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welcome to #suburbansenshi3

[22:26] <Pinako> [22:25] <Pinako> Megan is right, you're nothing but a cheater, and a coward!
[22:27] * Pinako pulls out her mirror, and goes left to right, down, to up to back down, before thrusting the mirror in front of her.
[22:27] <Pinako> HAHHHHHHHHHHHH!
[22:28] * Youma Killer-Flouride sees himself in the mirror, and is consumed by the energy flowing out of it.
[22:28] *** Youma Killer-Flouride has left #suburbansenshi3 (Turned to dust.)
[22:29] *** the big battle card falls to the ground, battle chips still inside.
[22:29] * Megan O`Cain telekinetically picks up the card, "What do we do with this?"
[22:30] <Liam> considering whoever he battled is most likely out of the tournament at this point, and since I lost 6 Battle chips to him, I say we divide it evenly amongst us.
[22:32] <Liam> This could be free chips for you, Megan.
[22:33] <Pinako> yeah, and in the morning, I could teach you the basics.
[22:33] * Pinako yawns.
[22:34] <Megan O`Cain> So true. And I have yet to figure out why I'm here. I mean, I was only in the arena to support Pinako.
[22:39] <Pinako> I think I might have an idea, but.
[22:39] * Pinako yawns again
[22:39] <Pinako> I think that'll have to wait.
[22:39] <Pinako> It's gotten way late.
[22:40] <Megan O`Cain> Alright.
[22:43] <Pinako> The fire over there must have died out by now, we'll have to set up over here, then.
[22:44] <Liam> I'll get us ready.
[22:44] *** To Be Continued: Next Segment takes place in 2/24/2022 at 10:30 (IN, not ON)

[19:34] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Battler's Paradise (2/24/2022, around 10:00 PM)
[19:34] *** Pinako and her friends are sleeping.
[19:41] *** a seagull echoes in the distance.
[19:41] * Megan O`Cain is snoozing with Pinako and her friends
[19:47] * Woman in Blue Sunglasses stands nearby, directing some thugs to take one of them.
[19:48] <Woman in Blue Sunglasses> take the little red head.
[19:48] <Thug 1> duhhhh, which one?
[19:48] <Woman in Blue Sunglasses> the girl one.
[19:48] *** some time later, around 10:30.
[19:49] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Battler's Paradise (2/24/2022, around 10:30 AM)
[19:49] *** sorry,. the first one was meant to be 10 AM
[19:50] *** the Forest and Tundra Kits has left #suburbansenshi3 ((>>FLOOOOOOOOOF Signal lost<<) as she wakes up.)
[19:50] * Pinako Yawns as she wakes up.
[19:51] * Megan O`Cain slowly sits up as she wakes up, "Not the worst way to sleep, but it'll do."
[19:53] <Pinako> Yeah, and it doesn't help the wings any.
[19:54] <Pinako> I'll have to teach you the basics sometime today, too :D
[19:55] * Megan O`Cain gets up and stretches
[19:55] <Megan O`Cain> Yeah, I suppose so.
[19:56] <Pinako> Katrina can help too, she should know it by heart as well now too.
[19:56] <Narun> speaking of Katrina... Where is she?
[19:57] <Megan O`Cain> Huh?
[19:58] *** there is one less person in the group right now, Katrina is missing..
[19:59] <Megan O`Cain> Wasn't she with us last night?
[20:00] <Pinako> she was with us the whole time.
[20:01] <Megan O`Cain> Where could have gone off to?
[20:03] <Narun> If she was the first of us to wake up, maybe not far off.
[20:04] * Megan O`Cain searches the site for any traces of Katrina
[20:05] <Barry> take a look at this.
[20:06] * Barry is standing right by a fait pair of tracks.
[20:06] * Megan O`Cain heads over to Barry, "Whatcha got?"
[20:08] <Barry> it looks like there was a scuffle here.
[20:10] <Megan O`Cain> If there were, how'd we not hear it?
[20:11] <Narun> we must have been that tired.
[20:14] <Megan O`Cain> I guess. Should we follow these tracks to see where they go?
[20:14] <Pinako> yeah.
[20:15] * Narun follows the tracks.
[20:15] * Pinako follows Narun,
[20:17] * Megan O`Cain follows along
[20:19] * Narun keeps following the tracks, which lead into a cave.
[20:23] <Narun> They end here.
[20:24] <Megan O`Cain> Hmm.
[20:26] <Metalia> they it looks like the entrance for the generals.
[20:27] <Metalia> falling into disrepair, mainly from teleporting abilities.
[20:28] <Pinako> huh?
[20:30] <Megan O`Cain> Eh?
[20:32] * Metalia walks inside.
[20:32] <Pinako> isn't it dangerous?
[20:32] <Metalia> not this network of caves.
[20:32] <Megan O`Cain> Will we need some lights?
[20:35] <Metalia> only if you're not attuned t-.... someone installed actual lighting it seems.
[20:35] <Metalia> horrible craftsmamship.
[20:35] <Metalia> *craftsmanship
[20:37] <Megan O`Cain> Huh. How convienent.
[20:38] <Metalia> I should remember my way through this network.
[20:38] * Metalia puts a hand on the floor.
[20:39] <Metalia> 4, holding 1.
[20:40] * Metalia gets up and runs off further.
[20:40] <Pinako> eh? Wait!
[20:40] * Pinako runs after her.
[20:42] * Narun follows with Barry right behind.
[20:43] *** there is a fork of 3 directions, Metalia dashes off to the left.
[20:44] <Pinako> Wait! :O
[20:45] *** The lanturns end a good distance from the fork.
[20:45] * Megan O`Cain tries following Metalia
[20:46] <Narun> It's gotten darker.
[20:48] <Metalia> great, now we'll have to rely on someone attuned to dark powers.
[20:50] <Metalia> fortunately, many millennia of attunement, even with a whole lot of it lost, I can still help out.
[20:52] *** another fork in the road.
[20:52] <Metalia> ... Right.
[20:52] * Metalia goes down the right path.
[20:53] * Megan O`Cain continues to follow Metalia
[20:55] <Metalia> left at the next one. they should be there.
[20:57] <Megan O`Cain> Alright.
[20:59] *** next fork coming up
[20:59] * Metalia dashes to the left.
[21:02] *** after this fork, dim lighting appears in a carved out room.
[21:02] <Metalia> This is new.
[21:04] <Woman in Blue Sunglasses> That a little rock monster?
[21:04] <Woman in Blue Sunglasses> wait a minute, you were with that group, weren't you!
[21:06] * Pinako runs into the room
[21:06] <Pinako> Over here!
[21:06] * Katrina is being held by one of the thugs, one of their arms around her neck.
[21:07] <Katrina> Let me go!.
[21:07] <Megan O`Cain> Really? Resorting to hostages now? :/
[21:08] <Woman in Blue Sunglasses> The reluctant champion and her gang's all here.
[21:09] <Woman in Blue Sunglasses> Let her go.
[21:09] * Katrina is let go.
[21:09] <Katrina> Ah.
[21:09] * Katrina breathes quickly.
[21:10] <Woman in Blue Sunglasses> How about we have a 6 Battle Chip wagered battle?
[21:10] <Woman in Blue Sunglasses> My weakest Battler Vs. Your weakest Battler.
[21:12] <Pinako> weakest battler?
[21:13] <Megan O`Cain> Hmm.
[21:14] <Woman in Blue Sunglasses> My weakest has three battles, with a 2-1 record, and your weakest's record is?
[21:16] <Pinako> she has a 1-0 record, you've been holding her.
[21:17] <Woman in Blue Sunglasses> I'm sorry, I was talking about Invited Battlers.
[21:18] <Pinako> ! :O
[21:21] * Megan O`Cain turns to Pinako, "What?"
[21:21] * Woman in Blue Sunglasses smiles
[21:22] <Woman in Blue Sunglasses> Your weakest hasn't even played, huh?
[21:22] <Woman in Blue Sunglasses> might as well be a 0-Infinity nrecord.
[21:22] <Woman in Blue Sunglasses> *record
[21:25] <Woman in Blue Sunglasses> watch out then, 'cause I, Melissia the Bandit and my goons are gonna give ya a crash course. You're not playing a Basic kiddie game, this is advanced stuff.
[21:26] <Woman in Blue Sunglasses> Yo robbie, take a seat in the tent.
[21:26] <Goon> duh, yes, boss.
[21:27] * Goon goes to take his seat.
[21:28] <Megan O`Cain> (Bandit, huh? Better watch out for Lina Inverse.)
[21:28] <Pinako> (( Lol, that was actually one of the names I was thinking of for her, Lina the Bandit XD ))
[21:29] <Pinako> I was hoping I wouldn't have to teach you during an actual battle.
[21:30] <Megan O`Cain> Seems our hand got forced, didn't it?
[21:30] <Pinako> yeah.
[21:31] <Pinako> since she hasn't battled, I'm putting 3 of my-
[21:32] <Melissia> oh no, she has 3, my goon has three, those are the wagered chips.
[21:33] <Melissia> whoever wins, gets all 6.
[21:34] <Pinako> get your cards ready.
[21:34] * Megan O`Cain sighs, and gets out the deck Pinako had given her
[21:38] <Pinako> I'll teach you every step of the way, I'm staying in the tent with her.
[21:40] <Melissia> sounds like an unlikely partnership.
[21:41] <Metalia> Go and get'em.
[21:41] <Barry> We're rooting for you!
[21:41] *** the dome glows, the battle is about to start.
[21:41] * Megan O`Cain nods, and heads over to the tent
[21:43] <Pinako> ok, once it begins, you need to select a Warrior to start with.
[21:43] <Megan O`Cain> Alright.
[21:45] <Pinako> so, we have Sailor Venus and Shirose Warrior.
[21:45] <Megan O`Cain> Mhm.
[21:46] <Pinako> what you choose you'll need to put another card in, if you do Sailor Venus, you'll put down Max Card Increase.
[21:47] <Pinako> If you pur down Shirose Warriro, it'll be Mcguffin Attacks.
[21:47] <Megan O`Cain> Gotcha.
[21:52] <Melissia> which one will you use?
[21:55] <Melissia> 'cause my goon already selected his.
[21:59] * Megan O`Cain gets Shirose Warrior out
[21:59] <The goon> has put down Puniysia Warrior, 40 HP
[21:59] * The goon &^
[21:59] * The goon *^
[22:00] <Melissia> Good card
[22:01] *** Warriors:
Megan: Shirose Warrior, Body, 80HP
Robbie: Puniysia Warrior: Soul, 40 HP

[22:02] <Pinako> Ok, it's turn 1, let's shuffle after putting McGuffin Attacks.
[22:04] * Megan O`Cain uses telekinesis to shuffle, even having the cards orbit around her face down
[22:07] <Pinako> ok, it's 5 cards for a hand.
[22:07] * The goon has his hand filled.
[22:08] * Megan O`Cain puts the deck down on the table, and then draws 5
[22:09] *** scratch that, Puniysia warrior has 20 HP
[22:11] * The goon also has Luna-P, as the second tagalong card.
[22:11] <Pinako> Battle Start!
[22:13] * Megan O`Cain looks at her hand to see what she's drawn
[22:13] *** Current hand:
Green Card: Soul
Demon Planta
Demon Drainer
Throwaway Cards
and Damage Booster.

[22:15] <Pinako> ok, it's Monster Phase, you put down your monsters here if you've got any.
[22:16] <Megan O`Cain> Is there a limit?
[22:20] <Pinako> No limit.
[22:21] * Megan O`Cain nods, and sets down Demon Planta and Demon Drainer
[22:22] * The goon places down "Jinzo Needler".
[22:22] <The goon> ok, now it's PIE card phase.
[22:25] <Megan O`Cain> Okay...
[22:25] <Pinako> hey, I was supposed to say that! :O
[22:25] * The goon places 2 PIE cards down and a Soul card on his warrior.
[22:27] <Megan O`Cain> Hmm...
[22:29] *** current cards in hand [dm]Soul Card
Throwaway Cards
Damage Booster.

[22:30] <Megan O`Cain> Does it matter how the card faces?
[22:31] <Pinako> face up to use the card, face down to put it down without using it.
[22:32] * Megan O`Cain sets Throwaway Cards face down
[22:34] <Pinako> ok, ready?
[22:34] <Pinako> because once the PIE Phase ends, it's the Battle phase.
[22:35] <Megan O`Cain> Alright.
[22:36] <Pinako> Warriors and monsters can attack now.
[22:37] <The goon> well said, now Needler, Use Induce Sickness in her warriors.
[22:38] <Pinako> D:
[22:38] <Megan O`Cain> :/
[22:39] *** Demon Planta can use Bite or Demon Drainer (30 Damage) can use Bubble Trap (10 Damage).
[22:40] <Pinako> (( oof, placed the 30 in parenthesis in the wrong place ))
[22:41] <Megan O`Cain> (( It's cool. I knew what you meant. ))
[22:41] <Megan O`Cain> I take Warriors can only target Monsters and vice versa.
[22:41] <Pinako> yeah.
[22:42] <Megan O`Cain> Demon Planta, take a Bite on Puniysia Warrior.
[22:43] *** Demon planta jumps, mouth on an arm open.
[22:43] *** the action pauses and the dome turns red.
[22:44] <The goon> You're not aware of Puniysia's special counterattack ability, are you?
[22:45] <Melissia> She's a new card player, and Puniysia's a new card.
[22:45] <Pinako> you remember why it turned red, right?
[22:46] <The goon> The special ability requires Two rounds of Rock, Paper, Scissors.
[22:47] <Melissia> and if Puniysia's holder wins just one of them, your attack misses.
[22:47] <Megan O`Cain> Fine.
[22:48] *** the cards appear.
[22:49] <Megan O`Cain> (Great. He needs only one win.)
[22:49] * Megan O`Cain picks the card to her right
[22:49] * The goon takes the one in the middle.
[22:50] <Pinako> ok, flip it over and announce what you have.
[22:51] * Megan O`Cain flips the card over to reveal...
[22:51] * The goon flips over his card.
[22:52] *** Megan: Scissors
Robbie: Paper

[22:52] <The goon> PAPER!
[22:52] <Megan O`Cain> SCISSORS!
[22:53] <The goon> A loss, but it's round 2
[22:53] *** three new cards come up.
[22:54] * Megan O`Cain takes the card in the middle
[22:55] * The goon takes the one on his right (Megan's left)
[22:56] * Megan O`Cain flips over her card to show...
[22:57] *** Megan: Scissors
Robbie: Rock

[22:57] <The goon> Rock!
[22:58] <Megan O`Cain> Scissors!
[22:58] <The goon> Your arrack fails.
[22:58] *** the normal glow resumes as Planta slams the mouth on the ground, with Puniysia Warrior jumping out of the way.
[22:59] <Pinako> This is going to be tough, this is the first time even I've seen that card.
[22:59] <Megan O`Cain> Yeah...
[23:00] <Megan O`Cain> So now what?
[23:01] <Pinako> we'll need to find a card that has to bypass her ability, or could help us out.
[23:01] *** To Be Continued...

[19:50] *** to now continue
[19:52] *** I do not have the K&G card conversion doc on the compy I brought to my brother's, so for now, IRL card names will be used.
[19:55] <Pinako> there has to be a way to bypass that ability.
[20:13] <Melissia the bandit> not much of a winner, but the Puniysia Warrior does her job.
[20:13] *** Melissia the bandit has turned their sound on
[20:22] <Megan O`Cain> Apparently.
[20:27] <Pinako> ok, the next turn is now on.
[20:27] <Pinako> refill your hand to 5 cards.
[20:28] * Megan O`Cain reloads her hand until she has 5 cards
[20:33] *** current hand:
Soul Card
Body Card
Body Card
No Draw!
Demon Bullboros

[20:36] <Megan O`Cain> Hmmm...
[20:40] * Megan O`Cain proceeds to put down Demon Bullboros during the Monster phase
[20:42] * The goon looks through his refilled hand, it appears there's no monster for him thus turn to put down.
[20:44] * Megan O`Cain takes a Body Card into her free hand, "How many of these can be put down at a time?"
[20:46] <Pinako> one of each power card per turn.
[20:48] <Pinako> more like one of each per warrior/monster per turn.
[20:48] * Megan O`Cain nods, and puts down the Body Card on Shirose Warrior
[20:49] * Megan O`Cain takes a look at No Draw! for a moment
[20:50] *** the effect is it prevents the opponent from drawing cards on the beginning of the next turn.
[20:52] *** the card must be discarded once its effect takes place.
[20:56] <Megan O`Cain> (Hmmm...might be handy later.)
[20:58] * The goon puts down 1 Pie Card and one Soul Card on Puniysia Warrior.
[21:00] <Melissia the bandit> almost no upgrading yet?
[21:00] <The goon> guh, I don't have it yet.
[21:02] * Megan O`Cain sets down No Draw! face down
[21:03] <Pinako> Battle phase.
[21:16] * Megan O`Cain weighs her options
[21:20] * Megan O`Cain decides to try sending Bullboros at Puniysia Warrior, "Hook'em with Horns!"
[21:21] <The goon> Kneedler, use your scalpel on her little Knight!
[21:22] <The goon> And I bring in Puniysia's defensive ability again.
[21:23] *** the dome glows red again.
[21:23] *** three cards appear again.
[21:28] * Megan O`Cain picks the card to her left
[21:29] * The goon picks the card to his left.
[21:31] * The goon flips the card.
[21:35] * Megan O`Cain flips hers to show...
[21:36] *** Robbie: Paper
Megan: Rock

[21:38] <Megan O`Cain> S[BLEEP]t.
[21:38] <The goon> Guh huhh Paper!
[21:38] <Melissia the bandit> just not your day, is it?
[21:39] *** three more cards appear
[21:39] * The goon takes the middle one.
[21:41] * Megan O`Cain tries left again
[21:42] <Melissia the bandit> too bad the rules don't allow Overflow.
[21:42] * The goon flips the card.
[21:45] * Megan O`Cain flips over her card
[21:46] *** Megan: Paper
Robbie: Rock

[21:46] <Melissia the bandit> Rock? You useless-!
[21:49] *** once again, the Puniysia warrior jumps out of the way of the oncoming attack, while Kneedler launches a scalpel at Shirose Warrior.
[21:53] <Megan O`Cain> Hmph...
[21:54] *** HP counters
Shirose: 70
Demon Planta: 30
Demon Drainer: 70
Demon Bullboros: 50
Puniysia: 20
Jinzo Kneedler: 70

[21:55] <Pinako> the next turn is now on.
[21:55] * Megan O`Cain reloads her hand
[21:56] *** the current hand is... all power cards! 2 Body, 2 Soul, 1 Mind
[21:57] <Megan O`Cain> (Well, this sucks. But might be useful, though.)
[21:59] * Megan O`Cain puts down another Body Card on Shirose Warrior
[22:03] <Pinako> ypu can also put them on monsters too.
[22:03] <Megan O`Cain> I can?
[22:04] <Pinako> yeah
[22:04] <Megan O`Cain> Hm.
[22:04] * The goon places a third soul card onto Puniysia Warrior.
[22:04] * Megan O`Cain puts the Mind Card on Demon Drainer
[22:06] <Melissia the bandit> a mind on Drainer? this'll be quick before it goes Boom!
[22:06] <The goon> guh, I got to attaack now finally!
[22:07] * Megan O`Cain waits until the next phase, and then flips over Throwaway Cards
[22:07] <Megan O`Cain> (( Hold it! ))
[22:08] <The goon> (( hm? ))
[22:09] <Pinako> oh, those phases aren't over yet.
[22:09] <The goon> gohhhhh.
[22:10] <Melissia the bandit> Robbie, you Fool, you don't attack until the battle phase!
[22:10] <Megan O`Cain> (( How many cards are in the goon's hand? ))
[22:13] <Melissia the bandit> (( brb dinner, being called to too kman places at once ))
[22:13] <Melissia the bandit> (( it should be 5 before putting down a card ))
[22:18] <Pinako> ok, we have it all set, PIE phase, right?
[22:20] <Megan O`Cain> I think so.
[22:22] <Melissia the bandit> yeah
[22:22] <The goon> guh, I thought it was battle.
[22:23] <Pinako> you can still try to prevent Puniysia from attacking.
[22:24] <Megan O`Cain> I could if I had enough.
[22:24] <Pinako> wjat about the others?
[22:25] * Pinako points to Drainer and Bullboros.
[22:27] * Pinako *^ Planta and Bullboros
[22:29] <Megan O`Cain> Hmm. Oh. (discards a Body Card) I'm using Bullboros' drain to remove that power card on Puniysia Warrior.
[22:30] <The goon> Ahhhh!
[22:30] * The goon removes the soul card from Puniysia Warrior.
[22:31] <Pinako> plus, Shirose and Victory points, even if Puniysia keeps avoiding, you could try to raise that VP count to 15 slwoly.
[22:32] <Megan O`Cain> Mhm.
[22:36] <Pinako> one more body card, with an attack needing two and not needing to be discarded.
[22:37] <Megan O`Cain> Well, (points to Shirose with 2 Body Cards) I can do an attack.
[22:37] <Pinako> Battle Phase Time.
[22:39] <Megan O`Cain> Shirose Warrior, use your Sword Attack on Jinzo Kneedler!
[22:40] <The goon> Kneedler, counter attack with the scalpel!
[22:41] *** the battle commences, and the HP is reduced to 60 (Shirose) and 50 (Kneedler)
[22:41] <Megan O`Cain> (I'm gonna need more than just Shirose.)
[22:44] <The goon> guh-ho, seems we both only have one warrior for now.
[22:45] <Megan O`Cain> So far.
[22:46] <Pinako> The next turn is now here.
[22:47] * Megan O`Cain nods, and draws to reload her hand
[22:47] * The goon refills his hand.
[22:49] *** Current Hand
2 Soul
Diamond Alien
Sailor Venus - Level 1

[22:50] *** Diamond Alien's IRL counterpart card is Alan
[22:50] *** Diamond Alien is also described as Level 2
[22:52] <Megan O`Cain> Hmmm...
[22:52] *** and it seems this card also has an ability that can affect the opponent's monsters, too.
[22:56] <Megan O`Cain> (This is interesting.)
[22:57] <Pinako> :O
[22:58] <Pinako> is that the rare "Diamond Alien"?
[22:58] *** To Be Continued...
[20:11] *** we now return... to card games.
[20:11] <Pinako> It's the Diamond Alien!
[20:11] <Megan O`Cain> Eh? (looks at the text on Diamond Alien)
[20:11] <The goon> guh, diamond alien?
[20:12] <Melissia the bandit> there's no way, that's one of the best 10 monster cards to have in your deck, mostly because it's one of the best level 2s out there.
[20:39] <Pinako> what'll you do now?
[20:43] * Megan O`Cain is looking at the text for Diamond Alien
[20:48] *** the text says:
Levels up from: Demon, Worth 4 VP to opponent if defeated
Soul Drain
Discard (Soul Card). Deliver 20 damage to each of the attacking opponent's monsters. Monstre Armor or strength can reduce this damage.
Power Blaster: 50 Damage

[20:52] <Megan O`Cain> Hmmm. Very interesting.
[20:53] * Megan O`Cain looks at her options for a moment
[20:54] <Megan O`Cain> (What to do...what to do?)
[21:00] <Melissia the bandit> she's not gonna do it, look at your hand.
[21:00] <Melissia the bandit> especially now that I see you have it.
[21:01] * The goon looks at his hand, and smiles.
[21:03] <The goon> guh-hoh, Puniysia Warrior, Level up to, Level 2 Puniysian Princess!!
[21:04] * The goon puts Puniysian Princess, Level 2 down, leveling up/Replacing Puniysia Warrior - Level 1
[21:07] *** the puniysia Warrior hologram transforms, with armor dropping, into the Puniysian Princess hologram, the HP counter has increased from 20, to 40.
[21:08] <Megan O`Cain> (Well, s[BLEEP]t. Didn't get to use my Event.)
[21:14] <The goon> oh, I have another monster too,Jinzo Halcynate
[21:15] * The goon puts down Jinzo Halcynate, HP: 30, VP: 1
[21:15] * Megan O`Cain sighs, places Venus Warrior - Level 1 down next to Shirose Warrior, then replaces Demon Planta with Diamond Alien
[21:16] *** the Venus Warrior hologram apears on the card, and the Planta hologram bursts into dust... only to be replaced by the Diamond Alien Hologram. All cards are still attached after replacement.
[21:18] <Melissia the bandit> well, I don't believe it
[21:19] * Megan O`Cain looks at Puniysia Princess for amoment
[21:21] *** the princess is dressed in a sort of local royal garb, almost like an offshoot of the Moon.
or were you looking at the card?

[21:24] <Megan O`Cain> (( It's the card ))
[21:26] *** the card says:
Puniysian Princess: 40 HP
2xJKP: One Win means Puniysian Princess negates the attack. Two Wins means she also removes 20 damage
Super Puniysian Blaster: 50 Damage

[21:28] *** Extra Text: Puniysian Pricess can only replace Puniysia Warrior.
[21:28] <Megan O`Cain> (That's gonna be a problem.)
[21:29] <Melissia the bandit> it's double trouble from only a single card.
[21:33] *** Current HP:
Diamond Alien: 170
Demon Drainer: 70
Demon Bullboros: 50
Shirose Warrior: 60
Venus Warrior: 50
Puniysian Princess: 40
Jinzo Kneedler: 50
Jinzo Halcynite: 30

[21:38] <Megan O`Cain> (Okay. I outnumber this turd, but he's got effects that'll negate. I really need to think over my options here.)
[21:39] * Megan O`Cain closes her eyes as she mulls things in her mind
[21:41] <Pinako> PIE phase.
[21:42] * Megan O`Cain looks at how many cards are in the thug's hand
[21:43] *** there are three cards in his hand, as he puts one down, now having 2 in his hand.
[21:43] <Melissia the bandit> you better have put down what I saw you put down.
[21:43] <Megan O`Cain> I would like to use my PIEs.
[21:45] <Melissia the bandit> What?
[21:45] <The goon> guh, which one?
[21:46] <Megan O`Cain> (This better work.) First, I will use No Draw! to prevent you from drawing at the beginning of the next turn.
[21:47] <Melissia the bandit> Ahh! Dammit!
[21:48] <Pinako> that's good
[21:49] <Megan O`Cain> Next, I will use Throwaway Cards. Lose those two you got in your hand.
[21:51] <The goon> Gooooh
[21:51] * The goon takes out his two remaining cards to the discard pile.
[21:51] <The goon> at least the one I put down is safe, and I'm bringing it, Replenisher!
[21:52] <Melissia the bandit> I like its japanese name better, "Hand Destroy"
[21:54] * Megan O`Cain discards what was left of her hand, and then draws 5
[22:05] *** the 5 new cards are:
Regeneration (IRL Card: Same name)
Rage Against the Attack
Replay Challenge (IRL Card: Fail a Test)
2 Soul cards.

[22:10] <Megan O`Cain> (Hmmm...)
[22:14] * Megan O`Cain places a Soul card on Shirose Warrior
[22:16] *** 1 soul card remaining in hand
[22:21] * Megan O`Cain looks at the cards on the playing field to see which option is best
[22:23] *** one of the cards can provide a boon for next turn.
[22:29] *** Rage Against The attack: This card can make any 1 Warrior of your choice very angry. Win indicates the Warrior is upset and cannot do anything next turn. Discard after use.
Replay Challenge: Play before one of your Monsters uses a defense ability that requires a challenge. Replay the challenge once if you dislike the result. Discard after use.

[22:31] <Megan O`Cain> Hmmmm...
[22:32] <Pinako> huh?
[22:34] * Megan O`Cain puts down Rage Against The Attack, "I'd like to use this on Puniysia Princess."
[22:34] <Melissia the bandit> What? rage against the Attack?! No Way!
[22:36] <Melissia the bandit> that means she can't attack or defend!.... if you can win.
[22:36] *** the dome turns red.
[22:36] *** the three cards pop up.
[22:37] * The goon takes the one in the middle.
[22:37] * Megan O`Cain picks the card to her left
[22:38] * The goon flips his card over.
[22:40] *** Result:
Megan: Rock
Robbie: Scissors

[22:40] * Megan O`Cain flips hers over as well
[22:40] <The goon> Scissors!
[22:40] <Megan O`Cain> Rock!
[22:40] <Melissia the bandit> No!
[22:41] *** the Puniysia Princess hologram starts throwing a huge spoiled brat temper tantrum on her card, complete with [BLEEP]s and bloops.
[22:41] <Megan O`Cain> Shall we battle, then?
[22:41] <Pinako> Do it! :D
[22:42] <Melissia the bandit> get it over with.
[22:42] <Megan O`Cain> (( BRB. ))
[23:02] <Megan O`Cain> (( Game on! ))
[23:04] * Megan O`Cain puts the Soul card in her hand to the discard pile, "First, Diamond Alien will use an ability to damage your Monsters."
[23:16] *** the Diamond alien hologrem plays the flute, lowering the hp down to 10 and 30 HP
[23:20] <Megan O`Cain> Next, Diamond Alien will attack Puniysia Princess with Power Blaster!
[23:21] *** twirls th flute around before throwing it at the temper tantrum princess, which hite!
[23:22] *** the hp counter ticks to 0 before Puniysia Princess is destroyed, ending the game.
[23:22] <Pinako> game set and match
[23:22] <Melissia the bandit> No, No!
[23:23] <Pinako> looks like thosebattle chips are ours.
[23:25] <Megan O`Cain> (Damn. That worked out well.)
[23:29] <Melissia the bandit> This isn't over!, come everyone..!
[23:30] * Melissia the bandit and her goons get up and take their cards off the table before hightailing it out of here.
[23:30] * Megan O`Cain grabs her chips
[23:31] <Megan O`Cain> So, it's an automatic win if there's no Warriors on the field after battling?
[23:31] <Pinako> Yeah. :D
[23:32] <Pinako> If your opponent has no more warriors, they lose
[23:32] <Megan O`Cain> Huh. He must have been banking on keeping Puniysia on the field the entire match.
[23:35] <Pinako> Yeah.
[23:37] *** an explosion r9cks the cavern, turning one of the forks into a passageway, which one it is will be revealed... next time.
[23:37] <Melissia the bandit> Heh, beat my hoons in a match, will ya.
[23:38] <Melissia the bandit> As for you all!
[23:38] <Goons> Yes?
[23:38] <Melissia the bandit> Gimme all 9f your battlechips!
[23:39] *** after a short time, the goons are on the ground as kelissia heads towards the center of battler's paradise.
[23:40] <Melissia the bandit> Two birds, 9ne stone... and in one of those cases, it's many stones.
[23:40] * Melissia the bandit is away 
[23:41] * Metalia is fretting.
[23:41] <Metalia> Oh no, oh no, ohno!
[23:41] <Megan O`Cain> The hell happened?!
[23:43] <Metalia> I felt one of the forks in the passageway collapse, I don't know whoch one though!
[23:43] <Metalia> Either way, we can't go back out the way we came in.
[23:46] <Megan O`Cain> So, we move further into this cave?
[23:46] *** to be continued...

[14:00] *** within an unknown space..created in the image of the castle of Saturn......
[14:00] *** a faint mind reaches out...among billions
[14:01] * Devyen has moved to: [ Mind ]
[14:01] <Devyen> [Mind] ...Matsuo...?
[14:02] * Devyen [Mind] is trying to reach the faint mind...trying to get closer to find it...
[14:02] *** the mind is faint...but it does seem to be Matsuo's....
[14:03] <Devyen> [Mind] Matsuo...can you hear me?
[14:06] *** the voice gets a bit sharper.....the area around Devyen also starts to warp and change...
[14:06] * Devyen [Mind] tries to remain focused on the faint mind, while being bombarded by the billions of other minds and their thoughts, and memories...
[14:07] <Devyen> [Mind] I'm coming for you...Matsuo...please hear me...
[14:08] *** some of the memories that bombard Devyen are Matsuo's....especally those related to all his relationships.......
[14:08] *** the area seems to collapse around devyen..trying to pull at him!
[14:10] <Matsuo Shin> I do..
[14:11] * Devyen [Mind] catches glances of these memories, but he remains focused on reaching that one mind! As everything starts to collapse, Devyen calls out loudly: Matsuo!
[14:12] *** the ground gives under Devyen!
[14:14] * Devyen [Mind] stumbles, and falls, still reaching for the mind!
[14:15] *** the area spirals into an explosion of voices, colors..noise..until something slams into Devyen
[14:15] <Devyen> [Mind] Ack!
[14:19] *** the space Devyen is a grand cathedrial made of shining prisms
[14:20] * Matsuo Shin 's mind seems to issue from the center of it
[14:21] <Matsuo Shin> I..don't know what to do...I don' tknow what to do
[14:24] * Devyen [Mind] draws closer to the center.
[14:26] *** in the crystaline seems to reflect his face, staring at him...
[14:27] *** as Devyen enters the center....he finds Matsuo.....floating upright....unconcious....
[14:27] <Matsuo Shin> .....
[14:27] <Devyen> [Mind] ...what is this...
[14:28] * Devyen [Mind] reaches out to touch Matsuo's shoulder...
[14:28] <Vision> ...welcome Devyen
[14:28] * Vision appears behind Devyen
[14:29] * Devyen [Mind] turns! "Ah!"
[14:29] * Devyen looks at Vision.
[14:29] *** Vision is your average everyday Vision

[14:30] <Devyen> [Mind] Uh...Vision...right?
[14:30] * Vision looks like Matsuo...but with pale almost white eyes..lighter hair...a gem in the middle of his forehead and glowing veins running from his eyes down his cheek
[14:30] <Vision> not many are able to navigate the MindSpace
[14:30] <Vision> why do you seek him
[14:31] <Devyen> [Mind] It was many minds and voices...
[14:31] <Devyen> [Mind] Matsuo is my friend. I don't know how I can, but...I want to help him.
[14:35] <Vision> what do you understand of what is troubling him
[14:36] <Vision> of what is killing him inside
[14:36] <Devyen> [Mind] I only know that he has been troubled with his feelings for his mate...and his past love. Princess Mercury was reincarnated on Earth, and she also still persues him.
[14:36] * Vision looks to Matsuo
[14:36] <Vision> ..his is tearing in two
[14:37] <Vision> ...he does not know the path to take...and it is killing him
[14:38] <Devyen> [Mind] Even I don't know how to navigate such...turmoil. Love is...difficult and I am unable to relate to his position...What can I do for him, Vision?
[14:38] * Vision looks to the floating Matsuo
[14:39] <Vision> ..what would you do if you were him
[14:39] <Vision> he wishes to know
[14:39] * Vision gives a judgemental look at Devyen
[14:41] * Vision looks to Matsuo
[14:45] <Devyen> [Mind] I...I can't give him a solution. If it were me...I would probably run away. But I am more of a coward than Matsuo is. If I could offer anything, I would...just help him with a safe place to be able about it, get his mind together. Just...let him know he's not alone.
[14:45] <Vision> ......
[14:47] <Vision> ...take his hand
[14:48] * Devyen [Mind] turns to the floating Matsuo, and takes his friend's hand
[14:48] *** the crystaline space EXPLODES..leaving Devyen and Matsuo alone...
[14:48] <Matsuo Shin> ....
[14:48] <Matsuo Shin> Devyen?
[14:49] * Devyen [Mind] recoils a little from the explosion. "Matsuo, you've awakened! of..."
[14:51] <Matsuo Shin> ....I'm scared...I don't know what to do...
[14:51] <Matsuo Shin> ..everything is getting out of control and I don't know what to do
[14:52] <Devyen> [Mind] I know...and I want to help you. I know I am...pretty ignorant when it comes to...Love, but you can always come to me to talk.
[14:52] <Matsuo Shin> ...I love thorn...but I love her too....and I..i don' tknow what to do...
[14:55] <Matsuo Shin> I'm so scared.....I don' tknow what to do anymore..
[14:56] <Devyen> [Mind] I think my mother once will never forget your first love, but there's no way to really know if it is true love. You and, Ami...that was a long long time ago. And I should always cherish your memories of those times. But you have so much now with your mate, and children in this time. Is it really worth...going back?
[14:57] <Matsuo Shin> ...I wish...I wish I there for both....
[14:57] <Matsuo Shin> ...I feel like she's hurting too
[14:58] <Matsuo Shin> ....but you're right
[14:58] <Matsuo Shin> .....i shouldn't go back..should I
[14:59] * Matsuo Shin looks to Devyen
[14:59] <Devyen> [Mind] Maybe she is hurting...her memories seem just as strong as yours. But...this is a new world. You both were reborn as new people.
[15:00] <Devyen> [Mind] I can't be a judge on this...I am...only able to provide some perspective.
[15:00] <Matsuo Shin> ....
[15:00] <Matsuo Shin> you're my best friend
[15:00] * Matsuo Shin takes Devyen's hands
[15:00] <Matsuo Shin> ...thank you...
[15:01] * Devyen [Mind] smiles. "You're my best friend too, Matsuo. I want to be able to help you when youo need it."
[15:01] *** there's a sudden sharp energy from both their minds are suddenly drawn out from them !
[15:02] <Matsuo Shin> !!!!
[15:02] <Devyen> [Mind] ?!?
[15:03] *** there's an explosion of light and noise...and suddenly Devyen finds himself back in the crystaline cathedrial.....Matsuo is collapsed on the Matsuo (?) bends over, looking at him
[15:04] <Devyen> [Mind] Matsuo?! Vision?!
[15:04] * Matsuo (?) Shin glances over to Devyen
[15:04] * Vision stands there, passivly
[15:05] * Devyen [Mind] looks at the collapsed Matsuo, and the second one...
[15:05] <Matsuo (?) Shin> he's fine
[15:05] * Matsuo (?) Shin is also...lacking any clothing
[15:05] <Matsuo (?) Shin> .....though I wish he'd imagined with me some clothes >_>
[15:06] <Matsuo (?) Shin> ....alright this is complicated
[15:06] <Devyen> [Mind] Oh...uh...
[15:06] <Matsuo (?) Shin> >_> <_<
[15:06] <Matsuo (?) Shin> I'm..him....but not..him
[15:06] <Matsuo (?) Shin> think of me as...his subconcious..given form
[15:07] <Matsuo (?) Shin> so hello Devyen ^^;;;
[15:07] <Devyen> [Mind] Wouldn't able to clothe your own form, then?
[15:07] <Matsuo (?) Shin> I only have what he has >_>
[15:07] <Devyen> [Mind] Subconcious?
[15:07] <Matsuo (?) Shin> why does it have to be so cold here
[15:08] <Matsuo (?) Shin> I guess I'm a...tulpa?....avatar?...
[15:08] <Matsuo (?) Shin> no no i'm real!
[15:08] <Matsuo (?) Shin> ...thank you for being my friend devyen...his friend.....i don't know what to call this >_>
[15:08] <Matsuo (?) Shin> i'll come up with something <_<
[15:09] <Vision> he will, hopefully, accomplish the purpose
[15:09] * Devyen [Mind] laughs a little. "I am a friend to all aspects of Matsuo, I suppose."
[15:09] <Devyen> [Mind] What purpose?
[15:09] <Matsuo (?) Shin> that is a good purpose...why was I created?
[15:10] * Vision passes a hand..a portal suddenly appearing under the new Matsuo
[15:10] <Matsuo (?) Shin> ...wait...
[15:10] <Matsuo (?) Shin> wait hold on!
[15:10] <Matsuo (?) Shin> I'm still nakAAAAAAA-
[15:10] *** Matsuo (?) Shin has left #suburbansenshi3 (*falls through the portal*)
[15:11] <Devyen> [Mind] Uh...what just...?
[15:11] <Vision> only time will tell
[15:12] * Devyen [Mind] looks at Vision. "You...are very cryptic."
[15:12] <Vision> perhaps I am
[15:13] * Devyen [Mind] looks back at the collapsed Matsuo. "What about...?"
[15:14] <Vision> he will recover
[15:19] <Devyen> [Mind] I should wait for him to awaken...
[15:21] <Vision> he time
[15:25] <Vision> but now
[15:25] <Vision> I think it is time you two leave
[15:26] * Devyen [Mind] looks at Vision. "May I ask you a question?"
[15:27] <Vision> yes
[15:27] <Devyen> [Mind] were Matsuo...and you had two loves...what would you do?
[15:31] <Vision> Love as a concept is is simply the use of two seperate chemical reactions
[15:32] <Devyen> [Mind] That...doesn't really answer my question... >_>
[15:45] <Vision> I would ask the advice of others
[15:45] * Devyen [Mind] quirks a brow. " don't have an answer?"
[15:47] <Vision> I am simply the part of him which was born of battle
[15:47] <Vision> nothing more
[15:50] <Vision> you two mustn't stay here longer..otherwise your minds will be lost forever
[15:57] * Vision reaches out....
[15:57] *** suddenly the entire area SHATTERS into a dark void
[16:00] * Devyen has moved to: [ ]
[16:01] * Devyen snaps awake!
[16:01] <Sean Collins> [Backstage] Whoa, Dev! You okay?
[16:01] <Matsuo Shin> @_@
[16:01] * Sean Collins has moved to: [ ]
[16:01] * Matsuo Shin awakens in the middle of the street
[16:01] <Devyen> Sh...Sean?
[16:02] * Devyen is also in the middle of the street
[16:02] * Matsuo Shin opens his hand...revealing the small yellow infinity stone
[16:02] <Matsuo Shin> ...
[16:02] <Sean Collins> You two have alot of explaining to do...let's get you guys some place safe.
[16:02] * Matsuo Shin quickly hides it in his pocket
[16:03] * Sean Collins helps them both up and onto the sidewalk!
[16:03] <Devyen> I...I was looking for Matsuo...
[16:03] <Matsuo Shin> ugh I feel stiff
[16:04] <Sean Collins> Well, you passed out in the street...then Matsuo appeared there too..
[16:07] <Matsuo Shin> I feel a little dizzy
[16:07] <Sean Collins> Looking at the area...looks like a war zone. Let's get you both to the Hotel.
[16:07] <Devyen> Are you sure its safe there?
[16:12] <Matsuo Shin> agreed....
[16:14] * Matsuo Shin starts to head towars the hotel...
[16:23] *** Matsuo Shin [] has left #suburbansenshi3
[16:29] *** Sean Collins [] has left #suburbansenshi3
[16:29] *** Devyen has left #suburbansenshi3

[14:50] * Val The Csar is flying in a helicopter towards Battler's Paradise, seeing to get Cochran back from Delphius.
[14:51] * Val The Csar The preceeding Val The Csar event took place on 2/24/2022, at 4:30 PM.

[19:15] *** we now finally return, to Card Games.
[19:17] <Katrina> That Mercenaric Slimeball!
[19:18] <Pinako> calm down, Katrina.
[19:20] <Narun> they let you go and didn't hurt you, that's all that matters right now.
[19:24] * Megan O`Cain looks for a way out of the cave
[19:24] <Barry> the question is now... How do we get out of here?
[19:24] *** the way you came in is blocked, by rubble, thanks to Melissia.
[19:25] <Megan O`Cain> That's what I'm searching for. Chances are those jerks planted explosives.
[19:26] * Metalia looks up and feels around in the near pitch-darkness of the caves.
[19:27] * Megan O`Cain gets out an LED lantern, "Hope this is bright enough."
[19:28] <Metalia> Ahhhh!, well, it was.
[19:28] * Metalia doubles over for a bit, her eyes adjusting.
[19:30] <Metalia> there are three exits out of this network, two lead outside, now with one of them cut off, and the third one leading directly up north.
[19:33] <Narun> what's up north?
[19:35] <Metalia> a barren wasteland, with its own set of underground caverns.
[19:35] * Metalia feels around again.
[19:36] <Metalia> This way.
[19:36] * Metalia walks towards an area with relatively low lighting.
[19:36] <Megan O`Cain> Let's hope it leads us out.
[19:36] * Megan O`Cain follows Metalia
[19:38] * Metalia walks along a long corridor, then feels her hand leave the wall with a right angle.
[19:38] <Metalia> huh? strange, it seems this part was changed.
[19:39] <Megan O`Cain> How so?
[19:40] *** The room Glows brightly, brighter than the LED lantern.
[19:40] <Metalia> My eyes!
[19:40] * Metalia closes her eyes.
[19:42] <Narun> It's Very bright!
[19:42] * Megan O`Cain shields her eyes as she turns off the lantern
[19:43] * Pinako is shielding her own eyes as well.
[19:43] <???> A gang of travelers expecting claps?
[19:44] <???> maybe they just fell into our trap.
[19:44] <???> if they want to escape in a batch...
[19:46] *** two chairs begin turning to face the group, one cloaked in black, the other in white, one bearing a moon shape on their clothes, the other bearing a sun shape.
[19:46] <??? (right)> you must beat us in a match.
[19:46] <Megan O`Cain> (Oh for Christ's sake...)
[19:47] <??? (left)> afterwards, there is a riddle.
[19:47] <??? (right)> just remember, there's no griddle.
[19:49] <Pinako> What kind of match? 2 on 1?
[19:49] <??? (left)> two on 1, that's quire unfair!
[19:50] <??? (right)> even for us, that's quite contraire.
[19:51] <??? (left)> a single match against us isn't in a bag.
[19:51] <??? (right)> the only match you'll get from us, is a tag!
[19:51] <??? (both)> TAG TEAM CARD BATTLE!
[19:53] <Narun> Tag Team card battle? what's that?
[19:54] <Katrina> I think it's a modification of the original version's battle format.
[19:54] *** the battle dome has 4 seats and 4 mats for battle, two on red and 2 on blue.
[19:57] <Pinako> it allowed for up to 4 players to attack each other, but this looks to be interesting.
[20:00] <Megan O`Cain> To think it was 1-on-1 only.
[20:25] <??? (Left)> you won't see this in any other place.
[20:26] <??? (Right)> to us, 1 on 1 is a disgrace.
[20:27] <??? (left)> only battlers with chips can battle this way.
[20:27] <??? (right)> if you have none, you're in the way.
[20:28] <Megan O`Cain> (Great. That means two matches back-to-back for me.)
[20:31] <??? (left)> take your seats, don't be dismay(ed)
[20:31] <??? (right)> for this battle's about to get underway.
[20:32] * Megan O`Cain lets out a sigh
[20:33] * Pinako takes a seat on the left blue side, while the two hooded beings took their places on the red side.
[20:34] * Megan O`Cain takes her seat next to Pinako on the blue side
[20:38] * Pinako looks through her warrior cards, before picking her trusty Moon Warrior, with card "Halfway Greedy" facedown, as dictated by the card. before shuffling her deck.
[20:45] * Megan O`Cain tries again with Shirose Warrior and puts down McGuffin Attacks! on her side of the board before she shuffles her deck as if the cards are like electrons orbiting around a nucleus
[20:48] *** Turn order is this: Pand will go first, followed by Pinako, then Doran, than Megan.
[20:49] <@spiritflame> The current battle order is: Pand (???(Left)), Pinako, Doran (??? Right), Megan
[20:50] <??? (Right)> Moon and Shirose, a combo of seasons.
[20:51] <??? (Left)> I use Jupiter Warrior, for a many reasons.
[20:52] * ??? (Left) puts down Jupiter Warrior, with its card dictating "Healing Bento" as a secondary card.
[20:54] <??? (Left)> While my brother likes his gold.
[20:55] <??? (Right)> I choose Venus Warrior, to not feel so old.
[20:55] * ??? (Right) puts down Venus Warrior, Secondary card: Max Card Up!
[20:58] *** Battle Start:
[20:59] * ??? (Left) fills his hand.
[21:00] * ??? (Left) lays down Alpha & Beta on the Monster field, followed by a Red card on Jupiter Warrior.
[21:00] <??? (Left)> Monster and Power on the field.
[21:01] <??? (Left)> but now it's your turn, what will you yield? *points to Pinako*
[21:02] * Pinako fills her hand
[21:02] <Pinako> hmmm.
[21:05] *** Pinako's hand:
Moon Warrior, Level 2
Soul Card
Soul Card
Kappa, Lambda & Phi
Ofuda Scroll

[21:06] <Pinako> Kappa, Lambda and Phi to my monster field, followed by a Soul Card on my Moon Warrior, and then one Pie Card face-down.
[21:11] * ??? (Right) fills his hand, with 5 cards this turn.
[21:12] <??? (Right)> with a secondary card that is set, there is only one thing to bet.
[21:13] <??? (Right)> Kaiju Cathodon I put down, but also a Mind card, not a clown.
[21:14] <??? (Right)> the only thing that may not be marred, is this now revealed PIE card, Max Card up!
[21:14] <??? (left)> what his card does, gives this battle quite a mix.
[21:14] <??? (right)> it extends my hand, up to six.
[21:15] <??? (right)> so for future turns , be prepared.
[21:15] <Megan O`Cain> (A hand increase. He's got something in mind he wants out quick.)
[21:15] <??? (right)> for this effect can't be repaired.
[21:15] <??? (right)> it's your turn, now.
[21:16] * Megan O`Cain takes a deep breath, and draws her hand via telekinesis
[21:21] *** Megan's Hand:
Body Card
Body Card
Diamond Alien
Demon Planta
Demon Bullboros

[21:24] * Megan O`Cain puts a Body Card on Shirose Warrior followed by setting down Demon Bullboros onto the field
[21:27] *** the holograms appear on the field.
[21:32] * Megan O`Cain moves her eyes around, looking at the various cards on the field as she calculates possible moves
[21:32] <Pinako> it seems only our monsters can attack right now.
[21:38] <Megan O`Cain> Indeed.
[21:40] * Megan O`Cain is calculating her best move among the options on the field
[21:43] * Pinako also looks at the field, determining the best move.
[21:51] <??? (left)> we can wait for you to make your move.
[21:51] <??? (right)> it's not too hard to find your groove.
[21:54] * Megan O`Cain looks at Pinako, "Whatcha got?"
[21:59] <Pinako> Kappa Lambda & Phi as my monster
[22:04] <Megan O`Cain> Hmmm. And I have Demon Bullboros. Could they combine to take out one?
[22:07] <Pinako> It's possible, but we have to take out both of them to win.
[22:08] <Megan O`Cain> Gotcha.
[22:14] <Megan O`Cain> I will discard a Body Card to use Bullboros' Drain on Venus Warrior's Mind Card.
[22:16] <??? (right)> not that inconcievable, not a great burn, but you better be prepared for next turn.
[22:16] * ??? (right) discard the Mind card.
[22:16] <Megan O`Cain> We'll see.
[22:18] <Megan O`Cain> Next, I will have Bullboros use Horns on Venus Warrior
[22:21] *** Venus Warrior HP: 20
[22:21] <??? (right)> down to 20, it must be.
[22:22] <??? (left)> but, there's two warriors, you must see
[22:25] <Megan O`Cain> You think I haven't noticed that? (Can't believe I'm doing this.) You two really think I'm as blind as a bat?
[22:26] <Pinako> Let's make it Zero, I'll have a go!
[22:31] <Megan O`Cain> Then get ready to blow, for these fools have yet to say no.
[22:32] <Pinako> Kappa, Lambda and Phi, Draw to your heart's content, Let's give them some lament!
[22:33] *** Kappa, Lambda and Phi begin drawing rocks above Venus Warrior.
[22:34] <Megan O`Cain> (Ugh, can't believe we're doing s[BLEEP]t a la Dr. Seuss.)
[22:35] *** the dome turns red, with three cards appearing, Challenge Optional.
[22:35] <Pinako> None needed.
[22:35] *** the cards disappear as the Attack is overkill, but not too much overkill, Venus Warrior is destroyed and sent to the Discard Pile.
[22:38] <Pinako> one down, the other to go.
[22:39] <Megan O`Cain> So you know.
[22:43] <??? (right)> now there goes a master of rhyming.
[22:43] <??? (left)> but we all have to be careful on our timing.
[22:44] <??? (right)> even we miss now and again
[22:44] <??? (left)> including right now, all around the bend.
[22:44] *** Turn 2:
[22:47] * ??? (left) refills his hand to 5
[22:48] <??? (left)> a hand refill in the beginning, we expect.
[22:48] <??? (left)> but two monsters in my hand, I detect.
[22:49] <Megan O`Cain> (Either he's bluffing, or he's being truthful.)
[22:50] * ??? (left) puts down "Jinzo DenDenRaiden" and "Beast Shears"
[22:52] *** Japanese cards call the first one "Jinzou Den Den Reiden"
[22:53] * ??? (left) puts down a second red card on Jupiter Warrior
[22:54] <??? (left)> It is her turn now, what a sight.
[22:54] <??? (left)> will she make a delight?
[22:54] * Pinako refills her hand.
[22:56] *** Pinako's hand: Moon Warrior, Level 2
Soul Card
Body Card
Sailor Mask
Strength of the Fallen

[22:57] <Pinako> I now have a way, with when I'm ready, to make my whole hand good and empty.
[22:57] <Pinako> Moon Warrior, Level up! Moon Warrior, Level 2!
[22:58] <Pinako> Next, I put down a soul card onto him.
[22:58] <Pinako> then, I bring Sailor Mask to the field and put a body card on her!
[22:58] <Pinako> then, I place my PIE card face down.
[22:59] <Pinako> My turn, now ends, you're up!
[22:59] *** To be Continued...

[19:33] * ~ The projector starts to power up!
[19:37] <~> The scene starts!!! There's an image of what looks like a planet, a small gas giant, with what look like two dark spots on its upper hemisphere and several dark lines on its lower hemisphere.
[19:38] *** The title prompt appears with some music. "FLUFFY-EYE HOME ENTERTAINMENT."
[19:40] *** The next scene shows Earth slowly rotating, accompanied by nice, gentle music. The kind of music that makes you feel nice and relaxed, as if you're about to get treated to an old Bob Ross video where he's painting Happy Little Trees JUST for you!
[19:41] <~> Japan's Weirdest Animals
[19:42] *** The scene switches to a map showing the Kyoto District of Japan. Hey! Gensokyo is (meta)physically linked to somewhere there!
[19:43] <~> The rural regions of Kyoto.
[19:44] *** The map zooms in a little and highlights an area of the interior.
[19:44] <~> Animal #1 - The Fey-Usagi
[19:46] *** The scene switches to the interior of a car, with the camera looking out the side at the rolling countryside filled with farming fields and rice-paddies. Combined with the Bob Ross music it's actually quite nice. You can just imagine yourself sitting in that car, feeling the air through the open window and smelling the scents of fresh, clean soil and leafy green plants.
[19:48] *** The scene switches to show a small white rabbit scooting and shifting around in the grass. It looks rather plump with short, stubby legs.
[19:49] <~> Only found within a certain hilly region far outside the city of Kyoto, the Fey-Usagi are a rare breed of rabbit known for their flighty nature and high cunning.
[19:52] <~> The rabbits are well-known for their ability to evade not only capture by professional hunters, but most traps as well. Local folklore has even gone so far as to imply that these little critters are intelligent to some degree.
[19:53] <~> The Fey-Usagi is also known for gathering together in large groups on nights of the full moon, where they chatter and sing to each other and spend hours staring up at the moon overhead.
[19:56] *** The scene switches back to the map and starts highlighting a different, larger section. The music changes to a gentle horn, still conveying that Bob Ross feel that just makes your ears tingle a little and the muscles at the base of your neck relax JUUUUUST a little.
[19:57] <~> Animal #2. The Markimoo
[19:59] <~> This strange breed of cattle is a recent mutation that appeared only several years ago. It is not known how exactly these unique creatures came to be or how exactly their equally unique abilities originated.
[20:00] <~> They are undoubtedly VERY WEIRD and certainly worthy of mention!
[20:13] *** The scene switches back to the map.
[20:14] *** The music just...stops. All you hear now is faint background crackling, like static.
[20:14] *** The whole map turns dark as everywhere on it is indicated.
[20:14] <~> Animal #3
[20:15] <~> Xenofluff.
[20:17] *** The switches to a snow-covered field of tightly-intertwined scrub and brambles. The area is still and quiet in the growing evening, and there's a faint crackling and tapping sound in the distance.
[20:19] <~> Found all over the Kyoto Prefecture, these creatures are excellent hunters, being able to pass through most terrain without making a sound.
[20:19] *** The camera points down at the snow, revealing tiny paw-prints leading away.
[20:21] *** The camera switches to a small Japanese country house, its roof covered with a light dusting of snow. The windows are darkened and no smoke rises from the chimney.
[20:22] <~> Their preferred nesting locations originally was in forested regions away from highly-populated areas, but now they're nesting inside the homes of large families, where large swarms can adapt easier.
[20:23] <~> You will hear screaming.
[20:23] <~> They stole their voices.
[20:25] *** The scene switches to a small bonfire, where it looks like things OTHER than wood have been included!
[20:26] <~> Burn the bodies, lest they stand up again.
[20:28] *** The next scene shows the holder of the camera up near a window of the house, peering through and filming inside.
[20:28] *** It looks like a typical modern washroom.
[20:29] <~> The menace in fluff.
[20:29] *** Suddenly something small leaps up onto the washing machine and starts to sniff around. The camera-used IMMEDIATELY dives to the side to avoid being seen!
[20:31] *** The program breaks up into static for a few seconds, then resolves into a new scene of the house. It's now completely dark. Some lights have turned on inside, but the land surrounding the house is eerily quiet and still.
[20:32] *** The filmer moves in closer to the house, moving very carefully and always staying close to any bushes and trees along the way. Whoever is filming is making a lot of effort to remain undetected.
[20:35] *** Moving in closer, the camera view shows the inside of one of the rooms.
[20:35] *** Hey!! It's SKS and A-91 in there!
[20:37] *** A-91 looks like she's been hitting the kvass like crazy
[20:38] *** SKS looks like she's not much better.
[20:39] *** A-91 and SKS aren't really doing anything in the room. They're just standing there. Staring at the nearest table. At the LAST bottle on it.
[20:40] *** Which is completely EMPTY.
[20:41] * A-91 is twitching and shuddering. Is she already going into DTs!?
[20:41] * SKS suddenly turns and walks right into the wall with a THUD.
[20:44] *** The camera moves to a new location, near a side door. And you see...
[20:44] *** YUP!!! It's AK-47!!! And she's standing outside in the snow, looking every bit like she's been doing THIS for the last few hours
[20:46] * AK-47 is sitting in the snow, just staring out into the dark fields surrounding the house. Wait, is there something moving around underneath that thick mane of hair of hers? There's no wind blowing.
[20:47] <AK-47> Fake people. They were people once, but not any more.
[20:48] <~> ^
[20:49] *** The camera moves back to the window. A-91 looks like she's walking back and forth, not really doing much of anything else.
[20:50] *** The camera moves in closer still. Judging by the sounds the operator's feet are making, they're on the front deck now. They move up right next to the main window and film through.
[20:51] *** The kitchen is on the scene. Seems pretty typical for a rural house.
[20:51] *** SKS suddenly rounds the corner and stops, motionless.
[20:52] *** SKS is looking at the window.
[20:53] *** .....The camera operator suddenly turns and BOLTS!!!! You see one of the last clear images from the other side of the window is of SKS CHARGING at it. THE CAMERA WAS SPOTTED!!!
[20:53] *** The scene breaking into static for a few seconds.
[20:53] *** Suddenly, it's the scene of that slowly rotating Earth! And the Bob Ross music is back! Yay!
[20:54] <~> Japan's Weirdest Animals!
[20:54] *** Scene fades out and is replaced with the logo of Fluffy-Eye Home Entertainment.
[20:55] * The Projector comes to a halt.
[20:56] <The Projector> That concludes the first episode of CheesyKits' new Horror series! Tune in on WEDNESDAY for the NEXT installment!

[19:34] *** The countdown starts! 15 minutes!
[19:46] * The projector starts to warm up. It's almost time!
[19:48] * The scene starts! There's an image of what looks like a planet, a small gas giant, with what look like two dark spots on its upper hemisphere and several dark lines on its lower hemisphere.
[19:49] *** The title prompt appears with some music. "FLUFFY-EYE HOME ENTERTAINMENT."
[19:51] *** The next title screen is plain and simple, with fairly groovy electronic music that sounds like it would be common in a lot of elevators.
[19:51] <~> Storm safety tips. Brought to you by KappaTech.
[19:55] <~> Storms can be violent and dangerous. In this program, you will learn how to protect you and your family when a severe storm hits your home.
[19:55] <~> PART 1: Prepare in advance.
[19:57] *** The image on the screen shows a Kappa-girl (NOT Nitori, although she's dressed very similarly, complete with galoshes and blue raincoat), waving to the camera in front of a single-story Japanese house. It's an older style, typical of what you'd see in rural communities.
[19:58] *** Text appears above and below her on the screen.
[19:58] <~> You do not want to get caught in a storm unprepared. To prepare your home in case of a storm, follow these steps.
[19:59] <~> Step 1 - REINFORCE YOUR HOME. This may involve improving structural support, replacing roof shingles, or fixing any possible leaks.
[20:00] *** The Kappa-girl is shown getting to work, hammering in some new roofing planks, applying new shutters, and making use of a LOT of duct tape.
[20:03] <~> Step 2 - INSTALL AN EARLY WARNING SYSTEM. This will allow you to know beforehand if a storm or other danger is approaching your home.
[20:03] <~> (Recommended: Hakurei Hazard Alarm brand from KappaTech.)
[20:06] *** The accompanying scene shows the Kappa-girl standing beside a long post set beside the house. At the top is a rather strange device that looks like a rectangular klaxon with several vanes sticking out on its sides.
[20:07] <~> Step 3 - CREATE A STORM BUNKER. Make sure the bunker matches the following measurements...
[20:07] <~> Ten feet high. 18 feet by 18 feet interior.
[20:08] <~> Lay a concrete foundation at least 8 inches thick.
[20:08] <~> In the center of your bunker install a large aluminum hemisphere. Approximately 4 to 5 feet across.
[20:10] <~> Place a shortwave radio next to the hemisphere.
[20:11] <~> (Recommended: Udongein-brand radio from KappaTech.)
[20:12] <~> Keep radio within four to five feet of the hemisphere.
[20:13] <~> PART TWO: What to do during a storm.
[20:14] *** The scene switches, showing the Kappa-girl looking concerned. The sky has darkened considerably, and the Hakurei-Hazard alarm is giving off a dull metallic CLANG sound every three seconds.
[20:14] <~> In the event that a storm hits your home, it is important to follow these steps.
[20:15] <~> Step 1: Quietly take your family to your bunker.
[20:15] <~> - (Your home does not belong to you now.) -
[20:17] *** The scene shows the Kappa-girl is now inside the bunker and is pulling the entrance hatch shut. The interior of the room is bare, and is lit only by an electric lamp hanging from the ceiling.
[20:17] <~> Step 2: Turn on the shortwave radio.
[20:18] <~> - Ignore all sounds produced by the radio. These are auditory hallucinations. -
[20:18] <~> - They will try to deceive you. -
[20:19] *** The next scene shows the Kappa-girl sitting on the floor in a corner of the room, with her legs drawn up against her chest as she stares at the radio, her hands covering her ears.
[20:19] <~> Step 3: Remain calm.
[20:20] <~> - Your anxiety and fear will attract them to you. -
[20:21] *** The scene shows the Kappa-girl squeezing her eyes shut as she hears noises coming from the hatch. It sounds like something is...scratching at it!
[20:21] <~> PART 3: AFTER A STORM.
[20:22] <~> If you believe the storm has passed, carefully leave your bunker to survey for damages.
[20:22] *** The next scene shows the Kappa-girl slowly climbing out of the storm-bunker inside the house and starts to look around cautiously.
[20:23] *** The windows seem to be undamaged, but most of the furniture is a mess, with everything strewn around.
[20:24] <~> If your house has been severely damaged, check for movement inside.
[20:24] <~> Do you hear the chime? You are safe. The storm has passed over.
[20:24] <~> Look outside.
[20:25] *** The Kappa-girl goes over to one of the windows and looks outside at the land surrounding the place. It's gotten quite dark now.
[20:25] <~> Do you see lights?
[20:26] <~> If so, return to your bunker. QUICKLY.
[20:26] *** The Kappa-girl looks. Suddenly a pair of small glowing points of lights gleam back in her direction.
[20:27] *** Then more appear.
[20:27] *** And even more!!
[20:27] *** o__o o__o o__o o__o
[20:27] *** o__o o__o o__o o__o o__o o__o o__o o__o o__o o__o o__o o__o o__o o__o o__o o__o
[20:28] <~> Friend?
[20:28] <~> FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:29] *** The Kappa-girl immediately turns away from the window and starts to run!! She trips and falls, letting go of the camera and falling in front of it.
[20:30] *** She scrambles to her feet, but stumbles on some of the trash strewn around and loses several precious seconds trying to get up again.
[20:30] <~> Listen.
[20:31] <~> They're all around you. Under your feet. Crawling all around.
[20:31] <Kappa-girl> D:
[20:32] * Kappa-girl panics as she hears little feet scurrying nearby.
[20:32] <Kappa-girl> Uhhhhhh! AAAAHHHH!!
[20:33] * Kappa-girl tries to move, but she stops as she hears something fall in a nearby room.
[20:33] <Kappa-girl> Flooooooooooooooooof!!
[20:33] <~> ^
[20:33] <Kappa-girl> D:
[20:34] <~> She scared!
[20:34] <~> Give snuggles!
[20:35] *** The Kappa-girl starts to turn...then the back of her raincoat suddenly BURSTS APART in a messy explosion of...SALSA???!
[20:38] <Kappa-girl> WHAT THE~?!
[20:38] * Kappa-girl falls to the ground, and is suddenly SWARMED upon by dozens of small furry creatures who immediately start pouncing and bouncing on top of her!
[20:41] <~> Ooooo, roasted salsa verde!! Yummy!
[20:43] * Kappa-girl flails wildly as some of the little things attacking her push past her raincoat, then start tugging and pulling. A few seconds later...OH DEAR GOD!!!
[20:44] *** The attacking critters start pulling out MORE OF HER ENTRAILS!!! (That all look suspiciously like freshly-cooked sausage god, do those look GOOD too).
[20:45] *** The scene cuts out, going to outside and showing the alarm klaxon as it starts sounding off again, warning of another approaching storm.
[20:46] *** And as the scene fades to black, there's the faint but distinct sounds of yipping and "kyon"ing from the house as the unfortunate Kappa-girl meets her fate.
[20:47] <~> Congratulations, you are now well-equipped to defend you and your family against storms!
[20:47] <~> STORM SAFETY TIPS. Created by Tewi Inaba.
[20:50] *** Scene fades out and is replaced with the logo of Fluffy-Eye Home Entertainment.
[20:51] * The projector comes to a halt
[20:52] <The projector> And that concludes episode TWO of Cheesykit's new Horror series. Tune in on FRIDAY for episode THREE!
[19:10] <The projector> testing
[19:22] * The projector starts the countdown. 30 minutes!
[19:51] * ~ The projector starts to power up!
[19:56] * ~ The scene starts! There's an image of what looks like a planet, a small gas giant, with what look like two dark spots on its upper hemisphere and several dark lines on its lower hemisphere.
[19:56] * ~ It's the now-familiar logo of Fluffy-Eye Home Entertainment! Woo~!
[19:57] *** Another logo appears, this time of the moon peeking over a mountain, with the title: "Lunarian Productions."
[19:59] * ~ The next scene is of the ocean! It's a deep blue in color, and the horizon in the distance is hazy with clouds, but it's a bright, sunny day overall.
[20:01] *** A title appears, the letters wavering as if they're partly reflected on the shifting waters of the sea. "The Deep Blue".
[20:02] *** The music is a jaunty Calipso-like samba of pipes and soft drum beats. Oooooo!
[20:04] * ~ The scene switches to show more waves breaking against a sandy beach on a small tropical island. The land rises steeply, and most of the terrain is covered with strange trees and plants...HEY!! THIS IS BEING FILMED ON LOCATION AT NATALIA ISLAND ON 4546-B!!
[20:05] <~> The ocean is filled with mystery and wonder.
[20:06] <~> Let's take a look at some of the secrets hidden beneath the surface.
[20:07] * ~ The camera suddenly pans back to the shore, where several sets of tiny, fuzzy ears quickly duck back down behind trees and large concave-topped mushrooms.
[20:08] *** The next scene is from a short distance underwater. The music has changed to something slower and deeper now.
[20:10] *** There's a large school of fish circling around the recorder, and since everyone's fairly familiar with the sealife of 4546-B, it's easy to recognize the fish as Boomerangs.
[20:10] *** They're all quite colorful against the blue backdrop of the ocean.
[20:11] <~> Here we see a school of fish swimming together as a group.
[20:13] <~> There are also much larger creatures down beneath the surface. Just like this one!
[20:14] * ~ Suddenly THIS MAMMOTH swims through the school of fish!
[20:17] *** The scene switches to a new location. The water is slightly darker, probably due to greater depth, and there are a lot of rock formations nearby, indicating the recorder is near one of the reefs.
[20:18] <~> Despite its beauty, the ocean can be a very dangerous place.
[20:23] *** The scene shows one of THESE swimming around a short distance away.
[20:24] <~> The sand shark may look cheerful with that big toothy grin, but it's a dangerous ambush predator that hides in the sandy bottom and waits for prey to come close to it.
[20:26] *** The scene switches to a new area, where a new creature is dealing with some unwanted attention.
[20:27] <~> The Ampeel is very territorial, and anything that gets too close to it is likely to be zapped by a powerful electrical charge it creates inside its body.
[20:28] *** The next scene is of a geothermal vent elsewhere on the Aurora Guyot. Jets of superheated mineral-water spew constantly from its top, filling the water above it with a thick plume of silt.
[20:29] <~> The real danger of the ocean is not its wildlife, but the habitat itself.
[20:33] *** The scene moves to a darker area of the ocean, with nothing but murkier water all around and no bottom in sight.
[20:34] *** The scene is quiet for a few seconds, then THIS SOUND is detected somewhere in the distance!!!
[20:38] *** This area is called a trench. It's a very deep part of the ocean that can be upwards of tens of thousands of feet deep. The island of Japan is located near one such trench.
[20:40] * ~ The screen continues to darken. It looks like it's camera footage from a submarine that's diving further down. The bottom is starting to appear in the lights generated by the boat.
[20:46] *** In the can hear THIS!!!!
[20:50] <~> Nothing lives in the Ryukyu Trench. Nothing.
[20:50] <~> There are no strange monsters hiding there.
[20:56] *** The camera scene switches again, and there's SOMETHING swimming towards the recording submarine!! It''s...IT'S COMING RIGHT TOWARDS THEM!!!!
[20:59] * ~ Internal comms of the submarine suddenly get included into the film!
[21:04] *** The next scene shows the submarine getting engulfed in a BUNCH of long tendrils and violently rocked back and forth! And there's a BUNCH of these tendrils too!! From several directions!!
[21:05] *** Wait...they're not tentacles. They're TAILS!! Long, fur-covered tails!! And they're pulling the little submarine apart to get at the occupant inside!!!!
[21:07] *** Amidst the creaking of the submarine's failing frame, and just before an almighty CRACK...there's THE LAUGH
[21:08] <~> WRONG LINK!!
[21:11] *** The last scene shows an EXPLOSION as the submarine's hull ruptures.
[21:12] *** Then the footage transitions back up to the surface, to one of the cliffs of Natalia Island overlooking the water before.
[21:12] <~> THE DEEP BLUE. Created by Tewi Inaba.
[21:13] * ~ The title suddenly glitches for a second or two before stabilizing, but the letters have changed.
[21:13] <~> THE DEEP FLOOF.
[21:14] * ~ The logo of Fluffy-Eye Home Entertainment appears again, and the screen slowly fades to black.
[21:15] *** And that concludes this episode! Tune in again TOMORROW for the next showing!
[21:17] *** Yes! SATURDAY NIGHT will Fluffy-Eye Home Entertainment prevent you "Games for Kids!" It's an fun and whimsical infomercial on the kinds of games the kids in your lives can keep themselves occupied with!
[21:17] *** Until then...GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE
[19:20] * ~ The projector starts to power up!
[19:22] *** The scene starts! There's an image of what looks like a planet, a small gas giant, with what look like two dark spots on its upper hemisphere and several dark lines on its lower hemisphere.
[19:22] * ~ It's the logo of Fluffy-Eye Home Entertainment! WHOOOOOOT!!!!
[19:26] *** A new logo appears. It's just white letters on a black background. "Vulpes Video."
[19:27] * ~ Music starts playing that sounds a lot like an old Kenny G album.
[19:27] <~> HEY KIDS!!
[19:28] <~> Are you bored? Need some new, fun games to play? Well you're in luck!
[19:28] <~> GAMES FOR KIDS!
[19:28] <~> A list of fun, classic games to play with friends!
[19:29] <~> GAME ONE. Hide and Go Seek.
[19:30] <~> One player is chosen as the seeker while everyone else are hiders.
[19:30] * ~ Little figures down at the bottom appear. Several move offscreen while one remains motionless.
[19:31] <~> The seeker counts to twenty, then searches for the hiders.
[19:33] *** The next scene shows the inside of an old-fashioned Japanese house. There's what looks like a bit of red cloth sticking out from behind a table.
[19:33] *** An arrow is superimposed over the table, blinking slowly with a DING sound.
[19:33] *** has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:33] <@spiritflame> konbanwa
[19:34] *** has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:34] <@spiritflame> konbanwa
[19:34] *** Chen Yakumo [BlackCatofIllOmen@EnclaveFedCom.Net Pirated Server] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:34] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Chen Yakumo
[19:34] * Chen Yakumo pops up!
[19:34] <Chen Yakumo> :D
[19:36] <Chen Yakumo> Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!
[19:36] <~> FOUND YOU! The last hider to be found wins!
[19:37] *** The title screen comes up again.
[19:37] <~> GAME TWO. Freeze Tag.
[19:37] <~> One player is chosen as "It" while everyone else are runners.
[19:38] <~> "It' has to chase and tag the runners. When a runner is tagged, they freeze!
[19:39] <~> If a frozen runner is tagged by another runner, they get to play again!
[19:39] *** The scene switches to the inside of the house, where Chen is peering around carefully.
[19:40] <Chen Yakumo> >__>
[19:40] <Chen Yakumo> <__<
[19:40] * Chen Yakumo is suddenly grabbed from behind by multiple thick, fluffy tails!!!!
[19:40] *** Ran Yakumo [Nine-Tailed Strategist@EnclaveFedCom.Net(Pirated S] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:40] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Ran Yakumo
[19:40] <Ran Yakumo> :D
[19:40] <Chen Yakumo> :O
[19:41] <~> TAG!!
[19:41] <~> When all the runners are frozen, "It" wins!
[19:42] *** The title screen appears again.
[19:42] <~> GAME THREE. Sardines.
[19:43] <~> Sardines is similar to Hide and Go Seek, except one player is chosen as the hider and everyone else are seekers.
[19:44] <~> The seekers count to twenty, while the hider hides as fast as they can!
[19:44] <~> When a seeker finds the hider, they try their best to hide with them.
[19:45] *** The scene switches back to the Yakumo household, where Ran is sitting out on the deck, drinking some tea.
[19:45] <Ran Yakumo> ^__^
[19:46] *** Her tails look VERY thick today. As in VERY poofed. Almost as if something is hiding within them!
[19:47] * Chen Yakumo 's tails suddenly pop out from within Ran's tails!
[19:47] * ~ Other little ears and tails pop out as well. Who else is in there with Chen?
[19:47] <~> FOUND YOU!
[19:48] <~> Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!
[19:48] <~> The game ends when everybody is hiding!
[19:49] *** The title screen comes back.
[19:49] <~> GAME FOUR.
[19:49] * ~ The Kenny G music suddenly dies.
[19:49] <~> Feed the Floof.
[19:51] <~> All players wait until it is very dark and your parents have fallen asleep.
[19:51] <~> Sneak outside very quietly and gather all of your friends.
[19:52] <~> Go into the woods.
[19:52] <~> Walk until you cannot see the lights any more.
[19:53] <~> Scream at the top of your lungs.
[19:54] *** The scene switches to a shot of a small clearing deep in a forest at night. It's dark and misty and certainly NOT the kind of night children should be out in.
[19:55] *** The camera turns and faces the trees. It's hard to see far.
[19:56] *** The arrow appears, pointing at something behind a tree.
[19:56] <~> - BRRRRRRRRRRRRT *buzzer* That's a negative. -
[19:57] *** The scene switches to a different part of the forest. The trees are thicker and the night is darker.
[19:57] *** The arrow appears again, pointing at a dark spot!!!
[19:58] <~> - BRRRRRRRRRRRRRT -
[19:58] *** The forest just gets darker and creepier. It's obvious that no one comes here.
[19:59] *** The arrow appears again, pointing at the opening of a burrow underneath the roots of a large tree. Eyes are reflecting back light at the viewer.
[20:00] <~> - Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! -
[20:03] *** The next scene shows a forest road. It's getting lighter out but the mist obscures a lot of the trees. A Humvee with police lights is coming down the road and skids to a halt.
[20:04] <~> The game ends when the floofs are fed.
[20:04] *** The doors on the Humvee open and from inside come...
[20:04] *** HK-416 has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:04] <@spiritflame> konbanwa HK-416
[20:04] *** G-11 has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:04] <@spiritflame> konbanwa G-11
[20:04] *** UMP-45 has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:04] <@spiritflame> konbanwa UMP-45
[20:04] *** UMP-9 has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:04] <@spiritflame> konbanwa UMP-9
[20:05] <HK-416> Okay, so what are we doing out here again?
[20:06] <UMP-45> Something about kids yelling in the woods here.
[20:06] <UMP-9> They were probably just playing and got lost, that's all.
[20:07] <HK-416> This isn't the Bamboo Forest of the Lost. It's not like they're going to be found by Reisen, Mokou, or Kagerou and brought out again. They shouldn't even BE here.
[20:07] * G-11 yawns.
[20:08] <G-11> Where would we even start looking? It's not like we have a specific area to even start with.
[20:09] <UMP-45> We could just start exploring around and maybe we'll stumble across something.
[20:09] <HK-416> Yeah, and increase the likelihood of getting lost ourselves. That's hardly a sound plan.
[20:10] <UMP-9> It's be fun! Just think of it like a game of Hide and Seek! :D
[20:10] * G-11 suddenly FLOPS backwards and goes out of sight behind the Humvee.
[20:11] * HK-416 facepalms.
[20:11] <HK-416> COME ON, YOU GREMLIN! Stop having these sleep-attacks!! I swear, you need a full system purge at this point! I...
[20:12] * HK-416 stops as she sees what's happened to G-11.
[20:12] * G-11 has a FACEHUGGER KIT clamped onto her face tightly!!!
[20:13] <HK-416> WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!!!
[20:13] * HK-416 starts firing into the trees!
[20:14] * UMP-45 and UMP-9 start shooting too, shooting blindly into the forest!
[20:14] * HK-416 cries out as something grabs onto her legs from below! SOMETHING WAS HIDING BENEATH THE VEHICLE!!
[20:15] <Xenofloof> =^ ^=
[20:15] <Xenofloof> Gotcha!
[20:16] * HK-416 flails and shrieks as more Xenofloofs DIVE upon her from all around! Several were lurking in a culvert beside the road while others were hiding underneath the Humvee!
[20:16] <UMP-9> 45! HK-416's in trouble!
[20:17] * UMP-9 turns to see that UMP-45 is on the ground! Multiple Xenofloofs are on her, pouncing up and down on her back and triggering a Squib-load in the middle of UMP-45's jacket!! The eruption of "blood" (which looks suspiciously like tomato sauce mixed with ground beef) is like a small volcano going off!
[20:18] <UMP-45> X__x
[20:18] *** Xenofloofs DIVE upon UMP-45's prone form!
[20:18] <~> Spaghetti sauce!!!
[20:18] <~> Spicy ground sausage!!!
[20:19] * UMP-9 looks around in panic!
[20:20] * G-11 is flailing her arms helplessly, unable to do anything as large amounts of THICK, RED, CHUNKY SLUDGE start to ooze out from underneath the Facehugger Kit's body and down the sides of her head!! WHAT'S IT DOING TO HER!?!??!
[20:21] *** The Xenofloofs DIVE upon G-11's incapacitated body!
[20:21] <~> SALSA!!!
[20:21] <~> Flavored with MEAT!!
[20:22] * HK-416 is howling and screaming and doing her best impression of Aqua from "Konosuba" as she's trying to sit up. She can't escape! Xenofloofs are all over her, all around her, pawing and tugging and pulling on her!
[20:24] *** Suddenly, there's a big, wet, RIPPING sound as HK-416's ENTIRE LOWER TORSO FROM THE HIPS DOWN ARE MESSILY RIPPED AWAY FROM HER BODY!!!!! A MASSIVE amount of "Blood" and "Organs" explode everywhere in a horrid, gory display!!
[20:26] *** fact, this scene looks EXACTLY like the famous scene from the original "Day of the Dead" movie where a man was physically ripped in half by a group of zombies. Basically, he was standing in a hole while the "zombies" ripped a fake torso away from his body in a classic example of over-the-top gore that exemplified horror movies...and was an excellent example of how practical effects were superior in the 1970s and 1980s
[20:28] * UMP-9 turns to run, but there are more Xenofloofs nearby, preparing to cut her off!!
[20:28] <~> o___o o__o o__o o__o o__o o__o
[20:29] <~> Feed the Floof.
[20:29] <~> FEED THE FLOOF!
[20:29] <UMP-9> D:
[20:30] * UMP-9 starts to imhale...
[20:31] *** The Xenofloofs DIVE upon UMP-9 with eager expressions and wiggly tails!!
[20:34] *** The camera pulls back and the scene of hundreds of Xenofloofs pouncing and wiggling frolicking over the bodies fades into the fog.
[20:35] <~> The game ends when the floofs are fed.
[20:35] <~> - Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay -
[20:35] *** The final scene shows Earth in space.
[20:36] *** The blinking arrow points at the Earth.
[20:36] <~> FOUND YOU!
[20:36] <~> BORDER=0 Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!
[20:37] *** The video feed distorts and scrambles, as if something happened to the playback.
[20:37] *** The title screen appears again, and the Kenny G music returns.
[20:37] <~> GAMES FOR KIDS!
[20:37] <~> Created by Tewi Inaba.
[20:38] *** The scene ends with the Fluffy-Eye Home Entertainment logo.
[20:39] * ~ The scene ends, and the reel shifts.
[20:42] *** And that concludes our presentation for tonight. Our next showing of the next episode will be on MONDAY, with the Information Video of Bamboo Acres Family Camp! Join us and find out more about this fantastic resort for families of all kinds!
[20:44] *** Until then, good night everyone!
[19:10] * ~ The projector starts to power up!
[19:12] * ~ The scene begins with the now-familiar logo of Fluffy-Eye Home Entertainment. Why IS it called "Fluffy-Eye" anyway? And what's with the markings on that planet? It almost looks like a face...
[19:13] *** The scene switches over to a view of a lush forest of bamboo! You're looking down a slight decline, so it's easy to see just how expansive the forest is.
[19:14] <~> Come visit Bamboo Acres Family Camp!
[19:14] * ~ The accompanying music is a nice slow American Western guitar.
[19:15] <~> Since our founding, Bamboo Acres has been devoted to family and creating memories.
[19:16] *** The scene switches to a shot of a steeply-sloped mountain in the distance. No sign of any waterfalls from the summit, so that ISN'T Youkai Mountain in Gensokyo.
[19:16] <~> Our campground is as pristine and beautiful as ever. A relic from the past!
[19:18] *** The scene switches to a shot of a small, sturdy Japanese forest house. This one is roofed with tiles instead of thatch, and the walls are made of thick, sturdy squared logs. The place looks like it could handle a lot of storms if necessary.
[19:19] <~> Many of the original camp buildings remain, untouched since the initial closure.
[19:19] <~> Let's look at some of the activities our camp has to offer!
[19:22] *** The scene shifts to various shots from within the forest and its winding paths.
[19:22] <~> Activities include hiking!
[19:22] <~> With so many expansive trails, hiking is a regular occurence at our camp. Just make sure you don't get lost.
[19:23] <~> ARCHERY. Archery has been a tradition throughout our camp's lifetime, with the targets getting more extravagant every year.
[19:24] *** The scene switches to show a traditional Japanese longbow sitting on a stand in a field, with various targets arrayed in the distance.
[19:25] <~> BOATING! There are many lakes and streams connecting to the nearby river, so boating trips are always highly regarded by our guests.
[19:27] *** The next scene is of the bamboo forest at night. Mist wafts around the trunks of the trees, and the entire area has an eerie and ominous feeling, especially since the moon casts little light on the area. And...what are all those gleaming lights from deeper within the forest? They look like eyes...
[19:28] *** The title of the Activity is..."Hunting".
[19:28] <~> And let's not forget about our famous Lights in the Woods event!
[19:29] *** The scene goes into motion, and it soon becomes clear that the lights in the woods DO seem to be eyes! And they start to rapidly get closer!
[19:30] *** The new scene shows several of the little houses shown earlier arranged in a neat row.
[19:31] <~> No need to pitch a tent anywhere. Bamboo Acres has many place for you to stay.
[19:31] <~> Sleep in luxury at one of our Family Cabins. Completely burrow free!
[19:33] <~> For the kids, we have separate boys and girls cabins. Each with fun activities all year round.
[19:34] * ~ The next photo is of a slightly smaller cabin that's actually suspended a few feet off the ground my thick wooden stumps.
[19:34] <~> Feeling rustic? Stay at one of the camp's original cabins, with are frequently cleaned and always cozy.
[19:36] * ~ The next shot is an interior of one of the cabins. There's a firepit in the center of the main room, along with basic furnishings and old-style partitions dividing areas.
[19:37] <~> Each and every cabin at Bamboo Acres is fully furnished and stocked for the seaons.
[19:37] <~> With the most up to date safety technology, you can rest assured knowing your security is in our hands.
[19:38] *** The picture now is an outside shot, showing one of the camp's security personnel standing proudly and waving at the camera.
[19:38] *** Hey...THAT'S REISEN HERSELF!!!
[19:38] *** has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:38] <@spiritflame> konbanwa
[19:38] *** Reisen Udongein Inaba [LunaticMoonRabbit@FedCom.Net (Pirated Serve] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:38] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Reisen Udongein Inaba
[19:38] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> :D
[19:39] * Reisen Udongein Inaba is standing in front of...waitaminute, THAT'S ONE OF THE STORM ALARMS FEATURED IN A PREVIOUS MOVIE!
[19:39] *** Yup, it's a Hakurei Hazard storm alarm system!
[19:41] *** The images glitch to static, then you all see a stationary shot of the inside of one of the cabins, with the camera aimed at the door. It's closed, but something it gently thudding against it from the other side.
[19:42] <~> - Do not answer the knocking at the door. -
[19:43] *** The scene switches to outside, where night has fallen and a small bonfire burns steadily nearby.
[19:43] <~> LORE OF THE CAMP
[19:44] <~> An important part of Bamboo Acre's legacy is its history. Many stories have been told from person to person throughout the camp's lifetime.
[19:46] <~> In 1969, rumors of strange, oddly-dressed women visiting the camp began to make the rounds.
[19:47] <~> It is said that the women would ask to enter the camp administrators cabin, every night, for years.
[19:49] <~> One night a deal was made with the strange women and they left the camp, never to be seen again.
[19:50] <~> Another popular myth arose after that time when campgoers began to have sightings of Kitsune.
[19:51] *** The image glitches out again. Everything goes to static for a few seconds, then a new image appears of an utterly dark field. The sky is a dull red-orange, and there's no other light nearby.
[19:52] *** Something is sitting nearby. There are, in fact, multiple small forms sitting on the shadowy ground, almost invisible in the deep twilight.
[19:53] * ~ The scene switches back to the cabin door.
[19:53] * ~ More knocking. It almost sounds like something is pawing at the door.
[19:54] *** There's tapping at the window now.
[19:55] *** Something's moving in the fields too. You see multiple sets of eyes gleaming in the fading light.
[19:56] *** The scene switches to a new section entitled "FRIENDS"
[19:59] <~> Reisen-2. Girls' Club Supervisor Answered the door
[20:00] <~> Chen Yakumo. Assistant activity supervisor.
[20:00] <~> - She answered the door too. -
[20:00] <~> Reisen Udongien Inaba. Camp security.
[20:01] <~> - She was taken first. -
[20:01] <~> Cirno. General assistant. Answered door.
[20:02] <~> Daiyousei. Assistant to Cirno. Answered door.
[20:02] <~> Youmu Konoaku. Assistant camp administrator. Answered door.
[20:05] *** Every single one of the pictures of the people mentioned looks like someone's Last Known Photograph!
[20:05] <~> And then there's THIS GIRL
[20:05] <~> Asked to enter.
[20:07] *** The camera image goes back inside the cabin. The knocking is coming from all around the exterior now!
[20:08] *** And there's now a metallic BONG sound going off in the distance, sounding once every two seconds.
[20:08] * ~ Wait...that's the Hakurei Hazard storm alarm going off.
[20:09] *** The door starts to open, revealing...!!!!
[20:09] <~>

[20:12] *** The scene changes back to the opening title credits.
[20:12] <~> Camp Information Video.
[20:12] <~> Created by Tewi Inaba.
[20:13] * ~ And the logo of Fluffy-Eye Home Entertainment tops it all off.
[20:19] *** And that concludes the latest episode of the series. Tune in on WEDNESDAY for the next terrifying part of CheesyKit's newest horror series!
[19:15] * ~ The projector starts to power up!
[19:16] *** The movie begins with the familiar logo of Fluffy-Eye Home Entertainment appearing.
[19:17] *** The scene switches to a forest in the deep evening, with a very large full moon slowly rising over the trees.
[19:18] *** The title appears!
[19:18] <~> Kagerou Imaizumi's Wilderness Survival Guide
[19:23] *** The scene switches once again, this time to a field where you see...HER!! waving!
[19:24] <Kagerou Imaizumi> Whether you're camping, hiking, or hunting, it's important to stay safe when going into the wilderness.
[19:25] <Kagerou Imaizumi> Tonight I'll teach you a few helpful survival tips that just might save your life.
[19:25] <Kagerou Imaizumi> Essentials! Be prepared!
[19:26] <Kagerou Imaizumi> There's basic knowledge that every wildlife explorer...and wilderness inhabitants like myself...should know. Including what equipment to keep on-hand at all times.
[19:28] * Kagerou Imaizumi sits down on the ground and unrolls a leather bundle that contains several items, all contained in individual pockets. She clearly made this herself. The workmanship is really quite nice.
[19:29] <Kagerou Imaizumi> Here, you'll see that I have a water bottle... (holds up a plastic bottle).
[19:30] * Kagerou Imaizumi motions to several small packages wrapped in waxed paper and tied with coarse twine. "About three days of food. I have a bunch of dried and salted meats."
[19:30] <Kagerou Imaizumi> A first aid kit. Modern kits are really useful.
[19:30] <Kagerou Imaizumi> Matches. Waterproof.
[19:31] <Kagerou Imaizumi> A compass. One of those old, clunky military types is my favorite.
[19:31] <Kagerou Imaizumi> And lastly, a good knife!
[19:33] * Kagerou Imaizumi has one of THESE knives on her. Holy crap, that's a Soviet bayonet. And yes, that groove is designed so the knive can clip to the scabbard and become a wire-cutter.
[19:35] <Kagerou Imaizumi> Next, stay aware when you're in the wilderness. Thorns, ditches, and rivers can lead to serious injuries if they're ignored.
[19:35] <Kagerou Imaizumi> - As can a certain miko and sneak-thief witch... -
[19:38] *** The scene switches to show some of the things Kagerou is talking about.
[19:39] *** You some of the nastier brambles that can be found in the deep woods. As well as overgrown drainage ditches that are partially hidden.
[19:39] *** Fast-flowing streams are also shown. And then there's THESE TWO
[19:42] <Kagerou Imaizumi> Camping or hiking on private property or hunting grounds can lead to trouble in the form of major fines or worse.
[19:43] <Kagerou Imaizumi> Always make sure you have the proper permits before entering an area. And if you don't, or the area is known to be expressly off-limits, don't risk it.
[19:44] <Kagerou Imaizumi> When possible, try to study a map of the region you plan to go hiking, camping, or exploring in. That way you at least have some knowledge of whatever hazards might be known within the area.
[19:45] *** A new section appears. "THINGS TO AVOID - WILDLIFE"
[19:46] *** Pictures are shown of various animals. "Bears. Cougars. Moose."
[19:47] <~Text> It you come face-to-face with any of these animals, stay calm. Do not run. Simply back away slowly, keeping your eyes on the animal.
[19:48] *** The associated picture shows silhouettes of what looks like a girl with animal ears (probably meant to be Kagerou) and what looks like a large bear. The wolf-girl-outline moves away from the bear.
[19:49] <~Text> If the animal displays aggression, raise your voice and speak sternly.
[19:49] <~Text> Keep backing away until you are out of view of the animal.
[19:50] <~Text> Once out of eyesight, report the incident to the local authorities.
[19:50] *** The wolf-girl outline moves offscreen, leaving the bear...which suddenly morphs into something else entirely WHAT THE HELL!??!
[19:52] *** A new segment begins. "THINGS TO AVOID - Plantlife"
[19:52] *** A window opens, showing a picture of a VERY familiar plant.
[19:53] <~> Poison Ivy. Causes rashes, itching, swelling, and blisters.
[19:54] *** A new picture appears. "Water hemlock. Causes trembling, convulsions, respiratory failure, and possibly death."
[19:57] *** The next picture appears...showing what looks like a weird mass of twisted appendages, fungal bulbs, and weird rhizomes. "Kitsune's Curse Causes - hallucinations, sudden muscular paralysis, body disfigurement, and flesh decay."
[19:59] <~> If you make physical contact with any of these plants, seek medical attention.
[19:59] <~> Always keep a first aid kit on hand.
[19:59] *** The next section starts. "THINGS TO AVOID - Sounds."
[20:00] *** The scene shows Kagerou standing in a field, listening as canine howls echo in the distance.
[20:01] <~> #1 - Wolf howls. Note, these COULD also be wolf-youkai howls too.
[20:02] *** The next sound begins, starting with a low throaty growl that quickly escalates into a loud explosion of noise that almost sounds like tearing.
[20:03] <~> #2 - Cougar screams.
[20:03] *** The next scene is a shot of the camera looking up through the trees into the sky.
[20:04] <~> - "HELP!!! HEEEEEEEEEELP!! Help me! Somebody!! Help!!" -
[20:05] *** Wait...that IS the audio too.
[20:05] <~> #3. Auditory hallucination.
[20:06] <~> If you hear any of these sounds, leave the area immediately.
[20:06] <~> Do not move towards the sound. If you hear them, they have already heard you.
[20:07] *** The next scene begins, showing a small campfire burning in the dark.
[20:08] *** And yes, Kagerou is sitting beside it, smiling and waving.
[20:08] <Kagerou Imaizumi> Now to build a fire. This is always an important skill to know.
[20:09] <Kagerou Imaizumi> What you'll need are...Matches.
[20:10] <Kagerou Imaizumi> A supply of medium-sized stones. A good size for this would be about half the length of a typical brick.
[20:10] <Kagerou Imaizumi> Dry grass and/or leaves.
[20:10] <Kagerou Imaizumi> Dry twigs and branches.
[20:11] <Kagerou Imaizumi> And dry logs and branches for the main fuel supply.
[20:12] * Kagerou Imaizumi sits down on the ground and places the rocks into a circular formation, with the stones placed close together.
[20:13] <Kagerou Imaizumi> First, we'll make a ring of stones in the spot we want to have the fire. This will not only hold the kindling and fuel together in one spot, but also help prevent the fire from spreading beyond the boundary of the campfire.
[20:14] <Kagerou Imaizumi> Still, be mindful of any other dry brush around the campfire that could enable it to spread. We don't want no forest fires.
[20:15] * Kagerou Imaizumi then places a pile of dried leaves, twigs, and brush inside the stone ring.
[20:15] <Kagerou Imaizumi> Next, we'll put the tinder inside the ring. Like I said, the stones help to keep all of this stuff together.
[20:16] * Kagerou Imaizumi then starts putting several small pieces of wood in the ring in such a way that they form a cone-like structure.
[20:17] <Kagerou Imaizumi> Place the kindling in a tee-pee formation so that the tinder will ignite the most area of the wood.
[20:17] * Kagerou Imaizumi pulls out the matches and starts trying to light them.
[20:18] *** And tries.
[20:18] *** And keeps trying, over and over.
[20:19] <Kagerou Imaizumi> >:[
[20:20] <~> #1 - Follow the lights.
[20:21] * Kagerou Imaizumi pauses and looks around...and notices that there are several pairs of little lights gleaming in the darkness from deeper within the woods.
[20:22] * Kagerou Imaizumi suddenly PERKS her ears as she hears something in the distance!
[20:22] <~> - HEEEEEELP!! Help me! -
[20:24] * Kagerou Imaizumi looks up. The camera follows. There's a field nearby, and the horizon is a pale orange right now. It's easy to make out someone stumbling around about a hundred or so yards away.
[20:24] * Kagerou Imaizumi moves in a little closer.
[20:28] * Kagerou Imaizumi sees someone wandering around in the field, shouting and yelling for help. Except...the person is moving around really stiffly.
[20:29] *** A-91 has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:29] <@spiritflame> konbanwa A-91 *** Happy World Catfish Celebration! Eat Catfish today for good luck!
[20:30] <A-91> - HEEEEEEELP!! -
[20:31] * A-91 continues to stumble forward.
[20:31] <~> Yeeesss, like that! Like that! :D
[20:31] * A-91 has something clinging to the back of her neck, hidden underneath all of that thick, long hair of hers!
[20:32] * Kagerou Imaizumi "nopes" the hell out of there!
[20:32] *** The scene switches to another "header" screen.
[20:33] <~> If you believe you have been infected through a wound, do the following:
[20:33] <~> 1. Wash the wound with water and soap.
[20:34] <~> #2. Use antibiotic ointment on the injury.
[20:34] <~> #3. Forcefully rip foreign object from body.
[20:36] *** The scene switches to a rural house. Hey, isn't that the SAME house that was featured in previous videos?
[20:37] *** Yeah! It was the house in the "World's Weirdest Animals" video where SKS, A-91, and AK-47 were busy experimenting on whether or not T-Dolls can actually experience alcohol poisoning.
[20:37] * Kagerou Imaizumi is watching from hiding.
[20:38] * Kagerou Imaizumi can see AK-47 in the window, leaning against the doorframe and twitching and shuddering. Wait...she's NOT undergoing DT's. Something is HAPPENING to her!
[20:39] * AK-47 is...something is pushing OUT of the base of her lumbar spine (out of the top of those short-shorts of hers).
[20:39] *** It's growing into a tendril of some kind! Or maybe a hairless TAIL!
[20:41] *** The scene fades to black, and after a few seconds the title screen returns.
[20:41] <~> Kagerou Imaizumi's Wilderness Survival Guide.
[20:42] <~> Created by Tewi-wewi Inabadabababa. (We got you this time!) =^ ^=
[20:43] *** Finally, the familiar logo of Fluffy-Eye Home Entertainment appears for a few seconds before the video ends.
[20:49] <~> The next showing shall be held on SUNDAY, so be ready for greater insanity as things REALLY get weird!

[20:51] *** Last Time on Card Games
[20:53] *** [19:44] <???> if they want to escape in a batch...
[20:53] *** [19:46] <??? (right)> you must beat us in a match.
[20:53] *** [19:54] <Katrina> I think it's a modification of the original version's battle format.
[20:53] <Pinako> [19:57] <Pinako> it allowed for up to 4 players to attack each other, but this looks to be interesting.
[20:53] *** [19:57] <Pinako> it allowed for up to 4 players to attack each other, but this looks to be interesting.
[20:54] *** [20:31] <??? (left)> take your seats, don't be dismay(ed)
[20:54] *** [20:31] <??? (right)> for this battle's about to get underway.
[20:54] *** [22:59] <Pinako> My turn, now ends, you're up!
[20:54] *** and now back to Card Games
[21:01] <Pinako> My turn now wends, you're up!
[21:02] * Doran refills his hand.
[21:02] <Doran> a valiant move you have made.
[21:02] <Pand> did you make a call from beyond the grave?
[21:03] <Doran> for this I'm sure you must see!
[21:03] <Pand> you found something filled with glee?
[21:04] <Doran> Yes, PIE Card, Fu-kai Labyrinth. (Anime Only)
[21:04] <Doran> Witness the fields before your eyes.
[21:04] <Pand> it is now a maze, with a suprise.
[21:05] *** the fields on the table begin to split and merge in ways never seen before, or ever again after this, now resembling a maze.
[21:08] <Megan O`Cain> (Great. Just what we needed...)
[21:08] <Doran> but that's not all, I put down Beast Labyrinthia (Anime Only) Her defensive ability is that she can attack anyone with in 3 spaces in front of her in the maze, blocked by walls.
[21:10] *** Beast Labyrinthia: 60 HP, Awards 2 VP if Defeated normally, 6 VP if defeated in the labyrinth's walls.
[21:10] <Doran> My turn ends.
[21:11] <Pand> the rules of the maze is what you spend. HP divided by 20, if it's ending in a .5, round down.
[21:11] * Megan O`Cain lets out a sigh, and reloads her hand via telekinesis, making sure her opponents do not see what she's drawn
[21:14] *** Current hand: Megan: Body Card Soul Card Diamond Alien Demon Planta Regeneration.
[21:16] * Megan O`Cain looks at her side of the board to remind herself what's there
[21:19] *** Both Moon Warrior and Shirose warrior are at the entrance to the maze, 18 spaces to Beast Labyrinthia with three turns to take, 7 Spaces to Kaiju Cathodon with a right turn to take, and 16 spaces to Jupiter Warrior with 4 turns to take, DenDenRaiden and Shears are both 4 spaces away, on opposite directions, with 1 turn to take on each.
[21:20] *** Kappa, Lambda & Phi are 2 away from DenDenRaiden as well.
[21:21] <Pinako> My monster got sent into the maze!
[21:22] *** Bullboros is also in the maze, but 5 spaces from shears.
[21:22] <Megan O`Cain> Hmm.
[21:22] * Megan O`Cain puts a Body Card on Shirose Warrior, then puts down Demon Planta
[21:24] <Pand> one thing about the labyrinth is, warriors start, but Monsters are in.
[21:24] <Doran> before they attack, they must move.
[21:25] <Pand> surely you two can get in the groove.
[21:27] *** Planta materializes in the maze, 10 spaces away from Jupiter Warrior.
[21:28] * Megan O`Cain sets Regeneration face down on the board
[21:30] <Pinako> how do we move in the maze to attack.
[21:31] <Pand> you take your max amount of health, and divide the wealth.
[21:32] <Doran> by 20 is how it is, i it ends in a point 5, you miss., or those with 30, 50, 70 or 90, this'll make you frown.
[21:32] <Pand> your spaces only get to round down.
[21:34] <Katrina> so, according to their math, Pinako's Moon Warrior can currently only go 2 spaces, Megan's Shirose warrior can go 4 spaces.
[21:34] <Katrina> do their monsters go the same amount?
[21:35] <Doran> yes.
[21:35] <Pand> yes.
[21:38] <Megan O`Cain> Hmmm...
[21:40] * Megan O`Cain looks at the maze to determine the best route to Beast Labyrinthia for Shirose Warrior
[21:41] *** two monsters are in the way to Labyrinthia.
[21:42] * Megan O`Cain has Shirose Warrior take its 4 spaces into the maze
[21:48] *** Shirose Warrior is on... (Left or Straight?)
[21:50] * Megan O`Cain looks Left
[21:52] *** ... DenDenRaiden's Space! Battle?
[21:55] * Megan O`Cain looks at DenDenRaiden to see if it's a good idea to battle
[21:57] *** DenDenRaiden: HP 50, Max Attack is currently 30
[21:59] * Megan O`Cain checks to see if DenDenRaiden has anything special
[22:00] *** if there were a body card on it, its user could discard it and increase its attack to 60, however there's no body card on it currently, no special abilities.
[22:01] * Megan O`Cain has Shirose Warrior use Knife Attack on DenDenRaiden
[22:03] *** DenDenRaiden's HP drops to 30.
[22:29] <Megan O`Cain> (Okay...)
[22:35] *** end turn or move another?
[22:35] *** don't orget, you can also move your monster if you wish.
[22:36] * Megan O`Cain decides to keep Bullboros where it is for now
[22:38] *** Bullboros can move 2 spaces, Planta can move 1 space.
[22:39] * Megan O`Cain has Planta move one space forward
[22:40] *** Planta is now 9 spaces away from Jupiter Warrior.
[22:41] *** End Turn?
[22:47] <Megan O`Cain> I'm ending my turn now.
[22:49] * Pand refills his hand and puts down a Red Card on DenDenRaiden.
[22:50] <Pand> Discard a a body card Red, to make my enemy's attack dread.
[22:51] <Pand> but before I attack, a new monster on my stack.
[22:51] * Pand puts down Jinzo Cakes (IRL Counterpart: Marzipan)
[22:52] *** Cakes appear on the battlefield, two spaces away from Jupiter Warrior.
[22:52] <Pand> I move Cakes 3 spaces towards your planta.
[22:52] * Pand Cakes moves 3 spaces towards planta.
[22:53] <Pand> Now to attack, discard red to make it stack!
[22:54] * Pand discards a body card to double damage towards Shirose Warrior.
[22:55] * Megan O`Cain doesn't seem phased
[22:55] *** HP counter goes from 80 to 20.
[22:55] <Pand> my turn must end, this match has been a godsend.
[22:56] * Pinako refills her hand.
[22:57] *** Recap for Pinako
On the field:
Moon warrior, LV 2
Sailor Mask
Kappa, Lambda & Phi (in labyrinth)
Strength of the Fallen (PIE Card unused yet)

[22:59] <Pinako> (3 spaces for Moon, 4 for Sailor and 2 for Kappa, Lambda and Phi)
[22:59] * Pinako checks her refreshed hand.
[23:02] *** Body Card
Kaiju Cathodon
Ofuda Scroll
Sailor Mask - Level 2
Battle Power UP!

[23:02] * Pinako smiles.
[23:03] <Pinako> /first I put down 2 PIE Cards, then since you have a Cathodon, I'll bring mine in too, and last but not least Sailor Mask LEVEL UP to Level 2!
[23:05] *** Sailor Mask's stats raise to 120 HP, not to mention the attack requirements lower and their damage count is now higher.
[23:06] *** another Cathodon appears on the field, 2 spaces away from Shirose Warrior.
[23:06] <Pinako> and another body card on Sailor Mask.
[23:08] <Pinako> I see my Cathodon's near Shirose Warrior, I move 1 space towards her, then I move my Shirose Warrior 4 spaces. on top of your DenDenRaiden.
[23:08] <Pand> Wha-What?!
[23:09] *** the new Cathodon moves 1 space towards Shirose Warrior, while Pinako's Sailor Mask moves in Shirose's path to DenDenRaiden.
[23:10] <Megan O`Cain> Oh, damn.
[23:11] <Pinako> Sailor Mask, Rose Throw!
[23:11] *** heh, cue the whole rose throw gimmick.
[23:11] * Pinako declines the challenge.
[23:12] *** DenDenRaiden's HP goes down to 0 and is removed from the field.
[23:13] * Megan O`Cain smiles as an obstacle is out of the way
[23:13] <Pinako> and I'll end my turn there.
[23:15] <Doran> that moon Warrior's seen better days.
[23:15] * Doran refills his hand.
[23:16] <Doran> too bad I don't have a way.
[23:17] * Doran declines to put a card down and moves Labyrinthis 3 spaces forwards, no targets to attack currently.
[23:17] <Doran> I end my own turn, can't believe I've been burned.
[23:18] * Megan O`Cain draws from her deck to reload her hand
[23:23] *** Current hand:
Soul Card
Diamond Alien
Strength of the Fallen
Venus Warrior - Level 2

[23:27] <Megan O`Cain> (Damn it. I can't level up yet.)
[23:28] * Megan O`Cain sets Soul Card on Shirose Warrior, puts Regeneration and Strength of the Fallen face down, and then replaces Planta with Diamond Alien
[23:29] <Megan O`Cain> Enjoy, boys.
[23:29] *** the Planta Hologram soon transforms into the Diamond Alien, HP: 170
[23:30] *** The Diamond Alien can move up to 8 spaces.
[23:33] * Megan O`Cain looks at the maze (Gotta somehow restore Shirose's HP.)
[23:37] <Metalia> Can they restore HP?
[23:38] <Katrina> you used to be able to, yeah, but when the game got revived, someone decided to do away with it.
[23:38] <Katrina> it would have cost the person that turn if they did decide to heal though.
[23:39] <Katrina> but I believe artifacts from that era did survive.
[23:40] * Megan O`Cain continues looking at the maze, muttering to herself, "What could I do?"
[23:41] <Pinako> Meet up with my monster.
[23:41] <Pinako> only 2 spaces away.
[23:41] <Megan O`Cain> Eh? Which one was it?
[23:41] <Pinako> the newest Cathodon that appeared on the field.
[23:42] <Megan O`Cain> Ohhh. Gotcha.
[23:42] * Megan O`Cain has Shirose Warrior move to Pinako's Cathodon
[23:43] *** Pinako's Cathodon assumes a protective stance.
[23:45] *** Bullboros, Diamond Alien or End Turn?
[23:46] * Megan O`Cain has Bullboros and Diamond Alien move within the maze
[23:47] *** how many spaces for each? (Bullboros Max: 2|Diamond Alien Max: 8)
[23:48] * Megan O`Cain sets Bullboros move its maximum while Diamond Alien moves 4 spots
[23:51] *** Bullboros is 3 spaces from Shears
[23:52] *** Diamond Alien passes Jinzo Cakes and is 1 space Away from Jupiter Warrior.
[23:53] *** end turn?
[23:55] <Megan O`Cain> (This is a tough call. I could smack Jupiter Warrior good...)
[23:59] *** default range is 1 away or on square.
[00:02] <Megan O`Cain> I will have Diamond Alien attack Jupiter Warrior with Power Blaster.
[00:04] *** the diamond alien raises its arm and takes a blast at Jupiter Warrior, lowering its HP down to 20.
[00:04] <Pand> Gaaah,
[00:04] <Doran> do something!
[00:05] <Pand> you're the one that didn't put down a card.
[00:05] <Doran> I didn't have a thing that would make it start.
[00:08] *** End Turn?
[00:09] <Megan O`Cain> I end my turn.
[00:09] <Pand> cvery well.
[00:09] * Pand refills his hand.
[00:10] <Pand> re're running out of rhymes, but we're also running out of time.
[00:11] * Pand looks, then grimaces.
[00:11] <Pand> I also was dealt a bad hand, go ahead and tear up our land.
[00:13] <Pand> I end my turn.
[00:13] * Pinako nods my turn
[00:13] * Pinako replenishes her hand.
[00:15] *** Current Hand
Moon Warrior, Level 3
Soul Card x3
Black Moon Bomb

[00:16] <Pinako> I put down "Black Moon Bomb" first! I target your Labyrinthia and your Cathodon!
[00:16] *** the Dome turns red with two arrows going around at different speeds.
[00:17] *** the first arrow lands on Megan, and the second one lands on...
[00:17] * Pinako Doran
[00:17] *** Doran
[00:18] <Pinako> What were those arrows for?
[00:18] <Pand> they were to choose.
[00:18] <Doran> whoever the challenge wanted to use.
[00:18] <Megan O`Cain> Yay...
[00:19] <Pand> if she wins, your card is active.
[00:19] <Doran> but we think it''s too distractive.
[00:19] *** the three cards appear by Megan and Doran,
[00:19] *** three for each one, so there could be a tie.
[00:21] * Megan O`Cain takes a deep breath, and picks the card on her right
[00:22] * Doran picks the card on his middle.
[00:22] *** the result is...:
Megan: Paper
Doran: Paper

[00:23] <Doran> What! A Tie!
[00:23] <Pand> this means the challenge doesn't go bye bye.
[00:23] <Pinako> oh, now we have to do it again.
[00:25] <Megan O`Cain> Two different players, or the same?
[00:26] <Pinako> same players
[00:26] <Megan O`Cain> Alright.
[00:27] *** the cards appear again, and shuffle themsleves.
[00:27] *** the cards are now in their original positions.
[00:28] * Megan O`Cain goes for the middle card
[00:29] * Doran also goes for the middle card.
[00:30] * Megan O`Cain flips her card to reveal...
[00:30] *** The result is:
Megan: Paper
Doran: Rock

[00:31] <Megan O`Cain> I win.
[00:32] *** Labyrinthia and the first Cathodon are destroyed, earning Pinako's Tag Team 7 VP
[00:32] *** Total amount so far: 9 VP
[00:32] <Pinako> I'll keep everyone where they are, my turn's over.
[00:33] <Doran> Not Labyrinthia! and my hand's still full!
[00:33] <Doran> I must.
[00:33] <Doran> I'll put down one monster in the labyrinth, and then end my turn.
[00:36] <Pinako> now's our chance!
[00:36] <Megan O`Cain> Right!
[00:36] * Megan O`Cain draws until her hand is reloaded
[00:39] *** Current Hand:
Venus Warrior - Level 2
Healing Sleep
Venus Warrior - Level 1
Mind Card

[00:43] <Megan O`Cain> Alright. First, Venus Warrior Level 1 comes out (sets down the card).
[00:44] *** the venus warrior hologram appears on the field.
[00:44] <Doran> Wha? how can this be?
[00:44] <Pand> She has a copy too, I see
[00:47] <Megan O`Cain> Then, I'm placing a Mind Card on it (does so).
[00:49] *** Temporary labyrinth special abiliry, Attack reflection, The Golden Beam Smasher can reflect itself through walls, but the attack still requires 2 mind cards.
[00:54] *** further actions during your turn?
[00:56] * Megan O`Cain sets Regeneration down face down
[00:56] <Megan O`Cain> Diamond Alien, finish off Jupiter Warrior with another Power Blaster!
[00:58] *** The diamond Warrior, blasts the Jupiter Warrior again, its HP down to 0.
[00:58] *** Jupiter Warrior is Destroyed, Pando and Doran lose, Pinako and Megan Wins.
[00:59] *** the holograms disappear.
[01:03] <Megan O`Cain> Well, how about that?
[01:07] <Pinako> We've won!
[01:08] <Megan O`Cain> So, what's next? We finally get out of here?
[01:08] <Pand> Don't Smile yet, you're now in the middle!
[01:09] <Doran> all you have to do is answer our riddle.
[01:09] <Pand> we open our posessions all of the time.
[01:10] <Doran> whether nor not they contain food or rocks of lime.
[01:10] <Pand> but the one thing we cannot open.
[01:10] <Doran> is the box to our name, lest we be broken.
[01:11] <Pand> that is your riddle.
[01:12] <Doran> it's not too large or too little
[01:15] <Megan O`Cain> You never did tell us your names, though. For all we know, you two could be named Timmy and Jimmy.
[01:17] <Pand> Jimmy and Timmy are one letter separate.
[01:18] <Doran> our names come from one word, one in a box not so great.
[01:19] <Pinako> wait a minute.
[01:19] <Pinako> a not so great box, one you can't open...
[01:22] <Megan O`Cain> Hmmm...
[01:22] <Pinako> ... It's Pandora's Box, isn't it.
[01:23] <Megan O`Cain> Yeah, sounds about right.
[01:23] <Pand> The pink child, she got it so quick.
[01:23] <Doran> The Pandora Brothers know when a mind is so thick.
[01:24] *** a box comes down and opens, containing a key.
[01:25] <Megan O`Cain> Huh.
[01:26] <Pand> this key if proof that you have conquered our labyrinth as we sit.
[01:26] <Doran> So tell Delphius one thing...
[01:26] <Megan O`Cain> And that is?
[01:26] <Pand> ... WE QUIT!
[01:26] <Doran> ... WE QUIT!
[01:27] <Megan O`Cain> Sure. We'll do that.
[01:28] * Doran and Pand deposit their battle gloves on the table.
[01:28] * Pinako goes up and unlocks the door with the key.
[01:29] *** the latch unlocks
[01:29] * Metalia rushes up and feels the wall.
[01:29] <Metalia> ... This leads to an exit!
[01:30] <Megan O`Cain> Let's go, then.
[01:30] <Pinako> Let's go!
[01:31] * Pinako runs down the corridor.
[01:31] * Megan O`Cain follows Pinako
[01:31] * Metalia follows Pinako as the rest, Katrina, Barry and Narun follow up.
[01:31] *** To Be Continued...

[01:32] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Battler's Paradise (2/24/2022, Around 3 PM)
[01:33] *** a Helicopter lands nearby as someone gets out of it.
[01:33] *** Val The Csar has joined #suburbansenshi3
[01:33] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Val The Csar
[01:33] <Val The Csar> ... Delphius... Didn't think of you as having a place this fancy.
[01:36] * Val The Csar walks down the path to the castle.
[01:41] <Val The Csar> hmm?
[01:41] * Val The Csar looks left.
[01:41] * Val The Csar grabs behind him, and throws thatever's behind him over.
[01:41] <Val The Csar> HUUURAAGGGH!
[01:41] *** one of Delphius's security guards is thrown over.
[01:42] <Delphius' Security Guard> Aghhhhh!
[01:42] <Val The Csar> Two questions of equal importance...
[01:42] <Val The Csar> Where's Cochran, and Where are MY CARDS?
[01:43] <Delphius' Security Guard> heheehhe, you aren't holding any of the bargaining chips this time.
[01:43] * Val The Csar twists the guard's arm.
[01:43] <Val The Csar> I believe I've got one right here.
[01:43] <Val The Csar> now, lead me to where Cochran is.
[01:44] <Delphius' Security Guard> You shouldn't be messing with any of this.
[01:44] <Delphius' Security Guard> What master Delphius is doing is very important.
[01:44] <Val The Csar> oh really? not as important is greeting an old friend?
[01:45] <Delphius' Security Guard> you wiseguy, Aghhhhh!
[01:45] <Val The Csar> Lead me to him... NOW!
[01:45] <Delphius' Security Guard> owowow, alright alright!
[01:45] * Delphius' Security Guard moves forward towards the castle.
[01:45] *** the camera pans up, and about 15 minutes later, the two are now in a dark dungeon.
[01:47] <Delphius' Security Guard> he's here somewhere, but will you reach him in time.
[01:47] * Delphius' Security Guard steps on a randomly placed tile.
[01:48] <Val The Csar> huh? What the?
[01:48] <Val The Csar> hmmm...
[01:48] <Val The Csar> RAAARGH!
[01:48] * Val The Csar PUNCHES the guard in the face, then darts down the dungeon caverns looking for Cochran.
[01:51] <Val The Csar> Cochran, cochran! Where are you?
[01:51] <???> over here, Brother Val.
[01:51] * Val The Csar races towards the source of the voice, finding Cochran in a cell.
[01:51] <Val The Csar> Cochran!
[01:52] <Cochran> Brother Val! Quick, get out of here, it's not safe.
[01:53] <Val The Csar> I'm not leaving until you're safe!
[01:53] <???> well then, you're finally here, Little Val
[01:53] <Val The Csar> ... Delphius!
[01:54] <Delphius> I must say, you woke up from your coma rather quickly.
[01:54] <Delphius> one would think you would have been in it for another month or two.
[01:54] <Delphius> or, at least until Little Pinako is defeated.
[01:55] <Val The Csar> What do you plan to do?
[01:56] <Delphius> once she is defeated in my tournament, The Dark Agency will be all mine to control, then I can conduct a top secret search.
[01:57] <Val The Csar> what is your game, Delphius?
[01:57] <Delphius> aside from Knights & Guardians? well then.
[01:58] <Delphius> I'm sure you're aware of the game's origins.
[01:59] <Val The Csar> I'm aware that someone in North America originally created it.
[01:59] <Delphius> not those origins, but you're correct.
[02:01] <Delphius> however, that is not what I am researching, tell me, did you find someone holding a one of a kind card? only one copy?
[02:01] <Val The Csar> ... not that I know of, there's a lot of copies of that Silver Crystal Card out there. That youma girl's one of the many.
[02:02] <Delphius> of the original version, yes.
[02:02] <Delphius> but from what I saw, she has the copy that there is only one of in the whole world, no, the whole universe.
[02:03] <Delphius> the one that one of the Youma Artists snuck in.
[02:03] <Delphius> I want that card back!
[02:04] <Delphius> It is not meant to be in a Youma's hands.
[02:05] <Delphius> whoever let her use that card obviously knows of it's somehow created secret effect.
[02:06] <Delphius> I believe that girl that was with her was the one who received it, unless my crystal shows me otherwise.
[02:06] * Delphius pulls out a black looking crystal similar to... the Kurozuishou!
[02:07] <Delphius> now, you're going to be doing me a favor if you want Cochran back.
[02:07] <Delphius> but to ensure I have your full cooperation.
[02:07] * Delphius extends his hand out to cochran with the crystal in hand.
[02:08] <Cochran> What? n-no.
[02:08] * Cochran 's Voice echoes as his body falls to the floor, lifeless.
[02:08] * Delphius sees a card generate in his hand, showing it to Val.
[02:09] *** the card Has Cochran's image on it.
[02:10] <Delphius> The Shin Kurozuishou has taken your brother's very soul.
[02:11] <Delphius> if you want to get it back, you must battle me for it.
[02:11] <Val The Csar> My deck first, Delphius.
[02:11] <Val The Csar> I'll do it right here and right now!
[02:11] <Delphius> my guard must have been too lazy to pick it up form that battle site.
[02:12] <Delphius> no, you'll battle me like everyone else has needed to.
[02:12] <Delphius> 12 Battle chips, only then will I entertain you.
[02:12] <Delphius> though, first you must have a card and chips to start.
[02:13] * Delphius gives Val a card with 6 chips installed.
[02:13] <Delphius> I have a match in mind for you, if you defeat Little Pinako and take her Battle Chips, I'll entertain your battle.
[02:14] * Delphius begins walking away.
[02:15] <Delphius> ... oh, and don't think I don't know about your table prototype.
[02:15] * Delphius walks away.
[02:15] * Val The Csar looks on in anger.
[02:15] * Val The Csar eventually is escorted out.
[02:16] *** Val The Csar has left #suburbansenshi3

[19:21] * ~ The projector starts to power up!
[19:23] *** The familiar logo of Fluffy-Eye Home Entertainment appears once again.
[19:24] * ~ It's a commercial this time, with cool-sounding music for something called "Fluffy Omen". It appears to be a new PC game that's coming out!
[19:27] *** The scene shows what looks like a First-Person Shooter, with the player shooting a blocky gun at multiple rather blocky characters coming towards them. The scenery is DEFINITELY based on Minecraft...
[19:28] <~> Intense action!
[19:29] *** The next scene shows the POV of the player moving through a Minecraft-style forest, then moving towards a gold key that's rotating in the air.
[19:29] <~> Challenging puzzles.
[19:30] *** The next scene shows the player in a bamboo forest, with trees all around. However, there's a road nearby with what looks like an abandoned Humvee nearby.
[19:30] <~> High quality graphics.
[19:33] <~> Fluffy Omen. $29.99 plus tax. Available for KappaTech brand personal computers.
[19:34] *** The scene shifts as if a computer is getting booted up. Is this about to turn into a Let's Play video?!
[19:35] *** IS Markiplier and/or Jacksepticeye going to do the voiceover?
[19:36] *** The scene starts with the POV of the player in a Minecraft-style road, walking with very audible footsteps down a dirt road towards a large camp of some kind. There are a bunch of low wooden rectangular buildings built along the sides of the road.
[19:37] *** The character moves towards a sign that reads "Bamboo Acres Family Camp".
[19:39] *** The player continues to stomp their way over towards a blocky figure with a dark jacket, a skirt, lavender hair, and bunny ears.
[19:39] * ~ Hey! It's a Minecraft version of Reisen!
[19:40] <Minecraft Reisen> Oh hey there...
[19:41] * Minecraft Reisen is away: vanishes from sight.
[19:43] * The player stomp-stomps down a trail towards an archery field. There are a bunch of blocky archery targets set up.
[19:44] *** Suddenly, several odd-looking female figures start to rapidly approach from the woods! They look like Minecraft versions of some of the Shipgirls from Kantai Collection!!
[19:44] <~> Objective - kill all enemies!
[19:45] <The player> /EM starts rapidly shooting, the gun making drum-like booming sounds with each shot, and it seems to have unlimited ammunition.
[19:48] * The player defeats all of the approaching enemies and makes their way over to a house nearby. It's rather distinctive in that not only is it fitted with what looks like a storm shelter in the foundation (with the entrance hatch next to the side of the house0, but there's some kind of mast or flagpole next to the house.
[19:49] *** Wait...that's not a mast or a flagpole. It's a Hakurei Hazard storm warning system!
[19:50] *** More Kancolle/Minecraft girls emerge from the woods and start heading towards the player! More shooting ensues!
[19:51] *** The scene switches, and the player is now exploring in the woods nearby. An Enemy Sighted alert appears, but nothing comes out of the woods!
[19:52] * The player moves on, but comes to a strange object in the middle of a field.
[19:56] *** The object is a weird twisted jumble of vines and limbs. It looks like someone took one of the Minecraft Kancolle girls, twisted her into a pretzel, covered her in mud, and planted her in the ground.
[19:56] <The player> Kitsune's Curse spotted.
[19:57] *** Suddenly, another enemy appears, but this Minecraft character isn't just gliding forward across the ground, it's waving its arms and legs in weird motions as if it doesn't have full control over its body.
[19:59] * The player starts shooting, but it won't go down!
[19:59] *** The scene switches, and the new screen shows the player moving through the woods at maximum speed.
[19:59] <~> Run
[20:00] *** The storm alarm is going off!
[20:01] * The Player hurries towards the house with the storm shelter, and finds that the entrance hatch is now open.
[20:02] * The Player goes up to the dark opening...then is suddenly transported inside a small room.
[20:02] *** There's a strange hemispherical object in the middle of the room, and a small radio is near it. The place is lit by a lamp hanging from the ceiling.
[20:03] *** The rumbling of thunder gets louder, and the place starts to tremble and shake.
[20:04] *** Suddenly, one of the wall panels starts to fall apart! SOMETHING IS MINING THROUGH IT!!
[20:06] * ~ Oh no!! Coming through the walls are THESE THINGS!!! Big and small! Dozens of them!!
[20:07] *** The lights go out. Darkness engulfs the room. Suddenly, the dome in the center of the room lights up, revealing that the Foxes are gone, but the hole they dug through the wall is still there.
[20:08] *** The storm has passed through. The player moves towards the ladder leading out.
[20:08] *** The screen goes dark for a few seconds.
[20:09] <~> Fluffy Omen uses revolutionary Artificial Intelligence as a basis for its video game engine.
[20:10] *** The scene switches back to the game, and the Player is now in the woods at evening. The audio is actually QUITE realistic, with various animal sounds and insects droning in the distance. The graphics might be simplistic, but the audio is definitely high tier.
[20:12] * The Player suddenly sees multiple sets of eyes glowing in the darkness.
[20:12] * The Player moves more quickly towards something in the distance. It appears to be a box of some kind.
[20:13] *** Suddenly, there's a laugh deeper within the woods.
[20:15] * The Player opens the box and finds...!!!
[20:16] <~> - In the first age. In the first battle. When the shadows first lengthened...ONE stood. -
[20:16] <~> - She chose the path of perpetual torment. In her ravenous hatred she found no peace. -
[20:18] <~> - And with boiling blood she scoured the Umbral Plains, seeking vengeance against those who had wronged her. -
[20:18] <~> - And those who tasted the bite of her sword...would call her... -
[20:19] * The Player pulls something up out of the box, and sees that there's a mirror on the lid of the box, showing...
[20:20] <~> M16A1
[20:21] * The Player is now known as M16A1
[20:21] * M16A1 cues the FETHING MUSIC!!!!!
[20:23] *** The graphics suddenly take a MASSIVE INCREASE to Unity Engine levels of performance, and all of the Minecraft enemies resolve themselves into various Kantai Collection Shipgirls...except they ALL look strange.
[20:25] *** Akagi (Kancolle), for example, looks rather odd but you can't quite put your finger on what's off about her.
[20:27] * M16A1 begins attacking RELENTLESSLY, alternating between shooting and using her trademark rifle like a club OR a flail, swinging it around using the sling just like you've all seen her do in the past!
[20:28] * M16A1 performs a German Suplex on Nagato (Kancolle).
[20:28] * M16A1 just B[BLEEP]CHSLAPS Kaga (Kancolle).
[20:29] * M16A1 charges at Akagi (Kancolle), who eagerly braces herself to receive the attack as several tendrils extend up from behind her!!
[20:31] *** As the battle commences, the camera angle pans up into the sky, revealing something high up in the twilight sky that's NOT the moon!
[20:32] *** It looks like another moon, but with what looks like a stylized Japanese fox face carved upon its surface! And you get the impression that it's staring DOWN at the battle that's going on!
[20:33] *** The scene switches back to the title screen.
[20:33] <~> Fluffy Omen. Buy now!
[20:33] <~> You can find FLUFFY OMEN in stores worldwide!
[20:34] <~> FLUFFY OMEN. Created by Tewi Inaba (hah! You didn't get me this time, fuzzballs)
[20:35] * ~ The logo for Fluffy-Eye Home Entertainment appears once more. Ooooo, it's getting fancier now with cycling colors!
[20:36] * ~ And...waaaaaaaaaaaaait. The patterns on the emblem look a lot like a Japanese-style fox face now.
[20:39] *** And that concludes tonight's showing. Tune in on TUESDAY for the next showing! We hope you had fun with tonight's movie.
[20:39] * The projector powers down for the time being.

[21:08] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Battler's Paradise (2/24/2022, around 5 PM)
[21:09] <Pinako> Finally out of that cave, and look what we're near.
[21:09] * Pinako points to the castle.
[21:10] <Metalia> something dark is going on there.
[21:11] <Megan O`Cain> How can you tell?
[21:15] <Metalia> It took a while to get my senses back when my body was frail after entering this world, but there's no mistaking a Kurozuishou or a variant was used a while ago.
[21:17] <Barry> Kuro... Zuishou?
[21:18] <Metalia> mmm, the only other person that would know about it is in our group.
[21:19] <Val The Csar> Youma Girl!
[21:19] <Pinako> huh?
[21:22] <Pinako> Val?
[21:23] * Val The Csar has a very serious expression.
[21:23] <Val The Csar> Top of the Castle, Battle, Now!
[21:24] <Megan O`Cain> Why am I getting an awful feeling about this?
[21:25] * Val The Csar walks to a ladder up the side of the castle, and climbs it.
[21:29] <Val The Csar> I was on the top, ready to extend my winning streak with my emerald cards, but somehow, in some way, Youma girl, you defeated me.
[21:29] *** now on the castle's roof
[21:30] <Val The Csar> with your combo of the Legendary Silver Crystal, and 4 special locations.
[21:30] <Val The Csar> it was no ordinary version either, it's a one of a kind misprint, is what it is.
[21:31] * Pinako holds out a deck.
[21:31] <Pinako> I believe this deck belongs to you.
[21:31] * Val The Csar walks over and takes it.
[21:31] <Val The Csar> ... thanks.
[21:32] * Val The Csar hands out a steel briefcase to Pinako.
[21:32] <Val The Csar> Here!
[21:32] <Val The Csar> open it.
[21:32] * Val The Csar pulls out a similar looking briefcase and opens it.
[21:32] * Pinako opens up the briefcase she was handed.
[21:33] *** the two briefcases transform into two tall tables, each containing half of a field.
[21:34] <Val The Csar> We'll each wager 6 Battle chips, whoever wins earns the right to go into Delphius' castle.
[21:34] * Val The Csar measures something behind him, looking at something.
[21:35] <Val The Csar> these are prototypes, the goal is 15 victory points, it does not recognise more than 6 cards, so for this battle, we're tossing out the 0 Warriors = defeat rule.
[21:36] *** if someone looks around, they can spot melissia in a window, gloating about her battlechip count and entry into the semifinals.
[21:37] *** but, she is also watching the upcoming battle with interest.
[21:37] <Metalia> only 6 cards at once, that's going to be difficult.
[21:41] <Val The Csar> Battle START!
[21:41] * Val The Csar and Pinako draw 5 cards into their hands.
[21:42] <Val The Csar> Kaiju Technosys!
[21:42] <Pinako> Moon Warrior!
[21:43] *** Minor portions are going to be replaced with conversation to fit a 2 hour running time.
[21:44] <Metalia> both of them are incredibly focused, and Pinako just transformed.
[21:45] <Megan O`Cain> Yeah.
[21:46] <Metalia> so, what did happen in their last battle?
[21:51] <Megan O`Cain> Pinako was able to score an automatic victory by obtaining a combination of cards in her hand.
[21:55] <Metalia> her silver crystal card, right, it's what that Val guy said.
[21:55] * Megan O`Cain nods
[21:57] <Pinako> MOON WARRIOR! LEVEL UP, LEVEL 2!
[21:58] <Katrina> that's two monsters of Val's Pinako has destroyed, why is he taking steps back for each Victory Point Pinako earns?
[22:00] * Megan O`Cain looks at what's going on
[22:02] * Val The Csar is indeed further away from Pinako than when the battle started.
[22:02] * Val The Csar looks at his hand.
[22:02] <Val The Csar> Beast Scorpius, LEVEL UP! Earth Prince Emerald!
[22:03] <Narun> something is going on, both of them look even more determined now.
[22:10] * Val The Csar is now 5 steps away from the edge, Earth Prince Emerald having Leveled up to King Emerald in the interim.
[22:11] * Pinako has leveled up Moon Warrior to Level 3 in the interim.
[22:11] <Barry> This can't be good.
[22:18] *** Current VP count:
Pinako: 13
Val: 11

[22:18] <Pinako> Moon Warrior! Level up! Level 4!
[22:18] <Katrina> Level 4?!
[22:19] <Metalia> What's a Level 4 card?
[22:20] <Narun> they're super rare cards, for every 150 Level 3s, there's 1 level 4 card.
[22:24] * Val The Csar refills his hand.
[22:25] <Val The Csar> If you want to defeat me now, Youma Girl, Do it Now, and TAKE MY OWN LIFE!
[22:25] <Metalia> WHAT?!
[22:25] <Narun> IT CAN'T BE!
[22:25] <Barry> Is his head on right?!
[22:26] <Katrina> HE CAN'T BE SERIOUS!?
[22:32] <Megan O`Cain> The hell?!
[22:33] * Pinako draws her cards and looks.
[22:33] <Pinako> I'll take you up on your offer.
[22:34] <Megan O`Cain> Uhhhh, what?
[22:34] <Pinako> First, I place a third Soul Card on my Moon Warrior, then I put down McGuffin Attacks.
[22:34] <Pinako> (( There is a reason I'm using flash for a bit. ))
[22:34] <Pinako> *^
[22:35] * Pinako isn't acting like herself right now at this point
[22:36] <Pinako> that raises my Moon Warrior's highest attack to 150 points, More than enough to take out King Emerald.
[22:37] <Barry> Pinako, You can't!
[22:37] <Metalia> This is usually a match, but hold on and listen!
[22:38] <Katrina> Pinako! this isn't right!
[22:38] <Narun> is this battle really worth someone's life?
[22:39] <Megan O`Cain> What the hell is going on in your head?!
[22:41] <Pinako> Stand down, Soldier Megan!
[22:43] <Katrina> Soldier?
[22:43] <Megan O`Cain> Why? Why should I?
[22:45] * Pinako begins to recite something that only someone high up in the moon hierarchy would say/know... and Pinako herself has never met them.
[22:46] <Pinako> if he wants to cause his own grave, let him do so.
[22:48] * Val The Csar has a PIE Card face down, but is not going to use it.
[22:48] <Pinako> Moon Warrior, Attack, Moon Prince Halation!
[22:48] * Val The Csar steps back the final two paces in preparation.
[22:49] *** the Moon Warrior, Level 4 begins the attack, and a Blinding FLASHING occurs.
[22:50] *** the flash begins fading.
[22:50] <Val The Csar> I'm sorry, cochran... I've failed to rescue you.
[22:51] * Val The Csar looks solemn, despite his attitude earlier.
[22:51] * Val The Csar has his eyes closed, waiting for the thud...
[22:52] * Megan O`Cain uses telekinesis to flip over Val's PIE card, and then goes to grab his wrist
[22:52] *** but it never comes.
[22:52] <Val The Csar> Wha? You?
[22:52] <Megan O`Cain> Yeah. Me.
[22:52] *** the PIE Card is Hidden!
[22:52] *** which means the attack misses.
[22:53] <Val The Csar> how did you?
[22:53] <Pinako> I said to stand down, Soldier Megan.
[22:54] <Megan O`Cain> I will not! (looks at Val) And you! What the f[BLEEP]k is the matter with you?!
[22:55] <Val The Csar> He took my brother's soul!
[22:55] * Katrina and the rest of Pinako's friends gasp.
[22:55] <Megan O`Cain> Who did?
[22:55] <Val The Csar> Delphius.
[22:56] <Val The Csar> he used an object called the "Shin Kurozuishou".
[22:56] <Megan O`Cain> And how did he get this thing?
[22:57] <Val The Csar> I do not know.
[22:59] <Metalia> that must be what I felt earlier.
[22:59] <Katrina> Pinako, Stop the battle! Now!
[23:00] <Megan O`Cain> Great. Just great. First Pinako's mom and her friends, now this s[BLEEP]t. Something tells me if this Kurozuishou is destroyed, it'll release their souls back home to their respective bodies.
[23:04] <Pinako> If you do not stop helping out the enemy, I'm going to...
[23:04] * Pinako flashes, she's transforming back to her normal self, so fuku or moon mark.
[23:05] * Pinako is tearing up.
[23:05] <Pinako> No... no more, please.
[23:06] <Pinako> I... I surrender.
[23:06] <Val The Csar> ... her turn's already passed, and yet.
[23:08] * Val The Csar looks at his hand and field.
[23:08] <Val The Csar> you can't surrender now. but I'll leave you one parting gift.
[23:09] * Val The Csar feels his voice break.
[23:09] <Val The Csar> King Emerald, Level up! Super King Emerald!
[23:09] <Val The Csar> Ahhh!
[23:10] * Val The Csar sees the Daiteno variant on the field.
[23:10] * Val The Csar closes his eyes.
[23:10] <Val The Csar> .... crystal attack.
[23:11] *** the .... crystal attack is launched, destroyign the Level 4 Moon Warrior, climbing Val's Points up to 15 and ending the battle.
[23:11] * Val The Csar gets up.
[23:12] <Val The Csar> Youma girl.... no.. Pinako.
[23:12] * Pinako gives Val her Battle card.
[23:12] * Val The Csar looks and shakes his head.
[23:13] <Val The Csar> no, I only want the 6 chips wagered, not the whole card.
[23:13] * Val The Csar takes 6 chips out and transfers them to hsi card.
[23:14] <Val The Csar> I'm looking forward to another battle from you.
[23:14] *** the tables transform back into briefcases.
[23:14] <Val The Csar> so Don't give up!
[23:15] <Val The Csar> as for the rest of you.
[23:15] * Val The Csar gives a knowing smile before he climbs down the ladder.
[23:16] *** Val The Csar has left #suburbansenshi3
[23:16] * Megan O`Cain lets out a sigh of relief
[23:17] <Katrina> Pinako, are you going to be okay?
[23:17] <Pinako> uh.. uh-huh.
[23:18] <Pinako> I thought Val would be as cruel as he was in our last battle, but that was just... iinspiring.
[23:20] <Megan O`Cain> We still got a ways to go, though.
[23:21] <Katrina> yeah, we got to get 6 more chips for you now though.
[23:21] * Liam climbs up.
[23:21] <Liam> There you are!
[23:21] * Liam catches up to the group
[23:22] <Liam> did someone lose chips?
[23:22] <Katrina> Pinako lost about half her chips on one battle.
[23:23] <Liam> well, I still haven't repaid you for saving me from that youma killer, here... from his own big battle card.
[23:23] * Liam hands Pinako 6 Battle chips.
[23:24] <Liam> that card had enough to fill my card up, as well as a few others.
[23:25] <Liam> 12 here, 12 there, and how many do you have, Megan?
[23:26] * Megan O`Cain looks at her card
[23:28] *** it has all 12 slots filled.
[23:29] <Megan O`Cain> I've got 12.
[23:31] <Liam> I guess we're part of the final four, then.
[23:31] *** ... To Be Continued

[20:43] *** we now return... to card games.
[20:44] <Liam> come on, let's get down from here and to the door.
[20:44] * Liam climbs down the ladder, followed by Pinako and her friends.
[20:46] <Pinako> I'm a bit nervous :O
[20:48] <Megan O`Cain> How come?
[20:50] <Pinako> well, with what just happened :O
[20:50] <Megan O`Cain> Oh.
[20:51] * Liam 's group reaches the front of the castle, where the guard is.
[20:52] <Delphius' security guard> welcome to the gates of the Semi finals, present your battle cards now.
[20:53] * Liam presents his card.
[20:53] <Delphius' security guard> 1-2-3-4-5-6.
[20:54] * Delphius' security guard flips it over
[20:54] <Delphius' security guard> 7-8-9-10-11-12, you are cleared for entry.
[20:55] <Pinako> ummmm.
[20:55] <Delphius' security guard> awww, did you lose your bravado that you can't even do a simple action?
[20:57] <Megan O`Cain> How bad you wanna have your nuts kicked into your belly?
[20:57] * Pinako hands it with much hesitation.
[20:58] <Delphius' security guard> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
[20:58] * Delphius' security guard flips it over
[20:58] <Delphius' security guard> 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and you are cleared.
[20:58] <Delphius' security guard> next one!
[20:59] * Megan O`Cain gets out her card and shows it to the guard
[20:59] <Delphius' security guard> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
[20:59] * Delphius' security guard flips it over.
[21:00] <Delphius' security guard> 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and you are cleared for entry, all spots of the semifinals are filled, The rest of you beat it.
[21:00] <Katrina> woah hey, you got it wrong, we're with them.
[21:02] <Delphius' security guard> you are, huh?
[21:03] <Liam> they're all with us.
[21:04] <Delphius' security guard> huuhhhhh, I was explicitly told no extra visitors, but since you put up quite a good reason.
[21:04] * Delphius' security guard opens up the heavy iron door.
[21:07] <Liam> well, let's head inside.
[21:09] <Megan O`Cain> Alright.
[21:10] * Liam heads inside, followed by Pinako and her friends.
[21:10] *** the first room is a large room, a foyer with 6 doors, and someone is standing on the door to the upper left.
[21:13] <Megan O`Cain> Hmm...
[21:14] <Delphius' butler> I see tat the roster is officially filled, but Master Delphius thought you could have some entertainment before we start the semifinals, follow me to the Interior balcony.
[21:16] <Megan O`Cain> Alright.
[21:18] * Katrina goes up the left staircase with the rest of Pinako's friends, but Pinako herself is a bit slow to move up the stairs.
[21:22] * Megan O`Cain looks back at Pinako, "Hey, you alright, Pinako?"
[21:25] <Pinako> huh? y-yeah.
[21:28] <Katrina> I think she's being a bit hesitant, Miss Megan.
[21:29] <Katrina> Pinako's senshi form was willing to let Val fall to the ground, something even we know Pinako wouldn't let happen.
[21:29] <Katrina> I think she's shocked that she saw herself as a senshi willing to let it happen.
[21:30] * Megan O`Cain nods
[21:30] * Liam and the others reach the top, where the door is open onto a hallway leading to the balcony.
[21:31] <Megan O`Cain> Hey, cheer up. Val was saved. Granted, I had jump in to do that, but it had to be done.
[21:32] * Pinako nods.
[21:32] <Katrina> you shouldn'
[21:32] <Katrina> t let it affect your battle performance.
[21:33] *** welcome to the balcony.
[21:36] <Delphius' butler> Presenting our Pre-Semifinals entertainment, The current boss of the Dark Agency, the former National champion, Val the Csar.
[21:36] * Val The Csar is walking to the Battle cylinder.
[21:36] <Delphius' butler> And now, his opponent, the master of the game, the reviver of Knights & Guardians, Master Delphius.
[21:37] * Delphius moves towards the Battle Cylinder.
[21:37] <Val The Csar> It's time I evened up the playing field.
[21:37] * Val The Csar tosses a briefcase to Delphius, who opens it.
[21:38] <Delphius> hmmm, a nice piece of tech, but like I said to you earlier, don't think I don't know about this device... this was made to combat the Shin Kurozuishou, wasn't it?
[21:39] <Val The Csar> (even at this distance, how does he know?)
[21:39] <Delphius> I would be willing to play by your device... provided someone else plays in my stead... I choose the lifeless body of your brother, cochran.
[21:40] * Delphius claps twice, and a soulless body walks up to Delphius
[21:40] <Val The Csar> You wouldn't dare.
[21:42] <Delphius> I would, Val, I have a reputation to uphold, even amongst you.
[21:43] <Val The Csar> ... Fine, we'll play in the battle dome.
[21:43] <Delphius> I'm glad you see things my way.
[21:43] * Delphius and Val walk into the Battle Cylinder.
[21:44] <Katrina> what did he mean by a reputation to uphold?
[21:46] <Megan O`Cain> I don't know.
[21:47] *** the battle has begun, 1 warrior and 2 monsters on each side.
[21:50] <Pinako> the atmosphere is tense.
[21:55] <Delphius> PIE Card! Take a Card! (anime, this battle only) I guess one card in your deck, if I'm correct and you pull it on your next turn, you must give it to me for my use.
[21:55] <Delphius> My guess is... your King Emerald Card!
[21:55] <Liam> What?
[21:59] <Katrina> if he pulls it on his next hand, he'll have to hand it over.
[22:02] * Val The Csar refills his hand... and is shocked!
[22:03] <Delphius> hmhmhmhm, was I right? tell me I was right! The suspense is killing me!
[22:03] <Val The Csar> Here!
[22:03] <Val The Csar> //me hands Delphius the "King Emerald Card"
[22:03] * Val The Csar *^
[22:04] <Narun> it's almost like he is able to predict his every move.
[22:05] <Pinako> he was able to predict my every move too when we did that practice battle.
[22:07] <Delphius> And now Val, behold one of my secret PIE and Location Cards, behold, I welcome you to... CRYSTAL WORLD!
[22:08] <Katrina> Crystal World?
[22:09] *** a 120 page manga hologram appears on the battlefield.
[22:09] <Delphius> Level Up! Beast Regenera, Emerald Knight Rhodon!
[22:12] <Katrina> Val uses the emerald cards, but Prince emerald isn't the only one to level up to King Emerald.
[22:13] <Delphius> I hope you're ready for Crystal King Emerald!
[22:13] * Delphius puts down the emerald card.
[22:14] *** the manga opens upas a decidedly Bishonen looking King Emerald replaces the Rhodon hologram, complete with the "OH-Hohohohohohohoh!" smugness look.
[22:19] <Delphius> I've made your King Emerald card much more handsome.
[22:20] <Katrina> it doesn't look like he's supposed to be.
[22:20] <Pinako> I think for once, Val would agree with you.
[22:24] <Megan O`Cain> Hmph.
[22:25] *** on the battlefield, Delphius' Warrior decimates one of Val's Monsters.
[22:30] <Katrina> every move Val has, he has a way to counter it.
[22:31] <Liam> I don't see a way he could see Val's cards.
[22:32] <Megan O`Cain> Unless they got marked beforehand.
[22:33] <Pinako> I took a look at his deck while we were holding it, there's no marks on the cards at all.
[22:34] <Megan O`Cain> Hmmm.
[22:35] <Val The Csar> Quit looking at that crystal and get back to the battle!
[22:35] <Delphius> oh, but of course, My Warrior attacks!
[22:36] <Katrina> it just looks like an ordinary purple crystal.
[22:37] <Metalia> no, that is it, I'm sure of it.
[22:38] <Val The Csar> Earth Prince Emerald! Level up! King Emerald!
[22:40] <Katrina> there it is, and there goes Delphius with 2 new Warriors.
[22:41] *** the Battle has reached its fever pitch.
[22:42] *** a few more turns pass.
[22:42] <Val The Csar> King Emerald! Level UP! Super King Emerald!
[22:43] <Katrina> 1 super strong monster type Vs. 3 warriors, and now they're level 2.
[22:45] <Katrina> this is a bit of trouble.
[22:45] *** a turn passes, Super King Emerald takes down one warrior, but the next turn occurs and the remaining 2 take down Super King Emerald.
[22:46] <Val The Csar> N-No!
[22:47] <Delphius> And it's all over, Crystal King Emerald, Attack his warrior!
[22:47] <Val The Csar> It can't be, not again!
[22:47] <Val The Csar> (cochran, I've failed again!)
[22:47] *** The Warrior is taken out, giving Delphius an Auto win.
[22:48] <Delphius> oh, don't worry Val, I'll still bring you to where your brother Cochran resides.
[22:49] * Delphius 's Shin Kurozuishou glows and a beam goes towards Val.
[22:49] <Val The Csar> Ahhhhhhhhh!
[22:49] * Val The Csar 's body becomes lifeless, no, it's not a coma this time.
[22:49] * Delphius sees a new card generate in his other hand.
[22:50] <Delphius> the Balthasar brothers, very close, yet very apart. hmm, a nice name to describe them actually.
[22:50] <Delphius> take the soulless body away.
[22:51] *** those watching the english version of said scene can hear additional dialogue "teach it to use a garbage compactor or something
[22:52] *** those watching the english version of said scene can hear additional dialogue "teach it to use a garbage compactor or something", no character, not even delphius himself hears said inserted line.
[22:52] <Delphius> I'd say that fits my battling for today.
[22:53] * Delphius holds the crystal and cards.
[22:55] <Megan O`Cain> (Figures. Destroy that crystal, and the souls trapped get released.)
[22:57] * Delphius looks up at the crowd.
[22:57] <Delphius> You needen't do that to release the souls.
[22:58] <Delphius> all one of you have to do is defeat me in a battle, and I may just release any or all of them, the battler's choice.
[22:58] <Pinako> Even Val is... AHHHHHHH!
[22:59] * Pinako raises her transformation Pen.
[22:59] * Pinako transforms
[23:00] <Pinako> Delphius... I'll go through your tournament, and once we face eachother in battle, you better hold up that end of the bargain.
[23:00] <Delphius> only if you win the finals, but for now, I'll see to it that a meal is prepared.
[23:01] * Delphius walks away from the Cylinder.
[23:01] *** Delphius has left #suburbansenshi3 (tonight's meal is a buffet.)
[23:01] <Megan O`Cain> A mind reader. Just what we needed...
[23:03] <Katrina> a buffet? I guess rewards them now, punish later?
[23:03] <Delphius' butler> no, the semifinals will take place tomorrow at 10 AM
[23:03] <Megan O`Cain> Seems that way.
[23:04] <Melissia the bandit> Hah, as far as I'm concerned, he'll be the one punished by me, he owes me!
[23:07] * Melissia the bandit goes to the other side of the balcony.
[23:07] *** ... To Be Continued.

[19:47] *** we now return... to card games... except this time it's a dinner and a movie.
[19:47] *** welcome to the Dining Room, where a buffet of food items galore is laid out for everyone.
[19:51] <Pinako> Wow!
[19:52] <Katrina> There's so much.
[19:53] <Megan O`Cain> That's a lotta food.
[19:54] * Liam has come to avail himself of some of the food.
[19:58] * Pinako has her plate filled, as does everyone else.
[19:58] * Pinako and her friends take a seat.
[19:59] <Melissia the bandit> The one thing I'm gonna make him do when I beat him, is get double and a half that money prize, what $100,000 will do, $250,000 will do better.
[20:05] *** the door opens, revealing...
[20:05] *** Delphius has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:05] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Delphius
[20:06] * Delphius steps forward and takes a seat.
[20:06] <Delphius> Ladies and Gentlemen, I appreciate and commend the four of you for getting this far.
[20:07] <Delphius> it shows me that you are the best of the best in the Knights & Guardians Card game.
[20:08] <Delphius> whether it's hearts, luck or otherwise, I am extremely proud of your accomplishments here in this tournament.
[20:09] <Delphius> you will find an envelope behind a box with your name on it.
[20:11] *** there are 4 boxes with "Pinako T[]u[]i[]no", "Megan O`Cain", "Melissia Hailies", and "Liam Fabalan"
[20:12] <Delphius> a hundred pardons Pinako, but something has caused me to not bring out your name correctly.
[20:12] <Delphius> *^ Little Pinako
[20:13] <Delphius> almost like something doesn't want it revealed yet.
[20:16] <Delphius> Eat up and open those boxes, ladies and gentlemen, for tomorrow the Semi finals will begin.
[20:16] <Delphius> Here is how the schedule will play out.
[20:18] *** a screen shows the following schedule:
10 AM - 1:30 PM - Semifinal Match 1
2 PM - 5:30 PM - Semifinal Match 2
6 PM - 9:30 PM - The Finals
Tomorrow 12:00 PM - Winner faces Delphius.

[20:19] <Delphius> oh, well I guess that was meant to be shown tomorrow
[20:19] *** the screen soon changes to 4 pictures and two "VS" squares connecting each pair
[20:21] <Katrina> those Versus screens, I dread what both of you will go up against.
[20:21] <Metalia> uhh-huh.
[20:23] <Megan O`Cain> Hmm.
[20:23] *** the four pictures spin like the slots.
[20:24] *** the four begin to slow down and soon stop.
[20:24] *** the Matchups are:
Pinako Vs. Liam
Megan Vs. Melissia

[20:25] <Delphius> well, that is certainly two interesting matchups.
[20:26] <Delphius> whoever wins these two batttles will face eachother in the final battle of the day, and the winner of that battle will have the right to face me the day after.
[20:26] <Delphius> now, open up your boxes.
[20:27] * Pinako and Liam look down at their boxes and open them.
[20:30] * Megan O`Cain opens up her box
[20:33] * Melissia the bandit opens up hers.
[20:33] *** each box contains two cards, one blank and one with a picture of a check.
[20:35] <Delphius> one card will allow the winner to forgo the match with me in exchange for the $100,000 grand prize, the other card is the granting of one wish that you must battle me for.
[20:38] <Delphius> the details of that blank card will be made clear when the time comes.
[20:38] <Delphius> now, let's enjoy our nightly meal, shall we?
[20:38] * Delphius begins eating.
[20:41] *** Fast forward to a few hours later.
[20:41] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Battler's Paradise (2/24/2022, around 11 PM)
[20:42] <Metalia> good night Pinako, miss megan!
[20:42] <Barry> don't let those bed bugs bite.
[20:42] * Pinako goes into the reserved room.
[20:44] * Pinako heads towards the two beds.
[20:44] <Pinako> I guess it was one room per two semifinalists.
[20:45] * Megan O`Cain looks for where she's staying
[20:46] *** the box says room 5 (which is the room Pinako is in)
[20:47] <Katrina> I guess they didn't anticipate so many people in the castle, there's a number scribbled on mine.
[20:47] *** Katerina';s says Room 2 7
[20:48] * Megan O`Cain enters room 5
[20:48] *** Pinako's said "Room 6 5"
[20:49] <Pinako> Hi Miss Megan, did you get this room, too? :D
[20:49] <Pinako> Mine had a scrobble on it.
[20:49] <Melissia the bandit> Hah! suckers, I got room 8!
[20:50] * Melissia the bandit dashes to room 8... only to almost immeadiately hear a groan.
[20:50] <Melissia the bandit> Awww, come on, I thought I got a room alone.
[20:50] <Megan O`Cain> I did, Pinako.
[20:50] * Pinako is getting ready for bed.
[20:51] <Pinako> oooh, neat, it can be a *yawns* slimber party, almost.
[20:51] <Megan O`Cain> Heh, maybe. Although, it sounds like you're already sleepy.
[20:51] * Pinako rubs her eyes
[20:52] <Pinako> uh-huh! :D
[20:52] <Pinako> I hope you do good in your battle tomorrow :D
[20:52] * Pinako puts her pen on the table between the two beds.
[20:54] <Megan O`Cain> Same here.
[20:54] * Pinako settles into bed.
[20:54] <Pinako> nighty! :D
[20:54] * Pinako falls asleep.
[20:54] <Megan O`Cain> Night, Pinako.
[20:55] * Megan O`Cain takes a look around the room
[20:56] * Pinako there's a coat rack to hang a coat on, and a book to read.
[20:58] *** *^
[20:59] * Megan O`Cain checks the room make sure the place isn't bugged or have any hidden cameras
[21:00] *** there isn't any, even if there was nobody is watching (reason why will be revealed in B part tomorrow)
[21:00] <Megan O`Cain> Good, place is clean.
[21:02] * Megan O`Cain looks at the book
[21:03] *** the book is called "Pulling Through Time and different universes, By Aether Cooke"
[21:04] *** it is a very boring book despite how short it is.
[21:10] * Megan O`Cain dims the lights before going to bed
[21:11] * Pinako 's pen begins to glow as two beams of light shoot out form it in opposite directions.
[21:11] *** somewhere in a dream..
[21:12] *** There it is, The Moon Kingdom, though it looks different from the one in this universe.
[21:14] <Pinako> :O
[21:14] <Pinako> hello?
[21:16] * Pinako walks around, the people not really casting a look at her, whether it's due to anything or a part of someone's memories is anyone's guess currently.
[21:17] <Pinako> ohhh, I don't have my mask on me.
[21:18] * Pinako has moved to: [ Dream ]
[21:18] * Pinako [Dream] wanders through the halls.
[21:28] * Pinako [Dream] wanders into the Ballroom.
[21:28] <Pinako> [Dream] Ooooh, Pretty :D
[21:28] * The other Pinako is standing there, officiating the proceedings.
[21:28] * The other Pinako turns to look at Pinako.
[21:29] <The other Pinako> (she's not supposed to be in this dream... why is she here?)
[21:29] * Megan O`Cain has moved to: [ Dream ]
[21:30] <Megan O`Cain> [Dream] The hell?
[21:32] * Pinako [Dream] turns and sees Megan (a different one, probably the one from this different Moon Kingdom), and goes up to her.
[21:33] <Pinako> [Dream] How'd you get here? :D
[21:33] <Megan O`Cain> [Dream] What do you mean?
[21:33] * Pinako [Dream] doesn't get a response from the other Megan, but turns around and sees the Actual Megan.
[21:34] <Pinako> [Dream] huh, but if you're you, then she must be...
[21:35] * The other Pinako goes down the steps of the ballroom.
[21:35] <The other Pinako> what are you two doing here?
[21:35] <Megan O`Cain> [Dream] I have no idea.
[21:36] <Pinako> [Dream] I got here as soon as I slept :D
[21:37] <The other Pinako> you two have to leave this dream now, I can't let you two get caught up in some incomplete memory.
[21:37] * The other Pinako points at the Actual Megan.
[21:38] <The other Pinako> especially when every time here, I see you and your family fall to Queen Beryl and those Youma, or my guess would be the ones from where I'm from.
[21:39] <The other Pinako> I already have an inkling I'm not from this universe.
[21:41] <Megan O`Cain> [Dream] You may be right. The kingdom I'm from was destroyed, but there were survivors who were able to flee.
[21:42] <The other Pinako> it appears it happened in this universe too then... look.
[21:42] * The other Pinako points out the door, which opens.
[21:43] <Megan O`Cain> [Dream] Hm? (looks towards the door)
[21:43] <Soldiers> We're about to be under attack, a huge army form the earth has been spotted coming towards the moon.
[21:44] <The other Pinako> but, if you two are here in this instance, then whatever brought you here must be trying to tell us something.
[21:45] * a soldier marches up to the other Pinako.
[21:45] <a soldier> [GARBLED], we must get you out of here immeadiately. the [long garbled language] isn't safe here.
[21:47] *** a shake occurs as almost all of the people in the ballroom rush out.
[21:48] <Pinako> [Dream] Woahhh!
[21:48] <Megan O`Cain> [Dream] What was that?
[21:49] <The other Pinako> I have to will this soldier to see you two in this dream, but they're here.
[21:49] * The other Pinako closes her eyes and concentrates as the soldier turns around to look at the two.
[21:50] <a soldier> [GARBGLED]... One of them's here to kill you! *points at Pinako*
[21:50] <Pinako> [Dream] No I'm not! >:O
[21:51] <Megan O`Cain> [Dream] The hell you say?
[21:51] <The other Pinako> Lower your sword, she's not with them.
[21:51] * a soldier grasps, but lowers his sword.
[21:52] <The other Pinako> protect those two at all costs as you would the whole kingdom.
[21:53] *** A loud bang rings out.
[21:53] * The other Pinako and the soldier run while Pinako follows.
[21:53] <Pinako> [Dream] you haven';t told us, why here, why this time?
[21:54] * Megan O`Cain [Dream] follows along as well
[21:54] <The other Pinako> nearly everything is obscured from me except what I'd like to forget.
[21:54] * The other Pinako stops and points out the open window, where The fall from whatever universe she is from is taking place.
[21:55] <Megan O`Cain> [Dream] Hmm...
[21:55] <The other Pinako> out there, I see it every night.
[21:57] <The other Pinako> 4 warriors being killed, and another two blurred from my sight separated. and I cry out... after that, it blanks out.
[21:59] *** almost everyone and everything out there is being cut down, the Metalia cloud above laughing and Queen Beryl over there laughing along, for now.
[22:00] <Pinako> [Dream] D:
[22:00] * Pinako [Dream] has a tear in her eye.
[22:00] <The other Pinako> you weep for them, too?
[22:01] *** The four warriors begin to rush out into combat.
[22:01] * Pinako [Dream] nods "uh-huh"
[22:02] <The other Pinako> it won't be long now.
[22:02] <Pinako> [Dream] Look, Miss Megan! O__O
[22:03] * Megan O`Cain [Dream] looks
[22:04] * Pinako [Dream] points out the window to 5 assassin Demons ganging up on this dream memory's version of the O`Cains.. and the Kiltarians.., if one can listen closely, one can hear "I told you they were planning on destroying us!"
[22:04] <Pinako> [Dream] Even here, He's a meanie.
[22:05] <The other Pinako> who?
[22:05] * Pinako [Dream] points to a man looking a lot like Alren Killtarian.
[22:07] <Megan O`Cain> [Dream] I don't know, Pinako. We don't know their circumstances in this.
[22:07] *** the Metalia Cloud begins to strike down each of the four warriors.
[22:08] *** This dream Memory's version of Queen Beryl moves towards two blurred figures while a whirlwind begins separating them.
[22:10] * The other Pinako sees as the blurred figures are also struck down while Beryl laughs.
[22:10] *** the Dream Quick flashes to White as a long scream of "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" rings out.
[22:10] *** but the dream's not over yet.
[22:12] *** soon it fades to an image of a golden tin palace a new voice, as well as the previous one joins in.
[22:14] <Voice 2> I see progress of your wish to send them to a future of peace, but I must warn you, things have repeated and some things have turned out different.
[22:16] <Voice 1> tell me, what of them, what of the dead sent to the future, what of the sailor guardians? what of [Garbled loud speech]?
[22:16] <Voice 2> the first are awakening in numbers, but they will never remember who they once were.
[22:17] <Voice 2> as for both the second and third, they have been helped out by youma that have defected from the dark kingdom, 1 at an advanced age, and 5 at an early age.
[22:18] <Voice 2> would you like to see who they were when they defected?
[22:18] <Voice 2> *^
[22:20] *** if anything gives me hope for the future, show me that maybe not all youma are bad.
[22:20] <Voice 1> *^
[22:22] <Voice 1> be prepared for their ancestors were some of the toughest in the attack on your kingdom.
[22:23] *** an image comes up, it's one silver looking Youma with wings on her back and antennae on her forehead, as well as five child youma, the tallest being blue, and going down in order being green, purple, red and finally the shortest being pink, all of them bear the same features.
[22:24] <Voice 1> these six were able to help out the reincarnated guardians in their fight. however.
[22:25] <Voice 2> I knew it, those six backstabbed them, they shouldn't be tr-
[22:25] <Voice 1> NO!
[22:26] <Voice 1> one of them was too old to continue the fight *the image of the silver youma disappears*
[22:26] <Voice 1> and the remaining 5 teamed up with the guardians for one last assault on the Dark Kingdom, but something dark had occured.
[22:28] *** an image of Queen Beryl draining Metalia of her power is now seen, it fades until you now see Metalia at the state she is in... she now looks exactly like the one that said "Good night" earlier.
[22:28] <Voice 1> she has drained Metalia of her Chaos essence and left her to wither away and die.
[22:29] <Voice 1> afterwards, she defeated and killed the 10 that went against her, ensuring her wish of taking over the planet.
[22:29] <Voice 2> no... no, n-not again!
[22:31] <Pinako> [Dream] again?
[22:33] <Megan O`Cain> [Dream] Eh?
[22:34] <Voice 2> Even my wish couldn't keep them safe.
[22:35] <Voice 1> a short while later, both of them disappeared from this universe, Metalia landed safely in another universe and is currently being cared for... she however, is remorseful of her actions.
[22:37] <Voice 1> as for Beryl however, she was partially defeated in a world tree of sorts, I will bring you to one of those that defeated her, but once I do, you will not awaken until she has the Silver Crystal. she however, is able to transform freely.
[22:37] <Megan O`Cain> [Dream] Er, right.
[22:38] <Voice 2> anyone, anything, as long as she has the power to defeat her and keep everyone she knows safe.
[22:38] <Voice 1> let's see... oh ho ho hooo, you will find this ironic.
[22:39] *** another flash occurs. falling through a red vortex, you now see the top of Tokyo, falling towards a certain location, then the top of a certain little youma's head.
[22:40] *** Cuts to black "OWIE!"
[22:40] * Pinako [Dream] rubs the top of her head.
[22:40] *** it's not finished yet as five figures now appear... and they are all from this universe.
[22:41] *** it's DD Girls Pink, Red & Green.
[22:41] <Megan O`Cain> [Dream] What the...?
[22:41] *** the other two are Val and Cochran
[22:41] <Pinako> [Dream] Mama, Aunties!
[22:42] * Pinako [Dream] runs towards them but once she gets close, all 5 figures turn into beams of light and streak towards a grave site.
[22:42] * Pinako [Dream] begins running after the streaks of light.
[22:42] * Megan O`Cain [Dream] chases after Pinako
[22:42] * The Other Pinako runs after Pinako.
[22:43] *** the streaks of light enter 5 color coded graves.
[22:43] <Pinako> [Dream] Wha.. wha?
[22:43] <The Other Pinako> This part must be for you.
[22:44] <Pink's Voice> Pinako-chan, HELLLLLLLLP!
[22:45] <Green's Voice> you and your Sailor Senshi self must think as one if you want to beat whomever has us trapped.
[22:45] <Red's Voice> Noooo! There's no beer here!
[22:46] <Megan O`Cain> [Dream] We'll figure this out. The sooner we can, the better.
[22:47] <Val's Voice> You're the one who taught me the Hearts and Souls of the Senshi, but you were acting like there is a hear, there is a soul, but they're not connected.
[22:47] <Cochran's Voice> Combine yourselves, heart and soul!
[22:48] *** the words Heart and Soul keep echoing out.
[22:48] <Megan O`Cain> [Dream] Hmmm...
[22:49] <Pinako> [Dream] :O
[22:50] *** the two Pinakos look at eachother.
[22:51] <Pinako> [Dream] You were like me once, right?
[22:52] <The Other Pinako> according to what few memories I can recall, yes.
[22:53] <Pinako> [Dream] then be like that again and let's defeat Delphius together and anyone who'll battle us.
[22:53] <Pinako> [Dream] It'll be a rough road, but we can do it.
[22:53] <Pinako> [Dream] we can save everyone from this.
[22:54] * The Other Pinako looks to Megan
[22:54] <The Other Pinako> Soldier Megan, do you trust her words?
[22:55] <Megan O`Cain> [Dream] I have full confidence in her.
[22:57] <The Other Pinako> Then I will...
[22:57] * The Other Pinako turns to face Pinako
[22:58] <The Other Pinako> I will have full confidence in her as well.
[22:58] *** the Two Pinakos shake hands, as a bright spark shines.
[22:59] *** outside of the dream, meanwhile, someone has already taken the Check card out of Megan's pocket.
[22:59] * Melissia the bandit is now revealed to be holding it.
[22:59] <Melissia the bandit> Ahh hahah, you snooze, you lose, little rookie.
[22:59] * Melissia the bandit walks out of room 5 laughing.
[23:00] *** but the night is not over yet, we may have seen Megan and Pinako's side of the night, but we also have a B story.
[23:00] *** which wil be shown, soon.

[08:12] *** at 22:22, the roles for voices 1 and 2 swapped, I can't believe I didn't notice XD

[20:14] *** Time for the B story
[20:15] <Narun> don't you feel like something's out of place here?
[20:16] <Katrina> How so?
[20:16] <Narun> both Pinako and Megan have had a serious expression throughout this whole thing.
[20:17] <Narun> even outside of battling.
[20:24] * Metalia walks into the room with barry.
[20:27] <Narun> you two also found this strange?
[20:29] <Barry> it's huihly strange, I think we should investigate this place.
[20:33] <Katrina> Investigate this castle, what else lies in this place?
[20:35] <Narun> There's a whole lot here, let's go then!
[20:35] * Narun and the others Exit Room 4 to wander the hallways.
[20:39] <Katrina> There's another one.
[20:52] <Katrina> I see a painting.
[20:54] <Narun> you three don't think Delphius cheats in his battles, do you?
[20:58] <Katrina> how do you think he cheats?
[20:59] <Narun> no one can beat val that easily, yet Delphius took him down with ease.
[21:01] <Narun> like he knew what cards Val had in his hand the whole time.
[21:02] <Katrina> even if you have a point, what can the 4 of us do?
[21:02] <Narun> there's got to be something down at that Battle Cylinder we saw earlier.
[21:03] <Barry> but with those guards there, we may need Pinako and Megan.
[21:03] <Narun> we can't involve them, they need to rest for tomorrow
[21:04] <Metalia> no we have to do this ourselves?
[21:04] <Metalia> *so
[21:04] <Narun> that's right.
[21:05] * Narun dme group is at the door to the blttom floor of the Battle room, which Narun opens with ease.
[21:06] * Narun and the group split up to start checking what things could have been planted in the cylinder.
[21:06] <Narun> There's got to be a camera in this room somewhere.
[21:08] *** a glow flashes from down below.
[21:08] <Metalia> did you see that?
[21:08] <Narun> I see it, but why underground?
[21:09] <Katrina> Wait, Narun, sit down and act like you're holding a card
[21:09] * Narun enters the cylinder and sits down, pretending to hold a card, and is shocked!
[21:10] *** the trajectory points to a hole in the darkness below.
[21:10] <Narun> something in that darkness must be allowing Delphius to see the cards in his opponent's hand, maybe a relay.
[21:11] <Katrina> so, where could Delphius hide a reciever, in his cheap, 10-dollar suit?
[21:11] <Narun> there's bound to be proof underground.
[21:12] *** minutes later, the group finds their way underground.
[21:13] * Narun thr group is sneaking around a few corners, flanked by guards.
[21:13] *** *^
[21:13] * Katrina sees a decayed skull
[21:13] <Katrina> EEEEEK!
[21:14] *** Guards: Huh? what was that?
[21:14] <Guard> must be nothing.
[21:15] * Narun finds a passageway to a chamber.
[21:15] * Narun and the others go forward.
[21:16] <Katrina> this is it.
[21:17] * Katrina and the others search around.
[21:17] <Metalia> there's nothing here, no telescopes, mirrors or a microphone.
[21:18] <Metalia> but there is a covered painting.
[21:18] *** the lights flash on.
[21:19] <Metalia> who turned the lights on?
[21:19] <Barry> not me.
[21:19] <Narun> not me
[21:19] <Katrina> not me either.
[21:19] <Katrina> wait, who is the woman in this painting?
[21:20] <Metalia> she looks oddly familiar... I can't place it.
[21:20] <Katrina> she kinda looks a bit similar to that form of King Emerald that we saw pinako bring out in that battle against the impostor.
[21:21] <Katrina> maybe even that Prince Emerald.
[21:21] <Barry> you don't think she's a relative of Delphius, do you?
[21:22] <???> Ahem!
[21:22] <Narun> !
[21:22] <Katrina> !
[21:22] <Metalia> !
[21:22] <Barry> !
[21:22] *** the four turn around and see...
[21:22] <Delphius> so, thr four of you are sneaking around the catacombs under my castle, eh?
[21:23] <Narun> How'd you find us?
[21:23] <Delphius> a little birdie told me and saw the four of you lurking through these caves.
[21:24] <Narun> Oh yeah! We're onto ya!
[21:24] <Narun> You're spying on Val's cards from down here, we know your game.
[21:24] <Narun> How about admitting to it!
[21:25] <Delphius> hmhmhmhm, so the four of you break into my private sanctuary, and you're the ones accusing me of wrongdoing?
[21:25] <Delphius> No one, not even my staff are allowed in this room, You have all seen too much!
[21:26] <Narun> What do you mean by seeing too much?
[21:26] <Katrina> Quiet, Narun!
[21:27] <Delphius> your four should have stayed in bed inside of your assigned rooms, and now instead. I'll have to discipline the four of you.
[21:27] * Delphius takes out the Shin Kurozuishou.
[21:27] <Delphius> HAAAAAAAAHHHHH!
[21:28] *** the Shin Kurozuishou glows and a bright flash occurs.
[21:28] *** the group is now somewhere else in the caverns.
[21:33] *** the four walk down the long hallway, the feeling being oddly nostalgic, not only to Metalia, but to Barry as well.
[21:34] <Narun> what a creepy cave.
[21:34] <Katrina> it's almost like a nightmare to be here.
[21:35] <Barry> you find it creepy, I find it familiar.
[21:35] <Metalia> so do I, almost like We've been here before.
[21:36] *** the four soon arrive in a large chamber with adorned skulls, a crowd and a hooded figure sitting in a throne.
[21:37] <Katrina> wow, what a crowd.
[21:37] <Narun> most of them are wearing hoods.
[21:37] <Narun> what are they up to?
[21:38] <Metalia> I don't really know.
[21:38] <Crowd> Begin the harvest!
[21:39] *** a random youma is kicking and screaming, carried by two people, along with a random hooded figure as they are sat on opposite ends of the room.
[21:40] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Youma is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[21:40] <Random Youma> No don't, I don't wanna do this anymore.
[21:40] <Katrina> look
[21:41] <Katrina> it's that painting again, except now this time, she has red hair.
[21:41] <Katrina> and another one next to it.
[21:42] <Katrina> can any of you read that?
[21:43] <Metalia> I now recognize the first one, but the second one, let me try.
[21:44] <Metalia> Dalk Prin-ces Sizooka... Oh no! It's her!
[21:44] <Katrina> It's who.
[21:45] <Narun> tell us!
[21:45] <Metalia> the text is badly written, but it's Dark Princess Shizuka.
[21:45] * Random hooded being flips a card, while the two goons flip another card, since that youma is refusing to.
[21:46] <Narun> They look like they're battling, I think.
[21:47] <Hooded being in Throne> hmhmhmhmhm... you lose, now take his energy!
[21:47] <Random Youma> I don't wanna!
[21:48] <Random Youma> You will take his energy and you will like it!
[21:48] <Random Youma> Otherwise I will FORCE it upon you!
[21:49] <Hooded Being on Throne> ^ (last two lines)
[21:49] * Hooded Being on Throne draws out the energy from the loser, and FORCES it into the unwilling youma.
[21:49] <Random Youma> GAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
[21:50] <Narun> Woah!
[21:50] <Metalia> no doubt aboutit, looks like one of Princess Shizuka's tacics.
[21:50] <Katrina> well, WHO'S THIS PRINCESS SHIZUKA?
[21:50] *** the crowd perks up.
[21:51] *** the crowd turns to and begins surrounding the group.
[21:51] <Crowd> WHAT?
[21:51] <Barry> we've been found out!
[21:51] <Narun> and you said I should be quiet, huh?
[21:52] <Katrina> I'm sorry, but I wanted to know who exactly she was.
[21:52] <Hooded being on throne> Princess Shizuka was the hidden princess of the Dark Kingdom, and a sub leader of the Dark Agency.
[21:53] * Hooded being on throne stands up.
[21:53] * Hooded being on throne unhoods himself.
[21:53] * Hooded being on throne is now known as Delphius.
[21:53] <Delphius> hmmmm./
[21:54] <Narun> What did you do to them?
[21:54] <Delphius> I simply took the energy from the loser and fed it to the winner.
[21:54] * Barry is staring daggers.
[21:56] <Delphius> years ago, this is how things were handled, energy was taken from random people and would ultimately be fed to one source, but that source, Queen Metalia is no longer with us. so we're going for the revival of Princess Shizuka instead.
[21:57] <Metalia> (that name, why that prefix, I don't want to be queen ever again...)
[21:58] <Delphius> we're doing it in a controlled environment here. you can't imagine the strength of the energy that's been taken.
[21:58] <Delphius> but one power still eludes me, the specific power to revive from the dead.
[21:59] <Delphius> for that power, I must take the enrgy from all four of you as well.
[21:59] <Delphius> *energy
[21:59] <Katrina> He's gonna what?
[21:59] <Narun> not even I want my energy taken form me!
[22:00] <Delphius> It's not my fault, I simply can't allow you to escape after you've allowed yourselves to run around my catacombs and learn my secrets.
[22:01] <Delphius> I do hope the accommodations are to your liking.
[22:01] <Delphius> And Barry, your capture will do more, since it seems you have the greatest amount of energy.
[22:01] <Barry> huh?
[22:02] * Delphius darkly chuckles, then gasps.
[22:02] <Delphius> What's this?
[22:02] <Barry> - heh heh heh heh heh, there's been a change of plans, Delphius. -
[22:02] <Delphius> What the, can you be?
[22:03] <Barry> (yours and that small blue youma's energies feel familiar..)
[22:03] <Delphius> (*^)
[22:04] <Barry> - So now you sense my power, but you sense a very weakened Queen Metalia in your midst as well. -
[22:04] <Metalia> Barry, Stop!, please?
[22:05] <Barry> you see us now, but you will not remember ANY OF THIS, INCLUDING THE TWO TAGALONGS! MEMORY ERASURE!
[22:05] <Barry> - *^ -
[22:06] <Barry> '/dm a Blinding glow Shines throughout the room.
[22:06] *** *^
[22:07] *** Katrina and Narun are back in room 4 in the castle.
[22:07] <Katrina> Huh? What the?
[22:07] <Narun> my head hurts, Katrina!
[22:07] <Katrina> What was that dream?
[22:08] <Narun> Looked more like a nightmare.
[22:08] <Katrina> I feel like something terrible will soon happen, Narun.
[22:08] *** meanwhile, in room 3
[22:08] <Metalia> Barry, pull yourself together!
[22:10] <Barry> - we will be the only ones to remember this encounter, for now, that Delphius doesn't know what he's getting into. -
[22:10] * Barry gives a dark chuckles of his own.
[22:10] <Metalia> St-.. Stop It!
[22:11] * Metalia throws a pillow at Barry.
[22:11] <Barry> - GAHHHH! -
[22:11] * Barry falls on the bed.
[22:11] <Barry> ughhhh, Metalia?
[22:11] <Barry> where are we?
[22:11] <Metalia> ... out of a nightmare, what's where we are.
[22:12] <Metalia> get some rest, we gotta cheer on Pinako and Megan tomorrow.
[22:13] <Barry> well, we'll certainly cheer them on, good night.
[22:13] * Barry lays down and sleeps.
[22:13] * Metalia lays down and faces outside.
[22:15] <Metalia> (I certainly hope that it was all a nightmare, but it felt so real... but why the obsession with Princess Shizuka... wait a second... I've heard that name before...)
[22:15] *** Metalia has left #suburbansenshi3 ((can't think on it now, must sleep.))
[22:15] *** and so, the B story is complete, Tomorrow is a new day!

[19:17] * ~ The projector starts to power up!
[19:18] *** The film begins with the now-familiar fox-faced planet logo of Fluffy Eye Home Entertainment (woooooooo!)
[19:19] * ~ Suddenly, there's a new logo of a mountain with the words "Gensokyo Mining and Development"
[19:20] <~> A subsidiary of KappaTech.
[19:21] <~> After years of research and development...
[19:21] <~> ANGST Or rather, a single weekend involving lots and LOTS of sake.
[19:21] <~> KappaTech is pleased to unveil the future of mining technology.
[19:25] *** A camcorder image appears on the screen, with something sitting in the middle of a grassy field.
[19:26] *** There's a mirror set up nearby, revealing just what is holding the camera
[19:27] *** M4 Sopmod-2 Junior has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:27] <@spiritflame> konbanwa M4 Sopmod-2 Junior
[19:28] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior is riding atop a Dinergate and is wearing a little mining helmet (to which a smartphone is attached) and is carrying a little mining pick
[19:28] <M4 Sopmod-2 Junior> >:3
[19:29] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior and her trusty Dinergate mount lean down and start to rapidly dig into the soil, quickly tunneling down!
[19:30] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior arrives in what looks like an underground passage.
[19:32] <~> The Series-2 Subterranean Operative Pioneering Mining Observational Device is the vehicle to revolutionize mining.
[19:33] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior looks around and turns on the little light duct-taped to the side of her helmet.
[19:33] <M4 Sopmod-2 Junior> OwO
[19:35] <~> Controlled entirely via computer, the SOPMOD-2 makes it safe to traverse areas normally inhospitable to human(oid)s.
[19:36] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior checks her depth (14 meters), then she and her trusty mount start digging down some more.
[19:36] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior drops down into a new tunnel.
[19:36] <~> Carried on four articulated legs, the SOPMOD-2 can travel on difficult terrain with ease.
[19:37] <~> With highly advanced maneuverability and small size, there's little need to worry if it gets caught between a rock and a hard place.
[19:38] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior looks around some more. The tunnel is rather small, but it looks like it stretches forward out of the range of her light.
[19:38] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior starts to trot forward.
[19:41] *** The SOPMOD-2 uses an assortment of hydraulic drills and articulated limbs to maneuver quickly and efficiently through rock and clay. In the event of harder substances that need to be broken up, it's equipped with rocket-propelled shaped-charge mass-reactive explosive projectiles.
[19:41] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior pulls out a BOLT PISTOL and charges a round into the chamber.
[19:41] <M4 Sopmod-2 Junior> >:D
[19:43] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior keeps traveling down the tunnel.
[19:43] *** A rotating camera attached to the vehicle provides a live video feed of the SOPMOD-2.
[19:44] *** The camera has full 360-degree horizontal range and 180-degree vertical range. It can even zoom in on specific objects as needed.
[19:45] *** With a range of 100 to 300mm zoom.
[19:46] *** A compact microphone provides live audio of the SOPMOD-2's surroundings
[19:46] *** This is especially handy for listening for hazards such as running water or nests.
[19:47] *** Text at the bottom of the control unit's display shows the SOPMOD-2's status and depth.
[19:48] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior checks her depth. She's now 39 meters below the surface.
[19:49] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior starts looking around some more, zooming in on various details. The walls here don't appear to be 100% natural. Parts of it looks like it's been dug out.
[19:50] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior suddenly hears noise! It sounds like fair pattering paws and low murmuring growls that sound almost like rapid coughs.
[19:50] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior YELPS as something drops down behind her and her Trusty Steed and starts dragging them both away!!!!!
[19:51] *** Status: Compromised. Depth: 45
[19:51] *** Depth 78
[19:51] *** Depth 101
[19:51] *** Depth 114
[19:52] *** Depth 145
[19:52] *** Status: Rebooting.
[19:52] <M4 Sopmod-2 Junior> O__O
[19:52] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior sits up and looks around.
[19:53] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior appears to have arrived in some kind of large natural cavern, complete with some stalactites and stalagmites!
[19:54] *** An industrial-grade battery ensures long life for the SOPMOD-2
[19:55] *** A special casing keeps the battery secure, and allows for a reboot in the event that the vehicle is compromised.
[19:56] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior pulls some wires out of her little coat, sticks them into ports on the Dinergate, and holds the ends of the wires in her hands.
[19:56] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior suddenly gets a JOLT that causes her hair to stand on end for a few seconds!!!!
[19:56] <M4 Sopmod-2 Junior> O___O
[19:56] <M4 Sopmod-2 Junior> :D
[19:56] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior puts the wires away.
[19:58] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior shines her light around and notices something on the walls and floor of the cavern.
[19:58] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior sees all kinds of weird fungi and assorted growth spreading around!
[19:59] <M4 Sopmod-2 Junior> A strange howl rings out from deeper within the cavern.
[19:59] <M4 Sopmod-2 Junior> :/
[19:59] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior starts moving along to explore some more.
[20:00] *** A weird diagram appears on the screen. it looks like a map overlay, showing what looks like a strange forest growing from the soil within the cave.
[20:01] <~> Life grows within the Kitune's dens.
[20:01] <~> The crops mature.
[20:03] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior keeps exploring. She examines some of the plants. There's lots of mushrooms and tubers growing, and the air is warm (geothermal heating?). There's also quite a lot of lichens and some odd grey-glowing bacterial slime growing on the walls and floor in some places.
[20:05] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior turns and sees...GLOWING EYES STARING RIGHT BACK AT HER!!!!!!
[20:06] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior backs up and sees several more sets of glowing eyes staring at her!
[20:09] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior sees somethign like THIS
[20:09] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior tries to rapidly get away, but she hears the swift pattering of paws closing the distance behind her!
[20:10] *** The footage goes to static.
[20:11] *** Depth 164
[20:11] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior has fallen!
[20:12] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior gets up and looks around. She's fallen into a big pile of dirt, roots, and other assorted debris that's been fashioned into what looks like a nest. Or a den.
[20:13] <~> The land is shaped by the Kitsune.
[20:13] <~> The earth is mutated by their touch.
[20:14] <M4 Sopmod-2 Junior> :O
[20:14] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior notices that her Trusty Steed is gone!!
[20:16] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior hears something scamp-scampering towards her!
[20:16] *** It''s...OH NO, THE HORROR!!!!!
[20:17] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior SQUEALS as she's pounced upon, pinned down, and her miner's hat is ATTACKED!!! She's being LICK-LICKED RUTHLESSLY!!!
[20:19] <M4 Sopmod-2 Junior> DX
[20:20] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior flails around as the assault continues!
[20:20] * M4 Sopmod-2 Junior starts to suddenly be dragged away!!
[20:20] *** Depth 17w
[20:20] *** Depth 172
[20:20] *** Depth 178
[20:20] *** Depth 188
[20:21] *** Depth 201 Status - Low Signal.
[20:21] *** Status: Low Signal. Depth 253
[20:21] *** Status: Low Signal. Depth 579
[20:23] <M4 Sopmod-2 Junior> D:
[20:23] *** Status: No signal. Depth: ????
[20:24] <~> We hope you enjoyed this demonstration of the Series-2 Subterranean Operative Pioneering Mining Observational Device by KappaTech.
[20:24] <~> More information regarding the SOPMOD-2 can be found in your booklet.
[20:25] <~> Advanced Mining Vehicle.
[20:27] <~> Created by Tewi Inabayabba-dabba-doo, we got you again!!!
[20:28] *** Finally, the familiar logo of Fluffy-Eye Home Entertainment appears once again.
[20:29] <~> - Feed the Floof. Feed the Floof! FEED THE FLOOF!!! -
[20:41] * ~ The projector powers down for the night.
[20:51] *** The next episode will be shown on WEDNESDAY of this week! Join us for yet more of this HORROR SERIES!!!

[18:44] *** Meanwhile, on the (now deserted) Sugoi Island....
[18:45] * Ibaraki-Douji is tied to a pole on the beach, a sign around her neck. It reads [I was caught stealing girls' bikini tops]
[18:45] <Ibaraki-Douji> Hello?
[18:45] <Ibaraki-Douji> Anyone out there?
[18:46] <Ibaraki-Douji> Can someone please let me down? I promise I learned my lesson.....
[18:46] <Ibaraki-Douji> ...........did they forget about me?
[18:47] <Ibaraki-Douji> Someone please feed the Banana Oni..... T____T

[18:41] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: on a boat in the pacific
[18:42] * ??? is surrounded by a few people in classic Earth Kingdom garb... though it looks like they're not from this universe., neither the people nor the clothes.
[18:43] * ??? is concentrating hard, almost focused.
[18:47] <???2> master, was that a slip of the tongue?
[18:47] * ??? continues the concentration, ignoring the whoever it is' question.
[18:55] * ??? finally breaks concentration!
[18:55] * ??? opens his eyes
[18:56] <???> and have a great final week, if all goes to plan.
[19:03] <???2> Master Atlias, are you not afraid of what may happen if you enact this plan?
[19:05] <???> I am no longer afraid, our history may be erased with what I plan to wish for, but in return.
[19:07] *** ??? has left #suburbansenshi3 (There will have never been Any other planetary kingdoms, there will have never been Youma on earth, it will be as if they simply... never came to be.)

[19:32] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Battler's Paradise (2/25/2022, around 10 AM)
[19:36] * Pinako [Dream] is setting up her 60-card deck.
[19:37] * Pinako has moved to: [ ]
[19:38] * Pinako is readying her 60-card deck
[19:40] <Pinako> (ok, this should help us all out, if what we're up against is the best of the best, then I got to do everything to win)
[19:41] * Pinako gets up and goes into the Hallway
[19:44] <Youma Butler> The Semifinals between Pinako T.u.i.o and Liam Fabalan will proceed shortly.
[19:45] <Youma Butler> the invite card must now be presented to begin.
[19:46] * Liam shows off the card with a check in it.
[19:46] <Liam> looking for this one?
[19:46] <Youma Butler> yes, it is.
[19:48] * Pinako shows her card with a check on it.
[19:48] <Youma Butler> Let the Battle commence!
[19:49] *** Pinako: 0 VP
Liam: 0 VP

[19:50] <Katrina> Looks like one of the actual rematches of the century.
[19:51] *** and Liam start with their respective Ace Cards.
[19:52] <Metalia> at least it's being played on friendly terms, unlike last time.
[19:59] <Katrina> Where is Megan, she's missing something this big.
[20:07] * Megan O`Cain [Dream] steps up, "Sorry about that. Had to make sure of things on my deck."
[20:07] * Megan O`Cain has moved to: [ ]
[20:08] <Katrina> is it ok for your match?
[20:08] <Megan O`Cain> Yeah, I think so.
[20:09] * Pinako is on her 4th turn, on the defensive with 3 monsters on the monster field and a Level 2 Moon Warrior and a Level 1 Sailor Mask.
[20:12] <Liam> you've been awfully defensive during this battle, that battle with Val can't have shaken you up that much.
[20:14] <Pinako> (he's right, you've been very defensive, and while it can only get us so far, there will come a time when we'll have to go on the offensive, even if we don't want to.)
[20:15] <Pinako> (but I don't want to come across as a bloodthirsty monster who's only interested in life-or-death battles.)
[20:16] <Pinako> (I'm worried that's what this will become if I transform.)
[20:18] <Pinako> (my actions towards Val The Csar have you worried this much for everyone's safety?)
[20:19] <Metalia> she's just standing there, what is Pinako doing, Megan?
[20:23] <Pinako> (I want a few more turns to think about it, it's still a bit too soon.)
[20:24] <Megan O`Cain> I have no idea. Drawing things out, maybe?
[20:28] <Liam> Marmelody! attack her Moon Warrior!
[20:33] *** Moon Warrior, Level 2: 40 HP -> 10 HP
[20:37] *** the next turn occurs as they refill their hand.
[20:40] * Pinako puts down "Moon Queen" on the field, as well as a few POWER cards, one on each warrior.
[20:40] <Katrina> she's usually more offensive than this, this defensive battle is very unusual.
[20:47] <Megan O`Cain> Maybe she's got something bigger in mind. This is a new look for her.
[20:49] <Pinako> (I can't think of anything, this isn't working.)
[20:51] <Liam> Marmelody, Level up to, Pearl Alien!
[20:53] <Metalia> That pearl Alien looks almost like that Diamond Alien you've got.
[20:53] <Megan O`Cain> Hmmm...
[20:55] <Liam> Pearl Alien, Deliver the final blow to her Moon Warrior, Power Blast!
[20:55] *** Moon Warrior, Level 2: 10 HP -> 0 HP, Out of play
[20:56] <Pinako> (I was too defensive to even put a PIE card onto him.)
[20:57] <Pinako> (that time to attack is nearing soon, you must make a decision.)
[21:01] <Liam> VVenus Warrior, attack one of her monsters for good measure.
[21:05] *** Pinako: 0 VP
Liam: 3 VP

[21:07] <Metalia> whatever bigger defensive strategy she has cooked up just went in flames if it required 3 warriors.
[21:11] <Megan O`Cain> Hmmm. (The hell is she aiming for?)
[21:12] <Liam> I don't know what's going on in your head, but this is NOT the way you played last time I watched you battle.
[21:13] <Liam> your own ace card is now in the discard pile, thing is, you're not focusing on this battle, are you?
[21:15] * Pinako looks up at Liam (how did she know?)
[21:19] <Liam> I don't know what's making you not focus on this battle, but at the very least start attacking this turn, there is such a thing as whittling down HP.
[21:21] * Pinako (*^he)
[21:24] <Liam> whether you're doing it yourself or someone is guiding you, be sure of the strategies you're doing, and make sure to counter your opponent's tactics.
[21:25] * Pinako puts down another monster onto the monster field. and puts down 2 PIE cards.
[21:25] <Pinako> (I want to make sure of this move, I have to be sure.)
[21:26] <Pinako> you must always be sure of which move you're making, You and Megan have helped me last night, now let me help you.]]
[21:26] <Pinako> (*^)
[21:27] <Pinako> (one more move, please.)
[21:27] <Pinako> (alright, but I want your ultimate decision by the end of the turn.)
[21:28] * Pinako puts down a red and a green power card.
[21:28] <Pinako> (ok, here goes)
[21:30] <Pinako> Sailor Mask, Attack Pearl Alien, aka-bara attack.
[21:31] *** Pearl Alien: HP 170 -> 140
[21:31] <Liam> it's a start, but you're getting there.
[21:33] <Liam> Pearl Alien, attack her Sailor Mask.
[21:36] *** Sailor Mask: HP 80 -> 50
[21:38] *** the next turn begins.
[21:38] * Pinako stands still.
[21:38] * Liam refills his hand and pauses.
[21:39] <Liam> I need to see that battling spirit again, I feel like it's bveginning to be brought out again.
[21:39] <Katrina> you find anything strange about the way he's talking this time?
[21:41] <Megan O`Cain> I think he's trying to reignite a fighting spirit.
[21:42] <Metalia> did that fight with Val smother it?
[21:42] * Pinako pulls out her transformation pen.
[21:43] <Pinako> [[you've pulled out the transformation pen... does this mean that-
[21:43] <Pinako> (yes, I've made my decision)
[21:43] *** that first one will be corrected in flashback.
[21:44] * Pinako Transforms, the transformation sequence plays out.
[21:45] <Megan O`Cain> It's entirely possible.
[21:47] * Pinako has transformed into her Sailor Senshi form.
[21:47] <Pinako> Pinako... I want to thank you, for giving me a second chance... I will not waste it.
[21:48] * Pinako fills her hand, finally.
[21:50] <Pinako> It looks like she had not one, but Two copies of her Ace Card, I bring out Moon Warrior, Level 1!
[21:50] <Pinako> *^
[21:54] <Pinako> and a lucky draw too, Level up to Level 2!
[21:56] <Katrina> Levels 1 and two in one draw.
[21:58] <Megan O`Cain> Damn.
[22:00] <Pinako> Next, I put down a Soul card.
[22:00] <Pinako> *^
[22:03] <Pinako> and since she put down the other power cards earlier, Sailor Mask, Moon Queen, Combo Attack!
[22:11] *** Sailor Mask: ATK 30 + Moon Queen: ATK 50 = Combo ATK 80
[22:11] *** Pearl Alien: HP 140 -> 60
[22:13] *** another turn passes as both battlers refill their hands.
[22:15] * Liam smiles
[22:15] * Liam folds his cards, making a gesture rarely seen in a battle.
[22:16] * Youma Butler and Delphius look shocked.
[22:16] <Metalia> What the?
[22:16] <Katrina> does anyone know what he did?
[22:19] <Narun> he did a gesture rarely seen in Knights & Guardians.
[22:29] <Megan O`Cain> Eh?
[22:31] <Narun> It's the "Surrender Gesture"
[22:31] <Narun> you don't vocalize your surrender in the game, you show it.
[22:31] <Megan O`Cain> Why?
[22:33] <Liam> You've finally got it back, now keep up that Battler's spirit.
[22:34] <Youma Butler> Liam Fabalan has forfeited by way of the Surrender Gesture, Pinako t.u.i.o will be advancing to the Finals.
[22:36] * Pinako De-Transforms.
[22:36] <Pinako> Thank you, Liam.
[22:37] <Youma Butler> our next match up must have the "Money" card to be allowed to battle in their match, your match will begin in 30 minutes.
[22:38] <Megan O`Cain> (Money card?)
[22:39] * Megan O`Cain checks her stack and pockets
[22:40] <Youma Butler> you will have received two cards, a blank card and a card with a check on it, as our semifinalists have shown, they have the money card and were allowed to battle.
[22:40] *** It's missing.
[22:40] *** it's simply missing.
[22:40] <Youma Butler> if you do not have it, you will be disqualified.
[22:41] <Megan O`Cain> The hell? I had it.
[22:42] <Narun> you had it, you mean yours is gone?
[22:43] <Megan O`Cain> Yeah. I could have sworn it was secured.
[22:43] * Pinako and Liam exit the battle cylinder and join the peanut gallery, while Melissia walks away, to prepare.
[22:44] <Narun> Pinako, it's terrible!
[22:44] <Pinako> what do you mean, Narun?
[22:45] <Katrina> Megan's lost her card.
[22:46] <Liam> wait? what happened to your card?
[22:49] <Megan O`Cain> I don't know. I thought I had my card. Now it's nowhere on me.
[22:51] <Liam> well, since I'm not advancing, you can take mine.
[22:51] * Liam holds out a card with a check on it.
[22:52] <Megan O`Cain> Really? Thanks, Liam. (takes the card)
[22:53] <Liam> it's no problem.
[22:57] <Pinako> now you gotta prepare, this will be your first solo battle.
[22:59] <Megan O`Cain> Yeah.
[22:59] *** To Be Continued...

[17:51] *** Meanwhile, on the (still deserted) Sugoi Island....
[17:52] * Ibaraki-Douji has managed to get herself free from her bonds, but....
[17:52] <Ibaraki-Douji> It's been Seventeen Days!!
[17:52] <Ibaraki-Douji> I need to get outta here!
[17:52] *** Looks like she's started to go a bit stir-crazy....

[17:54] *** Let's check back in on our Banana-Oni~
[17:54] * Ibaraki-Douji is sitting down on the sand, staring off into the vast blue ocean..... her knees are pulled up to her chest, and she slowly rocks, back and forth....
[17:55] <Ibaraki-Douji> Day 58....
[17:55] <Ibaraki-Douji> The Nobus are becoming more sentient....
[17:55] <Ibaraki-Douji> They started to know my name!!
[17:56] * A Neco-Arc (which is NOTHING like a Mini-Nobu) walks on by. "You gotta chill out, 'Raki-nya~"
[17:57] * Ibaraki-Douji slowly turns to regard the Neco-Arc, seeing nothing but one of the Mini-Nobus in its place. Her eyes grow wide as her irises shrink.
[17:57] <Ibaraki-Douji> HOW DID YOU KNOW MY MIDDLE NAME?!

[19:38] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Battler's Paradise (2/25/2022, around 2 PM)
[19:43] * Pinako is going over some last minute practice.
[19:44] <Pinako> it's not just about getting them to lose all of their warriors, you can also get to the goal by defeating their monsters.
[19:52] <Megan O`Cain> Of course.
[19:56] <Pinako> ok, now go out there and win!
[19:56] * Megan O`Cain nods and heads over to the field
[19:57] * Pinako heads over to the Peanut gallery.
[19:58] * Melissia is already sitting on her side of the field, looking smug.
[20:01] <Youma Butler> The second match of the semi finals will now begin, the semifinalists at this time must now present the card to continue.
[20:02] * Megan O`Cain shows the butler the necessary card
[20:02] <Youma Butler> I see you have the card on you.
[20:03] <Melissia> [[No way! I have her card!
[20:03] <Melissia> (*^)
[20:03] * Melissia has a pained looks for a bit, but recovers.
[20:03] <Megan O`Cain> I do.
[20:03] <Youma Butler> and you?
[20:04] * Melissia shows the card as well... it's strangely twice as thick as it should be.
[20:04] <Melissia> Mine is right here.
[20:05] <Youma Butler> so it is, the battle may now begin, select your warrior.
[20:07] * Melissia selects a very now familiar card.
[20:11] * Melissia has selected Puniysia Warrior.
[20:16] * Megan O`Cain put Shirose Warrior on the table with McGuffin Attacks
[20:18] <Youma Butler> let the first turn commence.
[20:19] * Melissia fills her hand.
[20:23] * Megan O`Cain fills up her hand with cards
[20:27] *** Hand
Demon Planta
Kaiju Bamboo
Vanus Warrior: Level 3
No Draw!
Rage Against the Attack

[20:31] * Megan O`Cain sets down Kaiju Bamboo onto the field while placing No Draw! and Rage Against the Attack face down
[20:33] * Melissia puts down Jinzo Halcynate and a green card on Puniysia Warrior.
[20:37] <Pinako> what is Megan's opponent doing?
[20:38] <Metalia> maybe a grudge, you two did beat her goon.
[20:38] <Delphius> (a grudge hmmm? let's see...)
[20:39] * Delphius waves the shin Kurozuishou above his eye, looking at Melissia.
[20:39] <Delphius> (oh yes, it is a grudge alright, but not against her, let's see more into this.)
[20:39] <Melissia> Halcynate, Attack her Shirose Warrior!
[20:41] <Delphius> (oh yes, you couldn't get over the face that a small child was able to beat you in the most advanced game in the tournament, granted he had a bit of help.)
[20:41] * Megan O`Cain lets the attack go through