For centuries, the most elite fighters from around the planet have gathered together in one place to test their skill and spirit, and determine who is the greatest fighter of all.

Now, the battle begins again.

2012 Suburban Senshi Division Brackets
2012 Chatbox Division Brackets

As fighters advance in the rounds they will gain EXP as follows:


The winner of the chatbox tournament will get a fanart by Dr. Xadium and an award of 30 BILLION ZENI (30,000,000 Gold yen) PLUS a chance to face the winner of the Suburban Senshi Division Tournament.

Audience members are reminded to be quiet during the fight. Talk before or after, but not during battle. Causing a disruption will result in your being banned from ringside.

Rules of Combat

(A rough Tutorial on the combat system is here)

  • Weapons and Armor are allowed.

  • The match style is "hardcore", so any objects in the vicinity of the fighters are usable as weapons.

  • People are usable as weapons only in the form of blunt objects. (e.g. if someone brains David O'Cain with Solarchos that's fine, but twirling him around to make use of his Pariah field effect is not)

  • There is no ring-out. Fight anywhere and everywhere.

  • Both fighters must use /senzu to equalize their power levels prior to fighting.

  • Both fighters /roll 1d20. The fighter with the higher number goes first.

  • Strike blows with /fight or /special. Skip a turn to rebuild energy with /guard. (Just saying "I pass" is no longer allowed).

  • Once a fighter has been attacked they must /sell or /sell special depending on the kind of attack they were hit with.

  • After selling, fighters must use /me to describe how they were affected or managed to dodge / block / parry. The more over-the-top the attacks and the reactions, the better.

  • For example: Artemis attacks Minako:

    [00:52] [1965 HP / 1927 MP] Artemis grabs a sofa cushion and chucks it at Minako. (-20 MP)
    [00:52] [4694 HP / 3952 MP] C'est_la_V has DODGED the attack! (0 damage)
    [00:53] * C'est_la_V bats the sofa aside and laughs HO HO HO
    After the /me, that turn is considered completed.

  • Victory will be determined by submission, forfeit, lagout for more than 3 minutes (counted as a TKO). There is no time limit. Fight to a winner.

Grounds for Forfeit

  • Failing to /SELL an attack as required.

  • Godmoding or Cheating

  • Staying out of reach (by levitating, etc)

  • Bringing in outside assistance

  • Lagging out for over 3 minutes (unless there is general server lag)

  • Killing your Opponent

Special Situations

  • When the first fighter is stunned and then the second fighter becomes stunned while still taking free turns, the first fighter resumes fighting with the free turns from the stun.

  • If one fighter stuns another and elects to only use one free turn, the other turn is forfeited and cannot be used later.

  • If there is not enough mana for either fighter to make attacks, both players may use /guard once to see if they can rebuild enough mana to attack. If both still cannot, both take /senzu and launch /special attacks at each other, then /sell. The one with the most HP left after is the winner. In the case of a tie, repeat as needed.

Budokai Hall of Hame

The Modern Budokai

2012 - 39th: (Sub.Senshi Division) Franziska von Karma
2012 - 39th: (Chatbox Division) David O'Cain
2008 - 38th: No Winner - Godzilla Damage to Arena
2007 - 37th: (Chatbox Division) Sakurazukamori
2007 - 37th: (Sub.Senshi Division) Meioh Setsuna
2006 - 36th: (Chatbox Division) Potamos
2006 - 36th: (Sub.Senshi Division) Tomoe Hotaru
2005 - 35th: (Chatbox Division) Whistler
2005 - 35th: (Sub.Senshi Division) hino
2004 - 34th: Mr. Satan
2003 - 33rd: Mr. Satan
2002 - 32nd: Mr. Satan
2001 - 31st: Mr. Satan
2000 - 30th: Mr. Satan
1999 - 29th: Mr. Satan
1998 - 28th: Mr. Satan

Renewal of the Legacy

1997 - 27th: Mr. Satan
1997 - 26th: Mr. Satan
1994 - 25th: (Regular Division) Mr. Satan
1994 - 25th: (Junior Divison) Trunks
1994 - 24th: (Regular Division) Mr. Satan
1994 - 24th: (Junior Division) Videl
1987 - Cell Games: Mr. Satan

Renaissance of the Masters

1964 - 23rd: Son Goku
1959 - 22nd: Tienshinhan
1954 - 21st: Jackie Chun
1949 - 20th: Akkuman
1944 - 19th: King Chapa
1939 - 18th: Akkuman
1934 - 17th: Chiun
1929 - 16th: Ox King
1914 - 15th: Son Gohan
1909 - 14th: Hamato Yoshi
1904 - 13th: Muten-R˘shi
1899 - 12th: Muten-R˘shi
1894 - 11th: Muten-R˘shi
1889 - 10th: Muten-R˘shi
1884 - 9th: Tsuru-sen'nin
1879 - 8th: Muten-R˘shi
1874 - 7th: Tsuru-sen'nin

Founding Era

1255 - 6th: Duan Yu
1205 - 5th: Murong Fu
1155 - 4th: Qiao Feng
1105 - 3rd: Kung Lao
1055 - 2nd: Murong Bo
1005 - 1st: Mutaito

Prior Tournament Records:

2008 Budokai
2007 Budokai
2006 Budokai
2005 Budokai