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'"So you see," Hotaru said, thrusting a copy of the explicitly illustrated THE HORSE WHISPERER GOES TOO FAR in Chibiusa's face, "this is what actually *would* happen. As you can see, there has been severe hemmorhaging--"

welcome to #suburbansenshi3

[20:20] <Potamos> (( that was a parry before the log reset btw ))
[20:20] <Potamos> /another one
[20:20] * Megan O`Cain grabs Potamos' wrist, and uses her electric knife to slash at her bicep
[20:20] <Megan O`Cain> (( Oh s[BLEEP]t. ))
[20:21] <Potamos> (( just do a /def ))
[20:21] ████ Megan O`Cain has been EVISCERATED!!
[20:21] * Megan O`Cain falls back down to a kneel
[20:22] <Potamos> Heh...
[20:22] ████ Megan O`Cain uses her electric knife to make an upwards slash, striking Potamos up the torso area of her body
[20:22] ████ Potamos has been SLAMMED BACK!!
[20:22] * Potamos gets knocked back
[20:24] ████ Potamos kicks Megan in the stomach
[20:24] █████ Megan O`Cain has been SAVAGED!!
[20:24] Megan O`Cain has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[20:25] * Megan O`Cain crumples to her side as the wind gets knocked out of her
[20:25] <Potamos> Whew!
[20:25] * Potamos offers her hand to Megan
[20:25] <Potamos> That was fun
[20:26] * Megan O`Cain takes Potamos' hand, and stands back up
[20:26] <Megan O`Cain> That kick surprised me.
[20:26] <Potamos> - oh man, I just realized I have to fight a kid in the next round, mitai na -
[20:27] <Megan O`Cain> Which one?
[20:27] <Potamos> Antilzha mitai na
[20:28] <Megan O`Cain> And you're that worried? Consider who his father is.
[20:30] <Potamos> Hmm, true...
[20:33] <Megan O`Cain> Still, I'd say we were evenly matched.
[20:36] <Potamos> Mmhmm
[20:37] *** Potamos [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (Mitai na!)
[20:43] *** Megan O`Cain has left #suburbansenshi3

[19:04] * Meanwhile in Gensokyo...
[19:05] * Shikieki Yamaxanadu walks out into the "Arena of Sport" amidst massive fanfare and cheering.
[19:06] <Shikieki Yamaxanadu> Welcome to another fantastic edition of HASSLEMANIA!!!!!
[19:08] <Shikieki Yamaxanadu> In this corner, weighing in at an appreciable 115 pounds, the Bamboo Forest's Loup-Garou...KAGEROU IMAIZUMI!!
[19:08] *** Kagerou Imaizumi has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:08] <+luna_P> Evening, Kagerou Imaizumi
[19:08] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: The semicolons are the perspiration. *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[19:08] * Kagerou Imaizumi waves nervously to the screaming crowds of nervous Humans and frothing Fairies.
[19:09] <Kagerou Imaizumi> Hiiiiiiiii!
[19:10] <Shikieki Yamaxanadu> And in the other corner, hailing from the Forest of Magic, Marisa's home, weighing in at 300 pounds...YATADERA NARUMI!!!
[19:10] *** Yatadera Narumi has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:10] <+luna_P> Evening, Yatadera Narumi
[19:10] <+luna_P> Dude if you can't say anything nice, at least sit by me so I can listen in. *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[19:11] * Yatadera Narumi calmly walks forward, angling her hat a little.
[19:11] <Referee Mills Lane> All right you two!
[19:12] <Referee Mills Lane> I wanna see a good clean fight. No Danmaku, no Epic Phantasms, no summonings of Blue-Eyes White Dragons, and especially NO Dragon Slaves.
[19:12] <Referee Mills Lane> Now...LET'S GET IT ON!
[19:13] <Yatadera Narumi> BEGONE, mangy werewolf!
[19:13] ☼ Scouter indicates Yatadera Narumi has HP level of 500!
[19:14] <Kagerou Imaizumi> What?! I'm not mangy at all! I shaved yesterday after the full moon!
[19:14] ☼ Scouter indicates Kagerou Imaizumi has HP level of 500!
[19:14] <spiritflame> Kagerou Imaizumi rolls 1d10 [ 2 ]
[19:14] <spiritflame> Yatadera Narumi rolls 1d10 [ 3 ]
[19:15] █████ Yatadera Narumi You're out of power... and the fight.
[19:16] ☼ Scouter indicates Yatadera Narumi has POWERED UP!
[19:16] ☼ Scouter indicates Kagerou Imaizumi has POWERED UP!
[19:16] █████ Yatadera Narumi whips off her hat and SMACKS Kagerou across the face with it.
[19:16] ████ Kagerou Imaizumi has been SAVAGED!!
[19:17] * Kagerou Imaizumi staggers as the woven straw hat EXPLODES upon impact, sending straw bits flying everywhere.
[19:17] <Kagerou Imaizumi> OH YEAH?!
[19:18] ████ Kagerou Imaizumi STOMPS on Yatadera's foot with one of her new Imperial Guard-issue combat boots!!
[19:18] █████ Yatadera Narumi has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /def ]
[19:18] * Yatadera Narumi grins as Kagerou's foot hits hers...and she sees the werewolf wince in pain.
[19:19] ████ Kagerou Imaizumi has DODGED the attack!
[19:19] * Kagerou Imaizumi shakes it off. The Imperial Guard makes those boot soles TOUGH.
[19:19] █████ Yatadera Narumi punches at Kagerou's face and chest, going for the Humiliation Strikes.
[19:20] █████ Kagerou Imaizumi has been STAGGERED!!
[19:20] * Kagerou Imaizumi cries as her ears and cleavage are DISRESPECTED! T__T
[19:20] █████ Kagerou Imaizumi HOWLS in outrage!
[19:21] ████ Yatadera Narumi has been SAVAGED!!
[19:21] * Yatadera Narumi staggers back and covers her ears. Damn, Kagerou's reaching Usagi-level decibels here!
[19:21] ████ Yatadera Narumi goes for the headlock!
[19:22] █████ Kagerou Imaizumi has been EVISCERATED!!
[19:22] * Kagerou Imaizumi FLAILS as the Gizo-girl clamps onto her with arms like GRANITE!!!
[19:22] █████ Kagerou Imaizumi tries to break free!!
[19:22] █████ Yatadera Narumi has been EVISCERATED!!
[19:23] * Yatadera Narumi loses her grip and her balance and goes head-first into a turnbuckle.
[19:23] <Yatadera Narumi> Little s[BLEEP]t!
[19:23] █████ Yatadera Narumi tries to kick Kagerou in the face!
[19:23] ████ Kagerou Imaizumi has been SAVAGED!!
[19:23] <Kagerou Imaizumi> T___T
[19:24] * Kagerou Imaizumi FELT THAT!!! She nearly falls to the ground and gets insult added to injury as several empty cans of Sapuro hurled by Fairies hit her.
[19:24] ████ Kagerou Imaizumi throws a can at Yatadera's face!
[19:25] █████ Yatadera Narumi has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /def ]
[19:25] * Yatadera Narumi catches the can and hurls it back!
[19:25] █████ Kagerou Imaizumi has been STAGGERED!!
[19:25] Kagerou Imaizumi has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[19:26] * Kagerou Imaizumi flops onto her back, dazed! @___@
[19:27] <Shikieki Yamaxanadu> And with that, the first match has been decided. Winner by technical smack-down...YATADERA NARUMI!!!!!!
[19:27] *** Yatadera Narumi has left #suburbansenshi3 ("Like I'd lose to a mere lycanthrope.")
[19:28] * Kagerou Imaizumi just lays there for a few minutes as she slowly regains her senses.
[19:29] <Kagerou Imaizumi> Owwwwwwie. T__T
[19:31] * Kagerou Imaizumi winces as she hears the jeering crowds, then opens her eyes as the crowds suddenly become silent.
[19:31] *** Everyone in the audience is now very, VERY silent, almost scared.
[19:32] *** They watch in total silence as Gensokyo's NEWEST resident strides up to Kagerou with furious purpose!
[19:34] <...> Ho-lee Jesus.
[19:34] <...> What was that?
[19:34] <...> - WHAT THE F[BLEEP]K WAS THAT?! -
[19:37] <...> - Very well I will PT you 'til you f[BLEEP]king DIE!!! I will PT you 'til your fluffy wolf-tail is dripping BUTTERMILK!!!! -
[19:37] <Kagerou Imaizumi> T______T
[19:38] <...>

[19:39] * Kagerou Imaizumi squeals and howls as she's grabbed by the collar of her dress and hauled away!!!
[19:41] *** Gunnery-Sergeant Hartman has left #suburbansenshi3 ("If you survive recruit training, you will be a weapon. You will be a mko of death praying for war. But until that day you are puke!! You are the lowest form of life on Earth. You are not even a human f[BLEEP]king being! You are nothing but an unorganized grabastic piece of amphibian S[BLEEP]T!!!)
[19:42] *** Kagerou Imaizumi has left #suburbansenshi3 ("WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! I don't wanna be sent to The Nam!!!!" TT___TT)
[19:52] * some forest kits trot up to..... Ran Yakumo! :3
[19:56] *** Ran Yakumo [Nine-Tailed Strategist@EnclaveFedCom.Net(Pirated S] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:56] <+luna_P> Evening, Ran Yakumo
[19:56] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Where Predestination Paradox is another four-letter word. *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[19:56] <Ran Yakumo> Hello there, small ones! What are you darlings up to?
[19:57] <some forest kits> Fun Time :D
[19:58] <Ran Yakumo> Doing what? Exploring around and getting into mischief?
[19:58] <some forest kits> yuppa :D
[20:02] <Ran Yakumo> Are you enjoying the fighting and fun so far?
[20:04] <some forest kits> Yuppa :D
[20:05] <Ran Yakumo> You're not planning anything sneaky, are you?
[20:05] <Ran Yakumo> Not like the "Attack on Kitsune" Incident?
[20:06] <Ran Yakumo> Wait...what am I saying? I was the Fox-Titan.
[20:06] <some forest kits> no we not! :D
[20:10] <Ran Yakumo> Are you suuuuuuuuure?
[20:10] <some forest kits> We Suuuuure :D
[20:10] <some forest kits> :3
[20:12] <Ran Yakumo> Well that's no fun!
[20:12] <Ran Yakumo> That is not being Properly Kitsune!
[20:13] * some forest kits LEAP onto Ran! :D :3 :D :3 :D :3
[20:13] * Ran Yakumo GRIIIIIIIIIINNNNNS!!!!
[20:15] <some forest kits> HEEEEEhehehehehe
[20:29] * some forest kits scuttle off and try to take Ran away from
[20:29] <some forest kits> hasslemania for the rest of the year! :3
[20:30] * some forest kits scuttle off and try to take Ran away from hasslemania for the rest of the year so she won't be able to help out disguised or real chens Win! >:3 >:3 >:3 >:3
[20:30] *** some forest kits has left #suburbansenshi3 (EEEheheheheee)
[20:30] *** Ran Yakumo [Nine-Tailed Strategist@EnclaveFedCom.Net(Pirated S] has left #suburbansenshi3 (:D)

[20:43] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Waterfront in Koto Ward
[20:46] *** Various people are going about their business as it's a typical day within the ward. Moments later, a pair of warbots suddenly spring out of the water, and land on the ground. The moment they landed, the people flee from the attacking warbots.
[20:47] <Warbot #1>

[20:48] <Warbot #2>

[20:49] *** Both warbots begin to cause destruction of buildings and buildings as well as sending out electrical attacks upon various machinery and vehicles.
[20:50] * Phobos and Deimos stay in the shadows
[20:50] <Phobos> ..f[BLEEP]king hell..of all the times....
[20:51] <Deimos> remember what Hino-sama said...if we transform again..we might never be able to do it again
[20:51] <Phobos> I KNOW THAT...but we...we can't juste let this happen
[20:52] * Deimos and Phobos nod to each other..and hold their transformation phones
[20:54] <Neo Sailor Mars> HOLD IT
[20:55] * Someone else lurks within the shadows, observing the situation as it unfolds.
[20:57] *** Both warbots turn toward the voice.
[21:02] <Neo Sailor Mars> Burning with an ancient flame! Guardian of Fire and War! Sailor Mars, ready to attack!!
[21:04] <Warbot #2> A lone Senshi? Hmph. This won't be more than a small skirmmish.
[21:04] <Warbot #1> She's in for an absolute shock if she thinks she'll take us both on.
[21:06] <Neo Sailor Mars> we are more then you can handle
[21:07] * Neo Sailor Quinox plays her lyre ontop of a nearby building
[21:07] * Someone moves in closer, leaping from building to alley, wreathed in a Smoke field that hides his/her/its features.
[21:10] <Neo Sailor Quinox> Called by the gentle air, protected by a mysterious world! I am Sailor Quinox!!
[21:12] <Warbot #1> No matter how many of you there are, you have no chance of stopping us.
[21:14] <Someone> - Only TWO of you? -
[21:14] * Neo Sailor Quinox hops down "I won't let you hurt people!"
[21:16] * Someone is now known as Alldrogis Valkyvida
[21:17] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Alldrogis Valkyvida is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[21:17] <Warbot #1> I am the Rescue Power Plant, Volt Catfish!
[21:17] * Warbot #1 is now known as Volt Catfish
[21:17] <Alldrogis Valkyvida> Well, this should be invigorating after all of the time I've spent inactive lately.
[21:17] <Neo Sailor Quinox> who..who are you
[21:18] <Warbot #2> And I am the Super Electromagnetic Trap, Volt Kraken!
[21:18] * Warbot #2 is now known as Volt Kraken
[21:19] <Alldrogis Valkyvida> And I am Inquisitor-Lord Alldrogis Valkyvida...of the Federation's Ordo Xenos.
[21:21] <Neo Sailor Mars> what the hell?
[21:23] <Alldrogis Valkyvida> You know...the ones who can also command the forces of the Federation Fleet and the Imperial Guard. Hi!
[21:24] * Alldrogis Valkyvida is carrying a very large, long box in one of his hands.
[21:24] <Alldrogis Valkyvida> And I'm here in support of the Neo-Sailors.
[21:24] <Volt Kraken> Hmph. Regardless, you will all be destroyed by Vyle's orders.
[21:25] <Volt Catfish> Even if the Senshi does get outside help, it won't do them any good against us.
[21:27] <Neo Sailor Mars> hmph...doesn't matter..we'll kick your ass anyway
[21:27] ☼ Scouter indicates Volt Catfish has POWERED UP!
[21:27] ☼ Scouter indicates Volt Kraken has POWERED UP!
[21:27] <Alldrogis Valkyvida> Really now?
[21:27] * Alldrogis Valkyvida starts opening the box.
[21:30] * Alldrogis Valkyvida opens the box to reveal...a GIGANTIC sword. The blade looks like something Guts from "Berserk" would use, but the blade is fashioned out of some material that looks like dull, uneven stone or ceramic.
[21:33] * Alldrogis Valkyvida takes hold of the long pommel and lifts up the blade like it weighs as much as a stick.
[21:33] * Neo Sailor Mars pulls out her knives
[21:33] <Alldrogis Valkyvida> You can TRY.
[21:33] <Alldrogis Valkyvida> But I guarantee you will NOT have an easy time making the attempt.
[21:34] ☼ Scouter indicates Alldrogis Valkyvida has POWERED UP!
[21:36] ☼ Scouter indicates Neo Sailor Mars has POWERED UP!
[21:36] * Neo Sailor Quinox has...her lyre?
[21:36] ☼ Scouter indicates Neo Sailor Quinox has POWERED UP!
[21:38] * Aine Lydie is sitting in her little discreet apartment. She notices there seems to be some sort of light show going on at the Koto Ward. "Ugh...humans...why do they always have to do things to big and flashy?"
[21:39] *** Alright, folks, just like last time, the Senshi and allies go first, then the warbots go. Ready? GO!
[21:40] * Alldrogis Valkyvida springs forward, flapping his wings for additional speed as he lunges at Volt Catfish.
[21:41] █████ Alldrogis Valkyvida SWINGS at Volt Catfish with that massive sword that looks more like a flattened girder than anything else!
[21:42] ████ Volt Catfish has been ROCKED!!
[21:43] * Volt Catfish gets knocked over to the side into a building as he is hit from the sword
[21:44] * Alldrogis Valkyvida 's sword connects with an allmighty CRACK as the phase field gets interrupted for a millisecond...transferring the inertia of TEN MILLION TONS into the target. The blade is actually a piece of Neutronium with its mass kept out of phase within a dimensional envelope!!
[21:47] * Alldrogis Valkyvida lands and readies himself for another attack, carefully maneuvering the Inertial Sword so it doesn't accidentally brush against anything else.
[21:54] █████ Neo Sailor Quinox tries to swing the lyre at Volt Kraken
[21:54] █████ Volt Kraken has DODGED the attack!
[21:54] * Volt Kraken ducks down to avoid the lyre being swung at him
[21:58] <Neo Sailor Mars> /ATCK uses Quinox's distraction to try and fire a fireball right in Kracken's face
[21:58] █████ Neo Sailor Mars ^
[21:59] ████ Volt Kraken has been ROCKED!!
[21:59] * Volt Kraken stumbles back a few feet as he gets burned by the fire
[22:00] <Alldrogis Valkyvida> That looked painful.
[22:00] ████ Volt Catfish builds up an electrical charge, plants both hands onto the ground, and causes electricity to race towards the Senshi and Alldrogis
[22:04] ████ Alldrogis Valkyvida has been HIT!!
[22:04] * Alldrogis Valkyvida gets zapped! >__<;
[22:07] █████ Neo Sailor Mars has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /def ]
[22:08] * Neo Sailor Mars uses her fire abilities to try and push the attack back
[22:08] █████ Volt Catfish has been SAVAGED!!
[22:08] * Volt Catfish gets hit by his own attack after Mars' fire was able to push back
[22:10] ████ Neo Sailor Quinox has been ROCKED!!
[22:10] * Neo Sailor Quinox screams as she's electrocuted
[22:12] * Alldrogis Valkyvida readies for the next attack
[22:14] * Some of the parried electrical attacks is deflected into a nearby electrical transformer, and causes several electrical lines to explode down the line...and one topples over into an apartment building!
[22:16] ████ Volt Kraken fires bolts of electricity from his tentacles at the Senshi and Alldrogis
[22:16] <Alldrogis Valkyvida> Hmmm, that's going to be problematic.
[22:16] █████ Alldrogis Valkyvida has been HIT!!
[22:16] * Aine Lydie was sitting on her bed, waiting for more orders from her Prince, when there is an electrical explosion outside, and an electrical pole crashes into her room, narrowly missing her!
[22:17] * Alldrogis Valkyvida gets zapped again, singeing his grey scales.
[22:18] ████ Neo Sailor Quinox has DODGED the attack!
[22:18] * Neo Sailor Quinox manages to jump out of the way!
[22:18] ████ Neo Sailor Mars has been HIT!!
[22:18] * Neo Sailor Mars winces as she's hit by the attack!
[22:20] * Aine Lydie stumbles out of the wreckage of her apartment...and spies all the electrical arcs over in the Koto Ward...
[22:22] * Aine Lydie flies into a rage and quick henshins before leaping off to the Koto Ward!
[22:23] <Alldrogis Valkyvida> Our turn again!
[22:24] █████ Alldrogis Valkyvida slashes at Volt Catfish again, seeking to capitalize on the damage that's been done to it so far.
[22:27] █████ Volt Catfish has DODGED the attack!
[22:27] * Volt Catfish leaps backwards to avoid the blade
[22:29] * Neo Sailor Quinox raises her hands
[22:30] ████ Neo Sailor Quinox sends an Air Crash (shockwave) at Volt Catfish
[22:30] ☼ Scouter indicates Sailor Titan has POWERED UP!
[22:31] * Sailor Titan suddenly fies into the scene, and performs a "Super Hero" landing with a powerful impact to crack the cement
[22:31] █████ Volt Catfish has DODGED the attack!
[22:32] * Volt Catfish leaps to the side to avoid the shockwave
[22:33] * Sailor Titan slowly stands up, her eyes filled with rage and focusing on the sparking and arcing robots....
[22:34] <Neo Sailor Quinox> wh..wha
[22:34] <Neo Sailor Mars> ..who's this?
[22:34] <Sailor Titan> YOU....YOU TRIED TO KILL ME!
[22:35] <Volt Catfish> What the...? How the hell were we supposed to know you were around?
[22:36] <Volt Kraken> We aren't psychics, lady. How could we have known in the first place?
[22:36] * Sailor Titan draws her silver bow at the Catfish!
[22:38] █████ Sailor Titan shouts in rage; "TITAN STARFALL ARROW!" and shoots a Starfall Arrow that eminates a powerful stardust wave as it flies!
[22:40] █████ Volt Catfish has DODGED the attack!
[22:41] * Volt Catfish leaps and slides to his left as the arrow flies towards him
[22:41] * Sailor Titan 's arrow misses its mark and hits a random tree, bursting and splitting the tree apart!
[22:44] ████ Neo Sailor Mars 's eyes turn red and she grins...sending a firey burning slash at Volt Kraken "MARS INFERNO SLASH!"
[22:45] █████ Volt Kraken has been STAGGERED!!
[22:45] * Volt Kraken falls onto his seat as the slash knocks him down as well as burning him
[22:46] █████ Volt Catfish opens his mouth, and fires balls of electricity at the Senshi and Alldrogis
[22:47] █████ Sailor Titan has BLOCKED the attack!
[22:47] █████ Alldrogis Valkyvida has DODGED the attack!
[22:48] * Sailor Titan swings her bow at the electrical ball and blocks it, making it dissipate!
[22:50] █████ Alldrogis Valkyvida swings at Volt Catfish again. "Hold still please."
[22:50] █████ Neo Sailor Mars has been EVISCERATED!!
[22:50] * Neo Sailor Mars is hit HARD by the attack
[22:50] <Neo Sailor Quinox> (( oops ))
[22:50] <Neo Sailor Quinox> (( I missed the eariler attack ))
[22:51] <Volt Catfish> (( Solar, what are you doing? ))
[22:54] <Neo Sailor Quinox> (( it's my fault honestly..I wasn't paying attention ))
[22:55] <Alldrogis Valkyvida> (( Just consider it a pre-emptive action to react to whenever it falls into place. ))
[22:56] █████ Neo Sailor Quinox has been STAGGERED!!
[22:56] * Neo Sailor Quinox is hit by the eariler attack ><
[22:57] █████ Volt Kraken plants his lower tentacles into the ground, and causes the ground around the Senshi and Alldrogis' feet to be filled with electricity
[22:59] █████ Alldrogis Valkyvida has been SAVAGED!!
[23:00] <Alldrogis Valkyvida> ACK!
[23:00] ████ Sailor Titan has been ROCKED!!
[23:00] █████ Neo Sailor Quinox has been SAVAGED!!
[23:00] <Neo Sailor Quinox> GAH ><
[23:00] █████ Neo Sailor Mars has been STAGGERED!!
[23:00] * Neo Sailor Mars staggers back...her form blurring a bit
[23:01] * Sailor Titan is electrocuted!
[23:04] █████ Volt Catfish has been SAVAGED!!
[23:04] * Volt Catfish is now damaged from Alldrogis' blade
[23:05] * Alldrogis Valkyvida delivered to Volt Catfish a HIT! A very palpable hit!
[23:05] * Sailor Titan rises up, her rage growing!
[23:06] ████ Sailor Titan raises up her Silver Bow, and shouts; "TITAN STARFALL VOLLEY!" and a rain of silver arrows starts to fall from above over the Kracken!
[23:06] █████ Volt Kraken has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /def ]
[23:07] * Volt Kraken uses his arms and tentacles to knock the arrows back at Sailor Titan
[23:08] █████ Sailor Titan has been STAGGERED!!
[23:08] * Sailor Titan is pelted by her own arrows and staggers to the ground!
[23:09] █████ Neo Sailor Mars tries to deliver a kick at catfish!
[23:11] ████ Volt Catfish has been EVISCERATED!!
[23:11] * Volt Catfish is kicked in the face, and lands onto his back
[23:12] █████ Neo Sailor Quinox creates an air shiled and tries slamming herself against Catfish
[23:14] █████ Volt Catfish has been EVISCERATED!!
[23:14] Volt Catfish has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[23:14] * Volt Catfish goes wide-eyed as he gets slammed backwards
[23:14] * Neo Sailor Quinox looks exausted
[23:16] █████ Volt Kraken aims his tentacles at the Senshi and Alldrogis, and fires another round of electrical bolts at them
[23:16] ████ Alldrogis Valkyvida has been STAGGERED!!
[23:16] <Alldrogis Valkyvida> >vvvv,
[23:17] * Alldrogis Valkyvida is definitely hurting at this point.
[23:18] ████ Neo Sailor Quinox has been STAGGERED!!
[23:18] * Neo Sailor Quinox is starting to smoke ><
[23:18] ████ Neo Sailor Mars has been SAVAGED!!
[23:18] █████ Sailor Titan has been ROCKED!!
[23:18] * Neo Sailor Mars falls backwards but manages to somehow get up
[23:18] * Sailor Titan is electrocuted again!
[23:22] █████ Sailor Titan 's rage takes control, and she charges at the Kraken, swinging her bow like sword!
[23:22] █████ Volt Kraken has been HIT!!
[23:23] * Volt Kraken is smacked HARD from the bow
[23:23] ████ Neo Sailor Mars fires a fireball directly at Kraken's legs
[23:24] ████ Volt Kraken has been SAVAGED!!
[23:25] * Neo Sailor Quinox decides to take a risk
[23:25] * Volt Kraken is now carbon scored from the flames at his legs
[23:26] ████ Neo Sailor Quinox strums her lyre..and fires a Rhapsody barrage....shooting out multiple blasts in a large area
[23:26] ████ Volt Kraken has DODGED the attack!
[23:26] ████ Alldrogis Valkyvida jumps up into the air and aims a blow at Volt Kraken's head!
[23:26] * Volt Kraken moves as best he can to avoid the blasts
[23:27] █████ Volt Kraken has been SLAMMED BACK!!
[23:27] Volt Kraken has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[23:27] * Volt Kraken is slammed in the head by the blade, and electricity starts arcing
[23:28] * Neo Sailor Quinox and mars colapse...mars splitting back into phobos and deimos
[23:28] * Alldrogis Valkyvida lands on the ground, clearing off anything clinging to the neutronium blade with a sharp slash in the air.
[23:28] <Alldrogis Valkyvida> Told you it wouldn't be so simple.
[23:29] * Volt Catfish staggers back to his feet as does Volt Kraken
[23:29] * Sailor Titan starts to calm down, now that her focused enemies are dead...
[23:29] * Alldrogis Valkyvida moves to help Sailor Titan and both Neo-Sailors to their feet.
[23:29] * Sailor Titan sees them start to get back up////
[23:30] <Volt Catfish>'ve won this round. Next time you won't be so lucky!
[23:30] <Volt Kraken> We'll be back, and stronger then we were.
[23:31] * Sailor Titan takes aim with her bow once more!
[23:31] * Volt Kraken and Volt Catfish both teleport out of the area
[23:31] *** Volt Kraken has left #suburbansenshi3
[23:32] *** Volt Catfish has left #suburbansenshi3
[23:32] <Alldrogis Valkyvida> I should go myself. I need to submit a report.
[23:32] <Sailor Titan> AUGH!
[23:32] * Alldrogis Valkyvida carefully repacks the Inertia Blade.
[23:34] * Alldrogis Valkyvida also hands everyone Enhanced Bandages to help heal their injuries.
[23:35] *** Alldrogis Valkyvida [Inquisitor [REDACTED]] has left #suburbansenshi3 ("Successful test of the Inertia Blade! I'm rather impressed.")
[23:39] * Sailor Titan looks around after her rage subsides...
[23:40] * Sailor Titan sees no one else is around...
[23:41] <Sailor Titan> "Ugh...Earth really is the WORST will be better once the New Kingdom takes over and cleanses this world of these niusences!
[23:42] *** Sailor Titan has left #suburbansenshi3 (Now I need a new place to stay...)

[00:00] *** Kitsune no Hime [madamed'] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[00:00] <+luna_P> Evening, Kitsune no Hime
[00:00] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Do not follow the finger pointing the way to the moon... *** Happy Greenery Day [Golden Week]!!
[00:00] * Kitsune no Hime is preparing herself in her training room
[00:02] * Kitsune no Hime dons her sparring gear and readies her fists
[00:05] *** Kitsune no Hime [madamed'] has left #suburbansenshi3 (nevermind i don't wanna do it)

[19:00] * Meanwhile in Gensokyo...
[19:00] * Marisa Kirisame laughs long and loudly as the next battle match finally gears up!!
[19:01] <Announcer> This fight is scheduled for one fall, and brought to you by Kourindou!! Your one-stop shop for all your random Youkai needs (when it's not being vandalized or shoplifted).
[19:02] * Marisa Kirisame >__> <__< @ mention of the word "shoplifting"
[19:03] <Announcer> In this corner, Gensokyo's second most-hated Youkai troublemaker...Seija Kijin!!!!!
[19:05] <Announcer> And in the other corner, the Hakurei Shrine's most recent neighbor and sometimes-guardian...Aunn Komano!!!
[19:06] * Aunn Komano smiles and waves to the motley, deafening crowd, wincing slightly at the sight of so many Fairies acting like stereotypical redneck sports fans.
[19:10] <Referee Mills Lane> ALL RIGHT!
[19:11] <Referee Mills Lane> I want a good clean fight here. No biting, no kicking below the belt, and no grabbing of hair and smacking heads into the turnbuckles.
[19:11] <Referee Mills Lane> Now...LET'S GET IT ON!!
[19:12] *** Aunn Komano has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:12] <+luna_P> Evening, Aunn Komano
[19:12] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: You got served... HALF A MILLION TIMES. *** Happy Children's Day [Golden Week]!!
[19:12] ☼ Scouter indicates Aunn Komano has POWERED UP!
[19:12] *** Seija Kijin has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:12] <+luna_P> Evening, Seija Kijin
[19:12] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Milking a dead horse dry *** Happy Children's Day [Golden Week]!!
[19:12] ☼ Scouter indicates Seija Kijin has POWERED UP!
[19:12] <spiritflame> Seija Kijin rolls 1d20 [ 16 ]
[19:12] <spiritflame> Aunn Komano rolls 1d20 [ 17 ]
[19:13] █████ Aunn Komano jabs at Seija with her horn!
[19:14] ████ Seija Kijin has been SLAMMED BACK!!
[19:14] <Seija Kijin> Ow!!! Well THAT'S not very original, New Girl!
[19:15] ████ Seija Kijin starts trying to kick Aunn below the belt!!!!!!
[19:15] ████ Aunn Komano has been EVISCERATED!!
[19:15] <Aunn Komano> Hey! That was against the rules!!!!
[19:15] ████ Aunn Komano B[BLEEP]CHSLAPS Seija
[19:16] █████ Seija Kijin has been HIT!!
[19:17] <Seija Kijin> Ohohohohohohohoh! You must be HAPPY to be here!
[19:18] █████ Seija Kijin GOES FOR THE HAIR!!!
[19:18] ████ Aunn Komano has BLOCKED the attack!
[19:19] * Aunn Komano blocks with her hands. "DENIED!"
[19:19] <Aunn Komano> /ATF GUTPUNCHES Seija hard!
[19:20] ████ Aunn Komano GUTPUNCHES Seija hard!
[19:20] █████ Seija Kijin has been HIT!!
[19:20] * Seija Kijin really felt that one and nearly throws up!
[19:21] <Seija Kijin> In that case...
[19:21] █████ Seija Kijin BITES Aunn on the leg!
[19:21] █████ Aunn Komano has been SAVAGED!!
[19:22] <Aunn Komano> OOOWWWWWW!!!
[19:22] █████ Aunn Komano headbutts Seija...and she's got a big, longer horn than Seija!
[19:22] ████ Seija Kijin has been STAGGERED!!
[19:24] <Seija Kijin> IN THAT CASE!!!!
[19:24] ████ Seija Kijin fires off a barrage of Danmaku right into Aunn's face point-blank!
[19:24] █████ Aunn Komano has BLOCKED the attack!
[19:25] * Aunn Komano uses her arms to absorb the brunt of the flurry of energy bolts, her leather-hard skin absorbing the worst of the attack!
[19:25] <Aunn Komano> >:[
[19:25] █████ Aunn Komano launches a single kick at Seija's crotch.
[19:26] █████ Seija Kijin has been SAVAGED!!
[19:26] Seija Kijin has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[19:26] <Seija Kijin> @___@
[19:27] * Seija Kijin just discovered that a kick to a girl's crotch CAN actually hurt!! Quite a bit, too!
[19:36] * Seija Kijin crumples to the ground.
[19:36] * Seija Kijin freezes as she senses a shadow looming over her body!
[19:36] * Seija Kijin looks up...
[19:37] <Gunnery Sergeant Hartman> TODAY IS CHRISTMAS!!!!!
[19:37] * Gunnery Sergeant Hartman grabs Seija by the back of her neck and starts to drag her off.
[19:42] *** Gunnery Sergeant Hartman has left #suburbansenshi3 ("Ho Chin Mihn is a son-of-a-b[BLEEP]ch~!!! Got the blueball scabs and the seven year itch~!")
[19:42] * Aunn Komano waves and smiles nervously as Seija is dragged away to her fate. ^____^;;
[19:49] *** Seiji Kijin has left #suburbansenshi3 ("AAAAAAGGGGHHH~!!!")
[20:06] *** Suu [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:06] <+luna_P> Evening, Suu
[20:06] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: We suck because DBGT is awesome *** Happy Children's Day [Golden Week]!!
[20:07] * Suu draws her sword, taking a few practice swings with it.
[20:28] *** Suu [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (Flying towards the future)

[22:27] <spiritflame> Other side of the portal rolls 3d6 [ 1, 1, 5 ]
[22:29] <spiritflame> Other side of the portal rolls 3d6 [ 4, 3, 1 ]
[22:31] <spiritflame> Other side of the portal rolls 3d6 [ 2, 2, 1 ]
[22:37] <spiritflame> Other side of the portal rolls 3d6 [ 3, 3, 2 ]
[22:41] <spiritflame> Other side of the portal rolls 3d6 [ 3, 3, 6 ]
[22:41] <spiritflame> Other side of the portal rolls 3d6 [ 3, 5, 6 ]
[22:43] <spiritflame> Other side of the portal rolls 3d6 [ 6, 2, 4 ]
[22:46] <spiritflame> Other side of the portal rolls 3d6 [ 6, 2, 4 ]
[22:51] <spiritflame> Other side of the portal rolls 3d6 [ 5, 2, 4 ]
[22:53] <spiritflame> Other side of the portal rolls 3d6 [ 5, 5, 4 ]
[22:53] <spiritflame> Other side of the portal rolls 3d6 [ 2, 3, 1 ]

[10:48] *** Neo Sailor Quinox has joined #suburbansenshi3
[10:48] <+luna_P> Mornin', Neo Sailor Quinox
[10:48] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Escapism at its Finest.
[10:49] <Neo Sailor Quinox> (( test ))
[20:28] *** Reisen Udongein Inaba [LunaticMoonRabbit@FedCom.Net (Pirated Serve] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:28] <+luna_P> Evening, Reisen Udongein Inaba
[20:28] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Nigete Dame Da, Dammit!
[20:29] * Reisen Udongein Inaba looks back and forth, having been told by mysterious means to come here.
[20:31] *** Reisen Udongein Inaba [LunaticMoonRabbit@FedCom.Net (Pirated Serve] has left #suburbansenshi3 (Uwaaaaaah?!)

[08:20] *** Shin Acadamy, Medical Building
[08:21] *** Blu_Sky Caprice has joined #suburbansenshi3
[08:21] <+luna_P> Mornin', Blu_Sky Caprice
[08:21] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: ph33r the Bear
[08:21] * Blu_Sky Caprice walks in, yawning and waving to the other staff
[08:35] * Blu_Sky Caprice sits down and starts to put everything together, yawning
[08:35] <Blu_Sky Caprice> I am quite tired
[08:48] * Blu_Sky Caprice looks at the time.....then walks over and chuckles a a long line of male students (and a female student) has developed outside her office
[08:48] <Blu_Sky Caprice> oh my...
[08:50] * Blu_Sky Caprice is away: we go again

[10:22] * Freya Felinus sighs as a student leaves her office
[10:28] <Freya Felinus> ...trouble..I hope it doesn't...*sigh*
[10:29] * Freya Felinus looks up as another student waits "please..come in"

[11:30] * Ran Mihara streaches as she walks between classes
[11:30] <Ran Mihara> UGGGGGGGH....pain in the butt...
[11:31] <Claire> ..class was bad?
[11:32] <Ran Mihara> school is a pain..seriously
[11:34] * Ran Mihara glances over....and spots one male student leaning under a tree
[11:34] <Claire> ok?
[11:38] * Ran Mihara narrows her eyes then realizes the time
[11:38] <Ran Mihara> GAH WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE!
[11:38] * Ran Mihara grabs Claire and BOLTS for the next class, Claire nearly flying in the air in the process O_O
[11:39] *** Ran Mihara has left #suburbansenshi3
[11:42] * Jiro Fujieda frowns watching them go....then goes back to looking down silently..glowering to himself.
[11:42] *** Jiro Fujieda has left #suburbansenshi3

[12:43] <Erica Fontaine> ..and that my class is why eclairs are the best food for after a performance ^^
[12:43] * Student raises his hand...
[12:45] <Erica Fontaine> yes ^^
[12:45] <Student> ..I thought we were learning about Spanish theater...
[12:46] <Erica Fontaine> ^^;;;; oops

[18:58] * BluSky_Caprice sighs as the last student leaves her office
[19:16] * Meanwhile, in Gensokyo the crowds go INSANE as another match prepares to get underway!
[19:16] <~> The following match is set for one fall!!
[19:20] <~> In this corner, hailing from the Lunar Capitol itself! The ultimate contrarian, the Goddess Who Invites Unfortunate Slips of the Tongue...SAGUME KISHIN!!!!
[19:20] *** Sagume Kishin has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:20] <+luna_P> Evening, Sagume Kishin
[19:20] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Awesome Overloaded, please try again later
[19:21] <Sagume Kishin> I hope you all die in a fire~!! ^___^..V
[19:23] <~> And in this corner!! Hailing from Youkai Mountain! She's tall, she's scary, and she REALLY freaks the f[BLEEP]king s[BLEEP]t out of everyone with that knife of hers...the Yamanba Who Surpasses This Floating World's Barriers! NEMUNO SAKATA!!
[19:24] *** Nemuno Sakata has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:24] <+luna_P> Evening, Nemuno Sakata
[19:24] <+luna_P> Nice perfume. Must you marinade in it?
[19:25] <Nemuno Sakata> ...According to the contract I'm supposed to fight her?
[19:26] <Referee Mills Lane> Okay!
[19:27] <Referee Mills Lane> I want no excuses like the last fight where everyone did the exact OPPOSITE of what I told them. I want to see a nice clean fight!
[19:27] <Referee Mills Lane> Now...LET'S GET IT ON!
[19:28] ☼ Scouter indicates Nemuno Sakata has POWERED UP!
[19:28] ☼ Scouter indicates Sagume Kishin has POWERED UP!
[19:29] <spiritflame> Nemuno Sakata rolls 1d20 [ 2 ]
[19:29] <spiritflame> Sagume Kishin rolls 1d20 [ 15 ]
[19:30] █████ Sagume Kishin points at Nemuno. "Why are you stabbing yourself?!"
[19:30] ████ Nemuno Sakata has been HIT!!
[19:30] * Nemuno Sakata staggers as Sagume's power makes what she said a reality!! >__<
[19:30] <Nemuno Sakata> Oh yeah?!
[19:31] ████ Nemuno Sakata stabs Sagume with that big cleaver-like blade of hers in return!
[19:31] ████ Sagume Kishin has been STAGGERED!!
[19:31] * Sagume Kishin got WHACKED! Damn, that's a bleeder, too.
[19:32] ████ Sagume Kishin points at Nemuno again. "Stop hitting yourself in the face!"
[19:33] ████ Nemuno Sakata has BLOCKED the attack!
[19:33] * Nemuno Sakata uses HER power to throw up a Sanctuary around herself! >:3
[19:34] <Nemuno Sakata> ATK smacks at Sagume across the face with the flat of her blade.
[19:34] █████ Sagume Kishin has been STAGGERED!!
[19:35] * Sagume Kishin is now bleeding from the nose too!
[19:36] <Sagume Kishin> B[BLEEP]ch!
[19:36] █████ Sagume Kishin points at Nemuno. "You stabbed yourself again!"
[19:36] ████ Nemuno Sakata has DODGED the attack!
[19:37] * Nemuno Sakata used her Sanctuary to disrupt Sagume's power again!
[19:38] ████ Nemuno Sakata goes for Sagume's kneecaps!
[19:38] █████ Sagume Kishin has been SAVAGED!!
[19:39] <Sagume Kishin> S[BLEEP]T!
[19:41] █████ Sagume Kishin "Why are you bashing your head against the wall, lady?"
[19:41] █████ Nemuno Sakata has been SLAMMED BACK!!
[19:42] * Nemuno Sakata suddenly BASHES her head against the nearest turnbuckle as her Sanctuary gets overloaded. >__<;
[19:45] █████ Nemuno Sakata makes a two-handed slash at Sagume!
[19:45] ████ Sagume Kishin has been SLAMMED BACK!!
[19:46] * Sagume Kishin is really starting to look like a bloody mess, worse than Tenshi after any given Incident she's gotten involved in. @___@
[19:47] ████ Sagume Kishin "Insult Sakuya Izayoi's bra size!!!!"
[19:47] █████ Nemuno Sakata has been SLAMMED BACK!!
[19:47] <Nemuno Sakata> ...SAKUYA IZAYOI WEARS A PADDED BRA!!!
[19:47] * Nemuno Sakata gets KNIFED out of nowhere!
[19:49] █████ Nemuno Sakata just GUT-PUNCHES Sagume with an exasperated expression.
[19:49] ████ Sagume Kishin has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /def ]
[19:50] * Sagume Kishin goes for something simple and B[BLEEP]CHSLAPS Nemuno as she gets in close!
[19:50] ████ Nemuno Sakata has been SAVAGED!!
[19:50] * Nemuno Sakata gets her chimes rung HARD by the force of the blow!! @__@
[19:53] ████ Sagume Kishin "Now! I heard you insulted those FOREST FOXES and called them all UGLY!!"
[19:53] █████ Nemuno Sakata has been EVISCERATED!!
[19:53] Nemuno Sakata has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[19:54] <Nemuno Sakata> ...FOREST FOXES ARE MANGY!!! Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap~!
[19:54] * some forest kits Rush Down to the Stage!
[19:54] * some forest kits LEAP for Sagume Kishin Sngrily >:[
[19:54] <Nemuno Sakata> D:
[19:55] * Nemuno Sakata also gets the PAW-STOMP big-time for her words.
[19:55] <Sagume Kishin> ^___^...V
[19:55] <some forest kits> we know what you did!
[19:56] <some forest kits> why did Titan fox eat you? >:3
[19:56] <Sagume Kishin> :P
[19:56] * The Titan Kit comes over and nibbles on Sagume :3
[19:57] <The Titan Kit> :3
[19:57] * Sagume Kishin quickly flies away from the Forest Kits, eager to celebrate her victory over that stringy-haired Yamanba.
[19:57] <Sagume Kishin> >__>;;;;;
[19:57] <Sagume Kishin> CRAAAAAAAAAPP~!!
[19:57] * The Titan Kit Leaps and catches Sagume in its mouth :3
[19:58] <Sagume Kishin> HEY! You're trying to use my own powers against....AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
[19:58] * Nemuno Sakata is just face-down on the ground and completely senseless. X___x
[19:58] *** Nemuno Sakata has left #suburbansenshi3 ("Bllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarg...")
[19:59] * Sagume Kishin flails and struggles insanely!!
[19:59] * The Titan Kit audibly GULPS.
[19:59] <The Titan Kit> =^ ^=
[19:59] <The Titan Kit> =^ ^=
[19:59] <The crowd> O__O O__O O___O O__O O___O O__O O___O O___O O__O
[20:00] <Marisa Kirisame> - ........THAT IS SOME MESSED UP S[BLEEP]T RIGHT THERE! DA ZEE!!! -
[20:01] * The Titan Kit trots off to places unknown
[20:01] <The Forest Kits> =>>=
[20:01] <The Forest Kits> =<<=
[20:02] *** Sagume Kishin has left #suburbansenshi3 (@_____@)
[20:02] * The Forest Kits all point to Nemuno Sakata "Winner by Default"
[20:02] * The Forest Kits clamber back into the announcer's chamber.
[20:03] <Announcer> The winner by TKO...SAGUME KISHIN!!!
[20:04] * The Forest Kits pounce on the announcer :3
[20:04] * Announcer runs!!!!!!
[20:04] <The Forest Kits> :3
[20:05] <The Forest Kits> Announce REAL Winner :3
[20:06] <Announcer> >__>
[20:06] <Announcer> <__<
[20:07] *** Announcer has left #suburbansenshi3 ("Sorry, but the rules clearly state that Sagume Kishin is the winner of this match!")
[20:09] *** The Forest Kits has left #suburbansenshi3 (You get ANGRY Tailpats now >:3)

[22:07] *** BluSky_Caprice has joined #suburbansenshi3
[22:07] <+luna_P> Evening, BluSky_Caprice
[22:07] <+luna_P> Yo! Protip. Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.
[22:08] * BluSky_Caprice walks back through the dark towards her house
[22:08] <BluSky_Caprice> *yawn* what a day...
[22:09] * BluSky_Caprice nearly trips over a rock ><
[22:09] <BluSky_Caprice> o..oh dear ><
[22:10] * BluSky_Caprice walks the path through the forested's longer on foot but she enjoys the nature around her
[22:10] * BluSky_Caprice listens to the sounds of nocternal animals...and the warmish breeze blowing
[22:11] * BluSky_Caprice hears the slight rumble of thunder...
[22:12] * BluSky_Caprice quickens her pace a bit

[23:01] * BluSky_Caprice walks out of the bathroom and yawns then climbs into her bed
[23:02] * BluSky_Caprice reaches over and picks up a book, opening and quietly reading
[23:06] * BluSky_Caprice yawns a bit
[23:17] * BluSky_Caprice puts aside the book and removes her glasses, laying down
[23:18] * BluSky_Caprice glances over two photos on her of Shinjiro and one of her deceased husband
[23:18] * BluSky_Caprice smiles and pokes the photo of her husband ^^
[23:18] * BluSky_Caprice turns off the lights and closes her eyes
[23:18] *** BluSky_Caprice has left #suburbansenshi3 (goodnight)

[19:24] * Meanwhile in Gensokyo...
[19:25] *** The crowds are rowdy and riotous as the NEXT battle finally prepares to get underway.
[19:26] * Sagume Kishin sits by herself, still angry as hell after the ordeal she got put through and having new levels of disdain for fans of vore fantasy.
[19:27] <Announcer> The following match is scheduled for one fall!
[19:30] <Announcer> In this corner! Heralding from the new land of Senkai, the Almight Taoist Who Administers Space...the Supremely Gifted Hermit...TOYOSATOMIMI NO MIKO!!!
[19:31] *** Toyosatomimi no Miko has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:31] <+luna_P> Evening, Toyosatomimi no Miko
[19:31] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: over nine thousand
[19:32] * Toyosatomimi no Miko waves smugly to the crowds, saluting with the golden shaku she always carries.
[19:33] <Toyosatomimi no Miko> I can sense that you all wish for me to be the victor of this battle!
[19:37] <Announcer> And in the other corner, hailing from the Lagrange point near the Moon, the great Purifier, the Nemesis of the Lunarians, the Divine Spirit of Purified Grudges...JUNKO!
[19:37] *** Junko has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:37] <+luna_P> Evening, Junko
[19:37] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: We all hate the Monkey.
[19:39] * Junko flips off the crowd, grinning nastily.
[19:41] <Referee Mills Lane> ALL RIGHT!
[19:41] <Referee Mills Lane> We've got two divine-level fighters tonight, so that means I expect to see a fight that's equally divine.
[19:43] <Referee Mills Lane> So I expect a good clean fight. No extradimensional destruction, no world-destroying, and no calling in the Lunar Defense Corps.
[19:43] <Toyosatomimi no Miko> Good. I hate them.
[19:43] <Junko> :<
[19:44] <Referee Mills Lane> Now! LET'S GET IT ON!
[19:44] <spiritflame> Toyosatomimi no Miko rolls 1d20 [ 4 ]
[19:44] <spiritflame> Junko rolls 1d20 [ 15 ]
[19:44] ☼ Scouter indicates Toyosatomimi no Miko has POWERED UP!
[19:44] ☼ Scouter indicates Junko has POWERED UP!
[19:45] █████ Junko unleashes a blast of purified oxygen at Toyosatomimi's face!
[19:45] ████ Toyosatomimi no Miko has been SAVAGED!!
[19:46] * Toyosatomimi no Miko gags and chokes a little since pure oxygen is actually toxic!
[19:46] ████ Toyosatomimi no Miko SMACKS at Junko with her sanku!
[19:46] ████ Junko has been EVISCERATED!!
[19:47] * Junko takes the blow to the side of her head that sends her phoenix crown flying!
[19:48] ████ Junko stabs at Toyosatomimi with her purple energy tails!
[19:48] ████ Toyosatomimi no Miko has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /def ]
[19:49] * Toyosatomimi no Miko sidesteps the tail-stabs, grabs onto a couple of them, and PULLS Junko in close, jumping up into the air to try to kick her in the face!
[19:49] ████ Junko has BLOCKED the attack!
[19:49] * Junko blocks!
[19:50] ████ Junko just PUNCHES Toyosatomimi in the nose!
[19:50] █████ Toyosatomimi no Miko has been HIT!!
[19:50] * Toyosatomimi no Miko staggers as she gets socked in the face!
[19:51] <Toyosatomimi no Miko> Oh, that's it! Now I'm pissed, you wannabe Onryo!
[19:51] █████ Toyosatomimi no Miko goes for an early takedown!
[19:51] █████ Junko has been HIT!!
[19:52] * Junko yelps as she's knocked onto her back by a flying tackle!
[19:53] <Junko> Wannabe Onryo?!??!! Do you even know WHAT I am?!
[19:53] █████ Junko goes for a headlock on the Saint Hermit!
[19:53] █████ Toyosatomimi no Miko has been SLAMMED BACK!!
[19:53] <Toyosatomimi no Miko> Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak~! @___@
[19:55] <Toyosatomimi no Miko> I know what you are. You purified your own resentment and made yourself into a spirit of revenge against the Lunarians.
[19:55] <Toyosatomimi no Miko> And a daft c[BLEEP]t!
[19:56] █████ Toyosatomimi no Miko goes for the b[BLEEP]ch-slap!
[19:56] █████ Junko has DODGED the attack!
[19:57] * Junko blocks the slap on her forearm. "Do you think it's wrong for me to HATE the Lunarians?!"
[19:58] █████ Junko grabs Toyosatomimi by the hair-tufts and goes for the head-banging!
[19:58] █████ Toyosatomimi no Miko has DODGED the attack!
[20:00] * Toyosatomimi no Miko manages to catch herself.
[20:03] <Toyosatomimi no Miko> Says the girl with NO IDENTITY!!
[20:05] █████ Toyosatomimi no Miko GOES FOR THE FACE!!!!
[20:05] █████ Junko has been SAVAGED!!
[20:05] <Random person in the crowd> ...!!
[20:05] <Random person in the crowd> CAT FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:06] █████ Junko can cat-fight with the best of them!!!
[20:06] ████ Toyosatomimi no Miko has been HIT!!
[20:07] * Toyosatomimi no Miko gets pulled to the ground and bashed in the back of the head several times!
[20:07] ████ Toyosatomimi no Miko takes her shaku and prepares to ram it up Junko's BUTT!!
[20:07] ████ Junko has been SAVAGED!!
[20:08] <Junko> D:
[20:08] <Junko> D:
[20:09] * Junko has been VIOLATED!!!!!!
[20:11] <Junko> - WHY?!?!?!?!?!? -
[20:12] <Toyosatomimi no Miko> PURIFY THAT!!!
[20:12] ████ Junko 's hand now glows with an awesome power. It tells her to defeat Toyosatomimi!!!
[20:13] <Toyosatomimi no Miko> D:<
[20:14] █████ Toyosatomimi no Miko has been STAGGERED!!
[20:14] Toyosatomimi no Miko has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[20:16] * Toyosatomimi no Miko gets physically blown OUT of the arena!!!!!
[20:17] <Junko> >:D..._|_
[20:17] * Junko gives Toyosatomimi's smoldering, unconscious body the Shining Middle Finger.
[20:19] <Toyosatomimi no Miko> X____x
[20:19] <Announcer> And the winner, by technical knock out...JUNKO!!!
[20:24] <Junko> ^_____^
[20:36] <Junko> When I win Hasslemania...
[20:36] <Junko> - There will be MORE Purification!! -
[20:36] *** Junko has left #suburbansenshi3
[20:47] <The Forest Kits> :3
[20:56] <Marisa Kirisame> <__<
[20:56] <The Forest Kits> HEE :D
[20:58] <Marisa Kirisame> >:(
[20:58] <Marisa Kirisame> Oh keep away from me, you little troublemakers!
[20:58] <The Forest Kits> Nope :D
[20:59] * The Forest Kits Give tailpats to MArisa :3
[21:00] <Marisa Kirisame> Ah!
[21:00] * Marisa Kirisame falls to the ground as she tries to get away!
[21:01] * The Forest Kits leap onto Marisa and give her even more tailpats, sniff-sniffs and lick-licks =^ ^= =^ ^= =^ ^= =^ ^= =^ ^= =^ ^= =^ ^= =^ ^= =^ ^= =^ ^= =^ ^= =^ ^= =^ ^= =^ ^= =^ ^= =^ ^= =^ ^= =^ ^= =^ ^=
[21:04] <Marisa Kirisame> O_____o
[21:04] <Marisa Kirisame> ^_____^
[21:06] <The Forest Kits> =^ ^= =^ ^= =^ ^= =^ ^= =^ ^= =^ ^=
[21:08] *** Marisa Kirisame has left #suburbansenshi3 ("Too...fluffy!!!")
[21:08] *** The Forest Kits has left #suburbansenshi3 (:D :D :D :D :3 :3 :3 :3 :3)

[20:30] *** Forest somewhere near Fuji...a training camp has been set up
[20:31] *** David O`Cain [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:31] <+luna_P> Evening, David O`Cain
[20:31] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: One of the few NOT sued by SCO
[20:31] *** Matsumi Kaze (Adult) has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:31] <+luna_P> Evening, Matsumi Kaze (Adult)
[20:31] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Because there is no end and you can never go home again.
[20:31] * Matsumi Kaze (Adult) is sitting on a stump, here to observe the training
[20:32] * David O`Cain gets out his phone, and presses a button on its side
[20:32] <David O`Cain> All Neo Senshi to the training grounds. All Neo Senshi to the training grounds.
[20:33] <David O`Cain> Now to wait.
[20:34] <Matsumi Kaze (Adult)> mmhm
[20:34] *** Euri Inochi [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:34] <+luna_P> Evening, Euri Inochi
[20:34] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Klaatu... Verata... Ni*coughcough*huhuhu!
[20:35] * Matsumi Kaze (Adult) smirks and waves to euri, blowing her a kiss
[20:35] * Euri Inochi parks her car as she and her comrades exit.
[20:35] *** Mirai Arashi has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:35] <+luna_P> Evening, Mirai Arashi
[20:35] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: The Next Generation of Edutainment
[20:35] *** Kaifuu Aoi [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:35] <+luna_P> Evening, Kaifuu Aoi
[20:35] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Ain't it Sweat.
[20:35] *** Mayu Minamoto [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:35] <+luna_P> Evening, Mayu Minamoto
[20:35] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Put it on your chest and say Guyver!!
[20:35] * Mirai Arashi walks in,...lost in thought
[20:36] * Kaifuu Aoi sees her fellow senshi and smiles, greeting them.
[20:37] * Mayu Minamoto whispers to Euri as Kaifuu goes to mingle, "It's as if she's at a party and wasn't complaining the whole time up here."
[20:37] <Euri Inochi> I know, right?
[20:37] * Phobos and Deimos are leaning against a tree, just watching
[20:40] <Matsumi Kaze (Adult)> welcome back to training
[20:41] * David O`Cain turns to face the group, "Welcome back."
[20:42] * Kaifuu Aoi quiets down and turns to David wearing a serious expression.
[20:44] * Mirai Arashi turns to face David, as do the two members of Mars
[20:44] <David O`Cain> Allow me to ask each of you this simple question: ever since Vyle has started his attacks, how come at least two of you respond to these incidents the majority of the time they occur?
[20:46] <Mirai Arashi> um...I don't know
[20:47] <Mayu Minamoto> Two is better than no one showing up at all, wouldn't you say?
[20:50] <Deimos> the others are busy
[20:51] <David O`Cain> Perhaps, Mayu, but what about the rest of you? Are you just sitting on your asses, and twiddling your thumbs like nothing is going on?
[20:51] <Euri Inochi> I have a family to look after and a job I can't just up and leave on a whim.
[20:52] * Euri Inochi doesn't show her anger at being insulted.
[20:52] <Kaifuu Aoi> When I'm not training my Neptune Satellite Senshi, I'm usually busy at the movie studios or in meetings.
[20:52] <Kaifuu Aoi> It's... difficult to break away to save the city when I'm locked away for so long.
[20:53] * Mayu Minamoto doesn't even bother offering an excuse.
[20:56] * Mirai Arashi looks around for Andy
[21:05] * Matsumi Kaze (Adult) coughs
[21:05] <David O`Cain> If at all possible, try to keep an eye on the news. I'm going to do my best to get in contact with you should an attack happen. You guys are supposed to work as a team. Thing about it is Vyle is going to stop at nothing to eliminate you, and will continue launching attack after attack in that effort. He and his warbots must be stopped.
[21:06] <Kaifuu Aoi> Why can't we just go straight to him and hit him with some Ultra Combined Mega Attack?
[21:07] * Mayu Minamoto wonders aloud, "I bet if (Neo) Sailor Moon were here, we'd have no trouble fighting him... I wonder where she is?"
[21:07] <Phobos> yeah seriously
[21:07] *** Andy Dioli [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[21:07] <+luna_P> Evening, Andy Dioli
[21:07] <+luna_P> SNAP into a Suburban Senshi! OOOH YEAAAAH!
[21:07] <David O`Cain> Finding him is the main problem, Kaifuu. He hasn't left any clues as to where he's hiding.
[21:07] <Andy Dioli> Sorry I'm late.
[21:07] <David O`Cain> Glad you came here, Andy.
[21:08] <Euri Inochi> Can't you get him with a tracking device? Does any of us know any divining?
[21:08] <Euri Inochi> Or, like, Mystical Sense?
[21:09] * Phobos and Deimos raise their hands
[21:10] <Andy Dioli> So what we talking about?
[21:11] <David O`Cain> We started with talking about why the rest of the team hasn't shown up to respond in the majority of the attacks Vyle's launched. Now we've gone to trying to find where that traitor is hiding out.
[21:13] * Matsumi Kaze (Adult) tries to sneak over to sit next to euri
[21:13] <Andy Dioli> Because our team sucks in comparison to the orginal? We don't have a bond like the first team did around Sailor Moon. Hell we don't even HAVE a Sailor Moon
[21:14] * Kaifuu Aoi tosses her head with a hmph.
[21:14] <Kaifuu Aoi> Like that's our fault.
[21:14] <Mayu Minamoto> Eh...
[21:15] <Andy Dioli> We don't need to replicate that exact bond or setup. But we need to be freinds, not just allies that show up when it's convienant
[21:17] <Mayu Minamoto> I wouldn't say I shy away from friendships.
[21:17] <Mayu Minamoto> I've been told that I'm quite the people person.
[21:18] * Euri Inochi snorts.
[21:19] * Matsumi Kaze (Adult) coughs again
[21:19] <David O`Cain> Yes, Matsumi?
[21:20] <Matsumi Kaze (Adult)> so how shall we solve this problem
[21:23] <Matsumi Kaze (Adult)> other then simply discussing as it were
[21:23] * Andy Dioli shrugs
[21:26] <Andy Dioli> I'm no leader. Don't look at me for awnsers
[21:27] <Euri Inochi> Do we even have a leader?
[21:27] <Andy Dioli> No
[21:28] * Matsumi Kaze (Adult) is silently putting in some earplugs
[21:28] <Andy Dioli> I suggested Makoto or Setsuna take over leadership when were first empowered since they've done this before, but no one cared
[21:29] <Euri Inochi> That's actually not a bad idea.
[21:29] * Euri Inochi sees Kaifuu about to say something.
[21:30] <David O`Cain> But have we seen either of them since then?
[21:30] <Euri Inochi> No offense, Kaifuu, but I think leading a team of Satellite Senshi is a bit different from leading a team of full-fledged planetary Sailor Guardians.
[21:30] * Euri Inochi winces a little on the inside.
[21:30] <Kaifuu Aoi> Hmph.
[21:30] * a supersonic scream RIPS through the forest and the training area
[21:30] * David O`Cain covers his ears, "GAH! THE F[BLEEP]K WAS THAT?!"
[21:31] * Mirai Arashi is sent flying but is caught by Phobos and Deimos who skid backwards
[21:31] * Euri Inochi covers her ears!!
[21:31] * Mayu Minamoto INSTANTLY transforms!
[21:31] * Mayu Minamoto is now known as Neo Sailor Saturn
[21:31] * Three figures walk into the forest........
[21:32] <Sailor Platnium Banshee> well well...a group of lassies..and lass...just sitting here...
[21:32] * Andy Dioli is now known as Neo Sailor Uranus
[21:32] <Sailor Platnium Banshee> it, Golem
[21:33] * Kaifuu Aoi is now known as Neo Sailor Neptune
[21:33] * walks forward and SLAMS her fists into the ground, causing it to split and explode towards Mirai and Phobos and Deimos
[21:33] <Sailor Stone Golem-> ^
[21:33] <Neo Sailor Uranus> Sailor Senshi?
[21:33] * Neo Sailor Neptune summons a trio of deep-sea water golems to take on the newcomers!
[21:33] <Euri Inochi> Are they... Sailor Senshi?!?
[21:33] * Euri Inochi is now known as Neo Sailor Europa
[21:34] <Neo Sailor Uranus> (( Isn't Euri Sailor Mercury now?' ))
[21:34] * Sailor Steel Serpent spins her staff and fires at the water golems
[21:34] <Neo Sailor Europa> (( whoops thanks lol ))
[21:34] * Neo Sailor Europa is now known as Neo Sailor Mercury
[21:34] <Neo Sailor Mercury> (( old habits ))
[21:34] * Mirai Arashi does Phobos and Deimos
[21:34] * David O`Cain is now known as Capt. David O`Cain
[21:34] * Mirai Arashi is now known as Neo Sailor Quinox
[21:35] * Neo Sailor Uranus leaps twords the new arrivals, a pair of swords drawn "Why are you attacking us?"
[21:35] * Phobos and Deimos is now known as Neo Sailor Mars
[21:35] * Sailor Platenium Banshee looks pu and SCREAMS at Uranus
[21:37] * Neo Sailor Europa sends out a blast of flowing, liquid-like ice at Sailor Stone Golem!
[21:37] * Neo Sailor Uranus is thrown back, his ears ringing
[21:37] * grabs the earth and pushes it up to act as a makeshift shield
[21:37] * Capt. David O`Cain begins to charge energy into his hand
[21:37] <Sailor Stone Golem_> ^
[21:38] * Matsumi Kaze (Adult) watches from the top of a tree
[21:38] <Neo Sailor Europa> (They're quick!)
[21:39] * Sailor Steel Serpent holds out her hand and fires a venom blast at Neptune
[21:39] <Neo Sailor Uranus> (( You're still using Europa ))
[21:39] * Neo Sailor Quinox tries to block the venom blast and is sent flying backwards ><
[21:40] <Neo Sailor Europa> (( damnit ))
[21:40] * Neo Sailor Mercury sends out her Frost Veil, turning it into a chain to try and ensure the Stone Golem!
[21:40] * Capt. David O`Cain fires a large blue ball of energy at Steel Serpent
[21:40] * Neo Sailor Uranus sits up, everything spinning. He hurls a sword at Steel Serpant
[21:41] * Neo Stone Golem is ensnared!...then grabs the chain and holds Sailor Platenium Banshee fires strange flames at Mercury
[21:42] * Neo Sailor Neptune blasts a tidal wave sideways, dousing the flames!
[21:42] * Neo Sailor Saturn brandishes her sword as she leaps towards Steel Serpent. "What do you want from us??"
[21:43] * Sailor Steel Serpent blocks with her staff...then reaches back and tries to slash saturn with some sharp nails
[21:44] * Neo Steel Serpent is hit by the blast and sent flying back
[21:44] <Sailor Steel Serpent> ^
[21:44] * Neo Sailor Saturn blacks the clawed attack with her shield.
[21:45] <Neo Sailor Mars> SATURN! SHIELD
[21:45] * Neo Sailor Mercury begins to freeze the Stone Golem as her chain is till wrapped around it.
[21:45] * Neo Sailor Saturn raises her shield, making it even bigger!
[21:45] * Neo Stone Golem_ starts to freeze..leaving her vulnerable
[21:45] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Sailor Stone Golem is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[21:45] <Sailor Stone Golem_> ^
[21:46] * Neo Sailor Uranus hurls a Hammer at Stone Golem
[21:46] * Neo Sailor Mars jumps up and uses the sheild to bounce off it and fire a flame blast at Seel Serpent
[21:47] * is hit by the hammer and sent crashing sideways
[21:47] <Sailor Stone Golem_> ^
[21:48] <Neo Sailor Saturn> We've got this!
[21:48] * Neo Sailor Uranus expects his magic refill now. :P
[21:48] * Sailor Platenium Banshee is now the only one standing
[21:49] * Neo Sailor Neptune tosses her unbreakable net onto Sailor Platinum Banshee from behind!
[21:49] * Sailor Platenium Banshee is caught unawares!
[21:50] <Neo Sailor Neptune> Now's our chance!
[21:50] * Neo Sailor Saturn aims her sword skyward as a ball of negative purple light starts forming!
[21:50] * Neo Sailor Quinox gets her lyre ready
[21:50] <Matsumi Kaze (Adult)> TIME
[21:51] * Matsumi Kaze (Adult) blows a whistle
[21:51] <Neo Sailor Uranus> ...wha?
[21:51] <Neo Sailor Saturn> Death Slice Bu--
[21:51] <Neo Sailor Saturn> huh???
[21:51] * Neo Sailor Saturn cancels her attacks, stumbling.
[21:51] * Neo Sailor Uranus is holding a half formed sword.
[21:51] <Neo Sailor Mercury> M-Matsumi, what?
[21:52] * Sailor Stone Golem_ sowly gets up..wincing ><
[21:52] * Sailor Steel Serpent winces as well "that wassssss intensssssse"
[21:53] <Neo Sailor Uranus> Do you mind explaining?
[21:54] <Matsumi Kaze (Adult)> I asked them attack you
[21:54] <Matsumi Kaze (Adult)> to see how you would handle real combat situations
[21:55] * Neo Sailor Mercury frowns.
[21:55] * Sailor Stone Golem_ slowly gets up
[21:55] <Neo Sailor Neptune> Seriously?
[21:56] <Neo Sailor Uranus> You do realize we could have killed them right? These swords aren't exactly dulled
[21:56] * Neo Sailor Uranus throws one at a tree to prove his point
[21:56] * Neo Sailor Saturn manages to catch her breath, shrinking her shield back down to a small buckler on the back of her hand.
[21:57] <Neo Sailor Saturn> ...
[21:58] <Matsumi Kaze (Adult)> that was kept in mind
[21:58] <Matsumi Kaze (Adult)> but a point had to be made
[21:59] <Neo Sailor Uranus> And what point is that?
[21:59] <Matsumi Kaze (Adult)> that you CAN work as a team
[21:59] <Neo Sailor Mercury> We never said we couldn't, did we?
[21:59] <Matsumi Kaze (Adult)> did you you each worked together to take down your foes
[22:00] * Neo Sailor Neptune dryly says, "I hadn't noticed."
[22:01] <Matsumi Kaze (Adult)> or at the very do not need a leader to do so
[22:02] * Neo Sailor Mercury and Neo Sailor Saturn share a wordless glance.
[22:05] * Matsumi Kaze (Adult) just nods to the animates, who walk away to rest
[22:06] <Neo Sailor Mercury> Well, David-san?
[22:06] <Neo Sailor Uranus> ....
[22:09] * Neo Sailor Uranus just sits down and broods
[22:11] * Neo Sailor Saturn goes over to Uranus and places her hand on his shoulder.
[22:13] * Neo Sailor Neptune holds onto her quadrant, leaning on it.
[22:13] <Neo Sailor Neptune> If that's everything, I'm going to head home.
[22:13] * Neo Sailor Quinox seems..confused by all this
[22:15] * Neo Sailor Neptune turns around and pauses.
[22:15] <Neo Sailor Neptune> ...
[22:15] <Neo Sailor Neptune> Euri, take me home.
[22:15] <Neo Sailor Mercury> ....eeeehhh...
[22:16] * Matsumi Kaze (Adult) realizes what she's done...and starts to walk away
[22:17] <Capt. David O`Cain> (( Sorry, guys. I had gotten called away from the keyboard. ))
[22:17] <Neo Sailor Saturn> Matsumi!
[22:17] * Neo Sailor Mercury turns, seeing Matsumi walk away. She feels torn..
[22:18] * Neo Sailor Uranus looks up "You're leaving? Just like that?"
[22:19] <Matsumi Kaze (Adult)> ..I feel I proved my point...I leave the rest to david
[22:20] <Matsumi Kaze (Adult)> I'll leave it to you, david
[22:21] * Matsumi Kaze (Adult) walks into the woods towards one of the cabins
[22:21] *** Matsumi Kaze (Adult) has left #suburbansenshi3 (..)
[22:22] * Neo Sailor Neptune taps her foot impatiently.
[22:22] <Neo Sailor Neptune> Well??
[22:22] <Capt. David O`Cain> I've been proven wrong about this. You guys can work together. Keep it up, and Vyle's plans will crumble.
[22:22] <Neo Sailor Neptune> Good.
[22:22] <Neo Sailor Neptune> Let's go.l
[22:22] <Neo Sailor Mercury> Saturn, you coming?
[22:24] <Neo Sailor Saturn> ..Alright.
[22:24] <Capt. David O`Cain> Keep an eye on the news, though. We don't know when he'll strike next. Before you go, though, I've got something for you.
[22:24] * Capt. David O`Cain is now known as David O`Cain
[22:24] * Neo Sailor Mercury nods at David before the three of them retransform and head into her car to head back home.
[22:24] *** Euri Inochi [] has left #suburbansenshi3
[22:24] *** Mayu Minamoto [] has left #suburbansenshi3
[22:24] *** Kaifuu Aoi [] has left #suburbansenshi3
[22:24] * David O`Cain reaches into a pocket and holds out concert tickets
[22:25] <Neo Sailor Uranus> ...They're sure in a hurry
[22:25] <David O`Cain> VIP tickets for all of you to an upcoming concert.
[22:25] * Neo Sailor Uranus is now known as Andy Dioli
[22:25] <Andy Dioli> concert?
[22:27] <David O`Cain> Yep. An all day rock 'n roll festival on June 9 in a land of fantasy and illusion. Yours truly will be among the performers on stage.
[22:28] * Andy Dioli takes a ticket "Ah. Sounds fun"
[22:29] <David O`Cain> It will be, Andy. 12 hours of sonic enjoyment.
[22:30] <Andy Dioli> ...That's quite alot
[22:33] <David O`Cain> Yes, but worth it for entertaining the masses. My cousins, a couple of friends, and I began the festival three years ago, and don't plan on stopping it. Food and drink will be provided in the VIP area, plus a great view of the stage.
[22:35] <Andy Dioli> I'll try to be there.
[22:37] <David O`Cain> Mirai? What do you say?
[22:38] <David O`Cain> Same with you, Phobos and Deimos.
[22:43] * the three senshi take them
[22:45] * Andy Dioli texts the senshi who left     You guys left too soon. David had VIP concert tickets for you
[22:47] <David O`Cain> Hmm. I guess I'll give the others theirs another time. Anyway, let's head to the cabins, and get some rest. You guys did well in working together.
[22:53] *** David O`Cain [] has quit IRC (Quite the night, I'd say.)
[22:59] * Andy Dioli is away 
[22:59] *** Mirai Arashi has left #suburbansenshi3
[19:12] * Meanwhile in Gensokyo...
[19:14] *** Everyone assembles at the Arena of Sport as another battle prepares to commence!!!
[19:17] <Announcer> This fight is scheduled for one fall! In this corner, a well-known youkai hailing from the Bamboo Forest...REISEN UDONGEIN INABA!!!!
[19:17] *** Reisen Udongein Inaba [LunaticMoonRabbit@FedCom.Net (Pirated Serve] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:17] <+luna_P> Evening, Reisen Udongein Inaba
[19:17] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: It's like kicking a puppy. But when the puppy can't be trained and keeps peeing everywhere.
[19:18] * Reisen Udongein Inaba waves happily with both arms. "Hello everyone! It's great to be here!" ^___^
[19:21] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> I know I didn't do very well in the Sub-Sen Budokai, but I promise I'll do much better back here in Gensokyo!
[19:24] * Announcer waves over to the other corner, in which stands one of the previously unknown girls. She looks maybe 12 or 13, wearing a green dress with red and white trim, black knee socks, green shoes, and a hat that's tilted to her right.
[19:26] <Announcer> And in this corner, from the Lunar Capitol, one of the two All-Too-Dangerous Backup Dancers...MAI TEIREIDA!!
[19:26] *** Mai Teireida has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:26] <+luna_P> Evening, Mai Teireida
[19:26] <+luna_P> Welcome. Suburban Senshi asks: What would Vegita do?
[19:27] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> Ha ha! What's up, filthy Humans and Youkai?! :D
[19:28] <Mai Teireida> ^
[19:28] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> DON'T TRY TO IMPERSONATE ME, YOU LITTLE JERK!
[19:28] *** Suddenly, the referee comes out, and it's immediately apparent that it's NOT Mills Lane!
[19:29] *** Gunnery Referee Hartman has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:29] <+luna_P> Evening, Gunnery Referee Hartman
[19:29] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: The SUV of blogs.
[19:29] <Gunnery Referee Hartman> ATTEN-SHUN!!!!
[19:32] <Gunnery Referee Hartman> I am your new referee for Hasslemania. I am here to turn you slimey Youkai cesspool parasites into proud warriors of Gensokyo, invoking bowel wrenching fear into the dark hearts of your enemies!!
[19:36] <Gunnery Referee Hartman> When that bell rings, you will be weapons! Focused and full of purpose! Hot rod rocket-jocks of precision and strength tear-assing throughout Gensokyo hunting for Heaven!
[19:37] * Gunnery Referee Hartman goes up to Reisen. "What's your name!?
[19:37] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> Reisen, sir!
[19:38] <Gunnery Referee Hartman> Did I hear a sound out of you, Reisen? I DID! I DID HEAR A SOUND OUT OF YOU! I thought it was your Marine Corps battle cry!
[19:39] * Reisen Udongein Inaba shaking her head!!
[19:39] <Gunnery Referee Hartman> Lemme hear your battle cry!
[19:39] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> ...AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH~!!
[19:39] <Gunnery Referee Hartman> ...I am NOT impressed!
[19:41] <Gunnery Referee Hartman> Assistants! Demonstrate a Marine Corps battle cry for this rabbit-eared panty-waist!!
[19:42] *** Tewi Inaba has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:42] <+luna_P> Evening, Tewi Inaba
[19:42] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Dewey Cheatum and Howe!!!
[19:42] *** Reisen-2 has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:42] <+luna_P> Evening, Reisen-2
[19:42] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Warez da beef??
[19:43] * Tewi Inaba and Reisen-2 hurry up to either side of Reisen and SCREAM at the top of their lungs!!
[19:43] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> o____O
[19:44] *** The Forest Kits has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:44] <+luna_P> Evening, The Forest Kits
[19:44] <+luna_P> Welcome. Suburban Senshi asks: Is it Queen Metallia? Is she the sauce?
[19:44] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
[19:45] <The Forest Kits> :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
[19:45] <Gunnery Referee Hartman> Still pathetic! But I suppose it'll have to do for this match!!!
[19:45] <The Forest Kits> HIIIIIIIIII :D
[19:46] <Mai Teireida> This man is freaking me out.
[19:46] <Gunnery Referee Hartman> You both both fight when the bell rings! You will not laugh! You will not cry! You will fight by the numbers! I will judge you!
[19:46] * Gunnery Referee Hartman takes a few steps back.
[19:46] <Gunnery Referee Hartman> Now! FIGHT!
[19:47] ☼ Scouter indicates Reisen Udongein Inaba has POWERED UP!
[19:47] ☼ Scouter indicates Mai Teireida has POWERED UP!
[19:47] <spiritflame> Reisen Udongein Inaba rolls 1d20 [ 13 ]
[19:47] <spiritflame> Mai Teireida rolls 1d20 [ 10 ]
[19:48] * The Forest Kits applies multiple tailpats to the ring =^ ^=
[19:49] █████ Reisen Udongein Inaba flashes her eyes red as she unleashes the powers of the Lunatic Rabbit!
[19:49] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> O__[/color=red]O[/color]
[19:50] ████ Mai Teireida has been ROCKED!!
[19:50] * Mai Teireida is hit by a powerful feeling of dizziness and stumbles, losing her balance.
[19:53] ████ Mai Teireida rushes up to Reisen and launches a flying punch at her face!
[19:53] ████ Reisen Udongein Inaba has been EVISCERATED!!
[19:56] * Reisen Udongein Inaba staggers as she takes a punch to her chin! >_<;;
[19:59] ████ Reisen Udongein Inaba points at Mai and SHOOTS a bolt at her!
[19:59] █████ Mai Teireida has been SLAMMED BACK!!
[20:00] * Mai Teireida has NOT been healed by Reisen's suppository!
[20:01] * Mai Teireida regains her composure and glares at Reisen.
[20:01] <Mai Teireida> Time for you to go down, bunny-girl!
[20:02] * Mai Teireida starts dancing in front of Reisen, but not actually attacking her.
[20:02] █████ Reisen Udongein Inaba has been STAGGERED!!
[20:02] * Reisen Udongein Inaba staggers as she's hit by a wave of dizziness that dulls her mind!
[20:02] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> What the??!?!
[20:03] *** Satono Nishida has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:03] <+luna_P> Evening, Satono Nishida
[20:03] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Since 1974
[20:03] * Satono Nishida is dancing behind Reisen from the audience stand, drawing out her mental energy through her movements!
[20:04] * Satono Nishida and Mai Teireida are DOUBLE-TEAMING on Reisen!
[20:05] █████ Mai Teireida uses her own dance powers on Reisen while she's got her back turned to face Satono!
[20:05] █████ Reisen Udongein Inaba has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /def ]
[20:06] * Reisen Udongein Inaba falls to the ground, but shoots from the hip at Mai as she goes down.
[20:06] █████ Mai Teireida has been SAVAGED!!
[20:09] █████ Mai Teireida dives at Reisen and initiates a DANCE FIGHT!!!!
[20:10] █████ Satono Nishida You're out of power... and the fight.
[20:10] * Satono Nishida cheats and keeps dancing, attacking Reisen some more! Because she and her partner don't care about the rules!
[20:10] <The Forest Kits> (( brb, dinner, I'd like to do something to the winner and something to the loser :D ))
[20:10] █████ Reisen Udongein Inaba has been SAVAGED!!
[20:10] ████ Reisen Udongein Inaba has been STAGGERED!!
[20:11] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> OH YOU LITTLE S[BLEEP]TBERGS!!!!!!
[20:12] ████ Reisen Udongein Inaba whips out a pair of P-90 submachine guns and goes full auto on BOTH GIRLS!!!!
[20:14] █████ Mai Teireida has DODGED the attack!
[20:15] * Satono Nishida is shot several times in the legs and goes down for the count!
[20:17] █████ Mai Teireida dances while Reisen's distracted by Satono!
[20:17] ████ Reisen Udongein Inaba has DODGED the attack!
[20:18] * Reisen Udongein Inaba feels her vitality drain a little, but quickly leaps out of the way and behind Mai.
[20:18] ████ Reisen Udongein Inaba fires a burst into Mai at point-blank range.
[20:19] ████ Mai Teireida has been EVISCERATED!!
[20:21] <Mai Teireida> ACK!!
[20:21] <Mai Teireida> I'm not done yet, Lunarian!!
[20:22] ████ Mai Teireida has the Bomb Moves!!
[20:22] █████ Reisen Udongein Inaba has been STAGGERED!!
[20:22] Reisen Udongein Inaba has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[20:23] * Reisen Udongein Inaba attempted to use her Quadrupled Flip Power to attack Mai from above, but gets swiped out of the air and lands with a deafening THUD on the top of her head.
[20:23] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> @_____@
[20:25] <The Forest Kits> D: D: D: D: D:
[20:25] * The Forest Kits Rush over to Reisen D: D: D: D: D: D:
[20:27] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> T____T
[20:28] <Gunnery Referee Hartman> And that concludes this fight!
[20:28] <The Forest Kits> CHEEEEEEAT! >:O
[20:29] * The Forest Kits Drags Trot up to Satono and Drags her into the ring with her little weapon >:O
[20:30] <Gunnery Referee Hartman> The winner...
[20:30] <Gunnery Referee Hartman> By Reisen Udongein Inaba!!!
[20:31] <The Forest Kits> :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
[20:31] <Mai Teireida> WHAT??!
[20:31] <Mai Teireida> But we WON the match!
[20:31] <Mai Teireida> And we've heard that you people hardly care about the rules!
[20:32] <Gunnery Referee Hartman> But that was before ME!!!!
[20:32] <Gunnery Referee Hartman> - AND I DO NOT LIKE CHEATERS!!! -
[20:32] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> O__O
[20:33] * Shaking starts to occur.
[20:33] <???> - Cheaters become Yum-Yums -
[20:34] <Gunnery Referee Hartman> Therefore, as head referee, I declare REISEN the winner!
[20:34] <The Forest Kits> :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
[20:34] * The Forest Kits trot and trill around Reisen in victory
[20:35] <Mai Teireida> >:(
[20:36] * The Titan Kit pokes its head up :D
[20:36] * The Forest Kits start trilling "Here comes the bride" for the cheaters.
[20:36] <Satono Nishida> D:
[20:37] <Mai Teireida> D:
[20:37] * Mai Teireida RUNS FOR IT!!!!!
[20:38] * Satono Nishida RUNS FOR IT TOO!!!!
[20:38] * The Titan Kit opens up its Maw and traps the cheaters in it [size=50]:3[size]
[20:38] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> :O
[20:38] * The Titan Kit opens up its maw and traps the cheaters inside it. :3
[20:38] * Something suddenly SMACKS the Titan-Kit in the side of it's head!!!!
[20:38] <The Titan Kit> => <=
[20:39] *** Marisa Kirisame has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:39] <+luna_P> Evening, Marisa Kirisame
[20:39] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: It's Bad Violation!
[20:39] * The Titan Kit quickly tries gulping down the cheating yum yums.
[20:40] * Marisa Kirisame is dressed in the distinctive uniform of the Scout Regiment and is wearing a Three-Dimensional Maneuvering Gear rig!
[20:40] *** Satono Nishida has left #suburbansenshi3 (FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!!!)
[20:40] *** Mai Teireida has left #suburbansenshi3 (WE'RE GONNA GET POOPED OUT ITS BUTT~!!!!!)
[20:41] * The Forest Kits turns to Marisa :3
[20:41] <The Forest Kits> TOY! :D
[20:41] <Marisa Kirisame> Hey there.
[20:41] <Marisa Kirisame> Remember me?
[20:42] <The Titan Kit> *^
[20:42] <The Forest Kits> :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O
[20:42] * Marisa Kirisame brandishes her twin brooms!
[20:42] <Marisa Kirisame> How about a nice slice of vengeance?!
[20:43] * Marisa Kirisame is now known as Eren YeagerMarisa Kirisame
[20:43] * The Titan Kit Paws at Marisa :D
[20:44] * sEren Yeager/sMarisa Kirisame leaps up into the air, swinging up and over the Titan-Kit's paw!
[20:44] * The Forest Kits cuddle Reisen Udongein Inababada! :3 :3 =^ ^=
[20:44] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> Awwww, so fluffy! ^___^
[20:45] * The Titan Kit swings its paw up and down, making a circular motion that might get someone trapped :3
[20:47] * This song starts playing as Marisa begins her attack!
[20:47] <The Forest Kits> You win, and we'll have to make a Full Fluffy Jacket! :D
[20:49] * Marisa Kirisame Eren Yeager jumps out of the way. "You'll never hit me like that! I guess you're not as stupid as you look."
[20:49] <Marisa Kirisame> You're even stupider because you're fighting ME!
[20:50] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> ...
[20:50] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> Forest you want me to calm her down for you?
[20:51] * The Titan Kit Tries catching Marisa Eren in its paws :3
[20:51] <The Forest Kits> not yet, she needs to be toyed with :D
[20:51] <The Forest Kits> HEEEE :3
[20:52] <Marisa Kirisame> /ME Eren Yeager swings out of the way again, heedless of the fact that she's causing buildings to be trampled on and knocked over.
[20:54] * Marisa Kirisame Eren Yeager swoops up behind the Titan-Kit's head and attempts to SMACK it hard!
[20:55] * The Titan Kit gets smacked... turns around and opens its maw again :O
[20:56] * Marisa Kirisame Eren Yeager tries to dive out of the way!
[20:57] * The Titan Kit leaps in an attempt to capture Marisa with its mouth :O
[21:02] <The Titan Kit> TOY :D
[21:02] <Marisa Kirisame> NOOOOOOO! You're not gonna eat me, you monster!!
[21:03] * The Titan Kit closes its maw on marisa :3
[21:03] * Marisa Kirisame Eren Yeager swoops low, building up speed...and plows STRAIGHT into the side of Mystia Lorelei's grilled lamprey stand.
[21:03] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> ...Ow. That hurt to watch.
[21:03] <Marisa Kirisame> @___@
[21:04] * The Titan Kit Glares at Marisa o_____o
[21:05] * The Titan Kit paws at MArisa Rern
[21:06] <The Titan Kit> You Toy now :D
[21:06] * Marisa Kirisame can't escape now!
[21:06] <Marisa Kirisame> D:
[21:07] * The Titan Kit captures Marisa in its paws :3
[21:07] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> Don't hurt her! Please!
[21:07] <Marisa Kirisame> DX
[21:07] <The Titan Kit> >:3
[21:07] <The Titan Kit> You Are Doll :D
[21:08] * The Titan Kit HUGS Marisa like anyone would hug a doll =^ ^=
[21:11] * The Titan Kit curls up with Marisa Kirisame in its paws =^ ^=
[21:11] * The Forest Kits Trill :D
[21:13] <Marisa Kirisame> >__>
[21:13] <Marisa Kirisame> <__<
[21:13] <Marisa Kirisame> NOOOOOOooooooooooooo~!!
[21:13] <Marisa Kirisame> It's too warm and cozy in here!!!!
[21:15] * The Titan Kit trills softly :3
[21:19] * Marisa Kirisame is away: Zzzzzzzzz
[21:19] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> Well, let's go celebrate my victory!
[21:19] <The Forest Kits> YAAAAAAAAAAY :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
[21:20] * The Forest Kits pile on Reisen like a Full Fluffy Jacket!
[21:21] *** Reisen Udongein Inaba [LunaticMoonRabbit@FedCom.Net (Pirated Serve] has left #suburbansenshi3 ("Awwwww, such little cuties.")
[21:26] *** The Titan Kit has left #suburbansenshi3 (zzzzzzzz)
[21:29] *** The Forest Kits has left #suburbansenshi3 (:3 :3 :3 :3)

[10:47] <> /random
[10:47] <> /randomdoor
[10:47] *** opens the Random Door, which opens out onto NDjamna, Chad.
[10:47] *** opens the Random Door, which opens out onto Pune, India.
[10:47] *** opens the Random Door, which opens out onto Hubli, India.
[10:47] *** opens the Random Door, which opens out onto Conakry, Guinea.
[10:47] *** opens the Random Door, which opens out onto Hefei, China.
[10:48] *** opens the Random Door, which opens out onto Kolhapur, India.

[18:58] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: ???
[19:21] *** All people going through the portal find themselves standing in a dark forest under a starless sky. The night is pitch black. There is the sound of a river or stream nearby, but no animals.
[19:22] *** There is a busted helicopter probe that seems to have gotten stuck in a branch. It's jostling an empty birdsnest, and trying to move. It's failing.
[19:22] <CherryBlossomStorm> Hmm.
[19:23] *** D.Kakaku has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:23] <+luna_P> Evening, D.Kakaku
[19:23] <+luna_P> Yo! Protip. Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.
[19:24] <CherryBlossomStorm> Well this is certainly the foreboding atmosphere.
[19:24] <D.Kakaku> yeah, only a stream.
[19:24] *** Fortunately, Time Lords are good at this.
[19:24] * CherryBlossomStorm uses her sonic to jostle the branches and free the probe
[19:24] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Hardwood Forest, 116 AD
[19:25] * CherryBlossomStorm licks the tree experimentally
[19:25] <CherryBlossomStorm> Tastes like 118... no, 116 AD.
[19:25] <D.Kakaku> oh?
[19:25] *** The portal seems to be changing now. It seems that only one-way travel will be possible through it in a matter of minutes.
[19:25] <D.Kakaku> how did you do that?
[19:25] <CherryBlossomStorm> Yeah.
[19:25] <CherryBlossomStorm> It's a thing I can do.
[19:26] <D.Kakaku> that's awesome
[19:26] <CherryBlossomStorm> Time has a taste.
[19:26] *** Chibi-Catri [MakerOfMischief@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:26] <+luna_P> Evening, Chibi-Catri
[19:26] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Escapism at its Finest.
[19:26] <Chibi-Catri> :D
[19:26] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Hardwood Forest--- 111 A.D.
[19:26] * CherryBlossomStorm is not only a Time Lord , but a Sailor Senshi, and leverages this
[19:26] <Chibi-Catri> There you are!
[19:26] * CherryBlossomStorm listens and looks around very carefully
[19:26] *** A speck falls off of the spot Sakura tasted.
[19:26] * D.Kakaku uses one of the cameras to look up
[19:26] * CherryBlossomStorm looks at zis speck
[19:27] * D.Kakaku one of the suit's cameras
[19:27] * Chibi-Catri quickly goes over to Kakaku and Sakura.
[19:27] <D.Kakaku> hm?.... a speck?
[19:27] <Chibi-Catri> Where are we?
[19:27] <CherryBlossomStorm> Welcome to 116 AD
[19:27] *** There are deep footprints in the ground where it is muddy.
[19:28] * Chibi-Catri sees what everyone is doing and starts scanning with the tricorder again.
[19:28] * CherryBlossomStorm checks the depth and size of these footprints to estimate size and wieght of their makers
[19:28] * CherryBlossomStorm also checks the gait lenght
[19:28] *** There is also the sound of running water nearby. A strong wind blows from the West. Footprint depth indicates weight of human adult male--either exceptionally stout or wearing heavy armor.
[19:28] * D.Kakaku looks at the footprints as well
[19:29] * D.Kakaku faces west
[19:29] *** The Iron Suit detect a signal---an easy signal to follow. Laughably easy---even a cell phone could detect it.
[19:29] <D.Kakaku> we got some strong winds.
[19:29] <D.Kakaku> hm?
[19:29] <D.Kakaku> I'm getting a signal
[19:29] <CherryBlossomStorm> Leap years. Always fun. Doubly so if we're in Parthia.
[19:29] * CherryBlossomStorm checks it out on the suit using her Sonic
[19:30] <Chibi-Catri> Hmmm, picking up a bunch of things.
[19:30] *** Signal is absolutely unmistakably coming from a nearby location, and it's in stereo---from 3 places, like she figured out before.
[19:30] <Chibi-Catri> Running water nearby, and those footprints are pretty deep.
[19:30] <Chibi-Catri> Like the owner's carrying a lot of weight.
[19:30] *** Tree Species are typical of Central Europe. A huge Birch, in pollen, is nearby.
[19:31] <D.Kakaku> Roman in nature, maybe?
[19:31] * Chibi-Catri smells the air and listens using her enhanced senses.
[19:31] <Chibi-Catri> Sooooo, 111 AD in Europe. Roman Empire definitely.
[19:32] *** Kitsune eyes and ears can detect hushed voices coming from downwind---the wind overwhelms local scents with that of a forest.
[19:32] <CherryBlossomStorm> Mmm.
[19:32] <Chibi-Catri> Unless we're in some kind of alternate history or something.
[19:32] <Chibi-Catri> And... O__O
[19:32] * CherryBlossomStorm can hear them too if a kit can
[19:32] <CherryBlossomStorm> What are those voices
[19:32] * Chibi-Catri holds her finger up to her mouth, calling for silence!
[19:32] <CherryBlossomStorm> Let's go quiet
[19:32] * CherryBlossomStorm leaps silently into the trees with one bound
[19:32] * Chibi-Catri points in the direction of where she heard the voices.
[19:33] * CherryBlossomStorm uses her Senshi skill to leap from tree to trer
[19:33] * CherryBlossomStorm makes her way closer
[19:33] *** Direction of voices is the same direction the signal is coming from, unerringly steady---moreso than an atomic clock.
[19:34] * Chibi-Catri moves in closer too, using her training and recent combat experience to remain stealthy.
[19:34] * The treeline is ending so Sakura can get a good lock beyond it if she goes up a really tall tree.
[19:34] <D.Kakaku> It's 3 places, though
[19:34] * CherryBlossomStorm considers this signal to be an OPA or Out of Place Artifact and assumes those who have it might be able to detect life signs.
[19:34] <CherryBlossomStorm> Be careful~ use your suit and tricoder to mask your life signs
[19:35] * CherryBlossomStorm clambers up a high tree and takes a look
[19:35] *** You leave the Portal as you go toward the signal and voices---it looks like you can still exit through it, though it would certainly be a one-way trip with those readings on it---you couldn't come back.
[19:35] * D.Kakaku Tries to find the setting for making his life sign
[19:36] * CherryBlossomStorm pulls an old-school opera glass out of her pocket and looks through it
[19:36] * Chibi-Catri modulates the tricorder to try and mask her own lifesigns.
[19:36] <D.Kakaku> *masking
[19:36] *** Sakura can see the unmistakable palisade and tents of a Roman Legion---complete with Fortified Camp, lookouts with torches, and towers on the corners of the camp mounting siege equipment on swivels.
[19:37] <Chibi-Catri> What do you see?
[19:37] <CherryBlossomStorm> Romans.
[19:37] * Roman Soldiers carefully patrol the camp, keeping a sharp lookout. They look even MORE aggressive than normal, like something has them spooked. The strong wind blows harder our of the west.
[19:37] * D.Kakaku finally finds the setting and masks his life signs (got it)
[19:37] <Chibi-Catri> Describe.
[19:37] <CherryBlossomStorm> And they are on alert
[19:38] * D.Kakaku catches up to Sakura and Catri
[19:38] *** The signal is coming---WITHOUT A DOUBT--from inside that camp.
[19:38] <D.Kakaku> well, this is the first time I'm seeing Romans.
[19:38] <CherryBlossomStorm> Fortified Camp. Towers and equipped to resist seige.
[19:39] <Chibi-Catri> That sounds like a Legionary field encampment. We read in our history lessons that the Romans could build those in just a couple of days.
[19:39] <CherryBlossomStorm> While your suit could prpbbaly make mincemeat of that fort, let's try not to odo anything stupid, you don't know, Trajan himself might be there.
[19:39] <D.Kakaku> well, that just puts "Direct Assault" out of the question.
[19:39] <CherryBlossomStorm> I casn't believe Matsumi couldn't make it, she;'s hung out with Romans before.
[19:39] *** A Roman Encampment has a trench dug in front of it on all sides, walls of pikes of sharpened sticks beyond that, and only four entrances. There are guards at each one of these, and they look VERY alert. Tents in their hundreds loom beyond it---but just barely illuminated by light from a few fires. The night is pitch black.
[19:39] <CherryBlossomStorm> fratzing racist space holes
[19:40] <CherryBlossomStorm> this is a HUGE encampment.
[19:40] <D.Kakaku> hey Sakura, does this suit have night vision?
[19:40] *** You can see firelight glimmering on shields, javelines, and Lorica Segmentata. They move in groups.
[19:40] *** This is a Full Legion.
[19:40] <Chibi-Catri> I doubt I could speak with them. I don't think Low Gothic is the same as Latin.
[19:40] <CherryBlossomStorm> of course it does it's a Mark VI Stark Industries suit
[19:40] <CherryBlossomStorm> It's even got a JARVIS system
[19:41] <D.Kakaku> can Jarvis Translate in real time?
[19:41] <CherryBlossomStorm> This is a full legion.
[19:41] <CherryBlossomStorm> Probably but THINK
[19:41] <Chibi-Catri> But it's not Mark-6 Corvus power armor customized to Ghost Fox specifications~! ;P
[19:41] <CherryBlossomStorm> A man in strange armor with glowing eyes comes out and speaks Latin
[19:42] <CherryBlossomStorm> They'll go insane.
[19:42] <CherryBlossomStorm> Besides my time ring can translate.
[19:42] *** The wind blows from the west. The sentries peer into the night, with TRIPLE the number of guards on lookout.
[19:42] <Roman Soldiers> <.<
[19:42] <Roman Soldiers> >.>
[19:43] <CherryBlossomStorm> The issue is this-- more than likely they are cargo-culting and protectign the source of the signal
[19:43] * Chibi-Catri just watches the Romans closely, trying to determine their movement patterns.
[19:43] <CherryBlossomStorm> The way these things go, I bet they think it's an artifact from their gods which will lead them to victory.
[19:44] <Chibi-Catri> They seem scared of something though.
[19:44] <D.Kakaku> /squak wait a minute.
[19:44] * Roman Soldiers do not leave the gaps for any moment, and display a level of alertness suggesting that their lives depend on it.
[19:44] <D.Kakaku> *^
[19:44] <CherryBlossomStorm> well if YOU had a godly artifact...
[19:44] <CherryBlossomStorm> hmm?
[19:44] <D.Kakaku> isn't this the "post jesus" roman empire?
[19:44] <CherryBlossomStorm> what is it Daniel?
[19:45] <CherryBlossomStorm> So?
[19:45] <D.Kakaku> Didn't the romans switch to christianity around this time?
[19:45] <Chibi-Catri> Yes, it is post crucifiction.
[19:45] <CherryBlossomStorm> They're still invading the middle east as we spreak.
[19:45] <Chibi-Catri> They look like they're almost expecting an attack.
[19:46] * Chibi-Catri tries to see how the siege engines are oriented.
[19:46] <CherryBlossomStorm> There's a Jewish uprising in Rome. They are very much on a war-footing.
[19:46] * CherryBlossomStorm looks around to see if the treeline circles back to the tents
[19:46] * D.Kakaku nods
[19:46] *** These are Roman Scorpions, instantly fatal to a human being, and they are pointed outwards into the night.
[19:47] *** The soldiers manning them carefully scan the trees, and you sometimes see another soldier bringing more ammunition.
[19:47] * CherryBlossomStorm makes like a squirrel and stays behind a trunk as best she can.
[19:48] *** The Romans have cut down a large swath of trees near their fort. Anybody coming out will HAVE to break cover.
[19:48] <Chibi-Catri> Darn it, I'm not carrying any of the gear Daddy keeps saying we all need to carry on us now. :<
[19:48] <D.Kakaku> /goes behind a trunk and whispers to Sakura and Catri "Any ideas?"
[19:48] * D.Kakaku *^
[19:48] <CherryBlossomStorm> scorpio have a range of 400 meters and a 4 shot per minute shooting time.
[19:49] <Chibi-Catri> I think they're expecting an attack. I see more soldiers stockpiling spears for those Scorpions.
[19:49] *** The signal is coming from one of the big tents in the center of the encampment.
[19:49] <D.Kakaku> so we only have 15 seconds to get in there after one shot? that's a big time crunch.
[19:49] <CherryBlossomStorm> the springs that make up their firing mechanism are sensitive to temperatuire and moisture variations.
[19:49] <Chibi-Catri> Is there any way to figure out from here what's making that signal?
[19:49] *** The wind howls from the west. The Romans look warily toward any noises, and scan the road leading to the Camp.
[19:50] <Chibi-Catri> Hmmmm.
[19:50] <CherryBlossomStorm> Tricorder... see if you can do a sonar map. Keep the lights covered.
[19:50] <CherryBlossomStorm> We may have the advantage of future tech but they have numbers.
[19:50] * Chibi-Catri tries to perform a remote mapping using the tricorder. She covers any lights using her tails.
[19:50] <CherryBlossomStorm> and whatever power that object has.
[19:51] <D.Kakaku> can they take a sick person into the camps?
[19:51] * Chibi-Catri also tries to see if the helicopter drone she sent through earlier is at all functional.
[19:51] <Chibi-Catri> A fellow Legionnare, maybe.
[19:51] * CherryBlossomStorm had tired to get it untuck from the tree but is unsure of that was successful
[19:51] <CherryBlossomStorm> we have a few options
[19:51] <Chibi-Catri> A stranger? Probably not.
[19:52] *** Roll 1d20
[19:52] <spiritflame> CherryBlossomStorm rolls 1d20 [ 16 ]
[19:52] *** Heliprobe is functional.
[19:52] <Chibi-Catri> :D
[19:53] * Chibi-Catri tries to fly the heliprobe directly over the Roman camp at an altitude of a hundred or so feet.
[19:53] <CherryBlossomStorm> The Iron Man suit has jericho manti-tank missiles with precision targeting. We could remove the explposives and precision shoot out the torsionsprings on the Scorpio
[19:53] *** The Legionary Camp is rectangular, with four entrances, all guarded, at the North, South, East, and West. There are scores of tents and soldiers. All of them have gear that says "XI"
[19:54] <CherryBlossomStorm> But that would raise attention
[19:54] <D.Kakaku> yeah.
[19:54] <CherryBlossomStorm> ....
[19:55] <CherryBlossomStorm> Hold up
[19:55] <D.Kakaku> hm?
[19:55] <CherryBlossomStorm> *sees the footage* is this the 11 th legion?
[19:55] <Chibi-Catri> XI Legion. Looks like it.
[19:55] <CherryBlossomStorm> We might be in Silistra.
[19:55] * CherryBlossomStorm thinks
[19:55] <Chibi-Catri> Silistra?
[19:56] <D.Kakaku> 11th legion?
[19:56] * Chibi-Catri is formulating a plan.
[19:56] *** There are loads of smaller infantry tents around the perimeter of the camp, but bare dirt has been scattered between them and the wall. Some tents move with activity, but others look empty.
[19:56] *** Controller of the Drone---roll 1d20
[19:56] <CherryBlossomStorm> A port city in Bulgaria
[19:57] <CherryBlossomStorm> 11th legion was headquartered there for about three centuries as of 114 AD.
[19:57] <spiritflame> Chibi-Catri rolls 1d20 [ 15 ]
[19:58] *** You can see that there are even more--and even deeper--footprints coming from the Western entrance of the camp---look like equine prints.
[19:58] <Chibi-Catri> Looks like they may have cavalry. I see hoof prints. Praetorians?
[19:58] <D.Kakaku> more than likely, horsemen, and keep your voice down, catri.
[19:59] <CherryBlossomStorm> This is a legion that Caesar himself commanded at one time.
[19:59] * Roman Soldiers quickly turn toward that portion of the Forest and raise their Pila.
[19:59] * CherryBlossomStorm stay still
[19:59] * Chibi-Catri keeps her voice down and moves back further into cover.
[19:59] <Roman Soldiers> <.<
[19:59] <Roman Soldiers> >.>
[20:00] * D.Kakaku keeps still.
[20:00] * Roman Soldiers send one of the guards further into the camp.....
[20:00] *** Hushed speaking is heard in the camp.
[20:00] <Chibi-Catri> They are really scared about something. What if we created a distraction using Kakaku's armor?
[20:00] *** Roman guard comes back with 4 more guards. They stay behind the bulwark.
[20:00] <D.Kakaku> /squea then, we'd scare them even more.
[20:00] <D.Kakaku> *^
[20:01] <CherryBlossomStorm> /queak hold on
[20:01] <CherryBlossomStorm> ^
[20:01] * CherryBlossomStorm has moved to: [ Whispering ]
[20:01] <Roman Soldiers> /The wind howls from the west and blows down the torches.
[20:01] <Chibi-Catri> Kakaku attacks the outer perimeter defenses with missiles from one direction to make them THINK they're under attack. No fatalities, just big explosions.
[20:01] * CherryBlossomStorm [Whispering] SOLVES THIS PROBLEM
[20:01] * D.Kakaku has moved to: [ Whispering ]
[20:01] <CherryBlossomStorm> [Whispering] /hold on
[20:02] * CherryBlossomStorm [Whispering] grabs them and using her senshi strenght silentkly leaps away from the side of the forest they were on to a different direction than where the guard were looking
[20:02] * CherryBlossomStorm [Whispering] sets them down
[20:02] *** You are now in front of a different wall of the Fort... downwind of the fort.
[20:03] <CherryBlossomStorm> Let's decide our objectives here.
[20:03] *** Chibi-Catri CANNOT detect the scent of horses. Their leavings, yes, their fodder, yes, but not any horses.
[20:03] <Chibi-Catri> While Kakaku keeps distracting them from one single direction and draws all of their attention, Sakura and I can sneak in from the other side while the Romans are still freaking out and trying to repel the "attack".
[20:03] <CherryBlossomStorm> We don't know what the object is
[20:03] <Chibi-Catri> Also, I don't smell any horses in that camp.
[20:03] <CherryBlossomStorm> if we get it and it has its own defenses we may be pinned between it and the Romans.
[20:04] <Chibi-Catri> But if we sneak in, Sakura, we can find out what the object is!
[20:04] <D.Kakaku> one problem
[20:04] <CherryBlossomStorm> Agreed, but there's on super high alert. If there's a distraction, they'll increase guard n the object.
[20:04] <D.Kakaku> they'll leave a few behind to guard that object.
[20:05] <Chibi-Catri> What about something like a big fire?
[20:05] <CherryBlossomStorm> we'll need to make a distraction, take out the guards guarding the object, get the oject AND get back to the portal
[20:06] <CherryBlossomStorm> hey can we digh that drone for silent running
[20:06] <Chibi-Catri> I think so. I'll recall it.
[20:06] <CherryBlossomStorm> and cover it in dirt and dung tomnake it as dark as possible?
[20:06] <CherryBlossomStorm> I notice the wind took out some torches
[20:06] * Chibi-Catri pilots the heli-drone back over to them, making sure to take a very roundabout route and NOT a direct line.
[20:07] <CherryBlossomStorm> if we intend to make a distraction it should be in the other direction so we can use the cover of darkness.
[20:08] * Chibi-Catri will land the heli-drone next to Sakura once it gets there.
[20:08] * CherryBlossomStorm [Whispering] has a devious idea
[20:08] <CherryBlossomStorm> if we can find large stones comparable to the ones that the Scorip use...
[20:08] *** Signal is still perfectly strong and easily trackable. It is coming from the Praetorium---the commander's tent at the VERY center of the camp.
[20:09] <Chibi-Catri> The signal seems to be coming from the commander's tent. Figures.
[20:09] * Roman Soldiers carefully patrol their base. The wind keeps blowing out of the West.
[20:09] <CherryBlossomStorm> Daniel can hurl them at the scorpio from the opposite direction, taking them out and making them think theyre under attack from the forest by troops with Ballista.
[20:10] <CherryBlossomStorm> the suit should be able to hande the targetting
[20:10] *** Hammering noises begin inside the camp.
[20:10] <Chibi-Catri> I hear hammering sounds.
[20:10] <D.Kakaku> I hear hammers
[20:11] <CherryBlossomStorm> Then, using lasers, light some branches on fire to mark torches and hurl them into ther tent areas
[20:11] <D.Kakaku> I gotcha
[20:11] <Chibi-Catri> So a combination of fake-attack AND a fire!
[20:11] <Chibi-Catri> >:3
[20:11] <CherryBlossomStorm> I hear it too. We use the Camofalged drone to get in position over the camp about a hundred feet up, and then it will be used to grab the item and whisk it away once we make a hole in the tent
[20:11] <Roman Soldiers> HALT!
[20:12] <Chibi-Catri> ME nod-nods!
[20:12] * CherryBlossomStorm [Whispering] doesn't bother waiting to see where that HALT came from and Batmans it up into the treets
[20:12] * Roman Soldiers aim spears into the darkness, but they are facing the wrong way. "Who goes there? Are you returning? Lucius?"
[20:13] <D.Kakaku> Lucius?
[20:13] <CherryBlossomStorm> [Whispering] (Hmm, interesting)
[20:13] * Roman Soldiers turn the Scorpions to the Western road, looking carefully, but the camp falls silent.
[20:13] * Chibi-Catri hides in the shadows, POOFing into fox form as she rolls into a bush.
[20:13] <CherryBlossomStorm> oh man I hope it's not Lucius and Voreenus
[20:13] *** There is only silence in response. The wind blows more, rustling through the trees. The hammering, once it resumes, does so at a faster pace.
[20:14] * CherryBlossomStorm [Whispering] comes back down
[20:14] <CherryBlossomStorm> hey in fox form you might be able to get right up into the camp
[20:14] * Roman Soldiers do not identify the party's location.
[20:14] <Chibi-Catri (fox form)> Do you want me to try?
[20:15] <CherryBlossomStorm> They seem to expect trouble from that one direction
[20:15] * CherryBlossomStorm [Whispering] woners id that the direction where the torches are out
[20:16] *** The torches have been hastily re-lit. They would be fools to allow that gap in their defense.
[20:16] <Chibi-Catri (fox form)> I'll give it a shot.
[20:17] <D.Kakaku> who are lucius and voreenus, Sakura?
[20:17] <CherryBlossomStorm> hold up. here's rthe plan
[20:17] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) carefully and casually scampers up closer to the Roman fort, keeping her tails lowered so as to hide them a little.
[20:17] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) stops to listen to Sakura.
[20:17] <CherryBlossomStorm> sigh
[20:18] <CherryBlossomStorm> Daniel will throw the stomes from that direction, taking out the scorpio. Then he till firte the lit branches intot he fort and the tents. Then he will fly to anotehr fdirection to get out of danger.
[20:18] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) moves close to Sakura and gives her a Coldnose to the back of her hand. >:3
[20:18] *** The hammering continues under orders in Classical Latin in the camp. The guards carefully patrol the wall.
[20:18] <CherryBlossomStorm> Catri sneaks in in the chaios and kakes a holer in the roof of the command tent. The drone attempts to gank the object. I'll cover
[20:18] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) nod-nods.
[20:19] * CherryBlossomStorm [Whispering] withdraws Arataka
[20:19] * D.Kakaku [Whispering] nods
[20:19] *** Arataka Wyldsord [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:19] <+luna_P> Evening, Arataka Wyldsord
[20:19] <+luna_P> Welcome. I see Tu Quieres Suburban Senshi.
[20:19] <D.Kakaku> so it's like that, eh, heheh
[20:19] * Arataka Wyldsord regains human form
[20:19] <Chibi-Catri (fox form)> Where'd you come from, Arataka?
[20:20] * Roman Soldiers imagine they hear another sound in the forest and call (in the wrong direction) to halt or be shot. The camp near him pauses tensely....
[20:20] <D.Kakaku> she turned into a sword not long ago
[20:20] <CherryBlossomStorm> [Whispering] After the distraction, we'll cover using Hajya Kensei Ouka Housin to knock out all the guards in the fdirection facing us to allow an exit path
[20:20] <D.Kakaku> [Whispering] /squak hold on.
[20:21] <Chibi-Catri (fox form)> Better start fixing up the heli-drone then.
[20:21] * Arataka Wyldsord bows, understanding.
[20:21] <Arataka Wyldsord> Maximum confusion, Sakura-dono?
[20:22] <CherryBlossomStorm> An stutre commander will suspect diversion. We want to give them too many targets to think about from too many directions.
[20:22] *** In the middle of the camp resume work quickly, and the person who called the falls contact is cuffed hard by one of his fellows.
[20:22] <CherryBlossomStorm> You'll follow it up with a rain of blunt blades. We're not aiming to kill them.
[20:23] <Arataka Wyldsord> if I might suggest... might not the Goddess Aphrodite's powers be useful in this scenario?
[20:23] <Chibi-Catri (fox form)> And that commander will NEVER suspect an invasion from the Maker of Mischief herself!
[20:23] <Chibi-Catri (fox form)> >:3
[20:24] <CherryBlossomStorm> We talking crescent beams or mellow moods here?
[20:24] <Arataka Wyldsord> At your discetrion, my lady.
[20:24] <CherryBlossomStorm> Anyway, any questions?
[20:25] *** Continue to work feverishly.
[20:25] <D.Kakaku> one, where are the stones?
[20:25] <Chibi-Catri (fox form)> What signal should I be on the lookout for?
[20:25] <CherryBlossomStorm> Blitzkreig it. Shoick and Awe, in adn out.
[20:25] <Roman Soldiers> Who is there? Who is there? It's Better for you to come out!
[20:25] <CherryBlossomStorm> [Whispering] Daniel's stones and lit torches raining down
[20:25] * Roman Soldiers are still not pointing their weapons in the right direction---their is a twinge of fear in their voice.
[20:26] <CherryBlossomStorm> Ready? Let's do this!
[20:26] * Roman Soldiers Demand again that whoever is in the forest come out.
[20:26] <D.Kakaku> Ikuze!
[20:26] *** The intensity of the wind changes from the west.... and starts to bring a slightly different scent.
[20:26] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) nod-nods and starts trotting towards the Roman camp, attempting to keep a low profile.
[20:26] <spiritflame> Roman Soldiers rolls 1d20 [ 14 ]
[20:26] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) stops and sniffs the scent carefully, trying to identify it.
[20:27] *** The scent is pitch and tar.
[20:27] <Roman Soldiers> WAIT!
[20:27] <Roman Soldiers> THERE!
[20:27] * Roman Soldiers rush over and aim weapons at the Fox near them.
[20:27] <CherryBlossomStorm> MOVE MOVE MOVE
[20:27] * Roman Soldiers reply that is is only a fox and resume defensive positions.
[20:27] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) dashes away! :<
[20:28] * CherryBlossomStorm [Whispering] waits for Daniel to make his move
[20:28] *** CherryBlossomStorm has moved back to the lobby
[20:28] * Roman Soldiers don't leave the barricade, and are ordered to "not waste any shots."
[20:28] <Roman Soldiers> <.<
[20:28] <Roman Soldiers> >.>
[20:28] * CherryBlossomStorm has moved to: [ Battle Mode ]
[20:28] * D.Kakaku [Whispering] flies silently to the west forest.
[20:28] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) waits a little while for the Romans to calm down, then starts creeping towards the outer ditch. Good thing her fur in fox form is naturally black.
[20:29] <spiritflame> Roman Soldiers rolls 1d20 [ 15 ]
[20:29] <Roman Soldiers> <.<
[20:29] <Roman Soldiers> >.>
[20:29] <spiritflame> Roman Soldiers rolls 1d20 [ 6 ]
[20:29] * Roman Soldiers decide that it was nothing.
[20:29] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] wonders if those walls on the fort are higher than the trees she leapt into
[20:29] * D.Kakaku [Whispering] picks up some stones, uses the taegeting program... and Fires one after another at the Scorpio, picking up loose branches afterwards.
[20:29] *** The scent grows a little bit stronger.
[20:29] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) holds still.
[20:30] <CherryBlossomStorm> Game on.
[20:30] *** How much force are those stones thrown with?
[20:30] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] would think with enough force to smash a scorpio from deep in a forest
[20:30] * D.Kakaku [Whispering] threw them using the suit with enough force to crush the scorpio.
[20:31] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) tries to sneak through the gaps in the palisade.
[20:31] *** The walls of the fort are not very high---they are waist-high stakes driven into the ground to make charges self-destructive and impossible.
[20:31] *** IMMEDIATELY LOSE two siege engines.
[20:31] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] rolls her eyes at that height
[20:31] <Warhorn> Blaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
[20:32] <CherryBlossomStorm> Arataka~
[20:32] *** Romans come storming out of their tents.
[20:32] <Roman Soldiers> HARII! HARII!
[20:32] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) read that the palisades were designed to thwart infantry and cavalry charges. Siege engines weren't common back in the 2nd Century except in specific circumstances.
[20:33] * D.Kakaku [Whispering] uses the laser to light them, and starts throwing some branches at the tents.
[20:33] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) keeps low and hides from any Legionnaires running past her, and dashes further into the camp whenever the coast is clear. >:3
[20:33] *** These are row after row of sharpened spikes sticking into the ground on another side of the ditch about 1 meter deep. The towers are about 20 feet high, and filled with archers---more are running toward them now. They are most definitely real. You are lucky that a fox can slip through them.
[20:34] * Roman Soldiers run out and report to their centurions. A few of them are dispatched to fight the fire.
[20:34] * Arataka Wyldsord heads for ther opposite side of the forest and unleashes a hajya kensei ouka housin attack, which is basically a blast of energy that passes harmlessly through intervening matter and hits the targets aimed at- in this case with the intent of knocking the s[BLEEP]t out of many romans , since she does not need to use kiloling force she can disperse more nergy
[20:34] * Roman Soldiers are sent flying and screaming. Several shouts regarding ballistae are made.
[20:34] * Arataka Wyldsord then reverts to blade mode to build energy for her next trick
[20:35] * Arataka Wyldsord also has the benefit of looking like a "harmless" katana in this form
[20:35] * D.Kakaku [Whispering] looks one for more scorpios and tents.
[20:35] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) heads for the commander's tent.
[20:35] *** a thick knot of defenders begin to crowd around the entrances to the encampment with drawn blades, and javelins backing them up.
[20:35] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] leaps into another tree and WAIT JUST A MINUTE ARE THEY ARMORING TEMSELVES WITH IRON SHIELDS
[20:36] *** Wooden shields---metal embossment at the center.
[20:36] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] shrugs. Still useful
[20:36] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] uses METAL CONTROL to punch the embessments righ through the shields. Wonder what that does for their structural integrity?
[20:37] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) notes that the Romans DID have iron.
[20:37] *** Gladii are drawn and shouts are ordered. The tents near the burning ones are pulled down. The wind blows stronger to make the fires flicker, and the scent becomes stronger.
[20:37] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] realises speed is of the essence here.
[20:37] *** The Romans are rapidly losing their ablity to defend themselves.
[20:37] * D.Kakaku [Whispering] throws a few more firey branches at the tents, regardless of status, then dashes off silently to another compass direction.
[20:37] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] waits for Arataka to make her second move
[20:37] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) keeps moving to the commander's tent, avoiding going near any Romans as much as possible.
[20:38] *** The fox-form kit makes it to the commanders tent. It's got SHOULDER TO SHOULDER guards around it.
[20:38] <The Shadow Architect> Bankai
[20:38] <spiritflame> Legatus Bodyguards rolls 1d20 [ 12 ]
[20:38] <Arataka Wyldsord> ^
[20:38] * Legatus Bodyguards turn their eyes toward the Fox.
[20:38] <Legatus Bodyguards> Vulpix.
[20:38] * Arataka Wyldsord summons, from the heavens, a CLOSD of blunt blades that rain down upon the camp
[20:38] <Chibi-Catri (fox form)> =^ ^=
[20:39] * Legatus Bodyguards scowl. "Kill it."
[20:39] * ^CLOUD
[20:39] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) dashes away from the soldiers!
[20:39] <spiritflame> Legatus Bodyguards rolls 1d20 [ 17 ]
[20:39] *** A thrown javelin JUST misses her.
[20:39] <Chibi-Catri (fox form)> >:[
[20:40] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] CHARGES towards the camp in a full on senshi run and LEAPS over the fdortifcations 300 style
[20:40] *** The blunt weapons fall from the sky, and quickly begin hurting the soldiers whose shields were destroyed---the others, under their Testudo formation, are unhrmed. That's no problem at all for them.
[20:40] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] has energy gloweing from her fingertips
[20:40] * Roman Centurion looks at CherryBlossomStorm.
[20:40] *** CherryBlossomStorm is

More information about is Here.
image Song is: 0. is Level 38.

[20:40] <CherryBlossomStorm> CRESCENT BEAM SHOWER!
[20:40] <Roman Centurion> HALT, BARBARIAN!
[20:40] <spiritflame> Roman Centurion rolls 2d6 [ 4, 5 ]
[20:40] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] RAINS DOWN a rtorrents of laser beams from the heavens on the romans
[20:41] <Roman Centurion> 1 Javelin, hurled by a itchy soldier, is hurled straight for the Senshi.
[20:41] <D.Kakaku> and now, I wait.
[20:41] <CherryBlossomStorm> [Battle Mode] I'LL Have you know-- I AM! A LADY!
[20:41] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] CATCHES it
[20:41] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] flips it and uses it like a spinning weapon
[20:41] *** The crescent beam shower is something that the Romans cannot do anything about, and they scatter from their formations.
[20:41] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] CRASHES to the ground and re-introduces it to the soldier wooden side first
[20:41] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) circles around to the opposite direction that Sakura is engaging the Legatus and looks to see if she can sneak past them.
[20:42] *** Chibi Catri is seen. Torches and fire spread through the camp.
[20:42] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] smashes it in half over her knee and uses one hand to stun-snipe anyone foolish enough to cross her
[20:42] * Roman Centurion groans in agony, but 8 other soldiers rush up to face Sakura.
[20:43] <Roman Centurion> Drop that weapon and you will live.
[20:43] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] GRins and ducks, using a spinning brakdance move to knock their feet out from under them
[20:43] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] 's adamatium-plated shoes are QUITE hard
[20:43] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] allows her eyes to glowe gold
[20:43] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] justs lets her Spirit aura flare as well
[20:43] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] decides to put on a show
[20:43] * Roman Centurion form up as soldiers should----and throw javelins, backing out of melee and into fighting ranks.
[20:44] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) sprints towards the tent while the Romans are contending with Sakura.
[20:44] <CherryBlossomStorm> SAY AGAIN, SOLDIER
[20:44] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] wonders what the tips of thejavelins are made of again~?
[20:44] * Guy manning the surviving Scorpion is not concerned with this... and fires a bolt at Sakura capable of killing any human on contact. Roll /sell. If you get the "evicerated" result, you are immediately incapacitated.
[20:45] <D.Kakaku> so, they had one left... well, heh heh.
[20:45] 11 [-47 HP / 43 MP] CherryBlossomStorm has taken a CRITICAL HIT!! (47 damage +11 SP)
[20:45] CherryBlossomStorm has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[20:45] *** You are fine.
[20:45] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] DENIES THAT SINCE SHE NEVER SET HP
[20:46] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) goes for the tent!
[20:46] *** you are fine---only one possibility was fatal.
[20:46] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] looks over at the scorp[ion
[20:46] <spiritflame> Roman Praetorium Guard rolls 1d20 [ 9 ]
[20:46] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] BUNDS over there as only a senshi can
[20:46] * Roman Praetorium Guard don't see her this time.
[20:46] * D.Kakaku [Whispering] prepeares a big stone, and tries to throw it with the prescision targeting at the Surviving scorpion! before dashing off silently to the eastern part of the forest.
[20:46] *** Javelins and Arrows rush up to greet her.
[20:46] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] SMASHES down on it with her foot
[20:47] *** The camp's siege engines are destroyed.
[20:47] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) climbs up the side of the tent using her claws and makes her way onto the roof.
[20:47] <Roman Praetorium Guard> The shields are broken in many cases, and the men wounded. The scent grows heavier and heavier on the wind--but still below the threshold of human scent.
[20:47] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] hunders down, letting her adamntium-lined vest take the hits, and her metal control
[20:47] <CherryBlossomStorm> [Battle Mode] to deal with the blades
[20:47] <Chibi-Catri (fox form)> I keep smelling tar.
[20:47] * Praetorium Tent empties out as the men inside run toward the battle line.
[20:47] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] can SMELL it and knows trhe clock IS TICKING
[20:48] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) starts biting at and tearing at the fabric of the tent's roof, using her sharp teeth to rip at it.
[20:48] *** A man wearing the skin of a lion walks toward the breach in the line and waves a Legionary Standard, mounted with an Eagle, on the tip.
[20:48] <CherryBlossomStorm> [Battle Mode] WHERE ARE WE WITH THE TARGET
[20:49] * Roman General and loads of elite soldiers approach Sakura. "BARBARIANS. You Will SUFFER for your actions!"
[20:49] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] reaches her hand towareds the roman eagle on the standard and flicks her wrist upward willing it into the air
[20:49] <Chibi-Catri (fox form)> Trying to open the "gateway" now.
[20:49] <D.Kakaku> [Whispering] (come on, you two... come on...)
[20:49] <CherryBlossomStorm>
[20:50] <CherryBlossomStorm> Barbarians~?
[20:50] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) chew-chew-chew-chews and tears with her claws.
[20:50] *** The Aquilifer does NOT let go. Loads of other soldiers DROP their weapons and grab onto him to prevent themselves from losing their Standard---and ultimate disgrace.
[20:50] <CherryBlossomStorm> Say thee who have forsaken the Roman Gods~?
[20:50] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] lets godlen energy waft from her eyes
[20:50] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] is going to play dress up
[20:51] * CherryBlossomStorm is now known as Golden Aphrodite lookalike
[20:51] *** The signal is coming from the Eagle.
[20:51] <Golden Aphrodite lookalike > THOU ART THE BARBARIANS
[20:51] <Chibi-Catri (fox form)> Sakura!
[20:51] <D.Kakaku> What the?!
[20:51] *** Most of the camp is busy fighting the fires, or rallying back into formation, but the area near Sakura herself is quiet. Nobody is in the Tent that the Kit is gnawing.
[20:51] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) points at the Eagle Standard!
[20:51] * Golden Aphrodite lookalike is hammming it up Brian Blessed style
[20:52] *** The troops near Sakura look carefully at her.
[20:52] * Roman General steps forward.
[20:52] <Roman General> My name is Lucius Vergilius Laurentius.
[20:52] * Roman General is now known as Lucius Vergilius Laurentius
[20:52] <Golden Aphrodite lookalike > Salve, Lucius Vergilius Laurentius~
[20:52] * Lucius Vergilius Laurentius walks up to Sakura, with wariness instead of Awe.
[20:52] <Golden Aphrodite lookalike > How goes the day~
[20:52] <Lucius Vergilius Laurentius> Soldiers.....
[20:53] <Lucius Vergilius Laurentius> Men of the 11th Legion...
[20:53] <Lucius Vergilius Laurentius> Hold your ranks...
[20:53] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) watches carefully.
[20:53] * Arataka Wyldsord walks up behind Sakura
[20:53] * D.Kakaku [Whispering] watches from afar.
[20:53] * Arataka Wyldsord does not seem concerned about the romans
[20:53] <Lucius Vergilius Laurentius> This woman is an IMPOSTER OF OUR GODS. KILL HER!
[20:53] <Arataka Wyldsord> Sa...Aphrodite-dono.
[20:54] <Chibi-Catri (fox form)> :/
[20:54] * Lucius Vergilius Laurentius pulls out a sword---it's made from Nth Metal.
[20:54] <Arataka Wyldsord> I believe you could use my help~
[20:54] * Arataka Wyldsord turns into her blade form, which is Crysteel
[20:54] *** a TREMENDOUS hail of Javelins fly at Sakura.
[20:54] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) POOFS!!!
[20:54] * D.Kakaku looks at Lucius Vergilius Laurentius.
[20:54] *** Lucius Vergilius Laurentius is your average everyday Lucius Vergilius Laurentius

[20:55] *** The soldiers form up into a battle line, and do NOT break this time.
[20:55] * Golden Aphrodite lookalike SWINGS arastak around unleashing a wave that hits the AIR not the javelins, to deflect their course
[20:55] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) is now known as Chibi-Catri
[20:55] *** The scent grows thicker on the rushing wind.
[20:55] <Golden Aphrodite lookalike > Ho ho, an interesting alloy you have there.
[20:56] <D.Kakaku> what is that smell?
[20:56] * Roman Soldier looks at Chibi-Catri.
[20:56] *** Chibi-Catri is the younger daughter of Solarchos and Inu-Kit. She looks almost identical to her mother, with the same rich black hair and cute fox ears, but has blue-green eyes like her father. She reaches up and playfully bats at your nose as you look at her. ^_^m
Her image Song is: . She is Level 1.

[20:56] * Golden Aphrodite lookalike firees a crescent beam shot at the egale standard.
[20:56] <spiritflame> Roman Soldier rolls 1d20 [ 12 ]
[20:56] * Chibi-Catri just drops down to the ground and ducks into the commander's tent.
[20:56] * Roman Soldier STEPS IN FRONT OF IT---WIllinly DYING to protect it.
[20:56] *** That tent is empty now.
[20:56] * Golden Aphrodite lookalike sighs
[20:56] <Chibi-Catri> =^ ^=
[20:57] * Golden Aphrodite lookalike uses Arataka to use Hajya Kensei Ouka Houshin to knock out as many of these as she can
[20:57] *** The Legionnaires spit on the ground and back around the Standard with clenched teeth.
[20:57] * Chibi-Catri POOFS again!
[20:57] * Chibi-Catri is now known as Chibi-Catri (fox form)
[20:57] <Golden Aphrodite lookalike > WE ARE ON THE CLOCK. DANIEL.
[20:57] *** The romans are completely unable to stop something DBZ level, and are sent flying with numberous injuries.
[20:57] <Golden Aphrodite lookalike > I COULD USE AIR SUPPORT.
[20:58] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) scampers off, dropping a smoke bomb behind her.
[20:58] <D.Kakaku> Air support, incoming!
[20:58] * D.Kakaku [Whispering] takes off into the sky.
[20:58] *** D.Kakaku has moved back to the lobby
[20:58] * Golden Aphrodite lookalike advances on the lead commander
[20:58] <Golden Aphrodite lookalike > Shall we speak with the language of our blades, sir?
[20:58] * D.Kakaku Starts Firing in down on the encampment!
[20:58] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) hides, wishing she'd actually brought her las-carbine.
[20:59] *** Sakura is slooooowly approached in lockstep by a battle line of drawn blades. They hold Pila out before their shields and inch closer and closer to melee range.
[20:59] <D.Kakaku> I AM THE DOMINUS OF THE SKY!
[20:59] <Golden Aphrodite lookalike > Really.
[20:59] <spiritflame> Roman Soldier rolls 1d20 [ 4 ]
[20:59] <spiritflame> Roman Soldier rolls 1d20 [ 6 ]
[20:59] <spiritflame> Roman Soldier rolls 1d20 [ 16 ]
[20:59] * D.Kakaku fires a laser at the Vsrious tents!
[21:00] * Roman Soldier throws a Javelin at Chibi-Catri, but....
[21:00] <spiritflame> Roman Soldier rolls 1d20 [ 15 ]
[21:00] * Golden Aphrodite lookalike SWINGS her blade around at them, closing the distance in an instant, using the monotomically edged crysteel blasde ot cut their shields to pieces
[21:00] <D.Kakaku> for the next nearly 1700 years at this point!
[21:00] *** Catri.... roll 1d4.... if you roll a 1, you are hit by that Javelin.
[21:00] <Golden Aphrodite lookalike > (Where is he aiming. I said I could use the supp BLARG)
[21:01] * Golden Aphrodite lookalike has to do it all by herself it seems
[21:01] * Roman Soldiers stab at her in desperation and throw stones and javelins, some hitting each other.
[21:01] <spiritflame> Roman Soldiers rolls 6d20 [ 1, 14, 5, 2, 3, 19 ]
[21:01] <spiritflame> Chibi-Catri (fox form) rolls 1d4 [ 1 ]
[21:01] * D.Kakaku turns around and starts firing at the various troops around Sakura
[21:01] <spiritflame> Golden Aphrodite lookalike rolls 1d20 [ 4 ]
[21:01] *** Sakura... that 19 is high enough to threaten even you---you can't dodge tem ALL.
[21:01] <Chibi-Catri (fox form)> YIP!!
[21:01] *** Roll 1d4... if you roll a 1, you are ALSO wounded.
[21:01] <Chibi-Catri (fox form)> >___<
[21:01] * Golden Aphrodite lookalike takes a spear to the leg and goes down
[21:01] <spiritflame> Chibi-Catri (fox form) rolls 1d4 [ 4 ]
[21:01] <Golden Aphrodite lookalike > GRRRGHHH
[21:02] *** A javelin bites deep into Catri, going right through her and much blood flows.
[21:02] <Chibi-Catri (fox form)> EEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
[21:02] * Golden Aphrodite lookalike /DM breb
[21:02] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) POOFS!!
[21:03] * Roman Soldiers throw Javelins at Daniel, but his armor protects him---they hit with wallops, though, and loud thuds.
[21:03] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) is now known as Chibi-Catri
[21:03] * Golden Aphrodite lookalike charges up her hand with golden energy and forciblyt cauterizes her wound
[21:03] *** The javelin is still in you.
[21:03] * Chibi-Catri inspects her injury.
[21:03] *** It's a giant spear sticking out, and the tip is barbed---good luck in the near future.
[21:04] *** Sakura is ALSO hit if she rolls a 1 on 1d4.
[21:04] <spiritflame> Golden Aphrodite lookalike rolls 1d4 [ 1 ]
[21:04] * D.Kakaku Starts Firing a laser at Lucius!, while trying to miss the Eagle Standard!
[21:04] * Golden Aphrodite lookalike is hit with a Jevelin. Well.
[21:04] *** The Pilum goes deeply into your flesh. Blood, guts, and all.
[21:04] * Golden Aphrodite lookalike is hit WHERE
[21:05] * Golden Aphrodite lookalike nots this is an important question.
[21:05] * Chibi-Catri looks to see if the javelin penetrated THROUGH her.
[21:05] *** luckily there seems to be a "body part generator" online.
[21:05] <Roman Soldiers> (( let's roll! ))
[21:05] *** Hit in the back!
[21:05] <spiritflame> Golden Aphrodite lookalike rolls 1d20 [ 13 ]
[21:05] * Golden Aphrodite lookalike is fine them
[21:06] * Golden Aphrodite lookalike has adamnaium armor in her vest
[21:06] <Chibi-Catri> (( Are pilums and spiculums barbed though? ))
[21:06] *** fall back around the Aquilifer, those still able to fight.
[21:06] * Golden Aphrodite lookalike proceeds to continue with her plan which is to use one of the roman soliders like a combination battering ram and fglal
[21:06] *** They are indeed barbed, and designed to stick in. You are SEVERELY hurt.
[21:07] <Chibi-Catri> TT___TT
[21:07] <Golden Aphrodite lookalike > DANIEL. TAKE THAT GOLDEN EAGLE STANDARD
[21:07] *** There are some people in a stockade in the middle of the camp that cannot escape this, and they scream.
[21:07] * D.Kakaku Flies down and Tries to Take The Standard!
[21:07] * Golden Aphrodite lookalike sees Catri needs help
[21:07] * Chibi-Catri looks to see WHERE she got hit as well.
[21:07] *** She does. She's taken an armor-piercing javelin to her.....
[21:08] * Golden Aphrodite lookalike flings the roman away and goes to see Catri
[21:08] *** Collar bone!
[21:08] * Roman Soldiers dog pile onto the Standard to save it. Daniel, roll 1d20
[21:08] <spiritflame> Roman Soldiers rolls 1d20 [ 11 ]
[21:08] <spiritflame> D.Kakaku rolls 1d20 [ 8 ]
[21:08] * Golden Aphrodite lookalike checks her over with the tricorder to see where the damage hit
[21:08] * Roman Soldiers manage to hold onto it for not, and start grabbing YOU!
[21:09] * Golden Aphrodite lookalike tosses Arataka aside
[21:09] * Chibi-Catri tosses a flash-bang grenade to Sakura.
[21:09] <spiritflame> Roman Soldiers rolls 1d6 [ 6 ]
[21:09] * Arataka Wyldsord assumes human form
[21:09] <Chibi-Catri> Use it on those Roman [i]surats[/]!
[21:09] *** Daniel, roll 1d20---you just need to beat a 6.
[21:09] <Golden Aphrodite lookalike > Cover me~
[21:09] <spiritflame> D.Kakaku rolls 1d20 [ 10 ]
[21:10] * Roman Soldiers are unable to penetrate Daniel or hold him down in the suit, despite weight of numbers---and their jabbing their swords into the joints down't work either.
[21:10] * Chibi-Catri has a couple of Enhanced Bandages, but needs to get that stupid barbed spear out of her shoulder first!
[21:10] * Arataka Wyldsord creates two longsword in her hands
[21:10] * Golden Aphrodite lookalike uses tricorder to see if the barbs are metal
[21:10] *** the trees blow in the wind, and something quietly approaches the camp.
[21:10] *** They are.
[21:11] *** The Romans still try to keep the Standard away from Daniel, and hurl themselves fanatically upon him.
[21:11] * D.Kakaku Starts at the Eagle Roman Standard again and tries shoot down any romans foolish enough to try to stop him
[21:11] * Chibi-Catri notes that almost all Roman weapons are metal. Mostly iron, but sometimes bronze.
[21:11] * Golden Aphrodite lookalike uses the tricorder to show her where she is looking and carefully uses metal control to manipulate the barbs
[21:11] <spiritflame> Roman Soldiers rolls 1d10 [ 1 ]
[21:11] *** Roll 1d10, just beat a 1.
[21:11] <spiritflame> D.Kakaku rolls 1d10 [ 1 ]
[21:11] *** Sakura gets the spear out.
[21:11] *** you suck.
[21:12] * Golden Aphrodite lookalike grins
[21:12] *** Actually, I meant to say roll a 1d20
[21:12] <Roman Soldiers> Roll that now.
[21:12] *** ^
[21:12] <spiritflame> D.Kakaku rolls 1d20 [ 12 ]
[21:12] *** you get the standard from them.
[21:12] * Golden Aphrodite lookalike applies the healing bandage fior Catri
[21:12] * Chibi-Catri quickly slaps an Enhanced Bandage onto the wound, her blood providing the final material component necessary to auto-cast the Lesser Heal spell woven into the silken fabric of the bandage.
[21:12] <D.Kakaku> I got it!
[21:12] * Roman Soldiers wail in despair.
[21:12] <Golden Aphrodite lookalike > LETS GO!
[21:12] * Golden Aphrodite lookalike is now known as CherryBlossomStorm
[21:13] <D.Kakaku> I'm coming to get you two!
[21:13] <Chibi-Catri> HEY!
[21:13] <CherryBlossomStorm> [Battle Mode] Portal! Which way!
[21:13] * D.Kakaku Flies towards Sakura and Catri!
[21:13] * Roman Soldiers rush after them in a mad throng.
[21:13] * Chibi-Catri stands up.
[21:13] * ???? does their absolute BEST to avoid the retreating heroes.
[21:13] <spiritflame> ???? rolls 3d6 [ 3, 4, 5 ]
[21:13] <D.Kakaku> I think it was in the west.
[21:13] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] leaps away from them as fast as he can, the wounded leg stuill hurt, but the senshi healing factor doing its job REALLY Well
[21:14] <spiritflame> CherryBlossomStorm rolls 1d20 for instinct [ 9 ]
[21:14] * Chibi-Catri pulls the arming pins on a couple of flash-bang grenades and THROWS them at the approaching Romans.
[21:14] * The Forest rings with the shouts of pursuing Romans---and also the scent of Tar.... there seem to be many more shadows in the trees than you remember.
[21:14] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] is too busy getting out of dodge to notice whatever else waas happening
[21:14] * D.Kakaku tries to grabs Sakura and Catri and Flies out of there!
[21:14] *** The Romans are incapacitated by the grenades.
[21:14] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] hangs on to Daniel
[21:14] * Chibi-Catri RUNS with Sakura and Kakaku
[21:14] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] had Catri grabbed on one arm
[21:14] * Roman Camp has echoes of panic and horror in it now, and screams that are cut short.
[21:14] <CherryBlossomStorm> [Battle Mode] ^has
[21:15] * Chibi-Catri clings to Sakura.
[21:15] *** You run through the woods.
[21:15] *** Roll 1d10 to find where the portal is. 8+ finds it.
[21:15] <Chibi-Catri> What's happening back there?
[21:15] <spiritflame> CherryBlossomStorm rolls 1d10 [ 1 ]
[21:15] *** More and more screaming is heard at the Roman camp.
[21:15] <spiritflame> Chibi-Catri rolls 1d10 [ 4 ]
[21:15] <CherryBlossomStorm> [Battle Mode] Huh?
[21:15] <D.Kakaku> alright, now that we have this thing, let's try getting back
[21:15] <spiritflame> D.Kakaku rolls 1d10 [ 8 ]
[21:15] <CherryBlossomStorm> [Battle Mode] ...Aww fratz
[21:15] <CherryBlossomStorm> [Battle Mode] What NOW.
[21:15] <D.Kakaku> though, what is that screaming about?
[21:15] *** Daniel has found the portal.
[21:16] <CherryBlossomStorm> [Battle Mode] Daniel. that hei drone should still be working
[21:16] <CherryBlossomStorm> [Battle Mode] ^heli
[21:16] <CherryBlossomStorm> [Battle Mode] Patch in, what does it see?
[21:16] <Roman Camp> Harii-----Harii! They are all---*
[21:16] * D.Kakaku patches into the helodrone.
[21:16] * Chibi-Catri pilots the drone to get a view of what's going on back at the Roman's camp.
[21:16] * D.Kakaku tries to *^
[21:16] *** The drone sees warriors---pitch black, swarming out of the tree line and beating the defenseless--disarmed, and scattered Romans to death.
[21:17] *** the soldiers are gutted screaming--their shields destroyed, and unable to fight back.
[21:17] * Chibi-Catri is also quickly moving towards the portal, going by Kakaku's lead.
[21:17] *** The people in the Stockade are murdered.
[21:17] <Chibi-Catri> Are those Xerxes' Immortals?
[21:17] <CherryBlossomStorm> [Battle Mode] WELL what do you SEE?
[21:17] *** There is even less screaming now.
[21:17] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] sighs.
[21:18] <D.Kakaku> The romans are being slaughtered!
[21:18] <Chibi-Catri> Pitch black warriors coming out of nowhere and overruning the Romans.
[21:18] <D.Kakaku> by warriors that are pitch black
[21:18] <Chibi-Catri> That must be why I smelled tar. They coated their bodies with it.
[21:18] <CherryBlossomStorm> [Battle Mode] (Of course there are. OF COURSE THERE ARE)
[21:18] *** the Romans DESPERATELY try to fight back, but the black warriors swarm them with absolutely no chance. They are overwhelmed and being effortlessly killed.
[21:18] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] lets go of Daniel
[21:18] *** The Romans don't have weapons or defenses anymore.... so it's an absolute massacre.
[21:18] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] drops to the ground angrily
[21:18] <Chibi-Catri> We got the standard?
[21:18] *** Fire breaks out in the night.
[21:19] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] 's aura is now solid gold
[21:19] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] knows it's too late to save them
[21:19] <Chibi-Catri> <__<
[21:19] *** The soldiers scream, and slit their own throats to avoid being beaten to death.
[21:19] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] knows she;'s been PLAYED.
[21:19] <D.Kakaku> we do, but it was at the cost of whatever originally happened there.
[21:19] * Chibi-Catri winces. Her shoulder really hurts.
[21:19] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] just raises her hands to the heavens
[21:19] <CherryBlossomStorm> [Battle Mode] That's fine
[21:19] <CherryBlossomStorm> [Battle Mode] That'
[21:19] <CherryBlossomStorm> [Battle Mode] its TOTALLY--
[21:19] <Arataka Wyldsord> Lady Sakura~
[21:20] *** the forest is set aglow by the light of burning pitch... the fumes choke the desperate roman defenders, who fall to the ground hacking before their skulls are smashed in.
[21:20] <Chibi-Catri> What was supposed to happen here?
[21:20] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] summons the power of Venuis and calculates ofr ligh speed energy transmission time.
[21:20] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] just slowly walksa back towards the masacre site.
[21:20] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] times her steps JUST SO.
[21:20] <???? > Lucius Vergilius Laurentius...... you have something of mine.
[21:21] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] 's eyes are now solid gold
[21:21] * ???? murders him with a high-powered rifle round and takes his sword.
[21:21] <???? > All too easy.
[21:21] <D.Kakaku> Catri, can you trot back with that injury?
[21:21] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] comes into the clearing
[21:21] * ???? rushes off back into the woods as the black figures kill the wounded who beg for their lives.
[21:21] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] raises one hand to the sky
[21:21] *** Black clad warriors are beating the last of the sobbing Romans to death. The camp is in ruins.
[21:21] <Chibi-Catri> I shouldn't. The Bandage needs to stay in place for a while for maximum effect.
[21:22] * ???? runs off back to the clearing, taking what she came for.
[21:22] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] brings down the full force of Venus down upon the ENTIRE CLEARING
[21:22] *** ???? has quit IRC (Fools. Poor Simple Fools.)
[21:22] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] CRATERS IT in ABSOLUTE RAGE
[21:22] * The Entire clearing , the evidence, the people, the tools, the weapons, the footprints, and all traces of what happened here, are scoured and destroyed.
[21:22] <D.Kakaku> shoot.
[21:22] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] has f[BLEEP]king glassed it.
[21:22] <Chibi-Catri> O__O @ the "Orbital Bombardment"
[21:23] * CherryBlossomStorm [Battle Mode] SITS there on the glassed plain, cross legged.
[21:23] *** There is absolutely no trace of what happened, or modern involvment, or any such thing. The XI camp has been destroyed.
[21:23] * Chibi-Catri looks to see if the heli-drone captured any footage of what happened to Lucius.
[21:23] <CherryBlossomStorm> - Go home. -
[21:23] <CherryBlossomStorm> - Use the portal and GO. -
[21:23] <CherryBlossomStorm> - NOW. -
[21:23] <D.Kakaku> Comeon, we're going
[21:24] <Chibi-Catri> ...Okay.
[21:24] * Chibi-Catri heads to the Portal without any argument.
[21:24] <D.Kakaku> ./me Takes Catri and the Eagle standard through the portal.
[21:24] * Arataka Wyldsord sits next to Sakura-dono.
[21:24] * D.Kakaku *^
[21:24] <Arataka Wyldsord> Sakura-dono.
[21:24] <CherryBlossomStorm> [Battle Mode] I need to think for a few centuries.
[21:24] *** Chibi-Catri [MakerOfMischief@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi3 ("Mommy and Daddy are going to be SO MAD AT ME." T__T)
[21:24] *** CherryBlossomStorm has moved back to the lobby
[21:24] * The Portal lets Chibi-Catri through it to the present for help and medical attention.
[21:25] <Arataka Wyldsord> Will you just remain here?
[21:25] * The Portal lets D.Kakaku back through it, to the present and whatever he desires.
[21:25] <CherryBlossomStorm> I'm irritated.
[21:25] <Arataka Wyldsord> Perhaps glassing the area was a bad idea. We now have no clues.
[21:26] <CherryBlossomStorm> I am aware of this.
[21:26] *** The forest is no longer dark from the burning camp. The night is silent. The wind---which fanned the flames to burn the camp---is now still.
[21:26] *** The End.
[21:26] *** D.Kakaku has left #suburbansenshi3 (see you in the present, Sakura.)
[21:26] * Arataka Wyldsord sighs.
[21:27] <Arataka Wyldsord> The irony is palpable.
[21:27] <CherryBlossomStorm> Yet somehow not totally unexpected, dear friend.
[21:28] <Arataka Wyldsord> There is still the question of why a Roman standard was transmitting a frequency.
[21:28] <CherryBlossomStorm> Dollars to doughnuts it was a homing signal.
[21:28] <CherryBlossomStorm> We conveniently weakend the legion's defenses for whatever was homing in on it.
[21:29] <CherryBlossomStorm> We're Lee Harvey Oswald in this scenario, see?
[21:29] <Arataka Wyldsord> ...The "Patsy
[21:29] <Arataka Wyldsord> ", I believe the word is?
[21:29] <CherryBlossomStorm> Yup.
[21:29] * CherryBlossomStorm looks at her legm, whichis now fully healed.
[21:29] <CherryBlossomStorm> of course it would only let me in.
[21:30] <CherryBlossomStorm> OF COURSE it wouldn't let Matsumi in.
[21:30] <CherryBlossomStorm> I was good enough to get the job done but NOT good enough to stop the fallout.
[21:30] <Arataka Wyldsord> We are not, any of us, perfect.
[21:31] <CherryBlossomStorm> Someone, somewhere, has made an enemy of me today.
[21:31] <CherryBlossomStorm> And when I find trhem...
[21:31] <CherryBlossomStorm> ... they won't live to regret that.
[21:31] * Arataka Wyldsord sighs
[21:32] <Arataka Wyldsord> Vengeance is a fool's errand Lady Sakura. you know this.
[21:32] * Hoofbeats approach louder and louder and louder.
[21:32] <Arataka Wyldsord> You learned that lesson may years ago.
[21:32] <CherryBlossomStorm> Arataka. The Romans are coming.
[21:33] * Arataka Wyldsord sighs.
[21:33] <Arataka Wyldsord> Decisions, Decisions.
[21:33] * Arataka Wyldsord turns into a blade
[21:34] * CherryBlossomStorm sheathes her and vanishes into the night. Now she has to set up a new 11th legion to keep history on track.
[21:34] * Roman Ala runs up the road to where for Camp was, and star in horror.....
[21:34] <Equites> NO.... NO NO NO!
[21:34] <Equites> It cannot be.
[21:35] <Equites> Harii.
[21:35] * Equites look in intense fear at the dark moonless night.
[21:35] <Equites> Come---we must keep riding... we must report that Arii have already struck one camp and rout----.
[21:36] * Equites are silent.
[21:36] <Equites> ....and we survive, so the XI survives.
[21:36] <Equites> ---To the next camp!
[21:36] *** The Ala rides off into the night.
[21:36] <Co-Ordinator Kelliphan> "Harii" eh?
[21:36] <Co-Ordinator Kelliphan> How very interesting.
[21:37] <Co-Ordinator Kelliphan> It looks like our work will not be as troublesome as I had anticipated.
[21:37] * Co-Ordinator Kelliphan waves off the agents she was going to use to rebuild the camp.
[21:37] <Co-Ordinator Kelliphan> Hmm.
[21:38] * Equites make their way to another region, inform that the Camp was lost---and are for the most part spared Decimation. The Harii are quoted in Fear, echoed by their descriptions.
[21:38] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Germania, Lands of the Lugii, 111 A.D.
[21:39] *** History remembers the attack, the legion is rebuilt, and nothing changes---collateral damage is avoided with surgical precision. The night is quiet again.
[21:39] *** The Time Lords need to do not a single thing.
[21:40] * Co-Ordinator Kelliphan writes it off as a regional dispute between savages... for now.
[21:40] *** Co-Ordinator Kelliphan [spyder@cia001.panopticon.gallfrey.kasterborous.sen] has left #suburbansenshi3 (The subtle complexities of Time's Tapestry are no doubt lost on you.)

[21:49] * About 300 years later
[21:50] * is chilling in a bar, sipping some mead
[21:50] <CherryBlossomStorm> ^
[21:50] <Arataka Wyldsord> It has been three centuries, can we go back now.
[21:50] <CherryBlossomStorm> Still sore about it.
[21:51] <Arataka Wyldsord> The Co-Ordinator has cleared you, can we go back now.
[21:51] <CherryBlossomStorm> Still sore about it~
[21:52] * CherryBlossomStorm has her hair out of her ponytail and it looks more like Cressida's. She's let it grow out wilder and for some stupid reason is sporting a totally unnecessary eyepatch.
[21:52] <Arataka Wyldsord> We have found no clues. Everyone assumes it was a Germanic tribe that did it.
[21:53] <CherryBlossomStorm> Oh I'm sure it WAS.
[21:53] <CherryBlossomStorm> As I said it was wartime.
[21:53] <Arataka Wyldsord> Are you perhaps regretting the aggressive approach you took?
[21:54] <CherryBlossomStorm> That could be it, yes.
[21:54] <CherryBlossomStorm> Had I chosen complete stealth they'd still be alive.
[21:55] <Arataka Wyldsord> Perhaps. OPr perhaps any loss of the standard would have lead to a fatal moment of disarray.
[21:55] * CherryBlossomStorm takes another driunk
[21:56] <CherryBlossomStorm> Well, you know us Time Lords. When we f[BLEEP]k up, we FUUUUUCK up.
[21:59] <Arataka Wyldsord> Might I ask that you divorce your emotions from it?
[21:59] <Arataka Wyldsord> Let us think rationally.
[22:00] <CherryBlossomStorm> Oho, because I am TOTALLY in a rational mode right now.
[22:00] <Arataka Wyldsord> My apologies,. Sakura-dono.
[22:00] * Arataka Wyldsord bows once
[22:00] <CherryBlossomStorm> ?
[22:00] <Arataka Wyldsord> Do try to focus.
[22:01] <CherryBlossomStorm> GRRRAGARRAGH
[22:01] <Arataka Wyldsord> From first principles, please. As you taught me.
[22:01] <CherryBlossomStorm> Fine fine
[22:01] <CherryBlossomStorm> Question: Why did we go there? Answer: The anomalous signal.
[22:02] <CherryBlossomStorm> Question: Why was there an anomaly? Answer: Someone planted it there.
[22:02] <CherryBlossomStorm> Conclusion: Someone planted it there to bring us in to debilitate the Romans for their own reasons.
[22:03] <CherryBlossomStorm> Corollary: Whoever it was was smart enough to know WE would detect it.
[22:03] <CherryBlossomStorm> Corollary 2: They were at the very least knowledgeable of us, and perhaps had time active tech of their own.
[22:04] <CherryBlossomStorm> But this raises another question...
[22:04] <CherryBlossomStorm> If they had all that tech and skill.. why need us at all?
[22:04] <Arataka Wyldsord> Perhaps any distraction would do?
[22:04] <CherryBlossomStorm> Then why not use the Harii from the get go?
[22:05] <Arataka Wyldsord> Too much of a chance they would destroy whatever the masterminds were after?
[22:06] <CherryBlossomStorm> Which means it was likely int he camp.
[22:06] <CherryBlossomStorm> ^in the camp.
[22:07] <Arataka Wyldsord> It may behoove us to investigate the transmitter.
[22:08] <CherryBlossomStorm> If we're dealing with smart people they just bought some junk transmitter that could be ages out of d.............
[22:08] <Arataka Wyldsord> What is it, Sakura-dono.
[22:08] <Arataka Wyldsord> I just recalled something.
[22:08] <CherryBlossomStorm> ^
[22:08] <CherryBlossomStorm> I didn't think much of it at the time.
[22:09] <CherryBlossomStorm> [20:54] * Lucius Vergilius Laurentius pulls out a sword---it's made from Nth Metal.
[22:09] <CherryBlossomStorm> [20:55] <Golden Aphrodite lookalike > Ho ho, an interesting alloy you have there.
[22:10] <CherryBlossomStorm> I ASSUMED the OPA of the Sword was the same orgin as the OPA of the transmitter.
[22:10] <CherryBlossomStorm> As in they had both the transmitter and the Nth Metal because they were collecting anacronisms.
[22:10] <Arataka Wyldsord> And now?
[22:11] <CherryBlossomStorm> Well what if the Romans didn't know what they had...?
[22:11] <CherryBlossomStorm> They didn't seem aware of either the sword or the standard's advanced nature.
[22:12] <CherryBlossomStorm> I mean if you knew jack about Nth Metal you'd be using it to fly.
[22:12] <Arataka Wyldsord> ...Then more than likely... the true masterminds may have been after the sword?
[22:13] * CherryBlossomStorm purses her lips
[22:13] <CherryBlossomStorm> Plausible but why go through so much trouble?
[22:13] <CherryBlossomStorm> It's hard to get, yes...
[22:13] <CherryBlossomStorm> but if you can start up a TIME PORTAL
[22:14] <CherryBlossomStorm> We're missing a piece of the puzzle
[22:14] <Arataka Wyldsord> What if it is personal.
[22:14] <Arataka Wyldsord> What if it is a combination of wanting the metal and wanting to humiliate you?
[22:16] <CherryBlossomStorm> That makes more sense I suppose, but what guarantee was there I would go through
[22:17] <Arataka Wyldsord> You may not be the "cat" of the family, but you are curious.
[22:20] <CherryBlossomStorm> ugh
[22:20] <Arataka Wyldsord> May we go home now. I tire of these... rustic surroundings
[22:21] * Arataka Wyldsord watches a follow bar patron sctratch himself
[22:21] <CherryBlossomStorm> Y'okay let me get the Time Ring charged up
[22:21] * CherryBlossomStorm is away: back home soon
[22:21] * Arataka Wyldsord is away: Thank goodness.

[13:20] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Japanese Airport.
[13:21] *** D.Kakaku has joined #suburbansenshi3
[13:21] <+luna_P> Afternoon, D.Kakaku
[13:21] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Expect the Random
[13:21] * D.Kakaku packed the suit away beforehand.
[13:22] *** Nonstop Trans-polar flight to Futura City will depart at 13:30. All passengers remember that this is a non-stop flight with no turn-arounds. All business should be taken care of before boarding. There are kiosks, rental shops, and snack bars in the terminal. Thank you for your visit, and have a great afternoon!
[13:23] <D.Kakaku> (all I gotta do is play dumb, though, I think she'll be pleasantly suprised to see me)
[13:24] * D.Kakaku makes a call to some associates, telling them he'll be gone for at least a week, and that Mitsuo Hanamoto is President of D-S and Ichiko is president od the Price PEace Corporation for the time being.
[13:24] <D.Kakaku> (there we go.)
[13:24] * D.Kakaku asks for a ticket to Futura City, USA
[13:24] *** All first-class and preferred passengers may begin boarding now.
[13:25] *** ticket costs XXXX.95$ plus tax, and is for a 13 hour flight.
[13:26] <Stewardess> ....excuse me sir?
[13:26] * D.Kakaku pays for the ticket and starts to board the plane, carrying his stuff with him, including the suit.
[13:26] <D.Kakaku> hm? yes?
[13:26] * Stewardess bows before D.Kakaku. "Might I offer you a word of advice?"
[13:26] <D.Kakaku> what is it, ma'am?
[13:27] *** For mercy's sake, I will assume that you were smart enough to putthat suit in Steerage cargo in many peices, becuase a metal detector would bury the needle if you tried to sneak it into an airport.
[13:27] <Stewardess> I see that you are on a trip to Futura City.
[13:27] <D.Kakaku> why, yes, I am, actually.
[13:29] <Stewardess> Well.... we just want you to know about some of our catuions to that location.
[13:29] <Stewardess> Whenever people go to a place that is near an active war zone, has political unrest, or is subject to a natural disaster, we always offer them a warning.
[13:29] <D.Kakaku> (( I was thinking of saying he miniaturised it before putting it in, so It looks like a toy ^^;; ))
[13:29] <Stewardess> Are you sure you want to take this 13 hour nonstop flight to Futura City?
[13:29] <D.Kakaku> okay, so what are the cautions?
[13:29] *** That's cool. He can do that.
[13:29] <Stewardess> Well, Futura City has some... unusual problems.
[13:29] <D.Kakaku> I'm sure, I have my reasons for going there.
[13:30] <D.Kakaku> hm? how unusual?
[13:30] * Eitak_Razal totally could have teleported him there instantly
[13:30] <Stewardess> You should be safe if you do not leave the airport, but please don't accept advice from unusual strangers, or go into a bad part of town.
[13:30] <Stewardess> We care very much about our customers' safety, so we'll gladly offer you a refund if you have not thought your trip through.
[13:30] <Stewardess> If you are certain you wish to board, please do so now.
[13:31] <D.Kakaku> I'm certain.
[13:32] <D.Kakaku> am I allowed to make a call?
[13:32] <Stewardess> Not after the plane is in flight, I'm afraid, you will need to set your phone to airplane mode.
[13:32] <Stewardess> If you wish to board, come with me.
[13:32] *** She boards, and all other passengers do. They are about to close the gate.
[13:33] * D.Kakaku boards with her
[13:34] * D.Kakaku sets his phone to airplane mode
[13:35] * Stewardess gives the sandards talk about safety, water landings, and describes what food will be served on the trip.
[13:35] * Stewardess taxis to the runway.
[13:35] *** The plane is about to take off. Do you wish to leave it? It's a loooong flight.
[13:38] * Stewardess is telling everybody to put their seats and trays in the upright position.
[13:38] * D.Kakaku sets up his seat and tray.
[13:40] *** The plane takes off. It's a 13 hour flight and you can't leave.
[13:42] *** The plane flies on.... and on and on and on and on and on.
[13:47] * D.Kakaku is away 
[13:47] * D.Kakaku is away: plane

[14:20] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Creepy Embassy Basement with loose noisy bricks and absolutely no light.
[14:20] *** Eitak_Razal [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[14:20] <+luna_P> Afternoon, Eitak_Razal
[14:20] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Awesome Overloaded, please try again later
[14:20] * Eitak_Razal summons a mage light
[14:20] *** Please /senzu
[14:20] ☼ Scouter indicates Eitak_Razal has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[14:20] *** This chamber, when lit by your light, has 2 things that are very obvious--and one other thing that is much less obvious.
[14:21] * Eitak_Razal looks at the obvious things
[14:21] *** There are huge, HUGE portraits of Jack Dinsdale and Paisley Pythia Peinforte on the far wall and floor, in various colors of red, teal, cyan, lavendar, etc (no black or white).
[14:22] *** The wall paintings hae been scratched up and defaced with obvious hatred.
[14:22] * Eitak_Razal takes a photo of this with her phone and sends it to Paise and Jack
[14:23] * Eitak_Razal also sends one to Sakura
[14:23] *** The OTHER THING is that there are 10 young women, hanging, lifeless, from chains bolted into the ceiling around their necks. They are hang with their eyes closed, in elaborate dresses and clothing, and their long hair perfect over their dead and pale faces. They do not cast shadows.
[14:23] <Eitak_Razal> ....
[14:24] * Eitak_Razal prods one of the bodies with Save the Queen, which she summons just to prod them
[14:24] <spiritflame> Hanging girl rolls 1d20 [ 1 ]
[14:24] * Hanging girl flinches.
[14:25] <Eitak_Razal> ...They're alive?
[14:25] * Hanging girl opens her eyes. Her pupils have red slits.
[14:26] * Eitak_Razal steps backwards
[14:26] *** Eitak bumps into another one of the bodies.
[14:26] <Eitak_Razal> Are... Are you alright?
[14:26] <Eitak_Razal> Eeep.
[14:27] *** The hanging girl she bumps dangles back and forth, and the bolt creaks quietly.
[14:27] * Hanging girl that opened her eyes stares down at Eitak, she doesn't look too happy about intrusion.
[14:27] <Hanging girl> - Of all of the bodies I hung in this room, you had to pick the one that was actually me... -
[14:27] <spiritflame> Hanging girl rolls 1d20 [ 18 ]
[14:28] <Hanging girl> - We know you would come here. But you are too late. We already know the truth. -
[14:29] <Eitak_Razal> Who are you? Eliza? Lyrica? Simon?
[14:29] * Hanging girl just laughs.
[14:30] <Hanging girl> - Our Mistress left a message for you. It would be a SHAME if you left without it. -
[14:31] * Hanging girl smiles, but doesn't show her teeth.
[14:31] <Eitak_Razal> And that message is?
[14:32] <Hanging girl> - Over on that Sepulchre. -
[14:33] *** There is indeed a sepulchre, made of junk and pieces of brick, that has funerary clothing laid out on top of it... and upon top of all of that there is a cellular phone... with a charger attached to it, and an extension cord that snakes away into the darkness.
[14:33] * Eitak_Razal looks
[14:33] * Eitak_Razal picks up the phone
[14:33] *** The phone is on, and has a conversation history on the screen that Eitak can read.
[14:34] * Eitak_Razal reads it
[14:34] *** The phone is a conversation record with a person named "Chibi-Hübert."
[14:34] *** The messages have been on the screen so long they have been burned into it. They say as follows:
[14:35] <Hanging girl> [00:30] * Chibi-Hübert texts Paisley Pythia Peinforte ◜ Paisley! Please tell me you haven't been hurt too! I'm so so sorry for what I did to Harriet! I didn't mean to hurt her! I heard the terrible news! Why aren't you responding? Have they gotten to you?◞
[14:35] <Text Message Record> [00:30] * Chibi-Hübert texts Paisley Pythia Peinforte ◜ Paisley! Please tell me you haven't been hurt too! I'm so so sorry for what I did to Harriet! I didn't mean to hurt her! I heard the terrible news! Why aren't you responding? Have they gotten to you?◞
[14:35] <Text Message Record> [20:14] * Chibi-Hübert texts Jack Dinsdale ◜ Please tell me you are still okay? I want you to know that I forgive you for what you had to do! I'm better now!◞
[14:35] <Text Message Record> [20:15] * Mister Dinsdale texts back ◜Nice try, but Lyrica Hübert was an emo goth not a super spunky teenager◞
[14:35] <Text Message Record> [20:17] * Chibi-Hübert texts Jack Dinsdale ◜There MUST be a MISTAKE! It's really me!◞
[14:36] <Text Message Record> [20:18] * Mister Dinsdale texts back ◜Jesus Christ you suck at this. ◞
[14:36] <Text Message Record> [20:18] * Mister Dinsdale texts back ◜She would text like this: "Don't be a tool, It's obviously me, lamer." ◞
[14:36] <Text Message Record> [20:18] * Chibi-Hübert texts Jack Dinsdale ◜ You... don't want to be my friend at all, do you?◞
[14:36] <Text Message Record> [20:19] * Mister Dinsdale texts back ◜EMO GOTHS DON"T ASK PEOPLE TO BE THEIR FRIENDS!!! ◞
[14:37] <Text Message Record> [20:20] * Chibi-Hübert texts Jack Dinsdale ◜ Have it your way. I won't.◞
[14:37] <Eitak_Razal> ...They assumed she was Lyrica. She wasn't was she?
[14:37] <Text Message Record> [20:20] * Mister Dinsdale texts back ◜Now you're getting it. ◞
[14:37] *** There is nothing left on the message history that day.
[14:39] *** other conversations are archived, but that is the one burned into the screen. There are claw marks on the screen over the next-to-last entry.
[14:40] * Eitak_Razal sends all the messages on the phone over to her own for eaiser readablity then pockets this phone
[14:40] * Text Message Record has another archived conersation, do you read them too?
[14:41] * Eitak_Razal reads it
[14:41] <Text Message Record> [20:39] * Chibi-Hübert texts Paisley Pythia Peinforte ◜ Paisley! Please tell me you haven't been hurt too! I'm so so sorry for what I did to Harriet! I didn't mean to hurt her! I heard the terrible news! Why aren't you responding? Have they gotten to you?◞
[14:41] <Text Message Record> [20:40] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte texts back ◜Who the f[[BLEEP]]k are you?! YOU STABBED HARRIET?!◞
[14:41] <Text Message Record> [20:40] * Chibi-Hübert texts s back ◜ I"m so so sorry! I didn't mean it! I'm better now!◞
[14:42] <Text Message Record> [20:45] * Chibi-Hübert texts Paisley Pythia Peinforte ◜ Why doesn't ANYBODY believe me today?◞
[14:42] <Text Message Record> [20:47] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte texts back ◜Because you're typing ridiculous. ◞
[14:42] <Text Message Record> [20:49] * Chibi-Hübert texts Paisley Pythia Peinforte ◜I really did worry about you, and hoped you'd remember me while I was gone, you know. Don't you care about me at all?◞
[14:42] <Text Message Record> [20:52] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte texts back ◜ who talks like that◞
[14:43] <Text Message Record> [20:52] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte texts back ◜....Eliza is that you? ◞
[14:43] *** There are no more entries in the phone.
[14:43] <Eitak_Razal> ....
[14:43] * Eitak_Razal turns back to the probably undead woman hanging there.
[14:44] <Hanging Girl> .....
[14:44] * Hanging Girl hasn't moved, she's chained to the ceiling after all.
[14:45] <Eitak_Razal> Do you have anything else to tell me or am I free to leave?
[14:45] <Hanging Girl> - I do indeed. -
[14:46] <Eitak_Razal> And that is?
[14:46] <Hanging Girl> - You tell those worthless, callous, uncaring pieces of s[BLEEP]t who didn't give a damn and didn't want to be friends that they have gotten EXACTLY what they wanted. -
[14:47] <Eitak_Razal> ...Who are you?
[14:47] <Hanging Girl> - As far as I am concerned, people like that shouldn't even f[BLEEP]king bother apologizing. -
[14:48] <Hanging Girl> - I'm a girl whose better off now than I was before, and that's saying plenty. You may leave us. You are free to go. -
[14:48] <Hanging Girl> - Do NOT return. -
[14:49] <Eitak_Razal> And if I do?
[14:49] * Hanging Girl grins, and makes sure Eitak can see her fangs.
[14:50] * Hanging Girl laughs. Hard.
[14:50] <Eitak_Razal> (Vampire. Figures)
[14:50] <Hanging Girl> - Then you.... just like the others, will GET WHAT YOU DESERVE. -
[14:51] <Eitak_Razal> What do they deserve?
[14:51] <Hanging Girl> - Depends on what they've done, doesn't it? -
[14:52] <Eitak_Razal> What did they do? What did it earn
[14:52] <Hanging Girl> - We have a code here. You ask for permission before entering a residence. You did not, but you did not know this place was... occupied. We expect this same courtesy in the future. Understood? -
[14:53] <Eitak_Razal> I'm not a vampire. I'm not bound by a rule like that
[14:54] <Hanging Girl> - I didn't say you were Undead yet. I said that "we expect this courtesy in the future. Understood?" -
[14:54] <Eitak_Razal> (yet?) Understood. But. You're kinda chained up in a previously locked room. How would you have awnsered the door?
[14:56] <Hanging Girl> - I didn't say *I* would do it. Do you think I got up here alone? That I chained myself up here on my own initiative? I am merely the *Mistress'* Doorbell. And *her* lowliest of servants. Do you really, REALLY think that with four years to prepare, you and I are here *alone?* -
[14:57] * Hanging Girl stares down at Eitak_Razal
[14:57] <Eitak_Razal> ....Right.
[14:57] * Eitak_Razal starts to back away twords the way she came in "I'm not forgetting anything am I before Ieave?"
[14:58] <Eitak_Razal> ...Like. Who is your Mistress?
[14:59] <Hanging Girl> - If the giant message she has painstakingly prepared for you has not taught you, then why should I bother? There is nothing left to discuss; not unless, when you show this to the absolute pieces of s[BLEEP]t tthat rejected us all, that you strongly consider smacking them in the Eye or Balls. -
[15:00] <Eitak_Razal> Right. Right
[15:00] * Eitak_Razal curtsies. "Thank you for your time. I'm going to leave now"
[15:01] * Eitak_Razal gets the hell outta the basement
[15:02] * Eitak_Razal pulls out a diffrent phone then previously seen "You get all that Nivek?"
[15:03] *** Do you stay inside the building while you do this?
[15:03] * Eitak_Razal totally does. Then makes sure there's nothing else here weird.
[15:05] *** there are roosting places for bats carved into every inch of the ceiling, and refrigerators full of refreshment and snacks. There are numerous rooms that are locked, and there is a growing feeling that you are less and less welcome.
[15:05] * Eitak_Razal ignores the feeling and checks the other locked rooms
[15:06] * Another door inside one of the locked rooms slams shut before Eitak enters.
[15:07] <Eitak_Razal> ...
[15:07] *** There are several pairs of running footsteps heading down to the basements that Eitak already went to.
[15:07] <Eitak_Razal> ...
[15:07] <Eitak_Razal> Right. Not alone.
[15:08] <Eitak_Razal> ....
[15:08] <Eitak_Razal> Ya know what.
[15:08] * Eitak_Razal gets the f[BLEEP]k outta here.
[15:09] * Eitak_Razal sends a message to Sakura once outside "Head to Lyrica's old home. The're a coven of vampires there or something. I'm fleeing before I get attacked or something.
[15:11] * Eitak_Razal however, remains outside. They didn't say anything about scouting around from outside...
[15:13] *** The building may look abandoned, but it's still hooked up to the electrical grid, telephones, etc. There seem to be footprints nearby and a few packages can be found stashed in hiding places around it.
[15:14] * Eitak_Razal examines the packages
[15:14] *** It looks like the building is also part of the old sewer system in the Pre-War Embassy era, too. There are condemned buildings around it that are fenced in. There are loads and LOADS of places to hide around here---and some of them would have vantage points to watch her.
[15:15] * Package looks like a care package---extra socks. Panties, food, deodorant,shampoo, bottled water, a blanket.
[15:16] * Next Package seems to be a donation spot. Various used shoes, hats, clothes, etc, are inside of it. There's also some makeup. They are all wrapped up in small plastic bags to be air and watertight. Some packages contain candy. A few contain stockpiles of Yen.
[15:17] <Eitak_Razal> ...
[15:18] * Eitak_Razal looks for a good vantage point.
[15:19] *** There are loads of them. Bus stops with views of the area. A park bench, a parking lot that has abundant cars with tinted windows...
[15:22] * Eitak_Razal looks for a spot she can camp out at for a few hours without being noticed
[15:23] *** There are loads of them, but note that some might already have obervers in them who are already watching you.
[15:25] * Eitak_Razal looks for one that's empty
[15:25] *** You find one!
[15:31] * Eitak_Razal parks herself and watches, texting her brother to send her snacks

[17:45] *** YingGirl [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[17:45] <+luna_P> Afternoon, YingGirl
[17:45] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: She does it naturally.
[17:45] * YingGirl comes out of the washroom, after vomiting
[17:46] * YingGirl goes looks at her messages on the tablet.
[17:47] <YingGirl> goddamnit, alexia. Why did i steal you from Abstergo?
[17:47] * YingGirl is reading diagrams and charts of the locals festering in the hotel
[17:48] <YingGirl> I know i need to show them about the timelords
[17:48] * YingGirl also found out two main timelords are AWOL
[17:49] <YingGirl> alexia, where did those time hopping batards go?
[17:50] * YingGirl gets a blank screen on her tablet
[17:50] * YingGirl puts the tablet back in her satchel
[17:51] <YingGirl> I got a rogue AI that can't find those timelords
[17:52] <YingGirl> i just hope the bounty pays well. Not that my sons or husbands need it since they're so busy chasing demon
[17:52] <YingGirl> so now what do you do?
[17:52] * YingGirl decides to take her leave
[17:53] *** YingGirl [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (let them eat cake)

[01:44] *** by the time it was 2 AM (chatbox time), Daniel had prepared to disembark the plane and proceeded to stay at the airport due to safety concerns.

[22:12] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Airport, Futura City, USA
[22:15] *** D.Kakaku has joined #suburbansenshi3
[22:15] <+luna_P> Evening, D.Kakaku
[22:15] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Violence is not the answer. Violence is the question! 'Yes' is the answer.
[22:16] * People all mill around in the airport terminal, speaking various languages.
[22:16] <D.Kakaku> hmm, a day and a half here in the airport.
[22:17] <D.Kakaku> how, where is the Santorini residence.
[22:17] *** Everybody goes in different directions. There are souvenir stands in different places.
[22:17] * D.Kakaku looks for a map of the city.
[22:19] *** There are indeed maps of the city. It's a major shipping and trucking hub of the east coast. You also find sports paraphenalia for the teams, which include the Leprechauns (baseball), the Flyers (NBA), and the Banshees (NFL).
[22:19] *** There is a separate map of another part of the city, called "The Menagerie."
[22:20] * D.Kakaku looks at the Menagerie map first.
[22:20] *** The Menagerie is a bunch of fortune tellers, psychics, "magic shops' and curiosity shops.
[22:21] <D.Kakaku> hmmm, so it's a city with magic, hmm...
[22:21] <D.Kakaku> (focus on the objective)
[22:22] * Another pamphlet says, "Come visit the amazing FIELD OF GLASS! Amazing animals---rare plants, solar powered ice cream makers for the kids!
[22:22] * D.Kakaku checks both maps to see if there is anyhing related to Isabella or any other santorini on there.
[22:23] *** There are several different photos of the skyline, which tends to have really big towers in it.
[22:23] *** There is the Santorini Theater House in the entertainment district on the border of The Menagerie.
[22:24] <D.Kakaku> (theater house.. okay, was looking for more of a residence)
[22:24] * D.Kakaku starts searching for a Santorini residence near the theater's location.
[22:24] *** There is none.
[22:25] * No single-home residences are listed in the Entertainment district, though there are apartments, condo suites, etc.
[22:26] * D.Kakaku checks to see if there are apartments and condos owned by anyone in the Santorini family.
[22:26] *** This information is not publically available.
[22:26] *** Actually, where are you checking?
[22:27] * D.Kakaku is checking the maps and directories.
[22:29] <D.Kakaku> (better chek out the theater house first for a lead.)
[22:29] *** The "Santorini Palazzo" is listed as being on the Northern edge of town.
[22:29] <D.Kakaku> (hm... looks like a jackpot.)
[22:29] *** There is also a really big tourist kiosk that says, "Welcome to Futura City---don't forget to visit the TOWER OF MYSTERY!"
[22:30] * D.Kakaku takes a bit of a walk to the Santorini Theater before checking out the Palazzo, unless both are one and the same?.
[22:31] *** There is a bus/car trip to get to both of them.
[22:31] *** pause.

[19:30] * Meanwhile in Gensokyo...
[19:30] <DD_Girl_Pink> O~HA~YO~!
[19:31] <Announcer> The following match is scheduled for one fall!
[19:32] <DD_Girl_Pink> The Benevolent, QU~~~~~~EE~~~~~~N FLU~~~~FFI~~~~~NA~~~~!
[19:32] *** The Benevolent Queen Fluffina has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:32] <+luna_P> Evening, The Benevolent Queen Fluffina
[19:32] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: now with 100% more Obnoxious
[19:33] <Announcer> In this corner, having defeated Toyosatomirai no Miko, hailing from the Moon and the Lunar Capitol...JUNKO!!!
[19:33] *** Junko has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:33] <+luna_P> Evening, Junko
[19:33] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Corrupting your view of the Senshi: FOREVER
[19:34] * The Benevolent Queen Fluffina Walks out onto the Stage, taking in the Generous applause from all the Animals and Animal-like hybrids of Gensokyo and Japan! :D
[19:34] * Junko looks at Queen Fluffina.
[19:34] <Junko> Who the heck are you?!
[19:34] * Junko looks at The Benevolent Queen Fluffina.
[19:34] *** The Benevolent Queen Fluffina is your average everyday The Benevolent Queen Fluffina

[19:34] <The Benevolent Queen Fluffina> I'm Queen Fluffina, Friend to ALL Fluffies :D
[19:35] <Junko> Since when did YOU join? I didn't hear about you in the roster
[19:36] <The Benevolent Queen Fluffina> I's a Secret Character :D
[19:36] * Junko shrugs.
[19:37] * The Benevolent Queen Fluffina Sees that All the forest kits, as well as certain others, are cheering for her :D
[19:37] <Junko> You'll go down just as easily as that Hermit Saint did.
[19:37] <Junko> My resentment is simply too pure and divine. >:D
[19:38] ☼ Scouter indicates Junko has POWERED UP!
[19:38] ☼ Scouter indicates The Benevolent Queen Fluffina has POWERED UP!
[19:39] <spiritflame> The Benevolent Queen Fluffina rolls 1d20 [ 9 ]
[19:39] <spiritflame> Junko rolls 1d20 [ 12 ]
[19:40] <Junko> >:D
[19:40] █████ Junko leaps high into the air and KICKS Queen Fluffina!
[19:40] ████ The Benevolent Queen Fluffina has been EVISCERATED!!
[19:41] * The Benevolent Queen Fluffina is kicked by the UNPURE Junko!
[19:41] <The Benevolent Queen Fluffina> You're not divine or pure, just a meanie >:O
[19:42] ████ The Benevolent Queen Fluffina Throws some Kit-themed Fans at Junko, with the powers of fluffy Benevolence!.
[19:42] ████ Junko has been ROCKED!!
[19:42] * Junko gets SLAMMED to the ground by the fans.
[19:42] <Junko> Kit-themed fans?! The heck?!
[19:45] ████ Junko sends a barrage of Danmaku at Fluffina!
[19:45] <The Benevolent Queen Fluffina> :D
[19:45] █████ The Benevolent Queen Fluffina has been SLAMMED BACK!!
[19:46] * The Benevolent Queen Fluffina is blasted up and over by the DanMarku!
[19:47] <The Benevolent Queen Fluffina> You Will Feel the power of the Fluffy :D
[19:47] █████ The Benevolent Queen Fluffina Sends her Vines out to Deliver Explosive tickles :D
[19:50] <The Benevolent Queen Fluffina> (( test ))
[19:50] ████ Junko has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /def ]
[19:50] * Junko kicks back!
[19:51] █████ The Benevolent Queen Fluffina has BLOCKED the attack!
[19:52] * The Benevolent Queen Fluffina uses a Pure and Divine Kit-themed fan to block the Impure and Undivine kick of Junko :)
[19:53] <The Benevolent Queen Fluffina> heehehheeheheh
[19:53] <The Benevolent Queen Fluffina> you're not pure or divine :D
[19:55] <Junko> SCrew you
[19:57] <The Benevolent Queen Fluffina> (( do I attack? ))
[19:58] <Junko> (( You have to DEF since your attack was parried back at you ))
[20:02] <The Benevolent Queen Fluffina> (( already did ))
[20:03] ████ Junko punches at Fluffina again.
[20:03] <Junko> (( Actually NO. It's YOUR turn to attack ))
[20:08] <The Benevolent Queen Fluffina> (( I'm confused now XD ))
[20:09] <Junko> (( Your turn to attack ))
[20:11] █████ The Benevolent Queen Fluffina Throws more Kit-Themed Fans, with more Purity than Junko could ever think to have >:D
[20:14] █████ Junko has been ROCKED!!
[20:14] * Junko gets WHACKED!
[20:17] <Junko> JERK!
[20:17] █████ Junko unleashes the purity of her RESENTMENT!!!!
[20:18] █████ The Benevolent Queen Fluffina has BLOCKED the attack!
[20:19] * The Benevolent Queen Fluffina uses her finger to block her resentment, as it is actually impure :D
[20:19] <Junko> >:[
[20:19] <Junko> You cannot defeat me!
[20:20] █████ The Benevolent Queen Fluffina Jumps up and Fires out more vines and kit-themed Fans >:D
[20:22] █████ Junko has been HIT!!
[20:22] <Junko> ACK!
[20:25] <The Benevolent Queen Fluffina> Heheheeh, Looks like I'm more pure and Divine than you :D
[20:25] <The Benevolent Queen Fluffina> All thianks to Fluffies :D
[20:25] <The Benevolent Queen Fluffina> *thanks
[20:26] <Junko> Oh no you aren't!
[20:26] █████ Junko unleashes the full purity of her resentment with a massive wave of fire from her energy tails!
[20:27] █████ The Benevolent Queen Fluffina has been HIT!!
[20:30] * The Benevolent Queen Fluffina gets her dress slightly burned, and all the forest kits Gasp :O :O :O :O :O :O :O
[20:32] <Junko> >:D
[20:32] <Junko> Suffer!
[20:32] <Junko> Suffer in relation to your status!
[20:33] █████ The Benevolent Queen Fluffina is smiling and makes a Trilling noise.
[20:33] <The Benevolent Queen Fluffina> (( hold on that /def for a bit ))
[20:34] <Junko> (( Okay. ))
[20:36] * The Forest Kits trot over to Gunnery Judge Sgt. Hartmann :D
[20:38] <The Forest Kits> Mr. Judge Army man? :D
[20:44] ████ Junko has been ROCKED!!
[20:45] * Gunnery Referee Hartman looks down at the Forest Kits sternly, like he's not even capable of smiling.
[20:45] <Gunnery Referee Hartman> What can I do for you, little ones?!
[20:46] <The Forest Kits> We're a part of an attack, can we go to the ring and trample Junko, please? :3 :3 :3 :3 :3
[20:49] <Gunnery Referee Hartman> If you so wish. IF Junko is defeated, that is.
[20:49] <Junko> >:[
[20:49] ████ Junko tries to B[BLEEP]CH SLAP Fluffina!
[20:50] * The Forest Kits Trots over close to the ring and wave the no paws at Fluffina, thus Making Fluffina Whiplast Junko with her vines (which takes place at 20:44 box time.)
[20:51] ████ The Benevolent Queen Fluffina has been ROCKED!!
[20:51] * The Benevolent Queen Fluffina is slapped around T__T
[20:51] * The Benevolent Queen Fluffina looks like she's gettign angry.
[20:52] <Junko> >:D
[20:52] ████ The Benevolent Queen Fluffina Goes over to Junko, gives a sadistic smile of glee, Picks up Junko And Throws her out of the Ring >:)
[20:53] █████ Junko has been STAGGERED!!
[20:53] Junko has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[20:53] <Junko> XO
[20:53] * Junko lands with a huge THUD outside of the fighting ring!
[20:54] <The Forest Kits> :D :D :D :D :D
[20:54] * The Forest Kits waits until Hartmann's call :3
[20:56] <Gunnery Referee Hartman> - Junko is the LOSER of the match!!!! -
[20:57] * The Forest Kits Cheer and goes to Give the paw stomp to Junko :D
[20:57] <Gunnery Referee Hartman> As per the Forest Kits' request, I am GRANTING them custody of Junko to do with as they please!
[20:57] <Gunnery Referee Hartman> CARRY ON, FOREST KITS!!!
[20:57] <Junko> D:
[20:58] <Junko> D:
[20:58] <The Forest Kits> >:3
[20:58] <The Forest Kits> >:3
[20:58] * The Forest Kits start the Paw stomps on Junko >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D
[21:01] * The Benevolent Queen Fluffina Looks up to the sky :O
[21:01] <The Benevolent Queen Fluffina> Clear The Ring :D
[21:02] * The Benevolent Queen Fluffina gets out of the ring, while Pink flies out of the arena.
[21:02] <Junko> X___x
[21:05] * A Great Shaking gets ever closer to the arena once again
[21:07] * The Titan Kit rears its head once again :3
[21:09] <The Titan Kit> Ooooooohhh, Toilet :D
[21:10] <Junko> ...
[21:11] <The Forest Kits> you wish to be yum-yums instead? >:D
[21:12] * The Forest Kits try to get everyone but junko to clear the ring.
[21:12] * FLEES from the Titan Kit!!!!
[21:12] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Everyone is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[21:15] * The Forest Kits sets up a gigantic newspaper bed out of Every Copy of the Bunbunmaru times and put Junko on the pile >:3
[21:16] * The Titan Kit turns around, it's back facing the Newspaper covered arena :3 as well as all the forest kits having fled the arena with Junko tied up.
[21:18] * Junko tries desperately to escape!!!!
[21:18] * The Titan Kit Finally does its business, trapping 3 people in poop, Junko, and a certain two cheaters.
[21:18] <Junko> DX
[21:19] <Mai Teireido> @___@
[21:19] <Satono Nishida> X___x
[21:21] <The Titan Kit> =^ ^=
[21:21] * The Titan Kit trots off once again
[21:23] * The Forest Kits giggle, glad that they got revenge on FOUR mean gensokyoans :3
[21:25] <Seija Kijin> THIS IS SOME F[BLEEP]KED UP S[BLEEP]T RIGHT HERE!!!!!! >___<;;;
[21:25] * The Forest Kits giggle even moreso, since what was used as the toilet paper was all the copies of the Bunbunmaru times that had been printed from 3 weeks before hasslemania started all the way up until now! :3 :D :3 :D
[21:26] <The Forest Kits> Beat that, Tengu Meat :D
[21:26] *** Junko has left #suburbansenshi3 ( WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH~!!!! T___T)
[21:27] * The Forest Kits trot off back to Ran's for the night, the secret strategy is still afoot! :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3
[21:29] *** has joined #suburbansenshi3
[21:29] <+luna_P> Evening,
[21:29] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: To be the Man, You've got the BEAT the Man!
[21:29] *** Aya Shameimaru [ (pirated)] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[21:29] <+luna_P> Evening, Aya Shameimaru
[21:29] <+luna_P> Welcome. Remember: Suburban Senshi no-sells Planet Namek
[21:29] <Aya Shameimaru> HEY!!!
[21:29] <Aya Shameimaru> What happened to the Evening Special Edition?!
[21:29] <The Forest Kits> :3
[21:30] <The Forest Kits> All Toilet Paper :D :3
[21:30] <The Forest Kits> all poopy :D
[21:32] *** The Forest Kits has left #suburbansenshi3 (All future Printings during Hasslemania become Toilet Paper >:3)
[21:33] <Aya Shameimaru> D:<
[21:33] *** Aya Shameimaru [ (pirated)] has left #suburbansenshi3 (The free press should NEVER be disrespected like that!!!!!!!!)

[18:36] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Airport, Futura City, USA
[18:43] * D.Kakaku is currently on contact with Sakura.
[18:43] * Man looks at D.Kakaku.
[18:43] *** D.Kakaku is a 23 year old New Jersey native with sun-streaked light brown hair, blue eyes, and a lightly tanned complexion. A portly young man, he's never seen without his trusty black satchel,He enjoys collecting video games and animating. More information about him is Here.
His image Song is: Carry on My Wayward Son, by Kansas. He is Level 1.

[18:43] <Man> <.<
[18:43] * Man skulks off.
[18:44] <D.Kakaku> Figures, Alright I gotta go, Leads to catch up on.
[18:46] * D.Kakaku cuts the call, after hearing "Good luck, be careful. DO NOT start trouble, If trouble starts, leave the area."
[18:46] * Woman looks at D.Kakaku.
[18:46] *** D.Kakaku is a 23 year old New Jersey native with sun-streaked light brown hair, blue eyes, and a lightly tanned complexion. A portly young man, he's never seen without his trusty black satchel,He enjoys collecting video games and animating. More information about him is Here.
His image Song is: Carry on My Wayward Son, by Kansas. He is Level 1.

[18:46] <Woman> >.>
[18:46] <D.Kakaku> (hmmm... shifty eyes everywhere)
[18:48] * Janitor looks at D.Kakaku.
[18:48] *** D.Kakaku is a 23 year old New Jersey native with sun-streaked light brown hair, blue eyes, and a lightly tanned complexion. A portly young man, he's never seen without his trusty black satchel,He enjoys collecting video games and animating. More information about him is Here.
His image Song is: Carry on My Wayward Son, by Kansas. He is Level 1.

[18:48] <Janitor> <.<
[18:48] * Janitor keeps his head down and keeps mopping.
[18:49] * D.Kakaku looks around for any reason why people are ducking their head down.
[18:49] <D.Kakaku> (two leads, let's see if we can find a third)
[18:50] *** People just seem to be doing this. Travelers from other places don't do it, but local people sure seem to. There are eyes everywhere.
[18:51] * D.Kakaku looks to see if it's better to imitate either the locals or the travelers.
[18:52] *** no real way to know.
[18:53] *** Airport does have all necessary amenities one would expect to find there. Cell phone chargers, taxi kiosks, overpriced travel stores, book rentals.
[18:54] * D.Kakaku looks at the pamphlets agin, to see if he can get a small, third lead.
[18:55] <D.Kakaku> (the "Tower of Mystery" should be intriguing if the tech surpasses even the HOTEL)
[18:56] *** There do seem to be a lot of people in the airport wearing sports logos of particular teams. It could be that a game is upcoming. There are airlines from all over the world here. A person in this airport could come from or go anywhere.
[18:59] *** More people eventually start coming into the terminal to catch outgoing flights.
[18:59] <D.Kakaku> (hm? leaving?)
[19:00] * D.Kakaku decides to exit the airport and use a bus.
[19:02] *** Buses are available to go toward downtown, or another way.
[19:03] <Bus Driver> Where you headed?
[19:03] <D.Kakaku> The Tower of Mystery, please.
[19:05] <Bus Driver> Ah, a tourist!
[19:05] <Bus Driver> Welcome! There are also some really good Italian restaurants on the way.
[19:06] * Bus Driver shows D.Kakaku to a seat. There are numerous other vacationers and tourists on the bus. It quickly begins moving toward the Tower of Mystery.
[19:07] * D.Kakaku sits down, the best way a new jerseyian can.
[19:07] *** The other Tourists are too busy gabbing, checking pictures they have taken, blogging about their experiences, or re-applying sunscreen to notice him. You find an empty seat.
[19:10] <Bus Driver> Alright, next stop, Tower of Mystery.
[19:10] * Bus Driver stops.
[19:11] * D.Kakaku looks out the window
[19:16] *** The tower of Mystery reaches above some very very old trees in middle of a public park with few historic marker signs on it.
[19:18] *** There are a few bus stops, and a couple of old buildings nearby---it looks like this area of the city is decades old. Also, some of the landscape has unusual markings on it.
[19:18] <Bus Driver> Alright, everybody off, next stop is Sammy's Italian and Berkcorp HQ
[19:22] <Bus Driver> You going?
[19:29] <Bus Driver> Sir?
[19:29] * D.Kakaku gets off the bus
[19:30] <D.Kakaku> (( sorry about tat, was getting dinner cooked and done ))
[19:30] *** The Tower of Mystery is looks very old, and the archetecture style is from the 70's. There seem to be absolutely no lights on, but the grounds around it are immaculate.
[19:33] *** There is a fence to keep people from getting close, but there are different places to take pictures, and lots of signs and interpretive signs on the grounds. Some places where the landscape looks unusual have signs near them too that have strange-looking pictures.
[19:34] <D.Kakaku> (hmmm, 70's, ripe for the era)
[19:35] <D.Kakaku> /m takes a look at the unusual ladnscapes and signs.
[19:35] * D.Kakaku *^
[19:38] *** Each sign claims that the pits and scars and broken rocks were placed there by battling superheroes, and include richly-detailed illustrations of superpowered melee and attacks splintering trees, blowing up rocks, creating sinkholes, etc.
[19:39] *** There is a special tribute to the memory of "Madame Mystery," who died in the rapidly escalating attacks, as well as her consort, The Elemental, back in 1975. The signs explain that the Tower of Mystery has lain empty since then.
[19:41] <D.Kakaku> (hmm, empty, wonder if there's a new tower around, or if this one can be entered into.)
[19:43] * Tower of Mystery is alone here. There has been no new Tower built. Signs indicate that the death of Madame Mystery meant that Futura City didn't have a hometown superhero of its own for 30 years, at least until the appearance of a new group of heroes in early 2000's, but their name is not listed.
[19:45] <D.Kakaku> (mmhm... well, this has led me nowhere)
[19:47] * D.Kakaku takes a few pictures and looks around for even more clues.
[21:04] * [21:02] * CherryBlossomStorm messages daniel "CAREFUL SHE MAY HAVE SOME WAY OF MANIPULATIONG EMOTIONS"
[21:10] * D.Kakaku calls Sakura back.
[21:14] <D.Kakaku> let's hope lust isn't one of them, if it is, She'll be super suprised!
[21:14] <D.Kakaku> I do have some genuine feelings for her, but if she decides on putting lust into the equation, well, hehe.
[21:19] * D.Kakaku sees Sakura roll her head.
[21:19] <D.Kakaku> don't worry, I'll make sure my emotions aren't manipulated
[21:21] <D.Kakaku> I still run it, I still own it, Mitsuo's in charge of the staff temporarily, though.
[21:23] <D.Kakaku> Clearence codes are a go, you want the old 1830-60's steam patents as well?
[21:26] <D.Kakaku> alright, just look for the email topic.
[21:26] * D.Kakaku calls Mitsuo on the other phone.
[21:27] <D.Kakaku> Mitsuo, I need you to send clearence codes to someone, we're on a big mystery and she's gonna need them.
[21:30] * D.Kakaku hangs up on Mitsuo's end after saying "see ya and Ichiko soon"
[21:32] * D.Kakaku keeps a line open for Sakura, ust in case.
[22:21] * D.Kakaku is away: on pause

[20:10] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:10] <+luna_P> Evening, Chibi-Nat
[20:10] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Proven to be Obsolete for centuries
[20:10] <Chibi-Nat> :D
[20:10] * Chibi-Nat looks around eagerly, her ears perked and her tails poofed.
[20:11] *** Sakuya Izayoi [PerfectandElegant Maid@EnclaveFedCom.Net (pirated)] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:11] <+luna_P> Evening, Sakuya Izayoi
[20:11] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Not Doomed, Yet.
[20:11] <Sakuya Izayoi> ^__^
[20:13] <Sakuya Izayoi> Hmmm, any Forest Foxes lurking around?
[20:14] *** The Benevolent Queen Fluffina has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:14] <+luna_P> Evening, The Benevolent Queen Fluffina
[20:14] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Why can't we have kool handles like Superpope?
[20:14] <Sakuya Izayoi> Oh!
[20:14] * The Benevolent Queen Fluffina is adorned with Forest Kits, all of them playing around
[20:14] <Chibi-Nat> Hi!
[20:15] <Sakuya Izayoi> So many little foxes!
[20:17] <The Benevolent Queen Fluffina> Natty :D
[20:18] <Chibi-Nat> Sereanna said I was needed here.
[20:19] <Chibi-Nat> To give tail-pats!
[20:22] <The Benevolent Queen Fluffina> EEEEEEE :D
[20:22] * The Benevolent Queen Fluffina picks up Chibi-Nat with her vines :D
[20:23] * Chibi-Nat is picked up! :D
[20:23] <Sakuya Izayoi> :O
[20:23] <Sakuya Izayoi> Be careful with her! make sure you don't drop her or anything.
[20:24] * The Benevolent Queen Fluffina pets little chibi-nat :D
[20:25] <Chibi-Nat> Heeeeeee!
[20:25] * Chibi-Nat is wiggling her tails quite strongly now.
[20:27] <The Benevolent Queen Fluffina> EEEEE :D
[20:27] * The Benevolent Queen Fluffina Hugs Chibi-Nat and allowa Tailpats :D
[20:28] <Chibi-Nat> How many other friends are here?
[20:28] <Sakuya Izayoi> >__>
[20:28] <Sakuya Izayoi> <__<
[20:29] <Sakuya Izayoi> I just hope Marisa doesn't try to cause any problems.
[20:33] * Chibi-Nat tries to give tail-pats!
[20:35] * The Benevolent Queen Fluffina accepts the super fluffy tailpats :)
[20:40] <Chibi-Nat> Heeeee! You like?
[20:40] <The Benevolent Queen Fluffina> I Like! I Like! :D
[20:43] <Chibi-Nat> Are my tail-pats better somehow?
[20:43] <The Benevolent Queen Fluffina> Yup :D
[20:48] <Chibi-Nat> How? o__o
[20:48] <Chibi-Nat> My tail-pats are special?
[20:48] * Chibi-Nat keeps giving those tail-pats.
[20:49] <The Benevolent Queen Fluffina> YUp :D
[20:49] <The Benevolent Queen Fluffina> ^__^
[20:56] <Chibi-Nat> Why they so special?
[20:56] <Sakuya Izayoi> Could it be from the "Tail Magic" her mother has been teaching her?
[21:02] <The Benevolent Queen Fluffina> Yup D:
[21:02] <The Benevolent Queen Fluffina> :D
[21:07] <Chibi-Nat> Super soft and fluffy?
[21:07] <The Benevolent Queen Fluffina> YEP! :D
[21:08] * The Benevolent Queen Fluffina Hugs Chibi-Nat ^______^
[21:17] * Chibi-Nat hugs back.
[21:18] * Sakuya Izayoi looks around at the other Forest Foxes to see what they're up to.
[21:20] * The other forest kits are playing about, but doesn't one of them look familiar?
[21:22] * Sakuya Izayoi looks more closely. "Sereanna?"
[21:23] * Sakuya Izayoi looks CAREFULLY.
[21:26] * Chibi-Nat is away: falls asleep on Fluffina's head. Tonight FLUFFINA shall feel the POWER of the Nat-Hat!!!
[21:28] * Sakuya Izayoi is away: Is that Ran over there?
[21:28] *** The other forest kits has left #suburbansenshi3 (YAAAAAAAAY :D)
[21:28] *** The other forest kits has left #suburbansenshi3
[21:29] * and NOPE, That forest kit isn't sereanna! IT looks like its disguising itself as..... and yes, Ran's being over there! :P

[21:30] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Tower of Mystery, Futura City
[21:30] *** D.Kakaku has joined #suburbansenshi3
[21:30] <+luna_P> Evening, D.Kakaku
[21:30] <+luna_P> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: We know DRAMA.
[21:32] * D.Kakaku looks for a few more clues.
[21:32] * Tower of Mystery still stands there, much as it was the last time D.Kakaku visited it.
[21:32] <spiritflame> Tower of Mystery rolls 1d2 [ 2 ]
[21:32] *** There are more tourists on Memorial day, since people are out of work.
[21:33] * D.Kakaku still looks around to see if theres a hint of Isabella around.
[21:36] *** There's absolutely no sign.
[21:37] *** Well, there are SIGNS---stuff that shows where stuff is, but there is no trace of Isabella in the vicinity of the Tower of Mystery. It does look cool, though, and there are descriptions of various superhero battles that took place nearby, if you cared enough to look at them.
[21:38] * D.Kakaku decides to look at them
[21:49] *** Roll 1d8
[21:50] <spiritflame> D.Kakaku rolls 1d8 [ 7 ]
[21:52] <spiritflame> Tower of Mystery rolls 1d20 [ 14 ]
[21:53] *** There are some descriptions nearby of a person with red-hair wearing an armor suit that has prehensile hair.
[21:55] <D.Kakaku> (that should be her)
[21:55] * D.Kakaku looka aroound for anyone fitting that description.
[21:56] *** There is absolutely nobody around fitting that description, but the sign says that the superhero is called "Zap Girl," and she was first seen when Ironsmith led the Goblins to rob the Futura City Bank.
[21:57] * D.Kakaku looks to see when "Zap Girl" first appeared.
[21:58] *** This "Zap Girl" was seen in the escalated superhero fighting that occurred in the mid-to-late 2000's, and is still considered active. The sign on her says that her identity is not publically known, though there are a few decent pictures of her fighting various costumed villains and monsters---she's also seen apparently driving various superhero-type vehicles.
[21:59] <D.Kakaku> (superhero type vehicles... definitely now who I'm looking for, but just in case.)
[22:00] * D.Kakaku makes a mental note to look for zap girl.
[22:00] <D.Kakaku> (*not)
[22:01] * D.Kakaku looks at the pictures, to see if he can find any familiar features.
[22:01] <spiritflame> Tower of Mystery rolls 1d6 [ 2 ]
[22:02] <D.Kakaku> (( do I roll, too? ))
[22:03] *** Zap Girl can be seen in 2 different pictures. In one of them she is driving a superpowered and heavily armed vehicle with what clearly look to be other costumed figures on the back riding along, and she is apparently tasing a fleeing thug with a taser built into her suit's wrist gauntlet.
[22:05] *** In the other picture, she is fighting in a huge melee in the middle of the street alongside what looks like wizards, a flying robot, a man shooting vines from his wrists, and another person that looks like they are disappearing as the image was made.
[22:06] * D.Kakaku looks to see if Zap Girl looks anything like Isabella Santorini, via that face recognition technology.
[22:14] <Tower of Mystery> test
[22:14] *** The second image has Zap Girl rushing forward, her hair extended and spread like several hands, as one of the criminals jetpack shoots a huge gout of steam as it malfunctions during the fight and sends him hurtling to the ground. The caption says, "Zap Girl saving Dominator, moments before he attacked her following her help.
[22:15] <D.Kakaku> hmm, attacking following help?
[22:15] * D.Kakaku tries to look up the history between Zap Girl and Dominator
[22:16] *** The newspaper clipping with that photo explains that right after Zap Girl caught him, and asked that he surrender, he said that he "cannot allow himself to be captured," and shot her at point blank with a sonic pulse weapon.
[22:21] *** Zap Girl and Dominator, somewhat surpisingly, didn't develop into a greater rivalry after that. He lost, was stripped of his suit, and was arrested for the jewelry store robbery that the fight had started because of.
[22:24] <D.Kakaku> hmmm, no rivalry.
[22:24] *** The superheroine "Zap Girl" is wearing a full armorsuit of mostly purple, and some bright green. (In fact it's approximately the color of thiis text) She wears a full face helmet---recognizing her is impossible.
[22:25] * D.Kakaku looks for a few more clues about "Zap Girl", location details, etc.
[22:29] *** Zap Girl uses her hair and armorsuit to fight, which is seemingly capable of flying. Her hair can channel enough current to make visible electricity arcs in the air, is dexterous enough to sieze (and even tickle) her opponents, and hits like a truck.
[22:29] * Zap Girl is also seemingly "the driver" among the superhero team featured in these posters.
[22:30] *** Unlike, say, Batman, or another specific Futura Super named here, she doesn't only operate at certain times, and has been seen fighting voth in the day and night.
[22:32] * D.Kakaku tries to look to see if there is more advanced info on Zap Girl or any of Futura's supers.
[22:33] *** These are just signs around the Tower of Mystery. However, there is another sign devoted to the superhero team as a hole, which shows Zap Girl and another superhero at a school for young children, seemingly competing as to who can hold up the most kids while posing for photos.
[22:34] *** It seems that Futura City has seen comparable action to Tokyo, when it comes to metahumans. There are numerous sets of superheroes, and villains. It's clear, now, that there are a LOT of signs like this one around the Tower of Mystery. You are lucky you walked up to this one---to read them all would take a long time.
[22:35] * D.Kakaku wonders if Isabella is this "Zap Girl".
[22:36] * D.Kakaku tries to put two and two together.
[22:36] *** There is an official souvenier shop on the grounds, as well as a shadier spot where people are lining up as well and buying something--but that is off in the forest away from the grounds of the Tower.
[22:36] <D.Kakaku> (( should I roll? ))
[22:37] <D.Kakaku> hmmm...