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"To think, a mighty General of the Dark Kingdom-- nothing more than a vengeful thug-- a lowly murderer!"
-- Michiru, not quite getting it

welcome to #suburbansenshi3

[21:57] *** Crap! Submarine Dolls!
[21:57] *** They're riding their mounts at flank speed, using the torpedoes as cover for their advance!
[21:58] * The Descos make use of their network to get this info up to Echo, who proceeds to help direct the Descos towards the most efficient courses of action.
[21:58] * Megan O`Cain suddenly twists her wrists to cause the large droplets to become SHARP icicles, and sends them at the Sea-Dolls from every direction
[21:59] * Donovan O`Cain and the Airwolf packs are still harrassing the Eisenblut Sea-Dolls
[21:59] *** Meanwhile, the Hellish Heavy Artillery Duo are fired upon by a Sea-Doll mounting MASSIVE heavy plasma cannons. She's moving slowly compared to the others, but she's mounting the heaviest defensive shield matrix of any of the Eisenblut girls!
[21:59] <Roon> >:D
[22:02] *** The drones are filling the sky, concentrating on battering down the Airwolves from all sides and angles. Dammit, those drones are EVERYWHERE!
[22:05] <Capt. David O`Cain> (on allied comms) Normandy, can you hear me?
[22:05] * Naoto switches back to her regular arms.... but then taps something on her visor........... wait what is that massive surge of energy she's emitting?!
[22:06] <~> This is command of Normandy. We're receiving you.
[22:08] <Capt. David O`Cain> We could use some air support down here! Send in the Skyhawks, and any aircraft you can spare!
[22:10] * Naoto suddenly raises both of her arms to the sky, and from her fingertips out fly millions of bolts of energy!! They seek out all enemy units to rain complete and utter hell upon them!!!
[22:17] * Z23 is CHARGING at full speed towards the Queen's Bounty with several other Destroyers as Naoto launches her attack!
[22:17] <Z23> Eh?
[22:18] <Z23> SHIELDS!!!
[22:18] * Z23 closes her weapon-arms in front of her and concentrates her shields double-forward, bracing for the assault!!
[22:18] <spiritflame> Z23 rolls 1d100 [ 43 ]
[22:20] *** A little over HALF of Eisenblut are able to react the same way. The Destroyer Dolls are mostly relying on their speed and agility, while the heavier Dolls quickly reconfigure their own dedicated shield-arms.
[22:22] *** Pulse-cannon fire suddenly STRAFES Graf Zeppelin from behind, inflicting some SERIOUS damage on her rig and destroying one of her drone pods!
[22:22] *** A Starfury Thunderbolt screams past overhead and banks away, completing its firing run.
[22:25] *** Meanwhile, the supercavitating torpedoes are slowly being shot down and eliminated, but it means concentrating solely on them! They're moving just too fast to risk targeting anything else!
[22:27] *** One of the Sub-Dolls fires her mount's MHD engines into super-overdrive, burning out the hydro-thrusters in one massive surge of power, pulling up hard as she gets near her target, and LEAPS OFF as she breaks the water, soaring high into the air and landing with a massive SLAM onto the foredeck of the QUeen's Bounty!!
[22:28] * Flight Team Falcon and Team Raven (each with 4 jets in the teams) scream past Eisenblut, firing 25mm rounds as they pass as well as dropping the occasional Hawk Bomb
[22:29] * U-47 has now commenced a boarding action upon the Queen's Bounty.
[22:29] * SFC Iris Gainsburough is standing on the foredeck
[22:32] <SFC Iris Gainsburough> Buzz off, a[BLEEP]le.
[22:32] * U-47 throws an armed demolition charge down the nearest deck opening, then whips out a large combat knife with a 20-inch single-edged blade that gleams brightly like a mirror.
[22:33] *** Is U-47 actually using a Tanith warknife?! Could that actually be "
[22:33] * Durand finds a moment to charge another attack, but this one is in his smaller pincer..... oh hell's bells and balls, that's not plasma, that's an ion-charge!
[22:34] *** Could that actually be "Straight Silver"!? If it is it could cut through just about anything!
[22:34] * SFC Iris Gainsburough smiles as the charge is thrown back up towards U-47 in comical fashion, and she is armed with her shield and serrated sword
[22:36] <U-47> <__<;;
[22:37] <SFC Iris Gainsburough> Nice try.
[22:37] * U-47 kicks the demo charge right back down ("Komm rein, Dummkopf!) and charges into battle with Iris, pausing too...
[22:38] * U-47 pauses long enough to whip out a short-barreled las-carbine and fires it from the hip at Iris as she closes the distance! U-47 IS A BIG DUEL-CHEATER!!!
[22:39] * SFC Iris Gainsburough uses her shield to block the laser fire as she closes distance
[22:40] *** Durand's attack SLAMS into most of Eisenblut, singing and searing them and overloading the shields of many of them!
[22:40] * U-47 tosses her carbine at Iris' head, then cuts to the side and attempts to flank her, slashing low as she moves. Wow, this girl is AGILE!
[22:41] * Karlsruhe cries out in dismay as flames consume most of her clothes!!!
[22:42] <Karlsruhe> My shields are out, my armor's damaged, and my exterior is now open for all to see!!!!! T__T
[22:43] * Oh hey, remember that red-headed dood who was tinkering with some of the cannons? He's got an idea
[22:43] * Bismarck quickly assesses the situation.
[22:44] * SFC Iris Gainsburough is just as agile, and uses her sword to block the knife as she goes for a shield bash to the side of U-47's head
[22:44] <Bismarck> ADVANCE!! Close the distance and get among them!! Engage them at point-blank range!
[22:44] * Capt. David O`Cain and Megan are using their arm cannons to fire at Eisenblut
[22:45] <Tirpitz> We may not last long against their durability...
[22:46] <Bismarck> We'll certainly last longer than we will against their ranged firepower! And we might just be able to counteract it if they're no longer able to bring it to bear!
[22:47] *** Meanwhile, Roon is bombarding the everloving HELL out of a part of the island! She's turning it into a recreation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined with the Blitz!!!
[22:48] * The redhead decides to find a few spare parts from each of the disabled cannons and put them together to make his own! I see no way in which this could backfire!
[22:49] *** The remaining Destroyer and Cruiser Dolls start to rush towards the Island, heading straight for the beach!!!
[22:50] <???> Wait for it....... wait for it......... let 'em get into position.................
[22:50] <Prinz Heinrich> 30 Seconds!!!! Father we with you!!
[22:51] <Z23> I want plenty of space between us all! Five Dolls bunched together is a juicy opportunity! One Doll's a waste of ammo!
[22:51] * Capt. David O`Cain raises Snakebite into the air, "JOLLY ROGERS!"
[22:53] *** Meanwhile, all of the T-Dolls are getting into position, especially M2HB, M1919, M1918 BAR, and M-1 Garand...who ALL seem to be taking the situation with a strange amount of enthusiasm.
[22:53] * Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Squads all raise their cutlasses and shout, "DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES!" and David leads them in a charge while Delta Squad hangs back for covering fire
[22:54] * Megan O`Cain ignites her energy nodachi, and joins her brother in the charge towards the incoming Sea-Dolls
[22:55] * U-47 continues to fight Iris, bouncing back from whatever hits she's taking and still focusing on her exclusively!
[22:56] *** Eisenblut storms the beaches...and is immediately greeted with machine gun fire and grenades from the cliffs overhead!
[22:56] * SFC Iris Gainsburough isn't backing down from U-47, using her familarity of the ship to her advantage
[22:57] *** ...and EVERYONE feels a PROFOUND sense of Deja-vu as Eisenblut STORMS the beaches using swarm tactics reminiscent of a CERTAIN invasion in 1945.
[22:58] * Capt. David O`Cain continues charging towards the beach attackers with Megan and his Rangers
[22:58] * UMP-45 and UMP-9 are both cackling like crazy as they join in the wild shootout!
[23:00] *** The moment the Sea-Dolls charge onto the shore, they immediately LOSE a great deal of their speed: their grav-motors shut down to conserve power. They stomp forward towards the Jolly Rogers!
[23:01] * Z-23 screams a battle cry as she leaps forward...and gets completely blown BACKWARDS when she takes a direct hit from a grenade fired by...
[23:01] <HK416> >:[
[23:01] <HK416> I'M ALL THAT THEY NEED!!
[23:02] <Tundra Kits> :3
[23:02] <Z-23> @___@
[23:02] * Capt. David O`Cain and Megan leap towards the beached Sea-Dolls as the Jolly Rogers SLAM into the group
[23:04] *** The rest of Eisenblut SLAMS right back into the Jolly Rogers, eagerly going hand-to-hand and striking at the Jolly Rogers with ALL of their weapon-arms!! Any cannons they don't use to blast the HELL out of anyone near them are easily used as highly potent (and powerful) bludgeons!
[23:06] * Capt. David O`Cain and his group are putting up a hell of a fight, proving how tough the Rangers can be
[23:07] * Megan O`Cain fires balls of electricity at any Sea-Doll that gets in close when there's an opportunity as does David
[23:07] * Prinz Heinrich SQUEALS in delight as she disengages from her Rig entirely! She leaps free of it and goes STRAIGHT into the battle, using speed, her own (greatly) enhanced strength, and pure unadulterated glee
[23:09] * The Descos collectively surface, and join in the counterattack against the Sea-Dolls!
[23:10] <~> Oh-ho-ho-ho!
[23:10] <~> Come to me...children.
[23:11] * Friedrich der Grosse has reached the beach!! Oh s[BLEEP]t, this COULD be getting bad!
[23:13] * Friedrich der Grosse wades into the huge melee, with a smile on her lips and THAT VOICE calling out!! Oh god....!!!
[23:14] *** She's going to try and [/size=28]MOM you to death!!!!![/size]
[23:14] *** And with that singing voice, a lot of the defenders MIGHT just go for it!!!
[23:15] *** And pause here for the night! See you all tomorrow and take care!
[19:05] <Matsumi Kaz> (( est ))
[19:06] *** Preparing for Cheesy Kits!!
[19:18] *** The countdown begins as the movie projector starts to cycle up.
[19:23] * M4A1 is narrating this part.
[19:24] <M4A1 (voiceover) > This is a story of Heroic Deeds and the bitter struggle for the triumph of Good over Evil and of a wondrous Sword wielded by a mighty Hero when the Legions of Darkness stalk the land.
[19:26] *** The scene shows a horse walking through a dark, misty woods at night. Dramatic music is playing.
[19:27] *** Annnnnd still riding.
[19:29] *** The horse stops and the camera pans up to reveal someone wearing a black overcoat and wearing a fully-enclosing helmet.
[19:30] *** The next scene shows a small castle on a hill.
[19:31] *** Next, a jumpcut inside to a room lit by the ruddy glow of multiple torches around a dias. There's a small font set in the dais filled with a weird purple-glowing substance flanked by a couple of statues of fluffy foxes peering down into the pool. Standing nearby is...
[19:31] *** Persica has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:31] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Persica
[19:33] * Persica has an expression of anxious resignation on her face...and she still has those dark circles under her eyes too.
[19:35] *** The next scene shows M14 standing alone in a darkened hallway, standing guard.
[19:35] <M14> ^___^
[19:36] <M14> Hmmm, now what was my line supposed to be...?
[19:36] * M14 is suddenly STABBED IN THE BACK by the coated person as he sneaks up behinds her and sticks her with a dagger!!!!
[19:36] <M14> X__x
[19:38] *** The coated figure brandishes his sword and keeps moving down the hall, eventually walking into the light and revealing that his helmet covers only one side of his face. The open part reveal that it's....!!!
[19:38] *** Jack Palance (deepfake) has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:38] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Jack Palance (deepfake)
[19:40] * Jack Palance (deepfake) keeps moving through the halls, eventually reaching a dead end and pushing open a concealed stone door, entering the room where Persica is.
[19:41] *** The scene switches to show someone else riding a horse at a full gallop, eager to get to the castle in time!
[19:42] *** The scene switches back to the castle, where Persica (looking quite defiant) has a sword pointed at her chest!
[19:42] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> The secret, old woman! Tell me and I shall let you live!
[19:42] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> It is my right as your eldest son!
[19:45] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> I WILL HAVE THE ANCIENT POWER!!
[19:45] * Persica is pushed back onto the dais.
[19:45] <Persica> The Ancient Power must never fall into the hands of the Devil's agents.
[19:46] * Persica and Jack Palance look up as someone starts banging on the door into the room, calling out to Persica.
[19:47] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> Then let the secret DIEEEeeeeeee!
[19:47] * Jack Palance (deepfake) stabs Persica! "Nooooooooooooow!!!"
[19:47] * Jack Palance (deepfake) withdraws his sword and leaves through a different secret door!
[19:47] <Persica> >___<
[19:48] *** The first door finally gives way, and in rushes our hero!!!!!!!!!!
[19:48] *** Sopmod-2 has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:48] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Sopmod-2
[19:48] <Sopmod-2> Mother!
[19:48] <Sopmod-2> D:
[19:48] * Sopmod-2 rushes over to Persica.
[19:50] * Persica is supposed to be looking like she's in extreme pain, but she just looks like she's got a bad case of gas or something.
[19:51] <Persica> The prophesy has been fulfilled. The evil I've spawned will now pollute the land.
[19:52] <Persica> So little time. Take the pouch from my neck.
[19:53] * Sopmod-2 goes for a leather pouch hanging down inside of Persica's coat. It seems to be filled with something.
[19:54] * Persica points over at a weird sword hanging on the wall. It's a two-handed sword, but the pommel looks like a fist.
[19:54] <Persica> Take the greatsword and put it between us.
[19:55] * Sopmod-2 takes the sword and dives it point-first into the sand that coats the floor.
[19:56] <Persica> Empty the pouch into your hand.
[19:57] * Sopmod-2 pulls out a small smooth rock made of clear green stone.
[19:58] <Persica> Look...into the heart of the stone. Quick! The coldness of in my limbs.
[20:00] * Sopmod-2 stares into the stone.
[20:00] * Sopmod-2 keeps staring.
[20:00] *** Insert closeup of Sopmod-2's eyes. God, her eyes are kinda creepy this close.
[20:01] *** Suddenly the stone starts to glow!
[20:02] * Sopmod-2 watches as the stone slowly rises up out of her hand and starts to float towards the sword! It gets closer and closer, accompanied by mysterious music!
[20:04] *** The hand on the sword slowly opens, then grasps the stone...but pauses for a few seconds in keeping the middle finger extended
[20:07] <Persica> the Elven Mindstone. Think...of the greatsword in your hand...and it will be so!
[20:07] <Persica> The Mind Sword is now yours, my daughter.
[20:08] * Persica flops over.
[20:08] <Sopmod-2> Mother, no!!! D:
[20:08] * Sopmod-2 stares at the sword.
[20:08] *** The scene switches to the sword.
[20:09] * Sopmod-2 keeps staring at the sword.
[20:09] *** The sword starts to turn towards Sopmod-2 with agonizing slowness.
[20:09] <Sopmod-2> O__O
[20:10] *** Finally, the sword pops out of the spot it was driven into and soars hilt-first towards Sopmod-2!!
[20:10] * Sopmod-2 catches it in her hands and grips it tightly!!!
[20:11] <Sopmod-2> VOLTAN!!!!
[20:11] <Sopmod-2> >:[
[20:11] <Sopmod-2> YOU WILL DIE!!!
[20:11] * Sopmod-2 JAMS the sword point-first into the ground dramatically!
[20:13] *** The title credits start to appear. "Cheesy Kit Productions presents..."
[20:14] *** The scene freezes, and BAD ANIMATION of M4 Sopmod-2 Junior zooms out of the Mindstone towards the scene, laughing as the music picks up tempo! The title appears as the takes over the screen!
[20:15] <Sopmod-2> Soppo the Slayer
[20:16] *** The music playing is all kinds of pure 80's synth-pop!
[20:16] *** Starring...M4 Sopmod-2!!
[20:17] *** WA-2000.
[20:17] *** RO-635
[20:17] *** AR-15
[20:17] *** IDW
[20:18] *** SPAS-12
[20:18] *** And M4A1
[20:19] *** The next scene shows the wood again, and someone is stumbling through them, clearly in distress.
[20:20] *** In the background can be heard sounds of wailing and screaming. The figure, who's wearing a yellow raincoat, falls to the ground, then slowly picks herself back up.
[20:21] * The figure is now known as RO-635
[20:21] <RO-635> >__<;;;
[20:21] * RO-635 staggers her way towards a church-like building in the distance.
[20:22] * RO-635 staggers up the steps leading to the main doors and thumps on them with her fist.
[20:22] * RO-635 passes out.
[20:24] *** The doors open, and THIS T-DOLL pokes her head out!
[20:24] <P7> Oooo. what have we here!
[20:25] <P7> Hey! Help me get her inside!
[20:28] * P7 is joined by C96, P38, MP-446 Viking, and M9, all of whom are wearing nun's habits over their usual outfits.
[20:30] * The Pistol Dolls all carry RO-635 into the convent/church and onto a large wooden table where they set her down in the middle of it.
[20:32] * The Pistol Dolls start unwrapping the bandages that are thickly wrapped around RO-635's left hand.
[20:32] <RO-635> >__<;
[20:32] * P38 massages RO-635's forehead.
[20:33] * MP-446 and M9 look at the "damage" done to RO-635 (which is conveniently blocked) and look shocked.
[20:34] <M9> What happened to her!? Where's the rest of her hand!?
[20:34] <MP-446> Left on some battlefield, no doubt. With the help of the Madoka and a sharp knife, we might be able to save the rest of her arm from infection.
[20:36] *** The scene transitions over to RO-635 sitting upright in a bed inside an otherwise bare room.
[20:36] * RO-635 seems to have had her weapon "attached" to her injured hand via lots and lots of bandages.
[20:37] * P7 walks in carrying a wooden bowl filled with something that looks like ramen.
[20:37] <P7> Come on, you. It's time to eat!
[20:37] <RO-635> Where am I?
[20:38] <P7> You are under the protection of Cadenbury, under the Sisterhood of the Holy Herbs.
[20:39] <P7> You are safe here, RO-635
[20:39] <RO-635> How did you know my name?
[20:40] <P7> You were delirious for a long time. You spoke of many things. Some so terrible they passed out understanding.
[20:40] <P7> We could not save your hand, but we were able to affix your weapon to it so you can continue to do battle.
[20:41] <P7> What happened to you?
[20:41] <RO-635> My village to the south was attacked by raiders led by the devil himself.
[20:42] <RO-635> That devil...burned our homes down to the ground.
[20:43] <RO-635> The men, women...children...tried to escape from the flames. They were all brought down by his soldiers and other hordes of little creatures that brought coppery-red doom upon them.
[20:45] <RO-635> I was the only one to escape.
[20:45] <P7> What sort of man would kill innocents?
[20:46] <RO-635> I heard them call his name...
[20:46] *** The camera closes in on RO-635's face.
[20:46] <RO-635> VOLTAN! The Dark One!!
[20:47] *** The scene switches big time to the entrance of a cave, lit by several red flares and occasional lightning flashes from the storm in the background!!!
[20:48] * Jack Palance (deepfake) stands before the mouth of the cave, his arms stretched upwards!
[20:48] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> WIZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD!!!!!
[20:48] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> HELP ME!!
[20:48] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> WIZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD!!!!
[20:48] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> YOU PROMISED ME AAAAALLLLLL!!!
[20:48] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> FOR MYYYYYYYY!!!
[20:48] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> SWORD ARM!!!
[20:50] *** The scene changes to a lot of blurry stuff that resembles a gate opening, revealing someone standing before a big red glow.
[20:51] *** Hey! Look who's playing the Overlord in this movie!! And she even had the perfect outfit for it!
[20:51] *** Negev has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:51] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Negev
[20:54] * Negev beckons Jack Palance forward.
[20:54] <Negev> - Enter, Dark One. -
[20:56] * Jack Palance (deepfake) approaches Negev and stands before her, removing his helmet. NATURALLY, the side that's been concealed so far remains so.
[20:57] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> The pain gets worse. Each time, it gets worse.
[20:57] <Negev> - Your face does not heal. A strange malady affects the flesh. -
[20:58] <Negev> - It is beyond my skill to render a permanent solution. -
[20:58] * Negev holds up a pointed glowy...thing and aims it at Jack's face.
[20:58] <Negev> - Steel yourself. -
[20:59] *** THe pointy thing projects a bunch of glowy-beams into Jack Palance's face, much to his extreme displeasure.
[21:00] * Negev stops after several seconds.
[21:00] <Negev> - Your face will not pain you for a while. -
[21:00] <Negev> - But you will need the crystal again. -
[21:01] <Negev> - There is one who stands between us and our final victory. You will prepare the way for her death. -
[21:02] *** I didn't experience any lengthy delays or lag, and the connection remained decent, so that's a good sign for me.
[21:03] *** Hopefully there won't be any repeats of this morning's issues, and that the tech visit on Tuesday will resolve everything.
[21:03] *** In the meantime, I'll see you all tomorrow. Take care
[19:22] *** THE MOVIE CONTINUES!!!!!
[19:23] * P7 is kneeling at an altar with all the other "Nun-Dolls", praying. The air is a little misty with burning herbs.
[19:24] <P7> ...We continue with care and compassion, for the love that is freely given and joyfully received.
[19:24] *** Suddenly, the doors into the chapel are kicked open, and in come...!!!!!
[19:25] *** Jack Palance (deepfake) has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:25] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Jack Palance (deepfake)
[19:25] *** WA-2000 has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:25] <@spiritflame> konbanwa WA-2000
[19:25] * WA-2000 looks like she just came from Ren-Faire.
[19:27] *** Several other T-Dolls are with them, forming the Dark One's "Army". And trotting in around their feet and SWARMING into the chapel are...are...DIRE FOREST KITS!!!!
[19:28] <Dire Forest Kits> >:3 >:3 >:3 >:3 >:3 >:3
[19:29] <P7> This is the Shrine of the SIsterhood of the Holy Herbs. Your weapons don't belong here!
[19:30] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> I understand your church holds you in high esteem.
[19:30] <P7> I am but a humble servant, like my sisters beside me.
[19:32] <WA-2000> We would like you to help us, small woman. >:f
[19:34] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> My daughter, WA-go speaks true. We face a grave problem.
[19:34] <P7> What do you want?
[19:34] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> I, Voltan, want YOU!
[19:35] <P7> We know who you are. You are a killer of innocent women and children. You and all who follow you are servants of evil.
[19:37] *** The camera pans around to all of the Dire Forest Kits, who've begin nipping at the heels of all of the other "Nun-Dolls" and are now climbing up on the trestle tables set against the walls, nibbling on the food that was set there for after-prayer dinner (those FIENDS!!!!).
[19:37] <P7> But in this church we have no fear of you.
[19:39] *** Off to the side AK-47, A-91, and SKS have gathered around one of the lit braziers and are inhaling DEEPLY!!!
[19:41] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> I am pleased that you know of me. It will make my task that much easier. Take her, WA-go.
[19:41] * WA-2000 grabs P7 and backhands MP-446 (insert MIGHTY meat-slapper sound effect).
[19:41] <~> Let her go!!
[19:42] * ~ is now known as RO-635
[19:42] * RO-635 is now standing by a pillar, aiming her "crossbow" at the Bad Guys!
[19:43] * Jack Palance (deepfake) suddenly FLINGS something from out of his coat!
[19:43] <RO-635> :O
[19:44] * RO-635 falls to the ground with a dagger imbedded in her shoulder!!
[19:45] *** The Dire Forest Kits move in on RO-635!!
[19:45] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> NO! She may yet live to serve my purpose!
[19:45] <P38> What do you want from us?
[19:46] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> The gold that lies in the fat coffers of your holy fortress. Go tell them...for 2000 pieces of gold they can buy her freedom.
[19:47] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> I shall return when next the moon is full. The gold had best be here.
[19:47] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> If not...
[19:48] * Jack Palance (deepfake) suddenly WHIPS out his sword and makes a DEVASTATING overhead strike on the table next to him! STRIKING....a loaf of fresh pita bread that is sliced in half on impact.
[19:50] * Jack Palance (deepfake) heads out the door, followed closely by WA-2000, the captive P7, and everyone else. The Dire Forest Kits follow last, dragging with them several pieces of food.
[19:50] * RO-635 winces a little as the dagger is pulled out of her shoulder.
[19:51] * ART556 is crouching next to RO-635, dressed like a nun too (AW CRAP!!! AND SHE'S IN A SIDE-ROLE WITH P7!!!)
[19:51] <ART556> You are a warrior, tell us what to do!
[19:51] <RO-635> Pay the ransom! >__<;;;
[19:52] <ART556> No! It's impossible! The church has decreed that no ransom can ever be paid for any of its order!
[19:52] <ART556> P7's safety is now the will of god.
[19:53] <RO-635> Will of god?! I KNOW this man! I know what he can do! He'll take great pleasure in your friend's death.
[19:54] <ART556> Oh sacred hemp, help us! I know not what to do!!!!
[19:54] <RO-635> You, saved my arm...and Skull Face must pay for the death of my village!
[19:56] <P38> You must go to the Holy Fortress at Milfton! Speak to the high abbotess herself! She will know what to do!
[19:57] *** The next scene shows RO-635 riding on a horse through the woods, moving at a steady canter.
[19:58] * RO-635 is coughing a little bit since the forest seems to be full of rolling clouds of smoke.
[20:01] *** After a full minute of riding and traveling montage, RO-635 is seen closing in on a Shinto shrine situated at the top of a hill
[20:03] * RO-635 goes inside to see the abbotess of the "Holy Fortress" and meets....
[20:03] *** Reimu Hakurei has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:03] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Reimu Hakurei
[20:04] * Reimu Hakurei is sitting alone in a small room, dimly lit by a few candles and trying to drink a cup of tea.
[20:05] <Reimu Hakurei> Yes?
[20:05] * RO-635 enters the room.
[20:05] <RO-635> I've come from your shrine in Cadenbury. I have grave news.
[20:06] *** The scene jump-cuts, showing the Hakurei Shrine in the evening, signifying that time's passed.
[20:06] <RO-635> The price to be paid is 2000 gold pieces or she will be killed.
[20:07] <Reimu Hakurei> >:(
[20:08] <Reimu Hakurei> If we pay the ransom for just one of our people, then all of us are at risk.
[20:09] <RO-635> Still, if she were lost it would only strengthen the powers of darkness.
[20:09] *** Someone in the background snickers off-screen.
[20:11] <Reimu Hakurei> There is ONE who has helped us before. She did much during the Dark One's first campaign years ago. If she can be found, she might help us.
[20:12] <Reimu Hakurei> News has reached us of her passing through the northern territories just a few days ago. Now, if you should find her, give her this.
[20:13] * Reimu Hakurei hands RO-635 a Shinto charm.
[20:13] <Reimu Hakurei> It will let her know that her help is needed.
[20:13] <RO-635> By what name is this warrior called?
[20:14] <Reimu Hakurei> She is called...SOPMOD-2!!!!
[20:14] *** Scene switch, and epic music starts playing!!
[20:15] *** Out of a THICK smoke cloud wafting through the forest (hey, that looks like the Forest of Magic in Gensokyo!!!), emerges a lone figure on horseback!
[20:15] *** Sopmod-2 has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:15] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Sopmod-2
[20:15] <Sopmod-2> >:3
[20:18] * Sopmod-2 continues to ride, her horse walking casually through the open forest, with an accompanying soundtrack of synth-pipes and synth-flutes trilling mystically.
[20:18] * Sopmod-2 rides past a bubbling brook that smolders faintly.
[20:19] * Sopmod-2 keeps on riding through the misty forest, still with that big happy grin on her face.
[20:22] * Sopmod-2 stops when she hears a girl crying out for help!!
[20:23] *** The scene switches, showing three more T-Dolls, and one of them is tied up between two trees while the other two Dolls are tormenting her with a torch and laughing loudly!!
[20:24] <M4A1> T____T
[20:24] <M4A1> HELP ME, SOMEBODY!!!
[20:28] *** The two other T-Dolls? Are PM-06 and NS-2000
[20:29] <PM-06> You're gonna burn! YOU'RE GONNA BURN!!! >:D
[20:29] <Sopmod-2> HEY!
[20:30] <Sopmod-2> Why do you treat the woman this way?
[20:30] <NS-2000> It's none of your business. She's a WITCH!!!
[20:32] <PM-06> She was caught practicing her foul arts on one of my fine hogs!
[20:32] <M4A1> I was trying to cure the animal of its illness!
[20:33] <PM-06> Lies! The pig died an hour after she touched it with THAT devil-stick!!(points at a nearby ornamental staff)
[20:33] <NS-2000> And then the pig was found mysteriously glazed a few scant minutes later!
[20:34] <PM-06> This will put an end to her evil!!!
[20:35] * PM-06 brings the torch closer to the large pile of brush and sticks that they've laid around M4A1's feet and legs.
[20:35] <Sopmod-2> NO!
[20:35] <PM-06> ...
[20:35] <NS-2000> ...
[20:36] <Sopmod-2> ...
[20:36] <PM-06> Well, witch. It seems you'll have company when you burn!
[20:36] <PM-06> KILL HER!
[20:37] * NS-2000 whips out her "crossbow" and fires at Sopmod-2!!
[20:37] * Sopmod-2 IMMEDIATELY whips out her sword (the Mind-Sword!!!) and deftly swings!!
[20:38] *** The next scene shows an arrow lodged in the tree next to Sopmod-2!
[20:38] <NS-2000> D:
[20:38] * NS-2000 quickly turns around and dashes off, leaving PM-06 alone with Sopmod-2!
[20:39] <PM-06> ...
[20:39] <PM-06> She may run like a dog...but not I!!
[20:39] <Sopmod-2> ...
[20:39] <Sopmod-2> Go in peace or else.
[20:40] <PM-06> Or else what?
[20:40] <PM-06> Or else what my fine friend? :D
[20:40] * Sopmod-2 looks serious.
[20:40] *** Closeup of PM-06's face.
[20:41] *** Closeup of Sopmod-2's face.
[20:42] *** The staring contest continues.
[20:43] * PM-06 suddenly pulls out her sword and swings at Sopmod-2!!!!
[20:44] * Sopmod-2 deftly steps aside!
[20:44] <PM-06> Use your sword, pig!!! Laugh at me! The time to play games is OVER!
[20:45] * PM-06 keeps swinging at Sopmod-2, who keeps blocking and blocking. Then she finally lands her sword beside PM-06's neck.
[20:46] <Sopmod-2> NOW! You go in peace!!
[20:46] <PM-06> >:[
[20:46] * PM-06 tries to stab Sopmod-2!
[20:47] * Sopmod-2 is too fast for her and winds up getting PM-06 across the chest, sliding open her clothes and unleashing a MASSIVE FLOOD OF BLOOD!!!!!
[20:47] *** Actually, it looks more like a whole lot of ketchup.
[20:48] * Sopmod-2 goes to free M4A1, who's dressed up in a hooded robe and wearing a headband that covers her eyes completely.
[20:49] <M4A1> Help me. My cave is near in the woods. But first, hand me my staff.
[20:50] * Sopmod-2 gets M4A1's "Devil-stick" and helps M4A1 up.
[20:50] <M4A1> By what name are you known?
[20:50] <Sopmod-2> SOPMOD-2!!!!! :D
[20:52] *** The scene switches to inside a cave where a VERY smoky fire is burning. Sopmod-2 is seated on the ground while M4A1 is staring into the fire, waving her hands.
[20:52] <M4A1> Sopmod-2? Yes, many times I've heard it spoken. You fight for good.
[20:54] <M4A1> You saved my life and I am in your debt.
[20:55] <M4A1> How can I repay you?
[20:55] <Sopmod-2> Are you really a witch?
[20:55] <M4A1> Yes. Let me look into the fire. It shows these dead eyes many things.
[20:56] * M4A1 pours a handful of some kind of powder into the fire and it FLARES UP MIGHTILY!!
[20:56] <M4A1> ...
[20:56] <M4A1> A girl with a weapon in place of her hand seeks you. She carries a token.
[20:57] <M4A1> I also see a man who wears the mask of death.
[20:57] <M4A1> He is filled with hate.
[20:57] <Sopmod-2> Voltan!
[20:58] <Sopmod-2> Where do I find this weapon-handed girl?
[20:58] <M4A1> Go south quickly, for she rides into danger.
[20:58] <M4A1> RO-635 is her name.
[21:03] <M4A1> We will meet again, for the final battle has yet to be fought.
[21:03] * M4A1 pours yet another handful of powder into the fire, causing it to EXPLODE.
[21:04] *** The scene then fades out...which is also where the film will be stopping for the night!
[21:06] *** We shall continue from where we left off tomorrow. The good news is that the cable internet is working well, and I haven't experienced any lag or loss of signal.
[21:06] *** So I think that once we finish Soppo the Slayer we'll finish up the Subnautica Crusade soon afterwards.
[21:06] *** In the meantime, good night for now everyone.
[19:24] *** The projection equipment starts to warm up
[19:33] *** AND WE ARE BACK!!!
[19:34] * Sopmod-2 is RIDING through the smoky forest, her horse galloping through puddles and pools and kicking up lots of soil in its wake!
[19:34] <Sopmod-2 > >:D
[19:34] *** The accompanying synth-music is meant to convey a sense of urgency and danger looming!
[19:37] * Sopmod-2 rides past a grisly scene!!! It looks like there's the body of a pretty blond girl in a once-nice blue and white dress, but it's torn and covered in mud and "blood"...and she's being nibbled and gnawed on by dozens of Dire Forest Kits! The Dire Forest Kits have made another helpless girl their prey and victim!!!!! FIENDS!!!!
[19:41] *** The scene switches over to RO-635, who's riding by herself with her rifle-arm laid across her lap. She looks around cautiously and slows to a halt.
[19:42] <RO-635> >:(
[19:42] *** AN-94 has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:42] <@spiritflame> konbanwa AN-94
[19:43] *** AK-12 has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:43] <@spiritflame> konbanwa AK-12
[19:43] * AK-12 and AN-94 are in the clearing ahead, standing up and approaching RO-635.
[19:45] <AK-12> No, friend, there's no need for suspicion. We're merely travelers and we'd like to know which direction the village of Bermby lies.
[19:45] * AN-94 takes hold of the reins of RO-635's horse to steady it.
[19:47] * RO-635 looks around warily...AND SEES HER LEANING OUT FROM BEHIND A TREE, AIMING AT HER!!
[19:47] *** 9a-91 has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:47] <@spiritflame> konbanwa 9a-91
[19:48] <9a-91> >:|
[19:48] * RO-635 fires from the hip with her "crossbow" attachment to her arm!!
[19:49] <9a-91> XO
[19:50] * 9a-91 flails around comically as she doubles over, falls to the ground, and "dies".
[19:50] * AN-94 WHACKS RO-635 across her back and knocks her off her horse!
[19:51] * AK-12 quickly disarms RO-635 and between her and AN-94 they quickly drag her over to a nearby tree and tie her to it.
[19:51] <AK-12> To kill our friend was a very bad mistake.
[19:51] <RO-635> She was going to shoot me!
[19:53] * AN-94 takes all of RO-635's money. "A mistake that will cost you more than these few paltry coins."
[19:53] * AN-94 PUNCHES RO-635 in the stomach!
[19:54] <AK-12> What shall we do with her? ^___^
[19:54] <AN-94> Something different. It's been a dull day.
[19:54] <RO-635> I was protecting myself...
[19:55] * AK-12 smacks RO-635, making a comically loud sound like two wooden boards clapping. "SILENCE, scum! Let's have a contest!"
[19:56] *** Meanwhile, Sopmod-2 is riding ever closer...although the camera scene WAS shot in weird slow-motion.
[19:57] * AK-12 and AN-94 back away from the tree, and RO-635 looks on nervously as the two bandit-Dolls prepare their "crossbows".
[19:57] <AK-12> I'll bet you two silver pieces that I can get the closest to her without drawing blood.
[19:58] <AN-94> Done
[19:59] *** There's a pause for a few seconds, then both Dolls whip their weapons up and each fire a single shot.
[19:59] * AN-94 and AK-12 walk back over to inspect the results.
[19:59] <RO-635> O___o
[20:00] * RO-635 has a hole in the wood to either side of her head, but one shot DEFINITELY went through one of her twintails.
[20:00] <AN-94> ^___^
[20:00] <AN-94> First two pieces of silver...MINE.
[20:00] <AK-12> Again! And this time I'll raise the hairs on top of her head.
[20:01] <Sopmod-2> CUT HER DOWN!
[20:01] *** Insert dramatic music, for the HERO has suddenly appeared out of nowhere!
[20:01] <AN-94> <__<
[20:02] <AK-12> >__>
[20:02] <AN-94> It's YOU who'll be cut down.
[20:02] <AK-12> The contest gets better!
[20:03] * AK-12 and AN-94 take a few more steps to the side, neither of them looking away from Sopmod-2 as they all prepare to face off against each other.
[20:04] * AK-12 looks at Sopmod-2
[20:04] * AN-94 looks at Sopmod-2
[20:04] * Sopmod-2 looks back at them both like they're all in a Western movie.
[20:07] <AK-12> O__O
[20:07] * AK-12 now has the Mind-Sword skewering her through the stomach!!!
[20:08] * AN-94 starts to move, but the Mind-Sword suddenly flies back into Sopmod-2's hands...and then she throws THAT into AN-94 next!!!!
[20:08] <Sopmod-2> >:D
[20:08] <AN-94> D:
[20:08] * AN-94 flails around with a sword struck through her chest!!!
[20:08] <AN-94> EEEEeeeeeh!! Eeeeeeeeeh!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeh!!
[20:09] <AN-94> <___<
[20:09] <AN-94> Aaaarrrrrghhh!
[20:09] * AN-94 falls to the ground.
[20:09] * Sopmod-2 retrieves the sword and goes over to cut RO-635 from the tree.
[20:11] * RO-635 looks around at Sopmod-2's handiwork. "What manner of T-Doll are you?"
[20:12] <Sopmod-2> I am called Sopmod-2! :D
[20:12] <RO-635> Sopmod?
[20:13] * RO-635 reaches into her suit and pulls out the ofuda that Reimu gave her. "I have this for you."
[20:13] <Sopmod-2> You're from the Fortress of the Order of the Holy Herb?
[20:15] <RO-635> I've been searching for you for many days.
[20:16] *** The scene switches, shifting to a motley and run-down looking restaurant in the middle of the forest.
[20:16] <~> INNKEEPER!!
[20:16] * ~ is now known as Jack Palance (Deepfake)
[20:19] *** The innkeeper, played by Sten Mk2 yelps loudly as she's shoved back into the wall behind her.
[20:19] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Tell me of the rumors again.
[20:21] <Sten Mk 2> I know nothing! Nothing! Nothing! But they say that a one-handed girl with a crossbow affixed to her arm is searching far and wide.
[20:21] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Searching for what?
[20:22] <Sten Mk 2> I don't know! I don't know! >__<;
[20:22] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) places a hand on Sten's collar, almost consolingly.
[20:23] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> You will tell us immediately if he comes here.
[20:24] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) steps away, and the camera pans back to reveal several more people either standing around or seated at a rough table, eating.
[20:24] *** WA-2000 has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:24] <@spiritflame> konbanwa WA-2000
[20:25] * WA-2000 is standing nearby, looking as proud and aristocratic as possible. Her pose just SHRIEKS Tsundere!!!
[20:25] <WA-2000> /EM looks with disdain upon the two girls still sitting and eating nearby, not paying any attention to anything else going on.
[20:27] * ARX-160 is just minding her own business eating some chunky stew.
[20:28] * Micro-Uzi is just trying to eat some grilled lamprey
[20:29] <WA-2000> Animals!!! You are in the presence of VOLTAN! You do not continue to eat. NOR DO YOU CONTINUE TO SIT ON YOUR SLUTTY BACKSIDES!!!!!
[20:29] * WA-2000 smacks the table!!
[20:30] <Micro-Uzi> I don't have to stand for anyone who doesn't pay my wages!!
[20:30] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Who pays your wages this night?
[20:32] <Micro-Uzi> Our master is M870, the Horn-Head. We are slavers on the River Shale. And we will not be barked at by some made-up harlot daring to try to teach us good manners!
[20:32] <WA-2000> YOU WATCH YOUR...!!!!
[20:33] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> No! NO! I LIKE A MAN WITH SPINE!
[20:33] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) smacks the blade of his sword onto the table, next to ARX-160's arm
[20:33] <ARX-160> >__>;
[20:34] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Now remember this and remember it well!
[20:34] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) moves in directly behind ARX-160
[20:35] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Voltan owns everything. The table, the chair, the very food you eat!
[20:36] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> I own EVERYTHING, including your useless life. Remember it well!
[20:36] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) is pinching HARD on ARX-160's neck!
[20:36] <ARX-160> @___@
[20:37] *** A bunch of Dire Forest Kits leap up onto the table and start munching on ARX-160's stew!! THE FIENDS!!
[20:37] * ARX-160 passes out and falls face-first into her stew with a loud, wet PLOP.
[20:38] <ARX-160> X___x
[20:38] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Your friend has lost her appetite, it seems.
[20:38] <Micro-Uzi> The Horn-Head will have something to say about this!
[20:39] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> The Horn-Head may have many things to say, but you have already said too much!!
[20:39] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) presses the tip of his sword against Micro-Uzi's sternum!
[20:40] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> CUT THE TONGUE FROM HER HEAD!! IT TIRES ME!!!!!!
[20:41] * Micro-Uzi howls, flails, and shrieks as she's grabbed by WA-2000, AK-47, SKS, and AK-74 and dragged offscreen.
[20:41] <Sten Mk2> D:
[20:41] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) approaches Sten Mk2, sword still in hand. "I trust you have learned something from this?"
[20:43] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) swings his sword and bites the edge deep into the wooden plank wall next to her head as the small-statured SMG Doll cringes.
[20:44] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> I expect to be kept informed of any strangers passing this way. Or...similar bad things will happen to you. Do you understand?
[20:44] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Yes?
[20:44] * Sten Mk 2 just starts nodding frightfully.
[20:44] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Yes!
[20:44] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> YES!!
[20:44] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> :D
[20:46] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) walks away, just at the same time Micro-Uzi lets out a massive, long howl. Either she just got "killed", or she sat down in the outhouse onto a really bit splinter.
[20:46] *** ^Big splinter.
[20:47] *** Meanwhile, the scene switches back to RO-635 and Sopmod-2 as they sit with a campfire nearby.
[20:47] <Sopmod-2> Tell me again of the Dark One's demands.
[20:47] <Sopmod-2> Two thousand pieces of gold for the priestesses safe return.
[20:48] <Sopmod-2> have you ever faced him before?
[20:48] * RO-635 was talking there.
[20:48] * Sopmod-2 starts having a flashback scene!!
[20:50] * Sopmod-2 is riding through a bright, open, and beautiful forest on a white horse, and riding with her, making her feel like the happiest Doll in the world is...!!!!
[20:50] *** M4 Sopmod-2 Jr. has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:50] <@spiritflame> konbanwa M4 Sopmod-2 Jr.
[20:50] <M4 Sopmod-2 Jr.> OvvO
[20:50] <Sopmod-2> :D
[20:51] * Sopmod-2 gives M4 Sopmod-2 Jr. a kiss on the top of her head.
[20:52] *** The next scene shows Sopmod-2 lying on a blanket on the ground, with M4 Sopmod-2 Jr. hugging the back of her head and shaking it playfully.
[20:53] <Sopmod-2> I fine this to do on our wedding day. The guests will wonder where we've gone off to!
[20:53] <M4 Sopmod-2 Jr.> >:3
[20:53] *** Suddenly....!
[20:53] *** Jack Palance (Deepfake) has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:53] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Jack Palance (Deepfake)
[20:54] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) doesn't have the stupid one-sided helmet during this flashback scene. This must be from before he got disfigured.
[20:54] <Sopmod-2> Voltan!
[20:54] <Sopmod-2> You're not enjoying the festivities?
[20:55] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> How could I enjoy them when these festivities should have been for MY marriage to M4 Sopmod-2 Jr.!!
[20:56] <Sopmod-2> M4 Sopmod-2 Jr was never your betrothed.
[20:57] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> While I fought alongside our mother, you were here. Turning her love for me to hate with your silvery tongue!
[20:57] <M4 Sopmod-2 Jr.> >:3
[20:58] <M4 Sopmod-2 Jr.> RaaaAAAAaaaaaah!!
[20:58] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Nooooo! NOOOO!! You were mine once and will be again!!!
[20:59] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) starts to back away, giving everyone a hateful stare. "Take care, little sister! Watch for me in the night!"
[20:59] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) is away 
[20:59] <M4 Sopmod-2 Jr.> :<
[21:01] * M4 Sopmod-2 Jr. waddles over to Sopmod-2 and gives her a little pendant, the SAME pendant that Sopmod-2 is wearing back in the forest when this CHEESY FLASHBACK SCENE ENDS!
[21:01] * RO-635 is busy blowing away a small bush with her arm-gun.
[21:02] <RO-635> When I had Voltan in my sights I should have fired.
[21:02] <Sopmod-2> The dark ones protect their own.
[21:03] <Sopmod-2> Now...the horses have rested enough. We have others to find,
[21:03] <Sopmod-2> People who've fought by my side before. We have little time left.
[21:03] <RO-635> How will you find them in time?
[21:04] <Sopmod-2> There's one who will find them for us! :D
[21:04] <Sopmod-2> The way lies through the Forest of the Lost.
[21:05] <Sopmod-2> Bu the shortest route is often the most dangerous.
[21:05] *** The scene switches to them both riding rapidly through yet MORE woods towards an unknown destination!!
[21:07] *** After a full minute of riding, they arrive at an eerie part of the forest. It's MUCH more misty here, and the trees have turned from deciduous oaks and elms into tall, thick towering stalks of bamboo that stretch on endlessly.
[21:07] *** Ahead, the path leads up to a large stone torai gate.
[21:08] * Sopmod-2 points at the gateway.
[21:09] <Sopmod-2> Beyond those gates will be as dark as night. But the Mind Sword shall light our way.
[21:09] * Sopmod-2 holds up her sword, and the stone in the pommel starts to glow brightly, creating a dome of light around them both.
[21:10] <Sopmod-2> Leave this circle of light, and I may not be powerful enough to help you.
[21:11] * Sopmod-2 and RO-635 slowly ride through the gateway...and promptly vanish!!!
[21:11] *** Inside the forest, the mist and bamboo crowd in around them. Visibility is bad, and many things can be seen lurking in the long shadows between the trees.
[21:12] <Sopmod-2> The ones we seek are the last of their kind.
[21:12] <Sopmod-2> SPAS-12, a giant from the mountains at the edge of the world.
[21:13] <Sopmod-2> elven girl from the Silver Forest.
[21:13] <Sopmod-2> Now burnt and blackened to ash.
[21:14] <Sopmod-2> And IDW, a dwarf from the Iron Hills .
[21:14] <RO-635> >__>
[21:14] <RO-635> <__<
[21:14] * RO-635 is looking around like crazy, hearing many things moving around through the foliage under cover of gloom.
[21:15] <Sopmod-2> The land has changed. Predators hunt where there were none before. This was once a green forest full of sunlight. Now it's a place of darkness and evil.
[21:16] <~> Rooooooooooooo!
[21:16] <~> Rrrr-rrrr-rrrr-rrrr!
[21:16] *** Strange growls and yelps call out from nearby, from all around!
[21:18] * Forest Kits move in closer, the light from the Mind Sword reflecting strangely off of their eyes.
[21:19] *** Suddenly, a HUGE ROAR echoes out from directly behind them both. In the background they can just make out a GIANT DIRE FOX padded up the pathway after them!!!
[21:20] <Sopmod-2> GO!!
[21:21] * Sopmod-2 and RO-635 spur their horses into a full gallop and make a break for it, eventually riding out of another toraii gate and not stopping as they ride into the rolling hills beyond!
[21:21] *** And pause here for the night! Hopefully, there won't be any unpleasant surprises at work tomorrow, and we'll continue things from where we've left off tonight.
[21:22] *** In the meantime, good night everyone!
[19:29] *** The projection equipment begins to warm up.
[19:32] *** The movie resumes!!!
[19:32] * Sopmod-2 and RO-635 had ridden up to the cave where the witch M4A1 resides.
[19:32] <Sopmod-2> Witch?
[19:33] <M4A1> Enter, Soppo, and bring the one-handed one with you.
[19:34] * M4A1 lights a candle with a gesture while Sopmod-2 and RO-635 come inside.
[19:35] <Sopmod-2> I need your help.
[19:36] *** After a slight montage of M4A1 gathering all sorts of reagents and making preparations, we see Sopmod-2 sitting in the middle of a circle drawn into the ground.
[19:36] * M4A1 drops more powder into a fire and causes a big cloud of smoke to bellow up.
[19:38] * Sopmod-2 is now sitting inside of two hoops that are spinning and rotating around her, driven by MAGICAL POWERS!!!!
[19:39] <M4A1> With the help of my powers of conjuration, I will send you to your companions. And if they're willing, they will return here with you. First, the giant.
[19:39] * M4A1 throws more powder into the fire, creating ANOTHER plume of smoke, and Sopmod-2 vanishes!!
[19:40] *** The scene switches to a different part of the forest where...!!
[19:40] *** SPAS-12 has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:40] <@spiritflame> konbanwa SPAS-12
[19:40] * SPAS-12 is looking GOOD as ever....and just as hungry too.
[19:43] * SPAS-12 is sitting on a stump beside a broken-down wagon, taking a LOOOOOONG drink from a wooden mug and looking rather pleased by the contents.
[19:44] * The owner of the wagon stands nearby and she's tiny compared to SPAS.
[19:45] <Cx4 Storm> Uhhhm, I've kept my side of the bargain. You've drunk enough of my ale for three people!
[19:45] <SPAS-12> That was the agreement. First the ale, then there was a price of two copper pieces mentioned.
[19:46] <Cx4 Storm> Don't you think you should at least fix my wagon before we get to that part?
[19:51] * SPAS-12 takes a look at Cx4 Storm's wagon. One of the wheels had come off. Pulling the wagon up off the ground a little, SPAS-12 puts the dislodged wheel back onto the axle and hammers it back into place with the MASSIVE two-handed wooden mallet she's carrying. Holy crap, that's Aratasujou's Sledge-O-Matic!!!
[19:51] <SPAS-12> Done!
[19:51] <Cx4 Storm> Oh, the coins. Well...I never carry any money on me. ^___^
[19:52] <Cx4 Storm> Because there's all those thieves and thief-kits and sneak-thief-witches around. I'll give you the money tomorrow! :D
[19:53] <SPAS-12> You cheater! >:O
[19:54] <Cx4 Storm> And if you beat me up you'll get nothing. I'll be here tomorrow. Sometime. On the other hand...
[19:54] * SPAS-12 walks over to the wheel she'd just put on, grabs hold of it with both hands, and YANKS it off with a good tug.
[19:55] <Cx4 Storm> D:
[19:55] <SPAS-12> You owe me nothing now, shrimp-girl.
[19:57] <Cx4 Storm> Justice! I demand justice! Is that how an honest citizen should be treated in this land?!
[20:00] * Cx4 Storm 's cries for "justice" have attracted the attention of Grizzly, Nagant M1895, Colt Python, PPK, Stechkin, and Tokarev...ALL of whom are substantially smaller compared to SPAS-12.
[20:02] * Python regards SPAS-12 "What seems to be the trouble?"
[20:02] <Python> We overheard and the ale girl is right. Now be a good fellow and clean up the mess you've made.
[20:03] <SPAS-12> I'd sooner eat cow dung.
[20:05] <Python> Well that can be arranged. And you can wash it down with your own blood, you ox.
[20:05] * SPAS-12 rolls her eyes. "So be it."
[20:06] * SPAS-12 watches as Grizzly, Nagant M1895, Python, PPK, Stechkin, and Tokarev surround her while Cx4 Storm watches eagerly.
[20:08] * Grizzly suddenly lunges at SPAS-12 with a spear...and promptly gets kicked hard enough to send her flying backwards almost ten feet.
[20:09] <Grizzly > X__x
[20:09] * PPK stabs at SPAS-12 with an elegant rapier! :D
[20:10] * SPAS-12 just grabs her arm, yanks her up into the air, and THROWS her to the other side of the clearing.
[20:10] <PPK> XO
[20:10] * Tokarev lunges at SPAS-12, but takes a hammer-blow to the stomach that launches her backwards.
[20:11] * Nagant M1895 gets BONKED on the head with a fist.
[20:11] <Nagant M1895> XP
[20:12] * Stechkin tries to smack SPAS-12 with her club, but it gets deflected by SPAS's hammer. Then she gets jabbed in the stomach with the handle and face-planted into the ground.
[20:13] * Python goes down after taking a headbutt.
[20:15] <Cx4 Storm> D:
[20:16] * Cx4 Storm trembles as SPAS-12 starts approaching her, and SPAS has THAT LOOK in her eyes.
[20:16] * SPAS-12 stops as she notices someone else watching.
[20:16] <Sopmod-2> :D
[20:17] <SPAS-12> ...
[20:17] * SPAS-12 looks down at Cx4 Storm. "Consider this the luckiest day of your life."
[20:18] * SPAS-12 goes over to Sopmod-2, who smiles and nods at her.
[20:18] *** The two of them are engulfed in a cloud of smoke that comes out of nowhere, and SUDDENLY both Sopmod-2 and SPAS-12 are back in the cave!
[20:18] * SPAS-12 looks around with a bit of surprise at her new location.
[20:19] <M4A1> Next the elf.
[20:20] * M4A1 throws MORE flash powder onto the fire, enough to make RO-635 and SPAS-12 cough in response.
[20:20] * Sopmod-2 disappears again.
[20:21] *** The scene switches to a figure wearing a camouflage cloak sitting on a rock, examining her "crossbow".
[20:23] *** Meanwhile, there's a small blacksmithy nearby, and a black man is working at the forge, finishing up the last of a batch of bullets for the figure's "crossbow" (which looks more like a variant of an M-16 BUT THIS IS A REALM OF FANTASY AND MAGIC, REMEMBER!!??!
[20:27] * The blacksmith who looks like he's pushing 50 with all the grey in his hair, comes over and hands the bullets to the figure, who examines them all carefully, nods, and hands the blacksmith a pouch.
[20:27] * The blacksmith accepts with a nod and walks back to his forge.
[20:33] *** Watching the exchange closely are P08 and Kar98k
[20:35] <P08> That person looks very strange. She seems to fancy herself a Targetter.
[20:36] <Kar98k> She's got plenty of money and that's all that matters.
[20:36] <P08> Are you sure about this?
[20:36] <Kar98k> It's never failed yet.
[20:37] <Kar98k> You play your part as always, and we'll have our pockets lined with gold before the hour ends.
[20:37] <Kar98k> ...well go on! Make the balcksmith leave!
[20:42] * P08 walks on over, smiling innocently as the blacksmith resumes working on hammering what looks like small rods of red-hot iron through a series of funnels, creating progressively smaller rods. The last ones, which come out quite thin, he cuts using metal shears into lengths of about two inches...OH WAIT, HE'S MAKING NAILS!!
[20:42] <P08> Good day to you, Mister Johnson...I MEAN MR. BLACKSMITH!!!!
[20:44] <P08> I have a hard but rewarding job for you!
[20:45] <P08> There's a cart with a broken wheel a mile down the road. If you repair it, and return it here before sunset, you shall be paid handsomely.
[20:45] * The blacksmith keeps hammering away. Even though he's wearing ear protectors, it's pretty obvious that he's not immediately responding NOT because he can't hear her.
[20:46] <P08> ^__^;
[20:46] * P08 takes out a gold piece.
[20:46] <P08> Part payment in advance.
[20:46] * The blacksmith STILL doesn't react.
[20:46] * P08 holds out TWO gold pieces.
[20:53] * The blacksmith takes the money, gathers some of his tools, and heads down the road.
[20:53] * P08 waits a few minutes, then approaches the seated figure.
[20:54] <P08> My friend and I couldn't help but notice the beautiful weapon and shots you attend so lovingly.
[20:54] <P08> Weren't you at the archery tournament at Brackly? Hmmmm?
[20:55] <P08> Permit me to introduce ourselves. This is Kar98k, master targetter. And I am her humble companion P08!
[20:56] <P08> And to whom do we have the pleasure of addressing?
[20:56] * The figure lowers her hood, revealing...!!
[20:57] * The figure is now known as ST AR-15
[20:58] <ST AR-15> Star-15
[20:58] * ST AR-15 also has fake-ass looking Vulcan ears.
[21:01] <P08> <__<;
[21:01] * Kar98k reaches into her coat pocket, pulls out an apple, throws it into the air, and quickly takes aim and SHOOTS!!!
[21:02] *** And out of the sky apple pie?!
[21:03] <Kar98k> Maybe our friend only CLEANS bows?
[21:03] <P08> Oh dear! I do believe my impetuous, aristocratic friend is challenging you!
[21:04] <ST AR-15> She wastes her time and mine.
[21:05] * Kar98k fires a shot that impacts at the base of the rock ST AR-15 is sitting on.
[21:05] <ST AR-15> >:9
[21:05] <ST AR-15> >:(
[21:05] <P08> Girls! Girls! Calm yourselves, I beg of you!
[21:06] <P08> Our friend here isn't interested in children's games! She requires more serious inducement. Like maybe a wager!
[21:07] * P08 brings out a small coin, its contents clinking metallically. "We could make it worth her while!"
[21:07] <ST AR-15> Name the target.
[21:08] * P08 runs off to a tree in the distance while Kar98k moves into position.
[21:09] <Kar98k> We'll shoot from here. P08 is going to tie different colored ribbons onto that tree. Whoever cuts their mark cleanly shall be the victor.
[21:10] <P08> Our friend will take the red mark. Weapons to remain couched until I give the signal.
[21:10] <P08> Three, two, one, shoot! Is that understood?
[21:10] * P08 walks back over to stand behind everyone.
[21:10] <P08> Right.
[21:11] <P08> Three.
[21:11] * P08 puts her hand on a knife at her side.
[21:11] <P08> Two.
[21:11] * P08 starts drawing the knife.
[21:11] <P08> One.
[21:11] * P08 moves in a bit closer to ST AR-15 with that knife.
[21:12] * P08 stops as she feels the blade of a sword rest on her shoulder.
[21:12] *** Sopmod-2 has joined #suburbansenshi3
[21:12] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Sopmod-2
[21:13] <Sopmod-2> Leave the odds as they are.
[21:13] <Sopmod-2> :D
[21:14] *** Everyone turns to see Sopmod-2, and ST AR-15 gives a slight nod of recognition to her, while P08 drops the knife since she's been BUSTED.
[21:14] <Sopmod-2> Continue.
[21:14] <P08>
[21:14] <P08> Shoot!
[21:15] * ST AR-15 and Kar98k both aim and shoot, their weapons going off almost simultaneously!
[21:15] * ST AR-15 cuts the red ribbon in half.
[21:16] * Kar98k hits the yellow ribbon, but it's holding together by just a few strings.
[21:16] <ST AR-15> I win.
[21:16] * ST AR-15 holds out her hand for the pouch.
[21:20] <Kar98k> Like hell you won!!
[21:20] * ST AR-15 starts to walk away with Sopmod-2 after receiving the pouch of money from P08.
[21:21] * Kar98k shoots at ST AR-15, hitting a tree next to her and blowing off a large branch.
[21:21] <ST AR-15> >:[
[21:21] <Kar98k> There's only one way to settle this!
[21:22] <P08> I forbid this!
[21:22] <Kar98k> Stay out of this! WELL?!
[21:22] <Kar98k> Has the quake in your belly stopped your mouth?
[21:22] <ST AR-15> I am ready.
[21:23] <ST AR-15> Make the count.
[21:23] <P08> ...
[21:23] <P08> Three...
[21:23] <P08> Two...
[21:23] <P08> One...
[21:24] <P08> .......shoot!
[21:24] * Kar98k quickly takes aim!
[21:24] * ST AR-15 quickly takes THE SHOT!
[21:24] <Kar98k> GACK!!!!!
[21:25] * Kar98k grabs her stomach with both hands and starts to double over and fall to the ground!!
[21:25] <Kar98k> I never even saw it!!
[21:26] * Kar98k falls over. Dead.
[21:26] * P08 rushes over to her!!
[21:27] <P08> Get up! NOW GET UP! What's wrong with you?!?!?!
[21:28] *** Meanwhile Sopmod-2 and ST AR-15 are walking away into a thick cloud of smoke that's appeared out of nowhere and vanish inside of it.
[21:30] * Sopmod-2 is back inside M4A1's cave, and now ST AR-15 has joined the group
[21:30] <Sopmod-2> >:3
[21:30] <M4A1> Look into the flames one last time, Sopmod-2. One more and we are complete. The table of Five.
[21:30] <M4A1> And now...the Dwarf.
[21:31] * M4A1 throws more powder on the fire, filling the room with THICK smoke (and causing lots of coughing).
[21:32] *** AND PAUSE HERE FOR NOW!! We shall continue tomorrow with yet more fantasy lunacy!
[19:29] *** The Cheesy Kit projection systems start to warm up
[19:37] *** WE ARE A GO!
[19:38] *** The scene opens to THIS GIRL tied to the top of a crude raft bobbing up and down in the water. There's a lot of kindling and dry brush tucked in around her body too.
[19:39] * The girl is now known as IDW
[19:40] <IDW> ~___~
[19:40] <IDW> O____O
[19:40] <IDW> >__<;;
[19:44] *** Meanwhile, G36, G36c, MG36, and VP70 are standing around a flaming brazier on the shore of the river a short distance away.
[19:45] <G36> Ho-sa-me...
[19:45] <Everyone else> Ho-sa-me...
[19:45] <G36> Ho-sa-me...
[19:45] <Everyone else> Ho-sa-me
[19:47] * G36c ,MG36, and VP-70 have all ignited fire arrows in the brazier and notch them their shortbows, then start taking aim at the raft IDW is tied onto.
[19:47] <G36>
[19:47] *** G36c, MG36, and VP-70 all fire at the raft
[19:49] <G36> We still, ugly one. It is not our will that you die this way.
[19:50] *** G36, G36c, MG36, and VP-70 are all wearing variations of miko outfits that are green and white in color. HEY!!!
[19:50] *** They're wearing shrine maiden outfits of the MORIYA SHRINE!! SANÆ'S SHRINE!!
[19:52] <G36> When the raft burns, your ashes will mingle with the holy waters of this lake, and you will become part of its sacred existence.
[19:56] *** Another volley of flaming arrows is fired, and this time one hits near IDW's arm, right amongst all of that kindling.
[19:57] <IDW> D:
[19:57] <IDW> >__<;;
[19:57] <IDW> Here I am about to roast and I'm lying on enough water to put out the very fires of Hell! Unbelievable!
[19:58] <G36> Fire again, sisters!
[19:58] *** Suddenly...
[19:58] <Sopmod-2> Lay down your bows!
[19:58] <Sopmod-2> :D
[19:58] <IDW> Sopmod-2!!!!
[19:59] * IDW manages to get an arm free, then pulls out a knife to cut the rest of the ropes holding her down. As the flames spread, she stares down into the deep DEEP waters of the lake, hesitates for a moment, then shrugs and jumps right in.
[20:00] <Sopmod-2> I need that girl. So I'm taking her with me.
[20:00] <G36> You do not understand. By dying this way she will be purified and her soul forever cleansed.
[20:02] <Sopmod-2> I prefer her exactly the way she is: unclean but alive.
[20:03] * IDW manages to paddle her way to shore and pulls herself up. "Water!! I never did like the stuff!"
[20:03] <IDW> Hello, Soppo! :D
[20:03] <Sopmod-2> And how did the mighty IDW come to be in this sorry mess? :D
[20:04] <IDW> Too much catnip and wine!
[20:05] <IDW> Then I met some big, strong guys!! You know how it goes. A crack on the skull from a jealous wife, and I woke up to find myself at the mercy of these chanting MEOW-rons!!
[20:08] * IDW rubs her stomach.
[20:09] <IDW> There's a hole here as large at the pit of Gimley in the Iron Hills...
[20:10] * IDW pulls out a whip and SNAPS it at the water of the lake!
[20:10] * IDW yanks a whole live FISH out of the water and grabs it out of the air.
[20:10] <IDW> :D
[20:10] * IDW starts DEVOURING the fish whole!!
[20:11] <Sopmod-2> Your diet hasn't changed at all.
[20:11] <IDW> Neither has my quickness!
[20:12] <G36> Think again, ugly abhuman. Great glory could have been thine in the name of He That Sits On The Golden Throne.
[20:14] * IDW starts whipping the HECK out of G36 and the others, forcing them to flee from the shot combat catgirl!!
[20:14] * IDW walks off with Sopmod-2, and they exit into a bank of clouds.
[20:15] *** With loud MAGICAL sounds, they all emerge back inside M4A1's cave!
[20:16] <RO-635> ...Now you all know the fate that's happened to the priestess of the Sisterhood of the Holy Herbs if we fail.
[20:17] <Sopmod-2> Remember, Voltan has many with her, and we are but few. If it comes to battle, it will go heartless.
[20:17] <SPAS-12> Since last I fought by your side, time has hung heavy.
[20:21] * SPAS-12 looks down at her chest. "And that's not the only thing that hangs heavy."
[20:22] <SPAS-12> I yearn for the old days. I'm with you.
[20:22] <IDW> The Iron Hils are no more. :<
[20:23] <IDW> If I am to die, why not amongst friends?
[20:23] <RO-635> Voltan is going to want his gold soon. And we don't have enough riches to fill a chamber pot.
[20:25] <ST AR-15> That is a problem.
[20:25] <M4A1> A day's march from Cadenbury is the river Shale.
[20:26] <M4A1> Many come with much gold to buy slaves from the Horn-head's band.
[20:27] <M4A1> It will be fitting justice for her ill-gotten gold to be used for the ways of good.
[20:28] <RO-635> Will that be enough to convince Voltan to release the priestess?
[20:28] * Sopmod-2 looks troubled, and the music that starts playing is dour and depressing.
[20:28] <Sopmod-2> I have reason to doubt the word of Voltan.
[20:29] * Sopmod-2 (flashback) is walking through the woods with M4 Sopmod-2 Jr in her hands, looking happy.
[20:30] <M4 Sopmod-2 Jr.> Raaaarrrr-RAAAARRR-rrrrrrrr-mmmmm.
[20:30] <Sopmod-2 (flashback)> Mother worries about the news from the North.
[20:31] <Sopmod-2 (flashback)> She feels that if things continue to go the way they have been that we may soon be defending our own lands.
[20:31] <M4 Sopmod-2 Jr.> ROOOOooooooooo~!! >:D
[20:33] * Sopmod-2 (flashback) looks relieved by M4 Sopmod-2 Jr's response
[20:33] *** Suddenly, out of the bushes nearby....!!!
[20:34] *** Jack Palance (Deepfake) has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:34] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Jack Palance (Deepfake)
[20:34] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) is aiming a crossbow at them both.
[20:34] * Sopmod-2 's flashback ends suddenly.
[20:35] <Sopmod-2> Tomorrow morning, we leave for the church.
[20:35] *** A travelling montage begins, consisting of nearly THREE FULL MINUTES of nothing but our heroes riding through the woods to the tune of synth-pop music.
[20:40] *** Finally, they arrive at the abbey, where ART556 pulls the double doors open for them all.
[20:40] <ART556> Welcome! Welcome!
[20:41] <ART556> Thank the gods that you have returned safely!
[20:42] <RO-635> This is Sopmod-2 and her companions. They are the ones I've been searching for so long to find to help us.
[20:42] <ART556> Good! Good! Come and sit! Get food and drink for them all!!
[20:42] <ART556> Now, tell us how do you propose to raise the ransom?
[20:43] <Sopmod-2> We know of a girl who will be only too happy to meet our needs.
[20:44] <ART556> This is good news indeed. Once the gold is here, our lady will be returned.
[20:44] <Sopmod-2> :<
[20:44] <Sopmod-2> If only it were that simple.
[20:44] <Sopmod-2> I know Voltan as well as I know myself.
[20:47] *** Another flashback scene begins!
[20:48] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) grins as he fires his crossbow, striking Sopmod-2 along the side of her neck, causing a lot of pain!
[20:49] * Sopmod-2 (flashback) has been tied to a tree, and M4 Sopmod-2 Jr is scurrying back and forth between Voltan and Sopmod-2, looking utterly beside herself with grief and fear!
[20:49] <Sopmod-2 (flashback)> >__<;;
[20:49] <M4 Sopmod-2 Jr.> T__T
[20:49] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> The next one will send you to hell, little sister!
[20:50] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> And what sweet revenge to tell our whining peace-loving mother of your death!
[20:50] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> THEN!!! WILL SHE HEED MY BIDDING!!
[20:51] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) grabs M4 Sopmod-2 Jr and hoists her up into the air.
[20:52] <M4 Sopmod-2 Jr.> K-k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k!!! >:[
[20:53] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) tosses M4 Sopmod-2 Jr to the ground and proceeds to reload his crossbow.
[20:54] *** Sopmod-2 is looking really bad, but the light reflects off of the pendant M4 Sopmod-2 Jr gave to her earlier...right into Voltan's eyes.
[20:54] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) turns his head away...RIGHT INTO THE TORCH M4 SOPMOD-2 JR HAS JUST THROWN AT HIM!!!
[20:55] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) IS BURNED RIGHT IN HIS EYE AND THE WHOLE SIDE OF HIS FACE!!!!!!
[20:57] * M4 Sopmod-2 Jr. jumps onto the tied-up Sopmod-2 and the ropes holding her to the tree suddenly start snapping.
[20:58] * M4 Sopmod-2 Jr. leads Sopmod-2 to the nearby lake, where a small boat is tied to the shore. They both get in and Sopmod-2 starts paddling like crazy to get away!
[20:59] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) manages to sit upright after rolling around in extreme(ly exaggerated) pain and SHOOTS!!
[20:59] <M4 Sopmod-2 Jr.> AWK!!!
[20:59] * M4 Sopmod-2 Jr. is hit in the middle of the back!!!!
[20:59] <Sopmod-2> D:
[21:00] <M4 Sopmod-2 Jr.> x____x
[21:01] *** The flashback scene ends, and the camera returns to Sopmod-2 looking concerned.
[21:01] <Sopmod-2> Sister, there's no guarantee he will return your high priestess.
[21:02] <Sopmod-2> Even if the ransom is paid in full.
[21:02] <ART556> Nononononono, he must return P7. He gave his word to us!
[21:03] <ART556> As soon as the money is paid, P7 will be returned. What you say is too awful to contemplate!
[21:03] * ART556 turns and storms off.
[21:04] <RO-635> :/
[21:05] <RO-635> Her head moves in the clouds, I fear. I'll try to make her understand.
[21:08] *** Meanwhile, P38, C96, and M9 labor to bring out multiple trays stacked high with food.
[21:09] * SPAS-12 grins as three heaping trays of dried meats, bread rolls, bowls of broth, and vegetables are set down in front of her.
[21:09] <SPAS-12> That will be sufficient for me. Now please, some food for my friends too.
[21:09] <IDW> <__<;
[21:09] <ST AR-15> <__<;
[21:10] <Sopmod-2> ^___^
[21:11] * SPAS-12 picks up a large loaf of bread and prepares to take a big bite. Meanwhile, IDW looks on and shakes her head in great disappointment.
[21:11] <SPAS-12> ...What is it?
[21:11] <IDW> Oh nothing. It probably won't affect you in any case.
[21:12] <SPAS-12> Do you know something that I don't, Dwarf? Out with it!
[21:12] <IDW> I'm sure it will taste all the same to you.
[21:12] <IDW> Believe me!
[21:12] <SPAS-12> >:(
[21:13] <SPAS-12> Little sister, you're trying my patience. Now...tell me plainly what it is you mean.
[21:14] <SPAS-12> Why do you say it would taste the same?
[21:14] <IDW> Because we are in not just any monastery, but a monastery of the Sisterhood of the Holy Herbs. Surely that's clear, even to you!
[21:14] <SPAS-12> Well?
[21:15] <IDW> Well all I'm saying is...that might be Holy Herbal Food!
[21:15] <SPAS-12> ............WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!?!
[21:15] <IDW> Holy Herbal Food has a flavor that some may find...not to their liking.
[21:16] <SPAS-12> ....Is this...Holy Herbal Food?
[21:17] <IDW> I don't know. You'll find out soon enough when you finish it.
[21:17] <SPAS-12> No.
[21:17] <SPAS-12> You find out! You're the expert!
[21:17] <IDW> I don't want to eat it!
[21:17] <SPAS-12> But why not? What are companions for if not to help one another?
[21:18] * IDW starts eating the loaf with some gusto!
[21:18] <SPAS-12> Well?
[21:18] * IDW keeps eating.
[21:19] <IDW> ...............I can't be sure.
[21:19] * IDW KEEPS eating.
[21:19] <SPAS-12> >:(
[21:19] <SPAS-12> Little sister, if I thought for one moment that what you've told me was a lie...
[21:20] <IDW> SISTER!!
[21:20] * IDW calls out to P38 as she returns with more food.
[21:20] <IDW> Hey sister, would you describe this food as being holy, blessed and prepared as it is by this very monastery?
[21:21] <P38> All food is holy. It comes from Gotte. (German accent)
[21:21] * IDW grins broadly at SPAS-12 and continues eating.
[21:22] * SPAS-12 just looks utterly confused and crestfallen at not being able to eat the bread.
[21:23] *** AND PAUSE HERE FOR NOW!! We shall pick this up again tomorrow for even MORE T-Doll goofiness!
[19:27] *** THE MOVIE CONTINUES!!!!! P7 and RO-635 are a short distance away, talking.
[19:27] <P7> I hope I have made the right decision, RO-635
[19:27] <P7> My mind is troubled now.
[19:27] <RO-635> Sister...
[19:29] <RO-635> The safe return of the high priestess is Sopmod-2's first concern.
[19:30] <ART556> We could have offered what little wealth we have...
[19:30] <ART556> And asked Voltan for more time to pay the rest.
[19:30] <ART556> I'm sure we could have made him understand.
[19:31] <RO-635> The Dark One only understands violence and war. I'm a warrior like all of them, and I know that your salvation from Voltan lies in having the strength of someone like Sopmod-2 to protect this place.
[19:33] <RO-635> P7 trusted in your All-Father and look where it's gotten her.
[19:33] <ART556> Your words flirt with blasphemy.
[19:35] <RO-635> My words are just as true regardless.
[19:35] * RO-635 storms off and goes back to the others.
[19:35] <RO-635> Ugh, it's impossible to talk to her sensible. >__<;
[19:36] <Sopmod-2> She will find her own counsel.
[19:36] <Sopmod-2> Our first concern is the gold. Tomorrow we'll arrange a welcome for the slavers of the river Shale.
[19:40] *** The scene switches. It's morning, and the first thing you're all treated to is the smiling face of THIS GIRL messily devouring some roasted rabbit.
[19:40] *** M870 has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:40] <@spiritflame> konbanwa M870
[19:40] <M870> Welcome!
[19:40] <M870> WELCOME FRIENDS!! Welcome!
[19:41] <M870> Good to see you! I have many fine slaves for you to buy today!
[19:42] * M870 is standing along the large river that makes up Gensokyo's north-western boundary. HEY, ISN'T THAT KOMACHI ASLEEP FURTHER DOWN THE SHORE?!?!
[19:47] * M870 has a barge docked nearby, and her underlings (consisting of Suika Ibuki, Yuugi Hoshiguma, Parsee Mizuhashi, Yamame Kudodani, and Orin Kaenbyou (Hell's Traffic Accident herself!!!))
[19:47] * M870 's underlings are busy dragging out a bunch of tied up and chained-up people and assembling them into rough lines.
[19:49] * Tewi Inaba and Reisen-2 are approaching M870 (a.k.a. the Horn-Head).
[19:50] * M870 ushers Tewi and Reisen-2 over to where a few dozen MEN are standing, tied to the trees and unable to flee. Hey, waitaminute...ALL OF M870'S CAPTIVES ARE MEN!!!!
[19:52] <M870> FINE! Look at this lot here!!
[19:53] <M870> Well? WELL? Did I mislead you? Aren't they a fine bunch? All of them in prime marriage age and not a single one of them disfigured or lame in any way.
[19:54] <M870> They don't call me the finest trader on the river Shale for nothing. Play square with me and I'll play square with you! That's my motto!
[19:54] <Reisen-2> They're kind of ordinary looking.
[19:56] <Tewi Inaba> And older than we're looking for. We're looking for coppery-haired Western boys in their early teens with slight builds.
[19:57] <Reisen-2> Preferably with slight British accents and very pale complexions bordering on blue-blooded.
[19:58] <M870> WHAT??!?!?!
[19:59] <M870> Just look at the biceps on some of these men!! Are you looking for strong burly men or members of boy-bands?!
[20:00] * Orin Kaenbyou and Yuugi Hashiguma both start giggling and coughing. It sounds like they're coughing the words "Onryo...onryo."
[20:01] <Sopmod-2> HORN-HEAD!! Greetings!
[20:01] * Sopmod-2 is standing atop a small rise overseeing the entire camp.
[20:02] * M870 readies her HUGE club. "I don't know what you're doing here, but we know exactly who you are."
[20:02] <Sopmod-2> I have an urgent request to make.
[20:02] <M870> Request?
[20:03] <Sopmod-2> We are in need of two thousand gold pieces. I've been told that that boat of yours contains sufficient for my cause.
[20:03] <Sopmod-2> I shall need your help to unload it.
[20:04] <M870> You jest! That's a good one! Hahahahahahahahahaha!
[20:04] <M870> CUT HER DOWN!!!
[20:06] *** ALL of M870's minions, which ALSO include a BUNCH of T-Dolls, surge towards Sopmod-2!!!!
[20:07] * ST AR-15 and RO-635 quickly emerge from cover and begin rapid-firing the HELL out of everyone!!!
[20:07] * Yamame Kurodani makes a truly comical expression as she slumps over with multiple "arrows" sticking out of her!
[20:08] * Yuugi Hoshiguma just flops over with a squawking sound!
[20:09] * Suika Ibuki flails like a spaz as she's "killed"
[20:09] * Orin Kaenbyou just falls over.
[20:10] * Parsee Mizuhashi just looks pissed as she sinks to her knees after getting shot and falls down. No, not pissed...JEALOUS!!!
[20:10] * FAMAS is blown backwards!
[20:11] * Specter M4 gets attacked by IDW's whip and YANKED off her feet, then SLAMMED face-first into a nearby tree!!
[20:12] * Type-56-1 is sent flying straight into the river (somehow)!!
[20:14] * M21 is GRABBED by the neck by SPAS-12, hoisted up, and vigorously choke-shaken into unconsciousness!!
[20:14] <Tewi Inaba> !!!!
[20:14] * Tewi Inaba tries to run away, but she's grabbed from behind by IDW, gut-punched a few times, and then...OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!
[20:15] *** GERMAN SUPLEX!!!!!
[20:16] <M870> D:
[20:16] * M870 jerks as the tip of the Mind Sword is rested against her shoulder.
[20:17] <Sopmod-2> Now. Release them
[20:17] * SPAS-12 approaches, carrying a large box in her arms.
[20:18] * Reisen-2 starts cutting everyone loose, pausing to look at Tewi's prostrated form a few times.
[20:19] * SPAS-12 opens the box and finds many pouches of coins inside.
[20:19] <M870> Hey, that's mine!
[20:20] * Sopmod-2 tosses a few of the pouches to the freed men. "Take these and return to your homes."
[20:20] <SPAS-12> What shall we do with the Horn-Head here?
[20:20] <Sopmod-2> I'm sure you'll think of something good!
[20:21] <SPAS-12> >:D
[20:21] * SPAS-12 grabs M870.
[20:21] <M870> Put me down you over-inflated slut!!
[20:21] <SPAS-12> My pleasure!
[20:22] * SPAS-12 throws M870 to the ground and plants her foot onto her chest.
[20:22] <M870> I'll make you pay double for this!
[20:22] <SPAS-12> You still haven't learned the lesson of humility, have you?
[20:23] <M870> Get me back my club and I'll crack your head open! And flatten those fat-sacks too!
[20:24] <SPAS-12> Since you said such store by this club of yours, you've given me an idea!!!
[20:24] * SPAS-12 close-up of SPAS-12's laughing face!!
[20:26] *** The scene goes out of focus, then refocuses with M870 staked to the ground and SPAS-12 hoisting M870's massive club up into a tree overhead by a rope. It's hanging directly over M870's head too!
[20:26] * SPAS-12 kneels down as M870 tries to start screaming, then shoves the rope into M870's mouth.
[20:27] <SPAS-12> Bite hard, little girl! Now, I advise you to stay silent! That mouth of yours is now the only thing keeping that club of yours aloft!
[20:28] <SPAS-12> One word from that potty-mouth of yours and...SMACK!!! :D
[20:29] * SPAS-12 starts getting back up to rejoin Sopmod-2 and the others. "Or maybe one your poor slaves may happen along and find you!"
[20:29] <SPAS-12> No doubt he'll want to exchange FOND memories with you. And if there's more than one of them they might just exchange something ELSE with you instead!
[20:30] <SPAS-12> Well, we're off! Our thanks, sister, for the bountiful gifts you've bestowed upon us.
[20:30] <M870> >:[
[20:30] <M870> WHEN I....!!!
[20:30] *** Extreme closeup of the club falling!!!!!
[20:31] *** THUD!!!! Splatter
[20:32] *** The next scene shows M870's twitching body still on the ground, with the club's handle sticking straight upwards where her head should have been.
[20:32] <SPAS-12> Ewwwwww.
[20:32] <SPAS-12> Some people can never keep their mouths shut.
[20:34] *** The scene switches to Voltan's camp, where our VILLAINS and hundreds of EVIL DIRE FOREST KITS are lurking!!
[20:35] * WA-2000 is inside a lavishly-decorated large tent.
[20:35] <WA-2000> Let me raid the fat lords in the north. I will send cold fear into their hearts.
[20:36] <WA-2000> I have been looking for an opportunity to prove my strength! My blood is forever on the move!
[20:37] <WA-2000> It needs excitement!!!
[20:38] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) slowly, very slowly, gets up from where he was sitting and stands in front of WA-2000.
[20:38] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) carefully puts his hands on both of WA-2000's shoulders...THEN PUTS HER IN A CHOKE-HOLD AND PUSHES HER BACK ONTO A NEARBY TABLE!!!
[20:39] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> If I were to press one more inch, your backbone would snap like wood. Is this not excitement?
[20:40] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Is it not the fine choice between living and dying more than enough to make your hard blood race through your veins??!?!?!?!?
[20:41] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) pulls WA-2000 up off the table and tosses her onto a nearby pile of cloth blankets. Oh hey, there's a wooden cage in the corner with P7 stuck inside of it!
[20:42] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> We will talk of this no more. My face PAINS me.
[20:43] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) suddenly widens his eyes as he senses something. The camera shows WA-2000 starting to draw a dagger.
[20:43] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Draw your dagger out one more inch and you are a dead woman, be you my daughter or not.
[20:44] * WA-2000 sheathes the dagger and stands up.
[20:44] <WA-2000> >:[
[20:44] <WA-2000> BAKKA!!!!!!!!!
[20:44] * WA-2000 runs away!!
[20:46] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) spends a full minute touching and kneading the side of his face, seemingly forgetting that P7 is in a cage nearby watching all of this.
[20:46] <P7> I know the art of curing. Shall I tend your face?
[20:46] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> .........There is no cure for this face.
[20:47] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> - Only periods of relief! -
[20:47] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) storms off.
[20:47] *** The scene switches to WA-2000 galloping through the woods, looking extremely upset.
[20:48] * WA-2000 pulls up on her reins as someone runs across her path!
[20:48] <Reisen-2> >__<;;
[20:49] <Reisen-2> Have pity of me! I've barely escaped with my life!!
[20:49] <WA-2000> Hah! You may not escape so easily from the hands of WA-go, daughter of Voltan!
[20:50] <Reisen-2> If you are who you say you are, we are sisters under the skin.
[20:50] * Reisen-2 gets up and stands.
[20:50] <Reisen-2> I buy slaves on the river Shale.
[20:50] <WA-2000> >:f
[20:51] * WA-2000 jumps off of her horse and approaches Reisen-2.
[20:51] <WA-2000> You dare to call me sister. A slaver!!
[20:51] <Reisen-2> Border Hag's Teeth, listen to me! I have words of great importance for you!
[20:52] <WA-2000> You? Knowing something of importance?
[20:53] <Reisen-2> Would you consider the knowledge of a certain oni-girl no longer being master of the river slavers to be important?
[20:53] <WA-2000> Go on.
[20:54] <Reisen-2> And a band of warriors led by a certain girl have taken possession of the Horn-Head's gold.
[20:54] <WA-2000> What girl?!
[20:55] <Reisen-2> She is a strange warrior, with red eyes who wields a mighty sword.
[20:55] <WA-2000> ...Sopmod-2
[20:55] <Reisen-2> Such information would be worth MUCH to the right person.
[20:56] * WA-2000 grabs Reisen-2
[20:56] <WA-2000> Speak more.
[20:57] <Reisen-2> I escaped with my life. As I was hiding near the area I heard one of her people speak of a sanctuary.
[20:57] <WA-2000> Ahhh, so she helps the sisters find my father's ransom.
[20:57] <WA-2000> Now this must stay a secret. Between you and me.
[20:58] <WA-2000> Not only will I bring back the head of this Sopmod-2, but I'll have the gold as well. And then Voltan...
[20:58] <WA-2000> We will see who is the lord of the dance!
[20:59] * WA-2000 grins at Reisen-2 and pulls her a little closer. "You have done well, and will be richly rewarded!"
[20:59] <Reisen-2> :D
[21:00] <WA-2000> But first you must swear that you will tell no one of this chance remark you overheard.
[21:00] * WA-2000 draws her knife and STABS Reisen-2 with it!!
[21:01] <Reisen-2> O___o
[21:02] * WA-2000 lets Reisen-2 fall to the ground, and the camera slowly zooms in on her face.
[21:02] <WA-2000> Today is the day that WA-go comes of age!
[19:37] *** The Projectors start back up after being ritually blessed by a Tech-Priest of the Adeptus Mechanicus!!
[19:38] *** The scene in back in the Overlord's weirdly decorated cave, and Jack Palance is rushing over to Negev, looking like he ate some REALLY bad chili.
[19:39] <Negev> - Has the one we seek arrived? -
[19:41] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Not yet. Hurry the pain grow wo-o-o-o-o-rse!
[19:42] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Sopmod-2 is nearly within my grasp, then she shall endure DOUBLE the pain that I have suffered these long years!
[19:42] * Negev readies the Healer Crystal...thing. "Prepare yourself, Dark One."
[19:43] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> DX
[19:43] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) writhes in extreme (and exaggerated) pain for several seconds before falling over.
[19:44] *** Meanwhile, back in the church with our heroes!
[19:44] * ART556 is looking at the wooden chest containing all of the gold that Sopmod-2 and the others stole from the slavers.
[19:45] <ART556> It is truly a miracle. Our lady is saved!
[19:45] <ART556> BORDER=0 So much goooooooooold~!
[19:46] <RO-635> Not yet. Sopmod-2 still believes that once the gold is given, Voltan will kill P7.
[19:47] <ART556> But he gave his word. We must trust him!
[19:50] <Sopmod-2> We'll remain here at the chapel until we know the Abbess is safe.
[19:50] <ART556> It will anger Voltan if he finds you here. You must leave.
[19:51] <Sopmod-2> No! We're staying! >:[
[19:51] <ART556> >:[
[19:51] * ART556 storms off. At the same time, SPAS-12 comes over.
[19:52] <SPAS-12> That sister has great faith in Voltan's word. One that she may live to regret.
[19:52] <Sopmod-2> IDW. Check to see if this place can be held against an attack.
[19:53] <IDW> Got it!
[19:53] * IDW rushes off into another room while RO-635 checks out her "crossbow" and SPAS-12 sits down at the table in the room to begin eating and drinking yet MORE.
[19:54] * IDW comes back
[19:56] <IDW> There's only a few ways into the transept, and the outside doors can only be barred from the inside. It can hold against many attackers. The rest of the shrine is pretty open.
[19:58] *** The scene switches, showing WA-2000 and a sizeable band of enemies (and Dire Forest Kits) walking through the woods. They clearly have a destination in mind!
[19:59] *** The scene switches back to ST AR-15, who's sitting near the double-doors that lead into the main part of the chapel.
[20:00] * ST AR-15 leaps to her feet and rushes inside.
[20:00] <ST AR-15> Armed men. Moving towards us. They'll be here soon.
[20:00] <Sopmod-2> How many?
[20:01] <ST AR-15> A dozen
[20:02] <MP-446> It's not yet time for the ransom to be given.
[20:02] <P38> Do we give it to them? D:
[20:02] <Sopmod-2> No. Not until P7 is returned first.
[20:04] <Sopmod-2> Now go to your rooms and remain there.
[20:04] *** The nun-Dolls all hurry out of the room, leaving Sopmod-2, IDW, RO-635, ST AR-15, and SPAS-12 alone. Sopmod-2 stands in the middle of the aisle, while everyone else hides behind pillars or pews.
[20:05] *** A full minute passes.
[20:05] *** Suddenly, the doors are forced open and in comes....!!!!
[20:05] *** WA-2000 has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:05] <@spiritflame> konbanwa WA-2000
[20:05] *** A-91 has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:05] <@spiritflame> konbanwa A-91
[20:05] *** SKS has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:05] <@spiritflame> konbanwa SKS
[20:06] *** AK-47 has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:06] <@spiritflame> konbanwa AK-47
[20:06] *** A bunch of Forest Kits scramble inside too. >:3 >:3 >:3 >:3 >:3 >:3
[20:08] *** VSK-94 has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:08] <@spiritflame> konbanwa VSK-94
[20:08] *** Vector has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:08] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Vector
[20:09] * WA-2000 is already wearing the most arrogant and conceited expression she can manage. As in Leona Morimoto levels of self-absorbsion
[20:10] <Sopmod-2> That's far enough!
[20:10] <Sopmod-2> State your business.
[20:10] <WA-2000> You know my business! >:f
[20:10] <WA-2000> I am WA-go, daughter of Voltan. I come for the gold.
[20:11] <Sopmod-2> The gold will be given when P7 is released.
[20:11] <Sopmod-2> Until then, we will be here. Waiting.
[20:12] <WA-2000> >:[
[20:12] <WA-2000> I did not make myself clear! I came for the gold!
[20:12] * WA-2000 and the other start to approach again.
[20:13] <WA-2000> I am no messenger. But I will give you a message.
[20:13] <WA-2000> The message...OF DEATH!!!!!!
[20:13] * WA-2000 whips out her sword and swings it at Sopmod-2!!!
[20:14] *** AK-47 and everyone else charge!!!
[20:14] * ST AR-15 and RO-635 suddenly step out of hiding and start rapid-firing their "crossbows"!!! They shoot over a dozen times in just a few seconds!!
[20:15] * IDW starts whipping the HELL out of people!
[20:15] * SPAS-12 just wades into the group and starts SLAMMING anyone she can get her hands on! :D
[20:16] * A-91 flails ridiculously as she's not only shot multiple times, but SPAS-12 steals her bottle of liquor!!!
[20:18] * VSK-94 is yanked off of her feet by IDW and goes down HARD. Granted, there MIGHT be a reason why she fell over so easily
[20:20] * Vector is gunned down, flailing like mad as she slowly falls to the ground.
[20:21] *** OH MY GOD!! The stunt-plushies are just EXPLODING left and right, leaving smoldering soot stains on the ground to mark their passing!! THE HORROR~!!!
[20:24] * Sopmod-2 whacks WA-2000 across the stomach with her sword, causing WA-2000 to stumble and fall over.
[20:24] <WA-2000> DX
[20:25] * WA-2000 Finally, only SKS and AK-47 are left standing, and that's only because SPAS-12 is still holding them up after having grabbed both of them and smacked them together!
[20:28] * Sopmod-2 addresses AK-47 and SKS. "Take WA-go back to Voltan. Tell him Sopmod-2 wants the return of P7."
[20:28] <AK-47> D:
[20:28] <SKS> D:
[20:29] * SKS and AK-47 both grab an arm on WA-2000 and start dragging her away, followed closely by the few remaining Dire Forest Kits.
[20:29] * ART556 rushes out of hiding.
[20:29] <ART556> Why didn't you give her the gold? That was all she wanted!
[20:30] <ART556> Now you will bring the death of the Dark One upon us!
[20:30] <SPAS-12> Surely you've figured it out by now that if WA-go had taken the gold, your friend wouldn't have lived beyond the dawn.
[20:31] <IDW> And this place would have been destroyed.
[20:31] <ART556> You should have given her the gold. She would have returned P& and left us to live in peace.
[20:32] * ST AR-15 steps into the middle of the camera-shot, looking enigmatic.
[20:32] <ST AR-15> ....The peace of the dead.
[20:41] <WA-2000> And the gold is in the church. I tried!
[20:42] * WA-2000 flops back, dead.
[20:43] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> - WA-GOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooo -
[20:44] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) just lays over WA-2000 for a little while before straightening up.
[20:44] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) glares at AK-47 and SKS.
[20:44] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> - Why is it my daughter lies dead and yet you live? -
[20:46] *** Someone tosses swords to both AK-47 and SKS, both of whom have HUGE expressions of fear and anxiety on their faces!
[20:46] <SKS> D:
[20:46] <AK-47> O___o
[20:46] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> ....
[20:46] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> FIGHT! Or you die where you stand!
[20:47] *** More time passes as SKS and AK-47 start to move around, then slowly swing their swords in exaggerated slowness, trying to show off their "skill."
[20:49] *** AK-47 tries to attack Voltan!!!
[20:49] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) suddenly whips his arm through the air and flings...something at AK-47!
[20:50] <Facehugger Kit> >:D
[20:50] <SKS> D:
[20:50] * SKS starts to back away.
[20:50] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> >:D
[20:50] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Have you lost your courage so soon?
[20:51] * SKS slowly puts the sword down on the ground.
[20:51] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Pick it up! PICK IT UP!!
[20:52] <SKS> D:
[20:52] * SKS shakes her head and tries to run away!
[20:54] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> - STRIKE HER DOWN!! -
[20:55] * SKS howls and screams as she's pounced upon and dragged to the ground by a SWARM of Dire Forest Kits!!! OH THE HUMANITY!!!!! WHAT THEY DO TO HER CANNOT BE DESCRIBED HERE!!!!
[20:58] *** The scene switches back to the shrine, where Sopmod-2 and Company are seated at the table, eating a veritable feast!
[20:59] <Sopmod-2> Soon, Voltan will be here. The gold is here. And I am here.
[21:00] *** The scene switches AGAIN, this time to a large clearing in the forest where Voltan is standing before a large pile of kindling and brush with a lit torch.
[21:01] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) pauses to look at the ketchup-splattered bodies of SKS and AK-47, who have been tossed into the pile, and then to WA-2000 who is lying at the very top.
[21:02] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) thrusts the torch into the pile, which then instantly transitions over to a new scene of a MASSIVE bonfire!
[21:03] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) is know seating on his horse with his sword drawn, ready to ride.
[21:03] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) ^is now seated
[21:04] *** The scene switches to Voltan riding through the foggy woods for a full minute before finally coming to a stop in the middle of nowhere.
[21:05] *** The scene switches back to the shrine, where Sopmod-2 and the others are sitting with their heads bowed down, as if resting. ST AT-15 suddenly sits up.
[21:05] <ST AR-15> One man. On a horse.
[21:05] *** The scene switches back to Voltan.
[21:05] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> THIS! IS! VOLTAN!
[21:05] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> I HAVE WORDS FOR YOU!
[21:06] *** The scene switches to show ART556 stepping outside, closing the main doors behind her.
[21:06] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> I know you hide the one called Spomod-2 behind your doors. Hear me!
[21:09] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Hear me well! Tomorrow, when the moon is high, I shall return! After that, you shall have your lady back with her innards tied around her scrawny neck! And this place shall be wiped from the face of the LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND~!!!!
[21:10] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) rides away.
[21:10] <ART556> O___O
[21:10] * ART556 goes back inside.
[21:11] * ART556 locks the door behind her.
[21:12] * ART556 glares at Sopmod-2
[21:12] <ART556> We will all die because you killed his daughter.
[21:12] <RO-635> There would have been no ransom gold were it not for Sopmod-2!
[21:12] <ART556> YOU SHOULD HAVE PAID!!!! >__<;;
[21:13] <ART556> Now we must all suffer because of your quarrel with this man!
[21:14] * ART556 storms off, leaving Sopmod-2 to stare down at the floor, upset...and having ANOTHER flashback sequence.
[21:15] * Sopmod-2 (flashback) is crouched in the woods, holding M4 Sopmod-2 Jr in her arms (who looks to be in terrible shape).
[21:15] <Sopmod-2 (flashback)> I shall ride for help.
[21:15] <M4 Sopmod-2 Jr.> T____T
[21:15] <M4 Sopmod-2 Jr.> RRR-rrrrrrr-rrr-RRRR
[21:16] <M4 Sopmod-2 Jr.> OOooooRRRRrrrrAAAAA
[21:17] * M4 Sopmod-2 Jr. falls limp and dies, leaving Sopmod-2 to wail in sadness and loss.
[21:18] *** The movie comes to a pause for the night since it's gotten late.
[21:18] *** We'll pick things up tomorrow...AND reach the conclusion soon!
[21:18] *** Until then, good night everyone!
[19:24] *** The projectors start to warm up
[19:30] *** The projector rolls!
[19:31] * M4 Sopmod-2 Jr. is back and looking sadly off to the side. Meanwhile, RO-635 and SPAS-12 are now talking.
[19:31] <Sopmod-2> ^
[19:31] <RO-635> Don't think badly of ART556, Sopmod-2. She's frightened and confused.
[19:32] <SPAS-12> She blames you for us being here.
[19:32] <IDW> Ungrateful harpy! I should poop in her incense bowls!!
[19:33] <Sopmod-2> ST AT-15?
[19:33] <ST AR-15> Yes?
[19:34] <Sopmod-2> We are few and Voltan has many. This isn't good for us.
[19:34] <SPAS-12> If you're being stung by wasps, you can either cover your head. Or you can search out their nest and destroy it.
[19:35] <Sopmod-2> Then let us find ourselves a next and bring the odds in our favor.
[19:37] <Sopmod-2> ST AR-15? Find the witch. We need her help.
[19:37] *** The next scene is a weird slow-motion montage of ST AR-15 dashing through the foggy forest, heading towards...somewhere. The whole scene takes a FULL MINUTE.
[19:39] *** The scene switches back to SPAS-12 opening the double doors of the chapel, and inside step ST AR-15 and M4A1
[19:39] <Sopmod-2> Witch, we need the use of your magic.
[19:40] *** The scene jump-cuts AGAIN, this time to Voltan's camp!! Wow, this movie's jumpcutting so much you're feeling it in your neck and shoulders!
[19:41] * Sopmod-2 and company are all in the trees surrounding the camp, apparently undetected by all of the T-Dolls and Dire Forest Kits making up Voltan's forces.
[19:42] <M4A1> I am ready.
[19:43] * M4A1 crunches and fondles something in both of her hands, then drops them to the ground as plumes of thick smoke start to rise up from her palms.
[19:43] *** Suddenly a HUGE cloud of smoke engulfs the camp!!
[19:44] *** The fast-paced 80's synth-theme starts playing as Sopmod-2 and the heroes launch an all-out attack against the Forces of Evil!!!!!!
[19:46] * ST AR-15 rapid-fires the HECK out of everyone in the dance, putting SEVERAL "arrows" into the butt of a girl with thick messy blond hair and wearing a frilly black and white outfit with an apron...HEY!! THAT'S MARISA KIRISAME!!!!
[19:46] * RO-635 blows away Stunt-plushies by the dozens, one after the other!
[19:47] * SPAS-12 charges into the thick of things and starts bashing the HELL out of the other T-Dolls!
[19:48] *** SSG 69 is physically knocked into the air by an uppercut from SPAS-12!!
[19:49] *** CZ75 is b[BLEEP]ch-slapped by IDW and sent flying onto her back! X___x
[19:50] *** 62 Shiki, 64 Shiki, and 100 Shiki are all blown away simultaneously by Sopmod-2!!!!!
[19:51] *** 4 Shiki tries to sneak away but suddenly gets skewered through the stomach by the Mind Sword...which just magically appeared and ran her through!!
[19:51] <4 Shiki> D:
[19:53] *** Lee-Enfield tries to sneak away too, then flails and spasms comically and falls down...with several dozen "arrows" sticking out of her back like a pincushion.
[19:54] <Type 64> We're under atta-URK!!!! *gets stabbed by ST AR-15*
[19:55] <Type 59> What's what? I... (gets cut off as SPAS-12 grabs the smol Pistol-Doll, lifts her up off the ground, and start choke-shaking her!!!) @___@
[19:57] <FG42> Was ist das für ein Geräusch? *PUNCHED OUT by IDW!!!)
[19:59] * Sopmod-2 rushes directly for the main tent!
[19:59] <Sopmod-2> >:D
[19:59] * Sopmod-2 pushes the curtain aside and rushes in!
[20:00] <Sopmod-2> D:
[20:00] * Jack Palance (deepfake) is waiting for her! He's standing right next to the cage with P7 inside, with his sword inserted part-way through the bars.
[20:01] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> Take one more step and her body will be run through.
[20:01] <Sopmod-2> >:(
[20:01] * RO-635 hurries inside.
[20:01] <RO-635> We've done enough for now. Let us retreat.
[20:04] * Sopmod-2 hurries out of the tent with RO-635, and they all flee from the battle before M4A1's smoke spell
[20:06] *** The camera focuses on SPAS-12 for a moment as she bodily RIPS THE HEAD OFF OF A RED-HAIRED GIRL!!!! SPAS-12 is laughing, and the decapitated girl's body is flailing around and staggering for a few seconds before falling! HOW HORRIBLE...oh wait, that's just Sekibanki, Gensokyo's resident Dullahan.
[20:09] *** The scene switches back to the shrine, where Sopmod-2 and the heroes are seated at the tables, either eating or being tended to by the Nun-Dolls.
[20:09] * Sopmod-2 just stares off into space.
[20:10] <Sopmod-2> They will be here soon enough.
[20:10] <ART556> >:/
[20:11] <Sopmod-2> We must rest. This is where the final struggle will be.
[20:11] *** Insert closeup of ART556 looking like she's plotting something.
[20:12] * ART556 isn't scheming. You know what scheming looks like. She's definitely PLOTTING.
[20:13] * ART556 slips away from the main chapel and goes into a different room.
[20:13] * ART556 quietly unbars one of the exterior doors and goes outside.
[20:13] * ART556 suddenly appears at Voltan's tent!!! JUMP-CUT!!!
[20:19] * ART556 escorted in to see VOLTAN!!!!
[20:19] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Why have you come?
[20:20] <ART556> I have a plan that will gain you the ransom. And Sopmod-2
[20:20] <ART556> I only ask that you spare P7 and the church!
[20:20] <P7> ART556! I forbid you to speak further!
[20:21] <ART556> I must!
[20:21] <ART556> Your life and the church are all that matter!
[20:21] <P7> The end cannot justify the means!
[20:22] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Enough.
[20:23] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) holds up his hand to silence everyone, then the scene fades to black.
[20:23] *** Scene switch, we're back at the church and ART556 is back too! Sopmod-2 and everyone else are still in the main chapel.
[20:24] <Sopmod-2> IDW, make sure all the doors are barred and locked.
[20:25] *** SPAS-12 giggles happily as P38 and MP-446 bring out FOUR platters of food to the table she's sitting at.
[20:25] <SPAS-12> Ah! Some welcome food before the time arrives! Perfect!
[20:26] * SPAS-12 starts EATING. In mass quantities.
[20:27] <IDW> The doors are all secure. It would take a Kit-Swarm a thousand-strong to enter here now.
[20:27] <Sopmod-2> Good.
[20:28] * ST AR-15 is seated next to Sopmod-2, with her "crossbow" set out in front of her. looking moody and somber.
[20:28] <ST AR-15> WE have sat this...many times before.
[20:29] <ST AR-15> Sometimes I tire...of the fighting and killing.
[20:30] <ST AR-15> At night...I can hear the call of my race.
[20:30] <ST AR-15> They wait for me. Once I join them...we will be forgotten.
[20:31] <Sopmod-2> You will never be forgotten.
[20:31] * IDW sits down across from SPAS-12 and gives her Sad Kitty Eyes. O__O
[20:32] * SPAS-12 keeps eating. ^____^
[20:32] <IDW> O____O
[20:32] <SPAS-12> ....
[20:32] * SPAS-12 gives IDW HALF of the roasted chicken she's eating.
[20:33] <IDW> :D
[20:33] *** The scene fades out, and fade back in to a darker interior. Almost everyone is asleep now.
[20:34] * SPAS-12 is the only one awake now, and is currently pacing near the doors, keeping watch.
[20:34] <ART556> >___>
[20:35] * ART556 stands around a corner, holding a wooden tankard in one hand and a glass vial of white powder in the other. She pours the powder into the mug.
[20:35] <ART556> <__<
[20:37] * ART556 walks up to SPAS-12
[20:37] <ART556> I have brought you some more mead.
[20:37] <SPAS-12> Thank you. And a fine brew by the smell of it.
[20:38] <SPAS-12> You and the rest of the sisters here have been most generous.
[20:38] * SPAS-12 drinks the WHOLE thing down!
[20:38] <SPAS-12> Excellent. ^____^
[20:38] * SPAS-12 flops to the ground a second later.
[20:39] <ART556> ^___^
[20:39] * ART556 turns and opens the doors.
[20:39] * Sopmod-2 is still asleep on one of the pews.
[20:40] * Sopmod-2 twitches and giggles in her sleep a little.
[20:40] <Sopmod-2> o___o
[20:40] * Sopmod-2 realizes she has a sword resting on her chest and as a Dire Forest Kit nibbling on her EAR!!!
[20:41] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> ;D
[20:44] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Great warrior you may be. But against so many swords at your throat I fear the fight would be short.
[20:44] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) has brought dozens of T-Dolls and lots of Forest Kits, who've taken over the inside of the chapel!!!!
[20:45] *** ART556 stands nearby, looking triumphant.
[20:45] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> A little help from the good sister. Tie them up!
[20:45] <ART556> I got you inside of the church. I kept my side of the bargain!
[20:46] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Unfortunately, you will not live long enough to realize your mistake!
[20:46] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) walks over and almost casually STABS ART556 in the stomach with a dagger!
[20:47] <ART556> Aggggggghhhhhhh~!!! Ughhhhh!
[20:47] *** ART556 has left #suburbansenshi3 ( "Urrrrk~!!" X___x)
[20:48] *** Meanwhile, Sopmod-2 and everyone else are getting tied to the pillars in the room.
[20:49] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Tie them bell. Use rosary beads I'm feeling EXTRA blasphemous!
[20:49] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> First you took the one I loved, Sopmod-2. Then you killed my daughter.
[20:50] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Your death will be slow and painful. As will be your friends'.
[20:50] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> And you will know how I have suffered through the years with a face no woman would look upon. Forcing me to take another man's child to call my own!!!
[20:51] <Sopmod-2> You say you loved M4 Sopmod-2 Jr and yet you killed her.
[20:51] <Sopmod-2> You killed our mother!
[20:51] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> ENOUGH!
[20:52] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) performs an Obligatory Villain Slap on Sopmod-2!
[20:52] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Where is the gold?
[20:52] <Sopmod-2> Where you'll never find it.
[20:53] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Dear sister! I think you and your friends can be persuaded to tell me! :D
[20:54] <Sopmod-2> They don't know. Only I can tell you where it is.
[20:54] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Well then! Then they shall watch you suffer!
[20:54] *** The V-Dolls (Villain Dolls) and Dire Forest Kits start to chuckle evilly.
[20:55] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> AND WHEN I HAVE FINISHED!!!! They will accompany you down the river...OF DEATH!!
[20:55] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> FETCH ME FIRE!!!!
[20:56] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> And bring all the wine and food in the stores of this place! I have thirsty work ahead!
[20:56] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) grins and approaches ST AR-15.
[20:56] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Little girl with pointed ears...I SHALL TRIM THEM FOR YOU LATER~!
[20:56] <ST AR-15> :P
[20:57] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) moves on to SPAS-12. "The giant...FELLED by a PINCH OF POWDER!!!!!!"
[20:58] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> You will give us great sport before you DIE!!
[20:58] <SPAS-12> I'll crush your head like a melon if I can get my hands free.
[20:59] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) waves her off and moves on to RO-635.
[20:59] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> You and I have met before. That time I let you live.
[20:59] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> You used your second life well, fetching my saintly sister. NOW...I have no more use for you.
[21:00] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) moves on to IDW.
[21:00] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) points at her. "The Dwarf!"
[21:00] *** Everyone in the room laughs at IDW.
[21:01] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> You should never have been allowed to DIG YOURSELF OUT OF THE EARTH!!!!
[21:01] *** Meanwhile, M-950 and M1014 have finished preparing an iron brazier filled with red-hot coals.
[21:02] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> BRING THE ABBESS! I think it's fitting that such a holy woman be present to give them absolution before they die!!!!
[21:02] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) pulls a red-hot metal bar out of the coals.
[21:03] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> SEE SISTER!!?! Soon you shall feel its touch, and then together we shall seek out the hiding place of the gold!!
[21:04] <IDW> I can tell you where the gold it hidden, you Meow-ron!
[21:05] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> SPEAK THEN, MISSHAPEN ONE!!!
[21:05] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) goes over to IDW.
[21:05] <IDW> It's buried in the...
[21:05] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Where?!
[21:06] * IDW suddenly jumps up and KICKS Voltan in the face!!
[21:06] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) lets out a HUGE and LONG scream, cringing and shuddering as he falls to his knees!!
[21:07] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) pulls out his dagger and STABS IDW in the stomach with it!!!
[21:07] <IDW> EEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! >___<
[21:08] <Sopmod-2> VOLTAN!!! You will DIE by my hand!!! >:[
[21:08] *** Meanwhile, Voltan is heading unsteadily towards the door, cradling one side of his face.
[21:09] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Guard them!!
[21:09] * Jack Palance (Deepfake) rushes out the door.
[21:10] *** As he goes, the other Nun-Dolls bring out lots of food and place it on the tables. All of the V-Dolls and Dire Forest Kits immediately fall upon the food and start devouring it all!
[21:10] <IDW> >___<;
[21:10] <RO-635> IDW is still alive. Only just.
[21:10] <Sopmod-2> We must free ourselves.
[21:11] *** The scene switches, and Voltan is now slumping down in front of Negev!!
[21:11] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Quick, the crystal. The pain is great...
[21:12] <Negev> - Has she been found? -
[21:12] <Jack Palance (Deepfake)> Yes! YES! She DIES this very night! Quickly! The pain!!!!
[21:13] * Negev brings up the crystal, and the scene ends and jumpcuts BACK to the church. AND THEN PAUSES!!
[19:08] *** The movie starts up again!
[19:10] * SPAS-12 looks over at all of Voltan's people. EVERYONE has fallen asleep after eating all of that food.
[19:10] <SPAS-12> :<
[19:12] <SPAS-12> We need to get ourselves free.
[19:12] <Sopmod-2> If we aren't free by the time Voltan returns...
[19:21] *** Watching them from a short distance away is THIS GIRL! But she looks rather out of it and is leaning heavily on her spear.
[19:23] <CR-21> .... ~___~;
[19:24] * CR-21 wakes up a little as she notices the wooden beam that holds the double doors together from the inside slowly and silently start to levitate upwards out of its brackets.
[19:24] <CR-21> O__O
[19:25] * CR-21 watches as the beam glides to the ground and the door is pushed open slightly.
[19:29] *** Something slender eases through the opening.
[19:29] <CR-21> O___O
[19:30] *** P-TOOMPH
[19:30] <CR-21> X____x
[19:31] *** flops to the ground with copious amounts of strawberry jelly smeared all over her forehead AND on the wall behind her.
[19:31] <CR-21> ^
[19:32] * M4A1 pushes the door open the rest of the way and quickly hurries inside.
[19:32] * M4A1 unties Sopmod-2. "You have need of my help."
[19:32] <Sopmod-2> Been looking into your fire of magic, witch?
[19:34] <M4A1> We must leave quickly. Voltan's people will return soon.
[19:34] <M4A1> And the dark one will not be receiving his ministerings for much longer.
[19:35] * Sopmod-2 finishes untying everyone...then suddenly there's a huge FLASH of smoke and everyone vanishes!!
[19:36] *** Scene switch - everyone's now out in the forest again, looking sad. IDW is being carried by SPAS-12, and she's not looking very good.
[19:36] <M4A1> Even my powers cannot save her. She waits at the gate of death.
[19:39] <SPAS-12> :<
[19:39] * IDW wakes up a little, looking to be in quite a bit of pain.
[19:39] <IDW> I am sorry, not to be with you for the final fight.
[19:40] <IDW> I'll die as I wanted to...among my friends.
[19:40] * IDW closes her eyes and dies.
[19:41] <ST AR-15> :|
[19:41] <RO-635> :<
[19:41] <SPAS-12> T___T
[19:42] <Sopmod-2> :<
[19:42] *** The next scene shows a finished grave with a bunch of glowing rocks arranged over it.
[19:44] <M4A1> This will protect the grave from wild beats who would disturb it. The Dwarf shall sleep peacefully.
[19:44] <RO-635> What now, Spomod-2?
[19:45] <Sopmod-2> I go to avenge my friend's death.
[19:45] <Sopmod-2> And to pay a debt long overdue.
[19:45] <RO-635> But how will we get back inside the church now?
[19:46] <M4A1> I will show you the way.
[19:47] *** Everyone starts to turn and walk away, leaving the camera to focus on the gravesite.
[19:48] *** A bunch of Forest Kits start to emerge from the plants surrounding the clearing and close in on the grave, passing right through whatever barrier M4A1 had set up!
[19:50] *** Meanwhile, back at the church of the Holy Herbs.
[19:50] * P7 is ranting at Voltan!
[19:50] <P7> I beseech you once more! Release my sisters!
[19:50] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> >__>
[19:51] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> If Sopmod-2 is not in my hands by morning they will all die. And I will tear this sanctuary down stone by stone.
[19:51] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> Pray hard, woman, that she may hear you.
[19:53] *** The scene fades, and is replaced by Sopmod-2 and the rest of the heroes staring down at the camera. They're still in the woods too. In the background there's the sound of lots of eager yipping.
[19:54] *** The Forest Kits have IDW('s corpse) in their possession and are pouncing up and down all over it, tugging on her tail, and nibbling on her ears!
[19:56] <M4A1> My powers will not harm any of you, but just for a short time they will create a whirlpool of flying fire bolts to blind their eyes.
[19:56] *** Something EXPLODES right in front of the camera!
[19:57] *** More smoke rises up, and we see that they're all just outside the church now. The smoke starts forming into a small tornado, and inside it can be seen...hundreds of glowing ping-pong balls?????
[19:59] *** The balls start shooting at the doors, blowing them open and filling the chapel beyond with dozens of brightly-glowing balls and lots and LOTS of confetti!!! CUE THE BATTLE MUSIC!!!
[20:00] * RO-635 and ST AR-15 rush inside and start shooting up a storm!!
[20:01] *** K3, M500, and F1 are shot down almost immediately!
[20:02] * SPAS-12 rushes inside and CLOTHESLINES M200 across the neck!!! The slender sniper-girl goes down like a ton of bricks!
[20:04] * SPAS-12 then starts going after the Dire Forest Kits! They're no match for her, especially when she picks up a Stunt Plushie and BITES its head off like Ozzie Osbourne!!!!!
[20:07] *** Finally, posing dramatically as she comes through the doorway...IIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SOPMOD-2!!!!
[20:10] * Sopmod-2 charges into battle wielding the Mind Sword, hacking left and right and bringing down V-Dolls all over the place!
[20:12] * SPAS-12 picks up M-14 and THROWS her across the room into a bunch of other T-Dolls!
[20:13] * RO-635 is gunning down Stunt-plushies everywhere!
[20:14] * Jack Palance (deepfake) points at P7. "Take her away, I may have need of her!"
[20:14] <RO-635> Sopmod-2! They're moving the Abbess!
[20:15] <RO-635> ACK!!
[20:15] * RO-635 is hit from behind by AA-12, who just knocks her over and starts WHALING on her!!
[20:18] * Contender charges at SPAS-12 from behind while she's distracted with taunting FNC. [url=]Wow, she's being kinda brutal here.[url]
[20:19] <SPAS-12> Wow, she's being kinda brutal here.
[20:21] <C96> Look out, giant!!!
[20:21] * C96 jumps in the path of Contender and gets stabbed instead of SPAS-12!
[20:21] <SPAS-12> >:[
[20:21] * SPAS-12 HEADBUTTS Contender in retaliation!
[20:22] * SPAS-12 tries to help C96, but it's too late.
[20:22] <SPAS-12> T__T
[20:22] * Jack Palance (deepfake) comes up behind SPAS-12 and B[BLEEP]CHSLAPS her the FUGOUT!
[20:23] *** Meanwhile, Sopmod-2 has gotten separated from everyone else and quickly dispatches everyone who'd been trying to take P7 away.
[20:24] * P7 is FREED!!
[20:24] <P7> :O
[20:24] <Sopmod-2> Wait here.
[20:24] * Sopmod-2 rushes back inside to find...the battle is over. The floor is littered with downed T-Dolls and mangled Stunt-plushies.
[20:26] *** But everyone ELSE is down too! RO-635 isn't moving, ST AR-15 is groaning, and SPAS-12 is securely tied up against the wall. All of the other Nun-Dolls have been made to stand on the pews, their necks in nooses dangling from the ceiling. And in the middle of it all...VOLTAN!!!
[20:27] * Welrod Mk 2 is the LAST of the T-Dolls, and she has a sword pointed at SPAS-12's boobs.
[20:27] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> Now, Sopmod-2. This is the moment of my revenge.
[20:28] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> At my command they shall all be hung. And your friend will have her heart skewered.
[20:28] <Sopmod-2> Let the sisters and SPAS go free. It's me that you want.
[20:29] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> Yoooooouuuu...still don't understand!!!!
[20:29] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> YOU ARE IN NO POSITION TO BARGAIN!!
[20:29] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> THROW DOWN YOUR SWORD!!!
[20:30] <Sopmod-2> :<
[20:30] * Sopmod-2 slowly puts down the Mind Sword.
[20:30] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> And your vestment. :D
[20:31] * Sopmod-2 slowly starts to take off the chainmail vest she's been wearing.
[20:31] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> :D
[20:31] * Jack Palance (deepfake) starts to approach closer.
[20:31] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> Do you have a god to pray to? Pray to him NOOOOOOOOOOWWWW!!
[20:32] * Sopmod-2 slowly gets down onto her knees, and reaches for a pendant she had on underneath her shirt. It's the SAME pendant that M4 Sopmod-2 Jr. had given to her long ago!!
[20:33] * Jack Palance (deepfake) starts having a flashback of his own as he sees the pendant! Of M4 Sopmod-2 Jr "friendzoning" him, and of being stabbed in the face with a torch!!
[20:34] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> Enough! You have prayed enough!
[20:34] * Sopmod-2 presses a switch on the pendant...and a little blade pops out of part of it!!
[20:35] * Sopmod-2 FLINGS it at one of the ropes binding SPAS-12, cutting it in half!!
[20:35] <Sopmod-2> NOW SPAS!!!
[20:35] * SPAS-12 breaks free and turns on Welrod Mk2!!!
[20:36] <SPAS-12> >:D
[20:36] <Weldrod Mk 2> D:
[20:38] *** Meanwhile, Voltan recovers from his surprise and starts to charge at Sopmod-2 with his sword, but stops as he watches the Mind Sword fly up into Sopmod-2's hands!
[20:38] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> :O
[20:38] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> So....
[20:38] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> You've found the power with is...rightly mine!
[20:39] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> Ten thousand times have I dreamed of killing you...slowly!
[20:39] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> Painfully!
[20:39] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> And now...HA!!!!
[20:39] * Jack Palance (deepfake) suddenly spins around and FLINGS something at Sopmod-2!!!!
[20:41] * Jack Palance (deepfake) just flung a Facehugger Kit at Sopmod-2!!!!
[20:41] <Facehugger Kit> owwo
[20:42] * Sopmod-2 deflects the Facehugger Kit and CHARGES at Voltan!! The next five minutes is spent in an EPIC SLOW-MOTION DRAMATIC BATTLE BETWEEN THE TWO OF THEM!!!
[20:43] *** It's every bit as magnificent as Kirito versus Heathcliff!! Luke versus Darth Vader! Ivan Drago versus Rocky Balboba!
[20:43] *** ...No it isn't. They're mostly just easily blocking unskilled and wide swings and moving around a lot.
[20:45] * Sopmod-2 finally gets the upper hand as she ducks down beneath a wild overhead swing and comes back up with a slash across Voltan's stomach!! KETCHUP ERUPTS EVERYWHERE!!!
[20:45] * Jack Palance (deepfake) crumples to the ground!!
[20:45] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> - Sister.... -
[20:45] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> - I shall wait for you. -
[20:46] <Jack Palance (deepfake)> - At the gates of....HEEEEEEEELL -
[20:46] * Jack Palance (deepfake) stiffens, shudders, and dies.
[20:46] <Sopmod-2> :<
[20:48] *** The scene switches. Some time has passed as the carnage has now mostly been cleared up. Sopmod-2 and SPAS-12 are on horses, looking at the Nun-Dolls and P&. ST AR-15 is being held up nearby, looking VERY much out of it.
[20:48] <P7> Your friend will soon recover her strength, but I grieve for the others who've died.
[20:49] * Sopmod-2 is carrying the box containing the gold, and SPAS-12 is carrying several small sacks filled with food.
[20:49] <SPAS-12> :D
[20:49] <SPAS-12> There's a lot of good eating and drinking money here, Soppo!
[20:50] <SPAS-12> I don't suppose we could...?
[20:50] * Sopmod-2 shakes her head.
[20:51] * Sopmod-2 and SPAS-12 ride away, and the scene switches AGAIN to the inside of the chapel, where Voltan's body is laying on a table, covered in a sheet.
[20:51] *** Suddenly someone appears out of the shadows!!!
[20:51] *** Negev has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:51] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Negev *** Happy Birthday, Takeuchi Naoko-sensei!!
[20:52] * Negev waves her hand, and the sheet covering Voltan magically falls away.
[20:52] <Negev> - We have further need of you, dark one. -
[20:52] * Negev picks up Voltan and carries him away to the shadows.
[20:52] <Negev> - Your sleep of death will not last long. -
[20:53] *** Finally, the scene switches back to the Hakurei Shrine!! You know what that means!
[20:53] *** Reimu Hakurei has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:53] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Reimu Hakurei *** Happy Birthday, Takeuchi Naoko-sensei!!
[20:53] <Reimu Hakurei> My heart is heavy at the loss of your friends. It's a high price to pay.
[20:53] <Reimu Hakurei> :|
[20:54] <Sopmod-2> The price is always high.
[20:54] * SPAS-12 places the box of gold pieces on the table in front of Reimu.
[20:54] <Sopmod-2> Use it well.
[20:55] <Reimu Hakurei> :D
[20:55] <Reimu Hakurei> Where will you go now?
[20:55] <Sopmod-2> SPAS-12 goes her own way. As do I,
[20:56] <SPAS-12> I've heard talk of gluttonous ghost girls with great stores of winter food and wine to protect. It seems that I am the girl for that work! :D
[20:57] <Reimu Hakurei> Best of luck to you both then.
[20:57] *** The scene switches, and SPAS-12 and Sopmod-2 are outside, back on their horses, and shaking hands at an adventure well-done.
[20:58] <M4A1> The dark one is no more, but even as we speak a coven of wicked vampires gather in the south.
[20:59] <M4A1> Follow your destiny.
[20:59] <Sopmod-2> :D
[20:59] <SPAS-12> When you get that look in your face...
[21:00] <Sopmod-2> You did say south, witch?
[21:00] * SPAS-12 sighs
[21:00] <SPAS-12> Oh well. Who wants to work with gluttonous ghost girls anyway. South it is.
[21:01] * SPAS-12 and Sopmod-2 ride off!
[21:02] * M4A1 vanishes in an explosion...and suddenly the poorly-animated and stylized M4 Sopmod-2 Jr STORMS at the viewers, roaring as she engulfs everything!! THEN THE CREDITS START!!!
[21:03] *** This has been "Soppo the Slayer"!!! Another SHAMELESS presentation from Cheesy Kit Productions!!

[22:21] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: ?????
[22:21] <Mission Controller> Attention! Attention! Enemy Dropship Inbound!
[22:22] <Mission Controller> Enemy Dropship has made planetfall and is deploying. Hostile forces converging on objective.
[22:22] <Mission Controller> Interlopers not responding to comms. Shoot on sight!
[22:22] <spiritflame> Mission Controller rolls 1d79 [ 18 ]
[22:23] <Mission Controller> SHD-2D inbound...
[22:23] <spiritflame> Mission Controller rolls 1d79 [ 45 ]
[22:24] <Mission Controller> JR7-D is inbound and closing on objective!
[22:24] <spiritflame> Mission Controller rolls 1d79 [ 73 ]
[22:25] <spiritflame> Mission Controller rolls 1d79 [ 67 ]
[22:25] <Mission Controller> CPLT-C4 is firing on our scouting elements!
[22:26] <spiritflame> Mission Controller rolls 1d79 [ 19 ]
[22:28] *** Scanning.... recon aircraft lost. JM6-S sighted. Recon aircraft lost...
[22:32] <Mission Controller> ENEMY REINFORCEMENTS DETECTED!
[22:32] <spiritflame> Mission Controller rolls 1D79d [ ]
[22:32] <spiritflame> Mission Controller rolls 1d79 [ 78 ]
[22:33] <Mission Controller> Atlas AS7---RS approaching! Confirmed... AS7-RS approaching. All scout forces retreating... good luck.