Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #680: “Parody Blog week marches on! Haak's Turn!!”
#680: “Parody Blog week marches on! Haak's Turn!!”

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Topic is -= Across!! =-

[08:06] <// J_Daito //> Today it is my turn to introduce the parody blog entry. Consider yourselves fortunate that I take this time away from my presidental campaign and managing my Kerry-youma as a fallback position to even deign to grant you this update.
[08:07] <// J_Daito //> This entry is from Haak, and it's based on Excel Saga. Enjoy this pleasant diversion from your dreary commonplace lives.
[08:08] * // J_Daito // enfolds himself in his cape and vanishes in a haze of cool CGI
[08:10] <@spiritflame> begin parody log
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Topic is -= This world... is CORRUPT =-

[09:21] * @The_Great_Ilpalazzo is perusing through some websites
[09:23] <@The_Great_Ilpalazzo> So this is what the ignorant masses call "the internet". Hm... interesting.
[09:23] * @The_Great_Ilpalazzo comes across a something that draws his attention
[09:23] * @The_Great_Ilpalazzo looks at the screen, then towards his trusy "ax" and grins, an unmistakable glint of madness in his eye
[09:23] * @The_Great_Ilpalazzo coughs, and composes himself once more
[09:23] <@The_Great_Ilpalazzo> Well, it's been some time since I sent Agent Excel out on that last mission. By the looks of it, she's MIA. Again.
[09:23] * @The_Great_Ilpalazzo briefly ponders how to go ahead from here
[09:23] * seconds later, the sounds of a heavy metal webcast can be heard, accompanied by the leader of ACROSS joining in with his own "musical talent".
[09:32] *** Agent_00 [] has joined #suburbansenshi
[09:23] * Agent_00 blindly barges in, salutes, and greets the leader of ACROSS
[09:23] * @The_Great_Ilpalazzo is sitting on his throne, a little flustered, with an electric guitar hidden behind his back
[09:23] * @The_Great_Ilpalazzo clears his throat
[09:23] <@The_Great_Ilpalazzo> Greetings, Agent Excel. What do you have to report?
[09:23] <Agent_00> Lord Ilpalazzo! Excel is so glad to see your handsome self again! She thought her last mission might have been her .. uh .. last misson! Ever! Excel was out looking for resources, when she got dragged into some kind of hunt the ignorant masses were having amongst themselves and she got trapped by but Excel WILL NOT be stopped and she freed herself of the icky icky toilet and then she ran after her assailants to exact justice on the corrupt fiends but when she found them she got lost in some kind of weird nightclub and then all this fighting broke out and hundreds were killed but thats ok cos they were ignorant anyway and only would've got in ACROSS' way and then Excel was one of the few who survived the horrifying massacre and she escaped by fooling some foolish fools into thinking she would team up with them against their hunters but really she was only looking for a way to gey back to YOU LORD ILPALAZZO!!
[09:23] * Agent_00 collapses, out of breath
[09:23] <@The_Great_Ilpalazzo> Hm. I see.
[09:23] * Agent_00 springs back up on her feet
[09:23] <Agent_00> And Excel is ready to do it all again in the name of ACROSS and her beloved Lord Ilpalazzo! HAAAAAIL ILPALAZZO!
[09:23] * Agent_00 leaps at him, arms outstretched, her eyes filled with tears of joy
[09:23] * @The_Great_Ilpalazzo KOs her with his ax in mid-glomp
[09:40] *** @The_Great_Ilpalazzo has kicked Agent_00 from #across-irc (REASON: Baka )
[09:32] *** Agent_00 [] has joined #across-irc
[09:23] * Agent_00 blindly barges in, salutes, and greets the leader of ACROSS
[09:23] <Agent_00> (cautiously) HAIL ILPALAZZO!
[09:23] <@The_Great_Ilpalazzo> Indeed. Tell me, where is Agent Hyatt? I have need of her for something very important. And arousing.
[09:23] * Agent_00 facefaults
[09:23] <Agent_00> Eh, Excel is not sure. The last time she saw Ha-chan she was, er, dead ^^;
[09:32] *** Agent_01 [] has joined #across-irc
[09:36] <Agent_01> Hail Ilpalazzo!
[09:23] * Agent_01 smiles and waves
[09:36] <Agent_01> Good morning, Senior Excel ^^
[09:23] <@The_Great_Ilpalazzo> Greetings, Agent Hyatt. It pleases me to see you return in good health.
[09:23] * Agent_01 blushes
[09:23] * Agent_00 glomps Ha-chan
[09:23] * Agent_01 dies
[09:34] *** Agent_01 [] has left #across-irc (broken pipe)
[09:23] <Agent_00> Eh.. hehe. Oops?
[09:23] * @The_Great_Ilpalazzo glares at Excel, and pulls on a nearby rope
[09:23] * Agent_00 grimaces as the floor opens beneath her and she falls into The Pit
[09:34] *** Agent_00 [] has left #across-irc (broken pipe)
[09:23] * @The_Great_Ilpalazzo sighs, picks up his guitar and leaves
[15:32] *** @4fr0-THUND3R [] has joined #across-irc
[09:32] *** @Rikudo_Rikudo [] has joined #across-irc
[09:23] <@4fr0_THUND3R> Alriiiight! Nabeshin has ARRIVED!
[09:23] <@Rikudo_Rikudo> Tch. Please. ONLY the original author gets the credit for his work. Not some half-wit who has a thing for hairstyles that went out of style YEARS ago!
[09:23] * @4fr0-THUND3R twitches
[09:23] <@4fr0_THUND3R> I'll PRETEND I didn't hear that, old friend.
[09:23] <@Rikudo_Rikudo> Fine by me, old buddy!
[09:23] <@4fr0_THUND3R> Ok then. Good.
[09:23] <@Rikudo_Rikudo> Indeed.
[09:23] <@4fr0_THUND3R> ...
[09:23] <@Rikudo_Rikudo> ...
[09:23] * music starts to play: "The Pillows - Advice [FLCL ver.]"
[09:23] * the two glance at each other, grin, and pounce forward
[09:23] * 4fr0_THUND3R pulls two uzis from his afro as he charges
[09:23] * Rikudo_Rikudo draws his own weapon, the mighty pen!
[09:23] * still flying forward, they collide, head-on, knocking each other out.
[09:32] *** @Kawaii_Horror1 [] has joined #across-irc
[09:23] <Kawaii_Horror1> Puchuu?
[09:23] * Kawaii_Horror1 sees the two bodies, and taps its head, thinking
[09:23] <Kawaii_Horror1> Puchuu. Puchu, pu puchu. PUUCHUU!
[09:32] *** @Kawaii_Horror2 [] has joined #across-irc
[09:32] *** @Kawaii_Horror3 [] has joined #across-irc
[09:32] *** @Kawaii_Horror4 [] has joined #across-irc
[09:32] *** @Kawaii_Horror5 [] has joined #across-irc
[09:23] * the puchuus assemble, lifting the bodies, and carry them off
[09:23] <Kawaii_Horror1> Puchuu.
[10:31] * @spiritflame has hacked the channel, and translates
[09:38] <@spiritflame> "our queen shall eat well tonight"
[10:31] * @spiritflame bows and leaves

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[08:10] <@spiritflame> end parody log
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