Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #84: “Star CONTROL ][ LIVES!”
#84: “Star CONTROL ][ LIVES!”

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<GERMATOID> MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! I just HAD to laugh FIRST, because this is such BIG NEWS! Anyone who's ever truly GAMED in the olden times remembers the classic STAR CONTROL II... IMHO the PINNACLE of the Star Control series...
<GERMATOID> Well, after the ABOMINATION that was Star Control ]I[... there seemed to be no hope for fans of the series... but now there is an ALPHA version of Star Control II released under the GPL! It's OPEN SOURCE, meaning it can be MODDED!
<GERMATOID> What's even NIFTIER is that this is PORT of the 3DO version of Star Control II, which was much IMPROVED over the PC version most of us KNOW and love... can you say FULL VOICE and REMIXED audio!?
<GERMATOID> So what ARE you WAITING for? Grab a COMPILER and get the source HERE! (Remember, it's an ALPHA, so it's not READY for PRIME TIME just yet.... but that never stopped Bill GATES from releasing WINDOWS!) MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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