2388. Light entertainment is in our DNA! The Twelve Days of Temu starts NOW!06/14/24 2387. Random Internet finds! The coolest map ever and the French trying to stop lovers from lovingly loving!!06/13/24 2386. Humanity! The butt of evolution's Joke!!06/12/24 2385. Mooo-vin on up! CLEVER TITLE HERE!!06/11/24 2384. It's Morning face! Michiru's terrible beauty secret revealed!!06/10/24 2383. Vengeful Coiffure! Hotaru's Hair Care Secret, revealed!! 06/09/24 2382. Inspirational Quote here! Weekend Randomness!! 06/08/24 2381. Shaiking our fists at the Cloud! The modern Internet SUCKS lately edition!!06/07/24 2380. History is a fragile chain of memory! Eat the wrong fish and your best friend could become goth!! 06/06/24 2379. It can say a thousand words! Pictures that tell all!! 06/05/24 2378. The "Let's complain about Microsoft" edition and playing SailorMoon's organ??06/04/24 2377. It's Trauma! From Stage to Screen to the Mind of the Golden Crescent it's all here!! 06/03/24 2376. Questionable Life choices once more! The things people do!! 06/02/24 2375. Random Techie / Sexy Jibba-Jabba06/01/24 2374. Catching up on the Golden Crescent Arc AND The shocking truth about Sailor Moon revealed!!05/31/24 2373. Budokai status update! Subsen brackets up, Chatbox slots filling fast!! 05/30/24 2372. We interrupt this dramu for a special announcement! BUDOKAI SEASON'S BACK, BABY!!05/29/24 2371. rei.bot reports! The latest happenings in the Golden Crescent Saga!05/17/24 2370. Fighting the future! The Return of Yuki Sakuraba!! 05/04/24 2369. A grand conspiracy unfolds! The shocking start of the INFILTRATION // Past History Arc!!04/28/24 2368. Catching up is hard to do! The world moves fast when you've been stuck on an island!!04/25/24 2367. Paisley's Spring Adventure Travelogue! The Island Vacation Adventure Arc Ends!!!04/12/24 2366. PSA: Don't forget to change your c[l]ocks03/10/24 2365. RIP Akira Toriyama 03/07/24 2364. [Beach Arc 2024] Not just another day at the beach! Secrets of Ten'ou Haruka and the distant past, revealed! A new adventure begins!! 03/05/24 2363. [LORE] Can only women have Sailor Crystals? 02/20/24 2363. 2362. [Sailor V Selection Arc] A Kind Man! The Great Healer, Revealed!!01/18/24 2361. [Sailor V Selection Arc] Bad Day in Roppongi Hills!01/14/24 2360. [Sailor V Selection Arc] Yuki's attacker revealed! A blast from the past!! 01/12/24 2359. [ Sailor V Selection Arc ] Big Tragedy! Yuki Sakuraba attacked!! 01/08/24 2358. New Year, New Era! Welcome to Earth 1337-A! The Sailor V Selection Arc begins!!01/02/24