Suburban Senshi iChat #1243: “LARPing for Dummies”
#1243: “LARPing for Dummies”

 Thu Sep 20 07:08 2007 - Logging Started (suburbansenshi-chat)

flame_SNIPER> I can't believe that someone at T*A has started a LARP
// J_Daito //> Is it a sexy LARP?
flame_SNIPER> More like annoying.
flame_SNIPER> You're walking through campus and all of a sudden there are people dressed like Samurai having clashes all around you.
flame_SNIPER> For a moment I thought about Henshining and beating them to the ground until I realised it was all Live-Action Role Play.
// J_Daito //> ... Why did that stop you?
@SpeedRcrX> Man, Michi and I were in LARP once.
@SpeedRcrX> But we got kicked out.
flame_SNIPER> How come?
@SpeedRcrX> People said they couldn't understand WTF we were doing
flame_SNIPER> You weren't doing ecchi things, were you :/
@SpeedRcrX> No
@SpeedRcrX> I mean I don't get it. Michi and I would spend HOURS at home constructing these rich, finely-detailed elaborate histories and backstories, then we'd come to the LARP and play out the interactions between our characters based on these.
@SpeedRcrX> We'd stand in the corner talking to each other for hours, not even getting in anyone's way.
@SpeedRcrX> And yet people got annoyed for some reason.
flame_SNIPER> Well, did you tie in what you were doing to the larger-goings on?
@SpeedRcrX> Well, Michi had her own plot, right, which wasn't really related (this was a LARP about superheroes in America, Marvel / DC that kind of s[BLEEP]t) and she was interested in Playing out "a Samurai and his Female Daimyo have discourse on the sufferign nature of man in the Sengoku era".
@SpeedRcrX> So we stood there and did our monologue by ourselves for hours and days.
@SpeedRcrX> And then one day, out of the blue, we get "stabbed in the faces" by an anemic Batwoman.
// J_Daito //> *snorts derisively*
@SpeedRcrX> So naturally, because she was a f[BLEEP]king Daimyo of the Sengoku era, Michiru no-sold that, because in her era, well, getting stabbed in the face just doesn't happen to people like them.
flame_SNIPER> ...
@SpeedRcrX> And after that, well, nobody talked to us anymore.
@SpeedRcrX> Then a fatass version of the Beyonder turned us to clay or some s[BLEEP]t and lit us on fire. This they attempted to do literally to us with a sack of instant cement and an improvised flamethrower made out of deodorant cans and matchsticks held together by duct tape.
@SpeedRcrX> People have no appreciation for the craft, man.
flame_SNIPER> Well what were they supposed to appreciate, Haruka-san?
flame_SNIPER> You went in and basically did your own thing by yourself, just talking to each other.
@SpeedRcrX> Man when I saw s[BLEEP]t that interested me, I talked to others, or replied / helped out when others talked to me
flame_SNIPER> And then went back to the world you prepared elsewhere...?
@SpeedRcrX> So
flame_SNIPER> The world whose history only you knew?
@SpeedRcrX> So, we did enough talking that people should be able to follow us
flame_SNIPER> You mean "should be able to follow you when what you're talking about is a Sengoku era tale and everyone else is playing Amerikajin Superhero".
@SpeedRcrX> It is not my fault if no one else gave a s[BLEEP]t
flame_SNIPER> You didn't give them a REASON to give a s[BLEEP]t, Haruka-san.
flame_SNIPER> Michiru-san just no-selling other people out of hand and basically being a wet blanket probably didn't help either.
@SpeedRcrX> Man, it's a public space, we should be allowed to do what we want, there was no *rule* against it.
flame_SNIPER> *thinks*
.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> sew elioz u gat to band ur bodi lyk a patrzel if u went tit 2 gew in all da wey
Reverend_H> ya babe But like the Hooters Girls in Elysion don't take kindly to bein' asked if you can contort them, yo
.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> fak dat, u gat 2 sarprize dem wit a kokroch or samtimg, tey'll band rite ovar
Reverend_H> But how do you control the direction of the bend, yo?
.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> u gat 2 gat dem lik sindwached bai a well sew dey hav onli lik 1 daractshun 2 mov
Reverend_H> Oh, I got you, yo
.'~SugaBB_2999~'.> hshshs.... an if u damp sit dewn dar sharts, dey'll grub demsalves everiwar 2 gat tit
Reverend_H> mmmm... kinky yo
@SpeedRcrX> Man, what the f[BLEEP]k does this have to do with ANYTHING
flame_SNIPER> precisely.
flame_SNIPER> You have no context, no clue, it just goes on and on.
flame_SNIPER> And you have to sit there and watch it unfold.
@SpeedRcrX> ... Man you put them up to doing an object lesson!?
flame_SNIPER> No I just cut and pasted from another chat
flame_SNIPER> But that's the point.
flame_SNIPER> If your stuff feels like a cut and paste from somewhere else, no one's ever going to care.
@SpeedRcrX> So let me get this straight.
@SpeedRcrX> I should never develop my own s[BLEEP]t, because it doesn't fit in with what everyone else is doing? Then how will s[BLEEP]t get developed?
flame_SNIPER> Integrate, don't dominate.
flame_SNIPER> If you're talking over 90% of the people's heads and taking up more than 50% of the space and there are other people there and you notice they're either just going quiet on you or leaving, then something is wrong.
@SpeedRcrX> People ebb and flow all the f[BLEEP]kinfg time.
flame_SNIPER> You're not getting it, are you
flame_SNIPER> If I started going off on my life's story about how my mother died, and my dad left me with Jii-chan to become a miko at Hikawa Jinja and how I felt bitter and lonely and everyone persecuted me and then one day a talking cat gave me a pen that made me become Sailormars and after that I had all these friends in Juuban and we fought evil after evil together and "you can't do anything to me because I'm a super strong Sailor Senshi" but you had no clue about Japan, or shrines, or Senshi... what would you feel like having to listen to me and Yuuichiro stand there talk about that all day?
@SpeedRcrX> I'd tell you to either make sense or shut the f[BLEEP]k up
@SpeedRcrX> Except that our s[BLEEP]t made sense!
flame_SNIPER> To you and only to you, because you spelled it out elsewhere and just decided to play it out in other people's spaces without any regard for that space and its dynamics!
@SpeedRcrX> Look, it's a public area. If I want to wax on for 30 minutes on the virtues of Hakagure that's my f[BLEEP]king right.
flame_SNIPER> It's a public area, but other people come there to have fun too.
@SpeedRcrX> If you were LARPing like... I dunno, whatever the f[BLEEP]k you wanted to, and you were talking to Yuuichiro about your important thing, I bet you'd see it quite differently if I told you "I don't get it, why don't you shut up."
flame_SNIPER> Maybe ;P
flame_SNIPER> ^
flame_SNIPER> But I'd like to think I'd have enough sense to stop after a while
flame_SNIPER> Or at least play along with other people than just Yuuichiro when fun things are going on around me instead of just no-selling them like Michiru-san did.
Mdm_Maestro> Ara, but I was playing an aloof warlord, dear, they sell for no one.
flame_SNIPER> And how much fun do you think that is for others?
flame_SNIPER> Having to stand there and watch you be smug and superior all the...
Mdm_Maestro> ...What, dear.
flame_SNIPER> I think it's time for class now

 flame_SNIPER has signed off (...erk.)

Mdm_Maestro> Why did she leave so quickly, dear?
@SpeedRcrX> I dunno
// J_Daito //> Because that's what she has to do every time she comes to this house! AHAHAHAAHHAHA
// J_Daito //> I'm taller than you are.
Mdm_Maestro> Dear... there is height and there is stature. Never confuse the two.
// J_Daito //> LOL no superiority complex at all there.
Mdm_Maestro> Feh, I *am* your better. This is merely a fact of existence.
// J_Daito //> It's no wonder you were stabbed in the face by a deranged rodent cosplayer in a cape.

 Thu Sep 20 07:52 2007 - Logging Stopped (suburbansenshi-chat)

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