Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #1019: “Trivia fight Night”
#1019: “Trivia fight Night”

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[01:03] <[gTV]C'est_la_V> the other day people were playing Trivia in #ss2, and due to lag and just being silly, they gave the funniest answers to some questions!! for your amusement, here they are!!
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[17:34] <@Diamond Dice Darkness> Ronin Artistic Design: Get great art AND donate to get the hell off Vizaweb!
[18:02] * @Diamond Dice Darkness is away 
[18:35] <Inu Kitsune> Darkness, if you're lurking is the trivia function on?
[18:36] <@spiritflame> current trivia question: the sailor v manga ran in ___-___ magazine
[18:36] <Inu Kitsune> Nevermind that question! It is! W00t!
[18:48] <Catriona> can we skip this question?
[18:49] <Cosmospajamas> I wouldn't. "Skip" is one of's trigger words for "This b[BLEEP]ch Is Done Livin'."
[18:54] <@spiritflame> next question: chibiusa has an ______ complex regarding her father
[18:54] <@spiritflame> f[BLEEP]k his brains out
[18:54] <@spiritflame> ♦ @spiritflame is on the board with 1 point! ♦
[18:54] <@spiritflame> the new question is: elza gray grabbed minako and makoto's ____
[18:55] <Go-Go Yubari> chests
[18:55] <Catriona> chest
[18:55] <Catriona> breasts
[18:56] <Go-Go Yubari> butts
[18:56] <Go-Go Yubari> arms
[18:56] <@Diamond Dice Darkness> hips
[18:56] <Catriona> butts
[18:56] <Go-Go Yubari> muscles
[18:56] <Cosmospajamas> Oh God it's like Sol's coming onto someone.
[18:56] <@spiritflame> ♦ Go-Go Yubari is on the board with 1 point! ♦
[18:56] <@spiritflame> next question: usagi doesn't use _____ when writing her letters
[18:57] <Go-Go Yubari> common sense
[19:03] <@spiritflame> next question: setsuna's favourite food is ________
[19:04] <Go-Go Yubari> The skulls of newborn children
[19:05] <Go-Go Yubari> green tea
[19:07] <@Diamond Dice Darkness> tea
[19:07] <@spiritflame> ♦ @Diamond Dice Darkness is on the board with 1 point! ♦
[19:07] <@spiritflame> next question: yuuichiro's surname
[19:07] <Catriona> puffer fish
[19:12] <@spiritflame> next question: what color are nephrite's eyes in the manga
[19:12] <Sky Blue> butt
[19:12] <Cosmospajamas> THE COLOUR BUTT
[19:13] <Sky Blue> yes, his eyes are a lovely shade of butt
[19:14] <@spiritflame> next question: what did usagi want for her birthday
[19:14] <Go-Go Yubari> a brain
[19:14] <Cosmospajamas> The power of Grayskull.
[19:15] <@spiritflame> ♦ Sky Blue is on the board with 1 point! ♦
[19:15] <@spiritflame> next question: who is the seiyuu for kaioh michiru
[19:15] <Go-Go Yubari> a cherry-scented condom
[19:20] <@spiritflame> next question: where does usagi suggest sending the abandoned kittens (2 words) the ___ ____
[19:20] <Cosmospajamas> Straight to hell.
[19:20] <@spiritflame> Go-Go Yubari: artemis went there once
[19:21] <Cosmospajamas> Hotaru.
[19:36] <@spiritflame> next question: what is hino rei's favourite food
[19:36] <Cosmospajamas> The tears of Jedite's fallen dreams.
[19:37] <@spiritflame> next question: what special attack of sailor v's could be mistaken for a fart
[19:38] <Go-Go Yubari> venus sulfur smoke
[19:38] <Sky Blue> I thought it was Haruka's special attack of farting?
[19:39] <@spiritflame> next question: who was minako's volleyball crush (one name only)
[19:40] <Cosmospajamas> Rodimus Prime.
[19:40] <Sky Blue> Megatron
[19:40] <Cosmospajamas> Megatron and his big cannon.
[19:41] <Cosmospajamas> God you're all so WRONG at this.
[19:41] <@spiritflame> next question: jedite calls his ________ ___ _______
[19:42] <// J_Daito //> kinky little b[BLEEP]ch
[19:42] *** @spiritflame has kicked // J_Daito // from #suburbansenshi2 REASON: (now you die)
[19:43] <@spiritflame> next question: who did makoto give blood to save
[19:44] <Cosmospajamas> Aizen taichou?
[19:49] <@spiritflame> next question: kaitou ace gives minako a ____
[19:50] <Amazon Xanthippe> I can't say, it's too obscene.
[19:51] <Cosmospajamas> Jolly Good Seeing To.
[19:51] <@spiritflame> next question: psgm artemis shares a voice with this animated hanyou
[19:52] <Go-Go Yubari> lesbian queen
[19:52] <@spiritflame> next question: uranus' castle in the manga is named _______ castle
[19:52] <SaiyaJedi> Usopp?
[19:52] <SaiyaJedi> ....way too slow. ><
[19:52] <Cosmospajamas> Get out. <
[19:53] <@spiritflame> next question: tokyopop mangled the 'dark dome close' as 'dark ____ close'
[19:53] <Sky Blue> canada
[19:53] <Go-Go Yubari> Canada
[19:53] <@spiritflame> next question: minako has to recharge her crescent compact in the __________
[19:53] <Cosmospajamas> Some busty chinese chick?
[19:53] <Furugami 13.5> ARGH
[19:56] <@spiritflame> next question: the sailor v manga ended its run (before,after) the sailor moon manga
[19:57] <@Shinji Ikari> Shove That Ball Up The Opposite Team's Ass
[19:59] <@spiritflame> next question: neptune's deep aqua mirror can see people's____ _____
[19:59] <Cosmospajamas> Butt cheeks.
[19:59] <Amazon Xanthippe> Lady Haruka's sports bra!
[19:59] <@Shinji Ikari> sex-stained underwear
[20:00] <@Shinji Ikari> furu's porn collection
[20:00] <@spiritflame> next question: ami's birthday is _________ __th
[20:01] <@Shinji Ikari> of no importance since it's more important to know how ami screams in passion
[20:01] <@spiritflame> next question: ann reads ____ ______ ____ ____ ___ _____ in the episode about the school play
[20:01] <@Shinji Ikari> Life Of A Deep-Dicked Whore
[20:07] <@spiritflame> next question: suburban senshi's michiru can't ____
[20:07] <@Shinji Ikari> this game needs more filthy questions that can be solved by me sexually-insulting whatever it is asking
[20:08] <@Shinji Ikari> And now I stop this.
[20:09] <@spiritflame> @Shinji Ikari has stopped the trivia mode
[20:09] * SaiyaJedi glares at Shinji for stealing his glory
[20:10] * SaiyaJedi would destroy Shinji here if he had no ethics
[20:12] * @Shinji Ikari would destroy this planet but is too lazy so yeah PLANET EARTH YOU ARE SPARED... FOR NOW... MAYBE FOREVER... FOR I AM LAZY
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