Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #711: “Through the Mirror of Shattered Dreams, Part 2”
#711: “Through the Mirror of Shattered Dreams, Part 2”

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[12:42] <@spiritflame> system announce - a new log begun -
[12:43] * Sailor Venus is sullen, dejected.
[12:43] * Miss Nightmare snaps her fingers.
[12:43] * eight clay figures rise up out of the ground, taking on human form, each wearing a black jumpsuit and mask, yet still recognizable to Venus, who is *very* familar with their appearance)
[12:43] <Sailor Venus> (quietly) Kami-sama....
[12:43] <Miss Nightmare> Behold! The lost litany of your youthful love crushes! The slim, athletic volleyball player Asai! The charismatic upperclassman Higashi!, The dashing Kaitou Ace! The charming Alan! The rough gangster, Saitou! The Haughty and arrogant policeman Toshio Wakagi! The once-frail Otonaru! And finally, the brooding Kunzite - my Crazy 8's!
[12:44] * the Crazy 8's laugh menacingly
[12:44] <Sailor Venus> They mean nothing to me. They can't hurt me. My soul burns with a purity of purpose. I BURN MYSELF PERFECTLY!
[12:44] * Sailor Venus Sounds brave as she says this, but her expression is dull and lifeless, her golden eyes looking bereft of any passion or life.
[12:44] * the figures back away a bit.
[12:44] <Miss Nightmare> Ara, that could be annoying...
[12:45] <Sailor Venus> Sorry to inconvenience you. Heh.
[12:45] * Miss Nightmare ponders for a moment.
[12:45] <Miss Nightmare> Sailor Venus! You can control yourself, but what of the ones around you? The ones you love... or the ones... who love you?
[12:45] <Sailor Venus> What?
[12:46] * Sailor Venus looks up, only to see that she now is on her knees about 20 feet away from a Volcanic caldera, where Dr. Xadium, wearing some makeshift metallic armor, stands, Miss Nightmare facing him
[12:46] * Sailor Venus doesn't move. Xadium sees the withdrawn look in her face.
[12:46] <@Dr_Xadium> Mina, what's wrong with you?!
[12:47] <Miss Nightmare> Ahh, Doctor Xadium. I have no business with you, Time Lord. My task lies with the Senshi here. Oh, Nice Vader-eque armor, by the way. You'd make a fabulous living as a fifth-rate cosplayer. I am willing to release you to the conscious world, you know. All you have to do, heh... is click your heels together three times and say "There's no place like home." Just do it, and leave them all behind! MUAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!
[12:48] * @Dr_Xadium doesn't react, staring at the sullen Venus.
[12:48] <Miss Nightmare> Limited time offer! Just 10 seconds left!
[12:48] <@Dr_Xadium> Venus, snap out of it! I don't know what's got you like this, but you need to pull it together! Venus... *MINAKO!*
[12:48] <Miss Nightmare> Seven seconds....
[12:49] <Sailor Venus> Leave, Xadium. Go back to your life.
[12:49] <@Dr_Xadium> I can't leave you like this!
[12:49] <Miss Nightmare> Three seconds...
[12:50] <Sailor Venus> You... mean nothing to me. Aino Minako, who you loved, is dead. Gone. Forever. Go home.
[12:50] <@Dr_Xadium> That may be, but I care for Sailor Venus as well! And I don't think Mina is dead!
[12:50] <Sailor Venus> There is nothing for you here. I do not love you. Leave. Hurry!
[12:50] <Miss Nightmare> Oh, I'm sorry, time's up! (swipes at Xadium with the Gnarled Nightmare Glaive) Offer expired! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
[12:51] * @Dr_Xadium jumps back unsteadily. "Well seeing as I can't go back now, you'd better get up here and help me out!"
[12:51] <Sailor Venus> I can't help anyone.... for all my power, I'm useless. I couldn't save them.
[12:51] * @Dr_Xadium pulls out his Light Sabre-like weapon and turns it on "It's been quite some time since I fenced... MINAKO, COME TO YOUR SENSES!"
[12:51] <Sailor Venus> Don't waste your time on me... run away.
[12:52] * Miss Nightmare spins around and reverses her Glaive, and neatly slices off Xadium's right arm, sending it and the sabre flying into the Lava.
[12:52] * @Dr_Xadium screams in agony
[12:52] * Sailor Venus winces, wanting to move, but unable to find the energy. She is broken, defeated by what she has seen eariler. The dead body of Chibiusa stares at her lifelessly.
[12:53] <Miss Nightmare> (To Xadium) Aww, Exy-kun, looks like your sweetheart isn't going to stage a miracle love-love comeback after all... (pouts)
[12:53] <Sailor Venus> (quietly) Xadium... run... away... please...
[12:53] * Miss Nightmare lashes out quickly with the glaive, cutting the Time Lord off at the knees.
[12:54] <@Dr_Xadium> No time for that, I'm afraid, Mina...
[12:54] * Sailor Venus turns around slowly
[12:54] * @Dr_Xadium closes his eyes and concentrates, mouthing "I love you" just as Miss Nightmare decapitates him, sending the head into the lava with a splash.
[12:54] * as Xadium's body falls forward towards the lava, Nightmare deftly slashes off his left hand and flicks it towards Venus.
[12:54] <Miss Nightmare> "Oh look, your husband sacrificed himself for love trying to lend you a hand. But it seems he wasn't very handy with swords. It's just too bad." ♡
[12:55] * Sailor Venus looks numbly at the gold wedding ring on the hand. She then looks at hers.
[12:55] <Sailor Venus> (softly) "Baka."
[12:55] <Miss Nightmare> He died for his love of you, when he could have run! LOVE! IT'S TRULY GOD'S MIRACLE!
[12:55] <Sailor Venus> (in a broken voice) Shut up! (Drops to the ground and pounds it with her fists.) SHUT UP! SHUT UP!!
[12:56] <Miss Nightmare> Oh noes! There go your fearsome concentration skills!! Horrors!
[12:56] <Sailor Venus> I don't care... I couldn't save him... or anyone.. I don't care... I don't CARE!
[12:56] * the Crazy 8's advance on Venus again, Kunzite drawing his energy blade, and aiming for Venus' neck. He brings it down with a swoosh, only to have something else intercept the blade, a blur of grey and white, which is cut in two.
[12:56] * Sailor Venus 's eyes go wide as she sees the twitching, cleaved body of the Catman. She pulls his facemask off.
[12:56] <Sailor Venus> Artemis... Artemis?!
[12:57] * =^catablanca^= coughs up blood
[12:57] <=^catablanca^=> Sorry I couldn't get here sooner, good citizen... bones... were broken... had to, reset them... by smashing into wall... repeatedly... glad I could... help...
[12:57] * =^catablanca^= looks at Venus curiously.
[12:57] <=^catablanca^=> M...Mina?
[12:57] <Sailor Venus> (blinks, eyes turning a little blue) Artemis...!
[12:57] <=^catablanca^=> Mina, is that... you?
[12:58] <Sailor Venus> Y... Yes, Artemis... it's me. (holds his paw) (her eyes flicker more blue than gold)
[12:58] <=^catablanca^=> Then I'm dead...
[12:58] <Sailor Venus> No, Artemis, no... you're not dead....
[12:58] <=^catablanca^=> Sorry... Mina... please don't... forget yourself...
[12:58] * =^catablanca^= 's head lolls to the side, and his paw goes limp
[12:59] <Miss Nightmare> Oh, but he is, sweetie! And for what, for his love of you! Of wanting to protect you! Just like that OTHER GUY! YAY! You're truly one to DIE FOR, aren't you, hun?
[12:59] <Miss Nightmare> Yay for Love and the loving lovers who love! Yay, love, Yay!
[12:59] <Sailor Venus> Artemis... ARTEMIS!!
[12:59] * Sailor Venus raises herself up, golden energy blasting from her body, her eyes obscured in shadow, her hair levitating
[13:00] <Miss Nightmare> Wha-- (backs away, raising her arm to block the light)
[13:00] <Sailor Venus> (eyes glowing bright blue) I, Sailor Venus---no, AINO MINAKO, WILL SHOW YOU THE TRUE POWER OF LOVE!!
[13:00] * Sailor Venus LEAPS UP and WHIPS OUT her Love-Me chain, lashing it around her, causing the crazy 8's to back off. Leaping from one to the next, she blows holes in them with her crescent beams, Decapitates them with Love and Beauty shocks, and pulverizes them with Rolling Heart Vibrations. Spinning around, she whips her chain all around her, cutting them into mincemeat, a glowing golden goddess of devine retribution amongst the gib and gristle. Her eyes are narrowed and her smile sly, her confidence fully restored.
[13:00] <Miss Nightmare> It can't be...
[13:01] * Sailor Venus pants and grins. "Oh, but it is.."
[13:01] * Miss Nightmare pouts, then smiles widely
[13:02] <Sailor Venus> Huh?
[13:02] <Miss Nightmare> It may be, but that little spurt of vengeance took a lot of your energy, didn't it? I don't think this "new you" is quite as focused as your other self.
[13:02] * Sailor Venus pants.
[13:02] <Miss Nightmare> No, I don't think so. Why that one, she didn't even *need* to breathe.
[13:02] * the Crazy 8's reform
[13:02] <Sailor Venus> ...
[13:03] <Miss Nightmare> Have fun, V-chan! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (vanishes into the mist)
[13:03] * the Crazy 8's salivate and advance on her, encircling her, giving her nowhere to go.
[13:03] * Sailor Venus tries to leap out of the way, but one of them grabs her leg and SLAMS her back into the ground, breaking her legs
[13:04] * Sailor Venus smiles darkly.
[13:04] <Sailor Venus> So it came to this after all...heh. At least... I'll get to see everyone again... in another dream...
[13:04] * Sailor Venus presses her fingers to her forehead as the Crazy 8's leap upon her.
[13:05] * With a primal scream, Venus and the Crazy 8's go up in a golden mushroom cloud that shakes the whole dreamscape
[13:05] * Sailor Uranus and Michiru are blown back by the explosion as they finally come in range of the battlefied
[13:06] <Sailor Uranus> (flying through the air) WTF?!
[13:06] <Sailor Neptune> (flying) No... that was Ven---
[13:06] * They are knocked out as they hit the ground
[13:06] * The aftershock of the explosion cracks open the ground, and two dusty brown hands find purchase on the surface, emerging from the crevice
[13:06] * Sailor Pluto pulls herself out of the ground.
[13:06] <Sailor Pluto> Venus... was right.
[13:07] * Sailor Pluto sees the last remnants of the golden explosion, tears filling her eyes.
[13:07] <Sailor Pluto> Venus...
[13:07] * Elsewhere, Kunzite manages to crawl away from the explosion, his body disintegrating as he moves
[13:07] <?> And where do you think *you're* going?
[13:07] * Kunzite's skull is smashed in, crumbling to dust in the wind.
[13:08] * Pluto stands alone, in a barren desert. The bloody rain is windswept, and makes her hair stick to her face.
[13:08] <Sailor Pluto> MISS NIGHTMARE! DO YOU HEAR ME?!
[13:08] * Pluto's words echo across the eerily silent dreamscape
[13:08] <Sailor Pluto> FACE ME, NIGHTMARE!
[13:09] * Miss Nightmare taps Pluto on the shoulder
[13:09] * Miss Nightmare smiles brightly
[13:09] <Miss Nightmare> No need to shout, honey, I'm right here! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
[13:09] * Sailor Pluto turns and scowls, looking down at Miss Nightmare.
[13:10] <Sailor Pluto> I made a promise... that I would take care of you. Finish you. For Venus, and the others.
[13:10] <Miss Nightmare> Oh, and what are you going to do about me, Old Woman For the love of your friends, what will you do?
[13:10] <Sailor Pluto> I will see... just how far down the rabbit hole... I can... go...
[13:10] * Sailor Pluto concentrates
[13:10] * Sailor Pluto begins growing in height
[13:11] * Sailor Pluto is now a hundred feet tall
[13:11] <Miss Nightmare> Oh....
[13:11] * Miss Nightmare cranes her neck, looks up, and looks worried
[13:11] * Miss Nightmare grins
[13:12] * Miss Nightmare grows as well.
[13:12] <Miss Nightmare> Haven't you ever heard that it isn't size that matters, it's what you do with it? MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!
[13:12] * Sailor Pluto chuckles
[13:12] <Sailor Pluto> But if I can do this, who knows what else I can do?
[13:13] * Sailor Pluto concentrates
[13:13] * Giant rock-men suddenly rise up from the ground and jump Nightmare from behind, restraining her.
[13:13] <Miss Nightmare> What?! (tries to break free, but can't)
[13:13] <Sailor Pluto> I lived for over 10,000 years alone, condemned to an eternal solitude at the Time Gate.. nothing to do but meditate and fantasize... to give full vent to my imaginings...
[13:14] * Miss Nightmare 's hair suddenly goes blonde, grows long, and binds itself up in odangos. Her dress becomes the outfit of Neo-Queen Serenity
[13:14] <Sailor Pluto> You say you want hatred... then you shall have it...
[13:14] * Miss Nightmare looks at Pluto with fear in her eyes
[13:14] <Sailor Pluto> I hate you... Serenity... what you've done to me... how you teased me... locked me away... made me rot in your basement, guarding doors I was cursed to never open or look through....
[13:14] * Miss Nightmare begins to panic
[13:15] * Sailor Pluto raises her Time Staff
[13:15] <Sailor Pluto> Now... I will show you... the full extent of my bitter rage! Of Love Scorned
[13:15] * Miss Nightmare screams "NO! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!"
[13:15] * Sailor Pluto looks at Nightmare askance
[13:15] * Miss Nightmare 's features contort, and Professor Tomoe's black, grinning face splits from her shoulder, giving her two heads
[13:16] <Sailor Pluto> Tomoe-Hakase?
[13:16] * Miss Nightmare SCREAMS as Tomoe's arm rips out of her side. In its hand it holds a Silence Glaive
[13:16] <Miss Nightmare> I'll crush you, you ba[BLEEP]rd! Give that back!
[13:17] * Sailor Pluto nods and leans in close, grasping the tiny glaive in her giant hand.
[13:17] * Sailor Pluto 's eyes suddenly go wide. She looks down, to see the tip of a dagger thrusting out from her chest, blood dripping.
[13:17] <Sailor Pluto> Wha...
[13:17] * Tomoe's other arm had wrapped around while Pluto was grabbing the glaive, and thrust a dagger in her back. His limbs fly back into Miss Nightmare
[13:17] <Miss Nightmare> Gotcha! (grins)
[13:18] <Sailor Pluto> Curse... you...
[13:18] * Sailor Pluto coughs up blood and drops to her knees, dropping the glaive into the sand.
[13:18] * Miss Nightmare whips out her nightmare glaive and SLASHES Pluto's neck, decapitating her.
[13:18] * Sailor Pluto 's giant body crashes to the earth with a thunderous SLAM, her lifeblood creating a giant blood-red sea roaring out into the desert. Her head lands with a SPLASH into the sea, bloody, pale, bloated and white.
[13:18] * A tidal wave of blood caused by the splash roars out into the desert
[13:19] * Sailor Neptune and Uranus wake up slowly just as the Tidal wave hits them
[13:19] * Sailor Neptune struggles blind in the sea of blood, but then her instincts take over, and she floats to the surface.
[13:19] * In her mind's eye, Neptune sees visions of Haruka struggling to carry her and being cut down in the process
[13:20] * Sailor Neptune knows what she has to do.
[13:20] * Sailor Neptune sinks down into the river and smiles before opening her mouth, letting the liquid spill in. As her lungs fill, she thinks fondly of haruka, the last image being of her riding in Haruka's car with her... before it all goes black.
[13:20] * Sailor Uranus is carried along with the waves, too buffeted about to see what happened to Michiru
[13:21] * The tidal wave recedes, leaving a detransformed Uranus and Neptune lying on the beach, in the middle of a bunch of gravestones. The sickly grinning giant head of Setsuna bops in the new blood-red sea, looking up lifelessly at the full moon
[13:21] * Sailor Uranus wakes up slowly, spitting up some blood-water.
[13:22] * Sailor Uranus looks over dimly at the bloated, drowned body of Michiru.
[13:22] <Sailor Uranus> ... I feel sick. (drops to the ground, motionless, dead)
[13:23] e n d   o f   s e n s h i

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