Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #689: “Regeneration and Revelation! Xadium and Hotaru's transformations!!”
#689: “Regeneration and Revelation! Xadium and Hotaru's transformations!!”

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Topic is -= The Horror! The Horror!! =-

[22:43] * C'est_la_V and X-chan come in and sit on Venus Sofa
[22:43] * C'est_la_V is listening to internet radio
[22:44] <@Dr_Xadium> I wonder how that Yankees vs. Red Sox game is going...
[22:44] <C'est_la_V> Don't over-react, X-chan... I know you're a Yankees fan...
[22:44] * C'est_la_V lends her husband the Teletia-S to check...
[22:45] * @Dr_Xadium fiddles with the complicated phone
[22:46] * @Dr_Xadium sees the score and just... withers
[22:46] <C'est_la_V> Moh...
[22:46] * C'est_la_V huggles X-chan tightly
[22:46] * @Dr_Xadium is inconsolable
[22:47] <C'est_la_V> Don't worry, they'll make it to the World series and then get crushed, ne??
[22:48] <@Dr_Xadium> One can but hope.
[22:50] * C'est_la_V pulls off her socks and puts them on her hands
[22:50] * @Dr_Xadium smiles
[22:51] <C'est_la_V> [Poppet 1] "Hi I'm a Red Sox player even though I'm a white sock!"
[22:51] <C'est_la_V> [Poppet 2] "I'm the player from the other team! In the name of Xadium, I'll punish you!!"
[22:51] * @Dr_Xadium chuckles then STOPS as he sees the score
[22:53] * C'est_la_V was going to have the Red Sox poppet get beat up by other baseball poppet.. but sees a horrified LOOK on her husband's face and STOPS.
[22:54] * C'est_la_V is huggling X-chan to cheer him up but he's not recovering
[22:54] * @Dr_Xadium is... inconsolable.
[22:55] <--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> I got just to movie to cheer you up, X
[22:55] <@Dr_Xadium> ?
[22:56] * --=[ SpeedRcrX ]=-- hands him a copy of "Ultrachrist"
[22:56] <@Dr_Xadium> What.
[22:56] <--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> It's sacrelicious!
[22:56] * --=[ SpeedRcrX ]=-- laughs and goes upstairs
[23:03] <C'est_la_V> Stupid Red Socks!! Stop crushing poor X-chan's soul!!
[23:03] * @Dr_Xadium will recover... possibly.
[23:04] <C'est_la_V> They'll make it to the World Series only to embarass themselves!! ^_^
[23:12] * C'est_la_V makes a little poppet show to cheer up X-chan of the red sox puppet getting brained with a pencil by the other puppet
[23:12] * @Dr_Xadium notes he has to buy the wife new socks... then sees the final score and FREEZES.
[23:13] <@Dr_Xadium> (vehemently) It's the 2004 Dark Yankees! Bribery, corruption and scandal!
[23:15] * @Dr_Xadium begins to go pale
[23:16] <C'est_la_V> X-chan??
[23:16] * @Dr_Xadium feels his blood pressure rising uncontrollably
[23:16] <@Dr_Xadium> No... not like this... not this way...
[23:16] <C'est_la_V> eh?!
[23:17] * @Dr_Xadium sees the score of the game once again, and feels his hearts beating way too fast
[23:17] <C'est_la_V> Ano, X-chan...
[23:17] * @Dr_Xadium has DUAL heart attacks!!
[23:17] <C'est_la_V> EH?!
[23:17] * A Time Lord has Dual Heart Attacks!!
[23:18] * A Time Lord is DEAD!!
[23:18] <C'est_la_V> DEAD?!
[23:18] * C'est_la_V goes over to X-chan and feels his wrist... there's no pulses.
[23:19] * @Dr_Xadium is dead as a doorstop
[23:19] * C'est_la_V remembers something vaguely...
[23:19] * C'est_la_V tries kissing him.
[23:19] * @Dr_Xadium is still as dead as a doorstop
[23:20] * C'est_la_V has kissed a dead man. O_O
[23:20] * @Dr_Xadium 's features suddenly begin to twist
[23:20] * EMT Jedite performs an unlicensed heart transplant, adding a THIRD heart
[23:20] <C'est_la_V> GAH!!! (stops the transplant!)
[23:21] <C'est_la_V> Don't touch him!!
[23:21] * @Dr_Xadium 's features continue to shift and change, blurring in a bright light
[23:21] * @Dr_Xadium 's body jerks in shocks from the transplant and he flatlines again
[23:22] * C'est_la_V RIPS out the other heart
[23:23] * @Dr_Xadium 's features begin to shift and blur again, the wounds healing up
[23:23] * Babe Ruth continues to do about 10,000 RPM in his grave
[23:24] * @Dr_Xadium 's face appears different for a moment, but then settles back into its old form
[23:25] * @Dr_Xadium gets back up and blinks, is very disoriented.
[23:25] * @Dr_Xadium looks at his hands...
[23:25] <C'est_la_V> X-chan??
[23:25] <@Dr_Xadium> How... very... odd...
[23:26] * @Dr_Xadium looks around at everyone, not really registering them.
[23:27] <@Dr_Xadium> Spontaneously aborted regenerative implosion followed by regenerative stimulation minus the usual codonic resorting...
[23:27] * C'est_la_V registers the resurrection absently... dimly remembering something he had told her once....
[23:28] <@Dr_Xadium> (Hastily, Excitedly) Resurrection? Resurrection? No, my dear, no.. regeneration... no... correction... TWO regenerations...
[23:28] <EMT Jedite> I'm afraid I don't follow..
[23:29] <@Dr_Xadium> How... what... a life... two lives... burned through...
[23:29] <EMT Jedite> I forgot. Time Lords do that.
[23:30] <EMT Jedite> He'll be fine. People say cats have nine lives- Time Lords, if memory serves, have twelve. Literally.
[23:30] <@Dr_Xadium> Yes, my good fellow, we do. We most certainly do...
[23:30] <@Dr_Xadium> However I seem to be down two more at the moment...
[23:30] <C'est_la_V> You look the same, X-chan...
[23:31] <@Dr_Xadium> Do I? How odd! Probbaly because my biodata was corrupted by alien DNA at the crucial moment...
[23:31] <C'est_la_V> he's talking differently...
[23:31] <@Dr_Xadium> Why... I do believe I'm on my fourth or fifth incarnation at this point...
[23:32] * @Dr_Xadium is still rather disconcerted.
[23:32] <@Dr_Xadium> Irritating. Two cardiopulmonary failures in the space of as many minutes. Tch. Four. As two.
[23:33] <@Dr_Xadium> Co-existent dual-functioning synchonized organ systems and all that...
[23:33] <EMT Jedite> Aino, welcome to your NEW HUSBAND!
[23:34] * @Dr_Xadium jumps up and starts pacing in circles near the TARDIS, utterly self-absorbed.
[23:34] <EMT Jedite> You know, if you'd told me Xadium was going to have two simultaneous heart attacks...well, let's just say I would have thought it would be under different circumstances.
[23:34] * C'est_la_V turns red
[23:35] <@Dr_Xadium> mRNA, DNA, transcription, metaphase.... hmm... hmm... what? No, no, I can handle those rigors just fine, thank you.... codons... telomerase...
[23:36] <EMT Jedite> If memory serves, regeneration is accompanied by small shifts in memory and personality.
[23:36] <C'est_la_V> X-chan... do you remember me??
[23:37] <@Dr_Xadium> Yes, my boy, small shifts, but sometimes cataclysmically large, almost tectonic--if you will forgive the abused metaphor, shifts in the thought process.
[23:38] <@Dr_Xadium> My dear Minako, how could I ever forget such a radiant personage as yourself ♡
[23:38] <C'est_la_V> ^_^
[23:38] * @Dr_Xadium is just getting used to his new circumstances
[23:38] <@Dr_Xadium> TARDIS... TARDIS.. TARDIS... key... keykeykey where's that key...
[23:39] * C'est_la_V pulls out a key from her shirt
[23:39] <@Dr_Xadium> Why Minako, what a salaciously suggestive place to store it in.
[23:39] * C'est_la_V giggles and hands it to him
[23:40] <@Dr_Xadium> Thank you, my dear. (opens the TARDIS Door)
[23:40] <@Dr_Xadium> (from the TARDIS) Oh good grief!
[23:40] <C'est_la_V> X-chan??
[23:41] <@Dr_Xadium> Minako!
[23:41] <C'est_la_V> Hai??
[23:41] <@Dr_Xadium> The interior is utterly abysmal! It looks horrible!!
[23:41] <C'est_la_V> Ano... it's done up just the way you wanted...
[23:42] <@Dr_Xadium> No, no, no, nnononononono.... far too "retro" and Jules Verne for my taste... you can't tell if that's a Time Rotor or a stove pipe...
[23:43] <C'est_la_V> Do you... still love me??
[23:43] * @Dr_Xadium hugs Mina close "Some feelings... are eternal."
[23:43] <-the studio audience> Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
[23:43] * @Dr_Xadium dance-wheels her to the side, stepping away as he ponders the TARDIS
[23:43] * C'est_la_V is wheeled aside :P
[23:44] <@Dr_Xadium> Hmm, the clothes are a bit scruffy, but they will serve for the present, more important things to ponder than haute couture...
[23:47] * @Dr_Xadium 's head is clearing a bit
[23:48] * C'est_la_V goes over to X-chan and hugs him experimentally
[23:49] <EMT Jedite> What are your feelings on professional wrestling, Time Lord?
[23:50] <@Dr_Xadium> An interesting diversion, a modern rehash of the old "Bread and Circuses" phenomena of the Roman Empire.
[23:51] <C'est_la_V> I don't like the new X-chan... he's too...
[23:51] <EMT JEdite> too...
[23:51] * EMT Jedite searches for the right word
[23:51] <EMT Jedite> Intellectual-speaky?
[23:52] <@Dr_Xadium> Pardon me?
[23:52] <C'est_la_V> Don't mock X-chan!! He's probably got head trauma!!
[23:53] <EMT Jedite> Oxygen deprivation, perhaps...
[23:54] <@Dr_Xadium> Hmm relative discontinuous temporal streams in a coexistent spatial relationship...
[23:54] <C'est_la_V> X-chan... gomen, but that's too much...
[23:55] <@Dr_Xadium> Hmm... in simpler terms, two time tracks of disprate length somehow co-existing on the same spatial plenum.
[23:57] <@Dr_Xadium> In the same place, well relatively dependent upon the position of the perci--- (is stopped by a deep kiss from Minako)
[23:57] * @Dr_Xadium is speechless, as Mina has suddenly kissed him ♡
[23:57] <C'est_la_V> ♡
[23:57] * C'est_la_V stops the kiss
[23:58] <@Dr_Xadium> I Regenerated in what is perhaps the saddest manner of death ever experienced by a Time Lord.
[00:00] * C'est_la_V puts a wet rag on X-chan's forehead, he's still talks wierdly...
[00:01] <@Dr_Xadium> Minako... "speaks weirdly."
[00:02] <C'est_la_V> X-chan... "Minako" sounds too cold... say "Minako-chan"... ♡
[00:02] <@Dr_Xadium> Very well... Minako..chan... :)
[00:02] <C'est_la_V> ^_^ ♡
[00:03] <C'est_la_V> And don't be so stuck up about grammar!!
[00:03] <@Dr_Xadium> ...But proper speech facilitates proper communication...
[00:05] * C'est_la_V is moping
[00:06] <@Dr_Xadium> What's wrong, Minako...chan?
[00:06] <C'est_la_V> X-chan is more boring than usual :P
[00:06] <@Dr_Xadium> ...
[00:06] <@Dr_Xadium> Hmm...
[00:07] * @Dr_Xadium goes into the TARDIS and fetches a rose @ }-,-'--
[00:07] <C'est_la_V> ^_^
[00:07] <@Dr_Xadium> I killed this small plant especially for you.
[00:07] <C'est_la_V> _;
[00:07] <EMT Jedite> Aww! Murder for his sweetheart.
[00:08] <@Dr_Xadium> Did I say something out-of-turn?
[00:08] <C'est_la_V> Moh...
[00:09] <@Dr_Xadium> Well it's not my fault humans hand each other dead plants as a sign of affection!
[00:09] <C'est_la_V> They're not dead!! Just... barely alive...
[00:10] * @Dr_Xadium will brave any danger for his love!
[00:10] * @Dr_Xadium climbs the stairs and goes to Small Lady Usagi's room.
[00:10] <C'est_la_V> X-chan?!
[00:10] * @Dr_Xadium goes inside
[00:10] <C'est_la_V> Chotto Matte!!
[00:11] * @Dr_Xadium comes out with a burned-up spore attached to his leg, dozens of romance novels in his arms.
[00:11] * @Dr_Xadium trips and falls down the stairs in a sea of pink books
[00:12] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> fak!!! bich wach were ur waling!!1
[00:12] * @Dr_Xadium sits in the pile of books and starts to speed-read
[00:13] <@Dr_Xadium> Amazing... dozens of novels all with the same basic plot...
[00:13] <C'est_la_V> X-chan...
[00:14] <@Dr_Xadium> Hmm... undesired love match, interloper, violence, injiry, torrid romance, copulation, violence, happy end.
[00:14] * EMT Jedite looks at Xadium... and blasts the novel apart
[00:15] <@Dr_Xadium> Excuse me, I was reading that?!
[00:15] * @Dr_Xadium is indignant
[00:16] <C'est_la_V> X-chan, calm down...
[00:17] * @Dr_Xadium is unintimidated
[00:18] <@Dr_Xadium> Is there any particular reason you've chosen to destroy a perfectly good book (well good is overstating the case, but still, it's the principle)
[00:20] <EMT Jedite> are simply reading the are not learning the true meaning of romance... not that I care about such tripe.
[00:20] <@Dr_Xadium> I assure you that with every passing second, my ability to be "romantic" is increasing, almost geometrically.
[00:20] <@Dr_Xadium> I just need a refresher on the finer arts of interpersonal delicacy...
[00:22] <@Dr_Xadium> My neural structure is still unstable, a touch.
[00:22] <EMT Jedite> What I think the Time Lord needs is a good shot to the head to return him to normal.
[00:22] <@Dr_Xadium> My good man, I *am* normal.
[00:23] * EMT Jedite gives Aino a giant mallet
[00:23] <@Dr_Xadium> Personality shifts do tend to occur after regeneration. Certain parts of the psyche are opened, others closed.
[00:23] <EMT Jedite> Does that mean you're ALWAYS going to be like this?
[00:24] <@Dr_Xadium> Hitting me won;t do much other than put me in a coma.
[00:24] <@Dr_Xadium> Jedite: (archly) And what if I am?
[00:25] <EMT Jedite> Well the overly technical part of your psyche needs to close back up and I'm willing to help close it. You've become annoying.
[00:25] <@Dr_Xadium> Annoying?! ANNOYING?! A-N-NOYING?!
[00:26] <@Dr_Xadium> Forgive me for not prattling on in monosyllabic fashion!
[00:26] <C'est_la_V> MOH!!
[00:26] <C'est_la_V> X-CHAN!! MELLOW!!
[00:26] <@Dr_Xadium> ...
[00:27] <@Dr_Xadium> I am not a mellow fellow.
[00:27] * @Dr_Xadium ponders that puzzle.
[00:29] <C'est_la_V> X-chan... honestly... you're too stuffy now...
[00:31] * @Dr_Xadium looks at Minako sadly.
[00:31] <@Dr_Xadium> I shall... attempt... to be... "mellow" for you...
[00:32] * @Dr_Xadium smiles a bit forcedly.
[00:36] * C'est_la_V huggles X-chan, who smiles ♡
[00:36] <C'est_la_V> Ahh... that was a real smile ^_^
[00:37] <@Dr_Xadium> I am not bereft of emotion... heh.
[00:37] * @Dr_Xadium is still in flux
[00:38] * C'est_la_V hugs X-chan ♡
[00:38] * @Dr_Xadium puts his arm around her and hugs her close, but more subtly
[00:39] <C'est_la_V> X-chan changed... but didn't change...
[00:40] * @Dr_Xadium smiles and hugs her
[00:40] * @Dr_Xadium is still pondering many things, however...
[00:46] <C'est_la_V> X-chan...
[00:46] <@Dr_Xadium> Hmm?
[00:46] <C'est_la_V> ...Gomen NASAI!!
[00:46] * C'est_la_V SLAMS her husband with a mallet!!
[00:47] * @Dr_Xadium goes sprawling to the ground, unconcious
[00:47] <C'est_la_V> ...
[00:47] <C'est_la_V> Hey, he's not doing the refenestration thing again....
[00:47] * @Dr_Xadium is out
[00:48] <C'est_la_V> Oops??
[00:48] <EMT Jedite> You'd have to kill him to get the regeneration.
[00:48] * @Dr_Xadium is merely unconcious
[00:48] <C'est_la_V> But I don't wanna kill him...
[00:49] <C'est_la_V> But he sounds like the son of Ami-chan and a pocket dictionary...
[00:49] * EMT Jedite falls over laughing and lands on top of Aino
[00:50] * @Dr_Xadium 's neurons shift *a little* but are now permanently fixed in the new configuration
[00:50] <C'est_la_V> So this is what it means to be married to a Time Lord...
[00:51] * @Dr_Xadium gets up slowly..
[00:51] <@Dr_Xadium> No, Mina, that's what it feels like to have a grown man fall on top of you...
[00:51] <EMT Jedite> Maybe the more he interacts with people, the, normal he'll become.
[00:52] <C'est_la_V> Heh... You're back!!
[00:52] <@Dr_Xadium> Not exactly, no, but I think you forcibly... "mellowed" me somewhat...
[00:52] <@Dr_Xadium> Well either that, or I have neural trauma... hmm...hmm...
[00:53] <C'est_la_V> Yare-yare..
[00:53] <@Dr_Xadium> You know, I do appreciate the somewhat unsettled circumstances surrounding my regeneration, but consider my point of view... I *died* today! Twice!
[00:54] <C'est_la_V> Big deal!! I've died lots of times!!
[00:54] <@Dr_Xadium> Over a silly sporting event?
[00:54] <C'est_la_V> Well no... :P
[00:55] <@Dr_Xadium> If word of this ever gets back to Gallifrey I'll be a laughingstock for millennia...
[00:56] <@Dr_Xadium> Bah, two teams competing over who can do the most violence to a small ball in the fastest amount of time... it's savage and cruel... nothing like cricket.
[00:56] <@Dr_Xadium> That was a joke.
[00:56] <C'est_la_V> Try harder :P
[00:57] * @Dr_Xadium sighs and goes over to Mina and SWEEPS her off her feet, giving her a kiss ♡
[00:57] <C'est_la_V> ♡
[00:57] <@Dr_Xadium> Better?
[00:57] <C'est_la_V> ^_^ V
[00:57] * @Dr_Xadium gently sets her down
[00:58] <@Dr_Xadium> Hmm... but I still say the TARDIS needs to be redone.
[00:58] <@Dr_Xadium> And these clothes need a bit of changing as well.
[00:58] <@Dr_Xadium> But those minor quibbles can wait.
[01:01] <@Dr_Xadium> Regeneration is a.... confusing experience.
[01:04] * @Dr_Xadium has been meaning to effect repairs on the TARDIS, actually.
[01:04] <C'est_la_V> You can't, X-chan...
[01:04] <@Dr_Xadium> Why not?
[01:05] * C'est_la_V giggles and winks
[01:05] <@Dr_Xadium> Hmm?
[01:05] * C'est_la_V coyly grabs X-chan by the collar
[01:05] <C'est_la_V> We need to see just *how much* you've changed ^_~
[01:05] * @Dr_Xadium coughs and turns a little red
[01:06] <@Dr_Xadium> I...uhh... see, yes... erm.... medical... examinations... are... rather, erm... prudent... yes...
[01:06] * C'est_la_V giggles and pushes X-chan into the TARDIS ♡


[18:21] * @Dr_Xadium smiles and hugs Mina as they lean on the TARDIS watching the room
[18:24] * @spiritflame changes topic to `Will Hotaru go out with Jedite? the Sacred Flame says, "move with confidence"`
[18:25] <C'est_la_V> NANI?!
[18:25] * FireFly_9 begins to twitch uncontrollably in her room for reasons she cannot fathom
[18:25] <C'est_la_V> Hotaru-chan and Jedite?!
[18:26] * spritflame nods - that was the flame's answer
[18:26] <C'est_la_V> They better not!! Oh wait, she's not underage... but still!!
[18:28] * FireFly_9 has a headache now for some reason, starts sneezing uncontrollably.
[18:29] * C'est_la_V just realized-- right now, she's 26 somewhere in the World! YAY!!
[18:30] * FireFly_9 is huddled in a corner of her room, sweating...
[18:30] * @Dr_Xadium hugs Mina joyfully
[18:33] <FireFly_9> (from her corner, to the air) BEGONE!
[18:34] * FireFly_9 resumes huddling, feels something in the pit of her soul...
[19:02] * FireFly_9 is in a cold sweat, burrows under some blankets.
[19:05] * @Dr_Xadium is trying to think of a proper birthday present for his lovely wife ♡
[19:05] * C'est_la_V is happy enough right now ^_^
[19:06] * C'est_la_V still wants a present, though :P
[19:07] * FireFly_9 's hair starts to grow...
[19:07] * @spiritflame looks to the upstairs with a flash of insight
[19:08] <FireFly_9> (quietly) ehehehehe...hehehehehe
[19:09] * FireFly_9 burrows deeper under the covers, groaning a little, the lump under the sheets shifting and changing in mass...
[19:10] * C'est_la_V hears dramatic S-season music.... ???
[19:11] * the lump under the sheets Vanishes-- Hotaru is GONE!!
[19:12] <@spiritflame> and so it begins
*** Disconnected