Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #1574 - “Whatever Happened to the Suburban Senshi? Part II”
IRC Chat #1574

“Whatever Happened to the Suburban Senshi? Part II”

Tsukino Usagi or anyone who knows her, this is Furuhata Unazuki again

Things are getting worse in the 31st century

More of the Senshi are in comas

I'll try to explain as fast as I can

After V-chan saved me and got taken away by the talking cat-thing (is it a robot? I know Sony was making cat robots)

I was on my own, but something told me to go to crown fruits

There I found Mako-chan, my brother's ex-fiance

Oh my god she was so pale collapsed on the ground, having trouble breathing

I got her back to my brother's place, he actually threw away his turtle (!) and rushed to help her, she seemed to get a little better, but she couldn't talk about what happened to her

She looked just as badly off as V-chan was when that monster had attacked me the other day

Then I felt something, like a pressure that was going to crush me, it was terrifying

That's when the cat-robot-thing came back, and warned me i'd need a new item to handle what was coming, because apparently all the power V-chan had given me was the ability to transform and make strong kicks, but no magical attacks for some reason

So then he shat something out again -_-

I looked at the long hard stick that had come out of his butt and wondered if my life was going to become a hentai

I guess he saw the look on my face because he screamed at me and told me to hold up the pen and say jupiter crystal power

so i did and the screscent item he had given me before lit up and i was able to shoot electricity out of my fingers

i swear to god i'm not lying. i burned off some of motoki's hair ^^

The cat explained that i didn't really have sailor senshi powers but i was 'borrowing' the planet powers with all these items, using V-chan's compact like a kind of substitue sailor crystal or something. i didn't really understand any of it. then he said his name was Artemis and i REALLY didn't understand that because isn't that a girl's name

anyway there was no time to argue because then this really angry dude blew a hole in motoki's apartment building and tried to kill me

so i did the only thing i could do and tasered him in the balls with my sailor power

the weird thign was when he fell down he seemed to be enjoying it

at that moment some other guy grabbed me and the next thing i knew i was in peru

I can't send anymore info today sakura-chan is having trouble with the time gate now

Usagi-chan we need you, it looks like the other sailor senshi are falling left and right, hurry up and read this!

Unazuki-chan, from Crystal Tokyo, November 22nd, 3057

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