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<FireFly_9> Because this one says it ALL.
<FireFly_9> Haliburton Corporation has just been awarded a no-bid contract for Iraqi oil firefighting operations. You know, to put out the fires that WE just so happened to have STARTED with our firey rain of LIBERATION missiles. Keeping it all in the family, I see! It SURE must help to be CONNECTED!!!! I'm sure the Vice President, who STILL takes their checks, isn't upset by THIS development! He must be dancing for JOY in his secret UNDISCLOSED Dance HALL!
<FireFly_9> Sorry I'm so flippant tonight, I'm just DRUNK on the IRONY (or lack thereof) BWAHAHAHAHA!
<FireFly_9> We now return you to the regular blog.... the world can BURN and I'll stay quiet from now on! I don't promise there won't be any more "get your SENSHI on" though! HEH!
<FireFly_9> (hiccup)
<GERMATOID> Somehow I feel the need to be stolid all of a sudden. Hmm...
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