Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #1175: “To a certain ass on the Internet.”
#1175: “To a certain ass on the Internet.”

Wow. What do I find today, but that on 4/21, just after the nonsense that hit #suburbansenshi, SOMEONE who shall remain nameless saw fit to enter a slanderous rating about me on a certain lawyer ratings website. But unfortunately since they didn't know the name of my BOSS they entered it under the name of my former co-worker which I had told them before in chat, probably thinking I worked for them. It's sad, and a pretty dead giveaway. Because anyone I ever worked for as an attorney would KNOW the name of my boss, and not my co-worker who was running his own separate firm (and who I've NEVER worked for). The only people who knew my Co-worker's name were in #suburbansenshi chat, and only one person ever joked about him with me.

So yeah. I know who did it, or at least who had the idea to do it.

Real f'n funny. I saw what you did there. Just thought I'd let you know, and am checking into the matter further. Libel of this nature is a serious offense, especially against a private individual.

You're on notice. It would be well -advised for you to retract that statement before I get my hands on your IP address from the ratings site and decide to conclusively prove your identity and take this to court myself.

Update: The entry has been removed. Thank you. In the interests of amity I shall let this drop unless something like this happens again. Please keep in mind I have kept records of the entry just in case.

Update 2:

To the person who takes offense at my belief that they rigged the lawyer ratings site:

I'll be honest with you. I don't know what the hell to believe anymore. I received your email regarding the origin of the IP address snooping around on me. The problem is that the proxy you used to post comments here _also_ resolves to the same state. Now, logically it doesn't make sense for you to forward me a tip like that if you were the perpetrator. But again it could be a misdirection to cover yourself from slander charges. Or you could just be trying to help.

I can't tell, which may or may not have been the point. And I don't want to subpoena the IP address from the ratings site because that would mean filing suit against you and a bunch of other suspects, which I don't want to do. This nonsense has gone on long enough.

I suspected you because you knew certain things, just enough to fill in the incorrectly filled blanks in the complaint the way they were filled. That's partially why I still do. No one else has that level of knowledge, and Google *won't* give it to them, either, so it can't be said that they just googled me and filled in the blanks.

After the recent bitterness, I do find myself quite wary of you. I do accept, however, that it is possible that you are innocent, and I have always made it clear in my private talks that while I suspect you, it is possible you are innocent, and I say that here publicly. If you are, I apologize to you. But the fact is, someone crossed the line, taking a stupid internet dispute into a very personal, vicious, slanderous attack with no basis in reality, and like it or not, I suspect you among others.

Like with the other incident, I'm going to let this drop. But my patience with all this nonsense is starting to wear thin. If I'm ever slandered again in this manner to where it affects my ability to provide for my family, I will take legal action, make DAMN sure of who's doing this and bring them to account for it.

Update 3:

Actually, upon further examination, I don't think you did it. I'm sorry. Your "friend" (I use the term loosely as he's doing you more harm than good) with the proxy from Layer3 running through Texas there is the one who had me so confused for a little while. For a little while. So I apologise, and will set the record straight, for what it's worth, I'm now prepared to believe fully that it wasn't you. And FYI some of the people you think of as your enemies agree, and helped me to come to that conclusion.

Yes, in the past I reacted with anger and suspicion towards you. You insulted a very close friend of mine. But don't forget I did the same for YOU before that. I defend ALL my friends against what I see to be unreasonable treatment.

I advise you to take a long, hard look at the behavior of all parties involved, and figure out who your friends really are and have been in this. Who stood beside you in the past, and who's being an agitator now? Note that I have always been REACTIVE, not PROACTIVE in all this nonsense. I don't speak up unless someone rips me off, or rips off my friends, or posts little manifesto videos, or insults my friends, or maliciously slanders me online.

You seem to think I'm going to comment spam you and flood your email or whatever. That insults me. To think that is to ignore how I've run things for years here. It shows you have not been paying attention at all. the things you fear from me have been done-- but not by me, or the people here. Take a GOOD LOOK around you. Consider what you would have done if you and your closest friends had been insulted, denigrated and treated badly. Tell me you wouldn't have spoken out / acted in your / their defense. If you can HONESTLY say that... well then I don't know you either it seems.