Suburban Senshi IRC Chat #1017: “Mango-chan's Otakon 2006 Report - Sailor Luna: GUILTY ”
#1017: “Mango-chan's Otakon 2006 Report - Sailor Luna: GUILTY ”

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“We are made of win, con, and no pants parties!” The story of how Sailor Luna lost her Senshidom.
By Mango-chan

(Quotes not guaranteed as accurate :)J)
Ah, Anime. How it’s filled with neglecting friends, parents, lack of physics, and of course, some strange kinky sex project that greatly disturbs the minds of many. But what about those characters who commit nasty crimes that need to be tended to? That, my friends, is what Anime Parliament is all about. Bring up a case, it gets debated, and there’s a verdict delivered. It’s actually quite funny and a lot of fun to do. The three who lead the panel go to a large number of cons all around the country, and it’s quite an amusing sight. From fining Bobobo Bo Bo bobo four ‘Bos’ to taking Tomoyo’s tapes on the charges of stalking.

At Otakon 2006, the event was held in Panel 3 for two hours. Some of the cases covered included Carmen Sandiego kidnapping Waldo and insisting on rights to the franchise, The Elric Family vs. Hoenheim of Light in being a neglectful father (the punishment was “surprise buttsex” with Armstrong), and “The Evil” Dr. Muraki being put on trial for Statutory Rape, being an all around bastard, murder, and other things (the punishment was to become a constantly inbred Chocobo for the rest of his immortal life- or something to that extent (as suggested by yours truly)).

I, as a fan of this panel, have found myself to constantly flock to find a case to bring against a character. At New York ComicCon 2006, Photoshopped Evidence was made legit, which was the beginning of the spawn of my idea. I asked our lovely friend Nako if she had photos related to this: She spawned not one, but two photos of Sailor Luna and Teddy Ruxpin together. My plan was set into motion.

As Otakon 2006’s edition of Anime Parliament was drawing to a close, the chants for “One More Case” rang through the room. There were three people willing to offer a case; Myself, Wolfwood, and someone else. One of the members rolled a dice, and it landed on me. I proceeded to the front of the panel. I presented my case.
“I bring my case to request Sailor Luna to be removed of her Senshi position.” I began, “And I have the photos to prove it.” I gave the photos to the three, who burst into laughter.
“The character of Sailor Luna is a 9 Year old Girl. She is Portrayed by a 9 year old actress.” I explained, “The charges; Bestiality and Pedophilia.”
There was discussion, the retaliation that since she is technically a plushie they are both legit to not be bestiality. I (and a judge) reminded them that Luna turns into a senshi after being a plushie. The vote was in approval that Luna was guilty of the charges, and that she be removed of her position as a Sailor Senshi.

It is on that note that I claim victory on behalf of Suburban Senshi, for even the strangest of inside jokes can manage to bring the greatest hilarity upon a con.