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Legacy Archives

Suburban Senshi Entry #2228 - “[Motoki Rescue Arc] Breaking Through! From one crazed mind to another!!”
#2228 “[Motoki Rescue Arc] Breaking Through! From one crazed mind to another!!”
Excerpt Start - 07:33 PM 08/24/21

Personal Log: Nineteen years ago, Haruka-poppa started her blog on the internet. Ninteen years later she has taken us into the body of Furuhata Motoki-san, and somehow completely misjudged the location of the mind-brain interface, so instread of fighting the Turtle Demon in Motoki-sans's head, we got routed into Haruka-poppa's mind instead.
I am somehow not surprised at what we found there.
But I wonder how we will ever defeat the monster in Motoki-san's mind if we can't even reach it.
// J_Daito //
The answer is mutiny.
You just want an excuse to fight her :P
// J_Daito //
ror i kan halp
4 a prise
Some favors come at too high a price!
wat wuld u kno abut komang
I'll have you know in the past Artemis and I were an item!
eww dats dasgastqng!! an u tol mi 2 stey awey fram elioz!!
an atrimass iz a KAT
sew?! Elioz cud bcum a humen 2!!
// J_Daito //
// J_Daito //
Sounds to me like the both of you can empathize more with Furuhata than you know.
u shat up u war bangan a yoma datz nat humen eaidar!!
// J_Daito //
I don't have the hangups you people have.
Why are we talking about this? We need to get back into Motoki-san's mind!
sew mek a deel wit mi
i;l usz da legandari mystariuz ilusionari slivar kistak ganzoishue ov da futar 2 mak tit happan
// J_Daito //
Tomoe the younger would definitely need magical help to "make tit happen"
I'll kill you all
* unsheathes the silence glaive and swipes at you all *
// J_Daito //
* combines forces witht he diseased turnip-head no senshi and deflects the attack outside the Snotilus and towards Furuhata's mind *
hehehe al akording 2 kay c[BLEEP]k ew
Oh my f[BLEEP]king god
// J_Daito //
What deranged hell are we entering now
Excerpt End - 10:34 PM 08/24/21


September 21, 1998: Makoto was outside school, when Germatoid attacked using Uderin, determined to put the Earth into Deep Freeze. As the Senshi just kind of waited for Pegasus to show up so they could actually do something, The Amazon Trio joined them, trying to beat the villains by playing their game better than they do. The Moonlight Knight got dressed like Santa Claus. When all hope seemed lost, the Senshi got a break through a precision-guided rose throw from Seiya. Sailor Moon used a specially modified pizza-based attack to win.
<--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> Perhaps you want to *upgrade* to a 486 with a TWO GIGABYTE HARD DRIVE!
<// J_Daito //> There's not enough money for that in the whole COUNTRY!

Suburban Senshi: 100% Insanity.
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