Suburban Senshi iChat #1250: “Ballistic Birthday Bash”
#1250: “Ballistic Birthday Bash”

 Sun Sep 30 04:02 2007 - Logging Started (suburbansenshi-chat)

@SpeedRcrX> Holy s[BLEEP]t. Our buddy Solarchos found yet ANOTHER in the series of Grand Theft Auto Lucky✩Star Mod Videos:

@SpeedRcrX> It's a direct sequel to the first one. And there are more cameos than you can shake a Hotaru at.
FireFly_9> A "Hotaru?"
@SpeedRcrX> "stick" is a so cliché. I figured I'd use the nearest synonym.
FireFly_9> ... Ba[BLEEP]rd!
[gTV] C'est_la_V> Ne, ne! It's time for X-chan's birthday party!! Did everyone get presents??
@SpeedRcrX> LOL yeah I scored some s[BLEEP]t off eBay
@SpeedRcrX> It'll be so badass none of the other s[BLEEP]t you guy got will compare
[gTV] C'est_la_V> I can beat you all ^_~
@SpeedRcrX> Man what I got was so badass and expensive.. it's even better than sex.
[gTV] C'est_la_V> Uso.
@SpeedRcrX> Well we'll see at the party, won't we~
[gTV] C'est_la_V> Are you going to review that copy of "the condemned" I got you??
@SpeedRcrX> No need. It was a simple series of more or less bog-standard man-to-man fights strung together with no real pathos to it, just a tacked on message that those who enjoy watching violent stuff are "the condemned" because they make it profitable. Vince biting the hand that feeds him, basically.
@SpeedRcrX> Plot, : 1/2 out of 2 for being a rip of Battle Royale, and a s[BLEEP]t one at that, audio: 1 out of two for a good if overused selection of techno, visuals, 1 out of two, as it's just decent for the genre. It gets no bonus from me for doing anything cool or innovative, because it doesn't.
@SpeedRcrX> Overall, I rate The condemned more poorly than I thought I would, 2½ out of 7 dragonballs:

FireFly_9> That must have been the quickest movie review Ever.
[gTV] C'est_la_V> Anyway, to see X-chan's birthday party and the presents we're getting him, click here!!

 Sun Sep 30 04:32 2007 - Logging Stopped (suburbansenshi-chat)

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