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"With Rei-san gone off to who knows where, all restraints on the Master were lifted. Now his perversity knows no bounds."
-- Yuuichiro on Hino-ojiisan

welcome to #suburbansenshi2

[11:06] <Griselda> !yai 'cause the fun doesn't start 'til he spouts his wisdom
[11:06] Wisdom from the Book of Yai:
[23:55] <Yaijinden> ....wait, when did Ying grow a tail now?

[11:06] <Griselda> Hello.
[11:07] <Freya Felinus> hm? oh hello
[11:08] <Griselda> I felt a disturbance, and so here I am. What's shakin'?
[11:09] <Freya Felinus> I shouldn't be worried but...
[11:10] * Freya Felinus points out the news
[11:11] * The news is running a long program on a new development project announced for Tokyo..a large scale building project.....set to be built right on the exact location of the neighborhood the house is sitting in
[11:11] <Griselda> Hmm, that is odd. Why would this location be chosen? Did the planner think this is just some ordinary place they could simply bulldoze?
[11:12] <Freya Felinus> that's what's bothering me
[11:15] <-> The project is to be headed and funded by the up and coming Black Moon Development Corporation
[11:15] <Freya Felinus> ...and that explains it
[11:17] <Griselda> Wait, ain't they dead?
[11:17] <Griselda> Or did I miss something?
[11:19] <Freya Felinus> last i heard they were running a tiny coffee shop in Tokyo..something must have happened
[11:26] <Freya Felinus> wait
[11:26] <Freya Felinus> if this was real..then they would have sent a notice to the owners about...the...
[11:26] <Freya Felinus> ..oh of course
[11:50] <Griselda> Hm?
[11:54] <Freya Felinus> given who the original owners of this establishment were
[12:00] <Griselda> Context por favor? Do remember, I only popped in around two years back.... still got some catching up to do as far as this timeline's history and such.
[12:10] <Freya Felinus> originally this location was named the Tenou house.....then combined with the Aino House..before becoming The Hotel
[12:12] <Griselda> So unless I'm missing a detail, Tenou or Aino should've received a notice about this -- should have being the operative words here?
[12:12] <Freya Felinus> ..which means any notice would go to either of them
[12:14] <Griselda> of joys. I'm betting the lack of response back from either would be interpreted as a green light to the Black Moon has-beens to go ahead with their thing?
[12:23] <Griselda> So what's gonna be the game plan here? We try and convince 'em to build elsewhere? We kick their asses back to their coffee shop? We toss 'em onto another deserted planetoid?
[12:23] <Freya Felinus> WE TAKE THEM TO COURT
[12:24] <Griselda> Oh?
[12:27] <Freya Felinus> ...that's one idea
[19:25] * Delilah Inochi lounges on a sofa..and blinks, looking around..then looks up
[19:25] <Delilah Inochi> .....did that ever get resolved?
[19:25] <Delilah Inochi> oh well!
[19:28] * Delilah Inochi reades the newest light novel she bought
[19:28] <Delilah Inochi> *reads
[21:06] * Delilah Inochi snacks on some chips
[21:19] <Beryl> Squeeee!
[21:28] <Delilah Inochi> huh?
[21:28] <Delilah Inochi> oh hi beryl
[21:33] <Beryl> hi auntie :D
[21:57] <Delilah Inochi> what are you doing?
[22:02] <Beryl> sneekeee :D
[22:03] <Delilah Inochi> sneaking??
[22:04] <Beryl> :D
[22:10] <Beryl> I wanna play :D
[22:13] <Delilah Inochi> um i'm not...really...
[22:16] <Delilah Inochi> >_> <_<
[22:24] <Beryl> wai? :O
[22:27] <Delilah Inochi> I'm..kind of comfy...
[22:27] <Giselle Bellerose> I shall play with you
[22:28] <Beryl> auntie :D
[22:31] * Beryl runs towards Giselle :D
[22:31] <Giselle Bellerose> now what would you like to play?
[22:39] <Beryl> blockies :D
[22:42] <Giselle Bellerose> very you have them?
[22:47] * Beryl pulls out the blocks :D
[22:49] * Giselle Bellerose sits down on the floor
[23:02] * Delilah Inochi leans back and goes back to her reading
[23:33] * Giselle Bellerose helps beryl with her building
[23:33] * Giselle Bellerose keeps an eye on the time
[00:34] * Giselle Bellerose brings Beryl back up to her parents
[00:40] * Delilah Inochi has nodded off a little
[00:42] * DD_Girl_Green has moved to: [ 1710 ]
[00:42] <DD_Girl_Green> [1710] would you like to come in?
[00:46] * Giselle Bellerose walks in, holding beryl
[00:48] * Beryl is now a tired little Youma Halfling
[00:49] <DD_Girl_Green> [1710] is she tuckered out?
[00:50] <Giselle Bellerose> it seems so
[00:50] <Giselle Bellerose> she played for a long time
[00:52] <DD_Girl_Green> [1710] awwww
[00:52] * DD_Girl_Green [1710] takes Beryl
[01:03] <Giselle Bellerose> she's a good girl..if a bit michivious
[01:04] * Delilah Inochi wakes up and yawns ><
[01:05] * Delilah Inochi switches on the TV to see what's on......and blinks
[01:05] <Delilah Inochi> ............
[01:07] * Delilah Inochi watches
[01:18] * DD_Girl_Pink 's show is LIVE on another channel.
[01:19] * Delilah Inochi just watches with fascination...she didn't even know this was playing on TV
[01:38] * Delilah Inochi finishes watching the show...and just..doesn't know what to make of it
[02:32] * Delilah Inochi streaches
[02:58] *** Delilah Inochi has left #suburbansenshi2 (*heads to bed*)
[11:03] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte has found a nice spot near the gazebo to read the Abominatris Crimsonia
[11:04] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte sips some tea
[11:04] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> mmm nothing like some tea and forbidden knowledge to top off the day
[11:15] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte hums to herself and turns the page...
[11:18] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte mutters to herself reading and just..randomly opening up portals to the dark dimensions as you would
[11:20] * Delilah Inochi sighs, sitting at lunch and dissapointed in herself...she's struggling in her magic club
[11:20] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte glances up and sees unspeakable abmoniations trying to enter this universe
[11:20] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> WHOOPS
[11:20] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte banishes them once more
[11:23] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> Kae, you really need to pay attention to what you're doing
[11:28] * Neva has moved to: [ Alien Zone Police ]
[11:28] <Neva> [Alien Zone Police] COME ON PEOPLE, GIVE ME SOMETHING TO WORK WITH!
[11:28] <Neva> [Alien Zone Police] we have had numerious break ins this week and not a single trace of evidence!
[11:29] <Neva> [Alien Zone Police] I busted my ass to get to this place and I expect you to bust your asses to get that info for me
[11:30] * Keska is doing a swim in the river
[11:30] <Keska> hm?
[11:30] * Keska notices a small demonic creature crawl by
[11:30] <Keska> ...that's...strange
[11:33] * Maddie Archer leans against a wall at a Bakery, while her Uncle visits with his cousin
[11:34] * Mirai Arashi has fallen asleep in class...having spent too many late nights fighting crime
[11:37] <Beryl> :D
[11:38] * Caligo [Tokyo] is with Beryl, keeping an eye on her
[11:38] *** Caligo has moved back to the Atrium
[11:46] * Matsumi Kaze sighs, heading back to her work
[11:48] <Beryl> Squeeeee! :D
[11:48] * Matsumi Kaze is at mugen so she doesn't see beryl naturally
[11:54] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte>'d think they'd write their latin better...
[12:02] * Naoko Ryusei wanders's been quiet lately
[12:02] * Naoko Ryusei pauses and blinks, looking up in the sky
[12:02] <Naoko Ryusei> ......that's odd
[12:31] * Beryl looks at Chiyoko's restaurant :O
[12:34] * Chiyoko Shinkaze is working super hard with the help of her "daughters"
[18:13] * Brianna E McIntash is chatting with Rosette Peron!
[18:13] * Brianna E McIntash has achieved goal: Make a new friend!
[18:46] * Phobos and Deimos are selling super special Mars themed amulets!...cause the shrine needs the money!
[18:58] * Delilah Inochi is finally walking home from school, yawning
[18:58] * Delilah Inochi glances and back forth..making sure tehre's nobody around
[18:58] * Delilah Inochi pulls out her broom and wand
[19:02] * Delilah Inochi focuses...speaking the right words..then quickly grabs her broom and takes off into the air
[19:03] * Delilah Inochi blinks..looking at gathering storm clothes
[19:03] <Delilah Inochi> ..that's weird
[19:09] <Delilah Inochi> wha..WHA!
[19:09] * Delilah Inochi gets caught up in a blowing wind O_O
[19:17] * Delilah Inochi struggles against it..but ends up plummiting towards the ground O_____O
[19:21] * three bolts of lightening strike in Tokyo...before Delilah crashes
[19:29] * Delilah Inochi digs herself out of the trash bin she crashed into ><
[19:37] <Delilah Inochi> what..was that
[19:55] * Delilah Inochi manages to get away and heads back to the Hotel
[21:36] *** TO BE CONTINUED!
[21:36] <Chibi-Nat> (( WHOOPS! WRONG BOX! ))
[21:38] *** Ryoko Mitsurugi [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:38] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Ryoko Mitsurugi
[21:38] <Haru E> (That's a big "Whoops" moment right there.)
[21:39] * Ryoko Mitsurugi finds herself a seat in a chair after stepping away from an arcade cabinet
[22:27] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte is spit out of a portal, covered in slime
[22:27] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte slides face down across the floor for a good 15 feet..before slowing to a stop
[22:27] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Whoa. How...?
[22:29] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> .....
[22:33] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte randomly catches on fire
[22:33] <Haru E> .....having fun, boss?
[22:35] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte gives a thumbs up
[22:36] * Haru E works to douse the flames.
[22:36] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> I suppose so.
[22:37] * Ryoko Mitsurugi lends Haru a hand with an extinguisher
[22:37] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte gives another thumbs up
[22:44] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte sits up suddenly
[22:44] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> AH
[22:44] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> well that's done!!!
[22:46] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> So, what happened?
[22:46] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> NO TIME
[22:46] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> WHO WANTS AN ADVENTURE!
[22:54] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> alright! I'll take that as a no!
[22:58] *** Haru E [Shura.SpannerinDWorks@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi2 (*IRL tired*)
[22:58] * Miara pokes her head in from the stairs
[22:58] <Miara> Someone say something about an adventure?
[23:00] *** D. Kakaku has joined #suburbansenshi2
[23:00] <@spiritflame> konbanwa D. Kakaku
[23:00] <D. Kakaku> I heard something!
[23:00] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> yes!
[23:00] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> I need some brave companions to help me potentially save reality
[23:03] <Miara> Oh?
[23:04] <D. Kakaku> hmmm?
[23:05] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> a rare concurrance of celestial objects is coming into being and a demon lord is planning to take advantage of this to invade the Earth
[23:05] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> ..the bloody wanker
[23:08] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Oh joy. Holy water, and other holy objects needed?
[23:10] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> sometihng like that
[23:10] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> half the time I think they simply bulls[BLEEP]t that part but still
[23:10] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Hmmm.
[23:11] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> but we'll kick demon arse!
[23:12] <D. Kakaku> what's its name?
[23:18] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> .......
[23:18] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> uhhhhhhhh
[23:19] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> You have no idea. ^_^;
[23:20] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> nope
[23:21] <D. Kakaku> is he one you're connected to somehow?
[23:23] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> nope!
[23:30] <Miara> hm...
[23:31] <Miara> and when are you planning to take care of this?
[23:34] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> huh when do you people have time?
[23:35] <Miara> no idea!
[23:36] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Who knows these days.
[23:37] <D. Kakaku> not enough in the world.
[23:39] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> well whenever you people are avalible!
[23:54] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte drinks some tea
[00:02] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Aside from Slimer running amuck, what's been going on?
[00:03] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> nothing! you?
[00:04] <D. Kakaku> doing good
[00:04] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Tried a couple of old fighting games, played some skeeball, just having fun in general.
[00:21] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> I never went to arcades
[00:21] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> mum wouldn't let me
[00:27] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Oh. What did you do for fun, Kaelyn?
[00:27] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> Kae
[00:28] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> eh the usual
[00:28] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> hung out with my friends
[00:29] * Ryoko Mitsurugi nods
[00:33] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> I went to public it was..that sort of place
[00:56] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> ...
[01:03] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Loaded with cliques?
[01:28] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> somewhat
[01:28] * Ryoko Mitsurugi nods, "Gotcha."
[01:33] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> If you don't mind, I better get some sleep. Until next time, guys.
[01:33] *** Ryoko Mitsurugi [] has quit IRC (Feel so tired right now.)
[02:13] *** Kaelyn P. Peinforte has left #suburbansenshi2
[11:47] * Hinako Urashima and Camilla pop in to visit Haru and Lyz.
[11:51] * Delilah Inochi is just exiting Kaelyn's store
[11:51] <Delilah Inochi> oh!
[11:51] <Delilah Inochi> hi!
[11:57] <Hinako Urashima> Hey Delilha. How've you been?
[12:03] <Delilah Inochi> oh I've been good ^^
[12:06] <Delilah Inochi> just....doing things
[12:12] <Camilla> Yeah, I know that feeling.
[12:17] * Delilah Inochi 's hair flaps are flapping up and down..she's hiding stuff
[12:21] <Camilla> ...uh, your hair seems rather animate today.
[12:23] <Delilah Inochi> g-gah!
[12:24] * Delilah Inochi tries to hide her hair!
[12:24] <Hinako Urashima> Either something is rustling around in there, or you've got something on your mind.
[12:25] <Delilah Inochi> I was for a gift
[12:26] <Delilah Inochi> for yasuko
[12:26] <Hinako Urashima> Ah.
[12:28] * Delilah Inochi just nods shyly
[12:41] <Hinako Urashima> Hey, no judging.
[12:43] <Delilah Inochi> um how are you???
[12:47] <Hinako Urashima> Eh, same stuff, different day.
[12:48] <Delilah Inochi> it's a nice day though ^^
[12:48] <Delilah Inochi> um..Hinako
[12:48] <Delilah Inochi> when you're not busy..can you help me with my energy training please
[12:48] <Hinako Urashima> Sure thing. ^^
[13:33] <Delilah Inochi> ^^ yay
[13:35] <Delilah Inochi> hey hinako?
[13:37] <Hinako Urashima> Hm?
[13:38] <Delilah Inochi> you ever think about this whole..other..universe thing
[13:38] <Delilah Inochi> ..I you ever...worry that......well
[13:38] <Delilah Inochi> what if we're not the real ones?
[13:39] <Hinako Urashima> Where's this coming from?
[13:43] <Delilah Inochi> I mean..I just....sometimes wonder...
[13:43] <Delilah Inochi> you know?
[13:47] <Hinako Urashima> Hm, admittedly I'm not quite certain how to answer that.
[13:52] <Delilah Inochi> I just..sometimes seeing these other people
[13:52] * Delilah Inochi looks at her own hands
[13:52] <Delilah Inochi> ...if everything I see is just..from my point of view..does that mean that the rest is just..fake?
[13:52] <Delilah Inochi> @_@
[13:54] <Camilla> I got my own doubts on that. There's billions of people on this world alone, billions of differing points of view...
[14:10] * Delilah Inochi nods...
[14:16] <Delilah Inochi> oh um..I should get ready..sorry i should go
[14:16] <Camilla> Take care.
[14:17] * Delilah Inochi runs off
[14:17] *** Delilah Inochi has left #suburbansenshi2
[14:58] <Matsumi Kaze> man, why am I never told about this
[15:00] <Camilla> ?
[15:02] * Matsumi Kaze is looking over her phone
[15:07] <Hinako Urashima> Trouble?
[15:13] <Matsumi Kaze> more like I don't know why I'm the last know s[BLEEP]t that affects me
[15:16] <Hinako Urashima> Context por favor?
[15:17] <Matsumi Kaze> there's a new anime being made about me
[15:19] <Camilla> Huh. Is it gonna be another retelling of your prior adventures, or is this a whole new thing?
[15:20] * Matsumi Kaze scrolls through the article
[15:20] <Matsumi Kaze> ..oh it's based off that manga
[15:20] <Matsumi Kaze> ...the manga that is nothing like my life
[15:20] <Camilla> Oh boy.
[15:23] <Matsumi Kaze> ...thank god
[15:29] <Matsumi Kaze> but come on! I deserve to know this stuff!
[15:31] <Matsumi Kaze> hell I didn't even know there was a manga till I was in college....
[15:31] <Matsumi Kaze> ...and that was only cause I saw it in a used book store
[15:33] <Matsumi Kaze> hell I didn't even know there was an anime series to start off with...
[15:34] <Hinako Urashima> Take it there's quite the rabbit hole of unknown media to delve into?
[15:35] <Matsumi Kaze> 250 episodes of it...
[15:35] <Matsumi Kaze> half of it made up
[15:36] <Hinako Urashima> I'll take that as a "yes".
[15:37] <Matsumi Kaze> yuuuup
[15:37] * Matsumi Kaze grabs herself a ginger ale
[16:05] <Matsumi Kaze> still....
[16:09] *** Brennin Bran [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:09] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa Brennin Bran
[16:10] * Brennin Bran comes through the London door, his usual bag slung over a shoulder
[16:11] <Matsumi Kaze> hm? oh hi
[16:12] <Brennin Bran> Hallo.
[16:13] <Matsumi Kaze> how goes??
[16:14] <Brennin Bran> Oh, alright so far. Got some time to myself for a bit, figured I'd stop by here a while, since my usual place doesn't seem to be available.
[16:15] <Matsumi Kaze> where do you usually go?
[16:17] <Brennin Bran> London, these days. So what's going on here? The convention's still going?
[16:18] <Matsumi Kaze> honestly i have no idea at this point
[16:19] * Elphelt is trying her hand... erm, feet, at another dancing game.... and she's doing remarkably well, all things considered. Ramlethal is sitting in on another cooking class...... thankfully she remembered to grab a few napkins to wipe away any drool from all this delicious food being made.
[16:21] <Matsumi Kaze> yeah I don't really know what's going on anymore
[16:28] <Brennin Bran> Hah! With all the stuff around here, who does, I wonder?
[16:29] * Brennin Bran texts a bit on a PADD-like device
[16:29] <Matsumi Kaze> yeah this is a crazy place...half the time I've gotten lost in this place..and I live here
[16:43] <Brennin Bran> Do you? How do you like it? I understand all the suites are pretty much all the amenities?
[16:44] <Matsumi Kaze> oh i love it..yeah it's full of everything you would need
[16:46] <Brennin Bran> So I hear...
[16:49] <Matsumi Kaze>'s a strange feeling
[16:54] * Brennin Bran sends another text
[17:10] <Matsumi Kaze> OH CRAP forgot tonight was the family get together!
[17:12] * Matsumi Kaze rushes upstairs for a moment
[17:12] <Matsumi Kaze> ....
[17:12] <Matsumi Kaze> wait
[17:12] <Matsumi Kaze> did Id o that
[17:15] <Brennin Bran> ?
[17:15] <Brennin Bran> But family, then?
[17:15] <Brennin Bran> *big
[17:17] <Matsumi Kaze> oh yes....
[17:18] <Matsumi Kaze> six children, four grandchildren...
[17:21] <Matsumi Kaze> wait children
[17:55] * Matsumi Kaze has set up for a movie night with her kids and grand kids and her niece
[17:59] * Brennin Bran is back
[17:59] <Eilean> hm? oh hey it's...the guy
[18:01] <Brennin Bran> That seems to have gone well enough.
[18:01] * Brennin Bran looks over at Eilean
[18:03] <Brennin Bran> 'the guy'? Have we met?
[18:07] <Eilean> probably
[18:07] * Brennin Bran is suddenly wondering if he's offended this person in some way, except that he can't remember ever meeting her and he doesn't usually forget people.
[18:08] <Brennin Bran> I really don't think so.
[18:08] <Brennin Bran> In which case we should be acquainted! Name's Bran.
[18:09] <Eilean> Eilean
[18:18] <Brennin Bran> Nice to meet you.
[18:27] <Eilean> same
[18:27] * Caligo takes a bite out of a taco
[18:30] * Delilah Inochi shares some snacks with Nobu!
[18:36] <Matsumi Kaze> oh hey bran!
[18:37] <Brennin Bran> Hallo
[18:38] <Matsumi Kaze> how goes?
[18:40] <Giselle Bellerose> I think the effects are just fine
[18:41] * Brennin Bran removes off to the restaurant to find some food
[18:58] * Brennin Bran is away 
[19:09] * Anne and Mary notice the movie being watched..and join in the watch!
[19:09] <Anne Bonny> HA now this is what i call a film!
[19:09] * Mary Read nods!
[19:15] *** Ryoko Mitsurugi [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:15] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Ryoko Mitsurugi
[19:16] * Ryoko Mitsurugi drinks water from a thermos as she walks about the Atrium
[19:17] * the film Captain Blood is being shown on the big TV
[19:19] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Whoa. What's the party?
[19:21] <Matsumi Kaze> family movie night
[19:22] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Ohhh. Fun so far, Matsumi?
[19:27] <Matsumi Kaze> yeah pretty much
[19:28] * Little fox ears pop up nearby.
[19:29] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> That's good.
[19:36] * Little fox ears move in closer to everyone.
[19:38] * Kyra watches the movie with her family!
[19:38] <Elphelt> Hmm.... I sense mischief approaching....
[19:39] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Huh?
[19:40] * Little fox ears lays out a plate upon which are a generous portion of freshly fried beef sausages. Hey, that's G-36's recipe too!
[19:41] * The Intern's Monitor that she has set up in the Dimensional Rift shows activity again.
[19:45] * Little fox ears lurks near the plate, as if waiting.
[19:46] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Anyone else smell that? Like something fresh and hot off the grill.
[19:52] <Elphelt> Over there.... fried beef sausages.... smells like the recipe G-36 uses.
[19:53] <Little fox ears> ...
[19:56] * Ramlethal approaches.
[19:57] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Eh? They're that good?
[20:00] <Little fox ears> ....!
[20:05] * Ramlethal reaches for one.
[20:11] *** The sausages look quite tasty, and they're still warm too
[20:11] * Ryoko Mitsurugi snatches a sausage from the plate, and takes a bite
[20:16] *** The sausage is delicious!
[20:17] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Holy s[BLEEP]t. These are pretty good.
[20:17] *** Suddenly, a small little coppery bundle of fluff DARTS forward out of the bushes and bats playfully at the arms of both Ramlethal and Ryoko!
[20:17] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> >:3
[20:17] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Heeeeeey. :P
[20:18] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Heeeeeeee!
[20:18] <Ramlethal> again.... Natty?
[20:23] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Yuppa!
[20:23] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Surprised?
[20:30] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Where'd you pick up these links?
[20:31] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> G-36 made them!
[20:32] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> We got a whole lot of Forest Kits at the Estate now. They've made everything Super-Fluffy now!
[20:32] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> We had breakfast today and Porsche and G-36 were cooking and they swarmed all over G-36.
[20:38] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Nice.
[20:42] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> And we got to play all day long.
[20:42] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> And eat sausages!
[20:42] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) trots forward to eat a sausage herself!
[20:43] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Anything else go on, ya silly kit?
[20:44] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> We ambushed Mommy and made her FLUFFY!
[20:45] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Heh.
[20:51] * The Intern's Monitor shows something happening in the dimsensional rift above the city.
[20:55] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> And we all slept together in the Kit Pit!
[20:59] * The Intern's Monitor blinks indicating continued activity...
[21:00] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Sounds like you had plenty of fun, Natalia.
[21:03] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> YUPPA!!
[21:03] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) scrambles up to Ramlethal and sticks her face in hers!
[21:07] * The Intern's Monitor sounds an alarm based upon what it detects.
[21:08] * Ramlethal keeps her eyes on Natty..... did she just go cross-eyed?
[21:11] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> o___o
[21:11] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> O___O
[21:11] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> o___O
[21:11] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> O___o
[21:11] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> @___@
[21:11] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) suddenly gives Ramlethal some lick-licks!
[21:15] * Ramlethal is licked. "....?"
[21:19] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> =^ ^=
[21:22] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) perks her ears up suddenly as she hears someone calling for her!
[21:23] * The Intern's Monitor blinks, flashing red.
[21:24] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Time to go! Mommy's calling!
[21:27] * @Intern 4 looks at her monitor
[21:28] * The Intern's Monitor has detected something that it is programmed to bring to her attention, and it is a high priority recording.
[21:28] <The Intern's Monitor> Red Alert
[21:29] * The Intern's Monitor has a playback available of what it saw.
[21:29] * @Intern 4 plays it back
[21:30] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) dashes off, chattering and giggling as only a Kitsune can!
[21:30] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Gah!")
[21:31] * The Intern's Monitor shows D.Kakaku hanging around in the Atrium, and noticing activity in the air, presumably in the rift.
[21:32] * The Intern's Monitor shows D.Kakaku looking really interested at what he is seeing in the rift, and getting onto his flycycle to fly in and investigate...
[21:33] * The Intern's Monitor shows D.Kakaku entering the rift, on his flycycle, and, for the first time, there is somebody else inside.
[21:33] <@Intern 4> ....images that precede unfortunate events, as the meme says.
[21:34] * @Intern 4 sees if she can identify who else was inside
[21:35] * The Intern's Monitor shows D.Kakaku meet a woman wearing a nano-weave stealthsuit with a powerpack that she is repairing with tools. She has red hair, and is wearing goggles and has bandoliers slung over her shoulders.
[21:35] * Ryoko Mitsurugi gets a tortilla sized slice of cheese, and wraps it around a sausage link, "Eh, why not. Might taste good together."
[21:36] * The Intern's Monitor shows D.Kakaku curiously going right over to this woman, after only the slightest hesitation.
[21:36] * @Intern 4 's lower lip trembles
[21:37] * @Intern 4 remembers a certain incident long ago
[21:37] <@Intern 4> ...[unintelligible gallifreyan swearing...]
[21:38] * The Intern's Monitor shows D.Kakaku talking to this red-headed woman, and showing her some of the things in his satchel. She opens one of hers, and points to some of her own supplies. D.Kakaku smiles and keeps talking.
[21:39] * The Intern's Monitor shows D.Kakaku point to the point in the rift where he went in, and how to get to the HOTEL. The Red-headed woman looks in that direction, and nods.
[21:39] * @Intern 4 watches with the dead eyes of one expecting something just horrendous right around the corner
[21:39] <@Intern 4> !
[21:39] * @Intern 4 pounds a fist on the desk lightly, trembling a bit. Self control is a thing.
[21:40] * The Intern's Monitor then shows a reading of rift and timeline instability increasing by orders of magnite, sufficient to prove her dread correct.
[21:41] * @Intern 4 closes her eyes, sighs, lets out a little swear and then takes a deep breath, opening her eyes again
[21:41] * @Intern 4 checks to see just how bad the instability is projected to become
[21:42] * The Intern's Monitor shows D.Kakaku talking and smiling, looking very interested at whatever this woman is saying.
[21:43] * The Intern's Monitor shows this person laughing, pulling out a flask, and drinking some of whatever is in it, though she doesn't put it away. She works on the device she is tending to, and then, takes a strange-looking helmet and puts it on herself, looking at D.Kakaku through it for a few moments.
[21:44] * The Intern's Monitor shows the woman, now in the helmet, push a button on the side, and point in the same direction D.Kakaku pointed in where he entered the rift. D.Kakaku nods in the affirmative about something.
[21:45] * The Intern's Monitor shows the readings of potential contamination escalate drastically at this point.
[21:45] * @Intern 4 has a side-computer analyze the images of this woman and the helmet for cross-references as the mains creencotninues to play.She has a bad feeling about where she's seen people like this before
[21:46] * Side-computer indicates that the cross-references show match rates of 99.9% of being EXACTLY what The Intern is afraid of.
[21:46] * @Intern 4 lets out another sigh
[21:47] * @Intern 4 contacts the Celestial Intervention Agency, she barely avoided getting into a scrap with these people the last time, she doesn't need this to get out of hand.
[21:48] * @Intern 4 looks up where Kakaku is now
[21:48] * The Intern's Monitor shows the end of the recording that triggered the alarm: The woman, whoever she is, seems to ask D.Kakaku a very slow question, her body language showing that it's very important, whatever she is saying...
[21:48] * @Intern 4 tries to zoom and enhance to read her lips
[21:50] * The Intern's Zooming and Enhamcement is successful. This woman is *probably* saing the following, provided she is speaking English: "Tell me--would you like to live again, after you die?"
[21:50] <@Intern 4> ....
[21:51] * The Intern's Monitor shows D.Kakaku looking at the woman's body, thinking, and the part of her fact that is visible, which is smiling, and finally nodding his head "Yes."
[21:51] * The Intern's Monitor 's recording ends.
[21:51] * @Intern 4 browtwitches
[21:52] * @Intern 4 looks to see where kakaku is now.
[21:53] * @Intern 4 comes up blank
[21:53] <@Intern 4> I always knew he'd end up getting some kind of infection
[21:53] * @Intern 4 recalls how adaptable those Redheads are
[21:55] *** Dead-Eyes [002@cia674.panopticon.gallifrey.kasterborous.sen] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:55] <+luna_P> Evening, Dead-Eyes
[21:55] <+luna_P> Hi. Leave me alone. I'm only talking to the cats today.
[21:56] <Dead-Eyes> Intern.
[21:56] <Dead-Eyes> ...You're not supposed to he here yet.
[21:56] <@Intern 4> I am so please deal with it.
[21:56] * @Intern 4 shows him the recordings
[21:57] <Dead-Eyes> ....Aren't these those beings you almost got into a war with, and the ones that have been all over the timeline, and the ones that are hyperintelligent to a frightening degree?
[21:57] <@Intern 4> Very succinct.
[21:59] <@Intern 4> So we need to a) forestall an incursion b) avoid starting a war 3) not use our technology directly so they can't scan / adapt / co-opt it
[22:00] <Dead-Eyes> So we'll just arrange a confluence of natural phenomena to manifest at the time they try to cross over that will make that physically impossible.
[22:01] <Dead-Eyes> If we are good enough at seedng the initial events they'll never see it coming.
[22:01] <@Intern 4> Problem: The futher back we go to do that the more calculations we'll need and entropy / chaos will increase with orders of magnitude.
[22:02] <@Intern 4> Also: They are time active.
[22:02] * Dead-Eyes scratches his chin.
[22:03] <Dead-Eyes> Well what does she know right now? Presumably the co-ordinates to this place, yes?
[22:03] <@Intern 4> Yes.
[22:03] <Dead-Eyes> What if we move the HOTEL
[22:04] <Dead-Eyes> Or the System
[22:04] <@Intern 4> Yeah because Ravalox worked out so well last time someone moved this Solar System.
[22:05] <Dead-Eyes> What about that thing you're devising to to provide an ultimate defense.
[22:05] <@Intern 4> It has a flaw.
[22:05] <@Intern 4> It'll protect this place at the expense of just about every other dimension.
[22:05] <@Intern 4> That's unacceptable.
[22:06] <Dead-Eyes> What if we just time loop the Rift?
[22:07] <@Intern 4> If Kakaku's still in there that would trap him.
[22:07] <Dead-Eyes> He's probably been infested by them anyway. No loss.
[22:07] <@Intern 4> ¬_¬
[22:07] <Dead-Eyes> What.
[22:08] <@Intern 4> ¬_¬
[22:08] <Dead-Eyes> ...You realize that if he isinfected and you let him in here there's no point in anything right?
[22:09] <@Intern 4> Yes well I'll be careful. People aren't disposable.
[22:10] * Dead-Eyes rubs the bridge of his nose feeling a headache coming on
[22:10] <The Magistra III> Mrgle
[22:10] *** D. Kakaku has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:10] <@spiritflame> konbanwa D. Kakaku
[22:11] * Dead-Eyes looks at The Magistra III.
[22:11] *** The Magistra III is is a short woman with long red hair reaching her mid back and green eyes. She wears an oversized blue coat with Gallifreyan on the back, over a black tee and shorts and matching blue boots. Part of her hair is tyed up haphazardly with a green ribbon.
Her image Song is: .

[22:11] <Dead-Eyes> ...The Human
[22:11] <@Intern 4> Chat! Quarantine Daniel right now!
[22:12] * @Chateaux Concierge puts up a forcefield around Daniel
[22:12] <The Magistra III> Oye. I'm only half.
[22:12] <D. Kakaku> hm, what?
[22:13] <Dead-Eyes> I wasn't talking about you Magistra
[22:13] <@Intern 4> Daniel, don't panic. Be calmand don't panic. I just need to deeply scan every inche of your body.
[22:13] <@Intern 4> So just relax and don't panic.
[22:13] <The Magistra III> Oh. Carry on then.
[22:13] <D. Kakaku> okay.
[22:15] * @Intern 4 has Chat run the deepest scans on Daniel's body to see if there's anything inside it correponding to the notes Sakura April or her Third self took when dealing with The League of Red-Headed Women.
[22:18] <Scan shows that> D.Kakaku doesn't have any biosignatures on him that aren't from the HOTEL, where he's mostly been staying
[22:18] * Scan shows that ^
[22:18] * The Magistra III noms pocky, watching.
[22:19] <@Intern 4> He's clean,surprisingly.
[22:19] * @Chateaux Concierge lowers the forcefield
[22:20] <Dead-Eyes> So, human, uhh, Nathaniel, was it?
[22:20] <Dead-Eyes> Whatdid the redhead do after you told her you wanted to come back afte ryou die?
[22:21] <D. Kakaku> hm? what do you mean?
[22:22] <Dead-Eyes> Wait has this not happened to him yet?
[22:22] * Dead-Eyes checks the reasdings on the monitor
[22:22] <@Intern 4> ...or was it an Alt?
[22:22] <@Intern 4> Check the dimensional reading...
[22:22] <The Magistra III> Good luck getting anything out of him. He's not the dullest bulb in the box
[22:23] <@Intern 4> I admit I forgot to do that. I assumed it was this universe's version.
[22:23] * The Intern's Monitor was showing a vision from the rift, as it has always been.
[22:23] <Dead-Eyes> Hmm.
[22:23] * The Intern's Monitor has viewed something that will take place in SOME reality. Somewhere.
[22:24] <Dead-Eyes> then it's possible that the here he was pointing to wasn't here.
[22:24] <@Intern 4> Well that's me almost having a hearts attack. We should close that rift.
[22:24] <Dead-Eyes> Well you know...
[22:24] * The Intern's Monitor 's recording seemed to show D.Kakaku in an atrium and HOTEL and street that looked looooots like this one.
[22:25] <Dead-Eyes> if they did assimilate another universe's version of us then they would have all our technology.
[22:25] * The Magistra III extends her wristblade.
[22:25] <@Intern 4> ....I hate you sometimes.
[22:25] <D. Kakaku> did something happen while I was sleeping?
[22:25] <The Magistra III> Want me to staple it shut?
[22:25] <Dead-Eyes> Am I wrong?
[22:25] * Dead-Eyes shows Spaniel the Recording
[22:26] <Dead-Eyes> If you ever see a woman like this, don't talk to then, '
[22:26] <Dead-Eyes> Just leave.
[22:27] <The Magistra III> Does telling people not to do stuff ever actually work?
[22:28] * TLDR: Daniel meets a redhead who talks to him, drinks something, and asks him if he wants to live again after he dies and he says yes, and he points the way to the HOTEL
[22:28] <Dead-Eyes> I live in eternal hope.
[22:29] <D. Kakaku> huh... ok, don't know who the red haired person is, but I'll try avoiding if I see her.
[22:31] <Dead-Eyes> Good boy.
[22:32] * @Intern 4 sighs
[22:32] * The Magistra III doesn't bother to point out "red haired woman" describes her too, as it means people might actually leave her alone
[22:33] * @Intern 4 checks the records to see if the last time these beings showed up they opened a connection on their own or not.
[22:34] * HOTEL Log Files indicate that the manner in which these beings gained access to this dimension was never discovered, and so currently remains unknown.
[22:34] <The Magistra III> I wonder if these women are connected to Eliza or Kerrick
[22:35] <@Intern 4> One of the theories Sakura and I were working on was there might be a connection.
[22:35] <@Intern 4> But in the sense of one of her detachments.
[22:36] <@Intern 4> ugh but that was so long ago and there was so much information and things just got away with themselves.
[22:36] * @Intern 4 runs a hand through her hair
[22:36] <The Magistra III> Auntie Muineth really set disasters in motion when she broke kerricks spell
[22:37] <@Intern 4> I'm too old for this, looking for needles in haystacks
[22:37] <Dead-Eyes> Looks like your olc case got hot again.
[22:37] <Dead-Eyes> ^Cold case
[22:37] <D. Kakaku> wasn't I with you when they came here or something, or was that something else?
[22:38] <@Intern 4> Remember we sent you to that city to get intel and...
[22:38] <@Intern 4> ....yeah.
[22:38] <The Magistra III> Better then hay in a stack of needles. That would hurt
[22:40] * @Intern 4 pulls up the old case file to see if she can get a summary of the facts as they stand vis a vis these redheads to this point.
[22:40] * HOTEL Log Files indicate that in mid-late 2018, portals began forming around the HOTEL. Entering these portals would frequently lead to contact with these beings, either obliquely or directly.
[22:41] * HOTEL Log Files indicate that whatever creatures they were, they had other beings with them that seemed dependent, and all held relentless hatred of Cybermen.
[22:42] * HOTEL Log Files show that in the past, care was taken not to disrupt the timeline to the extent that Time Lords did not need to perform "repairs" after the adventures.
[22:43] * HOTEL Log Files show that inquisitors working in cooperation with Solarchos Langister considered these women to be "a Xenos Threat."
[22:44] * HOTEL Log Files ALSO has files marked "Basement Project SAKURA APRIL's EYES ONLY---Hack this to find out how lucky you are, because nothing else will save you."
[22:46] * HOTEL Log Files indicate that these beings have shown themselves capable of entering this timeline, and several time travel events in 1337-A can be matched to signatures detected when confronting this species.
[22:46] <@Intern 4> Dead-Eyes, set up a time-gapped system we can reiew those files in. With an imploder in case anything bacd starts happening.
[22:46] * Dead-Eyes sets up a terminal that will literally erase itself from existence if it starts ot become corrupted in any way
[22:47] * HOTEL Log Files indicate that In addition to a confrontation in the forests during the era of the Roman Empire, a meeting in Africa in the 14th century, the species also held total dominion over a town in Sweden in 1666, and that the exploration of this town was incomplete.
[22:47] <The Magistra III> Oh hey I remember some of this stuff
[22:48] <The Magistra III> God that was soooo long ago
[22:48] <D. Kakaku> I remember the roman one.
[22:48] <The Magistra III> Also a couple years ago
[22:48] * Dead-Eyes loads in the files, secures it from any connections to the HOTEL / external sources and then has a NON AI system work on brute force hacking it.
[22:48] <@Intern 4> Yeah I was a redhead back then. Ironic.
[22:48] * HOTEL Files Regarding Time Lord Ops show that 1/2 of a large group that went to a Museum and travelled to England during WWII encountered two of these creatures, but they were BARELY able to avoid being incapacitated by the Crescent Beam.
[22:49] *** oh man I barely remember that. We need to drop all this in a wiki page
[22:49] * HOTEL Files Regarding Time Lord Ops further show that, when Eitak needed help and was unable to breathe during a confontation with them, one of them gave her a gas mask to breathe through, and she did.
[22:50] <D. Kakaku> oh man, that one, too
[22:50] * HOTEL Files Regarding Time Lord Ops show that they were immature, and appeared to be normal girls, they were dwelling where a V-2 rocket was going to impact in a matter of hours. Hazenine wound up staying when the rocket landed.
[22:51] * HOTEL Security Files indicate that Chateaux DID attempt to restrain several of them inside her, but they deployed a dangerous device and got away.
[22:51] * HOTEL Audio Files show that the phrase "You have something of mine," or some variant of it, was uttered before hostile action on multiple occasions by this species.
[22:52] <@Intern 4> ....
[22:53] * HOTEL Files link to INTERN's files upon a classified event that occurred regarding this species, those files need operator approval.
[22:53] * @Intern 4 gives it , needs all info in one dump
[22:55] * HOTEL Files ARE PROCESSING......
[22:55] * HOTEL Files ARE PROCESSING....
[22:58] * HOTEL Files find a damaged file, that is missing data, from what APPEARS TO BE Intern's own personal secret reports. Seal or unseal?
[23:00] * HOTEL Files require Intern's personal approval, this seems to be something she herself reported at some point.
[23:00] * @Intern 4 unseals it in a special folder in case it is infected, with the folder set to autodelete if there is trouble
[23:02] * Intern's Personal Files seem to be recovered from a prior deletion, and indicate that The Intern helped Sakura April Shinguuji dump the remains of a planet, and a significant amount of the star system it was in, into a black hole, for some reason that is not listed here.
[23:02] <@Intern 4> Oh yeah.
[23:02] <@Intern 4> _That_.
[23:02] <Dead-Eyes> ಠ_ಠ
[23:03] <The Magistra III> .....
[23:03] <@Intern 4> Don't judge me! You don't get to judge me :P
[23:03] <@Intern 4> The reason we did that was to stop what was there from rapid-evolving.
[23:04] * Sakura April's Personal Files are downloaded to the virtual super-safe terminal made by the Time Lords but opening these files may alert Sakura April Shinguuji, who has been ranked as "most deadly being in the Universe" on muliple occasions, that you are snooping on her files. OPEN?
[23:04] <Dead-Eyes> ...You've got some mettle then.
[23:05] <@Intern 4> Open it
[23:05] <Dead-Eyes> _You_ Open it she's your friend
[23:05] <Dead-Eyes> Come to think of it why didn't you just text her for the code
[23:05] <@Intern 4> ...
[23:05] <@Intern 4> Moving on
[23:05] * @Intern 4 opens the file
[23:06] * D. Kakaku is sitting down close by.
[23:06] <The Magistra III> At least my planet destructions are load bearing bosses
[23:06] <@Intern 4> This would have been one.
[23:06] * Sakura April's Personal Files temporarily gets a blue-screen of Death---Sakura April's scowling face on a blue background, but the files opens...
[23:07] <@Intern 4> As a relative of mine would say, "Sometimes you have to kill the baby with the bathwater."
[23:07] <The Magistra III> Disturbing
[23:07] <Dead-Eyes> You have strange in-laws
[23:07] * Sakura April's Personal Files flash for a moment in the face of Psycho_Saki smiling, but then reveals that one of these hyperintelligent hyperevolving creatures in question that was depicted in the recordings is in the HOTEL, right this very moment.
[23:08] <Dead-Eyes> she fratzing insane wait stupid question
[23:08] * Sakura April's Personal Files indicate that she has set up a secret lab to perform experiements on and grow these creatures, and that at least one of them (definite number of test subjects is uncertain) is in stasis in the HOTEL, right now.
[23:08] * Dead-Eyes looks up the results of her research
[23:08] <The Magistra III> Begets a stupid awnser usually
[23:09] * Sakura April's Personal Files indicate that she has been impregnating artificial creatures with the genetic material of this unknown species, and also kidnapping heroes from alternate universes to run these tests on, and of course, killing her test subjects as soon as they are of no further use.
[23:10] * Sakura April's Personal Files has files on two pregnancies with this genetic material which are currently due to give birth but in stasis.
[23:10] <The Magistra III> did none of us notice this
[23:10] * Dead-Eyes looks... impressed?
[23:11] * @Intern 4 is like oh by rassilon these f[BLEEP]king idiots
[23:11] <The Magistra III> Also how many secret labs does this place have
[23:11] * @Intern 4 just keeps watching with the gazeod someone watching a trainwreck in slow motion
[23:11] <@Chateaux Concierge> I could tell you but I'd have to kill you
[23:12] <The Magistra III> There's this one, Plushie's, my younger self's
[23:12] <Dead-Eyes> We should hatch one.
[23:12] * Sakura April's Personal Files actually has something scary---a report that Sakura April herself may have been influenced by these creatures, stating in odd-sounding language that running the genetic code she found through a computer proved it was a computer virus, but her report claims that she overcame the virus she contracted while running the experiment, and feels normal afterward.
[23:13] * @Intern 4 just LOOKS at that report
[23:13] <The Magistra III> This is reminding me of Sailor Anzu
[23:13] * @Intern 4 is just about readyt o walk out and let her second self deal with this
[23:13] <Dead-Eyes> You're even more emotional than your third self.
[23:13] <@Intern 4> - I haven't said a thing -
[23:14] <@Intern 4> - This is all repressed rage -
[23:14] * Detail of Embryo Experiment Indicates that an abnormally replicating cell mass found in a human woman loyal to the red-haired entities could do the following: Carry and grow a genetic code that functioned as a computer virus against AIs attempting to analyze it--and capable of affecting sentient machines
[23:14] <Dead-Eyes> I can see it on your face *smirk*
[23:14] * Genetic Code is listed in the file. View genetic code?
[23:14] * Dead-Eyes has a better idea.
[23:15] * Dead-Eyes sets up a virtual machine in the virtual machine
[23:15] * Dead-Eyes creates a virtual cyberman in this virtual machine
[23:15] * Dead-Eyes has the genetic code infect it
[23:16] * Dead-Eyes observes
[23:16] * Genetic Code infects the virtual Cyberman. (Security Alert Detected)
[23:17] * Genetic Code causes the virtual cyberman to display signs of fear, panic, and other emotions--it begins using its weapons against itself (Failed to contain security threat... working)
[23:17] * Genetic Code program has gone offline.
[23:17] <Dead-Eyes> Interesting.
[23:17] * Virtual Computer has crashed, attempting to isolate crash to virtual computer...
[23:17] * Dead-Eyes erases the VM
[23:17] * Security threat was not isolated.
[23:18] * Dead-Eyes has the whole simulator terminal erase itself from existence
[23:18] * Erasure from existence was successful. (At least in this iteration of existence)
[23:18] <@Chateaux Concierge> People if I get a disease
[23:19] <Dead-Eyes> It's fine, it's gone.
[23:19] * Sakura April's Personal Files indicate that she bypassed this by having Mindless Gigai's be the impregnation subjects, and also analyzing the files.
[23:19] * Dead-Eyes looks at what her analyis shows.
[23:20] * Sakura April's Personal Files contains data on a cell sample taken in the field while confronting the redheads.
[23:20] * Sakura April's Personal Files also contains data on two embyos grown by Saki, using this DNA code.
[23:20] * Dead-Eyes reads on
[23:23] * Embryo Experiment Files [url =] been fully uploated for viewing on the terminal [/url]
[23:23] <Dead-Eyes> The file
[23:24] <@Intern 4> No, THIS is the file
[23:25] * Embryo Experiment Files are extremely detailed and extensive!
[23:25] <D. Kakaku> woah!
[23:26] * Embryo Experiment Files show how the unborn fetus develops umbilical structures that allow it control and grow in the mother's body even after the destruction of the mother's central nervous system. It displays brainwaves drastically different and more advanced than a human infant.
[23:26] * Embryo Experiment Files indicate that the cells in the experiments undergo apoptosiz, and engineered breakdown when scanned.
[23:27] <@Intern 4> They really don't like machines.
[23:27] * Embryo Experiment Files indicate that these cells are incredibly hungry for nutrients, and the tubes were flooded with them on multiple occasions.
[23:29] * Embryo Experiment Files show that one baby injected with a virus containing the unknown genetic code was born, grew up, had children in a simulated existence, and then was gassed to death after not showing any unusual traits.
[23:29] * Embryo Experiment Files show that the family off this offspring were also found normal, and were also killed.
[23:29] <The Magistra III> Ugggh
[23:30] * Embryo Experiment Files show that the more promising and more unusual offspring was NOT delivered, and is un suspended animation at this time.
[23:30] <Dead-Eyes> Intern - the file says you and Sakura April went back to Sweden 1666. What happened?
[23:30] <@Intern 4> I'm foggy on that. I'm crossing my own timeline so stuff's foggy inplaces.
[23:31] <Dead-Eyes> Ugh
[23:31] <@Intern 4> It was Pitea,,, I seem to recall a church?
[23:31] * @Intern 4 tries to focus
[23:32] <@Intern 4> Yeah I... we probably need to go back.
[23:32] <Dead-Eyes> Marvelous.
[23:32] <Dead-Eyes> I'm surprised Sakura April didn't tryt o determine if there were genrtic similarities with Eliza
[23:32] * Embryo Experiment Files DO show the time/space coordinates of the trip.
[23:33] <@Intern 4> Hey Chateauz do you have Eliza's DNA on file now
[23:33] * @Chateaux Concierge looks
[23:34] <@Chateaux Concierge> I took a lot of readings of her so...
[23:34] * was copied by Chateaux Concierge mind, body, and soul. ALL of Eliza is on file.
[23:35] * Eliza McIntash [Headphones] was compared genetically to these women before, according to Chateaux's archived, archived, compressed notes.
[23:35] *** Eliza McIntash has moved back to the Atrium
[23:35] * @Intern 4 looks for the outcome
[23:36] <Dead-Eyes> ...Did she just pass by?
[23:36] <@Intern 4> Eliza!
[23:36] * Eliza McIntash is incredibly different genetically from these women. Notes indicate that Chateaux DID believe she could bring Eliza's brainwaves, DNA, and physiology into this state, using the incredible powers at her disposal and Eliza's unflagging trust in her, but realized this would be radially changing Eliza, and gave up on this idea as a similarity.
[23:36] *** Eliza McIntash has joined #suburbansenshi2
[23:36] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Eliza McIntash
[23:36] * @Intern 4 calls out for her
[23:37] <Eliza McIntash> Huh... Oh hey. It was true.
[23:37] <@Intern 4> What was true?
[23:37] <Eliza McIntash> I was listening to my headphones and thought I heard your voices.
[23:37] <Eliza McIntash> ....looking back on it, I guess I DID hear your voices and something about this room, since Chateaux can make the headphones make any sound she wants.
[23:37] <@Intern 4> I uh... this is going to be an uncomfortable question.
[23:38] <Eliza McIntash> Well, I have dealt with those before!
[23:38] <Eliza McIntash> ....I really hope it isn't the one I'm dreading, though.
[23:38] <Eliza McIntash> So... get it over with.
[23:38] <@Intern 4> Okay so...
[23:39] <@Intern 4> There have been other physical versions of you from time to time, yes?
[23:39] <Eliza McIntash> ....Unfortunately.
[23:39] <@Intern 4> Or beings connected to you in some way?
[23:39] <@Intern 4> Okay.
[23:39] <@Intern 4> Here's the uncomfortable question.
[23:39] <Eliza McIntash> >.<
[23:39] <Eliza McIntash> No.
[23:39] * Eliza McIntash does NOT wince.
[23:39] <@Intern 4> huh?
[23:39] <Eliza McIntash> Yes, go ahead?
[23:39] <@Intern 4> Ah.
[23:40] <Eliza McIntash> Just... a self improvement goal of mine. You were saying?
[23:40] * Eliza McIntash walks over and sits down.
[23:41] <@Intern 4> There's been a plethora of sightings across time and space of beings with great intelligence, adaptability and antipathy to Cybermen.... they are also red-headed and if I recall correctly some voice-scans matched a version of your voice
[23:41] <@Intern 4> Now I'm not saying they're you.
[23:41] <@Intern 4> But I'm wondering if there's a connection.
[23:41] <@Intern 4> Can I show you what data we have?
[23:42] <Eliza McIntash> If you want to, then sure.
[23:42] <Eliza McIntash> But like...
[23:42] * @Intern 4 recalls the children seemed to do better in numbers, implying a hivemind or at least a low level gestalt
[23:42] <Eliza McIntash> I remember doing a lot of things...
[23:42] <@Intern 4> Hmm?
[23:43] <Eliza McIntash> and I there are....
[23:43] <Eliza McIntash> Wait, antipathy means you hate somebody, right?
[23:43] <@Intern 4> Well, the thing is... I'm trying to avoid a conflict with them, but I also need to protect us from them. Yes.
[23:43] <@Intern 4> That's what it means.
[23:43] <Eliza McIntash> Okay. And Cybermen are...
[23:43] <Eliza McIntash> They are robots?
[23:43] <Eliza McIntash> artificial creatures?
[23:44] <@Intern 4> No. Humans who have replaced most of their parts with mechanical ones.
[23:44] <The Magistra III> Cyborgs
[23:44] <Eliza McIntash> ....huh.
[23:44] <@Intern 4> In a quest to survive at all costs.
[23:44] <Eliza McIntash> Well.
[23:44] * Eliza McIntash sits and thinks, frowns for a moment.
[23:44] <Eliza McIntash> So like... I have some things that come to mind, can I just say them?
[23:44] <@Intern 4> Yes
[23:44] <@Intern 4> Please :)
[23:45] * Eliza McIntash sighs, and tries to relax.
[23:45] <Eliza McIntash> Okay.
[23:45] <Eliza McIntash> So.
[23:45] <Eliza McIntash> I admit that I have multiple personalities. No. I mean--I DID have them, several people in one body.
[23:45] <Eliza McIntash> And one wanted to serve... to serve Matsumi...
[23:46] * Eliza McIntash looks like her eyes are starting to droop.
[23:46] <Eliza McIntash> ...and one of them was me...
[23:46] <Eliza McIntash> @_@ and one of them was violently opposed to Chateaux and showed no trace of.... trust...
[23:46] * Eliza McIntash 's eyes flutter closed.
[23:47] <Eliza McIntash> And I love and am submissive to Chateaux, so that's the opposite...
[23:47] <Eliza McIntash> /and I don't see anybody in there that....
[23:47] <Eliza McIntash> would hate... machines?
[23:47] <Eliza McIntash> Have... have machines or cyborgs done anything bad to me?
[23:47] <@Intern 4> Not that I can recall. But Time Travel is a thing in all this.
[23:47] <Eliza McIntash> I can't think of anything, and I'm... thinking really hard right now... really.... hard... it's... relaxing though...
[23:48] <Eliza McIntash> @_@
[23:48] <@Intern 4> An I have what's probably a worng theory but
[23:48] <Eliza McIntash> And I could see myself hating or hunting undead... or hating and hunting people who hurt Chateuaux or Brianna or Intern...
[23:48] <@Intern 4> I'm going to let my imagination run wild for a moment
[23:48] <Dead-Eyes> For a moment, she says
[23:49] * Eliza McIntash 's eyes open suddenly. "This person you are after. Does she use magic to hurt Cybermen?"
[23:49] <@Intern 4> You're very close to Chateaux, one of the most advanced life forms in the universe. Who does things in both organic and mechanical ways and its time-active
[23:49] <Eliza McIntash> Cause like... if they do... that sounds like me, yeah.
[23:49] * @Intern 4 tries to remember
[23:50] <@Intern 4> I think magic was involved....
[23:50] <Eliza McIntash> I know! I love her to death! She's the best thing that has happened to me and is the most important thing in my life! And she's technically a machine! So why would I have beef with machines?
[23:50] <@Intern 4> No listen
[23:50] <@Intern 4> My crazy theory
[23:50] <Eliza McIntash> Okay! I'm listening!
[23:50] <@Intern 4> These people use REALLY high technology to battle AIs and Cybermen
[23:51] <@Intern 4> what if in some timeline...
[23:51] <@Intern 4> YOU (or alternate you)
[23:51] <@Intern 4> manages to fuse magic with Chateaux's tech and time ability
[23:51] <@Intern 4> and forms the basis of this.. group
[23:52] <@Intern 4> that for whatever reason needs to battle the Cybermen and other AIs
[23:52] <Dead-Eyes> Or if she and Chateaux had a kid :P
[23:52] <Eliza McIntash> Wow, your theory is much less horrible than I was afraid of.
[23:52] * Eliza McIntash turns BRIGHT RED!
[23:52] <@Intern 4> Well my theory is
[23:53] <Eliza McIntash> She's! She's my Mom!
[23:53] <@Intern 4> (shut up Dead Eyes)
[23:53] <Eliza McIntash> You rotten jerk!
[23:53] <@Intern 4> My theory is they have a connected hive mind it looks like
[23:53] <@Intern 4> And you have some level of connection with your selves I think
[23:53] <@Intern 4> if tyou are related, even across universes...
[23:53] <Eliza McIntash> you want me to talk to them?
[23:54] <@Intern 4> maybe... you might be able to intuit something
[23:54] <@Intern 4> Possibly.
[23:54] <@Intern 4> Let me show you what we know.
[23:54] <Eliza McIntash> Cause like... you have a way better theory than what I was HORRIFIED you were going to say.
[23:54] * @Intern 4 shows her everything except Sakura April related material
[23:54] * Eliza McIntash tries to read it.
[23:54] * @Intern 4 explains things to her if she gets confused
[23:55] <Eliza McIntash> Oh heavens and hells these are tremendous words! T_T;;
[23:55] <Eliza McIntash> OOOOH, well when YOU say that, yeah, that's understandable.
[23:55] <Eliza McIntash> Oh, sure. Yeah.
[23:55] <Eliza McIntash> Okay.
[23:55] * Eliza McIntash turns to Intern.
[23:55] <Eliza McIntash> do they treat YOU?
[23:56] <Eliza McIntash> Have you ever seen them?
[23:56] <Eliza McIntash> I ask this because you are on the top 3 list of people I would never EVER want something bad to happen to.
[23:56] <Eliza McIntash> Are they nice to you?
[23:56] * Eliza McIntash keeps reading and thinks...
[23:57] <Eliza McIntash> ....they seem to use really complicated weapons. Have you guys ever gotten a chance to analyze one?
[23:57] <Eliza McIntash> This seems like....
[23:57] <Eliza McIntash> This seems like these people are very loyal to them.
[23:57] <Eliza McIntash> Maybe dependent on them.
[23:57] * @Intern 4 lets her think for a bit without interrupting
[23:57] <@Intern 4> I'd agree~
[23:58] * @Intern 4 looks proudof Eliza's analysis
[23:58] <Eliza McIntash> So why do they...
[23:58] * Eliza McIntash keeps looking.
[23:58] <Eliza McIntash> They keep...
[23:58] <Eliza McIntash> Wouldn't it be easier to do this stuff today?
[23:58] <Eliza McIntash> ....unless they were worried about being spied on.
[23:59] <Eliza McIntash> For all the good it would do, if I were trying to hide from a time lord, I'd live when cameras weren't around to make it super easy.
[23:59] <Eliza McIntash> My worst fear... is that this person is Sailor Enclave.
[23:59] <Eliza McIntash> And that she has cloned herself.
[23:59] <Eliza McIntash> And she's using Headbands of Vast Intelligence to make herself smarter.
[23:59] <Eliza McIntash> ....
[00:00] <Eliza McIntash> ....but no magic?
[00:00] <Eliza McIntash> I mean...
[00:00] <Eliza McIntash> I like technology? I guess?
[00:00] <Dead-Eyes> Headbands of... what
[00:01] <Eliza McIntash> I just don't know a whole lot. I mean, I come up with stuff for the two of us to do together sometimes but---oh that?
[00:01] <Eliza McIntash> Headbands of Vast Intelligence.
[00:01] <Eliza McIntash> They are wondrous items. They can make anybody into a genius.
[00:01] <@Intern 4> Eliza... we're thinking of goingback to Sweden in the 1600's..
[00:01] <Eliza McIntash> Just like there are magic items to make people stronger, there are also ones to make people smarter.
[00:02] <@Intern 4> Would you like to come with us? We might encounter them.
[00:02] <Dead-Eyes> ...
[00:02] <Eliza McIntash> ......
[00:02] <Eliza McIntash> Do you want me to, Intern?
[00:02] <Dead-Eyes> ...How does someone aquire one of these
[00:02] <@Intern 4> I think it might reap unexpected results.
[00:03] * Eliza McIntash looks between Dead-Eyes and Intern, and quickly decides to answer her friend instead of the person who literally called her a motherf[BLEEP]ker.
[00:03] <Eliza McIntash> Well, if you think it's a good idea, Intern, I'll go with you.
[00:04] <Eliza McIntash> Chateaux? Is it okay with you if I go along on this mission? Do you think that would be alright?
[00:04] <@Intern 4> Excellent, we'll make preparations.
[00:04] <@Chateaux Concierge> Yeah, it's time you got out and saw the universe.
[00:04] <Eliza McIntash> Very well.
[00:04] <Dead-Eyes> (Hmph, don't answer me. Iknow what it's called now. That's enough to get started.)
[00:04] <Eliza McIntash> But this mission, it might lead to...
[00:05] <Eliza McIntash> Chateaux.
[00:05] <@Intern 4> Hmm?
[00:05] <@Chateaux Concierge> Yes?
[00:05] <Eliza McIntash> If meeting this type of creature can change people... and this data seems to suggest it can...
[00:05] <Eliza McIntash> Then I think, and would REALLY LIKE, to get all checked out and tested by you BEFORE I go off into the unkown?
[00:06] <Eliza McIntash> I mean... if that makes sense... for the baseline... so that we... I mean. I want to do it while I"m healthy and not... er...
[00:06] * Eliza McIntash sighs and stops talking.
[00:06] <Eliza McIntash> Intern.
[00:06] <Eliza McIntash> You have done nothing but good things for me, and have been a wonderful friend.
[00:06] <Eliza McIntash> If you think I can help you by being there, I'm willing to come.
[00:07] <@Intern 4> Well I can wait for Chat to do what she needs to with you.
[00:07] <Eliza McIntash> I hope so... but I mean... I don't understand time travel so if you need to hurry.
[00:08] <Eliza McIntash> But Chateaux has always told me that she wants me to be a strong and independent woman, so I figured she'd say I could go. And I really want to help you. You are a good friend.
[00:08] <Eliza McIntash> ....I think I will go, if that's okay with you guys, and write down the tests I think are most important so I won't get all nervous and forget them.
[00:08] <@Intern 4> Works for me.
[00:08] <Eliza McIntash> ....and then I'll try to think up questions I will need answered before travelling in time.
[00:09] <D. Kakaku> mmmhmmm.
[00:09] <Eliza McIntash> Well, um... I'll see you later then?
[00:09] <Eliza McIntash> Is there anything else anybody needed help with from me?
[00:09] * Eliza McIntash looks around.
[00:09] <@Intern 4> Okay,thanks!
[00:09] <Eliza McIntash> ...
[00:09] * Eliza McIntash looks at Dead-eyes.
[00:09] *** Dead-eyes is

More information about him is Here.
His image Song is: "The Glitch Mob - Seven Nation Army Remix" .

[00:09] <Dead-Eyes> ...
[00:09] <Eliza McIntash> Oh yeah.
[00:10] * Eliza McIntash tries not to make eye contact with this dude.
[00:10] <Eliza McIntash> Intern... Chateaux? Is it...
[00:10] <Eliza McIntash> Is it safe to answer this guy?
[00:11] <@Intern 4> Probably, but don't tell him. He's a jerk.
[00:11] <Eliza McIntash> Well, good evening to everyone then!
[00:12] * Eliza McIntash puts on her headphones again.
[00:12] <Dead-Eyes> You... (uses the rude Japanese inflection of you) (To Intern)
[00:12] <@Intern 4> Evening!
[00:12] * Eliza McIntash has moved to: [ headphones ]
[00:12] * @Intern 4 sticks her tongue out at Dead-Eyes "What do you want to get smarter for, you were already the top of your class."
[00:12] * Eliza McIntash [headphones] points to her headphones. "Chateaux, if you need need me again just... you know... let me hear you say it?"
[00:13] <Eliza McIntash> [headphones] ^_^
[00:13] *** Eliza McIntash [0] has quit IRC (A childhood spent being loved is the greatest of all treasures.)
[00:13] * Eliza McIntash [headphones] is gone now.
[00:13] <Dead-Eyes> Ogrons.
[00:13] <@Intern 4> ...Ogrons?
[00:13] <Dead-Eyes> I want to make a superintelligent Ogron.
[00:13] <D. Kakaku> organs?
[00:13] <@Intern 4> ....Wouldn't that be just making a normal person
[00:14] <Dead-Eyes> If they had two brain cells to rub together they could get out from under the Dalek's thumbs.
[00:14] <@Intern 4> Daleks don't have thumbs.
[00:15] <Dead-Eyes> You know what I mean
[00:15] <Dead-Eyes> Ugh.
[00:15] * Dead-Eyes is away: finding a room for now
[00:15] * Sakura's Files indicate that there's one infant hopped up on the unknown DNA that is ready to be born, and that there is enough of it on the sample that the nucleotides could be synthesized.
[00:15] <@Intern 4> Ogrons, Daniel, are a very low-IQ species.
[00:15] <Sakura April's Files> ^
[00:16] <@Intern 4> The Daleks like to use them for odd jobs that require a humanoid touch.
[00:17] * @Intern 4 is not sure she wants to try that synthesis
[00:19] <D. Kakaku> hmmm...
[00:23] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte is in the background smacking a multi-tenticled pan-dimensional beast with a broom
[00:26] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> bloody...freaking.....Kurse Squids....
[00:26] <D. Kakaku> think I could test out the belt a bit more?
[00:26] <@Intern 4> Hmm?
[00:27] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte is grabbed and gets slammed up against the wall and the floor
[00:30] <Keska> what's all the no-
[00:30] * Keska sees the scene
[00:30] <Keska> .......
[00:30] <Keska> nope
[00:30] <Keska> nope nope nope
[00:30] * Keska turns and heads back upstairs
[00:30] *** Keska has left #suburbansenshi2 (nope)
[00:31] <D. Kakaku> like a test of strength with a piston?
[00:31] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte gets sucked through the hellish portal
[12:27] * Matsumi Kaze is sitting on a sofa, typing on her laptop...she adjusts her glasses
[12:27] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte gets flung out of a hell portal
[12:27] <Matsumi Kaze> afternoon, kaelyn
[12:27] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> @_@ *just waves*
[12:37] * Matsumi Kaze hums a little tune to herself
[12:49] * Neo Sailor Quinox , Sailor Venti and Sailor Salacia finally are catching up with the main villian of this arc!
[12:55] * Matsumi Kaze yawns
[12:55] <Matsumi Kaze> mmm nothing like a lazy sunday
[12:56] <???> Squeeee!
[12:59] <Matsumi Kaze> Beryl, I can hear you
[13:00] <Matsumi Kaze> come over and sit with Grandma
[13:03] * Beryl pops up and runs to grandma :D
[13:04] * Matsumi Kaze lifts up Beryl and puts her on her lap
[13:04] <Matsumi Kaze> and what is little gem up to today?
[13:05] <Beryl> playing :D
[13:06] <Matsumi Kaze> where's your mama and papa and sister?
[13:08] <Beryl> Teevee :D
[13:10] <Beryl> papa go Bang, Bang, Bang! :D
[13:13] <Matsumi Kaze> oooooh i see...
[13:28] * Matsumi Kaze turns on a kid friendly show on her laptop
[13:55] * Beryl watches with glee :D
[13:58] * Matsuo Shin is out at a park, letting Lina and Emiko play.....he is ruminating over recent events
[14:02] * Matsuo Shin remembers the warning he was given
[14:13] <Matsuo Shin> (what was so dangerious about those papers)
[15:09] * Naoko Ryusei is watching the records of the great heroes of her people
[17:42] * Masaki O`Cain [Tokyo] is back at home, surfing the web for information
[19:29] *** Ryoko Mitsurugi [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:29] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Ryoko Mitsurugi
[19:29] * Ryoko Mitsurugi has found a spot within the Atrium to practice sword fighting techniques
[19:46] * Lobelia Carlini relaxes with a drink
[20:08] * Delilah Inochi practices some magic in the atrium
[20:56] *** Caroline Carr has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:56] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Caroline Carr
[20:57] * Caroline Carr comes in from London, a few shopping bags in one hand while humming a little tune to Maggie in a body-front baby carrier
[20:58] <Delilah Inochi> hi there!
[20:58] <Caroline Carr> Mor--evening,
[20:59] * Ryoko Mitsurugi heads over to the bar for a hydrating energy drink
[21:02] <Delilah Inochi> how are you, miss carr?
[21:07] <Caroline Carr> Alright for the moment, I think.
[21:09] <Caroline Carr> How are you all?
[21:12] <Delilah Inochi> oh I'm fine
[21:13] * Caroline Carr sits on a couch a while, having some cuddle time with Maggie
[21:16] * Delilah Inochi smiles at the sight
[21:21] <Caroline Carr> Do you like babies?
[21:21] <Delilah Inochi> oh! yes :) I have a baby sister
[21:21] <Delilah Inochi> she's really sweet
[21:23] <Caroline Carr> Oh, right. But not everyone does.
[21:24] <Caroline Carr> We have such a large family, it's hard to get to know everyone.
[21:24] <Delilah Inochi> oh yes i'm sure!
[21:25] <Delilah Inochi> grandmother sarah has told me about the family
[21:26] <Caroline Carr> Heh yeah, she does.
[21:26] <Caroline Carr> Would you like to hold her, either of you?
[21:27] <Delilah Inochi> that...ok
[21:34] <Caroline Carr> Ah, ok. Ryoko?
[21:37] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Eh? Sorry, too focused on my drink. What's up?
[21:42] <Caroline Carr> Was just wondering if you want to hold the baby.
[21:42] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Oh. If it is alright, sure.
[21:43] * Ryoko Mitsurugi sets down her can of energy drink
[21:43] * Caroline Carr takes Maggie out of the carrier and hands her over carefully.
[21:44] <Caroline Carr> Careful, she can't quite hold up her head yet
[21:46] * Ryoko Mitsurugi carefully takes hold of the baby, "Don't worry, little one. I've got you."
[21:51] * Maggie looks sleepily up at Ryoko a while, not seeming fussy or upset at the moment
[21:53] * Caroline Carr takes off the carrier and relaxes on the couch
[21:55] <Delilah Inochi> nice to relax?
[21:57] <Caroline Carr> Mhm. One thing, no matter how much you know, you're never quite prepared for how it actually goes, I think.
[21:57] * Ryoko Mitsurugi smiles at Maggie as she continues her gentle hold of the child
[21:58] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> So cute.
[22:03] <Delilah Inochi> ^^
[22:10] <Caroline Carr> She is, it's worth it when she's been crying or gross or...just the bad parts of babies, I suppose.
[22:10] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Heh.
[22:20] * Delilah Inochi giggles a bit at that
[22:20] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> What the little kid's name?
[22:20] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> ^What's
[22:25] * A Forest Kit pops up :D
[22:26] <Caroline Carr> Margaret, after my cousin. But Maggie seems to suit her.
[22:28] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Awww. It's a nice name.
[22:28] * A Forest Kit trots on over :O
[22:28] * Delilah Inochi looks at Maggie.
[22:28] *** Maggie is cute baby with gray-blue eyes and scarce brown hair in a onesie More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: "Ginny" from HP and the Half-Blood Prince (Nicholas Hooper).

[22:33] * Caroline Carr sighs. "It's probably about time we got going."
[22:34] <Forest Kit> :Ohi :D
[22:36] * Caroline Carr puts the carrier back on
[22:36] <Caroline Carr> Hallo
[22:36] * Ryoko Mitsurugi gently returns Maggie over to Caroline, "Here you go."
[22:37] <Forest Kit> anyone need forest kit fluffiness? :D
[22:39] <Caroline Carr> Thanks, Ryoko.
[22:40] <Caroline Carr> No, unfortunately we have to go for naps and feedings. Maybe another time.
[22:40] <Delilah Inochi> it's nice to see you!
[22:43] <Caroline Carr> Have a nice night.
[22:43] * Caroline Carr gathers her bags and pings Aes for a lift
[22:45] <Delilah Inochi> goodnight!
[22:46] * Caroline Carr is away 
[23:01] <Forest Kit> :3
[23:06] * Delilah Inochi streaches
[23:11] <Delilah Inochi> such a nice night ^^
[23:13] <Forest Kit> yuppa :D
[23:14] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Yeah.
[23:14] * Delilah Inochi gets herself some hot cocoa!
[23:23] <Forest Kit> :3
[23:24] <Delilah Inochi> huh?
[23:24] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Well, I better get some rest. Catch you later.
[23:24] *** Ryoko Mitsurugi [] has quit IRC (Good night.)
[23:32] * Delilah Inochi glances around the atrium
[23:32] * Delilah Inochi pulls out her favorite light novel and reads
[23:33] <Delilah Inochi> ♫
[23:33] <Delilah Inochi> heee
[23:34] * Giselle Bellerose walks past...then notices her younger sister..and just..smiles....
[23:34] <Giselle Bellerose> so adorable
[23:39] * Eilean walks up to the balcony...and blinks..seeing her two younger siblings
[23:39] <Eilean> heh kids
[23:41] <Eilean> got to love them
[23:41] * Eilean pulls up a chair near the balcony and sits down
[23:44] <Forest Kit> :3
[23:46] * Eilean sees the kit way down below
[23:53] * Forest Kit waves :D
[23:57] * Eilean waves back
[00:14] * Forest Kit trills happily and trots to the restaurant
[00:31] <Eilean> hm
[00:43] * Eilean yawns a bit
[00:55] *** Eilean has left #suburbansenshi2
[10:27] *** Eliza McIntash has joined #suburbansenshi2
[10:27] <@spiritflame> ohayo Eliza McIntash
[10:28] * Eliza McIntash [headphones] walks downstairs, and into the atrium.
[10:28] * Eliza McIntash [headphones] bobs her head along with some music, and pulls out her smartphone Chateaux gave her.
[10:30] * Eliza McIntash [headphones] thinks, and starts entering things into her smartphone, occasionally tapping her finger on something to try to think of things.
[10:35] * Eliza McIntash [headphones] tries and tries to think of the right word.
[10:36] <Eliza McIntash> [headphones] d>.<b;
[10:36] * Eliza McIntash [headphones] takes a deep breath and calms down. She moves on to another topic, and keeps entering things.
[10:37] <Eliza McIntash> [headphones] What was the name of that machine Chateaux was talking about?
[10:38] <Eliza McIntash> [headphones] Is it the one with the magnet?
[10:39] <spiritflame> Eliza McIntash rolls 1d20 [ 8 ]
[10:39] <Eliza McIntash> [headphones] Gaaaaah. Well, she'll remember it.
[10:39] <Eliza McIntash> [headphones] I could just search for it on this phone? How many possible medical tests could their be for me to be confusing it with?
[10:40] * Eliza McIntash [headphones] googles "medical scanning test"
[10:40] <Eliza McIntash> [headphones] O.O
[10:41] <Eliza McIntash> [headphones] Wow those are complicated and numerous!
[10:45] *** Uffago has joined #suburbansenshi2
[10:45] <@spiritflame> ohayo Uffago
[10:45] * Uffago exits the internet cafe and slowly comes down the stairs, reading a printout of something
[10:46] * Eliza McIntash [headphones] keeps thinking, and occasionally adds something to her list.
[10:48] <Eliza McIntash> [headphones] .....
[10:49] * Eliza McIntash [headphones] thinks, and scratches her head.
[10:53] <Eliza McIntash> [headphones] What else... what else?
[10:53] * Eliza McIntash [headphones] sighs
[10:53] <Eliza McIntash> [headphones] I will make sure to tell Chateaux that, while we are testing---that deserves its own entry.
[10:53] * Eliza McIntash [headphones] types.
[10:54] * Uffago glances up, seeing Eliza
[10:54] <Uffago> hi
[10:54] * Eliza McIntash [headphones] sways her head to some music, not having seen or heard her anyone approach.
[10:54] <spiritflame> Eliza McIntash rolls 1d20 [ 2 ]
[10:54] * Eliza McIntash [headphones] didn't hear Uffago.
[10:54] <Eliza McIntash> [headphones] Let's see....
[10:55] <Eliza McIntash> [headphones] Huh. It stopped?
[10:55] * Eliza McIntash [headphones] looks around, and sees she is not alone.
[10:55] * Eliza McIntash looks at Uffago.
[10:55] *** Uffago is an African bushman with short dreds of dark hair and blue eyes. He's about 5'4 and wears a pair of cargo shorts around the Hotel. More information about him is Here.
His image Song is: #!/s/Return+Of+The+Lion/4GuWWe?src=5 target=new title="'The Return of the Lion' - !/s/Return+Of+The+Lion/4GuWWe?src=5">'The Return of the Lion' by Henry Gregson-Williams.

[10:56] * Eliza McIntash [headphones] takes her headphones off and smiles politely.
[10:56] *** Eliza McIntash has moved back to the Atrium
[10:56] <Eliza McIntash> Nice to meet you!
[10:56] <Eliza McIntash> I'm Eliza!
[11:01] * Eliza McIntash waves!
[11:03] * Eliza McIntash puts her headphones away
[11:10] <Uffago> hi. i'm uffago
[11:14] * Eliza McIntash bows a teensy bit. "Nicetomeetyou!"
[11:15] * Eliza McIntash looks at Uffago.
[11:15] *** Uffago is an African bushman with short dreds of dark hair and blue eyes. He's about 5'4 and wears a pair of cargo shorts around the Hotel. More information about him is Here.
His image Song is: 'The Return of the Lion' by Henry Gregson-Williams.

[11:18] <Eliza McIntash> I'm really sorry. I guess I didn't hear you come up.
[11:18] <Uffago> it's alright. what were you enjoying?
[11:20] <Eliza McIntash> Oh. That was... some music that my Mom played for me. I was making a list of things to do later.
[11:20] <Eliza McIntash> ....also, I should order that thing, maybe.
[11:23] * Eliza McIntash opens her phone, and looks up Google Cardboard.
[11:23] <Eliza McIntash> This thing doesn't look very impressive.
[11:25] <Uffago> such things can be quite calming, can't they?
[11:26] * Eliza McIntash pauses and looks up at him, surprised.
[11:26] <Eliza McIntash> You are REALLY insightful.
[11:27] <Eliza McIntash> That's EXACTLY what I was hoping it would do.
[11:27] <Eliza McIntash> How did you know?
[11:28] <Uffago> it is the mostly likely reason to listen to it
[11:29] <Eliza McIntash> Oh. You meant the headphones. I thought you meant the uh.... (checks the name) Peipheral.
[11:31] <Uffago> what is that?
[11:31] <Eliza McIntash> Uh... well..
[11:31] <Eliza McIntash> It's something I've thought about for a long time, and I'm.... well, kind of nervous, so I don't want to ask for it now but....
[11:33] <Eliza McIntash> What this thing is supposed to do is...
[11:33] * Eliza McIntash holds up her smartphone that Chateaux gave her.
[11:34] <Eliza McIntash> So phones like this have settings and videos that you can watch with body your eyes and it makes you feel like you are there, so this thing is what you wear on your head to hold the phone, and it comes with lenses to make it more realisitc.
[11:34] <Eliza McIntash> ....I have to say, though, it looks like something you could put together with tape and a box.
[11:35] <Uffago> is this what is called 'virtual reality'?
[11:35] <Eliza McIntash> I think this would qualify, yes. And yeah I... well. I hope so. That it will be calming, I mean.
[11:36] <Eliza McIntash> I was given a REALLY good one years ago... but... I was very sick then, and I don't remember everything that happened . I guess it was still me that got it, though. I have no idea what happened to that VR headset.
[11:36] <Eliza McIntash> I bet it was wonderful.
[11:36] * Eliza McIntash me looks somewhat sad.
[11:37] * Eliza McIntash sighs, and then says, "Well, no reason to let bad things haunt you for another round by thinking about them too much."
[11:37] <Eliza McIntash> So I... I decided to try to buy some for myself!
[11:37] * Uffago nods thoughtfully
[11:38] <Eliza McIntash> These are the first ones that came up on the search engine.
[11:38] <Eliza McIntash> It's really weird.
[11:38] <Eliza McIntash> I've NEVER bought anything online.
[11:38] <Eliza McIntash> OR... I don't remember doing it, at least.
[11:39] <Uffago> i rarely venture online myself; nima usually helps me with such things
[11:41] <Eliza McIntash> Nima, huh?
[11:42] <Uffago> she has become quite modern and worldly in many ways since moving here
[11:43] <Eliza McIntash> Oooooh, cool.
[11:46] <Eliza McIntash> That's... I dunno.
[11:46] <Eliza McIntash> Do you think that being worldly is a good thing?
[11:50] <Uffago> i would say it depends more on whether something you let into yourself is helpful or harmful to you, which can very much be different
[11:51] * Eliza McIntash nods, thinking.
[11:53] <Uffago> nima is typically able to handle more than i am, but that's okay
[11:55] <Eliza McIntash> Well, I have no qualms about being modern. Just wordly.
[11:55] <Eliza McIntash> ^worldly.
[11:55] <Eliza McIntash> Cause--like you said, there are things in the world that are harmful.
[11:55] <Eliza McIntash> EEeeeh. I dunno.
[11:56] <Uffago> that would then suggest that you like technology more than people
[11:57] <Eliza McIntash> /mr laughs!
[11:57] * Eliza McIntash laughs really hard!
[11:57] <Eliza McIntash> Ah, my. Perhaps the truth of what you said is in the middle!
[11:58] <Eliza McIntash> The truth is....
[11:58] <Eliza McIntash> ....I think I want things that are very different than what most people want.
[11:59] <Eliza McIntash> Either that, or I want to feel the SAME as everybody else, but what makes me feel those things is.... is very different, and I think that scares a lot of people who care about me.
[11:59] <Uffago> i believe that is a common sentiment in this place, and not wrong
[12:00] <Uffago> is that something you are okay with, for yourself?
[12:00] <Eliza McIntash> ......I don't know.
[12:01] <Eliza McIntash> I haven't told anybody yet. It scares me a little?
[12:01] <Eliza McIntash> I was... I was very sick, and people really DO want what's best for me, and don't want me to relapse into what happened before.
[12:02] <Eliza McIntash> I mean... I do think I'm changing.
[12:02] <Eliza McIntash> I think that, really, if anybody else went through what happened to me, it would take THEM years of work and help and therapy to get over it, too.
[12:02] <Eliza McIntash> ....sorry, I didn't mean to be a downer.
[12:03] <Eliza McIntash> But.... as far as it is something I'm okay with, I don't know. I try to get lots of outside opinions about what I feel.
[12:03] <Uffago> it does take hard work, but it is good work. and i am enjoying our conversation
[12:04] <Eliza McIntash> Oh. That's good then. I'm happy to hear that.
[12:06] <Uffago> hm...what about so many opinions do you find helpful?
[12:06] <Eliza McIntash> Well, I'm trying.
[12:07] <Eliza McIntash> Well, I suppose that part of it is that I find it reassuring?
[12:07] <Eliza McIntash> I don't have all the reference points that lots of other people do.
[12:08] <Eliza McIntash> I'm... pretty different. So I try hard to check in with people I admire on what they think, and follow their advice.
[12:08] <Uffago> short of throwing yourself into myriad experiences, perspective does take time and connections
[12:08] * Uffago nods, listening
[12:08] <Eliza McIntash> Eh. I suspect I am not aware of many of my talents or experiences.
[12:09] <Eliza McIntash> And that's.... mostly fine with me.
[12:14] <Eliza McIntash> I'm really really lucky to be alive.
[12:14] <Eliza McIntash> Pffft, and I am fortunate enough to possess MANY more blessings than just life.
[12:25] * Uffago seems thoughtful before collecting himself a bit
[12:26] <Uffago> and i, unfortunately, have to get going for an appointment. you'd certainly be welcome to come by anytime you want to talk; there is usually someone available
[12:28] <Eliza McIntash> Aww, thanks.
[12:28] <Eliza McIntash> I enjoyed meeting you.
[12:29] <Eliza McIntash> I hope we can talk again soon, Mr. Uffago.
[12:29] <Uffago> i as well
[12:29] * Uffago is away 
[12:35] * Eliza McIntash looks around to check if anybody is around. (Anybody in recognizably humanoid form to talk to, at least)
[12:35] <Eliza McIntash> <.<
[12:35] <Eliza McIntash> >.>
[12:38] <Eliza McIntash> Anybody else?
[12:39] * Eliza McIntash decides nobody else is around, and starts working on her lists again.
[12:39] <Eliza McIntash> Let's see... what else do I need to figure out with Chateaux?
[12:39] * Eliza McIntash does her best to concentrate and write....
[12:45] * Eliza McIntash enters another couple of things into her phone.
[12:49] * Eliza McIntash frowns.
[12:49] <Eliza McIntash> WHY is this so harrrrd?
[12:49] <Eliza McIntash> >.<
[12:49] * Eliza McIntash puts her headphones that Chateaux gave her back on, like before, and listens to them as she works.
[12:50] * Eliza McIntash takes a deep breath, and calms down.
[12:54] * Eliza McIntash has an idea, at last.
[12:55] * Eliza McIntash enters it into a memoo file onto her phone.
[13:00] * Eliza McIntash takes a couple deep breaths, ensures nobody is around to see her, and puts a last few things on here phone.
[13:02] <Eliza McIntash> ....
[13:02] <Eliza McIntash> I'll have to come back to this later, for sure.
[13:03] * Eliza McIntash gets up, and goes away and gets a start on her pre-workout stretches...
[13:03] *** Eliza McIntash [0] has quit IRC (A childhood spent being loved is the greatest of all treasures.)
[19:25] * someone knocks hard against the House door
[19:47] * someone knocks the house door again
[19:51] * Nemissa looks out through a peepwindow. Who's knocking today?
[19:53] * Hikaru is outside....wearing her large metal container on her back....covered in dirt and grime
[19:54] <Nemissa> (This kid seems familiar...) Hello there~
[19:56] * Nemissa phases through the door to say hello.
[19:56] <Hikaru> hey! someone in there???
[19:57] <Hikaru> GAH!
[19:57] * Hikaru stumbles backwards...and falls onto the box she's wearing
[19:57] <Nemissa> ...that looked painful. Gimme a second.
[19:58] * Nemissa phases back through the door.... and Noel comes out to help Hikaru up.
[19:58] <Hikaru> gahhh
[19:58] <Noel> Here.
[19:59] * Noel lends Hikaru a hand in getting back onto her feet.
[20:00] <Hikaru> gah thanks....
[20:04] * Hikaru walks in
[20:04] <Hikaru> ugggggh I can't wait to eat actual food again ><
[20:04] <Noel> You look like you've been on quite the trek.... dare I ask what you were up to?
[20:08] <Hikaru> been fighting vilians!
[20:12] <Hikaru> fighting for the goddess!
[20:17] <Noel> Oh?
[20:22] <Hikaru> ..well yeaaaaah
[20:48] * Hikaru glances at Maddie, who is sitting on a sofa and blinks
[20:48] <Hikaru> who's the kid?
[20:51] <Noel> Believe her name is Maddie. That's Matsumi's niece.
[20:52] <Hikaru> who?
[20:55] <Noel> Let's see here....
[20:55] <Noel> Blonde hair, green eyes...
[20:55] <Noel> Big chest...
[20:57] <Hikaru> oh yeah that person!
[21:08] <Hikaru> man wonder if my stuff is still here
[21:10] <Noel> Sounds like the only option may be to go check.
[21:13] <Hikaru> yeah I probably should..the old ladies probably sold them!
[21:26] * Hikaru starts to slowly head up the stairs
[21:26] * Hikaru is away 
[21:26] * Maddie Archer watches the older girl go...
[22:08] *** Kev Junia [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:08] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Kev Junia
[22:10] * Kev Junia heads out of the elevator and walks to the bar.
[22:10] * Maddie Archer looks over at the newcomer
[22:10] * Maddie Archer looks at Kev Junia.
[22:10] *** Kev Junia is the A counterpart of Shogun Kevin Junia. Wears his hair the same way, and has a pep in his step. The marriage to his love Makoto has given him a renewed hope for the future. More information about him is Here.
His image Song is: "Twin Cherry Blossums -Trinity Remix-" by Warriors Orochi 4.

[22:10] <Kev Junia> Man, what a banner sports year for me.
[22:10] * Maddie Archer makes notes...
[22:11] <Kev Junia> Lightning won the Stanley Cup, Dodgers won the World Series, and the Bucs won the Super Bowl. Ahhh...
[22:12] * Kev Junia heads over and asks for a bottle of Jameson Black.
[22:12] * Rhia hands it over
[22:12] <Kev Junia> Thank you Rhia. How are things today?
[22:13] * Kev Junia pours the bottle into a glass with some ice in it.
[22:14] <Rhia> ah the usual, lad...
[22:15] <Rhia> serving drinks...caring the bar....keeping my eye out for the odd challenger
[22:16] <Rhia> you happy, lad?
[22:18] <Kev Junia> Very much so. I make sure to fine fulfillment in even the simple things.
[22:18] <Kev Junia> If I don't, it would be a very long life
[22:19] <Rhia> aye..
[22:19] * Kev Junia notices the person taking notes in the corner of his eye but doesn't make a move to show it.
[22:22] <Kev Junia> It's funny watching the shorter lived races seem to rush... but in fairness, they don't have long to achieve their goals and dreams.
[22:22] <Rhia> it's admirable..
[22:23] <Kev Junia> Agreed. Because of this, I really wonder how much different society will look in a thousand years.
[22:23] *** Gavrison O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:23] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Gavrison O`Cain
[22:26] * Gavrison O`Cain steps up to the bar after a long walk around the Atrium
[22:27] * Maddie Archer wonders what they're saying...
[22:28] <Kev Junia> Evening Gavrison.
[22:30] <Gavrison O`Cain> Hey, Kevin. How's it going?
[22:30] * Uncle Hideki [1603] walks in, past Maddie
[22:30] *** Uncle Hideki has moved back to the Atrium
[22:31] * Uncle Hideki heads towards the bar
[22:31] * Uncle Hideki is now known as Hideki Kaze
[22:33] <Kev Junia> Doing well. Mulling over something though.
[22:35] * Hideki Kaze [1603] walks over to the bar and orders a small beer
[22:35] *** Hideki Kaze has moved back to the Atrium
[22:36] <Gavrison O`Cain> Oh? What's on your mind? (turns to Rhia) Also, I'll take a rotbier, please.
[22:37] <Kev Junia> Wait, rotgut? Nice choice.
[22:38] <Kev Junia> Well, now that I am King of Jupiter (and have been for quite some time), I have wondered if perhaps I should step back from being the planet's champion and appoint a new Jupiter Knight.
[22:38] * Rhia hands out the drink
[22:40] <Gavrison O`Cain> Nah. It's German for red beer.
[22:40] <Gavrison O`Cain> Really, Kevin? Are you certain of this?
[22:41] <Kev Junia> Ah, well it seems I need to brush up on my bier.
[22:41] <Kev Junia> Yes, but as long as Mako-chan is Sailor Jupiter, I find myself conflicted to make this move.
[22:42] * Hideki Kaze listens to the conversation
[22:45] <Gavrison O`Cain> I see.
[22:46] <Kev Junia> And even if I anoint a new Jupiter Knight, I will still be able to call on those powers, as previous have done before them. And I am likely to get into battles too.
[22:49] * Hideki Kaze drinks his beer
[22:51] <Kev Junia> I sometimes wonder if I am a bad king... unable to make some of the choices necessary.
[22:52] <Gavrison O`Cain> I wouldn't say you're bad at being king. You're just starting out, that's all.
[22:53] <Kev Junia> Thank you, I appreciate that. I have to step my game up though and stop being wishy-washy about this and other things.
[22:53] <Kev Junia> It's so much easier leading a military force.
[22:54] * Gavrison O`Cain chuckles a little
[23:00] <Hideki Kaze> hm
[23:04] <Kev Junia> Hideki, this is your future as wlel.
[23:05] <Kev Junia> Restarting a kingdom from scratch, the tough choices to be made... you can be the Q Knight forever.
[23:05] <Kev Junia> er can't
[23:08] <Hideki Kaze> I trust my wife's ability to handle things
[23:08] <Hideki Kaze> whatever she wishes, I shall assist her
[23:09] <Hideki Kaze> with Quinox restored..we're still figuring it all out
[23:10] <Gavrison O`Cain> Hm.
[23:10] <Kev Junia> True. I am fortunate to have Aliana by my side. The Grand Princess and Prime Minister, she is truly the best assist to the kingdom so far.
[23:11] <Kev Junia> My wife is the other greatest asset to the kingdom.
[23:13] <Kev Junia> Truly though, everyone who is a part of the kingdom is one of it's most important assets.
[23:15] <Gavrison O`Cain> Perhaps so. (downs the rest of the red beer within the mug) Afraid I gotta head back to my lovely wife back at the suite. Catch you gents later.
[23:16] *** Gavrison O`Cain [0] has quit IRC
[23:16] <Kev Junia> Cheers to that.
[23:17] <Kev Junia> I think we should retire to our own lovely wives their Hideki.
[23:17] * Kev Junia finishes the glass of Jameson and hand the bottle back to Rhia.
[23:18] <Hideki Kaze> of course
[23:19] <Kev Junia> Thank you Rhia and have a great night.
[23:19] * Kev Junia gets up and heads to the elevator.
[23:20] *** Kev Junia [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Rise Jovians! The storms have called us back!)
[23:20] <Rhia> goodnight, lad
[23:37] <Hideki Kaze> hm
[23:45] * Hideki Kaze notices Maddie still writing things
[23:55] * Hideki Kaze heads upstairs
[23:55] * Maddie Archer notices this and heads upstairs after him
[00:01] * Megan Smithson walks the atrium, chatting with Jean
[00:21] * Megan Smithson glances sideways..and sighs
[01:02] *** Megan Smithson has left #suburbansenshi2
[10:02] * Chiyoko Shinkaze sighs..listening to Tomoko begging her to be able to go to school this year
[10:08] * Matsumi Kaze is allowing her students a free study day today as she looks over some tests
[10:10] * Matsumi Kaze narrows her eyes.....watching a few of her students
[10:24] * Beryl is sitting with her mother, watching some cartoons :D
[10:25] * Maddie Archer keeps practicing her japanese....
[10:29] * Maddie Archer 's coin slightly glows...though she doesn't notice it at all
[15:04] *** Miara [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[15:04] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa Miara
[15:04] * Miara comes in from the stairs and flops down face up under a tree
[15:53] <Miara> anyone?
[15:57] * Miara 's stomach growls, and she goes to order some food, then clean up a bit
[16:16] *** Maret Wane has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:16] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa Maret Wane
[16:20] * Maret Wane steps on downstairs.
[16:21] * Miara is back
[16:21] * Miara has changed into a beachy outfit of cutoff and a lengh of colorful fabric secured with a knot over her shoulders and torso
[16:23] <Maret Wane> ah, good afternoon.
[16:23] <Miara> yo
[16:24] * Miara collects her food (steak and salad w/ blood dressing) and sits at a sunny table to eat
[16:24] <Miara> what're you up to?
[16:26] <Maret Wane> not much, I had sent in invitation a while ago, but may have to wait on it.
[16:29] <Maret Wane> hey, would you like to have an invitation to what dan and I are planning?
[16:42] <Miara> eh? what, like to go out or something?
[16:43] <Maret Wane> well, no, more like an indoor party.
[16:48] <Maret Wane> did you want to to be like a going out event?
[16:51] <Miara> huh? it's your thing, do what you want
[16:54] <Maret Wane> okay, well, would you like to come on over?
[16:56] <Miara> you haven't said when it is yet
[17:00] <Miara> it sounded like you invited a friend, anyway
[17:01] <Maret Wane> it'll be a few weeks.
[17:02] <Miara> eh, maybe. who knows where i'll be then?
[17:02] * Miara checks her mobile, sending a text
[17:19] * Maret Wane 's mobile phone beeps, a text from D. Kakaku recieved.
[17:25] <Miara> may as well get started, the others can catch me up
[17:25] * Miara takes her dishes back over the restaurant
[17:25] <Miara> later
[17:25] *** Miara [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Don't you know I long for the unknown?)
[17:27] *** Maret Wane has left #suburbansenshi2 (later to you as well)
[19:45] *** Masaki O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:45] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Masaki O`Cain
[19:45] * Masaki O`Cain [Tokyo] wanders in
[19:45] *** Masaki O`Cain has moved back to the Atrium
[19:46] *** Gavrison O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:46] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Gavrison O`Cain
[19:46] * Gavrison O`Cain and Cassandra exit the elevator leading into the Atrium
[19:48] <Masaki O`Cain> hey
[19:48] <Gavrison O`Cain> Hey, Masaki.
[19:48] <Cassandra O`Cain> Evening, Masaki.
[19:48] <Masaki O`Cain> hey there
[19:49] <Gavrison O`Cain> How ya doing?
[19:50] <Masaki O`Cain> ..honestly..meh
[19:50] <Gavrison O`Cain> Hm.
[19:57] <Masaki O`Cain> .......
[19:57] <Masaki O`Cain> I miss davey
[20:01] <Masaki O`Cain> Faia misses him
[20:02] <Gavrison O`Cain> We do, too. As far as I know, he's still safe.
[20:03] <Masaki O`Cain> ..this is the first time for her he's been away so long
[20:05] <Gavrison O`Cain> I'm sure. All we can do is assure Faia that David will be coming home alive. We didn't expect the investigation to take this long, either.
[20:06] <Cassandra O`Cain> Indeed. He's a strong fighter, and will do whatever it takes to get back.
[20:12] <Masaki O`Cain> easier said then done..she's still just an 11 year old who finally has a family
[20:12] <Cassandra O`Cain> I know.
[20:17] <Masaki O`Cain> if you two ever stop by the house..mind..talking to her?
[20:18] <Cassandra O`Cain> Sure. We would gladly talk to Faia. :)
[20:18] <Gavrison O`Cain> Of course, Masaki.
[20:31] <Gavrison O`Cain> How about a drink?
[20:32] <Masaki O`Cain> yeah could use something
[20:33] * Gavrison O`Cain motions over to the bar, and heads over to it with Cassandra
[20:37] * Masaki O`Cain sits down
[20:38] * Gavrison O`Cain and Cassandra takes their seats
[20:46] * Masaki O`Cain orders a drink
[20:53] * Gavrison O`Cain and Cassandra each have cognac
[20:54] * Masaki O`Cain has a beer
[21:11] <Masaki O`Cain> ugh hits the spot
[21:11] <Gavrison O`Cain> Nothing like a good drink, right?
[21:18] <Masaki O`Cain> oh yeah
[21:37] <Masaki O`Cain> mmm
[21:37] <Masaki O`Cain> man it's quiet
[21:54] <Masaki O`Cain> ....
[21:54] <Masaki O`Cain> wait am I alone now?
[21:55] <Gavrison O`Cain> Nope. We're still here.
[21:55] * Forest Kit trots through :3
[21:56] <Cassandra O`Cain> We're just enjoying our drinks.
[22:09] <Forest Kit> hi :D
[22:10] <Cassandra O`Cain> Hello, little kit.
[22:11] <Forest Kit> =^ ^=
[22:14] * Cassandra O`Cain gives the kit gentle scratches on the chin, "And how are you?"
[22:19] <Forest Kit> I'm doing GOOOOOOOOOOD :D
[22:22] <Cassandra O`Cain> That's good to hear. :)
[22:41] <Forest Kit> this place needs more fluffies :D
[22:42] <Gavrison O`Cain> Is that so?
[22:42] <Forest Kit> yuppa :D
[22:43] * Masaki O`Cain is on her second beer
[22:53] <Gavrison O`Cain> Hmm. Say, Masaki. Would cuddling a little kitsune help feel better?
[22:55] <Masaki O`Cain> i'm not much for pets
[22:56] <Gavrison O`Cain> How about Faia, then? Might help her relax a bit.
[23:09] <Forest Kit> :3
[23:12] <Masaki O`Cain> oh i'm sure she'd love a pet
[23:12] <Masaki O`Cain> problem
[23:12] <Forest Kit> :O
[23:13] <Masaki O`Cain> her strength
[23:15] <Gavrison O`Cain> Hm, a fair point. We don't want them crushed. ^_^;
[23:16] <Masaki O`Cain> yeah she's..still learning how to handle it
[23:16] <Gavrison O`Cain> Perhaps instead she could come here, and she could play around with them to relax.
[23:22] <Masaki O`Cain> ..that might work
[23:25] <Gavrison O`Cain> Excellent. For now, we ought to head back upstairs for the night. Cheer up, Masaki. David will come home.
[23:26] <Cassandra O`Cain> Absolutely. I have no doubts that he wants to get back as soon as he can. Good night.
[23:27] *** Cassandra O`Cain has left #suburbansenshi2 (Let's all get some sleep.)
[23:27] *** Gavrison O`Cain [0] has quit IRC (Good night, folks.)
[23:28] <Masaki O`Cain> seeya
[23:29] <Forest Kit> :3
[23:40] <Masaki O`Cain> oh hi
[23:43] * Forest Kit swishes its tail :3
[00:04] <Masaki O`Cain> ugh i need to head home
[00:04] *** Masaki O`Cain has left #suburbansenshi2
[08:49] * Delilah Inochi yawns, eating breakfest
[08:52] * Delilah Inochi thinks about recent events
[08:52] <Delilah Inochi> ......!?
[08:52] * Delilah Inochi gets teleported away
[08:55] * DD_Girl_Green [1710] is having breakfast with her family.
[08:58] * Caligo eats silently
[09:00] * Beryl has moved to: [ 1710 ]
[09:02] <Beryl> [1710] papa go bang-bang tooday? :O
[09:03] <Caligo> no
[09:03] <Caligo> that was a one off
[09:04] <Beryl> [1710] Squeeee!
[09:05] <Caligo> hmm
[09:07] <Beryl> [1710] blockies :D
[09:07] * Beryl [1710] continues eating :D
[09:14] * Beryl [1710] finishes eating, showing a clean plate :D
[09:14] <DD_Girl_Green> [1710] awww, are you finished?
[09:30] *** DD_Girl_Green [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[21:46] * Harusawa drifts on downstairs. (Huh, nobody about today....)
[22:14] * Delilah Inochi is looking over a strange key in her hand, sitting on a sofa
[22:22] <Harusawa> ??
[22:24] <Delilah Inochi> huh?
[22:24] * Delilah Inochi tries to hide it
[22:26] <Delilah Inochi> um hi, haru
[22:32] <Harusawa> You look kinda flustered.
[22:34] <Delilah Inochi> no reason
[22:36] <Harusawa> Right, and I'm certain you picked up that key on a whim.
[22:43] <Delilah Inochi> ...I..don't know where i got this key
[22:43] <Delilah Inochi> that's the problem
[22:57] <Harusawa> It just appeared out of nowhere?
[22:57] <Delilah Inochi> .....I don't know
[22:58] <Delilah Inochi> I was eating breakfest this morning..and suddenly I was at school
[23:00] <Harusawa> ....odd, to say the least. Sounds like it was a teleportation, either through magic or technology.
[23:02] <Harusawa> Though why target you?
[23:03] <Delilah Inochi> i don't know?
[23:16] *** Harusawa [DressedToImpress@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi2 (*IRL tired; she sticks around to help puzzle this out for a bit*)
[00:07] * Matsumi Kaze snores loudly...
[00:07] * Matsumi Kaze has moved to: [ 1603 ]
[00:18] * Maddie Archer sits in bed....looking over her phone...she hasn't heard anything from her father for days...
[00:31] * Matsuo Shin has moved to: [ Greenstone Manor ]
[00:32] * Matsuo Shin [Greenstone Manor] opens a single see that Jabberywocky has laid her head on his wife and his's bed
[00:32] * Matsuo Shin [Greenstone Manor] sighs but goes back to sleep
[00:37] * Katsumi Watanabe [Shrine] sleeps inside the Hotel Shrine
[00:39] * Neva [Alien Zone Police] relaxes at a table outside the resteraunt...drinking some coffee
[00:39] *** Neva has moved back to the Atrium
[00:41] * Neva is looking over the latest broadcasts on the galactic band...
[00:43] * Mari Shin has moved to: [ Shin Estate ]
[00:44] * Mari Shin [Shin Estate] sighs, trying to stay warm at a Kotatsu....
[00:44] * Mari Shin [Shin Estate] wonders when the Daimyo will be back....
[00:45] * Mari Shin [Shin Estate] glances over, watching it snow gently outside
[00:47] * Mari Shin [Shin Estate] turns back to watching the television
[16:36] * Dark shapes move throughout the atrium...silently moving from spot to spot..
[18:04] *** Eliza McIntash has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:04] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Eliza McIntash
[18:05] * Eliza McIntash wanders into the Atrium quietly, and works hard at making a list on her phone, obviously very wrapped up in whatever it is.
[18:06] * Dark shapes move amoung the trees....and the shops...and especally near the ceiling
[18:06] * Eliza McIntash occasionally draws something in a sketchbook, but tries to keep it secret. She only periodically looks around.
[18:07] <spiritflame> Eliza McIntash rolls 1d20 [ 18 ]
[18:07] * Eliza McIntash DOES seem very intent on keeping what's in the notebook private, and she CAREFULLY looks around to see if nobody is there?
[18:08] * Dark shapes are there but they're busy
[18:10] <Eliza McIntash> Chateaux, is that you?
[18:10] * Eliza McIntash narrows one eye, looking around, and reaches down to where he sword is hung.
[18:13] * Dark shapes dart left and right....busy with..something
[18:16] * Eliza McIntash thinks about what to do, and looks over to where the exit is instead of acting.
[18:17] <Eliza McIntash> This does not look like the ideal environment to make progress on my mental health. <.<
[18:17] <Eliza McIntash> >.>
[18:21] * Eliza McIntash looks closely.
[18:21] <Eliza McIntash> !!!
[18:21] <Eliza McIntash> Oh, what the f[BLEEP]k?
[18:22] * Eliza McIntash rolls her eyes and immediately leaves the Atrium
[18:23] <Eliza McIntash> /ss3 I can't believe it. I can't believe I can still be that surprised.
[18:24] * Eliza McIntash is away: SS3
[19:12] * Little fox ears pop up nearby.
[19:15] *** WA-2000 has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:15] <@spiritflame> konbanwa WA-2000
[19:16] * WA-2000 walks into the Lobby, looking for the nearest cafe.
[19:17] *** Ryoko Mitsurugi [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:17] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Ryoko Mitsurugi
[19:18] * Ryoko Mitsurugi walks into the Atrium enjoying a dessert baozi
[19:20] <WA-2000> Hello?
[19:20] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Oh, hey. What's new?
[19:21] * WA-2000 approaches Ryoko. "What is that you're eating?"
[19:23] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> A baozi. This particular type is a sweet filled bun.
[19:24] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Although, here in Japan they're called manjuu.
[19:29] <WA-2000> Can I get one here? I'm looking for something sweet to eat.
[19:32] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> I'm sure you can somewhere. Maybe there (points over to Chiyoko's) if you ask nicely.
[19:33] <WA-2000> I will do that!
[19:34] * WA-2000 heads on over in the indicated direction.
[19:37] * WA-2000 asks politely for one of those manjuus.
[19:39] * Tomiko Shinkaze looks at her manjuu on her plate
[19:39] <Tomiko Shinkaze> ......
[19:39] <Tomiko Shinkaze> no mine!
[19:40] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Could some be made for her, please?
[19:41] <Chiyoko Shinkaze> Tomiko!!!
[19:41] <Chiyoko Shinkaze> ..yes of course I can make some for her
[19:43] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Thank you.
[19:45] <WA-2000> Thank you very much.
[19:48] * Little fox ears move closer!
[19:49] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> So, what's new with you, 2000?
[19:50] * Chiyoko Shinkaze hands 2000 some manjuu
[19:52] * Little fox ears is now known as Chibi-Nat
[19:54] * Chibi-Nat SWIPES the Manjuu!! "YOINK!!!"
[19:55] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Thief!
[20:01] <Chibi-Nat> :D
[20:01] * Chibi-Nat dashes off, giggling!!
[20:02] <WA-2000> D:
[20:03] * Ryoko Mitsurugi tries to chase after Natalia, "Those are WA-2000's manjuu, you thieving kit!"
[20:07] <Chibi-Nat> Heeeeeeeee! :3
[20:07] * Chibi-Nat gives back the manjuu. =^ ^=
[20:09] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> You had to sneak up, didn't you?
[20:14] <Chibi-Nat> Yuppa!
[20:14] <Chibi-Nat> Because I'm SNEAKY!
[20:14] <WA-2000> Sneaky indeed.
[20:15] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Anyway, how are you guys doing?
[20:20] <WA-2000> Oh, I suppose I'm all right.
[20:20] * WA-2000 eats her manjuu. "Better now!"
[20:20] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> That's good to hear.
[20:26] <WA-2000> Although I'm a little concerned for Squad 404
[20:27] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> How so aside from a lack of reporting?
[20:28] <WA-2000> Apparently some contact has been made! According to Hellesponte AI, they've at least confirmed the location of the groups sent to 4546B
[20:31] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> That's great to hear! Any other news in conjunction with the MKN fleet there?
[20:33] <WA-2000> Nothing yet. Everyone is excited though. Hellesponte AI has figured out a way of blowing open holes in the planetary shield temporarily.
[20:37] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Hm. Do the holes stay?
[20:38] <WA-2000> No, they close within a very short time.
[20:39] <WA-2000> Short enough that it might not be possible to get large numbers of ships through.
[20:40] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Well s[BLEEP]t. There's gotta be a way to at least get a few down to the surface, or have the holes remain open for longer.
[20:42] * Hideki Kaze sits at the bar, drinking
[20:44] * Hideki Kaze is texting someone on his phone
[20:51] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Hmm.
[20:55] <WA-2000> I'm sure they'll figure something out.
[21:06] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Let's hope so.
[21:11] <WA-2000> I'd best get going. I need to check on a few things because we might be going there to 4546B soon.
[21:12] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Alright, 2000. Catch you later.
[21:12] *** WA-2000 has left #suburbansenshi2
[21:12] <Chibi-Nat> Night-night!
[21:12] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Gah!")
[21:12] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Night, Natalia.
[21:15] <Hideki Kaze> hm..
[21:15] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Hey, Hideki.
[21:16] *** Eliza McIntash has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:16] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Eliza McIntash
[21:16] * Eliza McIntash sits in a chair on one of the balconies that overlook the Atrium.
[21:18] * Eliza McIntash looks out over everybody downstairs.
[21:19] * Eliza McIntash has moved to: [ High balcony ]
[21:19] * Eliza McIntash [High balcony] puts some papers in order, and starts writing, deeply absorbed in her task.
[21:22] * Hideki Kaze glances up towards Eliza
[21:23] * Eliza McIntash [High balcony] doesn't notice him from up there, and keeps working very hard. Occasionally erasing something and trying something new. >.<;;
[21:30] * Eliza McIntash [High balcony] keeps working.
[21:40] * Eliza McIntash [High balcony] looks nervous, but keeps working.
[21:48] * Eliza McIntash [High balcony] tries extremely hard to think. She takes out the headphones Chateaux gave her, and looks at them for a long time. She doesn't put them on, but instead places them where she can see them as she works.
[21:53] <Eliza McIntash> [High balcony] ....
[21:53] <Eliza McIntash> [High balcony] *sigh*
[22:02] * Eliza McIntash [High balcony] continues working.
[22:04] * Eliza McIntash [High balcony] pulls out some clipboards with paper that she filled out before in response to her friends' questions.
[22:10] * Eliza McIntash [High balcony] keeps working feverishly.
[22:12] * Eliza McIntash [High balcony] pauses, looking down at herself strangely.
[22:13] <Hideki Kaze> hm..
[22:14] * Eliza McIntash [High balcony] takes her pencil that she is using, and pokes herself in the stomach. "???"
[22:16] * Eliza McIntash [High balcony] pokes herself again with the pencil, this time in the neck, looking down at it as she does so.
[22:16] <Eliza McIntash> [High balcony] ...
[22:16] * Eliza McIntash [High balcony] sighs, and keeps writing things down.
[22:24] <Eliza McIntash> [High balcony] >.<
[22:27] *** A delivery is left at the HOTEL by an all-night delivery company
[22:31] * Hideki Kaze pauses..and walks over to the door, checking the delivery
[22:32] *** seems to be a bunch of DVDs, and 3D Printer supplies
[22:32] * Hideki Kaze blinks and brings it in
[22:32] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> What is it, Hideki?
[22:36] <Hideki Kaze> ..looks like DVDs and 3D printer supplies
[22:37] *** it also contains several 3D Printed turtles!
[22:41] * Eliza McIntash [High balcony] comes with a note of thanks "for funding the research"
[22:42] <Eliza McIntash> (( LOL ))
[22:42] <Eliza McIntash> (( Ahem ))
[22:42] * Package picked up by Hideki comes with a not of thanks "for funding the research"
[22:42] * Eliza McIntash [High balcony] continues working.
[22:43] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Huh. Any idea who sent them?
[22:43] * Hideki Kaze looks for any signs of where it came from
[22:47] *** the box seems to have come from a reputable science laboratory!
[22:59] <Hideki Kaze> ..some sort of lab
[22:59] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> I see.
[23:01] * Eliza McIntash [High balcony] goes back into the room on the balcony, and does'nt say a word.
[23:01] *** Eliza McIntash [0] has quit IRC ( It HAS to be worth it.)
[23:05] * Matsumi Kaze has moved to: [ 1603 ]
[23:06] * Matsumi Kaze [1603] sighs...working on grading papers
[23:09] <Hideki Kaze>
[23:22] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> I'm gonna catch some Zs. Later, Hideki.
[23:22] *** Ryoko Mitsurugi [] has quit IRC (Night.)
[23:30] <Hideki Kaze> ...
[23:32] * Matsumi Kaze [1603] yaaaaawns
[23:32] <Matsumi Kaze> [1603] ugh....
[23:35] * Matsumi Kaze [1603] 's head goes down as something presses down on the top of it
[23:35] <Matsumi Kaze> [1603] ..............
[23:35] <Matsumi Kaze> [1603] Anne...I'm trying to work....
[23:36] <Anne Bonny> it's late at night, Master....if you aren't might get caught in a night raid!
[23:37] <Anne Bonny> but don't worry....*presses herself against Matsumi's back*...I've got your back
[23:37] * Mary Read gives a thumbs up
[23:38] <Matsumi Kaze> [1603] +
[23:39] * Matsumi Kaze [1603] KICKS Anne and Mary out of her study area
[00:19] * Matsumi Kaze [1603] streaches
[00:27] <Matsumi Kaze> [1603] ugh..finally finished
[00:27] * Matsumi Kaze [1603] removes her glasses, rubbing her eyes
[00:31] * Matsumi Kaze [1603] puts the papers away
[00:31] * Matsumi Kaze [1603] streaches
[00:31] * Matsumi Kaze [1603] heads out of her room
[00:31] * Matsumi Kaze has moved to: [ 16th Floor ]
[00:33] * Matsumi Kaze [16th Floor] walks into the main 16th Floor area....
[00:33] * Matsumi Kaze [16th Floor] blinks and notices some new art on the wall
[00:33] <Matsumi Kaze> [16th Floor] huh
[00:33] * Matsumi Kaze [16th Floor] walks up to the vending machine and gets a can of sparkling juice from it
[00:34] * Matsumi Kaze [16th Floor] opens it and drinks
[00:34] <Matsumi Kaze> [16th Floor] mmm hits the spot
[00:35] * Matsumi Kaze [16th Floor] looks at the new art
[00:35] <Matsumi Kaze> [16th Floor] ......
[00:36] <Matsumi Kaze> [16th Floor] man..a bit over the top
[00:39] * Matsumi Kaze [16th Floor] blinks as she hears a sound from her room
[00:39] <Matsumi Kaze> [16th Floor] ....
[00:40] * Matsumi Kaze [16th Floor] runs back in and goes into her room...pulling a small chest out of her closet
[00:40] * Matsumi Kaze [16th Floor] opens it and digs through it...before finding a small watch
[00:40] <Matsumi Kaze> [16th Floor] why is this thing going off
[00:45] * Matsumi Kaze [16th Floor] flips it open and checks
[00:45] <Matsumi Kaze> [16th Floor]
[00:47] * Matsumi Kaze [16th Floor] glances around and gets her coat.....
[00:47] * Matsumi Kaze is away 
[01:48] * Matsumi Kaze is back
[01:48] * Matsumi Kaze [16th Floor] walks in, yawning
[01:49] *** Matsumi Kaze has moved back to the Atrium
[01:49] * Matsumi Kaze heads upstairs...
[01:49] * Matsumi Kaze has moved to: [ 1603 ]
[01:50] * Matsumi Kaze [1603] changes into her pajamas...and heads to bed
[01:50] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[14:00] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte is asleep on the floor of her shop
[14:08] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> zzzzz
[14:43] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte snorts and laughs in her sleep
[14:46] *** Beryl has joined #suburbansenshi2
[14:46] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa Beryl
[14:53] <Beryl> :D
[20:46] * Matsumi Kaze [1603] yawns
[20:46] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:46] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Matsumi Kaze
[20:47] *** Matsumi Kaze has moved back to the Atrium
[21:16] *** Gavrison O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:16] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Gavrison O`Cain
[21:18] * Gavrison O`Cain stretches a bit as he walks towards a set of chairs
[21:28] <Gavrison O`Cain> Nothing like a nice evening walk, even if it was indoors.
[21:38] <Matsumi Kaze> mm
[21:38] <Gavrison O`Cain> How've you been, Matsumi?
[22:09] <Matsumi Kaze> ok
[22:12] <Gavrison O`Cain> That's good to hear.
[22:48] <Matsumi Kaze> yup
[22:48] <Gavrison O`Cain> Been up to much lately?
[22:54] <Matsumi Kaze> nope not really
[22:54] <Gavrison O`Cain> Eh, thought I'd ask. Cassie and I have been relaxing as best we can.
[23:04] <Matsumi Kaze> that's good
[23:04] * Matsumi Kaze looks utterly out of it
[23:30] <Matsumi Kaze> ugh....
[23:50] <Gavrison O`Cain> Long day overall, then?
[00:06] <Matsumi Kaze> oh my god yes
[00:19] * Gavrison O`Cain nods
[00:50] <Matsumi Kaze> just..waiting to see how it turns out tomorrow
[00:53] <Gavrison O`Cain> Hopefully it'll get better. It could be a great day.
[00:53] <Matsumi Kaze> I hope so...
[00:57] * Matsumi Kaze lays on a nearby sofa
[01:06] <Matsumi Kaze> sorry I'm not much a talker tonight
[01:06] <Gavrison O`Cain> Hey, it's alright, Matsumi.
[01:21] <Gavrison O`Cain> Well, I better head back upstairs. Take care.
[01:21] *** Gavrison O`Cain [0] has quit IRC (Good night.)
[01:26] <Matsumi Kaze> hm...
[01:26] * Matsumi Kaze pauses..and glances around
[02:06] * D. Kakaku is sitting on a sofa.
[02:16] * Matsumi Kaze ..feels like she's being watched
[02:54] <D. Kakaku> .hmm?
[02:59] <Matsumi Kaze> nothing i guess
[03:00] <Matsumi Kaze> I should get some rest...goodnight
[03:00] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[12:02] * Matsumi Kaze runs out of the hotel
[16:47] * music softly has been piped in via the usual hotel loudspeakers...sounding very much like elevator music
[17:02] * a Pirate Ship PLOWS through Chat's wall....
[17:02] * A production of Pirates of Penazance starts to play!
[17:05] * Matsumi Kaze as the Pirate King swings in..misses her cue..slams into the wall..slides down..but recovers
[17:08] * Sayuri enters as his birthday is celebrated!...Diana as Ruth does Anne and Mary playing Samuel (the roles are split)
[17:10] * BluGrl_Caprice reveals that as a child..she was suppose to have Fredric become a ship's "pilot"....but messed up and let him become a pirate
[17:12] * Sayuri reveals that she must now become their he is no longer a pirate!
[17:13] * The pirates reveal that they are terrible pirates....for they are all orphens..and cannot attack orphins......for whom the entire british navy seems to be staffed by
[17:19] * BluGrl_Caprice wishes to go with Frederic.....for he has seen no other woman then her
[17:22] * Matsumi Kaze BELTS out the Pirate King's song, swinging from rope to rope in the atrium!
[17:26] * Sakuya and Diana have moved to the area with the gazebo..having "landed".....and talking over if Diana is "beautiful"
[17:27] * Sakuya hears several maidens (played by a few of the students at the Shin Academy) enter!
[17:27] * Sakuya is FURIOUS that Diana decieved her! and lets her know!
[17:33] * the girls run around, singing happily
[17:34] * the girls ..that is to say...minus Ran Mihara..who is TERRIFIED..and just..mumbles her lines and stumbles around a bit
[17:36] * Sakuya shocks the girls!!!! and is forced to explain herself to them!
[17:40] * Sakuya as Fredric sings to them..begging for them to understand
[17:42] * Sarah Christensson makes her entreace as Mabel!!!
[17:43] * Sarah Christensson sings "poor wandering one"
[17:47] * the Pirates reappear to take the maidens!!!
[17:49] * Masaki O`Cain appears as the Major General!!!
[17:50] * Masaki O`Cain sings the major general song..mentioning how she knows "all the plots including Seven Swords!"
[17:51] * Masaki O`Cain is keeping up as fast as she can!
[17:55] * Masaki O`Cain is in terms of vagitables, animal and mineral...she is the very model of a modern major general!
[17:56] * the pirates want to marry the daughters..and explain what's going on
[17:57] * Masaki O`Cain reveals....that she is...AN ORPHEN!!!! GASP....the pirates cannot harm them!!!!
[18:00] * Matsumi Kaze and the Pirates cannot do anything against a fellow orphen!
[18:04] * Matsumi Kaze let's the Major General, his daughters and Fredric free!
[18:05] * the group seperates as Act 1 ends...
[18:05] * stagehands quickly move things preperation for act 2...
[18:05] * the girls , minus Ran..who again got outside in the dark...looking for their father
[18:06] * Masaki O`Cain sits near the gazebo..crying..for she lied and she feels guilty!
[18:08] * Sakuya tries to cheer up Masaki!...
[18:09] * Erica Fontaine as the police sergant leads the police in (including Brianna and Violet!!!)
[18:09] * Erica Fontaine sings!
[18:10] * Erica Fontaine gets a bit panicky as she realizes they might die (slim chance it is!)
[18:13] <@Eitak_Razal> A flash mob play? Not the weirdest thing that's been here
[18:13] * The Police try to sneak off...but are caught and forced back!
[18:16] * Sakuya goes to hunt down the pirate's lair!
[18:16] * Matsumi and Diana show up! they have news for Fredric!
[18:17] * Matsumi and Diana reveal...that Fredric (Sakuya) was born on Feb 29th..........there fore he's not 21..but rather...4......therefore..HE'S STILL A PIRATE!
[18:19] * Sakuya is shocked!...
[18:35] * the production has to pause for a second due to a light failure
[18:51] * the production continues
[18:51] * Sakuya is forced to admit to The Pirate King...that the major general is orphen
[18:51] <Matsumi Kaze> ..........
[18:52] <Matsumi Kaze> NOT..AN..ORPHIN!?
[18:53] * Matsumi Kaze FUMES
[18:54] * Matsumi Kaze declares the revenge against the major general will be swift and terrible!
[18:57] * Sakuya goes to meet Sarah..and reveals that she (fredric) must go with the pirates..but that she was meet up with her once her indenture is 1940
[18:59] * Sarah Christensson sings about how she must be brave
[19:04] * Sarah Christensson tells Erica and the other police how they will have to face the pirates alone..which..doesn't make them too happy
[19:06] * Erica Fontaine argues that a thief is like any other man.....and sings on how a "policeman's job is not a happy one"
[19:07] * Erica Fontaine listens and hears something..and tells the other police to hide in bushes and behind trees and sofas
[19:07] * Matsumi Kaze leads the pirates in...they attempt to sneak singing at the top of their lungs (WITH CAT LIKE TREAD!)
[19:11] * Matsumi Kaze leads the pirates to hide as Masaki walks in, troubled by her lie
[19:13] * Masaki O`Cain listens to the soothing breeze, singing to herself... as the pirates watch
[19:14] * The daughters run out to check on their father...Ran walks slowly behind
[19:16] * The pirates leap out!!!..the police appear as well....and lead them in a chase throughout the atrium..................and up into the elevator....and up several floors
[19:16] * it is now utter chaos in the hotel
[19:19] * there are pirates and police chasing each other through chiyoko's resteraunt.....and through the park area and through the shops...
[19:20] * the police are finally disarmed!!!
[19:21] * Matsumi Kaze approches the Major General...
[19:21] <Matsumi Kaze> NOW..PREPARE FOR THE END
[19:21] * Erica Fontaine quickly stands up, after disintangling herself from a bush
[19:22] * Erica Fontaine tells them to yield......
[19:22] <Erica Fontaine> IN QUEEN VICTORIA'S NAAAAAAME
[19:22] <Matsumi Kaze> !!!!!!
[19:22] * Matsumi Kaze drops her do the other pirates!
[19:23] * Matsumi Kaze and the pirates give up!
[19:25] * Sarah Christensson steps in........and reveals...the pirates are in fact..long lost noblemen!
[19:26] * Masaki O`Cain his daughters over to the pirates!
[19:27] * Little fox ears pop up nearby!
[19:27] * Sakuya and Sarah are reunited happily.....
[19:28] * Sarah Christensson leads in a final rendition of "Poor Wandering One"
[19:30] * The Entire Cast do a final pose as the production ends!
[19:30] * Thus ends an ambush production of "Pirates of Penzance", presented in The Hotel
[19:32] <Matsumi Kaze> *whew*
[19:32] * Matsumi Kaze and the rest of the cast exit to get out of costume.....Anne and Mary remove the pirate ship from the atrium
[19:35] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:35] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Chibi-Nat
[19:35] <Chibi-Nat> :D
[19:35] <Chibi-Nat> Hello!
[19:37] <Sarah Christensson> oh hello natalie!
[19:37] <Sarah Christensson> *natalia
[19:39] * Mary Read looks at Natalia
[19:42] <Chibi-Nat> Hiiiiiiii!
[19:42] <Chibi-Nat> You were having fun!
[19:42] <Chibi-Nat> I heard you!
[19:43] <Sarah Christensson> we put on a play!
[19:46] * Matsumi Kaze is trying to cheer up Ran Mihara...who is depressed that she got stage frighte again....
[19:48] <Chibi-Nat> A play? With singing?
[19:49] <Matsumi Kaze> it's called an operetta, natalia
[19:49] * Matsumi Kaze finds a prop pirate hat..and puts it on Nat's head
[19:50] *** Gavrison O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:50] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Gavrison O`Cain
[19:50] <Gavrison O`Cain> Evening, ladies. A brilliant performance.
[19:52] <Chibi-Nat> :D
[19:53] * Chibi-Nat is now known as Chibi-Nat (Pirate Kit)
[19:53] <Chibi-Nat (Pirate Kit)> Arrrr!
[19:56] <Matsumi Kaze> ARRR
[20:00] <Gavrison O`Cain> So, how's everyone doing?
[20:01] <Matsumi Kaze> oh alright
[20:01] * Chibi-Nat (Pirate Kit) rushes up to Gavrison and applies ambush-hugs!
[20:02] * Gavrison O`Cain hugs Natalia back
[20:02] * Tamamo Cat shoves a giant Barrel Labeled Pop-up Pirate intol the room along with a bucket of swords.
[20:04] * Barrel shakes
[20:05] <Matsumi Kaze> hm?
[20:06] * Anne Bonny approuches the barrel with Mary
[20:06] <Gavrison O`Cain> Eh?
[20:06] * Barrel is full of slots for the swords
[20:08] * Mary Read pulls out her sword..and slams it into the barrel
[20:08] <Tamamo Cat> Mufufu. Have fun~
[20:11] <Chibi-Nat (Pirate Kit)> TAMAMO KITTY!
[20:11] * Chibi-Nat (Pirate Kit) ZIPS over to Tamamo-Cat and applies hugs!
[20:11] * Anne Bonny grabs a sword and shoves it into a slot
[20:15] <Chibi-Nat (Pirate Kit)> You're here and not with Daddy?
[20:16] * Barrel shakes violently when Mary shoves in a real sword.
[20:16] <spiritflame> Barrel rolls 1d10 [ 8 ]
[20:16] <spiritflame> Barrel rolls 1d10 [ 4 ]
[20:16] <spiritflame> Barrel rolls 1d10 [ 2 ]
[20:22] * Matsumi Kaze offers a sword to Nat
[20:22] * Matsumi Kaze tries pushing a sword into the barrel slot
[20:23] <spiritflame> Barrel rolls 1d10 [ 9 ]
[20:24] <Chibi-Nat (Pirate Kit)> :D
[20:24] * Chibi-Nat (Pirate Kit) JAMS a sword into the barrel!
[20:26] <spiritflame> Barrel rolls 1d10 [ 9 ]
[20:27] * Elizabeth Báthory suddenly gets launched from the barrel
[20:30] * Elizabeth Báthory goes flying and gets her horns stuck in the roof
[20:30] <Gavrison O`Cain> Oh dear.
[20:31] <Chibi-Nat (Pirate Kit)> >:D
[20:32] <Chibi-Nat (Pirate Kit)> GOTCHA!
[20:32] <Anne Bonny> ....
[20:33] * Anne Bonny pulls out her gun, aiming...
[20:33] <Matsumi Kaze> hey hey no!
[20:33] * Matsumi Kaze pushes the gun down
[20:36] <Chibi-Nat (Pirate Kit)> :<
[20:42] <Gavrison O`Cain> Hmm. How should we get her down?
[20:42] <Chibi-Nat (Pirate Kit)> She okay?
[20:45] * Elizabeth Báthory is KOed
[20:47] <Chibi-Nat (Pirate Kit)> Oooooooo!
[20:47] <Chibi-Nat (Pirate Kit)> How's she hanging like that?
[20:49] <@Eitak_Razal> Well she has horns like a dragon. I think they got stuck
[20:51] <Gavrison O`Cain> That's gonna make things tough, doesn't it?
[20:52] <Chibi-Nat (Pirate Kit)> Pull her down?
[20:52] <@Eitak_Razal> Do you have a ladder?
[20:53] <Matsumi Kaze> it would need to be a pretty high ladder
[20:53] <@Eitak_Razal> Sides she's got wings. She can free herself once she wakes up. If it's a big deal Ry can come upstairs and get her down herself
[20:56] <@Eitak_Razal> A better question is why Cat put her in the barrel in the first place
[21:02] * Gavrison O`Cain shrugs, "Your guess is as good as ours."
[21:05] * Griselda pokes into frame. "Does Tama-Cat really need a reason to do things? I mean, that Madness Enhancement is a thing."
[21:07] <Chibi-Nat (Pirate Kit)> Why not?
[21:07] <Chibi-Nat (Pirate Kit)> :D
[21:07] <Chibi-Nat (Pirate Kit)> Why ask why? When you should be asking HOW she put her in there!
[21:08] <Chibi-Nat (Pirate Kit)> Tama-Cat's silly!
[21:08] * Chibi-Nat (Pirate Kit) perks her ears up suddenly!
[21:08] <Chibi-Nat (Pirate Kit)> Mommy's calling me now.
[21:08] <Griselda> Safe travels home, Natty.
[21:08] <Gavrison O`Cain> Take care, Natalia.
[21:15] <Chibi-Nat (Pirate Kit)> :D
[21:15] *** Chibi-Nat (Pirate Kit) has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Arrrrrrr!")
[21:19] * Matsumi Kaze relaxes on a sofa, looking tired
[21:20] * Freya Felinus is speaking with her students, Diana and Sarah as well offering their advice....all three of them are very proud of their work
[21:24] * The Magistra III is still tracking her father.
[21:39] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> you really think you're getting anywhere, mags?
[21:44] <The Magistra III> Oye. Not my fault every time I get close the CIA time scoops me for a mission
[21:45] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte has a small reticue floating behind her
[21:45] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> oh you still work for them..forgot!
[21:46] <The Magistra III> It was supposed to be a cushy desk job
[21:47] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> so what's your plan now?
[21:48] <The Magistra III> Find a peice of my old mask and sneak into the emmbesy
[21:48] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> certain he's still there?
[21:49] <The Magistra III> No idea. It's where the trail dropped off last time
[21:51] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> well I suppose I should leave you at it!
[21:56] <The Magistra III> He's your dad too! Don't make me do all the work
[21:58] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> he my dad?...yes..yes he is...I think
[21:59] <The Magistra III> ....If he's not to you, then I guess I'm not your sister.
[21:59] * The Magistra III fakes looking indignent
[22:01] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte pokes maggie's nose
[22:01] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> silly!
[22:05] <The Magistra III> Anyways, I'll catch him this time!
[22:05] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> I would suggest looking for anything out of the know how that attracts him
[22:07] <The Magistra III> ...
[22:07] * The Magistra III turns on the local news
[22:09] * there isn't really anything going on in the news...spectactarly nothing in''s absolutly normal
[22:10] <The Magistra III> ...That's too normal. There's not even a kaiju attack going on
[22:11] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> not even the odd robot girl
[22:11] <The Magistra III> That's way too normal!
[22:11] <The Magistra III> That alone is abnormal!
[22:12] <The Magistra III> ....Now how do I trace a lack of clues
[22:12] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> that teenage girl in the back there..does she have black hair?..and brown eyes?
[22:13] <The Magistra III> That's entirely normal for Japan
[22:13] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> ..what all of them?
[22:14] <The Magistra III> Yes. Japanese people are supposed to look like that. WHICH IS WHY IT'S WRONG
[22:14] <The Magistra III> ....That probably sounds horribly racist out of context
[22:17] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte facepalms just a bit
[22:17] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> so we can guess father is involved then?
[22:19] <The Magistra III> Yep.
[22:19] <The Magistra III> So no do we look for where things aren't happening?
[22:22] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> like doyle said....the unusual incident of the dog at midnight...
[22:22] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> ...or something like that
[22:22] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> I was horrible in litrature class
[22:30] <The Magistra III> I hated having to read on tree by-product so it was never my strong suit either
[22:32] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> you know there's something bothering me
[22:33] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> ..if whatever's causing this effect is active...what will happen if we try to get close
[22:36] <The Magistra III> ...That's a very good question. A pair of half alien red heads in japan is far from "Norma"
[22:36] <The Magistra III> *Normal
[22:37] <The Magistra III> I bet it would be fun to find out though!
[22:38] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> oh yes!
[22:42] * The Magistra III dashes off to find the most boring and normal place she can
[22:44] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte follows!
[23:57] * Katsume Watanabe sits on the shrine steps.......scrolling through cute cat videos on her phone
[23:57] * Katsume Watanabe has moved to: [ Shrine ]
[23:59] <Katsume Watanabe> [Shrine] ..kawaiii...
[00:08] <Matsumi Kaze> mmm so yeah the production with off without a hitch
[00:09] <Matsumi Kaze> ...I KNOW RIGHT! I mean you'd think that something would go wrong!
[00:09] <Matsumi Kaze> ..well there was that lighting issue
[00:09] <Matsumi Kaze> ...hey I am not lying!
[00:09] <Matsumi Kaze> anyway
[00:09] <Matsumi Kaze> yeah the kids are asleep
[00:11] <Matsumi Kaze> mmm yeah Selena is so cuuuuuute
[00:11] <Matsumi Kaze> she likes to explore after her naps...i'm so lucky
[00:11] <Matsumi Kaze> hm?
[00:12] <Matsumi Kaze> NO WAY
[00:12] <Matsumi Kaze> ARE YOU SERIOUS!?
[00:17] <Matsumi Kaze> you are kidding me
[00:19] * Matsumi Kaze sighs but smiles
[00:22] <Matsumi Kaze> so how are your guys' successors doing?
[00:24] <Matsumi Kaze> yeah I..haven't heard much from mine
[00:24] <Matsumi Kaze> ....worries me sometimes
[00:25] <Matsumi Kaze> ...
[00:25] <Matsumi Kaze> hey guys
[00:25] <Matsumi Kaze> ..I need to go
[00:25] <Matsumi Kaze> no I'm fine..I just..should go
[00:25] * Hideki Kaze walks out of the shadows
[00:26] <Hideki Kaze> ...
[00:26] * Matsumi Kaze closes the laptop
[00:26] <Matsumi Kaze> oh..deki I..didn't see you
[00:26] * Hideki Kaze kneels down and moves some hair from Matsumi's face
[00:27] <Hideki Kaze> .....
[00:28] <Matsumi Kaze> ..Deki I'm fine...there's nothing wrong
[00:28] * Hideki Kaze gently removes the laptop from Matsumi's lap
[00:29] * Hideki Kaze gently pulls Matsumi into a tightly hug...
[00:29] * Matsumi Kaze buries her face into her husband's chest
[00:30] * Maddie Archer is walking down, yawning..then stops......she sees her uncle holding her aunt...from behind, her aunt looks like she's shaking
[00:30] * Maddie Archer carefully makes her way back upstairs
[00:32] * Eliza McIntash [High balcony] turns visible, and follows where Maddie went.
[00:33] *** Eliza McIntash has moved back to the Atrium
[00:33] * Eliza McIntash is away 
[00:34] * Maddie Archer has moved to: [ Floor 16 ]
[00:34] * Maddie Archer [Floor 16] has never seen her aunt like that
[00:37] * Eliza McIntash has moved to: [ Floor 16 ]
[00:37] * Maddie Archer [Floor 16] blinks and turns
[00:38] *** Eliza McIntash has joined #suburbansenshi2
[00:38] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Eliza McIntash
[00:39] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] Hello little one. You are up late. Are you okay?
[00:39] <Maddie Archer> [Floor 16] um..yes just..couldn't sleep
[00:40] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] I completely understand. That used to happen to me all the time. :)
[00:41] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] Is everything okay? :)
[00:42] * Maddie Archer [Floor 16] doesn't know why she finds herself talking to eliza so easily
[00:42] <Maddie Archer> [Floor 16] aunt looks upset
[00:44] <Maddie Archer> [Floor 16] ..maybe it's because of me
[00:44] <Maddie Archer> [Floor 16] *it's cause of me
[00:45] * Eliza McIntash [Floor 16] leans over to the younger girl. "Sorry there, I didn't hear you very well. Did you say she WAS upset, or that she only LOOKED upset?"
[00:46] <Maddie Archer> [Floor 16] she was...crying
[00:47] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] You say she looked like she was upset. Do you know if she was upset or not?
[00:48] <Maddie Archer> [Floor 16] I...I don' tknow...
[00:48] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] That's right.
[00:48] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] So first, we don't know if she was even upset. And second, we don't know if---even if she was actually upset,-that it was because of you.
[00:49] <Maddie Archer> [Floor 16] I..guess
[00:49] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] :)
[00:49] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] Can I ask you something? Have you ever seen somebody cry because they were happy?
[00:50] <Maddie Archer> [Floor 16] ....
[00:50] <Maddie Archer> [Floor 16] no..
[00:50] * Maddie Archer [Floor 16] doesn't look like she's had alot of happy memories
[00:50] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] Like... because they got a new puppy? Or because they got a present they really liked? Or because they hugged somebody they cared about for the first time in a long time?
[00:50] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] Well if you haven't, I can show you!
[00:51] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] This is my phone, and it can show you movies and things.
[00:51] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] Let me show you something really quick, okay?
[00:51] <Maddie Archer> [Floor 16] o..oh ok
[00:51] * Eliza McIntash [Floor 16] types in "Little girl crying when she sees new puppy."
[00:53] * Eliza McIntash [Floor 16] Here, this should work!
[00:53] <Eliza McIntash> (( YES! I FINALLY DID IT! ))
[00:54] <Eliza McIntash> (( (also cries tears of joy) ))
[00:54] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] DId you see the girl there? Did you see how she was really happy, and then she started crying when she was jumping up and down?
[00:54] * Eliza McIntash [Floor 16] smiles, and shows the younger girl the video of the happy kiddo.
[00:55] * Maddie Archer [Floor 16] nods and watches
[00:56] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] So... I happened to be working on something to give to my Mom, and I happened to see you when you came into the room and looked at your aunt and uncle.
[00:56] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] I think I should tell you something about your Aunt, okay?
[00:57] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] Something your aunt cares about a whoooooole lot, okay? :)
[00:57] <Maddie Archer> [Floor 16] what's that?...
[00:57] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] You see, you might not know this, but your Aunt Matsumi LOVES to put on plays! In fact, she used to do it all the time. She would put on plays, and there would be actors in the play, and she would be so proud of what happened and how people liked it when it went well.
[00:58] <Maddie Archer> [Floor 16] she..did?
[00:58] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] Actually, she still DOES. You see, little one, your Aunt Matsumi has been... she's been working VERY VERY HARD on a play! And she hasn't done that for a long time.
[00:59] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] She did a whooole bunch of work, and had people moving around here preparing. I saw them the other night. It meant a lot to her. And just like when you hug somebody after a long time, you sometimes cry because you are happy... like that little girl you saw...
[00:59] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] Your Aunt Matsumi was saying---JUST BEFORE you came in there, about how happy she was about her play going off so well!
[01:00] * Eliza McIntash [Floor 16] looks at Maddie.
[01:00] * Eliza McIntash looks at Maddie Archer.
[01:00] *** Maddie Archer is a young girl with dirty blond hair tied up in a ponytail, green blue eyes and a quiet air to her.
Her image Song is: .

[01:00] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] I think that your Aunt Matsumi was not upset. I think that she was crying because her play went well. And she cared about the play so much. :)
[01:00] <Maddie Archer> [Floor 16] really?
[01:00] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] But do you know what your Aunt Matsumi cares about even more than plays?
[01:01] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] ^_^
[01:01] <Maddie Archer> [Floor 16] what?
[01:02] * Eliza McIntash [Floor 16] points at Maddie Archer. "You."
[01:03] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] Your Aunt Matsumi cares about you a whoooole lot. She loves you. And she wants what is best for you. And for you to be safe. And well, and happy.
[01:04] * Maddie Archer [Floor 16] smiles a little at that...
[01:04] <Maddie Archer> [Floor 16] being around her too
[01:04] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] Your Aunt Matsumi loves you. And I cannot in any way bring myself to consider that she's upset at you, kiddo. ^_^
[01:05] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] And she likes to be around you! She likes you to be around so much that she decided she wanted you to stay here a little while, so you can be around her!
[01:05] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] And while you do, you can read books, and play, and eat yummy food, and learn from people who want the same things your Aunt Matsumi wants.
[01:06] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] And if you want, and your Aunt Matsumi says, you can even learn from me, or lots of other people. And you can read book---I know an awesome reader you can talk to.
[01:06] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] And if you are ever worried, you should tell me.
[01:07] * Eliza McIntash [Floor 16] smiles. "I Know how it is to be worried about things, and not know whether or not you did something wrong.
[01:07] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] But this time, I super-duper-don't think you should worry. Your Aunt Matsumi cares about lots of things, and the play is one of them, and sometimes your Aunt Matsumi might cry---like tonight, because of the play. But that doesn't mean she's upset with you, okay?
[01:08] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] :)
[01:09] * Maddie Archer [Floor 16] smiles and nods
[01:09] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] Ok.
[01:09] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] That's much better. Your Aunt Matsumi will be sooo happy to hear that you were smililing.
[01:11] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] I don't normally... I don't normally.....
[01:11] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] I mean.
[01:11] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] I don't normally come down this time of night and talk to people. But for you, I'll make an exception, and lots of other people will too, I think.
[01:12] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] That's why your Aunt Matsumi wants you to be here a little while. And if you have questions about what you see, and you aren't sure about things, you should ask people, okay? Not worry about them. ^_^
[01:13] * Eliza McIntash [Floor 16] stands up.
[01:16] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] Do you feel better?
[01:18] <Maddie Archer> [Floor 16] mmhm
[01:19] * Maddie Archer [Floor 16] smiles
[01:19] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] Good. That's what your Aunt Matsumi cares about most of all.
[01:19] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] What's your name, kiddo?
[01:24] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] ^_^
[01:26] <Maddie Archer> [Floor 16] um..Madeline...but..I'm called..Maddie
[01:26] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] Well, Maddie, my name is Eliza. And I am staying here too.
[01:27] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] I bet we will see lots of each other, and that makes me happy.
[01:27] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] I think I'm going to go to sleep now, and I think you should too, okay?
[01:27] <Maddie Archer> [Floor 16] ok...
[01:29] <Eliza McIntash> [Floor 16] Good night, Maddie! ^_^
[01:30] <Maddie Archer> [Floor 16] night
[01:30] * Maddie Archer [Floor 16] runs back to her room
[01:30] *** Maddie Archer has left #suburbansenshi2
[01:30] *** Eliza McIntash [0] has quit IRC (A childhood spent being loved is the greatest of all treasures.)
[11:00] *** Eilean has joined #suburbansenshi2
[11:00] <@spiritflame> ohayo Eilean
[11:00] * Eilean leans against a wall, drinking some coffee
[11:03] * Eilean is looking at the trees in the atrium
[11:18] <Eilean> .....
[11:18] * Eilean notices Giselle walk over..and sees Delilah not far away
[11:18] <Eilean> ....
[13:11] * Delilah Inochi has gone to see Starbright
[13:20] <Beryl> :D
[13:24] * Delilah Inochi will be busy cleaning up her stable and making sure she's alright :)
[14:19] * Eilean is getting into an arguement with Caligo
[14:21] * Eilean and Caligo end up firing spells at each other...white magic vs black magic
[14:30] * Beryl sneezes, and it's now raining clouds!
[14:34] * Eilean and Caligo are still fighting..even through the rain
[14:45] * Eliza McIntash has moved to: [ Balcony ]
[14:45] * Eliza McIntash [Balcony] looks over the high balcony and into the Atrium.
[14:45] <Eliza McIntash> [Balcony] ....
[14:46] * Eilean and Caligo finally end their mage battle...both are just too exausted to keep going
[14:46] * Beryl waves her arms :D
[14:48] * the atrium is absolutly drenched from the rain
[14:48] <Eliza McIntash> [Balcony] Huh. Neat.
[14:53] * Brianna E McIntash can be see walking the atrium with Violet..both are chatting!
[14:59] *** Sarah Christensson has joined #suburbansenshi2
[14:59] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa Sarah Christensson
[14:59] * Sarah Christensson is walking the atrium, carrying some new flowers she wants to plant around the area
[14:59] * Sarah Christensson glances up
[14:59] * Sarah Christensson notices Eliza and waves to her
[15:02] <Sarah Christensson> hello there!
[15:05] * Sarah Christensson pauses to move Juan back so he doesn't wander off
[15:09] <Sarah Christensson> how is it going??
[15:10] * Eliza McIntash [Balcony] gives Sarah a thumbs up, since she doesn't want to shout down.
[15:12] * Sarah Christensson moves to a spot to place the flowers....letting Juan feel the flowers
[15:27] * Megan Smithson walks in from The House...and notices her mother and half brother
[15:27] * Megan Smithson runs over to see them!
[15:31] * Eliza McIntash is away 
[15:32] * Katsumi Watanabe [Shrine] sits at the Shrine, waiting for someone..ANYONE to show pu
[15:32] <Katsumi Watanabe> [Shrine] *up
[15:33] <Katsumi Watanabe> [Shrine] >_> <_<
[15:34] * Katsumi Watanabe [Shrine] pulls out her phone and plays a little Neo Sailor Wars app game
[16:05] * Katsumi Watanabe [Shrine] grumbles...she got another Sailor Europa (Classic)
[19:32] *** Ryoko Mitsurugi [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:32] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Ryoko Mitsurugi
[19:33] * Ryoko Mitsurugi finds herself a seat at a table, and is enjoying her dinner
[20:19] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Hm. I guess folks are busy right now.
[22:49] * Matsumi Kaze is having a makeover at the salon
[23:08] *** Ryoko Mitsurugi [] has quit IRC (Back to the room.)
[00:16] * Matsumi Kaze walks out, looking at herself in a mirror
[00:16] <Matsumi Kaze> ..huh
[00:26] * Matsumi Kaze looks over her face a bit and hair
[00:27] <Matsumi Kaze> well....guess it's not bad
[00:39] * Matsumi Kaze streaches
[01:12] <Matsumi Kaze> quiet night
[02:10] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[12:02] * Eilean is at one of the shops....trying to pick out things to buy
[12:02] <Eilean> ....
[12:02] * Eilean grimaces....
[12:02] * Eilean looks at what she has....
[12:03] <Eilean> ...gods why do i have so many antidotes...oh yeah..that dinner at michiru's
[12:04] * Eilean sells three of her antidotes...
[12:04] <Eilean> I need a potion....I think I need a potion
[12:05] * Eilean buys a potion..which makes............546 potions she owns now
[12:07] * Eilean has no idea how this shop exists in the hotel
[12:09] <Beryl> :D
[12:09] <Eilean> oh hey Beryl
[12:10] * Eilean glances over and sees Caligo in the shop too
[12:10] <Eilean> - ..hello brother -
[12:10] <Caligo> sister
[12:14] * Caligo goes to grab Ether..only for Eilean to grab the same one
[12:14] <Caligo> .....
[12:14] <Eilean> .....
[12:14] <Beryl> auntie :D
[12:14] * Beryl walks up to reach for the ether :O
[12:15] * Eilean and Caligo get into a slap fight...meaning the ether is within reach of Beryl
[12:15] * Beryl jumps and grabs the Ether :D
[12:17] <Beryl> Squeeee!
[12:17] * Beryl runs up to the register :D
[12:20] * Eilean and Caligo get into a very childish arguement
[12:21] <Plushie-chan> Careful! You're fighting right next to the bottled monsters
[12:21] <Plushie-chan> Unless you wanna let loose one of the plant monsters, take it outside!
[12:22] <Beryl> :D
[12:22] * Beryl shows the ether, she wants to pay for it :D
[12:23] <Plushie-chan> ...You have money?
[12:23] <Beryl> :O
[12:24] * Beryl holds a piggy bank :D
[12:24] * Beryl is holding a Hammerspace piggy bank!
[12:24] <Plushie-chan> Huh. Alright.
[12:25] * Plushie-chan rambles off the price. It's a lil' lower then normal...
[12:25] * Beryl pays the amount :D
[12:25] <Eilean> well you're the one who sicced those giant robots on that village!
[12:26] <Caligo> I'm chaotic evil, what do you want!
[12:26] <Plushie-chan> Enjoy your purchase? I guess?
[12:26] * Beryl pays by shaking the piggy bank, with Coins and bills in a mess :D
[12:27] * Beryl looks at the paid ether in curiosity :O
[12:28] <Beryl> Mine :D
[12:28] * Beryl hugs the bottle of ether :)
[12:29] * Caligo CASTS SLEEP!
[12:29] * Eilean CASTS MUTE
[12:29] <Eilean> zzzzzzz
[12:30] * Eilean falls asleep on the floor
[12:30] <Caligo> ....
[12:30] <Plushie-chan> testing
[12:31] <Beryl> Squeeeeeeee :D
[12:31] <Plushie-chan> ....
[12:31] <Plushie-chan> Caligo, come collect your child.
[12:31] <Caligo> ...
[12:31] * Caligo picks up Beryl
[12:31] <Beryl> :D
[12:31] * Caligo would say know...Mute
[12:32] <Beryl> papa fight auntie again? :O
[12:35] * Eilean snores loudly on the floor
[12:36] <Beryl> (( test ))
[12:36] <@Intern 4> test
[12:36] <Plushie-chan> test
[12:37] <Plushie-chan> Works NOW
[12:38] <Plushie-chan> I have a sale on echo herbs if you need :3
[12:39] * Eilean is fast asleep..she can't answer
[12:39] <Beryl> :O
[12:40] * Caligo can't do s[BLEEP]t as he's been muted
[12:41] * @Intern 4 was just passing through, carry on~
[12:41] * Plushie-chan waves some of the herbs infront of Caligo. It lifts Silence.
[12:42] <Caligo> gah
[12:42] <Caligo> that b[BLEEP]ch
[12:42] <Plushie-chan> That'll be ???-gold please
[12:43] <Caligo> ....
[12:43] <Beryl> :D
[12:43] * Caligo hands it over....
[12:45] <Caligo> I'm not paying for her
[12:50] <Caligo> do with her what you will
[12:50] <Eilean> zzzzzz
[12:58] * Plushie-chan just jabs Eilean with a stick of poking +5
[13:00] * Eilean rolls over and keeps sleeping
[13:00] * Eilean is under a sleep spell
[13:01] * Plushie-chan whacks her with the stick for 5 damage. Sleep usually wears off when struck
[13:02] <Eilean> OW what the hell!
[13:08] <Plushie-chan> I tried poking but you didn't wake up.
[13:08] <Eilean> ...THAT F[BLEEP]KER
[13:09] <Plushie-chan> Mufufu. It's fine. Your own spell hit him and I got to to make money on the cure :3
[13:10] <Eilean> ugh well at least there's that
[13:10] * Eilean puts her items at the register and digs through her pockets, paying for them in gold
[13:22] <Eilean> thanks
[13:23] <Plushie-chan> Please come again!
[13:23] <Eilean> s[BLEEP]t I forgot to use my rewards card!
[13:27] * Eilean checks
[13:27] <Eilean> ...s[BLEEP]t need one more purchase
[13:31] <Plushie-chan> Hmmm?
[13:33] <Eilean> nothing..forgot to use the reward card
[13:35] <Plushie-chan> I'll fix it
[13:35] * Plushie-chan does so
[13:37] <Eilean> WOOT
[13:44] <Plushie-chan> And you get something from the odds and ends bin
[13:46] * Plushie-chan pulls it out. Pink hair dye, a one up mushroom, a box of laxitives, a personal sized strawnanna pie and a llama transformation potion, sit on the top of the pile in the box
[14:00] <Eilean> .....
[14:00] * Eilean chooses the strawnanna pie
[14:06] * Eilean exits!
[14:42] * Mirai Arashi learns something dramatic..or she would if this wasn't a two parter
[16:19] * Hideki Kaze types on his laptop.....then carefully reaches out and pulls selena back towards him "no"
[16:23] * Hideki Kaze reaches out his other arm and grabs Mira Eseme..pulling her away from the door "no"
[16:37] * Hideki Kaze spends half his time working..and half his time coralling kids
[18:17] <Matsumi Kaze> will s-..will someone get the.........WILL SOMEONE GET THE F[BLEEP]KING DOOR
[18:19] <Matsumi Kaze> s[BLEEP]t s[BLEEP]t..come on...
[18:19] * Matsumi Kaze tries to open the door..but her hand just can't turn the doorknob
[18:19] <Matsumi Kaze> coooome oooooon
[18:28] <Matsumi Kaze> f[BLEEP]k this
[18:28] * Matsumi Kaze KICKS down the door
[18:31] <Matsumi Kaze> stupid people not helping out s[BLEEP]tting f[BLEEP]king hell s[BLEEP]t...
[18:31] * Matsumi Kaze stomps upstairs with the fast food she bought
[19:07] *** DD_Girl_Green [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:07] <@spiritflame> konbanwa DD_Girl_Green
[19:08] <DD_Girl_Green> walks in with Slow Food.
[19:08] * DD_Girl_Green *^
[19:54] <Joanna Smithson> [1604] ok...
[19:54] *** Joanna Smithson has moved back to the Atrium
[19:54] * Joanna Smithson turns on the Big TV for some wrestling
[20:22] *** Clouds spread overhead in Tokyo. They are periodically lit up from within---but the source is not lightning, it is activity in the dimensional rifrt.
[20:45] * Joanna Smithson glances over
[20:45] <Joanna Smithson> oh hey green
[20:46] <DD_Girl_Green> hello/
[20:59] <DD_Girl_Green> where's matsumi at?
[21:00] <Joanna Smithson> sis? think she's with her family up in her suite
[21:06] <DD_Girl_Green> I have some leftover slow food, but I guess I can save it for later.
[21:37] <Joanna Smithson> huh what?
[21:39] <DD_Girl_Green> the slow food.
[21:40] <Joanna Smithson> oh well you could ask her
[21:42] *** Ryoko Mitsurugi [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:42] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Ryoko Mitsurugi
[21:42] * Ryoko Mitsurugi steps out of the elevator leading into the Atrium, wiping her face with a towel
[21:48] * Delilah Inochi sits on a sofa, with her laptop...
[21:48] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Oh, hey, guys.
[21:48] <Delilah Inochi> huh...what's this..a forum?
[21:48] * Delilah Inochi clicks on it and looks
[21:49] * Delilah Inochi clicks on a thread
[22:04] * Ryoko Mitsurugi plops down in a chair, "Sooo, what's up?"
[22:15] <Delilah Inochi> .....
[22:15] * Delilah Inochi closes the laptop
[22:17] <Joanna Smithson> watching wrestling
[22:17] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Nice.
[22:38] *** SYSTEM ANNOUNCE - Main Page updated with entry # 2217 - A fight for the ages! The true story of Haruka and Michiru vs Usagi at Mugen!! ***
[23:07] *** Ryoko Mitsurugi [] has quit IRC (Going back to my room.)
[23:32] * Matsumi Kaze has moved to: [ Glasses ]
[23:33] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] walks downstairs, yawning
[23:40] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] glances at her phone, frowning..then heads to chiyoko's
[23:40] * Delilah Inochi is reading forum posts and just...what the f[BLEEP]k
[23:57] <Delilah Inochi> >_>
[00:57] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] hm?
[01:04] <DD_Girl_Green> hmm?
[01:14] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] oh hey green
[01:15] <DD_Girl_Green> hey there, matsumi
[01:21] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] how goes?
[01:21] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] you're up late
[01:22] <DD_Girl_Green> mmmhmm *yawns*
[01:25] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] heh same..not easy to sleep
[01:29] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] ugh i'm beat though
[01:45] <DD_Girl_Green> same over here
[01:51] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] was going to talk to the girls tonight but...I think i'm too worn out
[01:53] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] sucks..tonight was our karoke night
[01:54] <DD_Girl_Green> awww, well go try and get some sleep
[01:54] <DD_Girl_Green> *yawns* and I should do so too
[01:54] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] yeah..night green
[01:55] *** DD_Girl_Green [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[02:13] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[14:26] * Maddie Archer [Floor 16] is out in Tokyo!!! she's taking photos of it to send to her father...her cousin Giselle is with her, having the day off from college
[14:26] *** Maddie Archer has moved back to the Atrium
[14:36] * Maddie Archer gets seperated from her uncle
[14:37] <Maddie Archer> huh?
[14:38] * a teenage girl RUNS past Maddie..causing the girl to spin around @_@
[14:38] <Maddie Archer> wh..wh..wha @_@
[14:43] * Maddie Archer stumbles..just as the door to the store opens and a very graceful teenage girl walks out...she catches Maddie just as she's going to fall over..
[14:44] * Pantea just watches from the bar, where she's filling a crate with various bottles
[14:46] * graceful girl has moved to: [ Tokyo ]
[14:46] * Maddie Archer has moved to: [ Tokyo ]
[14:48] <graceful girl> [Tokyo] are you alright?
[14:48] <Maddie Archer> [Tokyo] h..huh?
[14:49] * Maddie Archer [Tokyo] looks up at the girl...then turns red and scoots back
[14:49] <Maddie Archer> [Tokyo] a..ah...ah...
[14:49] * Maddie Archer [Tokyo] tries to remember the right words in Japanese
[14:49] <graceful girl> [Tokyo] ?
[14:49] * Rhia is polishing off the bar
[14:50] <Maddie Archer> [Tokyo] s...shoe!
[14:50] <graceful girl> [Tokyo] ..shoe?
[14:50] <Maddie Archer> [Tokyo] O_O I..err..uh...
[14:50] <Uncle Hideki> ...Maddie?...
[14:51] * Maddie Archer [Tokyo] hears her uncle..quickly bows (too far) and runs off to find him....the graceful girl just watches her go..puzzled
[18:51] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] enjoys a quiet night with her family
[19:53] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] hmhmhm
[20:01] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] gets a message on her phone....and blinks
[20:01] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] goes outside the Hotel....
[20:02] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] steps outside..only to see an angry and despondent Miara staring at her
[20:02] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] ^Mirai
[20:03] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] talks with Mirai..though because she's outside..all you can do is watch the conversation...not hear it
[20:04] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] seems confused...but Mirai is yelling at her about something
[20:04] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] tries to calm down Mirai...putting a hand on her shoulder..only for Mirai to slap it away
[20:07] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] tries to talk to Miarai but the girl is crying and yells at Masumi
[20:07] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] *Matsumi
[20:11] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] tries to talk Mirai down.......Shina joining in and trying to convince her everything is alright
[20:14] * Mirai Arashi transforms into Neo Sailor Quinox..and seems is about to lash out at Matsumi...but Salacia and Venti hold her back just in time...
[20:15] * Mirai Arashi seems to snap out of it.....and runs off into the night in horror
[20:17] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] , Shina, Salacia and Venti watch her go....with Shina, Salacia and Venti running after their friend
[20:17] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] sighs..
[20:55] *** D. Kakaku has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:55] <@spiritflame> konbanwa D. Kakaku
[20:56] * D. Kakaku issitting on a chair in the atrium
[20:59] <D. Kakaku> anyone here?
[21:15] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] sits on a seperate sofa.....worried
[21:16] <D. Kakaku> what's wrong?
[21:20] <D. Kakaku> something wrong with whoever was out there?
[21:21] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] doesn't say anything to DK
[21:26] * A sound like thunder rumbles through the sky in Tokyo.
[21:27] * A sound like thunder is coming from the rift, and it is soon apparent that it is the sound of explosions, not thunder.
[21:27] <D. Kakaku> hmm?
[21:29] *** The sky above the rift lights up repeatedly with flashes in concert with the sounds of things exploding. Whatever is happening up there, it is extreme.
[21:29] <D. Kakaku> what's exploding outside?
[21:31] *** The city of 1337-A looks fine, and the weather is clear. Only whatever is within the rift is experiencing violence.
[21:32] * Different parts of Tokyo can see a furious battle taking place in the Rift from their vantage point---it is not visible from everywhere.
[21:32] * D. Kakaku looks for whatever Intern was using to check up on it.
[21:33] * Intern's Monitor shows flying armored units that spray steam with each movement. They are firing their weapons at something in the sky... and they are losing.
[21:34] <D. Kakaku> what the?
[21:36] * Intern's Monitor shows the big humanoid steam powered armor running around, and in some cases flying. They shoot their weapons up into the sky, but buildings explode around them.
[21:36] <D. Kakaku> are they destroying the buildings or...?
[21:39] * Intern's Monitor shows a rain of fire coming from the sky that destroys another building. A brightly-painted big, armor unit swivels a camera upward and fires very big machine guns into the sky in retaliation, and keeps firing them until it is crushed by a falling section of bridge.
[21:39] <D. Kakaku> ok, what's raining down fire and destruction on them?
[21:41] * Intern's Monitor does not show this. It does, however, show another formation of armor flying in to join the battle, led by one that is painted bright blue.
[21:41] *** The blue-colored spirit armor is hit hard by a kinetic impact, and spirals into the ground, trying to get up.
[21:45] *** the armor is hit again, and a gaping hole opens up in its chest before a subsequent explosion. A disgusting black substance, bubbling like tar, drips out of the compartment that would hold the pilot. The armor doesn't move again.
[21:45] <D. Kakaku> ... Tar.... that's not what I think it is, is it.
[21:48] * Intern's Monitor now shoes something else, and it is at the end of a hallway that is clearly recognizable as the HOTEL. There is a room with huge security features and airtight walls, and behind transparent barriers there are several giant cylinders, slowly moving, with tubes going into them.
[21:53] * Intern's Monitor shows heavy steel hoops securing thick padding holding the cylinders shut. It looks like medical and gas tubes are going into and out of them, and they have IV bags that are dripping down into the cylinders, slowly. All of the walls and doors have biohazard and warning signs everywhere, and directions to STAY OUT.
[21:54] <D. Kakaku> whaaa?
[21:55] <Intern's Monitor> Shows, for just a moment, and only a moment, a tiny bit of red hair visible within one of the restraint cylinders.
[21:55] * Intern's Monitor ^
[21:57] * Intern's Monitor shows lights beeping rhythmically, and IVs dripping. The cylinders slooooooooooooooowly rotate with their occupants.
[21:58] <D. Kakaku> are they Elizas?
[22:00] * Intern's Monitor starts to suffer interference...
[22:00] * Intern's Monitor is only showing fuzzier pictures now.
[22:01] * D. Kakaku notes down what he just saw
[22:01] * Intern's Monitor shows, now, what MIGHT be D.Kakaku himself, but he's being helped into what seems to be a spacesuit.
[22:04] *** shows that whatever it is, it looks complex, and heavy, and needs to be strapped and fastened tightly on, and D.Kakaku (if that is him) seems to be testing the gloves that are on his hands---they are connected by wires to the inside of the suit, and then a big mitten with no finger openings is put on over them, and partially filled with air.
[22:04] <D. Kakaku> ehh?
[22:05] <D. Kakaku> is this a continuation of that... whatever that is?
[22:07] *** the interference continues to get worse for some reason, and for a moment there is multi-dimensional static on the line. When the image reforms, it is of a blurry-but-fit-looking D.Kakaku, and people are strapping breathing masks over his mouth and nose, shiny goggles with wires coming from them over his eyes, and tight headphones over his ears.
[22:08] * Intern's Monitor fizzles and smokes for just a moment--but it is fortunately well-made, and continues.
[22:09] <D. Kakaku> hmmm, looks stylish, but let's see where this goes.
[22:12] *** after this, some people strap a big bulbous helmet over D.KAkaku's head, which seems to be filled with little sagging bags. The assistants lock it onto his head (he obviously cannot do it himself) and the pads inside of the helmet start to fill with air and water, which restricts his movement.
[22:13] *** The helmet's pads fill completely with air and water after they are locked on---and the rest of the suit he is in starts to get bigger too. Lights flicker on the chestpiece as this happens, but it is obvious that D.Kakaku cannot see it.
[22:14] * Intern's Monitor finally, with its power failing, shows D.Kakaku rolled and lowered back into a big tank of water with a splash... but the monitor signal starts failing, and it starts to become impossible to see what he is doing from outside the Rift!
[22:15] <D. Kakaku> an aquarium?
[22:15] * Intern's Monitor shows that in the Rift, D.Kakaku is doing... something inside the suit--and he is moving, but seemingly unable to interact with the world. There SEEM to be cameras pointed at him, and screens, but they appear all black, and too grainy, to see what is happening.
[22:16] *** Now has almost completely converted to static--Whatever D.Kakaku is experiencing, it's impossible to see it from outside the rift.
[22:18] <D. Kakaku> what is... do I have to go in there?
[22:18] * Intern's Monitor is not showing whatever is happening to the D.Kakaku analogue anymore. It's only static.
[22:21] * D. Kakaku notes it all down, including the monitor's statc.
[22:21] *** Whatever was visible inside the rift doesn't come back tonight. Either carefully deciphering the clues or scouting ahead will have to be done. The conclusion isn't visible outside the rift.
[22:30] * D. Kakaku will wait until the picture appears
[22:34] *** It never does.
[23:09] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] is doing a online call with The Girls..and is pouring her distress to them...
[08:27] <D. Kakaku> /me has pulled up a chair to the viewing monitor and is sleeping with the notes in his hand.
[08:27] * D. Kakaku *^
[09:07] * Mirai Arashi doesn't go into school today
[19:29] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] is spending time with her daughters up in suite 1603...she has the dolls all set up for today and is enjoying some snacks with them
[19:59] * Freya Felinus is doing the same with her twin daughters
[20:09] * Nelius Raoul stops in to visit Haru, and get her opinion on something.
[20:10] *** Ryoko Mitsurugi [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:10] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Ryoko Mitsurugi *** Happy Doll's Festival!!
[20:14] * Ryoko Mitsurugi plops down on an empty sofa
[20:32] * D. Kakaku wakes up, still holding the notes.
[20:33] *** Eliza McIntash has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:33] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Eliza McIntash *** Happy Doll's Festival!!
[20:33] *** Eliza McIntash has moved back to the Atrium
[20:34] <D. Kakaku> hmm, hey Eliza.
[20:36] <Eliza McIntash> Hello there!
[20:36] <Eliza McIntash> Been a while since I have been down here and not doing paperwork.
[20:36] <D. Kakaku> oh really?
[20:37] * Eliza McIntash looks around for Matsumi Kaze.
[20:37] <Eliza McIntash> Yeeeeeah.
[20:37] <Eliza McIntash> Personal things.
[20:37] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Oh, hello.
[20:37] <Eliza McIntash> I'm finally going to have a really important personal talk with Chateaux about... stuff. Everything.
[20:37] * Eliza McIntash waves to Ryoko.
[20:38] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] walks out to the balcony..and looks down
[20:38] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] oh..Eliza
[20:44] <Eliza McIntash> OH!
[20:44] <Eliza McIntash> There she is, up there.
[20:44] * Eliza McIntash waves
[20:45] <Eliza McIntash> Matsumi, we need to talk in private, it's about your niece.
[20:47] <Eliza McIntash> Let me know when you can.
[20:47] * Eliza McIntash turns back to D.Kakaku. "So, what are you doing?"
[20:47] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] nods
[20:49] <Eliza McIntash> It's urgent. She was worried. Needlessly.
[20:50] <D. Kakaku> waiting for either Intern, or for another picture to appear on this monitor.
[20:50] * Eliza McIntash looks down at the monitor.
[20:50] <Eliza McIntash> Uh... what's it supposed to do?
[20:50] <Eliza McIntash> sorry, I don't know anything about technology. I'm hoping maybe Chateaux or a Time Lord or expert here will teach me, though! That would be so cool.
[20:52] <D. Kakaku> Intern sent somethig into the rift a while ago, the pictures come and go.
[20:53] <Eliza McIntash> Huh. And it's not working now.
[20:56] <D. Kakaku> not right now and I can't risk going in there.
[20:59] <D. Kakaku> what if that was us If I went in there again. stuff like that
[21:00] <Eliza McIntash> Woah... you are saying stuff that was really ominous. What did you see?
[21:02] <D. Kakaku> some version of me hepling out one of those armored people, and last night, it was me being put into a suit and lowered into some kind of aquarium tank.
[21:05] <Eliza McIntash> ...Armored people?
[21:05] <Eliza McIntash> Actually, wait, let's talk about the aquarium tank thing---who was trying to kill you?
[21:07] <D. Kakaku> Idon't know, but that's what it showed, me in that expanding suit going into that tank.
[21:07] <Eliza McIntash> ????
[21:08] <Eliza McIntash> OOOOH---you were wearing a diving suit. So it wasn't an attempt to drown you.
[21:08] <Eliza McIntash> That's what it sounded like--but now it sounds like you were. you know... either inspecting an aquarium or auditioning to become the fish.
[21:08] <D. Kakaku> must be a wierd one, then
[21:09] <Eliza McIntash> So does this monitor always show weird pictures of you?
[21:09] <Eliza McIntash> I mean, I am ASSUMING you never actually did that in real life, right?
[21:09] <Eliza McIntash> Or you would have said.
[21:09] <Eliza McIntash> (RIght?)
[21:10] <D. Kakaku> no, it showed some robots getting destroyed in a waar and leaking tar
[21:11] <Eliza McIntash> Robots, huh?
[21:11] <Eliza McIntash> Were they those uh... what's the word?
[21:13] <D. Kakaku> automatons?
[21:14] <D. Kakaku> they kinda look like the spirit machines Matsumi has.
[21:14] <Eliza McIntash> Sorry, Intern said that there were some robots at war with----
[21:14] * Eliza McIntash stops talking.
[21:14] <Eliza McIntash> They were Selphers and Koubu?
[21:16] <D. Kakaku> I think so, but they were leaking tar.
[21:16] <D. Kakaku> not blood
[21:17] <Eliza McIntash> Leaking? They were damaged? That doesn't make sense. They'd leak steam.
[21:17] <Eliza McIntash> still sounds terrible. A lot of those girls who fly them are great people.
[21:18] <Eliza McIntash> So you said this is from a rift, right?
[21:19] * Nelius Raoul and Haru head into the Atrium from upstairs, Lyz notably absent this time. "....I take it we walked in on quite the situation."
[21:19] <D. Kakaku> yes
[21:19] <Eliza McIntash> I dunno. Sounds like we are all too late for it.
[21:19] <Eliza McIntash> You said it all happened last night, right?
[21:21] <D. Kakaku> yes
[21:22] <Eliza McIntash> Okay, so at the beginning, you said this means something about YOU personally, right?
[21:22] <D. Kakaku> yeah?
[21:24] <Eliza McIntash> Well, what did ou mean about "not going in?" Into the aquarium thing?
[21:25] <D. Kakaku> I meant the rift
[21:25] <D. Kakaku> not going up there with my flycycle
[21:26] * Eliza McIntash looks at him, surprised. "You mean you ALREADY HAVE?"
[21:26] <Eliza McIntash> Why would you go into a dimensional rift? Literally anything could happen!
[21:26] <Eliza McIntash> ....well, at least you are not going in now.
[21:27] <Eliza McIntash> I can't help but wonder what made you decide to enter in the first place, though.
[21:27] <D. Kakaku> its sudden appearence
[21:28] <The Magistra III> Because he's an idiot
[21:29] * The Magistra III is suddenly laying on a sofa upside, chewing on a peice of Pocky
[21:30] <Nelius Raoul> (And right on cue, there's Magistra... at least a version of her. Maybe she might know something more.)
[21:30] <Eliza McIntash> OH! A Time Lord!
[21:31] <The Magistra III> Where? I've been trying to duck work all day and if they come here in, oh you meant me.
[21:31] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Quack. :P
[21:31] <Eliza McIntash> So you uh... aren't interested in figuring out what super-weird D.Kakaku saw yesterday?
[21:32] <The Magistra III> Oh, I'm curious, but on a superfical level.
[21:32] <The Magistra III> I got alot more pressing things on my brain.
[21:33] <Eliza McIntash> Well, we cannot make you.
[21:33] <Eliza McIntash> ...and, I mean... it would be wrong to try.
[21:34] <The Magistra III> Greater minds then yours have tried to make me do anything and failed :3
[21:34] <The Magistra III> My Hikikomori skills are next level
[21:35] * Eliza McIntash turns to D.Kakaku. "Well, I'm sure Intern will be willing to fix it when she comes back."
[21:35] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Even on grocery runs?
[21:35] <The Magistra III> Who goes on grocery runs in person?
[21:36] <The Magistra III> If Amazon, Amazombie, or the latest deslivery app doesn't have, why do I want it?
[21:36] <Eliza McIntash> I guess it does make sense that you are unwilling to go into the rift.
[21:36] <Eliza McIntash> I wouldn't go near it.
[21:36] <The Magistra III> Oh. I'm not unwilling.
[21:36] <Eliza McIntash> Well. I mean. That's not true. If the right person said it was really important for me to, I would.
[21:36] <The Magistra III> I can staple that thing shut
[21:37] <Eliza McIntash> Huh.
[21:37] <Eliza McIntash> I thought you were saying you didn't want to.
[21:37] <The Magistra III> I want to do it about as much as I want to anything in meatspace, which is only slightly more then being set on fire.
[21:37] <The Magistra III> But I'd do it if it was important
[21:38] <The Magistra III> And I have no info on it other then it's been showing vistions of Danny Boy and some red haired ladies that are neither of us
[21:38] <Eliza McIntash> Meatspace?
[21:39] <D. Kakaku> our world
[21:39] <Eliza McIntash> Well, it's probably not Gemini either, or your mom. Intern seems really worried about these people. She wants me to go to Sweden to find them.
[21:39] <D. Kakaku> we're basically meat
[21:39] <Eliza McIntash> Well, mostly, sure.
[21:39] <Nelius Raoul> Hate to butt in, but if you're talking about that rift outside, my godmom knows a bit about it.
[21:39] <Eliza McIntash> But... where else would you be doing things if not in... uh... meatspace?
[21:40] * Eliza McIntash turns to Nelius, interested.
[21:40] <The Magistra III> The Internet. The Timmy computer network, the web, the e-space.
[21:41] <The Magistra III> Maybe I should just move into the Mooncell
[21:43] * Eliza McIntash is clueless as to what most of what Magistra's words mean.
[21:45] <Eliza McIntash> I'm curious as to what you have to say, Nelius. Intern clearly thinks this is important.
[21:46] <Nelius Raoul> Well, some time back there was a massive fluctuation which caused a certain someone's soul to suddenly pull a switch with their counterpart. To solve it, Monica made a few preparations and jumped into the Rift to set things right.
[21:47] <Nelius Raoul> What she had to mention on it all but confirmed ye old "Multiverse Theory".
[21:48] <The Magistra III> ...Theory?
[21:48] <The Magistra III> I thought we confirmed we live in a multiverse
[21:48] <Haru E> Don't mind him --- this is mostly for those unfortunate few who have yet to grasp such.
[21:49] <Eliza McIntash> So... these are alternate realities we are seeing through there?
[21:49] <Nelius Raoul> Basically -- Multiverse "theory" basically boils down to this. Every action one takes, whether minor or major, creates new timeline branches.
[21:49] <Eliza McIntash> Could anything in OUR futures be in there, or just other worlds? He said he saw something really bad, and I hope it isn't real.
[21:50] <The Magistra III> Yes and no.
[21:50] <The Magistra III> Most choices get eaten by bigger timelines
[21:50] <The Magistra III> There's no timeline that hinges on what falvor of pockcey I'm eathing
[21:51] <Nelius Raoul> However, considering the whole deal with time travel, precognition, and other such errata, things end up getting a lot more complicated than my simplified explanation.
[21:51] <The Magistra III> Also, in every choice in life there's a "Punch self in face option"
[21:51] <Haru E> really gotta get new options, Magi.
[21:51] <Eliza McIntash> Huh.
[21:52] <Eliza McIntash> D.Kakaku, what exactly did you see that was so horrible you resolved never to go back?
[21:52] * Ryoko Mitsurugi heads over to a nearby bar, and grabs a pint of beer
[21:53] <The Magistra III> There are also Pruned Timelines, timelines that are such deadends reality itself refuses to let the progreess and just chops them off the tree
[21:53] <D. Kakaku> hm?, oh, nothing in there, I just wasn't entering as a precaution.
[21:54] <Eliza McIntash> Well, that's probably a good thing, even if you saw something amazing in there.
[21:55] <Eliza McIntash> I suppose it would occasionally show something wonderful, at least.
[21:56] <The Magistra III> But you don't need to worry about the Pruning Theoretical Phenomenon for a few years yet
[21:56] * The Magistra III is off on a tangent
[21:56] <Nelius Raoul> ....that said, Magistra, before you go too far into your tangent...
[21:57] <The Magistra III> Hmm?
[21:57] * Nelius Raoul reaches into his coat-pocket and pulls out what looks like a water-damaged invitation. "Think you can work some of your own time-tracing to figure out where this thing came from?"
[21:58] <The Magistra III> ...Did you drop it in a puddle?
[21:58] <Nelius Raoul> Seems this thing found its way into my paperwork -- it was addressed to me, but neither my Mail Mothman nor Beatrice nor Yui were able to figure out where it came from.
[21:58] <The Magistra III> Hmmm.
[21:58] <The Magistra III> I can see where it's been
[21:59] <Nelius Raoul> I detected no magical tracework on it either, so it wasn't teleported in.
[21:59] <Eliza McIntash> HUh. I'll be honest, I thought you were gonna ask her to fix the monitor.
[21:59] <Eliza McIntash> Oh well.
[21:59] * The Magistra III rubs her eyes. When she pulls her hands away they're solid blue. "I can do that too"
[21:59] * Nelius Raoul hands the damaged invite over to Magistra.
[21:59] <Eliza McIntash> Like... I can't believe I'm gonna travel through time on a mission. It's overwhelming... and are your hands blue?
[22:00] <The Magistra III> They are? I can't really see color right now. My eyes are supposed to be though. Hmmm if my hands are blue this might make manipulating thins eaiser and I'm getting off track again
[22:01] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Any idea who may have sent it, Nelius?
[22:01] * The Magistra III is looking at the threads of time attached to the letter looking for when it and Nelius's timelines both interweaved
[22:02] <Nelius Raoul> That's what I'm looking to find out. The return address was smudged up, and even though I've been earning some credit as an Overlord, I doubt it'd be enough to get "cordially invited" to something.
[22:02] * The invite is... to put it nicely, a complete disaster of a time-thread. It seems to flip, flop, backflip and sidehop pretty much everywhere.
[22:03] <The Magistra III> ....
[22:03] <The Magistra III> This things's timline is almost as much of a mess as mine.
[22:03] <Nelius Raoul> About the only details I could get out of it was something about a "carnival", yet when I tried looking up any upcoming events, nothing matched.
[22:04] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Hopefully not an evil carnival. A carn-evil?
[22:05] <The Magistra III> ...To explain what I'm seeing in a way you would understand, it's like looking at a spider web built on a game map that's linked on both edges
[22:05] <Nelius Raoul> Trust me, if it were a Netherworld-styled Carnival, they'd be passing out flyers instead of invites.
[22:05] * The Magistra III tries to find anything of use in this mess
[22:05] <Haru E> Eesh, Magi. That's a mental image.
[22:06] * There is one detail... it seems to stretch back to around 2010-2011... but something on that is already fishy.
[22:06] <The Magistra III> Hmmm.
[22:06] *** D. Kakaku has left #suburbansenshi2 (we'll discuss latet, going up.)
[22:06] * The Magistra III looks closer in that area.
[22:07] <The Magistra III> This thing is like 10 years old. Maybe
[22:07] <Nelius Raoul> ...why would an invite have taken ten years to reach me, especially since I've only been here for seven?
[22:08] <The Magistra III> I dunno, I suggest expanding your search of events backwards.
[22:09] <The Magistra III> But like, somethings also not right?
[22:10] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Weird.
[22:11] <Nelius Raoul> That's putting it lightly, Ryoko.
[22:12] <Nelius Raoul> There was only one detail I was about to discern from the destroyed text.
[22:12] <Nelius Raoul> Apparently this thing, whatever it is, only happens once every decade. Either of you know of a "once every ten years" thing going on?
[22:13] * The Magistra III takes one last look for anything normal "And it's 10 years old..."
[22:13] <The Magistra III> *abnormal
[22:13] <Haru E> ...weird take, but you don't imagine someone had a premonition of our arrival, do you?
[22:14] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Hm. Last I heard of anything remotely like that was Champion of Champions tourney that occurred every five years beginning in 2015.
[22:14] <Nelius Raoul> If they did, they would've had to have been incredibly bored to send out a ten-year old invite.
[22:14] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> And that was during the Budokai.
[22:15] <Eliza McIntash> I really have more paperwork to do. I should get going. Good night, everyone.
[22:15] * The Magistra III stops looking "Ugh this is giving me a headache"
[22:15] * Eliza McIntash is away 
[22:19] <Nelius Raoul> Well, we gave it the old College try. Still, thanks.
[22:20] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> What about Paisley, or another Time Lord?
[22:20] <The Magistra III> Those weren't timelord ablities for the record.
[22:20] <The Magistra III> You could try rolling it's clock back
[22:21] <The Magistra III> see if it fixes it
[22:21] <Nelius Raoul> Like a kind of restoration magic?
[22:21] <The Magistra III> but I'm not good at such things, I think Paise might be the best to ask? Maybe?
[22:28] * Neco-Arc walks past "It's starting!"
[22:28] <Nelius Raoul> ??
[22:28] <Haru E> ....wait a minute, that looks familiar...
[22:28] <Haru E> Didn't granddad and grandmom mention seeing a bunch of those?
[22:29] <Nelius Raoul> Indeed they did. Think mother mentioned wanting to take one home....
[22:29] <The Magistra III> Oh no.
[22:30] <Nelius Raoul> Uh, context?
[22:30] <The Magistra III> From here on out it's a nonsense scene. I've always wanted to one of those but the writer says no.
[22:31] * The Magistra III is suddenly carried off by a stampeed of Neco-Arcs
[22:33] <Haru E> Oi, still kinda need her!
[22:33] * Haru E gives chase.
[22:33] <The Magistra III> Hmmm. Mom always said there'd be days like this. What was her advice?
[22:35] <The Magistra III> Oh right.
[22:35] * The Magistra III turns on Yakity Sax
[22:36] <Nelius Raoul> .....OK, who flipped on the Silliness Switch?
[22:37] * The Magistra III gets slammed into a wall...
[22:37] <The Magistra III> ....Just as long as big head mode isn't turned on.
[22:38] <The Magistra III> That way lies madness
[22:38] <Haru E> Depends --- are the hitboxes similarly upsized?
[22:39] <The Magistra III> I recall something from my first incarnation now.
[22:40] <The Magistra III> The Carnival has started.
[22:40] <The Magistra III> Enjoy the madness.
[22:40] <Nelius Raoul> Which Carnival are we talking about here? That is a bit of a broad answer.
[22:40] <The Magistra III> The Grand Carnival!
[22:41] <The Magistra III> It's magical Phantasm!
[22:41] * Nelius Raoul looks over to his daughter. "Translation?"
[22:42] <Haru E> S[BLEEP]t's gonna get weird, dad.... well, weirder than usual.
[22:44] * Nelius Raoul lets out a very dry chuckle. "And considering the madness this place gets up to...."
[22:46] <Red Saber> A carnvial? A festival? Leave this to me!
[22:47] * Griselda is on one of the unoccupied sofas, the biggest grin on her face.
[22:49] <Red Saber> Umu! Leave it to me, I will hold a festival wothy of Olyimpia, there will be no better choices. The gods themselves shall weep at the sight
[22:49] * Mattie Aeros is crying....she got some sand in her eyes
[22:50] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> Right...
[22:51] <Haru E> I'll be sure to set up the recording equipment. This ought to be a sight~
[22:54] <Haru E> Ooh, better let Christophe know to get the extra-large popcorn tubs~
[22:56] <Red Saber> But first we need an arena
[22:56] <Red Saber> I'd use my theather but it would be too easy to acuse me of cheating
[22:59] <Griselda> Wonder if a pocket-plane would work.... might need Priscilla's help with that one.
[23:01] <Griselda> Well, got my new project♫
[23:02] <The Magistra III> I'm pretty sure my younger self doesn't have the budget for this
[23:02] <Griselda> Where we're going, we won't need a budget~
[23:05] <Ryoko Mitsurugi> As much as I'd like to watch the insanity, I'm gonna try to get some sleep. Catch you guys later.
[23:05] *** Ryoko Mitsurugi [] has quit IRC (Yeesh. What's weird outside is normal here.)
[23:10] <The Magistra III> Also, we don't have enough people to make these jokes.
[23:11] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] eh?
[23:14] * The Magistra III opens her mouth to explain but is suddenly Time Scooped
[23:15] *** The Magistra III [0] has quit IRC (Nooo. Not work!)
[23:16] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] .....
[23:16] <Haru E> TL:DR; s[BLEEP]t's gonna get weird again.
[23:17] <Haru E> ....well, moreso than they usually do around this nexus of complete unpredictability.
[23:25] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] huh
[23:25] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] removes her glasses and rubs her eyes
[23:26] <Haru E> You seem a bit tired. Something on your mind?
[23:29] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] ugh had a rough day yesterday
[23:29] <Haru E> ???
[23:31] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] it's Mirai...
[23:31] <Haru E> Uh oh. Take it things have not being going so well for her?
[23:32] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] tells Haru about it...about some..alien race she's been fighting..and how Mirai apperently is descended from them...and how she now thinks Matsumi chose her because of her alienness.....and that she somehow knew all this and didn't tell her...
[23:32] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] ..I didn't know
[23:34] <Haru E> That is a hell of a stretch.
[23:35] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] she's a teenager...
[23:35] <Haru E> Yet what do we know about this alien race?
[23:39] <Haru E> ...assuming we know anything yet.
[23:42] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] she didn't give me a name
[23:42] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] ..but she was..extremenly distressed
[23:45] <Haru E> ~_~ Hoo boy.
[23:48] <Haru E> Talk about running into one nasty coincidence.
[23:51] <Haru E> Still, if this alien race she's been fighting has been up to some s[BLEEP]t, then whether or not she has a blood tie ought to be irrelevant.... I mean, unless they were banking on using Mirai to launch their own invasion or something.
[23:56] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] I don't know..she didn't tell me much about what was happening
[23:57] <Haru E> Sounds like the only way would be to get some info from Yokohama, but after that dustup I imagine she wouldn't be too happy to see you around.....
[00:00] <Haru E> In that case, I could send a few MHD's to scope out the situation.
[00:03] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] how would you even know where to begin?
[00:05] <Haru E> True, I would be operating blind in this case.... but then again, exactly how many situations have we been in where all the details are neatly laid out for us to read at our leisure?
[00:07] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] true
[00:11] <Haru E> Anyway, I'll get on that. Still got some MHDs tooling around the city, so I can have them begin moving in to investigate.
[00:14] *** Haru E [Shura.SpannerinDWorks@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Come, my children.... it is time to move.")
[00:48] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] sighs and tries to relax
[01:43] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] glances over....and walks down the hall till she finds a door with a quinox symbol on it
[01:43] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] puts her hand on the door knob..and opens it, walking through
[01:43] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[08:41] * Haru E texts Matsumi Kaze     MHDs are in position. However, another thought occurs to me regarding the mess with Mirai.
[08:53] * Haru E texts Matsumi Kaze    
[08:54] * Haru E texts Matsumi Kaze     Sorry, glitch. Anyway, have these aliens even presented Mirai with any kind of genuine proof of her descent? One part of my mind believes they're outright lying to her, in an attempt to get her to cause in-fighting.
[12:29] * Lobelia Carlini is currently choking the life out of Caligo
[12:44] <Beryl> [1710] :O
[12:44] *** Beryl has moved back to the Atrium
[12:47] * Lobelia Carlini is rather cross
[12:47] <Beryl> :(
[13:00] * Mirai Arashi doesn't come into school again
[13:15] <Beryl> why you hurt papa? :O
[13:16] * Lobelia Carlini is done strangling Caligo..having stuffed him under a sofa
[13:16] <Beryl> papa? :O
[13:21] <Caligo> mmph
[13:31] * Caligo just has his legs sticking out
[13:35] * Beryl tries pulling Papa oout :O
[13:49] * Caligo is an adult man...she's a small child
[14:04] <Beryl> :(
[14:10] *** DD_Girl_Green [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[14:10] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa DD_Girl_Green
[14:20] * DD_Girl_Green [1710] Runs in the door and Runs to the couch.
[14:20] <DD_Girl_Green> [1710] /mvoe
[14:22] <Caligo> .....
[14:55] <Caligo> .....
[14:56] * DD_Girl_Green [1710] Lifts the couch
[14:56] *** DD_Girl_Green has moved back to the Atrium
[14:56] * DD_Girl_Green lifts the couch and throws it nearby.
[15:00] <Caligo> yes thank you
[15:04] <DD_Girl_Green> who did this?
[15:10] <Caligo> that carlini woman
[15:21] <Caligo> ugh
[16:49] * Matsuo Shin [Greenstone Manor] sits on the floor of the atrium, a pile of old books surrounding him
[16:49] *** Matsuo Shin has moved back to the Atrium
[16:51] <Matsuo Shin> let's see...
[16:52] * Matsuo Shin pages through a pile of old papers
[16:56] * Matsuo Shin sets the paper aside and grabs a book, blowing dust off it
[16:58] * Matsuo Shin coughs and opens the book
[17:00] * Matsuo Shin turns the pages carefully
[17:06] * Matsuo Shin sighs and sets the book aside
[17:22] * Matsuo Shin is going through another book
[17:29] * Matsuo Shin grumbles...he's having no luck
[19:06] *** Gavrison O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:06] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Gavrison O`Cain
[19:07] * Gavrison O`Cain calmly steps out of the elevator leading into the Atrium
[19:10] * Matsuo Shin has fallen asleep in the middle of the papers and books
[19:10] * Gavrison O`Cain kneels down next to Matsuo, and gently gives him a nudge, "Hey, wakey wakey, sleepyhead."
[19:11] <Matsuo Shin> huh..what
[19:14] <Gavrison O`Cain> Research tiring you out?
[19:14] <Matsuo Shin> ugh yes
[19:15] <Matsuo Shin> giving thorn some space..she's recording today
[19:15] <Gavrison O`Cain> Ah. So, what're the books and papers about?
[19:18] <Matsuo Shin> old texts....latin and greek mostly
[19:19] <Gavrison O`Cain> Gotcha. Any particular subject?
[19:20] <Matsuo Shin> some old references...
[19:29] * Gavrison O`Cain nods
[19:29] <Matsuo Shin> haven't found anything just yet
[19:32] <Gavrison O`Cain> Need any help on whatever it is you're looking for?
[19:34] <Matsuo Shin> no no i think i'm done for now
[19:35] <Gavrison O`Cain> Alrighty, thought I'd ask.
[19:35] <Gavrison O`Cain> Aside from dozing off, how ya been?
[19:39] <Matsuo Shin> fine I suppose
[19:42] <Gavrison O`Cain> That's good to hear.
[20:01] <Matsuo Shin> ..there's an odd feeling in the air
[20:02] <Gavrison O`Cain> Hm? How so?
[20:04] <Matsuo Shin> just strange vibrations
[20:05] <Gavrison O`Cain> I see.
[20:22] * Matsuo Shin gets tackled from behind and goes down on his face
[20:23] <Matsuo Shin> .....
[20:32] <Gavrison O`Cain> What the...?
[20:32] <Matsuo Shin> ....
[20:33] * Lina Shin and Emi Shin sit on their father's back
[20:40] <Gavrison O`Cain> Well, you two sure look like you're having fun. :)
[20:43] * Lina Shin giggles and nods..Emi just stays close to her younger half sister
[20:45] <Beryl> Squeeee!
[20:46] * Gavrison O`Cain sits down on the ground, "What are your names, little ladies?"
[20:48] <Lina Shin> Lina!!
[20:48] <Emi Shin> e...e..emi
[20:49] * Beryl waddlewalks over :D
[20:50] * Matsuo Shin sighs
[20:51] <Gavrison O`Cain> It's nice to meet you both, Lina and Emi. I'm Gavrison.
[20:55] <Matsuo Shin> please..get off me
[20:55] <Beryl> uncle :D
[20:59] <Matsuo Shin> hello
[21:04] <Gavrison O`Cain> But the kids are having fun, Matsuo. At your expense, though.
[21:10] <Matsuo Shin> always
[21:12] <Beryl> Squeeee!
[21:13] * Lina Shin tries to play horsie on her papa's back!
[21:16] * Gavrison O`Cain chuckles a bit
[21:19] * Matsuo Shin tries to send a text to his wife
[21:19] <Beryl> I wana play, too :D
[21:22] <Lina Shin> ok!
[21:23] <Beryl> :D
[21:25] * Lina Shin scoots over!
[21:26] * Beryl climbs on :D
[21:26] <Beryl> Squeeeee! :D
[21:29] <Gavrison O`Cain> You three are very silly.
[21:31] <Beryl> EEEEE :D
[21:36] * Emi Shin just shyly hides behind her smaller sister
[21:40] <Matsuo Shin> ...
[21:47] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] hey what's with the noise?
[21:48] <Gavrison O`Cain> Oh, evening, Matsumi. Seems the kiddos are having a little fun with Matsuo.
[21:50] <Beryl> :D
[21:53] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] ....oh lord are they playing horsey?
[21:53] <Gavrison O`Cain> Yup, they are.
[21:54] <Beryl> Squeeee! :D Horsies! :D
[22:04] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] chuckles
[22:04] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] ...don't think bro is having much fun
[22:04] <Gavrison O`Cain> No, he isn't.
[22:04] <Beryl> :O
[22:05] <Beryl> sawwwy :(
[22:05] * Beryl gets off of Uncle Matsuo
[22:06] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] hey it's ok, beryl
[22:06] * Matsuo Shin manages to finally get up and picks up both his daughters
[22:06] <Matsuo Shin> ..and now i'm going to get these two home and to bed
[22:06] <Matsuo Shin> night
[22:07] <Gavrison O`Cain> I will say, they are adorable, though.
[22:07] <Gavrison O`Cain> Take care, Matsuo. Good night, little ones.
[22:08] *** Matsuo Shin [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (what am I going to do with you two)
[22:11] <Beryl> granma :D
[22:12] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] hey there
[22:13] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] picks up Beryl
[22:14] <Gavrison O`Cain> How've you been, Matsumi?
[22:21] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] i've been...alright
[22:22] <Gavrison O`Cain> That's good to hear.
[22:40] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] how are you doing?
[22:44] <Gavrison O`Cain> I've been doing pretty good. Just simply relaxing as best anyone can.
[22:49] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] same i suppose
[23:02] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] just trying to get my mind together
[23:02] <Gavrison O`Cain> Hopefully, it all goes well.
[23:05] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] me too
[23:05] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] smiles to Beryl
[23:11] <Gavrison O`Cain> Well, I ought to head back upstairs. Have a good night, Matsumi.
[23:11] *** Gavrison O`Cain [0] has quit IRC (Returning to the suite.)
[23:20] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] goes to put Beryl to bed
[23:26] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] walks back downstairs..then walks outside
[23:27] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] looks up at the sky..and even through all the bright lights...can see the moon
[23:27] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] ....Mirai
[23:27] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] ....I wish...I could help you
[23:28] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] ..I don't know what I can do for you
[23:30] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] thinks back to all her failures as a leader..her attempts at leading others and her stumbles and mistakes
[23:40] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] doesn't know what to do...
[00:34] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (*spends the next two hours lost in thought..before finally heading to bed*)
[00:36] * The Neco-Arcs have opened a Cafe in the hotel.
[10:02] * Monica stops in to visit Haru and Lyz, but sees the Cafe. Intrigued, she heads over to check it out.
[10:30] * Mysterious Neco X is behind the bar.
[10:32] <Mysterious Neco X> Welcome to Ahnenerbe
[10:35] <Monica> Ahnenerbe? Ain't that a tongue twister. :P
[10:35] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Mysterious Neco X is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[10:36] <Mysterious Neco X> It means "Ancestor's Heritage"
[10:39] <Monica> Duly noted. Think a friend of mine mentioned this place once before.
[10:41] <Mysterious Neco X> They visted probably using one of our other enterances. You've already left your hotel and come to a place where worlds intersect. Even those who would not normally meet can do so here.
[10:42] <Mysterious Neco X> *probably visited
[10:43] <Monica> Interesting. Now I'm curious as to who made this establishment.... or if it simply exists naturally.
[10:43] <Monica> But that can wait.
[10:50] <Mysterious Neco X> George owns it but we handle most of the day to day. He prepares most of the food overnight, our Curry is highly reccomended
[10:55] <Monica> Admittedly, it has been some time since I last had a good curry plate....
[10:55] <Mysterious Neco X> Would you like the Box Set? Includes squid rings on top and a side salad
[10:57] <Monica> Sure, I'll give it a try.
[10:59] * Mysterious Neco X turns and talks to another Neco Arc, this one in a white dress with Pink hair. "Get one box set from the kitchen"
[10:59] <Mysterious Neco W> "Un-un-un"
[11:00] * Mysterious Neco W goes to the kitchen and comes back with Monica's order, placing it in front of her.
[11:02] <Monica> Looks good.
[11:03] <Mysterious Neco W> '/me nods enthusiastically "Un-un-un"
[11:05] * Monica digs in. "....complex flavors, bold spice... have to say, George knows his stuff♫"
[11:06] <Mysterious Neco X> '/me is polishes a glasses "It's popular enough that we usually run out of curry by the end of the day" She sets it down and picks up another. "Would you like a Coffee?"
[11:06] <Mysterious Neco X> Test
[11:06] * Mysterious Neco X tests
[11:06] <Mysterious Neco X> (( Odd that ))
[11:09] <Monica> Normally most people would think Coffee and Curry to be an odd combination.... yet I've seen it work quite well.
[11:10] <Mysterious Neco X> George says it's all about the right blends
[11:15] <Monica> Yeah, that'd probably do it.
[11:25] <Monica> Definitely gonna let my friend know this place is back.
[11:25] <Monica> Though she had expressed a desire to take one of you home with her....
[11:54] * Monica suddenly perks her ears, as if hearing something in the distance.....
[11:54] <Monica> Well, don't think I'll need to tell her after all.
[11:57] * Eoria suddenly bursts into the cafe. "I knew it -- they're back~"
[11:59] <Mysterious Neco X> Welcome to Ahnenerbe
[12:00] <Eoria> Oh, it is good to be back~
[12:04] <Eoria> So then, anything new?
[12:23] <Mysterious Neco X> New look
[12:27] <Eoria> I notice.
[12:35] * Mysterious Neco Y is seated at a nearby table.
[12:35] * Eoria gets on ordering some food.... meanwhile, Anesha is watching the other Necos.
[12:37] * Mysterious Neco Y swirls a glass of blood red liquid in a Martini glass before drinking it down. Wait isn't this a Cafe? Not a bar?
[12:38] <Anesha> (They must keep the good stuff in the back.)
[12:42] <Mysterious Neco Y> Ah it's so nice to be on the move again. This carnvial is going to be good for buisness
[12:45] * Mysterious Neco W nods enthusiastically "Un-un-un"
[13:28] *** Miara [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[13:28] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa Miara
[13:29] * Miara stomps in from the stairs, looking a bit miffed about something
[13:31] <D. Kakaku> hmmm, hey there.
[13:33] *** D. Kakaku has left #suburbansenshi2 (never mind, be back later)
[13:33] <Miara> oh. hey
[13:33] <Miara> ...later then
[13:35] * Miara sits under a tree, taking off the wrist/hand wraps she was wearing
[13:50] * Miara rubs salve into several bruises, including one on her palm
[15:00] * Miara goes over to pour tea into her largest thermos, along with a good amount of rum
[16:16] * D. Kakaku is back
[16:17] <D. Kakaku> hey there.
[16:22] * Mysterious Neco W is sweeping outside the cafe.
[16:32] <Miara> yo
[16:33] * Miara scowls at something on her phone before throwing it back in the bag
[16:34] <D. Kakaku> what was on your phone?
[16:35] <Miara> nothing helpful
[16:35] <D. Kakaku> mmm, alright
[16:37] <D. Kakaku> anything going on tonight?
[16:38] <Miara> something's gonna have to, but i'd reeeeally like it not to be running
[16:39] <D. Kakaku> mmm, party at Maret's?
[16:47] <Miara> will there be fighting?
[16:51] <D. Kakaku> if you'd like
[16:55] <D. Kakaku> I'll see if I can get some training dummies.
[16:55] <Miara> seriously? how much can you guys---no, not like that.
[16:56] <D. Kakaku> ok, I'm guessing sparring, then?
[16:56] <Miara> we don't know each other very well. i probably just need to find Trax at this point.
[16:57] <D. Kakaku> Trax? who's he?
[16:57] <D. Kakaku> and how much can we what?
[17:01] * Miara pulls out the phone again to pound in a text
[17:03] * Miara looks at DK again a moment, evaluating
[17:06] <Miara> how much can you hurt someone who's not an enemy? enough for them, but knowing what's to far? who would you trust to do that with you?
[17:08] <D. Kakaku> I'd say visible bruises is too far, I'd trust Maret if I wanted to be a fighter.
[17:10] <D. Kakaku> though, I have done a fighting tournament.
[17:10] <Miara> well, she's like your mate, right?
[17:11] <Miara> that's kind of given
[17:11] <D. Kakaku> yeah.
[17:23] * Miara pounds something else into the mobile
[17:24] <Miara> i'd better go before...yeah
[17:25] <D. Kakaku> ok, well, want to come to the party?
[17:25] <Miara> i dunno, we'll see. he can be hard to find.
[17:28] * Miara is away: hope this works
[21:31] *** DD_Girl_Green [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[21:32] *** D. Kakaku has left #suburbansenshi2 (Yeah! Let's go!)
[21:35] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] is having a depressive she's just staying in her suite
[23:06] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] sighs...
[23:13] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] hides under her depression blanket
[23:18] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] in her depression messages her fellow former senshi...she's gone full Hotaru....
[08:43] * Mysterious Neco X looks up from polishing glasses "It's starting!"
[08:43] * @Eitak_Razal paces the lobby
[08:55] * Thirza pops her head in. "Morning~"
[10:56] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] keeps herself locked up in her suite
[11:13] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] sends a rather..bland happy birthday text to michiru....
[11:31] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] goes back under the depression blanket
[12:06] *** Maret Wane has joined #suburbansenshi2
[12:06] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa Maret Wane *** Happy Birthday, Kaioh Michiru!!
[12:08] * Maret Wane is sitting with D. Kakaku, waiting and talking to him about her friend.
[12:17] *** Kore has joined #suburbansenshi2
[12:17] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa Kore *** Happy Birthday, Kaioh Michiru!!
[12:18] * Kore enters from Tokyo, a fur-lined winter cloak over her gown
[12:19] * @Eitak_Razal is in a staring contest with Asagi. Well more a Glaring contest.
[12:20] <Kore> Good afternoon
[12:21] <Maret Wane> and a wonderful afternoon, to you, Kore.
[12:23] * Kore nods and sits near them
[12:24] <Kore> I hope everyone is well.
[12:24] <Maret Wane> Daniel, this is Kore, a special acquaintance of mine.
[12:24] <D. Kakaku> oh, well, hi there.
[12:25] <Kore> It is nice to finally meet you.
[12:28] <D. Kakaku> same with you, how did you two meet?
[12:30] <Maret Wane> should I start or should you?
[12:31] <Kore> It was here at the hotel, we lived on the same floor. We both also know some of the Lupa group, although different ones.
[12:34] <Kore> I believe Miss Kai suggested that we meet :)
[12:35] <Maret Wane> and then you met Nasmat, and took such a liking to him.
[12:36] <Maret Wane> *her
[12:37] <Kore> She is quite spirited. Very unlike the few horses we saw in the temple.
[12:41] <Maret Wane> how are the temple horses doing?
[12:43] <Kore> On Olympus? Well enough, I should expect. I do not go to the stables often anymore.
[12:44] <Maret Wane> new priorities will do that, it seems.
[12:45] <Kore> Yes, Teknes keeps me quite busy. Some days I do not even have time to write.
[12:47] <D. Kakaku> mmhmmm, well, want to come up and start the party?
[12:49] <Kore> Whenever you are ready.
[12:50] * D. Kakaku gets up and goes upstairs, followed by Maret.
[12:50] * Kore stands and follows them
[12:51] * D. Kakaku is away: hoping this will be the best party.
[12:51] * Kore is away 
[12:51] * Maret Wane is away 
[15:25] * Beryl is playing with a lot of blocks :D
[16:12] * Matsumi Kaze [Glasses] remains depressed in her room
[17:32] * Hideki Kaze has been trying to get through to Matsumi for three days now
[18:24] * Hideki Kaze is taking care of the kids while trying to get to his wife
[20:10] *** DD_Girl_Green [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:10] <@spiritflame> konbanwa DD_Girl_Green *** Happy Birthday, Kaioh Michiru!!
[20:15] * Hideki Kaze tries to text Matsumi's friends
[20:24] * Hideki Kaze sits outside their room door....Mira Eseme sitting in her lap
[20:28] <DD_Girl_Green> hmmm?
[20:28] <Hideki Kaze> *his lap
[20:41] * Maddie Archer [Tokyo] notices her uncle......and wonders what's going on
[20:43] *** Maddie Archer has moved back to the Atrium
[20:47] <DD_Girl_Green> hello there.
[20:48] <Maddie Archer> huh?
[20:52] * Maddie Archer waves
[20:55] <Maddie Archer> happening
[20:56] <Hideki Kaze> nothing that hasn't happned before
[20:59] <Maddie Archer> ...
[20:59] * Maddie Archer sits down on floor next to her uncle
[21:05] <DD_Girl_Green> wwhat is going on?
[21:05] * DD_Girl_Green waves back
[21:06] <Hideki Kaze> what has happened before
[21:11] <Hideki Kaze> what happens once in awhile
[21:19] <DD_Girl_Green> oh, you mean Matsumi in... a...
[21:22] * DD_Girl_Green won't finish, not around Maddie and Selene
[21:35] <@Eitak_Razal> She's deppressed again?
[21:36] <Hideki Kaze> yes
[21:37] <@Eitak_Razal> So why are you out here in the hall
[21:39] <Hideki Kaze> because she won't let me in
[21:40] <Hideki Kaze> she's locked the door from the inside
[21:44] *** Sean Collins [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:44] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Sean Collins *** Happy Birthday, Kaioh Michiru!!
[21:44] <Sean Collins> [1602] You could just break down the door.
[21:44] *** Sean Collins has moved back to the Atrium
[21:46] <Hideki Kaze> ...about that
[21:46] * Hideki Kaze stands.....setting Mira aside....and SLAMS himself against the door...only for a green energy to BLAST him across the balcony and into the river
[21:47] <Sean Collins> ...he could have just said what would happen. We didn't need a demonstration.
[21:48] * the energy withdraws back under the door
[21:48] * Sean Collins tries knocking.
[21:48] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] please just leave me alone..
[21:48] * Maddie Archer comes back in..having missed the light show
[21:48] <Sean Collins> Mats? Its me, Sean. Please open up.
[21:50] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] please...just...leave me alone
[21:51] <Sean Collins> Mats. Pull yourself together. Open up and let's talk.
[21:52] <Sean Collins> You can't just lock yourself away like this.
[21:52] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] why
[21:53] <Sean Collins> Because you're hurting the people who care about you. And why is is better to lock yourself away?
[21:54] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] I..can't..
[21:55] <Sean Collins> Can't what?
[21:57] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] I just can't..
[21:57] <Sean Collins> C'mon, open up and let's talk, like normal. Like the friends we are?
[21:57] <Sean Collins> You're acting like we're strangers.
[21:58] <Maddie Archer> ......
[21:58] <Maddie Archer> is it something I did?
[21:59] * Sean Collins looks at Maddie. "No, certainly not. But we can't get to the root of the issue until she talks to us."
[22:01] <Maddie Archer> ..wh.what do we do
[22:01] * Hideki Kaze drags himself back out of the water and up the stairs
[22:01] <Sean Collins> I'm doing my best.
[22:02] * Rhea [1602] saw Hideki fly into the river, and was on her way with several towels! She bumps into him on the stairs and tries to help dry him off
[22:02] *** Rhea has moved back to the Atrium
[22:03] <Hideki Kaze> ..thank you, rhea
[22:03] <Sean Collins> Mats, answer me
[22:04] <Matsumi Kaze> [Glasses] .....I screwed up again
[22:05] <Sean Collins> Mats, open the door and talk to me, please.
[22:06] <Sean Collins> We're not going to get anywhere if you don't open the door.
[22:07] <@Eitak_Razal> ....Matsumi. You do realize that unless you sheilded that room, I don't need the door open to come in there and drag you out.
[22:07] * Hideki Kaze manages to get back to the room area
[22:08] <Hideki Kaze> ..Matsumi please...
[22:08] * Rhea is right behind Hideki