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#124: “This is perhaps the saddest thing I have ever seen. (ADULT LANGUAGE) ”

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<FireFly_9> We all knew it was a statistical probability, given the ubiquitous nature and proliferation of webcams and IRC. Someone has apparently overdosed whilst chatting on the IRC and in full view of his webcam. This was the his end and the aftermath on the channel. Obituary here.
<FireFly_9> I say apparently because on the Internet, disgustingly enough, hoaxes are all too common. It's unfortunate I even have to think that way about something like this.
<FireFly_9> Here is a painfully telling distillation of the chat log:

[04:10] grphish: dont OD on us ripper
[04:16] ripper: my mom is in the next room doing crozzwordz
[04:26] ripper: hrees my cell
[04:26] ripper: in fase anything goe .. wrong
[04:26] ripper: call if I look dead
[04:47] smoke2k: he is going to drink another bottle of methadone I think
[04:47] grphish: NO DUDE
[04:47] hast: i'd call up poison control
[04:48] ripper: I took 4 80mg bottles
[04:49] oea: i love you
[04:49] grphish: its sad to see you die like this
[04:49] ripper: fuck u
[04:49] ripper: pusys
[04:49] ripper: u are so fucking stupid
[04:54] smoke2k: hes fuckin not responding
[04:54] oea: look at the cam
[05:04] ripper: I'm fukcin
[05:11] smoke2k: I am tired and about to get off
[05:14] thekat: hes fine
[05:15] oea: Why is he just sitting there
[05:21] smoke2k: Oea what is poison control saying
[05:21] oea: they said call 911 right now and he is almost assured dead if we dont'
[05:23] oea: i am on line with 911 is this the right choice?
[05:24] thekat: NO
[05:24] oea: okay talked my way out of it didn't give them any info

<FireFly_9> Unbelievable.
<FireFly_9> UPDATE: This is another death which occurred with some notice on the IRC, although not with as much preamble. Another senseless loss.
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