Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #19: “Iraq agrees to accept Weapons inspectors unconditionally. ”
#19: “Iraq agrees to accept Weapons inspectors unconditionally. ”

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<FireFly_9> Oh my, but the game is getting interesting. Here we have a situation where the president wants his war, but the primary excuse rationalization for that war has seemingly just been removed.

<FireFly_9> Given that it would take up to five months before inspections could even begin again, if this whole thing merely is a ploy by the White House to drum up poll numbers before elections, the plan may have been derailed.
<FireFly_9> Still, I suppose the President's handlers can always claim victory by taking credit for scoring a bloodless capitulation from Saddam... But if what Bush wants is a capstone for the strangely anti-climactic 1991 Gulf War, then logic dictates he will find some way to avoid Saddam's seeming surrender...
<FireFly_9> I am no fool. Saddam is most likely simply playing for time; however with the bulk of world opinion against an invasion for various reasons, they, as much as Bush, would welcome a pretext-- in their case for peace.
<FireFly_9> The litmus test for whether or not this war is merely a distraction device for the populace will be if in between today and election day, our beloved feline-fearing and Crisco-anointed Attorney General or one of his cohorts trots out another "threat" ala Jose Padilla (login / password: cypherpunk) or the unfortunate trio whose dignity, careers (and not to mention luggage) have been ruined by an aspiring TIPS member.
<Mdm_Maestro> It's simply disgusting, the level of distrust in the government that is being displayed here. They would never do anything wrong. They only have our best interests at heart! Can't you see that?
<// J_Daito //> You're right. They'd never plan on lying to us to gain support for a war, experiment on us without our consent, or intern whole segments of the population.
<GERMATOID> That's ancient history! Nothing like that would ever be contemplated in today's world! MUAHAHAHAHAA!
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