It's that time of year again! When the denizens of the chatbox and the Suburban Senshi IRC battle to see who is the baddest of them all!

There will be two tournaments (Brackets to be posted later): One in which the chatboxers battle for supremacy, and another in which the Suburban Senshi battle to see who is the best! All combat will take place in the turn-based channel system, under the rules below:

Judges are barred from acting as combatants.

Anything goes. That means weapons and armour. The match style is "hardcore", so any objects around the house are usable as weapons.


After the opponent is hit or manages to block or whatever, they are required to "Sell" the action by doing a /me describing how they were affected. The more over-the-top the attacks and the reactions, the better.

For example: Nate attacks Minako:
[00:52] /// Battle Mode: Nate Detroit grabs a sofa cushion and chucks it at Minako. (DEFLECTED!!)
[00:53] * C'est_la_V bats the sofa aside and laughs HO HO HO

After the /me, that turn is considered completed. If the attacker loses a turn, his / her opponent gets to use /fight twice in succession.

Being knocked down for any count does NOT lose you a turn. Both combattants will stop fighting until the announcer has made the count, thusly:

[17:30] <C'est_la_V> ? 1...
[17:30] <C'est_la_V> ? 2...
[17:30] <C'est_la_V> ? 3...

This uses up time and makes the fight riskier. (If it's a 10 count (when the system says KNOCKDOWN - 10 count, not merely having 10 POINTS, which is different) , the match gets called right after. Otherwise, fights resume.) You can move right after it.

In the event of a double botch (where one player loses a turn and the next player does so as well) the first player to botch resumes play.

No fatalities or Godmoding. They will result in an instant DQ.

Victory will be determined by submission, forfeit, 10 count knockout (as determined by automated battle system) lagout for more than 3 minutes (counted as a TKO) or the one with the most amount of hits (as determined by the automated battle system) in the round. In the case of a tie, there will be a "sudden death" in which tuens continue past the time limit, ans the first to score a hit wins.

The Arena will be the Suburban Senshi house and neighborhood. There is no ring-out, but you must stay within range of your opponent at all times, staying out of reach for more than one turn (by levitating, etc) is a cause for forfeit.

Matches will run for 30 minutes (allowances will be made for server lag) . An opponent who is idle for more than 3 minutes will lose by TKO.

Yaijinden will be the announcer (when available) and the hit counter.

The winner of the chatbox tournament will get to be OP for a week (and if an OP wins, they can name someone as OP for that period of time)! Also, the winner of the IRC tournament will face them in a special attraction match to see who is KING OF IRC BUDOKAI!

Congratulations to the winner of the 2006 Chatbox Budokai: POTAMOS! Congratulations to the winner of the 2006 Suburban Senshi Budokai: HOTARU!

The Chatbox Brackets

The Suburban Senshi Brackets