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Suburban Senshi Entry #2285 - “[Nobody November] Behold! Hotaru's Bizarre Adventure!!”
#2285 “[Nobody November] Behold! Hotaru's Bizarre Adventure!!”
Excerpt Start - 07:14 AM 11/23/22

Like I don't know how there isn't a menacing "Zawa Zawa Zawa" or "Go Go Go" sound following you around everywhere
I'm not that bad! And nor am I a Kaiji character or a JoJo one!
You could be, dear.

// J_Daito //
Stop it!
Excerpt End - 07:21 AM 11/23/22

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Seramuun Urtora

November 9, 2002: Yuuichiro was imagining being in a shower of cherry blossom petals, when Professor Tomoe attacked using Suzuran, determined to re-establish the Dark Kingdom. As the Senshi break and attack, Helios appeared, castigating the girls for their sentimentality. Mamoru got left half-dead. When all hope seemed lost, the Senshi got a break through a sudden powerup. Sailor Moon used the Ginzushou to win.

<Pen-Pen> I just wanted to tell her that her ex-boyfriend Kaji who only wants to seduce her and give her bad experiences which she will retell for centuries is back from the LCL pool and wants to go out with her
<// J_Daito //> Get me a FORK. It's DINNER TIME for Jedite!

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