Suburban Senshi: this is where Chuck got the Tiger Blood.
#428: “Chibusa: behid da masic”

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[[ INFO ]]
Name: smal ladi nio pinces saraniti sukimo rugasi hibichusa
Status: crashin wit mi jogoloz
Crush: i wana sax up mi popa, kig edymoin
How long have you liked him/her: sinzdat tim i wnt bak 2 da pst n slaped his as in a lapick in a bot
Current hair color: pank lik coton cadny
Eye color: rad
Birthplace: cistal toyko
Shoe size: tany tenie
Do you have a bf: wel i gits dese chipendals mandriods n usad 2 hv diz horesman n lik a feery named popopu n sum oder man bach frum an RPG

[[when was the last time you..]]
Kissed someone: just now whn i comaded mi madriod 2 sax me up
Talked to an ex: i IM dat sunbatch pegasis al da tim n mack him on da IRc shenal
Had a nightmare: lik sumtims i drem popa sez 'no chibusa i cent B UR mn cuz i reely haf da hits 4 satsena n si trons mi un

[[ Other ]]
Psychological problems: wat da fack u tlaking abut im a facking gennyus
Last song you heard: totos al da tings u sed
Do you look like any celebrities: fak bich ppl wich dey cod lok lik mi!!!1
Do your friends 'know' you: i 'kno' al y fends cept 4 horatru si tinks it hantie
Most listened to bands: i dnt lassen 2 bads
Are you an anarchist: fack no im nit da antikreist
Do you dislike "preps": preps 2 col mn dey dres so badas bit nit az badaz as mi!!
Do your night time activites usually involve drunken underage vomiting: hshshshshshshshshshsshs 1 tim moma wuz pised wen i poked al over her hed
Have you ever slept in an alley or park: hel no

[x] Wallet – its lik pank lik mi here n it haz a pakur of halo ketty oun it
[x] Hairbrush- big pank stiff wite bistles wit a rabid hed on ti
[x] Toothbrush – log nd hrd
[x] Jewelry worn daily - a taria, glod stads un mi dres, a rig, my sliver cistal, a toei rig, mi tung stad
[x] Pillow cover – wite wih grey bonies un it
[x] Blanket – itz git spac suttlez n bonis n mons m sars un it
[x] Coffee cup – fak u cofee tastz lik likkid sit
[x] Sunglasses – i dnt ned suglasez
[x] Underwear- stfu hentai prevert1! (bat it maks it EZ 2 p)
[x] Favorite shirt – mamo-chans wen i rip it of his manli shest
[x] Cologne/Perfume – obsesion
[x] CD in stereo right now – Ward Al's I wnt 2 B ur Luvr
[x] Tattoos - 0
[x] Piercings – 12
[x] What you are wearing now –my pincess dres n my soes , da tiaria
[x] In my mouth – boble gam
[x] In my head – mandoid git ur as ovar har n sarvice mi
[x] Wishing – i wis manmo chin wuld cum pu har no
[x] After this – gona pay wit mandroid
[x] Fetishes – mamochin maks on mandroid hed
[x] If you could get away with it and murder anyone, who and for what reason? – id kil moma 2 get har off mi mun bt den i wuldnt be bron so i lik kap her as alif
[x] Person you wish you could see right now – moamomamamoamnmaomo-chun!!11
[x] Is next to you – nobudy
[x] Some of your favorite movies – sax in da shity, none an a hlaf wiks, c of luv, predatur
[x] Something you're looking forward to in the upcoming month – sedacing mamo-cuhn
[x] The last thing you ate -- banana spit suday wit a sherry un tip wih suger n cockolate
[x] Something that you are deathly afraid of – lightnig n shunder n moma fiding my cadid shits of mamochun wat i tok wen hi wuz in da sower
[x] Do you like candles – no i kip knoking dem ovar and sating fir 2 sit
[x] Do you like incense – no it sells nasy
[x] Do you like the taste of blood – hal no!!1
[x] Do you believe in love – yas
[x] Do you believe in soul mates – yas
[x] Do you believe in love at first sight – hal yas
[x] What do you want done with your body when you die – i lik wnt 2 be prasarved and pat up in a gliss bax so ppl cod c mi booty 4evar
[x] If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be – lik a stopid dag, mi cut iz 2 smrt n si tlaks bak 2 mi al d dam tim
[x] What is the latest you've ever stayed up - i cnt du dat cuz im nit a gi but like mandrid stayz up 4evar cuz hez a robit
[x] Can you eat with chopsticks – no
[x] What's your favorite coin – lik any cazh i lik 2 sim in it like sooge mackdick in dicktales in his moany bin
[x] What are some of your favorite candies -- anytig wit sugar in it nit dat fak nuraseet balsit
[x] What's something that you wish people would understand – dat jst bcuz i smel funy it dozent man im nit a faking SUPARJENIUZ U FACKING BATCHES!!!!1
[x] What's something you wish you could understand better – why da fack ppl R sew STOPID 2 mi
[x] Who is someone that you really wish was still around – lik i wis elioz wuz her an nit raning after batch hoes cuz hi wuz wal equpit if u kno wat i meen hshshshshshshshshshs ror hoarsez r lik datu kno

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