Suburban Senshi iChat #1235: “Iron Man, Iron Grudge”
#1235: “Iron Man, Iron Grudge”

 Tue Sep 11 07:05 2007 - Logging Started (suburbansenshi-chat)

@SpeedRcrX> Oh my GOD.
@SpeedRcrX> Yaijinden just pointed out this AWESOME Iron Man Trailer. They even use bits of the SONG in it.
[gTV] C'est_la_V> Ahahah I made X-chan take this "nerd test" and this is what it came up with! says I'm a Nerd King.  What are you?  Click here!

@SpeedRcrX> LOL
@SpeedRcrX> Like anyone needs proof of his nerdliness
@–ÝctÝr ∑ X> ...
@–ÝctÝr ∑ X> A man could get bitter.
setsy_meiou> I am the one who was wronged!

 @SpeedRcrX goes to fix something

setsy_meiou> I shoudl still be Sailor 134340, damn it all!
@SpeedRcrX> LOL
setsy_meiou> ... 134340.
setsy_meiou> damn you...
setsy_meiou> I can't even say my name
Mizunomics01> Haruka-san, please stop tampering with the chat.
setsy_meiou> Oh, Ami-chan! Will you change it back?
Mizunomics01> The name... is scientifically accurate.
setsy_meiou> I hate you all.

 setsy_meiou is away: There must be something emo I can do about this

FireFly_9> I am so conflicted.
@SpeedRcrX> Oh yeah?
FireFly_9> On the one hand, I bear lasting grudge against Setsuna-momma for my treatment in the past.
@SpeedRcrX> Didn't you like, say you got over all that s[BLEEP]t, you know, back around the time we fought Miss Dream?
FireFly_9> Haruka-poppa I am 26 years old, I work in a library, have no boyfriend, sit at home with my lamp collection and read classical works of literature to myself each night just to fall asleep. I have no life. I can truly never ever escape the pit of my own angst.
@SpeedRcrX> See Beer does that for me.
FireFly_9> I am enjoying this small measure of revenge against Setsuna-momma, but then again, since it comes at *your* hands I feel unclean.
@SpeedRcrX> Mm Hotaru
@SpeedRcrX> Listen up.
@SpeedRcrX> This is a life lesson from your Haruka-poppa.
@SpeedRcrX> The best things in life are always unclean
FireFly_9> My god is that a Sexual reference?
@SpeedRcrX> Huh I didn't say s[BLEEP]t
@SpeedRcrX> You're reading into it.
@SpeedRcrX> It's in your BRAAAAIIINNN~
FireFly_9> ....
FireFly_9> No.....


@SpeedRcrX> LOL All too easy
[gTV] Karasuma_Akane> God you're just Juuban's little Darth Vader, aren't you
@SpeedRcrX> Hey Akane, if you wanted to, you could try to find my little Darth Vader
[gTV] Karasuma_Akane> Haruka...
[gTV] Karasuma_Akane> I'm not like the other senshi, I'll just pop you in the mouth.
@SpeedRcrX> SExy
[gTV] Karasuma_Akane> ... WITH MY FIST

 Karasuma_Akane is away: I don't have time for this s[BLEEP]t this early in the morning

@SpeedRcrX> ... and I am victorious
[gTV] C'est_la_V> Haruka-san... how do you do it?
@SpeedRcrX> What, you need a lesson on the facts of life, too?
[gTV] C'est_la_V> ... No
[gTV] C'est_la_V> How do you live your life so free and easy, like the Bob from Enzyte person??
@SpeedRcrX> The key, dear Neko-chan #2, is...
@SpeedRcrX> Just to not give a s[BLEEP]t.
@SpeedRcrX> If less people took things as "OMG SERIOUS BUSINESS" and actually looked around at the good stuff they had in their life, they might realize that they've a) got it pretty good, and b) they have a life worth living where they are.
@SpeedRcrX> But people are so f[BLEEP]king stuck on appearances, and grudges, and revenge, and wanting to get back at others for s[BLEEP]t that happened in the distant past that they can never crawl out of the well of their own sorrow and see the horizons ahead.
[gTV] C'est_la_V> Wow... that's surprisingly profound coming from today's Haruka-san...

 @SpeedRcrX sips her beer

@SpeedRcrX> It was in the self-help literature I used to read as a child

 Tue Sep 11 07:50 2007 - Logging Stopped (suburbansenshi-chat)

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