget to mention--- mom is a little.... eccentric.
[20:11] * Hinako Urashima quirks a brow at this. "Hm?"
[20:11] <Camilla> You'll understand what I mean when you see her in person.
[20:11] <Camilla> This is one of those things where words kinda fail to tell the whole story.
[20:16] <Hinako Urashima> Gotcha.
[20:22] <Camilla> But I have got so much to show you once we get there♫
[20:23] <Hinako Urashima> Hey, hey... save the excitement for when we actually get there. :P
[20:25] <Camilla> Oh, all right.
[20:25] *** Camilla [EyesTowardsMe@International.fh] has left #suburbansenshi4
[20:26] *** Hinako Urashima [] has left #suburbansenshi4
[20:26] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[11:17] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Transylvania
[11:17] *** Hinako Urashima [] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[11:17] <@spiritflame> ohayo hinako urashima
[11:17] *** Camilla [EyesTowardsMe@International.fh] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[11:17] <@spiritflame> ohayo camilla
[11:19] *** The two friends have made it to their destination. Having spent the night at a local motel, they spent today checking out different kinds of clothing, and seeing what can be mixed and matched together.
[11:22] * Camilla makes a few purchases, and sees that Hinako has found her own items.
[11:24] <Camilla> OK, think that'll do it for now.
[11:24] <Hinako Urashima> Where to now?
[11:24] <Camilla> It's a little out of the way, but we could go visit my mom.
[11:26] <Hinako Urashima> Sounds all right. Let's go.
[11:26] *** The two depart, heading to the Bathory family home.
[11:41] *** The two eventually arrive at Camilla's family home. The house looks to be quite old, yet feels very home-y.
[11:41] * Camilla digs out a old key, and opens up the front door. "Hey mom, guess who's back♫"
[11:42] <Elizabeth Bathory> Hm? Oh!
[11:43] * Elizabeth Bathory steps out of another room. She stands about 5'7", with black hair, yellow-tinted eyes, and a warm smile.
[11:44] <Elizabeth Bathory> Camilla, this is quite the surprise. And who's your friend here?
[11:44] <Hinako Urashima> Hello, Miss Bathory. I'm Hinako Urashima.
[11:45] <Elizabeth Bathory> My, so polite. So you're Camilla's friend I've heard so much about♫
[11:47] <Elizabeth Bathory> Please, have a seat.
[11:47] * Hinako Urashima nods, taking a seat.
[11:49] <Camilla> Oh hey, mom--- do we still have any of that tea I love so much?
[11:50] <Elizabeth Bathory> I believe so. It's in the usual spot in the cupboards.
[11:51] <Camilla> I'll be back~
[11:51] * Camilla is away: Preparing the tea
[11:51] <Elizabeth Bathory> I must say, to see that you two are such friends.... warms my heart.
[11:51] <Hinako Urashima> Oh, it's nothing big.
[11:53] * Elizabeth Bathory gives a soft, airy laugh.
[11:55] <Elizabeth Bathory> So then, Miss Hinako, if I may pry, what do you do for a living?
[11:56] <Hinako Urashima> I work for a travel agency-- I head out to many places, do some research on great places to visit, then bring the info back and get many travel sites updated.
[11:57] <Elizabeth Bathory> Sounds like it's quite the adventure.
[11:57] <Hinako Urashima> Oh, it is.
[11:58] <Hinako Urashima> You get to see so many different people, encounter all different kinds of cultural deals...
[12:00] <Elizabeth Bathory> Well then, I hope that you'll write up something nice about this place♫
[12:05] * Hinako Urashima smiles. "I make no promises~"
[12:12] * Elizabeth Bathory laughs.
[12:15] * Camilla is back
[12:15] * Camilla exits the kitchen, some tea freshly brewed up.
[12:15] <Camilla> Enjoy~
[12:16] *** The three enjoy the brewed tea.
[12:21] <Camilla> Ahh, it's been too long since I got to have this blend.
[12:23] <Elizabeth Bathory> Well, it's not like it's gonna be put to use just sitting here.
[12:28] <Camilla> In that case---
[12:28] * Camilla is away: MineMineMineMineMineMineMineMine~
[12:28] <Hinako Urashima> o_0
[12:29] * Elizabeth Bathory gives another airy laugh. "She's always been quite fond of this blend, ever since she was a child."
[12:29] <Hinako Urashima> I notice.
[12:30] *** A picture over on the wall catches Hinako's attention.
[12:30] <Hinako Urashima> Hm? That picture over there...
[12:30] <Elizabeth Bathory> ...ah, that one.
[12:31] *** The picture is of Miss Bathory standing with a handsome man of 5'11", with tanned skin, red hair, and inviting brown eyes.
[12:31] <Elizabeth Bathory> My dear Bogdan... how I miss him so.
[12:31] <Hinako Urashima> Oh, geez, I'm sorry I made you re-experience that.
[12:33] <Elizabeth Bathory> Worry not about it. It's been 16 years since then.
[12:35] <Elizabeth Bathory> About the honest shame is that he died so early into Camilla's life. He was a great man.
[12:35] <Hinako Urashima> If it's not too much to ask, what did he do for a living?
[12:36] <Elizabeth Bathory> He fancied himself something of an explorer-- his work wasn't too dissimilar from yours.
[12:36] <Elizabeth Bathory> Actually, it was during one of his exploration trips to here that we met.
[12:37] * Elizabeth Bathory lays one hand to her face, a faint blush coming across it. "He always was a romantic♡"
[12:38] <Hinako Urashima> I... see. (Now I see what Cammy meant by her mom being eccentric.)
[12:41] * Hinako Urashima sees another picture. "And that one? Looks like you had quite the number of friends."
[12:41] <Elizabeth Bathory> Ah, yes, that one was an old school club I attended back then.
[12:43] <Elizabeth Bathory> We had quite the share of laughs and fun times together.
[12:44] <Hinako Urashima> What kinda club was it?
[12:45] <Elizabeth Bathory> Oh, the people were obsessed with the occult and supernatural--- vampires, werewolves, demons, beings of that nature.
[12:45] <Elizabeth Bathory> Honestly, I joined due to the other functions not quite catching my interest.
[12:47] <Hinako Urashima> That'd explain the faint trace I'm feeling from you.
[12:47] <Hinako Urashima> (Oh crap, I did it again!)
[12:47] <Elizabeth Bathory> Trace? You mean like a magical trace?
[12:48] <Hinako Urashima> (Roll with it.) You could say that--- no doubt that Cammy's likely told you about a lot of the weirdness that goes on up in Japan.
[12:50] <Elizabeth Bathory> Indeed, she has. Normally, I'd have regarded such a story as if it were purely imaginative, but you could say I've had my fair share of oddities.
[12:50] <Elizabeth Bathory> Actually....
[12:50] * Elizabeth Bathory checks to see where Camilla is.
[12:51] * Camilla is on the landline phone, talking with her grandparents. Miss Bathory returns to Hinako.
[12:52] <Elizabeth Bathory> Are you any good at keeping things secret?
[12:53] <Hinako Urashima> (Considering I've been training with demons and angels, and am also a Senshi..) I see no reason to say no. What's up?
[12:55] <Elizabeth Bathory> That club I was part of.... they did more than just research into the supernatural. This land has always been host to many of its own happenings.
[12:56] <Elizabeth Bathory> It was said that there was a great vampiric lord that once plagued this country, coming around every century or so to terrorize the populace.
[12:57] <Elizabeth Bathory> It was in 1999... the same year I lost Bogdan, that the vampire lord was finally vanquished for good. As for the connection to the club....
[12:59] <Elizabeth Bathory> On our final meeting day, the association leader wished to try an old text he'd dredged up-- something that'd transform us from humans into beings of the dark. At first, I thought it but an overly theatric performance, but then....
[13:00] * Elizabeth Bathory remembers it all too well. "What was supposed to have been a gathering of friends became a horrendous bloodbath, as each member turned against one another." She shudders.
[13:00] <Hinako Urashima> ......holy s[BLEEP]t.
[13:01] <Elizabeth Bathory> I was the sole survivor of that calamity.... mainly because of what I was turned into which allowed me to quickly flee.
[13:04] * Elizabeth Bathory brings her right hand up to her heart, and at once her clothing shifts over as something resembling a tattoo appears over her left eye. Her aura begins to change, drastically.
[13:05] * Elizabeth Bathory is now clad in a skintight outfit that leaves rather little to the imagination--- toned stomach, prominent breasts, strong arms and legs.... Hinako has to remind herself not to stare.
[13:06] <Elizabeth Bathory> To this day, I'm still not certain what it is I became, but for the next fifteen years I did everything I could to keep this side of myself hidden away..... then he found me.
[13:06] <Hinako Urashima> You mean Bogdan, your husband?
[13:07] * Elizabeth Bathory nods. "Unlike those whom saw me and tried to end my life, he willingly listened."
[13:09] <Hinako Urashima> Open-minded individuals are at a premium nowadays.
[13:11] <Elizabeth Bathory> Indeed they are...
[13:17] * Elizabeth Bathory remembers to quickly change back into her human disguise.
[13:20] * Camilla is back
[13:20] <Camilla> Y'know, mom--- you didn't need to hide that.
[13:20] <Elizabeth Bathory> !!! Camilla--- how much did you hear?
[13:21] <Camilly> More than enough--- even if you are some kinda human-turned-demon, you're still my mom, no matter what.
[13:22] * Elizabeth Bathory tries to find the words to say, but is cut off as she is embraced by her daughter.
[13:24] <Camilla> Though, to be honest, this does explain some things, such as those odd dreams I have when I go to sleep.
[13:26] * Camilla tells her mother about the odd visions. Elizabeth is surprised by these, though Hinako's mind begin to connect the dots.
[13:27] <Hinako Urashima> (If she really has been seeing me in the training sessions in the Netherworld....)
[13:27] <Elizabeth Bathory> My...
[13:30] <Elizabeth Bathory> I am so sorry to have kept this from you for all this time...
[13:31] * Camilla looks up at her mother's face.
[13:31] * Hinako Urashima blinks. (Was that---)
[13:34] *** A symbol is faintly present on Camilla's forehead. It seems that neither Camilla nor her mother can even discern it.
[13:34] <Hinako Urashima> (Cammy's a Senshi too!?)
[13:37] <Elizabeth Bathory> My dear... there is so much I've wanted to share with you. Shall we get started?
[13:38] * Camilla nods.
[13:38] <Hinako Urashima> (This is huge-- Cammy's a Senshi, and she doesn't yet realize it. She's gonna be in for quite the surprise.)
[13:40] *** Elizabeth Bathory has left #suburbansenshi4 (*She begins sharing many a story with her daughter about her past*)
[13:41] *** Hinako Urashima [] has left #suburbansenshi4 ((Man oh man, this is gonna be one to share.))
[13:41] *** The trio converse well into the day.
[13:41] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[19:32] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Transylvania
[19:32] * Hinako Urashima and Camilla are out enjoying the night life.
[19:32] <Hinako Urashima> Have to admit, there's quite a lot to see.
[19:33] <Camilla> Yeah--- this is what I grew up seeing. So many trees, old castles--- some of which are for sale and renovation-- family-run businesses that have survived the test of time....
[19:34] <Camilla> There's such a rich history here.
[19:35] <Hinako Urashima> I notice.
[19:35] * Hinako Urashima is also logging this information as she travels with her longtime friend. It'll make for quite the nice brochure once she returns.
[19:36] <Camilla> ...say, Hina... you took the whole thing about my mom and I being quasi-demons pretty well.
[19:37] <Hinako Urashima> Let's just say I've had my fair share of run-ins with other people of that species. Surprisingly, some of 'em aren't into that whole "rawr I'mma big bad demon and I'mma eat you puny humans" stereotype.
[19:38] <Hinako Urashima> If anything, they're not too different from humans--- well, aside from some of them having a smartass streak several miles wide.
[19:39] * Camilla blinks at this. "Really now?"
[19:39] * Hinako Urashima nods in affirmation. "You'd be surprised at the people I've encountered over the last few months."
[19:41] <Hinako Urashima> Maybe once we get back, I can introduce you to them.
[19:41] <Camilla> Huh... I'll have to give that one some thought.
[19:47] *** The two continue on through the city, heading for Camilla's family home.
[19:51] <Hinako Urashima> (This is something.... I know I saw a marking on Cammy's forehead. Yet, I couldn't make out all the details. It's very likely she's a Senshi, but which one?)
[19:55] * Hinako Urashima is brought out of her thoughts by Cammy--- or a sudden lack thereof. "Cammy?"
[19:55] * Camilla has stopped suddenly. "Ugh, my head..."
[19:56] * Hinako Urashima backs up to help her friend. "C'mon, we're almost back to your place."
[19:57] * Camilla weakly nods, the symbol flaring back to life upon her forehead.
[20:01] <Hinako Urashima> (!! She is a Senshi!!)
[20:02] * Camilla groans as the symbol flares even brighter, a deep purple washing over the area. Thankfully the two were already on the path back up to the house, otherwise this would get awkward REAL fast.
[20:04] *** The two make it back to the house... just in time to run into Camilla's mother.
[20:04] <Elizabeth Bathory> Ah, welcome back--- Camilla?!
[20:05] <Hinako Urashima> I'll explain in a bit-- help me get her to a couch.
[20:05] * Elizabeth Bathory nods, working with Hinako to move her ailing daughter to the living room sofa.
[20:05] <Elizabeth Bathory> Rest, sweetie-- we're here.
[20:06] * Elizabeth Bathory then turns to Hinako. "Now what is going on here?"
[20:06] * Hinako Urashima leads Elizabeth to the kitchen. "Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm more than certain your daughter is a Senshi."
[20:07] <Elizabeth Bathory> And just what is a "Senshi?"
[20:08] * Hinako Urashima launches into an explaination about the Senshi--- warriors aligned with the many planets in the solar system, of how there were both the main Planetary Senshi, and the Satellites.
[20:10] * Elizabeth Bathory blinks at this. "Normally I'd be calling all of this very absurd... but considering what I've seen and what turned me into what I am now..."
[20:11] <Hinako Urashima> Well then... I suppose now it's your turn to keep a secret.
[20:11] * Hinako Urashima closes her eyes, and calls forth her transformation.
[20:11] * Hinako Urashima is now known as Sailor Nereid
[20:11] <Elizabeth Bathory> !!
[20:11] * Elizabeth Bathory looks at Sailor Nereid.
[20:11] *** Sailor Nereid is a Neptune Satellite Senshi, clad in a cobalt-themed fuku with an almost clear bow on the front of her uniform. There's an unusual strength surrounding her--- how did a basic-level Senshi get such power? More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: . She is Level 1.

[20:11] <Elizabeth Bathory> My word...
[20:13] <Elizabeth Bathory> And my daughter is potentially one of them?
[20:14] <Sailor Nereid> It's very likely. Thing is, that symbol on her forehead--- it'd signify which of the Satellites' groups she'd belong to.
[20:15] <Sailor Nereid> Assuming my memory isn't completely shot...
[20:16] *** A strong pulse of power is felt coming from the living room. Elizabeth and Hinako race back, the latter detransforming in the process.
[20:16] * Sailor Nereid is now known as Hinako Urashima
[20:17] * Camilla has an odd mix of power running along her skin and outerwear.
[20:18] *** A staff forms above Camilla, drifting into an open hand. The jewel within the staff-head lights up, the symbol on her forehead resonating with it.
[20:19] * Camilla opens her eyes...
[20:19] * Camilla is now known as Sailor Nix
[20:19] <Sailor Nix> ?!
[20:19] <Sailor Nix> Wha--- where....
[20:19] <Hinako Urashima> ....Cammy?
[20:20] * Hinako Urashima looks at Sailor Nix.
[20:20] *** Sailor Nix is a Pluto Satellite Senshi. She stands 5'2", her fuku having white and black. The rod she carries allows her greater manipulation over surrounding darkness. For being a Pluto Satellite, she's notedly quite friendly. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: . She is Level 1.

[20:20] <Hinako Urashima> (I was right--- she is a Senshi after all. But I've not seen this one before....)
[20:20] <Elizabeth Bathory> ....Camilla?
[20:21] <Sailor Nix> Ugh, my head...
[20:23] * Sailor Nix sits up... and then gets an eyeful of her fuku. "What the--- where'd this come from?!"
[20:23] <Hinako Urashima>'re a Senshi.
[20:25] * Hinako Urashima calmly explains to her about what the Senshi are, what they represent....
[20:25] <Sailor Nix> ...and how do you know about them?
[20:25] * Hinako Urashima is now known as Sailor Nereid
[20:26] <Sailor Nereid> I'm one of 'em. Been one for about three years now--- though two of those years were spent trying to figure out just what the hell happened to me.
[20:26] * Sailor Nix 's eyes bug out. 0_0
[20:27] <Sailor Nix> But, I hardly know how to fight!
[20:27] * Sailor Nereid laughs. "That's exactly what I said when I found out last year."
[20:29] * Sailor Nereid lays a hand on Nix's shoulder. "Worry not-- I know a bunch of people whom are more than willing to help you figure this out. There's this one place I know of that's run by another Satellite Senshi--- it's like something of a network for us."
[20:30] <Sailor Nereid> And then there's also my friends whom helped train me.
[20:30] * Sailor Nix is silent as she processes this.... then nods. "Thanks."
[20:31] <Sailor Nix> Say... how do I turn back?
[20:32] <Sailor Nereid> Just calm yourself, envision yourself as you were before. With some practice, you can get the transformation down to the point that you can internalize the transformation commands.
[20:32] * Sailor Nereid is now known as Hinako Urashima
[20:32] <Hinako Urashima> Like this.
[20:33] * Sailor Nix nods, and takes a breath to calm herself. She envisions herself as she was before this happened.
[20:33] * Sailor Nix is now known as Camilla
[20:34] <Camilla> Man, this is gonna take getting used to.
[20:34] <Hinako Urashima> Preaching to the choir on that one.
[20:36] <Elizabeth Bathory> Miss Hinako, I will be counting on you to help with this matter.
[20:36] <Hinako Urashima> Of course--- there's no way I'd leave Cammy high and dry without any explaination.
[20:37] <Hinako Urashima> While a good friend would explain, a great friend would be right there with them every step of the way.
[20:38] <Elizabeth Bathory> I see. I'll hold you to it~
[20:39] * Camilla sinks back onto the couch. "Man, after that excitement, I'm bushed...."
[20:39] <Elizabeth Bathory> Hmhmhm♫ Well then, dinner was finished about an hour ago. You can heat it up and enjoy.
[20:40] * Hinako Urashima helps Camilla to her feet, then leads her into the kitchen. Now was a perfect time for food~
[20:46] * Camilla happily enjoys dinner. "It has been too long since I got to enjoy your cooking, mom♡"
[20:46] * Elizabeth Bathory softly chuckles. "You know you're welcome to come back whenever--- it's been so quiet around here."
[20:46] <Elizabeth Bathory> Of course, I won't deny your friend here the same invitation♫
[20:48] <Hinako Urashima> I'll be certain to keep that idea in mind.
[20:49] *** With new revelations brought to light, and bonds made even stronger, the two friends pass the time by exchanging stories. Elizabeth finds herself laughing at many of them.
[20:57] <Elizabeth Bathory> Goodness me, that must've been quite the embarassing sight.
[20:58] <Camilla> That would be the understatement of the day.
[20:58] <Hinako Urashima> (Probably for the best I don't tell her I have pictures of that night.)
[21:00] <Elizabeth Bathory> Certainly reminds me of one of my earlier days~
[21:00] <Elizabeth Bathory> Oh, the laughs that were had...
[21:02] <Hinako Urashima> Sounds like you had quite the time.
[21:03] <Camilla> It has been too long since we had a chance to share stories like this, mom.
[21:04] <Elizabeth Bathory> Well then, perhaps next time you could call over.
[21:04] <Camilla> With these long-distance rates? A plane-trip was cheaper. :P
[21:04] <Elizabeth Bathory> Hm♫ Point made.
[21:06] *** Elizabeth Bathory has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Oh yes, that reminds me--- there was this one time....")
[21:06] *** Camilla [EyesTowardsMe@International.fh] has left #suburbansenshi4 (o_o "Mom?!")
[21:06] *** Hinako Urashima [] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Oh my~")
[21:07] *** Around food and friends, the night passes by in a flash.
[21:07] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[22:09] * Lupin III looks in the mirror.
[22:09] *** Lupin III is your average everyday Lupin III

[22:09] * Lupin the 3rd looks in the mirror.
[22:09] *** Lupin the 3rd is tall, skinny man with short black hair, slightly large ears and large hands. He is wearing black pants and a Green Jacket or maybe it's Red or perhaps Pink
His image Song is: . He is Level 1.

[22:18] * Lupin the 3rd switches off the feed and grins
[22:19] <Daisuke Jigen> you think this is worth all that?
[22:19] * Daisuke Jigen cleans his revolver
[22:21] <Goemon Ishikawa XIII> it is unusual to say the least
[22:21] <Lupin the 3rd> hey trust me....
[22:21] * Lupin the 3rd pulls out a shard of glass and looks through it "this will pay in the end..."

[22:43] * Police Officer passes down the hall with the sculpture.....then looking around...hops out of a nearby window
[22:44] * Police Officer walks over to a motorcycle and gets on...hiding the sculpture in a bag...
[22:44] * Police Officer reves up the motorcycle...and drives off down the road
[22:45] * Police Officer removes their hat....
[22:45] * Police Officer is now known as Mine Fujiko
[22:45] <Mine Fujiko> tough luck, Lupin!
[22:45] *** Mine Fujiko has left #suburbansenshi4

[12:14] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Training Grounds, Unknown Location
[12:14] *** Hinako Urashima [] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[12:14] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa hinako urashima
[12:15] *** Camilla [EyesTowardsMe@International.fh] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[12:15] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa camilla
[12:15] <Hinako Urashima> And here we are.
[12:15] * Camilla looks around. "Wha-- where are we?"
[12:26] <Hinako Urashima> Sorry for the secrecy, but this place is on loan to me from a friend--- all she asked was that I keep things on the down low.
[12:26] <Hinako Urashima> Reasons for that will become apparent soon.
[12:26] * Camilla blinks at this. "OK.... so, what now?"
[12:27] <Hinako Urashima> First thing we do is transform--- given that you're still new to the whole Senshi business, we need to figure out just what abilities you have.
[12:28] <Camilla> Fair enough.
[12:30] * Camilla takes a breath, then recites the phrase. "Nix Satellite Power, Make Up!"
[12:30] * Camilla is now known as Sailor Nix
[12:33] * Hinako Urashima keeps a trained eye on her transformed friend. (Hm, that's a lot of strength for a basic-level Satellite Senshi. I'd heard idle notes that those ones had a higher base power to work with, but a higher power won't mean a thing unless you've the skill to properly wield it.)
[12:33] <Hinako Urashima> (Best do a quick test of the waters, just to be certain of things.) Nereid Satellite Power, Make Up!
[12:33] * Hinako Urashima is now known as Sailor Nereid
[12:34] <Sailor Nix> And from this point?
[12:36] <Sailor Nereid> Well, direct your attention to that rock over there.
[12:37] * Sailor Nereid points to a large rock. "What you're about to do is focus upon it, think it to be an incoming enemy. Most Senshi have some kind of offensive technique they can call upon from memory."
[12:41] * Sailor Nix nods at this, and looks at the rock, imagining it to be something unwholesome trying to attack them.
[12:43] * Sailor Nix recalls a memory, and points her staff at the rock. Multiple tendrils of darkness erupt from the staff, forming into spheres not unlike steel wrecking balls and smashing into the rock, leaving behind double-dipped craters with each impact.
[12:47] * Sailor Nereid gives a low whistle upon seeing this.
[12:47] <Sailor Nereid> (Quite some strength behind that one. Although...)
[12:47] <Sailor Nix> I... I did it.
[12:49] <Sailor Nereid> You can manipulate darkness-based magic with that staff of yours. That said, being here in the sun would drop your strength quite a bit--- I imagine that if we were in a dimly lit place, your attack would've had a lot more punch behind it.
[12:49] <Sailor Nix> How do you know this kinda stuff, anyhow?
[12:49] <Sailor Nereid> I had quite an intelligent teacher-- she didn't pull any punches when it came to explaining things.
[12:52] <Sailor Nereid> If she's not too busy, I could introduce you to her.
[12:52] <Sailor Nix> You really imagine she'd help me out?
[12:53] <Sailor Nereid> I don't see why she wouldn't.
[12:53] <Sailor Nereid> Anyway, I want to test something. Focus on the rock again.
[12:53] * Sailor Nix nods, and looks to the rock again, calling up the attack. However, before she launches it, Nereid places a hand upon her shoulder, and channels energy into her.
[12:54] *** The attack launches out, but this time the spheres have deadly spikes to them. When the impact against the rock, it disintegrates into dust.
[12:55] <Sailor Nix> O_O Holy Crap!
[12:55] <Sailor Nix> What did you---
[12:55] <Sailor Nereid> I'm a Battery Senshi--- I can supply other Senshi and Knights with extra magical power.
[12:56] <Sailor Nereid> Normally I'd be using this in tandem with my other Satellites, but as I've not run into many of them recently, I've turned my training efforts to other ventures.
[12:56] <Sailor Nix> Such as?
[12:56] * Sailor Nereid holds one hand out towards another rock, and fires a ki-blast at it, obliterating the rock in one go.
[12:57] <Sailor Nix> .......whoa. What was that energy?
[12:58] <Sailor Nereid> It's ki. Normally magic and ki don't mix very well--- I've heard that the main Senshi can't even use ki at all, since their Sailor Crystals convert it to planetary energy-- but with the right knowledge, you could use it too.
[13:00] <Sailor Nereid> Thinking on it, there's also wielding the power of your very own soul to attack and defend.... mixing magic and ki together for increased ability....
[13:00] * Sailor Nix blinks as she takes in this information.
[13:02] <Sailor Nix> And your instructor has been teaching you all of this?
[13:03] <Sailor Nereid> Not just her--- there's also her boyfriend, who's been handing down lessons to others as well.
[13:03] <Sailor Nereid> And then there's the other people they work with--- they've a lot to teach, if you've the mindset to listen.
[13:04] * Sailor Nix slowly nods at this. (What all has she been up to in these last few years?)
[13:10] *** Zotia [WiseWords@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[13:10] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa zotia
[13:10] * Zotia appears on the other side of the training field, having sensed something nearby. "Oh, Miss Nereid--- it was you I sensed."
[13:10] <Sailor Nereid> ??
[13:10] * Sailor Nereid looks over. "Oh, hey Zotia!"
[13:11] <Sailor Nix> Who?
[13:11] * Sailor Nix looks at Zotia.
[13:11] *** Zotia is a Netherworld Sage, with blue hair and green eyes and clad in a breathtaking white dress. She stands about 5' 11 1/2" tall, and is the next in command of the Coalition Netherworld. She has a very warm feeling around her. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: . She is Level 1.

[13:11] <Sailor Nix> (....whoa.)
[13:11] <Zotia> I see you brought a friend... oh my.
[13:11] * Zotia looks at Sailor Nix.
[13:11] *** Sailor Nix is a Pluto Satellite Senshi. She stands 5'2", her fuku having white and black. The rod she carries allows her greater manipulation over surrounding darkness. For being a Pluto Satellite, she's notedly quite friendly. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: . She is Level 1.

[13:12] <Zotia> This is something--- you carry the trace of demons within you.
[13:12] <Sailor Nix> Wait-- how'd you know?
[13:13] * Zotia smiles, and extends her wings from around her waist. "Why, I'm a demon myself."
[13:13] <Sailor Nix> 0_0
[13:14] * Sailor Nix then looks to Nereid. "You've been hanging with demons?!!"
[13:14] <Sailor Nereid> There's also been angels there, too.
[13:14] <Sailor Nix> O_O
[13:15] <Sailor Nix> (Other demons, angels...) Why did you never tell me about this kinda stuff?!
[13:15] <Sailor Nereid> Would you have believed me before now?
[13:15] <Sailor Nix> ......ok, point conceded.
[13:16] <Sailor Nix> So then... where do we go from here?
[13:17] <Sailor Nereid> Depends--- what would you like to learn? We got all day to explore different topics.
[13:20] * Sailor Nix mulls on this. There's quite the ground to cover.
[13:25] <Sailor Nix> Well... for starters, I'm aware of other kinds of magic, but would someone like me be able to wield it?
[13:26] <Zotia> I don't see why you wouldn't be able to. I mean, if Nereid here was able to use some, then you should be able to take it up.
[13:28] * Sailor Nereid demonstrates Zotia's point by launching a Fire Spell at another rock, following up with a Wind spell.
[13:28] <Sailor Nix> OK, sold.
[13:31] * Zotia gently smiles. "Very well. Let's begin."
[13:31] *** Sailor Nix [] has left #suburbansenshi4
[13:31] *** Sailor Nereid [] has left #suburbansenshi4
[13:31] *** Zotia [WiseWords@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4
[13:32] *** For the next several hours, Zotia and Nereid would tutor Nix in wielding elemental magics, to expand her options.
[13:34] *** Depending on what subject Nix was interested in next, the tutelage would soon move onto other areas.
[13:34] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[20:22] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[20:23] * Nelius Raoul finishes up some lingering paperwork (though things these days are done via NetherVerse Technology).
[20:24] <Nelius Raoul> (Takes care of those things for a long while.)
[20:24] * Nelius Raoul rolls his neck, working out some stiffness before exiting his room and heading downstairs.
[20:25] <Nelius Raoul> Let's see...
[20:25] *** Zotia [WiseWords@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[20:25] <@spiritflame> konbanwa zotia
[20:25] * Zotia steps through the Dimensional Gate. "Apologies for the tardiness."
[20:26] <Nelius Raoul> It's cool, though I am curious as to what kept you out so long.
[20:26] <Zotia> Ah, Miss Hinako caught my attention--- it seems that a friend of hers is also one of those Satellite Senshi.
[20:27] <Nelius Raoul> Crawling out of the woodwork lately, aren't they?
[20:27] <Zotia> I suppose that's one way to put it.
[20:27] <Zotia> Anyway, her friend is well-versed in shaping darkness-aligned magics.
[20:28] <Zotia> When they combined their respective talents, it was quite the spectacle.
[20:28] <Nelius Raoul> I can imagine.
[20:29] <Nelius Raoul> It may be a bit early to make this call, but perhaps Hinako's friend could be useful as a new liasion agent in the Human World.
[20:30] <Nelius Raoul> Considering what's been going on as of late, some extra eyes keeping watch on things would give us a leg up in stopping many other issues.
[20:31] <Nelius Raoul> Perhaps within the future we can exchange words, see if she's interested.
[20:34] <Zotia> Hm... we may wish to get Hinako's input on this as well.
[20:36] <Nelius Raoul> It's the next logical step. I'd be no better than the common Overlords who simply dump something onto another without consent if I did otherwise.
[20:42] * Zotia nods.
[20:45] <Zotia> Well then, how've things been here?
[20:46] <Nelius Raoul> All's been fairly well.
[20:46] <Nelius Raoul> Got the final bits of paperwork filed away.
[20:49] <Nelius Raoul> We should be getting some more Celestians visiting within the week or so, to figure out what's been going on with that closed gate in the other Netherworld.
[20:49] <Zotia> I see.
[20:49] <Zotia> Though, if it's not connected to the main branch where Lamington works....
[20:50] <Nelius Raoul> We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
[20:51] <Nelius Raoul> For now, we keep our eyes looking forward to the new ventures.
[20:51] <Nelius Raoul> If this next experiment goes as I'm projecting, then we should have a new material to work with, one that'll surpass what I bought back in May.
[20:54] <Zotia> You believe it'll work?
[20:54] <Nelius Raoul> That's what the experiments are for--- we've some leeway to figure out what works and what doesn't.
[20:56] <Nelius Raoul> Speaking of which, the results should be coming back sometime soon.
[20:56] <Zotia> Ah.
[20:57] <Zotia> I'm not certain about you, but I'm feeling up to having a snack.
[20:57] <Nelius Raoul> Hm, I might just join you for that snack run~
[20:58] * Nelius Raoul and Zotia head for the kitchen.
[20:59] * Christophe and Janice are finishing up dish detail. The Makai Chef sees the Overlord and Overlord's Advisor enter. "Hey Boss--- finally stepped outta your cave, I see." :P
[20:59] <Nelius Raoul> Har har, Christophe. :P
[21:00] <Janice> - Lemme guess, it's about time for that post-paperwork snack♫ -
[21:00] * Nelius Raoul laughs at this. "What, have you got a timetable hiding beneath one of those skillets?"
[21:01] <Janice> - Nah, I just like to imagine that I'm good at reading the reasons for snackage~ -
[21:01] * Zotia softly chuckles at this.
[21:04] <Nelius Raoul> Well then, don't mind us fridge raiders~
[21:05] * Nelius Raoul and Zotia get to that fridge raiding.
[21:06] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Ohh man, I nearly forgot we had this hiding in the back♫")
[21:06] *** Another night in the Netherworld passes by.
[21:06] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[20:22] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Enchanted Forest
[20:23] *** A portal opens in the middle of a thick forest. The sound of screaming and swords can be heard all around.
[20:24] *** Keiko has joined #suburbansenshi4
[20:24] <@spiritflame> konbanwa keiko
[20:24] *** Golden_Heir has joined #suburbansenshi4
[20:24] <@spiritflame> konbanwa golden_heir
[20:24] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[20:24] <@spiritflame> konbanwa nelius raoul
[20:24] * Keiko and her father drop through the portal to the ground and look around
[20:25] * Golden_Heir stands and looks around "we're not in Tokyo anymore Keiko."
[20:25] * Nelius Raoul lands, and immediately takes in the surroundings.
[20:26] * Golden_Heir hands Keiko a shirt
[20:27] * Keiko uncorks a vial and dumps it in the shirt "this is a locator spell.. it will lead us to mom."
[20:27] *** The shirt shines and floats in a direction.
[20:29] * Keiko follows and pulls out a large cloak putting it on. "might want to cover up. Dont bring attention to yourself"
[20:30] * Golden_Heir dons a golden cloak
[20:32] * Nelius Raoul gives a slightly derisive snort at that one. It's not exactly easy to overlook a 7-foot tall man whom appears to fell trees and punch bears unarmed..... anyway, he switches out his casual 21st century attire for something much less eye-catching---- mainly some chain-link mail armor that covers his torso and arms, a traveler's cloak, and some hard boots.
[20:34] * Keiko notices a tavern and heads over grabbing a couple of swords sitting there "we could just say he's a lost giant. he's just short"
[20:34] <Golden_Heir> True. or he's under a curse.
[20:35] <Nelius Raoul> Oh har har. :P
[20:35] <Keiko> I'm not kidding Uncle. Demons dont exsist here.
[20:36] <Keiko> Witches, ogres and mermaids yes.... demons no
[20:36] * Nelius Raoul reaches into his traveler's cloak, and withdraws one of his battle-axes. "Not the first time I've had to encounter such a plane of existence--- but time's not on our side. Let's make tracks while the timing is still favoring us."
[20:37] * Golden_Heir takes one of the swords and points ahead "that way"
[20:40] * Nelius Raoul nods, and heads with them in the direction that the locator spell indicates.
[20:41] * Golden_Heir pushes through the thicket
[20:42] *** An arrow whizzes past the groups heads
[20:43] <Nelius Raoul> ...seems we have company.
[20:43] <??> Who dares trespass into my Forest?
[20:43] <Keiko> crap.. the spell wont last much longer
[20:44] * Golden_Heir looks around "We are simply travelers. My wife went astray. we are trying to locate her. perhaps you have seen her?"
[20:46] <??> How do i know you are not spies of the Queen's? T'would not be the first time she employed such.
[20:48] * Nelius Raoul turns to regard the voice. "We're not from these lands. Any particular reason why this Queen isn't well-liked?"
[20:49] * Keiko PUNCHES Nelius
[20:49] <Keiko> /sqeak why would you say that???????
[20:49] <Keiko> ^
[20:50] <??> Not from these lands? Terrorists from the neighboring kingdom then! You are not welcome here. LEAVE!
[20:50] * Nelius Raoul is punched, but shows no signs of discomfort. He leans over to her.
[20:51] <Nelius Raoul> I was gonna try and pry some info outta Sir Paranoid, but it seems that went awry.
[20:52] * Keiko slowly backs away whispering "no one is going to take kindly to that phrase here."
[20:53] * Golden_Heir backs away as well "we have to find Kanri."
[20:53] * Nelius Raoul then regards the voice. "Was gonna say that even we got driven out by another kingdom, but if you want us gone, then we're gone. Just point us to the nearest exit, and it will be as if we were never here."
[20:54] *** an arrow whizzes past the group again
[20:54] <??> that is the exit.
[20:55] <Nelius Raoul> Thank you kindly.
[20:55] * Keiko walks ahead
[20:56] * Nelius Raoul then gets an idea. "Say, Keiko--- you mentioned witches and ogres and mermaids populating these lands. Any idea on the existence of dragons?"
[20:57] <Keiko> a few.
[20:57] <Keiko> they tend to be around towers though
[20:58] <Nelius Raoul> Hm... do any of them have the ability to take a humanoid form?
[20:59] <Golden_Heir> all of them do
[20:59] <Keiko> only black witches and wizards can though
[21:01] <Nelius Raoul> Gotcha.
[21:02] * Nelius Raoul takes in their current surroundings.
[21:03] *** The forest is still thick. There is a road up ahead
[21:06] * Nelius Raoul takes a look for any signposts that might indicate a nearby town.
[21:07] *** There are no signposts.
[21:09] * Nelius Raoul then refers to the locator spell Keiko cast on Kanri's shirt--- are they still headed in the correct direction?
[21:09] * Keiko is holding the shirt. the spell wore off a bit ago
[21:10] <Keiko> what now?
[21:12] <Nelius Raoul> I could work through life-force and magical senses, get a bead on where Kanri should be. Failing those, I pull up my Usatako's Eye and use its scanners.
[21:12] <Keiko> well can you zero in on her life force alone?
[21:13] <Nelius Raoul> Gonna give it a shot.
[21:14] * Nelius Raoul blinks, and his eyes shimmer ever so slightly as he expands his senses to locate Kanri.
[21:15] *** there's a flicker far off in the distance
[21:16] * Nelius Raoul turns towards where he felt the flicker come from. "I'm getting a reading from this direction."
[21:17] <Golden_Heir> then lets go then
[21:17] * Nelius Raoul nods, and leads the way.
[21:18] * Keiko follows
[21:18] * Golden_Heir follows as well
[21:19] * Nelius Raoul keeps his senses open as he leads the way.
[21:21] * Keiko looks around
[21:21] <Keiko> i hear something
[21:23] <Nelius Raoul> What might it be?
[21:25] *** some twigs snap nearby
[21:25] * Keiko draws her sword!
[21:27] * Nelius Raoul keeps a wary eye out for whatever else might be around, but has one hand on his axe already.
[21:28] <A small voice> weekoon? is that you?
[21:29] * Nelius Raoul blinks. (Odd, Kanri hasn't called me that in months....)
[21:30] * Nelius Raoul decides to do another cursory sense of where Kanri is located--- given the whole situation last February, he's leaving nothing up to chance.
[21:30] *** the flicker is still far away
[21:32] * Nelius Raoul narrows his eyes. (A doppelganger....)
[21:33] * Golden_Heir goes towards the voice "it's alright. you can come out"
[21:33] * Nelius Raoul holds an arm out to stop Kisuke.
[21:33] * Nelius Raoul then leans over to whisper to him.
[21:34] <Nelius Raoul> Kanri's life sign is still far away. This person is likely one of those spies we heard about-- that or a magically-crafted imitation.
[21:34] * Golden_Heir looks at Nelius
[21:35] <Golden_Heir> or... Its someone else who calls you by that name.
[21:35] <Nelius Raoul> The only other person who calls me that would be Daini.
[21:36] * Nelius Raoul then decides to do a sense for Daini's life sign.
[21:36] *** The life sign is behind a nearby tree
[21:37] <Nelius Raoul> (So even Daini ended up here, too?)
[21:38] <Nelius Raoul> (Unless....)
[21:38] * Nelius Raoul decides to tease this out.
[21:38] <Nelius Raoul> Time for tuna
[21:39] <The small voice> Tuna?? Did you bring some? Anwee said there's none here
[21:41] * Nelius Raoul reaches into his cloak, pulls out a tin of tuna, and opens it with a veeeerrrrrryyyyy distinct sound.
[21:41] * Daini Felinus pokes her head out from behind a tree "tuna?"
[21:43] * Nelius Raoul just waves the tin. "Hey there little sis."
[21:43] <Keiko> Daini??? how did you get here??
[21:43] * Daini Felinus steps out and runs over "Anwee was taken away.I was in her pocket"
[21:46] <Nelius Raoul> Taken away, huh? Did you see what they looked like?
[21:47] <Daini Felinus> scary... they looked like knights from my book.. but they were all black
[21:47] <Keiko> crap
[21:47] <Golden_Heir> the black knights...
[21:47] <Nelius Raoul> Context por favor?
[21:48] <Keiko> they work for the queen.. we dont have much time now.. The queen will kill mom..
[21:50] <Nelius Raoul> Oh lovely, a tyrant Queen.
[21:50] <Nelius Raoul> Well, I got a lock on Kanri's signature. Let's make tracks.
[21:51] * Keiko nods and picks up Daini wrapping down her ears with a cloth making a bandana "let's go"
[21:54] * Nelius Raoul leads the way towards Kanri's signature. (I wonder, is this Queen a total b[BLEEP]ch for her own reasons, or is this like Elkenrod in the Fire Plane, that something tempted her to b[BLEEP]chiness?)
[21:55] * Keiko and Kisuske follow
[22:00] <Nelius Raoul> Say, how did her Knights end up grabbing Kanri in the first place?
[22:02] <Daini Felinus> i dunno they just did... they grabbed her and said she was trasspassing... whats that?
[22:02] <Nelius Raoul> (Something is very off about this...)
[22:02] <Nelius Raoul> What's up?
[22:03] <Nelius Raoul> Trespassing means that she's on others' property without their consent.
[22:03] <Daini Felinus> ohhhhhhh
[22:03] <Daini Felinus> they were mean.
[22:05] <Keiko> im sorry kiddo
[22:06] <Nelius Raoul> We'll set things right, Daini. Count on it-- we'll get Kanri back.
[22:08] <Golden_Heir> i will not let her down
[22:08] * Golden_Heir treks ahead determined
[22:10] * Nelius Raoul makes certain that everyone is together as he heads on, following towards Kanri's signature.
[22:11] <Keiko> how are we going to get in?
[22:13] <Nelius Raoul> Depends--- what kind of security are we up against?
[22:15] <Keiko> well knights of course
[22:15] <Keiko> and the queen once she finds out
[22:18] <Golden_Heir> the queen is known as the most powerful witch in history
[22:18] <Nelius Raoul> Though here's my question---- do they have defenses against sources meant to nullify and consume magic?
[22:19] <Keiko> probably
[22:20] <Nelius Raoul> Well, we'll cross that bridge if conflict is unavoidable. For now, we'll work discreetly.
[22:24] * Nelius Raoul does a quick check to see how much closer they've gotten in the interim.
[22:24] * Golden_Heir looks around "the sun is setting.. we should make camp. moving at night is dangerous"
[22:24] *** Kanri is stil quite far
[22:27] <Nelius Raoul> Anything we'll need?
[22:28] <Keiko> a tent. we can make it out of our cloaks.
[22:29] <Nelius Raoul> All right.
[22:31] * Keiko takes off her cloak and takes Kisuske's sewing them together with a sewing kit from her mother's satchel "there Uncle can you spread it on a branch?
[22:32] * Nelius Raoul gets some branches, and spreads the cloaks over them. "This ought to do the trick."
[22:33] * Golden_Heir hunts for some firewood
[22:34] <Keiko> can you go get some meat? we'll need to eat
[22:35] <Nelius Raoul> Leave it to me.
[22:35] * Nelius Raoul heads out, to grab some wild game within the area.
[22:36] * Keiko starts gathering kindle and making a fire "thank goodness mom and dad made me be a girl scout
[22:42] * Nelius Raoul returns with about three wild deer and a rabbit. "If we need more, I can head out and get some."
[22:42] * Daini Felinus helps out finding sticks nearby
[22:42] <Keiko> it's one night..... how much do you eat??
[22:42] <Keiko> O_O
[22:45] <Nelius Raoul> Figured that what doesn't get eaten tonight could be packed up for tomorrow's trip.
[22:46] <Keiko> we could make jerky
[22:46] * Golden_Heir returns and puts some wood in the fire
[22:48] <Nelius Raoul> That'll work.
[22:49] <Keiko> lets get cooking. Daini go get in the tent.. this part wont be pretty
[22:55] * Daini Felinus goes into the tent and curled up
[22:55] * Nelius Raoul begins skinning the deer and rabbit, preparing dinner.
[23:01] * Keiko helps out as much as she can
[23:01] *** The deer and rabbit are prepared and ready to be cooked!
[23:03] * Keiko uses the swords to make a makeshift grill "there!"
[23:05] <Nelius Raoul> Nice.
[23:08] * Keiko digs in the satchel "oh! mom has some seasonings in here!"
[23:09] <Nelius Raoul> Excellent.
[23:12] * Keiko hands over some that would go well
[23:15] * Nelius Raoul accepts and gives a liberal application to the meat.
[23:15] * Keiko sets the meat over the fire "at least we're safe"
[23:16] <Nelius Raoul> I'll be taking first watch once dinner's finished.
[23:18] <Keiko> alright. i'll take over after 4 hours the dad will.
[23:19] <Nelius Raoul> All right.
[23:20] * Keiko yawns andstretches
[23:23] * Nelius Raoul does a quick check on the food. "About another minute and it should be ready."
[23:26] * Nelius Raoul carefully takes the meat off the fire, letting it cool.
[23:26] <Keiko> ok. i'll gather water.. make sure daini eats
[23:26] * Keiko heads into the thicket.
[23:27] * Nelius Raoul makes certain that the food is sufficiently cooled. "Hey Kisuke, Daini--- dinner is served."
[23:29] * Golden_Heir steps out carrying Daini and sets her down "thanks Nelius"
[23:30] * Daini Felinus pokes the meat curiously O_____O
[23:30] *** The meat smells delicious~ It practically falls apart when Daini pokes it.
[23:30] <Daini Felinus> oops!
[23:31] * Keiko returns with several cantines full of water "got water. the area looks clear for the night"
[23:33] <Nelius Raoul> Still, anything can happen, so let's not be careless.
[23:33] <Keiko> of course. mom needs us
[23:34] * Daini Felinus picks at the meat stuffing it in her mouth
[23:36] * Nelius Raoul eats his portion, keeping his senses open. It may be night, but it's no time to let down one's guard.
[23:37] <Nelius Raoul> This takes me back.
[23:38] <Keiko> really?
[23:40] <Nelius Raoul> Yeah. Long before I ended up arriving at the Hotel, I was out wandering all sorts of other worlds and realities--- having to camp out, hunt down food, and keep myself aware of whatever kinds of potential dangers might be lurking around the corner.
[23:40] <Keiko> well this time you're not alone
[23:40] <Nelius Raoul> Indeed.
[23:41] * Daini Felinus crawls into Nelius' lap and curls up sleepy
[23:42] <Nelius Raoul> Hate to break your heart there, Daini, but I'll be getting up here in a bit to take watch.
[23:42] * Daini Felinus doesnt move
[23:43] <Keiko> you should keep her with you.. she's much more comfortable with you.. she needs that here
[23:44] <Nelius Raoul> All right. Should we change watch shifts, or do you two feel comfortable letting Daini stick with me for first watch?
[23:44] <Keiko> you're her brother. you'll keep her safe
[23:45] * Golden_Heir stands "lets get some sleep Keiko. we have to set off again first thing tomorrow. be careful Nelius."
[23:45] <Nelius Raoul> Got it. Sleep well, you two.
[23:45] * Keiko sets some meat to jerkify over night and stands "night"
[23:45] *** Keiko has left #suburbansenshi4 (to bed we go)
[23:46] *** Golden_Heir has left #suburbansenshi4 (we'll find you love)
[23:48] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 (*He takes the first watch of the night. Any fool whom dares disturb their encampment will suffer the wrath of the Overlord.* (Hold tight, sis. We'll get you back home safely.))
[23:49] *** Daini Felinus has left #suburbansenshi4 (*clings to Nelius fast asleep* zzzzzzzz)

[23:50] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: null

[22:58] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[22:59] * Zotia is checking over things in the Overlord's Office.
[22:59] <Zotia> (All is well for the while....)
[23:00] * Zotia sighs. (Do come home soon... it's far too quiet here, even with all the vassals about their business.)
[23:01] * Zotia finishes a document.... then realizes something. (He's not here.... and that bed of his looks awfully inviting....)
[23:01] <Zotia> >.>
[23:01] <Zotia> <.<
[23:03] * Zotia just DIVES into Raoul's bed. :D
[23:05] *** Zotia [WiseWords@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ((Ahh, so comfortable♡))
[23:05] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None
[23:06] *** Another night in the Netherworld passes by.

[15:57] * Shin Sailor Q looks in the mirror.
[15:57] *** Shin Sailor Q is magical girl wearing a very styalized fuku with long gauntlet gloves and long green boots with blue weaves. She has a star shaped brooch in the middle of her bow and a golden tiara.
Her image Song is: . She is Level 1.

[15:58] * Sailor Q looks in the mirror.
[15:58] *** Sailor Q is is a teenage girl wearing a stylized sailor fuku with a light blue bow design, green and blue skirt, boots, fingerless gloves, a long red scarf and wearing a half blue mask. Her shoulders are covered by some sort of blue round armor covers.
image Song is: 0. is Level 1.

[14:42] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Enchanted Forest
[14:43] *** the suns rises on a new day.
[14:44] *** Keiko has joined #suburbansenshi4
[14:44] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa keiko
[14:46] * Keiko walks back to the campsite and starts disassembling the fire pit, sprinkling fresh leaves over the charred spots "wake up.. it's time to keep moving"
[14:47] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[14:47] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa nelius raoul
[14:47] * Nelius Raoul is already awake and taking stock of their current supplies.
[14:48] * Keiko gets Daini washed up and ready to go "dad take down the tent.. i think we'd make the best time if we head across the river. "
[14:50] * Golden_Heir sets to taking down the tent and hands keiko her cloak after donning his own "lets get going then"
[14:51] * Keiko dons her cloak and tuck Daini, in her kitten form, into the satchel
[14:51] * Nelius Raoul puts his senses to work, to pinpoint the direction they need to take to find Kanri.
[14:52] * Keiko heads through the trees to the river "should be easy... doesnt look too deep"
[14:54] * Nelius Raoul takes a quick look at the river itself.
[14:56] * Keiko grabs a rock and tosses it in
[14:57] * Keiko looks at Nelius "jump in>>"
[14:58] * Golden_Heir looks around frowning "something smells off"
[14:58] *** A loud ROAR emanates from somewhere in the forest. It's close.
[14:58] <Golden_Heir> O_o
[14:59] * Keiko squeaks and jumps "what was that??"
[14:59] <Nelius Raoul> Company.
[14:59] * Golden_Heir jumps in front f Keiko, sword drawn
[14:59] *** There are loud stomping sounds...a very large creature is approaching!
[15:00] * Nelius Raoul has his axe already at the ready as he turns to view what's approaching.
[15:00] * Golden_Heir grabs Keiko and THROWS her across the river "Run!"
[15:01] *** A TROLL stumbles out of the trees, swinging around its club wildly. it seems....oddly much more clumsy than normal
[15:01] * Keiko takes off into the trees to hide
[15:01] <Golden_Heir> well there's something you dont see everyday
[15:02] <Nelius Raoul> It seems very off-kilter for some reason.
[15:02] *** The troll doesn't even seem to notice's very occupied with something else...look carefully to see what's wrong with it?
[15:03] * Golden_Heir jumps back to avoid being squished and tries to so whats bothering the creature
[15:03] <Golden_Heir> see^
[15:04] *** Roll 1d10 to get a visual
[15:04] * Nelius Raoul takes a very close look. What could be agitating this troll so badly?
[15:04] <spiritflame> Nelius Raoul rolls 1d10 [ 4 ]
[15:05] *** Raoul can't quite see through all the thrashing...but maybe a flash of something on its back
[15:05] <spiritflame> Keiko rolls 1d10 [ 6 ]
[15:05] <spiritflame> Golden_Heir rolls 1d10 [ 1 ]
[15:06] <Nelius Raoul> Looks like there's something on its back.
[15:07] *** Keiko gets a glimpse of blonde hair
[15:07] *** The troll SCREAMS.....and falls to the ground with a thunderous noise
[15:08] *** The Savior has joined #suburbansenshi4
[15:08] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa the savior
[15:08] <The Savior> That's right! And that'll teach all yoru buddies to wake my sleeping brother again!
[15:08] <Nelius Raoul> .....(Who the hell?)
[15:09] * The Savior smacks the troll's head with the flat part of her blade. Apparently this newcomer has not noticed the group.
[15:09] <Golden_Heir> O_O
[15:10] <Golden_Heir> well then
[15:10] * The Savior brushes herself off and HUMPHs...then sheaths the sword and......
[15:10] <The Savior> WHAT IN THE F[BLEEP]K ARE YOU?!?
[15:11] * Golden_Heir points to Nelius "that is a Nelius mi'lady"
[15:11] <Nelius Raoul> ...certainly took you a minute to realize we were here.
[15:11] <The Savior> .........
[15:11] <Golden_Heir> My apologies... his manners are lacking
[15:11] <The Savior> I was a bit occupied with this thing....they're much more ugly in real life than in the story book
[15:12] <Golden_Heir> storybook?
[15:12] <The Savior> Yeah this very heavy book of fairy tales my kid carries everywhere. You seen him? Boy. Brown hair, 'bout yay tall?
[15:12] * The Savior holds her hand up to about her shoulder height
[15:13] <Golden_Heir> not that i know of. perhaps youve seen my wife? silver hair, sarcastic....short"
[15:14] <The Savior> 'fraid not
[15:14] *** somewhere Kanri is seething.
[15:14] * The Savior makes a face...and grabs a rock. She looks rather irritated
[15:14] * Keiko steps out of the trees
[15:16] <Keiko> Excuse me, but do you know how to get to the queen's castle?
[15:16] * The Savior THROWS the rock somewhere random, growling
[15:16] *** haha you can't break the 4th w-OW!
[15:17] <The Savior> STOP calling me "the savior!" and I both know that's a load of crap and I don't want another author we have to de-pen before you get it right!
[15:17] *** *grumbles under breath*
[15:17] * The Savior is now known as Emma Swan
[15:17] <Emma Swan> THANK YOU
[15:18] * Emma Swan turns back to the group
[15:18] * Keiko blinks.....blinks
[15:18] <Emma Swan> You say something about the queen? Which queen?
[15:19] <Keiko> um..... hold on
[15:19] * Keiko ppeeks in the satchel "what did she look like?"
[15:20] <Golden_Heir> black knights..... evil...but she was pretty?
[15:20] <Emma Swan> You mean Regina?
[15:20] <Nelius Raoul> (That's the second time this story book has been mentioned.)
[15:20] * Keiko closes the satchel "thanks kiddo"
[15:21] <Golden_Heir> our guess would be as good as yours
[15:21] <Nelius Raoul> (I wonder how many other people got sucked into this world...)
[15:21] <Emma Swan> You got someone in that thing, kid?
[15:21] <Keiko> >> my aunt?
[15:22] <Emma Swan> You have your your bag?
[15:23] <Nelius Raoul> It's a long story. To sum up events, we need to get to the queen to save someone.
[15:23] <Golden_Heir> its a quite difficult situation to explain
[15:24] * Emma Swan scoffs
[15:24] <Emma Swan> You think Regina's gonna save some strangers that show up here? Good luck.
[15:25] <Golden_Heir> we think she's the one who took her miss.. we arent going to ask.
[15:25] <Keiko> we're getting my mom back..
[15:26] <Nelius Raoul> Note that I never said that the queen was the one saving people.
[15:27] <Emma Swan> Ah...well my parents took their kingdom back so...Regina had one of her little temper tantrums again and decided we weren't her friends any more. Sometimes I wonder who the real kid is.
[15:28] <Golden_Heir> do you know how to get there?
[15:28] <Emma Swan> Of course I do
[15:28] <Keiko> If you can help that would be great!^^
[15:29] <Emma Swan> Um sure. Come with me then. Didn't catch your names?
[15:29] <Keiko> Keiko^^
[15:30] <Golden_Heir> Kisuske
[15:30] <Nelius Raoul> Nelius.
[15:30] <Emma Swan> Odd names...are you from Japan? Long way from Maine. I'm Emma.
[15:32] <Keiko> yea from tokyo!
[15:32] <Nelius Raoul> Myself, no, but trying to explain such would keep us here all day.
[15:34] <Emma Swan> Right...story of my life. Let's go
[15:34] * Golden_Heir nods
[15:34] <Golden_Heir> lead the way
[15:34] * Emma Swan turns and heads back through the trees
[15:36] * Golden_Heir and Keiko follow
[15:37] * Nelius Raoul follows. (That's twice now that this "story book" was mentioned. Did someone have too much time on their hands and decided to recreate old legends for s[BLEEP]ts and giggles?)
[15:37] *** wouldn't you like to know
[15:38] * Emma Swan scoffs and leads them through the forest....
[15:38] *** eventually you come upon rolling hills with a castle in the distance
[15:38] <Keiko> woah!~
[15:38] <Keiko> its beautiful!
[15:39] <Emma Swan> Now I'll take you there but DONT WAKE MY BROTHER
[15:39] <Nelius Raoul> Don't mind us--- you're doing a fantastic job of that with your shouting.
[15:40] <Emma Swan> We're no tthere yet smartass
[15:40] <Golden_Heir> dont mind him
[15:40] <Keiko> mom will kick his butt later
[15:41] <Emma Swan> You'll have to ask my parents if it's okay to see's their house after all...and David and Mary Margaret don't like when someone shows up wanting to see her
[15:43] <Golden_Heir> just let me do the talking Nelius
[15:44] <Nelius Raoul> Carry on, then.
[15:44] * Emma Swan walks right on into the palace
[15:44] <Emma Swan> The things you can do when you're the princess
[15:44] <Golden_Heir> princess?
[15:45] <Emma Swan> You did notice I said "my parents" right?
[15:45] <Emma Swan> Snow White and Prince Charming are my parents. Yeah. That book? My life. Beat that.
[15:45] * Keiko blinks "woah! i like her!! she's an awesome princess! not like the damsels"
[15:46] <Emma Swan> None of those here kid
[15:46] <Nelius Raoul> So you take action, then?
[15:47] * Keiko grins "thats a good role model"
[15:47] <Emma Swan> That's why your moron of a narrator called me "the savior"
[15:47] <Emma Swan> I "save" people's happy endings
[15:48] <Nelius Raoul> Explains that.
[15:50] * Golden_Heir looks around "Kanri is nearby! she's here!!"
[15:50] * Emma Swan stops a guard to ask where her parents are
[15:51] * Nelius Raoul puts his senses to work. (Where are you, sis?)
[15:51] <Emma Swan> Okay this way
[15:51] * Emma Swan leads the group up several flights of stairs leading to the residential section and a sitting room
[15:53] * Keiko looks around and........"mom?"
[15:53] * Kanri-chan is sitting having tea with the king and queen........laughing "yes he cant cook to save his life.. but it's endearing"
[15:53] <Kanri-chan> oh you made it^^
[15:54] <Emma Swan> Is that your missing person?
[15:54] <Nelius Raoul> That's her, all right.
[15:54] <Nelius Raoul> Hey sis.
[15:54] <Golden_Heir> ...............yes
[15:54] <Snow White> Emma! How was your walk?
[15:54] * Keiko runs over and hugs her mom
[15:54] * Snow White bounces little Neal in her lap
[15:55] <Golden_Heir> i thought you were in trouble!!
[15:55] <Emma Swan> .....refreshing. mom...did you bring that girl here?
[15:56] <Snow White> Regina captured her. Anyone against Regina is a friend of mine.
[15:56] <Snow White> There's enough tea for everyone. Come...sit
[15:56] * Kanri-chan pouts "she abused my ears"
[15:57] <Snow White> It's not often you see animal-people anymore
[15:58] * Keiko takes a seat and smiles "then i can let Daini out?"
[15:58] * Snow White scratches Kanri's ears just so Neal can coo
[15:58] <Kanri-chan> yes its safe. purrrrrrrrrrrrr
[15:58] <Snow White> Besides...the baby likes your purring
[15:59] * Daini Felinus jumps out of the satchel and stretches
[16:01] * Kanri-chan smiles "my brother loves it too. this is my sister daini. my husband Kisuske, my daughter Keiko.......and our Nelius"
[16:01] * Nelius Raoul takes an offered seat.
[16:02] <Snow White> Pleasure
[16:02] <Snow White> What brings you to the enchanted forest? I can't imagine it was just to find my visitor
[16:02] <Kanri-chan> he's kinda like a pet. he comes and goes as he pleases~
[16:02] <Golden_Heir> it.........was >>
[16:02] <Emma Swan> Looks like more than just Storybrooke got pulled into the book this time
[16:02] <Keiko> we thought mom was in trouble so we came to save her...
[16:03] <Emma Swan> You know, I'm getting rather tired of world hopping
[16:04] <Nelius Raoul> Eh, after a while you tend to get used to it.
[16:04] <Kanri-chan> says the one who's never in one place for more than a day~
[16:05] <Nelius Raoul> Well, do pardon me for having duties.
[16:05] * Kanri-chan laughs
[16:06] <Emma Swan> yeah my duties are on earth. 100%
[16:07] <Nelius Raoul> But, onto business. This Regina--- was she always like this, or did she fall off the wrong side of the bed one day and never recovered from it?
[16:07] * Daini Felinus climbs into Nelius' lap and curls up yawning
[16:07] <Emma Swan> Do you know the fairy tales?
[16:08] <Emma Swan> Regina is...WAS...the evil queen. Snow White's wicked step mother
[16:09] * Nelius Raoul quirks a brow at this. "As it is, those kinds of stories never made circulation out where I live, so you'll have to pardon my abruptness."
[16:09] <Emma Swan> I didn't even believe it was real for the longest time
[16:12] <Daini Felinus> da ebil queen hated snow white... so she poisoned her.. but da pwince saved her^^
[16:12] <Kanri-chan> Daini knows the stories well. they're her favorite
[16:14] <Emma Swan> being thrown into that life is rather.....well it took some time to sink in.
[16:15] <Kanri-chan> look you guys have had a long day....and could really use a few baths.. how about we talk about this at dinner?
[16:15] <Kanri-chan> i'm cooking^^
[16:15] <Emma Swan> sounds like a plan
[16:15] <Keiko> a bath??????
[16:16] <Keiko> i'd love a bath!
[16:18] <Kanri-chan> bath time it is!
[16:18] <Kanri-chan> (( till next time~ ))
[16:18] *** Kanri-chan has left #suburbansenshi4 (I'm Stronger than I look. Shall I prove it?)
[16:18] *** Golden_Heir has left #suburbansenshi4 (Until you agree.)
[16:18] *** Keiko has left #suburbansenshi4 (A new beginning isnt so bad)
[16:18] *** Daini Felinus has left #suburbansenshi4 (can i bave wif da pwincess?)
[16:20] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ((A world of fairy tales across human history.... they must've been written long before the discovery of demons and angels.))
[16:28] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[01:07] *** Eliza McIntash has joined #suburbansenshi4
[01:07] <@spiritflame> konbanwa eliza mcintash
[01:07] *** Hospital Sick Bed
[01:07] * Eliza McIntash sits there, still conscious, hooked up to tubes.
[01:07] *** Pyrite has joined #suburbansenshi4
[01:07] <@spiritflame> konbanwa pyrite
[01:08] < Pyrite> Hello Eliza, Feeling any better?
[01:08] <Eliza McIntash> I don't know. Physically, maybe.
[01:08] <Eliza McIntash> I'm actually surprised you were able to get in here, considering that Big Sister Chateaux said she's mutilate you if you flagrantly hit on me much more.
[01:09] < Pyrite> I ummmm got you something.
[01:09] <Eliza McIntash> What?
[01:10] < Pyrite> A box of chocolates and a potion....
[01:10] < Pyrite> One that can make you feel all better.
[01:10] * Eliza McIntash smiles a little bit. "Chocolate?"
[01:10] <Eliza McIntash> I'm actually really surprised that you considerate enough to bring chocolate.
[01:10] < Pyrite> And If you don't like it....
[01:11] * Pyrite pulls out a knife and puts on the table besides her.
[01:11] <Eliza McIntash> Well, actually, I'm kind of lonely, since I'm trying to stay awake, you see.
[01:11] <Eliza McIntash> !!!
[01:11] < Pyrite> You can use it on me.
[01:11] <Eliza McIntash> Why do you have a knife?
[01:11] <Eliza McIntash> I'd never use a knife on you.
[01:12] <Eliza McIntash> What the hell?
[01:12] < Pyrite> You did before....
[01:12] <Eliza McIntash> No I didn't.
[01:12] < Pyrite> Don't you remember?
[01:12] <Eliza McIntash> The only time I have ever struck you... to my great credit, was when you were peeping on us in the Onsen.
[01:13] <Eliza McIntash> Be grateful for that, because most would have done it more.... and no, I don't count slapping. That's not done to cause lasting pain.
[01:13] <Eliza McIntash> I try NOT to hurt people. I have never used a knife on anyone.
[01:13] < Pyrite> ............
[01:13] <Eliza McIntash> That's what my sword is for, and I only use it to harm truly wicked beings.
[01:13] <Eliza McIntash> ....Can I have some chocolate, please?
[01:13] < Pyrite> Okay never mind.....
[01:14] * Eliza McIntash is covered in stitches over 85% of her body.
[01:14] <Eliza McIntash> What do you mean, "nevermind?" Are the presents for me or not?
[01:14] < Pyrite> Sure But I think you should drink the healing potion first.
[01:15] < Pyrite> Ot will fix you.
[01:15] * Eliza McIntash sighs.
[01:16] <Eliza McIntash> ....but I want chocolate instead. >.>
[01:17] <Eliza McIntash> Isn't that why you brought it? Because you actually paid attention and knew I liked chocolate and were considerate?
[01:17] < Pyrite> You can have that after....
[01:17] * Eliza McIntash looks over at him, still hooked up to lots of tubes.
[01:17] <Eliza McIntash> After what?
[01:17] <Eliza McIntash> I'm already healing now, aren't I?
[01:17] < Pyrite> I want to fix your skin.
[01:17] < Pyrite> This will heal it immediantly.
[01:17] <Eliza McIntash> .....Why?
[01:18] <Eliza McIntash> Why the skin?
[01:18] <Eliza McIntash> It's just skin.
[01:18] < Pyrite> Because I like you.
[01:18] <Eliza McIntash> .........
[01:18] <Eliza McIntash> What do you like about me, Pyrite?
[01:18] < Pyrite> ............
[01:18] <Eliza McIntash> You can go ahead and tell me. I'm not going anywhere, you know.
[01:19] <Eliza McIntash> What do you like about me?
[01:19] <Eliza McIntash> I want to know. You seem to be the.... the only person... the only person who likes me. Why?
[01:19] <Eliza McIntash> What do you like?
[01:19] < Pyrite> You're nice to others and you ummmmmmmm gave a great body.....
[01:19] * Eliza McIntash sighs
[01:19] <Eliza McIntash> How am I nice to others?
[01:20] < Pyrite> And I like it when you are beung.....
[01:20] < Pyrite> Well....
[01:20] < Pyrite> Odd.
[01:21] * Eliza McIntash stops smiling.
[01:21] <Eliza McIntash> What... do... you.. mean?
[01:21] * Eliza McIntash looks drastically less pleasant.
[01:21] * Eliza McIntash crosses her arms.
[01:22] < Pyrite> Like when you held a knife to me and wanted to cut me open a few days ago.....
[01:23] <Eliza McIntash> Pyrite, I never did that.
[01:23] <Eliza McIntash> I would never do that.
[01:23] <Eliza McIntash> Not even to you.
[01:23] < Pyrite> .......Okay i was lying then.
[01:23] <Eliza McIntash> ....are you... are you SURE I did those things?
[01:23] <Eliza McIntash> .........
[01:24] < Pyrite> Maybe?
[01:24] <Eliza McIntash> What the HELL? I ask you if you are SURE and you say "Maybe?"
[01:24] < Pyrite> I don't know...
[01:24] <Eliza McIntash> Why have you come here?
[01:24] <Eliza McIntash> Look.
[01:24] <Eliza McIntash> Pyrite.
[01:24] <Eliza McIntash> Come here.
[01:25] <Eliza McIntash> Look at me.
[01:25] <Eliza McIntash> Do you trust me?
[01:25] <Eliza McIntash> With your life. Do you trust me that I will not hurt you?
[01:25] * Pyrite looks at s at her..
[01:25] *** s at her. is your average everyday s at her.

[01:25] * Eliza McIntash looks into his eyes.
[01:25] < Pyrite> S-sure...
[01:26] < Pyrite> That's why I want to make you better.
[01:26] * Eliza McIntash looks hurt by this.
[01:26] * Eliza McIntash has a tear in her eyes.
[01:26] <Eliza McIntash> Why did you bring that knife?
[01:27] * Eliza McIntash holds her head.
[01:28] < Pyrite> Because.....U want you to trust me...
[01:28] <Eliza McIntash> Why would I trust a person who comes to my bed armed?
[01:29] <Eliza McIntash> Pyrite, come here.
[01:29] <Eliza McIntash> Close your eyes.
[01:29] < Pyrite> I want you to see that You can stab me in the heart and I would let you....
[01:29] * Eliza McIntash picks up the knife.
[01:30] < Pyrite> Can't you drink my potion first?
[01:30] <Eliza McIntash> Why does that matter? I'm strong enough to do this, I assure you.
[01:30] < Pyrite> Then I'll close my eyes.
[01:30] <Eliza McIntash> Don't worry. I'm healthy enough... come here and close your eyes.
[01:30] < Pyrite> .........
[01:31] * Pyrite comes over and closes his eyes.
[01:31] <Eliza McIntash> .......
[01:31] * Eliza McIntash HURLS the knife!
[01:31] <spiritflame> Eliza McIntash rolls 1d20 [ 15 ]
[01:31] * Eliza McIntash throws the knife into the door.
[01:32] < Pyrite> See/ I'm trusting you with my life.
[01:32] <Eliza McIntash> Yes, but I had to ask you 6 times to do it.
[01:32] <Eliza McIntash> Pyrite, do you think you love me or something?
[01:32] <Eliza McIntash> Answer me. Do you love me?
[01:33] < Pyrite> Yes .
[01:33] <Eliza McIntash> Then why don't you trust me?
[01:33] <Eliza McIntash> People trust the people they love.... beyond reason.
[01:33] <Eliza McIntash> Look at the people here.
[01:33] < Pyrite> You....
[01:34] <Eliza McIntash> The people who love each other also trust one another implicityly. You sure seemed to have a lot of qualms before you did what I said.
[01:34] < Pyrite> You hated me.....
[01:34] <Eliza McIntash> You didn't care if I did or not, did you?
[01:34] < Pyrite> For groping you back then...
[01:34] <Eliza McIntash> If you cared what I thought, you would not have stalked me or spied on me or made such horrible appearances and comments.
[01:34] < Pyrite> and spying on you in the bath.
[01:34] <Eliza McIntash> That's not what people who love each other do.
[01:35] <Eliza McIntash> ....but I can forgive you for that.... at least, now I can.
[01:35] <Eliza McIntash> Because reckless infatuation... I did that once.
[01:35] <Eliza McIntash> Because I thought he was the only one.
[01:35] <Eliza McIntash> He is... insignificant.
[01:36] < Pyrite> ......
[01:36] <Eliza McIntash> Here, let me have the chocolate.
[01:36] <Eliza McIntash> It might make me be in a better mood.
[01:36] < Pyrite> ]/me gives her the box.
[01:37] * Pyrite gives her the box.
[01:37] * Eliza McIntash eats some of the chocolates.
[01:37] <Eliza McIntash> I have missed this.
[01:37] <Eliza McIntash> But I will say, it doesn't hold the appeal it used to for me.
[01:37] <Eliza McIntash> I suppose *munch mumch* that I have changed.
[01:38] <Eliza McIntash> Tell me... would you be willing to change for the person you love?
[01:39] < Pyrite> Yeah, I could do that.
[01:39] <Eliza McIntash> How?
[01:40] < Pyrite> What do you want me to be?
[01:40] <Eliza McIntash> Care.
[01:40] <Eliza McIntash> The same thing everybody else wants. I want you to care about other people.
[01:42] * Eliza McIntash eats some more chocolates.
[01:43] < Pyrite> I care about you. I know you are lonely like me...
[01:44] <Eliza McIntash> I am.... I am very lonely.
[01:44] < Pyrite> I want to fix that....
[01:44] * Eliza McIntash sighs.
[01:44] * Eliza McIntash eats some more chocolates.
[01:45] <Eliza McIntash> Do you have parents?
[01:45] < Pyrite> Yes.
[01:46] * Eliza McIntash sniffles. "My god. You are so lucky."
[01:46] <Eliza McIntash> To be held and loved. To be rocked to sleep.
[01:46] <Eliza McIntash> I would give... my gods...
[01:46] <Eliza McIntash> To sleep... to really sleep and be held and nuzzled and be happy.
[01:46] <Eliza McIntash> You are SO LUCKY.
[01:46] <Eliza McIntash> To have parents... a family.
[01:47] <Eliza McIntash> SInce you have those things, why are you lonely?
[01:47] < Pyrite> Will....
[01:47] < Pyrite> Qill you get mad if I say something honest?
[01:48] <Eliza McIntash> I'll get mad if you don't.
[01:48] < Pyrite> Yes, I really want to have sex with you bad but I also want more then that if you would just give the chance!.
[01:49] <Eliza McIntash> ....
[01:49] < Pyrite> I want what my cousin has..
[01:49] <Eliza McIntash> Who's your cousin?
[01:49] < Pyrite> Obsidian.
[01:50] < Pyrite> Tou know him.
[01:50] <Eliza McIntash> Only vaguely.
[01:50] <Eliza McIntash> What does he have that you want?
[01:50] * Eliza McIntash moves some of the covers on her hospital bed.
[01:50] < Pyrite> a Woman who's always there for him like Matsumi is...
[01:51] < Pyrite> Is that so wrong?
[01:52] < Pyrite> Is it?
[01:52] < Pyrite> Tell me!
[01:52] <Eliza McIntash> Yes.
[01:53] < Pyrite> WHY?
[01:53] <Eliza McIntash> Do you know that I have had nightmares ever since the person I thought I loved got married?
[01:53] <Eliza McIntash> That's why I'm not asleep. I'm AFRAID to go to sleep.
[01:53] <Eliza McIntash> I thought he understood me, and that we had a lot in common, and... god, he is so handsome.
[01:54] < Pyrite> .......
[01:54] <Eliza McIntash> But... but he has made another woman pregnant, and he's happy, and she's happy, and look at Matsumi and her husband? They love and trust each other.
[01:54] <Eliza McIntash> Look at... look at Gemini and Xadium.
[01:54] <Eliza McIntash> Yeah, they don't seem to have gobs in common, but they are each other's top priority.
[01:55] <Eliza McIntash> Pyrite... when you fall in love with a person, your top priority is the other person... at least I want to believe this.
[01:55] <Eliza McIntash> I don't think you love me.
[01:55] <Eliza McIntash> But...
[01:55] * Eliza McIntash wipes tears away... "I think the person I love will never be able to love me the way I want."
[01:56] < Pyrite> ......
[01:56] <Eliza McIntash> I do believe you. I think you are lonely.
[01:56] <Eliza McIntash> I can respect that.
[01:57] <Eliza McIntash> And, reckless infatuation, I can... well, respect isn't the word, but I understand
[01:57] <Eliza McIntash> Do you really think *I* am beautiful? Really?
[01:57] <Eliza McIntash> ...I guess the problem is that I do not take pride in it.
[01:57] < Pyrite> Yes....
[01:58] < Pyrite> U'd let you do anything to me if you...
[01:58] <Eliza McIntash> Did what?
[01:59] * SilverTongue walks into the EMH. He's not wearing his usual shirt There's a very clear mark on his neck, it looks like some sort of burn or rash.
[01:59] <Eliza McIntash> Why do you think I want to do anything to you?
[01:59] * Eliza McIntash looks at Silvertongue.
[01:59] *** Silvertongue is is a 20ish looking demon with short silver hair, pale skin, yellow eyes, a fluffy wolf tail, fingers with sharp claw, and small horns on his head. His shirt is black and only covers his upper chest. He wears tight fitting pants and no shoes.
His image Song is: Give Me All Your Love. He is Level 1.

[01:59] <Eliza McIntash> S[BLEEP]T, a demon!
[01:59] < Pyrite> !
[01:59] <Eliza McIntash> .....
[01:59] <Eliza McIntash> Pyrite.
[02:00] <Eliza McIntash> Stop him.
[02:00] < Pyrite> Me?
[02:00] * Eliza McIntash looks funny.
[02:00] < Pyrite> Stop him?
[02:00] <SilverTongue> Stop me from getting medciation for my silver allergy?
[02:00] < Pyrite> How?
[02:00] * Eliza McIntash narrows her eyes.
[02:00] <Eliza McIntash> Why not you?
[02:01] < Pyrite> I'll try....
[02:01] * SilverTongue speaks with the EMH and gets a cream off him, which he rubs on the mark on his neck "Idiot would be lover tried to give me a silver necklace. That thing f[BLEEP]king burned"]
[02:01] < Pyrite> You better go or I'll-
[02:01] < Pyrite> I'll fight you...
[02:01] <Eliza McIntash> Stop.
[02:02] <SilverTongue> You'll what? Stop me from getting treatment for a poteiotnally fatal allergy?
[02:02] <Eliza McIntash> Just.... just let him go.
[02:02] * Eliza McIntash looks ashamed of herself.
[02:02] <Eliza McIntash> It's my fault. I'm sorry.
[02:02] <SilverTongue> What happened to you anyways. You look like you lost a fight with a woodchipper.
[02:04] <Eliza McIntash> I don't know what happened. I woke up this way after a car hit me, but the other people say somebody did this on purpose.
[02:04] <Eliza McIntash> I was trying to stop some really bad people. ....It does not seem that I won.
[02:04] <Eliza McIntash> Anyway, I'm trying to heal now. It will just take time.
[02:05] * Eliza McIntash sighs.
[02:05] * Eliza McIntash eats some chocolates.
[02:06] <Eliza McIntash> I think I should probably be alone soon.
[02:06] <SilverTongue> Sounds rough. Get well soon and all that. And you, you're trying the old help the lady recover and hopes she repays you with a round on the hosptiaal bed are ya? *He glances over at Eilza and wispers "Watch this one, he's a total would be womanizer and bad at it"
[02:06] < Pyrite> And I was....
[02:07] < Pyrite> I am not!
[02:07] * SilverTongue laughs
[02:08] <Eliza McIntash> Thank you, but I know that better than most.
[02:08] <Eliza McIntash> Pyrite, I think you should go now, please?
[02:09] < Pyrite> - Fine. -
[02:09] < Pyrite> But could I ask you one thing?
[02:09] < Pyrite> Just one thing.
[02:10] <Eliza McIntash> You can ask, ye.
[02:10] <Eliza McIntash> yes
[02:12] < Pyrite> Would you consider the possbilty of considering the possbilty of maybe sleeping with me and if you don't like it...we do have to go any father.
[02:12] < Pyrite> Don't have to.
[02:12] <Eliza McIntash> Yes, but only because I'm considering the possibility of considering the possibility.
[02:12] <Eliza McIntash> But Pyrite, I can't be what you want.
[02:13] <Eliza McIntash> ...I don't think I can be what anybody wants.
[02:13] <Eliza McIntash> But it isn't going to be to always be there for a man --or woman--or robot--or woman wearing a man robot--unless that person is also 100% there for me.
[02:14] < Pyrite> I don't care if you're not, just be you, only you for yourself.
[02:14] <Eliza McIntash> Heh.
[02:14] <Eliza McIntash> Well, at least you are trying.
[02:14] <Eliza McIntash> I think I need to be alone now. Please leave me, Pyrite.
[02:14] <SilverTongue> I've heard worse pickup lines.
[02:15] * Eliza McIntash just watches Pyrite.
[02:15] < Pyrite> Okay, Goodnight, Eliza, get better soon....
[02:15] * Pyrite teleports away.
[02:15] < Pyrite> part
[02:15] *** Pyrite has left #suburbansenshi4
[02:16] <Eliza McIntash> Well, at least he did what I asked when I said please this time.
[02:16] * Eliza McIntash turns over and does her best to heal, but refuses to sleep.
[02:17] <SilverTongue> ...You look like you haven't slept in weeks. What's your deal?
[02:17] <Eliza McIntash> ....I always have nightmares when I sleep.
[02:17] <Eliza McIntash> >.>
[02:18] <Eliza McIntash> Also, I tend to sometimes... uh... well. I just don't look forward to sleeping.
[02:20] <Eliza McIntash> I think you should... probably go.
[02:20] * Eliza McIntash lays back on the bed.
[02:22] * SilverTongue starts to walk away "You should see someone about that

[12:16] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Training Grounds, Unknown Location
[12:17] *** At these grounds, two familiar faces run through some exercises, lead by a particular individual.
[12:17] <Anzu> And a-one and a-two and a Go For It!
[12:18] * Sailor Nereid and Sailor Nix close the distance between one another, fist meeting staff.
[12:19] * Sailor Nereid attempts precision strikes to try and knock the Nix Rod away, whilst Sailor Nix does her best to not be disarmed.
[12:19] <spiritflame> Sailor Nereid rolls 2d10 for disarmament [ 3, 4 ]
[12:19] <spiritflame> Sailor Nix rolls 2d10 to defend [ 5, 3 ]
[12:19] * Sailor Nix keeps her weapon, although she comes quite close to losing it.
[12:21] * Sailor Nix calls on and old combat memory--- channeling her power through the Nix Rod, she generates a spearhead made of darkness magic on both ends of her staff, and stabs at her training partner with it.
[12:22] <spiritflame> Sailor Nix rolls 2d10 for stabbytimes [ 5, 10 ]
[12:22] <spiritflame> Sailor Nereid rolls 2d10 to resist shanking o`clock [ 4, 9 ]
[12:22] * Sailor Nereid is nicked on an arm, but continues the fight.
[12:26] <spiritflame> Sailor Nereid rolls 2d10 for disarmament attempt #2 [ 5, 10 ]
[12:26] <spiritflame> Sailor Nix rolls 2d10 for disarmament resistance #2 [ 1, 4 ]
[12:26] * Sailor Nix finds her staff kicked up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay into the sky. It's not coming down for a while.
[12:28] * Sailor Nix doesn't get a moment to try and rearm herself, as Nereid is bearing down upon her. Time for some CQC.
[12:40] <spiritflame> Sailor Nereid rolls 3d10 for fisticuffs [ 10, 2, 8 ]
[12:40] <spiritflame> Sailor Nix rolls 3d10 for defense [ 5, 6, 5 ]
[12:41] * Sailor Nix finds herself on the losing end of this. While Nix might have greater power as a Satellite Senshi, Nereid had better training and far more techniques to draw upon.
[12:44] <spiritflame> Sailor Nix rolls 3d10 for counter-attack [ 1, 6, 6 ]
[12:44] <spiritflame> Sailor Nereid rolls 3d10 for counter-defense [ 1, 6, 3 ]
[12:44] * Sailor Nereid finds herself being pushed back some.
[12:46] <spiritflame> Sailor Nereid rolls 3d10 to retake the lead [ 1, 8, 5 ]
[12:47] <spiritflame> Sailor Nix rolls 3d10 for keeping the lead [ 9, 7, 3 ]
[12:47] * Sailor Nix keeps up the offensive.
[12:47] <spiritflame> Sailor Nereid rolls 3d10 for change in tactics [ 9, 2, 10 ]
[12:47] <spiritflame> Sailor Nix rolls 3d10 for attempted adjustment [ 10, 1, 9 ]
[12:48] * Sailor Nix manages to learn quickly and adjust.
[12:48] <spiritflame> Sailor Nix rolls 4d10 for escalation of the fight [ 3, 1, 6, 5 ]
[12:48] <spiritflame> Sailor Nereid rolls 4d10 for defensive measures [ 8, 1, 8, 5 ]
[12:49] * Sailor Nereid throws Nix off her game and goes for the finish.
[12:49] <spiritflame> Sailor Nereid rolls 4d10 to end the session [ 6, 10, 6, 9 ]
[12:49] <spiritflame> Sailor Nix rolls 4d10 to defend the finisher [ 5, 9, 9, 8 ]
[12:50] *** The two Senshi collide, canceling one another out.
[12:50] <Sailor Nix> Hoo.... you hit like a truck.
[12:51] <Sailor Nereid> Yeah, not gonna lie... you picked up on this stuff real quick.
[12:58] <Sailor Nix> What can I say--- you were right, they don't cut corners here.
[13:02] <Sailor Nix> Though, about your friend over there.... Anzu, her name was?
[13:02] <Anzu> Yeah? What's on your mind?
[13:03] <Sailor Nix> Exactly how long have you had to come up with these combination dance and battle movements?
[13:04] <Anzu> Oh, a couple millenia, give or take some odd centuries.
[13:05] <Anzu> And I have to say, you two certainly have bodies that groove quite nicely.
[13:05] <Sailor Nereid> Uh, thanks. (What was that supposed to mean?)
[13:06] <Sailor Nix> I see. (OK, that Zotia woman didn't mention her being somewhat close to creepy.)
[13:09] <Anzu> Well, I need to go print out some ideas I got whilst watching you two duke it out. Later♡
[13:09] *** Anzu has quit IRC
[13:10] * Sailor Nix waits for Anzu to be far out of earshot.
[13:10] <Sailor Nix> Is it just me, or did she seem a little too interested?
[13:12] <Sailor Nereid> Somehow, I think that statement spoke volumes of her preferences. (Maybe I could steer Shizuka her direction.)
[13:17] <Sailor Nereid> What say we grab lunch?
[13:17] <Sailor Nix> Sounds good. We gonna hit up the old places, or do you have somewhere in mind?
[13:17] <Sailor Nereid> I got a place.
[13:18] *** The Nix Rod finally returns to earth, hitting the ground with a solid impact.
[13:18] <Sailor Nix> Huh, there it is finally. Really need to work on a recall command.
[13:20] <Sailor Nereid> We'll have time after we get food. Nice as breakfast was, it wasn't quite all that filling.
[13:20] * Sailor Nereid is now known as Hinako Urashima
[13:20] * Sailor Nix is now known as Camilla
[13:20] <Camilla> Well, lead the way.
[13:21] *** Hinako Urashima [] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("I get the feeling you're gonna like this place. Good stuff at nice prices.")
[13:21] *** Camilla [EyesTowardsMe@International.fh] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("I'll reserve my judgment until we arrive.")
[13:22] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[22:20] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[22:20] *** Zotia [WiseWords@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[22:20] <@spiritflame> konbanwa zotia
[22:20] * Zotia sits in the Overlord's room once again. The paperwork is filed, the vassals are behaving, there's been little to no problems....
[22:20] <Zotia> .....
[22:23] <Zotia> It'll be a week now since Nelius disappeared. Could things be going that badly for whatever expidition he's on?
[22:49] <Zotia> .....
[22:50] * Zotia looks over at a recorded message.
[22:51] <Nelius Raoul> Zotia, Haru--- it seems that Kanri got herself into some kind of trouble. I'm headed out with Kisuke and Keiko to get a better look at the situation. Keep things running whilst I'm out.
[22:52] <Zotia> ....come back soon. This Overlord's Castle just feels so empty when you're not around...
[23:01] <Zotia> (I need to do something to shake this quiet.)
[23:02] * Zotia gets up and heads downstairs.
[23:15] *** It seems to be business as usual. Atreya's maintaining the gate, Asa's getting her pistols cleaned, Christophe has the kitchen restocked....
[23:29] *** Zotia [WiseWords@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ((Everything's going as promised...))
[23:29] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[23:53] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: 1708
[23:53] *** Sean Collins has joined #suburbansenshi4
[23:53] <@spiritflame> konbanwa sean collins
[23:54] *** Haru E [SpannerinDWorks@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[23:54] <@spiritflame> konbanwa haru e
[23:54] * Sean Collins takes a seat in his den.
[23:55] * Haru E floats on over.
[23:55] *** David O`Cain [] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[23:55] <@spiritflame> konbanwa david o`cain
[23:55] <David O`Cain> Alright. What is it?
[23:55] <Sean Collins> Have a seat
[23:56] * Haru E takes a seat.
[23:56] <Sean Collins> So...this digiverse is digital. That means all who originate from this universe has a digital coding in their physical makeup.
[23:56] <Sean Collins> What we a hacker.
[23:57] <David O`Cain> How is a hacker gonna deal with this?
[23:58] <Haru E> Consider, David--- it's a world of digital information. The right kinda bug or recursion loop could easily send it crashing down on its head.
[23:58] <Sean Collins> We manage to get the hacker to the device. Then have the hacker program a 20 GOTO 10 command into the Apocamon. It will get suck in an infinite loop and forget about its explosion trigger.
[23:58] <Sean Collins> We can then take it out with no damage to this universe.
[23:59] <Haru E> Something else I plan on looking into is figuring ways to cut this thing off from its feeding off the dead.
[23:59] <David O`Cain> Heh.
[00:01] <Sean Collins> The only way I can think of is to take it out, sooner than later.
[00:01] <David O`Cain> Well, if it's got an electronic signal.
[00:01] <Haru E> I'll consult with Hale about that end of things---- I have one idea, but to effeciently execute it, it's gonna need a special touch that only a Celestian can afford.
[00:02] <Sean Collins> Its either that...or steal a Drej ship....
[00:04] <David O`Cain> Well, Daxter was able to hack Jupiter's comm sats from here.
[00:04] <David O`Cain> Well, here as in from Earth.
[00:06] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Sean Collins is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[00:06] <Sean Collins> Think Daxter can confuse the heck out of a digital being?
[00:11] <David O`Cain> I'm sure he can. Just need to figure just where exactly to plant the code.
[00:12] * Haru E taps something on her visor, sending a message to Zotia--- make certain Naoto and Mita listen in on this.
[00:14] <David O`Cain> Then again, he could impliment it into all of its functions just for s[BLEEP]ts and giggles.
[00:16] <Sean Collins> Sounds like fun. :)
[00:17] <Haru E> Let's send that bucket of bolts into Hell.
[00:17] <David O`Cain> A digital Hell.
[00:19] <Sean Collins> Daxter can take it out with its own coding, and we handle the physical obstacles.
[00:19] <Sean Collins> We can still send it to Ea if push comes to shove.
[00:22] <Sean Collins> Let that thing and the entity have an "Eat You, Eat Me" contest for the rest of eternity.
[00:23] <Haru E> And if things get a little too out of control, I'll have some backups ready to give them both the heave-ho if necessary. Even omnispatial gluttons have a point where they can't function any longer.
[00:24] <???> And then there's his two followers...
[00:25] <David O`Cain> Who's crashing our little party?
[00:26] <???> I am not crashing it, I amexplaining that you have three problems, not one.
[00:27] <Sean Collins> As stated...we handle the physical obstacles
[00:28] <???> That is fine... continue...
[00:28] *** ??? has left #suburbansenshi4 (GS BAll Telepathy END)
[00:29] <David O`Cain> Hmm.
[00:32] <Sean Collins> I hate nosey neighbors.
[00:33] <Sean Collins> When should we try this operation?
[00:35] <David O`Cain> Given the situation, and what we're dealing with, ASAP.
[00:36] <Haru E> First thing's first--- we get the options prepared and people assembled. I'll be in contact once I got my end of things ready to go.
[00:36] <Sean Collins> Then we start tomorrow then.
[00:37] * David O`Cain nods
[00:38] * Haru E nods as well.
[00:38] <Sean Collins> We'll assemble everyone tomorrow to tell them of this plan. Try to keep it low key.
[00:38] <Sean Collins> We don't know if there are others listening...
[00:39] <David O`Cain> Of course.
[00:39] <Haru E> Gotcha.
[00:42] <David O`Cain> So, meeting adjourned?
[00:42] <Sean Collins> I should get back to Rhea.
[00:42] <Sean Collins> Yes
[00:43] <Sean Collins> Thanks for coming to discuss this.
[00:43] *** Sean Collins has left #suburbansenshi4
[00:44] *** Haru E [SpannerinDWorks@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4
[00:44] *** David O`Cain [] has left #suburbansenshi4
[00:45] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[11:45] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[11:46] *** Things have been going slowly, but steadily at the Overlord's Castle.
[11:48] <Zotia> .....
[11:49] *** A buzzing sound comes in from her comms.
[11:49] <Zotia> ??
[11:49] * Zotia pulls up her comms and checks.
[11:50] <?!?!> Bzzt--- me in--- krak-- tia, can --u re-d me?
[11:50] <Zotia> Who the...
[11:50] * Zotia works to clean up the signal.
[11:51] <Nelius Raoul> Coalition Netherworld, come in. This is the Overlord speaking.
[11:51] <Zotia> !!! Nelius!
[11:51] <Nelius Raoul> Ah, finally. Communications got through. Hey Zotia.
[11:52] <Zotia> This is an honest relief. How're things over there?
[11:54] <Nelius Raoul> Apparently whatever world we've landed in is influenced by old human world fairy tales, or some nonsense along those lines. Seems that demons and angels aren't exactly heard of over here.
[11:54] <Nelius Raoul> And your end? What's going on?
[11:55] <Zotia> Apparently some digital machine that feeds on death came through, and threatened to eliminate the universe.
[11:55] <Nelius Raoul> Another day, another dumbs[BLEEP]t, huh?
[11:56] <Zotia> That's how it feels.
[11:57] <Zotia> Right now, Haru has contacted Lady Hale, and is formulating a way to cut off the being's intake. She's also got Naoto and Mita on call to assist.
[12:24] <Nelius Raoul> Got it. I'll try to clean things up on this end, hopefully get back to everyone.
[12:24] *** The communication cuts off.
[12:24] * Zotia lets a shaky breath she didn't realize she was holding.
[12:25] <Zotia> Come home soon--- we miss you. I miss you.
[12:25] *** Zotia [WiseWords@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4
[12:25] *** Another day in the Netherworld goes on.
[12:26] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[23:47] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[23:48] * Zotia is checking over the plan Haru had concocted.
[23:50] <Atreya> Uhhh, Miss Zotia.... we got something going on.
[23:50] <Zotia> ??
[23:50] * Zotia heads over to the gatekeeper. "That being?"
[23:51] <Atreya> I'm getting a gate signature from these unrecorded coordinates.
[23:52] * Zotia checks them over. (Wait, aren't these from where Nelius' prior message came from?)
[23:54] <Zotia> Odd indeed.... still, get the defenses ready.
[23:55] * Atreya nods, and gets the special gate-defenses at the ready.
[23:55] *** The gate is carefully opened, showing a world of greenery. Wait, is that character familiar-looking?
[23:55] <Atreya> ?! Boss?!
[23:56] <Zotia> !!
[23:58] <Nelius Raoul> Hey everyone.
[23:58] <Atreya> Holy crap, boss! We were beginning to wonder what happened.
[23:59] <Nelius Raoul> Kinda had a figuring that was the case. Magic works a bit differently over here, so I had to get the adjustments needed to be able to open a gate to and from... whatever this world is called.
[00:01] <Nelius Raoul> How've things been over there?
[00:01] <Zotia> I'd say, but right now I'm quite relieved to see you well.
[00:02] <Zotia> Are you planning to come through?
[00:02] * Nelius Raoul nods.
[00:03] <Nelius Raoul> This will be a twofold deal--- getting that world's coordinates, and being able to return without need of external assistance.
[00:04] * Nelius Raoul begins to step through as Atreya works from her end to get full stability.
[00:07] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[00:07] <@spiritflame> konbanwa nelius raoul
[00:07] * Nelius Raoul steps through the gate.
[00:08] <Nelius Raoul> It's great to be home.
[00:08] * Zotia beelines over to Nelius and engulfs him in one hell of a hug!
[00:09] * Nelius Raoul simply smiles, and wraps his arms around Zotia.
[00:13] <Zotia> Oh yes, that reminds me--- your message.
[00:13] <Nelius Raoul> To abridge things, Kanri's quite all right--- made herself some friends over there. Daini's with Keiko and Kisuke as well.
[00:14] <Nelius Raoul> Though we may be having to perform some regicide on a ruling queen over there.
[00:15] <Nelius Raoul> And things over in 1337-A? How're they faring?
[00:16] <Zotia> Something that calls itself "Apocalymon" has apparently been making attempts to launch an invasion over there.... something about a digital kingdom and an evil-hearted man awakening something....
[00:16] <Nelius Raoul> Eh, another day, another dumbs[BLEEP]t that wants to consume reality for s[BLEEP]ts and giggles.
[00:17] <Nelius Raoul> I imagine that Haru's plan to 86 this scrap heap is under construction as we speak?
[00:17] <Zotia> That it is. Should have everything ready in some hours.
[00:17] <Nelius Raoul> Excellent.
[00:19] <Nelius Raoul> Now then, before I forget...
[00:20] * Nelius Raoul brings his left arm up, and uses his right hand to tap the eye on the back of his hand. The eye glows yellow.
[00:20] <Nelius Raoul> And set.
[00:20] <Nelius Raoul> If things begin to get dicey and Kanri's collective needs backup, I can be alerted a good ten minutes before things begin.
[00:22] <Zotia> Good to hear.
[00:23] * Atreya gets the coordinates recorded down and backed up for safety. She then closes the gate, keeping an active scan for activity from that end.
[00:25] *** Atreya has left #suburbansenshi4 ("I need snoozages.")
[00:25] <Nelius Raoul> Well, with everything up and ready.... what say we get caught up on things~
[00:26] <Zotia> Why, I say that's a fine idea♡
[00:26] *** Zotia [WiseWords@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("First off, had a chat with Hinako.... seems she plans on introducing her friend to this world and some of its inhabitants.")
[00:27] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Is that right? Guess I'll have to roll out the red carpet. Now then.... to other business~")
[00:27] *** Another night in the Netherworld passes by.
[00:27] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[17:06] *** Bixia Yuanjin [hsan-tachi@celephais.dt] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[17:06] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa bixia yuanjin
[17:07] * Bixia Yuanjin enters one of the HOTEL basement hallways, Simon Kerrick Lich at Large in tow
[17:08] <Bixia Yuanjin> We had Kaze-sama prepare a room for him here.
[17:08] <Young Lich> Bixia, is there anything I should knwo about where we are going?
[17:08] * Bixia Yuanjin shakes her head
[17:09] <Young Lich> Like... does it strike evil beings down, or impede magic, or render foes of law unable to leave, or detect when people come or go, or anything?
[17:09] <Bixia Yuanjin> We needed a place to stash him. This is it.
[17:09] <Young Lich> So it's an obliette and nothing else?
[17:09] <Bixia Yuanjin> It's just sealed inside and out with fresh air, food, and water.
[17:09] <Bixia Yuanjin> Nothing else. I'd have let you know if it were otherwise.
[17:10] * Bixia Yuanjin presses the key into an otherwise-inobtrusive glyph in the wall
[17:10] <Young Lich> Why do you think he can't escape it?
[17:11] * Bixia Yuanjin steps back as the wall begins shifting, a door coming into being where none had been before
[17:11] <Bixia Yuanjin> I thought he was just bound to mortal means of escape.
[17:11] <Bixia Yuanjin> Then we walked in on him trying to step Elsewhere.
[17:13] * Bixia Yuanjin frowns as the door opens, revealing the room beyond: white on white, with an empty glass and mostly-empty bowl of rice on one side, and a Japanese man in his middle-thirties sitting in the lotus, his back to them both
[17:13] <Bixia Yuanjin> Get up.
[17:13] * Buddhist Monk inclines his head to the side
[17:13] * Young Lich watches to see how fearfully the man reacts to a tweenager.
[17:14] <Young Lich> WHAT? A holy man?
[17:14] <Bixia Yuanjin> Maybe by some standards of holy.
[17:14] * Young Lich blocks the door.
[17:15] <Buddhist Monk> I wasn't expecting you back so soon, Grimoire.
[17:15] * Young Lich manages to not say anything.
[17:15] <Buddhist Monk> Is your Master well? I wasn't expecting you to bring a guest, either.
[17:16] <Bixia Yuanjin> Shut up.
[17:16] * Buddhist Monk laughs once and turns around, an eyebrow quirking when he sees the skeletal shape before him
[17:16] <Buddhist Monk> Gracious. Death Himself stands before me.
[17:17] <Bixia Yuanjin> If I'm lucky, he'll be just that.
[17:17] <Bixia Yuanjin> We're taking you somewhere else.
[17:17] <Bixia Yuanjin> Cooperate and I won't be obliged to break your arms again.
[17:18] * Buddhist Monk laughs again and raises both hands in surrender
[17:18] <Buddhist Monk> You have no need to worry about me.
[17:18] * Bixia Yuanjin walks behind the monk and pushes him forward with one hand
[17:18] <Young Lich> You broke his arms and legs?
[17:19] <Buddhist Monk> I can't blame her. I was trying to kill her.
[17:19] <Buddhist Monk> That was, of course, before we'd had our little conversation--
[17:20] <Young Lich> That's not the fascinating part, but I'll just let you lead on.
[17:20] * Bixia Yuanjin snaps a pin-point atemi strike in his right shoulder
[17:20] * Buddhist Monk 's right arm flops to his side
[17:20] <Buddhist Monk> Ghhhh
[17:20] <Bixia Yuanjin> Simon, do what you need. I trust him to your care.
[17:21] <Young Lich> I'd raise an eyebrow if I still could.
[17:21] <Young Lich> Very well.
[17:21] <Young Lich> You want to come with us, or stay here, Bixia?
[17:21] <Young Lich> Also... how is he moving if his arms and legs were broken?
[17:22] <Bixia Yuanjin> He heals quickly.
[17:22] <Bixia Yuanjin> I'll stay here. I'll be able to find him.
[17:22] <Young Lich> Good thing you told me that. VERY good thing.
[17:22] <Young Lich> ....If you say so.
[17:22] <Bixia Yuanjin> I should get back to my Master to let her know things are done.
[17:22] <Young Lich> But none can shift into my prison plane without the password. I will tell you what it is later.
[17:22] <Bixia Yuanjin> I'll find you. :)
[17:23] <Young Lich> Where should I go if I want to find you?
[17:24] <Bixia Yuanjin> There's a small shrine I've set up on the roof of Ginga TV. Burn a piece of paper with my name on it and I'll know you're calling.
[17:25] <Young Lich> ....Alright.
[17:25] * Young Lich turns to the monk.
[17:25] <Young Lich> You knwo what I am?
[17:25] <Buddhist Monk> You are a walking, talking, skeletal figure whom the Grimoire trusts.
[17:26] <Young Lich> Good enough.
[17:26] * Bixia Yuanjin bows to Simon, then shoots a smouldering glare at the Monk before stepping Elsewhere
[17:26] *** Bixia Yuanjin [hsan-tachi@celephais.dt] has left #suburbansenshi4 (It may be possible to own a clock, but no one can own Time.)
[17:26] <Young Lich> You have two ways you can make this trip. Either you can come with me to the prison world, or I'll suck your body into a soda bottle and you don't get any more chances to be good. What'll it be?
[17:27] * Buddhist Monk regards his limp arm and shakes his head to himself, smiling
[17:28] * Young Lich takes hold of the good arm.
[17:28] <Buddhist Monk> I've always wanted to visit another world.
[17:28] <Young Lich> Then you'll love this one.
[17:28] * Young Lich gestures and chants for a moment.
[17:28] <Young Lich> TATLANTIS!
[17:29] *** The cell is changed to a bountiful garden full of flowers and grass and carved heads and puppies and kittens and baby birds the extendes in every direction.
[17:29] <Young Lich> Congratulations. You've got your wish. This is a world of my creation.
[17:29] * Buddhist Monk takes a long moment to decide that he is -not- hallucinating this
[17:30] <Buddhist Monk> How... idyllic!
[17:30] <Buddhist Monk> Your own creation, you say?
[17:30] <Young Lich> Yes.
[17:31] * Buddhist Monk crouches down as one of the puppies runs up to greet him
[17:31] *** It is a real puppy.
[17:31] * Buddhist Monk smiles lightly as puppy licks ensue
[17:31] <Young Lich> It is your reward if you agree not to try to escape.
[17:32] <Young Lich> Are you in too deep to back out?
[17:32] <Buddhist Monk> With the ones I was working with?
[17:35] * Young Lich nods.
[17:35] <Young Lich> Would they find you?
[17:35] * Buddhist Monk is silent for a long moment as puppies flock to him
[17:36] <Buddhist Monk> They would look for me. If your prison is more secure than the one the Marquessa arranged for me, they might not be able to find me, though.
[17:36] <Buddhist Monk> Woefully, I cannot promise I would never flee.
[17:37] <Young Lich> I understand that.
[17:37] <Buddhist Monk> Pleasant as this might be, I would eventually grow old and die within it.
[17:37] <Young Lich> You don't have to stay here forever.
[17:37] <Young Lich> She'll return for you eventually.
[17:38] <Young Lich> What was she just going to lock you in there forever, is that the plan here?
[17:38] <Young Lich> I just figured this was until she was ready to deal with you again.
[17:38] <Young Lich> But then, I have no reason to trust what you are about to say.
[17:39] * Buddhist Monk exhales
[17:39] <Buddhist Monk> This is far more pleasant than the cell I was being kept in, and you've been forthright with me thus far.
[17:39] <Young Lich> I do so because I owe the Grimoire.
[17:40] <Young Lich> I don't suppose you want to discuss exactly why you decided to go with the Moon deity?
[17:40] <Buddhist Monk> They're the fastest way to get what I want.
[17:40] <Buddhist Monk> Most effective.
[17:41] <Buddhist Monk> I have no gift for magic, the gods do not speak to me unless I can mislead them.
[17:41] <Buddhist Monk> There is an upper boundary on human strength.
[17:41] <Buddhist Monk> Human power.
[17:42] <Buddhist Monk> I would surmount it.
[17:42] <Young Lich> Not to put too fine a point on it, but the folk of the moon deity might NOT be the fastest way to get what you want. What do you desire, exactly?
[17:42] <Buddhist Monk> And in doing so, create a new world of gods and monsters.
[17:43] <Young Lich> Also, you DO know that it is indescribably perilous to attempt to mislead a god.
[17:44] <Buddhist Monk> The great ones, to be sure.
[17:45] <Buddhist Monk> Perilous, tremendously.
[17:45] <Young Lich> You picked a minor one on purpose?
[17:45] <Buddhist Monk> Minor gods, to be precise.
[17:46] <Young Lich> Heh... heh heh...
[17:46] <Buddhist Monk> The Ten Thousand Gods are canny, but they are only gods.
[17:46] <Young Lich> So in essence, you are saying you value your masters very little, and are actually not that loyal of a servant.
[17:47] <Buddhist Monk> I am eminently purchaseable for those who can meet my prices.
[17:48] <Buddhist Monk> It's foolish to presume otherwise of oneself.
[17:49] <Young Lich> What's your price?
[17:49] <Buddhist Monk> Divinity, in the manner of the Great Old Ones.
[17:50] <Young Lich> No god would create an equal.
[17:50] <Young Lich> That's absurd.
[17:50] <Buddhist Monk> Of course not. Not knowingly.
[17:51] <Buddhist Monk> Being dead, though, Onnotangu Blood Moon has little say in the matter.
[17:52] <Young Lich> A terrible fate awaits you, you know.
[17:52] <Young Lich> I will... I'll just shut up.
[17:52] <Young Lich> It's hypocritical.
[17:53] <Young Lich> I was in your shoes years ago. I can't condemn jack you are doing, except warn you that if you..... nah.
[17:53] <Young Lich> If you want a good word, I'll give it, but really?
[17:53] <Young Lich> Neither one of is the type to not act just because it's a huge risk.
[17:54] * Buddhist Monk chuckles, rising to his feet again, swarmed by fluffy animals
[17:55] * Young Lich gestures and chants, and casts Dominate Person on the monk.
[17:55] <Young Lich> Do not leave this world.
[17:55] <Young Lich> That is the only order I will give you.
[17:55] <spiritflame> Buddhist Monk rolls 1d20 [ 2 ]
[17:56] * Buddhist Monk goes glassy-eyed for a moment, but snaps back to awareness after a bit
[17:56] <Buddhist Monk> I will have to await the Marquessa and her pet.
[17:56] <Young Lich> You blow this before the spell is over or try to subvert me, and I'll come back, curse you 4 different ways, paralyze you until the Grimoire removes it, and then stash your body inside a flask. Isn't this how you would prefer to wait for them?
[17:57] * Buddhist Monk chuckles
[17:57] <Buddhist Monk> Most likely.
[17:59] <Young Lich> For the record, from one busted dude to another, I hope you manage to get out.
[17:59] <Young Lich> Not from here, but from the bigger picture.
[17:59] <Young Lich> ....Were you a truely believing holy man once?
[18:00] <Buddhist Monk> Once. In a fiction I know now for what it is.
[18:00] <Young Lich> Only fools turn their backs on their gods. I see that now.
[18:02] * Young Lich casts Otilukes Suppressing Field, and interdicts all spells of Illusion.
[18:02] <Young Lich> ...I doubt you will be able to break through that unless you are as strong as I.
[18:03] <Young Lich> ....But you could always be lying.
[18:03] <Young Lich> For the record, the things you want are worthless if you cannot enjoy it once you have attained them.
[18:03] <Young Lich> ....
[18:03] <Buddhist Monk> I enjoy precious little of what I have now, save my ambition.
[18:04] <Young Lich> Tell me about it.
[18:04] <Young Lich> I don't suppose there ia any price that could be offered to get you to stop this foolishness?
[18:06] <Buddhist Monk> I can't conceive of it.
[18:06] <Buddhist Monk> And I've given it a lot of thought.
[18:06] <Buddhist Monk> It's the only way out of this damned cycle of suffering.
[18:06] <Young Lich> I run a legitimate paradise, with others like us.
[18:06] <Young Lich> But you must pledge yourself and forswear such things.
[18:07] <Young Lich> I know... I know. For many that is impossible.
[18:07] <Young Lich> For the record.
[18:07] <Young Lich> I don't claim to look forward to what awaits me if I ever actually died.
[18:07] <Young Lich> The Grimoire told me that she knows of a way to sunder a soul and end existence utterly, and promised me this oblivion. I believe her.
[18:07] <Young Lich> If you truly seek to end your own suffering, you couldn't have run afoul of a luckier nemesis.
[18:08] * Buddhist Monk chuckles again
[18:09] <Buddhist Monk> I can conceive of a an existence like unto divinity, and it grieves me that I do not inhabit it. I am not so out of love with the world that I would give up what it can offer.
[18:09] <Young Lich> Then I'd have thought you'd have picked a more reasonalb price.
[18:10] <Buddhist Monk> I tried. I really did.
[18:11] <Buddhist Monk> The problem isn't the world. The problem is me.
[18:11] <Young Lich> Pppft, you are far more generous than I was.
[18:12] <Young Lich> Now, let's see how strong you are?
[18:12] * Young Lich stops suppressing his aura of fear, and a dreadful pall of death and evil flares in the immediate area. The birds and animals flee screaming.
[18:13] <spiritflame> Buddhist Monk rolls 1d20 [ 11 ]
[18:13] * Buddhist Monk takes a step back at this sudden turn, eyes widening, half-assuming a fighting stance
[18:13] <Young Lich> (( He won't flee running unless he's less than 5HD ))
[18:13] <Young Lich> Ah. Well.
[18:14] * Young Lich suppresses it again.
[18:14] <Young Lich> You are likely more powerful than the spell I would use, but I never get to use it often, and this is a dandy opportunity.
[18:14] * Young Lich casts Lesser Geas on the man, too. (7HD or fewer, you decide if he needs to save or could fail it)
[18:15] <Young Lich> Attempt to return to this realm if you leave it.
[18:15] <Young Lich> I'm finished. Enjoy the atmosphere.
[18:16] <Young Lich> They'll come for you eventually. I suggest you tell them what they want to know. If you don't, the afterlife has special chains it forges for people like you and I.
[18:16] <Buddhist Monk> And waste this precious opportunity as a human being?
[18:16] <Buddhist Monk> I would tell them if I knew what they wanted to know.
[18:16] <Buddhist Monk> I seem to be a bit cleverer than I give myself credit for.
[18:16] <Young Lich> Oh, yeah, you are good.
[18:17] <Young Lich> No question there.
[18:17] <Young Lich> I guess I am a hypocrite after all to tell you not to keep betting after i have already won.
[18:17] <Young Lich> That said, my sympathy for you is genuine, and I do in fact understand. I really do.
[18:18] * Young Lich raises his hands to cast. "You are unlikely to find large amounts of that."
[18:18] * Young Lich plane shifts away.
[18:19] * Buddhist Monk reseats himself in the lotus after a few long moments
[18:19] *** The large numbers of adorable animals slowly resume their frolicking after they are certain the horror is gone.
[18:19] * Buddhist Monk exhales, and puts himself in tune with this place
[18:19] *** Buddhist Monk has left #suburbansenshi4 (meditation)

[22:24] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Secured Locale
[22:24] * Nelius Raoul steps out of a gate.
[22:24] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[22:24] <@spiritflame> konbanwa nelius raoul
[22:24] <Nelius Raoul> So, this is her, then?
[22:24] *** Hinako Urashima [] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[22:24] <@spiritflame> konbanwa hinako urashima
[22:25] <Hinako Urashima> Indeed. Zotia, Anzu and I have been helping with her progress.
[22:25] *** Camilla [EyesTowardsMe@International.fh] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[22:25] <@spiritflame> konbanwa camilla
[22:25] <Camilla> Huh? Who's this?
[22:25] * Camilla looks at Nelius Raoul.
[22:25] *** Nelius Raoul is a tan, 7' tall male demon-- dark red-brown hair with green streaks and orange eyes having jet black sclera. He wears a light jacket, black T-shirt and lightly armored leggings. For those with certain sensitivities, he's highly dangerous. More information about him is Here.
His image Song is: Kill Real by Mamoru Miyano. He is Level 1.

[22:25] <Camilla> Wait, Hina--- this guy is Zotia's boss?
[22:26] <Nelius Raoul> She's also my girlfriend.
[22:26] * Camilla boggles for a moment.
[22:26] <Camilla> So, what's the deal?
[22:27] <Nelius Raoul> Simple enough--- you work with Hinako and my other vassals to be eyes and ears for human world oddities.
[22:27] <Nelius Raoul> Like the youma invasion and all that happened last week.
[22:28] <Nelius Raoul> Benefits will include health care, a place to train and expand your skills, instant movement from the human world to here at a moment's notice, and other such things.
[22:29] <Camilla> Hold on, I want to know real quick--- how'd Hina get roped into this?
[22:29] *** Zotia [WiseWords@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[22:29] <@spiritflame> konbanwa zotia
[22:30] <Zotia> We crossed paths in Russia one day--- I was procuring supplies, and she was on the job. I'd noticed that she'd been in contact with Nelius, so my curiosity compelled me to ask.
[22:30] <Zotia> From there, we kept in contact, and I helped train her in many new arts.
[22:31] <Zotia> I'm certain you've seen the end results.
[22:32] <Camilla> Indeed I did. Still got a bit of a bruise from the last hit.
[22:34] <Camilla> Gotta admit, I've got new abilities that I never would've imagined, and all the training has been keeping me in shape for when I do my modeling.
[22:36] * Camilla considers this for a bit.
[22:37] <Camilla> Mmmm.... all right, I'm in. But is it really OK for a Demon Overlord to be having Senshi working for him?
[22:37] <Nelius Raoul> I don't bother with those old "demon rules".
[22:38] <Nelius Raoul> It's because of those "rules" that a lot of people have commited assisted suicide in millenia prior. I intend to follow my own path in the Netherworld.
[22:40] <Nelius Raoul> Besides, most wouldn't even know it, but the Netherworld, Human World and Celestia were all united at one point. I plan on having those relations flow freely once again, and I won't allow anyone or anything to impede me.
[22:41] * Camilla blinks, but eventually nods.
[22:42] * Nelius Raoul confirms that Camilla has consented to the terms, and presents her a ring similar to Hinako's.
[22:44] <Nelius Raoul> That ring will ID you as one of my human world agents. You can use it to come to the Netherworld at anytime you need to--- if anyone not affiliated with me tries to steal or use it without express consent, it'll give them one nasty punishment.
[22:45] * Camilla nods her understanding, and dons the ring. "Gotta admit, it looks quite nice."
[22:47] <Nelius Raoul> It is done. If there's anything else you want to know, feel free to ask.
[22:49] <Camilla> OK then.... how long did it take for you to get all this set up?
[22:50] <Nelius Raoul> Took about two, maybe three months. The main foundation starts with trusted allies and a place to call home.
[22:51] <Camilla> Gotcha.
[22:51] <Camilla> Well then, I look forward to working with you all.
[22:51] *** Camilla [EyesTowardsMe@International.fh] has left #suburbansenshi4
[22:51] *** Hinako Urashima [] has left #suburbansenshi4
[22:52] <Zotia> That went quite well. I was imagining that she'd ask for more time to consider the deal, if not reject it.
[22:53] <Nelius Raoul> Hinako's known her for longer--- Camilla would turn to her for explainations that she can understand fully.
[22:53] <Nelius Raoul> If she were dropped into this with no context or friendly faces to turn to, I'd see her rejecting the deal.
[22:56] <Zotia> Ah. I'll admit, you understand human emotions a bit better than I do.
[22:56] <Nelius Raoul> You tend to pick up on things when you've been among them for quite a while.
[22:59] <Nelius Raoul> Anyway, with that secured, feeling up for some relaxation?
[22:59] <Zotia> Hmm, I'd very much like that♡
[23:00] *** Zotia [WiseWords@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("By the way, how are things over in that world where Kanri went to?")
[23:00] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Things have been quiet--- if things begin going down, I'll know.")
[23:00] *** Another night in the Netherworld goes on.
[23:01] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[00:44] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Iwo Jima
[00:44] *** Iwo Jima, in the bunkers beneath the island where the dead rest.
[00:54] * Epically Powerful Necromancer walks in the deep and forgotten tunnels of the old island, amid the scattered bones of the men who died.
[00:54] * Epically Powerful Necromancer begins chanting quietly.
[00:57] *** The bones stir in and they rise where they fell 70 years ago. The bunkers have new defenders, and the tunnels are no longer quiet as the skeletons of fallen soldiers wake up.
[00:59] *** The soldiers trigger an old booby trap, and cause a small tremor as an explosion goes off.
[00:59] <Epically Powerful Necromancer> - .....AWAKEN, and remember your old ways to deal death, and know hatred once more. -
[01:00] * Epically Powerful Necromancer begins chanting, and washes the island in waves of fell power on a scale that this world has never seen.
[01:00] *** The skeletons of the dead soldiers clench their fists, and look down, picking up their weapons... rifles, rockets, machine guns...
[01:01] * Marine Skeleton picks up an old Bazooka
[01:01] * Marine Skeleton FIRES IT, causing the rocket to hit the mountain and another tremor to take place larger than the first.
[01:01] * Marine Skeleton nods, and joins up with the rest of the dead, who all put their crumbling armor and rusted helmets back on once more.
[01:03] *** The fallen warriors arm themselves once more, and march as one to a specific bunker.
[01:05] * Epically Powerful Necromancer draws a rune into the volcanic ash outside the entrance to the bunkers, and the awakened undead march across it, disappearing as they do.
[01:05] <Epically Powerful Necromancer> - At last. -
[01:06] *** Two skeletons, when prompted to by their master, shoulder bayonet-tipped rifles, and string a piece of black rotting cloth between them.
[01:06] *** Epically Powerful Necromancer has quit IRC (The Black Banner has returned.)
[01:07] *** The undead soldiers re-arm themselves, and rapidly begin fortifications of the island, and restoring the defenses.
[01:07] * Dead and skeletal hands claw their way out of the volcanic ash where they were buried long ago, and clench their fists, ready to fight once more.

[18:23] * Sailor Q looks in the mirror.
[18:23] *** Sailor Q is is a teenage girl wearing a stylized sailor fuku with a light blue bow design, green and blue skirt, boots, fingerless gloves, a long red scarf and wearing a half blue mask. Her shoulders are covered by some sort of blue round armor covers.
image Song is: 0. is Level 1.

[20:43] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Scape of the Heart
[20:44] *** Throughout all of history, there have been many forms of communication.
[20:46] <Kanri-chan> (( my body is ready~ ))
[20:47] *** Those whom have the amulets that Kanri forged would feel a strong, but gentle tug at their hearts, as if someone is trying to get their attention.
[20:48] <Daini Felinus> hello? misser ice cweam man?
[20:49] <Nelius Raoul> Hey little sis of mine.
[20:50] <Daini Felinus> hi ice cweam man^^ can i has spwinkles?
[20:50] <Nelius Raoul> Sorry Daini, no ice cream here. Can you get your sister--- I got something I need to tell you guys. This is very important.
[20:51] <Daini Felinus> awwwwwwwww okie....
[20:51] <Daini Felinus> ANWEE DA ICE CWEAM MAN WANT YOU!!
[20:51] <Kanri-chan> Daini that's Nelius... not the ice cream man..
[20:52] * Nelius Raoul just laughs. "Still as silly as ever."
[20:52] <Daini Felinus> whaaaaaaaaaaa??? no ice cweam?
[20:52] <Nelius Raoul> Anyway, sis, we got spannered.
[20:55] <Kanri-chan> spannered?
[20:55] <Nelius Raoul> Basically something happened that none of us saw coming, and it's caused BIG problems.
[20:56] <Kanri-chan> you mean that whole stuck in this mideval world?
[20:56] <Nelius Raoul> Yeah--- another damn analogue of me decided it'd be a gas to strand you in there.
[20:57] <Kanri-chan> i know..
[20:58] <Nelius Raoul> Anyway, there is a way for you guys to get outta there--- you'll need to find "The Author", whom has apparently lived in that world for centuries.
[20:59] <Kanri-chan> we're on our way now... sorry i couldnt kill you
[20:59] <Nelius Raoul> Oh yes, very comforting message to pass along. :P
[21:00] <Nelius Raoul> Also, you'll need to have words with that one silvertail-guy. He wrote all of you off as dead.
[21:00] <Kanri-chan> i had the perfect opprotunity
[21:00] <Kanri-chan> that's part of the agreement. he's only doing what i legally told him to.
[21:01] <Haru E> And when was that?
[21:01] <Kanri-chan> 3 months ago
[21:01] <Kanri-chan> i needed to ensure the future of my children.
[21:02] <Haru E> I was talking about your attempted murder of my not-dad.
[21:02] <Daini Felinus> oh when he was taking a shower
[21:03] <Daini Felinus> Awnee said he lefted his weapons^^
[21:03] <Haru E> And you had a way to get past his wings and shapeshifting prowess?
[21:03] <Nelius Raoul> Not to mention the multiple martial arts I practice with everyone back home?
[21:04] <Kanri-chan> yeaaaaaaaa this wasnt you... he may not have had all the training you have and he did almost eat a poisoned pie..
[21:05] <Nelius Raoul> ......OK then, that convinced me.
[21:05] <Kanri-chan> yea... i knew it wasnt you.... the first time i saw him i knew
[21:07] <Nelius Raoul> Explains that.
[21:08] <Nelius Raoul> Wasn't a fun sight to come home after two weeks and find that someone stranded you out there--- lucky thing Atreya and Zotia were on the ball.
[21:08] <Kanri-chan> dont you want to know HOW? i could distinguish you two?
[21:09] <Nelius Raoul> Considering it's you, I'm more than certain you had methods of distinguishing--- the amulets, the smell, the lack of mannerisms.
[21:09] <Kanri-chan> nope
[21:10] <Nelius Raoul> Well then, don't leave us in suspense. I'm more than certain that Freya, Matsumi and Orion would like to know you're alive and well.
[21:10] <Kanri-chan> he didnt make the tuna casserole correctly
[21:11] <Kanri-chan> you put more cheese
[21:11] <Nelius Raoul> Of course it'd be food with you. :P
[21:11] <Kanri-chan> its your most distinguishable feature~
[21:12] <Nelius Raoul> Oh har har.
[21:13] <Daini Felinus> Anwee's fighting an ogre... she said hold on^^
[21:13] <Daini Felinus> where mommy?
[21:14] <Freya> baby?
[21:14] <Haru E> She's listening--- one sec, I'll ring her up.
[21:15] <Haru E> Floor's all yours, Freya. Make certain Orion is listening in, too.
[21:15] <Freya> baby, are you there?
[21:15] <Daini Felinus> mommy^^
[21:15] <Daini Felinus> i misseded you!
[21:16] <Freya> I miss you and kanri too, baby!!! are you safe?? are you ok??
[21:16] <Daini Felinus> Anwee beat up an ogre^^
[21:17] <Kanri-chan> im back! i need a bath.... this is gross
[21:18] <Freya> we..we're safe here..please..come back safe
[21:18] <Kanri-chan> hey mom? do me a favor?
[21:19] <Freya> yes?
[21:19] <Kanri-chan> breathe. we're doing fine.. most of the troble runs away when they see kisuske anyways.. Daini is safe in his mane
[21:20] <Daini Felinus> it fluffy^^
[21:20] <Kanri-chan> just dont tell him that.. it's very manly~
[21:23] <Haru E> :3
[21:23] <Freya> alright..the children are with me and your father....
[21:24] <Kanri-chan> dont worry freyanna sleeps like a rock. if you just sing to agarion he'll fall asleep fast.. ume is the one im worried about.
[21:25] <Freya> yes she's...been crying..alot
[21:25] <Haru E> I can keep something nearby in case she decides to try and go after shiny stuff.
[21:27] <Kanri-chan> just hug her and read her her shiny book.
[21:27] <Kanri-chan> watch that shop haru
[21:28] <Haru E> Did you forget I have a multi-form tech?
[21:28] <Haru E> Anyway, I got off my shift 30 minutes ago.
[21:30] <Kanri-chan> ..........she's really good at sneaking..... watch the shiny objects in the shop.. but if she does take something use the card mom XD
[21:30] <Freya> careful...please
[21:30] <Nelius Raoul> We'll be in touch, sis. Give them all hell--- we'll be waiting for you all to return.
[21:32] <Kanri-chan> we will mom.. make sure dad doesnt have a heart attack... this much shock isnt good for his age!
[21:32] <Freya> we love you!!!!!
[21:32] <Daini Felinus> bye bye mommy!
[21:33] <Kanri-chan> im still kicking your butt when i get back nelius
[21:33] <Haru E> We'll see you all again soon.
[21:33] <Nelius Raoul> Oh yes, blame the guy whom also got shafted.
[21:34] *** Freya [] has left #suburbansenshi4 (my babies...)
[21:34] <Nelius Raoul> I'm still washing off the blood.
[21:36] <Kanri-chan> i need to take my frustrations out on someone~
[21:36] <Nelius Raoul> Then go bodyslam a Dragon--- it works for me. :P
[21:37] *** We here at Suburban Senshi™ would like to take this moment to say: Don't go bodyslamming Dragons unless you've the strength and fortitude to survive.
[21:38] * Haru E delivers a boot to the Green Voice.
[21:38] *** AWRRGH WAGH
[21:39] <Kanri-chan> id rather bodyslam can take it
[21:39] <Haru E> Pffffffffffft
[21:40] <Haru E> Now I have the mental image of Kanri being a Luchador♫
[21:41] <Kanri-chan> im the bull!
[21:41] <Haru E> I said Luchador, not Toraedor.
[21:42] * Haru E sends Kanri the mental image of Kanri dressed up as a Mexican Wrestler.
[21:42] <Kanri-chan> im gunna body slam you too now >>
[21:43] <Haru E> LOL
[21:43] <Kanri-chan> i would never wear something so imodest!!
[21:44] <Haru E> Oh, they have tasteful outfits too.
[21:45] <Kanri-chan> Nelius get your daughter!!!
[21:45] <Haru E> Lalalalalalalalala
[21:46] *** Haru E [SpannerinDWorks@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Mwahahahahahaha--- now you'll have that image for quite a while♫")
[21:47] <Kanri-chan> its easily replaced....i just have to think of my husband~
[21:48] <Nelius Raoul> Anyway, sis--- while there's not much that can be done on this end of things, just know that we're one call away from chatting with you all. Feel free to ring us up.
[21:49] <Nelius Raoul> ....though, Yumi did find one way for me to get back there, if I'm absolutely needed.
[21:50] <Kanri-chan> oh? how is that?
[21:51] <Nelius Raoul> I just go to where my doppelganger forced his way back into this side and kill myself---- though considering it was Yumi that said this, I'm a bit leery on if it'll work. I'll have Astlyr and Moira on standby in case it's a bust.
[21:52] <Kanri-chan> do realize this means you'll be dead right?
[21:53] <Nelius Raoul> Like death has stopped anyone here.
[21:54] <Nelius Raoul> Hell, you've died and come back, Matsumi's died and come back....
[21:55] <Kanri-chan> lets not try that out...
[21:55] <Nelius Raoul> As I said, I'm taking precautions.
[21:55] <Nelius Raoul> I didn't survive all these years by being totally reckless.
[21:57] <Kanri-chan> Nelius no. dont go killing yourself... period
[21:57] <Kanri-chan> we'll be home soon
[21:58] <Kanri-chan> relax your raging testosterone!
[21:59] <Nelius Raoul> Believe me, I am relaxed--- it's actually Zotia who's beside herself with worry right now.
[21:59] <Nelius Raoul> She's grown rather attached to you.
[22:00] <Kanri-chan> im facepalming so hard right now a few brain cells exploded......
[22:01] <Nelius Raoul> Anyway, that method will be a last resort thing---- I'm more than confident that you'll get through this thing. You've survived way worse.
[22:03] <Kanri-chan> ...............i need to get home before you guys turn full insane ><
[22:04] <Nelius Raoul> Wow. Here I am, being supportive, and THAT is how you react? Maybe I should switch to insulting and berating you instead? :P
[22:05] <Kanri-chan> you are actually considering suicide as an answer! that is insane Nelius!!
[22:06] <Nelius Raoul> Did my words of "last resort" go in one ear and out the other? I admit to a madness to my method, but even I'm leery of if it'd even work.
[22:07] <Nelius Raoul> To be honest, I don't trust the info very much.
[22:08] <Nelius Raoul> Hence why I outright said I'd have Astlyr and Moira, my medical team, ready to bring me back if it turns out the information was false.
[22:09] <Kanri-chan> NO!!! dont be stupid!!
[22:09] <Kanri-chan> you are not killing yourself to get us back!! i wont allow it!
[22:09] * Nelius Raoul facepalms. "You're doing it again, sis."
[22:10] <Kanri-chan> doing what?
[22:12] <Nelius Raoul> The whole "conclusion jumping" bit. I don't fully trust the info about how to get there..... hell, I'm not certain if I even can die to begin with.
[22:13] <Nelius Raoul> Whatever affected me back in January.... when I dissolved that soul-sphere.... it did a hell of a lot more to me than just turn my sclerae black.
[22:13] <Kanri-chan> lets not test it
[22:15] <Nelius Raoul> I don't plan on it.
[22:17] <Kanri-chan> you better not
[22:18] <Nelius Raoul> Very well, O Parole Officer. :P
[22:20] <Kanri-chan> i'll be the damn judge if it keeps you from doing something that stupid
[22:21] <Nelius Raoul> You'd have to speak with Hugo or Emizel on that one.
[22:22] <Nelius Raoul> Anyway, I'll have a "Welcome Back" party for you guys when you make it out.
[22:23] <Daini Felinus> ice cweam?
[22:23] <Kanri-chan> tuna casserole?
[22:23] <Kanri-chan> keiko wants to know if there will be pizza
[22:23] <Nelius Raoul> Certainly.
[22:24] <Nelius Raoul> Only thing required is for you all to make it back.
[22:24] <Daini Felinus> okie!!
[22:24] <Kanri-chan> yes!!
[22:26] <Nelius Raoul> Stay alive sisters, and kick plenty of evil rear for me---- oh hey, question.
[22:26] <Nelius Raoul> Did my doppelganger happen to leave behind his weaponry with you all?
[22:26] <Daini Felinus> yea why?
[22:26] <Kanri-chan> ^
[22:28] <Nelius Raoul> Excellent.
[22:28] <Nelius Raoul> Let's just say that you've got some very powerful tools at your disposal.
[22:29] <Kanri-chan> i'll stick with the 50 foot lion :3
[22:29] <Kanri-chan> he has nice purrs
[22:30] <Daini Felinus> can i hab da ax then?
[22:32] <Nelius Raoul> Are you even able to lift Maximov, though?
[22:33] <Nelius Raoul> That said, Kanri--- if you like, take the Shatterpact Gauntlets and divide them between yourself and Kisuke. When I was upgrading them years before we met, I added in some options within the fingertips.
[22:36] <Kanri-chan> options?
[22:36] <Kanri-chan> do the tickle?
[22:37] <Nelius Raoul> Mainly a shield in the palms, a 45cm laserblade in the index fingers, and energy bullets shot from the fingers and wrist.
[22:37] <Nelius Raoul> That is, if the features aren't too damaged.
[22:39] <Kanri-chan> um.... you REALLY wanna give me a LASER?
[22:39] <Kanri-chan> im a cat
[22:40] <Nelius Raoul> I said laserblade---- far, FAR different from a simple laser light.
[22:40] <Nelius Raoul> It won't produce little dots on a surface for you to chase. It's meant to rip and tear through enemies.
[22:41] <Nelius Raoul> That said, you can disable them when not intending to use them.
[22:41] <Daini Felinus> alrighty...
[22:41] <Kanri-chan> ^
[22:44] <Nelius Raoul> As for Croixshot, the gun.... it can fire elementally-aligned bullets, and switch to a machine-gun mode. There's a switch for both options on the side.
[22:46] <Daini Felinus> can i hab it??
[22:46] <Daini Felinus> i want one!
[22:47] <Kanri-chan> no! absolutely not... mom would skin me
[22:49] <Nelius Raoul> Daini, guns aren't toys.
[22:49] <Nelius Raoul> That said, once you're older and Freya has given permission, I might consider getting you a Nerf Rifle.
[22:50] <Daini Felinus> awwwwwwwwww :(
[22:50] <Kanri-chan> well she has nerf rifles
[22:50] <Kanri-chan> but gun guns are forbidden
[22:51] <Kanri-chan> she's too young to handle the knock back
[22:52] <Nelius Raoul> Well, she asked about Maximov, my axe--- be careful with it, as those edges can cleave through steel and stone as if they were melted butter.
[22:53] <Kanri-chan> ................daini dont touch it! you can use my dagger >>
[22:53] <Kanri-chan> dont listen to mister doesnt-understand-ages >>
[22:56] <Nelius Raoul> Hey, those weapons were designed for my personal use. Blame my doppelganger for leaving them behind.
[22:57] <Kanri-chan> i blame you both >>
[22:57] <Kanri-chan> dont encourage her
[23:00] <Nelius Raoul> I'm informing you. There's a hell of a difference.
[23:02] <Kanri-chan> <<
[23:02] <Kanri-chan> we need to set up camp soon.
[23:03] <Nelius Raoul> All right. If you ever feel up to chatting or want info, call any of us up.
[23:05] <Nelius Raoul> Until then, sis.
[23:06] <Kanri-chan> seeya
[23:06] <Kanri-chan> no dying
[23:07] <Nelius Raoul> I make no promises. :P *But yeah, he's not trying the suicide teleport option anytime soon*
[23:10] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4
[23:11] *** The connection among the amulets fades away.
[23:12] *** Kanri-chan has left #suburbansenshi4 (I'm Stronger than I look. Shall I prove it?)
[23:12] *** Daini Felinus has left #suburbansenshi4 (Can i eat it? Is it edible? :3)
[23:17] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[22:15] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[22:15] * Nelius Raoul is in the Lab section of the castle with Mita, Naoto, Haru, and Zotia.
[22:16] *** Laying before them are the other Usatako Units that Nelius "acquired" from his analogues.
[22:16] *** Information is running across the screen at record-shattering speed.
[22:17] * Nelius Raoul soaks all of this new information in, as does Haru. Mita looks quite estatic to see all this new info, and Naoto is busy compiling things.
[22:19] * Zotia looks a bit displeased, however, as she calls up the memory of what the analogue did-- trapping Kanri's family into another world. (Quite glad I eradicated everything of his that lay south of the border.)
[22:21] * Haru E updates her Usatako with this new data. (Ohh man, I can rock this something fierce♡)
[22:23] * Delta-3361AF finishes the compilation of the new data, and disconnects from the Usatakos.
[22:23] <Delta-3361AF> Complete.
[22:23] <Haru E> Thanks, Naoto.
[22:23] <Haru E> So then, dad.... what're we gonna do with these?
[22:24] <Nelius Raoul> I got some ideas. Considering we've gathered so many.....
[22:25] <Nelius Raoul> I'm thinking we keep two here in the Lab, for use in Mita and Naoto's A-L Project. Several can go into the Drapnir as a new multi-functional source.
[22:27] <Zotia> What of these others?
[22:28] <Nelius Raoul> That's what I'm currently mulling on. Considering what we've got ahead of us, I'm thinking it's time that Haru and I went for a twin or triple drive.
[22:28] <Haru E>, are you serious?
[22:29] <Haru E> One Usatako's more than enough for the output you and I would usually need.
[22:30] <Nelius Raoul> Perhaps, but that's for the usual circumstances where we're focused, keeping our powers in check. This..... this is for that time when we finally throw off the shackles, and go full power.
[22:31] <Nelius Raoul> (And should it prove to be what I'm thinking on.... then we'll truly pull the rug.)
[22:32] * Haru E goes to respond, but sees a certain look in her father's eyes, and so decides to not press the issue.
[22:33] *** Father and Daughter approach the remaining Usatako Units, which have been condensed into small eyes not unlike the ones that dot the original Desco's form. They each take two, integrating them into their bodies.
[22:35] <Haru E> ....that is gonna take some getting used to. I swear, it's like I can see for everything.....
[22:36] <Nelius Raoul> I hear you there. Still, it'd be a waste to let these collect dust.
[22:36] <Nelius Raoul> Let's get these distributed out.
[22:36] * Nelius Raoul and Zotia take the units down to the Drapnir as Haru helps Mita and Naoto install their units into the project.
[22:38] *** Haru E [SpannerinDWorks@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("OK, A and L, time to get you all ready--- you're gonna be working with me.")
[22:39] * Zotia heads with Nelius, and the units are installed to the Drapnir. Tarma, Maxwell, and Tia assist in getting the units placed and ready.
[22:41] <Nelius Raoul> Takes care of that matter.
[22:41] * Nelius Raoul and Zotia head back to the main castle foyer.
[22:42] <Zotia> .....
[22:42] <Nelius Raoul> Something on your mind, Zotia?
[22:42] <Zotia> I cannot help but feel worry about Kanri's group.
[22:43] <Nelius Raoul> I know. Perhaps next time we get into contact with them, I can link you into a conversation.
[22:43] <Zotia> All right.
[22:43] *** Lady Hale [BlindButInsightful@Celestia.hv] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[22:43] <@spiritflame> konbanwa lady hale
[22:43] * Lady Hale steps through the gate. "Greetings."
[22:43] <Nelius Raoul> Hey Hale. Been a while since you last showed up.
[22:44] <Zotia> Been busy?
[22:45] <Lady Hale> Other than the usual matters with Seraph Lamington, not much has been going on. Though, I did hear rumors of a fallen one wishing to visit.
[22:45] <Nelius Raoul> Oh?
[22:45] * Lady Hale nods, her violet-colored hair shifting slightly.
[22:46] <Nelius Raoul> Y'think it might be my father--- he did mention wanting to visit Celestia and see the rest of the family.
[22:47] <Lady Hale> I doubt it's Mr. Tyrios--- considering we've already spoken on many a matter, and he's visited his estranged family before....
[22:48] <Nelius Raoul> Not gonna lie, I'm surprised he headed up there already.
[22:49] <Lady Hale> Hopefully more information will come forward on this.
[22:50] * Zotia checks on something. (Ah, so that's how they're progressing.)
[22:50] <Lady Hale> Oh yes, I nearly forgot. Miss Zotia...
[22:50] * Zotia looks up from her message. "Yes?"
[22:52] * Lady Hale hands her what appears to be a card. "We've gotten the approval of the Seraph. When it comes time, you will all have sanctioned passage through Celestia."
[22:52] <Zotia> I thank you greatly, Miss Hale.
[22:52] <Lady Hale> Worry not. It's a part of my duty to help.
[22:53] *** Lady Hale [BlindButInsightful@Celestia.hv] has left #suburbansenshi4
[22:55] * Nelius Raoul looks over to Zotia. "Take it this relates to the crystals."
[22:55] * Zotia nods. "Hale visited a few times while you were gone. I figured to get the matter squared away, and have a route secured."
[22:56] <Nelius Raoul> Excellent.
[22:59] * Nelius Raoul looks over at a calendar posting, which has many important dates written down on it.
[23:01] <Nelius Raoul> Believe we've accomplished quite a bit over the last few days.
[23:07] <Nelius Raoul> Perhaps, for now... we should catch up on some downtime.
[23:07] <Zotia> Sounds grand.
[23:08] *** Zotia [WiseWords@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Reminds me, we did a little remodeling in the recreational room.")
[23:09] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Kinda figured as much when I saw the new couches.")
[23:09] *** Another night in the Netherworld passes by.
[23:09] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[19:07] *** Izumi Nagai has joined #suburbansenshi4
[19:07] <@spiritflame> konbanwa izumi nagai
[19:07] * Izumi Nagai sits on a park bench
[19:12] * Izumi Nagai glances around
[19:13] * Pyrite appears next to her on the bench
[19:13] *** Pyrite has joined #suburbansenshi4
[19:13] <@spiritflame> konbanwa pyrite
[19:14] <Izumi Nagai> ..hi......
[19:14] < Pyrite> hi....
[19:14] <Izumi Nagai>
[19:15] <Izumi Nagai> .....Pyrite....did I...actually matter to you....
[19:15] < Pyrite> Yes?
[19:16] < Pyrite> Yes... Yo di-I mean do to me....
[19:17] <Izumi Nagai> ....why..did you do those that eliza girl...
[19:18] < Pyrite> .....................
[19:20] < Pyrite> /squek I wanted both of you.... because I'm.....
[19:21] < Pyrite> I'm a selfish person....
[19:22] <Izumi Nagai> ..did you like her better then me....
[19:23] < Pyrite> I don't know.
[19:23] <Izumi Nagai> you don't know??
[19:23] < Pyrite> You're nicer to me...
[19:25] < Pyrite> But I guess I was just obessed with her.
[19:25] <Izumi Nagai> ..why...
[19:26] < Pyrite> Becuase she hated me and I wanted to change that....
[19:27] <Izumi Nagai> ..I..I really liked you...I thought you were..the first person..who really loved me....
[19:28] < Pyrite> ..................
[19:30] < Pyrite> I like you too that's why......
[19:31] < Pyrite> I did it....
[19:31] * Izumi Nagai looks to pyrite
[19:32] < Pyrite> Because I didn't want force it on you....
[19:34] <Izumi Nagai> force..what...
[19:34] < Pyrite> I don't really know how to go slow on this kind of thing....
[19:35] <Izumi Nagai> ...I still love you V_V...
[19:35] < Pyrite> .....
[19:36] * Pyrite just hugs her.
[19:36] < Pyrite> I don;t want to be no good for you.
[19:38] * Izumi Nagai hugs Pyrite tightly, buring her face against his shoulder
[19:38] < Pyrite> ......
[19:40] < Pyrite> I would like to stay with you.
[19:42] <Izumi Nagai> stay with me??
[19:43] < Pyrite> As a couple.
[19:44] * Izumi Nagai blushes deeply at that "..r..really?"
[19:45] < Pyrite> Yes
[19:45] < Pyrite> If you want too that is.
[19:47] * Izumi Nagai pauses and..nods a little
[19:47] < Pyrite> .......
[19:50] < Pyrite> So what now?
[19:52] * Izumi Nagai kisses pyrite
[19:53] < Pyrite> ...........................................
[19:54] * Pyrite decides to just lean into it.
[19:56] * Izumi Nagai just holds pyrite in the kiss
[19:57] < Pyrite> .........
[19:57] * Pyrite runs a hand through her hair.
[19:58] * Izumi Nagai grips pyrite's shirt just a bit
[20:00] < Pyrite> ...................
[20:01] * Pyrite finally comes up for air.
[20:01] < Pyrite> Wow.... that....was....great.
[20:02] * Izumi Nagai breaks for air
[20:02] <Izumi Nagai> was
[20:04] < Pyrite> So....
[20:05] <Izumi Nagai> yes?..
[20:05] < Pyrite> Want to do something?
[20:06] <Izumi Nagai> um sure
[20:08] < Pyrite> Like what?
[20:09] <Izumi Nagai> ..want to go out on a date tonight..
[20:10] < Pyrite> Sure.
[20:11] * Izumi Nagai smiles and takes pyrite's arm ^^
[20:12] * Pyrite just let's her take the lead and goes along.
[20:13] <Izumi Nagai> um..would you like to see a movie?
[20:14] < Pyrite> Yeah.
[20:14] < Pyrite> Whatever you pick.
[20:20] <Izumi Nagai> ok *smiles and stands*
[20:20] <Izumi Nagai> um..pyrite...
[20:20] < Pyrite> yeah?
[20:21] <Izumi Nagai> you..want to stay the night?
[20:23] < Pyrite> ...........................
[20:23] * Pyrite face turns red.
[20:23] * Izumi Nagai turns red as well
[20:23] < Pyrite> If........
[20:24] < Pyrite> If you really want me to....
[20:26] < Pyrite> I nean sure I'd....
[20:27] <Izumi Nagai> you'd...
[20:28] < Pyrite> I 'd love to.
[20:30] * Izumi Nagai smiles and heads for the movie theater
[20:31] * Pyrite follows...
[20:33] <Izumi Nagai> (( should I put it at /away or what should I do? ))
[20:33] * Pyrite is away: I hope I can do this right for her....
[20:34] * Izumi Nagai is away: *smiles*

[19:25] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[19:25] *** Out in the training field, Nelius is under fire from both Camilla and Hinako, the two teaming up to attack him.... well, that would be the case if Nelius weren't dodging around all of their attacks as if he could see them coming from several AUs away.
[19:26] * Nelius Raoul leans back, his eyes closed. The fists and feet of both Senshi come so close to landing a blow each time, but at the very last second he dodges or redirects the intended blow away.
[19:28] * Camilla gives Hinako a wordless signal--- while Hinako attacks from the front, she'll get behind him to grab him in a hold. The two get to work.
[19:29] * Camilla quickly circles around to grab Nelius from behind as Hinako aims a kick at his midsection---- only for Nelius to suddenly do a splits maneuver, forcing the two to quickly change strategies lest they strike one another.
[19:30] <Camilla> (Oh crap!)
[19:30] <Hinako Urashima> (!!)
[19:32] <spiritflame> Hinako Urashima rolls 1d10 to DODGE! [ 1 ]
[19:32] <spiritflame> Camilla rolls 1d10 to DODGE! [ 10 ]
[19:32] * Camilla manages to get out of the way, but poor Hinako stumbles badly and hits the ground hard.
[19:33] * Camilla quickly gets her friend to her feet. "Damn, he's really good."
[19:34] * Hinako Urashima is helped up. She dusts herself off. "He's the Overlord for a reason, Cammy."
[19:36] * Nelius Raoul opens his eyes. "That'll do it for today. Let's head back."
[19:37] <Camilla> Hold on, I gotta ask--- how're you able to see our attacks so quickly?
[19:39] <Nelius Raoul> It's a combination of things---- reading emotions, the air around oneself, instinct....
[19:40] <Nelius Raoul> Eventually you become able to move without needing conscious thought--- it's something that very few have mastered, let alone begun to grasp an understanding of.
[19:44] <Nelius Raoul> I'll admit, even I'm still working on many of the other facets.
[19:44] * Camilla boggles for a minute..... [[]
[19:44] <Camilla> (What is this guy made of?)
[19:47] *** Hinako Urashima [] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("C'mon Cammy, let's go bug Christophe. He makes some damn good food.")
[19:48] *** Camilla [EyesTowardsMe@International.fh] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("OK then... though why does he have a zombie as an apprentice? Not trying to be racist or anything--- I'm curious.")
[19:49] * Nelius Raoul heads back to the Overlord's Castle.
[19:52] *** Things seem to be going as usual at the Overlord's Castle.
[19:54] * Zotia looks over. "Ah, welcome back."
[19:54] <Zotia> How'd it go?
[19:55] <Nelius Raoul> They're certainly coming along quite well.
[19:56] <Nelius Raoul> By being able to use many of their traits whilst in their basic forms, it'll give them quite the step up when they come across a time and place where they can't transform.
[19:57] * Zotia nods, seeing where he's going with this.
[19:59] <Nelius Raoul> And hopefully the two working together can weed out the interplanetary rivalries among the Senshi. Might not be my place to poke my nose in, but from what I've seen on the matter, there's been incidents over petty things.
[20:00] <Zotia> Hm...
[20:02] *** something moves around in Zotia's skirt!
[20:02] <Zotia> ??
[20:02] * Zotia looks down to see whom is there.
[20:03] *** whoever it is, is well hidden underneath
[20:03] * Zotia simply smiles, and reaches through the clothing with surprising ease to remove whomever it is down there.
[20:04] * FreyannaTaisho looks up at Zotia stuck halfway out of her purple jumper, her arms twisted in some strange way "owwie ><"
[20:05] <Zotia> ?? Who the---
[20:05] <Kanri-chan> Freyanna! i told you to ask before you strip!
[20:05] <Nelius Raoul> Freyanna? Now how'd you get here?
[20:06] * Zotia looks over to Kanri. "Um, context por favor?"
[20:06] * Kanri-chan stomps over and yoinks her daughter up redressing her "sorry.... she seems to hate clothes for some reason"
[20:06] <Kanri-chan> she is constantly shredding her clothes off
[20:07] <Zotia> Oh my...
[20:08] * FreyannaTaisho looks at Zotia and whimpers "no likey!!" T.T
[20:09] <Nelius Raoul> Huh... I've heard of some kids disliking clothes, but to go so far as to shred them...
[20:09] * Kanri-chan sighs "nelius could you extract Agar from your hair please? i'm putting these two up for sell"
[20:10] <Kanri-chan> she does have claws..
[20:11] * Nelius Raoul casually reaches up to grab Agarion.
[20:12] * AgarionTaisho latches onto Nelius' hair "nooooooooooooooo~" ><
[20:12] <Kanri-chan> oh for pete's sake!
[20:13] <Nelius Raoul> Man, rebellious pair, aren't they?
[20:14] <Kanri-chan> just Freyanna
[20:14] * Nelius Raoul concentrates, and his hair becomes whisping smoke, nothing that Agarion can hold onto.
[20:14] <Kanri-chan> Agar thinks your hair is a mane.. which is where the cubs hide for safety
[20:15] * AgarionTaisho whimpers and scrambles for a hiding place ><
[20:16] <Nelius Raoul> Say, how'd they get here in the first place? Atreya or Asa would've known if it were the plate at the Hotel.
[20:16] * Nelius Raoul resolidifies his hair. You can't help but notice that the green streaks are a bit lighter than last time.
[20:16] <Kanri-chan> atreya let me in... i had them... they wanted to see uncle Nelius~
[20:18] <Nelius Raoul> Well, here I am. I was out back putting the new people through some paces.
[20:18] * FreyannaTaisho reaches uot and grabs Nelius' cheek :D
[20:18] <Kanri-chan> now you can put these two through some paces
[20:19] <Nelius Raoul> So basically play with them until they settle off to snooze?
[20:20] <Kanri-chan> or you go insane~
[20:21] <Nelius Raoul> Duly noted.
[20:21] * AgarionTaisho sneaks over and latches onto Nelius' leg ><
[20:22] <Kanri-chan> i think they just missed you.
[20:30] <Kanri-chan> so what's been going on with you guys?
[20:32] <Nelius Raoul> Been putting some projects together and hiring out new people.
[20:32] <Nelius Raoul> And you?
[20:34] <Kanri-chan> um stuck in a book >>
[20:38] <Nelius Raoul> Ah, right.
[20:39] * Kanri-chan facepalms and looks to zotia "so how have you been dear?"
[20:41] <Zotia> Been busy with many things--- the new hired people have been taking to their work with surprisingly efficiency.
[20:43] <Kanri-chan> you guys are hiring left and right... do you really need so many?
[20:51] * FreyannaTaisho babbles to her brother and the two take off to explore
[20:51] <Kanri-chan> you trained your gaurds to handle daini right?
[20:56] <Zotia> Of course.
[20:57] <Nelius Raoul> And as far as hiring goes, these are for the people in the other Netherworld--- while things have been stabilizing quickly, there's still some things left to clean up.
[20:58] <Nelius Raoul> Sirea's reign left quite a few scorchmarks over there.
[20:59] * Kanri-chan listens closely in the distance "one down....another being mugged.... another unsure of what to do >>"
[20:59] <Kanri-chan> you're doing well to help them though
[21:00] *** The vassals are actually handling the kids rather well.
[21:01] <Nelius Raoul> Considering how things were going downhill, someone had to take action.
[21:01] <Kanri-chan> i do believe Agar is going to need therapy
[21:03] <Nelius Raoul> Let's go grab them before they get into too much trouble.
[21:04] <Kanri-chan> i am not going in the men's communal showers >>
[21:04] <Kanri-chan> Freyanna is in the flowers so she's fine
[21:04] <Nelius Raoul> Then leave that to me.
[21:05] * Nelius Raoul heads to the communal showers to find Agarion.
[21:05] *** The showers area is as clean as ever. Nelius heads into the men's area to locate Kanri's kid.
[21:06] <Kanri-chan> (( its not the showers that are traumatizing.... its whats SHOWERING XD ))
[21:09] * AgarionTaisho is just standing there staring at all the naked males O______O
[21:11] * Nelius Raoul casually walks in and goes to grab Agarion.
[21:12] * AgarionTaisho scrambles into Nelius' hair!
[21:13] * Nelius Raoul makes certain Agarion is secure, then heads back to the main foyer.
[21:14] <Nelius Raoul> One Agarion.
[21:14] * Kanri-chan giggles looking at Nelius your hair is fluffier than usual~
[21:16] * Nelius Raoul shrugs.
[21:17] * FreyannaTaisho waddles in and dropps a bunch of flowers at Zotia's feet " pitty:D"
[21:18] * Zotia smiles at Freyanna, crouching down to gently scratch her behind the ears. "Why, thank you."
[21:18] * FreyannaTaisho purrs and giggles
[21:19] * AgarionTaisho pokes his head through Nelius' hair and grins "rawr!"
[21:20] * Zotia looks over to Agarion. ^_^
[21:21] * AgarionTaisho giggles and gives a squeaky lion roar :3
[21:21] <Zotia> Oh my♫
[21:22] * Kanri-chan blinks "that's adorable~"
[21:23] <Nelius Raoul> (He certainly recovered quickly from that experience.)
[21:25] * AgarionTaisho looks at Nelius proudly "i do it?"
[21:27] <Nelius Raoul> You're not too bad, but don't let that go your head--- keep practicing, get even better.
[21:30] * AgarionTaisho grins and purrs :3
[21:35] <Zotia> Quite adorable, aren't they♫
[21:36] <Kanri-chan> my sweet little devils
[21:36] * FreyannaTaisho plays with the flowers curiously
[21:38] <Zotia> Oh yes, reminds me--- how has Keiko been faring?
[21:40] <Kanri-chan> she's doing well.. she's been getting caught up on her schoolwork
[21:41] * Zotia nods.
[21:42] <Zotia> Perhaps when the chance arises, she can come visit again--- Naoto and Lyra have been looking forward to seeing her again.
[21:42] <Kanri-chan> i'll definitely let her know
[21:44] <Zotia> All right.
[21:45] <Kanri-chan> she could use some familiar faces
[21:49] <Zotia> Sounds great.
[21:52] * Kanri-chan nods and scoops up Freyanna "well i'll get these guys out of your hair.. it's time for dinner, baths and bed"
[21:53] <Nelius Raoul> Take care, sis. If you ever need a hand keeping the little devils occupied, you got our number.
[21:53] * AgarionTaisho leaps to his mother's shoulder burrowing into her hair :3
[21:53] <Kanri-chan> take care
[21:53] *** Kanri-chan has left #suburbansenshi4 (time to go home)
[21:53] *** AgarionTaisho has left #suburbansenshi4 (bye bye!)
[21:54] *** FreyannaTaisho has left #suburbansenshi4 (bye bye^^)
[22:00] <Zotia> My my... this is becoming quite the interesting gathering.
[22:00] <Nelius Raoul> That it is.
[22:05] <Nelius Raoul> Before we turn in for the night.... I believe it's time we had that discussion that you hinted at some months ago.
[22:05] * Zotia quirks an eyebrow, but then remembers. "Ah, that. Let's."
[22:05] *** Zotia [WiseWords@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Well, this is what we discussed some months ago....")
[22:06] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Rather surprising... they were OK with that arrangement?")
[22:06] *** Another night in the Netherworld passes on by.
[22:07] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[17:44] * Hikaichita Yagami looks in the mirror.
[17:44] *** Hikaichita Yagami is

His image Song is: . He is Level 1.

[20:21] * Lobelia Carini looks in the mirror.
[20:21] *** Lobelia Carini is your average everyday Lobelia Carini

[20:21] * Lobelia Carlini looks in the mirror.
[20:21] *** Lobelia Carlini is

Her image Song is: "O Fortuna" by Carl Orff. She is Level 1.

[23:38] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[23:38] * Nelius Raoul is up in his room. Haru, Tyrios and Eoria are there.
[23:38] <Nelius Raoul> So that's the situation as it stands right now.
[23:39] <Haru E> Oh lovely--- yet another thing that wants to turn our abilities against us.
[23:39] <Tyrios> Though it seems that this being has only data on those whom were inside the Hotel at any point.
[23:40] <Eoria> If that's the case, then there's.... what, two worlds full of creatures here that it hasn't encountered?
[23:40] <Nelius Raoul> More than just that---- I was saving this for the battle against a certain parasite, but I suppose these creatures can serve as a test run.
[23:41] * Nelius Raoul brings his left arm up. The three eyes, located on the back of the hand, at the forearm and where the grafted flesh meets his elbow, all light up at once.
[23:42] <Nelius Raoul> The Hotel doesn't have completely up to date files--- that's where we nail the b[BLEEP]ch.
[23:43] <Nelius Raoul> Right now I got Mita and Naoto putting Projects A and L through a serious wringer. It's as you mentioned before, father--- we're gonna need all the spanners we can afford.
[23:44] <Nelius Raoul> I'll have to increase the number of eyes I got watching things--- the quicker we can put these things down, the better.
[23:46] <Tyrios> Agreed.
[23:46] <Eoria> Speaking of eyes, have B and Yui come up with anything?
[23:47] <Haru E> I got a message from them a while ago--- said they did get a vision, but it's a bit clouded. Give 'em some time to clear things out.
[23:49] <Haru E> Reminds me.... where's Zotia?
[23:49] <Nelius Raoul> Said she was helping Keiko with a project. I imagine she'll return later---- we'll update her then.
[23:50] * Haru E nods.
[23:51] <Haru E> Well, I'm gonna go see Mita and Naoto--- if our foe is using the Hotel database to try and get a leg-up on us, only fitting that we make the info obsolete.
[23:52] *** Haru E [SpannerinDWorks@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4
[23:54] <Tyrios> I'm uncertain if we can get support, but we'll try and pull some strings over at Priere's, see if we can obtain some backup.
[23:54] *** Tyrios [FallenButNeverForgotten@Priere.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Here goes nothing.")
[23:55] *** Eoria [CosmicWanderer@Priere.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Wish us the best~")
[23:58] * Nelius Raoul bids his parents farewell for the time being, and gets to compiling the information received today.
[00:00] <Nelius Raoul> (So a switch in powers and strategies is what's needed to overturn this enemy.... might as well make this a real training exercise.)
[00:02] * Nelius Raoul sends the information to his vassals--- be ready to quickly take out a new enemy.
[00:06] <Nelius Raoul> (Guess this means I'll also have to switch up my armaments--- so glad I got the Carnage Dimension on speed-dial.)
[00:08] * Nelius Raoul reaches his left arm out, the fingers tapping against something in the air. Small ripples dance from where his fingers tap.
[00:09] <Nelius Raoul> I guess it's time to bring that out of storage.
[00:15] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Never would've thought this bad boy would be used so soon....")
[00:15] *** Another night in the Netherworld passes by.
[00:15] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[23:56] *** unknown area
[23:56] <?> the scans are seems their forces are prepared
[23:57] <??> shall we not make ourselves fully known...if we can help
[23:57] <???> not yet....
[23:58] <??> but if they find us...if they discover...
[23:58] <???> the Tyrant is busy creating her forces...she is playing a long game.......
[23:59] <???> we can assist them.....but we shall not overtly attack
[23:59] <?> is still too soon
[00:01] <?> we shal prepare what we can to help is our mission
[00:02] <??> yes.....we will help them

[11:03] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[11:04] * Nelius Raoul checks over the information funneled his way via the MHDs that Haru had squirrled away in several corners of the Hotel.
[11:04] <Nelius Raoul> (So that was their game.... use a time-dilation to speed up their progress, then try and go silent.)
[11:05] <Nelius Raoul> (If they really think that the enemy has died off without warning, then it's no big surprise they were killed the first go-around.)
[11:05] <Nelius Raoul> (Yet, it seems our shadow-supporters have struck again, with that firewall addition.)
[11:08] <Nelius Raoul> (Reminds me, if and when I should meet those supporters, I ought to give them a round of applause for their efforts.)
[11:08] <Nelius Raoul> (For now, though...)
[11:09] * Nelius Raoul taps into something that he had been looking into for a while. (Spanner 1 is already in position, Spanner 2 is on standby....)
[11:11] <Nelius Raoul> (If those fools think that a mere time-speedup is going to hinder us, then they're in desperate need of a wake-up call, the kind that the Netherworld and Celestia are well-versed in delivering.)
[11:15] <Nelius Raoul> (Everything's ready to go--- people are armed, the Alator and Luugas systems are awaiting instruction--- all we need is to go in and slaughter them all.)
[11:17] * Nelius Raoul sends the information to his allies, then gets up from his seat, stretching.
[11:17] <Nelius Raoul> (Believe a warm-up is in order.)
[11:18] * Nelius Raoul heads down to the castle foyer. He sights Asa, one of the Asagi Shadows that he hired.
[11:19] <Nelius Raoul> OK everyone, we're going for several rounds in Carnage Martial Training. Get your gear together.
[11:19] *** A red-tinged Dimensional Gate opens up, courtesy of Asa. He takes several of his vassals on through.
[11:20] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 (*To Carnage Martial Training*)
[11:20] *** The gate closes behind them.
[11:20] *** A new day in the Netherworld begins. What sort of training is Nelius undergoing at the Martial Training Netherworld?
[11:20] *** Only time itself will be able to tell.
[11:21] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[22:38] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[22:38] * Zotia convenes with Yui and B, both of whom contacted Haru and herself.
[22:39] * hands something over to Zotia. "This is what we've seen."
[22:39] * Zotia looks it over. ".....truly sickening. I've little knowledge of them, but to attempt this..."
[22:40] * Haru E reads this over, then logs it within her memory. "It's time to live up to my name, and with gusto."
[22:43] <Zotia> We've gotten the preparations in order for when the strike is ready to be launched. Our allies are up to date, they're outfitted and ready--- we just await them to make their mistake.
[22:45] * Zotia sends a silent message to Nelius, Tyrios and Eoria, giving them this information.
[22:49] * Haru E gets into contact with Hale--- might as well get her in on the fun.
[22:50] <Haru E> B, Yui, we owe you two a serious favor for this.
[22:52] * B shrugs. "Keep kicking evil ass and taking names--- that's all I'd ask for."
[22:53] * nods. "I'll be around to collect later on. I'm gonna snooze--- looking through Zone does take a bit outta me."
[22:53] * B and Yui head on off.
[22:56] <Haru E> Ohh, those idiots have no idea just who they decided to tip off to their plans~
[22:59] * Thirza extends a tail out to grab Haru. "But before you get to go have your slaughterfest...."
[22:59] * Haru E is grabbed. 0_0
[22:59] <Haru E> Have mercy
[22:59] * Haru E is dragged away.
[22:59] *** Haru E [SpannerinDWorks@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4
[23:00] * Zotia sighs as Haru is carted off for her punishment.
[23:01] <Zotia> (Somedays seeing his plans in action make me shiver with fright.... then again....)
[23:03] * Zotia walks off, to make some updates to their plans. (I did fall for him for another reason♡)
[23:03] *** Zotia [WiseWords@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4
[23:04] *** The Coalition Netherworld bustles with renewed activity. What could they be planning?
[23:04] *** Only time itself will tell--- and even it may be lacking the true details.
[23:09] *** Another night in the Netherworld passes by,
[23:09] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[22:19] <spiritflame> Dead and skeletal hands rolls 2d6 [ 4, 6 ]

[11:40] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[11:41] * Nelius Raoul sits up in his office. With only a tiny handful of reports to go over (which took him less than a minute to complete), he shifts his gaze over to his comms.
[11:42] <Nelius Raoul> (Nothing has come forth on the Necromantress' portal.... and then there's what [BLEEP] and Yui saw some days ago....)
[11:42] <Nelius Raoul> *Beatrice
[11:43] <Nelius Raoul> (( Why was [BLEEP] censored? ))
[11:43] <Nelius Raoul> (( Weirdness. ))
[11:44] * Nelius Raoul switches his comms on. "Hey Tia, how's progress on the Medusa-Drops?"
[11:45] <Tia> Progress is coming along smoothly. We already have about 25 produced.
[11:45] <Nelius Raoul> I see. Keep up the excellent progress.
[11:47] * Nelius Raoul then switches over to Mita's Lab. "Naoto, are A and L ready?"
[11:48] <Delta-3361AF> They are ready and waiting. Assistant Unit Burroughs is also awaiting commands.
[11:50] <Nelius Raoul> Got it. Nice job.
[11:53] * Nelius Raoul logs this in, then switches his comms off.
[11:58] * Nelius Raoul thinks on what Beatrice and Yui had foreseen.... he then switches his comms back on and sends a message to one of his liasions in 1337-A.
[11:59] <Nelius Raoul> (No reason to be careless about this. I might be planning to wipe them all out, but it's no reason to not cover the bases.)
[12:00] <Nelius Raoul> (For that matter....)
[12:01] * Nelius Raoul sends a few more messages out, tagging them with "C.D. Equips". (If we're going to do this, then we'll do it with gusto.)
[12:10] * Nelius Raoul stores his comms away.
[12:12] * Nelius Raoul gets up from his seat, reviewing over the information collected as he stretches. "Might as well go some rounds in the Item World."
[12:12] * Nelius Raoul heads downstairs, finding Sif and rounding up some of his vassals.
[12:12] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 (To the Item World.)
[12:12] *** Another day in the Netherworld goes on, but with many plans at the ready.
[12:13] *** Who knows what Beatrice and Yui have seen... and what of those he contacted?
[12:13] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[12:19] * Someone looks at Burroughs.
[12:19] *** Burroughs is your average everyday Burroughs

[12:34] * Zotia looks at Burroughs.
[12:34] *** Burroughs is an assistant AI developed by Delta-3361AF, Mita and Naoto. Though technically genderless, she IDs as female. When taking form, she appears as a featureless humanoid. She can be chirpy, but sarcastic at the same time.
Her image Song is: . She is Level 1.

[12:34] <Zotia> Welcome to the family, Burroughs.
[12:34] <Burroughs> It's great to be here, Miss Zotia.
[12:35] <Burroughs> I take it there's something you wish to ask of me?
[12:36] <Zotia> Oh, just making certain that you're in working order. If we're to be working together, 'tis best to ensure that we're all at top condition.
[12:37] <Zotia> It matters not if you're human, demon, angel, AI or anything inbetween. We're all in this together.
[12:38] <Burroughs> I'm touched.
[12:39] <Burroughs> Well then, I shall perform to the absolute best of my ability. I look forward to working with you all.
[12:40] <Zotia> It's great to have you.
[12:40] *** Burroughs [DataMistress@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4
[12:40] *** Zotia [WiseWords@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4

[12:52] * Nelius Raoul looks at Regal.
[12:52] *** Regal is a Male Healer from Evil Academy, apprenticing under Overlord Zetta. He stands about 5'8", with dirty white hair and tanned skin. More information about is Here.
image Song is: 0. is Level 1.

[23:57] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Movie Theater, Downtown Tokyo
[23:59] * Sean Collins leaves the movie theater with Rhea. The place is closing now, and the streets are dark and empty as patrons head home.
[00:00] <Sean Collins> Did you enjoy the film?
[00:01] <Rhea> Oh yes! Such a cute film about children and the puppy! But...I still don't understand why they are named after...the peanut.
[00:03] <Sean Collins> They've been called "Peanuts" for 65 years. It was the name the creator gave the group.
[00:04] <Rhea> Oh...I still wonder why?
[00:05] * Sean Collins chuckles and shrugs. They continue walking back to the hotel until he suddenly trips over something near a dark alleyway.
[00:07] * Sean Collins turns to see what looks like a red ribbon entangled around his leg. He tries to rip it off, but it isn't a typical feels like...somme kind of hide...
[00:09] * Before he can react , the red ribbon suddenly pulls with great force and drages Sean into the dark Alleyway!
[00:09] <Rhea> Sean!
[00:12] * Rhea rushes into the alleyway! She can hear Sean struggling and fighting with something! She reaches the back of the alley to find Sean sie being swarmed by masses o these fleshy red ribbons! they are binding tightly around his chest and torso, restricting his breathing. He tries to ignite his flame, but can't concentrate as he struggles to breathe.
[00:13] * Rhea tries to get closer to help him but she is suddenlt blocked by a looming dark figure...
[00:13] <NUCLEOID> You are not desired...leave...before I decide to disect you as well....
[00:16] <Sean Collins> RH-Rhea-Mmmf!
[00:16] * Sean's gasping calls are cut off as the fleshy ribbons cover his mouth. his arms are then bound behind his back and more ribbons wrap tightly around his body and legs, restricting him to barely be able to squirm.
[00:16] <Rhea> I can't leave you! My chosen! Let him go!
[00:17] * NUCLEOID grabs Rhea's wrist...
[00:17] <NUCLEOID> I wanred you I shall disect....
[00:17] * Rhea 's skin suddenly erupts with her golden flame, burning the stranger;s hand and forcing him to let go
[00:18] * Rhea is rightened, but she can see that she is helpless before this creature...she prays for forgiveness...and flees!
[00:19] * Sean Collins watches her go...he knows it was the right choice. He then looks up at his captor, wondering what he wants...
[00:19] <NUCLEOID> She is it is time for you to disappear too...boy with no shadow.
[00:21] * NUCLEOID then clamps something around Sean's neck. He feels pin pricks as something in the collar activates and small needle-like extentions pierce his neck! It then lights up creating a life-force dampening field around him.
[00:21] <NUCLEOID> Now...feed my lovelies...we must go before the girl alerts the others...
[00:23] * The ribbons then reveal that they are actually three daimon. they appear to be Kabuli masks showing happy, sad, and angry faces, and their bodies are made up of these fleshy ribbons. As commanded, the ribbons illuminate and they start to feed on Sean's energy, draining him like hungry vampires! Sean is quickly rendered unconcious...
[00:24] * NUCLEOID walks over and picks up his captive prize...
[00:24] <NUCLEOID> You will be more useful than you know...others are interested in you...perhaps they will assist me...
[00:25] * NUCLEOID then vanishes into the darkness along with his Daimon, and Sean...
[00:25] *** Sean Collins has left #suburbansenshi4 (....)
[00:25] *** NUCLEOID has left #suburbansenshi4

[00:29] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None
[10:58] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[10:58] <Burroughs> Master, a situation has arisen.
[10:59] * Burroughs shows Nelius some footage from one of the MHD's that still roamed the city.
[11:00] <Nelius Raoul> So it's begun--- Beatrice and Yui's visions came to vision. Have the MHD's scan the area, look for particulates that would never be found on Earth in certain amounts.
[11:01] <Burroughs> Understood. Initating Scan Modes.
[11:01] *** The MHD's in the city spread out and get to work.
[11:03] * Nelius Raoul contacts Hale and his parents, sending them a quick warning message. He then sends messages to Haru and Zotia, telling them to be ready for the upcoming assault.
[11:05] <Nelius Raoul> (I believe it's time to show these fools that they came to the wrong neighborhood.)
[11:07] * Nelius Raoul taps to Naoto's line. "Activate interception line 29 squared."
[11:09] * Nelius Raoul gets in contact with Maxwell's department. "Outfit the Drapnir with our RST-adaptive systems."
[11:13] * Nelius Raoul gets a return message from his daughter. (Excellent.)
[11:16] <Nelius Raoul> (That's everything in position and ready to go....)
[11:18] <Nelius Raoul> Everyone, it is officially on. Let's welcome our foes to the killing field~
[11:19] * Nelius Raoul gets up from his seat, and heads over to the cabinet nearby. He opens it up, and withdraws three certain weapons.
[11:22] <Nelius Raoul> (It's time, my old friends.... let's kill some fools.)
[11:23] * Nelius Raoul unhooks the weapons from their resting spots, storing them into his personal bag.
[11:26] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 (*Off to work with his vassals for the upcoming operation*)
[11:27] *** A new day in the Netherworld is about to begin.
[11:27] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[12:27] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: An Unknown Location

[18:37] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Burnt Remains of the Taisho Manor
[18:39] *** A figure stands in the middle of the charred remains.
[18:41] *** YumikoTakanashi [] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[18:41] <@spiritflame> konbanwa yumikotakanashi
[18:41] * YumikoTakanashi steps through the ash searching "where's your body?"
[18:42] <Nelius Raoul> It was completely vaporized-- look for where her amulet is. That's where she'll come back.
[18:42] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[18:42] <@spiritflame> konbanwa nelius raoul
[18:43] *** Haru E [SpannerinDWorks@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[18:43] <@spiritflame> konbanwa haru e
[18:43] * Haru E skids to a stop in front of the manor's remains.
[18:43] <YumikoTakanashi> oh i know that... how'd you figure it out?
[18:44] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[18:44] <@spiritflame> konbanwa matsumi kaze
[18:44] * Matsumi Kaze walks over with Freya
[18:45] *** Daini Felinus has joined #suburbansenshi4
[18:45] <@spiritflame> konbanwa daini felinus
[18:45] * Daini Felinus follows Freya
[18:45] * YumikoTakanashi kicks a few boards aside "stubborn girl"
[18:46] <Nelius Raoul> Call it a realization of something she'd undergone long ago. (That and I'm certain that Kanri contacted me in some manner.)
[18:46] <Haru E> Let's see... Matsumi, Freya, Daini, dad, me.... where's Orion?
[18:46] <YumikoTakanashi> hmm.. we'll never find it this way..
[18:48] <Matsumi Kaze> ..I don't know
[18:49] <YumikoTakanashi> thank goodness freya is a priestess. Nelius do you know any "unlock potential" type magic?
[18:49] <Haru E> (The amulets were made of similar materials, weren't they?)
[18:50] <Nelius Raoul> Unlock potential? As in....
[18:50] <YumikoTakanashi> unlock Daini's hidden potential
[18:50] <YumikoTakanashi> duh
[18:50] <YumikoTakanashi> i'm not sitting here all night while you guys search
[18:51] * Daini Felinus blinks
[18:51] * Nelius Raoul finds himself a bit tempted to give Yumi a Gibbs, but restrains himself.
[18:51] <Nelius Raoul> What do you say, Daini? Feel up to helping us track down the amulet's location?
[18:52] * Daini Felinus nods nods "okie.. is it ok mommy?"
[18:52] <Freya>'s ok
[18:53] * Daini Felinus walks over to Nelius "is it gunna hurt?"
[18:54] * Nelius Raoul holds his left arm out, the three eyes on it lighting up in order. He gently lays his hand on her head. "It'll make you feel a little tingly, like having a little static electricity, but no."
[18:54] <Daini Felinus> okie..
[18:56] * Nelius Raoul goes through the quick ritual to unlock Daini's potential abilities. Daini would feel a bit tingly, but it won't hurt.
[18:56] * Daini Felinus blinks "did it work?
[18:57] * Nelius Raoul removes his hand from her head. "You should begin feeling a little different--- perhaps seeing things that you've not seen before."
[18:59] * Daini Felinus looks around
[19:01] * Daini Felinus walks through the house remains
[19:03] * Haru E follows behind Daini, floating and looking over the remains.
[19:04] * Freya and Matsumi follows
[19:07] * Daini Felinus digs through the ashes "oooo shiny!"
[19:07] <YumikoTakanashi> (should tell her it's probably her sister's ashes?)
[19:09] * Daini Felinus pulls out.............a fork
[19:09] * Daini Felinus keeps searching
[19:09] * YumikoTakanashi leans on Nelius "so did you cry?
[19:11] <Nelius Raoul> Truth be told, from how Haru phrased out Kanri dying, it sounded like an attack--- so at first I was pissed. Then I found out it was an accident on Mako's part.... so the anger dissipated into something of an inward scolding.
[19:11] <YumikoTakanashi> were you scolding yourself or the boy?
[19:12] <Nelius Raoul> Myself, mainly--- I was going to help Mako curb his explosive sneezes next time I got to meet him. I really should've seen this coming...
[19:14] <YumikoTakanashi> you know she's gunna kick your ass for being hard on yourself.
[19:15] <YumikoTakanashi> (( we are stalling for SaturnGrl ))
[19:15] <YumikoTakanashi> (( we need orion ))
[19:15] <Nelius Raoul> What's happened has happened. 'Bout the most that can be done is to bring Kanri back, restore the house, then help Mako curb his sneezes.
[19:15] <Nelius Raoul> (( I'm aware. ))
[19:17] <YumikoTakanashi> just make sure you've considered everything that could happen......we may not get her back the way we want
[19:19] <Nelius Raoul> Maybe not, but what's important is that she comes back, able to choose her path. If she needs a hand reclaiming things, Haru and I are more than willing to help.
[19:20] <YumikoTakanashi> agreed.. however.... ready
[19:23] <Nelius Raoul> That's been pretty much the order of the month, to be prepared.
[19:23] <Nelius Raoul> ^
[19:23] <YumikoTakanashi> well when you have kanri in your life..... anything can happen
[19:24] <Nelius Raoul> All too true.
[19:24] <Nelius Raoul> ^
[19:24] <Nelius Raoul> (( Dammit, habit keeps creeping in. ))
[19:26] <YumikoTakanashi> (( you ok there? ))
[19:27] <Nelius Raoul> (( Yeah--- just got a slightly sore ankle from all my walking around today. ))
[19:28] <YumikoTakanashi> (( you poor thing.. hot bath would help ))
[19:29] <Nelius Raoul> (( Planning on grabbing a shower once we're finished here..... or depending on how long SG takes to return, I may sneak off to relax a bit. ))
[19:30] <YumikoTakanashi> (( i dont think sneaking is an option for you XD ))
[19:31] <YumikoTakanashi> (( im pretty sure one could track you by the hissing and grunts XD ))
[19:33] <Nelius Raoul> (( It's not that bad--- that's when my knee goes out. ))
[19:34] <Nelius Raoul> (( Though replace the hissing and grunts with lots of swearing and you'd be close. :P ))
[19:35] <YumikoTakanashi> (( you are such a gentleman XD ))
[19:36] <YumikoTakanashi> (( *raoul walking 10 steps* f[BLEEP]k c[BLEEP]k sucking mother f[BLEEP]ker this hurts! ))
[19:36] <Nelius Raoul> (( I've had it lock up so badly that even trying to bend it would likely shatter the bone. It's not fun AT ALL. ))
[19:38] <YumikoTakanashi> (( dayum. ))
[19:51] <Matsumi Kaze> (( geez ))
[19:52] <YumikoTakanashi> (( waiting, waiting~ ))
[20:07] <Nelius Raoul> (( Beep a derp ))
[20:07] <YumikoTakanashi> (( i am derp hello? ))
[20:09] <Nelius Raoul> (( You are yes, this is beep, hello? ))
[20:13] <YumikoTakanashi> (( WE GOOD! WE FOUND ORION! ))
[20:17] * Nelius Raoul texts Orion, telling him to come here first chance he gets. "OK, I got through to him. Should be on his way here."
[20:17] <Haru E> Any luck, Daini?
[20:17] * YumikoTakanashi taps her chin.... tell him to grab some food
[20:17] <YumikoTakanashi> tell him to grab some food
[20:18] * Daini Felinus runs and bellyflops into a pile "SHINY!!" :D
[20:18] <Haru E> o_0
[20:19] *** Orion Felinus [] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[20:19] <@spiritflame> konbanwa orion felinus
[20:19] <YumikoTakanashi> someone needs to tell her thats her sister's charred body
[20:19] <Nelius Raoul> There you are, Orion.
[20:19] * Orion Felinus arrives with the family car, and Heimdall in his baby seat and carrier.
[20:19] <YumikoTakanashi> Orion did you bring food????
[20:19] * Haru E floats over to Yumiko.
[20:19] <YumikoTakanashi> ....................he brought a baby
[20:19] <YumikoTakanashi> thats not food
[20:19] <Orion Felinus> Huh? Food?! This is no time for a picnic!
[20:20] <YumikoTakanashi> oh come on! Kanri's gunna be hungry!
[20:20] <YumikoTakanashi> duuuuh
[20:20] <Orion Felinus> I couldn't just leave him....
[20:20] <Orion Felinus> No one asked me to bring food....
[20:20] <Freya> ....
[20:21] <YumikoTakanashi> NELIUS!!!!
[20:21] <Nelius Raoul> I'll handle that--- let's get her revived first.
[20:21] <Nelius Raoul> Daini! We need you to find the ring that Kanri always wore on her tail.
[20:22] * Orion Felinus walks over to Freya with Heimdall.
[20:22] <Orion Felinus> Beloved, I was worried...
[20:23] * YumikoTakanashi sighs "you're gunna have to give Heimdall to me when you start. dont want him in the circle"
[20:24] * Daini Felinus pops up covered in ash with a singed bow. "got it^^"
[20:24] <Orion Felinus> Oh, alright...
[20:24] * Freya nods
[20:24] * Orion Felinus gives the baby over to Yumiko
[20:26] * YumikoTakanashi cradles Heim "woah you're biiiiig.... what are your parents feeding you??"
[20:26] * Heimdall giggles, kicking a little
[20:27] * Daini Felinus runs over and gives it to Nelius "here"
[20:27] <Orion Felinus> Plenty of milk and applesauce, and he seems to really like sweet potatoes.... ^_^
[20:27] <YumikoTakanashi> good kami you're going to be a big guy.
[20:28] <Orion Felinus> .ooc a big NERD! :D
[20:28] * Nelius Raoul accepts the ring. "Thanks Daini."
[20:28] <Orion Felinus> (( ^ Curses! ))
[20:29] <Daini Felinus> (( lol ))
[20:29] * Daini Felinus blinsk "what now?"
[20:30] * Nelius Raoul gets out some chalk, and draws a certain circle around the ashes. "All right, get ready for a light show."
[20:30] <Nelius Raoul> Stand back, everyone.
[20:30] * Orion Felinus blinks...
[20:31] <Daini Felinus> (( you know what you're doing there buddy? ))
[20:31] * Freya and Matsumi step back
[20:32] * Daini Felinus watches
[20:32] <Nelius Raoul> (( Well, it's mainly just a circle. Any designs are purely a trick of your mind. :P ))
[20:32] <Daini Felinus> (( alright.. i'll help ))
[20:33] <Orion Felinus> (( Go FMA on us! ))
[20:33] <YumikoTakanashi> you wanna put a six pointed star in side
[20:33] <YumikoTakanashi> let the points touch the circle.... but leave the center empty
[20:34] * Nelius Raoul draws that design.
[20:35] <YumikoTakanashi> now in order of importance to Kanri, start at the top most point, the most important being daini, and move clockwise
[20:36] <YumikoTakanashi> sooooo daini freya orion matsumi nelius and then haru. the amulet in the middle
[20:36] <YumikoTakanashi> wait
[20:37] <Nelius Raoul> ?
[20:37] <YumikoTakanashi> matsumi is before freya....
[20:37] * YumikoTakanashi pulls out a book and flips through it "technicalities~"
[20:38] * Haru E is tempted to facepalm.
[20:38] * Matsumi Kaze and Freya move into postion
[20:38] <YumikoTakanashi> hey if you guys arent in the right position she might end up stuck in one of your bodies... that would be awkward
[20:39] * Haru E and Nelius get into position as well. Nelius places the amulet in its proper spot.
[20:39] * YumikoTakanashi looks up "ok... so that should be good"
[20:39] * Orion Felinus takes his spot
[20:40] * Daini Felinus sits and stares at the bow
[20:41] * YumikoTakanashi closes the book
[20:43] <Orion Felinus> What do we do?
[20:43] <YumikoTakanashi> ...................i thought you knew
[20:43] <YumikoTakanashi> >>
[20:43] <Nelius Raoul> We concentrate-- guide her soul back here.
[20:43] <YumikoTakanashi> nope
[20:44] <YumikoTakanashi> you cry. duh~
[20:45] <Orion Felinus> Seriously?
[20:46] <YumikoTakanashi> well yea.. you shared emotions and pain this whole time... you have to fuel the amulet again
[20:46] <YumikoTakanashi> this is why i was iffy of giving her this... crying is messy
[20:46] <Nelius Raoul> So we funnel our emotions back into the amulet.
[20:47] <YumikoTakanashi> yes....through bodily fluids
[20:47] <YumikoTakanashi> please stick to tears or drool
[20:48] <Haru E> .....have I mentioned before that's kinda creepy? 'Cause that's pretty creepy.
[20:49] <YumikoTakanashi> i mean you guys felt each other's emotions and experiences for a good year..... thats creepy too
[20:50] <YumikoTakanashi> ever wonder how Daini felt? she cant remove her amulet.. she felt freya give birth!
[20:50] <YumikoTakanashi> THAT'S creepy
[20:50] * Daini Felinus shudders
[20:51] <Orion Felinus> (( Actually, Orion removed Freya's amulet before that event. XD ))
[20:51] <Haru E> Eesh. When Kanri comes back, I am asking her just why she chose these kinda items.
[20:51] <Orion Felinus> (( All Daini felt was some labor pains ))
[20:51] <YumikoTakanashi> (( DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT FEELS LIKE???? XD ))
[20:52] <Orion Felinus> (( No. I've never had a child. But my sister has had 3. ))
[20:52] <YumikoTakanashi> (( ask her XD ))
[20:52] <Orion Felinus> (( I don't use her as a referecne because...she just got weird when in labor. >_> ))
[20:53] <YumikoTakanashi> sooooo ive got Nelius covered.
[20:53] <Haru E> (( Getting back on topic, please. ))
[20:53] * YumikoTakanashi holds out a vial
[20:53] <YumikoTakanashi> thank your sister when you bring her back
[20:54] * Nelius Raoul looks at the vial.
[20:54] <YumikoTakanashi> you sleep like the dead dude..
[20:55] <Nelius Raoul> (( What's in the vial? ))
[20:56] <YumikoTakanashi> (( do you REALLY want to know? ))
[20:56] * Orion Felinus looks at his amulet... "I she helped take care of me when I was down with the flu and fever. She was meticulous, gentle, and so caring..."
[20:56] <Orion Felinus> (( ITS PEE! ))
[20:56] <YumikoTakanashi> (( NO NO ITS DROOL!!!! ))
[20:57] <Nelius Raoul> (( You are one creepy chick, you know that? ))
[20:57] <YumikoTakanashi> (( thank you! i try~ ))
[20:57] * Haru E clutches her amulet. "We've had such fun together, even if we ended up butting heads. You best get your ass back here, auntie-- you ain't checkin' out this early!"
[20:59] *** Kanri's Amulet glimmers for a second before going dull again
[21:00] * Matsumi Kaze holds her amulet "she is so much fun. She's someone who I called sister and truely meant it. She was the one who I tried to do as much as I could. I would do anything for her!"
[21:01] * Nelius Raoul focuses. "C'mon sis--- who else is gonna bug me for my tuna casserole? You best come on back--- we got a LOT to catch up on."
[21:01] * YumikoTakanashi wonders if these wierdos are even crying >>
[21:02] * Freya grips her amulet " changed my entire changed who I was....young lady you are a Felinus...I will cannot die!"
[21:02] * Freya and Matsumi are honestly tearing up
[21:02] <YumikoTakanashi> daini.......tuna bake~
[21:02] <Daini Felinus> O_O *droooooooooooooooooooooooooooooools*
[21:02] * Tear drops start to fall onto Orion's amulet. "I want my daughter hear her see her smile..."
[21:03] * Nelius Raoul tips the vial onto his amulet as Haru actually lets a bit of her blood decorate hers.
[21:03] <YumikoTakanashi> and im creepy
[21:04] *** Kanri's amulet shines brightly and gets brighter and brighter and brighter till its blinding
[21:04] <Haru E> What? This is a blood bond--- something far stronger than just an emotional connection.
[21:04] <Nelius Raoul> Only a little more--- keep at it!
[21:05] <YumikoTakanashi> good kami you are wierd Haru...thats why we love ou though
[21:05] <Daini Felinus> please please please please~
[21:07] *** the dims away and there lays...................a toddler????? A very naked silver haired girl with little silver wings sticking out her shoulder blades. she blinks at you all with curious rainbow hued eyes.
[21:08] <Orion Felinus> Kanri?
[21:08] <Nelius Raoul> (Oh s[BLEEP]t.... Kisuke is gonna have a coronary.)
[21:09] <Freya> .......
[21:09] * Winged Kanri sits up and blinks and then flops over clumsily "OW!" ><
[21:10] <Haru E> ....hoo boy.
[21:10] <YumikoTakanashi> .........................................can i keep it?
[21:10] * Winged Kanri flutters her little wings and starts crawling around :3
[21:10] <Haru E> Uh, dad.... any chance you still have that time-accelerant you were working on?
[21:11] * Orion Felinus kneels down and reaches out to the toddler.
[21:11] <Daini Felinus> yes!
[21:11] * Winged Kanri sniffs the hand....................and bites!
[21:11] <Orion Felinus> ouch!
[21:11] <Winged Kanri> :3
[21:11] * Nelius Raoul begins looking through his notes. "Gimme a second--- it'll take a moment."
[21:12] * Winged Kanri shreiks and lets go to run at Nelius "mama!!"
[21:13] <Orion Felinus> Mister Nelius...? Mama?
[21:13] * Freya looks to Daini
[21:13] <Nelius Raoul> .....I get the feeling her memories are scrambled.
[21:13] * Daini Felinus is grinning
[21:13] <YumikoTakanashi> nah..... she looked at Nelius first XD
[21:14] <Freya> now why are you so happy, daini
[21:14] <Daini Felinus> O_O i do nuting!!!
[21:14] * Daini Felinus covers her ears
[21:14] <Haru E> Don't lie--- what kinda twisted ideas were cooking up in that little kitty brain of yours♫
[21:15] <Orion Felinus> Did you...wish for your sister to be reborn as an infant?
[21:15] <Daini Felinus> maybe?
[21:15] <Daini Felinus> ><
[21:15] <Haru E> ..... (Oh Seraph-dammit.)
[21:15] * Winged Kanri flops into Nelius and BITES!!
[21:15] <Haru E> ಠ_ಠ
[21:16] <Daini Felinus> i didnt do da birdy part though!
[21:16] * Nelius Raoul doesn't really react. Though Kanri might have hurt her teeth....
[21:16] <Freya> ....
[21:16] * Freya walks over and picks up Kanri
[21:16] * Winged Kanri latches on and grins. Her teeth are just fine.
[21:16] <Orion Felinus> Perhaps we should get her something to eat?
[21:17] <Orion Felinus> I think I have some of Heimdall's baby food in the car...
[21:17] <Freya> (( did she bite Freya? ))
[21:17] <Winged Kanri> (( yas ))
[21:17] * Freya looks Kanri in the eyes.....
[21:18] * Winged Kanri looks at freya..... her eyes flash green for a moment "momma?"
[21:18] <Freya> yes...