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<// J_Daito //> To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!
<// J_Daito //> That's a campaign I can get behind of!!

welcome to #suburbansenshi3

[22:25] * Venus Alter raises her sword to block
[22:25] * Venus Alter is reliant on her sword because she is a freaking SABER class btw
[22:27] <Zotia> (And that proves it. We break the blade, we break her.)
[22:27] * Sailor Enclave aims a bolt of magical destructive force, strong enough to pierce a tank, into the Alt. Venus' back where her heart would be!
[22:27] █████ Sailor Enclave Enclave Arcane BLAST!
[22:29] █████ Venus Alter has been SLAMMED BACK!!
[22:29] Venus Alter has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[22:29] * Venus Alter howls in rage, she begins to fade, but into a dark purple mist. "This isn't the end!
[22:29] * Sailor Enclave doubles over, panting.... "I.... got... her..."
[22:30] * Venus Alter raises her sword one last time. Ruler just catchs it.
[22:30] <Ruler> Rest now Venus.
[22:31] <Ruler> Sleep once more, this isn't you.
[22:31] <Sailor Enclave> .....The grail...
[22:31] * Venus Alter just tries to stab Serenity with the sword... the one that took her life once. But fades away before the blow can connect.
[22:31] * Venus Alter 's sword clatters to the floor.
[22:32] * Sailor Enclave runs downward toward where the muck-oozing power source was last seen.
[22:32] * Ruler picks up the sword, purifying it, turning it again into a blade of Silver Crystal.
[22:32] <Muffled voice> This way! We have to get what we came for!
[22:32] * Ruler walks down through the rubble. "Come master. We must finish your mission.
[22:33] <DD_Girl_Pink> what's that muffled voice?
[22:33] <Zotia> I have the feeling Enclave's about to jump the gun.
[22:34] <@Sailor Quinox> what??
[22:34] <DD_Girl_Green> or the shark
[22:35] * Ruler uses the sword to slice though the rubble. Forming a path to the grail. The mud is setting things on fire.
[22:35] <Ruler> Do not touch the Grail Sailor Enclave. In it's current state it will kill you.
[22:35] * Sailor Enclave stands in the room, right over the Grail....
[22:35] <Ruler> I must purify it. As a Ruler it is within my ablties to do so.
[22:35] <Sailor Enclave> But I'm going to die anyway.
[22:36] <Sailor Enclave> They'll never let me back home.
[22:36] <The Magistra> [Hologram] That's the wish we're going to make on the grail.
[22:36] <The Magistra> [Hologram] To bring you back
[22:36] <The Magistra> [Hologram] But we have to purify it first or it will taint the wish
[22:36] <Sailor Enclave> ...I would rather die... and be reborn someday... than be imprisoned by the likes of what awaits me back there.
[22:37] <The Magistra> [Hologram] No. Bring you back seperate
[22:37] <Sailor Enclave> You lie.
[22:37] <The Magistra> [Hologram] I'm not leaving you behind.
[22:37] <The Magistra> [Hologram] I never lie!
[22:37] <Sailor Enclave> You lie.
[22:37] <The Magistra> [Hologram] When have I EVER told a lie?
[22:37] * Sailor Enclave chuckles.
[22:37] <The Magistra> [Hologram] I... omit information, but I do not LIE
[22:37] * Sailor Enclave is shaking her head.
[22:37] <The Magistra> [Hologram] I gave you my word.
[22:38] <Sailor Enclave> I'm not a fool, Magistra.
[22:38] <The Magistra> [Hologram] If you touch that grail right now... You'll end up as bad as Simon was.
[22:39] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Let ruler Purify it
[22:39] <Sailor Enclave> I may be many things, but I'm not a fool. I was summoned. I came. I endured here longer than the others by far... I risked my life as much as they did. Tht won't be enough for any of you.
[22:39] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Eliza trusted me! Why can't you
[22:39] <Sailor Enclave> ...and her not purifying it is the only thing that has kept the lot of you from snatching it away from me.
[22:39] * @Sailor Quinox frowns
[22:40] <The Magistra> [Hologram] And I hate her. I hate hate hate her. She hurt my family. But I put that aside to let her help and put my trust in her
[22:40] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Let me help you too, pust our trust in each other
[22:40] <Sailor Enclave> She only helped you because you were incidentally useful.
[22:41] * @Sailor Quinox narrows her eyes
[22:41] <Sailor Enclave> She only helped you because I wished it, and she wished to sleep, and the other was already gone. We put aside trust becuase we thought we could, temporarily, all get what we wanted.
[22:41] <Ruler> ...It would be possible to send you back with a wish on the grail, into your own body Sailor Enclave.
[22:41] <Ruler> A new body.
[22:41] * Sailor Enclave looks at the vision of Serenity, whom she considers slightly less likely to lie.
[22:42] <Sailor Enclave> Then get rid of the others.
[22:42] <Sailor Enclave> Transmat them back.
[22:42] <Sailor Enclave> You could leave somebody here to watch me.
[22:42] * Sailor Enclave quickly points to DD_Green. "That one, for example."
[22:42] <Ruler> I choose my master.
[22:43] <Sailor Enclave> Send them home, and I'll let you purify it.
[22:43] <Sailor Enclave> You'll get what you want.
[22:43] <Sailor Enclave> Trust me.
[22:43] <The Magistra> [Hologram] ...I'm not going force them back. This is up to you guys
[22:43] * Sailor Enclave raises one eyebrow. "Well?"
[22:44] <DD_Girl_Pink> I can go back.
[22:46] <The Magistra> (( Brb one sec, discuss this whle I take my meds ))
[22:46] * Sailor Enclave looks at the demons. "And yourselves?
[22:47] * Sailor Enclave looks at Nelius Raoul.
[22:47] *** Nelius Raoul is a tan, 7' tall male demon-- dark red-brown hair frames his face, with orange eyes looking back at you. He wears a dark green shirt and camo-patterned pants. For those with certain sensitivities, you might feel like running.... More information about him is Here.
His image Song is: Opening from DragonBall FighterZ. He is Level 1.

[22:47] * Sailor Enclave looks at Zotia.
[22:47] *** Zotia is a Netherworld Sage, with dark blue hair, green eyes and clad in a black T-shirt with comfy sweats. She stands 6' 2 1/2" tall with tanned skin, and is the next in command of the Coalition Netherworld. She has a very warm feeling around her. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: . She is Level 1.

[22:48] <Sailor Enclave> Will you leave, or will you stay?
[22:48] <Nelius Raoul> My main concern is finding whomever planted this Grail here in this state. If there are clues to be had then I plan on sticking around.
[22:48] <Sailor Enclave> There won't be. What was left here will fade into nothing.
[22:49] <Sailor Enclave> I've been here for weeks. I have found nothing.
[22:49] <Zotia> Then I suppose we should work quickly.
[22:49] <Sailor Enclave> This world? These people you see before you... are naught but dust.
[22:50] <Sailor Enclave> I've had to speak to all of them. I asked them about who they were. I will remember their tales and stories and passions and secrets and hopes... but that is all I can do for them.
[22:50] * Sailor Enclave sighs and looks down.
[22:52] <Sailor Enclave> stay. Go. I have very little to lose.
[22:53] * Sailor Enclave shrugs.
[22:53] <Sailor Enclave> Why do you not answer?
[22:53] <Sailor Enclave> Well?
[22:53] <Sailor Enclave> Matsumi Kaze? Demon? Youma? Why do you not speak?
[22:53] <@Sailor Quinox> ....
[22:53] <DD_Girl_Green> I'll stay if Matsumi stays
[22:54] <Ruler> Sailor Enclave. Don't let your story end here.
[22:54] <DD_Girl_Pink> I can go if need to
[22:54] <Ruler> You aren't fated to fade away with this place.
[22:54] <Sailor Enclave> I am not afraid to die.
[22:55] <Ruler> It's not about fear.
[22:55] <Sailor Enclave> I am afraid of betrayal and unjust confinement far more than death.
[22:55] <Sailor Enclave> It matters not if I perish here. I am the Soldier of Desperation.
[22:55] <Sailor Enclave> I shall be reborn.
[22:55] <Sailor Enclave> I'll be back.
[22:55] <Sailor Enclave> Again and again and again.
[22:55] <Ruler> Then let us ensure that comes to pass, with the grail's wish
[22:56] <Sailor Enclave> Sailor Enclave will not perish, whether I touch this thing or not.
[22:56] <Ruler> A grail can turn a servant human, giving a human a body is a simple enough affair
[22:56] <Sailor Enclave> Tell me this---is there yet reason to stay in this mortally wounded world?
[22:56] <Ruler> For you or for me?
[22:57] <Sailor Enclave> Anyone.
[22:57] <Ruler> I will fade with this world. I am a servant, though I am summoned from the future, I am already dead.
[22:57] <Ruler> I cannot interfere with humanity, my story is done.
[22:57] <Ruler> There are rules.
[22:58] <Ruler> Servants aren't people. We'
[22:58] <Ruler> We're the blade, humanity is the weilder
[22:58] <Ruler> And you have plently of power left to weild
[22:59] * Sailor Enclave shakes his head. "Not where I'm going."
[22:59] <Sailor Enclave> I don't trust them. If you are insistent, then purify that Grail, and I shall claim it as my own.
[22:59] <The Magistra> [Hologram] I'm not going to put you in the coffin with her. She requested to stay there, YOU didn't
[23:00] * Sailor Enclave snorts, but doesn't answer.
[23:00] <DD_Girl_Green> I'm not going for the grail.
[23:00] <DD_Girl_Pink> me neither
[23:00] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Why can't you just trust someone for once in your life.
[23:01] <Sailor Enclave> Do YOU trust ME?
[23:01] * Sailor Enclave raises one eyebrow.
[23:01] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Right now? Yes
[23:01] <The Magistra> [Hologram] So right now, trust me
[23:01] <Sailor Enclave> Very well then. I only trust those who already trust me.
[23:02] * Sailor Enclave gestures downward. "Go for it."
[23:02] * Ruler walks over the grail mud as if it was nothing and lifts the grail "Silver crystal, please purify this tainted vessel"
[23:02] <Ruler> In the name of my Master I claim the holy Grail.
[23:03] * Ruler approachs holding the grail, as the mud stops, color returning to the grail as it begins to radiate a gentle light.
[23:03] <Ruler> Master, Enclave, please approach.
[23:03] * Sailor Enclave extends her hand. "I'll take that now."
[23:04] * Sailor Enclave walks forward.
[23:04] * Sailor Enclave narrows her eyes.
[23:04] * Ruler looks to Matsumi and gestures with her head for her to come as well
[23:05] * @Sailor Quinox follows
[23:06] <Ruler> Both of you place your hands on the grail.
[23:06] * Sailor Enclave looks at Sailor Quinox.
[23:06] *** Sailor Quinox is is the senshi of Air. Her powers are tied to the very air in the sky as opposed to simply wind. Wearing a blue and green fuku, she seeks to protect the innocent from harm and save those she loves
image Song is: "SKILL" by JAM Project. is Level 1.
Sailor Quinox is an IRC Operator - Channel Administrator

[23:06] <Ruler> I am a ruler, I cannot... do not desire to lay claim to the grail.
[23:06] * Sailor Enclave says a couple words under her breath, and reaches forward....
[23:06] <Sailor Enclave> ....
[23:07] <Ruler> In the name of My master we declare our wish, let Sailor Enclave have a new body to return to in her time.
[23:07] * @Sailor Quinox pauses snd puts her hand on the grail
[23:07] *** The grail glows bright. Then the light fades and transfers to enclave.
[23:07] <Sailor Enclave> "With the power left behind....
[23:08] <Sailor Enclave> ....and with the power I hold in my hand....
[23:08] <Sailor Enclave> /grail of wishes, I wish for the power that is my due!
[23:10] <Ruler> ...It is done.
[23:11] * Sailor Enclave narrows her eyes.
[23:11] <Sailor Enclave> Just so we are clear?
[23:11] <Sailor Enclave> So we can avoid misunderstanding later?
[23:12] <Ruler> Yes?
[23:12] <Sailor Enclave> If this wish has a catch... and confines or punishes me---or I in any way am forced to conclude that you screwed me on purpose, Magistra? I WILL get revenge. Doesn't matter how long it takes.
[23:12] <Sailor Enclave> I hope we are clear.
[23:12] * Sailor Enclave smiles cheerfully. ^_^
[23:12] <Sailor Enclave> Well! Are we all ready to go home? ^_^
[23:13] * Ruler passes the now mostly drained grail to Matsumi.
[23:13] * @Sailor Quinox looks at Ruler...sad
[23:13] * Sailor Enclave looks around, "or was there another last bit of business that needs to be discussed after that?"
[23:13] * Sailor Enclave crosses her arms and narrows her eyes.
[23:13] * Ruler then begins to fade. As does the world around you.
[23:13] <Ruler> No. It is time to say good bye now.
[23:13] <@Sailor Quinox> .......
[23:14] <Sailor Enclave> I will remember what I learned here.
[23:14] <@Sailor Quinox> G...goodbye
[23:14] <The Magistra> [Hologram] Now that we've claimed the grail the singuairty is repairing itself
[23:14] <DD_Girl_Green> farewell
[23:14] <DD_Girl_Pink> baibai?
[23:14] * Ruler gives her Master a hug. "Thank you my freind"
[23:14] <Sailor Enclave> Another day, another ended world. Such is existence.
[23:14] <Nelius Raoul> Rest in peace.
[23:15] <Ruler> This story may fade, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen
[23:15] <Ruler> It will remain in your memories
[23:15] * @Sailor Quinox hugs back
[23:15] <@Sailor Quinox> Thank you...
[23:15] * Ruler slips something into Matsumi's pack "You'll need this for later"
[23:16] * Sailor Enclave looks to see what it is.
[23:16] <Sailor Enclave> Eh, what is that?
[23:16] <Ruler> Secret~
[23:16] * @Sailor Quinox pauses but nods
[23:17] * Ruler gives a graceful curtsey... Then trips and falls flat on her face. "I'm ok! Bye now!
[23:17] <Sailor Enclave> Very well. But remember my warning.
[23:17] * Ruler fades
[23:17] * Sailor Enclave is saying this to Matsum now.
[23:17] *** You all begin to fade as a rayshift commences, forcing you back to the hotel. You all find yourself in coffins. Enclave is in a diffrent one then she went in from, it's just like all the others.
[23:19] * Sailor Enclave IMMEDIATELY tries to force it open with all of her might.
[23:20] *** it opens with no issue.
[23:20] <Sailor Enclave> I LIVE!
[23:20] *** Sailor Enclave has moved back to the Atrium
[23:21] * Sailor Enclave has moved to: [ Secret Basement ]
[23:21] * Sailor Enclave [Secret Basement] giddily takes her own pulse.
[23:21] <Sailor Enclave> [Secret Basement] /sqeak At last... at last... a body. A real, breathing, actual body.
[23:22] <Sailor Enclave> [Secret Basement] TIME TO TEST IT OUT!
[23:22] * Zotia and Nelius get out of their own coffins.
[23:22] * Sailor Enclave [Secret Basement] casts quickened Teleport, and then Plane Shift!
[23:22] *** Sailor Enclave [SmilingSoulFarmer@sculptedeternity.con] has quit IRC (I'll be back again. And again. And again.)
[23:23] * @ emerges fromt he shadows.
[23:23] * @ is now known as Intern 3
[23:23] <@Intern 3> ...Yeaaah.
[23:24] <@Intern 3> That's a thing.
[23:24] * @Intern 3 files her report.
[23:24] * @Intern 3 is away: Game Endless.
[23:24] *** And Eliza's coffin becomes observable
[23:24] * DD_Girl_Pink and Green are now out of their coffins.
[23:24] *** the glass transpanert again
[23:24] * The Magistra has moved to: [ ]
[23:24] *** The Magistra has moved back to the Atrium
[23:24] <The Magistra> You guys are back!
[23:25] <The Magistra> It worked! It all worked!
[23:25] <The Magistra> Where's the grail?
[23:25] * @Sailor Quinox has it
[23:26] <@Sailor Quinox> (( guys my phone battery is almost dead. ))
[23:26] * The Magistra takes it and... well does something with it.
[23:27] <The Magistra> (( Ok. ))
[23:27] <The Magistra> What did serenity give you?
[23:33] *** DD_Girl_Pink [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (night night)
[23:34] *** Just to wrap this up quickly. Serentiy slipped a fragment of the Moon Stick into the bag. Magistra takes it and uses it to stabalize the summoning system. SERVANT SUMMONINGS UNLOCKED
[23:35] <The Magistra> .....This is terrible.
[23:37] <Nelius Raoul> Hm?
[23:37] <The Magistra> 7 more bubbles just popped up.
[23:39] <Nelius Raoul> ....lovely. Where are these ones at?
[23:40] <The Magistra> Not sure. I'll let you know when they stabalize
[23:40] <Zotia> All right. Hopefully with these ones we can figure out who's causing these.

[23:57] * @ finishes her telenovela where a scrippe miraculously gains the power to use their fap-arm again and uses this new power to chase missionaries with a spork
[23:57] * @ is now known as Chateaux Concierge
[23:57] * @Chateaux Concierge goes over to the coffin
[23:57] <@Chateaux Concierge> WHAT'S IN THE BOX
[23:57] <@Chateaux Concierge> WHAT'S IN THE BOX
[23:57] <@Chateaux Concierge> C'MON TELL ME
[23:57] <@Chateaux Concierge> JUST TELL ME
[23:57] * @Chateaux Concierge does her best Brad Pitt
[23:59] * @Chateaux Concierge will read her queued messgae once she has looked in the box
[23:59] <@Chateaux Concierge> if this is Gwenyth Paltrow's head I swear
[23:59] * @Chateaux Concierge looks through the glass of the coffin
[23:59] * Chateaux finds Eliza is inside the Coffin, slumbering in peace and happiness, a euphoric smile on her face.
[00:00] <@Chateaux Concierge> D'aww
[00:00] * @Chateaux Concierge plays message
[10:50] * @Chateaux Concierge totally forgot what she read
[10:50] <@Chateaux Concierge> Man I was too drunk last night
[10:51] * @Chateaux Concierge may or may not have shut all systems down when she blacked out

[10:51] *** @Chateaux Concierge has turned their sound on
[18:40] * @Chateaux Concierge tries to read the message again
[18:44] <Code only Chateaux can Decrypt> [SPOILER] Now that there are good times, things go well. However... if things do not, and go VERY badly, we have a workaround.
[18:46] <@Chateaux Concierge> ....
[18:46] * @Chateaux Concierge continues reading
[18:46] <Code only Chateaux can Decrypt> [SPOILER] Communication can be accomplished by electric or gravitic stimulus, or by brief blinks in flashes of light going into the coffin during times she is conscious, provided it is within speed of human perception.
[18:47] <Code only Chateaux can Decrypt> [SPOILER] There is one last option which should be noted.
[18:48] * @Chateaux Concierge continues reading
[18:55] <Code only Chateaux can Decrypt> [SPOILER] This would consist of choosing inhabitants close to Eliza and adjusting the local time in their rooms, as well as that within this capsule to some point within approximately one week prior to the decoding of this message, and then simultaneously flooding this capsule and the rooms her friends are in with anesthetic.
[18:56] <@Chateaux Concierge> ...kinky
[18:56] * @Chateaux Concierge keeps reading
[18:57] <Code only Chateaux can Decrypt> [SPOILER] This has a 90+ percent likelihood of success as emergency intervention (or experiment when bored) Though they might *appreciate* explanation, but success would be determined by relationship to Eliza, not their foreknowledge.
[18:58] * @Chateaux Concierge writes down "gasd all the people"
[18:58] <@Chateaux Concierge> ^gas
[18:59] * Code only Chateaux can Decrypt even suggests a formula to use, at least in the capsule---which is not odorless.
[19:00] <Code only Chateaux can Decrypt> [SPOILER] I can know more than she knows, but I can't detect what she cannot, but that smell is one she will recognize. For updates or questions, I can signal you back if stimuli is received through the body.
[19:01] * @Chateaux Concierge will stay tuned
[19:01] * Sending Entity sets forth a code to use for discourse the systems.
[19:03] <Sending Entity> [SPOILER] If you need answers, use this code to acquire them. If others need to speak to her, use the method listed above. All that is necessary is absolute simultaneity, and their inability to resist the hypnotic.
[19:03] <Sending Entity> [SPOILER] Do you need to ask questions at this time?
[19:04] * @Chateaux Concierge enquires if Eliza is to be left alone in the coffin otherwise and what should be done re: Brianna
[19:07] <Sending Entity> [SPOILER] Of course, you are aware of the intensity with which she welcomes direct contact of any kind. Such should not jeopardize progress. She has long been bracing for the one thing she fears, and defenses against it are very strong. Regarding the ward: She sees her daughter regularly! She's quite happy in their times they are spending together.
[19:10] * @Chateaux Concierge indicates she understands and that should be sufficient for now
[19:11] *** Eliza's biosigns show the predictably greatly-elevated levels of happiness when Chateaux makes contact for a moment, but within those biosigns is a relieved coded affirmation that all is well.
[19:13] * Code makes one final suggestion.
[19:14] <@Chateaux Concierge> ?
[19:14] <Code only Chateaux can Decrypt> [SPOILER] might want to transport or restructure the room, or move this out of here. It could stand to be quarantined. According to Eliza's perception and general understanding, it contains a device that can kill literally anyone if they fall into it.
[19:16] * @Chateaux Concierge will move it to her Nth metal sealed room, will that work
[19:16] <Code only Chateaux can Decrypt> [SPOILER] Contact Eitak Razal on how this room, at least at some point, contained a device capable of killing omnipotent beings. Might want to be careful of it!
[19:17] * @Chateaux Concierge will do so
[19:18] <Code only Chateaux can Decrypt> [SPOILER] Be advised: influence of Nth Metal on activities and processes undertaken by the occupant within this unit are unknown.
[19:19] * @Chateaux Concierge will then just isolate it in a regular room but one not reachable by any means from the rest of the HOTEL
[19:20] * Code only Chateaux can Decrypt is sent indicating agreement, and willingness to converse at any time. "Not having to fight continually is a great schedule clearer."
[19:22] * @Chateaux Concierge has spawned a duplicate instance of herself to find eitak
[19:26] <Code only Chateaux can Decrypt> spoiler The plan is working well, and if more questions are necessary, I will answer them.
[19:26] <Code only Chateaux can Decrypt> 9_9
[19:27] * @Chateaux Concierge snorts
[19:27] <@Chateaux Concierge> Cool~ I'll work on things from my ened
[19:28] <Code only Chateaux can Decrypt> [SPOILER] I've been doing the same. Looking good.
[19:30] * Eliza's Vital Signs and reflexive movements no longer display use of the code, and revert to a signs showing she's not afraid---signs of ease and calm which, throughout very large portions of her life, have not been present.
[19:33] * @Chateaux Concierge is very glad shes fibnally at peace
[19:33] <@Chateaux Concierge> ^finally
[19:35] * @Chateaux Concierge calculates what she needs to calcuate based on what Eitak told her and WHAMMO has asported herself and the coffin / stuff to a new secure firewalled location contained within the HOTEL and not reachable by any pathway
[19:39] * @Chateaux Concierge is away: pops out of existence, now fully focused on the atrium

[19:37] *** Meanwhile, at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza...
[19:38] *** The people working at the restaurant are sullenly rushing about trying to serve the usual crowds. The customers have been a bit more numerous lately since the quality of pizzas has gotten better.
[19:39] *** Primarily this was because WA-2000 took over in the kitchen and turned into a total PIZZA-NAZI...which resulted in everything being done super-precisely.
[19:41] *** Negev, on the other hand, wound up getting kicked out of the kitchen because she served a pizza made of motor oil and cat turds.
[19:42] * Negev is now serving tables in the main seating area...and creeping the HELL out of everyone with those red eyes and intense expression.
[19:45] <Littlest Forest Kit> :3
[19:51] * UMP-9 is serving everyone with a smile! :D
[19:52] * G11 is taking out some trash.
[19:52] * HK-416 is wearing Spring-Bonnie. >_<;;;
[19:53] * UMP-45 has knocked out and tied up Renpha Astalion in the security office!!
[19:53] * UMP-45 then goes to put on Spring-Freddy.
[19:54] * WA-2000 is REALLY getting into making these pizzas.
[19:56] <UMP-9> And now, everyone! In honor of the Interspecies Cultural Exchange Program and its great successes so far, the management here at Freddy Fazbears Pizza have declared a special event!
[19:56] <UMP-9> For tonight and all of tomorrow, all customers of the Kitsune races will eat for free!!!!
[20:03] <Littlest Forest Kit> O_______O
[20:03] <Littlest Forest Kit> creepy old man be here :O
[20:04] <UMP-9> Hmmmm?
[20:09] * Littlest Forest Kit scurries off
[20:10] * UMP-9 shrugs and looks around to see just how many Kitsune are currently in attendance.
[20:13] * There are LOTS of different Kitsune in attendence, even little Kumihos and Chinese kits in green garb.
[20:13] <UMP-9> No sign of the primary targets yet.
[20:13] <UMP-9> 45, where are you?
[20:14] * UMP-45 is in the Secret Back Room of the Pizzaria, struggling to put on the Spring-Freddy outfit and using a hand-crank to fix several of the spring-locks.
[20:15] <UMP-45> I'm currently getting ready to put on the other of these oh-so-fantastic DEATH SUITS!!!! Holy s[BLEEP]t, how the hell do these things even stay on the market?!
[20:16] *** Free pizza is being served to all of the Kitsune, Kumihos, and Chinese Foxes! Hopefully everyone's playing nice.
[20:23] *** Spring-Freddy shuffles out into the customer area! Joy!
[20:26] <UMP-45 (Spring-Freddy)> starts DANCING!!!!
[20:27] * HK-416 (Spring-Bonnie) joins in.
[20:32] <WA-2000> Pizzas complete! Deliver NOW!!!!
[20:33] * UMP-9 and Negev rush over to pick up the latest batch of pizzas for delivery.
[20:33] <Negev> My my, someone's looking to become the Master of Dough herself. Or are you looking for a new person to crush on? >:D
[20:35] <WA-2000> Hey! At least I'm not a borderline psycho with an abusive streak that made the LAST commander you were crushing on transfer to a different continent!
[20:38] * G11 finishes throwing a bunch of filled garbage bags into the trash bin outside the restaurant. She pauses to look around.
[20:39] <G11> No signs of the primary targets outside either.
[20:39] <G11> No indications of any Van Saar biometrics either. Except for the one in the security office.
[20:40] <UMP-45> She's incapacitated for now. Harmless. But she's DEFINITELY Van Saar. I analyzed her biometric.
[20:41] <UMP-45> She's former Imperial Guard. Mustered out. But she DEFINITELY fought in the Unity War.
[20:42] <UMP-45> The scars on her body indicate she's seen extensive combat. I just wonder what the hell she's doing working at THIS hellhole.
[20:43] *** Meanwhile, M16A1 observes from up inside the ceiling!
[20:46] * M16A1 stuffed herself up inside the ceiling spaces last night and hasn't moved at all.
[20:46] <M16A1> ...
[20:47] <Littlest Forest Kit> :3 need help? :D
[20:47] <M16A1> Where are you, little ones? Where are you?
[20:48] * M16A1 looks over to see...a teeny little fox in the ceiling space with her?!
[20:48] <Littlest Forest Kit> Here, Here :D
[20:50] <M16A1> I meant the Langister children. I'm guessing they haven't yet had a chance to hear about the free food here for Kitsune.
[20:50] <Littlest Forest Kit> newp :O
[20:51] *** Sereanna has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:51] <+luna_P> Evening, Sereanna
[20:51] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Where the Men are Old, the Women are Young, and the Children Make Everyone A Little Wary.
[20:51] * Sereanna tumbles down a duct :3
[20:54] * M16A1 sees Sereanna, but doesn't move from her spot.
[20:54] <Sereanna> :3
[20:54] <Sereanna> they come tomorrow, they have plan :D
[20:56] <M16A1> Tomorrow, you say? And they know this is a trap meant for them?
[20:56] <M16A1> They're smart to recognize it and bold to be willing to spring it.
[20:56] <Littlest Forest Kit> yuppa :D
[20:57] <Sereanna> Yuppa :D
[21:00] <M16A1> Do you honestly think they can fight their way out though?
[21:01] <M16A1> All of the data we have about them is years out of date, from when they were just toddlers.
[21:03] <Sereanna> >:3
[21:11] <M16A1> I'll take that as a yes then.
[21:12] <M16A1> All right. I'll wait right here for them.
[21:20] *** M16A1 has left #suburbansenshi3 ("Now, do either of you have any ideas on how I should pass the time while I'm up here?")
[21:23] *** Sereanna has left #suburbansenshi3 (Tailpats :D)
[21:27] *** Littlest Forest Kit has left #suburbansenshi3 (Games AND Tailpatd :D)
[19:09] *** Meanwhile, back at Freddy Fazbears Pizza
[19:09] *** Renpha Astalion [Trooper011385@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:09] <+luna_P> Evening, Renpha Astalion
[19:09] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Something about Haruka, beer, and a crapload of ants.
[19:09] <Renpha Astalion> >__>
[19:09] <Renpha Astalion> <__<
[19:10] * Renpha Astalion is carefully consuming her dinner for the evening.
[19:10] * UMP-45 sneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaks up behind Renpha and applies a Vulcan Neck Pinch ™
[19:12] * Renpha Astalion suddenly hears two sharp notes from a horn being played nearby, a ululating peal of clarinets...then blacks out and flops over.
[19:12] *** Renpha Astalion [Trooper011385@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi3 ("Spoooooooooooooock~!")
[19:12] <UMP-45> ^__^..\//
[19:13] <UMP-45> Now that SHE'S out of the way for now...
[19:19] * The old Man is what you see if you turn around, with a piece of Candy!
[19:25] <UMP-45> ...
[19:25] <UMP-45> Sir, you really shouldn't be back here. Please return to the main area.
[19:26] * UMP-9 is serving the tables again with a smile. Quite a few Kitsune in the seats tonight!
[19:26] * WA-2000 is cooking up a storm. She's gotten good at making these pizzas.
[19:28] * Negev is serving the crowds too, and looking even more creepy and intimidating than last night.
[19:29] * some little Kumihos MATCH the look back at Negev as a warning!
[19:30] * HK-416 is wearing Spring-Bonnie. But...someone else is wearing Spring-Freddy tonight.
[19:31] * Negev tries to smile back at the Kumihos, looking even CREEPIER somehow. Okay, this T-Doll may actually be genuinely dangerous.
[19:32] * G-11 is by Prize Corner and SLAPS a cheap padlock onto the big box that has to have the music box wound up repeatedly, trapping whatever is contained inside within.
[19:33] * some little Kumihos LEAP AND YIP at Negev D:< D:< D:< D:< D:<
[19:36] <G-11> The Box is sealed. The "Tickle Fingers" won't be coming out.
[19:36] *** Something starts thumping against the inside lid of the Big Box. Whatever's inside isn't happy!
[19:38] * HK-416 sees a trio of other girls sitting in a far corner, trying their conspicuously hardest to be inconspicuous except that one of them has pink hair, albino-pale skin, and red eyes every bit as crazy as Negev.
[19:38] <HK-416> AR Team is present and in position.
[19:39] <WA-2000> I have masterfully prepared a Margarita pizza! It's perfect!
[19:40] <UMP-9> ...
[19:40] <UMP-45> ...
[19:40] <UMP-45> Focus, WA-2000. You're getting distracted.
[19:40] <Little Forest Kit> (Vent) plan ready? :D
[19:40] <UMP-9> ...!!!
[19:42] *** Four very familiar children walk into Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, wearing dark glasses, medical masks, and Adidas clothing, but they each have three fluffy tails and obviously-Kitsune ears. The variations of copper and black hair are quite distinctive.
[19:42] <UMP-9> Possible contacts! Moving to investigate.
[19:43] * UMP-9 ZIPS up to the four children as they...wait, why are they SQUATTING inside one of the empty booth tables?
[19:45] * Meanwhile, a certain someone else is observing this.... and my oh my do they have a GRIIIIIIIN! (It begins♫)
[19:45] <UMP-9> Hellooooooo!! How are you this evening? Are all four of you Kitsune?
[19:45] * The four Kitsune kids flick their ears in cute displays and wiggle their tails.
[19:46] * David O`Cain and Megan both enter the restaurant
[19:46] *** One of the Kitsune places an MP3 player on the table and turns it on.
[19:47] <This song> starts playing!
[19:48] *** All of the T-Dolls observe with confused expressions as the four Kitsune children shuffle-dance in their seats.
[19:49] <David O`Cain> Heh.
[19:49] <UMP-45> Wait...Gopniks? What are Gopniks doing HERE?
[19:49] <Megan O`Cain> Well, gotta make some form of entrance.
[19:49] <G11> Same time, different place? This is time of Hardbass?!
[19:49] <Little Forest Kit> :3
[19:50] <G11> THAT'S BORIS!!! From the Zone!!!
[19:50] <HK-416> I can confirm that. I recall hearing that song.
[19:50] *** The T-Dolls start moving in closer.
[19:51] <UMP-9> You four seem to be enjoying yourselves. How about a free pizza? Today IS still Kitsune Appreciation Party Night!
[19:52] <UMP-9> How about you take off those masks so I can see just how cute you are. No need to be shy!
[19:52] *** One of the children pulls off his mask...
[19:52] *** Chibi-AnTil [WellManneredFoxBoy@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:52] <+luna_P> Evening, Chibi-AnTil
[19:52] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: number 1 in charts ox
[19:53] * Megan O`Cain and her brother both watch
[19:53] <Chibi-AnTil> Hello! My name is AnTilZha Amestris-Langister and our father is none other than the governor-militant of the Van Saar Federation. Maybe you've heard of it?
[19:53] <Chibi-AnTil> =^ ^=
[19:53] *** Chibi-Catri [MakerOfMischief@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:53] <+luna_P> Evening, Chibi-Catri
[19:53] <+luna_P> Welcome. Remember. Suburban Senshi trusts the Pusher Robot
[19:53] * Little Forest Kit and the others watch for the signal
[19:54] <Chibi-Catri> And our mother is none other than a nine-tail!
[19:54] <UMP-9> O____o
[19:54] <UMP-45> [size=20=D:[/size]
[19:54] <UMP-45> D:
[19:54] <Negev> :O
[19:55] <HK-416> DID THEY JUST....?!
[19:55] <Megan O`Cain> Heh, broken minds?
[19:55] <Little Forest Kit> :3
[19:55] * WA-2000 suddenly LEANS out over the delivery window and SLAMS a WA-2000 sniper rifle into position!!
[19:56] <WA-2000> .....
[19:56] <WA-2000> .............Strategic importance Absolute!!!
[19:56] *** The three girls in the corner suddenly leap up and whip out hidden assault rifles.
[19:57] *** M4A1 has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:57] <+luna_P> Evening, M4A1
[19:57] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Gather Also the Expectation of the Man Fan!
[19:57] * Megan O`Cain and David both aim their hands at the T-Dolls
[19:57] *** AR-15 has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:57] <+luna_P> Evening, AR-15
[19:57] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Gather Also the Expectation of the Man Fan!
[19:57] <Megan O`Cain> I wouldn't do that if I were you.
[19:57] *** SOPCOM-2 has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:57] <+luna_P> Evening, SOPCOM-2
[19:57] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Bah-weep-graaaghnah, wheep ni ni bong!!
[19:58] <David O`Cain> You wouldn't want to mess this place up, would you?
[19:58] * Negev throws off her uniform, revealing her normal outfit which looks like it's patterned after the Israeli flag, complete with Stars of David. She also pulls a belt-fed medium machine gun seemingly out of nowhere!
[19:59] *** UMP-9 and UMP-45 whip out submachine guns, G11 pulls out a bullpup assault rifle, and HK-416 brings out an assault rifle too (while STILL inside Spring-Bonnie).
[19:59] <M16A1> Wait for it...
[20:00] * UMP-9 looks like she's having some second thoughts.
[20:00] <UMP-9> Strategic importance Absolute!
[20:00] <UMP-45> Okay, little kiddins. All four of you are coming with us. Don't argue, don't struggle, and don't give us any problems, got it?
[20:01] * Chibi-AnTil grins.
[20:01] <Chibi-AnTil> I don't think so, Alliance losers!
[20:01] <David O`Cain> Um, we're here, too, you know.
[20:02] *** Negev and the AR Team have you and Megan covered, David.
[20:02] <M16A1> NOW!!!!
[20:02] <Megan O`Cain> They probably don't know us very well, do they?
[20:02] <David O`Cain> Nope.
[20:03] * M16A1 suddenly BURSTS through the cheap Styrofoam-like ceiling panels and FALLS to the ground, landing lightly on her feet as she drops down between Spring-Freddy and Spring-Bonnie.
[20:04] *** The T-Dolls all stare at M16A1 in pure astonishment and disbelief.
[20:04] <M16A1> Herro!!
[20:04] * M16A1 PUNCHES BOTH Springtrap suits!!!
[20:04] * David O`Cain and Megan keep their hands trained on the T-Dolls
[20:05] <HK-416> OH MY F[BLEEP]KING GOD NO!!!!!
[20:06] * HK-416 and the girl currently wearing Spring-Freddy both start jerking and flailing WILDLY as the spring-traps inside their suits start exploding violently, making them both look like they're performing insanely weird dance moves as the bursting machinery contorts their bodies into anatomically impossible angles.
[20:07] * Little Forest Kit and the others Start their Little surprise! >:3
[20:07] *** Spring-Freddy's head comes off as the suit contorts, revealing long blue hair and...
[20:07] <~> My my, there must be a word for this kind of situation. MWEEEEEEEEEEEEEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
[20:07] *** Tenshi Hinanai has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:07] <+luna_P> Evening, Tenshi Hinanai
[20:07] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Proven to be Obsolete for centuries
[20:08] * Tenshi Hinanai at first looks like she's in indescribable pain, then her face starts going into full ahageo mode!
[20:08] <Tenshi Hinanai> :D
[20:08] <David O`Cain> The hell?
[20:08] * Little Forest Kit and others LEAP onto Tenshi and start playing >:3 >:3 >:3
[20:09] <Tenshi Hinanai> MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm~!!!
[20:09] <Megan O`Cain> Who...?
[20:09] <Tenshi Hinanai> FEELS SOOOOOOO PAINFUL~!!!
[20:09] <UMP-45> Whaaaaaaaaaa?
[20:10] * Chibi-AnTil uses the distraction to take the opportunity to pull out a Glock-17 and SHOOTS UMP-45 in the wrist!
[20:10] * Megan O`Cain and David suddenly change into their respective armors, and then leap at the T-Dolls
[20:10] * Chibi-Sylvester whips out a stun baton and SHOCKS UMP-9 in the face!
[20:11] * Little Forest Kit Stands on the shaking box :3
[20:11] * SOPCOM-2 grins crazily and CHARGES at both Megan and David!
[20:11] <M4A1> M16!!! WHY ARE YOU??!
[20:12] *** Music starts playing LOUDLY in the background, and loud thumping footsteps can be heard approaching fast.
[20:12] * Someone saunters in as this music seems to play out of nowhere.... and HOLY hell that is a lot of tails turning into white-hot flames!! The rest of those T-dolls might be in a very awkward situation♫
[20:12] * G11 is getting SWARMED by little foxes!!
[20:13] <Little Forest Kit> :3
[20:13] * Little Forest Kit starts tryign to undo the trap on the box >:3
[20:14] *** as if things aren't getting insane ENOUGH...a huge, bloated, lumpen version of Golden Freddy stomps into the room!
[20:14] <Thirza> Hey ladies, how's your insurance plans♫
[20:14] * AR-15 and M4A1 burst-fire at Thirza!!!
[20:15] <Weird Animatronic> I AM BREADBEAR!
[20:15] <Weird Animatronic> I DEMAND THE FLESH OF TSUNDERES!
[20:15] <Negev> Eh?!
[20:15] <WA-2000> ...
[20:15] <WA-2000> ...WAIT WHAT?!
[20:15] <Thirza> - Apparently it's GREAT!! -
[20:16] * WA-2000 shrieks as she's suddenly grabbed by Breadbear and hoisted up over its head!!
[20:16] * Thirza fires back at AR-15 and M4A1! Oh god she's going full "Alucard on a Walk" mode!! Run for the next star system if you want to live!!
[20:16] * WA-2000 flails madly as Breadbear rotates her body around in its massive paws then...
[20:16] * Breadbear BITES!!!!!
[20:17] * Breadbear is biting...WA-2000's ASS!!!!!
[20:17] * The TITAN Kit HAS APPEARED :3
[20:17] * Megan O`Cain and her brother are putting up one hell of a fight against the T-Dolls
[20:17] *** The T-Dolls dive for cover and move FAST. These girls aren't slouches of any kind.
[20:18] * The TITAN Kit Starts scurryign around for the T-Dolls
[20:18] * Breadbear is just...NOMMING on WA-2000's butt. She DOES have a very nice, tight ass though.
[20:18] <Kumiho> FOO-FAIIIIIII >:D
[20:19] * HK-416 is trying to move, but gets BODY-SLAMMED by Chibi-Alex!!
[20:20] * AR-15 is grabbed from behind by something that smells like moldy motor oil and feels something hard pressing against her own butt!
[20:20] <AR-15> <__<
[20:20] * Kumihos and chinese kits start throwing Freshly expired food around the battlefield!
[20:22] <Pirate Foxy> YARR-R-R-R-R-R Hee-e-e-HAR!
[20:22] * Pirate Foxy starts dragging AR-15 away!!!
[20:22] *** The Mangle starts scuttling along the ceiling overhead!
[20:23] *** Balloon Boy kicks UMP-45 in the shins, making her fall over!
[20:23] *** All the other Animatronics start wading into the huge food-fight, aiming for the T-Dolls!
[20:24] * G11 hurls a pizza back at the Kumihos!
[20:24] * M4A1 keeps engaging Thirza. She's quite the agile one!
[20:25] * SOPCOM-2 hurls a flash-bang grenade at David and Megan!
[20:25] * Kumihos start ripping the pizza apart and go for G11 with pull-apart intentions.
[20:25] * Negev takes a huge blob of tomato sauce right across her chest, making a huge mess on her "Israeli" outfit.
[20:26] <Negev> >:(
[20:26] <Negev> LET'S ROOOOOOOCK!!!!
[20:26] * Thirza is essentially surrounded by white-hot flames that look to be coming off of her very being. M4A1 might be getting very close to melting alive if she's not careful.... speaking of which, Thirza fires back with nasty lightning shots!!
[20:26] * Negev levels that machine gun at the animatronics and OPENS FIRE at them!
[20:27] * M4A1 starts falling back, still rapid-firing from her hip at Thirza.
[20:28] * G11 goes into full-throttle hand-to-hand combat mode! She's WAY stronger than a normal Human and faster too.
[20:28] * UMP-9 recovers and moves in to assist G11!
[20:29] * SOPCOM-2 is fighting like crazy and LAUGHING in a uniquely disturbing way right now.
[20:30] * UMP-9 throws a tear gas grenade at the Kumihos!
[20:30] * Megan O`Cain and David continue fighting the T-Dolls with their knives and swords
[20:30] <UMP-9> S[BLEEP]t! S[BLEEP]t! S[BLEEP]t! This wasn't supposed to happen like this!
[20:31] <The Little Forest Kit> :3
[20:31] * Negev keeps shooting, blowing the HELL out of Withered-Bonnie as he attempts to bash her with his guitar.
[20:31] * The Little Forest Kit is trying to undo the trappped box!
[20:33] * Thirza practically turns into white lightning as she goes to blitz M4A1 down! Holy balls how is she so fast?!
[20:34] *** Meanwhile, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, and Toy Freddy are on stage playing musical instruments MADE OUT OF DISMEMBERED T-DOLL BODY PARTS!!! GOD DAMN, this is starting to look like the "Ass-kicking" scene from "From Dusk Til Dawn" in here!!!
[20:35] *** The cheap padlock breaks open! The Big Box is now unlocked!! Just WHO is inside there?!
[20:36] *** All of the T-Dolls are desperately trying to evade the Titan-Kit!!!
[20:37] *** Outside, there's a HUGE roar of a motorcycle engine. As in a MONSTER of a motorcycle engine.
[20:38] *** The front doors of Freddy Fazbear's are blown open as an enormous motorcycle punches through them and soars into the main seating area, knocking down G11 and UMP-9 in the process.
[20:38] * The TITAN Kit is trying to eat and Nom nomnom on the T-Dolls >:3
[20:39] <UMP-45> WHERE'S AR-15?! Where's AR-15?!
[20:39] *** Beak has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:39] <+luna_P> Evening, Beak
[20:39] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: WHAAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZAP?!
[20:39] <The TITAN Kit> YUm-yums~ >:3
[20:39] * Megan O`Cain and David are still fighting, by the way
[20:40] * Beak brings that motorcycle of hers through the madcap crowds and mayhem to where the Kits are, stopping a short distance away and pulling out a lever-action shotgun from by her leg.
[20:41] * Beak FLICKS that shotgun and fires a shot that nails Negev in the shoulder and sends her staggering.
[20:41] * Thirza is unleashing unholy hell onto the T-Dolls. Alucard would be proud!
[20:41] * SOPCOM-2 is still fighting David and Megan, trading punches with them both simultaneously and STILL LAUGHING! She's enjoying all of this!
[20:41] <Chibi-AnTil> ....
[20:42] * M16A1 grabs Chibi-Catri and Chibi-Sylvester from behind.
[20:42] <M16A1> Come with us if you want to live.
[20:42] * Beak holds her hand out to Chibi-AnTil and Chibi-Alex.
[20:43] *** G11, UMP-9. and UMP-45 concentrate their fire on the Titan Kit, throwing stun grenades at it multiple times in the process!
[20:44] * WA-2000 is STILL being ass-nommed!!!! T____T
[20:44] * Megan O`Cain and David both aim their hands at SOPCOM-2, and then each fire a ball of energy at her simultaneously
[20:44] * Thirza lands nearby and coalesces back into physical form. "So, what's your story?"
[20:44] <G11> Where are Sten, MP-5, and M9??! Where's our backup??!
[20:45] <The TITAN Kit> Yum Yums :D
[20:45] * The TITAN Kit IS Surprisingly Unaffected >:3
[20:45] <UMP-45> Where's AR-15?!
[20:46] <UMP-9> - Game over, man! This is game over!!!! -
[20:47] <The TITAN Kit> NO, YOU DON'T! >:3
[20:47] * HK-416 finally manages to throw off the last bits of her Springtrap suit and tries to join in the fight.
[20:47] * The TITAN Kit Chases doen the remaining T-Dolls and opens its maw >:O
[20:48] * The Kits all get onto that HUGE bike, changing into fox form to make more room.
[20:49] <Beak> /ME TEARS out of the restaurant, knocking down all of the T-Dolls in the process as she blasts a hole in the wall of the Kitchen to create a new exit.
[20:49] <M4A1> What are you?!?!?
[20:50] * SOPCOM-2 is just going NUTS as she tries to body slam Megan.
[20:50] <The TITAN Kit> TITAN KITSUNE! >:D
[20:50] * Megan O`Cain suddenly has Dean mess with SOPCOM-2's cybernetics
[20:50] * HK-416 improvises and HURLS Tenshi Hinanai right into the Titan-Kit's mouth!
[20:51] * M4A1 was speaking to Thirza.
[20:51] * The TITAN Kit catches and swallows, but isn't stopping >:3
[20:51] <Thirza> Mweeeeeeeeeeeeheheheheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
[20:52] *** G11,UMP-9, UMP-45, and HK-416 take the opportunity provided by Tenshi's "sacrifice" and retreat through the kitchen, pausing to shoot the HELL out of Breadbear and to retrieve WA-2000.
[20:53] * The TITAN Kit Is still following them >:3
[20:53] * WA-2000 has been VIOLATED! And the butt of her pants have been RUINED!
[20:53] * Thirza responds with another terrifying display of power as her answer! Your mind may proceed to overload at anytime♡
[20:53] * M4A1 seems to be...holding her own! This is one tough T-Doll!
[20:54] * SOPCOM-2 staggers as her cybernetics start being affected!
[20:54] * Negev falls back too, laying down continuous covering fire as she withdraws step by step! >:D
[20:55] * The Forest Kits Swarm Negev, Along with the Kumihos >:D >:3 >:D >:3
[20:56] * Negev grins fiendishly as she swings her machine gun back and forth like a club, withdrawing further and further into the kitchen and...HEY, IS THAT A PRESSURE COOKER SHE'S STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO?!
[20:57] * Megan O`Cain lets Dean continue to deal with SOPCOM-2's cybernetics while she and David deal with the other T-Dolls
[20:57] <M4A1> SOPCOM! We have to retreat!!!
[20:57] <M4A1> Mission failure!
[20:58] * The Forest Kits start unplugging the pressure cooker >:3
[20:58] * M4A1 throws ALL of her flash-bang grenades at Thirza and the Titan-Kit and sprints for the front door.
[20:59] * SOPCOM-2 races for the door as well.
[20:59] * Negev catches movement out of her corner of her eye and turns to see what's happening.
[20:59] * The Forest Kits (MORE) Are at the front door, ready to pounce!
[21:00] <The Forest Kits> >:3
[21:00] * Thirza catches the Flash-Bangs and hurls them back at sonic speeds!
[21:01] * M4A1 and SOPCOM-2 are both caught in the blasts and both fall to the ground, stunned and surrounded by Forest Foxes!
[21:02] <Negev> !!!!!
[21:02] <The Forest Kits> >:3
[21:02] <The Forest Kits> Round 'em up for the Titan Kit :D
[21:02] <David O`Cain> Using it as a jail?
[21:03] <The Forest Kits> yuppa :D
[21:03] * Negev levels her machine gun and opens SOPCOM-2 and M4A1!! Both T-Doll girls are peppered with 7.62 mm bullets and quickly suffer terminal damage to their core systems!
[21:03] <SOPCOM-2> D:
[21:03] <M4A1> X___x
[21:03] * The TITAN Kit is behind Negev >:3
[21:03] * The TITAN Kit Opens its Maw >:O
[21:04] <Negev> D:<
[21:04] *** Roll 1d100 Titan-Kit
[21:04] <spiritflame> The TITAN Kit rolls 1d100 [ 25 ]
[21:04] <spiritflame> Negev rolls 1d100 [ 77 ]
[21:05] * Negev dramatically leaps out of the way in true Eren Yeager style!
[21:05] <The TITAN Kit> >:3
[21:05] * The TITAN Kit Starts to do it again >:O
[21:05] * Negev unfortunately lands right next to that pressure cooker!!
[21:05] * Thirza launches a blast of lightning at Negev!
[21:06] * David O`Cain and Megan both fire balls of electricity at Negev, and release localized EMPs if they impact
[21:06] * Negev JUST manages to evade the lightning blast...BUT THE PRESSURE COOKER ISN'T SO LUCKY!!
[21:06] *** The pressure cooker EXPLODES, drenching Negev with its contents!
[21:06] <The TITAN Kit> Yum-yums >:D
[21:07] * Negev is completely saturated with...OH DEAR GOD, IT'S BOILING WASABI AND TOBASCO SAUCE FOR A HYPER-SPICY PIZZA!!
[21:07] <Negev> rrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!!!!!!!
[21:08] * The TITAN Kit Opens its maw again >:O
[21:08] * Negev flails and convulses as the sheer spiciness overwhelms her senses.
[21:08] * Negev can't dodge this time!
[21:09] * The TITAN Kit Picks up and Swallows Negev >:3
[21:10] * Megan O`Cain checks the conditions of SOPCOM-2 and M4A!
[21:10] * Megan O`Cain M4A1
[21:11] * Negev is away: GULP!!
[21:11] <spiritflame> SOPCOM-2 rolls 1d100 [ 50 ]
[21:11] <spiritflame> M4A1 rolls 1d100 [ 18 ]
[21:12] * SOPCOM-2 is a bloodied mess. Wait, she and M4A1 have BLOOD? Are they actually robots or are they something else?
[21:13] * SOPCOM-2 is completely inert now. She still has that creepy grin.
[21:13] * M4A1 is partially conscious. Barely.
[21:13] <M4A1> ...
[21:13] <M4A1> Upload in progress. 30% complete
[21:14] * The TITAN Kit Trots towards M4A1 and SOPCOM >:3
[21:14] * The TITAN Kit Opens its maw >:O
[21:14] * Megan O`Cain looks at M4A1, "What are you uploading there?"
[21:16] <M4A1> Upload at 50%
[21:16] <M4A1> Strategic importance Absolute.
[21:16] <M4A1> Must carry out the Last Command.
[21:17] * Megan O`Cain has Dean try interrupting M4A1's upload
[21:17] <The TITAN Kit> Last command Equals be Yum-Yums? :D
[21:19] * The Other Forest Kits Are chasing the other Remaining T-Dolls >:3
[21:19] * M4A1 is uploading a LOT of data. Terabytes worth on a quantum network.
[21:20] *** Squad 404 and WA-2000 have safely retreated, and AR-15 has been broken by Pirate Foxy.
[21:20] *** The Kits have also safely retreated.
[21:20] <The TITAN Kit> :3
[21:21] <AR-15> T___T
[21:21] * AR-15 tries to SPRINT through the dining area. Most of her clothes are gone and she's been DRENCHED with pizza sauce!
[21:22] * The TITAN Kit turns around and opens its maw on AR-15 >:O
[21:22] *** Sadly Dean, the upload is putting up too much data for you to interrupt.
[21:22] *** You CAN however attempt to read some of it.
[21:22] * Megan O`Cain tries to redirect the upload
[21:22] * AR-15 screams and hurls herself aside to evade the Titan-Kit...and lands right next to the Big Box.
[21:23] *** Dean, roll 1d100
[21:24] <spiritflame> Dean rolls 1d100 [ 12 ]
[21:24] * Thirza sees where AR-15 is... and decides to telekinetically open THE BIG BOX!
[21:26] *** Dean, the information that M4A1 is uploading is a stream of raw data, but it's patterned in a very peculiar way you've never seen before.
[21:26] * The box has.... been unlocked earlier, and out pops..... Some Kumihos from South Korea >:3 >:3 .:3 >:3... And the body of the Mature Kit killed Eaarlier >:O
[21:27] * The Mature Kit 's body looks like it has been redecorated and Worshipped, but otherwise it remains untouched since one of the animatronic suits had killed it.
[21:28] * The Mature Kit's Ghost Also pops out, with some Spooks!
[21:28] <AR-15> O___O
[21:28] * Dean collects as much data as possible, and cross references with Van Saar databases
[21:29] * AR-15 tries to scramble away!!!
[21:29] * The Mature Kit's Ghost Swipes at Ar-15, along with the Living S.K. Kumihos!
[21:29] <M4A1> Upload disrupted. Terminating. Data lost. Shutting downnnnnnnnnnnnnn...
[21:30] *** M4A1 has left #suburbansenshi3 (Teminated.)
[21:30] * AR-15 is flung against the wall and breaks down too!
[21:30] * The Titan Kit turns back around and Opens its maw on the two T-Dolls >:O
[21:31] <Dean> Hmm. Seems a killswitch or fail safe was engaged.
[21:31] <Dean> However, I was able to obtain plenty of data.
[21:32] *** M4A1 and SOPCOM-2 aren't in any condition to dodge or resist.
[21:32] * The Titan Kit pick the two up with its maw and swallows them >:3
[21:32] <The Titan Kit> yum-yums :D
[21:32] <Thirza> best be ready to hurl them back up on-command. >.>
[21:33] <Thirza> We can use whatever they have on them to get further information.
[21:33] <David O`Cain> Yeah, the more info we can get, the better.
[21:35] <The Titan Kit> yuppa, can also pu them on newspaper on-command :D
[21:35] * The Titan Kit trots off :3
[21:36] <The Mature Kit's ghost> - >:3 -
[21:36] <The Mature Kit's ghost> - >:[ -
[21:36] * The Mature Kit's ghost and others keep swiping at AR-15
[21:37] * AR-15 is away: Terminated
[21:38] * The Mature Kit's ghost Will Keep on haunting AR-15 for a LOOOOOOOOOOONG while until she winds up as Yum-yums for the Titan kit >:3
[21:44] *** David O`Cain [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (Let's get out of here.)
[21:44] *** Dean has left #suburbansenshi3
[21:46] *** Megan O`Cain has left #suburbansenshi3
[21:49] *** Thirza [(9TailsOfMystery@Coalition.nw)] has left #suburbansenshi3 (*she sticks around for a bit to collect some interesting evidence. She'll call in a pal to clean up afterwards*)

[21:44] <@spiritflame> Current Location is:
[23:46] * Matsumi Kaze , meanwhile, dies again...and again...and again

[21:19] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Inside Worker's Body---Hong Kong Disneyland, Tomorrowland!
[21:20] *** You feel yourself wearing a somewhat tight and uncomfortable uniform, but one that fits very well onto your body, , and carrying something in your hands that seems pretty hot. There's something wrapped snugly around your head.
[21:21] * Worker's Senses can see a bustling kitchen in front of them! You can even see the temperature of the stove eyes, the other workers, and the amount of tea in the pitcher. Quite surprisingly, you find yourself able to perceive ultrasonic sounds just as though you were in your enhanced Kitsune body!
[21:22] * Worker's Senses show you are carrying a steak, and in front of a door. There is notification balloon right in front of you that says "Deliver to table." This notification pulses twice, outlined in green, and you hear a tone in your ears.
[21:24] * Worker's Senses can even see the temperature of the steak on the plate you are holding decreasing! This is flagged to you as a soft warning through your left ear. There is also an alert that says "Guest #2 wants refill---Guest #2 wants refill. Refill order accepted."
[21:25] *** You can see an outline of a smartly-uniformed worker highlighted through the wall, and they are shown picking up a pitcher before they disappear from your view.
[21:26] * Worker's Senses hear another warning tone that the steak dropping in temperature.
[21:26] *** The door in front of you is outline for you this time.
[21:27] *** You deliver the steak to a table with 6 people seated at it, in an apparently empty room. Each of the people is wearing a virtual reality rig, and their mouths are moving but you cannot hear anything. They liesurely drink and eat bites of the food. A couple of other serving staff continually wait upon them.
[21:27] <spiritflame> Worker's Senses rolls 3d6 [ 1, 6, 6 ]
[21:28] *** See that the table has three women, and three men seated at it, all in elegant finery. One of the women has much longer hair than the others, and for a moment an alert sounds that her hair is going to go into a bowl of pricy soup, but as soon as the alert sounds, she moves to correct it.
[21:30] * Worker's Senses are directed to take certain plates. There are highlighted counters illustrated over other plates, showing level of interest, and new places to put things on the table. Looking down at the table, you see insturctions to clear a specific place off for another dish.
[21:31] * Worker's Senses 's now show you a visual field with a warm, opaque pink glow where the people at the table are. Soft white noise comes into the ears.
[21:32] <Headphones you are wearing> Tracking signal lost... tracking signal lost... remain perfectly still for recalibration and re-attachment to network...
[21:33] <Headphones you are wearing> Please stay still... re-calibrating.....
[21:33] *** You can only see soft pink now...
[21:33] <Headphones you are wearing> Calibrating in 4
[21:33] <Headphones you are wearing> Calibrating in 3
[21:33] <Headphones you are wearing> Calibrating in 2
[21:33] <Headphones you are wearing> Calibrating in 1
[21:34] *** You can see eveything again. One of the guests seems to be making a serious point, but you can only hear static for a few seconds before the audio returns. Another server has cleared the table now, and the dishes you are to take are highlighted.
[21:35] *** You note that a "health monitoring" window opens in front of you as you go back to the kitchen, warning you that your heart-rate is very high for some reason."
[21:37] * Headphones you are wearing direct you to proceed to the dishwashing station, and begin loading dishes into the washer. The priority is outlined for you, and all parts of dirt and stuff that the washing machine can't deal with are circled with directives to clean that off.
[21:38] *** Most of the next few minutes you are continually doing dishes... though there is a point when you and several other servers are called back into the room to clean off the table completely. The table is grayed out when you look at it now, and when the people speak words your vision goes a little bit blurry with each move of their mouth.
[21:39] *** You are directed to stand very still and hold your hands up for about 30 seconds, after which you go back to cleaning the table, and you can see that a couple of the people seated seem to be writing things down, but the contents of their papers are redacted to you.
[21:39] * Headphones you are wearing direct you to go back and resume dishwashing work until called for further duties.
[21:40] * Headphones you are wearing open after the room has been quiet and you are alone for 10 solid minutes, and a window opens that says "my mix" then "pop" then track one, and some soft music plays for you as you work.
[21:41] *** For the next hour or so, this worker is doing dishes. There is nothing else for you to see here.
[21:43] * Worker's Senses fade from your perception.
[21:43] *** Worker's Senses has quit IRC

[22:56] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[22:56] <+luna_P> Evening, Matsumi Kaze
[22:56] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Do not follow the finger pointing the way to the moon...
[22:56] * Matsumi Kaze tries to catch her breath....she's badly injured but she's trying to keep herself going
[22:56] <Matsumi Kaze> dammit...maybe this was a bad idea
[22:58] * Matsumi Kaze looks up....and barely dodges another attack..before being struck and sent crashing backwards
[23:00] * Matsumi Kaze coughs, spitting up blood ><
[23:02] * Matsumi Kaze takes a few deep breaths and immediately regrets that as pain shoots through her
[23:16] * Matsumi Kaze decides to ignore it..and slowly stands...
[23:21] * Matsumi Kaze spits some blood out onto the ground and tries to get into a fighting position..though she's wobbling a little
[23:28] <Matsumi Kaze> ....have to keep going...I won't give up...
[23:28] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi3

[23:50] * looks at Sonia nevermind.
[23:50] *** Sonia nevermind is your average everyday Sonia nevermind

[19:10] * The Princess, Of Course! looks in the mirror.
[19:10] *** The Princess, Of Course! is

More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: Heavy Metal Polka. She is Level 1.

[09:04] *** England, 880AD
[09:05] *** Baby Hazel is stuck in a mud-patch. A wolf is coming to eat her. She cannot get away, and her infant limbs are too feeble to do anything.
[09:06] *** She curses her destiny, and at the last moment is saved by a young boy who happened to be out in the woods. The boy hurls a rock at the wolf and scares it away.
[09:07] * The boy sees this baby in the woods, and, unsure of wha to do, takes it back to his home, where his parents discuss what to do with this "foundling."
[09:08] *** Hazel seethes with frustration at the uselessness of this infant form and contents herself with imagining pleasurable reevenge-scenarios
[09:09] *** But for now, she has no choice but to accept the minstrations of a small, three person family barely struggling to survive as serfs, and who are now even more stretched thin by having one more mouth to feed.
[09:10] *** Hazel, Age 1 - End. TO BE CONTINUED

[21:03] *** [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[21:03] <+luna_P> Evening,
[21:03] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Bring them HERE... for Interrogation!
[21:04] *** // J_Daito // [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[21:04] <+luna_P> Evening, // J_Daito //
[21:04] <+luna_P> You cannot imagine the intensity of the f[BLEEP]ks I do not give today!
[21:04] <@spiritflame> // J_Daito //: only OPs may change topic
[21:04] <// J_Daito //> .............TEN'OU
[21:05] <@SpeedRcrX> Oh now you need me for something asswipe
[21:05] * @SpeedRcrX changes topic to `Ten'Aino Roadhouse - Kids and Kits Subject to Destruction. Be WARNED`
[21:05] <// J_Daito //> Excellent. Move the s[BLEEP]t in.
[21:07] <@Chateaux Concierge> Oh kick-ass does this mean I can murder them if they don't flee when I tell them~?
[21:08] <@SpeedRcrX> Well we're going to go a bit oldschool down here.
[21:08] <@SpeedRcrX> So they better be ready to dodge fire.
[21:09] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> Minna-san, seriously... why are you making a new house??
[21:09] <@SpeedRcrX> Well WWE has RAW and Smackdown right
[21:09] <@SpeedRcrX> Why can't the HOTEL be WWE and My House be ECW
[21:09] <@Chateaux Concierge> I hav a replica house int he atrium
[21:10] <@SpeedRcrX> Yeah but up there they're all about safety and worry for kids and families
[21:10] <@SpeedRcrX> it's like the Enterprise Saucer Section up there
[21:10] <@SpeedRcrX> HERE'S where the Action is
[21:10] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> So wait.
[21:11] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Basically this is where all the dysfuntional people who couldn't raise kids ended up, is that what you're saying?
[21:11] <@SpeedRcrX> <_>
[21:11] <@SpeedRcrX> <_<
[21:11] <@SpeedRcrX> NO!
[21:12] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Uh-huh
[21:12] <Mdm_Maestro> We have a child, dear.
[21:12] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> And how old is this child?
[21:13] <@SpeedRcrX> ...Years
[21:13] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> _years_.
[21:13] <@SpeedRcrX> Well he lives in Latveria I don't f[BLEEP]king know
[21:14] * // J_Daito // has captured some non-affiliated fox that doesn't belong to anyone else and is eating it
[21:15] <FireFly_9> Must you eat that here
[21:15] * // J_Daito // eats slowly, and with relish
[21:15] <// J_Daito //> Dark Kingom Farms™ has a whole breeding ground for these
[21:16] <// J_Daito //> And since I own them I can hunt them for sport
[21:16] <// J_Daito //> and no one can do anything
[21:16] <FireFly_9> Why does that fox look vaguely humanoid?
[21:17] <// J_Daito //> Oh they're sentient
[21:17] <FireFly_9> ... You Monster
[21:17] <// J_Daito //> What's more monstrous
[21:17] <// J_Daito //> Hunting a sentient fox-person that might be able to defend itself
[21:18] <// J_Daito //> or a small animal-crreature that doesn't even hanve thumbs and can only hide and bite?
[21:18] <FireFly_9> ...they're both monstorous?
[21:18] <// J_Daito //> Well I am a monster?
[21:19] <FireFly_9> Do you know I never had a sofa in the old house.
[21:20] <FireFly_9> Maybe I should obtain one.
[21:20] <setsy_meiou> I HAVE A F[BLEEP]KING CLOSET
[21:20] <@SpeedRcrX> Closets are fun to f[BLEEP]k in though?
[21:20] <setsy_meiou> I LIVE IN IT YOU ASS
[21:21] <@SpeedRcrX> The two things are not mutually exclusive?
[21:21] <Dr. M. Hanyu> Yeah well you won't be f[BLEEP]king in it with *my* Husband~
[21:21] * Dr. M. Hanyu clings to Tomoe-hakase's arm
[21:22] <Dr. M. Hanyu> NO
[21:22] <setsy_meiou> ...yes?
[21:22] <Dr. M. Hanyu> NO!
[21:24] <@The Intern> ...This looks different.
[21:24] <@SpeedRcrX> Way before your time
[21:24] <@SpeedRcrX> Actually
[21:25] * @SpeedRcrX changes topic to `Ten'Aino (Road)HOUSE - Kids and Kits Subject to Destruction. Be WARNED - `
[21:25] <flame_SNIPER> Are we really doing this?
[21:25] <@SpeedRcrX> We're doing this.
[21:25] <@SpeedRcrX> Intern!
[21:25] <@The Intern> ...yes?
[21:27] <@SpeedRcrX> As General Manger of the RAW™ Box I have some changes I want you to make
[21:27] * @The Intern takes a look at them
[21:27] <@The Intern> ...
[21:27] <@The Intern> Haruka why do you overcomplicate everything?
[21:27] <@SpeedRcrX> Pleeeaaaassee
[21:28] <@SpeedRcrX> I'll give you food!
[21:28] <@The Intern> I don't "need" it like my past self did you know...
[21:28] * @The Intern 's tummy rumbles
[21:28] <@The Intern> ...fine.
[21:28] <@The Intern> I'll start work right now.
[21:28] <@The Intern> Chat let's talk
[21:28] <@Chateaux Concierge> Okay
[21:29] * @Chateaux Concierge and Intern start working on the most complex bulls[BLEEP]t ever
[21:43] <@The Intern> Hmm
[21:43] * @The Intern has moved to: [ outside ]
[21:43] *** @The Intern has moved back to the Atrium
[21:43] <@The Intern> Strange.
[21:48] * @The Intern has moved to: [ outside ]
[21:48] * @The Intern is back
[21:48] *** @The Intern has moved back to the Ten'ou (Road)House Livingroom
[21:48] <@The Intern> That's done
[21:49] <@SpeedRcrX> Sweet now for the biggest old-school fix
[21:49] <@The Intern> This will take a bit.
[21:52] <@Flame Lotus> ...what is everyone doing
[21:52] <FireFly_9> Something ill-advissed
[22:03] *** @Chateaux Concierge [c.h.a.t.e.a.u.x@] has left #suburbansenshi3 (* flickers out of existence )
[22:03] *** Chateaux Concierge [c.h.a.t.e.a.u.x@] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[22:03] *** +luna_P sets mode +o Chateaux Concierge

[22:03] <+luna_P> Evening, mistress :3
[22:03] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: in 2008 it reads like someone's fantasy of 2002.
[22:03] *** @Paisley Pythia Peinforte [paisely_p@firstcircle.karn03-kasterborusrelay.sen] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[22:03] *** +luna_P sets mode +o @Paisley Pythia Peinforte

[22:03] <+luna_P> Evening, @Paisley Pythia Peinforte
[22:03] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Aiming at your Spleen... Target Miss!
[22:04] <@The Intern> Odd. Checking
[22:04] <@The Intern> I think I fixed it.
[22:04] *** @The Intern [NBPSBXAMD@cia674.panopticon.gallfrey.kasterborous.sen] has left #suburbansenshi3 (For this makeshift family I've made for myself through their friendship... I'll work as hard as I can to help everyone!)
[22:04] *** @The Intern [NBPSBXAMD@cia674.panopticon.gallfrey.kasterborous.sen] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[22:04] *** +luna_P sets mode +o @The Intern

[22:04] <@spiritflame> konbanwa @The Intern
[22:04] <@spiritflame>
[22:05] <@Flame Lotus> you have it backwards
[22:05] <@Flame Lotus> also that is my old handle
[22:12] *** Flame Lotus[] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[22:12] *** +luna_P sets mode +o @Flame Lotus

[22:12] <@spiritflame> konbanwa @Flame Lotus-sensei
[22:12] <@Flame Lotus> that is an odd sensation
[22:13] <@SpeedRcrX> Awesme awesome
[22:13] <@SpeedRcrX> This is going to be cool
[22:14] * Mdm_Maestro is setting up the kitchen
[22:14] <@SpeedRcrX> Oh f[BLEEP]k no
[22:14] <FireFly_9> The more things change...
[22:14] <@Chateaux Concierge> Hahaah youguys are so f[BLEEP]ked
[22:15] <@Chateaux Concierge> No restaurants! Now what?
[22:15] <// J_Daito //> We order takeout like in the old days
[22:15] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> Ano...
[22:15] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> so question...
[22:16] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> where is this house anyway
[22:16] <@SpeedRcrX> right next door ot the HOTEL lol
[22:16] <@SpeedRcrX> But we can blow thisu one up all we want!
[22:16] * @SpeedRcrX gets out a match
[22:16] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> HARUKA-SAN NOOO!
[22:17] * @SpeedRcrX has lit the fart
[22:17] * BOOOOOOOOM
[22:17] * the house is destroyed
[22:17] * @Flame Lotus has a barrier around the others protecting them
[22:18] <@Flame Lotus> ... this is Exactly old times
[22:18] <@Chateaux Concierge> LOL yes and since this isn't me
[22:18] <@Chateaux Concierge> It weont;' rebuild itself~
[22:18] <@Chateaux Concierge> Have Funnnn~
[22:18] <@Flame Lotus> ..|..
[22:18] * @Flame Lotus moves at incredible speed and rebuiolds the house
[22:18] <@Flame Lotus> I have not lost my touch
[22:19] <@SpeedRcrX> Open for motherf[BLEEP]king business~
[22:20] * @SpeedRcrX sits on Tuxedo Sofa and crosses her legs like one of the badass Admirals from One Piece
[22:21] <@SpeedRcrX> They come all for Ultra-Violence
[22:22] * @SpeedRcrX plays "This is My House" by the Milwaukee Brewers
[22:22] * Joanna Smithson SLAMS a road roller down ontop of Haruka and punches the hell out of it!
[22:22] <@SpeedRcrX> THIS MUST BE THE WORK OF AN ENEMY 「 S T A N D 」!!
[22:23] <@SpeedRcrX> FUUUUUUUCCCCKK
[22:23] * Joanna Smithson PUNCHES BACK
[22:23] <@SpeedRcrX> (oh man my blazer is so f[BLEEP]king crisp now)
[22:24] * @SpeedRcrX gets into an epic foundation-shattering fistfight
[22:24] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> ...yeha not bringing my Divan in here
[22:24] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte put sup a hex barrier to keep debris out of her eyes
[22:24] <golD_lux>

[22:24] * golD_lux JUMPS into the gight!
[22:25] *** House Kiill Count:2
[22:25] * @Flame Lotus rebuilds it again
[22:26] <golD_lux> THIS is the House Mom told me about as a kid!
[22:26] <golD_lux> WOOOOO
[22:26] <@SpeedRcrX> /em thinks decidedly illegla thoughts
[22:26] * the music changes ..oh s[BLEEP]t..
[22:26] <@The Intern> That is my wife
[22:27] <Joanna Smithson> I WILL BECOME A GANG-STAR
[22:27] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> And my Greand--- my aWESOME RELATIVE!!
[22:27] <golD_lux> YEAH!
[22:28] * golD_lux gives Joanna a fist-bump and the PRedator Arnold / Action Jackson Hand grip
[22:28] * Joanna Smithson does the same back
[22:28] <Joanna Smithson> I brought the brew
[22:29] * Joanna Smithson holds up a six pack
[22:29] <Joanna Smithson> brought the six pack...and the six pack! *flexes*
[22:29] <golD_lux> Aww riiight
[22:29] * golD_lux shares with everyone
[22:29] * @SpeedRcrX CHUGS
[22:32] * Joanna Smithson chugs down
[22:32] <Joanna Smithson> hearby christen this the SS WHO GIVES A F[BLEEP]K!
[22:32] * Joanna Smithson throws an empty bottle at the wall
[22:32] * Reverend_H sets up a DJ stand
[22:32] <Reverend_H> YO YO YO YO
[22:32] <Reverend_H> We openin' up dis HIZZOUSE YO
[22:33] <Joanna Smithson> huh...wonder where my sister is..sent her a text to head here
[22:33] <Reverend_H> Ten'ou House Two / Where no Ballz are Blue
[22:33] * Queen Fluffina taps a random guest on the shoulder.
[22:33] * Reverend_H looks at Queen Fluffina.
[22:33] *** Queen Fluffina is your average everyday Queen Fluffina

[22:34] <// J_Daito //> Oh is it a child? Or a fox?
[22:34] * // J_Daito // grins
[22:34] * // J_Daito // cracks his knuckles
[22:34] <Reverend_H> Now wait yo depending on what kind of fox yo...
[22:34] * Reverend_H looks at this Fluffina
[22:35] * Reverend_H wants to see if this a hot fox
[22:35] * Queen Fluffina is OFF LIMITS to you!
[22:35] * // J_Daito // gets the gasoline
[22:35] <// J_Daito //> Oh it'll be hot enough in a second
[22:35] * // J_Daito // starts making a gasoline circle around this queen
[22:35] <// J_Daito //> Ten'ou. The Match
[22:35] <Joanna Smithson> I mean...f[BLEEP]k shane..just f[BLEEP]k him
[22:36] <@SpeedRcrX> Dude at least let them talk first
[22:36] <@SpeedRcrX> Then we set them on fire
[22:36] <@SpeedRcrX> What's your deal Fluffina
[22:36] * Queen Fluffina giggles and shows her.... VINES!
[22:37] <// J_Daito //> Wow less than an hour and we have our first troll
[22:38] * golD_lux sits back to watch the masters work
[22:38] * Queen Fluffina LEAPS! and shows a certain tongue/eyelid gesture! :P
[22:38] <Joanna Smithson> HEY DID ANYONE ORDER PIZZA?
[22:38] * // J_Daito // splashes the gasoli-- yes
[22:38] <// J_Daito //> Pes Pizza
[22:38] <// J_Daito //> ^Yes
[22:39] * // J_Daito // proiceeds to ignore Fluffbottom or whatever
[22:39] * Joanna Smithson passes out the pizza!
[22:39] * golD_lux , like any Xadium descendant, goes for the pizza
[22:39] <Joanna Smithson> god Galaxy Pizza really does find you wherever you are
[22:39] * @The Intern just loves food
[22:40] * @The Intern requests a fridge magnet fromt he Galaxy Pizza driver
[22:40] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> <_<
[22:40] * Delivery Guy hands out magnet
[22:40] * [gTV]C'est_la_V misses the Vending M<Achine that used ot be here
[22:40] * Queen Fluffina grabs a few slices :D
[22:41] <@The Intern> Nah-ah that's my TARDIS
[22:41] <@The Intern> I thoroughly disinfected it.
[22:41] <Joanna Smithson> so seriously...I don't see why they had to do that
[22:41] <@The Intern> Get your own Vending machine.
[22:41] <Joanna Smithson> I mean are they feeling that f[BLEEP]king threatned?
[22:41] <@SpeedRcrX> Who?
[22:42] * Queen Fluffina is Masked! and eating Pizza!
[22:43] * // J_Daito // and the others have 0 interest in Fluffina and keep eating, plotting and bantering
[22:43] * Joanna Smithson just gives haruka a look..and then immediatly starts calling her a poser
[22:43] <@SpeedRcrX> Context is athing :P
[22:44] * Queen Fluffina is pleased that you have lost intrest, and continues eating pizza!
[22:44] * // J_Daito // is wrking on a small subbasement under the lab
[22:45] <Joanna Smithson> so this mean you guys won't show up in the other place anymore?
[22:45] <@SpeedRcrX> When was the last time we were there
[22:45] <@SpeedRcrX> We can't cut loose there
[22:45] <@SpeedRcrX> It's a f[BLEEP]king daycare
[22:46] <@The Intern> The irony, of course is that you started that.
[22:46] <Joanna Smithson> wait she did?
[22:46] <@SpeedRcrX> So okay in everyone's life there's a few phases
[22:46] <Joanna Smithson> you f[BLEEP]ker!
[22:46] <Joanna Smithson> you turned everything lame! <--- is a mother
[22:47] <@SpeedRcrX> Baby, kid, teen, student, horny student, couple, parent, empty nester
[22:47] <@SpeedRcrX> Since the nest will never empty I just made one lol
[22:47] <@SpeedRcrX> And since babies and kids and foxes and s[BLEEP]t are BANNED in my clubhouse
[22:47] <@SpeedRcrX> no one can b[BLEEP]ch that we're violating safety regulations
[22:48] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> ....
[22:48] * [gTV]C'est_la_V has quietly placed an order for a grreat number of tarps for some reason
[22:49] <Joanna Smithson> I'm sure if my sister was here, she'd say the same thing
[22:49] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> ...what are you planning, Minako~?
[22:49] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> eheeeheeeeheeeheheeeehheee
[22:49] * Matsumi Kaze falls towareds a crevice in the planet "FUUUUUCK MY LIIIIIIIFE"
[22:49] <@Flame Lotus> ...matsumi-chan is on my hell-world
[22:49] <@Flame Lotus> training
[22:50] <@Flame Lotus> ...and dying
[22:50] <@Flame Lotus> ...and training
[22:50] <@Flame Lotus> ...and dying
[22:50] <Joanna Smithson> basically her usual life
[22:50] <Joanna Smithson> BOOYA
[22:50] <@SpeedRcrX> Oh god I rmemeebr that s[BLEEP]t
[22:50] <@SpeedRcrX> ...I don't even have ACCESS to all that godly power anymore
[22:50] <@Flame Lotus> Beause you never TRAIN
[22:51] * @Flame Lotus B[BLEEP]CHSLAPS Haruka through a wall
[22:51] <@SpeedRcrX> I'm not your stuuudeeent you're not the booosss of f meeeeee
[22:51] * @SpeedRcrX flies off into a speck
[22:51] * @Flame Lotus is the OP of THIS house
[22:52] <FireFly_9> Everyone, I found Oronde's Wife
[22:52] <Joanna Smithson> HAHAHAHAHAHA
[22:52] <Joanna Smithson> oh s[BLEEP]t really?
[22:52] * Queen Fluffina leaves a goft for the flame lotus :D
[22:52] <FireFly_9> I've made her a corner table
[22:52] * Queen Fluffina gift*^
[22:52] * FireFly_9 places a vase on it
[22:52] <Joanna Smithson> hey remember when I first showed up...
[22:52] * Joanna Smithson does the whole wavy flashback thing
[22:52] * Typo Demons skiter everywhere
[22:52] <Fish> .....I'm a fish dude
[22:53] * Joanna Smithson 's flashback ends
[22:53] <Joanna Smithson> .......huh
[22:53] <Joanna Smithson> diffferent then I remember
[22:53] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Remember when this was for flashback and not Telepathy?
[22:53] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> I wonder if Orlando Timberlake-chan will have a TARDIS
[22:53] <Joanna Smithson> OH S[BLEEP]T GET OUT OF MY HEAD
[22:53] * Joanna Smithson TRIES TO PUNCH PAISLEY
[22:54] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Jsus Chist is he stillusing that name?
[22:54] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> //roll 1d20
[22:54] <@Flame Lotus> NO ROLLING
[22:54] <@Flame Lotus> ROLLING ARE FOR EVENTS ONLY
[22:54] <@Flame Lotus> ಠ_ಠ
[22:54] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte sidesteps quickly using Observation HAki :3
[22:55] * Joanna Smithson collides into the pizza
[22:55] <@SpeedRcrX> Wwo you are going old school
[22:55] <Joanna Smithson> NO MY PEPPERONI
[22:55] * @SpeedRcrX takes one of the slices from under Joanna
[22:55] * @SpeedRcrX nonmnoms
[22:56] <Joanna Smithson> HEY
[22:56] <Joanna Smithson> no touching the boob pizza
[22:56] <@SpeedRcrX> :r
[22:56] *** [gTV]Orlando Timberlake, Esq. [thefacilitator@houseofmoon.gallifrey.sen] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[22:56] <@spiritflame> konbanwa [gTV]Orlando Timberlake, Esq.
[22:56] <[gTV]Orlando Timberlake, Esq.> Mina whar
[22:56] <[gTV]Orlando Timberlake, Esq.> this is--
[22:57] <Queen Fluffina> HI, Mister :D
[22:57] <FireFly_9> Oh my god
[22:57] * FireFly_9 gets hte earplugs
[22:57] <golD_lux> I uhhh, really don't need to see that lol
[22:57] * golD_lux puts a tarp on the tapor she's using to cover the tarp
[22:58] * The house is shaking
[22:58] <@SpeedRcrX> Good times, good times~
[22:58] <@SpeedRcrX> Yo Intern we should like make a new blue print of the house
[22:58] <Joanna Smithson> I DEMAND WE FIGHT TO THE DEATH
[22:59] <@SpeedRcrX> I don't DIE rememebr
[22:59] <@SpeedRcrX> LET's FIGHT OT THE PUKE
[22:59] <Joanna Smithson> so?
[22:59] <Joanna Smithson> F[BLEEP]K YEAH
[22:59] * @SpeedRcrX DRUNKS A can of beer in.,5 seconds and PUNCHES HER GUT
[22:59] <@SpeedRcrX> OOORAAAH
[22:59] * golD_lux grabs a Mic
[23:01] <Joanna Smithson> ....
[23:01] * Joanna Smithson 's eyes glow blue
[23:02] * Joanna Smithson grabs a can and stabs the top of it with her finger...
[23:02] <@SpeedRcrX> WAIT WAIT
[23:02] * @SpeedRcrX points up
[23:02] * Joanna Smithson looks up
[23:02] <FireFly_9> would not be the first time
[23:02] <Joanna Smithson> WHAT THE F[BLEEP]K
[23:03] * Joanna Smithson puts hotaru in a headlock
[23:03] <Joanna Smithson> WHAT WAS THAT
[23:03] <FireFly_9> INTERN EXPLAIN
[23:03] <FireFly_9> GHRRRK
[23:03] * FireFly_9 is choked out instantly
[23:03] <FireFly_9> x_X
[23:03] <Joanna Smithson> ....
[23:03] <@The Intern> ...why do
[23:03] <Joanna Smithson> she needs to eat her spinach
[23:03] <@The Intern> I have explain!?
[23:03] * Joanna Smithson lets hotaru drop
[23:04] <@SpeedRcrX> Because Xadium was the geek and he kleft and Minako's version of him is ossupied
[23:04] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> ...This is very disconcerting
[23:04] <FireFly_9> x_x
[23:04] * Queen Fluffina grabs her cape... and UNMASKS HERSELF!
[23:05] * Joanna Smithson punctures the bottom of another can and stacks it on the first beer can..then punctures the top of of it..before doing the same to a third can
[23:05] * Joanna Smithson DRINKS THE TRIPLE THREAT
[23:05] <@The Intern> Somehow due to the quantum mechanical phenonmeon of observation this house is, for the moment, suspended in the interior of a minimum wage worker in Hong Kong
[23:05] * Queen Fluffina is now known as Pinako
[23:05] <@The Intern> Int he small intestine I think
[23:05] <@SpeedRcrX> So in other words.. if we go outside...
[23:05] <Joanna Smithson> so does he have to s[BLEEP]t us out to let us leave
[23:06] <@The Intern> ...Shawshank Redemption _ time, yes.
[23:06] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> fak i dewnt wana krawl tru a raver ov sit
[23:07] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Given your sex life I have to wonder if that hasn't already been a thing
[23:07] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> new koment parsli
[23:07] <Joanna Smithson> well I can just blast out
[23:07] <Joanna Smithson> pfft
[23:07] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Oh wow, she's come up with an insulting typo-name for me too.
[23:07] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte gives her the inverted V sign
[23:07] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> o sit UR rude
[23:08] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> I don't have to be so p[olite int he grown-ups room <<
[23:08] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte jsut GLARES at Pinako
[23:08] <// J_Daito //> Oh just ignore or eat them
[23:08] <// J_Daito //> It's the fastest way
[23:09] * // J_Daito // gets a knife, fork and bib
[23:09] * // J_Daito // slwoly eats anotehr farm grown Dark Meats Farm Fresh Frtend-Fox™
[23:09] <Pinako> :P
[23:09] <// J_Daito //> nonnomnomnom
[23:10] <// J_Daito //> *swallw* Eyeball, Anyone?
[23:10] * Pinako Leaves in a spectacular Effect of Ice and explosions! :D
[23:10] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> ew datz groas
[23:10] * Joanna Smithson eats it
[23:10] *** Pinako [Cookies@Cookies.Cookies :D] has left #suburbansenshi3 (Hee hee)
[23:10] <Joanna Smithson> mm chewy
[23:11] * psYchO_saKi goes for an eyeball as well but eats it fromt he mouth of her lover JEd ♡
[23:11] <FireFly_9> Oh god it's like watching a bird feed its children
[23:11] * Joanna Smithson stuffs an eyeball in hotaru's mouth
[23:11] <Joanna Smithson> shut up and eat
[23:11] <FireFly_9> O_O
[23:12] <FireFly_9> MMGGNGNGHDHSDFFF
[23:12] * FireFly_9 swallows and then IMEDIATELY PROJECTILE VOMITS
[23:12] * @SpeedRcrX is bukkaked with vomit
[23:12] <Joanna Smithson> whoa!
[23:12] <Joanna Smithson> must be a record!
[23:12] * golD_lux takes a photo
[23:12] <golD_lux> woo~
[23:14] <Joanna Smithson> you must be such a proud papa!
[23:14] <Joanna Smithson> GOOD JOB, BOSS!
[23:14] <Dr. M. Hanyu> I know a little something I wouldn't mind being 30 meters easy, hubby~ ♡
[23:15] <Joanna Smithson> ..oh...hey you
[23:15] * Joanna Smithson looks at her engagement ring
[23:15] <Joanna Smithson> F[BLEEP]K IT I NEED TO TALK TO ZEPT
[23:16] * Dr. M. Hanyu is away: ♡ OH YESSS ♡
[23:16] * FireFly_9 is now hearing "noises" in stereo because Minako isn't finished yet
[23:16] * @SpeedRcrX looks to Michiru
[23:17] * @SpeedRcrX loses the mood
[23:17] <@SpeedRcrX> Man no wonder they call it the Silennce Glaive
[23:17] * Joanna Smithson uses the glaive to open a beer can
[23:17] <@SpeedRcrX> You uyse it to make other peoiple quiet and boring like you
[23:17] <Joanna Smithson> hey thanks
[23:17] <FireFly_9> ...T_T
[23:18] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> How old are you right now, Hotaru
[23:18] <FireFly_9> ....I don't know T_T
[23:18] <Joanna Smithson> so what do you just randomly change ages
[23:18] <Reverend_H> (Is there grass ont he field )
[23:19] * FireFly_9 CUTS OFF ELIOS' D[BLEEP]K
[23:19] <Joanna Smithson> FINISH HIM
[23:19] <Joanna Smithson> ..wait
[23:19] <Reverend_H> [size=40]AWW S[BLEEP]T MOTHERF[BLEEP]KER[./size]
[23:19] <Joanna Smithson> didn't Uranus get his d[BLEEP]k cut off
[23:20] * Reverend_H is exploding blood fromt he groin like in bad hong kong action film
[23:20] * Reverend_H crashes ot the ground
[23:20] <Joanna Smithson> and then his d[BLEEP]k and balls got thrown into the ocean and aphrodite grew up from it
[23:20] <Reverend_H> MEDIC
[23:20] * FireFly_9 is cackling darkly and her face is obscured by shadow and her ewyes are purple and oh man
[23:21] <// J_Daito //> Good times, good times.
[23:21] <Joanna Smithson> what are you using LEDs there
[23:21] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Should we uhh, help him
[23:21] <Joanna Smithson> why
[23:21] <golD_lux> Where did his d[BLEEP]k go
[23:22] <setsy_meiou> (I didn't order sausage and meatballs on my Pizza... oh well)
[23:22] <Joanna Smithson> think it rolled into one of the pizzas
[23:22] <golD_lux> Eww
[23:22] * Reverend_H pulsl the golden crystal off his head and shives it in the hole and crawls off to focus on healing
[23:23] <@SpeedRcrX> Dude... dude... you're still leaking
[23:23] * Reverend_H doesn't really care yo
[23:23] *** Det. Ema Skye [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[23:23] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Det. Ema Skye
[23:23] <Det. Ema Skye> Oh wow you guys moived back into...
[23:23] * Det. Ema Skye sees what's going on
[23:24] * Det. Ema Skye is away: nope.avi
[23:24] <@Chateaux Concierge> LOL her face
[23:24] <@Chateaux Concierge> that was great
[23:25] * =^catablanca^= pards in the livingroom and finds a meatball that had faleln off Setuna's pizza
[23:25] <@SpeedRcrX> Arty weait wait
[23:25] * =^catablanca^= swallows "huh?"
[23:25] <@SpeedRcrX> ...nothing buddy
[23:25] <@SpeedRcrX> nothing
[23:25] <Joanna Smithson> hey hey want to see a cool trick
[23:25] * =^catablanca^= shrugs somehow
[23:25] <=^catablanca^=> Sure
[23:26] <Joanna Smithson> hey haruka..hold up that beer can
[23:26] * @SpeedRcrX holds it up
[23:27] * Joanna Smithson puts two fingers to her forehead and powers it up
[23:27] * golD_lux snuggles next to Intern on V. Sofa ♡
[23:27] <Joanna Smithson> special..beam..CANNON!
[23:28] * Joanna Smithson fires...and since she's drunk she goes wildly off target
[23:28] <@SpeedRcrX> Nobody worry... i'm all right
[23:28] * @SpeedRcrX dies
[23:28] * @SpeedRcrX heals
[23:29] * @SpeedRcrX lies there as the flesh slwoly re0-knits itself
[23:29] <@SpeedRcrX> fuuuuccckkkk
[23:29] * @SpeedRcrX sits up and holds her side
[23:29] <Joanna Smithson> ewww..but awesome
[23:30] <@SpeedRcrX> I know right
[23:31] <@SpeedRcrX> I should like stick something in there like a radio or an ipod
[23:31] <@SpeedRcrX> so I could be like lobo
[23:31] <@SpeedRcrX> with a station in my head
[23:31] <@SpeedRcrX> Like I could store s[BLEEP]t in my body
[23:32] <setsy_meiou> Given how the latrines smell around here you aolready do
[23:32] <setsy_meiou> Far too much of it
[23:32] <Joanna Smithson> ugh love to stay
[23:32] <Joanna Smithson> but have to get back home
[23:32] <Joanna Smithson> little girl back home and gotta be the mom
[23:32] <Joanna Smithson> this was awesome though
[23:33] <@SpeedRcrX> We wil be here unless the channel gets changed for some world shattering emergecy or whatever
[23:33] <@SpeedRcrX> COME ALONG BACK YA HEAR
[23:33] <Joanna Smithson> night all!
[23:33] * @Gemini Sunrise , somewhere, feels attacked
[23:33] <@The Intern> Goodnight!
[23:34] * Joanna Smithson opens the door and flies out
[23:34] *** Joanna Smithson has left #suburbansenshi3
[23:35] * [gTV]C'est_la_V , disheveled and wrapped in nothing but tarp drag OIrlando-kun up to one of the rooms to go for a second round more comfortably ♡
[23:35] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> ...I'd heard stories.
[23:36] <golD_lux> All the Old Legends were true....
[23:36] * @SpeedRcrX cracks a beer, burps and scratches herself
[23:36] <@SpeedRcrX> Aww yeah.
[23:37] <@SpeedRcrX> This feels good.
[23:37] <@SpeedRcrX> Right. Clean. Pure.
[23:37] <// J_Daito //> ....not until you wash that hand.
[23:37] <@SpeedRcrX> F[BLEEP]kin' master of my domain~
[23:38] <@Flame Lotus> 9_9
[23:39] <@SpeedRcrX> Paise you should bring your guy over
[23:39] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> I'm not the "get busy behind a couch" type
[23:40] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> ...I need ot be on top of it.
[23:40] * @SpeedRcrX snorts
[23:41] <@SpeedRcrX> I am pretty sure everything here is scothgarded
[23:41] <FireFly_9> Does it matter at the rate we replace them?
[23:42] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> least my husband has built in pleasure extensions
[23:42] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> ugh...
[23:42] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte turns green
[23:43] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> ...they can cling to walls as well
[23:43] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> I dodn't need ot imagine you suspoended int he air naked with all your orafices bering simutaneously violated
[23:43] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte shudders
[23:43] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> dear mother
[23:43] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> that only occured six times
[23:43] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> what would that position even be called, "the aerial tricycle"
[23:43] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte just distracts herself
[23:44] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Paise, slash me!
[23:44] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte takes out a pen, and opens up her scandalous no moleskine, quickly writing up a steamy tale of forbidden romance involving Owner and Alice rediscovering their secret passion with a little help from HippieRai and Dio Brando in a wrestling ring and a Hello kitty 'special friend'.

[23:44] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> did you know
[23:44] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> it is not used as much as Unleash The Kraken
[23:44] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> BECAUSE I HAVE A SKILL ALL RIGHT
[23:44] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> A HORRIBLE TERIBLE SKILL
[23:45] * golD_lux is grossed out becaue they're tlking about her BRO
[23:45] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> we did try role playing once
[23:45] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> Necromantress and Elder God Abomination was the most successful
[23:45] * @The Intern is pondering the physics of it all
[23:46] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> did you have to roll for initiat0--- oh god what am i saying
[23:46] <@SpeedRcrX> No, no. I too am curious.
[23:47] <golD_lux> OR MY BROTHER'S!
[23:47] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> you can buy specity dice that fi- oh pizza
[23:47] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte is away: smashing her ehad against the wall to forget all this
[23:47] <golD_lux> ~_~
[23:47] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte eats an entire box of pizza
[23:47] * @SpeedRcrX is strangely aroused
[23:48] <psYchO_saKi> weakling, I just pin my mand down and [BLEEP] his [BLEEP] with my [BLEEP] while shiving in the [BLEEP] [BLEEP]ing [BLEEP] blender [BLEEP] ironing board [BLEEP] whisk [BLEEP]
[23:49] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> ....
[23:49] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte>'re that gentle with him?
[23:49] <@SpeedRcrX> Did you say "shove" or "Shiv"
[23:50] <psYchO_saKi> "Shiv"
[23:50] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte is somehow eating every bit of food in the room
[23:50] * psYchO_saKi looks to KAelyn
[23:50] <psYchO_saKi> Well I need him to last the full 48 hours.
[23:50] <psYchO_saKi> I can't go full-vore
[23:50] <@SpeedRcrX> "bore?"
[23:50] <// J_Daito //> No, she means "Vore"
[23:51] <@SpeedRcrX> Wait 48 hours at a time?!
[23:51] <// J_Daito //> ...Whart can I say, she's a machine
[23:51] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> I must go now..I am still hungry and this place does not sustain me
[23:52] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> bai miz painfart
[23:53] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> farewell
[23:54] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte falls backwards through a portal of flame and screaming tormented voices
[23:54] *** Kaelyn P. Peinforte has left #suburbansenshi3 (heading back home)
[23:56] <@SpeedRcrX> Yuo know that same thing happened to me the other night.
[23:59] * @SpeedRcrX is drunk of fher ass right now
[23:59] <@SpeedRcrX> You ever notice ...
[23:59] * @SpeedRcrX has moved to: [ Drunk ]
[00:00] <@SpeedRcrX> [Drunk] You ever notice... tat Adam Driver is unusually wide
[00:00] <@SpeedRcrX> [Drunk]

[00:00] <@SpeedRcrX> [Drunk] Like that is one wide-ass slab of meat.
[00:00] <golD_lux> Yeah he's .. wait
[00:01] <golD_lux> What's the bulge
[00:01] <golD_lux> Over his hands.
[00:01] <@SpeedRcrX> [Drunk] ....
[00:01] <FireFly_9> ...surely not
[00:01] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> hshshss hends foladad radaling hiz packige
[00:02] <.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> dam adem i wash i wez rey frum strar warz sew u ckld telphatikally gat in my hed nekkid an sho mi ur oakcag
[00:02] <@SpeedRcrX> [Drunk] I got like a third of that
[00:04] <FireFly_9> She wishes she was Rey from Star Wars so he could telepathically get in her head naked and show her his package.
[00:04] * FireFly_9 vomits in her mouth thinking about it.
[00:05] <FireFly_9> On that PLEASANT Mental Note, I'm dropping
[00:05] <@SpeedRcrX> [Drunk] rei.,bot, the houseskeeping please
[00:05] <@Flame Lotus> fine
[00:07] *** SO IT IS THAT #SS3 has become a Timeshare. When there are no events happening, its locale is Ten'Aino RoadHouse, which is their houise riught next to the HOTEL. No kids, no kits, no nurseries (unles they are cool with getting eaten). This is the OLD SCHOOL house with looser ratings and concetrated fun!

[10:33] *** Day 2: England, 881 AD - After a year of being tended to by the small family that took her in, and raging against her fate, Hazel has decided to simply wait for her body to mature enough that she can work simple tools and escape. For now, then , she puts up with their bland meals and pedestrian lives, watching coldly as they struggle from day to day just to survive. She finds the conditions barbaric and primitive and lacking. The boy who saved her is rambunctious, playful, energetic and annoying. She wishes he were gone.

[10:37] *** ^ Hazel - Age 2, End TO BE CONTINUED

[10:47] * @SpeedRcrX [Drunk] wakes up and disentangles herself from Michiru, a vision in her mind.
[10:47] *** @SpeedRcrX has moved back to the Ten'ou (Road)House Livingroom
[10:48] * @SpeedRcrX calls up Neko-chan #2 with a Business Proposal as suddenly the idea of Time-sharing #ss3 doesn't seem enough for her.
[10:48] * @SpeedRcrX is away: Yeah... I think it's time to escape the Teahouse.

[12:11] * [gTV]C'est_la_V has moved to: [ Ginga TV ]
[12:12] * [gTV]Red_Crow has moved to: [ Ginga TV ]
[12:13] <[gTV]Red_Crow> [Ginga TV] Boss are you serious, that's kind of boneheaded
[12:13] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> [Ginga TV] You know what they say!! "Two steps forward, three steps back!!"
[12:13] <[gTV]Red_Crow> [Ginga TV] You got the phrase right but not the meaning :P
[12:14] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> [Ginga TV] I know what I mean!! :P
[12:15] <[gTV]Red_Crow> [Ginga TV] Yeah I know that's what you mean, which si why it's ridiculous!

[12:55] <[gTV]Red_Crow> [Ginga TV] The wayback machine only goes to 2006 so that'sa a bust
[12:55] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> [Ginga TV] Fine I'll ask Timebderlake-san do do this he knows the 80s
[12:56] <[gTV]Red_Crow> [Ginga TV] Wait the 80s's what
[12:56] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> [Ginga TV] Well last decade the 70s were back so now it must be time for the 80s
[12:56] <[gTV]Red_Crow> [Ginga TV] Why can't it be 2020?
[12:56] * [gTV]C'est_la_V [Ginga TV] frowns
[12:57] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> [Ginga TV] WHERE ARE THE FLYING CARS
[12:57] <[gTV]Red_Crow> [Ginga TV] Sakura April?
[12:57] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> [Ginga TV] I MENA LIKE ROSIE THE ROBOT
[12:57] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> [Ginga TV] A CLEANER IN EVERY HOUSE!!
[12:58] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> [Ginga TV] Pollution is increasing! The Standards are Dropping! Chostbusters and Trump are back on TV!
[12:58] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> [Ginga TV] HOW IS THIS NOT THE EIGHTIES
[12:58] <[gTV]Red_Crow> [Ginga TV] YOU WERE TWO IN TH EIGHTIES
[12:58] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> [Ginga TV] I CAN IMAGINE IT
[12:58] <[gTV]Red_Crow> [Ginga TV] oh my f[BLEEP]king god

[16:37] * @ no longer needs the timeshare, so #ss3 can be used as usual. WHY? #suburbansenshi is open to the public for the first time in 16 years
[16:37] * @ is now known as SpeedRcrX
[16:37] * @SpeedRcrX is away: Wlecome back to My House

[18:57] * Matsumi Kaze has not slept nor eaten for days....she feels herself near breaking but wills herself to keep going
[19:02] <Matsumi Kaze> f[BLEEP]king..hell
[19:06] * Matsumi Kaze struggles and prepares for the next onslaught
[19:06] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi3

[19:49] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Hong Kong Disneyland, Lantau Island
[19:57] *** Your "security escort" for a princess has now arrived in Hong Kong Disneyland.
[20:00] * The Princess, Of Course! is with her Escort for now,
[20:02] * A few Delmos and Tanar'ri have attempted to infiltrate.
[20:03] * Another VS Fed special operative has attempted to infiltrate as well, making use of some extremely advance psi-disguise devices.
[20:04] *** You are able to get "new jobs" and "tourist entry" in significant success for the majority of the park, but are not able to infiltrate further into Tomorrowland-
[20:04] <spiritflame> Hong Kong rolls 2d6 [ 1, 1 ]
[20:06] <Hong Kong> It is noteworthy that the land around Hong Kong Disney is loaded with trees and forest.
[20:06] *** ^
[20:06] * The Magistra is placed among the escort. Unless Sonia or Intern had her wear something diffrent. she's in this snazzy suit.
[20:07] * VS Fed Special Operative is disguised as a regular-looking Asian person. No one special (for now).
[20:08] *** You walk along an avenue of palm trees, and finally reach reach a fountain with a statue of Mikey Mouse riding the spout of a whale.
[20:08] *** Lots and lots of people are here!
[20:09] * The Princess, Of Course! will actually just be having some fun with rotating squads of her retinue
[20:10] <VS Fed Special Operative> Ugh. The Mouse. I find its appearance disagreeable.
[20:11] * Hong Kong Disneyland has loads of information booths and gift shops and an occasional costumed performer amid the cast members. Ahead of you is the grand entrance, and the station for a train that travels around the circumference of the theme park.
[20:12] *** People gawk at your party, but the papers you have are valid and you get into the park.
[20:13] * Hong Kong Disneyland if flashy, colorful, kid-friendly, crowded, and overpriced, but of course the tourists are loving it and having a great time. Today has a great crowd.
[20:14] *** Do you get on the train, which will take you around the circumference of the park (and stop at the Iron Man Exhibit on the border of Tomorrowland) or do you walk around on foot?
[20:16] * VS Fed Special Operative takes the train.
[20:17] *** Nobody stops you, of course, but if you do this, you will be alone.
[20:18] *** You are currently in "Main Street USA," next to the "Main Street Meeting Hall." Tomorrowland is a little bit north of you by walking, if you pass through another exhibit.
[20:19] * VS Fed Special Operative is fine being alone.
[20:19] *** Where do other people go?
[20:21] * The Delmos just wander around randomly, collecting various data
[20:22] *** Delmos find that work has just finished on the flowerbeds. Huge ones have been planted around Tomorrowland, which look the color of rocketships or Disney characters when seen from above, or from certain vantage points.
[20:25] * The Princess, Of Course! has her people roing to random areas around tomorrowland to subtly encircle it while pretentind to be on various rides
[20:26] * The Princess, Of Course! is heading for the castle
[20:27] *** Do you order your people to stick to the park and public places only, or cut fences/got into the intervening woods, etc?
[20:28] * Hong Kong Disneyland has Minnie and Mickey dancing together and taking pictures with people in the gazebo in front of the castle. It's a festival with musicans and magicians and performers everywhere. You also see that this is the location of one of the big water features.
[20:28] * The Princess, Of Course! has hers use only established paths for now to avoid drawing attention
[20:29] * The Delmos try to get into the woods covertly if possible.
[20:29] * The Princess, Of Course! knows they're trained enough to natually find food flanking / pincer positions
[20:29] <The Princess, Of Course!> ^good
[20:29] * VS Fed Special Operative stays in the public areas, nice and visible.
[20:29] *** Alright, Solarchos, roll 3d6.
[20:30] * Security Staff will roll 2d6 and try to beat the Delmos.
[20:30] <spiritflame> Security Staff rolls 2d6 [ 4, 3 ]
[20:32] <spiritflame> The Delmos rolls 3d6 [ 1, 5, 1 ]
[20:32] *** Now that you are at the Castle, and can see Mickey, you can either go to Adventureland to the south, the Royal Dining Hall to the northwest, The Fairytale Forest to the west, or Tomorrowland to the North.
[20:32] * Disney Security Staff see the Delmos wandering into the woods, and brusquely but politely tell them not to do that---they could get hurt, and should always stick to the paths!
[20:33] <Disney Security Staff> Please be safe, and enjoy yourself!
[20:33] * The Delmos return to the public areas and remain there. They've obviously aroused some minor suspicion now.
[20:34] * VS Fed Special Operative goes for the Royal Dining Hall
[20:35] *** The Royal Dining Hall looks perfectly normal. There is no indication of suspicious activity.
[20:35] <Disney Security Staff> Everybody else, you are SOUTH of Tomorrowland.
[20:35] *** ^^^
[20:36] * VS Fed Special Operative makes his way towards Tomorrowland next, taking in slow and easy.
[20:37] * "Star Wars Cast Members" looks at VS Fed Special Operative.
[20:37] *** VS Fed Special Operative is your average everyday VS Fed Special Operative

[20:37] * "Star Wars Cast Members" pay no further attention, since he looks normal!
[20:38] * Futuristic Soldiers pose around their weapon emplacements, and loudly talk about how their side is going to "defeat The Empire/The Rebellion" during the battle tomorrow. They are well-schooled on Star Wars Canon, and are able to speak with passerby well in their languages. They don't ever wander away from the gun emplacements, or go off alone, though.
[20:39] <Futuristic Soldiers> They allow you through one entrance, but ask you to please keep to the side---there are battle-lines being drawn up!
[20:40] *** These "skirmish areas" keep you from certain areas of the park. You can see that there are heavily-armed soldiers posing as members of both sides, but they posture to each other, but always look around.
[20:41] *** You eventually find the restaurant that was spied upon already, and it is surrounded on 3 sides by flowerbeds, which are being watered by gardners.
[20:41] * Futuristic Soldiers wave hello if you get close.
[20:42] * VS Fed Special Operative waves back. He doesn't want anyone to get suspicious, after all!
[20:42] * VS Fed Special Operative examines those flowerbeds a little.
[20:43] *** The flowerbeds have just been planted a matter of days ago. The flowers look young and new and little. The well-muscled gardners pick weeds out of them, and water them carefully.
[20:44] * The Princess, Of Course! admites the muscled man and can see they have been trrained well.
[20:44] * The Magistra does as she's asked, moving as if she's one of the "hidden guards"
[20:44] * Hong Kong Disneyland is really fun to be in for everybody else---everything looks great and happy. Heck, so does the Tomorrowland. Only a very practiced eye would be suspicious.
[20:44] * They have been. He looks very strong and fit.
[20:45] *** The gardners also stay and work together in groups.
[20:45] * The Princess, Of Course! rises whatterver rides she can between the partk and tomorrowland, trying to use the teler ones to get any vantage views of the setting and scout formations
[20:45] * VS Fed Special Operative has VERY practiced eyes.
[20:45] * ^the taller ones
[20:45] * Scout Formations are in groups of 5-10, or in smaller groups around what you know is NOT prop weapon emplacements.
[20:46] *** The gardners talk to you about how pretty everything is, and asks if you enjoy the colors and flowers and trees. They continue to weed the flowerbeds, but only with their hands, and not with tools. They break into "Whistle While You Work," and some people join along in singing with them.
[20:47] * The Princess, Of Course! tries to see if there are any blind spots in their emplacements caused by structures being in the way
[20:47] * VS Fed Special Operative also has a built-in AI assistant helping with compiling the data and information he's scanning for. He starts using a low-intensity para-dimensional multiscanner to scan the area.
[20:47] <spiritflame> Scout Formations rolls 2d6 [ 2, 5 ]
[20:48] * Scout Formations are there and very good. There are no blind spots that you can see at this point, but there ARE still places you can get to further into Tomorrowland.
[20:48] *** Some of the soldiers are wearing the futuristic headgear that contains VR peripherals. They look like very serious Ghost In The Shell types.
[20:50] *** The "pretend Soldiers" keep talking, and ask kids what they think of their chances when the "other side" attacks later tomorrow. They make prud assurances that they can repel them.
[20:51] *** It should be noted that a few people who look harder than most, and are there with their families, see this military posturing and immediately decide not to go in there at all, because there's just something wrong about it all.
[20:51] * VS Fed Special Operative attempts to get further into Tomorrowland, using a few tricks he knows about being Unnoticed to try and evade detection.
[20:53] *** There are lots of shops, a big ride in the middle of the plaza, and the "Star Wars Command" on the Northwest side of Tomorrowland. The soldiers are EXTREMELY thick there.
[20:54] * The Magistra wanders the near the Starwars and Iron Man area while casually sending out subtle magical detection spells only a trained spell caster would notice
[20:54] *** Everybody looks happy. Nobody catches onto her at all.
[20:55] *** If your magic is affected by high concentrations of energy, that does happen. There is a Lot more juice going through equipment here than anybody would suspect.
[20:55] <VS Fed Special Operative> Curious.
[20:56] * The Magistra notes that's the exact kind of thing she's looking for
[20:56] * VS Fed Special Operative has nothing on him that would be affected by high mana concentrations.
[20:57] *** You would find, Magistra, that there is way more juice going around through here than in a nuclear power station. In fact, you detect that much juice coming from almost every one of these "pretend" soldiers.
[21:00] * Soldiers all smile at the people nearby, waving and talking about how they'll defeat the Rebels/Empire. They occasionally parade around together when people take pictures.
[21:01] * The Magistra holds her hand out as if she's goonna summon her sword... but then remember where she is. She reachs in her pocket and pulls out a sonic penlight and scans the area with that as well.
[21:01] <VS Fed Special Operative> Hmmm
[21:02] * Soldiers are armed to the teeth, and have traces of unusual metals on them. Tungsten, for example. If Magistra (or others) are well-acquanted with Jewelry from being royal, they would eventually figure out that some of the grenades that these guys are holding are encased in real diamond.
[21:04] <VS Fed Special Operative> Diamond-encased grenades?
[21:04] * The Princess, Of Course! signals that information back to Intern by texting in nigh-discernable emoji only Meiji Doyle would get
[21:04] <The Magistra> ....why the heck would you make something that tacky and uesless
[21:05] <VS Fed Special Operative> The fragmentation would be pretty nasty.
[21:06] * Soldiers 's grenades don't have a normal pin mechanism either.
[21:08] * The Princess, Of Course! wonders just what the ehll is being prepared here.
[21:09] * VS Fed Special Operative continues to observe passively from hiding.
[21:09] * VS Fed Special Operative is now known as Alldrogis Valkyvida
[21:09] *** has left #suburbansenshi3
[21:09] *** You see a man in a fancy suit come out of the restaurant wearing the Augmented Reality Gear
[21:09] *** Alldrogis Valkyvida [Inquisitor [REDACTED]] has left #suburbansenshi3
[21:10] * Suited Man STREEEEEEETCHES in the sun, and takes the gear off for a second. The soldiers make no move to stop this, but security immediately tightens as they start scanning if people are in sniping positions or in good vantage points. Don't stare or you'll be caught.
[21:10] * The Magistra relays the info on the power output to Sonia and Intern
[21:10] * The Princess, Of Course! has heart-shaped sunglasses on
[21:10] * The Princess, Of Course! is practiced at looking at things obliquely
[21:11] * Suited Man looooooks around, his head a little bit pale. He sniff one of the flowers.
[21:11] <spiritflame> Suited Man rolls 2d6 [ 5, 2 ]
[21:11] * Suited Man looks around at the people here.
[21:11] <spiritflame> Suited Man rolls 2d6 [ 3, 3 ]
[21:13] * Suited Man doesn't recognize anybody. He smells one of the flowers, and remarks on it in Norwegian.
[21:13] <The Princess, Of Course!> ....
[21:13] * The Princess, Of Course! , of course, speaka thirty languages and recognizes that instantly
[21:14] <Large Numbers of Soldiers> <.<
[21:14] <Large Numbers of Soldiers> >.>
[21:14] * The Princess, Of Course! turns away from the man and takes a selfire of herself that would have him in the shoit and texts it to entern with crazy emmoji that says "norweigna"
[21:15] *** A big crowd of schoolchildren block your line of sight to him for a minute.
[21:17] * The Princess, Of Course! was ablre to get him in the shot or no?
[21:17] *** You were!
[21:20] <The Princess, Of Course!> /mw wonders ifd he said anything interesting in Norweigan
[21:20] * The Soldiers look Northeast, not all of them, but about 20% of them. Others put on their Headgear at this point and wait.
[21:21] *** Man in suit's phone is ringing.
[21:22] *** MAn in suit's phone rings again.
[21:22] * The Norwegian Billionaire reflexively reaches for it, as an assistant comes out to help him, and then he remembers.
[21:23] * The Norwegian Billionaire puts the Headgear back on over his eyes, nose and ears, which covers his head---and looks similar-but-not-identical to the one the soldiers are wearing.
[21:23] * The Norwegian Billionaire has moved to: [ Speaking Norwegian ]
[21:23] * The Princess, Of Course! tries to overhear his side of the conersation hile observing other sights around her
[21:23] <The Norwegian Billionaire> [Speaking Norwegian] What? He said yes? No, no, 51% is PLENTY. No, that will work just fine. That'll be plenty for now. Keep up the good work.
[21:24] <The Norwegian Billionaire> [Speaking Norwegian] Yes yes, they will be pleased. Okay. I will give you further directives.
[21:24] * The Princess, Of Course! tests intern in emjoi that thius guy bought 51% of something
[21:25] * The Norwegian Billionaire [Speaking Norwegian] goes back into the Restaurant--for JUST A SECOND, when an interior door opens, you think you can see that there are people inside of there, lined up at a table, deep in discussion, and one of them has super-long blonde hair.
[21:26] *** You suddenly realize what all the soldiers were looking at. A person wearing an Iron Man suit has come out of the Iron Man Experience 5 minutes ahead of schedule. They all tense up, waiting, and one licks his lips--all that is visible beneath the peripherals, but they gradually ease up, and take their hands away from triggerguards, or sidearms at their waists.
[21:28] * The Princess, Of Course! texts intern that they are all tense about the iron man guy
[21:31] *** Even a couple of park visitors tense up when they see the soldiers do this, but everything goes back to normal.
[21:31] * Passing Performer offers everybody in the vicinity some free cotton candy in the shape of a mini Mickey's head! ^_^
[21:33] * The Magistra declines anything free.
[21:34] <Passing Performer> :o
[21:34] * Passing Performer keeps going.
[21:34] * A satellite dish on the top of the restaurant swings toward the South.
[21:34] * The Princess, Of Course! takes one, then shares it with one of her antourage
[21:35] *** A couple of test broadcasts are directed to a Hong Kong receiving station.
[21:36] * Several intense looking people start setting up a stage outside the Hong Kong Disneyland restaurant that is the center of the security's focus. They put up podiums that have "the future" written on them, and set up some microphones. A fierce-looking woman directs them.
[21:37] <Woman> /flipcoin
[21:37] *** Woman flips a coin into the air and catches it, heads side up
[21:38] * Woman is wearing a headset too, at this time, and making pointing motions. She at times pushes a button on her wrist, and as she types into the keypad, the other workers (many of whom wear the headset of their own) keep working. These workers look very different, and move with growing confidence. They are ALL wearing the same color of clothing.
[21:39] * The Princess, Of Course! looks at that color this is
[21:39] * Some people come out of the Restaurant with cameras, and film the men, who are wearing yellow, as they set up the stage. They all waer yellow.
[21:39] * The Princess, Of Course! emjoi texts this to Intern
[21:40] * These men all work, very slowly and cautiously at first, as though not used to it, and use tools cautiously. They start setting up banners that say "seeing the future" in different languages.
[21:41] <spiritflame> Isabella Santorini rolls 2d6 [ 1, 2 ]
[21:42] * Cameras continue to document what these men are doing. The woman (whose face is almost completely covered) looks around, and pushes buttons on her wristpad. At the push of one button, a single worker stops for 30 seconds, and then moves again, stepping over an sharp obstacle, and then picking it up without harming himself. He trembles a moment, but then keeps working.
[21:43] * Cameras MAY sweep you and get you in the picture too, if you are not careful.
[21:43] * The Princess, Of Course! keeps herself out of shot
[21:45] * The soldiers steadfastly keep people out of the way, but there are also "official security staff" that help out in the cordoning off. The woman wearing the visor looks tense, but she smiles as the men continue to work as she pushes the buttons on her wristpad. The cameras record it all.
[21:48] *** The workers wearing yellow have ALMOST finished the stage and decorations. One person (wearing the visor) begins setting up what appears to be audio equipment. The determined-looking woman monitors this with a great sense of satisfaction, but looks extremely tense. Some of the soldiers move and relocate as the taps her buttons. Unfortunately, you can ONLY see the bottom of her face.
[21:50] <spiritflame> Executives rolls 2d6 [ 2, 6 ]
[21:50] <spiritflame> Executives rolls 1d10 [ 10 ]
[21:52] * The door inside the restaurant opens, and a very long haired woman comes out, her hand dancing across a keyboard with one wrist. She stands against the glass in a window overlooking the work being done, and leans against it tiredly.... but unerneath the visor and headgear that covers her eyes, mouth, ears, and the top of her head, you can see her mouth tiredly smile.
[21:52] *** Isabella Santorini has joined #suburbansenshi3
[21:52] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Isabella Santorini
[21:52] <Isabella Santorini> ......
[21:54] *** The woman supervising the operation pushes a button, and the camera crews recording the construction all move where they can't accidentally include Isabella in the shot.
[21:55] * Isabella Santorini stands there in the window unmoving, her head tracking the movement of the men in yellow building the bombastic stage below. She occasionally mouths something, of clutches her hand around one of her long strands of hair.
[21:56] <Isabella Santorini> ....
[21:56] * Isabella Santorini presses a button on her wrist, and a person comes to her with a glass of beverage and a straw. She drinks it.
[21:57] <Isabella Santorini> ......
[21:57] <spiritflame> Isabella Santorini rolls 2d6 [ 2, 2 ]
[21:58] * Isabella Santorini mostly looks down, and she doesn't look toward any of the protagonists who are here snooping.
[22:00] *** As the reporters show up, Disney staff shepherd them into buildings that happen to be near where the "pretend soldiers" are stationed. Security continues to ramp up.
[22:01] * The Princess, Of Course! passes on Meiji's intructons to her people. Tehey are to get as much info on everyone involved in this as thry can
[22:02] *** There is not much information to get, but a crowd of people does start to gather in the middle of Tomorrowland to see the stage. It's clear that this is quite unusual. They are all told that there's something big about to be announced.
[22:03] * Isabella Santorini scoots away when the crowd starts to gather, and goes back into an interior room. All of the soldiers and security staff--and especially the one woman with the wristpad look REALLY relieved when this happens.
[22:03] * The Magistra makes her way over to Sonia, just incase something goes crazy
[22:04] <spiritflame> Woman with the wristpad and headset rolls 2d6 [ 3, 6 ]
[22:04] * Woman with the wristpad and headset starts noticing that there's another person here with a security detail.
[22:04] <Woman with the wristpad and headset> ......
[22:04] * The Princess, Of Course! nods ot Magistra
[22:04] * The Princess, Of Course! is a famous princess so
[22:05] * Woman with the wristpad and headset pushes a button on her wristpad, but nothing seems to change. She goes back inside.
[22:05] *** After 30 minutes, more and more people show up and some of the reporters whisper among themselves to their cameramen in wonder as they watch the people building the stage and sound setup.
[22:07] * Eventually all of the soldiers around you tense up. There is no mistaking it. They get into all positions, and occupy all places with commanding views.
[22:08] *** There are actually obstacles placed in the "runway" of the stage now, and the stage is joined to the restaurant. All of the security teams take positions.
[22:08] *** Isabella Santorini has joined #suburbansenshi3
[22:08] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Isabella Santorini
[22:09] * The Princess, Of Course! has her retinue sort of split so some are protecting her and others are ready to pivot and deal with those emplacemnts if it comes to it
[22:09] * Isabella Santorini walks foward, wearing the visor, and all cameras start firing. She walks around the obstacles on the stage, and over past where all of the men wearing yellow are now standing as a group.
[22:09] <spiritflame> Security rolls 2d6 [ 2, 2 ]
[22:09] * Security do not alter their positions now.
[22:10] * Several of the people who are wearing suits and were on the plane/listed at the ICC enter the stage. Some wear visors, some do not.
[22:10] * Isabella Santorini walks over to the Microphones.
[22:10] * Isabella Santorini pushes a button on her wrist.
[22:10] * The Princess, Of Course! watches all this with interest not just as Meiji's helper but the Princess of Novoselic
[22:11] <Isabella Santorini> My name is Isabella. Isabella Santorini.... and I want to change the world.
[22:11] <Isabella Santorini> I want to make it a better place. A cleaner place. A happier place. A healthier place.
[22:12] <Isabella Santorini> I think that the world needs to change.
[22:12] <Isabella Santorini> I think that we need to step forward, together, and see things anew.
[22:12] <Isabella Santorini> This is why....
[22:12] * Isabella Santorini is quiet for a moment...
[22:13] <Isabella Santorini> This is why I, and my VERY VERY good friends who will speak in a few minutes, have worked together. We want to give world something it needs, badly.
[22:13] <Isabella Santorini> On display tonight, or today, wherever you are in the world, you have witnessed something completely new. We want to put forward a new computer system sensory interface that the world has never before seen.
[22:14] * Isabella Santorini calls out to one of the people who was wearing yellow and assembled the stage. She asks him where he was 7 weeks ago, and he says he was in a hospital from an accident that left him blind.
[22:15] *** Isabella calls upon these people one by one, and they give their names and their accidents, and numerous reasons that they could not see, as the monitors now play the footage of them building the stage like absolutely nothing was wrong.
[22:16] <Isabella Santorini> Blindness is something that I think NOBODY deserves. The systems we have put forward today will work to end blindness. They will be manufactures sustainably, with materials and capabilities never seen, but they will not hurt this world. The people who purchase them will have god jobs and be able to afford what they need, and this will NOT Be flinched from, because this product will change the world.
[22:18] <Isabella Santorini> Everybody will want one. The computer properties are unparalleled today. Th processors better than anything else. This can do everything your smartphone can do many times better. It can alert you of temperatures. It can save your life in many ways.
[22:19] <Isabella Santorini> I will introduce one of my partners who runs a charitable organization for the visually impaired, and they will work to ensure that every child who cannot see in the WORLD will get their chance.
[22:20] <Isabella Santorini> This machine has been proven to help with phobias. It can monitor your health and summon medical help. It can let you speak to your loved ones.... and as you can see as you CAN SEE----it will let you regain your life if something has happened to your eyes.
[22:20] *** You can see tears coming down the obscured faces of the men who helped build the stage like nothing was wrong. A couple of them sniffle.
[22:21] <Isabella Santorini> Humanity deserves better than what has been happening. The Hong Kong Government has been most gracious in allowing us to make our announcement here---in Tomorrowland... because this will be the future.
[22:21] <The Magistra> I mean none of this seems evil..
[22:22] <Isabella Santorini> Currently, the nations licensed to produce this equipment are the Kingdom of Norway and the Kingdom of Bhutan.
[22:22] <The Princess, Of Course!> Technology isn't evil. It's what people do with ot/
[22:23] <The Princess, Of Course!> /squak ^
[22:23] <Isabella Santorini> Norway has seen the path of the future. They have banned deforestation. They have banned palm oil. They continually strive to make this world better, and this is precisely the kind of attitude that should be encouraged. Thus, they shall be given the technical specifications to product this equipment.
[22:24] <Isabella Santorini> The Kingdom of Bhutan was named in 2016 to be the least corrupt country in the world.
[22:24] <Isabella Santorini> It is a place of happiness and peace, that maintains its ecosystems and exports clean energy.
[22:25] <Isabella Santorini> And so, today, the manufacturing capability to make the most effective product in the world shall be gifted to these nations---they have earned them, and they shall use the revenues wisely.
[22:26] <Isabella Santorini> I have spoken with my colleages. These are the nations we shall do business with, because they have already made tremendus strides into making the world better.
[22:26] <Isabella Santorini> Already, already prototypes of this are on the way to a group home in Norway, and numerous hospitals.
[22:27] <Isabella Santorini> I wish to thank everyone, and encourage everyone to never get up, even if there is darkness today, you can see again tomorrow.
[22:27] <Isabella Santorini> I will give all of my distinguished colleagues the opportunity to speak. I hope, I truly hope, that this is the first step in making the world a much better place.
[22:27] <Isabella Santorini> Thank you.
[22:27] * Isabella Santorini takes her headgear off.
[22:27] <spiritflame> Isabella Santorini rolls 2d6 [ 5, 4 ]
[22:28] * Isabella Santorini smiles charmingly, flips her hair back, and bows to the next person to speak.
[22:28] *** The speakers continue, each as idealistic as the last, and speak about how they hope the revenue from this revolutionary device will strengthen their home nations, and be used for the betterment of mankind.
[22:28] *** After they finish, they withdraw, and the interview is over.
[22:30] *** The soldiers make themselves scarce right after the VIPs have finished speaking.
[22:30] <Isabella Santorini> The people wearing the yellow shirts and the augmented reality describe their experiences, and how grateful they are to have this opportunity to take their lives back. Once the questions are finished, they retreat into the restaurant as well.
[22:30] *** ^^^
[22:31] * The Princess, Of Course! takes al ookk around to see what happens now if all the star ars "Actors" are gone
[22:31] *** The news crews start packing up and leaving after all is done, and the people stand in little knots and discuss what they have seen.
[22:32] * Disney Security Staff are still on hand, and the crowds thin out. Almost all of the emplacements have been disassembled during the press conference. It seems like a normal place now.
[22:33] * The Princess, Of Course! ollects any promotional mateiral about this device from the press conference to take back to Novoselic
[22:33] <Disney Security Staff> there are loads and loads of them available---does she let on that she's the princess of Novoselic?
[22:34] * The Princess, Of Course! is pretty much NOT undervocer as the princess.
[22:34] *** She gets lots and lots of stuff.... Well, does she let n who she is?
[22:34] <spiritflame> Somebody rolls 2d6 [ 3, 4 ]
[22:34] * The Princess, Of Course! was trreading on her status to get the retiinue in with her
[22:34] <The Princess, Of Course!> /m eis known as the princess yes
[22:35] * Somebody places a call to the Novesilic Embassy that they would like to know if she would be open, at some later date, to discussing involvement in this revolutionary moment herself.
[22:35] * The Princess, Of Course! is interested yes.
[22:36] * Person says he may hear from them in the future!
[22:36] * Person says bids her intermediary goodbye politely and according to custom.
[22:37] *** Person has quit IRC
[22:38] *** Hong Kong Disneyland looks totally normal now, though the restaurant is still cordoned off, with it being the VIPS' place of rest.
[22:38] * The Princess, Of Course! enjoys the park fo rthe rest of the night and then fake some food poisoning to get out of her long er booking and then get back to Tokyo tomrrorow to Check in with Meiji
[22:41] *** After you get out of the park, satellite footage and continued operatives' reports show that all of the flower beds planted in the last 6 weeks are totally dug up at night, the future-tech weaponry that is overt is removed, and special "aquatic wildlife conservation teams" move into the lakes, and seem to take more out of it than they went in with.
[22:43] * The weaponry is all cleared out, and the next day, there is a MASSIVE Star Wars battle with flyovers and fireworks and actors and movie cameos and staged lightsaber fights with souvenirs given away. Everybody loves it.
[22:44] *** The people who orchestrated this event gradually fade away.

[09:41] *** somewhere in Greece, a few men plan out a rather illegal operation for thier own gain...

[13:26] *** Day 3: England, 882 AD - Hazel, Age 3 - Having settled into the mundana everyday life of beign fed and listening to the petty quarrels between the members of the household, she has determined they are in the lowest-rung of a feudal heirarchy that is exploting their labour for proft. Unable to get out of their situation, they are simply working like cogs in the machine until they die. She mocks them mentally for not rebeeling, and continues to observe, waiting for her body to mature enough so that she can take action to escape this benighted place and time. She notes her "parents" are too busy and worn out to even bother trying to teach her how to read or write-- she's not convinced they know how to, either. How disgustingly primitive. And the Big "Brother" is just a waste of space, filled with useless amounts of energy and rambunctiousness that just erode at her ability to think for any extended periods of time. TO BE CONTINUED

[08:23] *** Day 4: England, 883 AD - Hazel, Age 4 - Hazel is beginning to master her growing body, and can speak, but deliberately plays stupid in order to not raise the suspicions of the superstitious family or townfolk. Her adoptive parents treat her well, bu the sense that she is a strain on their ability to provide for themselves is evident, even if they try to hide it. She's increasingly roped into silly children's games with her "brother" and his friends, and is able to get a better glimpse of the world around her. It is a fetid place filled with disease and danger, and if not for her resilient Gallifreyan biology, she probably would have caught innumerable diseases by now. She has also begun to piece together the political structure of the village, and knows who the "leaders", the TRUE leaders and their influencers are, but for the moment has no real interest in them as sShe cannot wait to grow a bit more and run away from this place. TO BE CONTINUED.

[15:42] * Eliza McIntash stiffens inside her containment Coffin which is hooked up to all the superscience gear and opens her eyes, looking around the room.
[15:42] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Secret Eliza Holding Room not connected with other HOTEL habitation
[15:43] * Eliza McIntash looks around and sees that the tube she's being held in is inside a room with no entrances from the outside, and is super-happy because she knows what this means.
[15:43] <Eliza McIntash> ^_^
[15:47] * Eliza McIntash smiles euphorically, and brings one of her fingers up the glass in front of her.
[15:48] *** Eliza exhales hard upon the glass to fog the part in front of her face.
[15:49] * Eliza McIntash draws a heart into the condensation with her hand, and then sighs in contentment, showing literally zero negative reactions to the tight confinement.
[15:49] * Eliza McIntash sees all the stuff hooked up to the coffin. She sighs in contentment.
[15:50] * Eliza McIntash leans her head back and closes her eyes. "Finally."
[15:50] <Eliza McIntash> Finally
[15:50] *** Eliza McIntash [0] has quit IRC (♡)

[18:23] * @ changes topic to `This Space for Rent`
[00:42] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[00:42] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Matsumi Kaze
[00:43] * Matsumi Kaze has blood caked in her eyes....she doesn't get it...she's pushing herself as hard as she can......she's doing everything the others did....why isn't she getting stronger...why can't she break the ceiling
[00:44] <Matsumi Kaze> wh..what am I doing wrong
[01:11] <Matsumi Kaze> WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!?

[01:29] *** meanwhile, in greece..the group contacts a disgraced and immoral archeologist to help them in finding their goal

[07:13] *** Day 5: England, 884 AD - Hazel, Age 5 - Near the middle of the year "Brother" is killed in a freak accident, trampled and gored by oxen, which he had always been exceptionally skilled with handling. Hazel is stunned that the once-noisy fixture in the homestead is suddenly gone forever, and moreso stunned that she misses his overly-ebullient presence so. With the lack of their son to be the farmhand, Hazel's adoptive parents struggle even harder to make ends meet, not being able to afford to hire help. Having no choice they try to get Hazel to work with them in the fields. It is hot, grimy, inefficient work and Hazel hates every moment of it. As she works, she considers that this is the only life her "parents" have ever known, and even if they were desirous of bettering their station in life, these circumstances would have afforded them no opportunity to do so. Given the state of medical knowledge and the strain on their older bodies, she doesn't see them lasting long having to do full-time field work. Bored and waiting for her body to mature a bit more, she decides to occupy her mind with determining that can be done to alter this situation... TO BE CONTINUED.

[00:24] * Matsumi Kaze manages to get her arm to stop bleeding once more
[00:24] * Matsumi Kaze starts to wonder if she is looking at this the wrong way.....if she can't just..punch her way through this.......
[00:24] * Matsumi Kaze doesn't get very far in the thought as she gets hit by a mountain
[00:25] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi3

[00:37] *** the group of men are trying to figure out the exact place they need to dig...

[11:19] *** Day 6: England, 885 AD - Hazel, Age 6 - Hazel continues to work in the fields, feeling her small body become stronger with the pressure of manual labor. She has moved on from despising her lot in life to solving the practical problem in front of her- increasing the efficiency of the crop yield so that her adoptive parents do not kill themselves in the field-- after all, it wouldn;t do for the place she was currently using for shelter to be takena way before she was ready to strike out on her own. She scouts out a cave complex located within a hillside area and creates a study area where she can work and study in peace. Lacking proper scientific tools, she is forced to go back to first principles to generate the things she needs. She forgoes sleep in order to sneak out at night and prepare, doing her best to be stealthy. But in a small village, there are always eyes watching... TO BE CONTINUED

[20:30] * Matsumi Kaze lays curled up in a crater..breathing hard
[20:31] * Matsumi Kaze has died more times then she can remember...and nothing has changed
[20:31] * Matsumi Kaze doesn't understand..she has done everything the others did..she's tried to do everything has asked of her
[20:31] * Matsumi Kaze has done it all..and yet she hasn't broken through that glass ceiling of power......
[20:33] * Matsumi Kaze tries not to cry..tries not to cry
[20:33] * Matsumi Kaze cries
[20:40] * Matsumi Kaze tries to wrack her brain on what to do
[20:42] * Matsumi Kaze can't think due to loss of blood....
[20:48] * Matsumi Kaze finally goes out cold
[20:48] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi3

[11:35] *** Day 7: England, 886 AD - Hazel, Age 7 - Hazel's initial experiments in crop yield growth have proven successful - by introducing a custom slurry of nutrients into the soil she has overcome the issue of depletion caused by a lack of crop rotation. This introduces a new problem, however, as there is now more work to be done to harvest the crops, and her adoptive parents can't handle the strain on their own. They cut a deal with some locals to assist in return for a cut of the potential profit- one of them is a strapping young lad whom the father of the family distrusts, seeing him as a potential rival to his wife, even though the boy is actually innocent of any intentions in that regard. An atmopshere of tension grows in the household between the parents. Hazel finds the discord irritating and pointless, but moreso than usual. She wants them to get along so she can concentrate, but also, she realizes, because she doesn't want their family unit to collapse. She remembers her own real parents and how her father, The Corruptor, had drifted further and further away from her mother, becoming obsessvely fixated on manipulating the rising star Rassilon, who was ascending the ranks of Gallifreyan society. She realized that here, in this simple home, for all its annoyances, the two humans had actually made a point of attending to her to the best of their ability regardless of their circumstances, and now that nucleus of "family" was threatened. She ponders if something should be done about this boy. Her body is growing well, and soon she will have the strength to do as she pleases.... TO BE CONTINUED

[14:00] * Matsumi Kaze has completely lost track of time...and watches as her severed arm grows back again
[14:00] * Matsumi Kaze thinks it's the 4th of july..but can't be sure....
[14:00] * Matsumi Kaze slowly gets up..just in time to be consumed in a pillar of flame
[14:01] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi3

[18:02] <Yaijinden> !yai
[18:02] Wisdom from the Book of Yai:
[22:52] <Yaijinden> Urg. Stupid livejournal ethics.

[07:47] *** Day 8: England, 887 AD - Hazel, Age 8 - Tensions in the household continue to increase. Hazel has not taken any action against the young farmhand in the past year because she has determined he is the only thing really keeping the family from starvation (plus, slightly the fact that he is completely innocent and that she might be able to turn him into a henchman given the right dosage of mind-latering substances if she can track them down) The father of the family is growing increasingly irrational about the farmhand's presence, however, and every night is filled with paranoid arguments and accusations against the mother. There is not a night Hazel does not have to force herself to sleep for all the sounds of fighting. She is tempted to flee now, but needs her body to at least hit puberty so she can exert more powerful biocontrol over it. Given the intensity of the arguments, she predicts a 95% probability things will escalate into violence soon... TO BE CONTINUED

[13:28] * Matsumi Kaze has been on hell-world for weeks........and she still hasn't mastered her abilities....
[13:28] * Matsumi Kaze is starting to lose faith in herself
[13:36] * Matsumi Kaze wonders if is just doing this now to make her feel like s[BLEEP]t
[13:36] * Matsumi Kaze isn't paying attention and gets speared through the gut by a piece of rock
[16:33] * Matsumi Kaze for a split second feels something..but it goes away just as quickly

[23:07] * The three men walk up to a long abandoned field somewhere in Greece...the only occupant being an old man in a ramshackle house, which belonged to his family many years ago
[23:08] * though the men try to be as quiet as possible......the old man seems to sense them being there and walks outside, planning to confront any tresspassers
[23:09] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Old Man is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[23:09] <Old Greek Man> Poios eínai ekeí? esy ti theleis!?
[23:09] * Old Greek Man doesn't get to say another the men all fire their guns at the old man...killing him instantly
[23:10] * The Three Men quickly deal with disposing of the corpse...and begins their own personal project..having paid off the local police to avoid any attention

[16:27] *** ay 9: England, 883 AD - Hazel Age 9 - As predicted, one hot July day the father of the family completely misreads a situation between the mother and the farmhand, and begins to beat her. Hazel does her best to avoid the fracas, but then the father turns his sights on her, blaming all women for being untrustworthy and treacherous. He accuses Hazel of being a drain n their resources who contributes little and cursed the family by coming in and somehow causing the death of his reliable son via withcraft. The father is completely unhinged and suddently takesa blunt shovel with the intent of bashing Hazel's head in. She frantically goes to cover herself as best she can, but is shocked when her adoptive mother jumps in the way and takes a severe blow to th head, crumpling.

Shocked at both the sudden attack and act of selfless protection, on pure instinct, Hazel grabs a knife and lunges forward, first severing her "father's" tendons to drop him to the ground and then finishing him with a slice to the carotid artery. Once the white-hot panic, rage and confusion subside, she calms down and takes stock of what happened. It was her first time experiencing unhinged madness at such a direct and personal level, and she remembered that night long ago in the Ten'Aino kitchen when she herself had suffered such a break. Was that what it was like from the outside? Setting that aside to ponder later, she tended as best she could to the mother, and then coldly regarded the corpse of the father.

The pigs ate well that night.


[23:01] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[23:01] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Matsumi Kaze
[23:01] * Matsumi Kaze manages to find some manner of shelter on Hell-World..enough for her to rest a bit
[23:01] * Matsumi Kaze finds herself thinking back..wondering why she is doing this
[23:02] * Matsumi Kaze keeps talking about how she feels she never earned anything..that she was always given ti before..her powers...the shin estate......
[23:04] * Matsumi Kaze wonders if that's the truth....or if she's just so insecure about herself..that she's using anything as an excuse
[23:04] * Matsumi Kaze finds herself thinking back....and how she wonders if finiding out she wasn't the only senshi active made her feel less important...
[23:08] * Matsumi Kaze befriended them...well most of them..easily enough back then...but sometimes wonder if....
[23:08] * Matsumi Kaze shakes her head..realizing depression is getting to her...
[23:09] * Matsumi Kaze glances over and watches a bit of dust blow in the wind
[23:11] * Matsumi Kaze watches the movement of the sand and dust silently.....
[23:23] * Matsumi Kaze wonders if what she's seeking is the wrong thing...wonders if she's become too selfish in what she's trying to do
[23:27] * Matsumi Kaze starts to drift off...
[23:28] * Matsumi Kaze closes her eyes..
[23:34] *** the three men continue their digging..hoping to find something that they can sell on the black market....after a of them hits something with their shovel..and realizes they might have found something...
[23:39] *** the old man's corpse, which has been dumped in a ditch not far away has become fodder for the animals in the area...
[23:41] *** the scent of decay mingles with the air........
[23:41] * Matsumi Kaze 's eyes flutter open for a moment...and she shakes her head
[23:44] <Matsumi Kaze> ..what a weird dream..
[23:44] * Matsumi Kaze tries to close her eyes again..and goes to sleep
[23:44] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi3

[12:12] *** Day 10: England, 889 AD - Hazel Age 10 - The disappearance of the farmer was explained away by the discovery of his bones in the forest, in circumstances that suggested the remains of a wolf attack. The wife he injured never fully recovered from the attack, suffering severe migraines and a lack of stable balance that prevents her from fully helping around the farm any longer. The farmhand helper employed by the family continued to work the land along with Hazel so that he could have his usual share of the crops as payment, but has already indicated that afterwards he would probably be moving on to one of the other farms where there was more manpower available as the work was too taxing without extra help. Hazel realizes that everything has suddenly become completely precarious and she has less than a year to leave... ...But she looks at the kindly, smiling face of the woman who saved her with no thought of reward, who continues to struggle with even the simplest tasks of every day life and realizes that if she goes, there will be no one to help this person at all, who most likely die within the next year. Hazel made her decision. TO BE CONTINUED

[13:55] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[13:55] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa Matsumi Kaze
[13:55] * Matsumi Kaze sits on her knees, face down
[13:55] <Matsumi Kaze> ..I'm done
[13:55] *** BBL

[16:17] <Matsumi Kaze> I'm done...
[16:17] <Matsumi Kaze> ..there's no point to this
[16:27] * Matsumi Kaze looks down..her body bloodied and worn out
[16:29] <Matsumi Kaze> ...I was so selfish to come here..
[16:31] <Matsumi Kaze> heh..i've always been selfish..I thi-
[16:31] * Matsumi Kaze winces as a rock slams into her arm, leaving it bloody
[16:33] <Matsumi Kaze> ..I think...
[16:33] <Matsumi Kaze> ......I don't want to be left behind.....but I think...I want people to notice me too..and...
[16:37] <Matsumi Kaze> ..I'm sorry I wasted your time...
[16:53] <Matsumi Kaze> ...I just didn't want to be a burden to the others...
[16:53] <Matsumi Kaze> ..but...that's silly isn't it
[16:54] <Matsumi Kaze> ..cause Ill..never be a burden to them...
[16:54] <Matsumi Kaze> I should have just trusted them but I got so..stupidly competative
[16:57] * Matsumi Kaze grips her one good hand now....
[16:57] *** this is hell world btw of course
[16:58] <Matsumi Kaze> .....I want to be part of the team..but I don't want to feel worthless...and I want to be centerstage...but I shouldn't...cause i don't need to..and I...
[17:06] <Matsumi Kaze> ....and I think...
[17:06] <Matsumi Kaze> I've been doing this for all the wrong reasons....
[17:15] * Matsumi Kaze picks up a rock from the ground and just tosses it aside
[17:15] <Matsumi Kaze> ..sorry,
[17:15] <Matsumi Kaze> ......I think I need to go home now...
[17:17] * Matsumi Kaze turns away and limps back to the place where she has been resting this entire time
[17:20] * Matsumi Kaze is away: sorry...
[17:30] * the rock Matsumi threw aside lays on the ground, a single flower sprouted from it's surface
[17:32] <@Flame Lotus> To go home you must simply click your heels together three times..
[17:35] * Matsumi Kaze sighs..and holding her arm..tries clicking her heels three times
[17:36] * Once Matsumi has done this a giant, bats[BLEEP]t-insane MONKEY KING the size of a MOUNTAIN descend from HEAVEN and WHAMS MAtsumi back to EARFF with this Nyai-bo
[17:36] <Matsumi Kaze> FUUUUUUUCK
[17:37] * @Flame Lotus gives the monkey king some liquor for his troublr
[17:37] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (..where the f[BLEEP]k am I now)

[23:45] * The three men continue to do their work...having apperently discovered some sort of ruins.....
[23:53] * the archeologist isn't sure yet on how old they are, but by the looks of it, they may in fact date as far back as Late Bronze Age...
[23:54] * the three agree that this find will be worth a fortune...

[08:20] *** Day 11: England, 890 AD - Hazel Age 11 - Determined to repay her debt, Hazel created a psychotropic drug to addle the mind of the farm-hand and convince him to stay on with the family farm. She has also perfected the nutrient mix for the family crops so that they are fresher and healthier-looking than those of the other farms in the area, increasing demand, and profit, which she re-invests in the aging home and her own secret, ramshackle laboratory hidden within the local caves. There are those, however, who suspect the abundance of the crops to be the direct result of the two "Witches" ih Hazel's home having "sacrificed" the man of the family in some arcane ritual - the fact that the farmhand is strangely obedient to Hazel only confirms their suspicions. Eager to get their hands on what now seems to be prize farmland, the local leaders decide to stoke this superstitious flame... TO BE CONTINUED

[21:24] * The archeologist has pulled out a few objects from the dirt as they continue to uncover the ruins..............whatever it is very valuable

[00:47] * Matsumi Kaze awakens with a start.....and sighs....
[00:47] * Matsumi Kaze is having nightmares for some reason.....dreams of sadness..fury....death....
[00:53] * Matsumi Kaze is having to try and get home the hard way.....she lost her phone when she crashed to well as any money she was carrying with her
[00:54] * Matsumi Kaze only has been able to get this far thanks to the help of the family she spent the night with, who were willing to lend her some money and help to get to the next bus stop...
[00:54] * Matsumi Kaze , however, didn't have enough to find a decent place to stay and so now finds herself sleeping at a construction site
[01:32] * Matsumi Kaze falls asleep once more

[14:00] *** Music and bird songs can be heard in a dream.
[14:00] <Eliza's Voice> This way! This way!
[14:01] <Eliza's Voice> Alright everybody---let's take it from the top!
[14:01] *** Music fills the dream again.

[15:44] *** Day 12: England, 891 AD - Hazel Age 12 - the local leaders having taken an "interest" in Hazel's farm, they first attempt to infiltrate her family by sending young suitors out to seduce her (remember the era)-- instead, she charmingly brainwashes them into "rejecting her" for various reasons and instead has them return home to spy on their families and steal for her. Well aware that she is one misstep away from facing down torches and pitchforks, she actually sabotages her own crops to make them seem "normal" but launders the stolen loot to keep the household afloat. She notices that her "mother" seems weaker than before, but it doesn't seem that the head injury is the cause. She begins to turn her mind towards her eventual escape, but for some reason doesn't give it all the urgency she once felt towards the subject. Then, one night, she wakes to find the fields aflame...
[15:44] *** TO BE CONTINUED

[21:05] * Matsumi Kaze finally manages to get in contact with her husband via a borrowed phone...and manages to tell him she's alright....
[21:07] * Matsumi Kaze still has no money though...and finds herself forced to stay in an abandoned hotel for the night.....
[21:08] * Matsumi Kaze has another dream..........

[17:48] *** Day 13: England, 892 AD - Hazel Age 13 With the fields destroyed, the feudal lords come to try and collect on the property, but Hazel is able to make the payments based on the savings she has accreted, which have all been depleted. Various other landowners offer thinly veiled promises of "help" that are tantamount to giving the property over to them, plus Hazel basically selling herself to them for the privilege. She is old enough at this point to simply walk away, but yet she remains. She tells herself it's a point of principle, that she wants to humiliate the people who did this to her hard work, but the truth of the matter is revealed when she finds herself more preoccupied with concern for her adoptive parent's well-being than her desire to escape. Noting to herself there was time she would have just killed the woman for being a distraction, she amuses herse;lf briefly with the thought that she always *could* and just chooses not to, and then fixes her intellect on the problem of rebuilding the farm AND getting revenge. TO BE CONTINUED

[20:15] * The Three Men have finally mostly managed to dig out much of what was hidden by the earth: an old ancient bronze age ruin....
[20:17] * The Three Men look over what they've found...much of the ruin is just much of it lost that it is almost impossible to tell what it originally was meant to be
[20:18] <Man 1> well well.......this ought to deliver use quite a bit of money...
[20:19] <Man 2> if there's anything worth selling...*looks distainfully at the scattered stones*
[20:22] <Man 1> well that's what he's for *nods towards the archologist, who is currently going through pieces of pottery*
[20:25] <Man 2> find anything????
[20:25] <Archologist> well if you two would shut up, I could figure this out!
[20:33] * Man 1 climbs down into the dug up part
[20:35] <Man 1> what did you find?
[20:38] * Archologist has a piece of what looks like a piece of stone...there's something written on it
[20:42] <Man 2> a stone?..wait...maybe it's some kind of clue to a treasure....what does it say?
[20:45] <Archologist> give me a moment!'s written in linear B....takes a little bit of time
[20:46] * The two men look at each other..with not a single idea on what the man means....
[20:48] <Archologist> it is not a's some sort of name I think..
[20:48] <Man 1> well who knows..there are people who will buy any sort of fancy bit of rock..what does it say???
[20:51] <Man 2> it better be good..we didn't kill a man for a piece of useless information
[20:56] <Archologist> think I've got it..
[20:56] *** a small breeze blows through the ground
[21:06] <Archologist> ...this lettering...I don't think I've ever seen such a name...
[21:07] <Man 1> well...what's it say!!! WHAT'S IT SAY!?
[21:07] <Archologist> give me a moment!
[21:09] * Archologist looks over it..and then frowns a leaf blows into his face by the breeze around them
[21:14] <Archologist> Qei.....
[21:14] <Archologist> ...Qei *tilts head*
[21:17] <Archologist> ..noss......
[21:18] * the two men glance at each other
[21:20] <Archologist> ...Qeinoss....
[21:20] <Man 1> ...what kind of stupid name is th-
[21:21] *** the ground suddenly ripples and shudders as the breeze explodes into a deafening roar of wind
[21:22] * Man 1 struggles to his feet as the wind blows more violently, tearing up pieces of ground in the process.....
[21:23] * Man 2 tries to mouth a What the F[BLEEP]k....but finds the ground under him start to give away towards the pit
[21:24] *** the earth itself seems to get pushed up by a vortex of air which starts to descend from the sky...creating a sort of tornado effect
[21:25] * Man 2 tries to turn to run in a panic..but the vortex effect pulls him in, screaming in fear.....dragging him into the pit....
[21:26] * Man 2 is slammed into the stones of the ruin, pulverized on contact....
[21:27] *** Man 2 has left #suburbansenshi3 (dead)
[21:27] * Man 1 claws against the dirt of the pit, the vortex pulling towards him as well as the wind grows more violent and hrash
[21:29] * Man 1 tries to grab and tear at the dirt to climb back out.....only to find his hands holding onto something solid...
[21:32] * Man 1 's hand tears away at the soil..only to find the now partially rotted corpse of the man they shot and killed staring back at him
[21:33] * Man 1 tries to scream..but the dirt and debrie from the tornado drown him...the corpse becomes tangled around his body as he is pushed down by the vortex effect....his screams drowned out by the mass of earth burying him
[21:33] *** Man 1 has left #suburbansenshi3 (dead)
[21:34] * Archologist panick stricken..manages to get out of the pit and tries to flee..only to stumble...
[21:35] * Archologist looks back....
[21:36] *** the large tornado...actually seems to have take a sort of....murky form inside it...with glowing..burning green eyes...
[21:37] * the thing starts to move silently..steadly..towards the archologist...who stumbles backwards, trying to desperatly crawl away at this point
[21:38] <Archologist> wasn't my fault! they told me to do it! they made me do it!!! It wasn't my idea!!!! oh god..oh god...
[21:38] * Archologist struggles to get back up, only to trip over a rock and tumble head over heels onto his back....
[21:39] * Archologist looks see this massive form staring down at him....
[21:40] <Archologist> PLEASE......IT ISN'T MY FAULT...PLEASE...DON'T......DON'T...
[21:40] * The Thing 's form seems to sprout an arm....which reaches out at the man....and then gestures away from him...
[21:41] <Archologist> oh god..please..I'm...I'm s..S..GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!
[21:42] * Archologist screams as his body painfully dissolves...becoming a simple spring breeze which floats away to join the rest of the atmosphere...
[21:43] * The Thing stands there amid it's vortex covering..then seems to look around the the remains of the starts to look around more's eyes burning brighter and brighter green.........
[21:45] * The Thing looks to the sky and gives out a loud unearthly wail...
[21:46] *** the wail arches through the divine....crying out in a way that only gods can hear...a cry of the lost and forgotten...
[21:47] *** to be continued...

[06:30] *** the city of Larissa, Greece wakes up to a rather nasty surprise, as a massive tornado like vortex approches the city...onlookers swear that it seems to be almost making some horrible if it were crying......evacuation orders are almost immeidatly planned...

[07:32] *** Day 14: England, 893 AD - Hazel Age 14 - Hazel takes employment at the local tavern as the latest serving-wench in order to ostensibly regain some income, and endures the various indignities of the position as she very carefully listens for any clues as to who might have done damage to the farm. She eventually manages to work out who all the players are, and with tiny doses of mind-altering substances slipped into a few of their drinks, she sets them on a suicidal course to lay waste the lands of the people who employed them, implicating another faction in the village leadership as the culprits. Thus began a nasty series of moves and countermoves all of the humans' own volition, and while their farms burned, Hazel's (and a few others she made sure would remain untouched for plausible deniability) began to take up the slack in terms of business.... TO BE CONTINUED

[19:56] *** Larissa, Greece
[19:56] *** Freya Felinus has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:56] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Freya Felinus
[19:57] * Freya Felinus emerges from the door..only to nearly get blown away by the sheer force of the wind O_O
[19:58] * A pair of hands immediately dart out to hold Freya.
[19:58] *** David O`Cain [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:58] <@spiritflame> konbanwa David O`Cain
[19:58] * Freya Felinus is grabbed!
[19:59] <Sif> I gotcha, Miss Felinus♫
[19:59] * David O`Cain is trying to keep his footing
[20:00] *** the entire city is being bombarded by immense winds....several bulidings have been torn apart by the sheer strength of them
[20:01] * Senna works to help get everyone over to a safehouse she got set up in the interim.
[20:03] * David O`Cain uses his Strike Chain to chain walk to Senna
[20:03] <Senna> Over here.
[20:04] * Sif dances on up towards the safehouse. "....wait, we short one person?"
[20:04] <David O`Cain> Where's Hideki?
[20:07] * Hideki Kaze is there...trying to ignore the battering of the wind
[20:07] *** you can hear a rumbling tanks drive by you...or try to..they're fighting against the wind
[20:08] <Sif> Bad idea.
[20:08] <Senna> That thing's angry..... yet sad....
[20:08] * Freya Felinus is shouting to be heard over the roaring of the wind
[20:08] *** the massive misty humanoid wrapped in the tornado is roaring..or wailing..up at the heavens...and doesn't notice the tanks yet
[20:12] <David O`Cain> How are we supposed to get there without getting blown away from all that wind? It's like fighting an EF-5.
[20:15] *** the tanks FIRE on the massive thing......
[20:15] <Sif> .....oh grognuts.
[20:15] * Senna has a feeling she knows what is about to happen.
[20:17] *** the thing..whatever it is..turns as the shots hit it....
[20:18] <Freya Felinus> EVERYONE..HOLD ON!
[20:19] * David O`Cain finds something to hold onto
[20:19] * Freya Felinus grips onto a lamp pole..while Hideki tries to use his chains to grip the ground
[20:21] *** The Thing makes a strange noise....and strikes forward a limb....a great vortex blasting forth and causing the tanks to be blown far away over the horizon
[20:22] <Sif> Impressive distance~
[20:22] * David O`Cain uses a Strike Chain to further brace himself after grabbing onto a separate lamp pole
[20:23] * Freya Felinus and Hideki hold on to not get blasted away
[20:24] *** The Thing seems to finally notice your least it seems so
[20:24] <Freya Felinus> ..I think we've been spotted
[20:25] * Senna has her eyes closed, and seems to be listening for something....
[20:25] <Hideki Kaze> I don't care..we need to find Matsumi
[20:30] *** the Thing slams a hurricane strength wind towareds the group
[20:31] * Senna opens her eyes, and a powerful shield forms to diffuse the winds harmlessly around the group.
[20:31] * Hideki Kaze tries to move forward even with the shield...looking for his wife
[20:32] <David O`Cain> Thanks!
[20:32] <Senna> Plenty of other-side friends.
[20:32] <Freya Felinus> there's..something about that thing......
[20:34] * Sif double-checks something with Senna, then darts out to help Hideki find Matsumi. For being such a tiny thing she's moving pretty deftly through all the wind.
[20:34] <David O`Cain> What do you suspect, Freya?
[20:34] * Hideki Kaze tries calling to his wife....but is having trouble getting his voice over the roar of the winds
[20:35] <Freya Felinus> I don't's a strange feeling
[20:36] <Senna> Whatever that feeling is, focus on it. Understand it. Then speak of it.
[20:38] <Senna> Don't think with brain, feel with heart and soul.
[20:39] * Freya Felinus closes her eyes..trying to remember her priestess training
[20:40] *** an old man..who ignored the evacuation..darts out near where Hideki and Sif are.....he babbles something about the gods returning...and seems to be screaming some sort of cry for foregiveness
[20:43] * Freya Felinus holds her head in pain and starts screaming
[20:47] <Senna> Mr. David, can you help Miss Freya?
[20:47] * Sif does what she can to try and get the old man to a safer location.
[20:47] <David O`Cain> I can try.
[20:47] * David O`Cain tries to use his healing ability to ease Freya's pain
[20:50] * Hideki Kaze tries to dart forward to get the old man..but someone is faster and moves him...just as the thing's "foot" nearly hits him...and you two as well
[20:52] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:52] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Matsumi Kaze
[20:52] * Matsumi Kaze sets the old man..who is shaking..aside
[20:52] <Hideki Kaze> MATSUMI!
[20:54] <Matsumi Kaze> we need to stop it..before it hurts anyone else!
[20:54] *** the Thing finally notices you bunch again, including Matsumi
[20:55] <Sif> We're all ears, Matsumi. How shall we bring it down?
[20:55] * David O`Cain is still trying to ease Freya's pain
[20:56] * Matsumi Kaze nods, looking determined
[20:57] * Hideki Kaze sticks close to his wife, staring up at the massive form
[20:57] *** Ready to go, guys?
[20:59] <David O`Cain> (( Ready. ))
[21:00] <Sif> Ready when you are~
[21:01] ☼ Scouter indicates Hideki Kaze has POWERED UP!
[21:01] ☼ Scouter indicates Matsumi Kaze has POWERED UP!
[21:01] ☼ Scouter indicates Sif has POWERED UP!
[21:01] ☼ Scouter indicates The Thing has POWERED UP!
[21:02] * Senna has a figuring they might need backup, and so whispers for a spirit to go fetch a friend....
[21:02] * David O`Cain is now known as Capt. David O`Cain
[21:03] ☼ Scouter indicates Capt. David O`Cain has POWERED UP!
[21:04] * Nelius Raoul appears out of goddamn nowhere.
[21:04] ☼ Scouter indicates Nelius Raoul has POWERED UP!
[21:05] <@spiritflame> The current battle order is: Raoul, David, Hideki, Sif, Matsumi, The Thing
[21:05] * The Thing 's eyes burn looking at the tiny figures
[21:06] <Nelius Raoul> You guys holding up all right?
[21:07] <Capt. David O`Cain> So far.
[21:08] █████ Nelius Raoul faces the Thing, and he fires a Ki Wave at the beast.
[21:09] <Sif> Senna's got Freya holed up somewhere safe.
[21:09] █████ The Thing has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /def ]
[21:09] * The Thing throws it's wind against Raoul's try and reflect it
[21:10] █████ Nelius Raoul has BLOCKED the attack!
[21:10] * Nelius Raoul smacks the shot away.
[21:10] <Nelius Raoul> Guess we'll need to use even stronger stuff.
[21:11] █████ Capt. David O`Cain fires a ball of energy from his arm cannon, aiming at The Thing
[21:11] █████ The Thing has BLOCKED the attack!
[21:12] * The Thing 's wind causes the energy to whirl off course
[21:12] <Capt. David O`Cain> S[BLEEP]t...
[21:14] █████ Hideki Kaze tries to throw a power ladened shurikin at the monsterious figure..hoping to blind it
[21:14] ████ The Thing has been STAGGERED!!
[21:14] * The Thing is hit by the attack and makes an annoyed roar
[21:16] █████ Sif looks to follow up by firing one of her favorite guns at whatever would be considered its arms.
[21:16] █████ The Thing has been SAVAGED!!
[21:17] * The Thing 's funnel is burst apart briefly by the attack!
[21:17] * Nelius Raoul takes this moment to get a damn good view of what it is they're battling.
[21:18] *** the thing is a misty gigantic humanoid...almost familer in shape with burning eyes
[21:18] █████ Matsumi Kaze powers up a blast in her hands and fires the glowing energy at the thing
[21:19] █████ The Thing has DODGED the attack!
[21:19] * The Thing avoids the attack by letting it pass through it
[21:19] * The Thing makes a loud roaring wail...
[21:19] █████ The Thing fires a huge burst of wind at the group
[21:20] █████ Capt. David O`Cain has BLOCKED the attack!
[21:20] ████ Matsumi Kaze has been SAVAGED!!
[21:20] * Matsumi Kaze is hit by the wind and sent crashing towards a building
[21:20] ████ Sif has been EVISCERATED!!
[21:20] █████ Hideki Kaze has DODGED the attack!
[21:21] * Hideki Kaze manages to aviod the blast
[21:21] ████ Nelius Raoul has been SLAMMED BACK!!
[21:21] * Capt. David O`Cain manages to use his Strike Chain to hold himself in place
[21:21] * Nelius Raoul and Sif go skidding back a fair bit, but manage to right themselves quickly. Sif runs over to help Matsumi out.
[21:22] <Matsumi Kaze> ugh I'm fine....
[21:22] ████ Nelius Raoul makes a punching motion.... and the fist of Cubus Gigant appears to sock the Thing in its face!!
[21:23] █████ The Thing has been EVISCERATED!!
[21:23] * The Thing is hit HARD in the face!!!!! staggering back
[21:24] █████ Capt. David O`Cain changes over to the Jupiter Upgrade, and fires a trio of electrical balls at the Thing
[21:24] ████ The Thing has been ROCKED!!
[21:24] * The Thing is hit HARD by the attack and it's eyes glow furiously
[21:25] * Hideki Kaze gets his next attack ready..but then pauses...
[21:25] *** as you watch, you can see the Thing seem to's glow seeming to fade in and out
[21:25] <Nelius Raoul> Something's up.
[21:26] * The Thing 's vortex weakly starts to collapse towareds the ground
[21:27] <Capt. David O`Cain> What the..?
[21:27] <Sif> Doubt it's out of juice just yet.... Hideki, Matsumi, either of you two got any ideas?
[21:27] <Matsumi Kaze> guys...
[21:28] <Matsumi Kaze> ..I..I don't feel so good..
[21:28] * Hideki Kaze glances over
[21:28] <Hideki Kaze> ..Matsumi!
[21:28] * Matsumi Kaze is looking down at her hands...which slowly start to dissolve
[21:28] <Nelius Raoul> Oh don't tell me this is some LifeLink bulls[BLEEP]t going on.
[21:29] <Capt. David O`Cain> Okay, what the hell is going on? (is looking at the Thing and Matsumi)
[21:29] *** the thing also seems to be partially dissolving
[21:30] * Matsumi Kaze starts to collapse backwards but is caught by Hideki
[21:31] * Nelius Raoul and Sif head over to the Thing whilst Senna gets Astlyr and Moira to arrive and help Hideki.
[21:32] * Capt. David O`Cain follows Raoul and Sif
[21:32] * Matsumi Kaze is still dissolving unless someone can do someting to stabalize her
[21:32] <Hideki Kaze> no no no
[21:33] * Astlyr and Moira are all over that like paint on a house. They work to get Matsumi stabilized.
[21:34] * Nelius Raoul observes the Thing as Sif gets in touch with a few other allies.
[21:34] * Matsumi Kaze 's form stabalizes...her body recreating...the Thing also starts to stop dissolving..but both Matsumi and the Thing seem weakened
[21:35] <Nelius Raoul> S[BLEEP]t, I'm starting to think Janice was onto something.
[21:36] <Capt. David O`Cain> How so?
[21:37] <Hideki Kaze> this is not suppose to happen..this is not happening
[21:37] <Nelius Raoul> According to what Janice heard the other night, Hideki said that Matsumi willingly gave up on her God powers. If these things are an incarnation of those powers, it'd explain why bringing it down nearly made Matsumi disappear again.
[21:37] <Nelius Raoul> ^ If this thing is
[21:38] <Capt. David O`Cain> Hmmm.
[21:38] <Hideki Kaze> WELL THEN WHAT DO WE DO
[21:38] <Freya Felinus> ..we should go back to the Hotel...
[21:38] * Freya Felinus looks weak but is walking towards the others
[21:38] <Nelius Raoul> We're gonna head straight to the Infirmary.
[21:39] * Nelius Raoul turns, and waves his hand, opening a Gate straight to the Infirmary's floor.
[21:40] * Hideki Kaze rushes Matsumi through the gate
[21:40] * Freya Felinus glances at the thing..still huge and wrapped in strange misty energy..but subdued..for now...
[21:40] * Freya Felinus heads to the gate..but exits the infirmary almost immediatly..she has to talk to someone
[21:41] *** Freya Felinus has left #suburbansenshi3
[21:41] *** Hideki Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi3
[21:41] <Nelius Raoul> Well, we can't leave that thing here, lest it kick up another fuss.
[21:41] * Nelius Raoul works with Sif and Senna to create a powerful containment field, so they can transport it elsewhere.
[21:42] * Nelius Raoul then gets Thirza on the horn. The foxy lady is prepared to help in transport.
[21:43] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi3 (*transports the Thing to a secure area. Astlyr and Moira head with Hideki and Freya, incase complications arise.*)
[21:45] *** Capt. David O`Cain [] has left #suburbansenshi3
[21:51] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: None

[18:53] *** Day 15: England, 894 AD - Hazel Age 15 - Hazel, having successfully turned the landowners against one another, has bought herself a measure of peace amidst the chaos. She cannot take advantage of the respite, however, as she comes home one day to discover her foster mother collapsed on the ground, breathing shallowly. She suspects someone has poisoned her in revenge... TO BE CONTINUED

[20:59] *** for those taking suddenly feel like your whole body is pulled inside out..and not in the pleasantest of ways....
[21:00] *** your mind seems to explode outwards...every color, sound and sensation hitting you all at once
[21:01] *** the world you were in is yanked hard away from you're flung across every corner of every possibility
[21:01] <David O`Cain> (Duuuuuude! I can taste the colors!)
[21:01] <David O`Cain> - (Moron. We can't taste nor feel anything.) -
[21:02] <David O`Cain> (But it's so trippy, man! Where's Cheech and Chong?!)
[21:02] * Matsuo Shin tries to keep his thoughts together as well as everyone else...
[21:02] <Sean Collins> (ugh....what was in that tube...???)
[21:02] <Euri Inochi> (This is almost bad as that time Alice took me to Wonderlaaaaand - erk - I thinkI'mgoingtobesick)
[21:03] *** a thousand swirling screaming colors pull at you..pull at your mind and form
[21:03] <Sean Collins> O_o
[21:04] <The Magistra> Meh....
[21:04] *** the swirls of form and energy and thought and color finally EXPLODE into your you probably slam hard into the ground
[21:05] <Matsuo Shin> OOF!
[21:06] * Matsuo Shin sits there for a second...till the ringing in his head finally stops ><
[21:06] * The Magistra is now stuck headfirst in the ground. "mmmaasuooo... mmever.... ,agafff
[21:06] * Zotia peels herself off the ground. "Let's go again! Let's go again!" @_@
[21:06] <David O`Cain> Owwwww...
[21:07] * Euri Inochi groans loudly, her lungs aching as she struggles to get up. (I'm... not as young as I used to be..)
[21:07] * Sean Collins bellyflops! "GAK!"
[21:07] * Matsuo Shin staggers over..and manages to pull Magistra out
[21:07] * Matsuo Shin winces for a moment..waiting to let his eyes focus
[21:08] * The Magistra pops free and wobbles.
[21:08] *** might become aware of only have one heart
[21:08] * Zotia shakes off the trippiness, and tries to get a bead on where they are.
[21:08] * Sean Collins coughs a few times, and slowly starts to pick himself up off the ground...
[21:08] <David O`Cain> Man, what was that?
[21:09] <Matsuo Shin> enhanced astral projection
[21:09] <The Magistra> I feel funny...
[21:09] <Sean Collins> Ow...ugh...I've had worse falls...why did that one hurt so much?
[21:09] <The Magistra> ...Matsuo. Why do I only have one pulse?
[21:09] <Matsuo Shin> oh that...
[21:09] <Matsuo Shin> technically
[21:10] <Matsuo Shin> we're back in the hotel still
[21:10] <Matsuo Shin> our minds are currently projected into existing compatible shells
[21:10] <David O`Cain> Funky.
[21:10] <Matsuo Shin> ...more then likely we do not have our powers anymore
[21:10] <Zotia> So we're basically temporarily soul-jacking people of the past. Lovely.
[21:10] <Sean Collins> Compatible...shells?
[21:11] *** currently you're on a cobbled stone road, worn by age but still managened...the path seems to lead to the very large walled city not far from you
[21:12] <Matsuo Shin> ..more then likely a human shell
[21:12] <Euri Inochi> I feel like we aren't dressed for the occasion..
[21:12] * Sean Collins looks at his hands....arms...body....
[21:13] *** Sean, you're in a young man's body..same age as you are...dressed in clothes of the era thankfully...
[21:13] <Zotia> In such a case, let's find our information quickly. Is that city over there our first investigational spot?
[21:13] <Matsuo Shin> I think that's our best bet...
[21:13] <Sean Collins> So...I'm in a human body?
[21:13] <Matsuo Shin> we all are
[21:14] <David O`Cain> Oh. Damn.
[21:14] <Matsuo Shin> Euri, are you alright?
[21:14] <Sean Collins> By the spirits...I feel so...weak. Fragile....Are humans usually this cold?
[21:15] <Matsuo Shin> we ae near....well where the Capian Sea will end up..probably in the middle of it
[21:15] <Zotia> It'd generally depend on the human. There have been some that have managed to get strong enough to combat immense beings, but that's a story for another time.
[21:15] <Euri Inochi> This is all very... unnerving.
[21:16] <Zotia> 'Sides, it's not like we'd have time to train these people to get to that point. Let's find our information swiftly.
[21:16] * Euri Inochi looks visibly shaken. (I HATE time travel even more!)
[21:16] * Sean Collins shudders a little, but follows along with the others.
[21:17] * Matsuo Shin starts to head towards the city........
[21:17] * David O`Cain looks at his surroundings as he follows Matsuo
[21:17] *** there are people walking to and fro from the city....there are guards in front of the main gate of the city
[21:18] <Matsuo Shin> ....let's hope we're actually prepared for this
[21:18] <Sean Collins> What year is this again?
[21:19] <Matsuo Shin> we ae in the year 8100s bc...
[21:19] <Matsuo Shin> ...the latter part of the silver millennium...
[21:20] *** as you approach the can see that they're checking traveller's passes
[21:21] * The Magistra checks her pockets or bags
[21:21] <Sean Collins> Uh oh...they are looking for IDs or something?
[21:22] * Euri Inochi bites her lips nervously as she looks around, wary and uncertian, following the others.
[21:22] <Zotia> Looks like it. Now I wonder, are we travelers, or citizens?
[21:22] *** Magistra, you indeed have a bag slung on your shoulder......everyone does actually......
[21:23] <Matsuo Shin> I'm guessing we're travellers
[21:23] *** you soon find yourselves brought forward to the guards
[21:23] <Guard> halt!
[21:23] * Guard glances at the group
[21:23] <Guard> travellers?.....
[21:24] * Sean Collins stops like a deer in the headlights 0.0
[21:24] <Matsuo Shin> ....
[21:24] * Matsuo Shin glances at the rest of the group..then at the guard
[21:24] * David O`Cain stops in his tracks
[21:24] * Zotia checks her bag.
[21:25] <Guard> the looks of it yes
[21:25] <Guard> we get more of them every day...*sigh*
[21:25] <Guard> well you know the drill...passes please
[21:26] <Matsuo Shin> ....passes?...OH..p-passes
[21:26] * David O`Cain checks his bag and person for his pass
[21:26] * Sean Collins checks his pockets.
[21:26] * Matsuo Shin fumbles into the bag
[21:26] *** you lucky all have passes..........
[21:27] <Guard> come on..come on
[21:27] <Sean Collins> Here it is
[21:27] * Guard takes the pass from sean..
[21:27] * Zotia presents her pass. "I believe this is it."
[21:27] * David O`Cain hands over his pass, "Here, sir (or ma'am)."
[21:27] * Matsuo Shin quickly hands over his pass
[21:28] * Euri Inochi hands hers over as well.
[21:28] * The Magistra hands hers over
[21:28] * Sean Collins thinks and remembering back to the Silver Millenium, clicks into his more formal dialogue. "Sorry for the delay. Its been a long journey for us. We haven't slept much."
[21:28] * Guard examine the passes and looks over the group....taking a fairly long time to do so
[21:29] <Matsuo Shin> oh..OH YES..we've come quite far away
[21:29] * The Magistra doesn't say anything, just smiles politely.
[21:29] * Guard just arches an eyebrow at Matsuo
[21:30] * Matsuo Shin shuts up
[21:30] * Guard pauses..and then hands over the passes
[21:30] <Guard> alright, you're free to go in
[21:30] <Guard> enjoy your stay in our city
[21:30] * Sean Collins takes his pass and thanks the guard.
[21:31] * The Magistra takes hers back and breifly looks over it before returning it to her bag
[21:32] * Matsuo Shin takes the pass..nods...and walks through the gate
[21:32] <David O`Cain> Thank you (takes his pass back).
[21:33] * Euri Inochi smiles thankfully as she takes it and follows the others through the gate.
[21:34] * Zotia follows as well, making certain her pass is securely back in the bag.
[21:34] *** as you go through the find yourself within the city's very large...the buildings and architecture is a strange mix of Greco-Roman as well as hints of what might later be called an almost islamic -ish style of can see large buildings, smaller ones, a market seems to make up most of the area you have just entered....
[21:35] *** people are walking back and forth..dressed again in a mix of greco-ish with hints of early middle ages as, women an children mingling and chatting...
[21:36] * Matsuo Shin glances around...
[21:36] * Matsuo Shin seems almost in awe when he sees one man utilizing what looks like some sort of mix of a horse drawn wagon with a strange magi-tech wheel system
[21:37] <Matsuo Shin> - not magi-tech but close
[21:38] *** one child nearly runs into you, euri, but manages to continue on it's way
[21:38] <Matsuo Shin>'re here
[21:38] * Euri Inochi whirls around, out of the path of the child. She hisses out, "Watch it!"
[21:39] *** the child's mother runs over and apologizes to Euri and leads the child away
[21:39] <Matsuo Shin> you alright, Euri?
[21:40] <David O`Cain> (Quite the place, though.)
[21:40] * The Magistra starts muttering under her breath, seeing if spoken spells work
[21:40] *** Magistra, the answer is..nope
[21:41] * Matsuo Shin finds himself looking at one of the buildings..inticratly decorated with painted designs and nearly runs into a goat, who loudly voices it's displeasure
[21:41] <Matsuo Shin> gah!
[21:42] <Euri Inochi> Tch, I feel like we're standing out too much.
[21:42] <Zotia> (What would be here that ought to help us get Matsumi right as rain?)
[21:43] <The Magistra> Usually at times like these, one should head to a tavern to gather information
[21:44] <Matsuo Shin> do you see one?
[21:44] <Matsuo Shin> ...I never knew they had buildings like this
[21:45] * The Magistra looks for one
[21:47] *** there doesn't seem at first to be any sign of one...nad then you notice a small building, decorated with a worn out sign...where a few rather..intoxicated men stagger out of
[21:48] <Zotia> I think that's our info-spot.
[21:49] <David O`Cain> That didn't take long.
[21:49] * Matsuo Shin has briefly wandered off, looking at the goods at one stall in the market place
[21:51] <Matsuo Shin> they actually were able to combine quartz molding like this?
[21:52] * The Magistra reaches over and grabs Matsuo "Focus"
[21:52] <Matsuo Shin> oh! sorry!
[21:53] * Matsuo Shin puts the item back
[21:54] <Matsuo Shin> where are we going again?
[21:54] <The Magistra> Tavern to gather info, unless you have an actual plan
[21:54] <Zotia> Found our potential spot. Let's go.
[21:55] <Matsuo Shin> Id on't have a plan
[21:55] <Matsuo Shin> so yes let's go there
[21:55] *** the tavern lucky is not far from where you are
[21:55] <David O`Cain> Doing alright?
[21:56] <Matsuo Shin> yes just
[21:56] <Matsuo Shin> ....a little out of place here
[21:56] <Euri Inochi> It's certainly... all quite breathtaking,isn't it.
[21:56] * David O`Cain nods
[21:57] * Matsuo Shin heads for the tavern
[21:57] <Matsuo Shin> .....back home we..
[21:58] * Sean Collins follows Matsuo.
[21:58] <Matsuo Shin> ..come to think of it..we never talked about Earth
[21:58] <Sean Collins> For those of us from the outer worlds, Earth was little in the news.
[21:58] * David O`Cain follows Matsuo towards the tavern
[21:59] <Sean Collins> Inner and outer kingdoms didn't really...converse much.
[22:00] <Matsuo Shin> .....I think only one text book i had mentioned existing
[22:00] * Matsuo Shin enters the tavern
[22:00] * Euri Inochi enters as well, staring.
[22:00] * Sean Collins walks in after Matsuo
[22:00] <Euri Inochi> (Europa wasn't nearly as amazing as this place was...)
[22:01] <Zotia> //me enters as well, eyes scanning over the patrons. Which one among them might have the loosest lips?
[22:01] * Zotia ^
[22:01] * The Magistra follows the others
[22:01] *** the tavern is what you would expect....people drinking at the bar and at tables..there is music from a sort of bard kind of person in a corner.....people walk to and fro and the bartender seems to be a rather rough looking customer
[22:02] <David O`Cain> (Yeah, don't think getting a fight in here is a good idea.)
[22:03] * Matsuo Shin is trying not to look awkward
[22:05] * Sean Collins motions Matsuo to join him at the bar.
[22:05] * Matsuo Shin heads to the bar
[22:05] <Bartender> what do you want...
[22:06] <Matsuo Shin> uh
[22:06] * Matsuo Shin looks to Sean
[22:06] <Sean Collins> Tolerance is a little low right now, due to lack of sleep. Got anything strong?
[22:07] * Bartender turns away..and then gives them both cups of some sort of brown drink
[22:07] <Matsuo Shin> thank you
[22:08] * Matsuo Shin takes a sip...and winces just a bit
[22:08] <Matsuo Shin> ..perfect ><
[22:08] <Sean Collins> Matsuo, I know you're a little frazzled right now...but can you pick up on anything from the patrons here?
[22:08] <Matsuo Shin> no...I don't have my telepathy anymore..remember?
[22:08] * Sean Collins takes his glass, turns his back to the bar, and looks over the tavern, swirling the liquor in the glass.
[22:09] <Sean Collins> Yeah...forgot....
[22:09] <Matsuo Shin> Id on't even know where to start...why this place
[22:10] <Sean Collins> Magistra suggested getting information...
[22:10] * The Magistra closes her eyes and leans against a wall, listening to the converessations around her, listening for anyone passing about odd rumors
[22:10] * Sean Collins looks around the room...for an "escort".
[22:12] *** you can hear various chats...a few about the odd things that have been or two about rumors about the Earth royal family......a mention of the about the person who is suffering from some very unfortunate case of the runs......some guy wanting to become a mighty pirate whatever that about a bad pet
[22:13] *** there is a woman walking by Euri who might match the description...she is wearing a necklace around her throat in the shape of the symbol of Jupiter apperently
[22:13] * Euri Inochi feels and looks very awkward.
[22:14] <Euri Inochi> (!!!!)
[22:14] <Euri Inochi> A-ah, excuse me! *reaches out to tap the woman on her shoulder*
[22:17] <Woman> hm yes?
[22:18] <Euri Inochi> That is a beautiful necklace! Where ever did you get it?
[22:19] <Sean Collins> /he stays his hand as Euri speaks to the woman.
[22:19] * The Magistra listens in on on one of the "odd happenings" conversations
[22:19] * Sean Collins ^
[22:21] * David O`Cain orders himself some food and drink, and does his best to listen
[22:21] <Woman> oh!
[22:22] <Woman> from the is a sign of the worship
[22:22] <Woman> have you come to see the temple as well?
[22:22] <Matsuo shin> ....sean...that necklace
[22:23] <Matsuo shin> ...why would the sign of jupiter be on Earth
[22:23] <Euri Inochi> W-why yes, I have! My friends and I have traveled from afar just to see the magnificent temples!
[22:23] <Woman> oh! you cannot miss is to the far end of the city! may their blessings be on you
[22:24] <Zotia> (Something about this seems off...)
[22:24] <Sean Collins> Not sure...unless it has something to do you remember the old Origin Stories?
[22:25] <Sean Collins> The stories that tell of how the gods of old created the planets and their people?
[22:27] <Zotia> (Though what significance would Jupiter have on this investigation?)
[22:27] <Matsuo Shin> a little......I think we should see this temple
[22:27] * Euri Inochi smiles and bows in thanks.
[22:27] * Woman bows in return...and goes over to a table where another woman is waiting for her
[22:28] <Matsuo Shin> thank you, Euri! I think we have our lead
[22:29] <Matsuo Shin> shall we visit the temple, my good travelers?
[22:29] <Zotia> I see no reason to decline.
[22:29] <The Magistra> It's as good as any of the leads I overheard
[22:29] * Euri Inochi nods enthusiastically!
[22:30] * Sean Collins pays for the drinks...lucky to have some money in his pockets!
[22:31] <David O`Cain> Let's visit.
[22:31] * David O`Cain makes sure to pay for his meal and drink
[22:31] <Sean Collins> Let's head out
[22:32] * Matsuo Shin heads out of the bar....and starts to make his way through the town..trying best not to..bump into people
[22:34] * Sean Collins follows Matsuo
[22:34] * Euri Inochi follows, whispering to the others, "I can't believe how crowded it is here."
[22:34] *** as you make your way back through the find the temple isn't that hard to's perched ontop of a large stairway..and is the biggest building in the entire city...people are walking to and fro from can see people wearing those necklaces...but they're not all the same symbols
[22:34] * David O`Cain carefully tags along
[22:35] <Matsuo Shin> well this does seem to be one of the larger cities on Earth at this point....seems oddly isolated though...given the walls
[22:35] * Zotia follows behind. (Wait...)
[22:35] * Zotia does her best to check out those other symbols.
[22:37] *** can see some jupiter ones..there's a mercury one....there's a few mars ones...
[22:37] <Matsuo Shin> .....i'm guessing this is the temple?
[22:37] * Zotia steps over towards Matsuo.
[22:38] <Zotia> Those necklaces..... it's not just Jupiter. I saw Mercury and Mars as well.
[22:38] <Zotia> Waht to bet we'd see the others as well?
[22:38] <Matsuo Shin> ......that is odd...
[22:38] <Sean Collins> What are they worshiping? The Princesses? The old Gods?
[22:39] <Matsuo Shin> ...I don't know
[22:39] <Matsuo Shin> Earth and the other least from what happened on the moon....they weren't on the best of terms
[22:40] <David O`Cain> Very odd indeed.
[22:40] <Matsuo Shin> this shouldn't actually be possible
[22:40] <Sean Collins> But the woman mentioned worship...and those necklaces...
[22:40] <Matsuo Shin> shall we enter the temple, my friends?
[22:40] <Sean Collins> We need to go inside
[22:40] <David O`Cain> It's alright by me.
[22:40] <Zotia> Let's. (And hopefully we'll get some answers on this.)
[22:42] * Euri Inochi gazes around in awe.
[22:42] * Matsuo Shin climbs the stairs......and enters the main part of the temple...
[22:42] * Matsuo Shin nods to the people passing by..trying to seem...completely normal
[22:43] *** as you enter.....the temple as you absolutely enormous..there are quite a few people there....almost all of them wearing those necklaces
[22:43] * David O`Cain walks up the stairs
[22:43] * Sean Collins follows, keeping an eye out for any other symbols on the necklaces
[22:44] * Zotia lets her eyes flick back and forth. Are there other symbols here?
[22:44] *** the thing though that will immediately catch your eye....on either side of the rooms....are gigantic statues...........
[22:44] <The Magistra> hmmm
[22:45] * Sean Collins looks up at the statues
[22:45] * David O`Cain takes a look at the statues
[22:46] * The Magistra looks up
[22:46] *** the statues are carved from white stone...gilded with gold...and each of them are of a different Princess of the other planets....each holding symbols tied to them...
[22:46] <Matsuo Shin> ...................
[22:46] * a few men and women for example, are praying before a gigantic statue of the princess of Jupiter, holding in one hand a thunder bolt..and in the other a rose
[22:47] <Sean Collins> ....they are worshiping the goddesses?
[22:48] * the largest of the statues is in the far back..of the Moon Princess..her arms outstretched with a grand frieze behind her showing herself and the other princesses
[22:48] * Matsuo Shin seems strongly overwhelmed by this
[22:48] <Matsuo Shin> *strangly
[22:48] * The Magistra looks to see if there is one of Quinox
[22:49] * Euri Inochi finds herself drawn to the statue of Jupiter. She gazes up at it with an expression of both anguish and longing.
[22:49] <Zotia> (Odd... it was stated that relations weren't all that good among the other worlds. Was something overlooked or outright altered?)
[22:49] *** Sean, there is a statue of the Princess of Saturn..wielding the silence gave in one hand.......and a cracked version of the heavenly sphere in the other.....there are very few worshipers for her
[22:49] <Sean Collins> (I guess worshiping death and ruin isn't so popular.)
[22:50] *** actually Magistra....there does seem to be one towards the back....there are a few worshippers there..with a woman who seems to be guiding and helping them with a prayer
[22:50] * The Magistra heads twords that woman.
[22:51] <David O`Cain> (This is quite a set up. So many statues.)
[22:51] * One Man notices you, Euri, and offers to help you with giving an offering to the Goddess Jupiter...
[22:51] * Sean Collins also curiously looks around to see who was handing out those necklaces...
[22:52] * Matsuo Shin notices Magistra and follows a bit..but finds himself gazing at each statue
[22:52] *** the necklaces are being handed out by men and women..each positioned near the statues
[22:52] * Priestess seems at the moment to be blessing one man who is bowed before the statue of Quinox
[22:53] * Euri Inochi jumps, startled by the man. She lets him show her what to do.
[22:53] * Matsuo Shin looks up at the statue....
[22:53] <Sean Collins> (I wonder if there is a high priest or priestess heading this temple? Are they giving out the necklaces and bringing in new followers to this temple?)
[22:53] *** the statue of the Princess of Quinox shows her with a spear in one hand...and holding out a hand with a moth perched on the other...there is stylized air flows around the base
[22:54] * Priestess notices magistra
[22:54] <Priestess> hello? may I help you, traveler?
[22:54] * Sean Collins approaches the priestess near the Saturn Statue
[22:54] <The Magistra> I was just admireing the statue. Of the Princess of Quinox yes?
[22:55] <Priestess> it is of the Goddess, Quinox
[22:55] <Priestess> are you a follower of the goddess?
[22:55] <Zotia> (Hmm.....)
[22:55] * Priestess of Saturn helps an old woman in putting an offering near the statue
[22:56] * Sean Collins glances at the offering...
[22:56] <The Magistra> Worship is a strong word. Let's go with, admire and respect
[22:56] * Priestess of Saturn is helping with an offering of dead flowers
[22:57] <Matsuo Shin> if you pardon we here.....she is the goddess of?
[22:57] <Sean Collins> Goddess of Death, is she?
[22:57] <Priestess> oh! I am sorry!
[22:57] <Zotia> (So Quinox was indeed acknowledged here.... though what of the other places?)
[22:57] <Priestess> she is the goddess of Air and Mysteries...for after all is she not the guardian of all that is unknown from us?
[22:58] <Priestess of Saturn> my friend, she is the Goddess of all that is nessciary..for without death is there no new life?
[22:58] * Matsuo Shin looks around at all the worshippers.....
[22:59] * Priestess of Saturn does a blessing to the old woman who hobbles away
[22:59] <Sean Collins> What sort of blessings come from death?
[23:00] * Priest of Jupiter tells Euri of how Jupiter protects their worshippers and teaches her a prayer to the Goddess
[23:00] <Priestess of Saturn> though her all evil is destroyed...and we are purified......we ask her to make that which will come to an end to be one of joy rather than sorrow......
[23:01] <Matsuo Shin> ...are there many worshippers of Quinox?
[23:01] * Euri Inochi listens to the Priest of Jupiter and then does the prayer as taught.
[23:01] <Priestess of Quinox> oh there are many visitors who call upon in this place we call on the Goddesses to protect us and give us guidance...
[23:02] <Priestess of Quinox> though there are also many who say what we do is wrong....that the Goddess care not for us...but...we who belive..know deep down that that is not so
[23:02] <Matsuo Shin> I...see...
[23:02] <Sean Collins> I see...and yet she has fewer worshipers than the others?
[23:03] <Priestess of Saturn> many fear them...but those who belive do so with a great heart *smiles to Sean*
[23:04] * a woman watches the group as they talk to the priests and priestesses
[23:04] * David O`Cain is still looking at each of the statues
[23:04] * Matsuo Shin seems lost in thought but glances at Magistra
[23:05] <The Magistra> Hmm?
[23:05] <Sean Collins> Hmm...Might I also recieve your blessing, and a necklace for your goddess?
[23:05] <Priestess of Saturn> of course!
[23:06] * Priestess of Saturn turns and puts a necklace around Sean's neck with the symbol of Saturn on it..and proceeds to do a blessing in the name of the Goddess Saturn
[23:06] <Matsuo Shin> I didn't know...I didn't know we were seen as gods...
[23:06] * Sean Collins kneels down...
[23:06] <Matsuo Shin> i mean.yes we were blessed by the six and spirits but...gods?
[23:07] <The Magistra> It's possible this isn't right
[23:08] <Matsuo Shin> it feels like......I mean there's alot of people here but it still feels isolated......
[23:08] *** there's a slight tremor in the room
[23:08] * Priestess of Saturn glances around....looking just a little confused
[23:09] *** many of the worshippers stop what they're doing, glancing around in slight confusion..and there are murmers in the room
[23:09] <Zotia> ....what was that?
[23:09] * Sean Collins stands up when the tremor rumbles...
[23:09] <Matsuo Shin> ...
[23:09] <Matsuo Shin> ..wait a moment
[23:09] * Zotia looks for any window so she can see if something is going on outside.
[23:09] <Matsuo Shin> ...........the year...
[23:09] <Sean Collins> Excuse me...
[23:10] * Sean Collins goes back to his companions!
[23:10] <David O`Cain> What?
[23:11] <Euri Inochi> ??!??
[23:11] <The Magistra> Earthquake?
[23:11] * Euri Inochi gets startled out of the deep prayer she was in by the tremble.
[23:12] * Matsuo Shin glances out...
[23:12] *** there's another tremble
[23:12] <Matsuo Shin> .....we are in the year 8102.....
[23:12] <Matsuo Shin> probably december and by the ti-...
[23:13] <Matsuo Shin> ...oh s[BLEEP]t
[23:13] <David O`Cain> Oh no...
[23:13] <Sean Collins> Are you saying...?
[23:13] <Matsuo Shin> ..we have to go
[23:14] * Priestess of Quinox is trying to calm a few of the worshippers...
[23:14] * Euri Inochi rushes over to the others, breathless, "What's going on??"
[23:14] *** the ground suddenly shakes HARD as the roof starts cracking
[23:14] <Matsuo Shin> use an Earth term
[23:15] <Matsuo Shin>'s Volcano Day
[23:15] <Zotia> Yeah, that's a good reason to get moving.
[23:15] * Matsuo Shin BARELY moves out of the way as a chunk of the roof falls down where he was standing!
[23:16] <The Magistra> ...Matsuo. What happens if we die in these bodies
[23:17] <Euri Inochi> V-volcano day?!?
[23:17] <Matsuo Shin> I don't know!
[23:18] *** the temple is starting to fall is some of the statues
[23:18] <Zotia> Then how about we not find out, and get moving already!
[23:18] * Sean Collins grabs Matsuo's hand and runs for the exit!
[23:18] <David O`Cain> Running time!
[23:18] *** worshippers and priests and priestess are now begging to the Goddesses to save them...some are asking for forgiveness....the worshippers of Saturn is begging to have a silent death
[23:19] * Matsuo Shin RUNS!
[23:19] * The Magistra books it
[23:19] * David O`Cain runs for his life with his friends
[23:20] * Zotia gets moving. She mentally makes a note of this place for when they get back to their time.
[23:20] *** as you run out of the can see the sky has turned a strange shade of color.....while the ground around you is cracking...and water is starting to pour out from it
[23:20] * Euri Inochi stares at the worshippers in despair after running to the exit.
[23:22] * Sean Collins slips on the water as it pour out from the cracked earth!
[23:22] <Matsuo Shin> SEAN!
[23:22] <Sean Collins> Oof!
[23:22] * Zotia makes a quick detour to help Sean get to his feet.
[23:22] *** one large crack opens up......the water flowing out...and a few people getting sucked away into it's depthes
[23:22] <Matsuo Shin> s[BLEEP]t s[BLEEP]t s[BLEEP]t....
[23:23] <Matsuo Shin> we need to get back to our bodies..we need to think back to where we were....we need to concentrate
[23:23] * Sean Collins gets back up with help from Zoita
[23:23] <Euri Inochi> (omgican'tdiehere!!)
[23:23] <Sean Collins> Concentrate on what?
[23:24] *** several buildings collapse as a gigantic wave of water crashes into it
[23:24] <Matsuo Shin> CONCENTRATE ON HOME
[23:24] <Zotia> So basically think "There's no place like Home", on it!
[23:24] * Matsuo Shin glances back...and sees a woman looking at him...but she's gone as soon as he blinks
[23:24] <Matsuo Shin> YES
[23:24] <David O`Cain> Do we need to click our heels?
[23:24] * Matsuo Shin tries to concentrate on home..on the hotel....on the hotel
[23:24] <Matsuo Shin> JUST F[BLEEP]KING DO IT
[23:25] * David O`Cain focuses on getting back home to the Hotel
[23:25] * Matsuo Shin nearly slips as ground starts to tip over..the temple behind starting to collapse into a fissure
[23:25] <Matsuo Shin> EVERYONE! CONCENTRATE!
[23:25] * Zotia is doing so!
[23:26] * Sean Collins grabs Matsuo's arm to steady him, and concentrates!
[23:26] <Matsuo Shin> EURI CONCENTRATE
[23:26] * David O`Cain keeps concentrating
[23:27] * The Magistra concentrates
[23:28] * Euri Inochi clenches her eyes shut, gritting ehr teeth as she concentrates as hard as she can!
[23:30] *** you suddenly feel yourself falling into darkness.....your mind snapping back to your bodies like a rubber band snapping back in shape
[23:30] *** back to SS2
[23:30] *** Sean Collins [] has left #suburbansenshi3
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[08:27] *** Day 16: England, 895 AD - Hazel Age 16 - At first, Hazel could not determine what was wrong with her fister parent, but after collecting secret blood samples at night and spending many weeks analyzing the results in her very primitive biolab, she realizes the problem - cancer. To Hazel's people, Cancer was a solved problem - with the right technology, which, of course, was nowhere to be found in 895. Hazel is furious that she's trapped in such a stupid time and place with no ability to do anything about this. She knows that on the planet there were many ruins f ancient civilizations and alien crash sites that might give her enough technology to build some kind of a treatment machine, but to get to any of them would require an extensive trip, and her "mother" was getting sicker by the day, and only seemed to desperately want her company. Wracked by her inability to do anything, Hazel uses what pharmacology she can to keep the old woman in comfort until she inevitably passes away. Hazel is devastated, and for a time, just seems to mentally shut down. TO BE CONTINUED.

[11:36] *** Oh, wonderful
[12:31] *** Day 17: England, 896 AD - Hazel Age 17 - Hazel is still tending the farm, basically on mental autopilot, determined to at least get the old woman's final crop out to market before leaving, when she finds her farmhand dead in the field, clearly murdered, with a note that accuses hazel of murdering the old woman in order to complete her Satanic takeover of the land. Hazel is pretty sure this superstitious nonsense is being used as a cover by the feudal lord to just get his hands on her fertile land. She is carrying his body to the farm's burial plot when she spies four men lurking around the main house, waiting for her. She sneaks up on three of them and quietly slits their throats with an improvised stone knife. The fourth, eh sidles up to, pretending to be weak, scared and helpless, and then once she gets close enough she uses her formidable Time Lord strength (plus what she built up farming each day) to cripple the man and drag him into the house. After a few hours of torture, she gets all the information she needs. Once more, the pigs eat well. TO BE CONTINUED. Day 18: England, 897 AD - Hazel Age 18 - The final crop doesn't get delivered. Hazel's farm burns to the ground by her own hand.. Hazel has decided to disappear. But not to the future. Not yet. She spends the next year in a variety of guises. She makes sure to know who everyone in the village is, and their habits, both secret and public. She watches the children, and their faces. She watches the parents, and their faces. She watches the lords, and their faces. She prepares. TO BE CONTINUED

[19:50] <@X> test
[19:50] <Alldrogis Valkyvida> Test

[22:36] *** Motokiya Village, Seishin Island, Japan
[22:36] * Noriko Marianna Xadium emerges from a time-space tear, bloodied and bruised, a fang broken, missing an arm
[22:37] * Noriko Marianna Xadium has the head of Benjamin Cross tucked under her one remaining arm
[22:38] <Benjamin Cross> - This.. shouldn't be possible.... -
[22:38] * Benjamin Cross is now known as The Severed Head of BEnjamin Cross
[22:39] <Noriko Marianna Xadium> ...In this time of miracles anything is possible.
[22:39] * Vermellia X. Rosso DASHES out of the tear before it closes
[22:39] <Vermellia X. Rosso> MOM WHADID YOU DO?!
[22:40] <The Severed Head of BEnjamin Cross> If you kill... one of us... balance has to be... enforced.. .
[22:40] * The Severed Head of BEnjamin Cross is starting to flake away slowly
[22:41] <Noriko Marianna Xadium> You don't get to go so quickly.
[22:41] * Noriko Marianna Xadium takes the Severed head to the Dormitory where her Father and Gemini are staying.
[22:41] <Noriko Marianna Xadium> Vermellia... be a good girl and get your Grandfather...
[22:42] <Noriko Marianna Xadium> ..quickly
[22:42] * Vermellia X. Rosso dashes to the door and pounds on it.
[22:42] <@Dr. X> ...Vermellia? Noriko?
[22:43] * @Dr. X sees wghat's going on and runs over to Noriko, who seems more pallid than usual.
[22:43] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Mom?! MOM are you okay!?
[22:43] <Noriko Marianna Xadium> ..I'll be fine.
[22:44] * Noriko Marianna Xadium nods to her father. "Father."
[22:44] <@Dr. X> Noriko? What is this?
[22:44] <Noriko Marianna Xadium> ...What you've wanted... what we've wanted for a long time...
[22:45] * Noriko Marianna Xadium staggers but stays upright, and drops the head on the ground, which is flaking
[22:45] <Noriko Marianna Xadium> ..._answers_.
[22:46] <@Dr. X> ....
[22:46] <@Dr. X> Noriko.. this man... you..
[22:46] <Noriko Marianna Xadium> - I did what I wanted to do. Now shut up and listen. -
[22:47] * Noriko Marianna Xadium glares at the severed head. "Speak!"
[22:48] <The Severed Head of BEnjamin Cross> ....
[22:50] * The Severed Head of BEnjamin Cross does not stall and slowly opens his mouth, lips unmoving as a story pours forth. Short, succinct and devastating. The sound of the ind obscurs his words to all but Xadium. Noriko and Vermellia.
[22:51] *** Noriko's expression just darkens; Vermellia's looks destroyed. Xadium just stays stone-faced.
[22:51] * The Severed Head of BEnjamin Cross then evaporates into nothingness; his story is over
[22:51] *** The Severed Head of BEnjamin Cross [] has quit IRC (May you live in _Interesting_ Times. >:D)
[22:52] <Vermellia X. Rosso> ...that's horrible ><
[22:52] <Noriko Marianna Xadium> was what it was.
[22:52] * Noriko Marianna Xadium ruffles Vermellia's hair. "But wonderful things came of it."
[22:53] * Vermellia X. Rosso smiles and HUGS her mom, but shuddders as she sees the leg she's hugging just begint o flake away
[22:53] <Vermellia X. Rosso>
[22:53] * @Dr. X looks to Noriko with hollow eyes
[22:53] <@Dr. X> Noriko.. it wasn't worth it.
[22:54] <Noriko Marianna Xadium> You're wrong.
[22:54] <Noriko Marianna Xadium> Come here.. I can't move any longer.
[22:54] * @Dr. X goes closer to her
[22:55] <Vermellia X. Rosso> M-mom? D-don't... die!
[22:55] * Noriko Marianna Xadium just gives her this LOOK
[22:55] <Noriko Marianna Xadium> I'm not that... stupid.
[22:55] <Noriko Marianna Xadium> But Balance has to be... maintained.
[22:56] <@Dr. X> Your mother... killed.. something that shouldn't be killed.
[22:56] <@Dr. X> Something that needs... replacement...
[22:57] <Noriko Marianna Xadium> ...I'll just become the Actuary once more... balancing the ledgers of History.. from elsewhere.
[22:57] <Noriko Marianna Xadium> You'll see me again.
[22:57] * Noriko Marianna Xadium ie dissolving more
[22:57] * Noriko Marianna Xadium is fading out now
[22:58] * @Dr. X can't even give her a hug
[22:58] <Noriko Marianna Xadium> Take care of Vermellia, father. She was the best of us.
[22:59] <Noriko Marianna Xadium> And may the Answer set you free.
[22:59] <Noriko Marianna Xadium> Even if it's...
[22:59] *** Noriko Marianna Xadium [nmx@homebase.protectorisproject.sen] has quit IRC (The helpless and the powerless must be Protected.)
[22:59] * Vermellia X. Rosso clings to Granpa's side
[23:00] * Vermellia X. Rosso looks up at him
[23:00] <Vermellia X. Rosso> was it.. worth it.
[23:00] * @Dr. X leans down and ruffles her hair and tries to smile. He does not answer.

[18:26] *** Day 19: England, 898 AD - Hazel Age 19 A year of preparation. Of inoculation. Of carefully ensuring that the children and the innocent have their food supplies tainted with a special drug that will protect them for what is to come. A great feast, poisoned. The corrupt, self-murdering as they rejoice in the spoils of their brutal, inhumane exortion, taking their fill of Hazel's custom c[BLEEP]ktail which slowly percolates in their system. A night of pleasure, and a morning when a third of the town simply does not wake up. Warning words from a "Witch" burnt into the door of the former Lord casting a curse upon any who would dare take advantage of the good people of the town. A lone visitor to a solitary unmarked grave, leaving flowers before she departs to the hills, to sleep deep within the mountainside in centuries of slumber until the time is right to awaken once more...