Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #630: “The Mind of Minako ”
#630: “The Mind of Minako”

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*** Topic is '-= Return of the Dreaded Personality Quiz! =-'
[[ Personality Quiz ]]
Name: Aino Minako
Status: Long Term Relationship
Crush: Soooo many! But right now Orlando Bloom-sama!!
How long have you liked him/her: Orlando Bloom-sama? forever!!
Current hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Cornflower blue
Birthplace: Japan
Shoe size: himitsu des ^_^
Do you have a bf: my loyal X-chan!!

[[when was the last time you..]]
Kissed someone: This morning ::giggles::
Talked to an ex: All my ex loves are dead... eheh (hey they were evil and tried to kill me!!)
Had a nightmare: The other night I dreamed I had a kid... and it was CHIBIUSA o_O;;

[[ Other ]]
Psychological problems: Sometimes I can't make up my mind about things...
Last song you heard: 311 - Love Song (cure cover)
Do you look like any celebrities: I'm a celebrity!!
Do your friends 'know' you: Sure!! I don't hide any of my secrets!!
Most listened to bands: MAX, Morning Musume
Are you an anarchist: No but Artemis says I'm an agent of Chaos... ^^;
Do you dislike "preps": I don't like their "holier than cow" attitude...
Do your night time activites usually involve drunken underage vomiting: Only if Chibiusa-chan is sleeping over...
Have you ever slept in an alley or park: I fell asleep in the grass on a picnic once, it was very calming but the ants got in my ears!!

[x] Wallet It's very pretty and green, and sadly very slim... :(
[x] Hairbrush-- A nice strong unbreakable one with a shiny metal back.
[x] Toothbrush Pink with a Domokun handle
[x] Jewelry worn daily - orange pearl earrings, gold / opal ring, a gold venus sigil ring
[x] Pillow cover flowery cotton
[x] Blanket large and light Sailor V action scene blanket
[x] Coffee cup Aluminum Tomoe's Tasty Coffee driver's mug
[x] Sunglasses Big black lenses with a red 1950's frame
[x] Underwear-- yes (that's all you're getting) :P
[x] Favorite shirt The one I stole from X-chan hahahaha
[x] Cologne/Perfume Boucheron - (a blend of citrusy tangerine, bitter orange, jasmine and orange flower, sandalwood, amber and vanilla)
[x] CD in stereo right now Minako Aino: "Venus"
[x] Tattoos - 0
[x] Piercings 2
[x] What you are wearing now A white cotton shirt with a blue overall-topped dress
[x] In my mouth eh? I ate some Pizza earlier...?
[x] In my head "Aino Sakura ♡"
[x] Wishing I wish our peaceful lives would go on forever...
[x] After this I'm going to watch Spider-Man 2!! Yay!!
[x] Fetishes ::giggles::
[x] If you could get away with it and murder anyone, who and for what reason? Michiru-san. She's trying to humiliate me for some reason.
[x] Person you wish you could see right now Papa (he works SO Hard I never see him!)
[x] Is next to you X-chan, looking over my shoulder to see what I'm typing :P (hugs him--now GO AWAY)
[x] Some of your favorite movies Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Shawshank Redemption, Along came Polly
[x] Something you're looking forward to in the upcoming month Seeing I Robot with Will Smith-sama!! ♡_♡ (Well I mean going to see him in the movie, not going to the movie with him but that would be fun!!)
[x] The last thing you ate -- Sailor V Super Special Pizza
[x] Something that you are deathly afraid of I'm afraid my love won't last. (Damn Adonis and his love fortune!!)
[x] Do you like candles yes
[x] Do you like incense yes
[x] Do you like the taste of blood I don't even know what that tastes like and I don't want to!!
[x] Do you believe in love What kind of Goddess of Love would I be if I didn't?!
[x] Do you believe in soul mates yes ♡
[x] Do you believe in love at first sight yes!!
[x] What do you want done with your body when you die Whatever. I don't want to be a burden to people.
[x] If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be I have Artemis, but he's more my friend than a pet.
[x] What is the latest you've ever stayed up All night ♡
[x] Can you eat with chopsticks Yup!
[x] What's your favorite coin the 50 yen coin
[x] What are some of your favorite candies -- Smarties
[x] What's something that you wish people would understand I'm not just a pretty face and I think about lots of complex things.
[x] What's something you wish you could understand better What other people are REALLY thinking when they talk to me.
[x] Who is someone that you really wish was still around Mako-chan, we used to go everywhere together... (she's still in the future)

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