Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #45: “[BLEEP]! Microshaft just shut down Lik Sang!”
#45: “[BLEEP]! Microshaft just shut down Lik Sang!”

Why those ing ers. Lik Sang (I'd link to it, buy why bother, they're dead now), makers of fine quality modchips that let you do what you want with your game system that you paid for has just been sued into oblivion by Billy G. and the money-monkeys over at Micro$oft.

Article here. Damn! I really, REALLY hate it when companies can just walk all over you like that! I mean, yes, you can play pirated games with it, and that's not cool. But you can also do other cool things with mod chips, like break stupid region coding, so games available, lets say, only in Japan, can be played on a U.S. machine. And before you say regions preserve domestic profits, there are tons of import games that never see a corresponding release in other regions.

Don't worry... I'm sure they'll just open up shop under another name elsewhere. Whatever can be hacked, will be. It's just a matter of time.