Hong Kong Bootleg Screener Grindhouse Edition Cut

A special note from Ginga CEO Aino Minako:

Today we're pleased to bring you the second movie adaptation of a adventure in the lives of my friends! "Suburban Senshi: The Movie II - Reign of the Supermen" deals with the quest of one man for power after being used by women for his whole life, and the consquences that has for the whole world!

Unfortunately, all the shipping copies were burned up in a fire, and the workprints were sabotaged by someone dressed in a fancy costume taken from the set of Pretty Guardian Sailormoon. BUT, we were able to find one surviving copy that had leaked to the Hong Kong Piracy Scene based off an early workprint!!

Now, this release is badly dubbed into Cantonese and there are subtitles in "Engrish", so the quality isn't the best, but hopefully you'll get the general idea!!

This movie is rated R because of the subbing errors doing strange things to the meaning.

And now, on with the show!!
Chiba Mamoru was sitting on a bar eating his nuts when a small boy is arriving.

"Is you the Masked Tuxedo?" the boy is asking with hopeful eyes.

"A long history ago that was my fate," Mamoru speaks with irritated deep bowels, grabbing his nuts and pelting them at small boy.

"Ow your nuts touched my head violently!" the boy s is screaming. He got the runnings and fled away fast.

"Copulating feces," Mamoru oathed, striking the bar with his hand. "A long history ago I was hero man! Hero man I should be again!" Tears of wet flew from his nostrils as he beseeched.

But now more individuals was coming to the bar, and they are looking at Mamoru with harsh criticality.

"Why the copulation are you gazing upon me!" Mamoru screeched, pitching his salted nuts at the individuals, who are hissing and making the noises of dissatisfaction.

"You are not manly!" cried a small boy. "Women are your masters! The Sailor Women!"

"Sailor women do not dominate my manhood!" Mamoru creamed at the boy in angerous rage. "I am the dominant of the Sailor Women!" He is shaking of his fist angerously. The children is scared.

"Get the copulation out of here!" raged the elder people in the bar, jeering and mocking Mamoru with fairy-names and hatred talk. "A most unmanly hero are you, run back to your sailor women and seek their pleasurable forgiveness!"

Mamoru gets up his seat ragingly and stamps out the bar, pushing away the maddening individuals. Stumbling down the street he fondles his head with his hands over his earrings. Inside his brain are dancing pictures of lewd terrors mocking him in their short sexy skirts and lollipop sailor woman suits.

"FECES FECES SON OF A DOG!" Mamoru creams out, having the runs to an old yard of scrap. "I am not destined for this humbling! I am too large for this! TOO LARGE! I am a LARGE man and want the earth to be knowing of my LARGENESS!"

Mamoru plopped on his knees in the gravel-stained pit of junk, his bodice glowing with energon. He felt like the vomits, and was dizzying a lot. Plopping on his ass he was cocked out cold.

In a few minutes there was massive shitting from his body. One after the next more copies of his self shit from his body. In a minute there was 5 of Mamoru:

  • The Masked Tuxedo in his black suit and caped wardrobing;
  • The Lit up Knight of the Moon wearing his Turbine and robed apparels;
  • Princely Endemon of the Past Earth long history ago;
  • Monarch King Endemon of the Future Happenings;
  • and Mamoru the plain unmanly chap.

"What the feces?" Mamoru explained as he gazed upon his brotherly shittings.

"We are the alternative fragment parts of your mental condition," the Lit up Knight of the Moon made apparent. "All the pieces of your brain have come out and are fresh beings now."

"Copulation!" Mamoru ejected. "All my mental case are become alive?"

"Sucking upon your Golden Crystal we have spilt from your head," the Masked Tuxedo acceded. "We wish to party upon the Earth and make it our Woman as was our destined plot from the long ago history."

Princely Endemon of the Pasted Earth long history ago is in agreement with this talk. "I was borned to be King, Princely of the Universe."

Monarch King Endemon of the Future Happenings nods. "It is the purified feces of Bulls that Sailor Women have taken the light from our halos and turned us into unmanly creatures."

"We must stop the Sailor Women and shit upon our thrones as Masters of the Universe!" The Masked Tuxedo ejaculated strongly.

"Horrah!" they all came in agreement. And so it was that plot was begin.


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"Professor GERMATOID, surely you are exhausted with the stylings of the Sailor Women?" Mamoru asked.

Professor Germatoid shrugged, testing his tubes with acid and exploding. "I HAVE NO PROBLEMS WITH THE SAILOR WOMEN, THEY LEAVE ME ALONE NOW." He is laughing like hyena.

"But Professor Germatoid, never have you been able to beat off the Sailor Women!" Mamoru ejaculated, waving his hands frantically. "Always they are the ones beating you off in victory upon victory! Surely you are lusting after revengeance against the Sailor Women!"


"In your basement-hole under their footsteps!" Mamoru complained. "Stepped on always by the Sailor Women!!"

"IF I DRILL HOLES CORRECTLY I CAN LOOK UP AT THE SAILOR WOMEN AND BE PLEASED" Professor Germatoid pointed out, laughing with the madness.

"This is not manly!" Mamoru hissed. "you were once a manly man who poked the dimensions of space! Now you are a lemming in the toilet of the sailor women!"

"I AM NOT A LEMMING!" Professor Germatoid protested, waving his tube in the air. "I AM MANLY, MORE MANLY THAN YOU WHOSE BRAIN WAS LAUNDERED AT ALL TIMES BY EVIL WOMAN!"

"Crap feces!" Mamoru cursed, stroking his head madly. "I am THE MONARCH KING! No more will Women filthy my mind with their fingertips! Join me, Professor Germatoid! Give me the Darkness Powers to corruptly influence the mentalities of the Sailor Women, and Together we will shit upon the Golden Throne and Rule Cosmically the Planet of Earth!"

Professor Germatoid is thinking of this master plan, and assents in agreeing. "YES! WHY NOT! LET US WAGE WAR ON THE SAILOR WOMEN! MOHEEHEHEHEHEH!"

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"Now the seduction of the Blue Haired Sailor Women Mercurius is Begin" Mamoru talked to himself, holding a copy of the Scientific American in his hand. The booklet was filled with information talk that would melt the brain of the scientific sailor woman who liked to think.

"What is your hand holding, Mamoru-san?" Mizuno Ami asked, seeing the thing he was crotching.

"It is this booklet of Science," Mamoru spoke, "I think it will stimulate you."

"Oh yes! Yes!" Ami sang, crotching the booklet with joy. "It is most stimulating to me!"

"Do not crotch it too hard," Mamoru scolded, fearing she would break the Dark Secret within. But with lucky star she did not and was opening the Booklet of Science.

When Ami looked upon the Dark Power Pea Pod of Professor Germatoid it was her brain that melted to pus.

"Oh Mamoru-sama" she cried, pleasing herself at his manly presence before collapsing cocked out on the floor.

"A HA HA HA take that sailor women my vengeance is starting." Mamoru groped Ami tightly and flung her over his shoulder like a bag doll, dragging her back to the secret compound of power high atop Tokyo's Tower.

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"you know you want to unfold my sheets and gaze upon the imperial prince" the Moonlight Knight said to Aino Minako as she shat on her desk.

"I'm having my husband right now," Minako replied with displeasurement. "And i'm busty with my business of Ginga so please to be leaving my offices."

"You cannot resist the seductions of the Moonlit Night," Moonlight Knight said in a sexual manly voice.

"I told you I'm having my husband!" Minako is yelling back. The Moonlight Knight is angered by rejectment.

Quickly the Moonlight Knight placed the Dark Power Pea Pod of Professor Germatoid into a baseball bat and gave Minako a brunt force trauma.

"Stupid Sailor Woman, I take you back to my lair."

The Moonlit Knight talked his smack and took her back to Tokyo's Tower.

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"You know I am having the looks of your old Sempai," Endymion of the Past said to Makoto, rubbign his hand on his head, straightening his hair of lush.

"You are not looking anything like my old Sempai," Makoto snorted. "You are the only men I have seen who does not have a piece of my old Sempai in his body."

"My body is BETTER than your old Sempai's, Kino Makoto!" Endymion of the past commented with wounded harshity. "Come feel the hardness of my armor plating!"

"COPULATE WITH YOU!" Makoto is roaring, sending out a massive paunch that makes a dental impression on the fancy armor plating of Endymion's guts.

"OWW THE PAIN! YOU ARE DAMNED WOMAN!" Endymion cried out, using his manly stick to whip Makoto into the corner. Feeding the Dark Power Pea Pod to Makoto's Plant, it became a huge carnivore monster and gobbled her up.

POP the carnivore monster exploded and Sailor Woman Jugular was arrived in its gutly remnants.

"I'm not so so easy to be going down!" Sailor Woman Jugular exclaimed. But then she slipped on the oozy guts and was hitting her skull upon the hilt of Endymion's thick sword.

"AHAAHAH your head on my sword has defeated you, Sailor Woman!" Endymion exclaimed, dropping sweat at the fortunate luckality.

He picks her up and carries her back to Tokyo's Tower.

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"Oh setsuna let me be calling you Pluto All of the night's length!" Endymion of the Future moaned with loudness

"YES my MANLY KING MAKE IT SO!" Setsuna was declaring.

And so with the seductile powers of his lavendar clothing, king endymion was grantings the desires of the Sailor Woman and saved the Dark Pea Pod for other insertions.

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"Artemis" said Endymion, thrusting out his rod

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"Can you speak of my future, Shinto Princess Rei Hino!" the Masked Tuxedo Said, gripping his rose between his teeth with ominious delight.

"I am predicting that my high-heels will do violence upon your donkey!" Sailor Woman Mars replied, henshining her body.

"You are grandly Incorrect, for I am your studly prince!" cried out the Masked Tuxedo, exposing her to his powers.

"Your power is too large for me!" Mars cried out, traumatized in the body. "But I will find a way to break it!"

"Break my power and the Pussy dies!" Masked Tuxedo declared, holding up Artemis the Pussy by his furred neck.

"No not the Pussy!" Mars cried out fearingly.

"Submit to my manly authority and Large Power or I kill your friendly Pussy."

Mars was unable to allow her friendly pussy to die and so knelt before the large power of the Masked Tuxedo.

Masked Tuxedo took her back to the Tokyo's Tower.

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Standing magnificently on the Tokyo's Tower were the five shitted parts of Mamoru, jackets, capes and shawls breezing in the winds. Professor Germatoid stood behind them with the madness coffee drinking.

"Finally the Sailor Women are under our thumbs," Prince Endymion spoke loudly, hands on his hips laughing strongly.

"The time of our King-Making is here", the Masked Tuxedo superiorly agreed.

"It is time for the Mastur plan to begin, Professor Germatoid," The Knight of Moonlight nods.

"RIGHT" said professor Germatoid, crawling professorly into the tubes of metal that held up Tokyo's Tower. There he saw the Sailor Women, tied up in sexy ways to the metals, wires stucking to their Sailor Women tiaras.


"We will never be of assistance to your madness design!" Sailor Woman Mercurius protested.

"We would rather come for Death!" Sailor Women Jugular creamed.

"IT IS TOO LATE SAILOR WOMEN!" Professor Tomoe Laughed maddeningly. "ALL YOUR BRAIN ARE BELONG TO US." Flipping off the switch to his brainmasher deluxe, Professor Germatoid activationed the Mental Telegraphic Ray.

All the sailor women creamed.

"Oh, it is coming," Mamoru said, feeling the rise of his Power in the golden stone within his pants. "coming hard".

"Yes my mental powers are boradcast," the Masked Tuxedo creamed, fists tightened with powers.

"Begin it!" Past Endymion cried. "Begin the singing!"

"What is the happening?" Sailor Woman Venereal asked?. "What are they singing?"

"It is the mastur plan!" Sailor Woman Mercurius ejaculated as her powers was beign spent to to the Mamorus. "A song to damagedly corrupt the mentalities of small childrens into accepting the large power of Mamoru!"

"OMFG NOE!" Sailor Woman Jugular cried "We cannot allows the children to be damagedly corrupted by the large power!1"


All five shittings of Mamoru hugged each other and came into one being-- thus is became that the song was begin.

In land of Roses, I was borned
100 Rose throws, 100 TKO's...
Lu lu la la lu~

Sees the sexy woman ROCK ON
In your heart, babies... *ROCK ONNNNNN*!

The man who is coming from the distance Past~
Lu lu, lu lu la la~
You're better knelt to me~
Mamo Mamo Mamo...

The materials leaked into the ears of the children, melting their brains, making them feel the powerful strong. All over the cities they creamed out the names of the Mamo King, becoming mightful and overthrowing the adult industries.


Ten'ou Haruka was busy seducing her wife Michiru using the adult television as instruction booklet when the mamoking song was interrupting the sexy waves.

"DAMING UP THE GODS!" Haruka is yelling as the mood is losing, hearing only cries of children in love with the Mamo King.

In another room, Hotaru's Public Broadcast was cancelled just as it was reaching the pleasurable level. She strongly condemmed the turn of events and got her weapon.

"FECES MY ANIMAL PLANET!" creamed Motoki at the vital instant, angered into breaking a bottle over his bar and seeking vengeance upon the streets.

Mamoking looked over the city, his materials were all over the children and now they were slaves to his large power.

As the Sailor Women struggled against their entrapments, the Mamoking was mirthful, seeing his destined unfolding.

"The childrens of the Planet make me feel good with their loyalty" he mocked. "Finally i am becoming mastur of all things"

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"YOU BASTED FECES COPULATOR!" Haruka creamed from the bottom. "YOU INTERRUPTED MY LOVING INTERFACE!" She shaking her fist up at Mamoking, who is laughing.

"Hahahah I am finally superior to you Sailor Women!" Mamoking creamed to the heavens. "No more being the token of man! No more living behind the skirts!" Shaking his fist to the skies he floated down off the Tokyo's tower.

"You are not meant to be our king now!" Hotaru is complaning, henshining her body into Sailor Splatter.

She is brandishing the Silent Knife.

"O FECES TEH SILENT KNIFE!" Haruka soils instantly.

"Haruka be manly," Sailor Woman Neptune says with a smacking.

"Sorry Mickey," Haruka says, henshining her body into Sailor Anus.

She produces the Spaceship Sword Baster.

"I will teach this fecal man to copulate with the Sailor Woman!" Sailor Anus remonstrated agitatedly, shaking her sword in the air.

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"O SHI SAILOR WOMAN MOONING?" Sailor Anus was flatulent in terror.

[a reel is being missing ]

"Tim Allen and the casting of Improvement Homes might permit it, but I shall not! Pretending to be stronger than a Sailor Woman is incorrect in the Political Sense and just simply hostile! I am Sailor Woman Mooning and On Behalf of the Moon I shall castrate you!"

Sailor Mooning spun her candy-stick and is posing.

Mamoking was not pleased by her speechmaking and lengthened his rod. Raising forth his mighty had he stroked the children's minds and was bringing them to fight.

"Hallowed Feces what is this?!" Sailor Anus asked in shock, seeing the army of childrens coming.

"Sailor Mooning it is time for your downfalls!" the Mamoking ejaculated. "MY CHILDREN, NOW IT IS THE BEGIN!"

The childrens sang their singings of the Mamoking mightily, focusing their mentalities on Sailor Moonings's Mysteriously Silver Crystal.

The pure innocent powers of the childrens singing for the Mamoking became strongly mightful in the crystal and it granted him the real ultimate powers.

Mamoking was the triumphant "HAHAAH now I has real ultimate power!"

"Oh know, Sailor Woman Anus, this could be our last moments of livingness," Sailor Woman Neptune said tenderly.

"Sailor Woman Neptune, there is something I always was being wanting to tell you," Sailor Woman Anus said with heartfulness.

"I is really--"

[a reel is being missing ]

"What the underworld?" Sailor Woman Jugular complained. "Why is not Sailor Mooning helping us to be escapeful?"

"She is still urinated over the facts that we left her in the futuretime and cames back to this daily time," Sailor Woman Mercurius said.

"Stupid Dog woman needs to be freeing us" Sailor Woman Marsbar is growling.

"I'm never being a worker for her again," Sailor Woman Veneral sighs.

[a reel is being missing ]

"I AM NEO QUEEN SARANITY!" the Queen creamed, plump with powerfulness.

"Wesa gonna die?" Sailor Anus screetched!?

[a reel is being missing ]


"This is the first I am having this plan heard to me," Sailor Woman Mars Bar gambled.

"Now, now, Rei-chan," Sailor Woman Venereal cuckolded, "You know what it is they have always been speaking of-- never kick a big horse in the balls."

"For once you are the precise one, Minako-chan!" Sailor Woman Juglar exploded with delights, getting the clap on her hands.

"Copulate this feces," Sailor Anus argumented, shitting in the face of the others. "I am speaking of the idea that we make deadly our intentions and erase the Neo Saranity from aliveness."

"NO!" Sailor Woman Mars Bars Protested. "I am her lovering friend! I cannot see her made deathly!"

"Copulating dog woman is planning to undo us!" Sailor Anus creamed, pointing her baster sword at the Saraniti, who was urinated that her way she was not having with the defiantly mocksome Mamoking.

The planet dirt was becoming tremblesome as Neo Saranity invoked her cursings onto the Mysteriously Silver Crystal. Even the singings of the damagedly corrupted youth into Mamo-king's Golden stone was not enough to uncurse it.


"If only there was a way to disrupt her mentality," Sailor Woman Mercurius mentallized, typing into her micro box.

"use the fart, tee hee!" came a speaking in the head of all the sailor women at the simultaneous moment.

"the copulation!?" Sailor Anus is cursing, clawing at her scalp

"that be the voice of Serina!" Sailor Infant Toddler Rabbit said cryingly, hopping off of a taximobile.

"Chibiusa!" the girls creamed.

"hallowed copulation, she's alive?!" Sailor Woman Jugular ejaculated.

"Tee hee after the Masked Tuxedo's strong rod broke my head, my spirituality was launched into the air! Eventually it found the mentality of my friend, the bloodsuckering lycra humbert!"

"Pause you are speaking to me that you were being inside the head of the bloodsuckering Lycra Humbert?" Sailro Mercurisu interrogated as the dirt planet began to rock from the thrustings of the Neo Queen.

"True!" said the disemboweled vocalization of Serena. "I attempted many speaking s with her but she became angered and tried to break her head, then she shit her wrists, dyinged! After that my spirituality flew in the air until went to the internets and typed at Momohara as IRC-WORM.DOS.ELSPY.2278 then I located you Sailor Women! you are SO freezing!"

"Yeah well be getting out of my copulating mentality," Sailor Anus swored.

"That's it!" Sailor Woman Mercurius stated. "We can damage the mentality of the Neo Queen with this Serena!" She crotched her box, spining it in the air wavingly. "Visualize the important datas!"

[a reel is being missing ]

"I BLAST YOU WITH THE POWERS OF MY SILENT KNIFE~!" Sailoe Woman Splatter creamed, balancing the powerfulness of the Mysteriously Silver Crystal as the Mentality of Serena entered the Queen's secret place.

"OH NO THE WORLD IS DYING!" cried Sailor Venerial as the destructioning erased reality, a strayed energy completely destroying the house and IRC internet serving device boxes.

Then the balance was restorated in way by Sailor Splatter's powerings. But one IRC box was still decimaled.

"OH GOD IT IS MY MENTALITY WHAT YOU DOING!?' the Neo queen creamed, losting her henshined body and falling to ground a naked Rabbit.

"VICTORIOUS ARE THE SAILOR WOMEN!" cried the sailor women as the Usagi fell in the sewer losted.

"HAVE YOU DISREMEMBERED THE MAMO-KING?!" declared Mamoking, brandishing his large rod.

"I'll educate you, Mamo-king!" Green Rock man growled, using his darkened Kingdom powers and a baton to beat the feces out of the Mamo-king. "Who is King? *I* is king, baby."

"Oh SNAPPING Green Rock is making the Mamo-King into Rodney King!" Sailor Anus watched the brutalizations in shockingly rapture.

After many hours are passing, the golden stone comes out of the Mamo-king's pants, and Elios the Pervert resumes its place in his skull. The children are no longer damagedly corrupted and the adult industries are resuming as they go back home.

After more hours of Green Rock man beating the feces out of the Mamo-king, Mamo-king's powers are destructed and he is a lump on the street.

The Sailor Women go home, not caring for the Mamoru. Only Setsuna is the standing of remain.

"My Sailor Woman powers are destructed now," Setsuna lactates. "I am not Sailor Poop any longer." She touches the head of Mamoru.

"Even though you are my fraternity, I wanted to copulate with you," she admitted. "But I am no longer a true Womanly equal for your kingly might. I am mortaled now and will wither and age in the years to be."

A tear is falling out of her eye.

"Goodbye... my Ruler."

Setsuna is walking home to join the Sailor Women and be depressing.

"I will be the manliest king," Mamoru vows, dragging off his carcass to a secret place. "Over this is not."

[a reel is being missing ]


It has been an hour since the Time Travels was completing. Mamoru is smiling. With Queen Saranity being gone and his daughter locked up in the basements he was ready to begin moving.

Placing of the green wig upon his shaven head, mamoru smeared the red stick of lips over his mouth and sucked, nodding at the tanned reflecting of his body in the mirror. The pills worked good. Red lenses over his eyes and papers over his chestly area made him the shitting image of Sailor Pluto.

Walking forward with macho confidence, he went into the palace of the imperium and shat upon the throne.

"TODAY IS BEGIN THE ERA OF THE PLUTONIAN EPOCH" Mamoru /the new Setsuna spoken. He smiled inside his gut. Finally, he had defeated the plans of the Sailor Women. He had become the most powerful and manly king. Earth was his plaything of toy.

* * *

In the present moment of time, a little children is walking in the hallway of teh school murmuring "mamo mamo mamo... MAMOOOOH - KIIIINGU~~~"