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Suburban Senshi Entry #2362 - “[Sailor V Selection Arc] A Kind Man! The Great Healer, Revealed!!”
#2362 “[Sailor V Selection Arc] A Kind Man! The Great Healer, Revealed!!”
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note: this discussion area is for events surrounding the Earth 1337-A timeline and beyond

Log excerpt starts - 18 January 2024 10:31PM
Det. Ema Skye
Oh my god this week. Usually I love being stationed in Japan but I just... can't.
I'm ready to go home.
That bad, huh?
That "Mysterious Savior" guy still running around town?
Det. Ema Skye
It is _so much worse than that. After the got busted out of prison he became this folk hero figure, you know? Sort of like Mask☆DeMasque from back in the day.
Yeah I heard that guy from the ancient aliens radio show saying that people wanted Yuki dead and that guy f[BLEEP]ked up their plans and that they were using the police to hunt him down.
Det. Ema Skye
That's just stupid conspiracy bull. That radio show guy is biased. He even took a call from the perp.
Every time we could get close to cornering the guy the people in Roppongi acted like human shields and protected him. And to make it worse, our boys were chasing him and ran across a bank robbery happening at the same time.
Oh man I saw that on TV. John Toei's kid got shot by a crook and was bleeifding out, and the Mysterious Savior healed her, taking a bullet from the cops who were chasing him.
I saw it too! John Toei personally helped the guy get away from the police and the people formed a human wall to let them get away. It was a heckuva sight.
Det. Ema Skye
Yeah, one of the richest guys in Japan helping the perp get away. I mean... I'm glad his daughter was saved, but we came out looking like asses because he got shot while fleeing us.
DJ Reverend_H
ACAB, yo.
Det. Ema Skye
...Some of us are DOING OUR BEST OKAY
Ema' s not the only one having a bad week. To cap it off, our main competitor got the scoop on who this guy was and...
Oh I didn't see that...
I might as well play it back :/

Rantsom MAXX News: It looks like no good deed goes unrewarded... as that very night, we are told, John Toei and the Mysterious Savior had a long conversation... leading up to tonight's announcement.

Tonight, exclusively on Rantsom MAXX News, we can reveal the identity of the "Mysterious Savior", who the people of Roppongi now call "The Great Healer."

His name is Hayashi Kaito... and he would like to speak to you all tonight.

Hayashi Kaito: ....good evening. I apologize for imposing upon your time.

...I deeply apologize for all the trouble and anguish I have caused the people and police in Roppongi over the past few nights, all stemming from my selfish desire to be of help to Sakuraba Yuki-san... I regret the actions I took, but I was frustrated because no one would listen to me.

What I am about to say will sound... strange. But I pray that you will listen. And then judge as your hearts demand.

A long time ago, I was a Salaryman, working right here in Roppongi. I sold Kaiju Insurance. I was very good at my job. Too Good. I was focused on my career, and my promotion. To the neglect of my family. Ignoring my wife and child I soiught more and more material gain, telling myself what I was doing, I was doing for them.

Of course, this could not stand, and my wife left me, taking my son. Then, the bubble burst, and the recession came. I lost my job. I'd already lost my family. I lost everything.

There was nothing left for me in this world. I was tired of living, and so one day, I waited until I saw a truck coming, and I stepped into the road. I was struck down, and nearly killed.

As I lay between life and death... it was then that I saw her. I thought it was a hallucination. But it was too real. And showed me things completely outside the realm of my experience.

A woman-- a goddess, surely-- standing atop a hill on some desolate, alien plane under the starlight. The power of life itself shooting forth from her hands.

Then, somehow I realized... I wasn't hallucinating. I was remembering. Some kind of fantastic past, that was somehow mine and somehow not. And that woman looked at me, and smiled a beatific smile. And she bathed me in her light. And others. So many others. And then I knew, we were saved. Saved then. Saved now.

After the vision, the doctors said I began to heal at a vastly accelerated rate. Injuries that should have killed me vanished within a week.

But more than that -- I had received her blessing.

* he holds up a hand which seems to glow with a slightly purple energy

I could heal others. At a cost to my health proportionate to the work I did, but I could heal them! More deeply and profoundly than any medical science could permit.

That is what I was trying to tell the police that night. And the doctors. But no one would listen.Therefore, with Sakurada-san hanging on by a thread - a girl old enough to be my own child - I did what anyone would do. Out of sheer frustration I pushed past the police and the doctors and I used my power to heal her. As i did the other night with Chloe Toei.

* He waves to the office around him.

Thanks to the aid of Billionaire John Toei, I no longer have to lurk in secret. I no longer have to run from the police to help people in the dead on night. As thanks for saving his daughter, he has provided me with security *waves to the beefy man next to him* and a place to treat the sick.

And more importantly, a place to let other people blessed with healing abilities to have a place to share their knoweledge and skills. I call it, "Helping Haven."
Det. Ema Skye
If that were all of it I wouldn't so so pissed off... but...
* Red_Crow continues playing back *
Hayashi Kaito: ...Due to the still-significant extent of her injuries...

Sakuraba-Yuki-san will be rehabilitating at Helping Haven for the foreseeable future.

Sakuraba Yuki: Hayashi-san saved my life, and now he'll help me heal! I'll be back in fighting shape for the Sailor V show in no time!
She showed up on the competitor's network without even letting us know! Their CEO Tonegawa must be laughing his ass off right now.
Det. Ema Skye
Well the part that burns me is that Yuki won't press charges (which I get, he saved her life) but they're playing it as because of that he's free and clear of all the other assaults he did to the cops and the doctors at the clinic!
The problem is optics. If we keep going after him, especially now that he's become a hero of the people, it's just going to look like a petty vendetta.
DJ Reverend_H
Ain't never stopped y'all before.
Det. Ema Skye
Not every cop is a piece of s[BLEEP]t, okay? Some of us really just want to help people!
Anyway I checked out his story. It's all true. He got hit by a truck in 2019 and healed at an incredble rate, then dropped off the radar.
A few months later, we noticed the beginning of the Golden Crescent business.
DJ Reverend_H
Oh, y'all gonna try to pin that on him, yo?
Det. Ema Skye
I'm just trying to collate the evidence, okay?
And the fact is, after talking to Cressida, we think that Hayashi had some memories of the Silver Millennium awakened in him, just like the Golden Crescent people. The theory is that a_for four years_ a lot of people have been reawakening to their memories of the past lives they lived there.
So maybe he's related, maybe he isn't. But he's probably caught up in the same net of events.
DJ Reverend_H
Yeah y'all gonna find a bloody glove in his office or some s[BLEEP]t, yo. I rmemeber LAPD doin' that s[BLEEP]t.
Det. Ema Skye
...that was before my time.
I can make my cases without spicing up the evidence, thanks.
DJ Reverend_H
*** DJ Reverend_H is away Whatever, lady. That guy's a hero n' ya'll wanna tear him down. I ain't standin' for it, yo.
Det. Ema Skye
...yeah I'm ready to go home any time now.
Hang tough, kid. It's always darkest before it goes totally black :3
Det. Ema Skye
One thing we noticed... that purple aura around his hand? And the way he described how his healing worked? It was a lot like Aunt Hotaru's.
You think he was from Saturn in the past life?
He might just have had Saturnian blood.
you don't need to be full-blooded to have the ability to access some of the powers.
So from what he said and what you guys are saying... it wasn't just us Senshi reincarnated?
Well for years we've speculated Osaka Naru-san was a reincarnation as well. Which is why the Youma kept targetting her.
If the entire Royal Court was also saved that's hundreds of people at minimum.
So this Hayashi-san may have been part of the court. And since the court was all loosely related to Serenity...
They may all have latent powers and abilities from their bloodlines.
Det. Ema Skye
So... like you guys?

Log excerpt ends - 18 January 2024 11:42PM



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