Suburban Senshi iChat #1231: “pink sugar bot attack”
#1231: “pink sugar bot attack”

 Tue Sep 04 06:20 2007 - Logging Started (suburbansenshi-chat)

new i dadn't dayte umano azzwipe i gat standardz
Man you know you be gettin geek lovin' on da side yo
bich dewnt sazz mi
i'l withold mai favars frum u u kip insluting mi
Man shut up you know you love it, yo
ya i dew bb
So what you been up to, anyways, yo?
i've ban apdatang mai hom payge
Put any "spicy spicy" pics of the Chibster on there for yo honey, yo?
hshshssh bich u know 4 dat sit u gatz 2 pai
Mmm let me get me some yen yo
facker i onli tak amarikan moniez
You know what yo problem be? You be too damn particular, yo
So what you be putting on yo' page anyway?
i pat lanks
todie i lanked to a banch of packtures dat knifayutansil dad of ray.butt
Knifeyutensil did pictures of, yo?
ov a skalptare si dad ov har. WTF u aksing mi 54 agen, kant u faking reed!?!?!?!!
Just shut up and toss me a link, yo, befo' I whip yo suga-ass.
o bb u kno i lik dat sit~
I know baby~ I know~

Holy hotness, yo~
You know I do babe, you know I do

OH YEAH now I'm *really* Payin' attention
hshshshsshshs cum 2 mi mai pat
... we need see no more of this

 Tue Sep 04 06:40 2007 - Logging Stopped (suburbansenshi-chat)

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