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<// J_Daito //> Yes, because monsters and weird creatures are only ok in the context of liturgical depictions of Hell and the Apocalypse

welcome to #suburbansenshi4

[18:44] <Nelius Raoul> !yai for laughs
[18:44] Wisdom from the Book of Yai:
[14:36] <Yaijinden> What was that,'s b[BLEEP]ch? All I heard was wah wah I want my penis back.

[18:44] <Kanri-chan> (( what did he say? ))
[18:44] *** It was Haru, who responded with "............."
[18:44] <Nelius Raoul> Kanri, understand something real quick.
[18:45] <Nelius Raoul> In those older times, Overlords would confine souls to objects--- rocks, trees, pieces of equipment. Beings born of confinement would essentially be like Prinnies, except without the chance to reincarnate.
[18:46] <Kanri-chan> no no yuh understand. the only chance i have at knowing what yuh looked like as a kid is through yuhr children.
[18:47] <Nelius Raoul> If I were to just create someone from my Mana, that'd be sentencing them to stay as they are for essentially forever--- even if they tried using the Transmigration Process, they wouldn't age or grow any stronger.
[18:48] <Kanri-chan> soooooooo a child forever?
[18:48] <Nelius Raoul> Yes.
[18:49] <Nelius Raoul> And I consider that to be especially cruel.
[18:50] <Kanri-chan> yea.... i just really want to see yuh happy. smiling and joyful... i dont know if i'll live as long as yuh
[18:51] <Golden_Heir> You have a big heart Kanri.
[18:52] <Nelius Raoul> I understand that--- truly, I do. But something I wish to point out is that everyone has their own definition of happiness, their own takes on what brings them the most joy to their lives.
[18:52] <Nelius Raoul> For someone like myself, it's seeing those whom I care for getting to do that which they wish to do.
[18:54] <Haru E> Dad, let's not forget tearing through anyone whom decides to infringe on that~
[18:55] <Nelius Raoul> ...really, Haru?
[18:55] <Haru E> It's what I do best~ :3
[18:58] <Nelius Raoul> All in all, though--- point made.
[18:58] <Kanri-chan> well dont yuh think -I- want to see yuh free from all that over-protectiveness?
[19:01] <Nelius Raoul> And how, exactly, would I be freed from it?
[19:02] <Kanri-chan> yuh'd only have 2 people to be over protective of? :3
[19:02] <Kanri-chan> ok.. i just really want yuh to smile more >>
[19:03] <Nelius Raoul> Ah, so that's it. Well, don't expect too many miracles--- it's been a while since I've really remembered how to give a genuine smile without any kind of hidden meaning to it.
[19:06] <Kanri-chan> yea usually its a "im going rip yuh apart'' smile
[19:07] <Kanri-chan> but yuh have a nice happy smile. it shines. i wish more people could see it
[19:08] * Haru E smiles at this, then puts a hand to her mouth.
[19:09] <Haru E> Whoo, good stuff~
[19:10] <Golden_Heir> nice one
[19:10] <Kanri-chan> dont get him started
[19:11] <Nelius Raoul> ?
[19:12] * Kanri-chan just sips her water
[19:15] <Kanri-chan> anywho.. i just want to see yuh happy... yuhr always on a mission to kill someone
[19:19] <Nelius Raoul> Not all the time, though I won't deny there have been a lot of people showing up that want to deign themselves ruler of everything they see.
[19:21] <Kanri-chan> yea..
[19:21] * Golden_Heir rubs Kanri's back
[19:23] <Haru E> While it hasn't left us lacking for things to do, sometimes you just need that time to recharge and come up with new ideas for non-combat things.
[19:24] <Kanri-chan> yea when do yuh guys get that
[19:25] <Kanri-chan> i garuntee there will be fights up until the wedding and probably the night of.
[19:27] <Haru E> About the only thing I could imagine doing is finding out where the enemy is hiding at and taking the battle to them.
[19:28] <Haru E> Crush them all in one swift move before they get the chance to plan out an assault.
[19:31] <Nelius Raoul> The complication here is that our new foe is cowardly, never showing their actual face and relying on mooks and deception to do their dirty work.
[19:32] <Golden_Heir> set up a trap?
[19:32] <Golden_Heir> lure them out with bait
[19:35] <Kanri-chan> would that work?
[19:35] <Nelius Raoul> Unfortunately, that's no option. What they're after would risk a friend's life.
[19:36] <Nelius Raoul> That which they seek is intimately tied to someone's life--- in order to obtain that item, the person carrying it would have to be killed.
[19:38] <Kanri-chan> what if we brought miki out?
[19:39] <Nelius Raoul> No--- they wouldn't fall for that. They'd easily send someone whose life isn't important to them to grab her.
[19:41] <Kanri-chan> and yuhd kill them... they'd keep sending until there was no more
[19:42] <Nelius Raoul> Therein lies the problem--- we don't have an accurate tally on how many mooks they have. They could easily decide to send some as a distraction while the real force corners her somewhere.
[19:43] <Kanri-chan> not if she stayed with us
[19:43] <Golden_Heir> i think.... i know where yuhr going...
[19:45] <Kanri-chan> two groups in one group. one to fight who ever shows up, the other never leaves her side.
[19:47] <Nelius Raoul> That is something I've been working on. When the chance arrives, I plan on chatting with some of the Gensokyo residents to see if we can get some extra assistance from them---- Solarchos was alerted to this incoming force the other night, so he'll have his people ready to go.
[19:48] <Nelius Raoul> Whomever these jokers are, I don't intend to let them win at all.
[19:49] <Kanri-chan> and i know the perfect bait.
[19:50] <Nelius Raoul> ??
[19:52] * Kanri-chan leans forward
[19:53] * Nelius Raoul leans over.
[19:53] <Kanri-chan> Keiko... all we need is to duplicate Miki's aura
[19:56] <Nelius Raoul> Are you certain that'll work? This is your daughter we're talking about here--- I'd rather not put someone in harm's way like that.
[19:57] <Kanri-chan> keiko has done this before remember? and if we can pull of duplicating Miki's aura then yes..
[20:00] <Nelius Raoul> It'll be a bit of a long-shot, but if they do take her to their actual base instead of just attacking on the spot, then that'll act as a gigantic beacon for us.
[20:02] * Kanri-chan nods
[20:03] <Golden_Heir> she's a bright girl.. a little too bright sometimes
[20:03] <Nelius Raoul> You should've seen her back when she met Naoto--- those two were conversing for hours.
[20:06] <Kanri-chan> oh yea can she come visit tomorrow? Kisuske and I have stuff to do.
[20:08] <Nelius Raoul> Sure thing.
[20:08] <Haru E> Naoto's gonna enjoy this~
[20:12] * Kanri-chan smiles "she'll enjoy that.. im so glad she gets a new life. i know how important it is"
[20:13] * Haru E nods in agreement.
[20:13] * Nelius Raoul reaches down to get some more food--- only to realize they've cleaned their plates entirely.
[20:14] <Kanri-chan> see?
[20:14] <Kanri-chan> 20 of everything wasnt enough XD
[20:15] * Golden_Heir chuckles
[20:16] <Nelius Raoul> Point made.
[20:16] <Kanri-chan> pick a dish niikun.
[20:16] <Haru E> We taking some home?
[20:17] <Kanri-chan> well yea. judging from niikun's reaction... he's still hungry XD
[20:21] <Nelius Raoul> I can always make something up when I get back--- it's no big deal.
[20:23] <Kanri-chan>
[20:23] <Golden_Heir> just pick the dish dude >>
[20:24] <Nelius Raoul> -_-
[20:24] * Nelius Raoul selects a dish.
[20:26] * Kanri-chan calls for the waiter to get another roll to go
[20:27] <Kanri-chan> yuh may be older... but yuhr still family. and family takes care of family
[20:28] <Nelius Raoul> Very well.
[20:31] *** Amidst the dining and chatting, Kanri's debit card was returned, alongside the bill for the meal. Seems Haru had it placed beneath her left arm.
[20:31] * Kanri-chan raises an eyebrow "haru?"
[20:35] <Haru E> What? You thought I was gonna let someone run off with it?
[20:36] <Kanri-chan> oh really? who is going to run off with it? yuh?
[20:37] <Haru E> Kanri, we live in an age where Identity Theft is a serious thing--- one misplaced bit of info and everything you've worked for goes right out the window.
[20:38] <Haru E> And a debit card lying out in the open may as well be an invite for someone to bleed you dry of your hard-earned cash.
[20:39] <Kanri-chan> yuh know the waiter has to return it to our table right?
[20:39] <Kanri-chan> i would have just put it in my purse XD
[20:40] <Haru E> Still, as dad said before, I'm not someone who would gamble on matters like this.
[20:41] * Haru E hands the card and bill over to Kanri. "Either way, we should be going soon--- it's almost 9 PM."
[20:41] <Nelius Raoul> Time flies indeed.
[20:42] <Kanri-chan> yea yuh have work tomorrow haru
[20:44] <Haru E> I'm aware.
[20:44] * Kanri-chan signs the bill and adds the tip putting her card away "lets go guys."
[20:45] * Haru E and Nelius rise from their seats. "Thanks for the meal."
[20:47] * Kanri-chan and Kisuske get up too "no problem. we needed this"
[20:47] * Golden_Heir smiles "i'll drive Kanri home. we have a stop to make
[20:49] <Nelius Raoul> All right. You two be careful out there.
[20:50] <Kanri-chan> we will. seeya later guys^^
[20:50] * Kanri-chan and Kisuske head out
[20:51] *** Kanri-chan has left #suburbansenshi4 (I'm Stronger than I look. Shall I prove it?)
[20:51] *** Golden_Heir has left #suburbansenshi4 (Until you agree.)
[20:52] * Nelius Raoul and Haru head home as well.
[20:52] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4
[20:52] *** Haru E [SpannerinDWorks@Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4
[20:52] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Null

[19:35] <Yukari Yakumo> Location - A Return to the Lunarian Kingdom
[19:36] * A strange portal opens in the middle of a bathroom stall.
[19:36] *** Lt. David O`Cain [] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[19:36] <@spiritflame> konbanwa lt. david o`cain
[19:37] *** Michelle O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi4
[19:37] <@spiritflame> konbanwa michelle o`cain
[19:37] *** Donovan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi4
[19:37] <@spiritflame> konbanwa donovan o`cain
[19:37] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[19:37] <@spiritflame> konbanwa nelius raoul
[19:37] * Donovan O`Cain is in his armor as is Michelle
[19:37] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Return to the Lunarian Kingdom
[19:38] <Nelius Raoul> ....really, Yukari? You brought us to the crapper?
[19:38] <Lt. David O`Cain> Oh for Serenity's sake. >_<
[19:39] <Michelle O`Cain> Really? She took us here? :/
[19:39] *** The stall is almost a closet, and it's one of those Euro-Japanese squatter-types too.
[19:40] <Nelius Raoul> That's Yukari for you.
[19:40] * Michelle O`Cain exits the stall as do her brother and cousin
[19:40] * Nelius Raoul exits the stall, Croixshot on standby as an incase measure.
[19:41] <Donovan O`Cain> You'd think she'd be more intelligent than this.
[19:41] *** The bathroom looks like it's meant for boys too.
[19:42] *** In the distance you can hear what sound like alarms going off.
[19:42] <Nelius Raoul> ....sounds like something big is going down.
[19:42] <Nelius Raoul> Alarms are going off.
[19:43] <Lt. David O`Cain> Who set them off and why, I wonder.
[19:44] * Lt. David O`Cain goes to check things out alongside Donovan and Michelle
[19:45] * Nelius Raoul takes a look around as well.
[19:45] *** In the distance you also hear the sounds of commotion, yelling, screaming, and a few faint explosions.
[19:46] * Michelle O`Cain takes out a pair of high-tech (Moon Kingdom, perhaps?) binoculars to get a better look
[19:47] *** There's only one door leading into the bathroom you're all in, and no windows.
[19:47] <Nelius Raoul> there an attack going on?
[19:47] * Michelle O`Cain carefully pokes her head out, then
[19:50] *** Outside, you find that you're inside a large building. There's a railing in front of you and the passage stretches left and right. You almost feel like you're inside a large hotel or office building with a big multi-level foyer or something.
[19:50] <Michelle O`Cain> Looks clear, guys.
[19:51] * Michelle O`Cain carefully steps out, followed by David and Donovan
[19:52] *** As before, you are all free to explore around as much as you like.
[19:52] * Lt. David O`Cain looks for any signs that indicate directions
[19:53] *** You can look over the railing or head left or right. Or explore the area around you.
[19:53] * Lt. David O`Cain is exploring area around him
[19:55] * Nelius Raoul takes a careful look over the railing.
[19:55] * Michelle O`Cain peeks left while Donovan peeks right
[19:56] *** You look over the railing to see a huge, wide courtyard. You're not inside a building: you're inside a small domed CITY!
[19:56] <Nelius Raoul> A city beneath a dome...
[19:57] * Nelius Raoul looks to see if there are any Lunarians patrolling.
[19:57] <Donovan O`Cain> Amazing.
[19:58] *** There are a few dozen buildings that you can see, and all of them resemble multi-storied apartments and office buildings. There's also quite a bit of smoke, more than a few fires burning, and lots and lots of people who look very similar to Reisen and the other Moon-Rabbits you saw last time you were here running around screaming.
[19:59] * Lt. David O`Cain crouches down and has Daxter look for maps of the domed city
[19:59] *** There are also lots and lots of things chasing them. Moon-Rabbits who aren't fast enough are caught, dragged down, and...bounced on ruthlessly...
[20:00] <A strange> BY THESE!!![BLEEP]teitte-Ne-111399546
[20:00] <Nelius Raoul> .....more Yukkuris....
[20:00] <A strange> BY THESE!!
[20:02] <Donovan O`Cain> Geez, they're all over the place.
[20:02] <Michelle O`Cain> No s[BLEEP]t. Any luck, David?
[20:02] <Lt. David O`Cain> Working on it. Need to figure out where we can go for information about Lunarians, and hopefully won't raise a further alarm.
[20:03] <~> Take it easy! Take it easy! Take it easy!
[20:05] *** Everyone roll 1d20 please.
[20:05] <spiritflame> Lt. David O`Cain rolls 1d20 [ 11 ]
[20:06] <spiritflame> Donovan O`Cain rolls 1d20 [ 4 ]
[20:06] <spiritflame> Michelle O`Cain rolls 1d20 [ 14 ]
[20:06] <spiritflame> Nelius Raoul rolls 1d20 [ 11 ]
[20:07] *** notice that YOU have been noticed.
[20:07] <Random Yukkuri> TAKE IT EASY~!!!!!! :D
[20:08] * Donovan O`Cain ducks back O_O
[20:08] * Nelius Raoul gets Croixshot ready. He's thankful he remembered the silencer this time.
[20:10] * Donovan O`Cain gets out his REC-7 rifle with a suppressor attatched to it, and carefully loads a round into the chamber
[20:11] * Random Yukkuri bounces off the wall and SLAMS into someone else with all the weight and mass of a medicine ball!
[20:13] <Random Yukkuri> TAKE IT EASY! TAKE IT EASY! :D
[20:13] * Donovan O`Cain stays calm
[20:14] * Lt. David O`Cain is still looking for maps...
[20:15] *** David, you see what looks like it COULD be a public information terminal downstairs in the courtyard below. Except that there's still a lot of Moon-Rabbits and Yukkuris down there in the process of NOT taking it easy.
[20:16] * Lt. David O`Cain has been using Daxter to help look
[20:17] *** It appears that the Lunarian city doesn't have a wi-fi network. Odd. Roll 1d100 please.
[20:17] <Lt. David O`Cain> Hmm.
[20:18] * Random Yukkuri attacks Nelius!!! OH GOD IT'S ON TOP OF YOU!!!
[20:18] <spiritflame> Lt. David O`Cain rolls 1d100 [ 21 ]
[20:19] *** You find no sign of any kind of wireless network. The Lunarians don't have the Internet? Strange.
[20:20] * Lt. David O`Cain tries again just to be sure
[20:22] <spiritflame> Lt. David O`Cain rolls 1d100 [ 16 ]
[20:22] * Nelius Raoul punches that Yukkuri with force equivalent to something moving at re-entry speeds ramming into the ground.
[20:22] <Lt. David O`Cain> Well, s[BLEEP]t. May have to cloak for that terminal.
[20:23] * Random Yukkuri EXPLODES into a huge spray of hot, cooked bean paste. Spicy bean paste, too.
[20:24] *** Random Yukkuri has left #suburbansenshi4 (Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu)
[20:24] <Nelius Raoul> Gonna need dry-cleaning after this.
[20:24] <Donovan O`Cain> We need to get moving, guys. No sense in staying in one place.
[20:25] <Michelle O`Cain> Yeah. We may have to go without maps for now.
[20:25] *** Down below you see a rabbit-girl getting tackled by several Yukkuris that proceed to start bouncing on and dog-piling all over her. She's kicking and screaming and writhing! \>_</
[20:25] <Nelius Raoul> Good point. Question is, where can we move to without drawing all that attention?
[20:25] * Michelle O`Cain takes a careful peek
[20:27] *** You could try flying if you're able to. Or you could just jump down and fight your way over, or perhaps help the girl down below.
[20:28] <Nelius Raoul> (I know I have flight... but that'd be stranding these three.)
[20:30] * Donovan O`Cain looks for another avenue
[20:32] *** 1d100 please
[20:32] <spiritflame> Donovan O`Cain rolls 1d100 [ 85 ]
[20:36] *** Donovan, you notice something. There seems to be a transmission tower in the distance. The Yukkaris also seem to be concentrating on one building near the tower.
[20:37] <Donovan O`Cain> Hey, there's a bunch of those things at that building near a transmission tower!
[20:38] <Nelius Raoul> Sounds like a good place to start.
[20:39] <Lt. David O`Cain> Let's go, then!
[20:39] *** To the transmission tower, get?
[20:39] <Lt. David O`Cain> (( YES! ))
[20:39] * Nelius Raoul has Croixshot armed. He follows the O`Cains, keeping his eyes open and ready incase any more of the Yukkuris decide they want to play.
[20:41] * Lt. David O`Cain is followed by his cousins and start making their way to the transmission tower
[20:43] * Random Yukkuris start swarming towards you all! TAKEITEASYTAKEITEASYTAKEITEASY!
[20:44] * Nelius Raoul draws Croixshot and begins plugging them with live ammo!
[20:44] * Lt. David O`Cain and his cousins all use telekinesis to crush the yukkuris together
[20:47] * Random Yukkuris start EXPLODING with each shot, their soft, pudgy flesh no protection at all from your weapons! OH THE HORROR! THE HORROR!!
[20:48] <Nelius Raoul> EXPLOSIONS!
[20:49] * Lt. David O`Cain and his cousins then get out suppressed REC-7 rifles, and fire at the yukkuris as they make their way to the tower
[20:50] <~> Roll 5d100
[20:50] <spiritflame> ~ rolls 5d100 [ 15, 33, 12, 97, 61 ]
[20:51] *** Current Yukkuri Deathcount: 218
[20:52] * Lt. David O`Cain and his cousins press forward
[20:53] * Nelius Raoul continues on as well.
[20:55] *** You arrive at the transmission tower, having slaughtered your way through a swarm of Yukkuris. The carnage was mind-numbing with the horrors you've witnessed...
[20:56] * Lt. David O`Cain looks at the tower for a moment while Donovan and Michelle keep the yukkuris clear away from the group
[20:57] * Nelius Raoul just gives the Green Voice a look. (Really? Mass-slaughtering enemies like this is common where I'm from.) He assists Donovan and Michelle in keeping the Yukkuris away.
[20:59] *** Of course it's terrible the carnage you've seen...the Yukkuris attacking random Moon-Rabbits and bouncing all over them, the war-cries of "Take it easy", and the victory shouts of "I feel refreshed!"
[21:01] <Nelius Raoul> ....David, any idea where we're headed from here?
[21:01] *** You're at the transmission tower now. It would seem that the Lunarians have a very well-encrypted tightbeam radio system.
[21:01] * Nelius Raoul gives Croixshot a rest, and goes about blasting the Yukkuris away with some magic.
[21:02] <Lt. David O`Cain> Don't know yet, Nelius.
[21:02] * Lt. David O`Cain tries to get a fix on the radio
[21:03] *** It takes a few minutes to crack the code.
[21:03] <Lt. David O`Cain> I think I got something.
[21:06] *** Roll 1d20 please, David
[21:06] <spiritflame> Lt. David O`Cain rolls 1d20 [ 7 ]
[21:08] *** Access granted.
[21:08] <Lt. David O`Cain> Got it!
[21:09] * Donovan O`Cain and Michelle tune their comms to the frequency David gives and listen in along with him
[21:10] *** You have gained access to...Lunarian cooking shows. THE HELL?!
[21:10] <Donovan O`Cain> Try again, you moron!
[21:10] <Lt. David O`Cain> Alright, alright. Sheesh. I thought I had something good.
[21:10] * Nelius Raoul keeps on taking out the Yukkuris. He decides to mix things up--- magic, ki, his transformed wings, eye-beams (ZETTA BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMM!).....
[21:10] *** A gigantic explosion happens nearby, and everyone is splattered with bean paste as thousands of Yukkuris are wiped out!
[21:10] * Lt. David O`Cain gets back to it
[21:11] <Nelius Raoul> I think we got new company!
[21:11] <Suddenly>
[21:11] * Lt. David O`Cain focuses on getting the right frequency
[21:11] <spiritflame> Lt. David O`Cain rolls 1d20 [ 7 ]
[21:12] <Suddenly> THIS girl starts approaching, her blade stained brown with the blood of those who will never take it easy again.
[21:12] * Lt. David O`Cain facepalms as he got the same channel, and tries a third time
[21:12] *** Watatsuki no Yorihime has joined #suburbansenshi4
[21:12] <@spiritflame> konbanwa watatsuki no yorihime
[21:13] <spiritflame> Lt. David O`Cain rolls 1d20 [ 9 ]
[21:14] <Lt. David O`Cain> Forget it. If we had more time...
[21:14] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> WHAT ARE YOU FOUR DOING HERE?!
[21:15] * Lt. David O`Cain and his cousins go wide-eyed, and slowly turn their heads to face the newcomer
[21:16] <Michelle O`Cain> (Oh s[BLEEP]t.)
[21:16] * Nelius Raoul leans over to the O`Cains.
[21:16] <Nelius Raoul> Any idea who this is?
[21:16] <Donovan O`Cain> (We're so busted now.)
[21:16] * Watatsuki no Yorihime stands before you all, looking as imperious and striking as any true Lunarian.
[21:16] <Donovan O`Cain> Not a damn clue, man.
[21:17] <Michelle O`Cain> Nope.
[21:18] * Watatsuki no Yorihime is also giving off a HUGE amount of magical power, although not as much as Eirin Yagokoro does.
[21:18] <Lt. David O`Cain> Your guess is as good as mine.
[21:18] <Nelius Raoul> Lovely. Remind me to sock Yukari one next time we see her.
[21:18] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> You are not Lunarians or Moon-Rabbits. Why have you come here, especially during a time like this.
[21:20] * Nelius Raoul looks to the O`Cains, wondering if one of them will speak up first. If not, he'll try his hand at diplomacy.
[21:22] <Lt. David O`Cain> Why, you ask? We simply came here for seeking knowledge of the Lunarians. The three of us (points to Donovan, Michelle, and himself) are from the Moon in the Outside World. We're Selenites hailing from the Moon Kingdom.
[21:23] <Donovan O`Cain> That's right. We mearly wish to do a comparison between the Moon Kingdom and the Lunar Kingdom.
[21:24] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> And you are?
[21:27] <Lt. David O`Cain> I am David O`Cain, a Lieutenant in the Moon Kingdom Army. The commanding officer of the 13th Ranger Platoon, 55th Mechanized Regiment, 2nd Army Ranger Corps.
[21:27] * Watatsuki no Yorihime is addressing everyone.
[21:29] <Donovan O`Cain> I'm Donovan O`Cain, a Sergeant in the Moon Kingdom Army. Airwolf pilot from the 16th Squadron, in the 29th Airborne Division.
[21:30] <Michelle O`Cain> And I am Michelle O`Cain, Sergeant in the Moon Kingdom Army. Airwolf co-pilot and mechanic from the same Squadron as my brother.
[21:31] * Watatsuki no Yorihime waits for Nelius to speak as well.
[21:32] <Nelius Raoul> I'm Nelius Raoul, shura of the Land of Carnage, and Overlord of two Netherworlds.
[21:35] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> Wait...
[21:35] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> The Moon Kingdom Army, you say?
[21:35] <Lt. David O`Cain> That's correct.
[21:37] * Watatsuki no Yorihime crosses her arms and stares at you all with a stern expression.
[21:38] * Lt. David O`Cain and his cousins just look at Yorihime
[21:38] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> I remember your kind from before. Why is it that you're skulking around in the Lunar Capitol like the minions of the Border Hag seeking to despoil and plunder our vaults?
[21:41] <Lt. David O`Cain> We would have sought other methods of coming here, but she got to us first.
[21:41] <Nelius Raoul> Speaking of Yukari.... she decided to portal us into an empty crapper. What was supposed to be a compare and contrast turned into....... this.
[21:41] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> ...the Border Hag. >__<;;
[21:42] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> That woman is NOT unknown to us. Or welcome here.
[21:43] <Donovan O`Cain> We can see why (looks at the yukkuri destruction).
[21:44] <Nelius Raoul> I believe one of the other names I've heard of for her was "Troll-kari", due to her high preference for mischief.
[21:45] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> Accurate.
[21:46] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> What kind of information are you hoping to acquire from us?
[21:47] <Lt. David O`Cain> Simply put, we were looking for information on Lunarian society, culture, anatomy, things of that nature.
[21:47] * Watatsuki no Yorihime suddenly whips out her sword and slashes it to her side. A wave of energy slices out and EXTERMINATES a swarm of Yukkuris across the yard from you all.
[21:48] <Lt. David O`Cain> (Very powerful...)
[21:48] * Watatsuki no Yorihime sheathes her sword without even blinking.
[21:48] <Nelius Raoul> (Easily Demon-Lord level.)
[21:51] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> That is all?
[21:51] <Lt. David O`Cain> Yes, that is all we seek.
[21:54] * Donovan O`Cain and his sister both nod
[21:55] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> I remember your people from the last war. However, I must ask you this own question.
[21:55] * Watatsuki no Yorihime motions around her. "Are YOU responsible for THIS???!!!"
[21:56] <Nelius Raoul> We're not. By the time we got out of the building where we were portaled in, this whole thing was going down. Even we got attacked by the Yukkuris.
[21:57] * Nelius Raoul punctuates this statement by vaporizing another group as he points a hand towards them.
[21:57] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> So you did not cause this Yukkuri invasion?
[21:57] *** Everyone roll 1d100 please.
[21:57] <Lt. David O`Cain> Absolutely not, ma'am. We had NOTHING to do with the Yukkuris. Who do you think really brought them in?
[21:57] <spiritflame> Lt. David O`Cain rolls 1d100 [ 62 ]
[21:58] <spiritflame> Donovan O`Cain rolls 1d100 [ 20 ]
[21:58] <spiritflame> Nelius Raoul rolls 1d100 [ 88 ]
[21:58] <spiritflame> Michelle O`Cain rolls 1d100 [ 37 ]
[21:59] *** Nelius, you notice something.
[21:59] * Nelius Raoul looks over, something catching his eyes. "Hm?"
[22:00] *** The Moon-Rabbits seem to be the only ones really fending off the Yukkuris. Lunarians like Yorihime don't seem to be around. In fact, Yorihime's the only Lunarian you've seen.
[22:01] <Nelius Raoul> .....where are the other Lunarians? I only see the Moon-Rabbits taking out the Yukkuris.
[22:02] * Nelius Raoul aids the effort by blasting more Yukkuris. They can take it easy..... IN HELL!
[22:03] * Michelle O`Cain raises a hand, as do Donovan and David, and start blasting at Yukkuris
[22:03] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> The Lunarian people are safely behind the barriers of their homes. It would be disgraceful if any of our kind were forced to deal with those filthy YUkkuris.
[22:05] <Lt. David O`Cain> So, you decided to be chickens[BLEEP]ts and hide behind the Moon-Rabbits, then.
[22:06] <Lt. David O`Cain> (Hehe, chickens[BLEEP]ts.)
[22:06] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> It is the will of our leaders. The Moon-Rabbits are simply doing what they've been trained to do.
[22:06] <Nelius Raoul> So you're the only one who's actually braving this. Dunno if that speaks more about you or the other Lunarians.
[22:06] <Lt. David O`Cain> - (Well, when you think about it, it's like these guys have employed Operation Human Shield or something.) -
[22:08] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> I am one of the commanders of the Lunar Defense Corps. It's my job to oversee.
[22:09] <Lt. David O`Cain> And yet, none of the others are willing to lift a single finger to help out. You'd rather hide than defend even your own home.
[22:11] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> I *am* defending my home.
[22:11] <Lt. David O`Cain> I'm talking about the other Lunarians!
[22:13] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> It's not my place to question the wishes of my leaders.
[22:15] * Lt. David O`Cain sighs
[22:15] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> The Moon-Rabbits are performing their established duties for us. That's the way it's always been.
[22:15] <Nelius Raoul> (Yet I wonder where the line between "loyalty" ends and "abuse" begins.)
[22:16] <Lt. David O`Cain> Riiiight.
[22:17] <Donovan O`Cain> From our perspective, it's more like the Moon-Rabbits were getting their sorry hides knocked around.
[22:18] <Nelius Raoul> Are they even trained to handle things like this?
[22:18] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> Yes, they are. I train them myself in many instances.
[22:19] <Donovan O`Cain> Disorganized?
[22:20] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> 40 kilometer endurance runs are standard in order to build strength.
[22:20] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> As for organization and ability, you already know of ONE of our Moon-Rabbits who's a decent example of the Lunar Defense Corps abilities.
[22:21] <Lt. David O`Cain> Really? (points at a random Moon-Rabbit) You! Come over here, and hit me!
[22:22] * Michelle O`Cain looks at David, "Wha? What're you doing?"
[22:22] <Lt. David O`Cain> I'm testing her theory.
[22:23] * Random Moon-Rabbit comes over, looking very nervous.
[22:24] <Lt. David O`Cain> Hit me with all you got (points to the middle of his chestplate). Right here.
[22:25] * Random Moon-Rabbit is a young girl of about 13 or 14, wearing a school uniform that looks like it's really seen better days.
[22:25] <Random Moon-Rabbit> Hit you?
[22:25] <Lt. David O`Cain> Yes! Hit me!
[22:27] * Lt. David O`Cain just stands there as he waits, Donovan and Michelle just watch
[22:28] * Random Moon-Rabbit PUNCHES David, her fist connecting with his chestplate with the force of a sledge hammer.
[22:28] * Nelius Raoul keeps the Yukkuris at bay via magical explosions.
[22:30] * Random Yukkuri falls at Nelius' feet, writhing and quivering from the pain it's suffered.
[22:31] <Random Yukkuri> - Ah ghant take it eeeaasyyyy~!!! T____T -
[22:31] * Lt. David O`Cain remains standing from the punch, barely even moved a foot
[22:31] <Lt. David O`Cain> You may go back to your friends.
[22:32] * Nelius Raoul stomps this one underfoot.
[22:33] * Random Yukkuri explodes into sticky bean paste with a loud wet farting sound.
[22:34] * Lt. David O`Cain just looks at Yorihime
[22:34] <Nelius Raoul> Well, I've been in need of cleaning these boots anyway.
[22:34] <Nelius Raoul> (Though I wonder, suppose I let the magic build up for a bit, then blast..... hope I don't eradicate the dome.)
[22:34] * Random Moon-Rabbit rushes off. She gets about five steps before she's knocked over by a Yukkuri that lands between her shoulderblades and just stays there. Yes, the Yukkuri is also wearing a coyboy hat and is warbling "RIDE IT EASY~!"
[22:36] <Lt. David O`Cain> Not a bad start on strength, but it takes more than just running to build it up.
[22:36] * Watatsuki no Yorihime looks back at David.
[22:36] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> That girl is NOT a member of the Lunar Defense Corps.
[22:36] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> She was just a regular student.
[22:37] <Nelius Raoul> Certainly explains why these ones are getting their tails handed to 'em.
[22:37] <Lt. David O`Cain> Really? Hard to tell, honestly.
[22:39] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> The reason why the Lunar Capitol is in such a mess is because the Yukkuris appeared EVERYWHERE in huge numbers. The Lunar Defense Corps was deployed around the Capitol and in key areas within to prevent them from spreading.
[22:40] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> And no one's actually been killed.
[22:40] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> But the property damage has been unbelievable.
[22:40] <Nelius Raoul> In this case, it sounds like we need to cut off the source of the Yukkuris.
[22:41] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> And the panic has been worse than the War of 1969!!!!! >_<;;;
[22:41] <Nelius Raoul> We noticed a ton of them crowding this building. There may be a clue to their generation here.
[22:41] <Lt. David O`Cain> (Hehe. She said 69.)
[22:41] <Lt. David O`Cain> - [[Not now, moron.] -
[22:41] <Lt. David O`Cain> - (^) -
[22:42] <Lt. David O`Cain> Hmm.
[22:42] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> No, they're not being reinforced.
[22:43] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> They were just deployed here in the millions and we're slowly corraling them into areas where they can be exterminated more easily.
[22:43] <Nelius Raoul> Aha.
[22:44] <Nelius Raoul> Still, it seemed like this building behind us was of high interest to them. What's in here, at any rate?
[22:44] *** An explosion happens a block away as if to punctuate Yorihime's statement. Bean paste falls from the sky a few seconds later.
[22:44] <Lt. David O`Cain> Makes sense, then.
[22:45] <Donovan O`Cain> Lovely.
[22:46] <Michelle O`Cain> This will make a lot of dip.
[22:46] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> They WERE attempting to swarm our communications centers in a misguided attempt to broadcast their seditious messages throughout our realm. For the Moon-Rabbits to rebel against us.
[22:48] <Nelius Raoul> Yukkuris even have the ability to control the centers here?
[22:48] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> "Take it easy" my ass! As they say in the Imperium...THAT'S HERESY!!! >:(
[22:48] <Michelle O`Cain> How would they even know to do that? (crushes a Yukkuri under her high heeled boot)
[22:50] <Watatsuki no Yorihime> I never said they had a *workable* plan.
[22:50] * A strange portal opens behind Yorihime.
[22:51] <Nelius Raoul> Incoming Yukari.
[22:51] * Nelius Raoul points to the portal.
[22:51] <Lt. David O`Cain> Behind you!
[22:52] *** Yukari Yakumo [IllusoryBorderHag@EnclaveFedCom.Net (PiratedServer] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[22:52] <@spiritflame> konbanwa yukari yakumo
[22:52] <Yukari Yakumo> :D
[22:53] * Yukari Yakumo holds up that fake sonic screwdriver again~!
[22:53] <Yukari Yakumo> "HERE! COME! THE DRUMS!"
[22:55] * Lt. David O`Cain is suddenly above and behind Yukari, and goes for a flying knee at the back of her head while she's distracted
[22:56] * Yukari Yakumo opens a portal and sends a concentrated swarm of Yukkuris right onto Yorihime herself!
[22:58] * Yukari Yakumo gets kneed! "OW!! What's that for?!"
[22:58] <Nelius Raoul> That was for locking us in a crapper.
[22:58] * Watatsuki no Yorihime is buried underneath a huge pile of undulating, bouncing Yukkuris!!!!! "ffffffffffffFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
[22:59] * Lt. David O`Cain uses telekinesis to lift the Yukkuris off of Yorihime, and then crushes them over Yukari
[22:59] <Yukari Yakumo> Come on, folks! Let's get outta here!!!"
[23:00] <Nelius Raoul> ~_~
[23:01] <Nelius Raoul> (Keep it steady, Nelius--- you can deck her one after we get home.)
[23:01] * Yukari Yakumo is smashed by the Yukkuris so hard she's pushed back through her own portal!
[23:02] * MIchelle O`Cain and Donovan help Yorihime up
[23:02] *** Yukari Yakumo [IllusoryBorderHag@EnclaveFedCom.Net (PiratedServer] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("I've got chips to go with that bean paste, boys and girls!")
[23:03] * Nelius Raoul gets an idea. He extends his left hand, and slices at the air, looking to form his own Dimensional Gate. (Hope this works...)
[23:03] *** Watatsuki no Yorihime has left #suburbansenshi4 ("FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! GET THESE FILTHY THINGS OFF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!")
[23:03] *** MIchelle O`Cain has left #suburbansenshi4
[23:03] *** Donovan O`Cain has left #suburbansenshi4
[23:03] *** Yukari's portal remains open for everyone to go back to the Hotel.
[23:03] *** Lt. David O`Cain [] has left #suburbansenshi4
[23:04] * Nelius Raoul is trying to see if he can establish a connection on his own--- to avoid anymore "Troll-kari" antics for the future.
[23:05] <Nelius Raoul> (Screw it. I'll try later.)
[23:05] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4
[23:14] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Null

[23:57] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[23:57] * Lady Hale appears in the Overlord's Castle.
[23:57] <Zotia> Miss Hale, welcome back.
[23:57] <Lady Hale> Always a pleasure to have your company, Zotia.
[23:58] <Lady Hale> Now then, where is my little Ayatane?
[23:58] <Zotia> He's upstairs. This way.
[23:59] * Zotia leads Hale to the second floor, where the vassals' living quarters are. A young angel boy can be seen sitting with a few of the other vassals---- namely Sif, Naoto, and Thorndyke.
[00:00] <Lady Hale> Ayatane, dear.... it's almost time to head back.
[00:00] * Ayatane looks over. He brightens up a bit as he sees his mother. "Mom!"
[00:02] * Lady Hale smiles as her son runs over to greet her. "Did you enjoy your time here?"
[00:03] * Ayatane nods enthusiastically, his light violet hair swishing up and down. "Yeah--- I got to find out a lotta stuff!"
[00:04] <Lady Hale> You can tell me all about it while we go pick your sister up. I do hope Aliya isn't worn out.
[00:05] * Lady Hale takes her son, and the two leave via Dimensional Gate.
[00:05] *** Lady Hale [Blindeyes@Celestia.hv] has left #suburbansenshi4
[00:05] *** Ayatane has left #suburbansenshi4
[00:06] <Sif> That kid is just adorbs~
[00:06] <Janice> - You certain you're not saying that just 'cause you wanna teach him how to get five-finger discounts? -
[00:06] <Sif> !! Janice!
[00:06] * Sif gives another hilariously adorable pout.
[00:08] * Janice just laughs.
[00:08] * Thorndyke even has the faint trace of a smile.
[00:08] *** Sif has left #suburbansenshi4 (>_<)
[00:09] * Zotia chuckles softly.
[00:11] <Janice> - Well, back to the crypt for me. Seeya later. -
[00:11] *** Janice has left #suburbansenshi4
[00:18] * Zotia checks on a few more things.
[00:19] <Zotia> (So far, it seems all is well. The supplies are stocked, the new drives and spikes are in excellent condition....)
[00:20] <Zotia> (Now, the only thing left.....)
[00:22] *** Zotia has left #suburbansenshi4 ((If I am to do this, I must do it right.))
[00:22] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Null

[17:45] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Eslancia- Royal Courtroom
[17:46] *** Haru E [SpannerinDWorks@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[17:46] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa haru e
[17:46] * Haru E appears outta nowhere.
[17:47] *** The courtroom is an immaculate room with four thrones at the back and is highly decorated in golds and marble
[17:47] <YumikoTakanashi> There yuh are..................where's Nelius
[17:48] <Haru E> Had your rave sphere mentioned that dad was needed, I'd have messaged him alongside Kae.
[17:48] <Haru E> One moment.
[17:48] <YumikoTakanashi> she isnt a rave sphere. no matter yuh can pass the word
[17:48] * Haru E gets out her forehead visor, equips it, then sends a message to Nelius.
[17:49] <Haru E> Well then, what precisely should I have called the glowing orb that brought me here?
[17:50] <YumikoTakanashi> An Aura Sphere
[17:50] <Haru E> Aha.
[17:50] <YumikoTakanashi> it is a part of my Aura that i sent to get yuh since i cannot leave.
[17:50] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[17:50] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa nelius raoul
[17:51] * Nelius Raoul appears. "And why is it you're not able to leave?"
[17:51] * YumikoTakanashi throws up a purple barrier "now that yuhr here we can begin"
[17:52] <YumikoTakanashi> Remember the prince who abducted me?
[17:52] <Nelius Raoul> Yeah, I do. Haru sent me the message that he hasn't learned his lesson at all.
[17:52] <YumikoTakanashi> The King is dead and the prince is ascending the throne.
[17:54] <Haru E> So now he's making that power-grab that Kanri filled me in on.
[17:54] <YumikoTakanashi> Meaning either war is to come or a revolution.
[17:55] <Nelius Raoul> Kanri mentioned you had a plan to deal with Prince Spoiled Brat.
[17:56] <YumikoTakanashi> I'm going to buy the kingdom if He does not accept no for an answer
[17:56] * Haru E gives a whistle. "That's a heck of a lotta cash. Where's his forces gonna go, in that case?"
[17:58] <YumikoTakanashi> His people are in a deprssion. There is little to no food since he took over the expenses in his kingdom. He will no doubt attempt and attack, my troops are ready combat wise....However, I need someone to teach my troops elemental magicks
[17:59] <Nelius Raoul> Which is where we come in?
[17:59] <YumikoTakanashi> Yes. With the hope that with said abilities we can save the land from its drought and bring back its lush forests, the people will not oppose a new kingdom
[18:01] <YumikoTakanashi> The old King gave me one request when i ascended to being a Princess.... to save his people. I intend to answer that request.
[18:01] <Nelius Raoul> Ban'gran was an all right guy--- I kinda regret not having had much chance to speak with him.
[18:02] <YumikoTakanashi> As do i. But his spirit will live on in the land if we can save it.
[18:05] <Haru E> Well then, we'll do more than just rise to the occasion.
[18:05] <YumikoTakanashi> oh?
[18:08] <Haru E> We're talking about the revival of a kingdom here--- no way we're gonna half-ass this.
[18:11] <Nelius Raoul> ...kinda get the feeling I might know the answer ahead of time, but what's Ban'nodor putting the expenses towards?
[18:11] <YumikoTakanashi> oh of course not. my people have been stockpiling food and clothing and building supplies.
[18:11] <YumikoTakanashi> .................a wedding >>
[18:12] <YumikoTakanashi> and a new castle
[18:12] <YumikoTakanashi> and a bunch of eccentric gifts
[18:13] <Nelius Raoul> Sounds like he's making the same mistakes that Kisuke was until he got set straight.
[18:14] <YumikoTakanashi> only worse... Kisuske never put the well being of others in jeopardy.
[18:15] <YumikoTakanashi> It makes me sick that Ban'nodor would do this to his own people just to get a woman who's already married and happy.
[18:16] <Haru E> Definitely sounds like he needs dethroned.
[18:16] <YumikoTakanashi> Exactly. He is a menace to his own people. They deserve better.
[18:17] <YumikoTakanashi> How soon can yuh start training Nelius?
[18:17] <Nelius Raoul> I can begin whenever.
[18:18] <YumikoTakanashi> Well They are ready whenever yuh are as well. They understand the severity of the situation.
[18:19] <Nelius Raoul> Very well. Got a timeframe for when Ban'nodor might make his move?
[18:19] <YumikoTakanashi> Within the next month.
[18:19] <Nelius Raoul> Got it. I'll get to work on training them immediately.
[18:20] <YumikoTakanashi> Thank you. I have the approval of the other kingdoms to overthrow Ban'nodor so as soon as the troops are ready we can act.
[18:21] <Haru E> Though here's a question--- what'll be done with Prince Spoiled once he's been knocked off his throne?
[18:23] <YumikoTakanashi> He will be executed for treason against his people.
[18:23] <Haru E> Kinda figured, but didn't wanna assume.
[18:24] <YumikoTakanashi> Well we dont Execute often. Execution is for the foulest crimes. This is one of them
[18:24] <Haru E> Again, kinda figured--- he's bleeding his own people dry just for his own selfish reasons. That's considered a crime even in the Netherworld.
[18:26] <YumikoTakanashi> Exactly. The sooner we can do this. The sooner those people can heal
[18:27] <Nelius Raoul> Then there's no time to waste.
[18:27] <YumikoTakanashi> Not this is important... this must stay between us... NO ONE must know
[18:28] <YumikoTakanashi> not even Kanri.
[18:28] <Haru E> Of course.
[18:29] <Nelius Raoul> It's safe with me.
[18:29] <YumikoTakanashi> /e nods and lets the barrier down "let's get to work?"
[18:30] * YumikoTakanashi ^
[18:31] <Nelius Raoul> Let's do this.
[18:31] <Haru E> I may be a bit late, but I'll make certain to attend some lessons.
[18:32] <YumikoTakanashi> Alright!
[18:34] <Nelius Raoul> Gonna guess the troops are located where they usually are?
[18:35] <YumikoTakanashi> In the courtyard.
[18:36] <Nelius Raoul> Got it. Well then, I'll be off.
[18:36] * Nelius Raoul gives a formal bow, then heads to the courtyard.
[18:37] * YumikoTakanashi cringes slightly "why did he bow????"
[18:37] * Haru E shrugs.
[18:37] <YumikoTakanashi> welp yuh get back to work Haru.
[18:38] <Haru E> That I shall. I'll tell Kae you said hi.
[18:39] * YumikoTakanashi nods "give her my well wishes
[18:39] <Haru E> Can do~
[18:39] *** Haru E [SpannerinDWorks@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 (*Back to Kae's via gate*)
[18:40] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Ladies and Gentlemen of the Esclancian Royal Guard, welcome to your first lesson in wielding the elements.")
[18:42] *** YumikoTakanashi [] has left #suburbansenshi4 (time to watch~)
[18:51] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Null

[18:03] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[18:03] <@spiritflame> konbanwa matsumi kaze
[18:03] * Matsumi Kaze walks along the street, humming to herself...
[18:09] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi4

[19:54] *** Tokyo Cafe
[19:54] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[19:54] <@spiritflame> konbanwa matsumi kaze
[19:54] * Matsumi Kaze sits at a table, looking depressed....sighing
[19:55] <Matsumi Kaze> ....*sigh*
[19:56] <Matsumi Kaze> ....why is this happening
[19:57] <Matsumi Kaze> ..*sips her drink*
[19:57] <Matsumi Kaze> T_T I hate it...
[20:01] <Matsumi Kaze> I want more ice cream!
[20:03] * Matsumi Kaze is given another parfiet
[20:03] <Matsumi Kaze> ...not ice cream.........but ok
[20:03] * Matsumi Kaze eats
[20:04] <Matsumi Kaze> T_T it's no fun...
[20:08] <Female Voice> Hey, hope this isn't a table for one.
[20:09] <Matsumi Kaze> huh?
[20:09] * Matsumi Kaze turns
[20:10] * Female Voice is now known as Hinako Urashima
[20:10] <Hinako Urashima> Hey there.
[20:11] <Matsumi Kaze> hi........
[20:13] <Hinako Urashima> You sound depressed. Take it something went downhill in a hurry?
[20:14] <Matsumi Kaze> ...I miss my friends
[20:14] <Hinako Urashima> Which ones?
[20:16] <Matsumi Kaze> ..all of them
[20:16] <Matsumi Kaze> ....I just....I feel alone
[20:18] * Hinako Urashima is quiet for a moment as she tries to come up with the right words.
[20:19] <Hinako Urashima> Well, if you could, please start with the friends on your mind at the moment.
[20:19] <Matsumi Kaze> ...the hotel used to be so active so....full of life
[20:19] <Matsumi Kaze> just feels...really empty now
[20:21] <Hinako Urashima> Sounds a lot like people heading out on their own paths.... a changing of the guard, as my brother would put it.
[20:23] <Matsumi Kaze> but I don't want it to change T_____T *sobs*
[20:27] <Hinako Urashima> Not much I can help with on that one. Though I know what that's like---- you meet the dearest of pals, yet you hardly get to see them anymore.
[20:28] * Matsumi Kaze criiiiies...
[20:28] *** other people in the cafe are staring
[20:28] <Hinako Urashima> .....what say we continue this elsewhere?
[20:30] * Matsumi Kaze criiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies
[20:31] * Hinako Urashima just feels awkward. (Dammit all--- what can I say that isn't gonna cause more waterworks?)
[20:33] <Hinako Urashima> (Now I just feel crummy..)
[20:35] <Matsumi Kaze> T___T
[20:39] <Matsumi Kaze> ANOTHER PARFIET
[20:39] <Hinako Urashima> Look, Matsumi--- I admit I'm not good with words, and that I'm rather much a klutz myself on matters like this, but my ears are open if you ever feel like discussing things with me. That all right with you?
[20:40] <Matsumi Kaze> just feels....I don't know....I'm so lonely T_T
[20:41] <Hinako Urashima> They say the path from inner turmoil begins with a friendly ear. As I offered, if anything's weighing on your mind, just gimme a call.
[20:42] <Matsumi Kaze> ..I just miss my old friends
[20:44] <Hinako Urashima> Understandable.
[20:44] <Matsumi Kaze> I miss alot of action...
[20:45] <Hinako Urashima> Action? Like the battles, or something else?
[20:47] <Matsumi Kaze> like fun and action and stuff!
[20:49] <Hinako Urashima> Yeah, that's something I've been noticing as well-- everything seems to want to happen when we're dealing with other matters.
[20:49] <Matsumi Kaze> ....I miss the hugs and the laughs and the old fun T_T nobody is around..
[20:52] <Hinako Urashima> Another thing I've been seeing--- all the fun's being sucked away by those who want to rain on our parade. Somedays it physically feels restrictive to hang around the Hotel.
[20:54] <Matsumi Kaze> yeah T___T
[20:57] <Matsumi Kaze> D: it just feels less
[20:58] <Hinako Urashima> I know.... it sucks.
[21:04] * Matsumi Kaze sniffles.....
[21:04] *** there's a scream from the back room
[21:04] <Hinako Urashima> ?!
[21:05] <Matsumi Kaze> huh what...
[21:05] *** a BURST of water SMASHES from the backroom..hitting a few of the customers
[21:06] <Hinako Urashima> !!
[21:06] <Matsumi Kaze> what the heck!?
[21:07] *** the water changes into a rather sultry looking blue skinned woman with pure black eyes...wearing what looks like a swim suit
[21:07] <Hinako Urashima> (Great--- just what we need, some creature ruining our heart to heart.)
[21:07] <Matsumi Kaze> ..I's one of those things again
[21:08] <Hinako Urashima> Y'mean like the thing that attacked you sometime last month?
[21:09] <Matsumi Kaze> yeah...
[21:10] <Hinako Urashima> Lovely... so do they all come under a specific elemental affinity?
[21:10] * Creature starts to drain something from two patrons
[21:12] <Hinako Urashima> Never mind that--- it looks like it's trying to drain life outta them.
[21:12] * Hinako Urashima pulls out her Colt .45 and fires at the creature's arm.
[21:12] * Creature pauses as the bullet passes through her like through water
[21:13] <Hinako Urashima> (Well then...)
[21:13] * Matsumi Kaze is gone
[21:15] * Hinako Urashima gets an idea. She aims at the creature again, but this time infuses her next shot with some electricity. She fires!
[21:17] * Creature is shocked by is the two people she was holding...............
[21:18] * Creature tosses the two people aside...they aren't too badly injured luckly
[21:19] * Creature turns slowly to face Hinako
[21:20] <Hinako Urashima> (I can have them healed up once Ms. Waterlogged gets evaporated. Right now I need to get it outta here and away from everyone.)
[21:20] * Creature forms two hard water whips from it's hands...AND SLAMS them towards Hinako
[21:20] * Hinako Urashima quickly flips outta the way, telling everyone else to get the hell outta here!
[21:21] *** the patrons quickly run!
[21:23] <Hinako Urashima> (And now that they're outta here....)
[21:23] * Creature grins at Hinako
[21:24] * Hinako Urashima just makes a gesture at the creature, as if saying "Show me what ya got!"
[21:25] * Creature sends a burst of water at Hinako
[21:26] * Hinako Urashima forms a quick barrier, and deflects the water away.
[21:26] * Hinako Urashima counters by firing a Mega Ice spell at the creature!
[21:28] * Creature is frozen solid
[21:31] * Hinako Urashima then forms a tight barrier around the creature, and focuses a powerful Fire spell inside the barrier, intending to sublimate the creature.
[21:33] * Creature is eveporated
[21:34] * Hinako Urashima keeps the fire going a little longer, to make damn well certain it's evaporated but good.
[21:35] * Creature is completely evaporated
[21:37] * Hinako Urashima first takes care of the two attacked people, checking on them.
[21:39] <Hinako Urashima> (Hope Matsumi's all right... did she take the other patrons to safety?)
[21:39] *** the two people are a bit stunned but are otherwise fine
[21:42] * Hinako Urashima calls in the proper people.
[21:43] <Hinako Urashima> (Should find Matsumi when I get the chance. For now...)
[21:44] * Hinako Urashima compresses the barrier to the size of a marble, dismissing the flames inside it.
[21:45] *** Creature has left #suburbansenshi4 (vapour is gone)
[21:47] <Hinako Urashima> (OK, that's that...)
[21:48] * Hinako Urashima heads out.
[21:51] * Hinako Urashima goes out looking for Matsumi.
[21:54] *** Hinako Urashima [] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Where'd she go?" (If there's another creature like that.... better inform Zotia, get her opinion.))

[22:30] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[22:31] * Hinako Urashima explains to Zotia about the scuffle in the restaurant.
[22:31] <Hinako Urashima> From what I heard about the first one, it was Earth-based, and could control metal. This one had water-based abilities.
[22:32] <Zotia> Troubling indeed....
[22:33] <Zotia> Knowing the pattern of things, there may be others--- Wind, Fire, Ice....
[22:33] <Hinako Urashima> Yeah, that's what I'm banking on.
[22:34] <Hinako Urashima> Though, what troubled me the most was how Matsumi looked so depressed...
[22:35] <Zotia> From what I've understood, she's been among the Hotel regulars for quite a long time.... to see her close friends drift away over the years must be weighing heavily on her mind, especially due to the de-aging putting her mindset back to the teenage years.
[22:36] <Hinako Urashima> No doubt here.
[22:37] <Hinako Urashima> As my brother would put it, it's much like a changing of the guard---- the older members move on, and the new people step up to take their places.
[22:38] <Zotia> Your brother would have a point. Very few things remain the same forever, and people are no different.
[22:39] <Zotia> But not all changes like that have to be negative....
[22:40] <Zotia> While they may be physically absent, they do leave behind something that cannot be replaced.
[22:42] * Hinako Urashima nods.
[22:48] <Hinako Urashima> I know Matsumi was here before, training herself.... but would she be able to expand her skillset, like you did for me?
[22:49] <Zotia> Good question. I suspect the only way we'll know is to ask her, or her guardian Miss Freya.
[22:51] <Hinako Urashima> Though, first thing's first--- making certain she's OK.
[22:53] <Hinako Urashima> (The rock creature tanked her hit like it was nothing, and from what I've seen of water-based monsters, most Air techniques do little.... could they be getting specifically made to counter her?)
[22:55] <Hinako Urashima> (Fire needs oxygen to burn, and an Air technique would provide a lot.... should get her to learn some new skills---- work smarter, not harder.)
[22:57] <Hinako Urashima> Well, if I do find her again, I'll extend the invite. For now, I'm gonna head home.
[22:57] <Zotia> Take care, Hinako. May success be yours.
[22:58] * Hinako Urashima nods, thanking Zotia as she is gated back home.
[22:58] *** Hinako Urashima [] has left #suburbansenshi4
[22:59] <Zotia> Hm, this is something else indeed.
[23:00] * Zotia gets her comms, and types out a message.
[23:01] <Zotia> (Now then...)
[23:03] * Zotia heads off, to prepare something.
[23:05] *** Zotia has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Thirza, Yui--- let us discuss something.")
[23:07] *** The Sage, NineTail, and Mage Knight step into a back room, to discuss....
[23:13] *** The vassals continue on their work.
[23:15] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Null

[00:23] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: tokyo park
[00:24] *** Kanri-chan has joined #suburbansenshi4
[00:24] <@spiritflame> konbanwa kanri-chan *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[00:24] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[00:24] <@spiritflame> konbanwa nelius raoul *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[00:24] * Kanri-chan leads Nelius through thickets and bushes
[00:25] * Nelius Raoul walks along with Kanri. "So, what's out here?"
[00:25] <Kanri-chan> my special place.
[00:26] *** after a bit the two come to a clearing, the surrounding trees are covered in claw marks and acid erosions.
[00:27] <Nelius Raoul> Whoa... looks like a hell of a fight happened here.
[00:28] <Kanri-chan> not really... this is where i train
[00:29] <Nelius Raoul> Ah.
[00:29] * Kanri-chan claws at a tree demonstrating "whenever i have free time i come here to think or train.... sometimes both
[00:30] <Nelius Raoul> I see.
[00:30] * Kanri-chan points through the trees "there's a small pond that way. i get water from there. i just want to get stronger to protect Daini and my brother."
[00:32] <Nelius Raoul> Understandable.
[00:33] * Kanri-chan sits on a big rock and looks up "from here at this time Eslancia is right above me."
[00:34] * Nelius Raoul looks skyward. "That right?"
[00:35] * Kanri-chan points to a star "the one in the middle. its slightly dimmer than the others. thats the barrier."
[00:36] <Nelius Raoul> Ah.
[00:36] <Kanri-chan> slightly left of it is kittonapou.....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out there.
[00:37] <Nelius Raoul> Aha.
[00:38] <Kanri-chan> really this is where i come when everyone is busy... its quiet... i like that.
[00:39] <Nelius Raoul> Got your own little hideaway.
[00:39] <Kanri-chan> yea. so do yuh :3
[00:40] <Kanri-chan> mister bedroom-with-its-own-password-wall-and-dna-lock~
[00:40] <Nelius Raoul> Well, is that an invitation to stop by here?
[00:41] <Kanri-chan> only if i can stop by yuhr room~
[00:43] <Nelius Raoul> Sis, I already gave you a key and password you could use.... you're free to head in there whenever you need. Or is this related to my home's bedroom?
[00:43] <Kanri-chan> yup~
[00:43] <Kanri-chan> thats the one with yuhr scent isnt it?
[00:44] <Nelius Raoul> Well, I'll see what can be done. I do keep sensitive info in there, after all.
[00:45] <Kanri-chan> oh please the worst i do is steal one of yuhr shirts.......i bring them back >>
[00:45] <Nelius Raoul> You have a point there.
[00:45] <Kanri-chan> im not worried about yuhr info... just yuhr bed and yuhr shirts......... its a cat thing :3
[00:47] <Nelius Raoul> That explains that.
[00:47] <Kanri-chan> i always bring them back. i even clean them too^^
[00:48] <Kanri-chan> having yuhr scent helps me make myself believe yuhr ok. that yuhr not hurt or wounded.
[00:48] <Nelius Raoul> You know you're more than free to stop by and visit whenever.
[00:49] <Kanri-chan> yea... but its too many scents. after a while i get a migrane and i need to sit down.
[00:51] <Nelius Raoul> Ah.
[00:51] <Kanri-chan> yea being a cat makes new places slightly unbearable.
[00:52] <Kanri-chan> i can smell everything, even what was for breakfast when its past midnight
[00:54] <Kanri-chan> i could hear people walking around on the third floor when i'm at the entrance.
[00:55] <Nelius Raoul> Sometimes heightened senses can be a curse, huh?
[00:55] <Kanri-chan> yepp. so sometimes Zotia will let me in yuhr room where there's less noise and smells.
[00:56] <Nelius Raoul> I see.
[00:57] <Kanri-chan> no worries i leave yuhr papers be. though im pretty sure i lost some hair ties in there
[00:58] <Nelius Raoul> Then I'll make certain to do a sweep for any hair ties.
[00:58] <Kanri-chan> nah yuh can keep them there. just in case^^
[00:59] <Kanri-chan> yuh still speak so properly... even after all this time..
[01:00] <Nelius Raoul> What, would you rather have me suddenly slip into slang? Or-maybe-go-into-a-robotic-monotone-just-to-mess-with-you?
[01:01] * Kanri-chan laughs "that would be funny!"
[01:03] * Nelius Raoul gives that rare smile.
[01:03] <Kanri-chan> i cant imagine yuh suddenly speaking in slang like "yo dawg whats good" hahahaha
[01:03] * Kanri-chan grins
[01:05] <Nelius Raoul> Wassup ma' homies~
[01:05] * Kanri-chan giggles and snorts doubling over in gleeful laughter "oh no!"
[01:06] <Kanri-chan> bodyguard speech suits yuh better XD
[01:09] <Nelius Raoul> Heh.
[01:10] <Kanri-chan> see? this yuh is so much fun^^
[01:12] <Nelius Raoul> Hopefully in the coming future we'll have more time to devote to silliness.
[01:13] <Kanri-chan> hopefully... we have the wedding too^^
[01:15] <Nelius Raoul> True.
[01:17] * Kanri-chan smiles and looks up at the sky "i guess yuh'll be headed home soon?"
[01:17] <Nelius Raoul> In a bit. You gettin' tired?
[01:17] <Kanri-chan> a bit. more relaxed really
[01:19] <Nelius Raoul> It feels like it's been quite a long while since we had a chance to actually relax.
[01:19] <Kanri-chan> a very long time. too long.
[01:20] <Kanri-chan> especially for yuh "my Lord"
[01:21] <Nelius Raoul> Oh har har.
[01:21] <Kanri-chan> yes yes i'm funny~
[01:22] <Nelius Raoul> Before you learned I was an Overlord, I was just Nelius Raoul, your brother of sorts. Regardless of whatever title I got, that's not gonna change.
[01:22] <Kanri-chan> it's strange all yuhr vassals see yuh as "my Lord" to me yuhr still just that big guy with terrible conversation skills :3
[01:24] <Kanri-chan> THAT'S my brother. regardless of the title, yuhr still the guy who's clumsy with words and makes up for it with tuna casserole!
[01:25] * Nelius Raoul laughs at this.
[01:25] * Kanri-chan smiles
[01:28] <Nelius Raoul> Hard to believe a whole year has already come and gone, huh?
[01:29] <Kanri-chan> yea! yuhr no longer shooting at shadows!! that's an accomplishment!
[01:30] <Nelius Raoul> Very funny~
[01:32] <Kanri-chan> well im no longer bouncing off the walls and driving yuh bonkers.........................wait scratch that last part... i still do that XD
[01:34] * Nelius Raoul laughs.
[01:35] <Kanri-chan> thats 3 in a row!!
[01:36] <Nelius Raoul> You got me there.
[01:37] * Kanri-chan puffs her chest proudly!
[01:42] * Kanri-chan strikes a hero pose "im the master of making yuh smile!!"
[01:43] <Nelius Raoul> That you are.
[01:44] * Kanri-chan fistpumps "yesss!!"
[01:46] <Nelius Raoul> Anyway, it's about time for me to head home. You want a gate back to the Hotel, or do you feel like rooming with me at my home?
[01:47] <Kanri-chan> with yuh sounds nice^^
[01:47] <Nelius Raoul> Very well.
[01:47] * Nelius Raoul opens up a gate to his home.
[01:49] * Kanri-chan hops up and runs through "last one there gets no pillows!~"
[01:50] * Nelius Raoul heads through as well, closing the gate behind himself as they enter the Netherworld.
[01:50] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 (*Getting tired IRL. Gonna be headed off to snooze in a bit.)
[01:51] *** Kanri-chan has left #suburbansenshi4 (seeya later!)
[01:52] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Null

[12:00] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[12:02] *** A dimensional Gate opens.
[12:03] * Keiko steps through and looks around >>
[12:04] <Keiko> hello?
[12:04] *** Keiko is currently in the main foyer of the Overlord's Castle. A passing Prinny notices her.
[12:05] <Prinny> S'up, dood?
[12:05] <Keiko> um, Can you tell me where Naoto is?
[12:06] <Prinny> Sure thing, dood. Down that hall.
[12:06] * Prinny points a flipper down a hallway. "That'll take you to Mita's Lab, where Naoto works at, dood."
[12:07] <Keiko> thank yuh!^^
[12:07] * Keiko runs off down the hall
[12:08] *** Keiko would eventually find herself in front of the section of the castle reserved for Mita's crew. Her laboratory appears to be somewhat cleaner than last time she was here.
[12:09] * Keiko looks around "hello? Naoto?"
[12:10] * Delta-3361AF looks over.
[12:11] <Delta-3361AF> Ah, young Keiko. It has been a while.
[12:11] * Keiko grins "hi naoto! i heard you got your legs!"
[12:12] <Delta-3361AF> I did. As you can see, I'm standing and walking about, rather than just sitting here.
[12:14] <Keiko> Thats great! im glad you got your legs. How about we go for a walk when you have time?
[12:15] <Delta-3361AF> You're just in time, then--- I finished up my work, so until Mita returns from her project with Maxwell and Tia, I have some time on my hands. Shall we?
[12:16] <Keiko> Sure! :D
[12:17] * Delta-3361AF smiles, and logs her report, walking out of the lab with Keiko.
[12:18] * Keiko walks outside with Naoto "so what's new?"
[12:20] <Delta-3361AF> Do you mean with myself, or overall?
[12:20] <Keiko> With you of course!
[12:22] <Delta-3361AF> Well then, to start off with... it seems I have an admirer.
[12:24] <Keiko> Oh? Really? THATS GREAT!
[12:25] <Delta-3361AF> You think so too?
[12:26] <Keiko> Yea! Someone likes you like Mr. Taisho likes my mom^^
[12:26] <Delta-3361AF> Hm..
[12:28] <Keiko> My mom is happy with him. I want you to be happy too^^
[12:29] <Delta-3361AF> Thank you, Keiko.
[12:30] <Delta-3361AF> Now I believe it's my turn to ask about what's new with you~
[12:33] * Keiko smiles "Well I might be starting school soon"
[12:33] <Keiko> Mom thinks im ready.
[12:33] <Delta-3361AF> Oh? Where at?
[12:35] <Keiko> A school in London.
[12:38] <Keiko> It's supposedly the best there.
[12:41] <Delta-3361AF> Oh my. I hope you'll enjoy yourself there.
[12:42] <Keiko> There's lots of clubs and activities. I always wanted to go to London^^
[12:43] <Delta-3361AF> Well then, all the best. ^_^
[12:44] <Keiko> Mom said she was looking into a transportation device
[12:45] <Delta-3361AF> Ah, to allow you to attend there while rooming at home.
[12:47] <Keiko> No. so i can still visit you guys^^
[12:48] * Delta-3361AF chuckles.
[12:49] <Keiko> There's no portals at school.
[12:51] <Delta-3361AF> If it's not asking too much, will you be rooming at a dormitory there?
[12:51] <Keiko> so Mom wants me to be able to come home whenever.
[12:52] <Keiko> Yes. that way i can concentrate on my schooling
[12:53] <Delta-3361AF> I see. If that's the case, then I do believe that Mita and the Overlord can put something together for you.
[12:54] <Keiko> Really? Uncle Nelius can do that?
[12:55] <Keiko> wait.....he can make portals... of course he can
[12:59] <Delta-3361AF> In that case, I can contact them, and have something arranged.
[13:00] <Keiko> Ok! But isnt Uncle Nelius busy with Overlord stuff?
[13:01] <Delta-3361AF> He always makes time for his family and friends. It's what seperates him from the other Overlords whom care only for their own image.
[13:02] <Keiko> Yea Uncle Nelius is pretty awesome^^
[13:03] *** Their walk around the castle has lead the pair out to the training fields in the back.
[13:04] <Keiko> What's this place?
[13:05] <Delta-3361AF> This is the training field, largely used for warm-ups and practice spars. On occasion some of the vassals come here to think on things.
[13:06] <Keiko> Souldn't we go the other way?
[13:07] <Delta-3361AF> It is fine. Other than Thorndyke, there's nobody else here.
[13:07] * Delta-3361AF points to the Shadow Knight over by a standing tree.
[13:09] <Keiko> Thorndyke? .........uh oh
[13:09] <Delta-3361AF> Hm? What is the matter?
[13:09] * Daini(kitten) is pawing at Thorndyke's armored boot :3
[13:10] <Keiko> why doesnt she listen to Mom?
[13:12] <Delta-3361AF> Worry not--- Thorndyke is surprisingly capable of handling Daini. Watch.
[13:12] * Thorndyke reaches down to scoop Daini into his armored hands.
[13:12] * Daini(kitten) sits and mews :3
[13:13] <Keiko> I still dont know why she's so set on bugging him.
[13:14] <Delta-3361AF> Personally, I find it rather adorable~
[13:15] * Thorndyke scoops Daini into his armored hands. He then sets the kitten on his shoulder.
[13:15] * Keiko giggles "Yea. Big bad Thorndyke and tiny Daini. Just like Uncle Nelius and Mom"
[13:16] * Daini(kitten) purrs and mews looking around curiously :D
[13:17] <Delta-3361AF> I'm certain that if your mother could see this now, she'd be giggling too.
[13:18] <Keiko> Heh. I bet she is. She did spend the night here.
[13:21] <Keiko> I wonder who Thorndyke is.....what's his story?
[13:21] <Delta-3361AF> You could always try asking him.
[13:22] <Keiko> >> He's terrifying
[13:23] <Delta-3361AF> Yet wasn't the same thing said of your dear Uncle Nelius?
[13:24] <Keiko> snrrrk no. He's a giant teddy bear!
[13:25] * Delta-3361AF laughs at that one.
[13:25] <Keiko> At least with Uncle Nelius there's no fear of Decapitation
[13:27] <Delta-3361AF> Perhaps, but you'll never know unless you ask. I can accompany you, if that would help matters.
[13:27] <Keiko> Can you fire missles?
[13:29] <Delta-3361AF> I could, but I see no reason to. Why do you ask?
[13:29] <Keiko> Just in case. Let's go.
[13:32] * Keiko starts walking over to Thorndyke
[13:32] * Delta-3361AF heads over to Thorndyke as well.
[13:32] <Keiko> um. hello? Mr. Thorndyke?
[13:32] * Thorndyke looks rather well calm, considering he has Daini clambering all over him. He turns to regard the approaching pair.
[13:33] <Thorndyke> Hello. You must be the one called Keiko.
[13:33] * Daini(kitten) purrs and swishes her tail almost like she's giggling
[13:33] <Keiko> Um, yes that's me.
[13:35] <Thorndyke> I have overheard much about you from Kanri and Naoto.
[13:35] * Keiko blinks "y-you have?"
[13:35] <Keiko> i hope it's good stuff >>
[13:37] * Thorndyke gives a surprising smile. "I heard you kept Naoto company back when her legs were broken, and that you've quite a gift for learning things."
[13:38] <Keiko> oh. Well yes. I love to learn new things.
[13:40] <Thorndyke> Any subjects in particular?
[13:40] * Keiko wrings her hands nervously "what about you sir?"
[13:42] <Keiko> I like history and Science.
[13:43] <Thorndyke> Truth be told, I've had something of a knack for history myself.
[13:44] <Keiko> Really?
[13:45] <Keiko> Naoto told me a bit about Netherworld History. I find it intriguing. The ki of a person can be used to form a whole new world.
[13:47] <Thorndyke> Actually, it's their Mana Power that does it.
[13:48] <Keiko> Mana power?
[13:51] <Thorndyke> Some would call it magic, but it'd be more appropriate to call it one of the bases for life.
[13:52] <Keiko> How so?
[13:52] * Keiko has that curious glint in her eyes...... prepare for never ending questions~
[13:56] <Thorndyke> As there are many worlds, the lifeforms that develop on those worlds each run off of different wellsprings.
[13:56] <Thorndyke> One of the bases of Netherworld life is Mana Power.
[13:58] <Keiko> what is a wellspring?
[13:59] <Thorndyke> Basically a wellspring means a source.
[13:59] <Thorndyke> Each world has its own source of life.
[14:01] <Keiko> ohhhhhhhhh so every denizen of the Netherworld has Mana Power?
[14:02] <Thorndyke> Yes. To an extent, they also require it to live, though I have been hearing of demons able to survive without it.
[14:03] <Keiko> so in other words it's like blood for humans?
[14:04] <Thorndyke> You could say that, though in some respects it's like a soul for us.
[14:05] <Keiko> dont have souls?
[14:05] <Keiko> O_____O like gingers?
[14:06] <Thorndyke> ...............
[14:06] <Thorndyke> That is a rather horrid assumption.
[14:07] <Thorndyke> Of course we have souls. Though I'd like to know just where the idea that redheaded people lack souls came from.
[14:07] * Keiko gasps "oh.. i-im so sorry.. i-i diddnt mean.... ><"
[14:08] <Thorndyke> Calm yourself, Keiko.
[14:10] * Keiko is slightly trembling from embarrassment and fear
[14:10] <Keiko> it's easier to talk to Uncle Nelius ><
[14:10] * Thorndyke gently lays a hand on Keiko's head. "Worry not about your blunder. Part of the learning experience is finding out what is correct and what is not."
[14:11] * Daini(kitten) tilts her head
[14:12] * Keiko jumps slightly "o--ok.... gomenasai"
[14:13] <Thorndyke> Just keep that in mind, and I'm certain you'll be all right.
[14:14] * Keiko nods and moves beside Naoto
[14:16] * Daini(kitten) twitches her ears and mews to Thorndyke
[14:16] * Thorndyke looks over to Daini. "Hm?"
[14:18] * Daini(kitten) looks over to the castle and mews again
[14:23] <Thorndyke> Ah, want to head back in.
[14:24] * Daini(kitten) nods and hops down leading the way, swishing her tail
[14:26] <Delta-3361AF> Well then, let's follow.
[14:27] * Keiko nods "yea.. Maybe Uncle Nelius is home"
[14:28] * Delta-3361AF and Thorndyke follow Daini back.
[14:29] * Keiko follows as well
[14:30] *** The four of them arrive back in the Overlord's Castle. York can be seen putting in an order at the RosenQueen.
[14:30] * Daini(kitten) trots back into the castle and sniffs around
[14:32] <Delta-3361AF> I wonder if she's trying to find the Overlord.
[14:32] <Keiko> most likely. Or mom.
[14:33] * York finishes his order, and turns to head off elsewhere. "Oh, hey doods. How goes?"
[14:34] * Daini(kitten) resembles a bloodhound with her little nose to the ground sniffing
[14:34] <Keiko> I think Daini is searching for Uncle Nelius
[14:37] <York> Ah, the boss, dood? Well, in that case, she missed him by a small while. He said he was delivering something to an ally of his dood--- should be back soon.
[14:38] * Daini(kitten) picks up the scent and follows it to where ever he was last
[14:40] *** Daini would eventually be lead over to Atreya, who's engaged in another game of cards against Sif.
[14:40] <Atreya> Read 'em and weep, Sif-- Royal Flush!
[14:40] * Daini(kitten) just sits there.
[14:40] * Atreya lays down the 10, Ace, Jack, Queen and King of Spades.
[14:41] <Sif> o_0
[14:41] <Sif> O_O
[14:41] * Sif pays Atreya and runs off.
[14:41] *** Sif has left #suburbansenshi4 (>.<)
[14:41] <Atreya> Ahhhhh
[14:41] <Atreya> Oh, hi there Daini.
[14:42] <Keiko> and she'll be there till he gets back
[14:42] * Daini(kitten) hops onto Atreya's shoulder and mews
[14:42] <Atreya> Hmhm, waiting for Nelius to return, I see~
[14:43] <Atreya> And hello there, Keiko.
[14:43] * Daini(kitten) nods nods
[14:46] <Keiko> hi miss Atreya^^
[14:47] <Atreya> What brings you here today?
[14:48] <Keiko> I came to see Naoto. I think Daini came to have an adventure
[14:50] <Atreya> I'm not surprised. Daini loves coming over to visit.
[14:54] <Keiko> yea.. for some reason she loves it here.
[14:56] <Atreya> Probably because of how carefree a number of us are. The boss makes certain to keep conflicts and other such events away.
[14:57] <Keiko> say... why does everyone here call Uncle nelius things like "the boss" and "my lord"?
[14:59] <Atreya> Well, we do work for him, but it's more a formality thing.
[15:00] <Keiko> oh.. Mom says it's funny to hear everyone call him that
[15:02] <Atreya> A little staggering to find your older bro went from everyman to ruler of a Netherworld, isn't it?
[15:03] <Keiko> Mom must have been angry for hours after she found out
[15:05] <Delta-3361AF> Well, not everyone is keen on having their status on display. Besides, he began formulating this world and gathering these allies to provide a hand with the recent events going down.
[15:06] <Keiko> the whole world's-out-of-balance thing?
[15:06] <Delta-3361AF> More than just that.
[15:09] * Keiko lookto Naoto "huh?"
[15:10] <Delta-3361AF> This goes beyond just the deal with the Elemental Crystals--- it also concerns how that world, Earth 1337-A, always seem to draw in some kind of trouble.
[15:12] <Keiko> your telling me. it's always something.
[15:12] <Delta-3361AF> Somedays you begin to wonder when a break would eventually be caught.
[15:14] <Keiko> there is no break. it's never ending. with a place such as the HOTEL, evil is attracted to it like mosquito's to a zapper
[15:15] <Delta-3361AF> So I've noticed. While it's certainly given us much to focus on, even we eventually want time to relax.
[15:16] <Keiko> Mom makes it her duty to snatch Uncle Nelius away to do so as much as possible...... sometimes she's so worried he'll never come back from a fight, she cries herself to sleep.
[15:18] <Delta-3361AF> She's not the only one whom holds such a worry.
[15:19] <Atreya> Yeah, Zotia's got it so bad for the guy.
[15:19] * Keiko blinks "wait...... what??"
[15:21] <Atreya> :3
[15:21] <Atreya> Miss Zotia, his advisor and general third-in-command around here..... she has got it soooooooo bad for Mr. Nelius.
[15:22] <Keiko> Mr 3-emotions??????? WOW
[15:24] <Atreya> You really ought to stop by here more often. There's a whole range of things you should see.
[15:25] <Keiko> really? like what?
[15:26] <Atreya> Like the big game of tag that Daini and Farris initiated--- never before did I see either of them move so quickly.
[15:26] <Keiko> oh Farris! I've heard of her!
[15:28] <Keiko> She's that crazy lady who chases Mom.
[15:29] <Delta-3361AF> Thankfully, she's been mellowing out quite a bit.
[15:31] <Delta-3361AF> I imagine that Nelius had a chat with her.
[15:32] <Keiko> He really does love Mom.
[15:33] <Keiko> He may not ever say it but It's obvious he loves his sister. Adopted or not.
[15:33] <Delta-3361AF> Of course.
[15:36] * Keiko smiles "I'm still getting used to this family thing.. but i like it. it's warm"
[15:36] <Atreya> One incredibly quirky family, isn't it?
[15:37] <Keiko> Oh yes.. It's the best. :D
[15:37] <Keiko> I couldnt ask for a better family^^
[15:38] * Daini(kitten) purrs and wiggles happily
[15:39] <Atreya> ^_^
[15:44] *** A Dimensional Gate opens nearby.
[15:44] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[15:44] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa nelius raoul *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[15:44] * Daini(kitten) hops down and bounces around excitedly
[15:44] * Nelius Raoul steps out of the gate, closing it behind him.
[15:44] <Keiko> Uncle Nelius!
[15:44] <Nelius Raoul> Hey everyone, I'm back.
[15:44] <Nelius Raoul> Hello there Daini, Keiko.
[15:45] * Daini(kitten) bounces around Nelius' feet mewing and mewing :D
[15:47] * Nelius Raoul reaches down, scooping Daini up and placing her on his shoulder.
[15:47] <Nelius Raoul> So then, what brought you two here today?
[15:47] <Keiko> Well Daini was here already. I came to see Naoto.......Is that ok?
[15:48] * Daini(kitten) purrs and nuzzles Nelius' cheek^^
[15:48] <Nelius Raoul> That's quite all right.
[15:49] * Keiko nnods "Thank you!"
[15:50] <Nelius Raoul> It's no problem.
[15:51] <Keiko> Hey i have a question
[15:52] <Nelius Raoul> That being?
[15:55] <Keiko> Mr. Thorndyke was talking about how Mana power was like a life source.... what does that mean?
[15:56] <Nelius Raoul> In a way, it acts much like blood---- it can create life, among many other things.
[15:57] <Nelius Raoul> Most demons require a certain amount of Mana Power to live.
[15:57] * Keiko nods "so everyone here has Mana Power? Even you?
[15:57] <Nelius Raoul> Yes, even I do.
[15:57] <Keiko> You must have an insane amount!
[15:59] <Nelius Raoul> Most of us here do.
[15:59] * Daini(kitten) switches forms and giggles "That's cause Niikun is super duper old!^^"
[15:59] * Daini(kitten) is now known as Daini Felinus
[16:00] <Nelius Raoul> Daini, I'm only 37. There are demons out there way older than I am.
[16:00] <Daini Felinus> THATS OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD!! I'm only 6!
[16:00] <Nelius Raoul> It's not that old.
[16:01] * Keiko giggles "Grandmother is over a thousand Daini"
[16:01] <Daini Felinus> O__________O MOMMY'S A DINOSAUR!!!!
[16:03] <Nelius Raoul> Oh boy... I remember Kanri saying something similar.
[16:04] * Daini Felinus whisper to Atreya conspiratorially "She makes Niikun look like a baby^^"
[16:06] <Nelius Raoul> Daini, there are people much older than Freya.
[16:06] <Nelius Raoul> Like my father--- I imagine he'll be hitting his 4270th year sometime soon.
[16:08] <Keiko> WOAH!
[16:08] <Daini Felinus> Is he all old and wrinkly? with gnarly fingers and dentures?
[16:08] <Nelius Raoul> Not at all.
[16:08] <Nelius Raoul> In fact, take a look over there.
[16:08] <Daini Felinus> huh?
[16:08] * Nelius Raoul points over to a picture on the wall.
[16:09] * Daini Felinus and Keiko look
[16:10] *** The picture highlighted by Nelius shows him sitting with two other people. There's a middle-aged demon man on his left, with green hair and yellow eyes. This man looks only barely older than Nelius.
[16:10] <Nelius Raoul> That guy with the green hair--- that's my father, Tyrios.
[16:10] <Keiko> wow. HE HAS GREEN HAIR!!
[16:11] * Daini Felinus looks at the other person in the picture curiously
[16:11] <Nelius Raoul> Keiko, you get all sorts of hair colors down here in the Netherworld--- though considering my father was an ex-Celestian....
[16:12] *** The other person in the picture is a brown-haired woman, sitting next to Tyrios. Even though her eyes are red, you can't help but get the feeling that she looks quite beautiful.
[16:13] * Daini Felinus starts searching through Nelius' hair
[16:13] <Nelius Raoul> ...Daini, what are you doing?
[16:14] * Daini Felinus pulls out 2 small strand on the bottom "these are green.."
[16:15] <Nelius Raoul> Yeah, my dad's hair turned out to be a recessive thing. Got my mother's hair instead.
[16:16] * Daini Felinus holds the strands up to the man in the picture and tilts her head looking at Nelius
[16:18] <Keiko> so this means yuh ARE an angel in a way right Uncle Nelius?
[16:18] <Nelius Raoul> Technically I'm of Fallen Angel descent.
[16:19] <Keiko> that like an evil angel?
[16:19] <Nelius Raoul> Not quite.
[16:19] * Daini Felinus starts stroking Nelius' hair looking at the picture
[16:21] <Nelius Raoul> You see, a Fallen Angel is a Celestian who's severed their ties with Celestia. While the first bunch of Fallen Angels were cast out due to crimes, there have been many others like my father whom left of their own accord.
[16:22] *** The picture of Nelius with his parents seems to have been taken months ago, in another Netherworld. Nelius is dressed rather casually, as are his parents. Seems they were out getting caught up on recent events.
[16:22] <Keiko> why would someone leave heaven?
[16:24] <Nelius Raoul> In my father's case, it was due to a conflict of interest with one of the former Seraphs.
[16:25] <Nelius Raoul> Back then, the Netherworld, Celestia and the Human Worlds were all inter-connected, with free trade and travel throughout. An unknown incident caused Celestia to wall itself off, only having contact with the outside world when needed.
[16:25] <Nelius Raoul> Needless to say, Celestia grew rather cold-hearted regarding their demonic and human neighbors.
[16:27] <Keiko>
[16:28] <Nelius Raoul> At that time, my father was among the Celestial Soldiers. The unit he belonged to was sent down to a human world to investigate claims that demonic influences were present there.
[16:29] <Nelius Raoul> Of course, that order was a farce..... in reality, the Seraph sent everyone there to destroy the town.
[16:30] <Keiko> seriously??? but.... that's supposed to be heaven... angels are supposed to be good...
[16:31] <Nelius Raoul> As I said, they grew mercilessly cold-hearted. They believed that demons were only capable of evil, and that the humans were too weak to live without constant coddling from the angels.
[16:33] <Nelius Raoul> That was when my dad finally had enough, and walked out.
[16:33] * Keiko staaaaaaaaaaaaaaares at nelius ""
[16:35] * Keiko points at nelius wide eyed "............yuhr a spitting image" O_____O
[16:35] <Nelius Raoul> ??
[16:35] * Keiko points to a mirror
[16:36] * Nelius Raoul looks in the mirror.
[16:36] *** Nelius Raoul is a tan, 7' tall male demon with dark red-brown hair and orange eyes-- both eyes having jet black sclera. He wears a green long-sleeve shirt, very lightly armored leggings and boots. For those with certain sensitivities, he's highly dangerous. More information about him is Here.
His image Song is: Kill Real by Mamoru Miyano. He is Level 1.

[16:36] * Daini Felinus has changed Nelius' hair to match the man in the picture's without evening thinking about it. Her eyes are clouded over
[16:36] <Nelius Raoul> .....Daini.
[16:37] <Daini Felinus> much pain.............and fear............resentment..
[16:37] <Keiko> ???
[16:38] <Nelius Raoul> ....sis?
[16:38] *** there is a tugging sensation in Nelius' soul, just a slight one.
[16:39] <Nelius Raoul> ....something's up.
[16:39] * Nelius Raoul closes his eyes, trying to discern what this tugging is. (Is something happening with Kanri?)
[16:39] * Kanri-chan runs over and grabs Daini "...........................yuhr amulet!! take it off!"
[16:44] * Nelius Raoul opens his eyes and looks at Kanri. "Sis, what's going on?" His hand hovers over the ring serving as his piece.
[16:44] <Kanri-chan> She's searching yuhr memories........... she cant control it...
[16:45] <Nelius Raoul> I see.
[16:45] * Nelius Raoul removes the ring real quick.
[16:46] * Daini Felinus flops limp in Kanri's arms asleep
[16:46] <Kanri-chan> she's too curious for her own good.
[16:47] <Nelius Raoul> Seems she's developed another ability.
[16:48] * Kanri-chan hands Nelius a vial "here. this will fix yuhr hair. She's had this since she was an infant..... she's searched my memories far too many times. normally happens when she's curious."
[16:49] <Nelius Raoul> Explains that, at any rate.
[16:50] * Nelius Raoul looks to the mirror again. "So that's how I would've looked if I had dad's hair color as the dominant color."
[16:50] <Kanri-chan> hm?
[16:51] <Nelius Raoul> Well, you mentioned that somehow Daini got a hold of your keycard and password for my room lock--- she could've done a memory search to get the info.
[16:51] <Kanri-chan> yuh would have felt it.
[16:51] <Kanri-chan> i didnt.
[16:52] <Kanri-chan> i wonder what she was looking for.............what she saw.
[16:53] <Nelius Raoul> I did feel a bit of a tugging at my soul.... maybe she saw my past.
[16:55] <Kanri-chan> ......................what do yuh think yuh saw?
[16:55] <Nelius Raoul> Likely the events that got me to leave my home Netherworld.
[16:56] <Nelius Raoul> I was an apprentice vassal to an Overlord named Sirea. For a time, things had gone well, but after she'd gone on an expidition elsewhere, she came back...... irritable, to put it nicely.
[16:57] <Nelius Raoul> She became very tempermental, as though everything around her irritated her--- and then the next day she'd act as though she had no idea of what happened, even when presented with video and audio.
[16:58] <Nelius Raoul> Eventually, I took my chance to escape in the middle of a big brawl that was happening--- several demons stormed the castle, and I made my escape amidst the confusion.
[17:01] <Nelius Raoul> Little had I realized back then what consequences my actions would've lead to.
[17:02] <Keiko> did....did she...
[17:02] * Nelius Raoul puts a hand to the side of Daini's head, and focuses a bit. If she saw a certain memory of his, then he'd be able to recall it.
[17:03] <Daini Felinus> (( up to yuh what she saw. as long as it fits what she said ))
[17:05] <Nelius Raoul> ....yeah, she saw the later years of my former boss' downward spiral.
[17:06] <Kanri-chan> oh dear..... im sorry Niikun.. i didnt think she'd search yuhr memories too.
[17:07] <Nelius Raoul> You need not apologize to me. Let's just make certain that Daini is all right.
[17:07] <Kanri-chan> she will be.... just needs some sleep
[17:09] <Nelius Raoul> Then we'll let her sleep.
[17:10] <Kanri-chan> i'll take her to yuhr room.
[17:10] <Nelius Raoul> All right.
[17:11] * Kanri-chan heads up the stairs "i'll finish dinner when i get back ok?"
[17:13] * Nelius Raoul nods.
[17:13] <Keiko> yuh ok Uncle Nelius?
[17:14] <Nelius Raoul> I'm all right--- I've come to terms with what happened back then.
[17:15] <Keiko> Let's go outside!
[17:16] * Nelius Raoul heads outside with Keiko.
[17:17] * Keiko smiles and looks around "so you made this?"
[17:18] <Nelius Raoul> Indeed I did.
[17:19] * Keiko giggles "You could have added more color :3"
[17:20] *** More color? Most of what you see is nice and grassy.
[17:21] <Keiko> (( wasnt it darck and gloomy? or is that the LoC? ))
[17:21] *** That was the LoC.
[17:22] <Keiko> (( ohhhhhhhhhhh ok^^ ))
[17:22] * Keiko points to a section "that could use more flowers XD
[17:29] <Nelius Raoul> There are some that grow naturally in the Netherworld.... assuming they don't turn into Alraune from the ambient mana in the air.
[17:30] <Keiko> Airaune?
[17:31] * Nelius Raoul points one out over by some other flowers.
[17:32] <Nelius Raoul> Alraune--- flower-dwelling demons.
[17:32] * Keiko squeals and runs over to the flowers "KAWAII!!!~"
[17:34] *** The alraune notices Keiko approaching, and immediately encloses itself in its petals.
[17:34] <Nelius Raoul> ...I was just gonna mention that some of their species are shy.
[17:36] * Keiko stops and stoops down "im sorry.. i didnt mean to scare you...."
[17:38] *** The alraune is easily as big as Keiko, maybe a little taller. You can see one red eye peek out between the petals.
[17:39] <Keiko> hi. I'm Keiko. what's your name?
[17:40] <Alraune> .......I'm Lira.
[17:40] * Keiko smiles gently "hello Lira. your very pretty."
[17:42] <Alraune> You think so?
[17:43] <Keiko> oh yes. I love flowers. your petals are very vibrant^^
[17:43] * Kanri-chan walks up next to Nelius "i see yuhr introducing Keiko to the flowers^^"
[17:45] <Nelius Raoul> Well, when the flowers in question can respond back, the introductions kinda work themselves.
[17:46] * Lira slowly unfurls herself from her petals.
[17:46] <Lira> You like flowers as well?
[17:47] <Keiko> i do. my favorites are lilacs and tigerlillies^^
[17:49] * Kanri-chan smiles and hands nelius a plate of juicy, tender, barbequed ribs with mashed potatoes and greens "eat up big guy"
[17:51] * Lira looks quite surprised at Keiko's response. "Wow..."
[17:51] <Nelius Raoul> Make certain you and Keiko get some as well.
[17:52] <Kanri-chan> there's enough to feed yuhr vassals AND us a hundred times over bro :)
[17:53] * Nelius Raoul laughs at this, and shares the food.
[17:53] * Kanri-chan watches Keiko and steals some of Nelius' potatoes
[17:54] <Keiko> My mom got me this beautiful lilac plant to put in my room. i love the smell^^
[17:59] <Lira> Wow. Say, I know of this one spot where some flowers grow. Wanna see?
[17:59] <Keiko> that would be great!^^
[18:03] * Lira nods, smiling. She leads everyone over to a wooded area.
[18:04] * Keiko looks around
[18:05] *** The area that Lira leads everyone over to is filled with many different flowers. A few other Alraune can be seen here and there.
[18:06] * Keiko looks around in pure joy and wonder "wow. it's so beautiful!~"
[18:08] * Lira nods. "This is where my family lives."
[18:10] <Keiko> your family?
[18:11] * Lira nods again, and points over to three of the other alraune. "That's my mother, and the two with her are my brother and sister."
[18:13] * Keiko smiles to them"Hello, I'm Keiko^^ Its nice to meet you all"
[18:14] <Kanri-chan> i gotta say, the Netherworld has some beautiful Demons. Except for yuh niikun :3
[18:15] <Nelius Raoul> Oh thanks. :P
[18:15] *** The Alraune look to Keiko, then to Lira. It takes them a moment to connect the dots.
[18:15] <Kanri-chan> well i was gunna say yuhr handsome.....but now i'll say yuhr a handFUL~
[18:15] <Nelius Raoul> - Don't make me tickle you~ -
[18:16] * Keiko just smiles looking around "it's so beautiful here. i could stay here all day^^
[18:16] <Kanri-chan> i have padding. yuh have no power here~
[18:17] * Nelius Raoul touches a finger to Kanri's head, and delivers a tickle spell.
[18:18] *** Hey Kanri, what's that infectuous tickling sensation running up and down your sides?
[18:18] * Lira looks quite pleased that she's made a friend.
[18:19] * Kanri-chan grins "dear dear brother, yuh honestly believe i havent learned? magic wont work. im wearing a charm~"
[18:21] *** Kanri, it's getting worse--- it seems this was more than just a spell.
[18:23] * Keiko smiles and pulls out a little note book "wanna see some of my drawings?"
[18:23] *** The sensation of being tickled races up and down you, as if millions of transparent hands are drawn to your sides.
[18:23] <Lira> You draw? :O
[18:23] * Kanri-chan sliiiiiiiiides away from Nelius
[18:25] <Keiko> i do. i want to be a scholar. so i draw all the things i see. i have many of flowers from my world^^
[18:25] <Lira> Whoa... may I see them?
[18:26] * Keiko shows Lira pictures of nearly all of Earths flowers, naming them all
[18:27] <Lira> Whoaaaa.... that's a lotta flowers.
[18:28] <Keiko> yes there's an abundance of different kinds
[18:30] <Lira> Huh... I kinda wonder how they'd grow here in the Netherworld.
[18:32] * Keiko blinks "i could bring some for Uncle Nelius to plant.
[18:34] * Nelius Raoul overhears this. "Hm... Sounds like a worthwhile venture. After all, there was tri-realm trade way back when."
[18:34] <Keiko> oooo mom can we bring some roses? I think Lira would like the roses^^
[18:35] * Kanri-chan smiles "as long as yuhr uncle says it's alright^^"
[18:36] <Nelius Raoul> We can give it a try.
[18:38] <Keiko> yes! oh you'd love some poppies and lavender!
[18:41] * Lira looks outright ecstatic to hear of this. :D
[18:43] * Keiko looks at the flowers around them "so what are these called?"
[18:46] <Lira> Well, this one over here is called a Red Ivoire Bloom--- when Mom came over from there, she brought a few with her. Seeing that these ones are flourishing gives me hope to see more in the future.
[18:47] * Keiko smiles "they're lovely."
[18:48] <Lira> They are indeed.
[18:49] * Keiko looks at Lira "what kind of flower is your favorite?"
[18:50] <Lira> Can't quite say I have a favorite.
[18:52] * Keiko points to another flower "what's that one?"
[18:53] * Kanri-chan nudges nelius "she'll be here for a while. lets go for a walk. yuh still owe my a grad tour of these woods^^"
[18:54] * Nelius Raoul catches the hint, and so leads Kanri to a new section of the woods.
[18:55] <Nelius Raoul> Keiko will be all right in Lira's presence--- those Alraune were among the first that came here to this Netherworld.
[18:55] <Kanri-chan> i trust yuhr judgement. so where did all this beauty come from?
[18:58] <Nelius Raoul> Not gonna lie, I got inspired by a number of other worlds I traveled through.
[18:59] <Kanri-chan> oh?
[19:00] <Nelius Raoul> Yeah. One of the worlds I ended up landing in had a continent filled with plenty of trees, grass, and other kinds of greenery.
[19:01] <Kanri-chan> it's beautiful. maybe next time we should vacation here^^
[19:03] <Nelius Raoul> When the chance presents itself, certainly.
[19:04] * Kanri-chan runs over and starts climbing a large tree "race yuh to the top!!"
[19:07] * Nelius Raoul makes use of his natural height to climb the tree at downright frightening speed!
[19:08] * Kanri-chan starts climbing just as fast, flipping from branch to branch with her natural cat agility
[19:10] * Nelius Raoul escalates his climbing speed!
[19:11] * Kanri-chan catapults through the tree tops and lets out a scream "too HIGH!! ><"
[19:15] * Nelius Raoul is already up there. "Not fond of heights, sis?"
[19:16] * Kanri-chan is falling back to the tree, she over shot the distance "NOT WHEN IM AIRBORNE! CATCH ME ALREADY!!" ><
[19:17] * Nelius Raoul easily catches her with a wing.
[19:18] <Nelius Raoul> Y'know, sis--- I did offer up lessons in learning how to fly.
[19:18] * Kanri-chan looks at Nelius and sticks her tongue "i still won >>"
[19:19] <Nelius Raoul> Well then, perhaps I should hand you a parachute and hope for the best?
[19:21] * Kanri-chan is not amused
[19:23] <Kanri-chan> back to ground level.. cat's dont fly niikun
[19:25] * Nelius Raoul brings Kanri close, and then drops back down to ground level.
[19:26] * Kanri-chan sighs "that wasnt my brightest idea
[19:27] <Nelius Raoul> Still working on curbing that impulsiveness, I see.
[19:27] <Kanri-chan> yuh cant say i havent gotten better
[19:30] <Nelius Raoul> Admittedly, you have.
[19:31] * Kanri-chan puffs her chest proudly "yes... yes i have^^"
[19:32] <Kanri-chan> i need to get home and check on mom for a bit. make sure she ate and took her prenatals
[19:33] <Kanri-chan> wanna drop bye with me?
[19:33] <Nelius Raoul> Well, I have to go check something real fast, so I'll have to take a rain check on that. I'll keep an eye on Keiko.
[19:34] <Kanri-chan> alrighty.. yuh watch my child alright?
[19:35] <Nelius Raoul> Sure thing.
[19:35] * Nelius Raoul opens up a gate to send Kanri back to the Hotel.
[19:36] * Kanri-chan steps through. i'll send yuh a message when im ready"
[19:36] *** Kanri-chan has left #suburbansenshi4 (I'm Stronger than I look. Shall I prove it?)
[19:38] * Nelius Raoul nods, closing the gate behind her as he heads back to find Keiko.
[19:39] * Keiko is sitting with Lira still chatting about the woods
[19:50] <Lira> Wow, there's so many in your world... sounds much like one of the Netherworlds my grandma lives on.
[19:58] <Keiko> oh? what kind of world is that?
[19:59] <Lira> It's got a lotta greenery everywhere! It's a practical haven for plant-type demons like us.
[20:02] <Lira> Alraune, Treants, Wood Golems, Eryngi, Lanterns....
[20:12] <Keiko> wow! that's amazing! do you think Uncle Nelius knows where that is?
[20:15] <Nelius Raoul> Hm, if it's the Netherworld I'm thinking of, then it ought to be.
[20:16] <Keiko> oh cool! we should go one day^^
[20:18] <Nelius Raoul> When the chance arises.
[20:18] * Keiko grins "that would be so much fun!
[20:32] * Nelius Raoul goes to respond, but is cut off by a message sent to him. He checks it.
[20:35] * Nelius Raoul chuckles. "Well, this is something."
[21:32] *** Time passes on as Lira chats with Keiko on other kinds of plant life.
[22:20] * Lira yawns. "Wow, already this late?"
[22:20] * Keiko looks up and blinks "oh wow. again?"
[22:21] <Lira> Time flies~
[22:22] <Lira> Apologies, but I'm feelin' kinda bushed--- no pun intended.
[22:23] * Keiko gigggles and stands up looking for her uncle "alright. maybe i'll see you later?"
[22:23] <Lira> I'll be looking forward to speaking with you again.
[22:23] * Nelius Raoul is waiting over by another tree. Seems that he was reading up on something while Lira and Keiko were talking.
[22:24] <Keiko> me too! it was nice meeting you Lira. and your family^^
[22:24] <Lira> Likewise. Maybe the next time you stop by, there'll be even more flowers!
[22:24] * Keiko heads over to Nelius "whatcha reading?"
[22:26] *** Lira has left #suburbansenshi4 (Off to snooze)
[22:26] <Nelius Raoul> Oh, a little something Haru sent me.
[22:26] * Nelius Raoul shows Keiko footage of the kits leading several foxes into the Hotel and piling on Haru!
[22:27] * Keiko giggles and laughs "Haru got kit-tacked!"
[22:27] <Nelius Raoul> Alex, Catri and Natalia had some fun indeed.
[22:29] <Keiko> yea. a total Kit-pocalypse!
[22:29] * Keiko keeps the puns coming~
[22:30] <Nelius Raoul> Haru got kitted out~
[22:31] * Keiko laughs and laughs " It's a Kit-tastrophe!~"
[22:31] * Nelius Raoul just laughs.
[22:33] * Keiko grins "yuhr really fun Uncle Nelius^^"
[22:34] <Nelius Raoul> Have to admit, it's felt like a very long time since I got the opportunity to sit back and have tun.
[22:35] <Keiko> That's what mom keeps saying!
[22:35] <Keiko> Keep your eyes out for an abduction though, she's been getting that dangerous glint in her eyes lately
[22:35] <Nelius Raoul> Duly noted.
[22:37] <Nelius Raoul> Let's head back to the castle.
[22:37] <Keiko> ok!
[22:37] * Keiko looks around "which way is that?"
[22:38] * Nelius Raoul points behind himself. "This way." He leads.
[22:38] * Keiko follows close behind Nelius
[22:39] *** There's a shuffling in a nearby bush
[22:40] * Nelius Raoul stops. He eyes the bush that just shuffled.
[22:40] * Nelius Raoul points his left index finger at the bush, and illuminates it with some light.
[22:41] * Kanri-chan pops out with her fingers pointed at Nelius "FREEZE! Yuhr coming with me!"
[22:41] <Keiko> aaaaaaaaand there she is~
[22:42] * Nelius Raoul still has his finger pointed at Kanri. "POW!"
[22:43] * Kanri-chan grins and loops her arm in Nelius' "so tomorrow cancel all yuhr plans unless there detrimental to yuhr existence kay?~"
[22:44] <Nelius Raoul> And what have you got planned?
[22:45] <Kanri-chan> yuhr gating us to that other world. the one with all the vacation stuff.
[22:45] <Nelius Raoul> The Gorgeous Netherworld?
[22:45] <Kanri-chan> YES!
[22:46] <Keiko> i think she's going to drown yuh in suntan lotion >>
[22:47] <Nelius Raoul> Hrm...
[22:48] <Nelius Raoul> Considering that one of my father's friends also works there, I see no reason to turn the offer away. Hopefully I can get my folks to attend as well.
[22:49] * Kanri-chan blinks shocked "well that went better than i'd expected >>"
[22:49] <Nelius Raoul> Let's be frank, here--- what with all the madness, a place to kick back and relax would be greatly appreciated.
[22:50] <Kanri-chan> .............................who are yuh and what have yuh done with my brother >>
[22:51] <Nelius Raoul> Oh, I'm right here--- this is just the side of me that rarely gets to show up since it seems everyone and their grandmother wants to rule over everything.
[22:52] * Kanri-chan blinks "i dont think old women would make it far niikun :3"
[22:54] * Keiko just giggles watching the two
[22:57] <Nelius Raoul> You'd be surprised, Kanri. Were you here when I was discussing my father's reason for leaving Celestia nearly 2600 years back?
[22:58] * Nelius Raoul leads Kanri and Keiko back to the Castle.
[22:59] * Kanri-chan nods "yea but they are old decrepit people.
[22:59] <Nelius Raoul> Actually, both mother and father are quite fit for being over 4000 years old.
[23:00] <Keiko> they dont look old
[23:00] <Kanri-chan> that means they waited what....3 and a half thousand years to have yuh >>
[23:02] <Nelius Raoul> That assumes they met each other after father left Celestia.
[23:02] <Kanri-chan> true
[23:03] <Nelius Raoul> From what he's told me of his wanderings, he went around various human worlds and Netherworlds for about 2300 years.
[23:04] <Kanri-chan> sorta like yuh?
[23:04] <Nelius Raoul> In a way, but he had control over where he went.
[23:05] * Kanri-chan nods "well no matter what yuh know where to return to right?"
[23:05] <Nelius Raoul> Quite right.
[23:06] *** The three of them leaves the wooded area and re-enter the Overlord's Castle.
[23:06] <Kanri-chan> good.^^ now lets get yuh to bed! yuh need yuhr beauty sleep for tomorrow^^
[23:07] <Nelius Raoul> Oh har har.
[23:08] <Kanri-chan> no im serious >>
[23:08] <Kanri-chan> and dont yuh rolls over onto Daini
[23:08] <Kanri-chan> yuh kick in yuhr sleep sometimes......
[23:09] <Nelius Raoul> Right, just let me bind my legs so I don't accidentally plant a foot in your face~
[23:11] <Kanri-chan> oh no dear brother ther isnt enough room in yuhr bed for all four of us... yuh get the honor of sleeping with Daini the suffocator~
[23:13] <Nelius Raoul> Lucky me.
[23:14] * Keiko giggles and heads up the stairs i'll find a room mom
[23:15] * Kanri-chan pats Nelius on his back "oh please. yuhr the great Overlord of the Coalition! how could a teeny 6 year old defeat yuh?~
[23:18] <Nelius Raoul> I think you missed the context.
[23:18] <Nelius Raoul> But anyway...
[23:19] *** Nelius looks to the picture of him with his parents again.
[23:19] * Kanri-chan smiles "at least theyre alive"
[23:19] <Kanri-chan> ..............and yuh know them >>
[23:20] <Nelius Raoul> Perhaps, but what's more important is that they were there, and they helped guide me.
[23:20] <Kanri-chan> they did?
[23:21] <Nelius Raoul> Yeah--- mom's not exactly the chatty type, but if you know the right questions to ask, you'll get to hear some words of wisdom.
[23:22] <Kanri-chan> what about yuhr dad?
[23:22] <Nelius Raoul> He's the more open of the two---- you got questions, he's more than willing to sit down and answer them.
[23:23] <Kanri-chan> good. perhaps i'll get to meet them sometime^^
[23:23] <Nelius Raoul> Well, if all goes well, that chance will come tomorrow.
[23:24] <Kanri-chan> (so i can ask about yuhr embarrassing childhood and possibly see pictures~) :3
[23:28] *** With it being relatively late, about the only vassals seen are the patrol Prinnies.
[23:29] <Kanri-chan> .....................prinny soccer~
[23:30] <Nelius Raoul> Sorry sis, but not tonight.
[23:31] <Kanri-chan> fine... well im going to go find Keiko and get some sleep. make sure to tuck Daini in and to hug her. she has nightmares sometimes
[23:32] <Nelius Raoul> After having gotten a glimpse of what I had to grow up with, I believe it.
[23:32] <Nelius Raoul> Reminds me-- I should send Haru a message about Daini's memory-reading skill, warn her in advance.
[23:33] <Kanri-chan> yea. definitely
[23:33] <Nelius Raoul> If Daini thought I had it bad growing up, then seeing what Haru was forced to do would easily shatter her mind.
[23:33] * Nelius Raoul gets his comms out and sends a quick message to his daughter.
[23:34] <Kanri-chan> take care of her niikun.... she may act strong.... she's still fragile
[23:34] <Nelius Raoul> Of course.
[23:35] * Kanri-chan hugs her brother and heads up stairs
[23:35] <Kanri-chan> night niikun
[23:36] <Nelius Raoul> Night sis.
[23:36] *** Kanri-chan has left #suburbansenshi4 (Keiko lets get some sleep dear)
[23:42] * Nelius Raoul takes one last look through his comms as he heads upstairs. (Let's see here--- got that taken care of, that's not for another week, I can fill that out on the way there, that one can be completed after I get back....)
[23:45] <Nelius Raoul> (In all, things are good to go.)
[23:47] * Nelius Raoul then sends a message to his folks, asking if they'd like to come along on the trip.
[23:48] * Nelius Raoul enters his room.
[23:51] * Daini Felinus is curled up on top ont the blankets snoozing , all spread out
[23:52] * Nelius Raoul manages to keep his laugh held back.
[23:53] * Nelius Raoul gets a reply back on his comms--- seems his folks are interested in attending as well.
[23:53] <Nelius Raoul> (All right, then.)
[23:54] * Daini Felinus twitches and flops over, butt up and drooling...........dont yuh just looooooooooooove her?
[23:54] <Nelius Raoul> Pffffft
[23:56] * Nelius Raoul takes a quick look at his desk, to ensure he didn't miss anything.
[23:57] * Daini Felinus mumbles quietly in her sleep
[23:58] <Nelius Raoul> (Everything looks to be in order.)
[23:59] *** There is a soft knocking at the door.
[23:59] <Nelius Raoul> ?
[23:59] * Nelius Raoul checks to see who it is.
[23:59] <Zotia> Apologies for the late disturbance.
[00:00] <Nelius Raoul> Don't worry about it. What's on your mind?
[00:02] <Zotia> I heard that Kanri wished to investigate the Gorgeous Netherworld Resort. It wouldn't be too much trouble for me to attend again, would it?
[00:03] <Nelius Raoul> It's no trouble--- just try not to get too bad of a sunburn again, all right?
[00:03] <Zotia> I'll keep it in mind. If things do get bad, I still have the ointment you picked up.
[00:04] <Nelius Raoul> Very well. See you in the morning.
[00:04] * Zotia nods, and heads downstairs to her room. (This time.... this time, you have to tell him.)
[00:05] * Nelius Raoul closes the door. He steps into his bathroom to change out of his usual wear.
[00:07] * Nelius Raoul steps back into his room, and gives Daini a quick scratch behind her ears as he settles in for the night. (Night sis.)
[00:07] * Daini Felinus is staring at nelius sleepily smiling
[00:10] * Daini Felinus crawls under the covers and wiggles close to her brother and purrs~
[00:11] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Night sis.")
[00:12] *** Daini Felinus has left #suburbansenshi4 (*flops over Nelius' face snoring*)
[00:13] *** Zotia has left #suburbansenshi4 ((I can't screw this up. No matter what, I have to tell him!))
[00:14] *** Another night in the Netherworld passes by...
[00:14] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Null

[12:45] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Resort Netherworld
[12:46] *** The Resort Netherworld feels like a total paradise--- warm and balmy weather, calm waters....
[12:47] *** Over on one of the beaches, a curious group can be seen--- four demons and a silver-tail.
[12:47] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[12:47] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa nelius raoul *** Happy Greenery Day [Golden Week]!!
[12:48] * Nelius Raoul is here, along with his parents, Zotia and Kanri. Today was a day to kick back and relax---
[12:48] *** Kanri-chan has joined #suburbansenshi4
[12:48] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa kanri-chan *** Happy Greenery Day [Golden Week]!!
[12:49] *** A certain ringtone can be heard from Nelius' comms.
[12:49] <Nelius Raoul> ??
[12:49] <Nelius Raoul> That's Haru's calling card... wonder what that could be about.
[12:50] * Nelius Raoul looks over the message.
[12:50] * Kanri-chan is simply staring from Nelius to his father and back >>.............<<
[12:50] <Nelius Raoul> Well, that's gonna be a thing.
[12:51] * Tyrios looks over to Kanri. "Something amiss, Kanri?"
[12:51] * Kanri-chan blinks and sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiides behind Nelius >>
[12:52] <Tyrios> You've been looking between myself and my son for a while. If you've a question, feel free to ask.
[12:52] * Nelius Raoul puts his comms away.
[12:53] <Kanri-chan> nope..... scarey ><
[12:55] <Nelius Raoul> Sis, chill out--- dad isn't gonna bite.
[12:55] <Nelius Raoul> Also, Haru just contacted me--- we're gonna want to stay outta the Hotel for a bit.
[12:55] <Kanri-chan> ........................what happened?
[12:55] <Kanri-chan> is mom ok?????
[12:57] <Nelius Raoul> Freya's fine--- it's Kaelyn we need to keep an eye out for. She's having her kid right now.
[12:57] <Kanri-chan> ......................nope i'm staying with yuh... she's terrifying when she's pregnant. i dont wnt to see her giving birth ><
[12:59] <Nelius Raoul> Well, you won't have to--- they reserved that show for Ike.
[12:59] * Tyrios manages to hold back a laugh.
[13:00] * Kanri-chan cringes "that poor guy.... bet he'll never try that again."
[13:01] <Eoria> Young love, huh~
[13:04] <Tyrios> You could say that~
[13:04] <Kanri-chan> >>
[13:06] <Nelius Raoul> Why so quiet, sis?
[13:08] * Kanri-chan leans over and whispers "yuh didnt tell me they were scary.... i blame yuh"
[13:08] <Nelius Raoul> And what, exactly, is scary about them?
[13:11] * Kanri-chan just blinks, she has no logical reasoning >>
[13:12] <Nelius Raoul> I told you many a time before, sis--- try talking with them, get to know them. You were able to give Haru and Hale a chance.
[13:13] * Nelius Raoul then blinks. "Is it just me, or are we short one person?"
[13:14] <Kanri-chan> wasnt Zotia with us?
[13:15] <Kanri-chan> and yuh know i thought Haru was a tenticle hentai at first
[13:16] <Nelius Raoul> Sis, what you see on the net or overhear from others isn't exactly the truth. It falls to you to find your own truth, OK?
[13:16] <Nelius Raoul> Though, you have a point--- where did Zotia run off to?
[13:17] * Kanri-chan looks around "isnt she YUHR vassal?"
[13:21] <Nelius Raoul> One sec.
[13:21] * Nelius Raoul closes his eyes, and concentrates.
[13:21] <Nelius Raoul> ??
[13:21] <Kanri-chan> is she sunburned again?
[13:21] <Nelius Raoul> Odd....
[13:22] <Nelius Raoul> She's over by the dressing rooms, but hasn't come back yet. I sense nothing else around her---- did she forget something?
[13:22] <Kanri-chan> lets go find out
[13:23] <Nelius Raoul> Might as well.
[13:23] * Nelius Raoul heads over to the dressing area.
[13:24] *** Putting this on pause real fast--- things to do.
[13:24] <Kanri-chan> (( ok ))
[14:00] *** We now resume our session in progress.
[14:02] <Kanri-chan> (( lol ))
[14:02] * Kanri-chan follows Nelius
[14:04] *** The Dressing Rooms are seperated out by gender and distinction of demon.
[14:05] <Nelius Raoul> Hey Zotia, what's takin'?
[14:05] <Zotia> EEP!
[14:05] <Zotia> No, no I can't go out there.....
[14:05] * Kanri-chan blinks "yuh ok in there??"
[14:05] <Zotia> Uhm, it's nothing to worry about--- just misplaced something, that's all..
[14:06] <Kanri-chan> mind if i come in and help?
[14:07] <Zotia> No, no I got it under control....
[14:07] <Kanri-chan> what..........did yuh lose?
[14:08] <Zotia> >.< OK, OK-- Miss Kanri, please come in.
[14:09] <Nelius Raoul> Well, I'll leave this one to you, sis. If you need me, just call.
[14:09] * Kanri-chan enters the changing room
[14:09] * Nelius Raoul heads back to where his parents are.
[14:10] * Zotia is in the Dressing Room. She hasn't changed out of her usual uniform, but her face is bright red.
[14:10] <Kanri-chan> whats wrong?
[14:11] * Zotia reaches into her clothing bag..... and pulls out a two-piece bikini that leaves very little to the imagination.
[14:12] <Zotia> Eoria switched my swimsuit.....
[14:13] * Kanri-chan looks at the peice "i can fix that
[14:14] <Zotia> You can?
[14:14] * Kanri-chan digs in her satchel and pulls out a tankini that would fit Zotia "here.... i'll wear that one yuh wear this one"
[14:14] <Zotia> ?!
[14:15] <Zotia> You'd do that?
[14:15] <Kanri-chan> yea.... who's going to look at me with niikun next to me :)
[14:16] <Zotia> make a good point.
[14:17] * Kanri-chan hands over the tankini "and this one matches yuhr eyes^^"
[14:19] * Kanri-chan smiles and heads to the next changing room to get changed (the things i do for friends ><)
[14:19] * Zotia nods, silently swearing to repay Kanri for this as she gets changed.
[14:22] * Kanri-chan peeks out of the changing rooms ><
[14:23] *** There doesn't appear to be anyone else around.... Zotia emerges in the tankini Kanri gave her.
[14:24] * Kanri-chan steps out in the other swim suit, it's less revealing but still rather revealing ><
[14:26] <Zotia> This is rather embarassing....
[14:26] <Kanri-chan> at least yuhr boobs are covered XD
[14:28] <Zotia> Perhaps....
[14:29] <Zotia> Well... here we go....
[14:29] * Kanri-chan is bright red "l-lets get back to niikun. ok?"
[14:29] <Zotia> Let's....
[14:29] * Zotia leads Kanri back to Nelius and his parents.
[14:30] * Kanri-chan stands behind Nelius ><
[14:34] <Nelius Raoul> Welcome back, you two. Take it you got the misplacement sorted out?
[14:34] <Kanri-chan> a way >>
[14:36] <Nelius Raoul> Well, water's fine-- let's head on in.
[14:37] * Kanri-chan gulps and heads for the water (please dont come off. please dont come off!!)
[14:38] * Nelius Raoul has changed to his red and black boxers that have "ROCK YOU" down the sides. He heads into the water.
[14:39] * Kanri-chan stares at the water "today yuh are my enemy"
[14:46] *** The water calmly ripples, as if unaware of Kanri's statement.
[14:46] * Kanri-chan dives in
[14:47] *** The water feels quite nice.
[14:48] * Zotia has dived in as well.
[14:48] * Kanri-chan floats in place checking for both peices of her swimsuit O____O ".......................... niikun?"
[14:49] * Nelius Raoul is a fair distance away, though he hears Kanri. "Yeah?"
[14:50] * Kanri-chan points to a floationg piece of clothes, her face red as a ripe tomato O//////////////////O
[14:54] *** Before Nelius can get it, this creature pops up with it in one of her hands.
[14:54] <Sea Angel> This yours?
[14:55] <Kanri-chan> .............................yes....
[14:56] * Sea Angel hands it over. "You really oughta get one that fits better. Any looser and the Orcs would have a field day."
[14:56] * Kanri-chan takes her top with steam blowing out her ears "um. um. um. uh huh"
[14:57] * Zotia makes it over to Kanri. "C'mon.... let's go get changed.... again."
[14:58] * Kanri-chan just nods "i think i need a t shirt too"
[14:59] <Zotia> I can arrange for that.
[14:59] *** Sea Angel has left #suburbansenshi4
[15:00] * Zotia leads Kanri back over to the dressing rooms.
[15:01] * Zotia finds Kanri a fitting T-shirt, a deep blue in color.
[15:01] * Kanri-chan runs in and hides "thanks....thats soooooo embarrassing!!"
[15:03] * Zotia waits for Kanri to return.
[15:03] * Kanri-chan steps ot in the t-shirt
[15:04] <Zotia> One embarassment after another, it seems....
[15:05] <Zotia> What was Eoria thinking?
[15:05] <Kanri-chan> agreed.... just HAD to be his parents didnt it?
[15:06] <Eoria> Awww, and here I was trying to help~
[15:07] * Kanri-chan glares at Eoria "well yuh can take yuhr help and shove it."
[15:07] <Eoria> :<
[15:08] <Eoria> Honestly, I love my son, but he can be so very dense about when a lady wishes to show their affection towards him.
[15:10] <Kanri-chan> yes well forcing someone to wear something so revealing is not right... and THIS.... is not in his taste...
[15:10] <Zotia> >////<
[15:11] <Eoria> Well, here I'd figured that if the outfit didn't catch his eye, then Zotia finally confessing would get to him.
[15:12] <Kanri-chan> she wouldnt be able to even think about anything except "are my boobs showing too much"
[15:13] <Kanri-chan> look, i dont want my brother to end up old and alone either.... but he needs to find love the right way... through personality... not body.
[15:14] <Eoria> Well then, seems there's only one way to go, then...
[15:15] <Kanri-chan> >>
[15:16] <Eoria> Zotia, you like my son, right? I don't mean just as a friend.... I mean, you like him, am I right?
[15:17] * Zotia nods.
[15:20] <Eoria> You want to know more about him, understand him from all the different angles?
[15:20] * Zotia nods again.
[15:21] * Kanri-chan just blinks and looks around
[15:22] * Eoria suddenly slips behind Zotia, and just drapes her arms around her shoulders--- and considering that Zotia is only half an inch shorter than Tyrios (who is 5'10"), she's likely floating.
[15:22] <Eoria> Then go on out there, and tell him directly.
[15:27] <Kanri-chan> be yuhrself Zo.... just be yuhrself.
[15:31] * Zotia considers this.... "You're right..... you're both right."
[15:32] <Kanri-chan> if all else fails....i'll punch him for yuh^^
[15:33] <Zotia> o_o
[15:33] <Eoria> Pffffffffffffffffft
[15:35] <Kanri-chan> what? he's my brother.... i can do that without reprecussions :3
[15:38] <Eoria> A girl after my own heart. Something tells me we'll get along very well.
[15:39] * Kanri-chan blinks "me?"
[15:40] <Eoria> Yep~
[15:42] * Kanri-chan smiles "perhaps we will. now lets get these two alone"
[15:43] <Eoria> Easily done--- I'll get my hubby's attention.
[15:45] * Eoria slips out to get Tyrios' attention.
[15:46] <Kanri-chan> ...............................did she say hubby???
[15:48] <Zotia> She did call Nelius her son, and Nelius did say that Tyrios is his father.
[15:49] <Kanri-chan> yea but..... she calls him hubby?
[15:50] <Zotia> You make it sound like demon marriage isn't a thing.
[15:50] * Kanri-chan looks at Zotia and grabs her face "ok... relax, breathe... and go get him!"
[15:54] <Zotia> o_0
[15:54] * Kanri-chan pushes Zotia forward "go on
[15:55] <Zotia> I'm going, I'm going....
[15:56] * Zotia steps out of the dressing room, and heads back towards where Nelius is.
[15:57] * Kanri-chan heads off for food places :3 (good luck!)
[16:03] * Kanri-chan decides to spy on Nelius and Zotia, she puts on an aura hiding charm and hide behind a tree :3
[16:04] * Zotia finds Nelius floating in the water nearby. She takes a deep breath, and approaches. (I can do this.... I can do this....)
[16:05] <Kanri-chan> (dont say mr...dont say mr ><)
[16:08] <Zotia> Nelius...
[16:09] <Kanri-chan> (yes! good entrance!)
[16:11] * Nelius Raoul cracks an eye open, looking to Zotia. "Hm?"
[16:12] * Nelius Raoul quickly flips down, his feet landing on solid ground. "Something on your mind?"
[16:13] <Kanri-chan> (dont be a d[BLEEP]k. dont be a d[BLEEP]k.. dont yuh dare be a d[BLEEP]k niikun!)
[16:14] <Zotia> There's something you must know.....
[16:14] <Zotia> Well, more like something I must ask....
[16:15] <Nelius Raoul> As I said before when I first recruited you, if something's on your mind, then feel free to ask.
[16:16] * Zotia nods, then scrounges up her final bit of courage.
[16:16] * Kanri-chan holds her breath
[16:20] <Zotia> Nelius, I like you! I've realized this since about two months ago.
[16:23] <Kanri-chan> (come on come on~)
[16:24] <Zotia> Yet, I couldn't find the words to express such.
[16:25] <Nelius Raoul> it was true, what I overheard from Thirza.
[16:25] <Zotia> !!?
[16:25] <Kanri-chan> (im going to beat Thirza like a f[BLEEP]king drum....THAT B[BLEEP]CH!!) >:(
[16:26] <Nelius Raoul> At first I thought it to be one of her usual smartass remarks, but hearing this now confirms that suspicion.
[16:30] <Kanri-chan> (give her a yes or no already yuh ass)
[16:30] <Zotia> Though.... I must ask, do I have a chance compared to Farris and Mita?
[16:31] <Nelius Raoul> While I do consider Farris and Mita good friends, as far as I know, they already have their own interests.
[16:32] * Kanri-chan just stares (yuhr dodging the question niikun -.-)
[16:35] <Nelius Raoul> Anyway, if you're asking to become my girlfriend... I should warn you that I've been single for a while.
[16:35] <Kanri-chan> (does this mean he's HAD a girlfriend before???) O___O
[16:38] <Nelius Raoul> So in short, I have no clue what to do on a date.
[16:38] <Zotia> I don't mind.
[16:42] <Zotia> To be honest, I never really cared for formalities and such..... I just want to know more about you in general...
[16:45] <Kanri-chan> ..............................................................(make it official already dammit!!!)
[16:45] <Kanri-chan> (( am i the only one giddy with excitement???? ))
[16:45] * Nelius Raoul closes his eyes, and considers this.
[16:49] *** The tension in the air is heavy....
[16:51] <Nelius Raoul> ....all right.
[16:54] * Zotia looks up. "You mean...."
[16:54] * Nelius Raoul nods. "Yes."
[16:55] <Kanri-chan> FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!~
[16:59] <Nelius Raoul> Satisfied now, sis?
[16:59] * Kanri-chan grins and runs around laughing like a maniac
[17:00] <Kanri-chan> he said yeeeees~ he said yeeeeeees~
[17:03] <Zotia> ~_~ (Goodness me... she's so excitable.)
[17:03] <Kanri-chan> >:3
[17:03] <Kanri-chan> finally yuhr not going to grow old alone!! :D
[17:07] <Nelius Raoul> ............................
[17:07] <Nelius Raoul> (Somedays I wonder just what her priorities are...)
[17:08] * Kanri-chan grins and TACKLES Nelius "Congratulations!~"
[17:10] <Nelius Raoul> Somedays, sis, I have to ask just what your main priorities are.
[17:11] <Kanri-chan> ask away! i say this calls for a grand banquet!^^
[17:13] <Zotia> Then, just what do you put highest on your list of "things that take highest order".
[17:13] <Kanri-chan> making sure my family and friends are happy of course^^
[17:14] <Kanri-chan> and also that they arent growing old alone... that just sounds lonely. i wont be around forever to make him laugh.
[17:21] <Nelius Raoul> An understandable venture, sis, but as I mentioned before at the sushi restaurant, everyone has their own measure of what makes them happy.
[17:22] <Kanri-chan> oh shush.. just be happy yuh big grouch^^
[17:28] <Kanri-chan> geez.. why am i on trial for wanting something good? it's not like i said go get someone pregnant -.-
[17:28] * Kanri-chan walks off to the shops
[17:31] *** There are several different shops selling various wares--- souvenirs, food, clothing.... most of the stall workers are female demons.
[17:32] * Kanri-chan walks around grumbling and looking at everything
[17:36] * Armor Knight is manning one of the stalls, looking a little bored. "Hey, you're a new face."
[17:37] * Kanri-chan looks up "oh hello. i'm visiting with me (a[BLEEP]le) brother."
[17:39] * Armor Knight moves a lock of sky-blue hair out of her face. "The seven-foot tall guy, right?"
[17:39] <Kanri-chan> yea thats the guy
[17:41] <Armor Knight> He's been here a few times before--- never took him to be the family type, what with how he looks like he'd murder someone just be breathing in their direction.
[17:42] <Kanri-chan> that's just his face... but yea.. he's my brother... my irritatingly jerkish brother
[17:44] <Armor Knight> Go on... since I got no customers at the moment, tell me more about what's gotten beneath your skin.
[17:46] <Kanri-chan> that's it really... he's just a closed off person.. it's irritating sometimes. i just want him to be happy... apparently it's wrong of me to not want him to grow old alone >>
[17:47] <Kanri-chan> yea it'll take forever.. but i dont have forever. i dont want to die knowing he's alone.
[17:47] <Armor Knight> Wanting him to be happy is one thing--- but did you ever give honest consideration as to what makes him happy, instead of what you think makes him happy?
[17:49] <Kanri-chan> yes.... i understand he likes to help others. but i dont think he knows how important it is to have that special partner.. the one yuh tell EVERYTHING.. i dont want him to go get married and have kids.. i just want him to have that person he can always talk to and let his guard down around.
[17:49] <Kanri-chan> it's hard enough for me to get him to laugh.
[17:50] <Kanri-chan> and i'm his sister!
[17:51] <Armor Knight> First off--- on the special partner deal. Ever consider he has different views on what he considers a partner, a good friend?
[17:51] <Kanri-chan> he doesnt open up to his "good friends" -.-
[17:52] <Kanri-chan> honestly i dont care anymore.... he doesnt want me to worry, so i wont.
[17:52] <Armor Knight> And just what is it you're looking for him to open up about?
[17:52] <Kanri-chan> i just want him to f[BLEEP]king relax... he always looks constipated!
[17:54] <Armor Knight> And if you're constantly trying to intervene on things, do you really think he's gonna relax?
[17:55] * Kanri-chan just sighs "i dont care anymore."
[17:56] <Armor Knight> Sometimes, events need that certain push.... other times, let them go as they are.
[17:56] <Kanri-chan> well this needed a push with a freight train....
[17:58] <Armor Knight> Though, sadly, it's possible your freight train might've derailed the results you were looking for.
[18:00] * Kanri-chan crosses her arms "not really... he has a girlfriend now. that was the plan... to get him someone who about him for him... not his title or his power... someone who might be able to be that wall for him to lean on"
[18:01] <Kanri-chan> who cared^
[18:03] <Armor Knight> And what makes you think he didn't have those whom he could count on, that cared not for his title, but for him?
[18:05] <Armor Knight> From what I saw of how he interacted with those others, they seem to trust one another implicitly.
[18:06] <Kanri-chan> trusting and relaxing are two different things.
[18:07] <Armor Knight> And as I said before, if you're constantly on him, trying to get him to do this or do that, do you really think he's gonna relax?
[18:07] <Armor Knight> Everyone has their own way of going about things--- if you truly do want him to be able to relax, then you need to relax your own stance.
[18:08] <Kanri-chan> yuh think i should just leave him alone?
[18:08] <Kanri-chan> let him do all his plotting and planning day in and day out?
[18:08] <Kanri-chan> never have a break or breath away?
[18:09] <Armor Knight>'re missing the point. I'm saying let him take such an issue on his own terms.
[18:10] <Kanri-chan> do yuh even know him?
[18:11] <Armor Knight> Personally, no, but I've seen issues like this crop up enough times to the point that I probably should write a book on it.
[18:11] <Armor Knight> It'd likely get me more cash than working here.
[18:12] * Kanri-chan just shrugs
[18:13] <Armor Knight> When you've been around for about 2400 years, you tend to see patterns emerge.
[18:14] * Kanri-chan takes her amulats off and puts then in her satchel "im just gunna go for a walk.... thanks for the advice"
[18:15] <Armor Knight> Keep your eyes open for wild demons milling about. If you get into trouble, look for someone named Myra--- she can give you a hand.
[18:16] * Kanri-chan nods and gives a wave walking off
[18:17] *** Armor Knight has left #suburbansenshi4 (Back to Work)
[18:17] * Kanri-chan picks a direction and starts walking
[18:18] *** Past the sand and seas on the resort side, there's several hotels and other shops.
[18:19] * Kanri-chan tries to find uninhabited areas to walk in.
[18:20] *** There are some woods further on, though a Mage Knight is seen doing a patrol along the forest edge.
[18:21] <Mage Knight> Hm?
[18:21] <Mage Knight> And who are you?
[18:22] <Kanri-chan> A visitor.
[18:23] <Mage Knight> Not gonna lie, we don't get a lot of visitors out this far.
[18:24] <Kanri-chan> well I just needed to go for a walk and clear my head..
[18:25] <Mage Knight> And the forest sounded good?
[18:25] <Kanri-chan> yep. pretty much
[18:28] <Mage Knight> Well then, gonna warn you--- the Eryngi are in full force recently.
[18:28] <Kanri-chan> Eryngi?
[18:29] <Mage Knight> Animate mushrooms. They originated from the Marl region in another human world.
[18:30] <Kanri-chan> .....................mushrooms?
[18:30] <Mage Knight> They release spores that specifically target females, weakening their overall abilities. As it is, Myra can get them under control, seeing as how she's lived here for millenia.
[18:31] * Kanri-chan nods "understood"
[18:32] <Mage Knight> Just as they say in the Item World, we won't be responsible if you lose your life in there.
[18:34] * Kanri-chan rolls her eyes "i guess just cause one is a visitor they're either incompetent or weak."
[18:35] <Mage Knight> That's under the assumption you know exactly what it is you're getting into. We won't be held responsible if you do something that endangers your life.
[18:38] <Kanri-chan> ...........
[18:38] * Kanri-chan just turns and heads back to the beach "stupid place....."
[18:39] *** Mage Knight has left #suburbansenshi4 (*Back to Patrolling*)
[18:41] * Eoria and Tyrios can be seen chatting with a pair of kiosk owners. From the tone of their voices, they're having quite the time.
[18:42] * Kanri-chan keeps walking and sits in the sand on the beach
[18:44] *** You notice it's starting to get a little darker out as the Netherworld Sun makes a slow sink over the horizon.
[18:47] * Kanri-chan doesnt move and inch..... she just sits there staring at the water
[18:47] * Tyrios walks over from the kiosk and stands near Kanri. "What's on your mind, young one?"
[18:49] * Kanri-chan looks up at Tryios "oh Mr.'s nothing.... i dont think so anyways"
[18:49] <Kanri-chan> Tyrios^^
[18:51] <Tyrios> I doubt that. Others might not be as perceptive, but I can see your aura, Kanri---- one of low spirits.
[18:52] <Tyrios> Disappointment that something you were looking forward to didn't go in any way you expected.
[18:52] * Kanri-chan sighs "i just want him to be happy.....i dont want him married or anything like that...just..plain...happy"
[18:54] <Tyrios> With some people, they need that push.... with others, they find it on their own.
[18:55] <Tyrios> I almost wonder if I should tell you this....
[18:55] <Kanri-chan> thats what the nosy vendor said >>
[18:56] <Tyrios> Well, then this might come as a shock to you.
[18:57] <Tyrios> Nelius isn't as dense on those matters as Eoria or yourself would give him credit for.
[18:57] * Kanri-chan looks at Tyrios "hm?"
[18:59] <Kanri-chan> yea well he has a record of not noticing things right in front of him
[18:59] <Tyrios> He came to me about a month ago, wanting some advice. He noticed Zotia's actions, how she'd be somewhat hesitant in speaking on things.
[18:59] <Tyrios> And just because he's quiet doesn't mean he doesn't notice.
[18:59] <Kanri-chan> well thank Thirza for that.... total b[BLEEP]ch move if yuh ask me
[19:01] <Tyrios> What, casually mentioning that Zotia had it for my son? That was essentially the confirmation to his suspicion.
[19:04] <Kanri-chan> yea but that's something Zotia should have been able to tell him herself. it's never ok to just casually tell someone else's personal business
[19:04] <Tyrios> For all of what he has been through, he's not been in a committed relationship--- it was why he came to me for advice on such. Never mind that he was also rather leery of things due to events going down at this.... Earth 1337-A.
[19:05] <Kanri-chan> all the pregnancies?
[19:06] <Tyrios> Mainly the dysfunctional relationships--- how one simple misunderstanding caused things to escalate a little too much.
[19:07] <Kanri-chan> .........thats earth for ya.
[19:08] <Tyrios> Seeing things like that would turn a lot of people away from trying to pursue a relationship.
[19:10] <Kanri-chan> yea no kidding. but really its all the tension.. the place where they live is constantly under attack by other worldly beings...that kind of stress naturall puts stress on people.. add that to trying to maintain a relationship... some fuses are bound to blow
[19:11] <Tyrios> I would imagine that he was trying to keep his own fuse from blowing by keeping such things on the down low, go through the events at his own pace.
[19:11] <Tyrios> Much as you are trying to look out for my son, perhaps this is one of those things where it'd be best for you to simply nod and watch from afar.
[19:16] * Kanri-chan nods "i just... try so hard to keep him from going back to the old him. the him who didnt open up to anyone....... the him who scared me :("
[19:16] <Tyrios> Unfortunately, this is one of those times where attempted intervention will undo that progress.
[19:17] * Kanri-chan hugs her knees and nods "i cant help him on this one can i?"
[19:18] <Tyrios> This is something he has to figure out by himself. You can give advice, but let him find his own solution.
[19:19] <Kanri-chan> it just sucks...
[19:21] <Tyrios> Tell me something--- when you were going through your own relationship deal, what did my son do?
[19:22] <Kanri-chan> he confronted Kisuske and gave him advice...
[19:22] <Kanri-chan> i do believe at some point he put in that "hurt her i hurt yuh" speech.. not sure though"
[19:23] <Tyrios> But that was over how he was sending gaudy gifts to you, instead of asking you directly, wasn't it?
[19:24] <Kanri-chan> no... it was about pursuing me XD
[19:24] <Tyrios> But other than that, he let you make the decision on your own terms, did he not?
[19:26] <Kanri-chan> yea... its not like i ever directly told him to go get a girlfriend.....i just.....hinted at it >.>
[19:27] <Tyrios> And as I said before, he did catch the hints. Everyone has their own way to go about things.
[19:28] <Kanri-chan> i know.. thats why i laid off of him.
[19:28] <Kanri-chan> ..........and helped Zotia instead >>
[19:33] <Tyrios> Perhaps... but your little victory shout would make it sound as though you egged Zotia on a little ahead of schedule.
[19:34] <Kanri-chan> hey... yuhr wife did the egging not me
[19:34] <Kanri-chan> i told her to be herself.
[19:35] <Tyrios> ...then I'll have to have words with her later.
[19:38] <Tyrios> Still, you were spying in on them. That could easily be miscontrued as it being you behind it. You should get that cleared up with him posthaste.
[19:38] * Kanri-chan looks at Tyrios "im willing to leave him alone... all i ever do is make things worse"
[19:40] <Tyrios> ....if that is what you wish.
[19:42] <Tyrios> Though, considering he is your ticket back home, I would suggest at least letting him know. You may be surprised.
[19:42] * Tyrios heads back to the kiosk.
[19:43] * Kanri-chan huffs "i could always call Atreya...."
[19:46] * Kanri-chan sighs and uses her amulet link to find Nelius
[19:50] * Nelius Raoul is a ways up the beach. However, through the amulet, you feel something akin to...... disappointment?
[19:53] * Kanri-chan heads to Nelius' position
[19:54] * Nelius Raoul and Zotia can be seen sitting next to each other, talking over things.
[19:55] * Kanri-chan nods to herself and pulls out her phone ducking back towards the shops (another time maybe..)
[19:57] <Nelius Raoul> Sis?
[19:58] * Kanri-chan freezes and grins "hey. i was just making sure yuh were still around^^"
[20:00] <Nelius Raoul> You're a bit of a horrible liar. Did you forget the emotional link between the amulets runs both ways?
[20:00] * Kanri-chan smiles "not really.. thats how i found yuh.."
[20:02] <Nelius Raoul> So then, sis.... why are you really here?
[20:04] * Kanri-chan tilts her head looking at her phone "i figured i'd tell yuh later... i still wanna go to the jewlery kiosk before we leave"
[20:06] <Nelius Raoul> Well, don't be too long---
[20:06] <Nelius Raoul> >>
[20:06] <Nelius Raoul> *?!
[20:08] <Nelius Raoul> (Damn it all.)
[20:09] <Kanri-chan> go on.
[20:09] <Nelius Raoul> I just felt a pang in my chest..... something's happening, and of all the times for it to happen.
[20:11] <Zotia> A pang.... like what?
[20:11] <Zotia> Is Lady Haru in trouble?
[20:11] <Kanri-chan> .................Haru.
[20:13] * Kanri-chan frowns and turns running off
[20:14] <Zotia> Kanri? Where are you going?!
[20:15] * Kanri-chan just keeps running putting her phone to her ear
[20:15] <Nelius Raoul> (Damn it all, sis! And you wonder why it is I get frustrated with you....)
[20:17] <Nelius Raoul> C'mon.
[20:17] * Nelius Raoul leads Zotia in chasing after Kanri. Nelius, in the interim, does a quick link with his amulet to get a new grasp on the situation.
[20:18] * Kanri-chan has removed her amulet. there's no link.
[20:19] * Nelius Raoul is linking with Haru. He senses frustration, anger....
[20:20] <Nelius Raoul> Kanri! Hold up!
[20:21] * Kanri-chan is nowhere to be seen or felt
[20:22] <Nelius Raoul> ..........
[20:24] <Nelius Raoul> Well this is a craptastic ending to what was supposed to be an excellent day.
[20:25] <Zotia> Her presence has completely disappeared from this world.... but I felt something lift her away...
[20:27] <Nelius Raoul> Likely went to Esclancia....
[20:27] <Nelius Raoul> But.... screw it at this point.
[20:28] <Nelius Raoul> Might as well just head back home.
[20:29] * Kanri-chan watches Nelius and Zotia with a sad expression
[20:29] <Nelius Raoul> Why is it she can't stop for.... I dunno, two minutes, and let me explain things? This is why we had that giant dustup back in August.
[20:30] <Kanri-chan> (jumping to conclusions as usual)
[20:31] <Zotia> I take it something like this has happened before....
[20:32] <Nelius Raoul> More than you know. It's.... immensely frustrating--- I'd like to explain what it is I felt, but Kanri just runs off and leaves me in the dust.
[20:33] <Nelius Raoul> And for all of what she says of worrying for me and Haru, that was rather cold-blooded for her to just walk away.
[20:35] <Kanri-chan> coming from the demon...
[20:37] <Zotia> ....let me speak with her. You go ensure that your daughter is all right.
[20:37] <Nelius Raoul> All right. Be careful.
[20:37] * Nelius Raoul quickly opens a gate and heads through.
[20:38] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4
[20:38] <Zotia> then, Miss Kanri--- care to explain what's really wrong with you?
[20:40] * Kanri-chan just stays in her hiding spot
[20:45] <Kanri-chan> he'll understand............eventually.
[20:47] <Zotia> It does sound like you're the one lacking understanding.
[20:52] * Zotia can hear Kanri whispering to herself. Those demon ears aren't just for show.
[20:56] * Kanri-chan frowns "it will never be fine to want something nice for others. why even bother? he'll never appreciate it. he'll never understand. i gave him a book to try and understand... he didnt read it till months later... if at all. why bother?"
[21:03] <Zotia> misunderstand. There's nothing wrong with wanting something nice for another, but to just go ahead with it without thinking through all of the ramifications can be disastrous. While I am grateful to you for the advice, you are coming off as being very overbearing.
[21:04] <Kanri-chan> he doesnt want my help..... im just a child to him.. incapable of protecting myself.......... i didnt force yuh to pursue him.. yuh liked him.. i just gave yuh advice. but i guess i shouldnt have even done that huh?
[21:07] * Kanri-chan turns and walks off "all i did was try to help yuh get to know him.. congrats.. yuh got that... be happy. now he doesnt need me."
[21:08] <Zotia> No.
[21:08] <Zotia> Absolutely not.
[21:09] <Zotia> Now I see why it is he gets frustrated with you--- you don't see the whole picture, and when he requests a moment to explain, you simply leave.
[21:11] <Kanri-chan> he didnt request a moment. he asked me to explain.. i said i'd do it another time.... he should have respected that
[21:11] * Zotia frowns heavily.
[21:12] <Kanri-chan> its rather sensitive stuff. and he was with yuh at the moment.. it was anything dire.
[21:12] <Kanri-chan> wasnt^
[21:13] <Zotia> ...have you learned nothing at all, Kanri Felinus?
[21:14] <Zotia> He's said it--- I've said it--- hell, damn near everyone at the Overlord's Castle has said it before! We take time to assist those whom we consider friend and family.
[21:15] <Kanri-chan> yuh know what if im not ready to talk about it? im not a Nether world demon.. i dont function like yuh guys do. i need time to sort my thoughts. i need time to understand them.
[21:17] <Zotia> Then just say that, rather than run off.
[21:18] <Kanri-chan> thats what "another time" means Zotia....
[21:23] <Kanri-chan> perhaps instead of jumping to conclusions....... give a person time to breathe...
[21:24] <Zotia> Then just say "May I please have a minute" instead of running off.
[21:28] <Kanri-chan> it may be frustrating to him... but how do yuh think i feel?? my link is the strongest because i created them.. i put my blood in them... every emotion niikun,haru, mom, dad, matsu, or Daini have... I feel them as if they were my own... i dont HAVE to search the links to know.. i have to handle my own AND all of theirs. i dont have the time to explain things how yuh'd like.
[21:29] <Kanri-chan> as my brother one would think he'd understand... but he never does...
[21:30] <Zotia> Have you, perhaps, ever told him about the strength of those links? He is no mind reader--- you have to let him know about things like this.
[21:31] <Kanri-chan> he may not be a mind reader... but he at least has the ability to trust me.
[21:32] <Kanri-chan> and i never really have the time to tell him.. regardless of yuhr "always make time" thing... when lives are constantly in danger... that takes priority. always has... always will
[21:33] <Zotia> But we are making time--- otherwise this conversation would not be happening.
[21:33] <Kanri-chan> if it was...HE'D be here... not yuh...
[21:34] <Kanri-chan> but he went off to save the world....again.
[21:35] <Zotia> I see the frustation. This is more than just "world-saving", his own daughter, the person he accepted into his home and heart, was attacked. Or have you forgotten the events of February, where he put everything he had to use in saving you from that bat-youkai that wanted to exploit you?
[21:36] <Kanri-chan> like i said.. i understand.. i know why he left... it's not Haru thats in danger.
[21:37] *** Gotta pause again--- business came up. Apologies.
[21:38] <Kanri-chan> (( its ok ))
[22:58] *** Resuming once again...
[22:59] <Zotia> Then what is it that made him go so swiftly?
[22:59] <Kanri-chan> (( i imagine that rp remote is smoking!~ ))
[22:59] <Kanri-chan> it appears Kaelyns newborn child was stolen.
[23:01] <Zotia> ...dear me--- that explains the pang he felt. Haru has been quite close to Miss Kaelyn, so to feel her fury at having her boss' newborn stolen....
[23:02] <Kanri-chan> yea... which is why i understand... i also ran because it was too much emotion at once... i am a cat first and foremost
[23:02] <Zotia> And here, I had imagined that this was related to what he confided in me before you arrived.
[23:03] <Kanri-chan> ................what did the overgrown weed say now?
[23:06] * Zotia frowns at the overgrown weed comment, but continues. "For the past few trips he's been taking, he's been having visions, hearing a voice that he heard once before."
[23:07] <Kanri-chan> he has been having bisions???
[23:07] <Kanri-chan> visions^
[23:10] <Zotia> Yes. He showed me one of the visions while you were off walking.
[23:11] * Kanri-chan frowns (why didnt he tell me about this?) "oh..."
[23:12] <Zotia> He believes it's connected to why he did all of that dimensional teleportation in his youth. He wanted to settle that piece of his past once and for all before he could make us official.
[23:14] * Kanri-chan nods "logical. he always is"
[23:18] <Zotia> Well, put yourself in his shoes--- jumping from world to world, never knowing just where it is you're going to awaken. Having to constantly adjust yourself for something new to happen....
[23:20] <Kanri-chan> .....................i know his ALWAYS in his least emotionally. aleast... i thought i knew his background...
[23:21] <Kanri-chan> now im not so sure
[23:24] <Zotia> This is why we say to ask. Some things may be painful to re-live, but he won't BS with you.
[23:26] <Kanri-chan> yea.... he wont tell me anything either without me pulling his teeth
[23:27] <Kanri-chan> yet he opens up to his vassals like its the frickin pope
[23:28] * Kanri-chan turns and stomps off a bit "sometimes i wonder if he really thinks of me as a sister..."
[23:31] <Zotia> I imagine he kept such on the other side of the fence so as not to burden your mind with too much.
[23:33] <Kanri-chan> well its even more burdening to find out everything IMPORTANT from other people... Overlord, haru... new home, haru.... half his missions i found out about through his vassals... even something as important as visions i found out through yuh! i never get to know anything from him... its like i dont even know him unless its through someone else T.T
[23:35] <Zotia> Seems this goes a bit beyond just a communication failure....
[23:37] <Kanri-chan> am i that bad?????
[23:37] <Kanri-chan> am i so bad that he doesnt want to talk to me????
[23:37] <Zotia> Some days I worry he's fighting himself...
[23:38] <Zotia> And that bits of that battle spill out here...
[23:39] <Zotia> You heard about that battle against the chaos gods that warped him, correct?
[23:41] <Kanri-chan> what about it?
[23:41] <Zotia> It seems it's done more than just warp his blood. I feel that he's turning into a brand new kind of demon--- and he's not in the know of what to do.
[23:42] <Kanri-chan> ..............................................that a[BLEEP]le
[23:44] <Zotia> He wants to know just what it is he's becoming---- he thinks himself a danger to everyone, even you.
[23:48] <Zotia> It was why... he requested that before we make it official, he gets this mess of himself sorted out once and for all.
[23:49] <Kanri-chan> then he needs to go see a freakin shrink cause he's pretty f[BLEEP]ked up. this is no excuse... this isnt even fair... the fact that i sit by praying to any and every damn deity there may be to bring him happiness and that f[BLEEP]ker wont even talk to me.... the fact that i get more anxiety than a cat in a foom full of wolves when he's off fighting, and he hides all this s[BLEEP]t...
[23:49] <Kanri-chan> well i hope he is happy cause this is one thing tuna casserole wont fix...
[23:50] <Zotia> A discussion, then--- there's no way around it.
[23:52] * Kanri-chan snorts "like that will ever happen.. the last four or so months of his life......i found out through other people... a discussion? yea cause he "always" makes time....NOW i can say thats bulls[BLEEP]t.
[23:52] <Nelius Raoul> Then let's get caught up on things, sister of mine.
[23:52] * Nelius Raoul appears out of nowhere.
[23:53] <Kanri-chan> yuh can just gate yuhrself to whatever MOST IMPORTANT mission is next...
[23:53] <Nelius Raoul> I'm already at it.
[23:55] <Nelius Raoul> You said you wanted to understand things--- then let's get to it.
[23:55] * Kanri-chan just glares at Nelius "no... this isnt important.. never was.. or would have been hearing these things from yuh... not yuhr vassals and haru... so yuh can shove that s[BLEEP]t where the sun dont shine"
[23:56] * Nelius Raoul glares at Kanri. "You see-- this! THIS is why I get frustrated with you!"
[23:57] <Nelius Raoul> You always harp on and on about how it's important I speak with you, try to understand things---- but then you do idiotic S[BLEEP]T like this!!
[23:57] <Kanri-chan> well yuh should be BROTHER. i'm supposed to be yuhr sister!! yuhr supposed to talk to me and trust me!!
[23:58] <Nelius Raoul> - And how am I supposed to trust you when I can't even trust myself! -
[23:58] *** His visage warps slightly.
[23:59] <Kanri-chan> by opening up......thats why i pushed it so much.... yuh hold everything in... its like mentos in a coke bottle.
[00:00] <Nelius Raoul> - Yet when I make such attempts, you head off elsewhere, don't even give me but a second to explain or be explained to. -
[00:00] <Kanri-chan> because it's hard for me to sort through 6 people's emotions all at once!
[00:01] <Nelius Raoul> ....the amulets.
[00:01] <Nelius Raoul> Dammit.
[00:01] <Kanri-chan> sometimes i cant even figure out which ones are mine. it's so damn hard to think straight
[00:02] <Nelius Raoul> I had figured it out the other night--- I saw that Haru had removed hers before she went to sleep.
[00:02] <Nelius Raoul> She tells me of recurring nightmares that plague her very soul....
[00:02] <Nelius Raoul> I saw one of 'em once before.
[00:03] <Kanri-chan> yea well welcome to my life... every moment of it is like that
[00:04] <Nelius Raoul> You're not the only one who's experienced that, sis.
[00:04] <Kanri-chan> no.. but mine is 10 times worse because it's my blood that bonds the amulets.
[00:05] <Nelius Raoul> .....y'know, for what you've said of me holding details back, you'd think something like this would've been mentioned the day we all donned these.
[00:06] <Kanri-chan> wasnt important. they were just links...
[00:07] <Kanri-chan> i didnt know it would be so in depth.... so my apologies... just give me yuhrs and yuh be gone with it...
[00:07] <Nelius Raoul> I think not. You entrusted us with these.
[00:08] <Kanri-chan> theyre just burdens... yuhr not obligated to keep them..
[00:08] * Nelius Raoul glares at Kanri again. "I said no."
[00:11] * Kanri-chan sighs "then why would yuh say i should have warned yuh like its such a burden?"
[00:13] <Nelius Raoul> First off--- your blood, being used as the link? Did you even tell Freya and Orion about this, much less Haru and Matsumi?
[00:13] <Nelius Raoul> In case you forget, it's not just us in this.
[00:14] <Kanri-chan> at the time half of us werent even on speaking terms remember?
[00:14] <Nelius Raoul> Don't you think you should've brought it up after then?
[00:15] <Nelius Raoul> Which brings me to point #2--- the emotional links. What happened with Daini the other night is still fresh in my mind.
[00:16] <Kanri-chan> then take of the amulet. besides... she needs physical contact...
[00:16] <Nelius Raoul> And if you've been experiencing that ten times over, I think you need to rework them, make it slightly less active.
[00:17] <Kanri-chan> that would involve taking them apart....which might or might not hurt cause some harm....
[00:18] <Nelius Raoul> What sort of harm?
[00:18] <Kanri-chan> at the worst she could disappear from exsistence.
[00:19] <Nelius Raoul> .......
[00:19] <Kanri-chan> at the least.......... some bodily or mental damage
[00:19] * Nelius Raoul winces a bit.
[00:20] <Kanri-chan> i didnt even know she would come into exsistence.... and im not willing to mess with the amulets for any reason what so ever..
[00:20] <Nelius Raoul> Well then.... lemme give you a quick piece of advice. I'm gonna send this info to Haru and the others.
[00:21] <Kanri-chan> what others?
[00:21] <Nelius Raoul> Freya, Orion and Matsumi.
[00:21] <Kanri-chan> i can tell them myself...
[00:21] <Kanri-chan> i live closer anyways
[00:23] <Nelius Raoul> Sometime tomorrow, I'm gonna investigate the source of the visions. I have no idea how long this'll go on for, so keep your amulets off your person. I've been looking for this answer for the last few months or so---- I don't expect a tea party when I get there.
[00:24] <Kanri-chan> my amulet is the only way to know where daini is when she SUPPOSED to be at school... after that abduction....hell no.. i'd rather face belderiver with a squeaky mallet
[00:25] <Nelius Raoul> ....then be prepared for nearly anything to get up in your emotive brainspace.
[00:25] <Kanri-chan> i'll give Daini a charm to block yuh
[00:26] <Nelius Raoul> Since I was younger, I wondered why I was forced to jump among hundreds of alternate worlds. I just hope this isn't a false lead....
[00:27] <Kanri-chan> maybe yuhr just destined for greatness.
[00:27] <Nelius Raoul> I have my honest doubts on that, sis.
[00:28] * Kanri-chan twitches slightly at the sis "then yuhr the harbinger of death and's what yuh make it..."
[00:29] <Nelius Raoul> Got my doubts there, too.
[00:29] <Kanri-chan> yuhr just full of doubts and surprises arent yuh?
[00:30] <Nelius Raoul> As I've said before--- there's a lot about me that's unknown.
[00:30] <Kanri-chan> at least yuhr vassals know yuh
[00:31] <Nelius Raoul> Considering a few of those vassals are personal friends from the year before, I'd certainly hope so.
[00:32] <Nelius Raoul> But anyway.... I did promise some answers on recent things, so ask away.
[00:32] <Kanri-chan> i already know through yuhr vassals Nelius
[00:33] <Nelius Raoul> I wouldn't say that quite yet.
[00:33] <Nelius Raoul> They may give you abridged accounts--- there are some matters I keep closer to home.
[00:36] * Kanri-chan shrugs "well an abridged version is better than not knowing at all. but then again.. maybe i wasnt supposed to know"
[00:37] <Nelius Raoul> Well then, unless you're just gonna wave it away, what do you want to know?
[00:39] <Nelius Raoul> Or would you rather have me send you home for the night?
[00:39] <Kanri-chan> see... i always have to pull teeth to get yuh to talk. i'd rather yuh came and talked to me.
[00:40] <Kanri-chan> yuh talk to yuhr vassals just fine... but never me.. the yuh call sister..
[00:40] <Kanri-chan> the one^
[00:43] <Nelius Raoul> And what, praytell, would I mention? How I woke up one morning and saw my entire right arm changed in my sleep? How the thrum of "eat them all" is still in the back of my head, constantly hammering away?
[00:44] <Kanri-chan> yes.. thats what siblings are for.......yuh should know by now im not afraid of yuh. any form of yuh.
[00:44] <Nelius Raoul> You want to know why it is I've been away so much, that's why---- and lack of fear of me isn't going to save either you or Daini from becoming a snack if I get too out of control.
[00:45] <Kanri-chan> i can handle myself. im stronger than i look
[00:45] <Kanri-chan> and Daini is resourceful.
[00:46] <Nelius Raoul> This is what I meant about not even trusting myself. Hell, even several of my vassals were starting to look tasty.
[00:47] <Nelius Raoul> The hell kind of person cannibalizes his own trusted friends?
[00:47] <Kanri-chan> yuh know a similar thing happened with...was Demon of Desige? de-something.. yuh were worried yuhd kill everyone
[00:48] <Nelius Raoul> That was my Cubus Gigant form, and that was because it was made into a seperate schism in my mind.
[00:48] <Nelius Raoul> This.... whatever this is, it's something different. I can feel it in damn near every part of me.
[00:49] <Kanri-chan> ..............................why dont yuh ask yuhr mom?
[00:49] <Kanri-chan> yuhr part succubus arent yuh?
[00:49] <Nelius Raoul> Like I said, it's something else. I am an Incubus by blood, but that part of me was resolved back in August.
[00:50] <Kanri-chan> or was it?
[00:50] *** His right arm briefly morphs into the head of Cubus Gigant, then erupts into demon fire before returning to normal.
[00:51] <Nelius Raoul> This.... it's something of a far different nature.
[00:51] <Kanri-chan> well thats a 4 on the wierd o meter..
[00:52] <Kanri-chan> why not talk to someone with morphing abilities?
[00:52] <Nelius Raoul> Tried that already.
[00:53] <Kanri-chan> and an ex cannibal....just to be safe
[00:53] <Nelius Raoul> I reiterate for the third time, This. Is. Something. Else.
[00:53] <Kanri-chan> just trying to help.. fine i wont...
[00:53] <Kanri-chan> knew it was a bad idea
[00:54] <Nelius Raoul> I know you're trying to help.... but really, the best you can do is help calm Daini down when she finds out.
[00:54] *** The words of Tyrios ring in Kanri's Mind.... "This is something he must do on his own."
[00:55] <Kanri-chan> yea.. sure
[00:55] <Nelius Raoul> You said it yourself--- she's resourceful.
[00:56] <Nelius Raoul> Even though I don't have my amulet piece on me, I just know she's found out about this discussion.
[00:57] * Kanri-chan nods and frowns "yea... she wont know."
[00:58] <Nelius Raoul> Look, Kanri--- I'm counting on you.... You, Zotia, Haru.... help keep things safe while I'm out.
[00:59] <Nelius Raoul> I just hope this is legitimate... I want these spasms to end.
[00:59] <Kanri-chan> yea. i got it.
[01:00] * Nelius Raoul winces as his wings painfully rip from his back, splashing blood onto the sand.
[01:00] *** His wings have assorted white lines running across them--- bits of holy power can be felt from them.
[01:01] * Kanri-chan hands nelius a bag from her satchel "here"
[01:01] * Nelius Raoul looks into the bag he was given.
[01:02] * Kanri-chan gave the jerk a bag of healing potions, at least 7 are there
[01:03] * Nelius Raoul focuses, and retracts his wings back into himself. He takes one of the potions, thanks Kanri, and drinks.
[01:04] * Kanri-chan nods "keep the bag.... something tells me yuh'll need them more i will.. i i blow up kitchen like nuke testing grounds"
[01:04] *** You see the torn apart skin and muscles settle back into place and repair themselves.
[01:05] <Nelius Raoul> Thanks.... sis.....
[01:05] <Kanri-chan> yea well... perks to the link.
[01:06] * Nelius Raoul opens up a gate back to the Hotel. "Least I can do in return. Mother and Father already headed back a while ago--- Priere recalled them."
[01:07] <Kanri-chan> yea thanks.. seeya...
[01:07] <Nelius Raoul> Though, you can hold me to this one---- when I get back, and I'm myself once again, you can ask me anything you like.
[01:08] * Kanri-chan nods "alright. seeya then"
[01:08] <Nelius Raoul> Until.... next time...
[01:10] <Kanri-chan> until then
[01:10] * Kanri-chan heads through the gate
[01:10] * Nelius Raoul nods. "Sleep... well..."
[01:10] *** Kanri-chan has left #suburbansenshi4 (I'm Stronger than I look. Shall I prove it?)
[01:11] * Nelius Raoul concentrates, and shifts the gate over to his home.
[01:11] * Zotia leads him through the gate and back home.
[01:12] *** Zotia has left #suburbansenshi4 (.....I've decided. Come hell or whatever else, I'm coming with you on this.)
[01:13] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 (....once you've made up your mind, you'll never change it.)
[01:14] *** The gate closes behind them.
[01:14] *** Little did Nelius know, that his search for his answers was going to lead him right to the heart of the investigation he'd undertaken months prior....
[01:14] *** Two halves to a heart... what did this mean?
[01:15] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Null

[11:25] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Nethervessel Drapnir
[11:26] *** The Drapnir flies throughout space between dimensions, heading for the location point.
[11:27] * Nelius Raoul watches out the front window, his eyes looking for the point.
[11:31] * Zotia gently lays a hand on his shoulder.
[11:36] <Delta-3361AF> Approaching location. ETA is about 3 minutes.
[11:36] <Nelius Raoul> Thanks, Naoto.
[11:38] *** The Drapnir approaches the point.... and they approach a world.
[11:42] <Nelius Raoul> All right.... from here on, there's no telling what may happen, so keep your eyes and senses open.
[11:45] *** The team nods, and everyone gets to their assigned positions.
[11:45] * Nelius Raoul and Zotia beam down to the surface.
[11:45] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: ?!
[11:48] * Nelius Raoul and Zotia touch down onto the planet.... and someone's awaiting them.
[11:49] *** Standing ahead of them in a regal-looking human. Cloudy eyes gaze back at the pair.
[11:49] <Human> you're here.
[11:50] <Human> You have it..... what I need..
[11:51] *** Something feels off about this encounter...
[11:52] <Zotia> Wha...
[11:52] * Nelius Raoul narrows his eyes as the human draws a spear.
[11:55] * Nelius Raoul draws Maximov as the human charges, an unnatural fury in his eyes.
[11:55] *** The two weapons clash!
[11:56] <Human> - Give it back..... give it back to mEE! -
[11:58] <Human> - I mUsT hAvE iT! GiVe Me BaCk My SoUl!! -
[12:03] * Nelius Raoul locks Maximov with the spear, and forms a very different form of energy in his open hand.
[12:03] <Nelius Raoul> (Seems I have to use this again...)
[12:03] <Nelius Raoul> - OPEN YOUR MIND!!! -
[12:03] * Nelius Raoul engulfs his entire hand in the chaotic power, then slams his hand into the human's head!
[12:06] *** The human reels back... as something oozes out of his head and lands with a plop on the ground.
[12:09] *** The ooze forms into a shape.... the same misshapen being that Nelius had fought in the old shrine.
[12:10] <Being> - NoOoOoOo.... mUsT hAvE IT! -
[12:14] <Nelius Raoul> I personally don't care who or what you are, but you've caused enough problems.
[12:14] * Nelius Raoul raises his hand, that same chaotic power forming a shot of energy.
[12:14] <Nelius Raoul> Go to hell.
[12:15] * Nelius Raoul fires the shot--- and out of nowhere the spear from the human man shoots forward as well, combining with the shot and piercing the creature's chest!
[12:18] *** The creature's eyes go WIDE as the combined attack pierces through it. It begins to disintigrate.
[12:18] <Human> You attacked my planet, killed my people...
[12:23] *** The creature vanishes, finally laid to waste for good.
[12:23] <Human> it over?
[12:24] <Female Voice> There's one last thing...
[12:25] * Nelius Raoul and the others look around.
[12:28] <Female Voice> I must apologize...
[12:30] <Female Voice> You must be wondering why you're both here, Nelius, Kruz....
[12:32] * Human is now known as Kruz
[12:33] <Kruz> did you--
[12:33] <Female Voice> The two of you.... came from the same source.
[12:34] <Female Voice> A being whom had my power... but when he reincarnated, he was split in two. His heart carried his memories, while his soul had his powers.
[12:37] <Zotia> Cut from the same cloth...
[12:37] <Nelius Raoul> Then.. why is it I was teleported around for all those years?
[12:39] <Female Voice> While I cannot say for your first teleportation, when I felt your powers awaken, I felt something else intervene---- an attempt to keep your strength under a lock.
[12:39] <Nelius Raoul> ..........when my former boss was possessed by that thing that also had him--- it has to be.
[12:43] <Female Voice> Then I must ask you both.... do you wish to continue possessing these old memories and powers?
[12:43] <Kruz> These memories are just that.... I need them not.
[12:43] <Kruz> Take them if you wish.
[12:45] <Female Voice> And yourself, Raoul?
[12:52] <Nelius Raoul> These powers.... I've found a new use for them. And.... if they were returned, then whatever is changing me may afflict you as well.
[12:52] <Nelius Raoul> I came here to find out the reason behind my change... I fear it might spread to those around me.
[12:53] <Female Voice> Ah... noble as you always were. Even without the memories, you still follow that path.
[12:53] *** The area goes dark.
[12:53] *** Then allow me to do this.... my last act in this reality.
[12:54] * Nelius Raoul looks up. (That.... did her voice change?)
[12:54] <Kruz> !!
[12:55] * Kruz feels his mind becoming clearer. "This..."
[12:57] <Female Voice> The memories that plague you... the reason behind your world being attacked, is no more. The souls of those people whom longed for your safety can find peace now.....
[12:58] <Female Voice> As for you, Raoul....
[12:58] <Female Voice> You'll be finding yourself a bit more put together now. The heart and soul called to one another across time, space and all of the dimensions.
[13:00] <Female Voice> Whilst memories are just that, memories..... these ones held the key to your condition. Will you accept them?
[13:01] <Nelius Raoul> I shall.
[13:01] <Female Voice> Understood. Now then---
[13:01] *** The area returns to its usual state.
[13:02] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Shrine
[13:03] <Female Voice> Go now... to the ones whom await you. Follow your own path. With this, now I can join my opposite in slumber....
[13:03] *** The presence disappears.
[13:03] <Kruz> that is it, then.
[13:05] * Kruz reaches over and grabs his spear. "This is where we part ways. My kingdom lays in ruins, but I know I can rebuild that world."
[13:07] <Nelius Raoul> ...if you like, you can come with us for a time.
[13:08] <Kruz> An appreciated offer, but this is something for myself to do. Go with honor.
[13:08] *** Kruz has left #suburbansenshi4 (*He disappears*)
[13:08] <Zotia> ....(My word, that presence... could it have been...)
[13:09] * Nelius Raoul closes his eyes. A peace settles over him....
[13:16] * Nelius Raoul then almost falls forward.
[13:16] <Zotia> !
[13:16] * Zotia runs foward and catches him.
[13:16] <Nelius Raoul> Heh... seems I didn't sleep as well as I thought....
[13:16] <Nelius Raoul> C'mon.... let's head home...
[13:17] * Zotia nods. She calls for the Drapnir.
[13:17] <Delta-3361AF> Miss Zotia! Your coordinates have changed.
[13:17] <Zotia> ?!?!
[13:17] <Delta-3361AF> We're en- route to your new destination.
[13:18] <Zotia> Such a seamless warp....
[13:18] *** The two of them stand at the Dark Shrine that Nelius had investigated before.
[13:20] *** The Drapnir appears in the skies above them.
[13:20] <Delta-3361AF> There you are. Beaming you aboard now.
[13:21] * Nelius Raoul and Zotia are beamed aboard the Drapnir.
[13:21] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Nethervessel Drapnir
[13:21] <Delta-3361AF> Welcome back, you two. How did the mission go?
[13:22] <Nelius Raoul> It was a success... though at this point, I'd welcome a return to the Castle.
[13:24] <Delta-3361AF> But of course. Setting destination and route.
[13:24] * Delta-3361AF smiles as she pilots the ship.
[13:28] *** The Drapnir eventually returns to the Coalition Netherworld. Everyone returns to their usual points.
[13:28] * Nelius Raoul heads to his room... and collapses onto his bed.
[13:28] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 (*Snoozin*)
[13:30] *** Another chapter comes to a close. With this mystery completed, now a new chapter can unfold.
[13:30] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Null

[15:16] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Ueno Park
[15:30] *** Sean Collins has joined #suburbansenshi4
[15:30] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa sean collins *** Happy Children's Day [Golden Week]!!
[15:30] *** Orion Felinus [] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[15:30] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa orion felinus *** Happy Children's Day [Golden Week]!!
[15:30] * Sean and Orion are sitting on a small hill overlooking the central area of the park.
[15:31] <Sean Collins> about it, Cat man? You want to be one of my groomsmen?
[15:34] <Orion Felinus> Are you sure you wish to have your servant in one of these most honored positions?
[15:35] <Sean Collins> Orion, you're not my servant. You've been a guardian and a friend for many years. And yes, I am serious about wanting you as one of my groomsmen.
[15:36] * Orion Felinus smiles. "Master Sean...I would be honored. And...could my daughter be a flower girl for the ceremony as well?"
[15:37] * Sean Collins chuckles. "Of course! She'd be perfect for the part. Just don't let her eat all the flowers this time." :)
[15:39] <Orion Felinus> That...was beyond my control... ^^;
[15:43] <Orion Felinus> Have you and the Lady Bora chosen a date yet?
[15:43] <Sean Collins> Not yet. We are still trying to get more basic things in order.
[15:50] *** Orion Felinus [] has left #suburbansenshi4
[15:50] *** Sean Collins has left #suburbansenshi4

[22:08] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Coalition Netherworld
[22:08] *** Lady Hale [Blindeyes@Celestia.hv] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[22:08] <@spiritflame> konbanwa lady hale *** Happy Children's Day [Golden Week]!!
[22:08] *** Kanri-chan has joined #suburbansenshi4
[22:08] <@spiritflame> konbanwa kanri-chan *** Happy Children's Day [Golden Week]!!
[22:09] * Lady Hale and Kanri appear.
[22:09] * Kanri-chan looks around nervously for the first time
[22:10] *** The castle seems as it usually is.
[22:10] <Sif> Heya!
[22:10] * Sif waves!
[22:10] * Kanri-chan waves back "h-hi Sif"
[22:10] <Sif> What's the haps?
[22:11] <Kanri-chan> um....just checking on.......niikun >>
[22:12] <Lady Hale> The last update I requested said he was still asleep. Is there any change?
[22:12] <Sif> Dude's out like a light. He's up in his room.
[22:14] <Sif> Head on up if you feel like it.
[22:14] <Kanri-chan> can i?
[22:14] <Sif> I dunno, can you?
[22:15] * Kanri-chan blinks and stutters "i......i dunno?" O______O
[22:15] <Sif> Pffffffffft
[22:15] <Sif> Loosen up, Kan-Kan~
[22:16] * Kanri-chan flushes and nods "s-sorry Sif....just nervous is all"
[22:17] * Farris just rises up from behind Kanri, though at a respectable distance.
[22:18] <Farris> Why so Nervous~
[22:18] <Lady Hale> o_0
[22:19] <Kanri-chan> well....we had a bit of a fight yesterday T.T
[22:20] <Sif> All about that "secret-keeping" deal?
[22:21] <Kanri-chan> of course yuh all know >>
[22:22] <Kanri-chan> yea about that
[22:23] <Sif> Well, Zotia informed those of us that didn't go on the expidition.
[22:23] <Kanri-chan> it wasnt an expidition...... it was supposed to be a vacation for lord works-a-s[BLEEP]t-ton >>
[22:24] <Sif> ..........I meant what was going on after the attempted vacation.
[22:25] <Kanri-chan> what happened after??????
[22:27] <Sif> Nelius took a team out to the point--- when he and Zotia went down to investigate, there was some guy with a spear there. Nelius knocked some disgusting-looking thing outta him, then they disappeared into thin air.
[22:28] <Sif> Somehow they got transported all the way to some other world.
[22:28] <Kanri-chan> ........................wait what??
[22:29] <Sif> Yeah--- one minute they were there, then all three of 'em vanished off the Drapnir's tracker.
[22:30] <Sif> When we got a contact later, somehow they ended up in some other world.
[22:30] <Kanri-chan> what point did they go to??
[22:31] <Kanri-chan> i didnt know abou----nevermind i dont know about alot of stuff.
[22:32] <Sif> Well, Zotia's upstairs keeping an eye on him. Feel free to head on up.
[22:32] <Sif> As for me....
[22:32] * Sif turns back to watching some Turbo Dismount! :D
[22:33] * Kanri-chan blinks and looks at the stairs "miss Hale"
[22:34] *** Sif has left #suburbansenshi4 (Yes, ride that backe all night Marky-moo~)
[22:34] <Kanri-chan> (( really shadow? really? XD ))
[22:35] *** I apologize for NOTHING!
[22:35] * Lady Hale walks up. "Right here--- Moira was doing her rounds, so I was talking with her while you finished up with Sif."
[22:36] * Kanri-chan grabs Hale's hand and drags her upstairs not wanting to go alone ><
[22:37] * Lady Hale is dragged upstairs. o_0
[22:38] * Kanri-chan stops outside Nelius' room and STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARES at the door with the most inner turmoil showing than ever
[22:39] * Valentia the Lady Armor Knight is seen standing guard. "Huh, who--- oh, hey Hale. Don't think I was introduced to your companion there."
[22:39] <Lady Hale> This young one here is Kanri.
[22:40] <Lady Hale> You might've seen her around here a few times.
[22:40] * Kanri-chan blinks "yuh dont know me?"
[22:41] <Valentia> I've heard of you, but we never got formally introduced.
[22:41] <Kanri-chan> oh....darn
[22:41] <Valentia> That sister of mine did mention a Kanri--- so you're her.
[22:41] <Kanri-chan> yuh have a sister?
[22:43] <Valentia> Yeah, her name's Hilde.
[22:43] <Valentia> She got hitched to that Celestial guy, Raphael.
[22:43] <Kanri-chan> OH!! Hilde! she's nice!
[22:44] <Kanri-chan> she helped me figure out how to set up my wedding!
[22:44] <Valentia> Aha.
[22:45] * Kanri-chan silently moves behind Hale (why do i talk too much?)
[22:46] <Valentia> Gonna guess you two want in to see the boss.
[22:46] <Kanri-chan> um..well.. if thats ok...
[22:47] <Valentia> Sure deal.
[22:48] * Valentia steps aside, and gives the door a knock.
[22:50] *** The door can be heard unlocking, and opens.
[22:51] * Kanri-chan gulps ><
[22:53] * Lady Hale steps into the room.
[22:55] * Kanri-chan follows behind Hale and peeks around
[22:57] *** The Overlord's bedroom looks as neat as it usually ever is. Nelius is fast asleep on his bed, and surprisingly (or unsurprisingly, depending on your expectations) Zotia is sitting on the bed, Nelius' head in her lap. She looks as though she's also been asleep.
[23:00] * Kanri-chan turns away and rubs her face "um sorry..."
[23:00] * Zotia looks up, rubbing a bit of sleep out of her eyes. "Miss Kanri?"
[23:01] <Kanri-chan> um yea.. i just wanted to see how he was doing >>
[23:02] <Zotia> As you can see, he's still sleeping.
[23:03] * Kanri-chan nods and quickly heads for the door "yepiseeitbye" ><
[23:04] * Lady Hale reaches her hand out to stop Kanri. "Isn't there something you wished to ask?"
[23:05] * Kanri-chan looks at Hale "huh? i did??"
[23:08] <Lady Hale> You did.
[23:09] <Kanri-chan> what was my question? im so nervous i forgot ><
[23:11] <Zotia> You were likely wondering what happened during our expidition. I know some details, but Nelius has the full story--- whatever it was we contacted spoke to his mind directly.
[23:11] <Kanri-chan> i'll just wait till he wake's up
[23:12] * Kanri-chan looks at Nelius and clenches her jaw
[23:13] <Zotia> In that case, you may be waiting for another day. I've not seen him sleep this soundly in a long time.
[23:14] <Kanri-chan> i've only seen him do it once and he blew me into a concrete wall.......mind yuh he sleeps like the dead >>
[23:15] <Zotia> ???
[23:16] <Kanri-chan> ............have yuh tried waking him up?
[23:18] <Zotia> Twice, actually. He's in a deep sleep.... though, if I may say, this is about the most peaceful I've heard him rest in the recent days.
[23:18] <Kanri-chan> i've tried food, blowhorns, water, ice, shoving him off a couch................which all ended up the same way......
[23:20] <Lady Hale> Dear me...
[23:20] <Kanri-chan> he slept through it all and i ended up with some uncomfortable situation
[23:21] <Zotia> Oh my...
[23:23] * Zotia looks down to Nelius' sleeping face.
[23:25] <Zotia> If he keeps sleeping like this, I estimate he should be awake by tomorrow morning.
[23:26] <Kanri-chan> i hope so
[23:27] <Lady Hale> If I may, I'd like to take a reading of his life signal.
[23:27] <Zotia> Feel free to.
[23:27] * Lady Hale does a quick sensing of his life signal.
[23:28] * Kanri-chan panicks "yuh think he's dead???" O__O
[23:29] <Lady Hale> Calm yourself, Kanri.
[23:29] * Kanri-chan bites her lip ><
[23:29] <Lady Hale> He's quite alive. However, compared to the last time I sensed him..... he feels more... complete, as if something missing was found.
[23:30] * Kanri-chan slumps against a wal and slides down
[23:31] <Lady Hale> Though I imagine that once he awakens, he'll be feeling rather hungry. I hope Christophe and Janice will be prepared.
[23:32] * Kanri-chan blinks and perks up
[23:36] <Lady Hale> (Well, that caught her attention.) So then, Kanri--- when he awakens, will you be helping Christophe and Janice in cooking up a number of delights?
[23:37] <Kanri-chan> >> no.. im going to take over the kitch like i usually do
[23:37] <Kanri-chan> kitchen^
[23:37] * Lady Hale and Zotia chuckle at this.
[23:39] <Lady Hale> Well then... I should be on my way home. I am going to get Ayatane--- you two take care.
[23:39] <Kanri-chan> what? thats what im best at... i may be mad at him sometimes... but he's my brother..............and i like to cook... it calms my nerves >>
[23:40] <Lady Hale> Of course. Well then.... until next time.
[23:40] * Lady Hale gives a bow, then heads out.
[23:41] *** Lady Hale [Blindeyes@Celestia.hv] has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Ayatane, dear--- it's time to head home.")
[23:41] * Kanri-chan blinks and looks down at the floor
[23:41] <Zotia> Miss Kanri?
[23:42] <Kanri-chan> huh?
[23:43] <Zotia> I may not have Hale's perception on emotions, but even I can tell something is on your mind. Are you willing to talk about it?
[23:44] * Kanri-chan hugs her knees "i've never seen him like this..... i'd much rather he be covered in cuts and bruises again...."
[23:47] <Zotia> Have faith in your brother, Kanri. He will pull through.
[23:48] <Kanri-chan> i know but.... he looks so.....vulnerable...
[23:48] <Zotia> A side of him not seen before, isn't it?
[23:49] * Kanri-chan nods "it's new for me... he's always that tough as diamonds guy......"
[23:51] <Zotia> I imagine it's due to that warping he was made to do.... always having to be on guard, never knowing what would happen next.
[23:52] <Zotia> And because of that warping, he never really had a place he could call his own. Even his home in the Land of Carnage was made to be moved on the off-chance something went amiss.
[23:54] <Kanri-chan> i feel horrible..
[23:54] <Zotia> Hm?
[23:54] <Kanri-chan> i yelled at him last night and now look at him.... i feel like a lousy sister
[23:56] <Zotia> Then when he awakens, tell him directly. I can contact you once he is conscious.
[23:57] * Kanri-chan shrugs "i dunno... what if i just screw up again?"
[23:59] <Zotia> You can't worry about the what-ifs---- just be you and speak from the heart.
[00:02] * Kanri-chan nods "sorry..."
[00:03] <Zotia> You need not apologize to me.
[00:04] <Kanri-chan> i know...i need to apologize to niikun
[00:05] <Kanri-chan> so...pancakes, sausage, bacon, some eggs.........maybe some french toast?
[00:05] * Zotia nods.
[00:06] <Kanri-chan> wait.........
[00:06] <Zotia> ?
[00:06] <Kanri-chan> whats his favorite breakfast food? >>
[00:07] <Zotia> Favorite?
[00:07] <Kanri-chan> his favorite.... i know he has one
[00:08] <Zotia> If he has one, I've not known what it is. Normally, he prepares his own meals, if not assisting Christophe.
[00:09] <Kanri-chan> ...........then i have to make them all >
[00:09] <Kanri-chan> >>
[00:10] <Zotia> Well, Christophe will be around to assist.
[00:10] <Zotia> Anywa---
[00:10] * Zotia yawns. "Oh... my apologies."
[00:10] * Kanri-chan jumps up and heads to the door "i should go.."
[00:11] <Zotia> Kanri.
[00:11] <Zotia> Just relax.
[00:11] <Kanri-chan> hm?
[00:12] <Kanri-chan> i'll try. no promises though
[00:13] <Zotia> Good. Now go rest up.
[00:13] * Zotia gives a calming smile.
[00:14] * Kanri-chan heads out the door with a way "please take good care of him."
[00:14] <Zotia> I shall.
[00:16] * Kanri-chan closes the door and heads down to the kitchen
[00:16] * Zotia shifts slightly to make herself more comfortable, then gently drifts off to sleep.
[00:16] *** Zotia has left #suburbansenshi4
[00:17] * Christophe is putting something away. "Oh, hey there."
[00:17] <Kanri-chan> Hey Cristophe.. mind if i use the kitchen?
[00:18] <Christophe> Sure thing--- I'm not gonna turn away a fellow chef. What've you got planned?
[00:19] <Kanri-chan> .............every breakfast food there is >>
[00:20] <Christophe> Oho, got the giant breakfast lined up. What's the occasion?
[00:21] * Kanri-chan blinks "niikun waking up alright? i mean... he could wake up and not remember anything..."
[00:23] <Christophe> Ah. In that case, let's get this all planned out--- you'll want all this to be fresh and hot and ready for when he gets down here.
[00:25] * Kanri-chan pulls out a giant cook book "well there are several dishes that take several hours to prepare..... i figured those could be started and then the eggs and pancakes and stuff like that could be done in the morning
[00:26] <Christophe> Interesting. Well then, let's get to it.
[00:26] * Kanri-chan washes her hands and starts setting up for the dishes. "thanks Cristophe."
[00:27] <Christophe> No prob.
[00:29] *** The preparations would take a while to complete.
[00:30] *** In short, I'm feeling a little tired, so we'll be possibly resuming this later on.
[00:30] <Kanri-chan> (( i figured as much, the food is done when he wakes up...end of story XD ))
[00:31] *** Very well.
[00:31] *** Kanri-chan has left #suburbansenshi4 (hey hand me the razzleberries?)
[00:31] *** Christophe has left #suburbansenshi4 ("Right here.")
[00:31] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Null

[14:42] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Unknown
[14:46] * Saturn Knight wakes up in a dark place. He is delirious, and tries to shake the strange sensation from his head. He can see his armor is mostly shattered and heavily damaged or dulled. He tries to move, but finds himself restrained and a sharp pain shoots through his left arm.
[14:48] <Saturn Knight> As his vision comes into focus, he can see that he is restrained by what looks like webs that bind his arms and legs to the earthen wall along with some body restraints. He then looks to see what looks like a large bite wound on his left arm...
[14:51] <Saturn Knight> (I....I remember...that strange "sculpture" in the park. It opened a portal, and pulled in everyone who stood near. The creatures...the hell of a fight.)
[14:52] <Saturn Knight> (I felt the strange shock when I fell flame was gone. My powers...gone. All I had...was the relic...the sword!)
[14:53] * Saturn Knight looks around then spots the Sword of Silence embedded in the web covered floor nearby.
[14:55] <Saturn Knight> ('s still here. It was all I had that could cut through those...things. Looks like they managed to put me under with some sort of venomous bite...)
[14:59] <???> You, with the thousand year old blood...
[15:00] * Saturn Knight looks around for the voice...
[15:02] <???> I would not have been pleased if my followers had killed one with your vintage...
[15:04] <Saturn Knight> Who are you? Are you invaders trying to take Earth?!
[15:09] <???> Invaders...yes, I and my swarm merely seek to feed and grow our own terrestrial domain. Perhaps we will infest this cattle filled world, and I will drink the bloods of the long lived among your people...long lived like you...
[15:12] * Saturn Knight sees a large creature descending from the darkness above...a woman's torso, sitting atop a spider's sternum and abdomen...her "skin" was gray like stone, and her "hair" appeared like spines.
[15:30] * ??? is now known as Spider Queen
[15:34] * Spider Queen approaches him and grabs his jaw, forcing Sean to open his mouth!
[15:35] <Saturn Knight> !!!!
[15:38] <Spider Queen> will drink my venom, and succumb to your living nightmares...only once the blood is filled with fear and anguish does it become sweet enough for me to savor...
[15:40] * Spider Queen seals her mouth over his. He strains against his web restraints and prison as he feels a foul substance flow into his mouth, forcing him to swallow it.
[15:49] * Spider Queen forces the young man to drink her venom for several minutes. She watches as the light fades from his eyes, and they turn dull and dark.
[15:58] * Saturn Knight is released from her grasp. He tries to spit out the venom, but nothing is left. He starts to feel his body growing numb and his vision starts to fade into a tunnel vision. He can feel his mouth and throat becoming dry...
[16:03] * Saturn Knight starts seeing visions...nightmares...his friends and loved ones facing death and destruction...Rhea's death is relived over and over...soon Rhea's image turns into Bora...
[16:07] <Saturn Knight> (, not again! I can't be helpless again! I won't fail her again!!!)
[16:08] * Spider Queen smiles as she watches him descend into blind despair.
[16:09] *** Spider Queen has left #suburbansenshi4 (a few more sips of venom...and the thousand year old blood will be...ripe.)
[16:10] *** Saturn Knight has left #suburbansenshi4
[19:47] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Ueno Park

[19:48] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Ueno Park
[19:49] * Police are still checking the area around the "sculpture" for evidence...
[19:49] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[19:49] <@spiritflame> konbanwa nelius raoul
[19:49] *** Bora has joined #suburbansenshi4
[19:49] <@spiritflame> konbanwa bora
[19:51] * Nelius Raoul enters the park, and sees the police investigating the area.
[19:52] <Bora> who are these
[19:54] * Police Officer looks to some of his colleagues. "There's no sign of any of the missing people. No sign of a struggle, no blood, no tire tracks or foot prints...perhaps the abductions occured elsewhere?"
[19:55] * Nelius Raoul hangs back. "Police officers--- they're investigating this incident as well."
[19:56] <Nelius Raoul> (Though if that sculpture really is a gate, then it's likely a magically-inclined abduction.)
[19:56] * Nelius Raoul turns his eyes towards the "sculpture".
[19:57] * Bora follows quickly
[19:58] * Police Officers move along...
[19:59] * The Gateway stands quietly and ominoulsly on a small raised hill. It seems to be made of an unearthly stone and the strange runes carved into the frame are of an other-worldly script.
[20:00] * Nelius Raoul cautiously approaches the sculpture. He tries to sense out any latent magical energy surrounding it.
[20:00] <Bora> .....what is this thing
[20:01] * The Gateway seems dormant...simply nothing more than a sculpture of a darkly gothic looking doorway.
[20:01] * Bora looks at the runes...
[20:02] * Nelius Raoul checks the runes as well.
[20:04] * The Gateway 's runes are of an unknown origin, and obviously not from any culture on Earth.
[20:06] * There is a small flicker of something metallic in the dirt in the center of the gate's mouth...
[20:06] <Nelius Raoul> ??
[20:06] * Nelius Raoul looks to the center of the gate's mouth. "What's that?"
[20:08] <Bora>
[20:10] * Bora strts digging a bit through the dirt
[20:10] * Nelius Raoul approaches, keeping on guard.
[20:10] * The metallic item looks like a small broken piece of purple armor...
[20:12] <Bora> ..................
[20:13] <Nelius Raoul> (So he was taken through this gate. Question is, how does it function, and where does it lead?)
[20:13] * Nelius Raoul gets out his camera, and begins taking some snapshots of the gate's runes.
[20:15] <Bora> (sean?)
[20:17] <Police Officer> You there!
[20:17] <Nelius Raoul> ?
[20:17] * Nelius Raoul turns to see the officer.
[20:18] <Bora> ...this is sean's..
[20:18] * Police Officer points at Bora. "What are you doing over there?! Is that evidence?!"
[20:20] <Bora> who are you...
[20:20] <Nelius Raoul> It's a possible clue--- sir, this piece of metal belongs to her fiancee.
[20:21] <Nelius Raoul> Since the other night, he's been missing. Seeing this here, it's possible he was taken as well....
[20:25] <Police Officer> You will turn the evidence over to me. We will use it in our investigation into the disappearances.\.
[20:26] * Bora takes a step backwards, putting her hand carfully where her sword is hidden
[20:27] <Police Officer> Miss, you are withholding evidence!
[20:27] * Nelius Raoul looks over to Bora, his eyes saying "Let him have the piece."
[20:28] <Nelius Raoul> Bora, let him have it.
[20:29] <Bora> .....
[20:29] * Bora hands over the piece slowly
[20:30] * Police Officer takes the piece and then puts it in an evidence bag. "Now then...where did you find this...piece that belongs to your fiancee?"
[20:32] <Bora> ....near the the dirt
[20:32] * Bora narrows her eyes
[20:34] <Nelius Raoul> It was found in the direct mouth of that sculpture. (Normally they're more competent than this..... I smell a rat.)
[20:35] <Police Officer> So then he was near this sculpture before he disappeared? This is most many others reported similar instances when their loved ones vanished.
[20:36] <Police Officer> Seems reports from the other families of missing persons all recieved messages or were told by their missing family members that they noticed this sculpture. And that was the last they heard from them...
[20:36] <Bora> ......he's not..dead is he
[20:39] <Police Officer> We have nor found evidence of injury or murder. I would not advise that you give up, miss.
[20:39] <Bora> ..I won't
[20:42] <Police Officer> Thank you. We will keep up our search and announce any findings over the news channels. Please, be patient and have confidence that we will solve this mystery.
[20:43] <Bora> ..alright....I am trustingyou
[20:45] * Police Officer bows and walks away...not noticing the armor piece seems to have cut through the evidence bag and falls into the grass.
[20:46] <Nelius Raoul> (It cut through the bag...)
[20:46] * Bora grabs it!
[20:49] * The armor piece seems to be resonating slightly...
[20:50] <Nelius Raoul> (??)
[20:50] * The armor piece 's resonating seems...painful...
[20:53] <The armor piece> The color starts to fade from the armor piece...turning it dull and dark.
[20:53] <Nelius Raoul> (Something's definitely got him... yet, how do we activate the gate? We need to grab him, and quick.)
[20:53] * The armor piece 's color starts to fade...turning it dull and dark.
[20:54] <Bora> ...oh no...OH NO
[20:54] <Bora> ..something's wrong...
[20:55] <Nelius Raoul> I know. Whatever this gate is, we need to figure out how it works, and where it leads.
[20:55] <Bora> ...yes
[20:55] * Nelius Raoul turns back to the runes, trying to sense if there's some method of activation.
[20:57] <Police Chief> We need all civilians to please clear the area! We will announce when we have found something...anything to give us a clue regarding these dissapearances! Please, return to your homes!
[21:00] * Nelius Raoul gets an idea. He pulls out his cell, and sends a message.
[21:00] <Bora> .....if you insist
[21:01] <Nelius Raoul> Bora, I'm gonna have someone stake out the area in secret. The second anything happens, we'll be notified.
[21:01] * Bora a last sorrowful glance at the gate....and starts to walk away
[21:01] * Bora nods to raoul
[21:01] * Nelius Raoul turns and leaves.
[21:04] *** Bora has left #suburbansenshi4 (sean....)
[21:04] * The Police secures the area.
[21:07] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi4 (Move in securely, silently....)

[21:07] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: null
[21:15] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Ueno Park
[21:16] * The Gate suddenly sneds out a deep pulse wave...
[21:19] * The Gate 's pulse is felt by anyone close by...and starts to draw in curious onlookers.
[21:24] *** A hidden onlooker sees this.... and relays a message.
[21:29] * People are starting to gather as the gate continues to send out low pulse waves. The skull atop the gate's frame starts to awaken. The eye sockets start to fill with an ominous red glow.
[21:33] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi4
[21:33] <@spiritflame> konbanwa nelius raoul
[21:34] *** Bora has joined #suburbansenshi4
[21:34] <@spiritflame> konbanwa bora
[21:34] * Nelius Raoul arrives at the park. He sees the gate acting up.
[21:34] * The Gate 's open frame then sends out a more powerful that knocks down the people gathered and leaves them disoriented...
[21:36] * Nelius Raoul defends against the outgoing pulse. "Incoming."
[21:36] <Bora> ><
[21:37] * Bora takes the pulse but barely manages to stay upright
[21:37] * The Gate 's open frame then fills with a blue glowing portal. Then, several basketball sized spiders start crawling out of the portal, and they start to pull in the disoriented people!
[21:38] <Nelius Raoul> !! Spiders.
[21:38] <Nelius Raoul> Sean's likely on the other side of the door-- let's go!
[21:38] * Bora draws her sword..and runs forward..trying to slice at one of the spiders!
[21:39] * One spider is smashed by Bora's attack!
[21:39] <The Spiders> stop their work and turn to swarm at Bora and Nelius!
[21:39] * Nelius Raoul draws Maximov and goes to slice up some spiders as well.
[21:40] * The Spiders stop their work and turn to swarm at Bora and Nelius!
[21:41] * Bora swings her knives around the spiders
[21:42] * Several Spiders are sliced up by the knives and Nelius's Maximov!
[21:44] * Some of the Spiders continue to grab the disoriencted people and drag them onto the portal! "Feed! The swarm must Feed!"
[21:44] * Nelius Raoul gets out Croixshot (his gun) and fires at the spiders! "I think not, you overgrown parasites!"
[21:44] <Bora> FOLLOW THEM!
[21:45] <Nelius Raoul> On it!
[21:45] * Nelius Raoul dashes into the gate as well, continuing to fire at the spiders as he does so.
[21:47] * As they pass through the portal, they feel a sudden shock hit them, like running into an electric field! Anyone with special powers feels like something within them is knocked out...leaving them a normal human...
[21:48] <Nelius Raoul> (The hell?)
[21:49] <Bora> something wrong?
[21:50] <Nelius Raoul> Something felt very off.
[21:50] * Bora and Nelius both fall through the portal and find themselvs in a dark earthen underground nest. The walls and floors are covered in webs with several bodies of people, both alive and dead are bound to the walls. The fresh victims are all around them. dizzy and wondering what happened...and where they are.
[21:50] <Nelius Raoul> Whatever that gate was, it was designed to smother extraordinary abilities.
[21:51] <Bora> .....these people...
[21:51] <Nelius Raoul> Still, here's everyone those bugs took...
[21:51] <Nelius Raoul> Sean ought to be among them.... alongside whatever birthed those spiders. Keep on guard.
[21:52] * The swarming spiders are crawling all over the walls, hissing at the group of new captives. There seems to be hundreds upon thousands of them.
[21:52] <Nelius Raoul> Damn, and here we are without a gigantic can of Raid.
[21:54] * Among the hissing , there is the sound of a low growling approaching.
[21:54] <Nelius Raoul> And I'd say that's our character.
[21:54] <Bora> ...
[21:55] * Bora grips her blades
[21:57] <Bora> COME OUT
[21:57] * Several large beasts enter the area...they look about 8 feet tall, and look like they have large dog-like bodies, and a humanoid torso. Instead of arms they have four spider limbs with long sharp claws, and a large dog-like head with a mouth filled with rows of venomous teeth!
[21:58] <Nelius Raoul> Damn, that's a whole herd of ugly.
[21:58] <Bora> what demons are these!
[22:00] <Nelius Raoul> Certainly not any kind I've seen.
[22:00] <Several large beasts>

[22:01] <Bora> !!!!!!!
[22:01] * Several large beasts and the spiders start to move in on the group, looking ravinous and hungry!
[22:03] * Nelius Raoul aims Croixshot and fires at the group!
[22:03] <Nelius Raoul> (( Fires at the monsters, not the people. ))
[22:04] * Bora tries to slash at the spiders!
[22:05] * Nelius Raoul also makes use of Maximov to slice and smash the monsters.
[22:06] * The spiders are blasted and sliced up! One of the beasts is hit by the shots, its hardened carapace cracks and it roars in pain, and then it charges at Nelius!
[22:07] <Bora> NELIUS!
[22:07] * The Mutated Beast tries to slash at Nelius with its long spider claws!
[22:07] * Nelius Raoul dodges to the sides, and fires at the cracks!
[22:07] * Nelius Raoul makes use of Maximov to block the claws.
[22:10] * The Mutated Beast 's carapace breaks into a gaping hole! The beast turns and tries to bite at Nelius!
[22:10] * Bora leaps and tries to stab the beast in the eyes
[22:11] * Nelius Raoul does a combat roll away. He aims and fires once more.
[22:13] * The Mutated Beast is blinded in one eye by Bora's attack and starts to thrash and slash wildly! The shot hits one of its spider limbs and breaks off its long claw!
[22:13] <Nelius Raoul> Careful, Bora!
[22:14] * The spiders hear the cries of the beast! They stop wrapping up the paniced people and start to swarm at Nelius and Bora!
[22:14] * Bora pulls out a short sword and SWINGS at the spiders
[22:15] * Nelius Raoul brings Maximov to bear as he slices at the spiders! When he gets a chance, he also fires Croixshot.
[22:16] * Many spiders are chopped up and smashed!
[22:16] * Spiders start to jump at their backs, trying to grab hold and bite the attackers!
[22:16] <Bora> GRRRRRR
[22:16] * Bora struggles to try and get them off!
[22:17] * Nelius Raoul makes careful use of Croixshot and some fists to disperse the spiders.
[22:18] <Nelius Raoul> Piss Off You Overgrown Bugs!
[22:19] * The Mutated Beast turns its good eye at Nelius and charges again like an angry rhino, wildly slashing at him!
[22:20] * Nelius Raoul brings Maximov up to slice another of its limbs off!
[22:22] * The Mutated Beast loses a limb, but it rams into Nelius like a truck!
[22:22] * The spiders is knocked off Bora and are crushed!
[22:22] <Bora> thanks!
[22:23] * Nelius Raoul skiiiiiiids backwards. "Definitely gonna feel that one tomorrow."
[22:23] * There is a harrowing banshee-like scream that echoes through the tunnels and webs...
[22:24] <Nelius Raoul> ....something tells me we pissed off the queen. Then again, a little regicide is good for the soul.
[22:24] * The spiders and the beasts stop their atacks...
[22:25] * Bora frowns and grips her weapon
[22:25] <Haunting voice> Who are these cattle who enter my domain and slay my children?
[22:25] <Nelius Raoul> Some big talk, coming from an oversized bug.
[22:26] * Nelius Raoul flips Maximov into a reverse-grip.
[22:26] <Haunting voice> have dark blood...I can smell it.
[22:27] <Haunting voice> The very pretty...perhaps I would feed her to my new clutch?
[22:27] <Nelius Raoul> Try it and you'll be eating lead.
[22:29] * There is another distant from someone suffering and tormented... "Noooooo!"
[22:29] <Nelius Raoul> ?! Sean?
[22:29] <Bora> SEAN!
[22:30] * A Mutated Beast blocks Bora's path!
[22:30] * Nelius Raoul heads that way as well, firing Croixshot at the beast's eyes!
[22:31] * Haunting voice laughs. "The thousand year old is nearly ready. It needs children shall feed upon your dark blood and be more empowered."
[22:31] <Nelius Raoul> (This parasite intends to drink on Sean's blood--- the only reason it's able to act is because of that gate.)
[22:31] * The Mutated Beast is blinded and starts to thrash about wildly!
[22:32] * Bora grows and STABS the beast in the chest!
[22:32] <Bora> *GROWLS
[22:33] * The Mutated Beast collapses and curls up like a dead spider!
[22:34] <Haunting voice> run all you want, will be over taken by my swarm!
[22:34] * The Mutated Beasts and the spiders chase after Nelius and Bora!
[22:34] <Nelius Raoul> Not if we kill you first, weakling queen.
[22:35] * Nelius Raoul makes good use of both Maximov and Croixshot to thin the herd.
[22:36] * Bora runs afterht evoice..slashing when she can!
[22:37] * The Mutated Beasts and the spiders keep coming...their numbers seem to grow as more of their kin join in the persuit!
[22:38] <Nelius Raoul> (Like this, we'll be overrun....) Bora, let's find Sean! 10-1 odds say that the queen's got him captive.
[22:40] * Nelius Raoul takes a quick look at the enviroment around them.
[22:41] <Nelius Raoul> (Which way there, and which would be the echo?)
[22:43] * Bora looks around...
[22:43] * The distant screams grow more desperate! "No, don't! Don't-!"
[22:44] <Nelius Raoul> --that way!
[22:44] <Haunting voice> One last drink for you...and your blood will be mine!
[22:44] * Nelius Raoul runs towards the screaming! "Bora, stick close--- I got an idea!"
[22:45] * The Mutated Beasts and spiders start to close in on Nelius and Bora!
[22:47] <Bora> SEAN!!!!!
[22:47] * Nelius Raoul points Croixshot at the ceiling, and fires off shots intended to bring it down on top of the beasts!\
[22:48] *** Kanri-chan has joined #suburbansenshi4
[22:48] <@spiritflame> konbanwa kanri-chan
[22:48] * Kanri-chan runs over and hurls a vial of explosive nitrogen at the spiders
[22:49] <Nelius Raoul> ?! The hell--- sis, when did you get here?!
[22:49] <Kanri-chan> i followed yuhr scent..... yuh need a bath now though >>
[22:49] * The Mutated Beasts and spiders are partially crushed and buried by a slight cave in from Nelius's shot, while the rest are blasted from behind by Kanri's potions!
[22:49] * Kanri-chan holds out some vial "any one need healing?"
[22:50] <Nelius Raoul> ...normally, sis, I'd tear you one for doing that. But right now, we have to get Sean free. Got anymore of that nitrogen?
[22:50] * Distant hissing and growls can be heard as more of these swarm are awakened and start hunting for the invaders!
[22:51] <Kanri-chan> i've got 5 nitrogen, a few dynomite, and a nuke-in-a-bottle.....
[22:51] <Kanri-chan> wait!
[22:52] <Nelius Raoul> I'll explain later--- come on! Time is NOT on our side!
[22:52] <Bora> SEAN!!!!
[22:53] * Nelius Raoul hoists Kanri over his shoulder and runs for the direction he heard the screams from! "Sean is trapped here--- we need to get him out!"
[22:54] * Kanri-chan blinks pulling out her dagger "yuh know i can run too right???"
[22:54] * Bora runs!!!
[22:55] <Nelius Raoul> Never mind it!
[22:56] * Nelius Raoul listens in, trying to find where Sean is. (C'mon man, you can pull through this--- give us a sign!)
[22:57] <Kanri-chan> bora do yuh have something of Sean's?
[22:57] <Nelius Raoul> ---that's it! The armor shard!
[22:58] <Nelius Raoul> Bora--- you're the one most connected to Sean. Try and feel out that connection.
[22:59] * Bora pauses...and takes out the armor piece..holding it to her heart
[22:59] * The armor piece is resonating. It seems to vibrate stronger as they turn in certain directions, or weaker in other directions.
[23:00] * They can hear more of the swarm coming through the tunnels behind them!
[23:00] * Kanri-chan thrown down a vial making a floor of sticky tar "hurry up!"
[23:00] <Nelius Raoul> Bora-- follow that resonance.
[23:01] * Bora follows it!
[23:01] * Kanri-chan hopes the tar will stick to the swarm holding them in place
[23:03] * Nelius Raoul follows behind Bora, trusting her to follow the link. He keeps Croixshot at the ready, having put Maximov into its harness on his back.
[23:03] * The heroes enter the central lair. It is rather large and open, and there are many paths that seem to lead to this area. The walls are lined with dead bodies wrapped in webbing. On the far wall they see a large creature, seemingly lip-locked with a humanoid who is bound to the earthen wall.
[23:04] * Saturn Knight can only moan his protests and pleas as the creature seems to be force-feeding him something from its mouth. His darkened, vacant eyes slowly start to fade into a dull gray as darkness now floods his vision, and his skin turns pale and cold. Fearful tears start to fall from his eyes as a sense of doom slowly creeps into his heart...
[23:04] <Bora> ...SEAN!
[23:04] <Bora> FACE ME, YOU BEAST!
[23:05] * Nelius Raoul fires at the creature's head!
[23:05] * Haunting voice is now known as Spider Queen
[23:06] <Nelius Raoul> Sis, pass one of those nitro bottles real quick.
[23:06] * Spider Queen breaks her kiss and easilly dodges the shot.
[23:07] * Kanri-chan hands Nelius one of the nitrogen vials
[23:07] * Spider Queen looks up, venom dripping from her lips: "Who is this that trespasses upon my lair?!"
[23:07] * Spider Queen looks in the mirror.
[23:07] *** Spider Queen is woman's torso, sitting atop a giant spider's sternum and abdomen. She is about 10 feet tall, her "skin" is gray and hard like stone, and her "hair" looks like spines. She wears gemmed armlets and bracers that seem to be magically enchanted.
image Song is: 0. is Level 1.

[23:07] <Bora> I AM BORA AURALEE
[23:08] <Nelius Raoul> Dead bugs need not know who I am.
[23:08] * Spider Queen stands up tall, and let's out a banshee-like scream summoning her spider guards!
[23:10] * Large Spider guards appear, swarming in from the various tunnels and opening around the room! They appear about 5-6 feet tall and they have long spider forelimbs with sharpened claws! They rear up and raise their legs, ready to attack and impale the invaders!
[23:10] * Nelius Raoul fires at the guards. "Hey sis, be prepared to leap."
[23:11] <Large Spider guards>

[23:11] * Kanri-chan nops and readies her dagger and a vial
[23:11] <Kanri-chan> nods^
[23:12] * Nelius Raoul holsters Croixshot and draws Maximov, intending to slice the guards' limbs clean off.
[23:12] * Spider Queen eyes bora and grins wickedly. "This one's thousand year old blood belongs to me, you powerless fool!"
[23:12] <Kanri-chan> thats some fermented blood >>
[23:13] * Large Spider guards charge at Nelius and Kanri!
[23:13] <Nelius Raoul> Sis, now!
[23:13] * Bora CHARGES!
[23:14] * Nelius Raoul slams the business end of Maximov into the guard's face!
[23:14] * Kanri-chan hurls the vial at the guard splashing them with acid
[23:15] * Spider Queen hisses and summons several small spiderlings to swarm at Bora!
[23:15] * Bora tries to make it through the pain...and swings through her foes like a warrior on the battlefield
[23:16] * Some of the large spider guards are starting to melt, while the one that Nelius punched has its hard carapace cracked!
[23:16] * The spiderlings are chopped up and smashed!
[23:17] * Saturn Knight weakly raises his head...
[23:17] <Saturn Knight> ...B...Bora...
[23:17] * Nelius Raoul capitalizes on this by slamming his axe into the cracks of the carapice.
[23:18] <Bora> I will take him back
[23:18] * The Large Spider guard 's head is smashed in by the axe!
[23:18] * More of the Large Spider guards continues to come at Nelius!
[23:19] <Spider Queen> None have power within my domain! Only I shall rule andmy swarm shall grow!
[23:19] * Nelius Raoul switches over to Croixshot, and aims for the eyes and fires!
[23:20] * Kanri-chan throws an acid vial at the spider queen's face
[23:20] * Spider Queen uses the magical bracers to conjure up several poison darts and shoots them at the invaders!
[23:21] <spiritflame> Bora rolls 1d10 [ 1 ]
[23:21] * Bora is HIT by the dart!
[23:21] <spiritflame> Nelius Raoul rolls 1d10 [ 2 ]
[23:21] * A Large Spider guard intercepts the acid to protect its queen!
[23:21] * Nelius Raoul is also hit. "Sis--- melt those bracers."
[23:21] <spiritflame> Kanri-chan rolls 1d10 [ 10 ]
[23:21] * Kanri-chan dodges and aims another acid vial at the bacers
[23:22] * Bora winces from the poison..but slowly gets up....gripping her sword..
[23:22] <spiritflame> A Large Spider guard rolls 1d10 [ 10 ]
[23:22] * A Large Spider guard intercepts the vial to protect its queen!
[23:23] * Bora tries to JUMP on the large spider's back
[23:23] <Spider Queen> Powerless fools! You cannot beat me in my domain! My children will protect me with thier lives!
[23:23] <Nelius Raoul> ...sis, I got a plan. Remember that nuke you said you had?
[23:23] <Spider Queen> (( the giant spider is melting. ^^; ))
[23:24] <Kanri-chan> yea?
[23:24] <Bora> (( lol ))
[23:24] * Bora tries LEAPING at the spider queen, sword pointed at it's heart
[23:25] <spiritflame> Spider Queen rolls 1d10 [ 2 ]
[23:25] <Nelius Raoul> I'm gonna use the nitro to clear a path--- you fling that nuke at the queen's underside.
[23:25] * Spider Queen is hit by the blade...but her heart is not where you think it is...
[23:25] * Spider Queen backhands Bora!
[23:26] <Nelius Raoul> Ready?
[23:26] <Kanri-chan> umm
[23:26] * Bora goes flying backwards!
[23:26] * Spider Queen uses her bracers and shoots a blood bolt at Bora!
[23:26] <Nelius Raoul> NOW!
[23:26] <spiritflame> Bora rolls 1d10 [ 10 ]
[23:26] * Bora AVOIDS IT
[23:26] * Nelius Raoul hurls the nitro bottle at the Queen!
[23:27] * Kanri-chan flings the vial at the queens underbelly! [[i hope he knows what he's doing....]
[23:27] <spiritflame> A Large Spider guard rolls 1d10 [ 2 ]
[23:27] * Nelius Raoul immediately follows up with a gunshot aimed at the bottle.
[23:27] * A Large Spider guard tries to intercept the vial...but instead is blasted by the gunshot!
[23:27] <spiritflame> Spider Queen rolls 1d10 [ 1 ]
[23:30] * Spider Queen is hit by the Nitro vial. It explodes and throws her back into the earthen wall! Half her upper torso is blasted away!
[23:30] * Bora slowly gets up....
[23:31] * Kanri-chan quickly throws herself out with her natural speed to shove a healing potion in Sean's mouth "dont yuh die dammit"
[23:31] <The Large Spider guards> quickly swarm over to where the explosion occured!
[23:31] * The Large Spider guards quickly swarm over to where the explosion occured!
[23:31] * Nelius Raoul looks for where the Nuke bottle went.
[23:32] * Spider Queen rises out from the smoking crates, and hisses! slashing at Kanri with her remaining arm!
[23:32] <Spider Queen> ^crater
[23:32] <spiritflame> Kanri-chan rolls 1d10 [ 4 ]
[23:33] * Kanri-chan is slashed and hisses "I JUST GOT THIS JACKET DAMMIT!!"
[23:33] * Bora rushes towards the spider queen and tries pinning her with her foot
[23:33] * Nelius Raoul fires at the Queen--- rather, he aims for the bracers!
[23:33] * Spider Queen grabs Saturn Knight from his web prison before he can fully dring the potion. She wraps him up in the webs and starts to climb up the web covered walls!
[23:34] * Saturn Knight weakly calls to Bora ""
[23:34] * Bora appearly failed in pinning her..
[23:34] * Bora looks for the sword
[23:34] <spiritflame> The Large Spider guards rolls 1d10 [ 5 ]
[23:34] * The Large Spider guards start intercepting the gunshots!
[23:35] <Spider Queen> This thousand year old blood is mine!
[23:35] * Bora looks for his sword!!!!!
[23:36] <Nelius Raoul> Sorry b[BLEEP]ch, but he's already spoken for!
[23:36] * Spider Queen continues to climb the webs. She lifts her captive up and sinks her fangs into his neck and starts to feed!
[23:36] * Saturn Knight gags a blood curdled cry as he is bitten!
[23:37] <Bora> !!!!
[23:37] * Nelius Raoul tries to find the Nuke Bottle. "Sis, arm another nitro."
[23:37] * The Sword of Silence lays embedded in the web covered floor nearby his former web prison.
[23:37] * Bora manages to get to the sword and pulls it out
[23:37] <Bora> SEAN!
[23:38] * Bora TOSSES the sword towards sean!
[23:38] * Spider Queen starts to regenerate her torso as she feeds!
[23:38] <Spider Queen> (( he's tied up dear. ))
[23:39] * Nelius Raoul fires more shots at the guards, and at the Queen's bracers! "Sis--- let's blow 'em up!"
[23:39] <Bora> (( whoops ))
[23:39] * Bora grabs the sword......and tries to climb the wall if there's a way
[23:39] <Kanri-chan> but sean's there!!
[23:40] * Kanri-chan looks at the web under the spider queen "........."
[23:40] <The spider guards > continue to protect the queen from Nelius's gun shots! Willingly taking the damage and death!
[23:40] <Nelius Raoul> thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?
[23:41] * The Webbed Walls are climbable.
[23:42] * Bora keeps climbing towards the queen
[23:42] * Kanri-chan hurls some vials at the web under the guards splashing the web with black, sticky tar
[23:43] * Spider Queen , confident in her position, continues to feed, draining her prey and healing her body!
[23:43] * The Large Spider guards get stuck to the tar!
[23:44] * Nelius Raoul smiles, and fires at the bracers once more!
[23:44] <Kanri-chan> (go bora before they get out of the tar ><)
[23:44] * Bora gt sup there..nd tries to see how close the queen is to sean
[23:46] * Spider Queen is concentrating on feeding. She has bitten deeply into his neck!
[23:46] <Bora> *gets up
[23:46] <Bora> ......
[23:46] * Bora raises the sword and tries stabbing it in a waythat it won't harm Sean
[23:47] * The Sword of Silence stabs straight into the spider sternum! The Spider Queen reels in pain and falls, dropping her captive!
[23:48] * Kanri-chan rushes to catch Sean!
[23:48] * Bora tries to grab sean!
[23:48] * Spider Queen falls and crashes down on top of her own guards, crushing them!
[23:48] <Saturn Knight> (( roll for it! ))
[23:49] <spiritflame> Bora rolls 1d10 [ 1 ]
[23:49] * Bora MISSES!
[23:49] <spiritflame> Nelius Raoul rolls 1d10 [ 4 ]
[23:49] <spiritflame> Kanri-chan rolls 1d10 [ 4 ]
[23:49] * Nelius Raoul tries to combine his effort with Kanri to catch Sean!
[23:50] * Saturn Knight is caught by Nelius and Kanri!
[23:50] * Saturn Knight is still losing blood from the bite to his neck...
[23:50] * Kanri-chan slams a healing potion in sean;s mouth "DRINK DAMMIT!!!!!!!"
[23:50] <Nelius Raoul> Well sis.... one more nitro, please.
[23:50] * Bora stumbles down to the ground....and heads for the spider queen
[23:51] <Bora> - SHE'S MINE -
[23:51] * Kanri-chan pulls out a huge bandage and wraps Sean's neck to stop the bleeding quicker
[23:51] * Spider Queen stumbles up from the fall...enraged, she tries to charge at those who took her prize! "His thousand year old blood is MINE!"
[23:52] * Nelius Raoul fires at the Queen once more, going for both eyes and bracers.
[23:52] * Saturn Knight chokes down the potion and grimaces from the pain of the bite
[23:52] <Kanri-chan> niikun stand in front of us so sean can heal
[23:53] * Bora turns....and tries to behead the spider queen with one slice of the sword...
[23:53] <spiritflame> Spider Queen rolls 1d10 [ 8 ]
[23:53] * Spider Queen manages to avoid the shots!
[23:53] * Nelius Raoul gets in front of Sean, and unhooks Maximov. He brings it around, ready to decapitate the queen first chance he gets.
[23:53] <spiritflame> Bora rolls 1d10 [ 4 ]
[23:54] * Bora MISSES
[23:54] * Saturn Knight is cut at the neck, and stumbles back from Bora!
[23:54] <Spider Queen> ^
[23:55] <Spider Queen> still interfere! His blood is mine!
[23:55] <Bora> because..he is my love...
[23:55] * Nelius Raoul takes this moment to fire at the assigned targets again-- mainly to give Bora an opening.
[23:55] <spiritflame> Spider Queen rolls 1d10 [ 2 ]
[23:56] * Spider Queen is hit in the eyes and is blinded!
[23:56] * Bora takes the blade and tries shoving it through the center of the spider queen's body
[23:56] <spiritflame> Bora rolls 1d10 [ 3 ]
[23:56] * Bora misses again..most likely due to the poison
[23:57] * Spider Queen 's stumbling about blindly does not give bora a clean stab...but she manages to cut off a couple of spider legs, making the queen fall!
[23:58] * Nelius Raoul draws Maximov, and aims to chop the arms that have the bracers on them.
[23:59] * Bora pauses....then raises the sword above her head...
[00:00] * Saturn Knight 's body sis starting to regain its warmth, and his eyes change from the dull gray to their brown color.
[00:00] * Spider Queen 's arm is cut off and the magical bracer falls off!
[00:02] * Bora SWINGS the sword at the queen's neck
[00:02] <Bora> - DIE -
[00:03] * Spider Queen is beheaded! the swarms of spiders throughout the underground let out a mournsull hiss and cry before they all turn to silence...
[00:03] * Nelius Raoul checks the magical bracer, now that the queen and her brood are dead.
[00:04] * Kanri-chan starts wrapping her own arm up "ow....."
[00:04] * The Magic Bracer has similar runes that are seen on the gateway.