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Suburban Senshi Entry #2387 - “Random Internet finds! The coolest map ever and the French trying to stop lovers from lovingly loving!!”
#2387 “Random Internet finds! The coolest map ever and the French trying to stop lovers from lovingly loving!!”
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Log excerpt starts - 12 June 2024 7:27AM
@Paisley Pythia Peinforte
"The Galaxy does not welcome women like us"
Yeah I can feel the incel rage from here
Acolyte's damn good.
Det. Ema Skye
Adamsomething makes the most amazing, savage Youtube videos that take down TechBro jerks who pretend to be all about Science but are really the most unscientific jerks ever.

// J_Daito //
You said "jerks" twice
Det. Ema Skye
Yeah there's a special level of jerkness they've ascended to.
Youtube kept trying to show me this and I kept ignoring it. I regret that now. This is amazing. A mechanical map that's a marvel.

That is f[BLEEP]king cool, I wonder if this exists as a program.
@Sakura X. Aino
Looks like they make a geochron digital computer for $500.
There is a free version used by HAM radio enthusiasts
@[ DR. XADiUM ]
Oh man that's great but it murders my graphics card.
@Paisley Pythia Peinforte
If you don't scale it down it murders it less. With some tweaks it looks amazing:

TimeSage pointed this out!! What are the French thinking?! They're supposed to be the nation of lovers!!

@Paisley Pythia Peinforte
You can use the edges of the bed sitting up. Brace against the wall. Put something on the floor. Be extremely boring in the bed. So many possibilities.
Yeah I mean unless there's like spikes on it under the duvet....
// J_Daito //
and you just know that's someone's fetish.
Log excerpt ends - 13 June 2024 7:31AM

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