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#140: “Mister Rogers dead at 74. ”

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<FireFly_9> It is with great sadness that I have to report that Mister Rogers, who I'm sure more than one of us has grown up with, has died today at the age of 74.
<FireFly_9> It is with great fondness that I remember watching his show in my youth. Mister Rogers was a unique individual whose kindness has affected millions.

Fred McFeely Rogers was born in 1928 in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, 40 miles east of Pittsburgh. He studied music composition in college -- which helped him write songs for his show later -- and, in the 1950s, he worked as a puppeteer for "The Children's Corner," a show he and Josie Carey launched on WQED. Many of the characters who later appeared on "Neighborhood" were created on that show.

"On the eve of his final show, Rogers told CNN's Jeff Greenfield he looked at the program as more than entertainment; it was a chance to reach young people and give them a foundation for a good life.

'I believe that those of us who are the producers and purveyors of television -- or video games or newspapers or any mass media -- I believe that we are the servants of this nation,' Rogers said."

<FireFly_9> Hear hear... requiescat in pace, O noble soul.
<FireFly_9> More information here.
<GERMATOID> For a bit of humor at this sad time, I recommend "Mr. Rogers explains the RS-232 pinout"! MUAHA... ahem.
<Mdm_Maestro> I commend you the PBS guide for explaining this event to small children.

<GERMATOID> Hotaru-chan, you're FORGETTING about how Mr. Rogers helped SAVE THE VCR... and it's NOT A JOKE! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
<--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> Uh-oh... I hope he forgives me for that "Welcome to my Hood" thing in the image gallery...
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