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#179: “Shock and awe = one shotglass.”

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<FireFly_9> Shock and awe.
<FireFly_9> Shock... and AWE
<FireFly_9> SHOCK AND AWE!
<FireFly_9> Every channel I turn to, the anchors repeatedly mouth this trite catchphrase, like mindless parrots trained by rote. Did YOU see the shock and awe?! It was TRULY Shock and AWE! What Saddam took 20 years to build, we blew up in one night! (That's the new catchphrase-in-incubation, said with relish) And lest we forget, SHOCK AND AWE!
<FireFly_9> It's true, isn't it... the mainstream news media has become nothing more than an amalgam of self-congratulatory, hive-minded clapping seals who exist as nothing more than pathetic, meretricious remora, desperately seeking to cling onto the coattails of a self-satisfied war party.
<FireFly_9> Hmm... if I drank, I'd accept Haruka-poppa's suggestion to start a drinking game... one shotglass for every mention of "Shock and Awe".
<FireFly_9> I hear another one is set for the evening in Baghdad... the first had about 250 civilian casualties if the Iraqis are to be believed... I suppose the media is already rabidly drooling for "Shock and Awe II".
<FireFly_9> Oh yes...
<FireFly_9> Shock and Awe.
<GERMATOID> Hotaru-chan, it's OBVIOUS... the NEWS anchors are all DAIMONS! That's ALL they can SAY! MUAHAHAAHAH!
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