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Suburban Senshi Entry #2377 - “It's Trauma! From Stage to Screen to the Mind of the Golden Crescent it's all here!! ”
#2377 “It's Trauma! From Stage to Screen to the Mind of the Golden Crescent it's all here!! ”
*** welcome to #suburbansenshi-backrooms
note: this discussion area is for events surrounding the Earth 1337-A timeline and beyond

Log excerpt starts - 02 June 2024 2:14PM
Vermellia X. Rosso
If you're gonna stick your head in a cannon that kinda stuff is gonna happen, just sayin'.
Neko-chan what is this
DJ Reverend_H
She rocks my vote yo
Det. Ema Skye
Guys I found a new level of trauma.
Some s[BLEEP]t should just stay lost
@Paisley Pythia Peinforte
In a brief update for what's been going on lately, Matsuo Shin and Prince Devyen have gone missing from Juuban Park after being attacked by an enemy Shambles.
Det. Ema Skye
Chibiusa and I are working to find forensic clues that'll lead us to their location.
DJ Reverend_H
Yeah no doubt you're gonna find a way to frame the Golden Crescent yo.
Det. Ema Skye
Is it THAT hard to believe they might have a branch of their organization doing bad things?
DJ Reverend_H
Right back at you, badge.
Det. Ema Skye
Hey I can ADMIT there are some bad cops out there.
DJ Reverend_H
Then why ain't you doin' something about 'em?
Det. Ema Skye
Who says we don't? Why don't you take a closer look at your golden Crescent friends?
DJ Reverend_H
All I see is them doin' good work yo. All I see is cops abusin' their authority, yo.
*** DJ Reverend_H is away I don't need to defend S[BLEEP]t
Det. Ema Skye
Damn it!
Why won't he listen?
Sometimes words aren't enough, Ema-san. When there don't seem to be any consequences for rampant abuse of authority, it becomes that much harder to be open to the notion that any kind of meaningful work is being done to stop it.
Det. Ema Skye
* Det. Ema Skye sighs *
I get that, but for those of us who are really just doing our best to help people it's really demoralizing to hear this every day.

Elsewhere, when Matsuo and Devyen were captured by Khonshu he gave them some background on his motivations...
Paisley-san also telepathically discovered someone was passively listening in on the goings on within the HOTEL using its inbuilt telepathic circuits...
Slowly, the mysteries deepen
Log excerpt ends - 03 June 2024 12:56AM

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