Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #827: “Luna v. Artemis I”
#827: “Luna v. Artemis I”

Everyone knows about the Miracle Romance 1.0- that of Usagi and Mamoru. Well, nothing lasts forever. In the 30th century of Suburban Senshi, Setsuna Meioh is busy making her moves on the helpless Endymion, who's caught between his fidelity to his wife and his need for intelligent conversation.

ENTER the Ginzuishou. Tired of having Pluto make the moves on her man, Neo Queen Serenity decided on a daring plan to rid herself of the green haired menace once and for all. Using the power of her magis space rock, she decided to change Pluto into a little girl. thus making her lolicon and thus hopefully unappealing to her husband. But, typically for Usagi, she missed.

The beam struck Luna, who was transformed into a little 7-year old lolicon girl. Worse still, her cat form had become that of a plush animal.

A horrible example for her daughter Diana, who had already been corrupted by the streetwise Chibiusa and her pal "silicon" Momoko "mammaries" Momohara, Luna lost all interest in her husband Artemis, and eventually fell into a forbidden love with the plush playboy. Theodore X Ruxpin.

Heartbroken, Artemis lost his nerve, and became a shell of his former self, coming back to the past to live forever. His love life in tatters, things are about to get worse, as Luna, hungry for money and the freedom to wed her new beau, has come back in time to 2005 to finish what she started... and so our tale Begins.