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#231: “Get Stuffed!”

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<// J_Daito //> Heh
<// J_Daito //> I just heard that in the live action Sailormoon, Artemis and Diana are just going to be talking *stuffed toys*
<--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> What they couldn't hire any real lunar cats?
<--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> Yeah.. how would that work, exactly...
<.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> I gez she wuld B a beeny babie
<// J_Daito //> If she's a beanie baby, you're a cabbage patch kid. But one of the deformed, rejected dolls that never got to market... the negliected ones left to ROT in the factory, never to be adopted, cold and lonely, cast aside like so much trash
<.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> fak u sun of a batch i kil U l8r.
<// J_Daito //> Heh. No, I'm sorry, you weren't a Cabbage Patch kid
<.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> dats rite mater faker
<// J_Daito //> You were a GARBAGE PAIL KID!!
<.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> I h8 U U di! di! di!!!!!!!!!
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