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[02:06] * H3LLi05 is gonna be the Samuel L. Jackson of the Suburban Senshi
[02:06] <FireFly_9> There is NO WAY *YOU* can be him,.
[02:06] <H3LLi05> Oh hells yes I can be, b[BLEEP]ch
[02:07] <H3LLi05> Check it
[02:07] <H3LLi05> MOTHERf[BLEEP]kER ARE YOU TALKING TO *ME* *bugeyes*
[02:07] *** FireFly_9 [] has quit IRC (That's just sad.)
[02:07] <H3LLi05> Oh! You did NOT just run on my ass!
[02:08] <H3LLi05> That's right, Firefly! You run! Scurry that bony ass back to the batcave you live in!

welcome to #suburbansenshi2

[00:47] * Thrash runs the system through his own TARDIS to light up the Hotel
[00:48] <Thrash> (( I claim this log in the name of happy endings..they're worth it for stories ))
[00:48] * Eliza McIntash gets to spend a childhood with Chateaux, and her happiest dreams all come true.
[00:48] * @Chateaux Concierge changes topic to `Chat is out for the week giving ELIZA a real childhood. All HOTEL systems are offline. Enjoy your survival horror arc! `
[00:49] <Pinako> (( Attack of the salesmen is a go? ))
[00:50] *** All is permitted. Do as Thou Wilt. So let it be written, so let it be Done.
[00:50] <Megan O`Cain> Well, that happened.
[00:51] *** this is the Way.
[00:53] * Pinako has some new cards in her deck like "Pizza!", "Call of the Alien pod", and "10-turn guarantee"
[01:00] <Pinako> The new cards are here :D
[01:05] * there are already the sound of Kouma scratching at the walls outside
[01:06] * A salesman is ringing on the doorbell.
[01:08] <Megan O`Cain> At this hour?! Really?!
[01:10] <A salesman> The new "Super Scooper 5000" will take care of all your messes!
[01:12] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC (I'm done for the night.)
[01:13] <Matsumi Kaze> ugggggggh
[01:20] <Pinako> hi :D
[01:25] <Matsumi Kaze> hey pina
[01:46] * Matsumi Kaze 's phone goes off
[01:46] * Matsumi Kaze tries to reach for it ><
[01:46] * Matsumi Kaze picks it up V_V
[01:46] * Matsumi Kaze checks
[01:46] <Matsumi Kaze> ...
[01:46] <Matsumi Kaze> *___*
[01:52] <Pinako> Card Design contest? :D
[02:07] <Matsumi Kaze> no no!
[02:07] * Chiyoko Shinkaze BLASTS the hell out of several Kouma!
[02:09] <Salesman> AGH!, we will not let Monsters, nor lasers nor weather stop us from having you purchase the Dinner Sweeper 10,000.
[02:15] <Pinako> what's the message, then? :D
[02:16] <Matsumi Kaze> it's private!
[02:24] <Pinako> Ooooohhhh! :O
[02:25] <Pinako> You get new cards? :D
[02:32] <Matsumi Kaze> huh why would I?
[02:33] <Pinako> you don't play Knights & Guardians? :O
[02:34] <Matsumi Kaze> no I don't
[02:41] <Pinako> aww, never played it?
[02:43] <Matsumi Kaze> nope
[02:46] <Pinako> :O
[02:49] <Katrina> oh boy, Her teaching side is coming out.
[02:50] <Pinako> I gotta teach you how to play! :D
[02:56] <Matsumi Kaze> maybe another time ^^;;
[02:58] <Pinako> :O
[02:59] <Katrina> Pinako, we have to do another match!
[02:59] <Pinako> Okays!
[02:59] * Pinako walks back to the table
[02:59] * Matsumi Kaze gets up carefully and heads upstairs
[03:00] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (ugh night)
[09:30] * Nelius Raoul [Tokyo] is out and about in Tokyo, investigating several areas...
[10:46] <Nelius Raoul> [Tokyo] (Thrash is onto something.... these spots shouldn't be showing up so frequently.)
[11:32] *** Thrash has joined #suburbansenshi2
[11:32] <@spiritflame> ohayo Thrash
[11:32] * Thrash has moved to: [ Tokyo ]
[11:32] * Thrash [Tokyo] walks up with a small briefcase
[11:35] <Thrash> [Tokyo] well...
[11:46] * Thrash [Tokyo] stops in front of the dimensional wall
[11:56] * Thrash [Tokyo] fumbles with a phone
[11:56] <Thrash> [Tokyo] gah..of all the...things......
[11:56] <Thrash> [Tokyo] why can't humans invent something actually portable!
[12:16] * Thrash texts Raoul     I have the goods
[12:34] * Nelius Raoul texts Thrash     All right. I'm headed your way now.
[12:35] * Nelius Raoul [Tokyo] finds Thrash, and heads over.
[12:35] <Nelius Raoul> [Tokyo] Hey.
[12:44] * Thrash [Tokyo] sets the briefcase down and opens it up, revealing several bracelet like devices
[12:50] <Thrash> [Tokyo] so these..SHOULD get us past the barrier
[12:52] <Thrash> [Tokyo] I hope...
[12:56] * Thrash [Tokyo] puts one one of the bracelets..sealing it with a click
[12:59] <Thrash> [Tokyo] I've only done a few work on transdimeinsonal technologies
[12:59] * Thrash [Tokyo] offers one to Raoul
[13:04] * Nelius Raoul [Tokyo] takes the bracelet-device, and affixes it to his right arm.
[13:04] <Nelius Raoul> [Tokyo] Well, no time like the present. Doesn't this take you back?
[13:08] <Thrash> [Tokyo] I wouldn't know
[13:10] <Thrash> [Tokyo] ...are you ready?
[13:10] <Nelius Raoul> [Tokyo] Ready.
[13:11] * Thrash [Tokyo] looks to the dimensional wall.......and then starts to move forward........
[13:17] *** as soon as the wall is hit..there is at first push back......but it's brief.......and're on the other side
[13:17] * Thrash is away: SS3
[13:25] * Nelius Raoul is away: SS3
[18:40] * Thrash is back
[18:40] * Thrash [Tokyo] stumbles back in
[18:45] * Nelius Raoul is back
[18:45] <Nelius Raoul> [Tokyo] ...well, that happened.
[18:47] <Nelius Raoul> [Tokyo] Thrash? How're you holding up?
[18:47] <Thrash> [Tokyo] I am fine
[18:48] <Thrash> [Tokyo] ..but we got out just in time
[18:53] * Matsumi Kaze watches the TV....
[18:58] * Matsumi Kaze is watching the failure of a Sailor Moon Stars
[18:58] <Matsumi Kaze> *movie^
[18:58] <Nelius Raoul> [Tokyo] Take it the sheer differences were starting to catch up heavily?
[18:59] <Thrash> [Tokyo] for us yes
[19:11] <Thrash> [Tokyo] we're safe for now
[19:13] <Nelius Raoul> [Tokyo] Perhaps, but this hasn't brought us too much closer to figuring out these distortions. Hopefully we can find a solid answer before they get too far out of control.
[19:23] <Nelius Raoul> [Tokyo] Perhaps I'm getting a bit ahead of myself, though....
[19:27] <Thrash> [Tokyo] we'll see
[19:58] * Matsumi Kaze winces at the film
[20:10] <Nelius Raoul> [Tokyo] Either way, I'm gonna head back. If anything new crops up, feel free to drop me a line.
[20:24] <Thrash> [Tokyo] I shall
[20:29] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi2
[21:23] *** Yasuko Mie has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:23] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Yasuko Mie
[21:23] * Yasuko Mie comes in from Tokyo
[21:29] <Matsumi Kaze> oh hello Mie-chan
[21:38] <Yasuko Mie> Hi, Matsumi-mama-san. How are you today?
[21:43] <Matsumi Kaze> my back hurts and my feet are a bit sore but otherwise fine haha
[21:44] * Matsumi Kaze sits up as best she can
[21:45] <Yasuko Mie> Did you run out of the potion Mama sent?
[21:46] <Matsumi Kaze> no no I didn't
[21:46] <Matsumi Kaze> just...think i'm getting to that point
[21:46] <Matsumi Kaze> I'm not sick anymore
[21:52] <Yasuko Mie> Ok, Delilah can text me when you do, and she'll send more.
[21:54] <Matsumi Kaze> she's a good girl
[21:57] * Yasuko Mie nods
[22:00] <Matsumi Kaze> now how are you doing???
[22:02] <Yasuko Mie> Hm? Uh..I'm fine.
[22:08] <Matsumi Kaze> oh that's good ^^
[22:08] <Matsumi Kaze> I'm glad to hear you're doing well :)
[22:09] * Matsumi Kaze gets on her feet and moves slowly to get some food
[22:09] <Yasuko Mie> Um...can I help you?
[22:11] <Matsumi Kaze> no no..I this
[22:12] * Matsumi Kaze grumbles to herself
[22:12] <Matsumi Kaze> wish I could move faster
[22:17] * Matsumi Kaze manages to get a few snacks and shuffles back towards the sofa again...
[22:19] <Matsumi Kaze> much as i adore the idea of having a can indeed be a pain sometimes
[22:21] <Yasuko Mie> I know. Mama didn't ever have to help Hideo like she does for me...
[22:28] * Matsumi Kaze manages to sit on the sofa and tries to get comfortable
[22:28] <Matsumi Kaze> I somewhat can't wait till this is over...though that means the REAL challenge starts hahaha
[22:29] <Matsumi Kaze> ..oh I'm sorry Mie-chan....I must sound so old heh
[22:31] <Yasuko Mie> No, that's what babies are like, even through they're adorable and stuffs.
[22:39] <Matsumi Kaze> that they are
[22:40] <Yasuko Mie> Have you and Mr. Hideki thought of names yet?
[22:41] <Matsumi Kaze> we've been going through a's hard to choose though...
[22:42] <Yasuko Mie> It always sounds so hard.
[22:42] <Matsumi Kaze> well you want to give them a good name...
[22:45] <Matsumi Kaze> one that won't get them teased >_>
[22:45] <Yasuko Mie> I don't think there's much you can do about that. Mean people will find something.
[22:46] <Matsumi Kaze> that is so true
[22:47] * Yasuko Mie nods, hair slightly pink
[22:48] <Matsumi Kaze> your hair is so cute
[22:49] * Yasuko Mie just shakes her head, trying to stop it from getting more pink
[22:50] * Matsumi Kaze tries not to giggle
[22:53] * Yasuko Mie 's hair eventually turns back to the usual dark brown
[22:58] <Matsumi Kaze> oh I'm sorry!
[23:02] <Yasuko Mie> It's okay. I should go do my homework, anyway.
[23:04] <Matsumi Kaze> take care!
[23:06] <Yasuko Mie> You too.
[23:06] * Yasuko Mie gets her back pack to go upstairs
[23:09] * Yasuko Mie is away 
[23:53] * Matsumi Kaze has fallen asleep on the sofa again
[18:03] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte [Windsor] thinks over her advertising campaign...
[18:03] *** Kaelyn P. Peinforte has moved back to the Atrium
[18:03] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte>
[18:03] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte decides to go and ask Elizabeth for advice
[18:03] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte is away 
[18:49] * Matsumi Kaze lounges..watching TV
[19:04] *** David O`Cain [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:04] <@spiritflame> konbanwa David O`Cain
[19:04] * David O`Cain enters the Atrium after going through the Tokyo door, and closes it shut
[19:11] *** Morrigan [SexyNaughtyBitchyMe@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:11] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Morrigan
[19:11] * Morrigan is up at her usual perch, reading over a bunch of things.
[19:12] <David O`Cain> Hey, Morrigan. What's new?
[19:14] <Morrigan> Just reading over a bunch of reports from home.
[19:17] <David O`Cain> Yeah?
[19:23] <Morrigan> Not all of it's good though.
[19:24] <Morrigan> We're trying to pay a VERY close eye on the Tiamat system, where there's a Tyranid hive-fleet centered around. It's not devouring all life on the planet though. It's harvesting the surrounding systems, but it's not scouring everything like Tyranids normally would.
[19:26] <Morrigan> Plus, they're growing some kind of massive bio-construct on the main world. From what we've been able to gather, it's generating a massive psychic signal that's powerful enough to kill other psykers from great distances.
[19:26] <Morrigan> And the Tyranids are very aggressive in protecting the whole system. Completely unheard-off behavior from a Tyranid hive-fleet.
[19:29] <Morrigan> Plus, we're still monitoring the situation with the Fallen Angels VERY closely.
[19:31] <David O`Cain> Hmm...
[19:35] <Morrigan> Hive-Fleet Tiamet is an interesting one since the system of the same name was discovered almost 6000 years ago.
[19:35] <Morrigan> Care to know more?
[19:37] <David O`Cain> I don't see why not.
[19:39] <Morrigan> The Tiamet system is quite well-known and maligned because it's home to seven different life-bearing worlds. All of them are classified as Death Worlds: the life on them was so voracious and hostile it was unbelievable. And they were all perfectly adapted to whatever environments existed on all of the planets.
[19:40] * Matsumi Kaze is getting annoyed by all the military jargon
[19:40] <Morrigan> All of them shared a common genetic ancestry too.
[19:41] <Morrigan> One of the planets called Ymgarl. Its moons are where the Genestealers were first encountered.
[19:42] <Morrigan> I know you know all about THEM.
[19:44] <David O`Cain> Yeah. And I think we oughta hold off the chatter unless we anger others who probably don't wanna hear this. >_>;
[19:45] <Matsumi Kaze> do you really have to keep going on and on about this, morrigan
[19:46] <Morrigan> What? This is the first time I've been here in a while.
[19:46] <Matsumi Kaze> yeah well say one more military blabber and i'll...i'll shut your mouth for good
[19:48] <Morrigan> >:/
[19:48] <Morrigan> Well that's just FUBAR. :P
[19:49] <Matsumi Kaze> GRRRR
[19:49] * Matsumi Kaze grabs the nearest object and SHOVES it in morrigan's mouth
[19:49] * Matsumi Kaze realizes just what she shoved in her mouth
[19:49] <Matsumi Kaze> ..oh poopie
[19:49] <Morrigan> :O
[19:50] <David O`Cain> Um...
[19:50] <Matsumi Kaze> oh crap crap crap
[19:50] * Morrigan swallows!
[19:51] <Matsumi Kaze> s[BLEEP]t
[19:52] <Matsumi Kaze> ..this isn't what i needed tonight
[19:52] <David O`Cain> What...did you stuff into Morrigan's mouth?
[19:53] * Morrigan suddenly flops backwards and looks like she's starting to breakdance!
[19:54] <Matsumi Kaze> 9_9
[19:54] * Matsumi Kaze catches morrigan before she can fall
[19:56] <Matsumi Kaze> be careful, morry!
[19:57] <David O`Cain> Sheesh. The hell?
[19:58] * Morrigan feels lighter and looks smaller now!
[20:03] <Matsumi Kaze> greeeeat
[20:03] * Morrigan has been reduced in age to about seven years old!
[20:03] <David O`Cain> Oh dear...
[20:06] <Matsumi Kaze> ffff
[20:12] <Morrigan> O__O
[20:16] <Morrigan> O__O
[20:23] <David O`Cain> Sooo, what do we do? Send her back to Talon?
[20:23] <Matsumi Kaze> yes yes yes
[20:28] <Morrigan> O__)
[20:38] <Matsumi Kaze> I'm not..dealing with a kid tonight
[20:38] <Morrigan> O_O
[20:42] <David O`Cain> Er, where is Talon, anyway?
[20:43] <Matsumi Kaze> I have no idea
[20:44] * David O`Cain opens a vid-window, and tries to get into contact with Talon
[20:46] * Morrigan starts to wander off.
[20:47] *** Morrigan [SexyNaughtyBitchyMe@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ( "Gah?")
[20:49] <David O`Cain> What the...?
[21:03] * Matsumi Kaze just tries to relax
[21:17] <David O`Cain> I'd ask how you're doing, Matsumi, but I think you'll try to bite my head off with your answer. >_>;
[21:24] <Matsumi Kaze> - just leave me alone -
[21:28] <David O`Cain> Okay then...
[22:02] * Matsumi Kaze sulks
[22:51] * Nanette Roma looks in from the stair well a moment
[22:52] *** Nanette Roma has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:52] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Nanette Roma
[22:52] * Matsumi Kaze is laying on the sofa, skulking
[22:53] * Nanette Roma heads over to the bar area to look for something tasty
[22:58] * Nanette Roma finds a bottle of spiced cranberry and makes something with that
[23:00] <Nanette Roma> Can I get you something, blonde lady? Looks like you could use a pickmeup of some sort.
[23:01] <Matsumi Kaze> ...I can't drink alchoal
[23:03] <Nanette Roma> Yes, there's plenty of other things over here.
[23:04] <Nanette Roma> Mostly chocolatey or fruity if you don't want caffeine, either.
[23:04] <Matsumi Kaze> just..whatever
[23:06] <Nanette Roma> No?
[23:10] * Matsumi Kaze looks upset
[23:12] <Nanette Roma> Something you want to talk about, or are you just feeling bad today?
[23:14] <Matsumi Kaze> just...feel like s[BLEEP]t
[23:16] * Freya Felinus meanwhile is put in charge of Matsumi's gender reveal party on Sunday
[23:16] * Freya Felinus sighs and opens the envelope to see the results
[23:16] <Freya Felinus> ....
[23:16] <Freya Felinus> ._. o_o O_O
[23:17] * Freya Felinus is away: .oh no
[23:17] <Nanette Roma> Eh, well nothing wrong with that. You can always go to bed early so tomorrow comes faster if you think you can sleep. Though I daresay the medical suite up there could take care of that.
[23:23] * Matsumi Kaze sits up with some difficulty
[23:26] <Nanette Roma> Want a hand with anything?
[23:26] <Matsumi Kaze> be glad when i don't feel like I weigh a ton
[23:30] <Nanette Roma> Heh, I'm sure.
[23:33] <Nanette Roma> I'm Nanette, by the way. I'm pretty sure we've met, but I'm afraid I don't remember your name.
[23:35] <Matsumi Kaze> Matsumi...Matsumi Kaze
[23:36] <Nanette Roma> Nice to meet you (again).
[23:39] <Matsumi Kaze> nice to meet you too..I guess
[23:43] <Nanette Roma> Now, is your partner available? It seems to be you should be home being taken care of.
[23:53] <Nanette Roma> I'd best be off, it's already noon where I live, and there's work to be done. I hope you feel more normal tomorrow.
[23:53] * Nanette Roma is away 
[00:21] * Matsumi Kaze tries to relax
[01:40] <Matsumi Kaze> zzzzz
[02:30] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[10:57] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[10:57] <@spiritflame> ohayo Matsumi Kaze
[10:57] * Matsumi Kaze putters around the atrium...bored out of her mind
[11:04] <Matsumi Kaze> this sucks
[11:08] * Matsumi Kaze grumbles
[11:17] <Pinako> Hi :D
[11:30] <Matsumi Kaze> oh hey...
[11:32] * Matsumi Kaze goes to get some food
[12:17] <Pinako> :O
[13:03] * Matsumi Kaze goes to lay down again....
[14:01] <Pinako> :D
[14:01] <Pinako> wanna play cards :D
[14:08] * Matsumi Kaze just waves off pinako
[19:11] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:11] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Megan O`Cain
[19:11] * Megan O`Cain steps out of an elevator leading into the Atrium
[19:24] <Megan O`Cain> Bit of a quiet night.
[19:27] * Matsumi Kaze is sleeping hard on the sofa
[19:29] * Megan O`Cain gets a lightweight blanket, and drapes it over Matsumi
[21:40] * Matsumi Kaze starts to sweat...she looks...very ill
[21:46] * Megan O`Cain checks her temperature
[21:47] * Matsumi Kaze 's temprature is rising quickly
[21:52] * Megan O`Cain carefully removes the blanket, "Maybe that is making her too warm."
[21:53] * Matsumi Kaze is looking pale
[22:10] * Matsumi Kaze passes out
[22:23] <Megan O`Cain> Ummmm...
[22:24] * Megan O`Cain uses a vid-window to try getting an analysis of Matsumi's condition
[22:32] * Matsumi Kaze is VERY ill....dangeriously ill
[22:33] * Megan O`Cain quickly calls the Infirmary
[22:33] * emergency holo-doctor quickly moves Matsumi to the infirmary
[22:36] <Megan O`Cain> I really hope Matsumi is alright.
[23:02] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC (Better check in before going back to the suite.)
[00:40] * DD_Girl_Green has moved to: [ 1710 ]
[00:55] * DD_Girl_Green [1710] is looking at some papers.
[19:26] * Little fox ears pop up in a distant part of the Lobby
[19:29] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:29] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Megan O`Cain
[19:29] * Megan O`Cain stretches a bit as she enters the Atrium
[19:32] <Megan O`Cain> A nice relaxing night.
[19:33] * Little fox ears move in closer.
[19:37] <Megan O`Cain> Hm? Who's trying to sneak up on me? I wonder...
[19:40] * Little fox ears is now known as Aratasujou
[19:40] <Aratasujou> :D
[19:43] <Aratasujou> Heeee
[19:43] <Aratasujou> You be thinking it be Nata.
[19:43] <Aratasujou> BUT IT WAS ME, ARA-SU!!!!
[19:44] <Megan O`Cain> Heh. How ya doing, ya goof?
[19:44] <Aratasujou> Me be good!
[19:45] *** Something is going on in one of the Lobby's restaurants. Holy crap, is that ROON standing behind a cash register?!?!
[19:46] *** Roon has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:46] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Roon
[19:46] <Roon> :D
[19:46] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Aratasujou is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[19:46] <Aratasujou> <__<
[19:47] <Megan O`Cain> That's good to hear. As for me, I took a couple days to help take care of Anchorage. She's been behaving well from what I've seen.
[19:48] <Aratasujou> She no be causing problems? Me hear stories about Eagle Union
[19:50] <Aratasujou> Bunny-girl Battleship be looking to become a bride now.
[19:54] <Megan O`Cain> As far as I know, Anchorage hasn't been troublesome.
[19:54] * Roon still waits patiently for anyone to approach her and make an order. :D
[19:57] <Aratasujou> Me no trust some SeaDolls. The ones who say they be most wholesome most likely biggest perverts and Horny Jail Candidates!
[20:01] * Aratasujou nods knowingly.
[20:04] <Megan O`Cain> Do you really know for sure, though?
[20:08] <Aratasujou> Me has proof.
[20:10] * Aratasujou shows Megan a picture that Belfast sent to AnTil previously
[20:12] <Megan O`Cain> The way you said it implicated all of them.
[20:14] * Aratasujou shows another text from Independence, inviting AnTil to come exercise with her.
[20:17] <Megan O`Cain> That doesn't look bad.
[20:17] * Aratasujou shows a message from Queen Elizabeth, demanding that Natalia be surrendered to her. "ON TO MY HEAD!!"
[20:17] <Megan O`Cain> I got nothing.
[20:21] * Aratasujou shows ANOTHER text from Akagi, expressing an interest in "negotiations' with him
[20:22] <Megan O`Cain> Akagi's on the list for sure.
[20:24] * Aratasujou also shows a text from both Prinz Heinrich and Prinz Adalbert, calling on Chibi-AnTil to join them for fun. "Don't be shy, brother. Our feelings are pure!"
[20:25] <Megan O`Cain> Not sure about Heinrich, but Adalbert seems to be chill.
[20:27] * Aratasujou shows a text from both Hiryuu and Souryuu of the Sakura Empire. [url=]
[20:28] <Aratasujou> "Join with us, Shikikan. Foxboys and Usagigirls should get along!"
[20:29] <Megan O`Cain> Those two aren't terrible. I feel like you're making a big deal about nothing on some of the Kansen.
[20:30] * Aratasujou shows the last from New Jersey. "I've got something special for you, honey!"
[20:30] <Megan O`Cain> New Jersey's iffy. :/
[20:32] <Aratasujou> Me no forget Atago.
[20:33] * Aratasujou shows THIS PICTURE
[20:36] <Megan O`Cain> Hmm...
[20:37] <Aratasujou> Me also be seeing more SeaDolls dressing like maids for AnTil! >:/
[20:44] <Megan O`Cain> Who put them up to that?
[20:44] <Aratasujou> Me no know.
[20:45] <Aratasujou> But they no be doing it accidentally
[20:45] <Megan O`Cain> I see.
[20:49] <Aratasujou> Now you see why me be mistrustful?
[20:51] <tiK tseroF> 3:
[20:51] <tiK tseroF> :3
[20:54] <Aratasujou> Me sense Forest Kits.
[20:54] <Megan O`Cain> I can see on some of the Kansen, but others seem rather genuine in my opinion.
[20:55] * Aratasujou shows a picture of one of the SeaDolls in question. Aegir.
[20:58] <Aratasujou> They be up to no good. >:[
[21:01] <tiK tseroF> :3
[21:01] <tiK tseroF> we try roping them? :O
[21:02] * Megan O`Cain sighs, "I guess I can't convince you otherwise." ~_~
[21:04] <Aratasujou> You think of setting up trap for them?
[21:06] <tiK tseroF> yuppa :D
[21:06] * Roon is still cheerfully waiting to serve you. :D
[21:07] * Roon 's smile hasn't changed either. At all. It's actually a little creepy.
[21:08] * tiK tseroF is gekking the plan to
[21:08] * tiK tseroF *^ Ara-su :3
[21:15] <tiK tseroF> :D
[21:20] * Aratasujou listens closely and nod-nods.
[21:20] * Roon meanwhile, approaches Megan.
[21:20] <Roon> :D
[21:20] * Roon has THIS to say to you!!
[21:21] *** Roon has left #suburbansenshi2 ("And apple strudel." :D)
[21:24] <Megan O`Cain> Uhhh...
[21:25] <Aratasujou> Me needs be going too. Night-night!
[21:26] * Aratasujou heads off with the Forest Kits to further discuss their plan.
[21:26] *** Aratasujou has left #suburbansenshi2 ("We needs go over the part with the cake again.")
[21:28] <Megan O`Cain> See ya, Ara-su.
[21:56] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte manages to cast a spell, slicing a kouma in half before it can get far into the atrium
[21:57] <Megan O`Cain> Nice work.
[22:27] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> uggggh
[22:34] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> finally...
[22:36] <Megan O`Cain> Need anything, Kaelyn?
[22:39] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> help?
[22:39] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte dodges another Kouma
[22:42] * Megan O`Cain ignites her energy nodachi, and proceeds to slash at Kouma
[22:47] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte is casting spell after spell..trying to keep them back
[23:07] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte manages to push them back
[23:07] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> BLOODY HELL
[23:07] <Megan O`Cain> Geez. So many of these s[BLEEP]theads.
[23:10] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> without Chat...the security here is s[BLEEP]t
[23:11] <Megan O`Cain> Just great. ~_~
[23:12] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte 's phone goes off
[23:13] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte checks....
[23:13] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> OH S[BLEEP]T
[23:13] <Megan O`Cain> What?
[23:13] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> BE RIGHT BACK
[23:14] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte is away: MUM! MR NOSEYBONK IS IN LIVIA'S ROOM
[23:14] <Megan O`Cain> Better put in an order of auto-turrets. Get that going in the morning.
[23:15] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC (Need sleep now.)
[09:33] * Matsumi Kaze sighs, trying to relax in the infirmary
[09:46] * Miara [Tokyo] stumbles into the medical suite and sprawls out on a biobed for assessment by the EMH
[09:46] *** Miara has moved back to the Atrium
[09:47] <Matsumi Kaze> huh?
[09:47] <Matsumi Kaze> ..oh hi
[09:47] * Matsumi Kaze removes her glasses
[09:50] <Miara> yo
[09:52] <Miara> what're you in for?
[09:53] <Matsumi Kaze> my..what did the doctor say...
[09:53] <Matsumi Kaze> my spirit levels were drastically out of synch, threatning my life...
[09:55] <Miara> oreally?
[09:56] <Matsumi Kaze> apperently I almost died two days back
[09:56] <Miara> are you all born with them?
[09:56] <Matsumi Kaze> I honestly don't remember any of it
[09:56] <Miara> heh. that's probably good
[09:56] <Matsumi Kaze> huh spirit power?
[09:56] <Miara> yeah
[09:56] <Matsumi Kaze> well um..I descended from people which had a high level
[09:57] <Miara> we're born with astral. maybe if your babies have something like that, it's doing weird things?
[09:57] <Matsumi Kaze> both my grandparents
[09:57] <Matsumi Kaze> well maybe..not sure what my child is going to be like
[09:58] * Miara looks a bit less ragged and exhausted after a few hyposprays
[09:58] <Miara> hm. i suppose not.
[09:59] <Matsumi Kaze> it sort of runs in the family I guess
[10:00] * Beryl walks downstairs :D
[10:02] <Miara> yes we know that. astral runs in mine apparently, though dia's an anomaly...
[10:02] * Miara has moved to: [ EMH ]
[10:02] * Miara has moved to: [ infirmary ]
[10:03] * Matsumi Kaze has moved to: [ Infirmary ]
[10:07] <Matsumi Kaze> [Infirmary] doctor says I have to stay here for another day...
[10:08] <Miara> [infirmary] meh. that was...a long night w/ HK *stays still while the EMH heals a fracture or two in her arm*
[10:08] <Miara> [infirmary] at least it wasn't fire this time
[10:08] <Miara> [infirmary] i can imagine, especially if you don't know what caused it.
[10:09] <Miara> [infirmary] hideki probably freaked out, huh?
[10:10] <Miara> [infirmary] he must be really worried
[10:14] * Miara [infirmary] alternates talking to Matusmi and the EMH about his current projects
[10:19] <Matsumi Kaze> [Infirmary] yes, deki is..really worried
[10:27] * Matsumi Kaze [Infirmary] tries to rest
[10:27] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[10:28] <Miara> [infirmary] later mats
[10:38] * Miara [infirmary] gets clearance to leave with the usual instructions
[10:38] <Beryl> :O
[10:41] *** Miara has moved back to the Atrium
[10:42] * Miara gets out of the elevator, texting an order over to the restaurant
[10:43] <Beryl> :D hi
[10:52] <Miara> yo
[10:52] <Miara> what're you up to?
[10:52] * Miara sits with bowl of marinated beef and an orange
[10:54] <Beryl> lookin' for grandma :O
[11:00] <Miara> grandma is..uh...matsumi?
[11:02] <Beryl> uh-huh :D
[11:06] <Miara> she's resting, you can probably see her later
[11:12] <Miara> what do you like to do, what have you been learning?
[11:14] <Beryl> Ooooh I learn numbres :D
[11:18] <Miara> woo
[11:19] <Beryl> :D
[11:36] <Miara> meh. now i need a either a nap or a soak in the tub. what do you think?
[11:40] <Beryl> Nappy? :O
[11:58] <Miara> yeah, both help with healing, you know?
[12:06] <Miara> your family care about bathing together? the hot tub's got a little stop you can sit on
[12:06] <Miara> *step
[12:07] <Beryl> Sep-rit baths :O
[12:07] <Miara> oh :/
[12:19] <Miara> well, i suppose you can still come if you want, but i don't know if your family will like it
[12:20] * Miara is away 
[14:40] <Beryl> Big bathtub? :O
[15:01] * Beryl carries a bottle of bubble bath upstairs :D
[18:54] * Matsumi Kaze [Infirmary] is sleeping in the infrimary
[19:16] *** David O`Cain [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:16] <@spiritflame> konbanwa David O`Cain
[19:17] * David O`Cain walks into the Atrium after stepping through the Tokyo door, and quickly closes it
[19:23] <David O`Cain> Oiii...
[19:24] * Janice just riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiises up from behind one of the sofas. "Hey David. Why the long face?"
[19:25] *** UMP-45 has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:25] <@spiritflame> konbanwa UMP-45
[19:25] *** UMP-9 has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:25] <@spiritflame> konbanwa UMP-9
[19:26] *** Tally Barre-Roma [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:26] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Tally Barre-Roma
[19:26] *** The UMP Sisters just RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISE up behind Janice. >:3 >:D
[19:26] <David O`Cain> I practically had to sneak my way into the Hotel. So much s[BLEEP]t is out there.
[19:26] * Tally Barre-Roma comes in from Tokyo with a bag of what appears to be food, earbuds in
[19:26] <David O`Cain> Thankfully, Megan warned me about what's up.
[19:33] <UMP-9> Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
[19:33] <Tally Barre-Roma> Eh, most of us just go with the flow these days.
[19:33] <David O`Cain> Hey, UMPs. What's new?
[19:34] * UMP-45 pokes Janice's ears with her fingers. :P
[19:34] * Tally Barre-Roma sits at a table and takes out his food to eat appreciatively
[19:35] <UMP-45> Not much.
[19:35] * Janice 's ears feel stupidly cold -- like you might catch frostbite levels of cold. :P
[19:35] <UMP-9> We heard little Ara-su was talking smack about the Kansen last night.
[19:35] <David O`Cain> Really? Doesn't sound surprising. :/
[19:38] <UMP-45> We heard she doesn't think too highly of some of them.
[19:38] <David O`Cain> Again, no surprise.
[19:40] <UMP-45> Your thoughts on the matter?
[19:41] <UMP-9> You seem kinda chilly there, Janice.
[19:42] <Janice> Well, I am a former Snow Clan Kunoichi~
[19:43] <UMP-45> Is that anything like the Governor-Militant's Clans back on Caliban.
[19:43] <UMP-9> I think HK-416 is STILL trying to figure out what Clan he belonged to.
[19:44] <Janice> Myself, no. We were a clan of cryokinetic demons who lived on Veldime.
[19:47] <UMP-9> What's that like?
[19:49] <Tally Barre-Roma> What does cryokinetic mean?
[19:49] <David O`Cain> In answer to your question, 45, Ara-su might have concerns with most of Iron Blood, Akagi at the least in Sakura Empire, and maybe Queen Elizabeth of Royal Navy.
[19:49] <UMP-45> Any of the others? I know she SHOULD be concerned about some of us T-Dolls too
[19:50] * Janice looks over at Tally. "Basically, we can control snow and ice -- cold stuff, like this." She points a finger upwards, and atop its tip a rather elaborate-looking ice-flower forms.
[19:51] <Tally Barre-Roma> Oh, like the Fae Miara says are around here?
[19:52] <Janice> It'd depend on which ones you're referring to.
[19:53] * UMP-9 stares at Janine's ice flower. O__O
[19:54] <Tally Barre-Roma> The ones we shouldn't get involved with. *glances towards a corner, hoping they're not here now*
[19:57] <Tally Barre-Roma> It's cool, though.
[19:58] <UMP-9> "Cool"?
[19:59] <UMP-45> Uh-huh-huh-huh!
[19:59] <David O`Cain> Well, there's Atago, 45. Maybe Belfast. I don't know, though. She seems to be sane to me.
[20:02] <UMP-45> Belfast is probably the kinkiest one of them all. I think ALL of the Royal Maid Corps are crazy kinkmeisters.
[20:02] <Tally Barre-Roma> It's a really common slang term for when you're okay with something.
[20:13] * David O`Cain finds himself a seat in a chair
[21:03] *** Janice [(Yukianesa@Coalition.nw)] has left #suburbansenshi2 (*IRL things*)
[21:37] * Tally Barre-Roma is away: food coma
[22:30] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:30] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Matsumi Kaze
[22:31] * Matsumi Kaze [Infirmary] wanders downstairs
[22:32] *** Matsumi Kaze has moved back to the Atrium
[22:37] <David O`Cain> Hey, Matsumi.
[22:48] <Matsumi Kaze> oh..hey david
[22:49] * Aiko watches Matsumi from the shadows
[22:57] <David O`Cain> How've you been?
[22:58] <Matsumi Kaze> alright..i guess
[23:00] <David O`Cain> That's good to hear. How's the baby progressing?
[23:09] <Matsumi Kaze> just fine apperently...
[23:11] <David O`Cain> Great. I'm keeping up hope that it'll be healthy. :)
[23:13] <Matsumi Kaze> me too ><
[23:16] <David O`Cain> As much as I'd like to stick around, I oughta head on home. Take care, Matsumi.
[23:17] *** David O`Cain [] has quit IRC (Just need to get past the crazy s[BLEEP]t outside the door.)
[23:41] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (goes to get some rest)
[08:31] * Freya Felinus is completely burned out, trying to plan both her wedding and THE GENDER REVEAL PARTY
[08:32] * @Sailor Quinox changes topic to `Gender reveal party @ 20:00 - Saturday| Chat is out for the week giving ELIZA a real childhood. All HOTEL systems are offline. Enjoy your survival horror arc!`
[08:52] <Matsumi Kaze> LOOK I'M FULLY CAPABLE-
[08:52] <Matsumi Kaze> 'DEKI I'M NOT BROKEN!
[08:52] <Hideki Kaze> YOU ALMOST F[BLEEP]KING DIED
[08:53] * Matsumi Kaze is..stunned to hear her husband swear....
[08:53] * Hideki Kaze 's features soften "..just rest...I will take care of things"
[08:53] * Hideki Kaze gives Matsumi a kiss and walks away
[08:53] * Hideki Kaze is away 
[08:53] * Matsumi Kaze sighs
[18:11] <Matsumi Kaze> hm
[19:02] <Matsumi Kaze> ..wonder how my brother is doing...
[19:13] * Thirza pokes her head up from behind one of the sofas. "Evening."
[19:15] <Matsumi Kaze> oh hey
[19:16] <Thirza> How're you holding up?
[19:20] <Matsumi Kaze> trying to hold up
[19:24] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:24] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Megan O`Cain
[19:25] * Megan O`Cain steps out of an elevator leading into the Atrium
[19:28] <Megan O`Cain> Oh hey.
[19:28] <Matsumi Kaze> hey.
[19:30] <Megan O`Cain> How are you doing, Matsumi?
[19:33] <Matsumi Kaze> eh
[19:38] * Matsumi Kaze is depressed
[19:39] *** You suddenly sense a great if dozens of Kansen have started crying out in dismay and denial, and were suddenly mocked by a bunch of T-Dolls.
[19:40] <Megan O`Cain> Well, anything I can get you? Snacks? Drinks?
[19:40] * Matsumi Kaze doesn't notice
[19:40] <Matsumi Kaze> no
[19:42] <Megan O`Cain> Thought I'd ask.
[19:42] *** Some bells start ringing in the distance. Is someone celebrating something?
[19:46] *** Chibi-Alex [BoundlessExuberanceOfYouth@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:46] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Chibi-Alex
[19:46] <Chibi-Alex> >:D
[19:48] <Megan O`Cain> Hey, Alex.
[19:48] * Matsumi Kaze tries to get up
[19:50] <Chibi-Alex> Heeheeheehee!
[19:50] <Chibi-Alex> He did it! Daddy did it!
[19:50] <Chibi-Alex> And so many of the SeaDolls are freaking out!
[19:50] <Thirza> ??? He finally choose a secretary?
[19:51] <Chibi-Alex> Yup!
[19:51] <Megan O`Cain> Oh really? Who did he choose?
[19:51] *** EVERYONE in Eisenblut is now pressed up against the windows of the Lobby, staring inside with expressions of resentment and jealousy.
[19:52] *** Looks like a few girls from the other factions are mixed in with them.
[19:52] *** But someone is now approaching the Lobby's main door!
[19:52] *** Enterprise has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:52] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Enterprise
[19:53] * Matsumi Kaze leaves...
[19:53] * Matsumi Kaze is away: not in the mood
[19:53] * Enterprise is officially the new secretary for Shikikan Antizha!
[19:53] <Enterprise> ^___^;
[19:54] <Megan O`Cain> Huh. Well, she was one of my predictions.
[19:56] <Enterprise> uhhh, good evening. I hope I'm not interrupting anything.
[19:56] <Enterprise> I noticed that we've got some eavesdroppers outside.
[19:59] <Megan O`Cain> Jealousy is running rampant amongst them. I have no doubt the more sane Kansen congratulated you, Enterprise.
[19:59] <Megan O`Cain> Rossiya sure would.
[20:02] <Enterprise> Yes, my sisters are all thrilled.
[20:02] <Enterprise> Although I think some of them wanted to have the job too.
[20:02] <Enterprise> However, I did agree with a condition.
[20:03] <Enterprise> I'll take the job for six months, then pass it on to another Kansen. I'll make a recommendation before I step down though.
[20:03] <Megan O`Cain> That seems fair.
[20:05] *** Deutschland is punching the window in fury.
[20:05] *** Bismarck is making her patented "Sad Biscuit Face" :<
[20:06] *** Friedrich der Grosse is giving Enterprise on HELL of a creepy smile.
[20:10] *** Z-23 is just... >:[
[20:10] *** Scharnhorst is just... O__\
[20:12] *** Admiral Hipper looks like she's trying desperately to hide her feelings. BAKA!!! SHE'S NOT CRYING AT ALL! WHY WOULD SHE?!
[20:12] *** ...Oh crap, ROON is out there too and she's got an even CREEPIER smile on her face.
[20:12] <Thirza> (Oh boy.... this is going to get even crazier from this point on.)
[20:17] <Megan O`Cain> Sheesh. I'm picking up a mix of anger and jealousy.
[20:19] *** Annnnnnnd..YUP!! There's Akagi out there too!
[20:20] <Enterprise> I've sensed the same thing too
[20:20] <Thirza> ....Alex, for your sake I hope your room has some seriously strong locks on the doors and windows.
[20:23] <Chibi-Alex> We'll be ready!
[20:23] * Chibi-Catri rises up nearby, holding a camera and grinning. ^_____^
[20:30] <Chibi-Catri> Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[20:31] <Enterprise> I'm looking forward to helping Shikikan AnTilZha more. He has a lot to take care of.
[20:32] <Thirza> Undoubtedly.
[20:35] <Megan O`Cain> Of course.
[20:39] <Megan O`Cain> Any news, Enterprise?
[20:41] <Enterprise> Quite a lot actually.
[20:41] <Enterprise> Were you looking for anything specific?
[20:47] <Megan O`Cain> Well, been hearing scuttlebutt about Sirens.
[20:51] <Enterprise> Lately the Sirens have been maintaining constant attacks on the Aurora Guyot. There's not a day does by that we don't fight off at least three aquatic drone flotillas.
[20:52] <Enterprise> However, it seems like they're only doing that to keep us distracted and preoccupied with defense. The attackers are always their remote-operated attack ships, not the actual Sirens themselves.
[20:52] <Chibi-Alex> Yeah, it's pretty obvious they're trying to keep us in one area.
[20:53] <Chibi-Alex> Although it's not like any of us have the ability to travel out into the Void. Leviathan-class lifeforms are becoming more and more common now since the Karar is almost entirely gone.
[20:54] <Chibi-Alex> Which, when you think about it, introducing the counteragent for it into the whole ecosystem had an unintended consequence.
[20:54] <Chibi-Catri> Not like we should complain about it since we ALL were infected with it.
[20:55] <Chibi-Alex> I've got a sneaking feeling the Sirens are searching for something within the Void. They don't seem to have to worry about the Void-leviathans at all.
[21:00] <Enterprise> Orbital scans haven't really picked up on any activity on other landmasses...and 4546B doesn't have that many islands to begin with.
[21:01] <Enterprise> So if they're looking for anything special, it's either deep underwater or in an undiscovered part of the Arctic Subcontinent.
[21:01] <Megan O`Cain> Hmm. What could they be looking for?
[21:01] <Chibi-Catri> Anything having to do with the Architects would be at the top of the list.
[21:02] <Chibi-Catri> Remember, we might have destroyed the Fabricator, but there could be other ancient structures located in other parts of the ocean.
[21:03] <Chibi-Alex> The Descos are certainly a big help, but they're not very numerous. They can only be in so many places and explore so quickly.
[21:04] <Chibi-Alex> And it's a BIIIIIIIIIIIG deep ocean. Deeper than the ones on THIS planet.
[21:05] <Chibi-Alex> In fact, we located a trench that goes down even further than the Challenger Deep. AND found traces of a creature even bigger than a Kraken.
[21:05] <Megan O`Cain> I see.
[21:06] <Enterprise> Oddly enough, we ARE going to be visited by a specialist division of the Federation soon.
[21:06] <Enterprise> Uhhh, the Ordo Malleus is what it's called.
[21:09] <Megan O`Cain> Ordo Malleus, eh? Perhaps they can figure out what's going on.
[21:10] <Chibi-Catri> <__<;
[21:11] <Chibi-Catri> I'm a little more concerned as to WHY Serbius is coming to 4546B in the first place.
[21:11] <Chibi-Catri> Alldrogis coming would make sense because he's the head of the Ordo Xenos.
[21:12] <Chibi-Catri> Inquisitor Ruby wouldn't have any reason to come unless something weird was happening at the Last Bastion.
[21:12] <Megan O`Cain> I see.
[21:36] <Chibi-Catri> Ooo! And we need to go!
[21:36] <Chibi-Alex> Night~!
[21:36] *** Chibi-Alex [BoundlessExuberanceOfYouth@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Can we go to the park next? Can we, can we can we~!")
[21:36] *** Chibi-Catri [MakerOfMischief@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 (*snickers* >:3)
[21:36] *** Enterprise has left #suburbansenshi2 (Ore da!)
[21:36] <Megan O`Cain> See ya.
[22:26] <Masaki O`Cain> S[BLEEP]T S[BLEEP]T S[BLEEP]T
[22:26] *** Masaki O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:26] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Masaki O`Cain
[22:26] * Masaki O`Cain is dragged along the floor by a big dog ><
[22:26] <Megan O`Cain> The hell?
[22:27] * Masaki O`Cain tries to get on her feet
[22:27] <Masaki O`Cain> come..on..slow..down ><
[22:27] <Masaki O`Cain> NO NO NOT ON THE TREE
[22:28] <Megan O`Cain> alright, Masaki?
[22:32] <Masaki O`Cain> oh come on
[22:32] <Masaki O`Cain> oh hey meg
[22:32] <Masaki O`Cain> ..trying with the new pet
[22:32] <Megan O`Cain> Hey. What kind did you get?
[22:35] <Masaki O`Cain> .....
[22:35] <Masaki O`Cain> it's a dog
[22:36] <Megan O`Cain> I can see that. :P
[22:36] <Megan O`Cain> What I mean is what kind of dog?
[22:37] <Megan O`Cain> From what I saw, it's strong enough to pull you around easily.
[22:37] <Masaki O`Cain> I don't know dog breeds!
[22:38] <Megan O`Cain> Just asking.
[22:38] <Megan O`Cain> Does Carrie know about this? I mean, she is a werewolf.
[22:43] <Masaki O`Cain> it was her idea
[22:44] <Masaki O`Cain> she wanted a running buddy during the full moons
[22:44] <Megan O`Cain> Ahhhh, okay.
[22:56] <Megan O`Cain> When did you guys get the pup?
[22:58] <Masaki O`Cain> two days ago
[22:58] <Masaki O`Cain> HEY DOWN DOWN
[23:06] <Masaki O`Cain> yes but..she's..a pain...
[23:16] <Megan O`Cain> Given enough time, she'll behave.
[23:27] <Masaki O`Cain> I hope so ><
[23:27] <Masaki O`Cain> she tried to use one of the robots as a peeing place
[23:27] <Megan O`Cain> You're kidding...
[23:31] <Masaki O`Cain> I wish I was
[23:32] <Megan O`Cain> Sounds like a lot of training is needed.
[23:34] <Masaki O`Cain> yeah it does ><
[23:50] <Masaki O`Cain> gah!
[23:50] * Masaki O`Cain is pulled along!
[23:50] <Megan O`Cain> Whoa!
[23:59] <Masaki O`Cain> gah come ooooon
[00:19] *** Masaki O`Cain has left #suburbansenshi2 (*pulled out of the room*)
[00:19] <Megan O`Cain> Yeesh.
[00:31] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC (Back to the suite)
[08:57] * Freya Felinus and Masaki are trying to get things put up for the party tonight
[09:09] <Freya Felinus> just..get that banner straight
[09:09] <Masaki O`Cain> I'm trying..I'm trying!
[09:09] * Saki Suminaka directs Suminaka Corp employees to install the surprise for tonight ^^
[14:50] * Freya Felinus makes sure the food arrives on time... she has a worried look on her face
[17:32] <Freya Felinus> I hope this works out
[17:33] * Minerva [Nerima] , Siegfried, Megan and Arthur are already there..mingling a bit
[17:33] *** Minerva has moved back to the Atrium
[17:45] * Minerva looks around at the decorations
[17:45] <Minerva> seems so...garish
[17:46] <Megan Smithson> [Pretty Hollic] it's cute!
[17:50] *** Megan Smithson has moved back to the Atrium
[17:51] <Minerva> what is this the point?....this isn't the baby shower as far as I this?
[17:51] <Megan Smithson> because it's sweet and it's fun..that's why
[18:20] * Matsuo and Mercurius chat
[18:54] * Freya Felinus looks around as the foods come in
[19:03] * Mercurius Shin [Tokyo] glances up at the decorations a bit
[19:03] * Extra "chat" plants were set up, for people to stand around and stare at if they don't want to socialize
[19:06] * Griselda is owling off one of the upper-floor railings.
[19:11] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:11] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Megan O`Cain
[19:11] <Megan O`Cain> Hey, everyone.
[19:14] * The atrium is dressed up for a gender reveal party!
[19:17] <Megan O`Cain> Party time already?
[19:18] <Freya Felinus> we're still waiting for a few more guests
[19:23] <Megan O`Cain> Ah, okay.
[19:28] <Freya Felinus> ..and for Matsumi
[19:38] * Lady Hale [Tokyo] appears in a soft burst of light. "Good evening."
[19:38] *** Lady Hale has moved back to the Atrium
[19:39] <Megan O`Cain> Evening, Hale.
[19:40] <Lady Hale> I take it things here about to get lively?
[19:40] <Saki Suminaka> it will be fun!
[19:41] <Megan O`Cain> We're having a party tonight.
[19:41] <Lady Hale> That explains the general energy in the air. What of, might I ask?
[19:52] <Saki Suminaka> it's a gender reveal party!
[19:57] <Lady Hale> Oh?
[19:57] <Saki Suminaka> yes! for Matsumi's child!
[19:58] <Lady Hale> Aha.
[20:03] <Saki Suminaka> eeee
[20:06] <Freya Felinus> I wonder if the invitations got lost
[20:06] * Freya Felinus looks around at the small crowd
[20:10] *** Daini Felinus has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:10] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Daini Felinus
[20:10] * Daini Felinus skips over to freya through one of her sister’s portals:I GOT THE PERFECT GIFT!!
[20:11] <Megan O`Cain> Let's hope not, Freya.
[20:11] <Daini Felinus> I also have Kanri’s gift and the gits from the kids. They have a mission tonight and can’t make it.
[20:11] <Freya Felinus> oh???
[20:12] <Freya Felinus> heh I suppose so
[20:12] <Freya Felinus> at least we have enough of the family here to matter
[20:12] <Freya Felinus> while we wait for Matsumi, how about you go and enjoy the food
[20:12] * Daini Felinus places the three boxes on the gift table “do you want a plate?”
[20:14] <Freya Felinus> heh I'm fine
[20:14] * Daini Felinus grins and skips over to get food while humming
[20:15] <Megan O`Cain> What food is available, Freya?
[20:16] <Freya Felinus> um....cake, pasta, think there's some small sandwiches
[20:16] <Freya Felinus> pizza for some reason
[20:16] * Daini Felinus holds up a pizza slice”SCORE!!”
[20:16] <Freya Felinus> keep it going...I have to go check on something
[20:17] * Freya Felinus is away: brb
[20:17] <Megan O`Cain> Niiice. (grabs some food and drinks)
[20:18] * Daini Felinus grins “these are Nee-Chan’s favorite foods!”
[20:23] * Daini Felinus munches on her pizza crust and looks around
[20:29] <Megan O`Cain> I'm betting the excitement is high around here.
[20:34] <Daini Felinus> At least for me it is! I cannot wait!
[20:37] <Megan O`Cain> Heh.
[20:46] * Freya Felinus checks her phone
[20:46] <Freya Felinus> ..
[20:46] * Freya Felinus signals for decarations to be taken down
[20:49] <Megan O`Cain> Hm? What happened?
[20:50] <Lady Hale> Trouble?
[20:50] * Freya Felinus sends the guests home
[20:51] * Megan O`Cain blinks in confusion
[20:51] <Freya Felinus> Matsumi can't make it
[20:51] <Freya Felinus> So it's off
[20:53] <Megan O`Cain> Aw, man. I was hoping to celebrate.
[20:53] <Lady Hale> I hope she's doing well.
[21:06] * Daini Felinus looks at her gift and grins “that’s ok! I can give it to her later still. Can we take her some ginger ales at least?”
[21:12] * Filibert Wright has moved to: [ Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery ]
[21:12] *** Filibert Wright has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:12] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Filibert Wright
[21:12] * Filibert Wright [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] appears inside Big Grocery.
[21:12] * Filibert Wright [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] stands juuuuust inside the Big Grocery entrance.
[21:13] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] ...
[21:18] *** Filibert Wright looks t hrough the Big Grocery doorway at the people gathered in the Atrium.
[21:22] <Megan O`Cain> Well, at least we can still eat, right?
[21:24] * Filibert Wright looks at Megan O`Cain.
[21:24] *** Megan O`Cain is a humanoid woman with a busty, toned figure standing 5'5", bluish-grey eyes, and has long, brown hair put in ponytail that goes to mid-thigh
Her image Song is: .

[21:25] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] ...
[21:30] * Freya Felinus is away: checking on Matsumi
[21:39] * Filibert Wright [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] doesn't see the people he is looking for.
[21:39] * Filibert Wright is away 
[22:56] * Freya Felinus is back
[22:57] * Freya Felinus sighs, walking back downstairs
[22:57] <Megan O`Cain> Hey, Freya.
[22:57] <Freya Felinus> hello
[22:58] <Megan O`Cain> What's going on?
[23:07] <Freya Felinus> she's resting
[23:07] <Freya Felinus> she's not feeling well
[23:08] <Megan O`Cain> Perils of pregnancy?
[23:26] <Freya Felinus> I suppose so
[23:26] <Freya Felinus> we're going to try next weekend
[23:32] <Megan O`Cain> I'm fine with that.
[23:44] * Megan O`Cain relaxes on a sofa
[23:58] * Freya Felinus tries to relax
[00:51] <Megan O`Cain> I think I'm going back upstairs. Take care, Freya.
[00:51] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC (Good night.)
[11:22] *** Filibert Wright has joined #suburbansenshi2
[11:22] <@spiritflame> ohayo Filibert Wright
[11:22] * Filibert Wright [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] appears inside Big Grocery.
[11:22] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] <.<
[11:22] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] >.>
[11:23] * Filibert Wright [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] looks around through the Big Grocery Windows and door, but doesn't leave the store.
[11:23] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[11:23] <@spiritflame> ohayo Matsumi Kaze
[11:23] * Matsumi Kaze walks past a bit
[11:24] * Filibert Wright looks at Matsumi Kaze.
[11:24] *** Matsumi Kaze is is a woman with short blond hair and blue green eyes. With a VERY well endowed figure and plenty of amazing power, she defends her home and her friends with all her heart. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: "She makes me Laugh" by The Monkees.

[11:24] * Matsumi Kaze is fairly pregnant
[11:24] * Filibert Wright [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] thinks carefully whether it would be best to speak to Matsumi, since her condition is obvious.
[11:25] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] ...
[11:26] * Matsumi Kaze stops for a moment and sighs, feeling her back
[11:27] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] Greetings, my Lady. I offer you my congratulations as well as my condolences.
[11:28] <Matsumi Kaze> huh? oh hey Filbert
[11:28] <Matsumi Kaze> oh thanks...yeah it's...well it's a miracle but a painful one ><
[11:30] * Filibert Wright [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] looks confused. "Er, well of course."
[11:31] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] To grow another life inside oneself. New life to take the place of what is gone.
[11:31] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] I am sorry for your loss.
[11:32] * Matsumi Kaze blinks
[11:32] <Matsumi Kaze> my loss?
[11:33] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] Yes.
[11:33] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] Please know that I feel it keenly too.
[11:33] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] But what is gone can be recalled, with powers such as those here, and what is lost can be made anew.
[11:34] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] I am sure such proceedures have already begun. <.<
[11:34] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] But of course you needn't concern yourself with such sad things.
[11:35] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] You have a great purpose and task, clearly.
[11:35] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] Again, I offer you my congratulations.
[11:36] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] Perhaps you can give advice on your experience at some point.
[11:39] * Filibert Wright [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] thinks quietly.
[11:45] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] Perhaps it would be best to speak to the Time Lords about such things, though I am aware that you were close with her as well.
[11:48] * Filibert Wright [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] sighs tiredly.
[11:50] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] But enough, there is no reason to trouble you with such sadness, it would be unethical given your circumstances. Please inform the Time Lords--especially the Intern, that I have important messages that they need to hear if they want to fix what has transpired.
[11:55] * Filibert Wright [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] thinks. "Again, I am sorry for your loss. I hope to meet you again in happier circumstance."
[11:55] * Filibert Wright [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] bows to Matsumi, but never leaves the Big Grocery. "Farewell, My Lady."
[11:55] * Filibert Wright [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] teleports away.
[11:55] *** Filibert Wright [0] has quit IRC (The honor was mine.)
[12:50] * Matsumi Kaze goes to check the grocery
[12:51] *** The Big Grocery is in every way as it always has been.
[12:53] * Matsumi Kaze mingles a little
[12:53] * Matsumi Kaze sees if there's anything that could be of use to her
[13:30] * @Sailor Quinox changes topic to `Matsumi's Baby Shower/Gender Reveal Party @ 15:00 - Saturday| Chat is out for the week giving ELIZA a real childhood. All HOTEL systems are offline. Enjoy your survival horror arc!`
[13:51] * Matsumi Kaze ignores the sounds of the Kouma trying to get into the hotel..there are masses of them outside..they can sense the weakness of the structure
[15:01] * Kouma manages to break through a window, only to be gun down by Erica
[15:09] * Kouma retreats for now
[15:29] * The sounds of thousands of Kouma popping like small firecrackers can be heard outside...
[15:31] * Tyrios and Eoria enter the Hotel through the Tokyo Door. "My my, so many of those little gremlins outside..."
[15:31] <Eoria> But they do make for wonderful target practice♫
[15:32] <Tyrios> Hm... seems quiet today.
[15:33] <Erica Fontaine> bonjour!
[15:33] <Tyrios> Afternoon, Erica.
[15:39] <Eoria> I take it things have been quiet here.... minus the Kouma infestation outside?
[15:42] <Erica Fontaine> yes!
[16:47] * Anne and Mary currently are watching Blackbeard's Ghost with Mira Eseme, Masato and Selene, while Matsumi takes a nap
[18:16] <Eoria> Looks like they're getting along well.
[18:23] <Anne and Mary> .....
[18:23] * Anne and Mary get an idea
[18:24] <Tyrios> (....oh dear. I sense trouble.)
[18:40] * Anne and Mary head off!
[18:40] *** Anne and Mary has left #suburbansenshi2
[19:11] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:11] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Megan O`Cain
[19:12] <Megan O`Cain> Man, what a day.
[19:14] <Tyrios> ??
[19:15] <Megan O`Cain> Just keeping s[BLEEP]t at bay. Been doing upkeep on some auto-turrets.
[19:16] <Tyrios> Ah, the infestation of Kouma outside, I would wager.
[19:17] <Megan O`Cain> Pretty much. Although, I did have some help keeping them off of me in the form of Rossiya and Anchorage.
[19:18] <Tyrios> Sounds good.
[19:20] * Anchorage smiles as she sits at a table, drinking some apple juice and enjoying a fish dinner
[19:21] <Anchorage> Mmmm, yummy cod. ^_^
[19:26] * Little fox ears suddenly pop up nearby!
[19:29] * Anchorage continues eating dinner
[19:29] * Megan O`Cain finds herself a seat on a sofa
[19:30] * Little fox ears move in closer!
[19:31] * Little fox ears rapidly approach Anchorage.
[19:36] <Anchorage> Hee, fishy fish. ♫
[19:37] <Little fox ears> Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish???!!
[19:40] <Anchorage> Huh?
[19:40] <Tyrios> Hm, I think I hear a familiar voice~
[19:41] * Little fox ears quickly drop into hiding.
[19:45] * Anchorage looks around a bit from her chair
[19:55] * Little fox ears pops up on the opposite side of Anchorage.
[20:00] <Anchorage> Hm? Who's there?
[20:03] * Little fox ears zips around to the OTHER side.
[20:11] <Anchorage> Huh?
[20:32] * Little fox ears zip to the OTHER side again.
[20:40] * Anchorage tries to see where the ears are going
[20:47] <Anchorage> Um...
[20:53] *** Chibi-Nat (fox form) has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:53] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Chibi-Nat (fox form)
[20:53] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) pops up while Anchorage is distracted and attempts to STEAL a bite of Anchorage's yummy cod!
[20:56] <Anchorage> Wha? That's my dinner. :(
[20:57] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> >:3
[20:58] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) bestows rapid tail-pats onto Anchorage before galloping off.
[21:00] *** Chibi-Nat (fox form) has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" =^ ^=)
[21:13] * Anchorage giggles a bit, and finishes her dinner
[22:09] * Megan O`Cain goes over to the Afteburner arcade machine, and fires up a game
[23:18] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC (Back to the suite.)
[15:53] <~> Nobu nobu!!
[18:14] * Lobelia Carlini has set up a fire trench around the keep out the now growing swarm of Koumas and demons
[18:58] * Cure Monarch SMASHES a Kouma in half with her fist
[19:12] <~> HAI-KIBA!!
[19:13] * Ibaraki-Douji is buzzsawing her way through the Kouma! This would be a bit more disturbing if it weren't being portrayed as comical violence!
[19:14] * Anne and Mary are fighting them off!
[19:51] *** Michelle O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:51] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Michelle O`Cain
[19:51] * Michelle O`Cain walks around the Atrium
[20:39] * the kouma circle the outside of the's like a horror film out there
[20:45] <Ibaraki-Douji> A low-budget horror film, clearly. :P Shuten had way scarier things on Mt. Ooe.
[20:51] <Michelle O`Cain> Huh?
[21:02] * Cure Monarch PUNCHES the head off one giant Kouma
[21:05] <Minerva> WHAT..ARE THESE THINGS
[21:05] * Minerva catches a Kouma by the mouth and TEARS it in half
[21:06] * Michelle O`Cain gets out her daibo staff, and joins the fray in fighting Kouma
[21:08] <Ibaraki-Douji> Dunno what these things are, but they sure blow up real nice!
[21:10] * Matsumi Kaze sleeps through all this
[21:11] <Ibaraki-Douji> ROCKET PUNCH
[21:11] * Ibaraki-Douji suddenly fires off her right hand -- which then enlarges to about ten times its normal size to grab a Kouma and squeeze it so hard it EXPLODES!
[21:12] <Haru E> ....(Wow... really?)
[21:12] <Lyz> (THAT IS SO COOL)
[21:17] <Michelle O`Cain> So many Kouma. Geez.
[21:21] * Lobelia Carlini causes the flame trench to burst even higher..forcing the hoard to back off for now
[21:27] <Lobelia Carlini> ugh
[21:29] <Lyz> I think I'm gonna call up Miss Hale -- she might have wards we can use.
[21:30] * the damage from the kouma attack aren't auto-reparing
[21:31] <Michelle O`Cain> Man, we're gonna need engineer crews to fix this.
[21:32] <Haru E> (Ain't this a call-back.)
[21:36] * Haru E contracts a few Prinnies to help with the repairs.
[21:43] <Michelle O`Cain> Eh, it's a start.
[22:22] * Masaki O`Cain drags a half burned kouma corpse past
[22:22] <Michelle O`Cain> Hey, Masaki!
[22:24] <Masaki O`Cain> yo
[22:24] <Michelle O`Cain> How ya doing?
[22:26] <Masaki O`Cain> eh
[22:26] <Masaki O`Cain> ok
[22:26] * Masaki O`Cain throws the corpse onto a pile that's currently burning
[22:30] <Michelle O`Cain> So many Kouma rushed in. A shame they don't learn to not mess around with us.
[22:47] <Masaki O`Cain> well they're still out there!
[22:53] <Michelle O`Cain> No kidding.
[22:53] <Masaki O`Cain> they can smell our weakness
[22:56] <Michelle O`Cain> And yet we still rip them apart.
[23:01] <Masaki O`Cain> yeah well we're story as hell
[23:03] <Michelle O`Cain> I'm gonna try getting sleep. Take care, Masaki!
[23:04] *** Michelle O`Cain has quit IRC (Hopefully, a good sleep tonight.)
[23:16] <@Silicon Momoko> test
[23:17] <Masaki O`Cain> .....
[23:17] <Masaki O`Cain> what was that?
[23:18] <Masaki O`Cain> ..did a purple haired girl with large boobs just show up and randomly say test?
[23:32] <Masaki O`Cain> ...what the f[BLEEP]k
[00:02] <Masaki O`Cain> WHAT JUST HAPPENED
[00:50] *** Masaki O`Cain has left #suburbansenshi2 (F[BLEEP]k it!)
[09:54] * Joanna Smithson has moved to: [ Mugen Academy ]
[09:54] <Joanna Smithson> [Mugen Academy] ALRIGHT KIDS LET'S FOCUS
[10:02] * Joanna Smithson [Mugen Academy] recalls being asked to take over Matsumi's classes while she's out
[10:02] * Joanna Smithson [Mugen Academy] isn't especally happy with that
[10:05] * Joanna Smithson [Mugen Academy] pauses
[10:05] <Joanna Smithson> [Mugen Academy] ....
[10:06] * Joanna Smithson [Mugen Academy] realizes how many of her siblings are teachers
[14:23] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Silicon Momoko is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[14:23] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Silicon Momoko is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[14:24] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Silicon Momoko is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[14:25] <@silicon momoko> test
[14:33] <D. Kakaku> [Tokyo] hm? who's testing?
[14:33] *** D. Kakaku has moved back to the Atrium
[19:16] *** Michelle O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:16] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Michelle O`Cain
[19:17] * Michelle O`Cain looks through one of the windows in the Hotel as she takes stock of what the Kouma are doing
[19:31] <Michelle O`Cain> Hmmm...
[19:55] <D. Kakaku> hm?
[19:58] <Michelle O`Cain> Oh, hi!
[20:09] <D. Kakaku> hi there
[20:18] <Michelle O`Cain> How's it going?
[20:25] <D. Kakaku> going well
[20:26] <Michelle O`Cain> That's good.
[22:58] * The kouma are still circling outside
[23:06] *** Michelle O`Cain has quit IRC (Tagging out.)
[08:41] * Phobos and Deimos quietly works on sweeping the steps of the shrine
[08:45] * Risa Hino quietly leaves the shrine for the day
[08:54] * Megan Smithson has moved to: [ Pretty Hollic ]
[08:55] * Megan Smithson [Pretty Hollic] sits at the shop..waiting for someone..ANYONE to come to the shop
[09:27] * Megan Smithson is away 
[19:26] * Little fox ears suddenly pop up nearby
[19:26] * Aiko glances over...her own ears flickering
[19:27] * Little fox ears quickly move in closer.
[19:35] <Little fox ears> Heeeeeeeeeeee!
[19:43] * Aiko 's tails wiggling
[19:45] * Little fox ears pop up!
[19:45] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:45] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Chibi-Nat
[19:45] <Chibi-Nat> :D
[19:46] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:46] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Megan O`Cain
[19:47] <Megan O`Cain> Evening.
[19:48] * Aiko looks...and allows her tails to fan out towards Nat
[19:58] <Megan O`Cain> How's everyone doing?
[20:01] <Chibi-Nat> I'm gooooooooooooooood!
[20:02] <Chibi-Nat> O__O
[20:02] * Chibi-Nat reaches towards Aiko's tails! :D
[20:07] <Megan O`Cain> Heh. You goofball.
[20:13] <Chibi-Nat> I see fluffy tails! I go play in them!
[20:14] <Megan O`Cain> You do that.
[20:21] * Megan O`Cain finds herself a place to sit on a sofa, and takes a puff from her e-kiseru
[20:26] * Chibi-Nat carefully pets the tails to evaluate their level of FLOOF
[20:50] <Megan O`Cain> So, what's new, Natalia?
[20:51] <Chibi-Nat> Strange things happening with the people in Gensokyo. They say that there are a lot more Foxes now.
[20:51] <Megan O`Cain> Eh?
[21:00] * Aiko 's tails go back and forth
[21:04] * Chibi-Nat DIVES inside!
[21:05] * Aiko allows the child to do so
[21:07] * Chibi-Nat seems to vanish within! Has she gone to the Fluffzone?!?! Is the Fluffzone some obscure part of the Backrooms?!
[21:07] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Gah!")
[21:08] <Megan O`Cain> And away she goes.
[21:08] <Aiko> indeed
[21:08] <Megan O`Cain> Natalia is a silly kit.
[21:11] <Aiko> she is yes
[21:16] <Megan O`Cain> How have you been, Aiko?
[21:17] <Aiko> oh I have been alright I suppose
[21:23] <Megan O`Cain> That's good to hear (takes another puff). I've been doing pretty good myself.
[21:29] <Aiko> that is good to hear
[21:30] * Megan O`Cain nods
[21:37] * Aiko relaxes a little
[21:40] <Megan O`Cain> A nice night. If it weren't for those demons known as Kouma constantly attacking.
[21:50] <Aiko> yes I can smell them
[22:04] <Aiko> ..disgusting creatures
[22:18] * Aiko tries to relax
[22:25] <Megan O`Cain> Annoying jerks.
[22:31] * Aiko sniffs the air
[22:38] <Aiko> ...something smells off
[22:38] <Megan O`Cain> Where?
[22:39] <Aiko> out there..something seems strange
[22:45] * Megan O`Cain looks outside
[22:45] * There really isn't anything outside
[22:49] <Megan O`Cain> I'm not seeing anything.
[22:50] <Aiko> I still feel it
[22:56] <Aiko> something...making me feel uneasy
[22:59] <Megan O`Cain> What would it be?
[23:04] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC (Gonna stick around a bit.)
[01:05] *** Aiko has left #suburbansenshi2
[09:01] <@Silicon Momoko> test
[09:27] * Masaki O`Cain smirks a bit to herself bringing in the new reprints of the Sailor Q manga...they've finally gotten to the fourth story arc..her favorite
[09:36] * Masaki O`Cain puts it out for display at the manga shop, while Kouma claw at the windows
[14:50] <@Silicon momoko> test mobile
[15:50] <@silicon momoko> test
[16:11] <@silicon momoko> testing from desktop
[19:13] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:13] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Megan O`Cain
[19:13] * Megan O`Cain deactivates her energy nodachi as she enters the Atrium
[23:02] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC (I'm gonna sleep.)
[18:29] *** Delilah Inochi has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:29] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Delilah Inochi
[18:30] * Delilah Inochi is getting desperate to figure out a gift for tomorrow!
[18:33] *** Yasuko Mie has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:33] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Yasuko Mie
[18:34] * Yasuko Mie wanders in from Tokyo, looking a bit tired
[18:34] <Delilah Inochi> gaaaah what do I get her what do I get herrrr ><
[18:34] <Delilah Inochi> !!!
[18:34] <Delilah Inochi> YASU
[18:34] * Delilah Inochi BOUNCES OVER IN A HURRY
[18:34] <Yasuko Mie> eh?? Oh hi Lila :)
[18:37] * Delilah Inochi SHAKES YASUKO
[18:37] <Delilah Inochi> YASU HELP ME
[18:38] <Yasuko Mie> Uh--um...what?
[18:39] <Delilah Inochi> wh..what do I do!?
[18:42] <Yasuko Mie> About what?
[18:43] <Delilah Inochi> about the baby shower!
[18:44] <Yasuko Mie> Oh. You didn't get something for last week?
[18:45] <Delilah Inochi>
[18:45] * Delilah Inochi blushes
[18:45] <Delilah Inochi> ..forgot...
[18:47] <Yasuko Mie> Oh, then I guess you should get something. Were you going now?
[18:50] <Delilah Inochi> T_T I just wasn't sure where to go
[18:53] <Yasuko Mie> I don
[18:54] <Yasuko Mie> I don't know, where do you get things for babies?
[18:55] <Delilah Inochi> ..a baby store?
[18:55] <Delilah Inochi> are there baby stores?
[18:58] <Yasuko Mie> I don't know?
[18:59] <Delilah Inochi> ...I don't know either...
[19:02] <Yasuko Mie> Well, we could ask?
[19:04] <Delilah Inochi> um I guess so..but who
[19:05] <Yasuko Mie> An adult
[19:11] <Delilah Inochi> I think all of them are busy ><
[19:12] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:12] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Megan O`Cain
[19:13] * Megan O`Cain deactivates her energy nodachi as she enters the Atrium, and lets out a sigh of relief
[19:17] <Delilah Inochi> ADULT
[19:18] <Megan O`Cain> Huh?
[19:22] * Delilah Inochi RUNS UP TO MEGAN
[19:22] <Delilah Inochi> BABY STORE! WHERE!?
[19:23] * Little fox ears suddenly pop up nearby
[19:25] * Megan O`Cain opens a vid-window, and finds one that includes directions, "That's the nearest one from here."
[19:27] <Delilah Inochi> !!!!
[19:29] <Delilah Inochi> YASU
[19:32] * Little fox ears move in closer
[19:34] <Megan O`Cain> Hope that helps, Delilah.
[19:38] * Delilah Inochi RACES OUT
[19:44] <Megan O`Cain> And away she goes.
[19:48] *** has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:48] <@spiritflame> konbanwa
[19:48] *** Aratasujou has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:48] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Aratasujou
[19:48] <Aratasujou> NYORO~!!!
[19:50] <Megan O`Cain> Hey, Ara-su.
[19:54] <Aratasujou> Hi-hi! How yoube?
[20:05] <Megan O`Cain> I've been alright. Been knocking Kouma back as best as I can.
[20:06] <Aratasujou> No problems be happening?
[20:10] <Megan O`Cain> Other than the Kouma? Not that I know of.
[20:20] <Aratasujou> Kouma? What that be?
[20:21] * Megan O`Cain shows Ara-su outside, "Those demon motherf[BLEEP]kers."
[20:21] <Aratasujou> o__O
[20:25] <Megan O`Cain> Yeah.
[20:31] <Aratasujou> They be narsty.
[20:38] <Megan O`Cain> No kidding.
[20:39] <Aratasujou> How they get here?
[20:42] <Megan O`Cain> Not sure, honestly. You'd have to ask Matsumi, Lobelia, Ratchet, or someone with Spirit Power about that.
[20:42] <Aratasujou> They be magical?
[20:45] <Megan O`Cain> No idea. They seem to react to getting hit by anti-demonic munitions.
[20:48] <Aratasujou> Can we help?
[20:48] <Megan O`Cain> If you can with AD stuff, go for it.
[20:56] <Aratasujou> YOu know Federation can make lots!
[21:01] <Aratasujou> Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
[21:01] <Megan O`Cain> Oh course.
[21:01] <Aratasujou> Me go tell Solar-kun to help! That good?
[21:05] <Megan O`Cain> Sure.
[21:08] <Aratasujou> :D
[21:08] *** Aratasujou has left #suburbansenshi2 (NYORO~!! =^ ^=)
[21:32] <Aiko> shower...why
[21:32] <Aiko> what need is there
[21:33] <Megan O`Cain> From what I recall, thanks to modern medicine and technology, the baby's gender can be revealed.
[21:34] <Aiko> why do that? why not let it remain a surprise?
[21:35] <Megan O`Cain> All I can say is that times change.
[21:40] <Aiko> I see
[22:15] <Aiko> still
[22:15] <Thrash> it's an idotic idea
[22:32] <Megan O`Cain> :P
[22:32] <Giselle Bellerose> then you do not need to come!
[22:52] <Eilean> man...the list for this is insane
[22:52] * Eilean looks over a list
[22:52] <Eilean> .....wait what's.......ugh
[22:52] <Megan O`Cain> How extensive is it?
[22:52] <Eilean> Caligo added this, didn't he
[22:53] * Eilean tears off the page
[22:53] * Eilean unfurls the list..which is now trailing across the floor
[22:54] <Megan O`Cain> Good lord...
[23:30] <Eilean> tell me about it
[23:40] <@Silicon momoko> test
[23:42] <Megan O`Cain> New phone, who dis? :P
[23:42] <Blarg> Test
[23:42] *** lol ignore the test stuff
[23:43] <@Silicon momoko> Testo
[23:44] *** trying to figure out if mobile is working on the test page i'm working on and i'm not sure
[23:45] <Megan O`Cain> - (This is a test of the emergency broadcast system. In case of an actual emergency--) -
[23:45] <Megan O`Cain> (WE'RE GONNA DIE!)
[23:45] <Megan O`Cain> - (Ugh...moron.) -
[23:51] <@Silicon momoko> Test
[23:51] *** so I have to tap outside the messahe area then back in to submit. thats fed up
[23:51] <> ^F'ed
[00:08] * Mercurius Shin [Tokyo] , meanwhile, is trying to tell his fiancee maybe they should show up at Matsumi's baby shower
[00:16] * Matsumi Kaze sleeps peacefully
[00:57] <Matsumi Kaze> zzzzz
[01:03] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC (Going upstairs to sleep.)
[10:14] * [Tokyo] got up early to start decorating...AGAIN
[10:14] <Freya Felinus> ^
[10:39] *** Freya Felinus has moved back to the Atrium
[10:39] <Freya Felinus> *sigh*
[10:41] * Eilean , Giselle and Deilah are helping out as well
[13:20] <DD_Girl_Green> [1710] me is making cupcakes
[14:14] * Minerva is looking proudly at the decorations
[14:20] <Minerva> this looks amazing!
[14:22] <Siegfried> it's rather..garish
[14:23] * Megan Smithson [Pretty Hollic] is with Arthur, looking over a few tables
[14:24] *** Megan Smithson has moved back to the Atrium
[14:29] * Matsuo Shin is trying desperatly to get everything ready at the manor to head out!
[14:36] <Matsuo Shin> gah..Lina...come on..we have to be there for your aunt!
[14:38] * Matsuo Shin leads his daughter out the door, meeting with his wife who is also waiting
[14:39] <Siegfried> ^^;;; I mean it's good to meet you girls....we haven't had much time to talk...
[14:39] * Eilean, Delilah and Giselle smile to Siegfried and chat with him
[14:40] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte [Peinforte Manor] lurks in the corner for now
[14:40] *** @Paisley Pythia Peinforte has moved back to the Atrium
[14:41] *** @Paisley Pythia Peinforte has turned their sound on
[14:41] * [gTV]C'est_la_V is checking out all the decorations and keeping an eye out for snacks!
[14:42] * Mercurius Shin [Tokyo] stands at the "Conversation Plant", several of which have been provided for those too akward to socialize
[14:43] *** Mercurius Shin has moved back to the Atrium
[14:46] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte has found one of the other plants and is sipping a small drink
[14:49] * Saki Suminaka is assiting with some final adjustments for the party.......with some..rather unusual looking red sticks
[14:49] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> (oh my god is that f[BLEEP]king dynamite)
[14:49] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte makes sure she sticks close to an exit
[14:50] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte hasn't used her foresight in a while and hopes to god it's not rusty
[14:52] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte goes than she usually is
[14:53] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte REALLY stays by the exit
[14:56] <Masaki O`Cain> oh come on the f[BLEEP]king food should be on that table...THAT table is for the gifts
[14:56] * Masaki O`Cain argues with one of the planners
[14:59] * Freya Felinus looks absolutly burned out at a table
[15:01] * Freya Felinus checks her phone...and answers
[15:01] <Freya Felinus> yes?
[15:01] <Freya Felinus> ....
[15:01] <Freya Felinus> WHEN ARE YOU GETTING HERE?
[15:02] <Freya Felinus> ....yes i can try and delay it
[15:05] <Freya Felinus> um..attention guests...our special guest will be a bit late so please bear with us
[15:05] <Freya Felinus> there are hor'dourves if you are hungry
[15:05] * [gTV]C'est_la_V is already eating a lot of them
[15:09] <Freya Felinus> um..we'll get more..I promise
[15:09] * Mercurius Shin sends Emi off to play with Lina while he tries to..not feel super akward at the party
[15:11] * [gTV]Orlando Timberlake, Esq. wanders over to Mercurius and silently awkwards with him
[15:15] * Matsuo Shin BURSTS IN
[15:15] <Matsuo Shin> WE'RE NOT LATE ARE WE
[15:15] <Matsuo Shin> ......
[15:15] * Matsuo Shin notices his daughter is already there...really needs to tell her not to teleport
[15:18] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte waves to Matsuo
[15:18] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte regards "Orlando" oddly. It's like looking at the Primary School photo of someone you know.
[15:20] * Mercurius Shin is probably chatting in that akward way co-workers do with Orlando
[15:20] * [gTV]Orlando Timberlake, Esq. is well-versed in watercooler bulls[BLEEP]t and so this goes well
[15:23] <Freya Felinus> ugh at least we can get more ballooons in
[15:26] <Freya Felinus> AND MORE FOOD BEFORE IT'S ALL GONE
[15:31] * Freya Felinus calls in more food to be brought in
[15:33] * [gTV]C'est_la_V is done eating and lounges on a sofa waiting for Matsuni-chan to appear.
[15:34] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte showed up to mooch off the free lunch as well
[15:41] * ??? is giggling as usual
[15:41] <DD_Girl_Green> (( disregard that one, pushed enter by mistake while making the actual entry ))
[15:42] * DD_Girl_Green is waiting on sugar and food coloring.
[15:42] * The kids by the way have been moved out of teh room to not get in the way of the adults
[15:47] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte texts Exeter     They got the children out so the adult can take pride in the fact there's about to be MORE Children
[15:47] * Exeter L. W. Peinforte texts back     Enjoy your hellscape
[15:47] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte texts back ..     ..
[15:48] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte texts back     🖕
[15:49] * Exeter L. W. Peinforte texts back     Looking forward to it ^_~
[15:49] * Eilean is arguing with Caligo on how a sword makes a TERRIBLE Baby Shower gift
[15:49] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte sighs
[15:49] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte got Matsumi a few boxes of diapers and condoms
[16:04] * Freya Felinus gets a text message
[16:04] <Freya Felinus> looks like they're finally on their way
[16:06] * @Gemini Sunrise hauls in a big hand-made crib fer th' baby
[16:08] <Freya Felinus> O_O
[16:08] * BluSky_Caprice is already there and waves to Gemini
[16:09] * @Gemini Sunrise goes over n' starts chattin' with Diana
[16:11] * Arthur Smithson gives Siegfried a pissed off look
[16:16] * Freya Felinus gets an alert they've just gotten off the train
[16:17] <Freya Felinus> ugh finally...we can start getting this ready
[16:30] * Ellie and Peter show up......almost nobody else knows who they are
[16:32] * Eilean , Giselle and Delilah just..blink at the two adults
[16:35] *** has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:35] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa
[16:35] *** Daini Felinus has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:35] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa Daini Felinus
[16:36] * Daini Felinus skips over to a food table curious
[16:36] <Peter> hey come on!!!
[16:36] <Peter> didn't your mom ever mention us!?
[16:36] <Peter> we were her best friends...
[16:36] <Peter> and I must say...I was of course her first lov-
[16:36] * Peter gets SLAPPED up the head by Ellie
[16:36] <Ellie> that is bulls[BLEEP]t and you know it
[16:37] * Daini Felinus looks around at the peopl 0.0
[16:37] <Freya Felinus> you made it, Daini!
[16:38] <Daini Felinus> Of course mom! I just needed to find the presents !
[16:38] <Freya Felinus> thank the six ><
[16:39] * Daini Felinus takes freya a cup of tea and smiles “what’s wrong?”
[16:40] <Freya Felinus> just...trying to get this off the ground
[16:41] * Daini Felinus looks around “I think this party needs the guest of honor truthfully. That’s all.”
[16:41] <Daini Felinus> Everyone who came, came for her.
[16:42] <Freya Felinus> I know...more then I expected
[16:42] * Daini Felinus grabs a plate of chips and grins “should I call kanri? She can leave the summit if needed”
[16:45] <Freya Felinus> yes yes please do!
[16:45] * Aiko walks in, dressed in a very formal kimono
[16:45] <Aiko> .....
[16:46] <Aiko> am i not suppose to dress like this?
[16:46] * Daini Felinus squeals happily and pulls out her phone “ok momma!”
[16:48] <Eilean> you look.....a bit much
[16:48] * A flaming pink portal forms next to Freya
[16:49] * Kanri-chan steps through the portal and looks at Freya “shall we?”
[16:52] <Freya Felinus> yes please
[16:53] * Kanri-chan fixes her pale pink floor length dress, closes her portal, and holds up her phone “ETA?”
[16:53] <Freya Felinus> a few moments I think
[16:54] <Kanri-chan> How about you entertain the guests and I’ll make sure nothing falls apart?
[16:56] <Freya Felinus> yes yes of course
[16:56] * Freya Felinus goes to to chat with the guests..reassuring them that the guest will be arriving anytime now
[16:57] * Kanri-chan checks the food and drinks first
[16:57] * DD_Girl_Green [1710] puts plain icing on the current batch of cupcakes, the food coloring can wait until after the announcement.
[16:58] * DD_Girl_Green has moved to: [ kitchen ]
[16:58] * Daini Felinus goes and ensure the entrance is clear
[16:59] * Freya Felinus looks nervously around...
[17:00] * Daini Felinus looks back and gives Freya a thumbs up!
[17:02] *** Hideki Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:02] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa Hideki Kaze
[17:02] * Hideki Kaze walks in, leading Matsumi in
[17:03] <Matsumi Kaze> did we really have to walk all around the know how my ankles hurt like hell now ><
[17:03] * Daini Felinus runs over to Freya
[17:04] <Freya Felinus> welcome, Matsumi!
[17:04] <@Gemini Sunrise> (Dang she is big)
[17:04] <Daini Felinus> SURPRISE!!
[17:04] * Matsumi Kaze blinks and looks around at everyone and the decorations
[17:04] <Matsumi Kaze> *____*
[17:04] <Matsumi Kaze> EEEEEEE
[17:04] <Kanri-chan> SURPRISE!!
[17:04] * Matsumi Kaze claps happily, while Hideki helps Matsumi to a chair
[17:04] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> (Are there four of them in there?? is she going to beat Solarchos all at once?!)
[17:04] <Hideki Kaze> you just sit there for now
[17:05] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> (For once Minako was right -- It was pregnancy)
[17:05] <Ellie> (oh god did she get stung by a bee while pregnant?)
[17:05] * Kanri-chan brings Matsumi a ginger ale and a water
[17:05] * Freya Felinus is sweating like hell..she knows the answer to all this
[17:06] <Matsumi Kaze> T_T this is too nice of you
[17:06] <Kanri-chan> Mom did it
[17:06] * Mercurius Shin remains near the plant....figures his fiancee probably ducked away as well
[17:08] <Matsumi Kaze> thaaaank yooooou
[17:08] * Freya Felinus has also put out some small easy to do games for the guests to par take in
[17:11] <Matsumi Kaze> EEEE I FINALLY GET A BABY SHOWER ♫
[17:11] <Eilean> geez don't overdo it
[17:12] <Minerva> we made sure, my dear Matsama, to get you everything you need with the new baby ^^
[17:12] * DD_Girl_Green [kitchen] brings out the cupcakes with plain icing.
[17:12] * Minerva shows off..the massive pile of gifts SHE procured
[17:12] <Matsumi Kaze> ^^;;;;
[17:19] * Matsumi Kaze tries to get up to say hello to Gemini but Hideki won't let her >>
[17:21] * Saki Suminaka , meanwhile, is supervising getting the surprise showcase set up!
[17:29] <Joanna Smithson> [Mugen Academy] HA I FREAKING WON!!!!!
[17:29] *** Joanna Smithson has moved back to the Atrium
[17:29] * Joanna Smithson HOLDS UP THE BINGO CARD
[17:30] <Peter> oh come on T_T
[17:31] <DD_Girl_Green> [kitchen] cupcakes.
[17:35] <Matsumi Kaze> oh yay!!!
[17:38] <Matsumi Kaze> ^^
[17:39] * Matsuo Shin is taking part in a puzzle table with some of the other more akwardly shy party goers
[17:44] <Masaki O`Cain> managed to get you some baby clothes for the kid ^^
[17:45] * Masaki O`Cain hands over the gift to Matsumi, who giggles at it
[17:45] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte is playing a surprisingly aggressive game of jenga with Minako and Gemini
[17:46] * Sarah Christensson is trying to help Diana with a scavanger hunt
[17:51] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte has snuck over to grab some food
[17:54] <DD_Girl_Green> [kitchen] hmm hmhmhmhmmm
[17:57] * Matsumi Kaze is eating and chatting with whoever comes over to talk to her ^^
[17:58] *** DD_Girl_Green has moved back to the Atrium
[17:58] * DD_Girl_Green has moved to: [ moves over to talk about cake and cupcakes for the party, as well as planning a special surprise for those outside. ]
[17:58] *** DD_Girl_Green has moved back to the Atrium
[17:58] * [gTV]C'est_la_V furiously slaps away the Jenga tower as she loses and heads over to Matsumi-chan, randomly chatting her ear off about gross baby misconceptions and how proud Matsumi must be to being close ot haveing a baseball team of her own
[17:58] * DD_Girl_Green moves over to talk about cake and cupcakes for the party, as well as planning a special surprise for those outside.
[17:59] <Matsumi Kaze> ^^;;;
[18:00] * Matsumi Kaze excitly talks to Minako and jokes about how she'll (Mina) will have to catch up to her (Matsumi)
[18:05] * [gTV]C'est_la_V has an evil grin and Orlando just pales
[18:07] * Mercurius Shin passes a drink to Orlando >_>
[18:24] * Weirdly enough a karoake machine is set up
[18:44] * Megan and Minerva have taken over the karoke machine and are belting out some ABBA
[18:57] * Elizabeth suddenly bursts through the door, and has a team of movers following her with various, super fancy, baby furniture!
[18:58] <Matsumi Kaze> !!!!
[18:58] <Elizabeth> I have arrived with EVERYTHING needed for the perfect baby nursery!!! Nothing but the best for my God Grand-baby!!!
[19:00] * Sean Collins comes in behind Elizabeth and the moving crew. “I couldn’t stop her…”
[19:00] <Matsumi Kaze> ^^;; um but...I didn't...ask...
[19:00] <Matsumi Kaze> um..actually
[19:00] <Matsumi Kaze> ..I wanted to make that announcement
[19:01] * Griselda is watching this madness go down. (I like that one -- too bad dad said we legally couldn't adopt her. :P)
[19:01] <DD_Girl_Green> o__O
[19:01] * Matsumi Kaze looks to Minako (and Ami if she's there)
[19:02] <Matsumi Kaze> Mina...I'd like you and the other girls of the..guess I'd call you inners?
[19:02] * [gTV]C'est_la_V and ami look back
[19:02] <Matsumi Kaze> i'd like you to be my baby's...god-mothers..or whatever you'd call it
[19:02] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> Are we bellybuttons??
[19:02] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> O_O
[19:02] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> I WILL BE YOUR BABY'S GOD!!
[19:02] <Matsumi Kaze> ^^;;;;;;;
[19:02] <Mizunomics01> ...yes :)
[19:04] <Matsumi Kaze> (oh thank god)
[19:04] <Matsumi Kaze> hey Aunt Elizabeth!
[19:12] <Matsumi Kaze> that's...that's so much
[19:20] <Elizabeth> NOTHING is too much from the bestest Grand-God-Mummy!
[19:21] <Matsumi Kaze> ^^;;; thank you so much!
[19:22] <Elizabeth> I can eat later! It’s BABY GIFT GIVING TIME!!!
[19:23] * Little fox ears suddenly pop up nearby!
[19:23] <Sean Collins> Mother…you’re making a scene…
[19:24] <Elizabeth> Oh! Sorry! I’m just so excited!
[19:25] <Sean Collins> Good thing father isn’t here…
[19:25] * Hideki Kaze waves to Sean..Katori is there in place of his sister
[19:26] <Elizabeth> Oh, he tried to stop me too! But I was determined!
[19:27] * Sean Collins waves at his friends then pauses… “So…I am afraid to ask…what happened?”
[19:28] <Elizabeth> Well…he said “no”, I said “yes”, and after he started his rant, I froze him in the bathroom!
[19:28] <Elizabeth> I wasn’t going to miss this for anything in the world!
[19:30] <Matsumi Kaze> I haven't caused a problem..have I?
[19:31] <Elizabeth> No! Never!
[19:35] <Mercurius Shin> ..are you sure these gifts are alright..I mean they seem a bit....high.. tech?
[19:35] <Sean Collins> We really should apologize, Mats. Making a parade during the baby shower with all that furniture
[19:35] <Sean Collins> Mother insisted on the “latest and greatest”
[19:36] *** David O`Cain [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:36] <@spiritflame> konbanwa David O`Cain
[19:36] * David O`Cain walks into the Atrium from the Tokyo door
[19:36] <Matsumi Kaze> well I apperciate it ^^;;
[19:37] <David O`Cain> Evening, folks.
[19:37] <Sean Collins> If it’s too much…I saved the receipts
[19:39] * Little fox ears move in closer.
[19:39] <Matsumi Kaze> no no not at all!
[19:39] <Aiko> CHILD
[19:39] <David O`Cain> How's the shower going?
[19:39] <Aiko> SHOW RESPECT
[19:39] <Aiko> DO NOT HIDE
[19:39] * Aiko flares her tails at the little ears
[19:39] * Little fox ears rise
[19:40] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:40] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Chibi-Nat
[19:40] <Chibi-Nat> :<
[19:40] *** has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:40] <@spiritflame> konbanwa
[19:40] *** Chibi-Catri [MakerOfMischief@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:40] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Chibi-Catri
[19:40] *** Chibi-Alex [BoundlessExuberanceOfYouth@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:40] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Chibi-Alex
[19:41] <Chibi-Alex> >:(
[19:41] <Chibi-Catri> >:/
[19:41] <Elizabeth> Who is that? Who is yelling at this party?
[19:43] <David O`Cain> Hey, kits.
[19:44] <Aiko> SHOW RESPECT
[19:44] <Matsumi Kaze> oh Elizabeth..that is my great..great...great.......great.....great..grandmother, Aiko
[19:45] * Elizabeth counts on her fingers…
[19:45] <Chibi-Catri> We ARE showing respect!
[19:45] <Chibi-Nat> Being careful.
[19:45] <Chibi-Nat> Some people don't like Kits.
[19:46] <Elizabeth> OH! You are a very old queen! Nice to meet you!
[19:47] <Aiko> ah greetings
[19:47] * Aiko bows, her nine fox tails bowing as well
[19:47] <Chibi-Nat> Hi Aunty Matsy!
[19:48] <Chibi-Catri> Hello!
[19:49] <Elizabeth> I didn’t know your ancestors had Tails, Matsama!
[19:49] * Matsumi Kaze waves ^^
[19:49] <Matsumi Kaze> um..she's a fox
[19:49] <Matsumi Kaze> I didn't know till recently either
[19:49] <Elizabeth> But she’s your great great great great great…
[19:50] <Chibi-Alex> :O
[19:50] * Elizabeth pauses to count on her fingers again…
[19:50] <Chibi-Alex> Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait, does that mean you're part Kitsune?!
[19:50] <Sean Collins> Mother, she isn’t from Quinox.
[19:50] <David O`Cain> (Uh oh...)
[19:52] * Chibi-Alex pokes Aiko with her own tails.
[19:53] <Matsumi Kaze> well yes I am part kitsune
[19:54] <Elizabeth> Oh…? OH! So…on her Earth bloodline!
[19:56] <David O`Cain> Yes.
[19:56] * peers around at everyone, popping up behind some of them. o__o
[19:56] <Chibi-Nat> ^
[19:57] <Elizabeth> I see now…so did Matsama have her tail removed?
[19:58] <Sean Collins> …she never had one, mother.
[20:00] <Matsumi Kaze> ^^;;;;;;;;;;
[20:03] * Anne and Mary backs a truck up...with tons of stolen goods
[20:05] <Sean Collins> What the-?!
[20:06] <Matsumi Kaze> *sigh* ^^;;;
[20:07] <David O`Cain> Oh lord, not this. ~_~
[20:07] <DD_Girl_Green> O__o
[20:08] <Elizabeth> OH! More baby gifts?!
[20:09] <Chibi-Nat> O__O
[20:09] <Chibi-Catri> :D
[20:09] <DD_Girl_Green> if they're from who I think they're from, they might get taken back
[20:09] * Chibi-Alex keeps poking Aiko with her tails.
[20:10] * Matsumi Kaze just..covers her face
[20:14] * Chibi-Catri inspects the presents!
[20:17] <David O`Cain> Um, Matsumi? I imagine you'll handle your Servants proper?
[20:17] <Chibi-Alex> They almost seem to be as hard to handle as Eisenblut
[20:18] <Matsumi Kaze> WEILL YOU TWO KNOCK IT OFF
[20:18] <Anne and Mary> :<
[20:18] * Anne and Mary heads out to return the items
[20:19] <David O`Cain> I think Iron Blood is more difficult considering there's a more of them than Matsumi's Servants.
[20:19] <David O`Cain> What say you, Alex?
[20:20] <Elizabeth> Matsama! I am so impressed!
[20:20] <Chibi-Alex> Probably. Especially the likes of Roon AND Bismarck.
[20:20] <Elizabeth> You have the commanding presence like your mum!
[20:22] <Minerva> ^^;;; elizabeth
[20:22] <Elizabeth> But it is True!
[20:24] * Freya Felinus offers Elizabeth some cake
[20:25] * Elizabeth accepts the cake! “Oh, thank you!”
[20:27] * Saki Suminaka , meanwhile, wonders if she put too much for the big ending..and decides she didn't put in enough!
[20:28] * Sean Collins walks over to chat with Hideki and Katori
[20:33] * David O`Cain finds himself a place to sit down
[20:33] * Chibi-Alex keeps poke-poke-poking Aiko with her tails!
[20:37] * Aiko looks ANNOYED
[20:38] <Aiko> are you here for the celebration..or here to make trouble?
[20:38] <Chibi-Alex> Maybe both! I AM the Boundless Exuberance of Youth, after all.
[20:38] <Chibi-Alex> And you did yell at Natalia. >:P
[20:40] * David O`Cain decides to join Sean and the other pair of knights
[20:40] * Aiko turns and goes to offer a small present to Matsumi
[20:40] <David O`Cain> Evening, gents.
[20:41] * Chibi-Catri offers HUGS to Aunty Matsy!
[20:41] <Hideki Kaze> hello
[20:41] <Sean Collins> Hey, Dave. How’s the family?
[20:41] * Matsumi Kaze tries to hug?
[20:42] * Chibi-Nat POOFS!!
[20:42] <David O`Cain> They're doing well. How about you guys?
[20:42] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> :D
[20:43] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) tries to climb up onto Aunty Matsy's shoulder.
[20:43] <Matsumi Kaze> careful ^^;;
[20:44] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> I'm teeny so it's okay.
[20:48] <Sean Collins> Rhea and Violet are very well. Rhea is very excited for Matsumi, but she couldn’t leave Violet alone tonight
[20:50] <David O`Cain> Gotcha. Hope all goes well tonight, then.
[20:51] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) wraps around Aunty Matsy's neck, giving her Warm Fuzzies.
[20:53] <Sean Collins> Just waiting for that gender announcement :)
[20:54] <DD_Girl_Green> same here, I need to know what to color the frosting on my next batch of cupcakes
[20:54] <Freya Felinus> I hope Suminaka remembers....
[20:56] * Orion Felinus comes through the door. “Beloved! So sorry I am late! The Empress insisted on a final fitting for my garb…”
[20:58] <Freya Felinus> it's alright!
[20:58] <Freya Felinus> we're just enjoying the party..the gifts are over there...
[20:59] * Freya Felinus gestures ^^;;
[20:59] <Chibi-Alex> We have to give you gifts too!
[20:59] * Chibi-Alex stands to one side of Aunty Matsy
[20:59] * Chibi-Catri comes over and stands to the other side of Aunty Matsy.
[21:00] * Chibi-Catri and Chibi-Alex both turn around and start giving Aunty Matsy simultaneous tail-pats!
[21:03] <Orion Felinus> I see…so I did not miss the big announcement moment?
[21:05] * Chibi-Catri hears something in the distance!
[21:05] * Chibi-Alex hears it too!
[21:05] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> :D
[21:05] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Mommy!
[21:05] <Freya Felinus> no not yet >_>
[21:06] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Time to go!
[21:06] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) hops down off of Aunty Matsy's shoulder and dashes off, hopping OFF of Aiko's shoulder as she bounds past.
[21:08] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Gah!")
[21:08] *** Chibi-Alex [BoundlessExuberanceOfYouth@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Can we go to the park next? Can we, can we can we~!")
[21:08] *** Chibi-Catri [MakerOfMischief@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 (*snickers* >:3)
[21:10] * Saki Suminaka runs in and gives thumbs up!
[21:10] <Freya Felinus> alright everyone!
[21:10] <Freya Felinus> it's time for the announcement that we have been waiting for.....
[21:11] <Freya Felinus> the announcement of the baby's gender
[21:11] * Freya Felinus 's eye twitches just a bit
[21:11] * Orion Felinus , Sean and Elizabeth turn to Matsumi
[21:11] * Hideki Kaze walks over and puts his hand on her's
[21:11] * Orion Felinus puts an arm around Freya
[21:12] * [gTV]C'est_la_V and ami and Paisley and Gemini have a betting pool going
[21:12] <Freya Felinus> now...then...
[21:12] * Saki Suminaka has a remote control
[21:12] <Freya Felinus> in 5...
[21:12] <Freya Felinus> ....4....
[21:12] <Freya Felinus> ......3...
[21:12] <Freya Felinus> ....2...
[21:12] <Freya Felinus> 1....
[21:12] * Freya Felinus POINTS TO Saki
[21:12] * Saki Suminaka HITS THE BUTTON
[21:12] *** nothing happens
[21:12] <Saki Suminaka> ....
[21:12] * Saki Suminaka blinks....
[21:13] * Freya Felinus blinks
[21:13] <Orion Felinus> ….
[21:13] * Matsumi Kaze blnks...
[21:13] * Saki Suminaka shakes the control...
[21:13] * Saki Suminaka hits the button
[21:13] * Saki Suminaka blinks..and shrugs....
[21:13] * DD_Girl_Green blinks, red and blue food colorings ready...
[21:13] * Saki Suminaka tosses the control and let it hit the ground
[21:13] <Elizabeth> OH SPIRITS! You’re waiting until the birth?!
[21:13] *** the outer wall EXPLODES!!!!!!!
[21:14] <Matsumi Kaze> GAH!
[21:14] <Sean Collins> O_o
[21:14] *** explosions go off around the room......and out on the road outside as half the atrium starts to collapse on itself!
[21:14] * Matsumi Kaze is shielded by Hideki!
[21:14] <Orion Felinus> Spirits and ancestors…
[21:15] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> GAHHHHHHHHHHHH
[21:15] * Orion Felinus moves to protect Freya!
[21:15] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte helps the others around her flee as a disaster movie seems to be unfolding!
[21:15] *** there's another explosion as the backwall of the Atrium explodes apart.........and causes a crack to run through the road
[21:15] <Matsumi Kaze> >___<
[21:15] *** it goes silent.....
[21:15] * Sean Collins raises a Silence Wall Dome to try and cover everyone!
[21:15] *** ...then the ground starts to shake....
[21:16] <Freya Felinus> .....
[21:16] *** the road outside EXPLODES as magma BURSTS up.........the explosions having triggered a volcanic eruption
[21:16] <David O`Cain> Now what?!
[21:16] *** Magma flows into tokyo, setting fire to random more explosions go off
[21:17] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> ...
[21:17] <->

[21:18] <Matsumi Kaze> o_o
[21:18] <DD_Girl_Green> Oh, come on
[21:18] <Elizabeth> …
[21:18] *** it's pandomonium as every defense group and fire truck rushes out to try and control the new volcano and stop the fires
[21:19] * Saki Suminaka digs herself out of the rubble
[21:19] <Saki Suminaka> oh!
[21:19] <Saki Suminaka> wrong remote! :D
[21:19] * Saki Suminaka pulls out a remote
[21:19] <DD_Girl_Green> was that the voice of something called a "Steamed Ham"?
[21:19] <Sean Collins> WEING REMOTE?!
[21:19] * Saki Suminaka presses the button
[21:19] <Sean Collins> ^Wrong
[21:20] *** there's a pop as a firework FLIES up into the night sky!
[21:20] * Matsumi Kaze and Hideki watch...waiting
[21:20] *** the firework flies up...and up...and up....
[21:20] * David O`Cain watches
[21:20] *** the firework then...splits in two........and erupt in twin displays of pink and blue
[21:21] <Saki Suminaka> congrats!!!!
[21:21] <Matsumi Kaze> .........
[21:21] <Matsumi Kaze> ...
[21:21] <Matsumi Kaze> I'M HAVING TWINS!?
[21:21] <Elizabeth> Pretty!!!
[21:21] <Minerva> ...oh Six not again
[21:21] <Sean Collins> Wait…you didn’t know you were having twins?
[21:21] * David O`Cain looks at Minevera, "Trouble, your majesty?"
[21:22] <Matsumi Kaze> HOW WAS I SUPPOSE TO KNOW
[21:22] <Sean Collins> As the pregnant mother…I’d figured you would be the first to know…>_>
[21:23] <Matsumi Kaze> O___O
[21:23] <Hideki Kaze> ...we're having a daughter and son?
[21:23] <Sean Collins> Y’know…doctor appointments…ultrasounds…
[21:23] * In the background , the volcano has awakened an ancient terrible kaiju..which now rampages across the city
[21:24] <Matsumi Kaze> I didn't pay attention to the ultrasounds!
[21:24] <DD_Girl_Green> Honey, I need a second bowl of frosting.
[21:25] * Orion Felinus breathes a slight sigh of relief…
[21:26] * Sean Collins looks at Saki… “I am afraid to ask WHY you had a remote that unleaded a volcano on Tokyo…”
[21:26] <Sean Collins> ^unleashed
[21:26] <Saki Suminaka> well miss Freya asked me to make a big bang so I did :D
[21:27] <Freya Felinus> I DIDN'T MEAN LIKE THAT
[21:27] <Matsumi Kaze> oh god we'll need another crib..and more room...and more baby clothes...and toys...
[21:27] * Matsumi Kaze is half in panic mode now O_O
[21:28] * Elizabeth looks at the furniture crew. “DOUBLE MY ORDER!!! EVERYTHING DOUBLED!!!
[21:29] <Sean Collins> Don’t worry, Mats. We’ll make sure you have everything you need
[21:29] * Hideki Kaze seems a bit in awe at the idea of having a son
[21:30] <Elizabeth> Minerva! We need to go shopping for everything in TWINSIES
[21:30] <DD_Girl_Green> honey?
[21:31] <Minerva> YES
[21:31] * Caligo [Tokyo] is still in an arguement with Eilean
[21:31] *** Caligo has moved back to the Atrium
[21:32] * The Furniture Crew is putting in a call to their warehouse…
[21:35] <DD_Girl_Green> Can you get another bowl of frosting?
[21:35] <Caligo> YES FINE
[21:38] <DD_Girl_Green> o___o
[21:39] * Sean Collins lowers the Silence Dome once he is sure it is safe…
[21:39] * Caligo hands over the frosting
[21:39] * in he distance the volcano is stil going off
[21:39] * Matsumi Kaze is still in shock
[21:40] * DD_Girl_Green recieves it and puts it next to the other bowl of frosting, each one is recieving its own food coloring.
[21:41] * Mercurius Shin sees the giant kaiju
[21:41] *** The Mayor wonders why the hell half the city is pink and half is blue. He wonders if it's a Splatoon Promo
[21:41] <Mercurius Shin> um...Ami..should I get the Mercury-Bot activated?
[21:41] * Elizabeth hugs Matsumi! “This is so wonderful! Congratulations!”
[21:41] <Mizunomics01> No there's something else I want you to activate.
[21:42] * Mizunomics01 hands him a hello kitty shoulder massager
[21:42] * Mizunomics01 is away: burn, baby, burn
[21:42] * Mercurius Shin pauses
[21:42] * Mercurius Shin shrugs
[21:42] * Mercurius Shin is away 
[21:43] <Matsumi Kaze> O_O
[21:43] <Matsumi Kaze> t...thank you
[21:44] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Make good use of my gifts, Matsumi. (So this can never happena again)
[21:45] <Elizabeth> Aren’t you excited?! A boy and a girl twinsies!!!
[21:45] <Matsumi Kaze> I..I guess...O_O
[21:47] <Elizabeth> Matsama? What is wrong? Are you not happy?
[21:48] <Joanna Smithson> she's in shock I think
[21:49] * Joanna Smithson snaps her fingers in front of an unblinking Matsumi
[21:52] <Elizabeth> Oh, we need a doctor!
[21:53] <Joanna Smithson> eh she'll be fine
[21:54] <Elizabeth> Are you sure?
[21:57] <Joanna Smithson> yeaaaaah
[21:57] <Joanna Smithson> just let it sink in
[21:58] <David O`Cain> Perhaps she should take a seat, or lie down?
[21:58] * Hideki Kaze leads Matsumi back to her chair
[21:58] <Matsumi Kaze> oh god I'm having twins
[22:05] * @SpeedRcrX walks by and pats her on he back
[22:05] <Matsumi Kaze> oh god i'm having twins.....
[22:06] <Joanna Smithson> yuuuup broken record
[22:06] <@SpeedRcrX> Now you know what Inu-kit felt like.
[22:06] <@SpeedRcrX> Congratulations.
[22:06] <@SpeedRcrX> All Glory to the Kaze Empire
[22:06] <Matsumi Kaze> OH GOD I'M HAVING TWINS
[22:06] * @SpeedRcrX is away: All Glory
[22:07] * Jedite has left several sets of baby body armor and chibi pulse-rifles for the new combatants
[22:09] <Matsumi Kaze> ._.
[22:11] <Elizabeth> Are you not happy to have twins?
[22:11] <Matsumi Kaze> oh god i'm having twins
[22:12] <Matsuo Shin> I'm sure she's very happy, aunt's probably big for her
[22:12] <Elizabeth> Twins are a rare thing for Saturn. So they are celebrated when it is known!
[22:16] <Minerva> ..Royal twins on Quinox are seen as a sign of bad luck
[22:17] <Elizabeth> Oh…really? Why?
[22:19] <Minerva> it's a long story..but is related to issues of inheritance
[22:21] <Elizabeth> Oh…Saturn is more for who was chosen by the glaive.
[22:21] <Elizabeth> It will react usually on the day the child is born!
[22:33] <Minerva> When I had the twins... there was a lot nervousness
[22:34] * // J_Daito // is away: LOL the twins will fight to the death to see who will inherit the PlayStation 5
[22:39] * Hideki Kaze hugs his wife
[22:45] * David O`Cain stretches a bit
[22:48] * Eilean helps keep track of all the gifts her mom got
[22:52] <DD_Girl_Green> I had twins too, they're such cure girls.
[22:55] <DD_Girl_Green> by the way, the new cupcakes are ready
[22:56] * DD_Girl_Green brings out a carousel of cupcakes, Pink and blue.
[23:03] * Matsumi Kaze snaps out of it!
[23:03] <Matsumi Kaze> Ooooo!
[23:03] <David O`Cain> That did the trick.
[23:09] * Matsumi Kaze goes for a cupcake!
[23:13] <DD_Girl_Green> one of each, Matsumi, these are for everyone :)
[23:15] <DD_Girl_Green> besides, I have another one coming up just for you :)
[23:16] * Matsumi Kaze eats happily
[23:22] * David O`Cain shrugs, and takes a pair of cupcakes
[23:58] * Masaki O`Cain grabs one for herself
[23:58] *** most of the atrium is still destroyed mind you
[00:10] <Minerva> who will you ask to be the "guardian" of your son, Matsumi
[00:10] <Matsumi Kaze> ....
[00:10] <Matsumi Kaze> ...I do..have an idea
[00:14] * David O`Cain is chatting a bit with Masaki as he munches on cupcakes
[00:15] * @Sailor Quinox changes topic to `The Atrium has been destroyed! Enjoy the rubble!| Chat is out for the week giving ELIZA a real childhood. All HOTEL systems are offline. Enjoy your survival horror arc!`
[00:21] * @Sailor Quinox managed to put up a makeshift seat for herself
[00:25] <Matsumi Kaze> ^
[00:44] <Elizabeth> A guardian?
[00:45] <Minerva> it is common for royal children to have a guardian to watch over them
[00:45] <Minerva> like how you are Matsama's guardian
[00:45] <Elizabeth> Oh, like a nanny? Or like a God-Parent?!
[00:45] <Elizabeth> Yes!
[00:47] * Elizabeth grabs Sean and hauls him over! “I would like to nominate Sean!!!”
[00:47] * Sean Collins looks confused. “Huh?! What are you nominating me for?!”
[00:48] <Elizabeth> Shush! You’d be perfect!
[00:48] <Sean Collins> Perfect for what?! Mother, what are you up to?!
[00:51] * Matsumi Kaze blinks
[00:51] <Matsumi Kaze> you would???
[00:52] <Sean Collins> Huh? Mats, what is going on?
[00:57] <David O`Cain> Eh? What happened?
[00:58] <Matsumi Kaze> looks like your mother wants you to be my son's guardian
[01:00] <Matsumi Kaze> ^^;;
[01:00] <Sean Collins> Oh really? Wow…uh…it would be an honor. If you would like me to…
[01:00] <Elizabeth> Yes!
[01:01] <Matsumi Kaze> hehe alright alright
[01:01] <Sean Collins> Mother…
[01:01] <Matsumi Kaze> he can be the guardian then
[01:02] <Sean Collins> I am sorry if my mother was pressuring you about this…
[01:03] <Elizabeth> I wasn’t pressuring! I just volunteered you!
[01:03] * Sean Collins sighs…
[01:04] * Matsumi Kaze puts her hand on her stomachs
[01:04] <Matsumi Kaze> I'm going to have two children....*blushes a bit to herself*
[01:04] <Matsumi Kaze> *her stomach
[01:05] <Sean Collins> Yeah, it’s pretty exciting!
[01:06] * Hideki Kaze pushes aside some rubble
[01:06] <Elizabeth> It’s a true blessing! Just like when I had my twin girls!
[01:06] <Hideki Kaze> ...I'll need your help, pick things out for the boy
[01:07] <Elizabeth> I’ll help you too, sweetie ‘Deki!!!
[01:08] * Sean Collins smiles awkwardly
[01:10] <Hideki Kaze> yes...thank you, Aunt Elizabeth
[01:18] <Hideki Kaze> it's much apperciated
[01:18] <Sean Collins> I’ll help however I can.
[01:18] * Matsumi Kaze glances over..and spots Freya, fully asleep on the floor
[01:19] <Elizabeth> Hideki, you are as much a part of my family, as my own son! It is my pleasure to help!
[01:20] * Orion Felinus picks up his wife. “Poor Freya…she really was stressed out.”
[01:20] * Someone silently watches from the shadows.....keeping her distance
[01:20] <Matsumi Kaze> she did so much for me
[01:22] <Orion Felinus> If you please, Matsumi-sama, I will take my beloved home to rest. We still have our second wedding to prepare for.
[01:23] *** David O`Cain [] has quit IRC (Best head home. Night, everyone.)
[01:24] <Matsumi Kaze> oh yes...night!
[01:24] * Orion Felinus bows slightly, then departs to take Freya upstairs.
[01:25] *** Orion Felinus [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Rest well, my love.)
[01:26] <Elizabeth> I should probably go back to the Royale, and thaw out my hubby! This has been great fun thought! And the rest of the ordered furniture should be here in the morning!
[01:26] <Matsumi Kaze> yes..thank you..we'll find a way to get it up there ^^;;
[01:27] <Sean Collins> [Ugh…father is going to be furious]
[01:27] * Elizabeth gives Matsumi a warm hug!
[01:27] * Matsumi Kaze hugs back as best she can
[01:28] <Elizabeth> Call me in case you need ANYTHING
[01:30] * Elizabeth departs out the rubble that used to be the doorway…
[01:30] *** Elizabeth [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Trenty!!! She’s having twins!!!)
[01:30] <Sean Collins> She can be a bit much…
[01:33] * DD_Girl_Green cleans up a bit before heading upstairs.
[01:33] <Matsumi Kaze> it's alright ^^;;
[01:34] * Matsumi Kaze tries to get up but is a bit wobbly
[01:34] <Hideki Kaze> careful!
[01:38] * Sean Collins goes to help Matsumi to her feet
[01:40] <Matsumi Kaze> thank you ^^;;; feeling worn out
[01:42] <Sean Collins> Maybe we should call it a night?
[01:42] <Hideki Kaze> yes...sean is need your rest
[01:42] <Matsumi Kaze> well...alright....
[01:43] * Hideki Kaze leads Matsumi to the elevator..and stops...seeing the elevator has been destroyed
[01:44] *** Sean Collins [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Bedtime)
[01:45] <Hideki Kaze> ...
[01:45] * Hideki Kaze tries instead to lead Matsumi up the damaged the stairs...
[02:01] *** Hideki Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[02:02] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[12:17] * Karin_Meioh is outside the hotel
[12:17] <Karin_Meioh> .....
[12:17] <Karin_Meioh> WELL WHERE ARE THEY THEN!?
[12:18] * Meanwhile , the dads have noped out of there and gone on a fishing trip
[12:24] <Beryl> :D
[12:25] * Caligo is also unavalible
[12:40] <Beryl> :O
[13:01] <Matsumi Kaze> Beryl, are you coming?
[13:01] * Matsumi Kaze stands at the door with Mira
[13:06] * Matsumi Kaze heads out
[13:06] * Matsumi Kaze is away 
[13:08] * Beryl is with Mira and Grandma :D
[13:09] * Ellie and Peter , meanwhile, have settled into a hotel on the other side of the city, their own daughter looking aboslutly bored as hell....
[14:22] * Ellie and Peter walk along the streets, looking at all the sights...while their daughter trails behind, her face looking at the phone
[14:58] <Beryl> :D
[14:58] * Beryl has moved to: [ With Grandma ]
[15:10] * Matsumi Kaze had to stop at a park bench
[15:58] <Beryl> [With Grandma] Grandma want water? :O
[16:07] <Matsumi Kaze> I'll be fine ^^
[16:07] * Mira has moved to: [ With Grandma ]
[16:07] <Mira> [With Grandma] Beryl! grandma needs rest!
[16:12] * Mira [With Grandma] stays close to Matsumi
[16:15] <Beryl> [With Grandma] but grandma needs water, too :O
[16:16] <Matsumi Kaze> just let me rest
[16:18] <Beryl> [With Grandma] okie
[16:22] <Beryl> [With Grandma] what you wanna do, mira? :D
[16:23] <Mira> [With Grandma] ..stay with grandma
[16:29] * Beryl [With Grandma] looks around :O
[16:31] * It's a nice park
[18:32] * Beryl [With Grandma] yawns a bit
[18:45] * Matsumi Kaze takes the grandkids home
[18:48] <Beryl> [With Grandma] :D
[18:57] <Beryl> [With Grandma] where papa and grandpa? :O
[19:25] *** Solarchos [Fallen0081@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:25] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Solarchos
[19:25] <Solarchos> ^__^
[19:36] * Solarchos has several Kits clinging to his neck and shoulders.
[19:37] <Solarchos> Wait, what happened to the Atrium?!
[19:40] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> :<
[19:40] <Chibi-Catri (fox form)> :O
[19:40] <Chibi-Alex (fox form)> D:
[19:41] * The Kits hop down and start exploring the area carefully.
[19:41] <Solarchos> Well Feth, this brings back memories of the Underhive.
[19:51] <Forest Kit> did atrium become anti-fluffy D: D: D:
[19:55] <Solarchos> I'm not sure. Something hit this place hard.
[19:56] <Bismarck> >__>;
[19:56] <Prinz Eugen> <__<;
[19:56] <Admiral Hipper> o__O;
[19:57] <Admiral Hipper> Wo ist Roon?
[19:58] <Prinz Eugen> Heinrich sagt, sie ist hier nicht in der Nähe.
[19:59] * Bismarck Prinz Eugen, and Admiral Hipper are currently in a distant part of the Lobby, observing Vater and trying to remain unnoticed.
[20:00] <Bismarck> Vater ist da! Ich wünschte, ich könnte ihm meine Gefühle richtig sagen!
[20:00] * Forest Kit pops up near them :3
[20:02] <Bismarck> <__<
[20:02] <Bismarck> ACH!
[20:02] <Admiral Hipper> We're not planning to cause problems, fuches!
[20:07] <Prinz Eugen> Today is Father's Day, is it not?
[20:07] <Prinz Eugen> We wish to show our love and devotion to our beloved Vater on this most wonderful day.
[20:08] <Forest Kit> why be sneaky about it? :O
[20:09] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:09] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Megan O`Cain
[20:09] <Megan O`Cain> Hey.
[20:15] <Bismarck> :<
[20:15] <Bismarck> Because I am a failure as a woman. I can never express myself properly.
[20:16] <Bismarck> So I am reduced to trying to watch and learn and observe and hope that I can comprehend how best to approach such a great and terrible being such as Vater.
[20:22] *** Meanwhile, the Kits continue to sniff-sniff through the debris.
[20:29] <Prinz Eugen> So you see, we aren't planning to cause any trouble tonight, little Fuches
[20:30] <Forest Kit> :3
[20:34] * Megan O`Cain uses telekinesis to move debris out of the way, and into piles for crews to recycle back into fixing up the Hotel
[20:36] *** The Kits assist Megan in helping to locate anything valuable or anyone trapped beneath the rubble.
[20:47] <Solarchos> Megan, do you have any idea what caused all of this?
[20:54] <Megan O`Cain> Kouma and last night's baby shower to say the least.
[21:04] <Solarchos> It got THAT crazy?!
[21:04] <Megan O`Cain> Yeah.
[21:10] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) starts tug-tugging Daddy away. >:3
[21:13] <Forest Kit> :3
[21:13] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Time to go home!
[21:14] * Solarchos is suddenly SWEPT away by a mass of deep black FLOOF!!! it looked like a large nine-tailed Kitsune just GALLOPED through here!
[21:14] *** Solarchos [Fallen0081@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH~!")
[21:14] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> :D
[21:14] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Mommy!)
[21:15] <Forest Kit> :3 :3 :3
[21:15] *** Chibi-Alex [BoundlessExuberanceOfYouth@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Can we go to the park next? Can we, can we can we~!")
[21:15] * Forest Kit begin trotting off
[21:15] *** Chibi-Catri [MakerOfMischief@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 (*snickers* >:3)
[21:15] <Megan O`Cain> See ya, Langisters.
[22:14] * Matsumi Kaze is asleep on the sofa
[22:20] <Matsumi Kaze> zzzzz
[22:20] * Ellie and Peter return to their hotel room..their daughter still bored
[23:01] <Matsumi Kaze> zzzzz
[23:13] * Midnight Zero NEW plays on the radio
[23:15] <DD_Girl_Green> oh a new one!
[23:16] * Midnight Zero NEW is chatting with a person WHO IS NOT A YOUMA...NO SIR....and talking about their new lives
[23:20] * Megan O`Cain plops down onto an empty seat after moving the rubble
[23:48] * The radio does an ad for an reopened Shaplin
[23:56] <DD_Girl_Green> Shaplin?
[23:57] <DD_Girl_Green> now what is that?
[00:23] * The radio is now playing a late night drama
[00:48] <Matsumi Kaze> zzzzz
[00:48] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC (Off to be in the suite.)
[00:59] <DD_Girl_Green> awww, sleepyhead :)
[01:04] <Matsumi Kaze> zzzzzz
[01:23] * DD_Girl_Green yawns
[01:24] * A certain radio station keeps broadcasting through the night....the late night staff taking over
[02:42] * Matsumi Kaze sleeps happily
[12:20] * Ellie and Peter are back on tour.....their daughter walking along..again looking absolutly bored
[12:23] * Pinako & friends are playing a card game, but is it in their tour path?
[13:02] * Ellie and Peter get distracted...and get seperated from their daughter
[13:10] * Pinako is still playing with her friends
[13:14] * Mattie looks up and looks around
[13:14] <Mattie>
[13:14] <Mattie>
[13:14] * Mattie has moved to: [ Tokyo ]
[13:20] * Mattie [Tokyo] looks around and finds them gone...and suddenly realizes how lost she feels
[13:21] <Mattie> [Tokyo] um...uh
[13:22] * Mattie [Tokyo] keeps walking..hoping she can..find some help
[13:24] <Mattie> [Tokyo] hello? um?
[13:24] <Mattie> [Tokyo] can you...speak english? anyone?
[13:25] <Mattie> [Tokyo] um..h..hello?
[13:25] * Mattie [Tokyo] suddenly feels..really afraid
[13:25] * Pinako has moved to: [ Tokyo ]
[13:25] * Pinako [Tokyo] has finished the card game and is now walking with her friends.
[13:30] * Mattie [Tokyo] walks riiiight past
[13:31] <Pinako> [Tokyo] huh?
[13:31] * Mattie [Tokyo] is despeartly trying to get a map on her phone
[13:31] <Katrina> what is it, Pinako?
[13:32] <Pinako> [Tokyo] I don't know, but I think I sense someone scared.
[13:34] * Mattie [Tokyo] freezes in place as she finds herself in a crowd
[13:35] * Pinako [Tokyo] and her friends now walk in the opposite direction, (towards mattie?)
[14:12] * Mattie [Tokyo] is despertly trying to talk to anyone
[14:12] <Pinako> [Tokyo] hello? :O
[14:13] <Mattie> [Tokyo] huh?
[14:14] * Mattie [Tokyo] looks over her phone
[14:14] <Mattie> [Tokyo] HELLO
[14:14] <Mattie> [Tokyo] DO YOU SPEAK AMERICAN?
[14:14] <Mattie> [Tokyo] I AM AMERICAN CITIZEN
[14:16] <Pinako> [Tokyo] hi :D
[14:17] <Pinako> [Tokyo] I think we speak japanese, but Katrina is best with English.
[14:18] <Katrina> welp, I'm put on the spot, Ahem!
[14:18] <Katrina> Hello there, Miss.
[14:18] <Mattie> [Tokyo] hi....
[14:19] <Mattie> [Tokyo] I'm lost
[14:19] <Katrina> My name is Katrina, what's your's?
[14:21] <Mattie> [Tokyo] I'm Mattie...
[14:22] * Mattie [Tokyo] has seen so many weird costumes on people in tokyo, she doesn't question Pinako and their apperences
[14:23] <Katrina> now, did you say you were lost?
[14:24] <Mattie> [Tokyo] yeah!
[14:24] <Mattie> [Tokyo] I got seperated from my parents....not that I'm scared or anything...
[14:29] <Katrina> what were you doing when you got separated?
[14:33] <Mattie> [Tokyo] I was...just....lookinga t the sights!
[14:33] * Mattie [Tokyo] doesn't want to mention that she was looking at her phone
[14:34] <Katrina> looking up, hm?
[14:35] <Katrina> ピナコちゃん、街に飛行上か (Pinako, Can you fly above the city?)
[14:38] <Pinako> うん、カテリナちゃん (of course, Katerina.)
[14:38] * Pinako takes off to above the city.
[14:38] <Mattie> [Tokyo] O_O
[14:39] <Katrina> Where did you get lost at?
[14:44] <Mattie> [Tokyo] I..don't know?
[14:44] <Mattie> [Tokyo] it was near this one resteraunt
[14:47] <Katrina> which one?
[14:49] <Mattie> [Tokyo] ..I don't know >< the one with the octopus
[14:50] <Katrina> octopus?
[14:50] <Katrina> a takoyaki stand?
[14:51] <Mattie> [Tokyo] ...
[14:51] <Mattie> [Tokyo] I DON'T KNOW
[14:51] <Mattie> [Tokyo] I DON'T UNDERSTAND JAPANESE
[14:51] <Mattie> [Tokyo] ><
[14:53] <Katrina> ... oh, well that's something.
[14:55] <Katrina> we'll have to bring you somewhere safe then.
[15:12] <Katrina> we can bring you to Pinako's aunt's house
[15:15] <Mattie> [Tokyo] huh?...I guess....
[15:28] * Mattie [Tokyo] feels SUPER AKWARD JUST STANDING HERE
[15:40] <Mattie> [Tokyo] f..fORGET IT THEN DON'T HELP ME
[15:40] * Mattie [Tokyo] stomps off to try and find her way back herself
[15:42] * Katrina tries guiding back to the Hotel?
[15:43] * Mattie [Tokyo] follows?
[15:44] <Katrina> you know, Pinako and I like to play games.
[15:45] <Mattie> [Tokyo] huh?
[15:45] <Katrina> Pinako and I like to play a card game, do you know about it?
[15:48] <Mattie> [Tokyo] huh?...I guess some of my classmates like card games
[15:50] <Katrina> we can teach you how to play once we get there.
[15:54] <Mattie> [Tokyo] huh?
[15:56] <Katrina> still worried?
[15:57] <Mattie> [Tokyo] huh I'm not....I guess...I don't..know
[15:59] <Katrina> we're almost there
[16:01] <Mattie> [Tokyo] almost where?
[16:01] * Mattie [Tokyo] wasn't at the baby shower and spent the entire time at the hotel that day
[16:02] <Katrina> almost at the HOTEL where most of Pinako's family lives.
[16:03] <Mattie> [Tokyo] you live in a hotel?
[16:04] <Katrina> I don't, but she does.
[16:05] <Mattie> [Tokyo] oh um yeah her....
[16:05] * Mattie [Tokyo] looks at Pinako
[16:05] <Mattie> [Tokyo] SO YOU LIVE..IN HOTEL
[16:05] <Mattie> [Tokyo] ...BIG..BUILDING
[16:05] <Mattie> [Tokyo] BIG.
[16:09] <Pinako> uh-huh :D
[16:10] *** DD_Girl_Green [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:10] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa DD_Girl_Green
[16:10] <Mattie> [Tokyo] ...
[16:10] * Mattie [Tokyo] looks at the house in front of her
[16:11] <Mattie> [Tokyo] (....that's a hotel?)
[16:11] <Katrina> come on, we'll show you inside.
[16:11] * Katrina opens the door.
[16:23] <Mattie> [Tokyo] huh ok..okay
[16:29] <DD_Girl_Green> hm?
[16:30] *** Pinako has moved back to the Atrium
[16:30] * Mattie [Tokyo] walks in and
[16:30] <Mattie> [Tokyo] O_____O
[16:30] *** Mattie has moved back to the Atrium
[16:32] <Pinako> ah, there's my auntie Green :D
[16:33] <DD_Girl_Green> Pinako, you're back early.
[16:36] <Mattie> it..IT'S HUGE
[16:37] <DD_Girl_Green> and who's your new friend?
[16:52] <Mattie> O_O
[16:53] <Katrina> oh, this girl is Mattie.
[17:03] <Mattie> um hi?
[17:05] <DD_Girl_Green> hello there, and how are you doing?
[17:09] <Mattie> ..confused
[17:09] <DD_Girl_Green> confused on what?
[17:18] * Mattie is looking through the hotel in awe
[17:22] <DD_Girl_Green> amazed?
[17:26] <Mattie> uh..huh
[17:33] <Katrina> so, you want to learn how to play?
[17:34] * Mattie just..numbly nods...
[17:35] * Katrina run over to a table.
[17:37] * Katrina *^, Pinako, Barry and Metalia run over to a table.
[17:50] * Mattie just..sits down
[17:54] <Pinako> oh, whose deck do you want to borrow to learn about the game?
[17:55] <Mattie> uh...
[17:55] * Mattie has no idea what she's doing
[18:01] <Pinako> ? :O
[18:01] <Pinako> oh, you got to pick a pile of cards :D
[18:04] <Mattie> uh
[18:04] * Mattie does so?
[18:04] * Matsumi Kaze has moved to: [ 1603 ]
[18:04] * Matsumi Kaze [1603] looks over the balcony, on her phone
[18:04] <Pinako> whose did you pick? :O
[18:05] <Matsumi Kaze> [1603] she's here..she's safe
[18:05] <Matsumi Kaze> [1603] ..she's playing with other kids
[18:17] <Pinako> now, look through your deck and see which Warrior you like?
[18:21] <Mattie> >_> *looks through*
[18:21] *** the choice depends on whose deck you borrowed, is it Katrina's, Metalia's or Barry's?
[18:24] * Mattie borrows Kastrina's
[18:25] *** there are three choices, Mercury Warrior, Beast Titus (Ally Variant), or Apollomist
[18:27] <Mattie> ....
[18:27] * Mattie chooses Mercury Warrior?
[18:32] <Pinako> ok, put Mercury Warrior and Weakness acceleration down in their areas.
[18:34] * Mattie just follows along
[18:36] * Katrina and Pinako begin teaching about the basics.
[19:10] * Mattie just tries to figure it out
[19:10] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:10] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Megan O`Cain
[19:11] * Megan O`Cain enters the Atrium from the Tokyo door
[19:20] * Megan O`Cain heads over to the bar, and snags a tall can of beer
[19:21] * Matsumi Kaze [1603] pulls a chair over to the balcony and sits down
[19:33] * Katrina and Pinako are still teaching Mattie the basics of K&G
[19:46] <Megan O`Cain> Man, those Kouma can be relentless.
[19:47] <DD_Girl_Green> I'm going to need some spirit energy for these brownies.
[19:54] * Megan O`Cain takes another drink from the beer can
[20:39] * Mattie has lost track of time
[20:44] <Pinako> yaaaaay, you won! :D
[20:49] <Mattie> huh what I did?
[20:50] <Pinako> you took out my monsters :D
[20:53] <Mattie> I did???
[20:59] <Pinako> uh-huh :D
[21:11] <Mattie> WOOT
[21:12] * Ellie and Peter run in and start to scold Mattie but also start to talk about how worired they were
[21:15] * Ellie and Peter lead Mattie away, who pauses to wave bye as she goes
[21:18] * Pinako and her friends wave byebye as well
[21:21] * Megan O`Cain gets a 2L bottle of water
[21:41] <Megan O`Cain> What a day of defending.
[21:45] <Matsumi Kaze> [1603] you ok there, Megan?
[22:24] <Megan O`Cain> Yeah, Matsumi. Just trying to relax after hacking at Kouma.
[22:26] <Matsumi Kaze> [1603] are they still trying to attack?
[22:27] <Megan O`Cain> Without a doubt. It's like fighting a massive horde.
[22:40] <Matsumi Kaze> [1603] oh boy
[22:40] <Megan O`Cain> Yeah.
[22:57] <Matsumi Kaze> [1603] keep up the good work
[23:00] <Megan O`Cain> Doing my best, Matsumi.
[23:01] <Megan O`Cain> I think I'm gonna head back to the suite now. Take care.
[23:01] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC (Good night.)
[00:04] * Matsumi Kaze [1603] falls asleep in her chair
[00:30] * DD_Girl_Green is reading a story to her daughters.
[00:32] * Mira [With Grandma] listens to the story
[00:33] *** Mira has moved back to the Atrium
[17:35] * Outside, something gets set up.... and the local Kouma population is about to take a massive nosedive!
[19:29] *** David O`Cain [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:29] <@spiritflame> konbanwa David O`Cain
[19:29] * David O`Cain walks into the Atrium
[20:27] * Nelius Raoul [Tokyo] steps into the Hotel Atrium through the Tokyo Door. "So far, so good."
[20:27] *** Nelius Raoul has moved back to the Atrium
[20:35] <David O`Cain> Hey, Nelius.
[20:35] <Nelius Raoul> Hey David. How goes?
[20:37] <David O`Cain> I'm doing alright. How about you?
[20:40] <Nelius Raoul> Been doing well. Got done testing a little something.
[20:51] <David O`Cain> What'd you test out?
[20:57] <Nelius Raoul> A new ward to keep the Kouma away. Got Hale and Flynn on the horn, did some testing and refining....
[20:58] <David O`Cain> Nice.
[21:01] <David O`Cain> How long will it last?
[21:03] <Nelius Raoul> Theoretically, if things go as expected the ward should easily last several months, if not longer.
[21:07] <David O`Cain> Awesome.
[21:41] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi2 (*IRL gotta go*)
[22:21] * Matsumi Kaze [1603] is lounging with Hideki on a sofa, watching an old movie on a makeshift TV
[22:35] *** Matsumi Kaze has moved back to the Atrium
[22:35] <Matsumi Kaze> mmm ^^
[22:35] <David O`Cain> Hey, Matsumi.
[22:43] * Pinako is back
[22:49] <Matsumi Kaze> oh hey!
[22:49] <David O`Cain> How've you been?
[22:58] <Matsumi Kaze> ok I suppose
[22:59] <David O`Cain> That's good.
[23:02] * Matsumi Kaze adjusts her sitting postion
[23:07] <David O`Cain> I better get going. Have a good night, Matsumi.
[23:07] *** David O`Cain [] has quit IRC (Time to head home.)
[23:09] <Matsumi Kaze> mm ^^
[23:10] * Matsumi Kaze tries best to snuggle up to Hideki but her size makes it akward
[23:34] * Matsumi Kaze yawns
[00:01] <Matsumi Kaze> wow it's quiet
[00:22] <Matsumi Kaze> ^^
[00:25] *** D. Kakaku has joined #suburbansenshi2
[00:25] <@spiritflame> konbanwa D. Kakaku
[00:27] <D. Kakaku> evening
[00:28] <Matsumi Kaze> evening!
[00:28] <D. Kakaku> how's it going?
[00:31] <Matsumi Kaze> relaxing
[00:31] <D. Kakaku> that's nice
[00:48] <Matsumi Kaze> you?
[00:49] <D. Kakaku> hm, not doing much for now
[00:52] <Matsumi Kaze> hmmm
[00:53] <D. Kakaku> hm?
[00:53] <Matsumi Kaze> hm
[00:55] <D. Kakaku> so, what happened while I was gone?
[01:02] * Matsumi Kaze has fallen asleep
[09:44] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[09:44] <@spiritflame> ohayo Matsumi Kaze
[09:45] * Matsumi Kaze is sitting on a sofa, looking over plans for the bachlorette party for Freya
[09:57] * Matsumi Kaze is grinning to herself
[19:08] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:08] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Megan O`Cain
[19:09] * Megan O`Cain walks out of an elevator wearing gym clothes, and has a towel over a shoulder as she enters the Atrium
[19:52] * Masaki O`Cain is fast asleep on the floor
[19:56] * Megan O`Cain carefully puts Masaki on a sofa, "Sheesh."
[20:12] <Megan O`Cain> Now then...
[20:37] *** Chibi-Alex [BoundlessExuberanceOfYouth@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:37] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Chibi-Alex
[20:38] <Megan O`Cain> Oh, hey, Alex. What's up?
[20:38] * Chibi-Alex comes in and sits down in the middle of a clear spot in the Atrium Debris. She's snacking on some beef jerky. REAL beef, not that disgusting fake stuff.
[20:41] <Megan O`Cain> What's up, Alex?
[20:43] <Chibi-Alex> Hi there!
[20:44] <Chibi-Alex> I'm just looking to see who's here tonight. And I'm eating this delicious beef jerky that we made yesterday!
[20:44] <Chibi-Alex> We can make our own at the Estate, you know. We've got a dehydrator just for this sort of thing.
[20:47] <Megan O`Cain> Heh, nice. What meat did you use?
[20:50] <Chibi-Alex> Regular beef. We're also making a big batch of pemmican too!
[20:51] <Chibi-Alex> sure would be a shame of anything tried to ambush me and swipe all of this jerky~!
[20:51] <Megan O`Cain> Har har.
[20:53] <Megan O`Cain> So, what's new with you?
[20:53] <~> Lurk♫
[20:55] <Chibi-Alex> Not too much. Enterprise is going out of her way to help my brother.
[20:56] <Megan O`Cain> I'll bet. She's dependable and reliable.
[20:57] <~> Luuurrrkk♫
[20:57] <Chibi-Alex> She sure is. She's actually a big relief too. Daddy made a good choice in her.
[20:57] * Chibi-Alex looks around.
[20:58] <Megan O`Cain> Indeed. Another good choice could be either Sovetskayas.
[20:59] <~> Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkkk♫
[21:01] * A set of paws suddenly dart out to deliver tickles to Alex♫
[21:01] <Chibi-Alex> Maybe!
[21:01] <Chibi-Alex> :D
[21:01] <Chibi-Alex> XD
[21:01] * Chibi-Alex GIGGLES!!!
[21:02] * Monica pops up. "Hello~"
[21:04] <Chibi-Alex> Hi Monica!
[21:04] <Megan O`Cain> Hey, Monica.
[21:04] <Monica> How do?
[21:05] <Megan O`Cain> Doing alright. How about you?
[21:06] <Monica> Been fairly well. Mostly helping my godson gets some info in order.
[21:09] * Aiko relaxes, reading
[21:10] <Chibi-Alex> Were you waiting for me to show up? =^ ^=
[21:10] <Chibi-Alex> I was hoping to bait someone into getting close!
[21:11] <Monica> I was in the area and felt like dropping in♫
[21:12] <Chibi-Alex> Heeeeeeeeeee!
[21:12] *** Something rapidly dashes towards Monica from behind!!!
[21:12] *** Chibi-Catri [MakerOfMischief@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:12] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Chibi-Catri
[21:12] <Chibi-Catri> >:D
[21:12] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) POUNCES at Monica!!!
[21:15] * Monica suddenly turns --- is time to catch a Catri!
[21:19] <Chibi-Catri (fox form)> :D
[21:19] * Chibi-Catri (fox form) starts giving rapid-fire paw-patters!!
[21:19] <Chibi-Alex> Oh, and Aiko is here too.
[21:19] <Chibi-Alex> Whatcha reading, Aiko?
[21:21] <Megan O`Cain> Good evening, Aiko.
[21:22] * Monica takes this moment to give Catri a light nose-boop!
[21:28] <Chibi-Catri (fox form)> :D
[21:35] <Chibi-Catri (fox form)> Oh! We should get back home now! WE're late!
[21:35] <Chibi-Alex> We are!
[21:35] <Chibi-Alex> Good night everyone!
[21:35] <Megan O`Cain> Later, kits.
[21:35] <Monica> Take care~
[21:39] *** Chibi-Catri [MakerOfMischief@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 (*snickers* >:3)
[21:39] *** Chibi-Alex [BoundlessExuberanceOfYouth@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Forest Kits! We had JERKY!!!!")
[21:39] <Monica> Speaking of which, I got something I need to drop off with Haru -- might also need her ears on something. Seeya again.
[21:39] *** Monica [CarnageShura@CarnageDimension.nw] has left #suburbansenshi2 (*IRL gotta go*)
[21:39] <Megan O`Cain> See ya, Monica.
[21:52] <Aiko> hm?
[21:52] <Megan O`Cain> Evening.
[21:56] <Aiko> oh evening
[22:13] <Aiko> hm???
[22:14] <Matsumi Kaze> MUAHAHAHAHAHA
[22:19] * Matsumi Kaze grins to herself!
[22:22] <Megan O`Cain> Eh?
[22:29] <Matsumi Kaze> THIS WILL BE PERFECT
[22:29] <Megan O`Cain> What is?
[22:32] <Matsumi Kaze> oh! I'm planning Freya's bachlorette party
[22:34] <Megan O`Cain> Ohhhh. How's it coming along?
[22:35] * Matsumi Kaze GRINS
[22:39] <Megan O`Cain> I take it's going well.
[22:42] <Matsumi Kaze> you bet!
[22:43] <Megan O`Cain> When is the party?
[22:45] <Matsumi Kaze> um...soon
[22:58] <Megan O`Cain> I see, I see.
[22:59] <Megan O`Cain> Keeping it a surprise?
[23:04] <Megan O`Cain> Anyway, I'm gonna try to sleep. Night, Matsumi.
[23:05] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC (Back to the suite.)
[23:14] <@Silicon momoko> test mobile
[23:15] <@Silicon momoko> (test 2)
[23:17] <Sumi Mattine> ...why
[00:11] <Sumi Mattine> WHY
[00:13] <Pinako> huh? :O'
[00:13] <Sumi Mattine> oh hey
[00:14] <Pinako> what'cha doing? :D
[00:16] <Sumi Mattine> eh just being here
[00:18] <Pinako> Ooooh, you play games? :D
[00:19] <Sumi Mattine> ..not the sort of games you would enjoy
[00:21] <Pinako> :O]
[00:21] <Pinako> what about card games? :D
[00:28] <Sumi Mattine> .....
[00:28] <Sumi Mattine> ...not the sort that your age range like
[00:32] * Pinako has some Knights & Guardians cards
[00:33] <Sumi Mattine> oh yeah those cards
[00:33] <Sumi Mattine> my kids played those
[00:35] <Pinako> really? :D
[00:38] <Sumi Mattine> yeah....the new senshi themed decks really got their attention
[00:38] * Sumi Mattine lives in the future
[00:39] <Pinako> EEEEEE :D
[00:41] <Sumi Mattine> I tried to get them the Quinox deck once but they wanted the Moon one instead....figures...
[00:43] <Pinako> not a copy of mine, is it? :O
[00:45] <Sumi Mattine> ..I have no idea
[00:45] <Sumi Mattine> some famous player used it in tournments
[00:52] <Pinako> :D
[00:56] *** Sumi Mattine has left #suburbansenshi2 (heading back to the future)
[09:57] * Thrash [Tokyo] looks annoyed at the still damanged atrium....
[09:57] *** Thrash has moved back to the Atrium
[09:57] * Thrash brushes off some dust from his hair
[10:17] * Mercurius Shin is on another errand for Ami
[19:03] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:03] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Megan O`Cain
[19:05] * Megan O`Cain steps into the Atrium after taking a walk within it
[19:05] * Megan O`Cain ^ within the Hotel
[19:42] <Megan O`Cain> Hmm. A bit quiet, yet relaxing.
[22:39] <Matsumi Kaze> GET OUT! GET OUT OF MY F[BLEEP]KING SIGHT!!!!!
[22:39] * Matsumi Kaze KICKS Hideki out!
[22:39] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[22:40] <Megan O`Cain> The hell? O_o
[22:42] * Hideki Kaze stumbles a bit and sighs
[22:42] *** DD_Girl_Green [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:42] <@spiritflame> konbanwa DD_Girl_Green
[22:47] <Megan O`Cain> What'd you do, Hideki?
[22:48] <Hideki Kaze> I didn't do anything...
[22:53] <Hideki Kaze> I asked if she wanted help party planning and she screamed at me and kicked me out
[23:04] <Megan O`Cain> I see. She must have gotten easily aggitated.
[23:07] <Megan O`Cain> Sorry for not sticking around for more, I really do need to get back upstairs. Catch you later.
[23:07] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC (Good night.)
[23:09] <Hideki Kaze> well another night away from this
[23:11] <DD_Girl_Green> Hideki?
[23:13] <Hideki Kaze> hm? yes?
[23:14] <DD_Girl_Green> if you want to bunk at our apartment for the night, you can.
[23:18] <Hideki Kaze> yes that would be helpful
[23:22] <DD_Girl_Green> come on and follow me.
[23:23] * DD_Girl_Green goes to the elevator
[23:29] <Hideki Kaze> I know the way
[23:39] * DD_Girl_Green has moved to: [ 1710 ]
[23:39] * Hideki Kaze has moved to: [ 1710 ]
[23:41] <DD_Girl_Green> [1710] Honey, I have a guest for tonight.
[23:44] * DD_Girl_Green has moved to: [ 1710 ]
[23:55] <Beryl> Grandpa :D
[23:55] * Beryl has moved to: [ 1710 ]
[00:07] * Hideki Kaze [1710] waves to Beryl
[00:08] <Beryl> [1710] grandpa play? :D
[00:12] <Hideki Kaze> [1710] it's a bit late
[00:18] <Beryl> [1710] :O
[00:18] <Beryl> [1710] Storytime? :O
[00:25] <Hideki Kaze> [1710] ..alright
[00:26] <Beryl> [1710] :D
[00:27] * Hideki Kaze [1710] finds a seat
[00:29] * Beryl [1710] sits down in front of grandpa :D
[00:33] * Hideki Kaze [1710] starts to tell a story about himself and the knights
[00:35] <@Silicon momoko> (( just a test, ignore ))
[00:35] *** @Silicon momoko has turned their sound on
[00:42] * Beryl [1710] is amazed by the tales of the knights :D
[01:00] *** Hideki Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (keeps telling the story)
[01:43] * @Silicon momoko tests if the input form is still associated with the box
[01:44] <@Silicon momoko> test
[01:44] <@Silicon momoko> hey it didn't s[BLEEP]t itself on mobile!
[01:44] * @Silicon momoko is away: yay for not s[BLEEP]tting itself
[01:45] *** That's if testing on index2.html
[12:05] *** Miara [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[12:05] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa Miara
[12:06] * Miara finds a relatively clean place to sit
[12:54] * Miara is away: bbl
[19:28] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:28] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Megan O`Cain
[19:32] * Megan O`Cain finds herself a seat at a small table and opens a vid-window as she takes an occasional puff from her e-kiseru
[22:06] * Pinako pops up :D
[22:40] <Megan O`Cain> Hm?
[22:40] <Pinako> hi :D
[22:43] <Megan O`Cain> Hey. What's new?
[23:03] <Pinako> Having a lot of fun.
[23:06] <Megan O`Cain> That's good.
[23:53] <Pinako> what'd you do today? :D
[23:57] <Megan O`Cain> Made sure Dean's systems was optimized and defragmented, got in some exercise, and doing a bit of reading.
[23:58] <Pinako> Ooooh, what kind of reading? :O
[23:59] <Megan O`Cain> Complex stuff that I doubt you'd understand, unfortunately.
[01:01] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC (Time I get some sleep. Night.)
[07:39] *** SYSTEM ANNOUNCE - Main Page updated with entry # 2244 - ... ***
[09:41] * Moving trucks finish their job and drive away
[09:41] *** Moving trucks has left #suburbansenshi2
[16:56] * Elphelt is taking a look through Akihabara once again. ^^
[21:07] * Pinako 's group is at a table, going over an announcement pamphlet.
[21:17] *** Michelle O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:17] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Michelle O`Cain
[21:18] * Michelle O`Cain heads over to the Afterburner II c[BLEEP]kpit cabinet, and fires up a round
[21:19] <Pinako> hi :D
[21:22] <Michelle O`Cain> Oh, hi!
[21:23] <Pinako> what-cha doing? :D
[21:29] <Michelle O`Cain> Playing some Afterburner II to keep up my flying skills, even though it is a video game.
[21:29] <Pinako> Ooooh! :D
[21:31] <Pinako> where'd Megan go tonight? :O
[21:35] <Michelle O`Cain> Not sure. Why do you ask?
[21:35] <Pinako> I got a pamphlet for a national tournament.
[21:36] <Michelle O`Cain> I see. Where is it held?
[21:36] <Pinako> ... all over the country.
[21:47] <Pinako> it's starting soon
[21:49] <Michelle O`Cain> Ah, okay.
[22:15] <Michelle O`Cain> What about you? What's been going on?
[22:16] <Pinako> we've been practicing with new cards
[22:19] <Michelle O`Cain> Hope you're having fun! Getting in fun stuff is always a good thing.
[22:23] <Pinako> mmhmm
[22:32] <Michelle O`Cain> Yay!
[01:12] *** Michelle O`Cain has quit IRC (Night!)
[07:17] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Silicon momoko is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[07:17] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Silicon momoko is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[07:17] <@Silicon momoko> testing again
[19:18] *** Anchorage has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:18] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Anchorage
[19:18] * Anchorage happily sits down at a table with a seafood fry plate, and starts eating
[19:43] * Noel enters the Atrium through the Tokyo Door.
[19:44] <Noel> Oh, evening..... Miss Anchorage, I believe?
[19:44] <Anchorage> Hi. I am Anchorage.
[19:45] <Anchorage> Um, who are you?
[19:45] <Noel> Oh! I'm Noel -- nice to meet you.
[19:47] <Anchorage> Nice to meet you, too, Noel. :)
[19:51] <Noel> From what Elphelt mentioned, you were the one assigned to be AnTil's secretary, correct?
[19:52] <Anchorage> Teacher's secretary? Uh uh. Enterprise was chosen.
[19:53] <Noel> Oh?
[19:54] <Noel> Then where did....
[19:55] <Anchorage> Mr. Langister made the announcement a few days ago about Teacher's secretary.
[19:56] <Noel> Oh, I didn't mean about Miss Enterprise -- I meant where I ended up hearing about you, Miss Anchorage.
[19:57] *** Aratasujou has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:57] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Aratasujou
[19:57] <Aratasujou> Hi-hi!
[19:58] <Anchorage> Oh.
[20:01] * Anchorage waves to Aratasujou, "Hi."
[20:02] <Noel> Evening, Ara-su.
[20:05] <Aratasujou> How you all be?
[20:06] <Anchorage> I'm good. I'm eating fish, crab, and shrimp for dinner here in the Hotel.
[20:07] <Aratasujou> Me hear you talking about Enterprise.
[20:07] <Anchorage> Uh huh. Enterprise is Teacher's secretary.
[20:08] <Noel> Yeah, seems I accidentally mixed her up with Miss Anchorage. ^^;;
[20:10] <Aratasujou> Me be satisfied with Solar-kun's choice.
[20:10] <Aratasujou> Enterprise no try anything funny with Antil-chan
[20:15] <Anchorage> Why?
[20:20] <Aratasujou> All Shipgirls show they like AnTil and Sylvester.
[20:23] <Noel> ....I believe they'd be playing with magma in the latter case. Isn't Miss Vicky already involved with Sylvester?
[20:25] <Aratasujou> Hai-hai. Victoria be protective!
[20:28] * Anchorage munches as she listens
[20:32] <Aratasujou> But me think Shipgirls still plotting. They be wanting the FLUFF.
[20:35] <Noel> ~_~ I hope those two have good security.
[20:39] <Anchorage> I do?
[20:39] * Noel is away: *IRL things, will brb*
[20:48] <Aratasujou> Me be thinking UMP Sisters getting involved.
[20:53] <Aratasujou> They be super-sneaky
[20:53] <Anchorage> What are they doing?
[20:55] <Aratasujou> You meet Squad 404 before?
[20:56] * Anchorage shakes her head, "Nope."
[20:58] <Aratasujou> UMP-45 be crafty.
[20:58] <Aratasujou> UMP-9 want a big family.
[20:58] <Aratasujou> HK-416 be in big-big denial.
[20:59] <Aratasujou> G11 be sleepy all the time
[20:59] <Anchorage> Okay. I'll keep an eye out for them.
[20:59] <Aratasujou> WA-2000 be the personification of TSUNDERE!
[21:03] <Anchorage> Huh?
[21:07] <Aratasujou> Oooo! Me need be going now! Solar-kun be needing me!
[21:10] <Anchorage> Okay. Bye-bye!
[21:11] *** Aratasujou has left #suburbansenshi2 (NYORO~!! =^ ^=)
[21:11] <Anchorage> She silly. ^_^
[21:11] * Anchorage finishes off her dinner
[23:06] *** Anchorage has quit IRC (Back to the dorm.)
[18:49] * Ramlethal is relaxing by the Atrium River once more.
[20:39] *** Michelle O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:39] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Michelle O`Cain
[20:39] * Michelle O`Cain enters the Atrium from an elevator
[20:46] <Michelle O`Cain> A nice night. ^_^
[22:04] *** D. Kakaku has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:04] <@spiritflame> konbanwa D. Kakaku
[22:47] <D. Kakaku> evening.
[22:47] <Michelle O`Cain> Hi!
[22:48] <D. Kakaku> how goes?
[22:53] <Michelle O`Cain> I'm doing alright. How about you?
[22:55] <D. Kakaku> doing good
[22:56] <Michelle O`Cain> Great. ^_^
[22:58] <D. Kakaku> been scouting new places to explore, and that's it
[23:12] <Michelle O`Cain> Oh? Where at?
[23:14] <D. Kakaku> right around here
[23:17] <Michelle O`Cain> Ah, okay.
[23:18] <Michelle O`Cain> I need to get going. Bye, Danny!
[23:18] *** Michelle O`Cain has quit IRC (Good night!)
[23:18] <D. Kakaku> night
[19:49] *** Someone small sneaks into the Gardens, lurking and searching through the Hotel.
[19:56] *** Chibi-Leady has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:56] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Chibi-Leady
[19:56] <Chibi-Leady> Hmmm, no one's here? Good.
[20:03] * Chibi-Leady starts scrounging around for snacks and other goodies. Including raiding the vending machines.
[20:09] * the sound of a gun c[BLEEP]king can be heard
[20:10] <Chibi-Leady> >__>
[20:10] * Chibi-Leady drops to the floor and scuttles rapidly to cover, her joints articulating in ways that are both inhuman and freaky to watch, and she's moving FAST.
[20:18] <Chibi-Leady> And who the frell are you?
[20:19] <Chibi-Leady> AND I DON'T SEE YOUR NAME ON THEM! So I'm calling DIBS!!!!
[20:19] * There's a shotgun blast on the carpet nearby
[20:22] * Chibi-Leady doesn't even twitch. "Wooooooooooooo"
[20:22] <Chibi-Leady> Still. Dibs.
[20:23] <Chibi-Leady> I've invoked the International Dibs Protocol. And the No Take Backs Accord.
[20:25] <?> nuh-uh
[20:26] <Chibi-Leady> Oh yes I have.
[20:26] <Chibi-Leady> See? Dibs!
[20:26] <Chibi-Leady> I did it again!
[20:26] <Chibi-Leady> >:D
[20:28] <?> NUH-UH
[20:34] <Chibi-Leady> Indeed I did!
[20:37] <?> NOPE
[20:38] <Chibi-Leady> DIBS! See? I did it once again!!
[20:41] * the small being TACKLES Chibi-Leady!
[20:43] *** Filibert Wright has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:43] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Filibert Wright
[20:43] * Filibert Wright [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] looks around.
[20:43] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] <.<
[20:44] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] >.>
[20:44] * Filibert Wright looks at Chibi-Leady.
[20:44] *** Chibi-Leady is your average everyday Chibi-Leady

[20:44] * Filibert Wright [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] doesn't recognize any of the people here, and stays where he is.
[20:44] * Matsumi Kaze walks past towards the Gazebo
[20:45] * Filibert Wright looks at Matsumi Kaze.
[20:45] *** Matsumi Kaze is is a woman with short blond hair and blue green eyes. With a VERY well endowed figure and plenty of amazing power, she defends her home and her friends with all her heart. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: "She makes me Laugh" by The Monkees.

[20:46] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] ....
[20:48] *** Looks like a Smol version of Sailor Lead Crow. She's also fairly well-known as an old friend of Solarchos. She looks rather weird in that a long time ago her mind was Uploaded into the body of a specially-designed T-Doll.
[20:48] <Chibi-Leady> ^
[20:49] * Chibi-Leady WRASSLES with the small being tackling her!
[20:49] * Chibi-Leady is surprisingly strong despite her smol size! She's a bio-mechanoid just like Aratasujou!
[20:50] <Matsumi Kaze> ugh...this hard
[20:52] * Filibert Wright [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] is silent, and stays in the doorway of the Big Grocery.
[20:57] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] I must speak to a Time Lord.
[20:57] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] <.<
[20:57] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] >.>
[20:57] <Thrash> hm?
[20:57] * Thrash has moved to: [ Big Grocery ]
[20:57] * Filibert Wright [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] nods.
[20:59] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] First, I wish to offer my condolences.
[20:59] <Thrash> [Big Grocery] indeed?
[21:00] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] Yes. Her death was tragic.
[21:00] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] Regrettable, indeed.
[21:01] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] I wished to inform you, however, that all is not lost.
[21:01] <Thrash> [Big Grocery] who's death?
[21:01] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] Why the death of Eliza McIntash, of course.
[21:02] <Thrash> [Big Grocery] ah..yes that's...
[21:02] <Thrash> [Big Grocery] that's a bit difficult to explain but indeed
[21:02] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] But fear not. She will return in time, it seems.
[21:04] <Thrash> [Big Grocery] oh I have no doubt
[21:05] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] I simply wished to inform you that she is regrowing now, and you need not take actions of derring-do in order to revive her.
[21:06] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] As noble and heroic as you all are, I was certain you would attempt to intervene.
[21:06] * Chibi-Leady continues WRASSLING!
[21:06] <Thrash> [Big Grocery] it's good to know
[21:06] * The wrestling continues!
[21:09] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] Certainly, the fact that her regrowth is....
[21:09] * Filibert Wright [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] thinks for a word.
[21:11] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] ....Vacillating... does concern me.
[21:16] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] I am uncertain as to how serious this is, as I do not understand my Master's methods.
[21:16] <Thrash> [Big Grocery] give it time
[21:17] * Filibert Wright [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] nods.
[21:17] * Filibert Wright [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] looks uncertain.
[21:19] * Filibert Wright [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] throws his cape around himself, and vanishes.
[21:19] *** Filibert Wright [0] has quit IRC (The honor was mine.)
[22:28] * Matsumi Kaze has moved to: [ 1710 ]
[22:28] <Matsumi Kaze> [1710] ...ugh
[22:28] <Matsumi Kaze> [1710] that good
[22:35] * Matsumi Kaze [1710] smiles as Mira runs up to her and hugs her arm
[22:35] <Matsumi Kaze> [1710] ugh just a moment
[22:36] * Matsumi Kaze [1710] manages to get out of the chair and with Mira lead her over, sits down on a sofa
[22:37] <Matsumi Kaze> [1710] oof...
[23:03] * Matsumi Kaze [1710] relaxes a bit, Mira jump up next to her grandmother and leans against her
[23:19] * Matsumi Kaze [1710] smiles as Mira lays her ear against her stomach then blinks and looks up at Matsumi
[23:19] <Matsumi Kaze> [1710] you can hear them, can't you?
[23:31] * Mira nods!
[00:02] * Matsumi Kaze [1710] starts to doze off in the chair....but Mira sticks close
[00:08] * Caligo pauses to make sure his mother's feet are lifted a bit
[00:08] <Beryl> :O
[00:09] * Beryl is looking at whatever heirlooms there are.
[00:14] * Mira stays close to her grandmother
[00:15] * Beryl moves close to Grandma, too! :O
[00:17] <Caligo> I think we can let her sleep here tonight
[00:25] <Beryl> :D
[00:25] * Caligo adjusts the chair so it leans back for Matsumi a bit
[00:44] <Beryl> grandma sleepy?
[00:50] <Caligo> yes she is..we shouldn't we shouldn't disturb her
[00:51] <Beryl> :O
[00:51] <Beryl> where mama? :O
[00:56] <Caligo> I do not know
[09:38] <Matsumi Kaze> [1710] I'm...not being IMPOSSIBLE...
[09:38] * Matsumi Kaze [1710] is fighting with the coffee maker
[09:38] * Caligo has moved to: [ 1710 ]
[09:38] * Caligo [1710] says nothing
[09:43] <Caligo> [1710] just don't break it
[09:49] * Matsumi Kaze [1710] ends up smashing the machine
[09:49] <Caligo> [1710] .......and you broke it
[09:59] <Caligo> [1710] I destroyed entire cities, ravaged an entire kingdom...but I never broke a coffee machine
[10:11] <DD_Girl_Green> [1710] hmmm?
[10:14] * Matsumi Kaze [1710] goes to sit down again ><
[10:20] <DD_Girl_Green> [1710] were you trying to get coffee?
[10:20] <Caligo> [1710] she shouldn't
[10:20] <Caligo> [1710] remember what the doctors said when you were pregnant, green
[10:23] * Aiko is out shopping for a bit, she has disguised herself as a human
[10:26] * Aiko pauses, looking through a window
[18:42] * Thrash [Big Grocery] has managed to get a crude self-regeneration program running in the hotel but it's...not fully ready
[19:09] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:09] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Megan O`Cain
[19:10] * Megan O`Cain exits an elevator into the Atrium after going through a session in the Danger Room, sporting a sports bra and gym shorts that go down to the top of her knees
[19:10] <Megan O`Cain> Man, that was a hell of a workout.
[19:11] *** Masaki O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:11] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Masaki O`Cain
[19:11] <Masaki O`Cain> ugh tell me about it...
[19:11] <Thrash> [Big Grocery] there that's it...
[19:11] *** Thrash has moved back to the Atrium
[19:12] <Megan O`Cain> Hey, guys. What's new?
[19:13] <D. Kakaku> Evening
[19:15] <Thrash> I managed to get a regeneration program workign in the hotel....a bit
[19:15] <Thrash> not as strong as the old one
[19:18] <D. Kakaku> what's going on?
[19:22] <Megan O`Cain> Just resting from some exercise.
[19:23] <Masaki O`Cain> same
[19:38] * Megan O`Cain tosses Masaki a bottle of Gatorade
[19:39] * Masaki O`Cain catches it and drinks
[19:48] <Masaki O`Cain> feel like tomorrow's an important day for some reason
[19:52] <Masaki O`Cain> I'm not sure why
[19:58] <Megan O`Cain> Really?
[20:09] <D. Kakaku> tomorrow's the end of june, I believe
[20:09] <D. Kakaku> only half a year to go!
[20:10] <Masaki O`Cain> don't remind me
[20:10] <Masaki O`Cain> f[BLEEP]king time moves too fast
[20:21] <Megan O`Cain> Feels like it, doesn't it?
[20:23] <Masaki O`Cain> really.....
[20:30] <Masaki O`Cain> blargh
[20:41] * Masked_Woman walks in and heads down in the danger room
[20:44] <Megan O`Cain> Been up to much, Masaki?
[20:45] <D. Kakaku> eh? who was that woman?
[20:46] <Masaki O`Cain> huh what woman?
[20:51] <Megan O`Cain> Whatcha talking about?
[20:56] * The Hotel suddenly SHAKES
[20:57] <Masaki O`Cain> WHAT THE F[BLEEP]K
[20:57] <Megan O`Cain> The hell just happened?! O_o
[20:59] <Masaki O`Cain> ..I have no f[BLEEP]king clue
[21:06] <D. Kakaku> the woman with a mask
[21:07] <Masaki O`Cain> you mean the one who always threw knives at people
[21:09] <D. Kakaku> not sure
[21:45] * Smoke starts to rise under the ground
[21:48] <Masaki O`Cain> what's that smell?
[21:49] <Megan O`Cain> Like...somethings burning.
[21:53] * Megan O`Cain heads downstairs to find out what happened
[21:53] * IT'S ON FIRE
[21:57] <Megan O`Cain> S[BLEEP]T! (quickly uses her Neptune Upgrade to put out the flames as much as she can)
[21:57] * Masked_Woman is trying to help put out the flames!
[21:59] * Megan O`Cain continues to use the Neptune Upgrade on the flames
[22:01] * The Danger Room is wrecked
[22:01] <Megan O`Cain> Man, what the hell happened down here?
[22:03] * Masked_Woman is gone
[22:05] <Masaki O`Cain> geez!!!
[22:11] * Masaki O`Cain walks over and feels a slash mark
[22:14] <Masaki O`Cain> what the f[BLEEP]k
[22:24] <Megan O`Cain> Wha?
[22:29] * Megan O`Cain checks on Masaki
[22:31] * Masaki O`Cain is looking at the slash marks on the wall
[22:33] <Masaki O`Cain> geez...
[22:34] <Megan O`Cain> Who did this?
[22:42] <Masaki O`Cain> beats me
[22:44] * Megan O`Cain examines the slash marks to see if she can determine what was used
[22:46] * It looks like a blade
[22:52] <Masaki O`Cain> man this place is a mess
[22:54] <Megan O`Cain> Hard to tell if it was a sword or a knife. Hmmm...
[22:59] <Masaki O`Cain> hope they can fix this
[23:01] <Megan O`Cain> If Thrash's rig does the trick, that is.
[23:05] <Masaki O`Cain> let's go back upstairs
[23:05] <Megan O`Cain> Yeah.
[23:05] * Megan O`Cain heads back up to the Atrium
[23:06] * Masaki O`Cain heads upstairs
[23:10] <Megan O`Cain> I probably oughta head back up to the suite. Thanks for the workout assist, Masaki.
[23:10] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC (Good night.)
[23:35] * Mercurius Shin has moved to: [ Mori Tower ]
[23:36] * Mercurius Shin [Mori Tower] exits the private room to go and grab some water, holding onto the sheet around his waist...
[23:36] <Mercurius Shin> [Mori Tower] the things I do...
[23:37] * Mercurius Shin [Mori Tower] glances around.....only for the door to suddenly close on the sheet and pull it off!
[23:37] <Mercurius Shin> [Mori Tower] !!!!
[23:37] * Mercurius Shin [Mori Tower] desperatly tries to free it..and realiezs the door is locked...
[23:37] *** Mercurius Shin has left #suburbansenshi2 (.oh no)
[09:47] * Matsumi Kaze [1710] sends Usagi a $20 gift card
[09:48] *** Matsumi Kaze has moved back to the Atrium
[17:44] * Nelius Raoul is out with Hale and Flynn, double-checking on the wards. (So far, all's well.... if anything, it's doing much better than projected.)
[18:18] * Nelius Raoul takes down some notes as Hale and Flynn do a little tweaking to the wards.
[19:12] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:12] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Megan O`Cain *** Happy Birthday, Tsukinos Chibiusa and Usagi!!
[19:12] * Megan O`Cain exits an elevator leading into the Atrium wearing her gym gear again
[19:17] <Megan O`Cain> Another fine night.
[19:52] * Nelius Raoul heads inside as Hale and Flynn head home.
[19:52] <Nelius Raoul> Hey, Megan.
[19:53] <Megan O`Cain> Hey, Nelius. What's up?
[19:54] <Nelius Raoul> Doing more tests and updates on the wards outside.
[19:55] <Megan O`Cain> Nice. How're they holding up?
[19:56] <Nelius Raoul> Doing remarkably well... if anything, it's ahead of what we had originally projected.
[19:56] <Megan O`Cain> Sweet.
[19:58] * Pinako pops up with cards :D
[20:17] * Megan O`Cain stretches a bit
[20:22] <Pinako> hi :D
[20:30] <Megan O`Cain> Hey, Pinako.
[20:31] <Pinako> what-cha doing? :D
[20:32] <Megan O`Cain> Relaxing after working out.
[21:15] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi2 (*IRL tired, will bbl*)
[22:23] <Pinako> heee :D]
[22:32] <Pinako> Someone in a Kyoto museum wants us soon :O
[22:32] * Megan O`Cain finds herself a seat on a sofa
[22:32] <Megan O`Cain> Huh?
[22:34] <Pinako> An astronautical museum in Kyoto :O
[22:34] <Megan O`Cain> Why?
[22:35] <Pinako> I dunno, something about three treasure cards :O
[22:36] <Megan O`Cain> Um, okay.
[00:49] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC (Need some sleep.)
[19:20] *** David O`Cain [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:20] <@spiritflame> konbanwa David O`Cain
[19:21] * David O`Cain enters the Atrium through the Tokyo door
[19:30] <David O`Cain> Hmm. Seems rather quiet in here.
[19:33] <~> *sneak sneak*
[19:37] * There's alot of noise from upstairs
[19:39] <David O`Cain> Huh?
[19:39] * David O`Cain looks towards the balconies
[19:53] <David O`Cain> The hell is going on up there?
[20:09] * there's alot of talking..two men
[20:13] * Miara goes through from the random door, glancing up a moment
[20:13] <Miara> Does it looks like there'll be a fight?
[20:14] <David O`Cain> I have no idea, Miara.
[20:18] <David O`Cain> Hmm. I wonder...
[20:19] * David O`Cain fishes out a small drone from within his dimensional closet, and sends it up to where the chatter is coming from while keeping it out of their sight
[20:19] <Miara> Spying~
[20:20] * Miara grabs a drink from the bar
[20:21] <David O`Cain> Yup. Megan gave me this earlier in the year.
[20:21] * Matsumi Kaze can be seen in her suite...the noise is coming from another room in the VERY large suite
[20:21] * Matsumi Kaze has moved to: [ Drone POV ]
[20:24] * Matsumi Kaze [Drone POV] looks bored on the screen
[20:25] <David O`Cain> (Hmm. Let's check another room.)
[20:26] * David O`Cain carefully guides the drone into Matsumi's suite
[20:28] * Hideki Kaze has moved to: [ Drone POV ]
[20:29] * Hideki Kaze [Drone POV] is now seen on the screen in the half made nursery...he's arguing with Katori....they're trying to move the crib that Gemini provided
[20:30] <Miara> uh...what is that?
[20:34] <David O`Cain> Ohhhh, I see. Hideki and someone else moving a baby crib into place. Alrighty, recalling the drone.
[20:34] * David O`Cain carefully brings the drone back to him
[20:35] <Miara> that's what they look like? isn't that dangerous for a baby?
[20:36] <David O`Cain> If it's built right, it'll be safe.
[20:37] <Miara> does it have a lit or something to keep them in there? how do they not get hurt when they climb it?
[20:39] <David O`Cain> I...I don't know.
[20:39] <Miara> *lid
[20:40] <Miara> i mean, babies can be so fast! all movement and not enough thinking ahead
[20:43] *** D. Kakaku has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:43] <@spiritflame> konbanwa D. Kakaku
[20:43] <D. Kakaku> evening
[20:43] <Miara> yo
[20:44] <David O`Cain> Hey, Daniel.
[20:44] <Miara> lol i probably gave my parents so many heart attacks
[20:45] <D. Kakaku> what's going on?
[20:49] <Miara> babies, apparently? but something else would probably be better
[20:51] <D. Kakaku> oh?
[20:52] * David O`Cain sends the drone back into the dimensional closet
[21:00] <Miara> meh. so what's been going on here? i've been in namibia
[21:00] <D. Kakaku> how so?
[21:01] <D. Kakaku> nothing, pretty much
[21:06] <Miara> really? don't you do anything?
[21:07] <Miara> of do you mean just here in th elobby since it's still not really set up again?
[21:07] <Miara> and apparently Chat's "week" has been like a month. I suppose we'd better finish it ourselves
[21:08] <Thrash> I AM TRYING
[21:09] <Miara> THRASH HI
[21:09] * Miara hugs him despite any protests
[21:10] * Thrash HISSES
[21:10] <Thrash> no hugs no hugs no hugs!
[21:10] <David O`Cain> Hey, Thrash.
[21:10] <Miara> you'd think you'd never met me
[21:10] * Miara offers rum!
[21:11] <Thrash> no I..I'm aware of you
[21:11] * Thrash takes it
[21:12] * Miara looks at Thrash.
[21:12] *** Thrash is young man with shoulder length whitish blond hair, green eyes and an almost bishie manner to his features. He is currently in his 13th Incarnation.
His image Song is: "Holding Out For a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler.

[21:14] <Thrash> hm?
[21:14] <Miara> you're sure a pretty one, huh?
[21:16] <Thrash> I have no idea what you mean
[21:16] <Miara> yes, i know, time lord obliviousness. maybe it's a good thing. protective, even. but think of all the colors you could put in that hair
[21:18] <Thrash> why would i do that!?
[21:19] <Miara> are you a not so fun one, too?
[21:20] <Miara> daniel, didn't you say you're from somewhere near a big fun park?
[21:21] <Thrash> I am perfectly fun!
[21:21] <Miara> Grr. Amusement park. Stupid translator.
[21:22] <Miara> have you ever dyed your hair? ever?
[21:22] <Miara> i mean, you are pretty old.
[21:25] <Thrash> I AM NOT OLD
[21:25] <D. Kakaku> heh
[21:25] * Miara gets another bottle, this time a hard lemonade
[21:26] <Miara> sure you are, compared to most species
[21:26] <Miara> so're the immortals, and other people here
[21:26] <Miara> also you didn't answer the question
[21:28] <D. Kakaku> anything else going on?
[21:28] <Miara> not other than visiting
[21:29] <Miara> was a good experience there
[21:29] <Miara> they do some cool things with astral
[21:30] <D. Kakaku> what kind of things?
[21:34] <D. Kakaku> ?
[21:36] <Thrash> I'm trying to get the hotel running again..there should be a background program in there
[21:37] <David O`Cain> Any luck with it?
[21:37] <Miara> well, that pack mixed a lot with the local bushmen, who have an energy healing thing, so that's done some interesting things together. they're also the only nearly all astral pack I've ever known.
[21:38] <Miara> it's a massive space to fill there, yeah?
[21:38] <Thrash> not yet
[21:39] <D. Kakaku> anyone ever projected themselves onto a hand?
[21:39] <Miara> what do you mean, into a hand?
[21:42] * D. Kakaku opens his palm on a table
[21:42] <D. Kakaku> like this
[21:44] <David O`Cain> Can't say that I have, man.
[21:44] <Miara> like what?
[21:46] <Miara> i mean, a lot of people direct their power with their hands when they're younger and haven't quite got it yet, but...i'm not sure what you mean.
[21:47] <Thrash> he is suggesting if you can use your power to project a shrunken version of yourself into his hand
[21:47] <Thrash> to do..I don't know what..probably eat you or something
[21:48] <Miara> that's...not how astral works. why would i want to do that, anyway?
[21:48] <D. Kakaku> eh, was just curious.
[21:49] <Miara> It's insight and power stuff *creates a blue power orb*
[21:50] <Thrash> the cybermen once craved that power
[21:50] <Miara> i could make it take the shape of a person at small scale, but there really wouldn't be a point to it.
[21:50] <Miara> huh?
[21:50] <D. Kakaku> hmm, really?
[21:51] <Thrash> oh yes..after your time..forgot
[21:51] <Miara> well it's just power, not a person
[21:52] * Miara runs the orb through a series of shapes "It just does what you make it do"
[21:53] <D. Kakaku> that's pretty nice.
[21:55] <Miara> lots of things are after my time, i'm sure. even other me's. i mean, ultra aren't eternal as far as i know.
[21:57] <Thrash> no, they simply live for ungodly long times
[21:59] <Miara> lucky her...
[22:00] <D. Kakaku> how long?
[22:01] <Thrash> the oldest that I have heard is 300,000 years old
[22:01] <D. Kakaku> hmmm, ok
[22:04] <D. Kakaku> can I see that orb?
[22:04] <Miara> yeah, she's going to have time to see and do everything out there. all those places, meet all those people...
[22:12] <D. Kakaku> oh?
[22:12] <D. Kakaku> hmmm, anyways.
[22:13] <Miara> um? oh, the orb. *the orb floats over in front of Daniel*
[22:14] <D. Kakaku> Woah, it really is wonderful.
[22:15] <Miara> I'm holding it together. It's not hard, but let me know when you're done.
[22:16] <D. Kakaku> alright, I'm done viewing it, but wow, is it cool.
[22:16] * Miara lets it dissipate
[22:17] <Miara> i dunno, i've always had it, it's kind of normal
[22:17] * D. Kakaku grabs the top of the table
[22:18] <Miara> eh?
[22:18] * D. Kakaku *^grips.
[22:19] <D. Kakaku> want to see a cool trick I can do with my tech?
[22:19] * D. Kakaku looks at himself, then lets go.
[22:20] <D. Kakaku> forgot I'm not wearing it right now, heh
[22:20] <Miara> maybe another time, then
[22:24] <D. Kakaku> I could go and get it right now, unless you're leaving soon
[22:24] <Miara> dunno, i do need some sleep and a shower soon
[22:25] <D. Kakaku> alright, another time, then
[22:26] <D. Kakaku> I can try and get Maret to join in too, if possible
[22:32] * Miara nods, gathering her bag
[22:32] <Miara> see you all later
[22:32] * Miara is away: sand cleansing just isn't the same
[22:32] <D. Kakaku> see ya
[22:44] * David O`Cain takes a seat on a sofa
[22:59] * D. Kakaku yawns
[23:14] * Thrash is still working on trying to activate the back up program
[23:25] * Matsumi Kaze [Drone POV] is fast asleep..just in time for Minerva and Siegfried to visit...oh joy
[23:26] * Hikaru [Tokyo] is at the arcade
[23:26] *** Hikaru has moved back to the Atrium
[23:26] <Hikaru> oh come oooooon
[23:26] <D. Kakaku> huh?
[23:29] * Hikaru hits the controls in the arcade!
[23:32] * Hikaru grumbles to herself
[23:33] <D. Kakaku> wasting the controls?
[23:34] <Hikaru> huh?
[23:39] <D. Kakaku> getting angry at an arcade game?
[23:42] <Hikaru> it's stupid
[23:43] <D. Kakaku> stupid how?
[23:45] <Hikaru>'s just stupid!
[23:56] <D. Kakaku> ummm, how?
[23:57] <David O`Cain> She thinks that if things don't go her way it's stupid. That's my assessment.
[00:01] <D. Kakaku> Why doesn't she invest in a Game Genie-like device?
[00:03] * David O`Cain shrugs
[00:08] * Hikaru keeps playing the arcade game
[00:17] * Hikaru is getting more and more aggrivated
[00:17] <David O`Cain> Whoa. Calm down there.
[00:32] <Hikaru> WHY SHOULD I
[00:32] <David O`Cain> You'll wind up making worse mistakes in-game.
[00:35] <Hikaru> OH COME OOOOOOOON
[00:51] <D. Kakaku> hmmmm
[00:59] * Joanna Smithson walks past, snacking on some chips
[01:00] *** David O`Cain [] has quit IRC (Got to head on home. Night.)
[01:01] <D. Kakaku> chips?
[01:08] <Joanna Smithson> hm?
[01:08] <D. Kakaku> what flavor are those chips?
[01:11] <Joanna Smithson> .....
[01:11] * Joanna Smithson checks
[01:11] <Joanna Smithson> potato flavor
[01:11] <Joanna Smithson> ..I think
[01:11] <D. Kakaku> so, plain chips?
[01:19] <D. Kakaku> anything going on tomorrow?
[01:33] <Joanna Smithson> I have no idea
[01:33] <Joanna Smithson> I've got no plans
[01:52] <D. Kakaku> me neither
[01:56] <Joanna Smithson> just live day by day
[01:57] <D. Kakaku> mmhmm
[02:24] <D. Kakaku> welp ,I have to sleep soon
[02:30] <Joanna Smithson> night then
[02:36] <D. Kakaku> night
[02:36] *** D. Kakaku has left #suburbansenshi2 (Yeah! Let's go!)
[02:51] *** Joanna Smithson has left #suburbansenshi2
[11:33] *** BluSky_Caprice has joined #suburbansenshi2
[11:33] <@spiritflame> ohayo BluSky_Caprice
[11:34] * BluSky_Caprice drinks some tea, happily looking over some papers ^^
[11:46] * Hideki Kaze [Drone POV] is trying to mow the front's his turn to take care of the yard
[11:46] * Hideki Kaze has moved to: [ Outside ]
[11:48] * Hideki Kaze [Outside] pauses to watch the street a bit
[11:49] * Phobos and Deimos has moved to: [ Shrine ]
[11:50] <Phobos> *yawn*
[11:50] * Phobos pauses in her sweeping
[11:50] <Phobos> ugh i wish it wasn't so hot....
[11:50] * Phobos has moved to: [ Shrine ]
[11:50] <Phobos> [Shrine] this is such a pain in the ass
[11:51] <Deimos> it's not so bad!
[11:51] * Deimos has moved to: [ Shrine ]
[11:51] <Deimos> [Shrine] it's summer! isn't it glorious?
[11:51] <Phobos> [Shrine] I think it stinks...
[11:53] <Phobos> [Shrine] this drives me nuts
[11:53] <Phobos> [Shrine] WHY DO WE HAVE TO DO THIS CRAP IN THE HEA-
[11:53] * Phobos [Shrine] and Deimos stiffen and glance behind them....both Nike and Risa are staring at them....sitting nearby and having tea together
[11:54] * Phobos [Shrine] and Deimos go back quickly to sweeping
[12:47] * Pinako [Tokyo] is at the shrine to buy a charm
[12:47] <Deimos> [Shrine] oh hello there ^_^
[12:47] <Deimos> [Shrine] we have all manner of charms for sale ^_^
[12:48] <Pinako> [Tokyo] Oooh, you have good luck card charms? :D
[12:49] <Deimos> [Shrine] um...
[12:49] * Deimos [Shrine] looks through the charms they have
[12:51] <Pinako> [Tokyo] :O
[13:07] <Deimos> [Shrine] here we are!
[13:07] * Pinako [Tokyo] looks at the charms :O
[13:09] <Deimos> [Shrine] ^^
[13:11] <Pinako> [Tokyo] /ma pays for the card charms
[14:01] <Deimos> [Shrine] there you go ^^
[14:02] <Pinako> thank you :D
[15:25] * It's another quiet day in tokyo apperently!
[15:53] <~> Nobu nobu nobu!!
[17:25] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:25] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa Matsumi Kaze
[17:26] * Matsumi Kaze [Drone POV] has propped herself on a chair and is trying to read
[17:26] *** Matsumi Kaze has moved back to the Atrium
[17:30] *** has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:30] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa
[17:30] *** Eiry [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:30] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa Eiry
[17:31] <Matsumi Kaze> hm..
[17:31] * Eiry comes in from Tokyo
[17:32] <Eiry> Evening, Matsumi. How are you doing?
[17:33] <Matsumi Kaze> uncomfortable but alright I guess
[17:34] <Eiry> Yeah, it's not a good time of year to be so close.
[17:34] <Eiry> Hopefully it's not treating you too badly?
[17:49] <Matsumi Kaze> no it's not treating me badly
[17:51] <Eiry> That's always good.
[18:03] <Matsumi Kaze> just feeling tired and sore
[18:03] <Eiry> Yeah, that wasn't fun.
[18:10] * Matsumi Kaze just ideally texts Minako a bit at the same time
[18:10] <Matsumi Kaze> the fact it's twins...
[18:10] <Matsumi Kaze> makes me more nervous
[18:10] <Eiry> Is it? Congratulations.
[18:11] <Eiry> Don't worry, you'll be fine.
[18:12] <Eiry> It's just the no sleep for a few years and no one is "fine" during it, but you'll get through. Besides, you have such a large family.
[18:13] <Matsumi Kaze> that's true....OOF ><
[18:16] <Matsumi Kaze> gah..just wish..the kicking would stop too
[18:18] <Eiry> And all the stops in the bathroom. Do you think you'll make it to your due date?
[18:19] <Matsumi Kaze> oh god I hope so >___<
[18:20] <Eiry> Well most twins come early, so be prepared.
[18:22] <Eiry> Though hopefully your doctor's been over all this with you by now :)
[18:25] <Matsumi Kaze> oh yes...she went over ALOT
[18:28] <Eiry> Great.
[18:29] <Eiry> Do you have enough? I think we've still got some clothes in various sizes.
[18:29] <Eiry> Especially the small newborn stuff.
[18:31] <Matsumi Kaze> I honestly would apperciate anything
[18:32] <Eiry> I'll see if we can find it tonight and bring it up to your suite.
[18:32] <Matsumi Kaze> aw thanks!!!
[18:41] <Eiry> Well, I don't think we're going to be using them again. I already gave the family items to Tiena when she had Grace.
[18:43] <Matsumi Kaze> my problem is I got alot of girl items..cause I thought I was only having a daughter
[18:43] <Matsumi Kaze> I need more boy items
[18:43] <Eiry> Well blue and pink weren't always gendered, either.
[18:45] <Eiry> But some if it's stuff from Zan, those are quite colorful.
[18:46] <Matsumi Kaze> yeah I suppose that's true
[19:04] * Matsumi Kaze checks her phone and texts again back to Minako
[19:08] *** D. Kakaku has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:08] <@spiritflame> konbanwa D. Kakaku
[19:17] <Eiry> Hello
[19:21] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:21] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Megan O`Cain
[19:21] <Megan O`Cain> Evening, everybody.
[19:23] <Eiry> I guess I'd better head up, Alta and Guyver have dinner nearly ready.
[19:23] * Eiry is away 
[19:23] <Matsumi Kaze> oh hey meg
[19:23] <Megan O`Cain> How's it going?
[19:31] <Matsumi Kaze> eh just relaxing a little
[19:45] <Megan O`Cain> Awesome.
[19:50] <Matsumi Kaze> trying to de-stress
[19:54] * Megan O`Cain nods
[20:04] <~> *sneak sneak*
[20:12] <Megan O`Cain> Hm? Anybody hear that?
[20:14] <~> *sneakity sneak*
[20:19] <D. Kakaku> huh? what's that noise?
[20:19] * Megan O`Cain looks to see where the noise is coming from
[20:26] <D. Kakaku> so, who else is here?
[20:31] <Megan O`Cain> That's what I'd like to know.
[21:03] <~> YOINK
[21:05] <Megan O`Cain> Huh?
[21:08] * The snacks are getting away!
[21:11] <Megan O`Cain> Oi! Who's swiping the food?!
[21:12] <Matsumi Kaze> ??
[21:13] * Hey, doesn't that blonde blur look familiar?
[21:13] * Megan O`Cain chases after the food thief
[21:13] <Ibaraki-Douji> Nya-ha-ha! Mine --- All Mine!!
[21:14] <Megan O`Cain> Get back here!
[21:15] <Ibaraki-Douji> Woopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoop!
[21:20] * Ibaraki-Douji goes to round a corner --- only to collide with someone, both parties going to the floor in a mind string of curses and tangled limbs!
[21:20] <Megan O`Cain> Wha?
[21:22] * Ibaraki-Douji is flat on her rear, having run into..... Haru?
[21:22] <Haru E> again.
[21:22] <Megan O`Cain> Hey.
[21:22] <Ibaraki-Douji> Owwwww--- that's my line!
[21:23] <Ibaraki-Douji> Watch where you're going!!
[21:23] <Haru E> Hey, you're the one who came running around a blind corner.
[21:23] <Haru E> Do I need to break out the Camel Clutch again?
[21:24] <Ibaraki-Douji> ....please don't.
[21:26] <Megan O`Cain> She was trying to run off with a bunch of food.
[21:27] <Haru E> No doubt another snack run.
[21:27] <Ibaraki-Douji> Can you blame me? This stuff is seriously tasty --- never had anything like this back on Mt. Ooe!
[21:28] <Ibaraki-Douji> Though Shuten would've definitely taken it. >.>
[21:34] <Megan O`Cain> Who?
[21:35] <Ibaraki-Douji> Shuten-Douji, the leader of all the Oni on Mt. Ooe..... y'know, THE Oni?
[21:38] <Ibaraki-Douji> ..........seriously? The Oni so fearsome they had to drug her drink?
[21:38] <Megan O`Cain> I see.
[21:42] <Matsumi Kaze> ??
[21:54] <Ibaraki-Douji> .....anyway, we good here? I've been seriously famished --- inventor lady and red lady don't keep any of the good stuff down there.
[21:55] * Matsumi Kaze gets another text from Minako and texts back
[22:02] <Ibaraki-Douji> ....and I'd much rather not get caught by book lady again.....
[22:03] <Matsumi Kaze> book lady?
[22:05] <Ibaraki-Douji> Yeah, this author-lady who made me sit down and read a buncha books for several hours..... T_T
[22:08] <Matsumi Kaze> ^^;;; do you know their name?
[22:11] <Ibaraki-Douji> M-something or other, that much I remember. If I saw her in-person though I'd easily identify her.
[22:15] * Anne and Mary are busy doing pirate s[BLEEP]t in the atrium
[22:25] <Megan O`Cain> Hmm.
[22:52] *** Murasaki Shikibu has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:52] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Murasaki Shikibu
[22:52] * Murasaki Shikibu walks in...
[22:53] <Megan O`Cain> Evening.
[22:54] <Ibaraki-Douji> 0_0
[22:54] <Murasaki Shikibu> .....
[22:56] *** Filibert Wright has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:56] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Filibert Wright
[22:56] * Filibert Wright [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] appears inside Big Grocery.
[22:57] * Murasaki Shikibu looks at Ibaraki
[22:58] * Thrash has moved to: [ Big Grocery ]
[22:58] <Thrash> [Big Grocery] hm?
[22:58] * Ibaraki-Douji remains completely still. (Maybe her vision is based on movement?)
[23:00] <Thrash> [Big Grocery] can i help you?
[23:01] <Murasaki Shikibu> ....
[23:01] <Filibert Wright> [Wearing All Black, inside Big Grocery] I am uncertain if you can help me or not.
[23:02] * Filibert Wright looks at Murasaki Shibibu.
[23:02] *** Murasaki Shibibu is your average everyday Murasaki Shibibu

[23:02] * Filibert Wright looks at Murasaki Shikibu.
[23:02] *** Murasaki Shikibu is your average everyday Murasaki Shikibu
image Song is: 0.

[23:02] <Filibert Wright> (( I am obviously too tired to be here right now. ))
[23:02] *** Filibert Wright [0] has quit IRC (The honor was mine.)
[23:11] * Ibaraki-Douji ever-so subtly tries to scoot out of Murasaki's field of vision.......
[23:11] * Murasaki Shikibu grabs Ibaraki with a single move
[23:12] <Ibaraki-Douji> EEP
[23:13] <Murasaki Shikibu> ........
[23:13] <Murasaki Shikibu> what are you doing.
[23:16] <Ibaraki-Douji> ....................................................................................................................................................
[23:18] * Ibaraki-Douji is starting to look a bit pale....
[23:18] <Murasaki Shikibu> I asked you a question.
[23:22] * Ibaraki-Douji is internally panicking. (OhnononononononoNO I can't have her find out about my snack escapades I'll never hear the end of it --- just like the purple-haired chick with the other blonde.... I gotta get outta here.....)
[23:23] <Ibaraki-Douji> (But how do I get outta this sticky wicket --- where did that come from?)
[23:23] <Murasaki Shikibu> well.
[23:26] <Ibaraki-Douji> (Think, Douji, think --- or it's gonna be another punishment corner--- wait....)
[23:29] <Murasaki Shikibu> ....
[23:31] <Ibaraki-Douji> (WaitwaitwaitWAIT I think I got an idea!)
[23:32] <Ibaraki-Douji> (Just need that right moment.................)
[23:33] * Matsumi Kaze is about to reach for a chocolate..then realizes what it is and quickly withdraws her hand!
[23:35] <Murasaki Shikibu> well are you?
[23:37] * Ibaraki-Douji suddenly raises both of her hands --- "You'll never take me alive!!" -- and suddenly tosses something down to the ground!
[23:39] * Murasaki Shikibu looks
[23:39] <Beryl> [1710] :O
[23:39] *** Beryl has moved back to the Atrium
[23:40] * Suddenly a massive plume of what could be best described as Cheeto-dust quickly billows up from whatever Ibaraki threw down to the ground!!! It's thick and getting everywhere rather fast!!!
[23:42] * Murasaki Shikibu DROPS Ibaraki Douji!
[23:43] * Ibaraki-Douji takes this opportunity to flee into the night!
[23:43] *** Ibaraki-Douji has left #suburbansenshi2 ((I can't believe that worked ---- I mean I knew it was gonna work!))
[23:46] <Murasaki Shikibu> ...
[23:46] * Murasaki Shikibu coughs
[23:47] <Megan O`Cain> Sheesh. The hell is that orange stuff?
[23:49] <Matsumi Kaze> cheeto dust
[23:53] <Megan O`Cain> How did she...?
[23:54] <Matsumi Kaze> how do I know???
[23:56] <Beryl> :O
[23:56] <Matsumi Kaze> hey gem
[23:59] <Beryl> grandma :D
[23:59] <Beryl> new auntie :D
[23:59] <Matsumi Kaze> can't rest?
[00:01] <Beryl> uh-huh :D
[00:07] * Matsumi Kaze scoots over a bit to let beryl sit near her
[00:08] * Beryl sits next to Grandma :D
[00:14] <Matsumi Kaze> are you being good?
[00:15] * Beryl nods :D
[00:19] <Beryl> mama making new seats at table for new auntie and new uncle :D
[00:26] <Matsumi Kaze> aww that's sweet
[00:31] <Beryl> :D
[00:35] * Matsumi Kaze ruffles Beryl's hair
[00:39] * Beryl giggles :D
[01:02] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC (Need sleep. Good night.)
[01:29] * Matsumi Kaze nods off....
[01:30] * Beryl falls asleep
[01:40] <Matsumi Kaze> zzzz
[01:53] <Beryl> -.- zzzzzz
[02:42] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[02:43] *** Beryl has left #suburbansenshi2
[14:50] * Matsumi Kaze sneaks off to visit Minako
[15:35] * A reporter tries to follow Matsumi....
[18:00] * A reporter gets lost!
[18:49] * Matsuo Shin is quietly writing in the atrium...having some time on his own
[19:08] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:08] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Megan O`Cain
[19:11] * Megan O`Cain steps out of an elevator that leads into the Atrium
[19:27] * Nelius Raoul enters the Hotel through the Tokyo Door. " this is what Haru meant about the Cheeto-dust getting everywhere."
[19:36] <Nelius Raoul> Someone's gonna need to have a chat with our resident gremlin.
[19:38] <Megan O`Cain> Hey, Nelius. Yeah, seems she got herself some snacks, and tried to run off with them.
[19:39] <Nelius Raoul> Can't say I'm surprised.
[19:43] <Megan O`Cain> Not sure what to say about her.
[19:43] <Nelius Raoul> Aside from that, how've things been out here?
[19:44] <Megan O`Cain> I'm doing alright. Had myself another workout session earlier in the day.
[19:45] <Nelius Raoul> Ah.
[19:51] <Megan O`Cain> What's new with you?
[19:52] <Nelius Raoul> Not much at the moment --- just keeping ahead of whatever's been going on.
[20:00] * Matsuo Shin keeps writing
[20:01] <Megan O`Cain> Gotcha.
[20:03] * is behind the bar. The Other Neco-Servants are neaby doing various tasks.
[20:03] * Mysterious Neco X ^
[20:05] * Queen of Sheba has her booth set up ^^
[20:06] * Forest Kit puts up a little "Get your Refund here!" at Sheba's sign :3
[20:08] * Megan O`Cain focuses her attention to Matsuo, "Hey, Matsuo."
[20:08] <Matsuo Shin> hello
[20:09] <Megan O`Cain> How've you been?
[20:10] <Forest Kit> Reeee-Funs, get your Reee-funs here! >:D
[20:12] <Mysterious Neco X> Refunds? Did you finally sell something faulty Caster of Midrash?
[20:12] <Forest Kit> /mr swishes its tail, pointing at the Refunds sign >:3
[20:13] * Forest Kit *^
[20:17] <Queen of Sheba> OF COURSE I'VE SOLD SOMETHING!
[20:19] * Queen of Sheba counts money!
[20:20] <Forest Kit> Reeee Funs >:D
[20:24] <Forest Kit> Get your Ree-Funs here :D
[20:25] <Queen of Sheba> HEY
[20:27] * Megan O`Cain tries not to chuckle at Sheba's plight
[20:30] * Forest Kit (Another) is clambering onto Sheba for a Kit-Hat surprise >:3
[20:32] <Queen of Sheba> ....
[20:32] * Queen of Sheba thinks of how she can make money off this
[20:35] <Forest Kit> >:3
[20:40] <Forest Kit> Reeeeeee-Funs :D
[20:40] <Megan O`Cain> Having fun, little kit?
[20:41] <Forest Kit> yuppa :D
[20:41] * Forest Kit hands a Refund to a customer coming to complain to Sheba :3
[20:47] <Queen of Sheba> h..hey!
[20:49] <Matsuo Shin> Megan, would you mind coming over here and helping me to review these papers?
[20:49] <Megan O`Cain> Sure, Matsuo. What's up?
[20:50] <Matsuo Shin> I need you to look over these passages
[20:51] * Megan O`Cain sits next to Matsuo, and looks over the text
[20:53] <Matsuo Shin> I'm not sure I got this right so if you can...
[20:54] <Megan O`Cain> Of course. I can help out.
[20:57] * Megan O`Cain reviews whatever works Matsuo has written thus far
[21:13] * Matsuo Shin nods as he explains what he's trying to figure out
[21:15] <Forest Kit> :3
[21:19] * Megan O`Cain continues assisting Matsuo
[21:30] * Queen of Sheba is now selling plushes of Forest Kits
[21:51] * Forest Kit play a little game with the plushies :D :3 :D :3 :D :3
[21:51] *** can you tell which is a plushie?
[21:51] * Yasuko Mie wanders by from elsewhere in the hotel
[21:55] <Queen of Sheba> hello, young customer ^^
[21:56] <Yasuko Mie> Hi lad--those are so cuuute *_*
[21:58] <Forest Kit> :3 :D :3 :D :3 :D :3 :D :3
[21:58] * Yasuko Mie picks up one of the plushies to see how soft and cuddly it is
[21:59] <spiritflame> Forest Kit rolls 1d10 an odd number equals a forest kit in plushie disguise. [ 4 ]
[22:00] <Forest Kit> (( forgot the /dm XD ))
[22:02] * Forest Kit Plushie is soft and very cuddly regardless
[22:25] <Yasuko Mie> So squishy! *squishes it again* You're just right to go next to penguin-chan :D
[22:29] * Forest Kit are trilling :3 :3 :3 :3 :3
[22:38] * Yasuko Mie tucks it under her arm and looks to see if vendor lady has other cute things
[22:42] <Forest Kit> :3
[22:46] * Queen of Sheba has MANY cute things
[22:48] * Queen of Sheba has plushies, Kawaii T-Shirts, Chibi-Matsuo statues
[22:51] <Matsuo Shin> wait what statues!?
[22:52] * Yasuko Mie picks a cute horse plushie for Delilah
[22:54] <Forest Kit> :3
[22:55] <Queen of Sheba> that will be 3000 yen ^^
[23:01] <Yasuko Mie> Um...*holds out several galleons instead?*
[23:03] <Megan O`Cain> What's wrong, Matsuo?
[23:04] <Queen of Sheba> *_*
[23:04] * Queen of Sheba takes it!
[23:05] * Queen of Sheba bags the item and hands it to Yasuko!
[23:06] * Matsuo Shin is disturbed by the small statue of himself
[23:08] * Yasuko Mie takes her items and puts them in her backpack
[23:08] <Matsuo Shin> I never agreed with this...
[23:08] <Queen of Sheba> they're a top seller!
[23:11] <Matsuo Shin> ~_~
[23:13] * Yasuko Mie skips over to the elevator, hits the button
[23:13] <Forest Kit> :3
[23:16] * Yasuko Mie is away 
[00:30] * Freya Felinus has moved to: [ 1602 ]
[00:31] * Freya Felinus [1602] smiles and taps a bit of crystal, letting it dim
[00:31] * Freya Felinus [1602] sighs and walks over to a sofa, sitting down
[00:36] <Freya Felinus> [1602] mm just what I need
[00:36] <Freya Felinus> (( oops forgot nvm! ))
[00:36] *** Freya Felinus has left #suburbansenshi2 (retconned out)
[01:02] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC (Need sleep now.)
[09:25] *** Hideki Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[09:25] <@spiritflame> ohayo Hideki Kaze *** Happy Independence Day [US]!!
[09:25] * Hideki Kaze [Outside] is already trying to do some early work
[09:25] *** Hideki Kaze has moved back to the Atrium
[09:38] * Hideki Kaze lets his wife sleep
[09:53] * Aiko is, meanwhile, looking after the children
[10:26] * Minerva has moved to: [ Bar ]
[10:26] * Minerva [Bar] is trying to clean up the bartop as she gets ready for work
[19:26] * Little fox ears pop up in a distant part of the Lobby
[20:21] <~> *sneak sneak*
[20:21] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:21] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Chibi-Nat *** Happy Independence Day [US]!!
[20:21] <Chibi-Nat> :D
[20:21] <Chibi-Nat> Fireworks Night!
[20:24] <~> Yes, Natty!
[20:25] <Chibi-Nat> o__o
[20:25] <Chibi-Nat> Who that?
[20:26] * Anesha [Tokyo] rises up from within one of the Atrium Plants. "Hello there♫"
[20:27] *** Anesha has moved back to the Atrium
[20:31] <Chibi-Nat> :D
[20:31] <Chibi-Nat> Hiiiiii!
[20:32] <Chibi-Nat> You trying to sneak up on me?
[20:32] <Chibi-Nat> :P
[20:36] <Anesha> Fuzzy goof. :P
[20:37] * Anesha reaches a hand out to give headpats.
[20:38] <Chibi-Nat> :D
[20:39] * Chibi-Nat accepts headpats with trills!
[20:45] <Anesha> Hmhmhmhm~
[20:48] <Chibi-Nat> Where's everyone else?
[20:53] <Anesha> Probably out at a fireworks show.
[21:01] <Chibi-Nat> I wanna see fireworks too! :f
[21:03] <Anesha> Well then, let's take a look around and see if there are any going on~
[21:04] <Chibi-Nat> Yaaaaaaaaaaay!
[21:04] * Chibi-Nat POOFS!!
[21:04] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> :3
[21:05] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) tries to climb up onto Anesha's shoulders!
[21:05] * Anesha allows Natty to climb up. Once she's secure, it's time to find some fireworks!
[21:06] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
[21:06] *** Chibi-Nat (fox form) has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Fireworks time!")
[21:07] *** Anesha [VineWhisperer@Makai.dw] has left #suburbansenshi2 (*time to find a show♫*)
[21:24] * BluSky_Caprice is off to New York to celebrate with the rest of her old collegues
[00:16] * BluSky_Caprice enjoys the time thourlougly...taking videos and sending them to her family
[19:37] *** Michelle O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:37] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Michelle O`Cain
[19:37] * Michelle O`Cain happily walks out of an elevator leading into the Atrium
[20:11] <Michelle O`Cain> Huh. It's so quiet down here.
[21:42] * Sskt is sharpening a sword
[21:50] * Sskt swears in martian
[21:55] <Michelle O`Cain> Hi there.
[21:59] * Sskt just looks at Michelle...
[22:00] <Michelle O`Cain> What?
[22:01] * Matsuo Shin and Hideki are trying to fight off a many tenticles eldrich horror from beyond!
[22:01] <Hideki Kaze> YOU WERE WRONG
[22:02] <Michelle O`Cain> The hell?! O_O
[22:11] * Hideki Kaze SLICES it's arms off!
[22:16] <Matsuo Shin> OH HELLO MICHELLE <--- *shouting over the roars of the monster*
[22:25] * Michelle O`Cain fires blast after blast at the eldritch horror
[22:37] <Michelle O`Cain> Where did this thing come from?!
[22:39] <Matsuo Shin> I DON'T KNOW
[22:45] * Michelle O`Cain keeps on firing
[23:04] * the monster finally dies
[23:05] <Michelle O`Cain> There we go.
[23:06] <Matsuo Shin> FINALLY
[23:10] <Michelle O`Cain> Yeesh.
[23:14] *** Michelle O`Cain has quit IRC (OOC: Need to sleep.)
[23:19] * Matsuo Shin falls to the floor with Hideki, both covered in the monster's blood
[00:16] * Aino has moved to: [ Tokyo ]
[00:16] <Aiko> ^
[00:16] * Aiko has moved to: [ Tokyo ]
[00:17] * Aiko [Tokyo] walks along the dark streets.....the only sign of her being a kitsune is the shadows that appear in illumination
[00:17] <Aiko> [Tokyo] so busy
[00:24] * Aiko [Tokyo] pauses and glances over at another woman....both share knowing glances
[00:25] * Aiko [Tokyo] keeps walking along
[00:26] <Aiko> [Tokyo] hm..I remember Edo...when it much cmaller
[00:26] <Aiko> [Tokyo] *smaller
[00:27] * Aiko [Tokyo] finds her way along some further corners of Juuban..
[00:31] * Aiko [Tokyo] smiles to herself a little
[00:43] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte has moved to: [ Windsor ]
[00:43] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte [Windsor] walks the street...and heading towards a large boiling mass of black clouds and roaring sounds
[00:43] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> [Windsor] welp....
[00:44] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> [Windsor] here we go
[00:44] *** Kaelyn P. Peinforte has left #suburbansenshi2 (Peinforte Time!)
[09:27] * Minerva [Bar] kicks someone out from the bar
[09:36] <Minerva> [Bar] AND STAY OUT
[09:39] * Minerva [Bar] looks at one of the two sisters who run the bar
[09:48] * Maddie Archer and her friends are trying to fight off a giant monster ><
[10:12] <Joanna Smithson> ugh.........such a pain
[10:12] * Joanna Smithson has moved to: [ Mugen Academy ]
[10:12] * Joanna Smithson [Mugen Academy] is in the middle of all the extra classes she has to teach because her sister is on leave
[10:19] * Mercurius Shin [Mori Tower] heads out to do another errand for Mizunomics
[19:11] * Little fox ears pop up in a distant part of the Lobby
[19:17] * Aiko [Tokyo] sits, reading a scroll
[19:17] *** Aiko has moved back to the Atrium
[19:19] * Little fox ears carefully move in closer.
[19:20] * Aiko 's own ears flick
[19:33] * Little fox ears creep in closer
[19:42] <Aiko> ...
[19:42] <Aiko> I know you're there
[19:47] <Little fox ears> Oooooo?
[19:48] <Aiko> I am too old to be tricked
[19:50] * Little fox ears rise up.
[19:50] * Little fox ears is now known as UMP-9
[19:50] * UMP-9 is wearing a set of fox ears on her head. >:D
[19:54] <UMP-9> You thought it was little Natalia, BUT IT WAS ME, UMP-9!!!
[19:54] <UMP-9> >:D
[19:55] <Aiko> naturally
[19:56] <UMP-9> Therefore you were tricked. By none other than a magnificent member of Squad-404!
[19:56] <UMP-9> ^__^
[19:59] * Aiko just gives an annoyed look
[20:01] <UMP-9> So just what are YOU up to?
[20:01] * UMP-9 keeps the fox ears on.
[20:03] <Aiko> reading
[20:05] <UMP-9> Whatcha reading? :3
[20:08] *** Michelle O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:08] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Michelle O`Cain
[20:08] <Michelle O`Cain> Oh, hi, everyone!
[20:11] <UMP-9> Hellooooooooooooooo!
[20:12] <Michelle O`Cain> How's it going?
[20:14] * Aiko says the name of an obscure japanese ancient text