Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #41: “As poppa would say... "Show me the trans-uranics." ”
#41: “As poppa would say... "Show me the trans-uranics." ”

<FireFly_9> I have no idea if this revelation will make it to the mainstream press, but here it is for your edification in any event. Do you recall the hyperactive panic of the news media when it was suspected that some Turkish men had been caught trying to smuggle in depleted Uranium into Iraq, which, as we all know, is only a few years away from developing a nuclear weapon? (Oh wait... we don't, because in point of fact, the report our glorious leader cited regarding the matter never actually existed, but that's neither here nor there)...
<FireFly_9> Well.
<FireFly_9> What was thought to be Uranium was actually zinc, iron, zirconium and manganese. Nor was it 35 pounds of material, as previously stated. The actual amount was only 7 pounds. The police had added in the weight of the lead container.
<FireFly_9> Now... as glad as I am that this was a colossal error, it does beg a question-- why were these people transporting zinc, iron, zirconium and manganese in a lead box for in the first place? Was it radioactive? Unlikely.
<FireFly_9> Was it a "test" by foreign powers using undercover agents designed to make sure authorities were adequately conducting searches for this kind of contraband (as our supposedly well-prepared port authorities have, sadly, not been doing as they claimed)? More likely.
<FireFly_9> But what if-- and this is just speculation-- this was a decoy operation for real terrorists moving real material? We know that Turkey is a legitimate hotbed for the sale of illegal nuclear-related material. Perhaps these men were sent out, knowingly or unknowingly, with a decoy meant to be intercepted whilst the real package made its way though unnoticed. A troubling thought.
<FireFly_9> I think I've been watching Haruka-poppa replay the "Grand Theft Aero" mission of GTA3 a bit too much.
<GERMATOID> I wouldn't say that, dear... I'd say "GIVE me the TRANSURANICS!" MUAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!