Suburban Senshi iChat #1232: “From Comedy to Tragedy in 5 easy minutes. ”
#1232: “From Comedy to Tragedy in 5 easy minutes. ”

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So you know those Captain Morgan commercials
I know the rum
Well ever since I heard their jingle, there has only been one gag on my mind.
And now, I have brought that gag to fruition.

but that's not all!
(spoilers for Torchwood and Doctor Who Season 3 ahead)

Waay too much f[BLEEP]king time on your hands.
I was pondering installing Zone Alarm Pro on a Windows Vista Machine.
As I was researching the matter I came upon this fascinating review.


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Hey Haruka.
I just got in some news for you, on Chris Benoit.
Oh yeah?
You don't sound too enthusiastic there.
Because I think I know you pretty well by now, and you *aren't* going to like this.
... what's up
*sigh* here.

Karasuma_Akane pasted:
Benoit's Brain Showed Severe Damage From Multiple Concussions, Doctor and Dad Say

Karasuma_Akane pasted:
The tests, conducted by Julian Bailes of the Sports Legacy Institute, show that Benoit's brain was so severely damaged it resembled the brain of an 85-year-old Alzheimer's patient. Bailes and his research team say that this damage was the result of a lifetime of chronic concussions and head trauma suffered while Benoit was in the wrestling ring.

Repeated concussions can lead to dementia, which can contribute to severe behavioral problems.

Karasuma_Akane pasted:
They found that Benoit's brain showed an advanced form of dementia that appears on the brain scan as brown clumps or tangles. These brown spots are actually dead brain cells, killed off as a result of head trauma, said Bailes. In Benoit's case, the damage was found in every section of the brain — all four lobes and deep into the brain stem. "It was extensive throughout Chris' brain," Bailes said. "This is something you should never see in a 40-year-old."
... Flying Headbutts.
It was those f[BLEEP]king flyign headbutts.
I remember the first time he ever did that s[BLEEP]t. It was in WCW, on a Nitro, it was a 14 foot high headbutt from a steel cage, I think in tandem with Superfly Snuka.
It was an electric moment and I cheered.
I f[BLEEP]king cheered.
... God dammit.
You know, I don't watch boxing because I think it's savage and brutal
I always knew, in the back of my head, that in Wrestling, the performers were at least trying to keep each other safe.
When it comes to 'Roids, I was like, "well if McMahon tells his guys to stop using them, everything will be okay again."
But it will NEVER be okay again. I used to f[BLEEP]king cheer ECW because they were rought, brutal. bloody and over-the top. In an age when wrestlers in WWE and WCW just stood there on the mike might after night these guys FOUGHT.
But I see now I was cheering for the style of wrestling that destroys people.
And the thing is, because of people like me, who cry out and curse McMahin for watering down ECW, we've made it impossible for there ever to be "lower impact" wrestling on mainstream TV again.
I'm sorry.
I kind of knew you'd react like this.
I used to think Wrestling was like football. You went in, knowing it was a rough sport, you might get a concussion, a broken leg, torn muscles but that's about it.
But now people are getting broken necks, heart attacks, BRAIN DAMAGE.
Because it's all "high spot" wrestling now.
Vince wants big men doing cruiserweight style moves.
And frankly, the smaller, nimbler luchadore types who can give matches amazing acrobatics and energy without hurting the s[BLEEP]t out of each other, he doesn't want to see.
I grew up a huge wrestling fan.
I still love the over the top pagentry.
I'm starting to think long and hard about this.
Do I want to promote and support and industry that's breaking down its performers at an ever-increasing rate?
Chris Benoit was one of the BEST, bar none, technical wrestlers EVER.
And yet he had to resort to Flying Headbutts off Steel Cages to keep the fans-- to keep ME-- interested in him.
And those ultimately led to his becoming a murderer.
As a fan of Wrestling, who cheered for that s[BLEEP]t, I feel responsible now.
And I don't know what to f[BLEEP]king say.

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