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Suburban Senshi Entry #2363 - “[LORE] Can only women have Sailor Crystals? ”
#2363 “[LORE] Can only women have Sailor Crystals? ”
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Log excerpt starts - 20 February 2024 7:15PM
@[ DR. XADiUM ]
So while we wait for more information on what's going on with The Great Healer in Roppongi, we figure it would be a good time to answer some more questions about Sailor Senshi related lore.
The question for today is:
"Would the Princes of the [Silver Millennium] Royal Families have Sailor Crystals, or only the Princesses?
That's easy, right? Just the Princesses. Only girls can be Sailor Senshi, after all!
@Sakura X. Aino
There's been a lot more historical research and new research done by the Sailor Corps, and Canon has been revised!!
What do you mean, Sakura-chan?
@Sakura X. Aino
Well first a backgrounder on what "Sailor Crystals" are. They're evolved Starseeds in tune with the Planetary crystal of a planet.
When a compatible host body is conceived, which is very rare because their bodies would have to be almost totally in tune with the vibrations of their planet, the energy of the planetary crystal will gravitate to it and infuse it with planetary power. These individuals will then possess not starseeds, but sailor crystals. There can be more than one such person per planet because the energy of the planetary crystal cannot usually be safely contained by just one body
Now, nothing in that sentence implicates biological sex, does it?
I guess?
@Sakura X. Aino
For the longest time it was thought that only females could manifest the power, because- as was later discovered - females are naturally more in tune with such energies.
It's the same deal as with the Imperial Flower division I was in in the 1920s - at first it was all girls because they thought only young women could wield spirit power. It was only till way later on they realized guys could as well.
But in the case of the Silver Millennium, since the societies were matrilineal to begin with, everyone only focused on the women who exhibited the power of the planets - the men were relgated to being knights or never really trained.
So history just... overlooked them and their relative paucity in the historical record led to the mythconception that only girls could have the Sailor Crystal.
So it can be anyone?
@Sakura X. Aino
Yup! Remember, there are species that are agender or that have more than three genders and they have Sailor Senshi too.
So as our knowledge expands, our understanding of the Sailor Crystals must too!
@[ DR. XADiUM ]
Well looks like this wiki article is going to need some updating!
@Paisley Pythia Peinforte
I'll bet you delegated that task, X
@[ DR. XADiUM ]
*innocent whistling noises*
Log excerpt ends - 20 February 2024 7:32PM - Thanks to UltraMatt for the question!

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