Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #1067: “[ReMoon] Love you Premiere. So much. ”
#1067: “[ReMoon] Love you Premiere. So much. ”

[18:10] *** -Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:10] <@spiritflame> Irasshai -Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5
[18:10] <-Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5> Hi, I'm Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5
[18:10] <-Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5> I'm a piece of rectum-disgorged filth from the prolapsed anus of Adobe corporation
[18:11] <-Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5> I gleefully shred data from your precious MPEG2 files
[18:11] <-Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5> I explosively crap all over your DIVX / XVID clips
[18:11] <-Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5> SURE you can see them PERFECT in the preview pane but drop them on the timeline and it ALL goes black
[18:12] <-Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5> That's a feature not a bug.
[18:12] <-Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5> So due to my various s[BLEEP]tly tendencies I have forced Xadium Productions to recoed ALL the mpegs into DV format
[18:12] <-Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5> Aww I was hoping to make them use raw RGB uncompressed AVIs just to f[BLEEP]k UP the HARD DRIVE
[18:13] <-Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5> But the panasonic DV codec has pwned my sorry little diseased ass of crap.
[18:13] <-Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5> I love you all and SCREW the future who needs to use MPEG4 natively anyway not YOU
[18:14] *** -Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 has quit IRC (la la la back into the butt of Goatse (=o=))
[18:14] * @Dr_Xadium hands over the Remoon project to Karasuma and Aya