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#105: “Your tax dollars at work. ”

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<FireFly_9> By now you might have heard of the case of the policemen who stopped a family along the side of a road, on the premise that they were felons who had committed a robbery, (an utterly baseless charge brought on by very shoddy investigative procedure compounded by an information mix-up), who ended up having their family pet shot to death by the officers.
<FireFly_9> According to news articles. they pleaded with the officers to close their door on the car so as to prevent the escape of the family dog in the first place, a request the policemen ignored.
<FireFly_9> I present to you this extremely disturbing police video (Do NOT watch if you are easily distressed) of the event in question. I may not be a policeman, but it seems to me with no less than three (or is that four?) officers on the scene, one of them could have easily done something as simple as kicking the car doors shut.
<FireFly_9> Instead, a life was wasted. Marvelous.
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