Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #665: “ The End of the Story! A new beginning!! ”
#665: “The End of the Story! A new beginning!! ”

*** Now talking in #suburbansenshi *** Topic is '-= Finally, the finale =-'
[10:16] <> In the year 9000, Sakura Xadium Aino and 3.14 share a meal in the shattered ruins of the forgotten Crystal Tokyo as tells the tale of a fateful trip to the 31st century taken by the Suburban Senshi in order to "end" the Miracle Romance between Tsukino Usagi and Chiba Mamoru.
[10:18] <S.X. Aino> r-chan... we're running out of time... there's about to be a full scale rebellion in the city out there that's going to lead to a small-scale atomics exchange. So I think you'd better finish up the story so we can get out of here ^_^
[10:18] < 3.14> hai
[10:19] * 3.14 changes topic to `it is 31st century once again`
[10:20] * Hotaru sits in awe, admiring the sophisticated technology in the Catwing
[10:21] <FireFly_9> Artemis, where did you get all this technology?
[10:24] <=^catablanca^=> At first when I fought crime I was nothing more than a sad joke, fueled by my psychological delusions. But I still managed to do good, and eventually Professor Tomoe outfitted me with real crime-fighting gear. Afterwards I used Mina's fortune from her second run as an idol to fuel my pursuit of new and better technology. Finally, in this future I've stolen loads of Mizunomics experimental Technology. Ever since Sailor Mercury was converted to an Animamate by Serenity, she hasn't had time to lock down the facilities.
[10:25] <FireFly_9> That Usagi-san... she's gone too far.
[10:28] <=^catablanca^=> Don't worry... one day, when the time is right, the Catman will make his move and free the Sailor Senshi.
[10:29] <FireFly_9> How long has the "Catman" been waiting to make his move, already?
[10:30] <=^catablanca^=> You don't understand. Usagi has Luna and Diana. She's keeping Luna in the form of an underage plush to use as leverage against me.
[10:31] <=^catablanca^=> If I move too soon, Luna's life will be ruined forever.
[10:31] * FireFly_9 frowns, pondering
[10:32] * Tux. Jedite flies towards the palace, watching with amusement as the imperial guards lower their weapons and let him pass.
[10:33] * Neo Queen Serenity 's face appears in the air, smiling seductively
[10:33] <Neo Queen Serenity> Come to me... my love.
[10:34] <Tux. Jedite> (muttering) Oh I'll come to you all right, Moon. I OWE you for the past...
[10:36] * The Catwing flies over the Crystal Palace and lands on one of the lower spires
[10:37] * =^catablanca^= stealthily makes his way out of the Catwing, followed by Hotaru
[10:38] <FireFly_9> (whispering) Where are we?
[10:40] <=^catablanca^=> (whispering) The living quarters of Serenity herself are under here. She keeps the Sailor Crystals of the three senshi mounted in her royal Tiara.
[10:40] <FireFly_9> Jewel heist?
[10:40] <=^catablanca^=> Exactly. Even if she rips the bodies of the senshi apart, as long as we have the crystals we can resurrect them.
[10:40] <FireFly_9> And... you have the technology to do that?
[10:41] <=^catablanca^=> All we have to do is smash the controller bracelets Serenity took from Galaxia, the rest is automatic.
[10:44] * Tux. Jedite flies into the main chamber of the palace. Sailor Animamate Mars points the way to the royal bedchamber.
[10:44] <Tux. Jedite> Heh. (bows)
[10:45] * Tux. Jedite strides confidently into the royal chambers.
[10:46] <Neo Queen Serenity> (breathlessly) Oh, Tuxedo Kamen-sama!!
[10:47] * Neo Queen Serenity bids her Animamate Senshi return to their quarters
[10:47] <Tux. Jedite> So... finally, Queen... we are alone.
[10:49] * Neo Queen Serenity shuts the doors to the bedchamber by telepathic command to the Ginzuishou.
[10:52] * Tux. Jedite raises an eyebrow as sultry saxaphone music begins to play in the background
[10:52] * Neo Queen Serenity sheds her gossamer gown
[10:53] * Neo Queen Serenity is wearing a modified version of the Sailor Moon fuku underneath
[10:53] * Neo Queen Serenity is now known as Princess Sailor Moon
[10:54] <Tux. Jedite> Wh....
[10:55] <Princess Sailor Moon> You fool... did you really think I wouldn't know you were a fraud? Tuxedo Kamen is a weakling, he can't fight or fly
[10:56] <Tux. Jedite> I thought you'd prefer a superior model, Moon
[10:56] * Tux. Jedite is now known as // J_Daito //
[10:58] <Princess Sailor Moon> Hah, so it's you, Jedite. I prefer my men weak and submissive. I'm just teaching Endymion who rules in this relationship. When I release him from the crystal closet, his gratitude will be all the greater... and his love all the sweeter.
[10:59] * Princess Sailor Moon pulls out a harp and starts to play it
[10:59] * // J_Daito // cracks his knuckles and powers up fully
[11:00] <// J_Daito //> Super Jedite to you, b[BLEEP]ch.
[11:00] <Princess Sailor Moon> Heh (transforms her harp into a sword)
[11:00] <Princess Sailor Moon> You couldn't beat me then, what makes you think you can beat me now?
[11:01] <// J_Daito //> I've been training, wench!
[11:01] * // J_Daito // 's ki aura flares up and he FLIES at Moon!
[11:01] * Princess Sailor Moon flies towards Jedite and their arms SMASH together as they both raise them to block. The SHOCKWAVE rattles the palace.
[11:02] <=^catablanca^=> Wha... what's that?
[11:02] <FireFly_9> It sounds like there's some kind of fierce battle going on in the depths of the palace!
[11:03] <=^catablanca^=> Then this is our chance...
[11:04] * =^catablanca^= pulls out a laser cutter from his utility belt and begins cutting into the crystal spire
[11:04] * Princess Sailor Moon BLASTS a pentagram shaped burst of power at Jedite
[11:06] * // J_Daito // locks his hands into a fist and BATS the pentagram aside, SMASHING a hole in the side of the palace!
[11:07] * The Sailor Animamate Senshi rush into the adjacent quarters to see what's going on, but the doors are still locked
[11:08] * FireFly_9 loses her balance because of the shockwave and falls into the hole Artemis has cut, right into the midst of the animamate senshi
[11:08] <=^catablanca^=> Oh no.
[11:08] <FireFly_9> Blast! (transforms)
[11:09] * The Sailor Animamate Senshi raise up their bracelets, preparing to take her Sailor Crystal
[11:09] <FireFly_9> SILENT WALL!
[11:09] * FireFly_9 surrounds herself with a barrier
[11:10] <FireFly_9> Listen to me, all of you! You don't want to live your lives as Serenity's battle thralls, do you?!
[11:11] * =^catablanca^= stays quiet, remaining unseen. He uses a scanner built into his mask to locate the tiara with the Sailor Crystals in them and prepares to swoop in.
[11:11] <Sailor A. Mars> MARS.... PLANET ATTACK!
[11:11] <Sailor A. Jupiter> JUPITER... PLANET ATTACK!
[11:12] * Sailor A. Jupiter and Mars unleash their full planetary force on the Silent wall
[11:12] * FireFly_9 drops to her knees, unable to maintain the barrier
[11:13] * =^catablanca^= BURSTS into the room from the ceiling, his cape unfurled!
[11:13] * FireFly_9 's Silent Wall breaks!
[11:14] * Sailor A. Mercury takes Saturn's Sailor Crystal and places it in the Tiara
[11:15] * Sailor A. Saturn rises and turns to face Catman, Glaive in hand.
[11:17] * =^catablanca^= stands on his hindlegs and assumes a kung-fu pose, eyeing the senshi carefully.
[11:18] * The Palace shakes as Jedite and Princess Sailor Moon do battle
[11:18] * =^catablanca^= fires a Catarang from his gauntlet and GRABS the tiara, pulling to to him!
[11:19] * The Sailor Animamate Senshi kneel to him.
[11:19] <=^catablanca^=> Now... to set you all fre-- (is knocked out)
[11:20] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> /mi stads ovar da kitman chackling
[11:20] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> /mi taks da tyara and poits 2 da aminates
[11:20] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> u biches... wrok 4 mi new! mohshshshshshshshshsshshsh!!11
[11:21] * The Sailor Animamate Senshi bow and nod.
[11:22] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> itz mai time new!!11
[11:22] * .`~SugaBB_2999~`. leeds da sanshi 2 miznamics korporashun
[11:22] * // J_Daito // and Princess Sailor Moon continue to battle
[11:23] <Princess Sailor Moon> You're not bad, Jedite... (wipes some blood off her mouth)
[11:23] <// J_Daito //> Heh
[11:23] * // J_Daito // wipes some blood off his mouth too
[11:24] <Princess Sailor Moon> ... if you were a thousand years later you might have stood a chance.
[11:24] <// J_Daito //> ... what?
[11:24] * Princess Sailor Moon 's ki aura EXPLODES into a Praxis effect
[11:24] * Princess Sailor Moon is glowing gold
[11:24] <// J_Daito //> s[BLEEP]t.
[11:25] * // J_Daito // cracks his knuckles and tries to gather all his power for the final clash
[11:26] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> /mi commads sailar markuri 2 sart up da produkshun lynes
[11:26] <Sailor A. Mercury> What do you wish to build, my master?
[11:26] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> farst mak mi a new luna P!11
[11:26] * Sailor A. Mercury replicates a new Luna P for Chibiusa
[11:28] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> luna-p! tarn in2 a cammo jakret!1
[11:28] * Luna-P is now known as A Camoflauge Jacket
[11:28] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> /mi pats on da jaket
[11:28] <Sailor A. Mercury> And now, my master?
[11:29] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> mak mandroidz. lats of madroids.
[11:30] * // J_Daito // is fighting almost even with Princess Sailor Moon, but can't transcend his limits, and is beginning to falter.
[11:30] <chronos.typhoon.2k4> Heh
[11:30] <Princess Sailor Moon> Setsuna!? I Banished you to the past!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!
[11:31] <// J_Daito //> Ahh, Sets, come to save your Jedite-sama?
[11:31] * // J_Daito // laughs at Princess Sailor Moon. "Between the two of us, you're DEAD."
[11:31] <chronos.typhoon.2k4> Don't be a fool, Jedite. My heart belongs to only one man.
[11:31] <// J_Daito //> What?! But all that "Jedite-sama, Jedite-sama!?"
[11:32] <chronos.typhoon.2k4> What better way to get you to come to the future and free Endymion from this harpy's claws?
[11:32] <Princess Sailor Moon> WHAT?!
[11:32] * chronos.typhoon.2k4 vanishes and heads for the Crystal Closet
[11:32] <Princess Sailor Moon> Why you-- (goes to follow)
[11:33] * // J_Daito // PUNCHES Princess Moon in the face
[11:33] <// J_Daito //> Your enemy.... is me!
[11:33] * // J_Daito // vows to get even with the Time Hag... if he lives...
[11:33] * chronos.typhoon.2k4 's dark laughter can be heard from the Crystal Closet
[11:34] <Princess Sailor Moon> Dammit Jedite she played you you idiot!
[11:34] <// J_Daito //> Hello?! Pot. Kettle. Black?!
[11:34] * Princess Sailor Moon and Jedite resume their battle.
[11:35] * Princess Sailor Moon and Jedite's fight shakes Crystal Tokyo to its core
[11:35] * a random imperial guard runs in
[11:36] <Guard> Highness! An army of man-droids is assaulting the pal--- (is vaporized by a stray ki bolt)
[11:36] <Princess Sailor Moon> What was (slam) he (blast) saying?
[11:36] <// J_Daito //> Wasn't paying (kick) attention (punch)
[12:32] <Princess Sailor Moon> Dammit I don't have time for this! Who knows what Setsuna's doing to MY MAN!!!
[12:32] * Princess Sailor Moon gets more wild and vicious, driving Jedite to his knees
[12:33] <// J_Daito //> (thinks) A woman in love is a scary thing, her wildness might give me a chance... but the way her power is growing exponentially... I doubt it...
[12:33] * The Crystal palace is resonating with Princess Sailor Moon's anger
[12:33] <chronos.typhoon.2k4> dead... scream
[12:34] * chronos.typhoon.2k4 BLOWS up the imperial guards guarding the Crystal Closet and takes their keycards, opening the door.
[12:34] * chronos.typhoon.2k4 takes a steel-tipped rose in the chest!!
[12:35] <Tuxedo Kamen> I've HAD IT WITH BEING EVERYONE'S MAN-MEAT!
[12:35] * Tuxedo Kamen sees he hit Setsuna
[12:35] <Tuxedo Kamen> Setsuna!!
[12:36] * chronos.typhoon.2k4 drops to the ground, coughing, and spitting up orange-red blood
[12:36] <chronos.typhoon.2k4> My lord...
[12:36] <Tuxedo Kamen> Setsuna! I thought you were a guard!
[12:37] <chronos.typhoon.2k4> World... going... black...
[12:37] * Tuxedo Kamen kneels before Setsuna
[12:37] * Tuxedo Kamen is now known as King Endymion
[12:37] <chronos.typhoon.2k4> Ahh, the lavender suit... the color of sunset...
[12:37] <King Endymion> I won't let you die!
[12:37] * King Endymion uses his healing powers on Setsuna
[12:38] <King Endymion> I don't understand... I don't feel any wound--
[12:38] * chronos.typhoon.2k4 PULLS Endymion down to her and kisses him passionately
[12:38] <King Endymion> !
[12:38] * chronos.typhoon.2k4 was protected by her hardsuit fuku
[12:38] * chronos.typhoon.2k4 was faking
[12:39] * King Endymion tries to escape her grasp but can't
[12:39] * chronos.typhoon.2k4 is in heaven
[12:40] * .`~SugaBB_2999~`. iz sitll at mizonomiks, co-ardinating har mandroid attick on da kistal palase
[12:43] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> hshshshsh wit my armi of madroids and da sanshi at mi koomand, da wurld iz min!!1
[12:43] * Sakura petals waft in
[12:43] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> WTF
[12:44] <Sailor Uranus (3004)> Heralded by the New Age, Sailor Uranus, appearing Beautifully!
[12:46] <Sailor Neptune (3004)> Sailor Neptune, appearing Gracefully!
[12:46] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> wtf R U biches dong hear?!
[12:46] <Sailor Neptune (3004)> Why dear, we got tired of vacationing on Venus and decided to see how the old home planet was doing...
[12:47] <Sailor Uranus (3004)> I see the inmates are trying to take the asylum, heh
[12:47] <Sailor Neptune (3004)> But we can't let you have the senshi!
[12:47] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> /mi wips out har slivar kistal
[12:47] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> brang it, biches!!
[12:48] * Uranus and Neptune clash with Chibimoon, who starts to God Mode with her Ginzuishou
[12:49] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> u facking biches ware laving on vinis 4 da last 1000 yars, y da f[BLEEP]k u shoewd up new?!
[12:50] <Sailor Uranus (3004) > Well Terraformed Venus is nice and all, and Neko was good enough to let us have half the planet for ourselves, but when we remembered this was the time you tried to take 'Taru-chan's sailor crystal, we knew it was time to step in
[12:51] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> fakers!! (shots dem with beems of deht enargi
[12:51] * Sailor Uranus (3004) and Neptune block with their talismans
[12:51] * Sailor Uranus (3004) inadvertently destroys the mandroid control panel, they go berserk ripping up the crystal palace
[12:52] * Princess Sailor Moon SLAMS Jedite into the ground
[12:52] * // J_Daito // is battered, bleeding and broken, unable to move
[12:53] <// J_Daito //> Damn it, if only I could have gotten into my USSJ form...
[12:53] * Princess Sailor Moon prepares to impale Jedite in the heart with her sword with the palace is ROCKED by a massive explosion!
[12:53] <Princess Sailor Moon> What the hell?!
[12:54] * The walls of the palace shake and shudder as the mandroid army explodes against it, cracking the foundations
[12:55] <Princess Sailor Moon> Dammit! I'll finish you later!
[12:56] * Princess Sailor Moon teleports to the outside of the palace, where she begins flitting from point to point, a whirling dervish of death and destruction, cutting the mandroids down with ease
[12:56] * // J_Daito // mediates and focuses on trying to heal his injuries
[12:57] <King Endymion> Usako! (shoves Setsuna off him)
[12:57] * chronos.typhoon.2k4 rolls off to the side, very satisfied
[12:57] * King Endymion teleports to the front of the palace, fighting alongside Princess Sailor Moon
[12:58] * .`~SugaBB_2999~`. unleeshes da fall poawar of da ganzusho, b[BLEEP]chsmacking uransuz and naptune int2 da grund!!
[12:59] <Sailor Uranus (3004) > (spits out some blood) f[BLEEP]k... I hate... f[BLEEP]king... god moders...
[12:59] <Sailor Neptune (3004) > (bleeding profusely) If we're going to hell, Haruka... it's all right, as long as I'm with you...
[13:00] <Sailor Uranus (3004) > f[BLEEP]k that s[BLEEP]t, Michi I WANT TO LIVE
[13:00] * Sailor Uranus (3004) leaps up for round two
[13:00] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> ur gona dye now bi-- (is knocked down)
[13:00] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> WTF?!
[13:01] * =^catablanca^= saw his chance and took it, sweeping and taking the Tiara controlling the Senshi. He SMASHES it, the sailor crystals returning to their owners
[13:01] <Sailor Mars (3004) > Free!
[13:01] <Sailor Mercury (3004) > At last!
[13:01] <FireFly_9> CHIBIUSA-CHAN!
[13:02] <Sailor Jupiter (3004) > (cracking her knuckles) I feel the need to bust some Royal ASS!
[13:02] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> sit sit sit
[13:02] * FireFly_9 heals future Neptune and Uranus
[13:03] <Sailor Uranus (3004) > Yo, 'Taru... thanks for telling us about this later.
[13:03] <FireFly_9> Eh?
[13:03] <Sailor Uranus (3004) > You have to tell us about this later so we'll remember it and come to interfere at the right moment
[13:04] <FireFly_9> Ok...
[13:04] * Sailor Uranus (3004) , Neptune (3004), Mars (3004), Jupiter (3004), Mercury (3004) and Saturn all advance on Chibiusa
[13:05] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> I KEN TAK ALL U BICHES!!!1
[13:05] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> bat latar!!
[13:06] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> /mi teleprots 2 da frany of da kistal palace!11
[13:06] * Sailor Uranus (3004) and Neptune (3004) leap away into the shadows
[13:06] <Sailor Mars (3004) > Coward.
[13:06] * Sailor Mars (3004) is now known as Hino Rei
[13:07] <FireFly_9> Rei-san, I think Chibiusa is going to battle Usagi-san...
[13:07] <Hino Rei> Let them fight. I'm sick of being that family's lackey.
[13:08] <Mizuno Ami> Same here.
[13:08] <Kino Makoto> You guys had the right idea in 2170 when you decided to settle on Venus with Minako-chan.
[13:09] <FireFly_9> Is that where I will be... err, am?
[13:09] <Kino Makoto> Oops, shouldn't have said anything.
[13:09] <FireFly_9> But if we were there, why didn't we step in earlier and end this?
[13:10] <Mizuno Ami> Well, because you will remember how this battle ends and decide to wait for history to play out its course.
[13:10] <Hino Rei> Damn! Usagi and Chibiusa are having a power struggle in front of the Palace!!
[13:10] * .`~SugaBB_2999~`. and Princesz sailer moon fite it ot ginzushoe 2 ginzushoe
[13:11] <Princess Sailor Moon> I... won't... let... you... BEAT... ME!
[13:11] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> fak... u... BICH!
[13:12] * The titanic powers of the two Ginzuishou lash out and smash against one another, sending multiple explosions all over Crystal Tokyo, levelling buildings and anything else in their path
[13:13] <Mizuno Ami> So this is what it's like when two infinities collide...
[13:13] * chronos.typhoon.2k4 appears, her lipstick smudged, with a s[BLEEP]t-eating grin on her face
[13:13] <chronos.typhoon.2k4> The problem here is they are the *same* Ginzuishou
[13:13] <Mizuno Ami> Could there be an explosion?!
[13:14] <chronos.typhoon.2k4> Not unless they touch... but Usagi-chan and Small Lady are pushing the crystal to its limits...
[13:14] <FireFly_9> Then we have to stop them!
[13:15] <chronos.typhoon.2k4> Hotaru-chan... this is a battle fated by destiny
[13:15] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> /mi and princess sailer mon pore ot da pwear...
[13:15] * The two Ginzuishou begin to turn black and CRACK, crumbling to dust!
[13:16] * Princess Sailor Moon is now known as Tsukino Usagi
[13:16] <Tsukino Usagi > WHAT THE?!
[13:16] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> hehehe!
[13:16] <Tsukino Usagi > CHIBIUSA! I'LL KILL YOU! (runs madly at her, arms out to go a chokehold)
[13:16] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> LUNA-P! Tern in2 a machin gan!!
[13:17] * Luna-P is now known as AK-47 Assault rifle
[13:18] <Tsukino Usagi> geh...
[13:18] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> MOHSHSHHSHSHSHSHSSHHS!
[13:18] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> /mi ranz aftar ugasi
[13:18] * Tsukino Usagi grabs Mamoru and they dissappear into the rapidly crumbling crystal palace, which is imploding
[13:19] <FireFly_9> They'll be crushed!
[13:20] <Hino Rei> Dammit, I hate to help them after all they've been through, but we can't let them die!
[13:20] * Hino Rei and the others run into the crumbling palace, the Catman swings away into the night
[13:20] * FireFly_9 comes across the gravely wounded Jedite and heals him
[13:21] <// J_Daito //> I... owe you one... Tomoe...
[13:21] <FireFly_9> Tell me later! Come on!
[13:22] * The group follows, seeing Usagi and Mamoru running into their bedchambers and locking the door. Chibiusa bangs on the door and tries shooting it open, but Luna-P runs out of ammo.
[13:22] <FireFly_9> Stand aside, I'll cut down the door with my glaive!
[13:22] * Two Gunshots ring out.
[13:23] <FireFly_9> What... no...
[13:23] <Rei Hino> They... didn't...
[13:23] <chronos.typhoon.2k4> They wanted to be together... no matter what...
[13:23] <chronos.typhoon.2k4> ...forever...
[13:24] <Rei Hino> NOOO! We have to go help them! NOOOOOOO! USAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGIIIIII!!
[13:25] <Mizuno Ami> (using her visor) It's too late! This place is collapsing! That room is magically shielded, we can't teleport in!
[13:25] <chronos.typhoon.2k4> Rei, Ami, Makoto. Decide. Do you want to stay in this future or return to your past lives?
[13:25] <Kino Makoto> There... there's nothing for us here... anymore....
[13:26] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> fak u biches! wat da fack did u DEW?!
[13:26] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> /mi iz krying
[13:26] <chronos.typhoon.2k4> Very well then. There is no more time to debate the issue.
[13:27] * chronos.typhoon.2k4 waves her Time staff and transports Rei, Makoto, Ami, Hotaru and Jedite back to the present. She then whisks Small lady out of the Crystal palace as it falls in on itself, destroyed.
[13:28] * The bodies of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion were never found.
[13:28] * Small Lady Tsukino Usagi took her place as Serenity II, ruling over the remains of the city for exactly one weekend until the populace deposed her, forcing her into mandatory education, which she prompltly escaped from, fleeing into the past via the Time Gate.
[13:28] * 3.14 changes topic to `Some months later, Neo-Argentina`
[13:32] <Conejo Luna> Heheh... want another c[BLEEP]ktail?
[13:32] <Hombre De la Tierra> Si, my sweet.
[13:33] <Conejo Luna> Isn't the new housekeeper coming today?
[13:33] <Hombre De la Tierra> Si, mi amor.
[13:34] <chronos.typhoon.2k4> Greetings. I am your new housekeeper.
[13:34] <Conejo Luna> S---Setsuna-san!?
[13:34] <Hombre De la Tierra> Y-You found us?!
[13:34] * chronos.typhoon.2k4 laughs darkly
[13:35] <Conejo Luna> I TOLD YOU we should have fled to Neo Antarctica!
[13:36] <chronos.typhoon.2k4> Don't worry, we're going to be one big, happy family ^___^
[13:36] * chronos.typhoon.2k4 pulls out the BAK 10.0
[13:36] * 3.14 changes topic to `end playback`
[13:37] <S.X. Aino> hahahahah that was GREAT r-chan!
[13:37] * 3.14 bows
[13:38] <S.X. Aino> Running off to Neo-Argentina like that and thinking no one would find them... and Sets-P playing everyone like a Paddle!!
[13:39] < 3.14> "fiddle"
[13:40] <S.X. Aino> Heh... all that time she pretended to be drooling over Jeddy, she was just setting him up to get Usagi-san out of the way
[13:40] < 3.14> heh
[13:40] * S.X. Aino looks over the ruins
[13:41] <S.X. Aino> Crystal Tokyo would rise a few more times after that, but never to the heights it enjoyed in the late 30th / early 31st century.
[13:41] * S.X. Aino gets up and smiles
[13:42] <S.X. Aino> Well, from one revolution to another, the Endless Waltz of history is about to repeat itself here once again... we really should be going. It's time for you to rejoin the family, r-chan ^_^
[13:43] * 3.14 bows and follows Sakura-chan to her shiny silver monolith of a TARDIS and enters as Sakura stands outside for a moment.
[13:43] * S.X. Aino takes one last look over the ruined landscape and hears the first subharmonic thrums of the atomic explosions in the distance.
[13:44] * S.X. Aino narrows her eyes as her long blonde hair whips in her face from a sudden breeze.
[13:44] <S.X. Aino> Hmm. It's coming. I wonder what those guys did after all this, when they got back home...
[13:45] * S.X. Aino enters and closes the TARDIS door.
[13:45] * With a sharp, scraping sound, her TARDIS vanishes just as the primary shockwave from the atomic explosion obliterates the last remnants of Crystal Tokyo for all time.
[13:46] <> The End
[13:47] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> /mi fallz oot of a tim portal bak in da 21st santri... hloding on 2 da weeker ginzuisho frum da liv akshun sailer loona
[13:47] <.`~SugaBB_2999~`.> mohshshshshshshshhshshshshshshshs.....
*** Disconnected