Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #1187: “Rage of the Light and Serious Kind”
#1187: “Rage of the Light and Serious Kind”

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[07:20] * @SpeedRcrX is still reading about benoit
[07:20] <@SpeedRcrX> It looks like his child had autism called "Fragile X Syndrome" and that put a great deal of stress on the marriage.
[07:21] * FireFly_9 doesn't know much about Fragile X but she's heard that basically it leads to a situation where the child ends up hospitalized for the rest of its life and then put in homes because the parents can't handle it any longer.
[07:23] <flame_SNIPER> So you think maybe the stress of dealing with the kid lead to an argument and then things got rough? I mean I could see it, being a wrestler means you're on the road huundreds of days a year, the mom would be shouldering the burden of dealing with a "difficult" child (gomen, it'searly, I don't know how better to put this)
[07:24] <// J_Daito //> Maybe he just said "f[BLEEP]k it" after whatever what happened to the wife and decided to end the child's suffering before taking responsibility and killing himself
[07:24] <flame_SNIPER> how the hell is suicide after two mureders "taking responsibility?"
[07:24] <flame_SNIPER> More like evading it, if you ask me.
[07:24] <Mizunomics01> There is a tragic irony here.
[07:25] <Mizunomics01> If Daniel Benoit's Fragile X was the cause of the tension...
[07:25] <Mizunomics01> MIT just potentially found the cure a day or so after the deaths.
[07:26] <@SpeedRcrX> ...f[BLEEP]king s[BLEEP]t.
[07:26] <[gTV]Karasuma_Akane> "ATLANTA–Investigators are looking into who altered an online encyclopedia's entry for Canadian wrestler Chris Benoit to mention his wife's death hours before authorities discovered the bodies of the couple and their 7-year-old son."
[07:26] <[gTV]Karasuma_Akane> "Benoit's Wikipedia entry was altered early Monday to say that the wrestler had missed a match two days earlier because of his wife's death."
[07:27] <[gTV]Karasuma_Akane> "A Wikipedia official, Cary Bass, said yesterday that the entry was made by someone using an Internet protocol address registered in Stamford, Conn., where World Wrestling Entertainment is based."
[07:27] * [gTV]C'est_la_V has more info on that
[07:27] <[gTV]Karasuma_Akane> Oh yeah?
[07:27] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> "Chris Benoit mystery editor confesses: claims "terrible coincidence"
[07:28] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> "Last weekend, I had heard about Chris Benoit no showing Vengeance because of a family emergency, and I had heard rumors about why that was. I was reading rumors and speculation about this matter online, and one of them included that his wife may have passed away, and I did the wrong thing by posting it on wikipedia to spite there being no evidence. I posted my speculation on the situation at the time and I am deeply sorry about this,"
[07:28] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> The Full confession
[07:28] <@SpeedRcrX> man something still f[BLEEP]king smells, and it's not my jockstrap
[07:28] <flame_SNIPER> Your what
[07:28] <@SpeedRcrX> nothing
[07:29] <Mizunomics01> Just... how far does the transvestism go, Haruka-san?
[07:29] <@SpeedRcrX> Shut up it's just comfy.
[07:31] * [gTV]Aya_Reiko was watching Nancy Grace
[07:31] <[gTV]Aya_Reiko> "-Grace asked Dr. Bethany Marshall about whether he'd need special treatment to develop as much as he could. She wanted to know why someone would keep it secret. The doctor said four percent of all homicides include a suicide. She said often men who kill their wives, children, and then themselves have an extreme personality disorder and then marry a normal woman. She said what might have happened is that the little boy was about to go off to school so the illness was about to be exposed. Given that this wrestler who homicidal, he could have felt his wife and child were exposing him to harm in his career or humiliation and combined with steroid use, it could have caused such actions. She men who commit crimes of passion believe their partner is exposing them to danger, so they act out."
[07:32] <[gTV]Aya_Reiko> "-Dr. Gary Wadler was then brought on the show as a crawler listed young wrestler deaths: Mike Von Erich (23), Louie Spicolli (27), Art Barr (28), Gino Hernandez (29), Jay Youngblood (30), Rick McGraw (30), Joey Marella (30 - a referee who died in a car wreck), Ed Gantner (31), Buzz Sawyer (32), Crash Holly (32), Kerry Von Erich (33), D.J. Peterson (33), Eddie Gilbert (33), The Renegade (33), Owen Hart (33), Chris Candido (33), Adrian Adonis (34), Gary Albright (34), Bobby Duncum Jr. (34), Yokozuna (34), Big D[BLEEP]k Dudley (34), Brian Pillman (35), Barianna Komlos (35), Pitbull #2 (36), The Wall/Malice (36)."
[07:33] <@SpeedRcrX> ...Yokozuna's dead... ?
[07:33] * @SpeedRcrX bangs her head on the wall
[07:33] <@SpeedRcrX> It's f[BLEEP]king interesting to me
[07:33] <@SpeedRcrX> that legends from the 70's and early 80's are still alive and kicking
[07:34] <@SpeedRcrX> and the generation that came into the biz in the late 80'sis f[BLEEP]king dropping like flies.
[07:34] <Mizunomics01> Connect your own dots.
[07:34] <@SpeedRcrX> Indeed.
[07:35] <[gTV]Aya_Reiko> "Another guest said "possibly accessory to murder" is at stake for the doctor. "If he gave her medications that he should not have been taking, and that medication brought him to snap, there's going to be potential liability."
[07:38] * [gTV]Aya_Reiko also watched Hannity and Combs
[07:39] <[gTV]Karasuma_Akane> God thank goodness you got assigned Faux I'd have to wash out my eyes
[07:39] <[gTV]Aya_Reiko> They had Debra from WCW on
[07:39] <[gTV]Aya_Reiko> "Debra Marshall appeared on the show first, and was questioned about the use of steroids in World Wrestling Entertainment while she was with the company and married to Austin. She told of how she’d seen him do steroids before, going on to say, “If you think about it, look at the record, look at the record of how many wrestlers, the record pretty much tells it all…sixty wrestlers have died in ten years under the age of 45…and how many had enlarged hearts?. It’s just so sad because something has to be done.”"
[07:39] <[gTV]Aya_Reiko> "She added that she had witnessed Austin experience panic attacks and become paranoid, saying his rages were “attributed to steroids,” adding, “three times, I’ve seen him attack me. At work, people would know it and they’d cover the bruises on my face.”"
[07:39] <[gTV]Aya_Reiko> "Marshall was questioned whether or not that her experiences could make her believe that Chris Benoit did what he did. She replied, “The last time Steve attacked me, alcohol was involved. He jumped on me with his knee in my back pounding me in the back and in the face. I thought I was going to die and I can totally understand what Nancy felt in the last few seconds of her life. I thought I was going to die.”"
[07:40] <[gTV]Aya_Reiko> "She went on to say that nobody in WWE would have done anything about it, as Austin was making “millions of dollars for Vince” and said she wished she had spoken up earlier, giving the impression she thought Nancy and Daniel Benoit may still be alive today if she had. The hosts questioned whether Debra meant WWE were covering up the domestic abuse allegedly carried out by Austin. She said yes, and that WWE doesn’t want bad publicity on it’s wrestlers. She added, “to have Stone Cold Steve Austin arrested? My God. They put that under the table. They hush-hushed it and had me sign a gag order for a year that I couldn’t talk about this because I could totally bring down their top star.”"
[07:40] <[gTV]Aya_Reiko> "The statement issued by WWE stating that the double murder-suicide was not “roid rage” related was read out. Marshall responded by saying, “They’re excellent at deflecting the heat on them. They’re deflecting the heat and they’re trying to insert another story to get it away from the steroid rage. I know it as fact that when Steve Austin, - he last time he was pounding on me - it was a rage. It was the most horrifying thing you’ve ever seen. When I called the cops, he ran out the door, yanked the phone lines out, unplugged the garage door openers, yanked the wires out…so I couldn’t leave. There’s something similar to all this.”"
[07:40] * FireFly_9 coughs
[07:40] <FireFly_9> I knew it.
[07:40] <FireFly_9> I know it.
[07:42] <SpeedRcrX> Wrestlemag piece on why the WWE\'s wellness policies have to change
[07:42] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> Ano...
[07:42] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> for a little while can we stop talking about this
[07:42] * [gTV]C'est_la_V gets depressed when she thinks about it too much.
[07:42] <@SpeedRcrX> Sorry neko-chan

[07:45] <@SpeedRcrX> LOL what the
[07:45] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> XD that si so bad
[07:45] <FireFly_9> Well, I'm traumatized.
[07:51] * [gTV]C'est_la_V is going to download that and install it
[07:52] <=^catablanca^=> Oh great I'm going to be stuck doing tech support again ><
[07:52] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> :P
[07:53] <Mizunomics01> just introduce a patch that fixes the problem but majkes the machine go subtly slower. Keep this up for a few months and eventually the user will think their machine is useless and that they will need to buy a new one to gain a speed benefit.
[07:53] <Mizunomics01> It's very useful for Mizunomics' strategem of planned obsolescence.
[07:53] <@SpeedRcrX> ...You're a sinister one, you know that, Ami-chan?
[07:53] * Mizunomics01 tilts her glasses and grins
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